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Going Alone


Here is a lady showing her husband, how she has taught little Lizzie to go alone. Lizzie is only three years old, and it is amusing to see her. She will crawl to the side of the room, then stand up, and after balancing herself for a moment, she will run towards her mother. See how delighted they all seem. The father is pleased, to see his little girl, for then, he can soon take her out with him in his walks. You know that it is said we must all "creep before we walk," well, I will illustrate this for you by a nice story. "Many centuries ago, there reigned over Thebes, Laius and Iocasta. Laius was one day killed on the road as he was airing himself in his chariot. Shortly after, a terrible plague broke out in Thebes, and the Sphinx ravaged all the neighborhood. The Sphinx gave out that the plague would cease and his ravages be ended, when this riddle was solved:—'What animal walks on four feet in the morning, two at noon day, and three in the evening.' None of the wise men could solve it, and so their misfortune continued. At length, Iocasta the Queen, said that whoever could solve the riddle, should be king and have her hand in marriage. One Oedipsus hearing of the offer, and having been insulted in Corinth, went to Thebes, and thus rendered the solution of the riddle. 'The animal,' he said, 'was man. In his infancy, the morning of life, he walks on hands and feet: at manhood, the noon-day of life, he walks on his feet alone: in old age, the evening of life, he walks with a stick.' Oedipsus was married to Iocasta and reigned as King."



The Girl's Cabinet