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Posted 10/10/2004 -- "Topless Guide" (exhib, MF)   Donna writes an article in the College Newspaper about how she overcame the shyness of going topless in public.  While she was topless, and feeling very self-conscious about it, a boy eased her gently out of her skirt, and massaged her whole body in a seductive way.  He avoided touching her pussy, and in so doing, teased her mercilessly.  Without realizing it, Donna's quest to cum overcame any modesty she might have felt -- she sat, fully naked, on the table in the cafeteria, with legs fully splayed, practically begging the boy to lick her pussy, which is the one area on her body he just wouldn't touch.  When he left, apparently taking her only article of clothing with him, leaving her naked and alone on the table, she had her epiphany -- a good way to avoid having your tits stared at is to take off your skirt, too.

Posted 10/4/2004 -- "The Slippery Slope" (exhib, FF)   Beautiful Jenny is upset by the Slippery Slope Memo, which says if an article of clothing doesn't completely cover a body part, then the body part might as well (and, in fact, should be) left uncovered.  The girls use this Memo to convince Jenny she doesn't need to wear pants.

The argument makes sense: if an article of clothing isn't fully covering (or always covering) a certain patch of skin, then there's clearly no harm in allowing this patch of skin to be seen publicly.  So there is no harm in relaxing the straps or buttons that hold the clothing in place so as to allow this patch of skin to be always on view.  So far, so good, because the clothes fully cover the girl.  But in relaxing the clothes' mooring, it is possible that a new (and possibly whiter and softer) patch of skin might be seen from time to time.  Once again, this should not be viewed as a problem, as the clothes fully cover the girl.  And once again, there is no harm in further relaxing the zippers or ties so these new white bits are fully visible.  In this way, a girl will incrementally relax her dress to the point that a particular article of clothing will serve no function whatever, as it will cover nothing important.  At this point, there is no reason to continue wearing it, so it might as well be discarded.

Jenny is at first upset by this argument, because she can't see any counter-argument, and yet she doesn't want to be tricked out of her clothing.  But through a lengthy dialog with the girls -- Donna wearing only a micro-miniskirt, and Crysta, wearing only a short T-shirt -- Jenny comes to realize that there really is no reason to wear pants.

Posted 7/3/2004 -- "The Waiting Room" (exhib, humil, FF) Donna receives a letter from her friend Julia, complete with pictures showing Julia's harrowing day in the Waiting Room.  Donna reads the letter to Crysta, making the two girls hot.  Julia arrives at a downtown office building, decently dressed, expecting a job interview.  She is asked to remove her top, which is fine with Julia, because she has a very modest bra on underneath it.  Then she is asked to remove her skirt, which annoys her a bit, but she goes along with it because if she leaves without being interviewed she won't get her top back.  Now, with her top and skirt invested, she feels like a poker player who has started to bluff and can't bear to fold her hand having invested so dearly.  Her keeper capitalizes on this by first promising she wouldn't have to take off her bra, and then making her take it off.  Wearing only panties -- see-through panties at that -- she is sent on an errand that turns unexpectedly humiliating, and then she is paraded throughout the office building and forced to perform public sex acts in exchange for the one promise her keeper doesn't break: Poor Julia will do anything to avoid the humiliation of cumming in public.

Posted 5/16/2004 -- "The Teacher" (exhib, humil, FF) The Dress Code and the Code of Conduct have been developed over the years to encourage modesty on the part of the students, especially the girls.  In spite of strong measures in these codes designed to humiliate girls who violate them, girls seem undaunted in their zeal to expose their tits, assholes, and even their pussies in public.  College officials are left scratching their heads.  After they instituted a rule forbidding panties under short dresses and publicly stripping any girl suspected of wearing panties, dresses got shorter rather than longer.  Then, after they instituted a rule allowing any naked girl to be fondled and then raped, they found the number of naked girls was unchanged, but the number of nearly naked girls skyrocketed.  All these problems with the Codes have reasonable explanations, which all the girls understand, yet these explanations are lost on the College officials.  For example, dresses got shorter after inspectors started stripping girls suspected of wearing panties because they realized it was safer to wear dresses so short that their lack of panties was obvious -- this was the only way to avoid being stripped.  It's simple once you see it, but try to explain it to the College officials!  This story explains the other odd effects, too, such as why new rules allowing naked girls to be raped caused an increase in near-nudity.  In the latest failure of the Codes, a beautiful young teacher was mistaken for one of the students, publicly stripped and embarrassed, and forced to make a humiliating bargain with one of her students in exchange for a small favor.

Posted 5/9/2004 -- "Zoe, the Cheerleader" (exhib, MF) I'll play by the rules, Zoe says.  Freshmen cheerleaders aren't allowed to wear panties, because panties must be earned.  I'll pay my dues.  But that doesn't mean the coach should be allowed to tie me naked to a fence and let the boys tease me until I become excited, knowing the punishment for becoming excited in public -- rape.  Just the thought of being tied there and teased mercilessly while I struggle against the handcuffs is enough to get my pussy all wet -- so it's not fair to put me in that position, and then rape me as punishment for getting excited.  It's just not fair.  Luckily for Zoe, none of that happens in this story.  But she does get excited when she's forced to hold her dress up so the boys can see her pussy.  And that's enough to put her in violation of the rules, so she does get raped in this story.  But Zoe is a trooper.  She takes her rape stoically, and goes on with the tryout.  Meanwhile, when Crysta tells Donna this story, Donna gets so excited, she forgets to wear her panties when she goes to the ice cream store with Crysta.  Now, forgetting your panties is no big deal, I suppose, but this was all Donna was wearing.  So for Donna, forgetting her panties was a big deal.  Once she got to the brightly lit ice cream store, she wished she weren't naked.  Crysta is no help, either, because she can't keep her hands out of Donna's lap.  Now, Donna is not only naked, but so excited she's about to cum.  It's all she can do to avoid cumming when Crysta strokes her nipples with one hand and her clitoris with the other, but somehow she manages it, and gets all the way to the girls' dorm without being raped (which any boy has not only the right but the obligation to do, in order to teach Donna a valuable lesson -- don't go out in public while you are sexually excited). 

 Posted 4/22/2004 -- "The Crack of Dawn" (exhib,FF, MF) Dawn is a beautiful girl who has the misfortune to end up on the wrong end of a little ritual called the Stripdown.  Her crack is revealed to all as she is viciously stripped by a throng of scantily clad girls.  This stripdown is just one part of a larger ritual, called Spirit Day, in which girls are encouraged to show their school spirit by dressing in a certain sexy way.  What's the big deal about the stripdown? you might ask.  After all, on any given day there are a few girls who have the misfortune of losing their clothes in an Inspection, or because it's their day to appear nude for an indecency hearing.  And there are a few more girls who just like to be naked, and have learned that being naked doesn't show much more skin than a bathing suit does.  Well here's the problem: on Spirit Day, as part of an interlocking system of incentives, any naked girls are required to stop whenever they are touched.  This fact is known as "Open Season" on naked girls.  Boys are encouraged to fondle any naked girls they see, partly because it's fun to see them squirm, and partly because it's fun to make their nipples hard, and their pussies wet.  Then, another insidious interlocking puzzle piece, buried in the bowels of the College Code of Conduct (CCC), is revealed:  Girls are not permitted to publicly display their sexual excitement.  It is the duty of every boy to punish girls they witness in this state by raping them.  It's not rape, though, not really, because by allowing themselves to be seen in this condition, the girls are "asking for it".  If they don't want to be raped, they should refrain from becoming visibly sexually excited in public, advises the CCC.  So that's the gist of the story.  Whenever there's a Spirit Day, you can count on all the girls dressing in a sexy way -- not just a little sexy, but very sexy, because the least sexy girl gets stripped naked.  Then the naked girl gets fondled everywhere she goes, and instead of running away, she's required to stop and take her fondling like a, well, like a woman, trying the while as hard as she can not to get excited.  Then, in spite of her best efforts, she gets excited, and so she has to be raped as a punishment for getting excited.  Life isn't fair, is it?

Posted 4/16/2004 -- "Clubbing" (exhib,FF, MF) touches on Crysta's secret fear -- showing her tits in public.  Donna knows (but Crysta doesn't know she knows) about Crysta's deep fear, and so she's willing to take off just about everything to help Crysta avoid taking off her top.  In the end, both girls find themselves naked, and excited.  They have no choice but to allow themselves be fucked by every boy in the club.  And as other girls join in the fun, everyone ends up fully satisfied.

Posted 1/1/2004 -- "Is My Dress Too Short?" (exhib,FF) explores Donna's deep inner conflict.  On one hand, she gets excitement from showing off her long legs by wearing the shortest flouncy minidress she can get away with.  She gets turned on by the thought that she's turning other people on, but she doesn't want them to see her, or worse yet, that she's excited.  If it were up to her, she would wear panties, but the Dress Code doesn't allow panties under a minidress (in a misguided attempt by the college to encourage girls to wear longer dresses, the theory being that they'll want to dress more decently if they're not allowed to wear panties under a short dress).  So Donna is left with just one choice: to wear a dress that exactly covers her, with not a single inch of excess hem length.  She pesters Crysta to know whether the dress is just right, because she can't tell on her own -- for one thing, her own vantage point, looking in the mirror, is too high off the ground to see what others would see from, say, a seated position.  For another, she can't see her own back without twisting in a way that distorts the way the dress naturally hangs.  Crysta takes merciless advantage of Donna's need for hem-length exactitude -- she convinces Donna the dress is the "perfect" length, even though it's a good two inches too short!

Posted 11/22/2003 -- "The Picnic" (exhib) sets up a situation for Donna in which she leaves the house fairly fully dressed -- a dress and panties -- and ready for any situation.  But the situation that befalls her requires her to part with her panties.  This is where we find out that Crysta has planted a suggestion in Donna's mind: that her little dress covers Donna's cute bottom.  It doesn't, but Donna believes it does, so she's willing to part with her panties, thinking the dress still covers her.  Somehow, in the deep recesses of Donna's brain, she's aware that the dress is only covering her top, and this is where a key difference between Donna and Crysta comes into play: Crysta is deeply embarrassed to show her tits in public, but totally free with her pussy.  Donna, on the other hand, is rather proud of her mid-sized and very firm and pouty breasts.  So she's not shy at all about taking off a top -- or a little dress that covers little more than her perky breasts anyway.  Now naked, she hopes Billy will still want to see her, so she shows up at his house stark naked -- and gets the surprise of her life!

Posted 9/15/2003 -- "Shorts Stories" (exhib, humil, FF, MF) The "Shorts Stories" (exhib, MF, FF).  In this series, Donna finds that she is harassed by the Dress Code Inspectors just because she likes to wear shorts.  She says it's not fair that I should be called "indecent" for wearing shorts when other girls go bottomless.  The first problem Donna faces is that she must appear naked for her indecency hearing.  The next problem is that Crysta wants to make Donna cum in public, which is even more humiliating for her than just being naked.  Crysta is happy to discover that Donna will do anything to avoid cumming in public.  Finally, the trial begins.  Crysta has two major successes to Donna's benefit.  First, she successfully defends Donna against indecency charges, and as a bonus, she strips the prosecutor in the process.  Second, she produces a line of "mini shorts" that look just like shorts, but are in fact miniskirts, to defeat the Inspectors' campaign against those girls who wear shorts.

Posted 9/15/2003 -- Shorts, part 8: Epilog (exhib), Having been found "not guilty" (a far cry from "innocent", as you can imagine), Donna and Crysta face reporters.  Crysta feels a bit vulnerable, because the reporters kneel below the girls on the vast steps of the courthouse, and her "glove dress" just can't cover everything.  To make matters worse, Donna begins playing "the game", in which she probes between Crysta's cheeks with her fingers, requiring Crysta to open herself fully to her friend.  To clench cheeks or legs would forfeit the game, which Crysta could not bear to do.  She just hoped when she came her knees wouldn't buckle, because if they did, the photographers would certainly seize the opportunity to take more pictures of her engorged clitoris.

Posted 9/12/2003 -- Shorts, part 7: The Defense (exhib, humil, FF, MF), In this extravaganza of soft porn styles, we "exhib" our favorite girls, Donna and Crysta, who both appear naked in this part of the story; we "humil" the prosecutor, whom the judge maneuvers into stripping, and then we watch "FF" as Crysta has sex with her courtroom enemy just because of its strategic advantage, and finally, we experience some MF that comes mighty close to rape.  Amid all these goings-on, Crysta's surprise defense of Donna against the charge of indecency stays on track, exposing a useful loophole in the Dress Code, the prosecutor's pussy, and a perverse playful streak on the part of the judge.

Posted 9/10/2003 -- Shorts, part 6: The Trial Begins (exhib), Donna is understandably nervous as her indecency trail begins, but with Crysta at her side, acting as her defense advisor, she remains confident.  As both girls face the judge, the spectators in the packed courtroom get a good view of their naked backsides.  The prosecutor forces Donna to don her little "short shirt" in hopes of humiliating her by making her raise her arms, which will cause her boobs to flop out of the shirt.  But just as O.J. anticipated the prosecutor in the "glove incident", so did Donna in this trial.  She wore her shirt as a necklace, which served quite a few purposes.  It frustrated the prosecutor, set up her surprise defense (which will be revealed in part 7), and quite literally titillated the jury.

Posted 9/8/2003 -- Shorts, part 5: The Girls Make a Deal (exhib, FF), Donna must appear naked at her trial tonight, and the girls decide it's best if she spends the whole day naked.  Donna's naked body is so gorgeous that Crysta can't keep her hands off it.  While Donna enjoys the attention, she's even more afraid of cumming in public than of being naked.  Crysta agrees not to make Donna cum, as long as Donna agrees not to resist Crysta in any way.  This way, Donna becomes Crysta's little slave for the day, laying herself open for touching by Crysta and for viewing by the other students in their classes.  Oh, and by the way, Crysta allows herself to be raped by a dress code inspector to avoid getting a ticket herself.

Posted 9/4/2003 -- Shorts, part 4: Donna Goes Naked (exhib), Donna gets up on the morning of her indecency hearing knowing she must go to her last two classes stark naked and then defend herself in the nude before a judge and jury.  But at least she can put on some clothes in the morning, right?  So she puts on a backless miniskirt that leaves her ass completely uncovered.  Nice as it looks, Crysta advises her that it's better to start the day naked than to have to pick a time to strip.  "Just get it over with," she advises.  Donna takes Crysta's advice, and, gosh, she's so delicious looking in the nude, Crysta can't keep her hands off her.  (Maybe we'll get to see Donna in a future story, wearing her completely backless minidress!)  That's when Donna reveals something she finds even more embarrassing then going nude in public -- cumming in public.  This sets the stage for a deal the girls will make in part 5.  Oh what a deal this will be!

Posted 9/2/2003 -- Shorts, part 3: Mini-Shorts (exhib), After Donna cums on the table in the cafeteria, she remembers she's naked, looks around, and is thankful no one is watching.  Crysta is close to cumming herself, and Donna obliges her.  Already well known for "strapless panties", the two girls set about creating their latest clothing creation: Mini-Shorts, which aren't really shorts at all.  They are a miniskirt cut to look like shorts, with an ingenious flexible wire in the hem to conform beautifully to Donna's curvy rump.  As long as Donna keeps her legs together, no one will be able to tell she's not really wearing shorts.  The good news is the girls' new creation keeps the Panty Patrol at bay, and Donna is very happy not to get any more citations in the week leading up to her indecency trial.

Posted 8/29/2003 -- Shorts, part 2: Crysta Plans the Defense (exhib, FF), After the girls sixty-nine each other, Donna insists on going to the cafeteria, and drags Crysta out of the room, stark naked, and dares her to stay that way as they walk to the cafeteria.  (She almost makes it.)  Once in the cafeteria, Donna is topless, and Crysta is bottomless, and both girls are comfortable.  Crysta tells Donna how the trial will go, and hints that she has some ideas in mind for Donna's defense.  The girls get turned on, especially Donna, finds her shorts too confining.  She slips out of them, and sits on the table, where Crysta eats her out as she gives Donna the bad news: she'll have to spend next Tuesday afternoon naked, and she'll probably have to get gang-banged.  Donna cums as Crysta delivers the good news: she'll probably win her case.

Posted 8/27/2003 -- Shorts, part 1: Donna Gets Nabbed (exhib, humil, FF), Donna gets nabbed for the third time by the Panty Patrol.  The first two times she escaped without harm, but this time she is stripped, humiliated, girl-fucked, and cited for indecency.  This makes her mad because her roommate gallivants all over campus wearing just a camisole, and she's never stopped for baring her pussy.  But Donna didn't do anything wrong -- she wore her little shorts without any panties under them, and a short shirt that covered her nipples, but left the bottoms of her boobs visible beneath the shirt.  All perfectly legal under the dress code.  But when she was given a surprise inspection in which she was publicly stripped, her nipples slipped out of her shirt, so she was cited for indecency.   This is just the first part of an eight-part series, in which poor Donna is subjected to a shitload of hardships, all resulting from her unfortunate decision to wear shorts this one day.

Posted 6/3/2003 -- Chicken (exhib), Crysta is challenged to a game of Chicken, a best of five competition, in which each girl wears three increasingly risqué dresses while carefully avoiding any violation of the Dress Code.  In this best of five competition, it takes three losses to finally lose the game (and you know it'll play out the full five days!)  The loser must perform an unspeakably humiliating act, which is the subject of the next story, not yet posted.  But I'll give you just a little hint -- it involves an artificial penis, the handle of which is inserted into the vagina like a dildo.  But this is not just an ordinary "strap-on" but a cybernetic work of genius that senses a girl's excitement, and responds in the same way a real penis would.  That'll be worth waiting for!

Posted 6/3/2003 -- Caught At Work (exhib, MF), Donna is in charge of a bunch of sexy girls who work at a warehouse.  She gets in trouble with the boss when the girls decide to strip down to their panties, and the only way she can get them to put their clothes back on is by stripping herself. Donna's boss likes what he sees, and makes her remain bottomless, which she finds humiliating.  But then she finds out he's been posting erotic stories on the Internet, and so she gains some leverage over her him.

Posted 4/8/2003 -- Bottomless Feast (exhib, MF), a monthly event on campus for boys and girls.  The kids show up wearing only tops, and letting their bottoms hang out in the breeze.  Donna is afraid her naked bottom will provide easy access for boys who want to have sex with her, but is relieved to learn the rules require them to get permission before fucking her.  Unfortunately, as Donna finds out, wetness constitutes permission.  But Donna's a trooper -- she takes her fucking like a woman, and even manages to enjoy it.  After all, it's not "rape" if she gives permission, is it?

Posted 3/17/2003 -- Bookstore (exhib, MF), what a weasel Donna's boss is.  She insists Donna climb a ladder all day and get books for his customers, and she makes her wear a dress.  Donna always get the feeling the customers are looking up her dress, and she hates that.  But then she gets some bad advice from her co-worker, Yvonne, to take off her panties as a way of weaseling out of some work, but the plan backfires.  The boss gives the girls tiny uniforms to wear, and all they're allowed to wear with them is their panties -- but Donna doesn't have any panties, so she has to go bottomless.  Worse, the boss makes her stay in a state of constant sexual arousal, which takes its toll on Donna.  Desperate to cum, Donna agrees to strip stark naked and finish her shift.

What makes this story just a little better than my average crap is that the whole story is told to Crysta, while the latter lounges, bottomless, on her bed, her legs spread wide.  Donna massages Crysta's inner thighs while telling the story, but avoids letting Crysta cum, so in a way, Crysta is experiencing the sexual torture Donna is describing.  Finally, both girls get to cum -- Donna in her story, and Crysta in "real life" as their reward for being such good girls.

Posted 3/17/2003 -- Job Interview (FF, MF, exhib), Crysta happens upon a first-person narrative, telling a girl's experience going on a job interview, where a very odd physical exam was a requirement -- a girl has to have an orgasm just before the physical exam, and the whole thing takes place in the public hallway of an office building.  Crysta read all this in Donna's journal, but did Donna have this experience herself?  Or was it a figment of Donna's fertile imagination?  We'll never know, because the girls are off to their next adventure, which will be a "bottomless feast".  But that's another story, which hasn't been written yet.

Posted 2/28/2003 -- Blog (FF, MF, exhib), Donna is accused of posting a blog on the school's website in which a girl gets off on being stripped in public. To prove she didn't write the story, she has to be stripped in public and prove she's not excited.

This is another "damned if you do, damned if you don't" story.  Donna wrote the blog, but she'll get in big trouble if this is ever discovered, so she has to pretend she didn't write the blog by posing as a person who isn't excited by being stripped in public.  How to prove that?  Sorry, there's only one way -- allow yourself to be stripped in public (which is a big turn-on for you) and then somehow manage to act not turned-on.  This proves to be just too much of a challenge for Donna, as you will read in this story.

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