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Meet Crysta and Donna


Posted 10/10/2004 -- "Topless Guide"

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At almost nineteen, Crysta has developed beautifully.  She has large breasts, and a very feminine curvature.  Her hair is strawberry-blonde, her eyes are a striking green.  She has a gorgeous golden bronze tan, completely free from tan lines, from years of sunbathing in her back yard, much to the fascination of the neighborhood boys, whom she pretended not to notice as they snuck peeks at her from her neighbors' back yards.  Crysta has a playful streak, and nudity has always been a big part of that, but there's more to it: She's a bit of an exhibitionist, but she's careful not to get caught (though not always successful in that regard).  She understands the human mind to a depth that belies her youth, using others' hang-ups against them.

Donna is about six inches taller than Crysta, with long brown hair, and bright blue eyes.  She's very thin, which makes her medium-sized breasts look much bigger.  She has always a sharp dresser from the time she was a little girl.  Everything fits, matches, and accessorizes perfectly, and now that she's eighteen, her model's body is the perfect venue for her to show off her fashion sense.

The girls hit it off from the day they met, having been assigned to the same dorm room.  Crysta admired Donna's stunning beauty, and Donna admired Crysta's carefree attitude toward nudity.  From that moment, the girls knew in their hearts that this year would be fun, as these stories will attest.

The stories have adult themes, which I'll describe here to help the reader understand better what they're in for.  The themes include exhib, humil, voy, with some F-solo and FF for good measure, but there's a subtlety to the girl's fun that just isn't captured by these theme codes.  You see, the girls crave public exposure and the humiliation that brings, but can never be seen as actively seeking such things, finding it more exciting for their partial nudity and resulting humiliation to appear "accidental".  More about that here.

My goal is to make the stories "fun to watch" (if you can imagine that in a text-only medium) so I try not to belabor the details, while still remembering to transfer my own visual imagery onto the printed page.

Table of Contents

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Donna and Crysta's First Day -- (FF)  This is an introduction (not much sex, sorry) to a pair of college freshmen coeds who meet for the first time at their dorm room, then go to a party that involves a little reluctant stripping and one or two orgasms before retiring for the night in Donna's bed.

Shoe Shopping -- (exhib) On their second day of friendship, the girls wake up together, naked, and decide to go shoe shopping.  They dare each other to show enough skin to make the shoe clerk comment, but he never does.

The Dare -- (F-solo, exhib, humil)  Donna wishes she felt the same freedom Crysta does to go out in public wearing a short dress and no panties.  She gets her wish, and more!

The Amusement Park -- (FF, exhib)  Crysta uses aversion therapy -- a series of challenges -- to help Donna get over her embarrassment over being nude in public.  Also, Crysta unveils her strapless panties for the first time. 

The Lunch Line -- (MF, cunnilingus, exhib)  Donna, in her IFT dress, needs Eric's help covering up as she is forced to walk up a spiral staircase and across a glass-enclosed catwalk.

The Banana Game, (MF, exhib)  Eric and Crysta dare each other to do something interesting with a banana.

The Handsome Ransom, (MF, warning, forced exhib, humil, gang rape)  Crysta is kidnapped, repeatedly raped, and held for ransom. The ransom? Donna's clothes -- a small price to pay for her roommates freedom, a very small price!

The Audition, (F-solo, exhib, humil), Crysta tells Donna the story of her job interview -- really an audition -- for the job of waitress, at the coolest ice cream parlor in town, with the hottest waitresses -- and did I forget to mention?  They wear a panties-optional uniform.

Dress Code (exhib, humil), The girls' math professor institutes a new dress code that forbids panties, and another that requires panties, but he won't say in advance which one will be enforced.  Public humiliation results from violating the dress code.

Pledge Week (exhib), The girls go to a sorority party, and are invited to pledge the IFT sorority.

Laundry Day (FF, exhib, humil), The IFT pledges go to the Laundromat to do their laundry -- including the clothes they're wearing!  Crysta is bad.  Her punishment -- to eat food off Donna's naked body, in public.

Paint (FF, exhib, humil), To get Crysta back for the sprinkler incident, Donna dares Crysta to wear nothing but body paint, and then conspires to give her a bad paint job.

Method Acting (exhib, humil), In her Acting class, Donna tells a story, reliving an embarrassing moment when she was strip-searched in public after she was accused of cheating.

The Prisoner's Dilemma (FF, exhib), In this interactive web page, you, the reader, make choices for Crysta and Donna, as the girls reenact the traditional 'Prisoner's Dilemma' with a twist: stripping in place of jail time.

Strapless Panties (FF, exhib), Crysta explains her "strapless panties" invention to Donna, and gives them to Donna to try on.

Infomercial (MF, exhib), Crysta enlists Donna and her friend Billy to act as models in an infomercial to promote her invention, strapless panties.  When Donna is reluctant to show the audience how easily they can be removed, Billy helps her get over her shyness.

Reality Show (MF, exhib), Crysta signs up for an acting job, which turns out to be for faked news footage of a brutal chase and rape, followed by a heartless interview of the rape victim.

Stage Fright (exhib), In an odd mix-up, Crysta's classmate, Vickie, found herself on a stage before a thousand people, bottomless, with a voice in her ear requiring her to strip.

The Wheel (exhib, humil), To earn gas money in order to get home, the girls enter a humiliating stripping competition.

VPL Roundup (FF, exhib, humil), Spring is in the air, and girls all over campus know what that means: public inspections to make sure they're not wearing panties.  Sometimes the inspectors go a little too far, and, well, you'll understand when you read this story.

Blog (FF, MF, exhib), Donna is accused of posting a blog on the school's website in which a girl gets off on being stripped in public.  To prove she didn't write the story, she has to be stripped in public and prove she's not excited.  Does she get off scot-free?  Or does she get off?

Job Interview (FF, MF, exhib), a first-person narrative, telling a girl's experience going on a job interview, where a physical exam was a requirement.

Bookstore (exhib, MF), what a weasel my boss is.  He insists I climb a ladder all day and get books for his customers, and he makes me wear a dress.  I always get the feeling the customers are looking up my dress, and I hate that.

Bottomless Feast (exhib, MF), a monthly event on campus for boys and girls.  The kids show up wearing only tops, and letting their bottoms hang out in the breeze.  It's a fun evening until Donna finds out that wetness constitutes permission to be entered.  It's not rape if you give permission, is it?

Caught at Work (exhib, MF), Donna's boss at the warehouse makes her go bottomless, which she finds humiliating.  But then she finds out he's been posting erotic stories on the Internet, and so she gains some leverage over her him.

Chicken (exhib), Crysta is challenged to a game of Chicken, a best of five competition, in which each girl wears three increasingly risqué dresses. The loser must perform an unspeakably humiliating act, which is the subject of the next story.

The "Shorts Stories" (exhib, FF, MF).  In this series, Donna finds that she is harassed by the Dress Code Inspectors just because she likes to wear shorts.  She says it's not fair that I should be called "indecent" for wearing shorts when other girls go bottomless.  The first problem Donna faces is that she must appear naked for her indecency hearing.  The next problem is that Crysta wants to make Donna cum in public, which is even more humiliating for her than just being naked.  Crysta is happy to discover that Donna will do anything to avoid cumming in public.  Finally, the trial begins.  Crysta has two major successes to Donna's benefit.  First, she successfully defends Donna against indecency charges, and as a bonus, she strips the prosecutor in the process.  Second, she produces a line of "mini shorts" that look just like shorts, but are in fact miniskirts, to defeat the Inspectors' campaign against those girls who wear shorts.

Shorts, part 1: Donna Gets Nabbed (exhib, humil, FF), Donna gets nabbed for the third time by the Panty Patrol.  The first two times she escaped without harm, but this time she is stripped, humiliated, girl-fucked, and cited for indecency.

Shorts, part 2: Crysta Plans the Defense (exhib, FF), Crysta plans Donna's defense against indecency charges, then strips her naked and goes down on her in the cafeteria.

Shorts, part 3: Mini-Shorts (exhib), After Donna finishes Crysta off, the two girls work out a new clothing design: mini-shorts, which look just like shorts, but with just one leg hole, and no strap between the legs.  These shorts achieve Donna's objective: no more citations in the week leading up to her indecency hearing.

Shorts, part 4: Donna Goes Naked (exhib), The day of the indecency hearing has finally arrived, and the girls decide that Donna should spend the whole day naked.  For moral support, Crysta agrees to wear the skimpiest thing she could wear without violating the Dress Code.

Shorts, part 5: The Girls Make a Deal (exhib, FF), Donna misses her clothes terribly, and feels even more humiliated when Crysta almost makes her cum.  Crysta agrees not to make Donna cum in return for Donna becoming Crysta's little slave. 

Shorts, part 6: The Trial Begins (exhib), As Donna's indecency trial begins, the jury is "poled", and Donna enters a plea.  She swallows her bride, swells her chest, and allows the jury to not only see but touch her juicy pussy.

Shorts, part 7: The Defense (exhib, humil, FF, MF), As Crysta's surprisingly clever defense of Donna against the charge of indecency plays out, the following things are revealed: a loophole in the Dress Code, the prosecutor's pussy, and a perverse rule imposed by the judge.

Shorts, part 8: Epilog (exhib), The verdict is in! Not guilty, but certainly not innocent, either. Donna meets reporters totally naked, no longer concerned about her glistening pussy now that the stress of the trial is over. She and Crysta use the opportunity to pitch their Mini Shorts.

The Picnic (exhib), Donna drives to Billy's vacation cottage for a nice quiet picnic.  She wears a minidress and panties, but through one circumstance after another, she loses her clothing, but she has no idea what surprises await her at Billy's house.

Is My Dress Too Short? (exhib, FF), Donna wants to show off her figure in a sexy miniskirt, but she's afraid it's too short to cover her.  The dress is too short, but Crysta convinces her it's long enough, tricking her into going out in public where people will see at a glance that she is bottomless.

Clubbing (exhib, FF, MF), Crysta secretly fears showing her tits in public.  Donna knows (but Crysta doesn't know she knows), and strips to try to help her lovely roommate keep her shirt on. Alas, the girls end up naked, but they get theirs in the end.

The Crack of Dawn (exhib, FF, MF).  You guessed it, Dawn is a girl.  Her crack is the subject of this essay, which sheds some early morning daylight on a nasty little ritual the girls have thought up to show their School Spirit.

Zoe the Cheerleader (exhib, MF).  Zoe tries out for the squad, but soon discovers that freshmen aren't allowed to wear panties.  After overcumming the initial shock, she find she enjoys the breeze almost as she is enjoyed by others.

The Teacher (exhib, humil, FF).  In a tragic misunderstanding, a young teacher is mistaken for a student, and publicly stripped and humiliated.  Worse, she is forced to make a deal with one of her students to teach naked for the rest of the year in exchange for a small favor.

The Waiting Room (exhib, humil, FF).  Donna receives a letter from her friend Julia relating a story of horrible humiliation waiting for a job interview.  She was forced to strip slowly over the course of an entire day, and then not only parade about the office building naked, but also endure excruciating sexual torture and humiliation in order to get even one item of clothing back.

The Slippery Slope (exhib, FF).  Beautiful Jenny is upset by the Slippery Slope Memo, which says if an article of clothing doesn't completely cover a body part, then the body part might as well (and, in fact, should be) left uncovered.  The girls use this Memo to convince Jenny she doesn't need to wear pants.

Topless Guide (exhib, MF).  Donna published an article in the College Newspaper advising other girls who want to parade themselves topless about campus.  The one thing girls find most frustrating about being topless is the stares they get, which is the topic addressed by this article.

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