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Playing the Game III: The Competitive Edge


Welcome to the wonderful world of Sean Porter the Soccer Kid.

I wish it was based on my own experiences, but it wasn't.  We played football and baseball and hockey.  Soccer was practically unheard of when I was Sean's age.

But I digress.  This story will continue to revolve around a whole bunch of interacting characters, and will generally be coded as romantic with a lot of first experiences being...um...experienced.  So, after the chapter title, I will include codes as indicators.  Just remember that these characters range from young teens to young adults, so many of their encounters will be firsts for them. 

Longer by far than Book 1, longer even than Book 2, Book 3 will wear out your printer should you decide you want a copy all your own.

NEW: There are 126 characters who appear in the first two books.  Want proof?  Here's the complete Dramatis Personae, opening in a separate window for your convenience.  And would you believe an additional 113 characters, just from Book III?  I told you it was long...

The ride begins here:

Chapter 1: My Parents Gain a Bedroom

Chapter 2: Weston, West, Westy

Chapter 3: A Faster Game

Chapter 4: A Very Good Defenseman

Chapter 5: The Conversation On a Swing

Chapter 6: Two Letters

Chapter 7: Girls With Boys' Names

Chapter 8: A Platonic Hug

Chapter 9: A Self-Inflicted Promotion

Chapter 10: Black and Gold (MF oral)

Chapter 11: Furry Bunnies Crapping On My Tongue

Chapter 12: Homecoming Weekend

Chapter 13: Cause and Effect

Chapter 14: Tournament Week

Chapter 15: Angel in the Doorway

Chapter 16: The Heat Let Loose (Mf)

Chapter 17: Why Sean Is Happy (Mf)

Chapter 18: The Little Guy Comes Up Big (Mf)

Chapter 19: Cute Butts (Mf)

Chapter 20: Siphoned Away Into Nothingness

Chapter 21: Posturing and Assaults

Chapter 22: Bought and Paid for It All

Chapter 23: Rebuilding

Chapter 24: Hard to Refuse

Chapter 25: LaVerne and Shirley and Squiggy

Chapter 26: No Feeling Quite Like It (MF)

Chapter 27: The Girl Is In Charge (MF)

Chapter 28: It's a Drummer Thing (MF oral)

Chapter 29: Communication Is the Key

Chapter 30: Connections

Chapter 31: This Misery of Uncertainty

Chapter 32: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

Chapter 33: Trying

Chapter 34: Rebound Boy

Chapter 35: The Thousand-Mile Chain

Chapter 36: Jack Hammer's

Chapter 37: Into the Storm (MFF oral)

Chapter 38: Desire and Intimacy (MFF)

Chapter 39: A Potentially Good Idea

Chapter 40: Chick Stuff

Chapter 41: Tournament Time

Chapter 42: Growth

Chapter 43: Preparations

Chapter 44: The Dance

Chapter 45: Hidden From the World

Chapter 46: Playing the Game (MF)

Chapter 47: Playing to Win

Chapter 48: The Competitive Edge

Epilogue: That Which Has Passed, That Which Will Be