Mf13, Mg8, inc, fath/dau, cons, oral, anal, 1st, ped

An Amish father and two daughters gradually discover a special love.

Chapter 1

Morning mist hung over the undulating cultivated fields, filling vales that snaked sinuously through the terrain, soft rounded hillocks rising above like islands dotting a milky sea. In the predawn light it appeared ghostly, flowing rivers of white mist rolling through the dark county and creeping through copses of low-lying trees.

A loud creaking broke the morning silence; old wooden barn doors protesting their age as they swung open. Jacob, in dark blue denim trousers, a plain light blue shirt with sleeves rolled down, and a straight-brimmed black hat tilted back off his forehead at a severe angle, ushered compliant cows in with gentle encouraging sounds and pushes, "Come on, in you go now. You know where to go." The interior of the old barn was lit by a single kerosene lamp hanging off a long nail that protruded from a rough-cut wood support post, the lamp hissing and casting a pale yellow light over the handmade milking stalls; rough unfinished wood railings separating each stall. Hooves clicked on hand-poured concrete floors strewn with hay. It looked old, ancient. The modern gleaming stainless steel milking equipment seemed out of time, an intruder from the future.

Jacob jostled the placid well trained cows into stalls with firmness, bending to attach teat cups to their udders, swollen with milk. It was the same every morning come rain or shine, a routine rich in tradition that had occurred every day for over one hundred years. Like his father and his father's father, Jacob tended to his herd with respect and caring. His affection was evident in the soft familiar touches and gentle words that calmed his cows.

It was four-twenty in the morning, early October, chilly. In the plain white, wood-sided two story homestead with a red gabled roof, one light glowed yellowish in an upstairs window, another in a downstairs window.

Annie finished tying her full white apron over her simple solid-blue dress. With practiced competence, she brushed her long dark hair, parting it in the middle before twisting it into a bun at the nape of her neck. She tied the blue choring kerchief over her head and checked herself, inspecting her plain black shoes for scuff marks. Bending, she reached under the simple calf-length dress and tugged her stockings up. Satisfied, she unlatched the bedroom door, left her room and walked down the hall, chilly at this time of the morning.

"Ruth, time to rise," she said softly, opening her sister's bedroom door, the room inky black. Annie waited until she heard Ruth stir before leaving, heading downstairs to start preparing the morning meal; it would start with making bread for the day, as it did every day except Sunday, when Sunday sweet rolls were made.

Ruth pulled the covers back, shivering slightly from the rush of cool autumn air that had infiltrated the house overnight, stealing through small cracks and loose-fitting lintels. Rolling out of the high bed, she struck a match and lit her lamp on the beautifully crafted simple side table next to her, adjusting the hissing glow until soft yellow light spread through her room. She pulled her nightgown over her head, long dark hair tumbling down her bare back when her night cap fell off, the chill giving her arms goose-bumps.

Moving to her simple oak dresser that gleamed with layers of carefully applied lacquer, she removed a clean pair of plain white cotton underwear, soft from years of washing, a hand-me-down from her sister. Pulling her old ones off, before slipping her legs into the clean pair, she took a moment to inspect her body. She'd noticed some small changes recently; her nipples, still small, had started aching occasionally and puckering up. The first time she'd massaged the ache she'd felt a nice twinge in her privates. It had happened again the next time, too. Slowly over a period of weeks, she'd explored while in bed at night and discovered that playing with her nipples made her feel good below. In the privacy of her bed, she'd touched and fondled her pussy, something she knew was naughty, but it always made her feel good. She inspected her flat chest carefully looking for any signs of growth like her sister had. None. "You're only eight, Ruth," Annie kept reminding her.

Slipping her underwear up, moving her bottom to get the elastic and cotton snug at her crotch, she reached for her tights, then undershirt, while deciding on a deep green dress for today. In ten minutes she was dressed, the cold making her hustle. She began the time-consuming process of brushing out her long dark hair.

Outside in the barn, Jacob tended to the cows almost robotically, his mind occupied with his problems, matters that troubled him. It had started with shame and embarrassment. Just under two weeks previously, he had caught an inadvertent glimpse of Annie changing for bed. It had been no more than a second or two as he passed her room, but enough. He'd first been surprised at how she'd grown. He'd had no idea, what with the modest clothes hiding everything, the importance paid to privacy, and the blind eye of a father. But that glimpse had revealed much.

Just last month turned thirteen, Annie was in the flush of pubescence, that magnificent gift from God. His inadvertent glimpse had revealed slender hips that had begun to take on shape. She had long, long slim legs and small breasts that announced oncoming fertility and womanhood. Her hair, usually demurely tied in a bun at the nape of her neck, fell in a long beautiful thick mane down her slender back to end above small rounded buttocks. Jacob had immediately felt two reactions; the first, pride in a daughter growing into a lady, the second, embarrassment at having invaded her privacy. The third reaction had happened much later.

He forgave his embarrassment at invading her privacy as an unfortunate accident. He promised to pray for forgiveness for his sin of pride, although it was an uncontrollable emotion. The third reaction vexed him.

He'd awakened in the middle of the night with an erection. This was extremely unusual. Not having had sex since Mary passed, eight years ago now, he'd learned to live without urges, eventually. His shame grew when he realized it was the sight of Annie that had brought back those familiar feelings and desires. Her body had triggered memories of Mary in bed, memories of a wife, of warmth and loving and companionship and silky warm skin. It had triggered memories of cuddling and kissing, of exciting activities under the quilt and above, things he'd forgotten for so long. He'd felt shame at how Annie's developing adolescent body had stirred his carnal desires again; desires to feel a woman laying next to him, desires to once again feel the pleasure of intercourse, of loving, of kissing someone you loved.

As Jacob slowly and patiently moved the cows in and out of the stalls, ensuring each was fully milked, his mind played over the conversation he'd had with Deacon Hershberger, a wise and respected man in the tight-knit New Order Amish community. Jacob had wondered what the Book said about carnal relations with widows, thinking of Mrs. Lapp, a forty-two year old widow he found quite pleasing, even if she was older than him. He knew she liked him from the frequent gifts of pie, brought over to him personally every time.

"Jacob, the Book is clear," Samuel Hershberger had said. "You cannot have relations with Mrs. Lapp, even though she is widowed."

"But Samuel, what am I supposed to do?" Jacob asked. "I am thirty-seven, with two children, and still feel the need for intimate relations."

Samuel paused to consider Jacob's dilemma. "You know the widower Jan Farner and his daughter, Sarah? She's twenty-nine now, beyond the age where she will attract a suitor. I have heard malicious rumors that they find comfort in each other, even though it is against the Book. I very much doubt that there is any truth to it, though; just something that arises from her being older and unwed. We've heard many such rumors over the years. However, perhaps you should think about her. She would make a fine wife and I know your daughters know her well and would like her. You're still young, Jacob. You should have more children."

Jacob finished milking the last of the cows, ushering them back out to the fields, turning his attention to checking the milk refrigeration unit and measuring the volume of milk produced, pleased with the high output his Jersey cows were delivering. Happy, healthy cows were always productive. His stomach rumbled with hunger. Dawn was just spreading a pink glow on the horizon, his breath still a vaporous mist in the air. The world was quiet at this time of the morning, a special quiet, calm and peaceful.

Annie bent and slipped the leavened loaves into the oven before turning her attention to cleaning up. She paused to check on the oatmeal, put out a pan for fried eggs, and remove several rashers of smoked bacon from the cool box. She sliced a loaf of bread made yesterday morning automatically, laying the slices out to toast. Her mind was occupied as Ruth arrived, announcing herself with a loud yawn.

"You're late this morning, Ruth," she said with a smile. "Did you sleep poorly?"

"Nope. I'm just tired, I guess."

"Well, why don't you go collect some eggs? And while you're out there, let Datt know the meal will be ready in an hour," Annie suggested, using the Pennsylvania Dutch name for Dad.

Ruth nodded even though Annie couldn't see her with her back turned as she washed at the sink. Picking up a wicker basket, she headed outside, the door swinging shut with a bang, loud and echoing in the silence of the morning.

Standing at the white enamel sink, Annie washed the bowls and spoons used to make bread, staring out the window into the morning darkness, her mind drifting. Monday was her least favorite day of the week. It always felt like she'd forgotten to do something, an unsettling feeling like she hadn't done her homework and felt guilty about it. Yesterday, the Sunday service at the Graber's house had been boring. She saw all the young guys staring at her from a distance, their hats on at rakish angles to appear fashionable within the bounds of plain; testing the limits. She'd seen how they eyed her and felt sorry for them. Not one attracted her, which worried her somewhat; next year when she turned fourteen, she would be allowed to go to social events and mix with boys. She found her girlfriends' giggling and commenting under their breaths about one boy or another, "He's cute," "I like his hair," and other inane comments, to be stupid; thoughtless chatter that reflected their limited intellect and narrow perspective, she thought.

Annie's problem was none of the young men, not one, could hold a candle to Datt. Her father was deeply respected by their community. Many felt for his loss and admired how he'd raised two girls alone. What they didn't know, what Datt had warned them not to talk about, was how liberal he really was. He spent hours talking to her and Ruth as if they were adults, informing them of what was happening in the outside world. He pushed and nudged them to think independently, "Use the brain that God has graced you with," he'd say firmly. He'd told them he expected them to go to university, get an education and never assume they were wed to this Amish way of life; "It will be your decision," he'd said, "and it will be an educated decision when made, I promise you." He'd never used corporal punishment with them which was rare in the community, preferring to sit and explain why certain behavior was unacceptable, how it unfairly impacted others. He never said no to her or Ruth without an explanation, and always listened to them, really listened to them.

His rebellious nature could be seen if you looked closely enough, his beard trimmed slightly too much, hat held in his hand or hung on a post more often than worn on his head, even forgotten deliberately, and other small signs. At thirty-seven, Datt cut a fine figure, she thought. Still handsome, still young, and his subtle wit and charm that he let out only at home was very attractive. To others he was a serious, humble and quiet man. She knew he was exceptionally smart. One just had to look at the books in his bedroom, the ones he bought himself on his visits to town, to know he had an inquiring mind.

No. The young men in the small community were dismal compared to Datt, she thought.

Outside, Ruth hunted through the straw in the chicken coop with familiar ease finally collecting eleven eggs, breaking only one this time, her mind on other things. Last night she'd decided she'd ask Annie what was going on with that little bump between her legs that felt so good when she'd touch it. Her curiosity was aroused. She'd noticed she would get slippery, too, when rubbing herself. That fascinated her. It had no real smell but felt silky and really nice when spread over the hard bump.

Passing by the barn on the way back to the kitchen, she spotted Datt on his back, working under the old tractor. "Datt," she yelled, "Annie said food would be ready in an hour."

"Fine, Ruth," Jacob yelled back, wrestling with the oil filter. On his back he looked at the open workshop doors to see Ruth standing with a small basket in one arm. His daughter's attire was traditionally plain, but her modest clothing and green choring kerchief could not hide attractive light grey eyes that twinkled with personality, or the prettiness of her small face, or the broad mouth that could light up the darkest night when it smiled. He knew he was supposed to reject Hochmut, pride, haughtiness and arrogance, but he couldn't help feeling pride that she was impish and slightly contrarian, traits he valued in women. "Tell her I'll be there in good time. How many eggs did you break today?"

"None! Well . . . one. But it was hidden underneath the . . . One, Datt," Ruth said with a light laugh. It wasn't as though Datt was going to punish her.

"Bravo, young lady. There is hope for you yet."

His grin made her smile as she turned to take the eleven eggs to Annie.

Jacob fought with the slippery oil filter, his mind on other things. While he believed in the Book and had chosen to live the Amish life, he had never accepted females as secondary in the community. He respected the faith of his community, but felt that the dogmatic dedication to tradition was like wearing blinders; with tradition one accepted, not challenged or debated. Jacob had studied the Book carefully and found no reference to women being less than equals, only roles assigned for men and women. He felt sure God had made all in his image, all equal, all capable and to be respected. Admittedly, his belief had been tempered into steel by Mary. She had been a force, knowing how to push and shove while seeming to be Demut, appearing to have humility and letting be. She'd seemed demure to others, an appearance that didn't upset the more conservative of the community, and he'd loved that about her. No one could push Mary around and he wanted his girls to grow up in her image, strong and independent thinkers.

With the oil filter finally back on he rolled out from underneath and started to refill the old tractor with recycled oil.

It was six-thirty when Annie placed a plate of eggs and bacon and a bowl of oatmeal in front of her father, morning prayers having been completed. Ruth brought over a basket of toast, the smell of yeast from fresh bread in the oven filling the kitchen with comfort, making stomachs rumble. A mug of strong coffee steamed as Jacob sipped.

"Annie, Ruth, you know how I appreciate the help. You are both treasures," Jacob began after a sip of coffee. "But tonight, I'll make dinner. You are both young. Stay out after school and have fun with your friends," Jacob told them both, knowing they'd ignore him which both disturbed and pleased him. Again, as he had for the past two weeks, he admired his daughters, especially Annie. That glimpse had opened his eyes to the fact that she was growing and it was clear in her demeanor; she held herself like a young lady and her apron no longer lay flat on her chest but mounded gently. Her blue dress seemed to hug her hips a little more now, flair out around her behind. He now noticed her clear complexion, the sparkle in her dark grey eyes, and liked how her mouth was shaped just like her mothers had been, full lips that were red enough they seemed to have lipstick on them. Annie's smile had changed over the past year or so, evolving from the impishness that Ruth still had to a soft, attractive smile that encouraged interest.

Idly he worried about her. He'd noticed how the boys now stared at her on Sundays as they congregated outside whatever house services were taking place in. Even through the biased eyes of a father she was a startlingly pretty girl that no amount of plain could hide. And it was clear the young men also saw her beauty. Next year she'd be old enough for Rumspringa; unattended socializing with boys, something he was not looking forward to.

Jacob felt a slight response as he studied her eating, an inappropriate memory stealing in, the memory of her perfect adolescent body. He listened to and enjoyed the easy banter between sisters. Too long without, he thought, dismissing his reaction to her.

Annie looked at her father, his eyes so animated and expressive, his smiles so easy, face so handsome. She felt a flush of warmth when he complimented her on her cooking, something he did every single time she cooked. Secretly she felt good taking care of Datt, and in deeply private moments late at night, she pretended she was his woman, that she was caring for her man. It made her small private pleasure so much more intense.

When the meal was cleared, she and Ruth headed out to the one-room schoolhouse. As they walked to school Ruth asked Annie about the little button between her legs that was buried deep in her cleft. Annie grinned and explained what the clitoris was and it's role, how to touch, rub gently, and that it was not wrong to feel yourself. "Would God have given it to us if he did not want us to touch it?" she argued.

"I'm glad, cuz it feels good," Ruth stated with a smile.

Walking the three miles to their single room school, they both agreed to get home fast after school ended. Neither wanted Datt to cook, both giggling at his ineptitude in the kitchen.

Chapter 2

On Wednesday afternoon, Jacob hitched the carriage to one of his horses, a large, powerful grey steed. The regular mare he usually used, a three year old, was heavy with foal. Unsettled weather, typical for October, had rolled in bringing rain that, while light enough, was still chilly. He picked up Annie and Ruth from school and made a rare trip into town to call in at the bank and the book store, treating his girls to ice cream, even though dinner was only three hours away. He had cooked despite their pleading; a simple pot roast with potatoes and carrots. How could you possibly go wrong with that?

Apparently quite wrong if the frowns and polite way both girls removed half chewed meat from their mouth were anything to go by.

"Jeez, Datt, when will you learn? You cannot cook . . . at all!" Annie said rather forcefully, trying to be stern despite his innocent expression. He kept trying and never succeeded in cooking anything. When he'd told them he made dinner, she'd shuddered and suggested ice cream in town to cut her and Ruth's appetite.

"Yeah, Datt," Ruth chimed in, frowning as she politely put another chunk of tough, stringy chewed beef on her plate.

"Annie, Ruth, I did exactly what your mother used to do," Jacob claimed, although he'd never actually witnessed it, only heard of it when he'd inquired how she cooked so well.

Annie laughed, Ruth giggling. "Datt," Annie said, expression becoming charmingly serious, "You are never to cook again. Understand?"

"Annie, honey . . ."

"Datt, never, you hear me! We cannot afford to waste food like this. Promise, Datt!"

Ruth giggled loudly at Datt's contrite expression.

"Fine! I would like to mention, young ladies, that I had the best of intentions when I assumed the challenge of making a pot roast. From now on, as per your unreasonable request, I shall limit myself to other dishes."

"No, Datt. Nothing. You will not cook in this house."

"I was thinking about oatmeal . . . and eggs, perhaps toast as well. Simple things I can . . ."

Ruth grinned, turning to Annie and interrupting Datt, "He burns the toast, too."

"See?" Annie said gleefully. "Just stay out of our kitchen, Datt," she warned.

That night, the unsettled weather intensified, long sonorous rolls of thunder echoing across the hills preceded by sharp cracks of lightning that sounded like gunshots in the wide open country. Ruth, always scared of thunderstorms, bolted out of bed when a deafening crack of lightning crashed over the house, a clash of thunder, immediate and strong, shook the house. Running from her room, she charged into Datt's bedroom and threw herself on his bed.

"Datt, Datt!"

Jacob woke with a start when Ruth slammed into him. He smiled. Ruth was always the same, seeking protection at the thunder she swore was God being angry at her. Lifting the thick quilt, he pulled her into bed. "Hush, Ruth. It's just nature having a hissy fit," he said gently, pulling her small trembling body to him.

"It's not, Datt! God's angry because we told you we didn't like your cooking! I'm sorry. Next time I promise I'll try to eat it," she said fervently, adding, "even if it takes a week . . . which it probably will."

Jacob grinned, kissed her crown, enjoying the sweet scent of her sleepiness. "Go to sleep, Ruth. It'll pass soon enough."

Through the night heavy rain thundered on the roof, gusting wind occasionally shaking the house and rattling the windows. Jacob dreamed of Mary, holding her in bed, her warm body against his. He had a strong erection, felt highly aroused, his erection nestled between the soft cheeks of his wife's bottom and pushing her cotton nightgown into her crack of her sexy buttocks. Holding his wife slightly harder, slightly closer, he moved his pelvis, stimulating the crown of his erection against his pajamas. He could smell her, feminine and alluring. In his dream he saw his daughter Annie, her rear swishing side-to-side as she walked to the vegetable garden, her bottom suddenly so mature and curvaceous as she bent to dig up potatoes, the back of her dress hiking up slightly to expose slender legs in black stockings.

Jacob, in his unrestrained dream, imagined holding Annie in his arms, feeling her slight, young body melt against him as her pretty face turned up, expectation in her dark grey eyes. He humped slowly, sliding the crown of his erection through Ruth's buttocks, hugging her petite, warm body to him, dreaming of Mary, no, Annie, no, Mary. Jacob dreamed of kissing her seductive mouth and hearing her moan. He dreamed of touching her bottom over her dress, feeling the seductive outlines of twin buttocks, youthfully firm, a perfect handful, and pulling her crotch to him. He dreamed of a beautiful female melting against him, moving seductively, rubbing herself against him. His erection strained, arousal built.

Ruth woke to Datt moving behind her, something long and hard pressed into her bottom moving slowly and gently. She felt Datt's arms hugging her tight; it felt nice, comforting, warm, safe. She could smell him, a scent that was musky and strong; a scent that sent little thrills through her. Intrigued, she pushed her bottom back, squeezing her buttocks to explore the shape that nestled between them, surprised when Datt moaned quietly in his sleep.

Jacob, deep into an erotic dream, imagined Annie clenching her buttocks as he fondled them, and, as Mary, no, Annie opened her mouth, yielded to his kiss and touched his with her small moist tongue, ecstasy took over, flooding his body in a long forgotten but welcoming pulse, his erection swelling, semen surging. With a jerk, Jacob came in his pajamas, semen spurting in beautiful pleasure, a sweet bottom squeezing his erection. He moaned into her mouth, thrusting his tongue in, erection pulsing, pleasure pulsing, spurting, spurting, kissing his wife hard, holding her sexy bottom, cumming, cumming.

Peace descended, his body lethargic, the dream fading. Calm returned.

Ruth had felt Datt jerk several times then calm down. She decided he'd been dreaming. As sleep returned, she wondered what Datt had been dreaming of.

Chapter 3

Jacob guided the cows into the barn and set about milking them. He was in full automatic mode, mindlessly doing something he'd been doing for over two decades, no thought required. The air was damp and smelled of wet hay, the muddy ground from last night's storm sucking at his boots with every step.

Waking that morning, the first thing he'd thought about was Ruth, still sleeping peacefully in his arms, a warm comfort against him. He'd indulged, a rare event, lying in bed for a few extra minutes. Ruth's soft scent, her petite, cozy body, and the gentle sound of her sleeping, were amazingly pleasing. He felt completely at peace, as if all tension and stress had left his body. It was truly a gift, a gift of comfort.

It wasn't until he rolled out of bed, careful not to wake her, that he felt discomfort. Confused, he'd slipped into the bathroom and surprise had set in. His white cotton pajama was crusted and uncomfortable from dried semen, a tinted milky stain on the front. He'd ejaculated in his sleep!

Then, as he shaved, he remembered his dream, Mary so attractive and sexy. The jerk that tore though him happened when he remembered it was Annie in his dream, the razor in his hand twisting suddenly, cutting himself quite deeply. Blood dripped down his neck and chest as he stared at himself in the small mirror. He'd dreamed of Mary and Annie. Why? Had it been that long? Was he that needy?

Yet, as he remembered her kiss and how her buttocks felt in his hands, he developed another erection. He felt the heat of shame flush through him, realizing he had ejaculated while his eight year old daughter was in his bed. Thank God his semen was inside his pajamas.

Pushing and shoving the cows, bending to attach teat cups, Jacob wrestled with why it had happened. Yes, it had been eight years without companionship. But why now? The image of Annie changing stole into his mind, her slender young body, silky skin, the gloriousness of pubescence gracing her, and compact, rounded buttocks forming a deep seductive valley. He felt his penis stir. Yes. That was the cause. It was the sight of a female body that had woken forgotten desires.

Disconnecting the last cow's teat cups and gently shoving her out into the field again, Jacob decided he would heed Deacon Hershberger's advice and visit with Sarah Farner; see if she might be pleasant and interested in him.

Annie kneaded dough, sleeves rolled up with flour up to her elbows. She wondered what had happened. This morning, as usual, she'd opened Ruth's door and told her it was time to get up. When there had been no response she'd entered the bedroom only to find the bed disheveled and empty. Ruth had never risen before her. Annie checked the bathroom and then downstairs, not finding her. Worried, she'd returned upstairs and, peeking into Datt's bedroom, seen the outline of a small body in his bed and the dark mop of Ruth's hair on his white pillow.

Kneading the dough harder with sudden force, Annie wondered why, at the sight of her sister in Datt's bed, she'd felt an immediate fury course through her. She'd gone to Ruth and shaken her shoulder, "Time to get up, Ruth."

Pounding the dough with un-needed force, a sound behind her distracted her thoughts.

"Annie, should I get eggs again?" Ruth asked.

Looking over her shoulder, Annie studied Ruth. She seemed normal; a plain dark blue dress, white tights, and a light blue choring kerchief over her head, smiling at her as she tied her white apron on. Annie couldn't help an edge creeping into her voice when she asked, "Why were you in Datt's bed, Ruth?"

"I was scared of the storm."

Not knowing why, Annie felt relief. "Oh. Okay. Go ahead and fetch the eggs. I think we'll make an omelet today. How does that sound?" she asked, smiling again.

"Good. Be right back," Ruth responded brightly, picking up the basket in the corner and heading out.

Before long, the aroma of baking bread filled the kitchen, mixing with aroma of coffee as it percolated on the stove. Annie was deep in thought, trying to understand the sudden anger she'd felt. It had been immediate and uncontrollable; extremely unusual for her.

A bright sun peeked over the horizon bathing the rolling fields in cool autumn light as they consumed breakfast, dissipating the morning mist. White picket fences lined the fields. A tall old oak was turning golden in autumn splendor. Annie studied Datt carefully as he ate but only saw his usual smiles, his easy-going manner. She studied Ruth shoveling her omelet into her mouth with enthusiasm while trying to talk at the same time and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Finally, she dismissed it all from her mind, joining the conversation.

Ruth turned to Annie as they walked to school. "Annie, can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What?"

"Last night when I was in Datt's bed," she paused, then steeling herself asked, "I woke up in the middle of the night and Datt was hugging me."


"I felt this long hard thing against my bum. Was that his penis?"

A flit of anger passed though Annie, again surprising her. "Probably, Ruth. What happened?" she asked with interest.

"Nothing. I think Datt was dreaming because he moved about a bit then settled down."

Why Annie felt a stab of jealousy confused her. But she quickly forgot about it, her mind turning to class work.

It was the next day, Saturday, laundry day, when Ruth's comments came back to her. Having collected the dirty laundry from upstairs, she was sorting it in the utility room, the concrete sink sudsy and filled with warm water from the stove. Ruth was fetching another bucket of warm water to rinse the clothes when Annie noticed Datt's pajama bottom. It was hard and crusty at the front, like cardboard, stained. Never having seen it like that before, she inspected it, noticing the yellowish-white stain. It didn't look like urine stains. Bringing it closer, she caught a faint smell of something chemical.

Two things happened almost immediately. Annie realized what she was looking at was Datt's seed, his semen. She also felt her face turn red, heat suffusing her. Datt had ejaculated! Datt?

"Do you want the water in the sink now?" Ruth asked, lugging the bucket with both hands.

"What? Oh. No. We'll use it to rinse," Annie said, flustered and slipping Datt's stained pajamas to the bottom of the pile so she could inspect it more closely as soon as Ruth left.

Out in the field Jacob was riding the old tractor, its metal wheels slipping and sliding in the dirt as it pulled a plough. It was fall. The harvest was in and it was time to turn the soil, preparing the field for winter. He liked how the field undulated, long straight furrows emphasizing the beautiful curves of the natural terrain, soil rich and dark, nature at its finest. The tractor had developed a hole in the muffler he'd have to fix later. Until he did he'd have to suffer the ear-splittingly loud racket. But today he didn't notice. He took his hat off, enjoying the weak radiant warmth of the autumn sun. Tree leaves had turned to burning orange and flame red, damp dark trunks like Japanese brush-strokes.

Preying on his mind was a strong memory of waking completely at peace, completely relaxed and stress free. It had been years since he'd felt so good in the morning, and all because he's had Ruth in his bed.

Yes, he'd had an orgasm that night, stained his pajamas, and that embarrassed him. But having another body in bed, the comfort and warmth of not being alone, had felt so good. He now missed it terribly. His brief chat with Sarah Farner when he'd seen her in town had confirmed she was a rather unpleasant lady, a nasally voice that grated, a shrill laugh, and watery brown eyes that were too obedient and desperate. Her lush attractive body was not enough to overcome the less-than-pleasant aspects of her personality.

Jacob was feeling a bit sorry for himself. There were few eligible women in the community. At his age, a young lady would not find him an attractive proposition, even with his farm. With the monotony of plowing letting his mind drift, he dwelled on how good it had been to have his daughter sleep with him, to hold her in his arms. He felt no sexual stirrings, just comfort at the thought.

Nodding to himself, Jacob decided he would have to put more effort into finding someone to share his life, perhaps visit other communities, seek wider. Perhaps he should talk to Deacon Hershberger again.

That night Annie huddled under her quilt, her hands gathering her cotton nightgown, edging it up, pulling the hem to her stomach. She slipped her hand inside her full-cut white cotton undies, combing her fingertips through the new pubic hair that had started to grow. She'd been feeling aroused all day, the thought of Datt ejaculating into his pajamas had suddenly seemed so . . . sexy.

The surprise of finding semen stains in his pajamas had brought home that Datt was a man and, as a man, he must have urges, sexual desires. She'd wondered what he did for sex since she'd never seen semen stains either in his underwear, pajamas, or on his bed sheets before.

Did Datt masturbate? How? The image of Datt with an erection was arousing. Annie traced the sides of her pussy down to where the lips met, touching and gathering her silky, slippery moisture on her fingertips with familiar ease, sliding them between her cleft to rub herself. Sighing, she imagined Datt stroking himself. She wondered what he'd think about as he pleasured himself. Would he dream of Mamm, or one of the single women in the community? What attracted him?

Rubbing her clitoris, Annie slowly brought herself to the edge, pussy moist, liquid slipping down between her buttocks, hips gyrating, pleasure building. She wondered what a penis would look like when it was ejaculating, what it would feel like to hold one. Grunting quietly, fingers thrashing, she wondered what it would be like to hold Datt's erection, give Datt pleasure, her climax crashing into her, body rolling onto her side as she jerked and heaved, mouth open, panting, cumming, sweet bliss, Datt holding her, Datt spurting in her hand.

Chapter 4

The barn-raising was a loud and joyous social event. Mark Peterson's old barn had collapsed in the storm. A century old, it was beyond repair. A new one was needed.

With a clear blue sky and the sun just warm enough to allow for shirtsleeves, buggies arrived at the farm lining up at the side of the road. In the nearby field there was a long row of covered and uncovered black-painted wood buggies with jarring modern headlights and rear red tail lights that seemed so out of place. Horses were set loose in a fenced field to graze, some horses with intricately braided manes expressing personality of their owners, the limit of acceptable individuality, of being 'gelassenheit'.

Women and girls set about putting up long tables and preparing for the lunch feast, while men worked in tandem, the sound of hammers and saws cutting through the late morning air.

An occasional yell broke the loud friendly chatter and the skeleton of one side of the barn would rise from the ground, ropes pulling, men guiding. Suddenly, when upright, hammers would beat a staccato rhythm fixing the side in place.

Amidst the cacophony of the barn-raising, Jacob straddled a wooden beam high off the ground, placing roof supports, hammering nails with fluid competence to secure them. Every so often he would pause and look down as he wiped his brow, scanning the group of women fussing at the long tables, checking out the single women, assessing, wondering if they might right, be interested in him. But no matter where he looked, his eyes were magnetically drawn to Annie as she helped, watching her graceful movements, her confidence and smiling face as she chatted with other women and girls her age. He was drawn to Ruth as well, a slender young girl whose laughter was so distinctive and bright he could distinguish it from all the noise around him.

Sweating as he worked, Jacob found the other ladies sorely lacking. At lunch, women serving the men with cold roasted chicken, salads, fresh-baked bread, and lemonade, he smiled to himself when Annie frowned in annoyance at the attention some of the single ladies were paying to him. He liked the flash of anger and possessiveness in her dark grey eyes and hugged her hard after lunch, overcome with a burst of love.

By the time they arrived home, dusk just beginning, he was tired yet still antsy from a hard day's work.

Annie broke the comfortable silence in the living room where they sat after dinner, Ruth reading, Annie darning some pants he'd torn. "They were hussies," she said firmly from out of nowhere.

"Sorry, Honey?" Jacob said.

"Those women. They should be ashamed of themselves."

"Who? Why?" Ruth piped up, now interested and forgetting her book.

Annie turned towards Ruth. "Those women were behaving inappropriately at lunch. Did you see how they practically threw themselves at Datt?"


"Well they did!" Annie said disapprovingly, adding a frown, eyebrows knitted.

"Sweetheart," Jacob interjected, smiling at Annie, "they were only being courteous."

"No they weren't! Hussies!" Annie stated loudly, staring at Datt, daring him to contradict her.

Jacob chuckled. "Well, even if they were, Honey, it seems they failed miserably. I only had eyes for you and Ruth," he lied, noticing the strength of her feelings and finding it amusing.

Annie tossed and turned in bed that night, still angry and not understanding why. Eventually sleep came over her before any clarity had been revealed. It was not a restful sleep.

Datt's hand caressing her hair woke Ruth. She saw the shadow of Datt sitting on the side of her bed and his face illuminated by the moon.

"Datt? What's wrong?" she asked, turning towards him.

"Nothing, Ruth. I just felt lonely and wanted to see you," Jacob answered, looking at the sweet concern growing on her pretty face. He'd glanced in on Annie, studying how her slender body seemed so petite under the thick quilt, moonlight adding shape and shadows to her sleeping face, relaxed in sleep, quite beautiful. He'd looked in on Ruth and, seeing her small form, had remembered how comforting it had been to have her in his arms. Suddenly, Jacob had felt lonely, desperately lonely.

"Do you want me to keep you company, Datt? I can sleep in your bed so you don't feel lonely," Ruth offered, feeling sorry for him.

"That would be nice, Sweetheart," he replied, standing and holding out his hand. Jacob led Ruth to his room, turning down the quilt for her before moving to the other side and slipping into bed. The way Ruth quickly moved and cuddled to his side brought the feeling of peace he'd been craving. Calmness arrived with her sweet innocent scent.

"Goodnight, Honey," he whispered, kissing her crown and smiling. "Thank you for keeping me company." Sleep slowly crept in like a tide, Ruth's gentle breathing a soft comforting whisper in the air.

Ruth woke in the dark to the feeling of being poked. Reaching behind her she felt the stiff rod of Datt's penis, surprised at how big and thick it was. She recognized it as the same thing she'd felt between her bum cheeks last time. Gripping it over his pajamas, she moved it around until it was aligned and pressed her bottom back, putting it back between her bum cheeks like last time, and giving it a gentle clench before settling down.

Jacob dreamed of Mary's dark grey eyes looking at him with such love, saw them darken when other women started fussing over him at the long table. In his sleep he smiled, enjoying Mary's jealousy. No. Not Mary. Too young. Annie. It was Annie who was jealous. It was Annie that came up to him and hugged him, her arms slipping around his waist, pressing her young body against him. Jacob felt the small firm bumps of her newly emerged breasts against him; saw her pretty, pretty face turn up, eyes deep pools with emotions swirling in them.

He saw Annie step back, the field suddenly empty, a breeze stirring the long grass, and Annie's long dark hair as she slowly unwound it from the bun at her neck. He watched with riveted attention as she reached for the buttons on her simple dark blue dress, his heart pounding as each button popped open. He heard his own gasp when the dress fell, Annie in a white undershirt gently mounded by adolescent breasts, plain black stockings, and soft white cotton undies that hugged her pubis so snugly. He groaned when she shyly reached for his pants, her hand tracing his erection, caressing his shaft, love and arousal heating her eyes. When she squeezed his erection he felt the sweet release of an orgasm start and pulled her tender body to him, hugging her, erection swelling, semen spurting hot and wet, joy, bliss, pleasure. He spurted hard wallowing in the pure ecstasy of his orgasm, so strong, so good, so good... Oh Annie, sweetheart, so good.

Just as Ruth was drifting to sleep again, Datt's body shook behind her. She heard him moan quietly. Now fully awake, she felt Datt hug her tight, nice. Then his penis started throbbing against her, resting between her bum cheeks. He shuddered and jerked against her. Finally calming and holding her close, she felt loved, felt good in Datt's arms.

She was intrigued when his penis shrank against her bum. Reaching behind her to feel it, she touched dampness on the back of her white cotton nightgown. Searching carefully, she found more dampness on Datt's pajamas.

Bringing her hand back, she rubbed her fingers together. The moisture was slippery, silky soft and warm. It reminded her of the slippery moisture she'd get in her pussy. She felt a twinge of arousal and reached for the hem of her nightgown, tugging it up to her waist. Ruth held the waist of her cotton undies away from her tummy and carefully slipped her other, slippery hand down, shivering when Datt's moisture spread over her mound. She traced the sides of her pussy, felt the shape of her bare mound and, with excitement mounting, slipped her index finger between her tight cleft, pressing the length of it in deep, searching, searching, Datt's dampness making everything slick, slippery, exciting.

Ruth was taken by surprise at the pulses of pleasure she felt, her finger rubbing side-to-side, buried between her lips. It was stronger than she'd felt before, like pressure building inside, building higher and needing to be released. The faster she diddled, the more pressure she felt; as if she needed to pee. Until, all at once, her body convulsed, muscles cramped, pleasure stormed through her. Ecstasy exploded, her pelvis jerking, breath snorting from her nose as she curled, bliss, utter bliss.

In his sleep, Jacob held Ruth tighter, protectively, responding to her jerking movements.

Ruth's brain screamed in pleasure as she writhed in her first ever orgasm, a loud buzzing in her ears, pussy clenching, beautiful pleasure, beautiful, beautiful; this was heaven!

As peace descended, she felt Datt hug her tight. She was exhausted, her orgasm draining every bit of energy. Her muscles felt like they were melting, peace, complete peace. Sleep stole in, a smile on her face as she held Datt's arms around her. She cuddled back with a sigh. Amazing.

The next day, Ruth and Annie chatted in the kitchen, sitting at the table preparing root vegetables for dinner, their voices turning into whispers even though Datt was out in the workshop, hammering heard through the clear air.

"And the stuff that comes out is semen?" Ruth asked, confirming what Annie had just told her. Ruth had asked Annie about sex and having babies as she peeled potatoes on the plain wooden kitchen table, fascinated with all the details. She realized what she'd felt last night was Datt having an orgasm.

"Yes. It carries the seed that fertilizes your egg."

"Do they feel as good as we do when it happens, you know, a climax?" Ruth asked.

"I don't know. But I think they do," Annie answered as she stuffed the chicken, wondering why Ruth was suddenly so interested in sex and reproduction. Her mind went back to Datt's semen-crusted pajamas. Had Ruth seen her inspecting it?

Chapter 5

Jacob found himself making trips to visit neighbors, more distant relatives, and dropping into town more often, spending more time there, his eyes paying attention the single girls and ladies. An odd thing was occurring, though. With each one he automatically compared them to Annie, suddenly recognizing the little things they were doing to hint at individuality, trying to make themselves more attractive. And each paled in comparison to Annie's natural beauty. Annie did nothing to stand out, wore plain clothes, and behaved normally, not coyly like some of the ladies he observed. Yet she was spectacularly beautiful and no amount of plain could hide it.

Adolescence made Annie glow brightly and, knowing the person inside her, Jacob knew no one would ever hold a candle to her. Over the next few weeks, he gradually gave up on his quest to find a wife; dissatisfaction filling him every time he sought out possible candidates.

He didn't invite Ruth back into his bed even though he sorely missed how restful his sleep was with her. He knew his reaction had been inappropriate. Climaxing in his sleep was something that hadn't happened since he was a boy. And every night Annie stole into his dreams, always starting as Mary then evolving into his daughter.

He took to masturbating at night into a towel, trying to relieve some of the desires for sexual intercourse that were now awake again inside him and, while it stopped his night-time emissions, he still woke in the mornings with a strong erection.

Ruth, now that she was aware of what had happened with Datt, that he'd ejaculated, began to wonder why he hadn't asked for her company at night. Was he embarrassed? Was ejaculating bad? Wasn't it a gift from God? In every way Datt seemed normal, his usual quietly funny self, thoughtful and caring. At night though, she began to replay the feel of his erection against her, of Datt jerking against her, and as she diddled herself, she'd tremble and climax, sighing with pleasure at her orgasms that were now becoming stronger all the time.

It was a wedding when things changed. The Lengacher's daughter was getting married, a big community affair, announced at Sunday service as was tradition. The following Thursday the wedding was held, mid-November, with frost in the air, a biting wind flowing down over the undulating bare fields.

Jacob had thought Annie and Ruth looked particularly becoming in their black calf-length dresses, black head scarves over white prayer cloths and white aprons. He felt guilty at the intense pride that had flooded him; an inappropriate emotion. But he held that pride to him and cherished it, vowing to pray for forgiveness later . . . or maybe not. It felt surprisingly good.

The wedding was exciting for his girls, a delicious banquet of simple but nourishing foods; roast chicken with bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed celery, tapioca pudding, cherry pie, and bread and butter. Men and women sang, and adults told stories. What changed for Jacob was watching his daughters, admiring how well they behaved, and, secretly, without guilt, how beautiful they were. It simply couldn't be against God's wishes to appreciate such beauty, could it? Why would He create such beauty if it wasn't to be appreciated?

Things changed for Jacob when his daughters rose and sang a duet. The room lost focus, other people vanishing, only two angels singing. No amount of plain in the world could hide their beauty. Annie and Ruth stared into his eyes as they sang to him, not seeing anyone but Datt. He felt rooted to the spot. Suddenly his heart felt too big, as if his chest could no longer contain it. It was a feeling he'd last experienced when he'd set eyes on Mary for the first time; when God had touched him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "She's the one, Jacob." It had been immediate then. He'd known from that moment Mary was going to be his wife.

Jacob was riveted to his daughters, unable to tear his eyes away, unwilling to. As they came to the end of their duet, they smiled at him, glorious smiles, eyes that burned with love, one pair light grey, the other dark grey. Jacob felt them to the depths of his soul.

Slowly noise returned, clapping and laughing, someone slapping him on his back. Jacob watched Annie and Ruth make their way over to him, smiling but ignoring people's comments as they passed, eyes shining with expectation and locked on him. He gathered his daughters in his arms, bent, hugged them, and whispered, "I shouldn't be, but I am so proud of you two. I love you so much."

That feeling that hit so hard stayed with Jacob through the night and the next day. He loved his daughters, but what he'd felt was a completely different feeling, one he'd felt before, only once before. The following evening, as Annie and Ruth chatted excitedly about the wedding while making dinner and rehashing the gossip they'd picked up, Jacob sat in the living room and consulted the Book, seeking answers. What was God's advice? He knew what the teachings said but now wondered; was the interpretation right?

He spent hours going through the Book, not trusting the knowledgeable Deacons for their advice. He studied the Book long into the night. He read Leviticus eighteen and twenty, and Deuteronomy, studying what God said about sexual congress, about love, about attraction; what was acceptable in His eyes. And Jacob discovered that in all the lists, in all the words laid down in the Book, no matter how hard he searched, sexual union between a man and his own daughter was not explicitly forbidden. Despite what he'd been raised to believe, it was not an explicit forbidden act; unlike some that were very clearly stated. Why? The more he searched, the more he found; Song of Solomon 4:10; 'How delightful is your love, my sister, my bride' suggesting familial love was acceptable in God's eyes. Nowhere could Jacob find anything that specifically condemned the feelings that were now coursing through him.

That night Jacob slept deeply. The relief at finding out his love for Annie, and now Ruth, was not against the Book was palpable. He had no intention of pursuing that type of love. It was enough to know it wasn't a sin, to ease his soul. He felt better about the dreams he'd been having, felt easier about having climaxed in his bed when Ruth had been sleeping with him. He felt a weight lifted and simply enjoyed the joy of loving, a joy that released the spirit and brightened the day.

Annie and Ruth noticed a difference in Datt after the wedding. They'd both planned their song carefully, a hymn celebrating love, and rehearsed it when walking to and from school. While they didn't talk about it, both had been affected deeply. Datt had stared at them with such intense love and pride as they sang, his hug afterwards so fierce. And for the past few days Datt was going out of his way to hug them at every opportunity that presented itself, kiss their cheeks, and tell them how much he loved them, how beautiful they were.

Annie used those hugs to fuel her masturbation at night, imagining being Datt's woman, his lover, being in his in bed next to him, and sleeping in his arms; Datt loving her. Ruth used those hugs to add to her memory of Datt jerking against her, imagining it was Datt spurting that hot slippery semen on her skin while he whispered he loved her, just like he had at the wedding. Both girls found pleasure in dreams of their father that only strengthened as the days passed, as Jacob showered them with his affection, abandoned Hochmut and let his pride glow, love shining in his eyes.

Chapter 6

An early December storm rolled through the county, mild, light thunder and no lightning. Ruth wasn't bothered by it as she lay in bed. It was distant and weak. But as she lay listening to the long rumbling thunder, a spike of excitement hit her. She could use it as an excuse!

Slipping out from under her quilt, she tiptoed to Datt's bedroom, quietly opening the door and slipping inside. In the moonlight she saw him under his quilt, stretched out on his back. With mounting excitement, Ruth slipped under his quilt, slid across the wide soft bed and cuddled into his side, inhaling deeply, pulling his arm around her.

Ruth paused, head against his chest, arm over his chest. She listened to his even breathing for a while. Then, with memories urging her on, she reached down to see if he had an erection, gently feeling over his pajamas, fingers probing carefully. She found his penis, soft. But an amazing thing happened. As she traced its shape with the tips of her fingers, it started to grow, thicken and lengthen. It uncurled and moved, pointing up to his chest.

Ruth realized she'd caused it; she'd made it erect, the thought exciting her, her thighs squeezing together, nice pulses in her pussy. Slowly, her tracing of Datt's erection turned into stroking, the palm of her hand lightly stroking up and down, fascinated by how large it felt, how long it had grown. Curiosity had her fingers curling, gently gripping it, thick, moving, pulsing, alive.

"Ruth, honey," Jacob whispered so he wouldn't startle her, "You shouldn't touch your father like that." But, Jacob felt the exact opposite. Ruth's tender hold sent spikes of arousal through him, his erection throbbing in excitement at her gentle touch.

"Do you like it, Datt? Will it make you ejaculate again?" Ruth asked, adding with a murmur as she held it, "Big. It's big, Datt."

"You knew?" Jacob asked, surprised.

"Uh-huh. I felt it, too. Slippery, Datt. Can I tell you a secret?" Ruth turned her face up smiling shyly, looking at her father, his eyes soft and shiny. "I rubbed your semen on myself and had an orgasm. It was my first, Datt!" she said, now smiling broadly, adding with a quiet giggle, "You were my first."

Jacob drew Ruth up to him, her hand breaking contact with his erection. He brought her sweet face close, studying how beautiful she was; a beauty plainness could never hide or repress. "May I kiss you?" he asked and, when she nodded, light grey eyes opening wide, he pulled her expectant face closer and kissed her small mouth, soft little lips so tender. He felt her pause, assessing the sensation, and, wonder-of-wonders, felt Ruth melt against him, her body relaxing, lips at first pressing as she murmured, then moving, parting, a small tip of a tongue meeting his.

That touch, that tip of her tongue, just the tip against his, broke down any walls of concern. It opened up a door Jacob had been knocking at since getting a glimpse of Annie changing; the door of desire, of love, of need. All the feelings Jacob had been experiencing coalesced. A soft blanket of comfort and ease, a warm flush of love, a hot stab of need, and a spike of erotic excitement filled him. Knowing the Book didn't forbid this expression of love, knowing Ruth was seeking and encouraging, that he wasn't forcing, let Jacob relax and drown in the joy of loving his little girl.

Jacob gathered his eight year old in his arms, held her small body tight, parted his lips and kissed her harder, pressing his tongue into her small moist mouth. He let his hand feel her slender back, slide down and touch the curve at its base. With his erection hard and throbbing, Jacob touched his daughters rear, felt the outline of her cotton undies, the seductive curves of twin buttocks so compact they fit in his palm, perfectly sized as if made for his tender touch.

With Ruth's animated little tongue playing with him, Jacob reached down further and let his fingertips slowly drag the hem of her white cotton nightgown up, his excitement building in anticipation of touching Ruth's undies. With her nightgown gathered above her waist, Jacob caressed the soft, well-worn cotton that covered her bottom, lightly tracing between her buttocks, fingertips slipping down, thrilled with how the thin cotton moved over her glorious little bottom.

Ruth moaned, her small tongue probing, her body moving, almost wiggling slowly. Her knee slipped up and crossed over her Datt's body, pressing against his erection. With her knee cocked, with Ruth opening herself for Datt's touch, his fingertips slipped between her rounded little globes, tracing the line where they met, slipping lower, lower.

Ruth groaned, her tongue suddenly shoving at Datt when his fingertips touched her pussy, dampness spreading in her cotton undies. She could feel herself leaking into them, feel her pussy throbbing, aching, her nipples hard little beads pressed to Datt. She loved how Datt's erection poked the back of her knee and, with heat and arousal churning through her, she bent her knee to squeeze the tip of Datt's erection.

"Under, Datt. You can touch me inside them," she whispered breaking the kiss, reaching behind her, pulling his large hand up over her bum. She fumbled with his fingers, breath panting, pushing them under the waistband. "Like this, Datt," she sighed, resting her cheek on his chest, his silky soft chest hair tickling her. A tremble shook her body when Datt's hand cupped her bottom, skin on skin, Datt touching her, Datt touching her! An involuntary moan escaped when she heard Datt gasp, his fingers tickling her slit. "I'm wet, Datt," she murmured, "Can you take them off?"

"Shall we get undressed, Ruth?" Jacob asked, his pajamas now damp from precum.

"Uh-huh," Ruth sighed before slipping off Datt. Wriggling under the quilt, she shoved her undies down, felt them stick to her pussy before snapping away. Her legs kicked them to the bottom of the bed as she pulled her nightgown over her head and tossed it to the floor. When she rolled back to Datt she felt skin, the hair on his legs and, as he turned and gathered her into his comforting arms, the damp, slippery tip of his erection poked against her tummy.

"Are you going to put it in, Datt?" she asked, her hand slipping down, seeking, finding, small hand gently gripping his erection.

Jacob's mind was buzzing in excitement, this sexual contact with his daughter driving a passion he'd never experienced before. But he hadn't lost rational thought. Ruth, despite being so, so desirable, was only eight; too young for intercourse. That didn't mean he couldn't give pleasure, or get pleasure. "No, darling. You are too young and that's a gift you should save for your husband," he said gently.

"But, Datt . . ."

"Hush. We can still give each other pleasure, give each other love," Jacob whispered, rolling Ruth onto her back. He rose to his elbow and bent over her small body. Leaning down he kissed her, loving how her arms wrapped around him, how her small tongue teased and probed his mouth responding to him. Gently he caressed her flat, immature chest, feeling her tiny nipples, hard and beaded against the pads of his fingers. Breaking the kiss he moved down, kissing each little nipple, her chest so small. His hand slid down her flank, across the slight flair of her bottom where it pressed against the mattress, her young silky skin warm against his palm.

Jacob kissed her small navel, his hand now at her knee. He pressed his mouth into her lower tummy, warm, soft and yielding, his palm now slipping between her legs, gently encouraging her to part them. Ruth smelled fresh, all youth, pure and innocent. Yet, as his hand moved gently up her inner thigh, as his mouth kissed lower, as her fingers combed through his hair, he caught the scent of arousal, a faint aroma, heady and exciting. His erection was spreading precum on the sheets, pulsing, hard, rigid. Excitement pounded through him. He was touching Ruth, touching her young body, touching his little girl sexually.

Pushing the quilt down, in the blue glow of moonlight streaming through the window, Jacob saw his daughter's pubis for the first time. Shudders shook his body. Ruth's pubic mound was huge, rising majestically from her tummy, framed by twin peaks of bony hips. It mounded up, plump and perfect, hairless, alluring, immature, innocent and virginal. As he moved down, he saw the dimple of her cleft, his index finger now nestled into her groin, soft thigh on one side, delicate labia on the other, and God, moisture, Ruth's moisture. His erection wept in excitement.

Dizziness overcame him, a lightheaded feeling as he kissed her pubis, a soft thick pad, her delicate scent suddenly stronger. Silky, slippery moisture coated his finger, her sweet moan breaking the silence. Jacob touched her, touched his daughter intimately, felt the dampness at the base of her short cleft, his little girl aroused; stunning, simply stunning. With utmost care, excitement pounding through him, he probed between her soft labia, the tip of his finger moist from her arousal slipping in, sexy lips hugging. Shuddering, he drew his finger through her closed cleft, felt the dampness at its base, the silky softness between and, trembling harder, the bump of her small clitoris nestled deep. Jacob felt an urge to feel, to touch her virginity, sliding the tip of his finger down, probing with infinite care, fingertip sinking. He groaned quietly when he touched her opening, tiny and hot, moist and slippery; his daughter's vagina, his daughter's vagina!

Ruth moaned slightly louder, her hips jerking slightly at the gentle touch, small hands curling, grabbing his hair. Her passion and arousal excited him, thrilled him. He couldn't wait. Rising, Jacob shuffled down between Ruth's parted legs, lying on the bed, his pounding erection pressed firmly to the mattress and leaking. He gently bent her knees and spread her wider, his feverish eyes locked on the sight of Ruth's small plump hairless pussy, pale white in the moonlight, full, filling her groin, thick, plump labia peeling apart slowly as he pushed her knees to the bed.

He'd never seen such a beautiful sight, the sight of a prepubescent pussy, so perfectly bald, so large for her small body, thick sexy labia parting to reveal her long clitoral hood. Inside, between her sexy lips, Ruth was pinker, moisture glistening, and as Jacob saw the tiny, tiny shadow of her vagina, his heart was hurting it beat so hard. Ruth's childish pussy was beautiful, beautiful, so desirable.

He had a hard time accepting he was laying between his daughter's thighs, that she was letting him see her most private treasure, and that he was going to taste her, taste his daughter's most private place. Reaching up from under her legs, Jacob caressed her tiny hard nipples, closed his eyes in reverence, inhaled the seductive scent of her arousal, and kissed her pussy, soft moist and so alluring. He probed her vaginal entrance, tasting her delicious ambrosia, his erection weeping on the sheet. With the tip of his tongue he slipped through her warm silky cleft, pressing against her clitoris, delighted with her moan, the tremble of her thighs.

Gently and slowly he gave his daughter the gift of an orgasm, caressing and sucking her clitoris, drowning in her moans and how her small fists gripped his hair. Ruth's climax was sudden, powerful and so sweet.


Her thighs clamped against his head, hips jerking. Her fists gripped his hair and tugged his mouth against her moist pussy. "Oh, Datt!" she cried out.

Her pelvis hunched hard and Ruth started grunting, rubbing her pussy on his face, body jerking and twisting. "Datt! Datt!" she grunted with every twitch. Suddenly all coordination was lost as Ruth writhed, stomach muscles clenching, body jerking hard, panting as her climax tore through her until she collapsed, limp, residual twitches shaking her.

Jacob, his erection rigid and painful, moved up and gathered Ruth in his arms, pulling her small trembling body to him, murmuring to her, caressing her back gently, loving her, calming his darling. His mind was still on fire from the experience. Giving Ruth an orgasm had been glorious, her sweet agony astonishingly arousing. He could still feel occasional tremors in her small body, feel her hot breath against him. His own arousal was so high he reached for his erection, needing release, needing to climax, erection rigid and pulsing.

A small hand stopped him. "No, Datt," Ruth whispered. She remembered how she'd dreamed of Datt spurting on her, wondering how it would feel. Now she wanted to find out. Now, relaxed from the most intense climax she'd ever experienced, she wanted to give Datt pleasure too.

Rolling out of his loving arms, Ruth turned away from him presenting her bum. "Can you rub it against my bum, Datt? Like you did the other night? I want to feel you spurt your semen on me," she said quietly, wiggling her bum slowly.

Jacob wasted no time, his need for release punishing his body, erection painful, so horny, so horny. On his side, he drew Ruth back against him, shuddering as his precum-slickened erection slid up between her small firm buttocks. Her smallness, her petite body against him, her youth, just eight years old, excited him even more. Ruth was his little lover, his sweet daughter, and she felt so, so good.

Gently, Jacob placed his hand on her tummy, the other arm under her neck. He pulled his darling back, pulling her sweet little bottom hard against his erection. "Okay, sweetheart?" he asked in an excited whisper, inhaling the arousing scent of her hair.

Ruth answered with a clench of her little buttocks and an encouraging hunch, his erection slipping up to rub her lower back. He pulled back, sliding the crown down through her valley, reversed, pulling her tight as his erection slipped back up, precum making her slippery, slippery, her buttocks so small, so firm.

Slowly Jacob fucked Ruth's bum, long sensuous strokes, her sweet buttocks clenching and massaging his painful erection. He felt the storm of an orgasm build, pressure in his head, heaviness in his groin, erection swelling, sliding up and down, soft yet firm sweet little buttocks, his daughter, his little girl.

Jacob's strokes lengthened, the crown slipping all the way down, catching before springing up, sliding through her valley, slipping onto her lower back. He held her tummy tighter, pulling her back harder, fucking, urgency building, climax building, long strokes, delicious strokes, sweet Ruth undulating against him. Nirvana neared, long strokes, pressure, pressure, faster strokes.

"Ruth," he whispered passionately as his orgasm began. His erection swelled, long stroke, sweet little bottom, pressure, pressure. Thrusting, the tip of his erection lodged at her anus as she curled her bottom back, realization hit, his erection against his little girls bum! The dam burst, pleasure storming in as his climax erupted, semen charging up to explode against her anus. Groaning, exquisite pleasure, another pulse tore through him, he shoved, the tip of his erection pressing tight against her bum, semen bursting, shooting into her, spraying out over his erection. "Oh Ruth!" he gasped, a huge, huge wave hitting him. Uncontrollably he hunched, pulling her tummy back, the crown swelling. It slipped in, an agonizingly tight vice, semen jetting out, filling her bum, spurting inside her, God, cumming, cumming in her bottom!

Jacob froze, his crown wedged inside Ruth's tight rectum, erection swelling and spurting, swelling, spurting, orgasm crashing over him, blinding pleasure punishing him, unable to breathe, spurting, God, cumming.

Ruth felt her bottom stretch, Datt's erection pressing. She felt hot semen spurt in her and jerked, pushing back, groaning when Datt's big erection popped into her rear. She couldn't believe how it felt, every hot wet spurt flooding her insides, his penis swelling and spurting, hot, hot. She jerked again, Datt's penis slipping in a bit more, Datt crying out as he spurt, Oh Datt!

"Thank you, my love, thank you," Jacob managed to whisper, kissing her head, holding her small body close, his body trembling. Exhaustion took them away, sleep rolled in. Jacob's last action was to pull the quilt up before passing out, the tip of his penis still wedged in his daughter's tight little bum.

Chapter 7

Jacob measured the plank carefully, marking the length as he worked at building Annie a new, larger dresser for her bedroom. His mind was still buzzing with what had happened with Ruth. That morning, he'd gently woken her with a kiss, "Time to go to your room, Ruth," he'd whispered in the morning darkness. "How do you feel, Sweetheart?" he'd asked gently. She'd yawned and stretched next to him, rolled towards him, eyes twinkling, smiling, radiating pleasure, "Good, Datt. Last night was good. Can we do it again? Tonight?"

He'd smiled and felt his penis thicken. "Of course," he'd replied, kissing her before rolling out of bed, his body relaxed, mind at peace.

Jacob started cutting the plank, long cuts with a large crosscut saw, a ripping grind monotonously filling the workshop. Both girls were at school, Ruth having been full of smiles and laughter at breakfast, bouncing around, happy. Annie had asked her why she was so happy, "Cuz," Ruth had replied, grinning and looking directly at Datt. Her kiss goodbye had lingered slightly, pressing her lips against his cheek. Her whisper "I love you, Datt," had given him an erection.

Jacob still found it hard to believe he'd actually had the tip of his erection inside her and that she'd felt no pain from the penetration. As he sawed the plank, his erection returning, he could remember almost every glorious explosion, every pulse of semen, her tightness that was fantastically painful. Yes, he very much wanted to have anal sex with Ruth again. Sex of any kind had been so long ago, he wondered how he'd ever gotten by without it.

And, as he thought about it, he decided perhaps he should try a little harder to find another wife. Ruth was not going to be with him forever.

He worked steadily through the day, taking a break at lunch for some bread and homemade cheese. In the early afternoon, Jacob tended to their horses, checking on the pregnant mare; another few weeks, he thought, and she'd give birth.

Annie and Ruth returned, boisterous, smiling and yelling, and once again the simple home was filled with life. Rather than working through to dinner, Jacob took a break and sat in the kitchen watching his daughters prepare nachtesse; pork chops with sauerkraut and potatoes.

Sipping a mug of coffee, he admired Annie again, the memory of her changing, how glorious pubescence was on her. He grinned at Ruth's energy and forceful personality, enjoying how she'd give him a light kiss on his cheek as she passed.

"What's that for, Honey?" he asked, getting a grin and no answer.

Annie chatted away as she cooked, her movements so graceful, so lady-like. Jacob felt blessed and was already beginning to miss his daughters. They'd go away, hopefully to university, then perhaps to marriage. A slight darkness filled him at the thought of an empty house, for it would be empty if they chose not to live the Amish life. If they chose to accept the Amish way, he knew he'd have them living here with their husbands; would need to build some extensions for them. That would be nice . . . maybe. Maybe not. Husbands? Other men with his daughters? No, maybe not nice.

That night, Jacob waited for Ruth, saw her slip into his room, steal beneath the quilt and cuddle up. She wasted no time, kissing him, sighing, "Datt," and hugging him.

"Guess what?" she asked impishly.


"I don't have my undies on! Wanna see?"

Jacob grinned and did just that, peeling her white cotton nightgown up, pulling the quilt down and kissing her tummy, her sexy pubis mounded large in the moonlight. They cuddled and kissed, Ruth playfully using her tongue, teasing his, giggling at his growls and gropes. They cuddled and caressed, smiles fading, murmuring as they touched each other more intimately, arousal building.

Jacob once again found himself aroused beyond belief as he gently fondled Ruth's immature pussy, small yet large, soft and hairless, her cleft so seductively tight. He let Ruth play with his erection, absorbed in feeling the shape of her pussy, how the creases at the sides were so deep, how it felt so full between her thighs. He was leaking precum, Ruth spreading it around over his crown as he lightly traced her cleft, feeling it curl down between parted legs. He shuddered at the moisture he discovered, still incredibly aroused with how his little girl was turned on. He loved her moisture, the sign of her arousal, and still remembered how delicious it tasted.

Kissing her gently, soft, soft lips so sensual, Jacob drew her silky moisture down further, slipping his fingertip between her little buttocks, spreading her arousal over her tiny anus.

Ruth groaned into Datt's mouth and, while holding his big erection in one hand, reached down to grab his wrist, pulling it away from her bum, guiding it to her pussy. She broke the kiss, "Here, Datt. Can you put it here?" she asked, pressing his finger to her vagina, wet, slippery, aching.

"No, Sweetheart. I told you, you're too young."

She moaned when Datt's finger slipped into her slit, rubbing her clit. "But, Datt, it fit behind," she pleaded, an ache deep inside her blooming, pussy pulsing, clit hard.

"No, my love. That is for your husband," Jacob whispered.

Ruth groaned, aroused, hot, needy. She rose and pushed Datt onto his back, climbing astride him, legs stretched wide at his side, pussy resting along his erection. "Please, Datt?"

"No, Ruth. But we'll do something almost as good."

Jacob gently turned her around, making her lay on top of him, her bottom cradling his erection. Reaching over her, he caressed her plump pussy, her small legs spread to his side. Slowly he started sliding his erection through her buttocks, precum making them slippery, warm, soft yet firm. He held her small body against his chest, his hand caressing her little nipples, the other slipping through her cleft, spreading her moisture from her clit to her anus and back again, pausing to rub the entrance to her tiny vagina.

Ruth sighed, and clenched her buttocks around Datt's erection. Little tremors pulsed though her, aroused, hot, needing. She hunched her bum, caressed his penis with her crack, held his hand to her chest. "More, Datt," she whispered.

Jacob, erection rigid, slippery with precum, excitement and arousal pulsing inside him, cupped her seductive pussy and pulled her body up, his erection sliding down through tight cheeks. He felt every inch of her butt crack slide over his crown, gently pulling her up until his erection popped out from under her.

Reaching between her spread legs, he pushed the crown with his fingertips, sliding it through her cleft, down across the indent of her vagina, across the ridge of her perineum, and squeezed it between her sexy buttocks, moaning when he felt it lodge at her anus.

"Slowly now," he whispered into Ruth's ear. With one finger holding the crown in place, he used his thumb to caress her clitoris. Ruth moaned and curled her bum, pressing down, pressing against the tip of his erection. Her clit was sending delicious sparks of pleasure from her pussy to her nipples, her heart beating, her breath short. She felt her bum stretch, Datt's penis pressing, his thumb exciting her, need more, need more.

Holding his eight year old snugly, Jacob moaned as Ruth's anus dilated slowly, the feeling of her rectum squeezing over his crown pure bliss. With gentle thrusting motions his erection slowly oozed into her rear, slipping in to be gripped painfully tight. He heard her moan, felt her clench.

"Okay, my love?" he asked breathlessly.

"Uh-huh. It's big, Datt. Nice," she whispered, her breath catching when he cupped her whole pussy, his finger stroking her slit, stroking her clit. She twitched and felt him sink in a bit deeper, so big, so thick.

With Ruth's back against his chest, his erection just inside her bum, and the ring of her anus gripping his shaft, Jacob concentrated on stimulating her nipples with one hand and her sensitive clitoris, now inflamed, with the other. He felt how wet she had become, her moisture dripping between her buttocks, adding to his lubrication.

Gently he pushed, slipping his erection in, sliding it deeper, hot, tight, buttery smooth. Carefully he started fucking her bum, small strokes, gentle, short strokes, sinking deeper into her rear. He heard his darling moan, she curled her bum and pushed. Suddenly he was buried in her rear, completely sheathed, his erection throbbing, her anus so tight, so arousing.

Without moving Jacob stroked her hard little clit, caressed her labia, squeezed her plump mound, spread her slippery moisture. He gently started to bring on her climax, rewarded when she held his arm tight to her chest and began moving her bottom, pushing, pulling, sliding his erection in, out. He joined her movement, moving in counterpoint, strokes lengthening.

Little huffs, moans and grunts filled the silence. Jacob and Ruth started fucking, undulating against each other, pace slowly building, fucking harder, deep into her bum. "More, Datt," she gasped, "Rub me harder."

Jacob was in seventh heaven. He'd forgotten how good intercourse was, how incredible it was to feel himself buried inside someone, how erotic and exciting. He couldn't believe how amazing it was to be having anal intercourse with his little girl, so tight, hot, so, so good.

"I love it, Ruth," he whispered, shoving, thrusting, orgasm stirring, holding her tight. He was close, feeling his erection penetrating his daughter's bum was too good, just too good.

He felt Ruth's hands gripping his forearm, her bum undulating urgently, rubbing her pussy on his hand hard. "Datt. Datt," she whispered, her climax close, close. Her small body heaved on top of him. She cried out, her hand slapping down over his, pushing his hand against her pussy. She heaved again, her small body arching and cramping, now in the full throws of her climax.

Jacob felt pain rip through him when her anal ring cramped on his shaft. His climax was immediate, erection swelling. His hips heaved off the mattress. He held her sexy small writhing body tight, shoved himself deep into her, semen charged up his shaft and stopped at the tight, tight ring of her anus. Another wave hit him. He shoved hard, hard, erection swelling. Bliss tore through his body as he finally ejaculated hard, spurting deep, a massive explosion. Relief flooded him, he withdrew and thrust hard, semen exploding into his little girl's rear, wetness flooding back. Lost, Jacob shoved and spurt, holding his climaxing eight-year-old daughter tight, hunching into her rear and ejaculating wildly, pleasure clouding his mind, sweet pleasure, sweet pleasure, God Ruth, cumming so hard.

With complete satisfaction suffusing him, tired, drained, Jacob rolled to his side holding his daughter's limp, trembling body, pulled the quilt up and let sleep take them both, his partial erection buried in her little bottom.

Waking, the morning still dark, Jacob felt his arm resting over Ruth. She lay sleeping quietly on her front, cute little snores breaking the silence.

"Ruth," he whispered. "Ruth. Time to get up." Jacob bent over her and kissed her soft cheek gently.

"Kay," she murmured, smiling, eyes closed.

Jacob left the bed, headed to the bathroom, work clothes under his arm, a broad smile on his face.

Chapter 8

Jacob was interrupted as he finished milking the cows. The morning was dark, sun not up, and exceptionally chilly with a hint of frost in the air. Winter was approaching. He felt good, really rested. Waking up to Ruth in his bed felt great. He felt himself an erection grow remembering how intensely arousing it had been to slip into Ruth's bottom, her rectum clenching his erection so hard. Anal sex had been extraordinarily satisfying. He wondered if she'd be interested in other positions.

But his feeling of peace and calm was broken when Annie stormed into the barn, eyes flashing and spitting dark anger.

"How could you?!!" she yelled striding towards him. "How could you, Datt?!!!" she threw at him her fury rolling over him in waves, hands clenched into fists.

Shocked, he froze. "What, Annie. How could I what?"

Tears welled in her eyes, dark grey eyes that still spit anger. "Choose Ruth instead of me? What's wrong with me?" she demanded, leaning towards her father, furious. She'd gone to wake Ruth and found Ruth's bed empty and still made. Immediately she'd gone to Datt's room and found Ruth in his bed, her nightgown strewn on the floor, the quilt partially off her. She'd smelled something in the air and tugged the quilt off Ruth.

It was immediately apparent. The mess, damp stains she recognized from Datt's pajamas, Ruth's bottom stained. Fury had exploded inside her. How dare he?!! She was the eldest! Why hadn't he picked her? Why didn't he love her? Turning, she'd stormed out of his room and out of the house, rage making her see red.

She strode up to Datt, eyes welling with pain, fury burning white hot and started hitting him, thumping her hands on his chest, "HOW COULD YOU?!!!" she screamed, tears tumbling.

Jacob wrapped Annie in his arms, pulled her close, her fists not strong enough to seriously hurt. He was stunned, absolutely stunned at Annie's reaction, never having assumed she'd be in the least interested in him that way. She dissolved into tears, sobbing against him, "It's not fair, Datt, it's not fair."

"Hush, Annie," he told her quietly, hugging her close, "You don't understand."

Annie sat on the waist high wall in front of the barn, Datt sitting next to her, his arm around her shoulder. In the east, she could see the first pink of morning lining the horizon, a flush more than a light. Her heart had finally calmed, then pounded again as Datt explained in his gentle voice.

"Annie, sweetheart, it was you. I was dreaming of you. Every night after I saw you changing for bed, forgive me for invading your privacy, but you were so . . . so beautiful I could not help myself. I looked, Annie. I looked at you and dreamed that night. I dreamed every night. I dreamed of your mother and it became you. I dreamed of holding you, Annie, of holding you in my arms, your beautiful face looking at me with such love," Jacob said softly.

"Annie, I dreamed of kissing you, I dreamed of being with you as a man and, forgive me, but when I looked at you during the day, I could not help but want you. You've blossomed into a true beauty that cannot be made plain, no matter how hard you try.

"I've broken the Ordnung, gone against Hochmut. I've felt jealousy, I've felt pride, and in my heart, I've felt true love, not just the love of a father for a daughter. I've read the Book to try to understand and found no help; it does not prohibit the feelings I've had.

"So you see? It's not what you think, Annie."

"But, what about Ruth?" Annie asked quietly.

"Ruth came to me. Things happened, but not what you think. Your sister is still pure. It's been eight years since . . ." Jacob paused, sighed, "She brought me company and pleasure . . . and love, Annie. And I gave her pleasure and love too."

Annie listened to how it had developed, heard the love in Datt's voice as he talked about him and Ruth, as he talked about her, and heard the intense desire in his voice as he described seeing her changing that night, the awe in his voice as he described the wonders of pubescence God had graced her with. She listened to the pain in Datt's voice as he admitted to sins of jealousy, of pride, of lust. She listened as he talked about his waning belief, the contradictions between what was taught and what the Book actually said. And as Datt talked gently, openly, Annie started to smile, to feel warm, excitement growing.

Datt loved her, properly loved her just like she'd imagined. Datt wanted her, wanted her as a lover, as his lover. Datt wanted her as his woman, wanted her in his bed.

Standing, she moved to face him, touched her fingertip to his lips, and stopped him talking. She stared into his soft, kind eyes, eyes that shined with intelligence, with love. Leaning in, Annie hugged him. "Oh, Datt," she sighed, her hand caressing the back of his head, pulling herself against him. She nestled her face to his cheek, inhaled deeply, all Datt, and whispered in his ear, "I love you." No one could hold a candle to him and, as she held him, she felt as if God touched her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, "He's the one, Annie."

Ruth finished feeding the chickens. She'd collected six eggs, broken none, which she was going to announce to Datt, and headed back to the kitchen. Entering, she was surprised to see it still empty, Annie not where she usually was, not cooking at the stove. "Annie?" she called out, setting the basket of eggs on the counter. Annie never slept in. She wandered upstairs then, not finding her sister there, headed outside. As she turned towards the barn, she saw Datt and Annie walking towards her. There was something wrong with the picture; it took her a few moments to figure out what it was. Pleasure flushed through her, and relief, too. She'd been worried about how Annie would feel or react to her sleeping in Datt's bed and loving each other.

But Annie was holding Datt's hand. No, Datt was holding Annie's hand. And Annie glowed, a radiant smile, eyes looking up at Datt. Ruth grinned. Annie knew and was still happy. Was she going to sleep with Datt, too? How fun.

"Hey," she yelled, "I'm hungry and breakfast isn't even started!"

Annie looked startled, her hand letting go and covering her mouth. "I'm sorry. I forgot. I'll start right now." She rushed into the house, dark green dress flying around her calves.

Ruth looked at Datt, noticed his smile. "So, is everything okay with Annie?" she asked.

"Yes, Ruth," Jacob said with a smile, putting his hand on her shoulder and turning her towards the house. "Let's go help her, shall we?"

"You aren't allowed, Datt," Ruth stated with a grin. "So, is Annie going to sleep with you tonight?"

"If you don't mind," Jacob replied, grinning as Ruth answered over her shoulder, stepping into the kitchen.

"Why would I mind?"

Chapter 9

The lamp hissed softly casting a yellow glow in the room. Through the window the November night was inky dark, a cold dark; solid cloud-cover obscuring the moon. Jacob had accomplished little in the form of work that day, too distracted. No . . . too excited. He sat on the edge of his bed, pajama bottoms on, white, thin cotton, plain. His mind was swirling. Life had changed; things were so different, and yet still the same, all in the space of a few short days.

He still had two lovely daughters that made him transgress with feelings of pride; two beautiful daughters who were incapable of being just plain. He still had the farm, friends, and a community. And yet everything was different. He was sitting on his bed waiting for his daughter to come to him, waiting for Annie to share his bed, his heart thumping, penis half erect, palms slightly damp.

He'd spent the day doing nothing, distracted, needing to go to wherever Annie was and look at her; an addictive need. He'd indulged, admiring how she moved so fluidly as she worked on the vegetable garden, her slender body making her dress swish gently, dainty ankles looking so attractive in black stockings. Annie's coltish movements, like a hymn's undulating score, appeared languorous and self knowing, so mature for her age. He'd admired the shape of her rear in the simple green dress as she'd bent to weed, getting an erection as he pictured her changing, knowing how sweetly her bottom curved, wondering what it was going to feel like to caress her petite, youthful buttocks. He'd studied the gentle rises on her chest, the alluring announcement of puberty, and wondered how they'd feel in his hands, or against his mouth. And he'd watched her face as she'd chatted with Ruth, seen her glance over at him every so often, blushing when she'd smile at him. He'd felt his heart thump, too, love hurting.

And now he was waiting for Annie to join him in his bed, his beautiful thirteen year old daughter with him, as a lover, as his lover.

Jacob wiped his hands on his pajamas and took another deep, calming breath.

Annie checked herself carefully. She'd washed, put on clean undies, a clean, plain white cotton nightgown, and fresh socks. Her long hair had been brushed by Ruth until it glowed and was now collected up underneath her night cap, nerves tickling her stomach. Tonight. Datt. Taking a deep breath, she smiled, straightened, it was what she'd dreamed about.

All day she'd seen Datt looking at her and basked in the look of love and admiration in his eyes. She'd found his quiet observation sort of funny at first; somehow he'd appeared wherever she was. But, it was when she and Ruth were tending to the vegetable garden that his attention had felt different. She had first noticed how Datt's expression turned from admiration to wonder and then to desire when she had been bending over to pull weeds. After noticing his expression, she'd put some extra sway in her hips, bent more than she needed to and when standing, tried to arch her back slightly; emphasize her small breasts; tried to be alluring to Datt.

Ruth had giggled and leaned close, whispering to her "Datt's got an erection." Annie had immediately looked and blushed. Datt did! And from looking at her! Wonderful.

She'd reacted, too, which only embarrassed her. She'd had to change her undies several times through the day, constantly aroused by Datt's attention, even more aroused by the anticipation of sleeping in his bed that night; her, Annie, sleeping with Datt! What would it be like? Would it hurt? Would it feel good? Would she climax? Oh! Would she be good for Datt? Make it good for him? Would she be able to give him pleasure? More pleasure than Ruth had? Would Datt like her body? So many questions unanswered; some exciting her, some scaring her.

Annie made a final inspection, checking herself in the small mirror. She adjusted her night cap slightly, pulling it back off her head a bit more, and smiled nervously.

She left her room quietly.

Jacob's breath caught in his throat as Annie slipped into his room, dark grey eyes beguiling, body slender and willowy, attractive plain white nightgown seeming so chaste, so virginal. Annie's absolute beauty screamed in defiance of Amish dictates, irrepressible, celebrating the beauty of plain. It burst from every pore of her flawless skin, shined bright with her smile. Jacob's heart almost stopped when Annie smiled at him and unpinned her night cap, head tilting to the side as she removed hairpins, shaking her head slightly, long, thick, dark brown hair tumbling to her waist, waves of glowing, shining hair. If this was plain it was beautiful, he thought, beautiful.

Annie smiled again, at once full of love, yet shy and hesitant. Jacob opened his arms, "Annie," he whispered with a soft smile, his heart bursting when she ran to him and flung herself into his welcoming arms.

"Datt," she whispered, almost sighed, her heart beating hard, excitement and nerves thrumming through her. Datt's arms felt so good holding her, solid, strong, comforting, and the feel of his hands on her, so arousing.

His daughter felt slender in Jacob's arms, delicate, so young. She felt warm, felt good. She smelled fresh. He combed his fingers through her thick, lustrous hair, feeling how heavy it was, silky soft, beautiful. For a moment he just hugged her, enjoyed her nearness and the anticipation, her delicious fresh, clean scent. It was thrilling, calming, and exciting. Holding Annie in his arms was comfortable, right, and sensuous at the same time. It was marvelous and he never wanted to let her go; just hold her, lose himself in having her pressed against him.

Annie moved first, slightly lightheaded from the intense male aroma she was inhaling and the hard male chest against her. She pulled back from his shoulder and looked into his eyes, feeling faint from his adoration, her nipples tingling. Tentatively, she leaned in, watching is eyes. She wanted to kiss Datt on his lips, like a woman, tingles of apprehension making her shake slightly.

"Annie," Datt whispered, his arms drawing her to him, his hand guiding her head. She closed her eyes, her lips touched his warm lips. She heard herself sigh and felt his lips part, her knees feeling weak when Datt's tongue caressed her lips. Annie melted, physically melted, suddenly weak. She held onto his neck, opened her mouth and touched his tongue. As her kiss deepened, as her tongue probed, her body responded. Annie felt her nipples tingling, blood pounded and heaviness grew in her pussy, heat flushed, arousal storming in, dampness, wet for Datt.

She moaned, kissed Datt harder, and opened her mouth to let his tongue in, squeezing her thighs together. Her body trembled as she sucked his tongue, nipples hurt, pussy aching. Touch. Need Datt's touch. When he swept her up, lifting her into his strong arms, kissing her, light-headedness started. Dizzy, she felt dizzy when he lay her on his bed. Her eyes opened when his kiss stopped.

Jacob was panting, actually panting from his heart racing. Annie's kiss had stunned him; so sexual, so arousing. Where had she learned to kiss so well? It had made him erect! Just her kiss! He bent over her as she lay on his bed, so pretty, so young and innocent, yet so, so desirable.

"Can I see your body, Annie?" he asked. "May I undress you?"

Annie looked at him with far too much maturity, smiled sweetly, heat and desire warming her dark grey eyes. "Only if you undress first, Datt," she said, a twinkle of mischief appearing in her eyes.

Jacob stood, watching his daughter carefully as he dropped his pajamas, his erection jutting out from a thick bush of pubic hair, the crown red, swollen, inflamed. He watched Annie inspect him, saw the slight rosy flush of her cheeks, and her eyes stare with intensity.

Annie glanced up into his eyes and smiled. "Nice, Datt," she said softly, sliding off the bed to stand in front of him. She smiled again and raised her arms. "Go ahead, Datt. Undress me."

His fingers trembled as he unbuttoned the neck, staring at her pretty face. With each button smooth alabaster skin was revealed, her neck, the top of her chest. Small breasts mounded her nightgown high on her chest, widely spaced, firm nipples poking. Jacob bent and gathered her nightgown, heart pounding. Slowly he drew it up and over her head, over her raised arms, and let it fall to the floor, gasping at the beauty of her petite breasts, firm with small pink areolae, her nipples stiff. They were perfect adolescent breasts, so young and new they rode high, so sexy standing out from her body in defiance of gravity.

Annie's body narrowed to her waist, flared gently to hip bones, curved in around sweet buttocks to slender thighs, long legs, dainty ankles and feet.

Annie's plain white cotton underwear started just under her navel, loose with gathers at the waist, folds hiding her treasures. In their simplicity they had beauty, they were exciting and sexy. Annie, standing and letting him inspect her, Annie so young, pubescence screaming to him, plain undies, white socks, Annie so desirable had him aching, his erection throbbing. Jacob was frozen in admiration of his young daughter, desire coursing through him.

He was jolted into movement when Annie reached out, her small hand wrapping around his erection, sexy eyes staring at it. Moaning, need and desire for his little girl pounding his body, Jacob drew her to him, relishing the touch of adolescent breasts against him. With Annie's cheek resting on his chest, he caressed her back, tracing the pattern of her spine down and slipping his fingers under the waist of her undies. He let his hands burrow down, soft cotton against the back of his hands, silky warm skin on his palms. Shock made his heart palpitate. He was touching his daughter! He was fondling his little girl!

Her buttocks curved out sensuously, a deep, tightly closed valley bisecting them. Skin felt slightly cooler, her young buttocks firm, yet soft and yielding to his caress. With his fingertips, he traced the crease where each buttock merged with a slender thigh, tracing the creases outward to her sides. Annie moved back slightly to give him room, her hand still holding his rigid erection.

Jacob's hands gently moved to her front, hands inside soft, loose, well-washed cotton, touching his daughter, touching sweet Annie! He shuddered when he felt her downy pubic hair lightly sprinkled over a remarkably prominent mons. Pulling his hands out of her undies, now urgently wanting to see, he slipped the waistband over her hips, pushing her undies down. Annie wiggled her bottom for him, so sexy, her undies falling. Need pounded through him; all the dreams, the images and memories, all coalesced to this point, Annie standing naked in front of him.

"Annie, honey," Jacob whispered, "I want you so much."

Jacob was suffering. Annie's gentle grip on his erection was driving him nuts. His exploration inside her undies had driven his desire to new heights, the feel of her small breasts poking into him unbelievably erotic. He needed Annie, needed and desired her so much. And he knew he was getting dangerously close to being unable to control himself. He took a deep, deep breath.

Reaching for her hand, he led her to bed, following her as she slipped under the quilt, the lamp providing just enough light to see each other as it hissed and cast a yellowish glow from the dresser.

Annie was trembling, tense, yearning. She was wet. She could feel her moisture seeping from her, her pussy pulsing, arousal storming her body. Holding Datt's erection had been so erotic. Her! Holding Datt's erection! She'd felt it pulse and swell in her hand and a surge of pleasure hit her when she felt liquid leaking down over her hand, a silky, slippery liquid that felt so much like her own. She'd trembled when Datt touched her bottom, desire burning her at the touch of his fingers, how they traced her bum and trailed across her pussy. She had need aching deep inside her, and felt like she did before she would climax, so close already! She was beginning to worry she'd climax too soon, not make it good for Datt; so aroused, too aroused.

"Datt," she whispered, tugging his body as she lay under the quilt, "hurry please. I need you quickly. Hurry."

Jacob thrilled at the urgency in Annie's voice, at her tugging. He felt her legs part, felt her try to worm her knee under him. Desire and arousal fogged his mind, sweet need burning bright, need for his daughter, wanting her. Yet he wanted her first time to be perfect, a war was waging inside him. He wanted his first time to be perfect, yet felt an almost uncontrollable urge to take her.

"Slowly, Annie. Let's take our time," he whispered.

Dark grey eyes burned with passion and arousal, "No, Datt. You need to do it now! Hurry, please," she pleaded, scared she'd climax before even making love.

"Are you sure, Honey?"

"Datt, hurry! Please hurry. I'm so close," Annie urged, now yanking at him, sexy eyes pleading.

Jacob gave in, need storming his body too. Rising, he moved between her spread legs, holding himself above her with one arm, his hand holding his straining erection. He looked down, Annie's adolescent pussy large, beautifully mounded, plump, full, lightly dusted with dark downy pubic hair, legs spread, so sexy, so arousing, so young, my Annie.

Leaning in, he guided the tip of his erection, groaning when it kissed her labia, his precum adding to her slipperiness. Need and desire were whipping him on. Annie's hands tugged, pulled, "Hurry, Datt."

Slipping the tip through seductive labia, Jacob watched them bulge out, ooze apart and hug the crown. He felt his erection rub across a hard clit, felt it nestle into the sexy indent at the base of her labia, lodged, soft labia, warm moisture. His erection looked so big, so thick as it pressed against her pussy almost filling the gap between her slender thighs. The fog of arousal intensified. He pushed slightly, Annie's labia hugging his crown, seductive, arousing, so exciting.

"Please," she whispered desperately, her climax nearer, Datt's penis exciting her clit. Pulses of almost orgasmic pleasure thrummed through her tense body, so close Datt. She shoved her hips up suddenly and cried out at the spike of pain.

Breath exploded from Jacob, the crown of his erection gripped in Annie's tight, tight vagina. He wanted to relish the moment, the feeling of penetrating his daughter, of taking her virginity. But he couldn't.

Annie gasped, glorious pain, beautiful pain, Datt in her, Datt yes! Her slender legs curled around his thighs, arms reached for his chest and, in one ferocious, aroused-driven motion, pulled him to her hard, hard. Mine! You're mine!

Jacob collapsed on her small body, his erection slamming deep, a velvet sheath surrounding him. He groaned as Annie held onto him, her arms hugging, legs gripping, soft cries of happiness and pain breaking the silence. He was in glorious agony from her tight, tight vagina gripping and clenching his erection. Reaching down, he held two perfect adolescent buttocks in his palms and withdrew his erection. The need to fuck was all-consuming.

"No!" Annie cried out when he withdrew, yanking him back. He slid deep, deep, her vagina clenching, buttocks flexing. Pulling out again, she mewled and yanked him back, pulling him deep into her, so deep he banged against her cervix.

"Again, Datt!" she cried out loudly, begging, arms clutching, legs tugging.

Jacob let himself go, let himself submit to Annie's frantic pleas. He started fucking his little girl hard, long firm strokes, shoving deep into her tight vagina, desperate for release. Annie's grunts and her legs yanking at him drove him into a sexual frenzy, fucking his daughter deep, hard, holding her buttocks, pulling her petite bottom to him, thrusting into her velvet grip, so good, thrusting, fucking hard, so tight Annie.

He fucked, feeling his orgasm build, erection swelling, tight, Annie so hot, so wet. He fucked his little girl, testicles slapping, heaviness building, need driving him into a frenzy.

"Oh!" Annie cried out. "Yeeessss, Datt!" she gasped, her body exploding, writhing, hips surging off the mattress. She hugged him, her face buried in his shoulder as tremors shook through her, climaxing hard, shoving her pelvis up, needing Datt deep, please deep Datt, cumming so hard, beautiful pleasure, beautiful, cumming Datt.

Jacob gasped as Annie's vagina clamped down on him. He rose on his arms, shoved his erection deep into his daughter, slammed against her cervix and, with Annie writhing and climaxing underneath him, her small breasts jiggling, nipples flushed red, he came, semen burning up to explode into her young womb, pleasure punishing him. He groaned loudly, withdrew and shoved deep into her velvet grip, swelling, exploding, semen jetting into her, hot, viscous. His ecstasy upon him, Jacob fell onto her slender young body, grabbed her shoulders and thrust, fucked, wildly exploding into her womb, shoving deeply, exquisite pleasure, exquisite pleasure, cumming hard, bliss, bliss, so good Annie my love, so good.

Chapter 10

Annie felt Datt stir. Opening her eyes she saw the slightest hint of light out of the window. It was late, the sound of cows lowing with full udders heard faintly. Datt's arm was thrown across her tummy as he lay on his front, eyes closed, hair tousled. She felt wetness on the bed under her bottom and memories flooded back. Her pussy felt sore, abused and fantastic. Remembering her crashing orgasm, Datt's big erection thrusting into her so deeply, banging against the ache deep inside her, Annie felt a stir of arousal.

She grinned when Datt's eyes opened, when he smiled, so sexy. "Wow, Datt," she said, then giggled when he groped her breasts. She could feel her pussy still wet with his semen and wanted to have sex again; just like last night, hard, forceful, satisfying.

But the sound of cows in need reminded her there were chores that could not be delayed. She grinned at Datt as she pulled his groping hand off her boob. "Cows, Datt," she ordered, giggling at his frown and, with a peal of laughter, kicked him out of bed, her laughter intensifying when he hit the floor.

Ruth entered the kitchen and smiled. Annie was kneading bread dough and singing quietly, something she rarely did. Ruth had heard them last night; well, heard Annie anyway. She'd been loud.

"How was it?" she asked Annie, bending to pick up the wicker egg basket.

Annie looked over her shoulder, brushed a lock of hair from her eyes leaving a dusting of flour, a big, big smile lighting up her face. "Amazing, Ruth. Amazing!"

Later that morning, with Datt out working, Ruth and Annie peeled apples for pie and for apple sauce, sitting at the kitchen table.

Ruth noted Annie was calmer now, but still had that happy smile on her face. "So tell me, Annie," she instructed. "Did it hurt?"

"Only for a moment, sort of a sharp pain, but after, Oh Ruth, it was . . ." She paused, then asked, "How was it for you? Did it hurt too?"

"Datt didn't put it in my vagina, Annie," Ruth stated matter-of-factly, with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"He didn't?" Annie now understood what Datt had meant when he said Ruth was still pure. "So where did . . . Oh! You mean . . .?"

"Uh-huh. He put his erection in my bum. Said the other was a gift to save for my husband," Ruth said with a frown. Then she grinned, "But it was gooood, Annie!"


"Uh-huh! I even felt Datt spurting inside me! It was amazing."

The two sisters peeled apples abstractedly as they compared notes, Annie fascinated at Ruth's description of how it felt when Datt spurted semen in her bum, Ruth jealous that Annie had had proper sex with Datt. They were filling Mason jars with apple sauce and apple pie filling for winter storage when they both admitted to a bit of jealousy, wistfully wondering what the other's experience would have felt like.

But it was Annie, demure, lady-like Annie who proved to be the more adventurous when it came to sex. She had Ruth laughing when she explained how she realized she was more of a hussy than the ladies at the barn-raising.

"Honestly, Ruth," Annie said enthusiastically, "I couldn't wait I was so horny." She giggled, "And Datt went so deep it hurt. His erection was banging against something deep inside my pussy. It drove me nuts. I went wild. It was fantastic. . ." She squirmed in the chair. "Gee, just talking about it makes me want to do it again," she added dreamily.

"It's not fair, Annie," Ruth complained. "Who does he think I'm supposed to save myself for?"

"Maybe Datt thinks you're too young?"

"Annie! If he could get it in my bum, it would fit in my vagina. It's not fair."

"Hmmm. Well, maybe . . ."

The two sisters started whispering, heads bend close to each other. Smiles emerged followed by grins, eyes twinkling with mischief. "What we need to do is drive Datt so crazy he'll do anything we say. And then . . ." Annie whispered to Ruth, laying out her plan.

Jacob worked hard cleaning up the milking equipment, a regular chore once the milk had been picked up. He felt invigorated and full of energy, the cold November day bright with a clear blue sky. He enjoyed his occasional erections and replayed sex with Annie over and over again. She'd surprised him. Sweet Annie, so calm, easy-going and gentle, had been wild in his bed. It has been amazing. Sex with her was exciting, energetic, and exhausting; completely satisfying . . . and that was only her first time!

He started spraying the milking equipment with heated chlorinated water, the cleaning system adding air into the water stream to provide a slugging motion; turbulence that improved the scouring action and made the hose pulse and jump in his hand. His musings were interrupted when Annie walked into the barn, a mug of steaming coffee in her hand, a sexy smile on her pretty face.

"Coffee, Datt," she said placing the mug on a wooden railing near him. Moving over to him, she pulled his face down, kissed his cheek, and then leaned in slightly, whispering hotly in his ear, "I've been leaking all morning."

Jacob jerked upright, the hose falling from his hand and writhing like a snake on the ground. Annie danced away from him with a peal of laughter when he reached out. She turned and ran out of the barn, Jacob standing in stunned silence, erection tenting his overalls as he debated chasing after her sexy bouncing behind. Slowly his mind cleared and he bent for the writhing hose, mindlessly washing down the equipment, a big smile on his face.

"So? What happened?" Ruth asked, eyes wide, excited.

"I think Datt almost had a heart attack!" Annie laughed, blushing slightly at how forward she'd been. But the look in Datt's eyes!

"My turn, next," Ruth stated.

"Remember, it has to look like an accident, okay?"

"Uh-huh. I know how, Annie," she said insisted firmly with a grin.

Somewhat distractedly, Jacob finished sanitizing the bulk milk storage unit and put the cleaning equipment away. Annie had put a mental image into his mind that clouded his thinking. He stood, a bit lost, wondering what he was supposed to do next. Oh. Right. Winterize the plow.

Heading for the equipment shed, he saw Ruth running back from the chicken coop and, in slow motion, saw her trip, cry out as she went flying face first into the grass, the back of her dress flying up. He ran towards her calling out, "Ruthie? Are you all right?"

Nearing her, he automatically admired her soft white cotton undies. They seemed rather tight on her, hugging her sweet bottom, two small firm buttocks clearly rounded inside. As she rolled onto her back, Jacob couldn't help but stare at her crotch. Tight cotton undies hugged her plump pussy and rode up into her cleft; Ruth's pussy a seductive mound that looked so full between her slim thighs. He felt an immediate urge to cup her crotch, especially when he noticed a moist spot at the base of her pussy, a dark stain of arousal. Standing over her, his erection raging inside his overalls and precum leaking, the fog of desire descended, eyes riveted on Ruth's seductive little pussy. Eight years old and so, so sexy!

"Help, Datt?" Ruth asked, holding out her hand for a lift.


Ruth giggled and slowly, coyly, pushed her dress down, covering her white cotton undies; old ones that were way too tight, ones she'd put on deliberately. "Help me up, Datt," she ordered.

"Oh. Here." Jacob pulled her from the grass, his mind fogged.


As Ruth scampered off to the kitchen door, Jacob stood rooted to the spot, wondering what he was supposed to be doing. Oh. Right. Winterize the plow.

"So?" Annie asked, having watched the whole event from the kitchen window.

"Annie," Ruth said breathlessly, barely able to hold back her giggles, "Datt's eyes were soooo wide!" She lowered her voice and added, "And he had a big erection, too!"


"What's next?" Ruth asked, reaching under her dress to pull the damp crotch of her undies away from her pussy then straightening her dress.

Jacob sat quietly at the kitchen table. Annie and Ruth had made a simple but hearty lunch of freshly baked bread, cured meats, a creamy potato salad, tea, and sweet biscuits for dessert. He still felt a bit dazed, erection calmed but still partially there, his underwear damp, horniness hovering near.

He had little to say, his mind still buzzing. Ruth and Annie seemed so happy, an easy banter going on between them. He noted how they glowed, both so beautiful in their own way; Ruth an impish spirit exuding mischief and energy, Annie so lady-like, graceful and softly sexy.

He was so befuddled by his daughters, he didn't really see Annie, didn't really notice her until she went to get the sweet biscuits from the counter. His breath caught.

He finally noticed that three top buttons of Anne's simple dress were open clearly showing she had no undershirt. When she bent to put biscuits on his plate, the front fell open slightly, small pale mounds revealed; the steep edges of her petite breasts sloping out seductively from her chest. He caught a glimpse of pink areolae pressed to cotton just before she straightened, his penis immediately hard, stiff and throbbing. He actually heard himself moan quietly, his sexual anguish escaping. He should have admonished her for that display, but he loved it too much.

Lunch was painful. He wanted to forget work, grab Annie and throw her on his bed, strip that green dress off her and . . . no, he wanted to pick up Ruth and carry her over his shoulder, fondle her bum as he carried her to his room, bend her over the bed and . . .

Lunch was painful.

Dinner was worse.

"Girls, you must stop," Jacob begged. "I cannot take this punishment."

Ruth and Annie giggled hard, two pairs of eyes glinting with complete satisfaction.

They had teased Datt relentlessly all day and, at dinner, Annie had whispered in Datt's ear as she served him, "I've been so wet all day, Datt, I finally had to take my undies off. I hope you don't mind," getting a loud groan in response as she danced away from his groping hand that had automatically reached for the hem of her dress.

Ruth had been no slouch, kissing Datt gently on his cheek every time she passed him and, at one point, placing his big hand on her eight year old bum, asking in a whisper, "Nice? Do you like?"

Jacob groaned again when Ruth added, "Bet you can't guess what I'm wearing underneath, Datt? Huh?"

With freshly baked apple pie sitting uneaten in front of him, two daughters now smiling innocently at him, and a painful erection, Jacob wanted to head up to bed, even though it was still light outside, an hour before sunset. He faced a terrible dilemma; two beautiful, sexy and desirable daughters, one bubbly and energetic, the other soft and alluring, pubescence gracing her with seductive bumps and curves. A Solomon's choice; impossible.

Annie leaned over to Ruth, whispering, "I think he's ready. Shall we?"

"Uh-huh," Ruth responded with an enthusiastic nod, excitement now building, her pussy beginning to throb, nipples stiffening.

"Datt," Annie started, "I have a request."

"And what might that be, Annie?"

"If you come upstairs, I'll tell you," Annie said softly, a gentle voice, sexy eyes glinting as she stood and held out her hand.

Jacob stood taking her hand, so small and delicate in his. "What about Ruth?" he asked.

"She's going to clean up, Datt. We agreed."

Ruth smiled at Datt as he was led from the kitchen, turning to clear up the dinner quickly, excited, squeezing her thighs together, her pussy aching, got to hurry.

As Jacob let Annie lead him up the stairs, he studied the seductive sway of her compact thirteen year old rear, wondering if she really had no undies on. His erection was at full mast and throbbed hard remembering Annie whispering "I've been leaking all morning," such an arousing concept.

Like a lamb, he let her lead him into his bedroom, smiling at her when she turned and made him sit on the edge of the bed.

"Datt, this time I want you to feel, only feel, Okay?"

Not understanding, Jacob agreed anyway, the love and desire in Annie's eyes clouding his mind. He watched as she unknotted the kerchief on her head, watched as she, once again, removed her hair pins, shaking her amazing mane of thick hair out, watched as it tumbled in dark heavy waves to her rear.

He was very, very surprised when she moved to him, bringing her kerchief up. "What . . .?"

"Shhh. Only feel Datt," Annie said softly, tying the kerchief around his eyes.

Jacob's world narrowed to sound, smell and touch. It was disconcerting not being able to see. But he found himself appreciating other senses. Now he could smell Annie's soapy scent as it wafted towards him in waves. He felt her small fingers slowly open the shoulder straps of his denim overalls and her gentle touch as she unbuttoned his shirt, his excitement suddenly building. At her urging he stood and let her pull the overalls off, sat as she removed his shoes and socks, tugged the legs of his overalls off, and felt his erection jut out in his underwear.

"Nice, Datt," Annie said softly, stroking his shaft lightly. "Stand," she ordered.

He couldn't believe how arousing it was to feel his daughter strip him, his erection swinging up to slap against his belly before straining out. He felt her hand grip his shaft gently and squeeze slightly, "Nice Datt," before letting go, his heart now pounding.

Annie guided him to lay back in the center of the bed, arranging pillows under his head, her warm hands moving down his chest to brush against his erection, then nothing.

"I'm undoing my buttons, Datt," Annie said softly. "I'm slipping the dress off my shoulders."

Jacob groaned quietly, wishing he could see, knowing what she'd look like with her perfect little pubescent breasts standing so proudly on her small body. He heard her cotton dress swish, knew it was falling to her feet.

"Did I mention I don't have any undies on, Datt?"

Her small hand took his, guiding it, "See?"

Jacob groaned again, his erection oozing precum at the feel of Annie's sparse downy pubic hair. Blind, her pussy seemed plump, a sweeping seductive mound, narrowing, tapering seductively, sexy cleft tightly closed. He groaned softly at the feel of her arousal, a trace of warm silky moisture deep down her cleft.

Annie was fighting herself. Undressing Datt had been so exciting. Gently touching his hard erection thrilled her and she was already feeling like last night, a strong desire coursing through her. She wondered why sex made her feel so wild, so aroused she wanted to dive in, feel Datt inside her, hurting her as he penetrated her deep. It was a fire that burned inside her, wanting Datt desperately, so surprising to her. She felt like a hussy; hot, horny, so unlike her normal self. Why?

Naked, she moved to the door and opened it. She'd left it unlatched deliberately. Peeking out she saw Ruth grinning, long dark hair falling to her bottom, perfectly naked, flat chest, skinny body, no hips and a bare pussy, standing, nervously moving from foot to foot. Annie smiled and nodded, indicating for her to be quiet with a finger at her lips, holding the door open.

"Datt," she said, moving to the bed, "No touching now, Okay?"

"Annie, can't I at least caress you?" Jacob asked in a strained voice.

"No. No touching or I stop. Okay?"

"But . . ."

"Hush, Datt. I'm going to tell you everything I do. You have to feel and imagine only."

Tremors of anticipation moved through his body. Not seeing made his imagination run wild. In some ways it was more intense; relying on his memory for images of Annie's beautiful body, how spectacular and desirable the onset of pubescence was on her, her petite body, small breasts, pink nipples, sexy little pussy. As he imagined, his erection pulsed, precum seeping onto his stomach.

"I'm getting on the bed, Datt."

He felt the bed dip at his legs.

Ruth climbed onto the bed and carefully took Datt's erection into her hand. Rising to her knees, she swung her leg over, straddling his thighs before shuffling up, her light grey eyes intent, head bent, thick dark hair cascading down her back. She shuddered when the slippery crown slid through her pussy lips and rasped across her aching clit. She was going to do it! She was going to have Datt's erection inside her pussy; give Datt her virginity.

Jacob was panting, desperately trying to resist the urge to reach out and grab his sexy daughter's body. He wanted to thrust into her so badly. He was so, so aroused, so horny, more so from limited senses. Silky soft labia caressed the tip of his erection. He could picture Annie astride him, feel her thighs and legs at his sides. Lack of sight made her feel lighter, more petite. He could picture how her sweet pussy would be, thick labia spread by his crown and he wanted to thrust, desperately wanted to bury his erection into her, shove it deep, and take her again. Please, Annie!

"Ready, Datt?"

"God yes, Annie, please," Jacob pleaded, his fists gripping the sheet at his sides. He felt his crown pressing into Annie's pussy, pressing at her entrance as she let her weight down. Why was it so hard? He felt his crown flatten, her pussy refusing him entry, resisting. Was it because of the position?

"Oh!" exploded from him. Annie's pussy seemed to slowly expand and ooze over the hard flared head, hot, moist, incredibly tight, incredibly arousing, please, shove sweetheart, shove. "Annie," he gasped. Need started pounding inside him, wanting to bury his erection, feel it wrapped in her velvet grip.

Suddenly her tiny vagina popped over the head, he heard her snort as she inhaled sharply. Did it hurt like this?

Oh God, so tight, almost painfully tight. Why? And, in one glorious motion, he felt her pussy slip down his shaft, felt his crown burrow into her, felt her internal walls caress him as he slid into heaven, erection swelling.

Without sight, she felt tighter, a vise-like tight. She felt smaller, lighter, more delicate, her thighs slimmer. Even her bottom felt different when two firm buttocks came to rest on him.

"How does it feel, Datt?" Annie whispered in his ear.

"God, Annie, so good, you're so tight, so . . ." Wait! She whispered in his ear!

Tearing the kerchief off he saw Ruth impaled on his erection, his little Ruth, flat-chested, no curves, immature Ruth. He'd penetrated his little girl! Annie stood beside the bed smiling, seeming pleased.

"Surprise, Datt," she said with a grin.

"Oh, Ruth, honey, why?" Jacob asked breathlessly, his erection swelling, so tight, so, so tight, her poor pussy stretched obscenely around his shaft. He reached for her waist, holding her and preventing her from moving, a surge of pleasure storming him, erection swelling, dangerously close to cumming. It looked like it must hurt her so much.

Ruth looked at him, excitement and arousal making her eyes glitter. "Told you it would fit, Datt," she said proudly, giving him an agonizing clench.

She rose, his erection sliding out, shining with her moisture, pinkish, virginity gone, God, so tight. She reversed, sinking down, Jacob's erection sliding into her vise-like velvet sheath, the tip nudging her end, pressing against her cervix.

"He's all the way, Annie," Ruth said excitedly, her fingers probing her lower tummy, "Almost to my belly button!"

"Wait, Ruth. Stop a moment," Annie ordered.

Jacob groaned loudly. He'd felt her fingertips pressing, and his penis hard and pulsing making Ruth feel even tighter. He stared in amazement as Annie climbed onto the bed, took his hand and brought it to her small breast. She leaned over holding his palm to her breast and kissed him, her soft warm tongue probing, slipping between his lips. Jacob started feeling lightheaded, panting when Annie broke the kiss.

Annie leaned closer, whispering in his ear, "Next you have to put it in my bum, Datt. I want to feel you spurting in my rear like Ruth did."

It was too much for Jacob. His hips heaved off the bed, shoving Ruth forward as he slammed against her cervix.

"Datt," she cried out in pain falling onto his chest. Jacob wrapped his arms around his little girl holding her, her cry of pain breaking through the fog of arousal.

"Sweetheart," he whispered, erection pulsing, so tight, so tight. "Oh, Ruth."

Ruth flexed her bottom, rose slightly, settled gently again, her vise-like vagina stroking his erection. She did it again, slow, testing, excruciatingly arousing. Gradually a rhythm began; soft gentle movements, calmer, loving movements, Ruth setting the pace, murmuring against his chest, a rumble he could feel.

Jacob held his young daughter tight, slid out, slid in, fucking her gently, so tight. He heard Ruth sigh and felt her start to push, her movements growing urgent, breath huffing. Slowly Ruth moved more confidently, long strokes, fucking herself on his erection, little sighs becoming little grunts, fucking her deep, all the way.

"Yesss, Datt, like that," she sighed, grunting lightly when he hit her cervix.

Jacob fell, the ground falling away from him, weightless, his erection grew, grew and, with a loud moan he felt pleasure erupt inside him, his penis jerked, semen charged up his shaft and he came in glorious bliss, spurting hard into his child, pushing deep to seal his erection at her little womb. He exploded, eyes tightly shut, semen jetting out to bathe his crown. Ruth whimpered, jerked, tensed, and climaxed in his arms, her pussy convulsing and milking semen from him. He shoved, glorious pleasure, glorious pleasure, and exploded again, hot semen jetting into his sexy eight-year-old. Ruth twitched, jerked and whimpered her climax as he drowned in his intense orgasm, ejacuating deep into her, fucking her, fucking his little girl, filling her, cumming beautifully, cumming in her, cumming Ruth, Datt's cumming.

"How was it?" Annie whispered to Ruth, still prone on top of Datt, both still, unmoving, panting, eyes closed, Datt hugging Ruth to him.

Ruth opened her eyes, so exhausted, feeling so weak, drained of energy, so good. "It hurt!" she said. Then grinned, "It felt gooood, Annie. Much better than in my bum."

She giggled when her bum wiggle made Datt groan, his soft penis plopping out of her sore vagina, semen flowing out. "He came a lot, Annie," she declared with a proud smile.

Chapter 11

Annie didn't get her chance that night. Ruth was exhausted and asleep within minutes of rolling off Datt. But he'd held Annie, kissed and cuddled, caressing her aching breasts. Then he'd kissed them, licked them and made them sore from gentle sucking. Annie had been horny all day. So, when Datt started petting her pussy, and rubbing her clit, touching her, loving her, she felt her climax stir, felt it build. When he slipped two fingers inside her and his thumb rubbed her clitoris, Annie had climaxed holding his mouth to her breast, hips surging and writhing, tummy cramping, cumming Datt, cumming!

The next morning Jacob woke with both daughters in his bed, Ruth on her front making tiny cute snoring sounds, Annie cuddled to his side as if she was trying to climb into him, her knee thrown over his thigh. Jacob woke to paradise; two naked daughters in his bed. He had a small bottom in one hand, Ruth's, and a cuddly girl in his arm, Annie.

As he lay absolutely still, not wanting to upset the arrangement in any way, he thanked God for His gift, for it must be a gift from Him, Jacob thought. It was pure love, love for his daughters and their love for him. It was paradise, heaven, and, best of all, it was not prohibited in the Book.

The faint sounds of cows lowing reminded him of his duties. He carefully extricated himself from his daughters and left.

As soon as milking was complete, he headed back to the house, now hungry. It was Sunday and Services would begin in four hours; ten o'clock at the Graber home again.

Jacob was surprised to find the kitchen empty, cold, stove not fired-up, no aroma of baking bread and coffee to welcome him. He headed upstairs and, entering his bedroom, paused. It hit him hard seeing Annie and Ruth still asleep in his bed, their long, thick dark hair spread all over, small bodies curled up under the thick quilt. It hit him hard when he realized he wanted them to stay like that, in his bed, forever thirteen and eight. It hit him hard when he realized he wanted his daughters love and companionship more than the friendship of the community.

"Come on girls," he said quietly, shaking small bare shoulders, smiling at their moans and grumping. His heart swelled as he watched two beautiful girls stretch and yawn in his bed, watched two pairs of grey eyes open and smiles brighten his day.

"What time is it?" Annie asked, stretching her toes under the quilt. She'd slept so deeply she almost felt tired.

"The cows have been milked, Annie."

Shock passed across her face. "Already?" She scrambled from the bed. "Ruth, get up, we're late!"

Jacob leaned against the door jamb, crossed his arms and thoroughly enjoyed seeing two naked little nymphs spring from his bed. Yes, very nice, he thought with a grin. He loved how they were so different; Ruth full of energy, straight as a bean-pole, prepubescent and sexy; Annie languorous, slender and willowy, blossoming pubescence at its finest and sexy, too.

He grinned as they squeezed by him to run to their rooms, turning to watch their seductive bare bottoms bounce and jiggle delightfully. Yes, very, very nice, he thought and thanked God again. Jacob was happy.

Sunday service was not satisfying. Deacon Stoltzfus seemed to dwell on how the women of the community were not being appropriately plain, reminding them that their role was to obey their man. After the lunch, as everyone congregated in the cold late November chill outside, Jacob watched his daughters chatter excitedly together, eyes sparkling, their beauty obscuring their plain attire. He felt his heart swell with pride and love, feeling blessed.

A touch on his elbow drew his attention away from admiring his girls, something he felt no guilt about. Turning, Deacon Stoltzfus stood at his side, long serious face, large nose, and sad, stern eyes. Depressing, Jacob thought, pitying his wife having to wake up to that face every day.

"Jacob, can I have a word?" the Deacon asked in a deep voice, vapor forming in the air.

"Of course."

Deacon Stoltzfus glanced over at Ruth and Annie, frowning in disapproval. "You should handle your children with a firmer hand, Jacob," he said, "Worship is a serious affair."

"I'm sorry, Deacon. Did my girls misbehave during service today?" Jacob asked in confusion, feeling an immediate dislike for him.

"No. But now," he said, nodding in their direction, "they are not showing the respect they should."

Jacob glanced back at his girls, seeing two daughters chatting and smiling with each other, hands animated, breath misting the cool air. "I'm not sure I understand, Deacon."

"You're too forgiving, Jacob. Clearly, by the way they're behaving, they are not showing the respect Sunday service requires," Deacon said seriously.

Jacob felt confused. Ruth and Annie were chatting and smiling; happy. Is that what he objected to? "Deacon, is it the way they are conversing that appears disrespectful to you?"

"Yes, yes, that's what I've been saying. Perhaps you don't use corporal punishment liberally enough, Jacob."

Jacob, quite stunned, looked around and suddenly noticed the other children, all conversing quietly, subdued. Why? "Deacon, now that you mention it, Ruth and Annie appear . . . happy. Is there something in the Book that says it's a sin to be happy?"

Deacon harrumphed in response. "Frivolity is for the schoolhouse, Jacob," he said. "I know it's been difficult to raise two girls alone, but you must be firm, they are girls after all. They must obey, show respect." With his piece said, he nodded, tipped his flat-brimmed black hat and strode off.

Jacob chuckled. But inside he was furious. How could children having fun be against God's wishes? As he rode home in the buggy, his girls huddled under the blanket on each side, Jacob started thinking about some of the services he'd actually paid attention to over the last year, anger building at what he finally saw.

Amish principles, in their purity, were clean. They guided one to live a life of worship balanced with respect for your fellow man, respect for nature, and respect for life. It encouraged humility, calmness, composure and placidity, which, in this world full of conflict, should be admired. Amish practices taught you to avoid pride, haughtiness and arrogance, all of which could lead to confrontation and dissatisfaction. It was an elective religion, never forced. You had to choose to be a part of it. In so many ways it was a good religion, quiet, contemplative, fostering community and charity.

Yet, thinking about the Sunday services, Jacob suddenly realized there were so many things about the religion he didn't subscribe to, couldn't subscribe to. And those things seemed to be preached by the more orthodox of the Deacons and Bishops; traditionalists that fought loudest against adopting change, wanted women in their place, that believed hitting children was good for their development, and assumed man was superior in all things.

By the time Jacob turned the buggy into the long drive to his farm, he was steaming, replaying every word Deacon Stoltzfus had uttered. But when he sat in the kitchen listening to Annie and Ruth laughing and joking with each other as they made dinner, teasing him when he offered to help, Jacob felt the break; a chasm developed, a gulf between him and his community. He would never accept that two bright souls like Annie and Ruth should be repressed or discouraged in any way. God would never, never wish it.

That Sunday was the last service Jacob attended.

Ruth and Annie knew there was something wrong with Datt. He'd been quiet all the way back from service, frowning, eyes dark. They knew he was brooding and didn't disturb him. But when it continued through to dinner, both started whispering to each other, worry building. Was he regretting what had happened with them? Had he changed his mind? Did he feel guilty? Why? They both loved being with him!

"Datt," Annie started, feeling a bit nervous, "Have we done something wrong? Do you regret what we've done? Did you not like it?"

Ruth piped in, "Yeah, Datt. What Annie said. Did we make you mad?"

They both watched Datt look at them, watched as his face lost its frown, the darkness that had been there fading. And they both grinned when he smiled at them.

Jacob looked into his daughters eyes, seeing their worry, their fear of his disapproval. It squeezed his heart; so pretty, both with such beauty bestowed by God.

"Well, no, Ladies. I have been vexed by a problem of significant import. Neither of you has done anything wrong, in fact quite the opposite. I am proud of you . . . yes proud," Jacob said firmly. "I find both of you quite beautiful and cannot for the life of me see why you should be plain. Covering God's magnificent creations seems so . . . disrespectful.

"My problem is biblical in proportion, truly huge. The challenge of Solomon weighs me down," Jacob said frowning at them, enjoying the worry growing on their pretty faces. "Yes, biblical, huge, massive, earth-shifting. Hmmm."

He let silence fill the kitchen, watching and waiting. Ruth cracked first.

"What, Datt? What's so serious, so big? Is it something we can help you with?" she asked, worry now beginning to show.

"Yes, Datt," Annie now kicked in with fierceness in her voice, "How can we help?"

Jacob leaned back in his chair, took a moment to look at each daughter in the eyes, still having a hard time accepting he'd had sex with these angels. "Well, I'll gladly accept your help. It's a biblical problem, I say, and needs serious consideration."

"What?" they both chimed.

"Hmmm." Jacob frowned again, enjoying himself. "How can I choose who to share my bed with? Hmmm? How can I make two angels happy at the same time? How exactly can I satisfy an imp and a hussy? Well? I'm old, you know. This is a serious problem. Any ideas?" Jacob asked with a twinkle in his eyes, eyebrows moving up.

Annie was slightly faster, probably because Ruth was grinning ear-to-ear. "Datt, I am the eldest, therefore I should get your attention first, always."

"Nuh-uh, Annie," Ruth immediately responded, "I'm the youngest. I should be first. Besides, Datt chose me first!" Ruth gave Annie a sweet little satisfied smirk.

"He did not! You threw yourself at him. In fact, you crawled into his bed pretending to be scared of a silly thunderstorm!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Datt's laughter stopped them both. "It seems it will have to be both of you sharing my bed, then," he declared with a grin. "That's okay. I'll suffer so you two don't have to. See how considerate a father I am?"

Ruth grinned and threw a bun at Datt.

"Ruth!" Annie gasped, then shocked, she watched Datt throw one back at Ruth. She'd never . . .

Screams of laughter erupted in the Wingard household, a food fight ensued, bread buns flying, something that had never occurred in over one hundred years. Tears of laughter were spilled, crumbs littering the floor.

That night, two daughters didn't bother to put on nightgowns, simply made a dash from their bedrooms and piled into Jacob's bed huddling under the thick quilt, giggling, cuddling, arguing over whose turn it was. Jacob grinned and let them argue, playfully groping his naked daughters.

By the time his hands slipped between their legs to cup small, sexy pussies, fingertips finding little buttons, the arguments faded away. Two girls cuddled, Ruth small, sexy and loving, Annie excited and energetic.

Jacob noted with amusement their personality reversal when in bed. Ruth, the impish bundle of energy during the day, calmed and cuddled, sought out tender love; Annie, the demure and lady-like adolescent girl during the day, came alive, mischievous, enthusiastic, exploring, demanding and fiery. He liked both equally. Quite a lot, actually.

"All right, girls," he announced, caressing their pussies, his erection strong and tenting the quilt, "Last night Ruth experienced something new, as did I. So tonight, it's Annie's turn."

Jacob turned to Annie, "I believe you whispered something to me this morning?"

As Annie smiled, Jacob heard Ruth mutter, "That's not fair, Datt, I get nothing."

Jacob smiled and explained what he had in mind, a grin growing on Ruth's face, Annie's eyes opening wide.

Rolling onto his back, Jacob pulled Annie to him, bringing her face close, kissing her soft lips. Her small firm breasts pressed against him, his hand holding a small sexy buttock.

Annie's mouth opened, her tongue emerging and, with a sigh of breath, melted into Datt's kiss, pressing and rubbing her pussy against his thigh. She reached down and curled her hand over Datt's erection, excitement stirring immediately, nipples hardening, nice pulses in her pussy. Good Datt.

Jacob let his fingertips push into the valley between Annie's seductively rounded buttocks, thrilled with how they hugged his fingers, such a firm bottom, so young. With Annie's kiss arousing him, and her gentle hold on his erection starting a fire inside him, he slid his fingers down, probing, shuddering when they glanced across her tiny rosebud. He paused there to rub it gently before seeking lower, fingertips crossing her perineum to reach warm silky moisture, delicate labia, slippery, so sexy.

He slid a finger between her lips, touched the entrance to her vagina, collected her wetness, still amazed he was feeling his daughter aroused, and drew it up to rub on her anus, pressing slightly. Annie moaned into his mouth, her hand gripped his erection harder, and she pushed her bottom back, her anus squeezing over his fingertip.

The kiss broke suddenly, Annie gasping, "Datt," when he penetrated her bum to his fingernail. She started stroking his erection, suddenly on fire, suddenly all action, her body wiggling, pushing back, pulling, slipping his fingertip in and out, her clitoris rubbing on his thigh.

Annie's writhing, her moans, the feel of his finger slipping into her bum, and the urgency she was stroking his painful erection with, brought Jacob's desire storming in. "Now, Annie," he whispered headedly.

Annie's eyes opened, nostrils flaring as she breathed hard, nipples taught, aching, needing, she rose and straddled Datt, reaching behind her to grip and squeeze his penis, grinning at the flash of agony passing over his face. She shuddered when Datt reached up and started caressing her aching breasts and lightly pinched her stiff nipples. She started moving her bottom, sliding the tip of his erection between her spread buttocks, laying down a slippery track.

Jacob let her petite breasts go, reached for her slender waist, his eyes watching how her pussy seemed to pout out as it pressed to his stomach. Shudders were shaking him; Annie scraping his crown against her bum. He pulled her waist. "Up, Annie."

He watched with feverish eyes as Annie rose to her knees, pussy so large, so plump, labia parted, silky pubic hair promising fertility. He saw her labia pooch out as she dragged the tip of his erection through her cleft, groaning at the erotic sight and slick silkiness of her arousal. She was gorgeous, slender, willowy, petite breasts, flushed dark pink areolae, eyes closed concentrating on the feel of her Datt's erection stimulating her clit.

Her stiff nipples were beautiful, her skin silky soft in his hands. Jacob groaned again when Annie pushed his erection back and felt her nestle the tip to her anus, a tightly closed depression. He could feel his crown swelling with his pounding blood and, as Annie started adding pressure, exquisitely slowly, he felt her anus opening, felt her pushing hard. "Relax," he managed to gasp. Annie's eyes opened briefly, looked at him, hot, aroused, and closed slowly as her anus oozed open, squeezing the blood from his crown, pushing down, pushing.

The suddenness surprised her. Suddenly pressure eased when his crown popped into her bum, stretching her inside. Datt was in! She had Datt's penis in her bum! "Datt," she breathed, "So big." She felt her nipples aching and painful. Quickly she started pinching them, beautiful pain, beautiful pain. Annie groaned and squeezed her small breasts hard, pain, sweet pain. Urges and need stormed into her uncontrollably, need Datt, need Datt. She shoved down, his erection stretched her, filled her, buried so deep. "Oh, Datt," Annie moaned, body trembling. Need more, deeper Datt.

Quickly she grabbed her pussy, bum full, bum stretched. Her finger found her aching clit, strummed, so full, Datt. When she tried to rise and shove down again, desperately needing to feel Datt's erection rub inside, needing to feel the arousing twinge of pain she liked so much, she couldn't move! Datt stopping her! Why? Why?

Jacob was in awe at Annie's passion, in awe at how her whole body was trembling. He felt her need, could feel her control slipping. It was incredible, painful and intensely exciting. But he had Ruth next to him. "Annie, wait," he urged, holding her slender waist until her eyes opened and fiery passion eased. "Just hold on, sweetheart."

"Your turn," he said softly to Ruth, watching her scramble up grinning in anticipation.

"Annie, slowly okay? It will be much, much better," he advised, knowing if she wasn't slow he'd climax soon. Annie's rectum was hot, gripping his erection, throbbing and pulsing on him.

Ruth swung her knee over Datt, her small pussy flowering open, hairless cleft spreading, pink, glistening. Jacob let Annie's hips go and held Ruth's sweet little buttocks in his palms, pulling her up until she straddled his face. Ruth bent over his head supporting herself on her straight arms, head bent, two light grey eyes peering down at him, a sexy grin on her face.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yuh-huh!" She nodded fiercely, excited to see what it would feel like to be licked. Imagine, licked!

When Datt released her waist, Annie drew herself off his thick erection, feeling him sliding inside her bum, she reversed and shoved down, seeking pleasure, seeking the glorious twinge of pain. But all she felt was full. With one hand on Datt's tummy, she tried tweaking her nipple, rose, shoved down, full, so full, nice but no twinge. Dissatisfied, she slowly rose up, completely lifting herself off Datt's erection. Reaching down, she grabbed the thick shaft, swiped the tip through her cleft, good, good. Her clit tingled, pulses of pleasure. Quickly Annie lodged Datt's erection at her pussy, pushed, felt herself stretch, stretch, a twinge of pain, yesss, so good. Suddenly her pussy slipped over his crown. With a relieved sigh, she shoved down impaling herself on Datt's stiff penis, full, stuffed, and, as her buttocks slapped down on his groin, glorious pain, glorious pain, his erection slamming into her cervix.

"Datt!" she cried out, rising, impaling herself, clitoris scraping on his shaft. Pain blossomed again, beautiful, beautiful. She squeezed her breasts, nipples pinched between her fingers, fucking Datt, fucking Datt, so good, Uh, Uh, harder, climax awakening. The next shove, with Datt's crown thumping at her womb, beautiful pain blossoming, was too much. Thighs gripped Datt, vagina cramped, stomach cramped, pleasure tore through her as she threw her head back and cried out, gripping her breasts. Oh God, Datt, cumming!

Ruth gasped when she felt Datt's tongue press against her clit, body trembling, tiny nipples beaded hard. She whimpered when his rough tongue probed into her vagina, sighed when it withdrew, body trembling, arms shaking. A pulse of pleasure tore through her; Datt sucking her button, amazing, amazing! Close, I'm close Datt. When she felt his finger slip into her pussy, felt him suck hard, her climax exploded, stars burst. Ruth grunted and went as rigid as a board, stopped breathing, dying, dying. Her climax slammed into her. She cried out her bliss, her body suddenly jerking, moisture flooding out, cumming, hurts, hurts, cumming so hard Datt!

Jacob was lost, sensations bombarding him; Annie slamming herself on his rigid erection, Ruth freezing, her body cramping. He heard her cry out, his mouth suddenly flooded with her sweet nectar. As he tried to swallow, Ruth went wild, rubbing her pussy on his face, spurting and climaxing, incredible, it was incredible. Then she collapsed over his face, her heaving tummy smothering him. He managed to turn his face to the side just as Annie cried out, her vagina cramping on his erection. With a roar, Jacob came, shoving his erection up into Annie. It swelled painfully, and semen exploded, charging up to blast into her. He gasped, thrust and pleasure blossomed, semen jetting out, cumming hard. Reaching down, he grabbed Annie's small hips, surged up, exploded, exploded, exploded, God cumming so hard, cumming Honey, cumming.

Chapter 12

The community delegate arrived just before supper on the following Sunday. Deacon Hershberger stood at the door when Jacob answered the knock. He'd seen Samuel's buggy arriving, heard the iron-clad wheels crunching over the rutted drive. The hitched horse stood quietly, head moving up and down, nostrils flaring, twin plumes of mist forming in the cool late autumn air.

"Jacob," Samuel Hershberger said with kindness in his face, "You were missed at Service and we were worried. Are you well?"

Jacob smiled. "Yes. Thank you, Deacon. Please, come in."

Jacob ushered him into the living room, offered him some tea which was accepted with gratitude. Annie brought them both tea and slipped back into the kitchen.

"What does he want?" Ruth asked her in a whisper.

"I don't know, Ruth. Datt will tell us."

In the living room, Jacob talked quietly with Deacon Hershberger. For over two hours they conversed, Jacob patiently explaining why he could no longer attend Service, how his belief in God and the Book was still strong, in fact so strong he could no longer accept the rigid interpretations made by many of the older Bishops and Deacons. Jacob explained gently, in a quiet voice, how he could not accept that God would consider women as anything less than equals in life and his anger that children's happiness was against propriety according to some. He went on to list and discuss the unusual interpretations of the Book he'd been unable to confirm from studying it. He talked openly, keeping only one thing private; his intimate relationship with Annie and Ruth.

Jacob patiently explained how he planned to worship in his home, no longer able to listen to the narrow, repressive views expressed on Sundays. He apologized to Samuel, insisting it wasn't Samuel's Services that he found lacking.

Deacon Hershberger left, tipping his hat at Ruth and Annie with a gentle, friendly smile, shaking Jacob's hand, his eyes showing concern and understanding. "Be well, Jacob," he said in parting.

Word spread quickly in the community; quiet Jacob, religious Jacob with his two daughters couldn't accept that women were not equal. Some in the community frowned and chastised, muttering about shunning him. But others, both younger married couples and older couples felt he was right, that too many of the Deacons and Bishops railed against anything that might erode their supremacy in the home. They stuck too dogmatically to their own narrow interpretations of the Book, interpretations that were too dark and stern.

The first awareness of the chasm developing in the community happened the following Sunday.

Annie and Ruth were in the kitchen preparing a modest mid-day meal to be eaten after their own private Service, one Datt would lead. They liked his services, full of thought, challenging them to think and interpret, sprinkled with amusing anecdotes, and fascinating stories. It felt like a celebration of God, not like it used to be; like penance or homework.

Annie's mind had wandered as she peeled potatoes, thinking back over the last two weeks. Sex with Datt was addictive and she loved it best when it was energetic. She giggled to herself. She really was a hussy, she thought. Yesterday her period started. It had shocked her. She'd completely forgotten she was fertile, having started menstruating irregularly nine months ago. But, imagine having Datt's baby? The thought made her horny. There was an idea floating through her mind, an idea that had been there on and off for two weeks.

"Ruth," she said turning, "I need to go ask Datt something. Can you finish the potatoes for me?"

"Ask him what?"

"Just something. Can you?"


Annie left the kitchen, looking for Datt. She checked the workshop, passed through the milking barn that carried a heavy smell of cows and traipsed across the short grass to climb the ramp leading to the old hay barn, one door partially open. She found him inside, pitchfork in hand.

"Datt," she called out, walking up to him as he paused while pulling a bale of hay down for the cows.

"What's up, Annie?"

"I had a question."

"And?" Jacob smiled, leaning on the pitchfork, waiting. He admired Annie as she stood in apparent indecision. It was hard for him to believe he's actually had intercourse with her. She was such a beautiful girl, her adolescence pulling at him like heroine to an addict; a deep need. He still couldn't believe how incredibly arousing, how erotic and exciting it was to have sex with his daughters. Quietly, he thanked God again for such an amazing gift. Eventually, when Annie didn't continue, he added, "Annie, you have to ask it before I can answer it. Otherwise, I'll just say no."

Suddenly Annie felt shy. "Um . . . Remember when you use your mouth on Ruth's . . . uh . . . you know."

Jacob grinned. Did Annie want oral sex? "Of course I remember, Honey. Why? Did you want to try it?" He loved the tiny hint of pink in her cheeks. It amazed him she could be so demure during the day and so free and abandoned at night when they had sex; a very sexy and attractive quality, he thought.

"Oh. No. I mean yes. But not now. I can't. I'm . . . it's that time of the month," Annie stuttered.

Jacob froze. Annie was having periods? Annie was fertile? Good Lord! She could have become pregnant! "Annie, no more sex until I can get you birth control," he immediately stated, his heart beating. Annie could have gotten pregnant! That wouldn't do.

"Datt, I want a child. It's okay," she stated, frowning slightly.

Jacob knelt in front of her, waited for her to look directly at him. "Annie," he started with a conviction in his voice she hadn't heard before, "I've told you, you are going to get a university education and nothing, nothing, will come in the way of it. Understand?"

"But . . ."

"Nothing, Annie," Jacob interjected firmly.

"Fine. Okay. But that wasn't what I was going to ask," Annie grumped, sighing when Datt wrapped her in his arms. His hugs always felt so good.

Rising, Jacob asked her what she wanted. He couldn't remember where the conversation had started.

"Using your mouth . . ."

"Oh yes. So is that what you want to try?" he asked, grinning, "Now? When you're . . ."

"Datt! Stop! Let me finish. I wondered if it felt that good to Ruth, you know, to have you . . . you know. Well, would it feel as good if . . . um . . . well, if it was . . . um . . . uh . . ." Annie took a deep breath, feeling slightly flushed and surprised it was so hard to ask Datt with him standing and grinning at her. "I mean, do guys like it too? You know, for girls to . . ." she nodded at his crotch, blew out a breath. Man this was hard.

Jacob could feel an erection forming. His little girl was asking if he'd like oral sex? And that slight flush was so, so beautiful on her face. He grinned. "Annie? Yes, guys like it a lot for girls to . . . you know," he said, eyes twinkling.

Annie grinned. "So, would you like me to . . ." she nodded at the erection forming in his denims.

Annie had realized she still hadn't felt Datt spurting, ejaculating. Her climaxes were so strong she never felt more than Datt swelling inside her and the after effects, hot wetness inside, his semen leaking from her. She also found she didn't care for anal sex; not that she disliked it, but it didn't give her those incredibly arousing sparks of delicious pain that she liked so much. If Datt wanted to take her in her bum, she would let him, anything for him, but it wasn't her preferred way.

That made her think of, maybe, using her mouth on his erection. If it felt good to Ruth, surely it would feel good to Datt, and she'd be able to feel him cum, too. She wondered what he tasted like.

Jacob had a full on erection. Annie? Asking if he'd like her to give him oral sex?

"Okay, Annie," he agreed enthusiastically. "Tonight, right after . . ."

"Datt," Annie interrupted, "I meant here. Right now. It would be sort of fun, don't you think?"


"Yeah. Ruth's finishing the meal. There's no one around. What do you think?"

Jacob stared at dark grey eyes sparkling with mischief and excitement, two eyes framed by a beautiful face smiling at him. He saw her smile form into a grin when she noticed his erection flex inside his pants.

"Is that a yes?"

"Uh . . ."

Jacob groaned when Annie caressed the outline of his erection, felt it throb.

Annie grinned. Suddenly she felt like teasing Datt. It was such fun to watch his eyes widen, to shock him. With a light, delicate touch, she traced his erection, giggling at how he seemed frozen to the spot. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, head tilted slightly, she asked, "Should I swallow it, Datt? Is that what you'd like? I want to make it good. What does it taste like?" adding as she traced his erection, "It's big. Will it fit in my mouth, Datt?"

Glancing down at his crotch, she added softly, "I'll have to open my mouth wide, I think. But if I try hard . . . Do you suck it too?"

Jason felt lost, his erection pulsing, Annie so seductive! She seemed so chaste, young, and innocent standing in front of him, eyes shining. Yet every word coming out of her mouth was driving his arousal higher. She was a seductive little witch, and she knew exactly what she was doing to him. It was thrilling!

Annie let her fingertips follow his fly up, touching the button on his denims, glancing up. "So, um . . . Would it please my Datt?" She popped the button, felt her nipples pucker with excitement. "Do you have time?"

Annie let her fingers work the buttons of his fly, grinning at how his erection was moving inside his pants. "I thought, since it's given me such pleasure, I should thank it, may be with a kiss. Would that be a good thing to do, Datt?"

She unbuttoned the last one, her hands moving to his waist. Gently she worked his denims down, letting them fall to his ankles, grinning at how his penis tented his underwear. Reaching for the waistband, she pulled it out from his tummy and over his erection; big, thick, crown swollen, red, inflamed.

"Does it have a name?" she asked as she curled her hands around the shaft, giggling at how it jerked. "I like Bob. I think I'll call him Bob. He bobs." A bead of clear liquid appeared. She bent and kissed the tip, thrilled with Datt's groan.

Jacob's body was trembling, his knees weak. He'd never seen anything so arousing; his thirteen year old daughter fondling his erection, standing in the middle of the barn, penis aching. When her soft lips kissed the tip he felt lightheaded, his world narrowing to her sexy, small mouth, luscious red lips. He couldn't believe the heaviness he already felt, the precursor to his climax.

A deep, deep groan slipped out when Annie lifted the shaft and licked the underside from base to tip like a lollipop, his hand reaching out to rest on her slender shoulder, knees weak. "Annie," he whispered as she kissed the crown again, her lips glistening with precum. He watched her tongue emerge, lick her sexy lips, taste his precum; so erotic.

"Doesn't taste like anything," Annie declared, looking up with a smile before bending, her lips pressing against the crown again, two hands wrapping around his shaft, warm hands, gentle hands, small hands that couldn't completely encompass his girth.

Jacob felt her grip on his erection tighten and, with his blood pounding loudly in his ears, stared at the way her lips started opening, slipping oh so slowly over the flared tip. He was frozen, penis aching, as Annie slowly opened her mouth wide and squeezed his crown in. He shuddered in excitement when her tongue slid over the tip, groaned when the ridge slipped in.

She pulled off, the suction of her mouth making a plopping sound that echoed in the large barn. "Should I suck?" she asked with fascination. "Or move my mouth? What feels better, Datt?"

"Uh . . ."

"Lemme try both. You tell me which feels better," Annie said seemingly serious, this time slipping his erection back into her mouth quickly.

Jacob inhaled sharply when Annie sucked hard, her cheeks indenting. He felt the suction ease and suddenly, with her hands stroking his shaft, she started moving her mouth on his erection, the flared ridge oozing out between her lips before she slipped it back in, the tip nudging deep. One hand left his shaft and cupped his testicles. Too much; the sight and feel of his thirteen year old giving him a blow job was too much. Jacob tried to warn his daughter, his hand resting on her head. But, when beautiful dark grey eyes looked up at him through thick eyelashes, glinting with pleasure and satisfaction, sexy small lips stretched, small hand gripping, stroking, and the sight of his thick erection shoved into her small open mouth, it was enough; too much stimulation.

Jacob felt his stomach muscles tense, felt his erection swell massively, "Annie," he gasped trying to pull her head off. She stroked his shaft once, sucked hard, her cheeks indenting, sexy dark grey eyes looking up, and Jacob felt the release like a bomb exploding.

He heard himself moan, a deep heartfelt moan. The dam burst. Annie pulled her mouth partially off and sealed her sexy lips around the tip just as semen charged up his shaft. Jacob jerked from the agony, semen exploding into his little girl's mouth. His vision narrowed when he saw her swallow, Oh God, his daughter swallowing his semen! He heaved again, a larger load of surging up to burst with exquisite pleasure into her mouth, her cheeks puffing out. She swallowed, a small white drop leaking from the corner of her mouth. He couldn't help it, his reaction instinctual, so sexy, so sexy. Holding her head, his whole body jerked in a spasm of pleasure, erection thrust into her mouth, semen exploding wildly, bliss tearing through him.

Annie's cheeks puffed out again, mouth full with his crown. She choked, semen spurting from her lips.

"Annie!" he gasped, trying to pull away, unable to, her hands gripping his spurting erection, cumming hard, hard.

Another convulsion stormed in, semen exploding, God cumming in Annie's mouth! He cried out, dizzy, dizzy, erection swelling painfully, exploding, sweet release, sweet bliss, semen blasting hard, cheeks bulging, Annie swallowing, her eyes closing, cum leaking. In the full grip of a massive orgasm, Jacob hunched, his body shaking as he came, holding his daughters head, shooting semen, cumming hard, spurting, ecstasy, ecstasy, sweet ecstasy.

In the kitchen, Ruth looked up from the sink as she washed used pots. She saw two buggies rolling up the lane towards the farm, horses braided manes shaking as they trotted, twin spouts of breath misting the air. She recognized the buggies; the King's and Beiler's. Idly she wondered what they were doing. Shouldn't they be over at Sunday service? It was very unusual for two buggies to appear, especially on a Sunday late morning.

As the buggies neared, slowing and turning into the rutted drive, Ruth dried her hands, wondering where Annie had disappeared to. Her hands automatically checked her kerchief and brushed her dress as she went to the door. Stepping out, she smiled. She liked both families; the King's were a large family with four children and two elderly grandparents; the Beiler's with an older daughter still living with them and a kindly grandmother who baked the most incredible rhubarb pies.

Samuel King stepped from the buggy, his family peering out from inside. "Ruth, good morning," he said with a smile, "I hope you are well."

"I am. Thank you, Mr. King," she answered automatically, noticing Mr. Beiler appear, both horses still creating large vapor trails as they panted from the exertion of trotting.

"Would it be possible to see your father?" Samuel King asked, with a friendly smile.

"He's on the farm somewhere. Would you like to bring everyone inside? I'll go get him," Ruth asked politely, an ingrained response.

"No. Thank you. We don't want to intrude."

"Please. It's cold."

With both families shown to the living room, Ruth ran off, checking the workshop before finding Annie and Datt in the old hay barn. As she rounded the corner and entered, she noticed Datt fiddling with the button of his denims, his face flushed, Annie laughing lightly.

"Datt, it tasted . . ." Annie stopped when she saw Ruth and blushed deep red.

Immediately Ruth was suspicious. Datt slightly flushed? Annie blushing? Datt fiddling with the button on his pants? "What have you two been doing?" she demanded, her curiosity aroused.

"Nothing, Ruth," Jacob said, still slightly red.

"You've been doing something. Look how red Annie's face is. What?" Ruth demanded to know.

Jacob chuckled. "We'll tell you later. What's up?"

"The King and Beiler families are here to see you. I took them to the living room."

"Oh. Alright."

Jacob hustled off and Ruth grabbed Annie's arm as she tried to follow. "What was going on?" she asked.

Annie blushed furiously, giggled and started whispering, Ruth's eyes growing big. She felt a twinge of arousal as Annie described giving Datt oral sex, her mind flooded with questions. "What did it taste like? How did it feel when he spurted in your mouth? Do you think he'd let me try? Tonight?" she asked in a flurry of excitement.

"Samuel," Jacob said holding out his hand. "Abram," he nodded to Mr. Beiler. "What can I do for you? Shouldn't you be at Service?"

Samuel spoke first. "Jacob, we were wondering if we might join you for Service. We've heard about your dissatisfaction with what is being preached, and, well . . ." Samuel nodded towards Abram, "we agree with you. But, more importantly, so do our families."

Jacob listened to them discuss their disillusionment, heard from their wives, some of the children and grandparents. Smiling, he welcomed them into his house, agreeing to let them worship with him, Annie and Ruth.

Over the following months, as families talked at social gatherings or while visiting, more and more families joined the small group for Service, celebrating the glory of God, discussing the Book, challenging each other. Women sat in the same room as the men, actively participated in the discussions, and still willingly made the Sunday meals.

A surprising thing happened. Tradition was not turned upside down, women didn't seek liberation, and children didn't become unruly. It was as if the simple act of open discussion, of treating all as equals, made family members comfortable with their role in family life. There was a lot of laughter by the women as they imagined men trying to cook, or sew. There was plenty of encouragement from the men, accompanied with cheeky smiles and grins, as they encouraged the women to milk cows, plow the fields, build furniture, repair farm equipment, and any other strenuous work they could think of. But above all, there was satisfaction with simply being heard.

Over the months Ruth and Annie gradually adopted a code without telling Datt. While they both loved everything they were doing in bed, and out of bed, they both agreed that it would be nice to have some alone time with him, too. Thus, the code evolved; each could tell the other they wanted some alone time and the other wouldn't ever complain. They agreed it wasn't a rotation or sharing arrangement as long as neither hogged Datt's attention.

Surprisingly it worked. Ruth preferred cuddling, hugging, soft and sensual love, Datt holding her close, mostly at night but sometimes during the day. In spring, Ruth discovered the joy of taking Datt his lunch out in the fields, picnicking in the warm sun, and getting frisky. She loved flipping up the back of her dress to show him what she wasn't wearing and cuddling on the blanket after. Sometimes she liked being on all fours, Datt behind, thrusting deep. Sometimes she liked feeling his sensuous weight on top of her, and once, she'd sat on his lap on the tractor, facing him, lifting her dress and pulling out his erection, sinking down, full, stretched, his tip tickling her cervix. Then they'd let the motion of the tractor take over, Datt hugging her tight. It had been an intense climax.

Annie became adventurous, enjoying distracting Datt from work for a quickie, exploring new positions, teasing and titillating. But, while Ruth liked gentle sex, Annie loved the twinge of arousing pain, just a twinge; a slap on her bum, a nipple tweaked and, most of all, Datt thrusting in so deep he'd hit her cervix. She liked driving Datt so nuts he'd grab her and throw her over a bale of hay, yank her dress up, tug her undies down and take her hard. She liked shoving him onto his back and fishing inside his pants, teasing and kissing his erection, sucking lightly, stroking, and driving him into a frenzy of lust, giggling when he'd call her a hussy, tear her undies off and take her hard, shoving deep, delicious pain blossoming.

Their family relationship remained hidden. To all outward appearances they were a normal Amish family. But Annie cut her hair to just below shoulder-length, invisible when wearing caps in public. She took to leaving her head uncovered during the day, much to Jacob's delight. He loved holding Annie, bending her face up to him and kissing her soft lips while running his hand through her thick dark hair.

But, over the next four years, despite both daughters sleeping in his bed, Jacob knew things would have to change. He had plans. He wanted his girls to go to University; it was one of the very few demands he made. Annie was not pleased, having ideas of her own.

However, as things have a tendency to do, life sorted itself out, just not quite the way Jacob planned.


With Annie bent over the side of their bed, Jacob reached under her and held her lower stomach, pulling her compact bottom back against him, his erection sliding in and out of Annie's moist snug pussy, her sexy buttocks slapping loudly against his groin. In his hand he could feel the small but hard bulge of her pregnancy, four months along; an unidentified boyfriend they'd told everyone. Her small breasts had swollen up, still firm and upright, still petite, but now heftier, fuller, incredibly exciting. Her sexy rear curved so erotically as she bent over the bed, the mid-afternoon sun letting him enjoy every detail, her shoulder-length dark hair shaking as he fucked her from behind, face turned to the side. Leaning down, Jacob kissed her cheek, thrust deep, her body shoved up, rocking from his firm thrusts.

"I love you, Annie," he whispered in her ear. He saw her smile, his heart skipping. He thrust harder, long exquisite strokes, penetrating deep, trying to hit her cervix, something that made her climax so ferociously. Knowing he'd given her a child, that his daughter was pregnant, made it so much more exciting, he thought. It was the bargain he'd agreed to, been forced into by Annie.

"Datt, either you give me a child or I will not go to university," she'd demanded, knowing full well how important he thought education was. For some reason he hadn't resisted that much, the idea exciting him; another child, a gift from his daughter, how beautiful.

At eighteen, she would give birth before the freshman year started. She was going to attend part time, with Ruth and him looking after the baby. Ruth, now thirteen, was finishing her Amish schooling. Like Annie, Ruth would now be home schooled until she was old enough to go to university. Jacob had no doubt she'd be accepted, either. Ruth had a remarkable intellect.

"Datt, can you hold my breasts, please. They ache," Annie panted, lifting herself up onto straight arms. Jacob bent forward, slipping his hands underneath her still slender body, gently holding Annie's swollen breasts, now perfect handfuls, firm with hard nipples, sexily hefty. He caressed the sides, scraped his thumb across her turgid nipples, enjoying her shudder and moan. He loved how her areolae had darkened from the light pink they'd been before pregnancy to a richer chocolate color. Thrusting deeply, withdrawing almost completely, he slowly fucked Annie, loving the sight and feel of her compact young buttocks bouncing against his groin.

Feeling the familiar tingle of climax, he pinched her nipples. Annie groaned and shoved back, his erection banging into her cervix.

Annie's movements became more urgent, now hunching back against him, fucking hard, small grunts filling the air, sparks of sexy pain. "Datt," she gasped, "Now, cum now!"

Straightening, Jacob held her slim waist, tugging her ass back, thrusting, erection swelling. Annie's sudden cries of joy, her buttocks clenching, beautiful body twitching, and her stunningly arousing climax, brought on Jacob's.

"Annie, my love," he gasped, shoving deep, freezing, pressure, pressure. His climax exploded, body shaking with pleasure as semen spurted into Annie's tight pussy. Drawing back partially, Jacob thrust deep, hard, erection swelling, semen spurting hard, hard, groaning loudly as he felt exquisite bliss flood him. His orgasm took control. With short urgent thrusts, he fucked into her, ejaculated, semen exploding into his daughter, thrust, spurted, thrust, spurted again, his stomach muscles cramping as he chased bliss, thrusting and spurting semen all the way to the end, collapsing over Annie's body, drained, exhausted. "Beautiful, Annie," he whispered into her ear, gently pulling her perspiration-dampened hair away from her face, his heart skipping at the intensity of her smile.

"Don't forget to pick Ruth up from school, Datt," Annie whispered, sighing with pleasure and giving Datt's wilting erection a loving squeeze.



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