MF, Fg11, Mg11, inc, moth/daug, uncle/niece, cons, oral, anal

When a brother-in-law helps his sister-in-law and niece recover from loss, attraction develops. Family secrets are revealed. Truths emerge. And, as intimacy is explored, perceptions are forever changed.

Chapter One

As I stepped out of the apartment building and headed towards the parked Chevy Silverado, I pulled my cell phone out and dialed.

"Hey, Dana. It's me," I said when it was answered. "I'm heading out now. Can I pick up anything on the way over?"

"No thanks. We're good."

"Okay. See you in forty."

The pickup lights flashed when I pushed the fob. Two minutes later, I was on the road. I decided to stop for some dessert on the way. I had a hankering for ice cream sandwiches.

Saturday morning traffic was light. I hit the highway to cross the City of Angels and squinted into the eastern sun before lowering the sun visor and opening the window to let perfect spring air flow through the cabin. May was my favorite month. An all news channel played on the radio. I didn't listen. Instead, I let myself think about Dana and Liliya.

At some point over the last fifteen months, I'd started looking forward to my twice-weekly visits. They were no longer the duty of a brother-in-law trying to help Dana cope. They'd become the highlights of my week.

How come?

Dana was, perhaps, the strongest, most competent woman I knew. She'd handled Joe's sudden death better than I'd have expected. Neither of us could understand how Joe, a health nut, marathon runner, and daily jogger, could suffer a heart attack on his morning run. At thirty-six, five years older than me, he'd been in the prime of his life.

Joe was my polar opposite; my sensible older brother. He'd been staid and responsible, liked his jeans ironed, and had been absolutely dedicated to his wife and daughter. He'd been a great father and husband, too. It was easy to see in how he'd interact with them and how devastated Dana and Liliya had been at his death.

Maybe I should take some lessons from him. Unlike me, he'd settled, had a family, and worked as a staid corporate banker. Unlike me, he'd been prudent, living modestly, already saving for retirement, and covered by a generous life insurance policy. All my exact opposites. I could survive without an income for six months, then I'd be flat broke, I'd be evicted and the pickup would be repossessed.

Not a comfortable thought.

Maybe being a commercial artist hadn't been the best choice of careers. Contract work for ad agencies didn't generate a steady income and my oil and watercolor works weren't really selling. Still, I valued the peaceful life.

Ahead, the highway exit sign appeared. I drifted into the right lane and took it. Five minutes later, I parked at Safeway to buy dessert.

Back on the road, I drove through suburbia into progressively more modest homes; tightly packed faux Adobe homes with red tile roofs giving way to large bungalows and side-splits on bigger plots of land. The road started climbing. Schools and churches and a country club passed. Small strip malls and a gas station passed.

What was it like living out here with neat homes and tended gardens and groomed lawns and yard sales? This high up in Northridge, you could see a blanket of dirty smog hovering below over the Valley, and the hills rising south of the Ventura Highway.

A couple of jigs and I parked in front of Dana's house. Like some of her neighbors, it was a larger side-split house with cedar shingles, double garage, diamond-shaped paned windows, and double front door. Her blue Ford Taurus was parked in the drive next to Joe's dusty, tan-colored Chevrolet Caprice.

I knocked and entered.


"In the kitchen!"

When I entered the large, eat-in kitchen, Dana was at the sink washing breakfast dishes. She glanced at me and smiled in welcome.

"There's coffee brewed. Can I get you anything for breakfast?" she asked.

"Thanks. Coffee is more than enough. I'll get it."

With a steaming mug of black coffee in hand, I sat at the round kitchen table. Dana chatted away. I glanced at the front page of the Los Angeles Times lying on the tabletop. Nothing interesting. So I studied Dana; something I seemed to be doing a lot of in recent months.

Dressed in light green, narrow-leg Capri pants and a pale yellow short-sleeved blouse, she was elegant. My sister-in-law was a California blonde in the purest sense. A half-foot shorter than me, she was slender but not skinny, her blonde hair gathered at the nape of her neck and held by a black ribbon; her ponytail falling a few inches over her shoulders.

She rinsed another pot, placing it on the drainer, wiped her brow with her forearm, and set about wiping the white tiled counters, her movements swift and efficient, assured.

I'd always thought my brother did well by marrying her. Dana oozed elegance no matter what she wore. It was in how she carried herself, her body posture. It showed in how she dressed, careful even when casual. And the impression was reinforced by her features. Her face was classy; aquiline nose perfectly straight, a balanced mouth with lips neither too thin nor too lush, a defined jaw line, very blue eyes, and a long neck.

I drained the last of the coffee and stood. "Be right back."

Dana nodded, drying pots and putting them away.

Down the hall, past the staircase, the family room, and entrance to the garage, I hit the downstairs bathroom.

Liliya screamed when I opened the door, scaring the bejesus out of me. Her hand immediately covered her crotch, her arm across her chest, and I backed out, closing the door.


Embarrassed, I headed to the upstairs bathroom to relieve myself, my mind in turmoil.

When I returned to the kitchen, Dana brought a refilled mug of coffee over to the table and handed it to me before sitting. She had a mug of tea for herself.

"I just embarrassed Liliya."

Dana smiled. "I heard the scream. What was it?"

"The downstairs bathroom wasn't locked. She was getting out of the shower when I barged in."

Dana laughed lightly. "She's been using the downstairs bathroom. The upstairs shower broke a couple of days ago. I'm sure no harm was done." She sipped her tea.

"So," I said, trying to change the subject, "what are the plans for today?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Liliya running upstairs with a towel wrapped around her.

"Shopping this morning, then laze around this afternoon," Dana answered. She smiled at me. "I'm hoping you'll barbecue dinner for us tonight."

"Absolutely," I assured her. I love fire, and barbecuing is fun. "What did you have in mind? Burgers? Steaks?"

"Baby back ribs."

With a smile, I said, "Count me in!"

"Wonderful. I'll go hustle Liliya along and we can leave."

Alone, I sat at the table, my mind preoccupied. The sight of Liliya naked was indelibly stamped on my brain. She was a mini-Dana; longer straight blonde hair, same balanced face, except for her eyes. She had my brother's pale grey eyes.

Liliya, still a child, gregarious, outspoken, occasionally uncooperative, and endlessly charming, had shocked me. I wasn't surprised by her flat chest, her small pink areolae or tiny nipples. I wasn't surprised by her slender, almost shapeless body, either.


What shocked me was something completely unexpected. In that second of stunned immobility, I'd noticed downy-soft body hair beginning the transition to pubic hair on her pussy; distinctive little brown hairs - not even a dusting. It was a stunning reminder that Liliya was a girl, not just my niece; that she was about to blossom onto a young lady in the next few years.

Even more interesting was my reaction to her. I found that first hint of puberty extraordinarily beautiful.


I'd never really thought about it. With no sisters, I hadn't been exposed to female puberty. By the time I'd hit adolescence and developed an interest in the opposite sex, big boobs were my first attraction, quickly displaced by a love of asses.

It made me think. Exposure is the driver of likes and dislikes. Until we're aware of something, it has no place in our consciousness. Until you listen to Jazz, you don't know if it resonates in you. Or poetry. Or art. However, once you've experienced it, your perception changes for better or worse.

Mine had. Those newly forming pubic hairs were both fascinating and mesmerizing.

"She'll be right down," Dana said, walking into the kitchen. "We'll head out in a minute."

"Is she okay?" I asked.

Dana smiled. "She's embarrassed, but she'll get over it."

Liliya was embarrassed. When she appeared in tan cargo shorts and a simple tee, she looked at me and blushed, her greeting subdued. "Hi, Uncle Mitch."

"Hey, Liliya. Sorry about earlier."

Glancing away, she said, "S'okay. My fault."

Dana drove us to the shopping mall. I'd mistakenly assumed we'd be grocery shopping. Nope. Dana and Liliya took me clothes shopping.

It was a safari conducted at speed, then at a glacial pace. They'd rush from store to store, but slow and spend endless time in each store.

I liked it. I never understood why so many guys complained about females shopping. To me, it was entertaining. Physical communication between mother and daughter was almost greater than verbal. Liliya, with a flick of her hand, would dismiss a blouse as gaudy and Dana would laugh. Dana, holding up an item of clothing, would show her judgment by how she held it; two fingers expressed disapproval, a full hand expressing potential, drawing Liliya's attention. Holding the item up high indicated it was destined for the changing room. Looks would be exchanged and somehow, color preference was silently indicated. Psychic communication. It had to be a mother-daughter thing.

I liked waiting for the fashion show. Outside the changing room, laughter or giggles would float out followed by one or the other emerging. Their expression told me how to respond - a grin telling me they thought the item of clothing was silly, a soft smile and bright eyes letting me know they liked the new item - and, being no fool, I'd respond accordingly regardless of my preference.

I also liked watching two females enjoy themselves. It had been hard enough on Dana and Liliya over the last year. Seeing them happy was heartwarming.

We ate lunch at a mall restaurant. By then, I calculated they had a conversion rate of one percent; one item purchased for every hundred inspected. To them, it represented a successful shopping trip. When I shopped, my hit rate was more like thirty-three percent. More efficient. Manly.

By early afternoon, the three of us were swimming in their kidney-shaped pool. Spring sun was warm. A radio played the top one hundred current hits. Liliya had recovered from her embarrassment and was her usual playful self. Dana relaxed, smiling, chatting, and looking rather good in her simple bikini.

When we sat at the table on the flagstone patio with a glass of white wine, it reminded me how much I was enjoying myself. Somewhere along the way, since my brother's death, my visits, driven by concern for Dana and Liliya and a desire to help them cope, had changed. The truth hit me. I was doing this for myself. I enjoyed their company. I liked being with them.

Dana must have been reading my mind. As Liliya swam in the pool, she said, "Thank you."

Just that. No clarification. Yet I knew what she meant.

"It's helped me, too."

She smiled gently. "I've noticed. You've changed, Mitchell. You smile more." She studied me and added, "You need to put on weight. You've lost too much in your face."

"Ribs tonight. It's a start. I hope you have tons."

Dana laughed lightly. "Speaking of which, shouldn't you start them? We want them dry-rubbed and smoked."

Checking my watch - already three - I exclaimed, "Shoot!" and jumped up. In the kitchen, from memory, I started mixing the rub: brown sugar, dry mustard, cayenne, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder.

I found four full racks of ribs in the fridge, rinsed them and dried them, then rubbed the spices on them.

Back on the patio around the pool, I fired up the barbecue and soaked applewood and mesquite chips. Soon, fragrant smoke filled the air. Ribs on, I went to refill Dana's and my wine glasses.

Liliya yelled after me, "Can I have apple juice?"

I heard Dana admonish, "Please, Liliya."

Liliya's voice echoed after me, "Puleeze?"

It made me smile.

The afternoon passed in easy comfort. Liliya kept me entertained by showing me all her art projects, giving me a stream of commentary. She had talent. She also listened attentively when I suggested ways of depicting clouds or water, and immediately set about practicing.

Through it, Dana smiled gently, her love and pride of Liliya clear in her eyes. We both sipped wine, chatted, relaxed, the fragrant smoke slowly changing to the mouth-watering aroma of ribs.

As dusk arrived and the heat dissipated, we ate. The ribs were fantastic. Dana's coleslaw was cold and crisp. So was the wine.

By ten, everything had been cleared and cleaned. Liliya headed to bed after kissing my cheek goodnight, and Dana offered me a final glass of wine.

"No thanks. I've had too much as is."

She sat next to me on the couch in the family room and refilled my glass. "You've had too much to drive. You'll stay here tonight. We'll watch a movie."


She picked an oldie; Cape Fear with Robert Mitchum.

"Charles Williams wrote the book," I told her. "He wrote Dead Calm, too, and many more. Back in the fifties. I've read them all."

Dana smiled, kicked her sandals off and curled her legs up, turning towards me. "I'd like to read them. Sometimes, I feel like I was born out of time. I like the way women dressed back then, always well presented with beautiful dresses and materials."

"It would have suited you. You have the elegance to carry it off," I observed.

"Is that a way of telling me I'm aloof?"

I smiled. "Nope. Not in the least. You're confident, competent, and in control. You ooze class." Alcohol loosened my tongue. I added, "I envied Joe back when you got married. You class up anyone you're with."

Dana laughed gently. "You've never seen me on a Monday morning, or on my knees weeding the garden. Trust me, I'm not classy."

"Yes you are. It's in your genes."

Dana curled a stray lock of blonde hair behind her ear, her blue eyes studying me. "I hope you know how grateful Liliya and I are for all the time you've spent with us. But why have you? You must have better things to do."

I sipped wine. It was silky and dry with a light tail. "Let me count the ways. I get to scratch the itch for a family. I get home cooked meals. I get to let my hair down. I get out of the apartment. I'm entertained and fed alcohol. And I get to spend time with two people I like very much."

Dana smiled. "And you sacrifice a personal life to do it. Have you dated since Joe passed away?"

"No. Not by choice. It just hasn't been a priority."

Several minutes passed in silence. Robert Mitchum looked quite evil. Then Dana stood and left. She returned with a new bottle of wine, our third, and poured. I didn't need it but, what the hell, I wasn't driving.

Settling on the couch, her long legs curled up, Dana said, "It's the nights that are hardest. During the day I can keep myself busy, but not at night. It's hard to shut off my mind."

She continued, "In many ways, you're like your brother."

I laughed. "Hardly. Growing up, my room was a constant disaster. Joe kept his room so damned neat, if an army recruiter had seen it, he'd have salivated and conscripted Joe on the spot."

Dana laughed. "He was a neat freak. But he had a light-hearted side, too."

I grinned. "He must have developed that later in life. He never enjoyed the practical jokes I played on him. One time, I put a grass snake in his bed. Man, was he angry!"

"So that's why he was afraid of snakes!"

I nodded, chuckling. "And then there was the time I put Saran Wrap over the toilet bowl one night."

Dana laughed. Then she quieted. "Joe was a gentle soul. So are you. He was devoted to me and Liliya. I have a feeling you'll be devoted to your wife when you get married. Like Joe, you're considerate, observant, and care deeply. That's what I meant when I said you're like your brother."

Turning, I looked into her blue eyes. In them I saw something, although what I didn't know. She was a beautiful young woman, not yet thirty. She studied me.

It was a strange moment. Eyes searched for signs. Dana leaned a little closer and I reacted without thought, leaning in. Our lips touched. Electricity made my lips tingle.

Was it alcohol or an attraction that had built slowly?

The soft kiss ended and Dana blushed. It was the first time I'd seen her blush.

"Should we be doing this?" she asked softly.

I answered by leaning over and kissing her again, our lips pressing. Her cool hand touched my neck and pressure increased. Desire flowed through me, warmth arriving. I could smell her; a light floral scent mixed with a trace of lime.

My heart beat faster when the kiss ended. For just a moment I considered how wrong this was: how I was taking advantage of Dana, how I should have more sense. And then, Dana leaned in and kissed me.

This time, when our lips pressed against each others, Dana's eyes winked out. Her head tilted slightly and I felt the tip of her tongue taste me. With a silent moan, I closed my eyes and tasted her lips. Our tongues touched, flirted, teased, then slowed into a sensual, intimate caress.

An erection stirred. My heart raced. And aroused, I cupped her breast over her blouse.

The kiss ended and we parted. Dana's eyes opened. She smiled; very pretty indeed.

"What are we doing?" I asked.

"I don't know. But I like it," she responded, her hand caressing my cheek. Her eyes searched mine and must have seen the question in my mind. She added, "It's not because you're Joe's brother, Mitch. You're an attractive man. Very attractive."

Indecision froze me. Part of me wanted this, wanted Dana. Part of me felt guilt. The two battled.

Dana broke the impasse. She reached out and took the remote, turned the TV off, stood, and reached for my hand. With a gentle tug, I stood.

Lights were turned out. She led me by the hand and, like a lamb, I followed, admiring the shape of her behind inside those light green Capri pants, how it moved sensually. We ascended the stairs, my excitement building, and entered her bedroom.

Dana closed the door and moved into me, her arms slipping around my waist, her body pressing against me. I held her carefully. She felt so good.

An ensuite bathroom light provided the only illumination through the partially closed door. In the dim light, I studied her beautiful eyes, her pretty face, her sensual mouth. She fit me, her eyes level with my mouth. Dana smiled slightly and turned her face up. I kissed her, once again taken by her silken, warm lips.

Her hands caressed up my back. Tongues touched. I caressed her back feeling her bra strap and Dana pressed her slender body against me, pressing against the lump of my erection. Her tongue became frisky. Mouths opening, passion muted any shyness at first time intimacy.

With my eyes closed, I traced the shape of her back, the sweep of her spine, and the sensual swell of her ass, my excitement intensifying. Dana had a beautiful ass, shapely, firm. She pressed her crotch against the bulge in my pants and rubbed slightly.

Desire ramped up again. I ran my hand up over her hip and, as I brought it higher, she eased her body away from me slightly and I cupped her breast, full, sensual.

Her tongue probed into my mouth. I heard an almost silent moan and it excited me even more. The disorienting fury of desire blossomed, fueled by too much wine. Had this attraction for Dana always been there?

Wherever it came from, Dana excited me like no other woman.

I tugged the back of her blouse out of her Capri pants and reached under. Soft, warm skin greeted me. Caressing up, I felt her bra strap and shoulder blades.

Still kissing, I snorted in a breath when Dana's hand fondled the lump of my erection. Arousal urged me on. Bringing my hand around, I cupped her breast, her bra cup preventing me from feeling her. But I felt the sensual heft of her breast and the sexy shape. A perfect handful. Exciting!

Our kiss ended with panting breaths. Dana's blue eyes were shiny with arousal, so very pretty. Her lips looked flushed, swollen. Then her fingers played with my pants. The button popped open. She lowered the zipper, the sound loud in the silence of the night.

As her hand eased inside, my body trembled with pent up need. It had been so long. I felt her cool fingers slip through my pubes and groaned when she found my cock, her hand curling, gripping me, so fucking arousing!

To distract myself, I started unbuttoning her blouse, one button at a time, starting from the bottom and working my way up. With the blouse unbuttoned, I brushed it off her shoulders and looked down.

Dana's bra was simple, pastel lavender, the top swells of her breasts showing, skin creamy.

We kissed again. Reaching behind her, I opened the clasp. Still kissing, Dana let my erection go, eased back and shrugged her blouse and bra off, both falling to the floor. She pushed my pants down as I fumbled with the hook on her Capri pants. Still kissing, I pushed them down. Then we came together, skin to skin, my erection touching her then sliding to the side. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I reached behind and fondled her panties, then slipped my hands inside, exploring her buttocks, and groaning with pleasure - so sensually shaped, slightly cool, silky.

The kiss ended. I tried to speak and Dana put her finger on my lips.

She whispered, "Shhh," and led me to the bed.

Arousal thundered through me. I was so turned on. And as I slipped into her bed, I saw her breasts; absolutely gorgeous, beautifully shaped, full, firm. Dana paused before joining me, bent and pushed her matching pastel lavender panties down. I had a flash of trimmed ash brown pubes before she slipped under the sheet.

My heart was already hammering. For some reason, Dana being my sister-in-law added a unique thrill. She was so beautiful. How could I be envious of my dead brother? Yet I was!

Somewhere in my addled mind, I knew I should ask Dana if she was sure this was what she wanted, but the truth was, I wanted her and was afraid if I asked, we'd let common sense stop us.

Instead, as she slipped under the sheet, I reached for her, drawing her close to me. Face to face, her blue eyes studied me, flicking between my eyes as if she was seeking answers. I cupped her beautiful breast, full, ripe, with sexy mature weight, and it yielded to my caress. Her nipple responded under my thumb, firming up, and Dana smiled, sighed, and kissed me.

Words may not have been spoken, but communication was buzzing. Her hand reached down to hold me, and gave it a gentle squeeze of approval. Her lips were active. Her tongue wrestled with mine. Small, quiet breaths grew heavier, and she sucked my upper lip - an incredibly arousing act.

I reached down between us, touched her silken pubic bush, explored the sensual shape of her mons and, almost shivering with excitement, touched her between her legs.

Dana raised one leg over my thigh, giving me room, and I cupped her pussy, felt her cleft, explored the shape of her labia, and, with a curl of my fingertip, touched slippery moisture at its base. My fingertip slipped in easily, her vagina snug, so warm. Withdrawing, I found her clit and caressed.

Dana reacted. Her kiss became passionate, demanding, probing into my mouth, and below, she started stroking my cock and rubbing her thumb over the tip. Desire raged through me. I so wanted her.

As if reading my mind, Dana edged one knee under me, tugging me with her hand, and I rolled on top of her, her knees rising to cradle my hips.

Still holding my erection, she guided it, swiping the tip up and down her cleft, then urged me in, nestling the tip between her labia.

Excitement built to unbelievable levels. I was about to have sex with my sister-in-law! I was about to fuck Dana!

My cock was so damned hard. I pressed forward and heaven opened up. Her labia spread, her entrance dilated, and warm, velvet heat gripped my crown. Fuck it felt good!

Our kiss ended with Dana gasping quietly, and as I stroked into her, burying myself inside her, my cock gripped by molten heat, Dana spoke in a whisper.

"God, I've missed this."

She pressed her pussy up at me. Her feet hooked around my thighs, her hands gripping my ass, and we started fucking each other. Excitement hammered me. The feeling of my erection penetrating her snug pussy with each slow stroke made my body shake. And Dana's hands urged me on, pulling me deep with each thrust, fucking up at me, her sexy body curling. Small mewls of pleasure started; a sexy cat experiencing pleasure. Dana's eyes were closed, her nostrils flaring, and she fucked me, flits of frowns passing across her face.

I fucked her slowly, loving every moment of it. I loved the way she responded under me, the feel of her pussy - so snug - taking me deep, meeting my thrusts with a curl of her pelvis.

Reaching down, I held her sexy buttocks and fucked her harder. The disorientation of extreme desire hit me. My world narrowed to me and Dana, my cock thrusting into her pussy, her velvet grip, her exciting sounds of pleasure.

Perspiration formed. My cock swelled, now even harder, thicker, straining, and I fucked her faster. Dana responded with quiet grunts, her hands pulling my ass, her hips rising to meet me, my groin slapping against her clit.

Pressure built and built and built until it was almost painful, my cock straining, so fucking hard. I stroked into her, gripping her sexy ass, fucking her, fucking her, the promise of ecstasy blossoming.

Then Dana took me over the top. She gasped quietly, "Mitch," just as her pussy clenched, relaxed, and clenched again. I felt her climax on my cock. She let out a soft cry of pleasure, her body responding to her orgasm and I lost it. I couldn't hold it back.

With a deep groan of pleasure, I came, my erection swelling to the point of pain, straining, straining, and, God Almighty, ecstasy slammed into me! My cock ached and, with a hard thrust, I exploded, sweet release! Cum erupted inside her with a wave of pleasure and I tumbled into my orgasm, thrusting, spurting hard, exquisite bliss, thrusting, spurting, sweet release. Gasping, I thrust and exploded, thrust and exploded, each straining spurt almost painful. I came completely, riding the crest of utter bliss, fucking Dana, fucking Dana, cumming, God cumming!

Dana was the first to speak as we lay side by side, our heated bodies cooling, hearts calming.

"I'm sorry I took advantage of you," she said quietly. "I've missed intimacy so much." She searched for my hand and held it. "Please don't think I was using you as a surrogate, Mitch. I wanted you, not Joe."

I chuckled quietly. "It wouldn't have mattered, Dana. Whatever your reason, I wanted you. I hadn't realized how much until tonight."

I turned to look at her in the weak light filtering from the bathroom. Her face was slightly flushed. She smiled, her eyes so blue. Jesus, even naked she was a classy, beautiful lady!

"I have a feeling, if Joe's looking down on us, he's probably furious with me."

Dana smiled. "You really didn't know your brother, did you? Joe was the most liberal, open-minded man I've ever known."


She laughed lightly. "Just because he liked his life neat and organized doesn't mean he was. There were two sides to Joe; the serious mature man providing for his family, and the casual, fun-loving guy that liked adventure."

"Seriously?" I asked again.

Dana squeezed my hand. "Yes. Seriously. It's one of the reasons I loved him so much. There was a side to him he only showed Liliya and me; funny, at ease, laughing, playful." After a brief pause, she added, "He was intensely protective of his private life. I never understood where it came from, but that's how he was."

She let my hand go. "I'll be right back." With that, she slipped out of bed and I watched her beautiful naked body as she walked to the bathroom.

Dana was endowed with a sensual body, slender yet mature, sexy curves, rather firm breasts. However, it was her ass that caught my attention. She was blessed with a stupendously sexy ass; that perfect pear-shape, sexy buttocks, creases at the bottoms, and a small gap at the top of her thighs. Her buttocks moved slowly in counterpoint, undulating, firm, her butt crack a thing of beauty.

Every man has his quirks and mine was asses, butts, rears, behinds. An avid ass lover, I admired rumps of all shapes and sizes. I'd never understood why. Why not breasts? Or feet? Or pussies? The plain fact is, I could be sexually drained and limp, and all I needed to do is massage a girl's buttocks, with or without panties on, and I'd be ready to go again.

I wondered if Dana liked ass massages?

The toilet flushed. Water ran in the sink. The bathroom light clicked out as Dana opened the door, casting the room in darkness. She slipped into bed and moved to my side. I welcomed her with my arms. Her scent hit me; floral with a hint of fresh lime and a delightful overtone of sex.

Chapter Two

Morning arrived rudely. The sound of Liliya yelling something woke me. Sun was streaming in though the window making me squint. A headache threatened.

Memories returned in a rush. The bed was empty, sheets messed. My clothes had been folded and draped over the end of the bed. The bedroom door was closed.

Guilt, like an unwelcome guest, arrived.

My mouth felt like it was growing fur. I needed coffee. I needed a shower.

I also needed to pee rather badly.

Rolling out of bed, I hit the bathroom and relieved myself. As I peed, I looked around. On the counter sat a folded bath towel with a brand new toothbrush on top.

I had to smile. She was a mind reader!

Showered and dressed, I headed downstairs. The enticing scent of coffee reached me along with Liliya chatting. I hesitated, still embarrassed by what we'd done. Oh well. Couldn't dial back time.

Liliya turned to look at me when I entered the kitchen, an empty bowl of cereal in front of her, the L.A. Times casually dropped on the table.

Before I could say a word, she grinned. "You slept here last night! In Mom's bed!"

"Liliya!" her mother exclaimed. "What did we just talk about?"

"Oh, yeah. I forgot," her daughter responded without a trace of guilt, still grinning at me. "Moooorning, Uncle Mitch. Did you sleep well?"

Her pale grey eyes twinkled with mischief.

Dana laughed and smiled at me, such a beautiful smile. Suddenly, I wasn't embarrassed. I grinned at Liliya and answered, "Like a baby."

Walking over to the kitchen side, I poured a mug of coffee, moved to Dana at the stove, and kissed her cheek. "Morning."

Dana blushed slightly and smiled. "Morning. Can I make you breakfast?"

"No thanks. Coffee's all I ever have in the morning." Then I whispered, "She knows?"

Dana nodded, her blush intensifying. "She caught me humming while I made toast and coffee."

I moved to the table, sat and turned the folded newspaper towards me, and sipped strong black coffee.

Liliya grinned at me again, then slipped off her chair. "I'm gonna watch TV, Mom."

Dana, with a mug of tea, sat down across from me. She smiled. "Can you stay today?"

I nodded. "I'll have to head home later. I have a job that needs finishing."

With her next comment, my life changed.

"Maybe, if you left now, you could get it done and come back and stay overnight."

"You'd want me to?"

Dana nodded. "Very much," she answered quietly. She watched me intently.

I'll never be able to explain what happened or how I truly felt at that moment. But something inside me relaxed. It was like I'd been carrying tension I never knew. It felt like relief, a weight on my shoulders slipping off and freeing me. And at the same time, tense excitement arrived, my senses alive.

Dana was so classically beautiful, so elegant no matter what she wore. The fact that she wanted me to come back tickled the male ego in me. My libido added its approval.

When I sipped coffee, I noticed my hand shaking slightly. "Would it be alright if I brought a change of clothes?" I asked.

Mysterious thoughts echoed through her enchanting blue eyes. She smiled slightly. "I'd like it more if you brought several changes of clothes."

My heart thumped. This was so fast, yet felt so right. I hesitated.

Dana must have noticed. "It's not sudden, Mitch. It's not a whim. You must have noticed how I feel about you over the last few months."

Actually, I hadn't. Now, thinking back, I could see her subtle flirtations, actions so understated I'd been oblivious to them.

"What about Liliya?"

Dana's smile broadened. "She's the one who's been cheerleading from the sidelines."


Dana laughed. "Absolutely. She loves you. The idea of you living here, being able to see you every day, thrills her."

Dana reached across the table and took my hand. "It thrills me, too."

I had to ask. Even though she'd answered me last night, I had to be sure. Too much was at stake. "Dana, are you sure it's me you want, not Joe?"

She laughed. "Mitch, sometimes I pity guys for being so clueless." Her smile passed. "I loved . . . No. I love Joe. He was a perfect husband, partner, and father. You're different. You're carefree, artistic, funny and spontaneous. You're also very attractive even if you don't see it. Yet, you have the same gentleness about you he had, and I find that very attractive, too."

She squeezed my hand. "To answer your question, I'm sure. We like each other and, based on last night, we suit each other."

The sights of Los Angeles passed without me noticing. I didn't pay attention to the buildup of traffic as I merged onto the 405 North. I didn't see the mix of commercial and residential buildings of Van Nuys.

My brain was still processing events. At home, I'd completed the assignment for Lister Advertising and emailed the large graphic file to them - a print ad for McCorbey's luxury lawn furniture. I might have made some mistakes, my mind was so preoccupied. They'd call me if I had.

Filling my mind was Dana. This morning she'd been wearing a simple, summery, yellow and white cotton dress. It was sleeveless, cinched at the waist, and falling to mid thigh; simple and fresh and elegant. Her hair was once again pulled back and collected at the nape of her neck. Without a trace of makeup, she still looked beautiful, refined, classy.

I shuffled in the driving seat as desire returned.

What was it about her?

I'd had several girlfriends, some of them lasting a good while. I'd been intimate with many of them and dated many more. I wasn't shy about my sex life. I wasn't shy about sex, either. To me, sex was supposed to be complex and ever-changing; sometimes slow and intimate and affectionate, at other times rambunctious and energetic and fun.

Sex was a part of a great relationship, not the basis of a relationship. I believed in monogamy. I believed in committing to one girl when you were seeing her. And I enjoyed every woman I'd been with.

Yet, Dana excited me on a whole new level.

I couldn't put my finger on why. There was something about her that teased with hidden secrets, as if there was so much more to her I'd yet to discover. That prospect, that journey of discovery, excited me.

The cell phone trilled, interrupting my musings.


"Hi. It's me. Are you on your way?" Dana asked.

"On the 405 as we speak. Are you checking up on me?"

Dana laughed. "No! We need a gallon of whole milk and, for some reason, we're out of wine. I was hoping you could stop on your way and pick them up."

"Okay. See you in twenty minutes."

The exit to 118 neared. I took it, passing Mission Hills. I'd stop at Safeway or Whole Foods. I wondered what Dana was cooking for dinner? She was a great chef.

Dialing, I placed a call. When she answered, I asked, "Red or white?"

She laughed. "Red, please."

"Okay. Still twenty minutes away."

Thirty-five minutes later - I'd spent too much time admiring the wine selection - I knew what she'd cooked as soon as I opened the front door. The aroma of roast beef swamped me making my mouth water. Damn, I loved beef!

Leaving the small overnight case in the hall, I carried milk and wine into the kitchen. Dana was at the stove, still wearing the yellow and white dress. She hadn't heard me. She was humming to a tune playing on a radio.

Then she noticed me and smiled, her blue eyes twinkling with pleasure. Warmth washed through me.

"Milk and wine," I said, holding both up.

It was the strangest thing. I walked over to the kitchen side of the room, put the milk in the fridge, then moved to her side and kissed her cheek. It was nothing. A simple act. Yet, it felt really, really good, comfortable and intimate.

"Should I open the wine?" I asked.

"Uncle Mitch!" Liliya exclaimed, walking into the room and waving a sketch book. "Look what I've done!"

She placed her drawings on the table. "I've been practicing drawing clouds. They're better, but I can't get them to look fluffy. How come?"

Dana passed me a cork screw. I walked over to Liliya, twisting the screw into the bottle, and took a look at her effort.

"You're not blending your colors right. Put some water on your finger and smudge the edges of grey and white."

"Kay. I'll try."

While she went to the sink for a glass of water, I studied her work. She had real talent. If it wasn't a calling for her, she'd have a hobby that was going to be with her all her life. Her Caran d'Ashe pencils were carefully kept in order of color, cared for with sharp points. They'd been my gift to her on her eleventh birthday; great for pencil sketches yet capable of changing with a touch of water.

The bottle popped when the cork came out. I returned to the kitchen island. The stovetop had pots cooking. A large extractor fan pulled steam away. Potatoes and . . . Brussels sprouts? Huh?

Dana passed two wine glasses across the counter. She noticed my expression and smiled.

"Relax. You'll like them."

I poured wine, a rich cab from Mondavi vineyards. "I doubt that," I assured her. Brussels sprouts?

Dana pointed to strips of fried bacon. "Roasted with bacon and garlic."

"That's a chef thing, isn't it? Put bacon on anything guys don't like so they'll eat it?"

Dana laughed brightly. "Tell me you don't like bacon."

"Maybe I'll try it. Cheers!" I added. We clinked glasses. The wine was sumptuous and smooth, full-bodied, with a tail of pepper. Wonderful.

"Uncle Mitch! Come see!"

With my glass of wine in hand, I went over and sat with Liliya at the round kitchen table. She'd done a good job, but not quite there.

"Here, like this," I explained, and for the next hour, I showed her how to use pale grey and white, and blend them to give clouds three dimensions, then add darker grey to make clouds angry. I taught her how to draw different cloud shapes and add an amber color of early morning sun to their edges. She concentrated, a serious student, and managed to do a halfway decent job.

Dinner was amazing. Tender roast beef paired with mashed potatoes. I was hesitant to try the Brussels sprouts roasted with garlic and bacon, and floored when I did. They were damned delicious!

Dana smiled and, when I went for a second helping, said, "Told you. Bacon is the way to a man's heart."

I grinned in agreement.

We watched television in the family room; Dana on one side of me, Liliya on the other. Liliya giggled and laughed at a sitcom, and lectured me on who was who, and why they were so funny, and why it was the "best show ever!"

Then, when I finished my glass of wine and made to rise, asking Dana, "Would you like a refill?" she rested her hand on my arm, stopping me.

"Don't drink any more."

At first, it put me off. Was she already controlling my alcohol consumption? Was she trying to control me?

Dana leaned close and whispered in my ear, "I've been feeling frisky all day. You're going to need your energy."

Wine was forgotten in a blink of an eye. So was my affront. She brushed her lips on my ear, kissed my cheek, and smiled, her blue eyes twinkling with promise.

The evening seemed to drag after that point. Television didn't interest me. Her bare knees did. I casually caressed one. When my hand edged the hem of her dress up, she brushed it away. I tried again a few minutes later, this time giving her leg a suggestive squeeze. Dana laughed quietly and brushed my hand away again.

Not put out in the least, and despite her daughter sitting at my side, I put my arms over both their shoulders. Liliya cuddled closer, still absorbed by the show.

In my most subtle move - one I practiced regularly - I caressed Dana's bare arm, slowly moving to the inside, close to her bust. A little teasing brush was planned, an exciting brush. Inside the neck of her dress I could see the swells of her breasts, just enough to excite.

Dana casually took my hand in hers, preventing me from executing my seductive plan. She laughed quietly, smiling with amusement.


Just before ten, Dana informed Liliya it was bed time. With minor grumbling, she left to change and get ready.

As soon as Liliya headed upstairs, Dana turned to me. "You're terrible," she said with a smile. "I tell you I've been feeling frisky and all you do is try to make me ache?"

I grinned at her. "Word of warning. Never tell a guy you're feeling frisky. It's all we can think about from that point on. I thought I was being pretty subtle."

Dana laughed. "As subtle as a bull in a china store!"

She kissed me, soft and sweet and full of promise. Like a Pavlovian dog, I responded, blood flowing south.

Feet running down the stairs ended the kiss. Liliya ran into the room in cotton pajamas, smiling, her long blonde hair flowing free.

"That was too fast. You didn't brush your teeth," Dana observed.

"Yes I did."

"Come here and let me smell your breath."

"Mom!" she complained.


"Okay. I forgot. I'll do it when I go up." She turned to me, grinned and said, "Goodnight, Uncle Mitch." Bending, she kissed my cheek and gave me a hug, whispering, "Sleep well."

With that, she giggled, kissed her mother, and danced out.

"She really doesn't care that we're being intimate, does she?" I asked, still amused.

"Liliya is fully aware of it. She knows all about sex. I refuse to raise my daughter in ignorance. When she started asking questions, we had a long talk."

"Huh. How did Joe feel about that?"

"He's the one who insisted. To him - and to me - knowledge is the most important thing we can give Liliya. Raising her in a vacuum is irresponsible."

"From your mouth to Evangelical ears."

Dana laughed. "Abstinence. How well has it worked for society so far? And don't get me started on virginity pledges to fathers! What Disney World do they live in? Combine ignorance with abstinence and teenage hormones and you have a recipe for pregnancy! Then you hear, "But, Mom, he only rubbed it against me!" Or, "He pulled out! How could I get pregnant?" quickly followed by, "Does Daddy have to know?""

I laughed. "I guess you feel strongly about it."

Dana sipped the last of her wine and put the glass down. She took my hand and stood. "I do. It's late. Let's go to bed."

She turned the television off, turned lights out, and led me to the stairs.

As we ascended, I commented, "That dinner was fantastic." After a beat, I added, "So's your ass."

Dana laughed. "Shhh. Liliya's still awake."

Intimacy the second time is always better. Any worries about performance or compatibility have been put to bed, as it were. Insecurities don't plague you. Not being an Olympic athlete no longer matters. Assured by the pleasure we'd experienced last night opened the door to sexy fun. And Dana surprised me.

This classy, well put together woman was the most unrestrained lover I'd ever encountered.

It started almost as soon as the bedroom door was closed. Dana led me to the bed, sat on the edge as I stood in front of her, smiled at me and unbuttoned my pants. She unzipped me, pulled my pants and underwear down, took my partial erection and stroked me into a full hard-on.

"You've got a beautiful cock, Mitch. I love feeling how hard it is. It's so sexy."

Her other hand cupped my balls and fondled. She stroked me, then took my tip into her mouth, sucking gently. Her tongue caressed the underside and my erection pulsed.

I reached down and pulled her up.

Her blue eyes twinkled with mischief. "What's the matter? Don't you like oral sex?" she asked, fondling me.

I kissed her, reaching behind to unzip her dress. "I love oral sex," I assured her. "I love it more when it's mutual."

Brushing her dress off her shoulders, it fell to her feet. Once again I was taken by her beautiful body; so sensual with female curves in all the right places. I liked her lingerie. This time, she wore simple white. However, the bra cups were half delicate lace exposing the swell of her breasts. Her panties looked like satin with a lace front, her ash brown pubic bush showing through.

She stepped out of her dress and moved backwards, hitting the bed, sitting, then laying back, all the while smiling seductively at me. Casually, she pulled off the band holding her blonde hair, her hair spreading on the bed.

I pulled my shirt off, kicked my sandals off and crawled onto the bed, hovering over her, my cock bobbing.

"Turn over," I said quietly.

Dana rolled. Astride her thighs, I reached for her bra clasp, opening it. I massaged her shoulders and back.

Dana moaned, "That feels good."

"Just wait."

Working her back, I edged lower, my eyes studying her fantastic ass. When I used my thumbs at the base of her spine, she moaned with pleasure again. I moved on to her butt, soft satin panties slipping over her magnificent buttocks, and felt like moaning, too. Each buttock swelled up; sexy hillocks with a hint of the valley between where satin dipped. Below, at the gap at her crotch, white satin coddled her pussy giving it sensual shape, teasing me.

My cock bobbed. Excitement pulsed. A bead of precum leaked.

I moved lower, massaging her thighs, my eyes watching her crotch. When a small dark spot appeared, I groaned. Moving one hand to the inside of her thigh, I brought it up, the edge of my finger touching her panties. Her supple pussy yielded when I pressed into her cleft and Dana reacted, clenching her buttocks, then relaxing.

For the next few moments I rubbed her pussy. The way it bulged was so damned sexy. Dana murmured pleasure. She started moving her rear, undulating against my stroking finger.

About to draw her panties down, Dana moved suddenly.

"Enough!" she exclaimed, rolling over. She extracted her legs from under me, pushed her panties down, and, smiling, pressed me flat on my back. "You, Mitch, are a world class tease," she accused me, straddling my body.

Sitting upright, knees to my side, she fondled my straining erection with both hands, spreading slippery precum along the shaft. I pulled my eyes away from her pussy reluctantly. Dana had a beautiful pussy, natural ash brown pubes carefully trimmed yet full, so soft looking.

With her hands fondling me, her arms squeezed her breasts together. And then, I looked at her face and saw raw desire, heat, her blue eyes glittering, and a cat-like smile teasing her mouth. Even naked, she was elegant!

I smiled. "You'd better stop playing with my dick or the night's gonna be over."

"Oh no! You're not getting off that easy," she responded, rising. "Let's call this an appetizer."

Dana guided the tip of my erection back through her cleft, nestled it to her entrance and, in one agonizing slow stroke, impaled herself on me, my cock held snuggly in a velvet grip; so damned good. She settled herself with a wiggle, her pussy almost pooching out where it pressed to my groin.

"Now, just relax," she said softly.

"How?" I asked, fighting the driving desire to fuck her. "You're asking the impossible."

She chuckled, eyes twinkling. "Don't move."

What followed was the strangest experience I'd ever had. Dana started teasing her clit. She didn't move. Yet I felt it. I felt her vagina milking me, tightening and relaxing.

"I've so missed being filled like this. My dildo never cut it."

She caressed her clit, her vagina milking me, my cock swelling and aching inside her. It felt fantastic, buried in her, held so snugly, wrapped in moist heat. I could feel my crown swelling deep in her. And as she enjoyed herself, I noticed her pink areolae pucker up. Her nipples stiffened. A pale pink flush formed on her chest.

Dana's eyes softened. Her nostrils flared. Amazingly, her gentle clenches grew stronger! She was fucking me without moving!

I caressed her thighs, absorbed by the unique experience. I thought I'd experienced everything, but clearly not!

I heard the sound of her finger moving. A squishing, moist sound that made my heart beat faster. My excitement intensified, my cock now so damned hard and pulsing inside her.

Dana's face turned up, her mouth opening to breathe deeper, finger moving faster, pussy milking me harder. Her eyes lost focus and she moaned quietly. Head dropping, with her straight blonde hair forming a curtain, she closed her eyes and whispered, "I'm cumming, Mitch."

She was! A tiny jerk in her body and the pale flush on her chest expanded to her neck. Her pussy gripped me hard, so hard, and when she gasped and her body shuddered, I lost it.

Without stroking into her once, I came, my cock swelling, semen released and racing up my shaft. I exploded, painful pleasure wracking my body. Gasping, another wave slammed into me, my body tensing as I erupted again, cock swelling, cum spurting almost painfully. The dam burst. I came hard and fast, cock pulsing, cum spurting, sweet pleasure making me gasp. My body jerked and ecstasy hit. I could feel my semen, slippery and hot, my crown moving slightly deeper within her. Gripping her thighs, I came hard, exploding, bliss hitting me, rapid pulses, until, with a final long, straining pulse, my orgasm passed leaving weak throbs.

Dana opened her eyes and smiled. Her face was flushed. "That was a great appetizer. I love feeling you cum inside me."

"Appetizer? That was the main course!" I said, astonished.

She lowered herself on to me. I hugged her. Her breasts pressed to my chest.

"I've never experienced anything like that," I told her as my cock softened. "How do you do it?"

We kissed gently. Her eyes sparkled. She smiled. "Kegel exercises."

"Thank you Kegel!"

Dana laughed and her pussy contracted, expelling my softened cock. She moved to my side, leaning against me, her leg over mine.

"Seriously. I've never felt anything like it," I told her.

"Movement during sex can mask sensations. When you don't move, it heightens everything and orgasms become almost painful."

"No kidding! Amazing. No wonder Joe was so happily married!"

With a quick laugh, she continued, "Sexually, Joe was incredibly adventurous. He made me love sex. Nothing was off the table."

"Joe? Ironed-jeans Joe?"

She laughed. "You have no concept, Mitch. If you think that was intense, wait until we try bondage."

"Huh?" Dana was blowing my mind!

"There's a reason the French call an orgasm la petite mort, the little death. When it's intense enough, you almost lose consciousness. You'll like it," she said.

"Wait! Go back to that bondage thing."

"Control. It's all about control and trust." She raised her head and looked at me, a small smile playing on her lips. "You trust me, don't you?"

I asked with a grin, "Is it alright to feel a bit scared?"

She laughed lightly and rubbed my chest. Then she sighed. "I'm so glad we've found each other, Mitch."

It turned out it wasn't an appetizer. Somehow, we both fell asleep after some kissing and cuddling. I slept peacefully, loving how her naked skin felt against me, how we moved naturally, me spooning her when she rolled. I fell asleep with her full breast in my hand.

Chapter Three

DANA WOKE UP SLOWLY. Mitchell's scent was the first thing she registered; a subtle male aroma. She smiled as she opened her eyes. He had a natural smell, pure guy and very pleasing. Glancing at him asleep, she studied him.

She liked waking up next to him in her bed. She'd missed the company of a man and thought herself extraordinarily lucky their relationship had blossomed.

Dana knew he worried about being a replacement for Joe. No matter how many times she tried to explain it to him, it didn't sink in.

In some ways, he and Joe were similar. Both had an innate gentleness. Both had those attractive pale grey eyes, the same eyes Joe had passed on to Liliya. Both were intelligent and thoughtful. Both had the same fun, unrestrained approach to sex. But, that's where the similarities ended.

Joe had been well groomed, presentable, almost distinguished, slender and fit. Mitchell was anything but. He looked unkempt in a cute way no matter how well groomed or dressed. There was an air about Mitchell - totally relaxed and at ease.

She studied his face. For a guy, his eyelashes were quite long. His face was on the narrow side, slightly too gaunt, his features quite normal. In sleep, his mouth was very kissable.

She wondered, if she'd met Mitchell before Joe, would she have fallen for him? She liked his easy-going manner. He was happy to go with the flow and he found a way to enjoy himself no matter what was happening.

Her friends had asked what he did for a living and, when she'd told them he was an artist, they'd all laughed in disbelief, refusing to take her seriously. It was understandable. Unlike Joe, Mitchell was a big man - really big. Easily six five, big shoulders, and narrow waist. The last eighteen months he'd lost weight. It wasn't healthy loss, either. Given the chance, she'd do something about it.

Mitchell made her feel petite and she liked it. It was a new experience.

A glance at the bedside clock and she moved. Liliya needed to be fed and taken to school.

Showered and dressed, she paused to look at Mitchell, still asleep. He looked disheveled, unshaven, and very sexy. With a smile, she closed the door quietly.

"You're humming again, Mom," Liliya observed when she entered the kitchen.

Dana smiled and brought breakfast cereal, milk, and a glass of OJ to the table. "Eat up. We're running late."

"Kay. Is Uncle Mitch still here?"

Dana nodded.

"Will he be here when I get home?"

"I don't know," Dana answered.

"Did you . . .?"

"No. Not yet. Eat up."

"Don't forget I have volleyball practice after school," Liliya reminded her before taking a slurping spoonful of cereal.

Half an hour later, Dana dropped Liliya off at school in Chatsworth in the Valley.

On the drive home, Dana's mind wandered. In Mitchell, she sensed he was a freer and more adventurous lover than he'd shown so far. Perhaps he was being cautious in a new relationship, restraining himself. Dana smiled. He had no concept. Her hint at bondage had surprised him but not shocked him. She wondered if he'd be shocked eventually.

Either way, she'd have to explore with him carefully. She didn't want to lose him. She liked having him in her life, even before, when intimacy hadn't been a part of it. However, intimacy was delicious with him.

Her mind turned to his background. Joe had mentioned his younger brother used to work for the federal government, but gave no specifics. Never specifics. How had Mitchell become an artist? What had he done before?

I STIRRED AWAKE FEELING lethargic yet energized. Remembering last night with Dana excited me again. What a truly new experience! I thought I was so accomplished as a lover and she'd surprised me the second time we'd been intimate!

Who knew not moving could bring on such an intense climax? And, where did she learn it? My brother?

Who cares, Mitchell! Just enjoy it!

I rolled out of bed and hit the bathroom. The house was silent. Showered and dressed, I headed downstairs. The scent of coffee greeted me. So did an empty kitchen and a note on the kitchen table:


I hope you'll be here when I get back from shopping. If not, can we see you again tonight? Maybe you could do some of your work from here. Just consider it. I know Liliya would be delighted. So would I.


I sipped coffee, glanced at the front page of the Los Angeles Times, put it aside and thought about the note.

On one hand, I wanted to leap at the opportunity and spend more time with both of them. On the other, was I rushing? Was this new relationship healthy? I knew how I felt about them both, how important they are to me and, for that reason, would continued intimacy with Dana ruin it?

Who was I kidding? I wanted nothing more than to spend time with them, have elegant, classy Dana as a lover and Liliya in my life. The decision, while rash and made way too soon in our relationship, was easy.

I pulled the note to me and wrote a response.

Energized and excited, I left.

Monday was busy. I had several agencies I needed to touch base with, a few design jobs to video conference about, and pack some more personal belongings. Through it all, excitement vibrated in me. Anticipation gave me energy. A liberating decision had been made and a plan had formed. Regardless of the speed of events, it felt right.

I left early to beat rush hour traffic. At three-twenty I was fighting the damned traffic up the 405, bumper to bumper, inching along. Maybe, I thought, this wasn't such a good idea.

An hour later, I arrived. Dana's car was missing. Taped to the front door was an envelope, and inside, a message, Here's the key. You should have one now. The security alarm code is Liliya's birthday.

Lugging a couple of suitcases upstairs, I discovered two dresser drawers open and empty, as was a section of the walk-in closet. Dana was serious about this! Why was I relieved?

I was in the kitchen drinking a beer and reading the newspaper when the front door opened.

Liliya entered, wearing her school uniform: a grey pleated skirt, white blouse, knee-high white socks which had fallen to her ankles, and black leather sneakers. She looked flushed and mussed, several tendrils of blonde hair falling loose from her ponytail and framing her face.

Her eyes glittered with excitement when she saw me. She dumped her heavy backpack on the floor. "Hi, Uncle!"

"You look hot," I observed.

She went to the refrigerator, opened it and withdrew a box of apple juice. "I am! Volleyball practice. You should come watch me sometime!"

Before I could respond, Dana entered carrying shopping bags. She smiled and headed to the kitchen counter. "Did you find the empty dresser drawers? Liliya! Close the fridge door."

Liliya grinned. "I was cooling myself."

"We're conserving energy. Go take a shower."

Liliya, still grinning, skipped out.

I watched Dana put away groceries and considered how pleasant it was to see their interaction; a mother and daughter at ease with each other, domesticity, a family. It felt good.

Dana made herself a mug of tea, came over to me, bent and kissed my cheek. She smiled. "I'm so glad you're here. Are you sure using your apartment as a studio will work? You'll have rush hour to deal with."

"Tell me about it! Three-thirty and it's busy!"

"I was . . ."

Dana was interrupted by Liliya racing down the stairs. She entered the kitchen grinning. "You're living with us now," she observed, sitting. "We're a family again. Yay! Will you fix the shower upstairs? Mom can't fix a thing!"

Grinning myself, I commented, "You seem rather happy."

"Uh-huh. Mom's humming again. She only does that when she's . . ."

"Liliya!" Dana interrupted sharply.

"I was going to say happy, Mom!" Liliya exclaimed.

"No you weren't."

"I was, too." Unperturbed in the slightest, she asked me, "Where are you taking us for dinner?"

Dana smiled apologetically. "We always go out for dinner after her volleyball practice."

"In that case, I'm in. Where do you want to go?" I asked Liliya.

"I like the burgers at In-and-Out, or Taco Bell. They have nice tacos. Mom likes El Pollo Loco or that salad place on Tampa. We used to go to Chipotle until they made everyone sick." She turned serious. "They never made me sick, but Mom won't go back."

I smiled at her. "I like all those places, but how about we go to a real restaurant?"

Liliya's eyes opened wide with excitement. "You mean where we sit and order from a menu and they serve us and everything? Yuh-huh!"

"Maybe we should change," Dana suggested.

I looked at Dana's outfit: a lime green dress cinched at the waist, small pleats from the waist down falling loosely to above the knee. I checked Liliya: pale tan cargo shorts, cream T-shirt, nice sandals.

"You both look great. No need to change."

Dana's smile broadened. "I was suggesting you, Mitch. Paint-stained jeans and a torn tee might get us seated by the kitchen."

"Good point!"

We chose Alvaro, a modern Italian-Asian fusion restaurant. It had an art deco interior - squares and rectangles joined by sensual horizontal curves; no hint of Italian or Asian influences. Maybe we'd made a mistake, but I'd heard good things about the food.

I wanted beef rib roast and settled for Asian spice-rubbed beef that melted in my mouth, bursting with interesting flavors that complimented a voluptuous red Amarone wine.

Dana, the chef, chose a Vietnamese dry short rib-stuffed ravioli with a spicy Thai chili sauce. And Liliya, after much deliberation, picked a pizza unlike any I'd seen. The base was made of cooked spaghetti fried into a crust, with spicy tomato sauce, cheese, and mini Asian meatballs.

Based on my taste of each dish, Alvaro was destined for greatness.

Conversation was free and easy. I noticed Liliya, usually vocal and opinionated as eleven-year-old's tend to be, behaved with real class. Her fork was placed down between bites. Her elbows never touched the tabletop. She drank her soda with sips, not gulps. And she frequently wiped her mouth with the linen napkin. I was really impressed. Social graces like those came from caring parents.

Time flew by. Before I knew it, it was nine-thirty. I was rewarded with a big hug and a smacking kiss on my cheek from Liliya when we got home, and decided not to worry about splurging a week's budget on one meal. It had been worth it. I'd wrestle with the budget when the credit card statement came.

Oddly, when Dana and I went to bed, sex wasn't on my mind. I was tired from packing and work meetings, relaxed from a wonderful dinner, and feeling so good from being with Dana and Liliya. I had a family!

It didn't last.

Dana chatted away as she undressed. There's something special about watching a woman undress. Dana seemed unaware of how sensual she was. She sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off her shoes, then rubbed her feet, talking away about the chef and his interpretation of Asian spices. Standing, she reached behind and unzipped her dress. With a shrug, it fell from her shoulders. She caught it and stepped out of it.

My brain took a detour. Dana was wearing pantyhose. I hadn't noticed before. The nude-tone pantyhose pressed her pale green panties to her body revealing the sensual shape of her body - her exquisite ass, sexy buttocks, and the remarkably lush shape of her pussy. She was oblivious to her display.

Reaching behind, she unhooked her matching bra and shrugged it off. With it dangling from one hand, she absentmindedly scratched under her breasts, then lay the bra over the back of a chair.

With her back to me, she started pushing her pantyhose down, bending at the waist, her ass forming into a heart-stopping shape. And when the gusset of her panties emerged from between her thighs - ripe and full - I forgot about being tired. I forgot about undressing, my Polo shirt only half off. I stared. Blood flowed. Desire stirred.

Dana removed her pantyhose and draped it over the chair. She turned, her blue eyes twinkling with amusement, a half smile curling her lips.

She looked down at my crotch. Her smile broadened. "I need to shower before bed."

Her sweet ass undulated in her panties as she disappeared into the bathroom. I stood still, processing. Had she done it deliberately? Or was this subtle seduction innocent? Did she know me that well already?

"Care to join me?" she called out.

The Polo hit the wall. Shoes flew. Pants were kicked off into a corner. Underwear fell to the floor, and a partial erection led the way.

Dana was already in the shower. Through the glass shower wall, distorted by water running down, I watched her rinse her hair. With her arms up, her breasts lifted higher, full and sexy, sloped on top, rounded underneath. Not overly large, they fit her body perfectly.

My cock hardened as she turned away from me. Water flattened her hair to her back and ran like a river to the twin swells of her magnificent buttocks, gushing along the valley between.

Desire for her washed over me. Dana was blessed with a beautiful body, slender yet curved, tall, sexy. My cock agreed, nodding slightly.

I opened the door and stepped in. Dana turned. Water cascaded over her. She glanced down and smiled.

"Are you always this horny?" she asked. "I hope so. Did I mention how much I love sex?"

Reaching out, I took her hips and pulled her into me. My erection poked her stomach and slipped to the side as she pressed her body against me, her breasts bulging sensually on my chest.

"You undressed that way deliberately, didn't you?"

Dana laughed brightly. "No. I really didn't. But, it's nice to know it turns you on."

"You have no concept," I informed her.

She slipped her hands around me, caressing up to my shoulders, smiled, and kissed me. She leaned back, her blue eyes twinkling, and said, "Watching you over dinner really turned me on. You're a sexy hunk of guy, Mitch."

"I doubt that."

Dana laughed lightly. "Don't sell yourself short. Even Liliya thinks you're sexy. You'll never be a model, but you're all man; big, beautiful man."

She kissed me again.

It started light, a brush of lips. With a teasing tongue, the kiss slipped into passionate very, very quickly. Tongues caressing, lips sucked and nipped, my heart beating faster. I fondled her fantastic ass, caressing her buttocks, and teased her butt crack.

Still kissing her, I snorted in a breath when her hand slowly closed around my cock, giving me a squeeze. A full erection formed.

The kiss broke. Dana nestled her face to my shoulder. She murmured, "I'm so turned on, Mitch. I can't wait." She reinforced it by stroking my cock.

I didn't need encouragement. Lifting her under her arms, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my body. I pressed her back against the white tiled wall. Dana smiled, excitement dancing in her eyes.

Trying to tease her, I fondled her breast. Dana kept smiling, reached down between us, gripped my erection and guided it. The tip slipped along her cleft. She nestled it to her entrance, a small smile curling the corners of her mouth.

Her eyes sparkled. She caught me off guard yet again, saying, "Fuck me, Mitch. Tonight, I want to be fucked."

Why? Why did it drive me nuts with excitement? How could she get to me so intensely? Cock straining, I thrust into her so hard her body was shoved up. Dana gasped loudly. I was buried inside her, held snugly in a velvet grip, my erection throbbing.

Dana kissed me hard, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth, her hands gripping my hair, and her legs tight around me. Reaching down, I grasped her buttocks, withdrew, and thrust into her again, hard. The kiss broke with her gasp. Her face dropped to my shoulder.

"God, yes! Fuck me, Mitch!"

"Jesus, Dana!"

I fucked her again, hard, her body jerking, and again, and again. Dana's mouth found mine, her tongue probing. Holding her ass, I fucked her, pressing her against the wall, thrusting into her, withdrawing, thrusting, her velvet pussy caressing me, and my cock seemed to swell, thicker and straining.

The kiss ended. To the sound of the shower running and Dana's gasps, I fucked her harder, driving into her, burying myself inside her body, thrusting, withdrawing, thrusting. Dana's fingernails dug into my shoulders. My heart raced.

"Yes!" she gasped, then cried out her pleasure and climaxed, her body shaking.

I fucked her hard, striving towards my orgasm, cock straining, bodies moving and, as pressure grew in my groin, as Dana exited me with her pleasure, my orgasm slammed into me, cock swelling, swelling, aching. With an explosion of pleasure, I came, gasping, "Jesus Christ!"

Fucking into her, I exploded inside her, cum spurting with every desperate thrust. Pleasure wracked my body. My orgasm raged, intense, spurting, cumming, cumming, each pulse pure bliss. And as quickly as it had arrived, it passed, my pulses weakening, thrusts slowing, stopping, my heart racing, gasping for breath.

Stillness arrived. Dana's legs relaxed and slipped from my waist. She sighed deeply and said, "I needed that." Then she raised her head, smiled, and kissed me softly, her blue eyes bright. "You make me feel petite. I like it."

Finally in bed, with Dana wearing a nightshirt and panties, she cuddled to my side and, in the darkness, asked, "I've always wondered why you're so big compared to Joe. Is it exercise?"

I chuckled. "No. Joe took after Mom. She was slender. I took after Dad. He was a hulking bear. I don't work out at all. It's just genes."

Her hand played with the sparse hair on my chest. "When I was a teenager, I had to dance with guys shorter than me. It wasn't much fun. I used to dream of having a boyfriend taller than me. Then I met Joe. We were both the same height as long as I didn't wear heels, but it didn't matter. He swept me off my feet."

After a brief silence, she continued, "With you, I feel petite and delicate, and I love it. I like how you manhandle me. I can hardly wait to try some things with you."

"Like what?"

"You'll see," she answered. Rising onto her elbow, she smiled at me, kissed me, and settled down. "I want you to know you're making me very happy, Mitch."

Chapter Four

For the next few weeks life settled more than I could have imagined. I even found myself humming while working!

My life felt full and satisfying. Every day I was entertained by a bright, smart young girl, and almost every night Dana amazed me with her sexual appetite. I could never predict how she'd behave in bed. Some nights were like running a marathon leaving me exhausted and drained. Other nights - my favorites - Dana wanted simple loving, soft sex, two people adoring each other, quiet yet intense orgasms. Those were the ones that affected me the most.

I was falling in love. It was a new and strange experience.

I started sharing chores, surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Vacuuming the pool and checking the water balance was fun. Mowing the lawn was even more fun, especially when I decided to create a spiral shell pattern, then became distracted by adding waves along one side. Both Liliya and Dana had studied the front lawn, laughed, and shook their heads at me.

I thought it looked great. So did Robert, the next door neighbor.

Dana asked me to sort through my brother's personal papers and throw out anything not needed. What started as a simple task rapidly became complex. For the last week, I'd been trying to map out his investments and match them to broker statements, and nothing was adding up.

Work was slowing down, too. Approaching summer, ad spending declined so demand for print ad layouts slipped. I was barely keeping my head above water with bills.

Then the weekend changed my life yet again.

Liliya was excited about a sleepover birthday party with her BFF; her current best friend forever, according to Dana. In typical L.A. over-the-top style, the birthday party was to include makeup lessons, a DJ hosted dance party, catered food, and a fashion show for young adults.

The birthday girl was turning twelve. Twelve!

Maybe I was too old, but it seemed excessive to me.

Dana and I celebrated with a night out, dining on fine food and dancing at a club. We were both a bit tipsy, which meant I was trying to grope her in the taxi and she was coolly brushing my wandering hands away, albeit with an occasional charming giggle.

Dana, the uninhibited lover in the bedroom, was careful about outward displays of affection in public. Yet, she couldn't hide her pleasure at being desired.

We sort of tumbled through the front door. She disarmed the alarm on her second attempt. My groping hands were making her writhe in self defense. And I chased her up the stairs.

I grabbed her from behind when we entered the bedroom.

Dana laughed and pried my arms from around her waist. "I have to go to the bathroom, Mitch."

"So do I."

"Me first. I'm desperate."

With Dana disappearing behind a closed door, I sat on the bed and removed my shoes and socks. The toilet flushed as I unbuttoned my shirt. The sound of running water in a sink reached me when I stood and opened my slacks, stepping out of them.

Dana emerged. She paused and studied me, head to foot and back up again. A smile formed. "Honest to goodness, Mitch, you're a gorgeous hunk."

Walking towards the bed, she unzipped her dress. "Hurry up. I'm hungry."

I hustled. I even brushed my teeth.

When I emerged from the bathroom, Dana was on the bed in very sexy pink panties and bra. Lace revealed the top half of her breasts and the front of her panties, her ash brown pubes visible - so utterly sexy.

She smiled and brought her hand up. Dangling from her fingers were red ribbons.

"What are the ribbons for?" I asked, moving onto the bed.

"You're tying me up. Then, you're doing anything you want to me. A bit of bondage can be fun."

Fuck me! My cock stiffened in record time, tenting my underwear. "Anything?"

Her smile broadened. She nodded. "Anything. It should be interesting."

I'll admit, I'd never tied up a lover. Never. The concept had never turned me on. Yet, with Dana, it excited me. It also registered how much trust she had in me. I'd have to be careful. Already I could feel deep erotic pull.

She handed me the ribbons, sat up and removed her bra, freeing her beautiful breasts. Then she extended her hand to me, smiling slightly, her blue eyes alive.

I tied the red ribbon around her wrist, leaving it loose, then did the same to her other wrist.

"Tie them to the headboard," she suggested, laying down.

Excitement building, I tied her hands above her, looping the ribbons around the intricate white metal ironwork headboard. "Now what?"

She smiled. "Now do anything you want."

"Absolutely anything?" I asked. "No limits?"

"No pain. Otherwise, anything goes."

I rolled off the bed. When I headed out of the bedroom, she yelled, "Where are you going?"

"For a beer and a snack," I threw back at her.

Dana burst into laughter.

A few minutes later, I returned with a tray.

"What do you have?" she asked.

"Stuff . . . and a beer."

Tray set aside, I crawled onto the bed, smiled at her, leaned over and kissed her soft nipple. Sitting up, I teased her other nipple with the palm of my hand, barely touching her. I loved Dana's breasts. Even lying supine, they mounded up, firm and sensual. Leaning over, I kissed her nipple again, then slowly took her pink areola and sucked gently, teasing her nipple with my tongue. When I stopped, her areola was flushed darker pink and Dana's eyes had softened, arousal showing.

"You have beautiful breasts," I said, moving to the other.

Satisfied with the effect, I sat up, smiled, reached over to the tray and grabbed an ice cube from a bowl.

Dana writhed when I rubbed her nipple with it. She shivered, her eyes narrowing, and her nipples hardened magnificently, large and proud. I trailed the ice cube down her stomach. Small goose bumps formed on her arms.

Smiling, I leaned over, my face near hers. Her fresh breath touched my face. I kissed her gently, then rubbed the ice cube over her lips.

She smiled. "So, teasing is your game, is it?"

Popping the melted ice cube in my mouth, I crunched it and reached down to press my palm on her mons. Then I rubbed, her silky panties moving.

"Don't you like teasing?" I asked, trailing my fingertips over her mons and down her cleft, a feather light touch.

"I do, just not when I'm horny."


I enjoyed myself. Teasing her, I slipped my fingertips inside her panties to touch the edge of her pubes, so soft and downy, then removed my hand.

Grabbing the beer, I poured a small amount onto her navel. Her sensual female body pooled it. Bending, I drank. Dana's skin was silken and warm. Then I moved up and kissed her hard, tongue probing between her lips, forceful, demanding, and when she opened her mouth to me, I stopped and sat up.

Dana groaned quietly.

Shuffling down, I removed her panties. Her sexy pubic bush appeared. Slipping her panties off, I cupped her pussy. Dana spread her legs giving my hand room to fondle. I did, tracing the sexy shape of her, how full her mons was, the sensual narrowing and steep sides of her vulva and, at the base of her cleft, just above where her buttocks pressed against the bed, I discovered how turned on she really was. Dana was slippery wet. She shuddered slightly when I touched her clit.

Her eyes closed when I caressed it gently. Then they popped open, her body jerking when I pressed another ice cube to her clit.

"Jesus, Mitch! That's cold!"

Grinning, I straddled her thighs leaned over, kissed her, and whispered, "You said anything."

Shuffling down, I went back to her breasts, ice cube on one while I sucked the other, then switching. Dana writhed. Her areolae puckered up.

Shuffling down further, I kneed her legs apart and settled on my front, her pussy exposed. Full outer labia framed slender inner lips, her clit rising like a bud. This close, I picked up the scent of her arousal; earthy yet so alluring. My cock throbbed. Dana's pubes were full yet trimmed for a bikini. They tickled my lips.

Closing my eyes, I kissed her clit, then sucked it gently, and Dana responded with a moan of pleasure. I kissed lower, tasting her moisture, clean and intoxicating. Her soft labia yielded to my tongue. Her cleft was slippery. I probed lower, the tip of my tongue finding her entrance, pressing, then sliding back up to her clit.

Dropping the melting ice cube onto the floor, I reached up and caressed her breasts. When I sucked her clit and tweaked her nipples, Dana groaned, "Mitch." Her body responded. It started with her thighs tightening, then her hips moved and she rubbed her pussy against my mouth.

She gasped when I pulled her nipples and writhed when I strummed her clit. Then I stopped.

Dana groaned. "Mitch, I swear, if you don't bring me off soon, I'm going to kill you."

Grinning, I countered, "You said I could do anything." I reinforced it by slipping my finger into her pussy finding liquid warmth.

Dana shook and moaned again.

With a finger inside her, I turned it up to rub her G-spot and went back to sucking her clit, strumming it with my tongue.

Dana's reaction was immediate. She exploded, her body jerking as she cried out her pleasure. Hips churning, she scrubbed her pussy against my mouth, my finger fucking her. I added a second finger and she cried out again. Dana heaved, gasped, and fell limp. Small shaking tremors passing through her.

I didn't move. Despite an erection that just about tore through my underwear, I ignored it. I could feel her vagina tightening and relaxing gently on my fingers. Her scent had intensified and she was very, very slippery. Against my lips, her pussy was hot, soft, her pubes tickling me. And, God, did she taste good!

Looking up over her mons, I watched her. Her nostrils flared with each breath. She had her eyes closed, her arms still up, hands tied above her. Dana was so beautiful, her face flushed. Perspiration had formed along her hairline.

When I caressed her clit with my tongue, her eyes popped open.

"No way!" she exclaimed.

I smiled and, with just the tip of my tongue, continued caressing her clit. Dana's pussy clenched on my fingers. She struggled with her hands to get free and tried to close her legs. Both failed.

I caressed her clit very carefully and slowly, so very slowly, her struggles stopped, her eyes closed, and a frown emerged on her face. Slowly, exquisitely slowly, I brought her back. Dana moaned as if in pain. She started panting, her chest rising and falling. I added suction, strumming her clit lightly. On my two fingers, her vagina tightened and relaxed in time with her stomach muscles. Slowly, Dana started moving her hips again. Slowly, Dana's frown deepened. Her nipples hardened and her hands formed into fists.

Slowly, I brought her higher and higher. She undulated, moaned, her pussy very, very wet. Removing my fingers from her pussy, I pressed my mouth against her pussy. Exploring down between her slippery buttocks, I found her ass and penetrated her.

Dana gasped, "Oh m'God!" as her body heaved violently. Liquid spurted against my chin. She writhed and cried out as if in pain, her orgasm punishing her. Her eyelids fluttered showing the whites of her eyes. Her whimpers sounded like pain and, with a final heave, she collapsed, limp.

I gave her pussy a parting soft kiss and moved up.

She was limp, brow beaded with perspiration, and breathing quietly as I untied her hands. Her lifeless arms fell. Had she passed out?

A quiet groan assured me she hadn't.

Without opening her eyes, she said, "I don't have any bones left." Then she murmured, "Liliya's going to love you."

Smiling, I stood up, moved around the bed, gathered her naked body and lifted her like a child. She really was limp! Pulling the sheet down, I set her back down and covered her. She didn't open her eyes once.

Bedside lamps off, I sat next to her leaning against the headboard and sipped beer. Eventually, my straining erection softened. Regret flirted with me. I really wanted to have sex. However, Dana's climaxes thrilled me. There was something special seeing such a classy, elegant woman in the throes of a raw orgasm. The dichotomy of her was wonderful.

Wait! What did she say about Liliya?

Warm, sexy moisture woke me. I recognized the sensation immediately. Opening my eyes, I confirmed it; Dana was slowly sucking me, her mouth moving gently, one hand stroking my shaft, the other fondling my testicles. Her tongue caressed making my cock swell.

Beautiful blue eye looked up at me. Dana, kneeling between my legs, smiled with a mouthful of cock, her fine blonde hair flowing free, her breasts fuller.

She used a slight twist to her stroke, then lowered her mouth taking more and more of me. I felt the back of her mouth. Her tongue slipped between her lips and my shaft and, suddenly, she took me deep. My erection surged along with my pulse. Backing off, she sucked my crown, caressed it, stroking me gently and, as I felt my orgasm stir, she must have recognized the signs; cock swelling, rigid, throbbing. She stroked me faster.

Pressure built, strengthened by a full bladder. And as I came with a groan of pleasure, she lifted her mouth off me and I watched the first, blissful, spurt of cum shoot up into her mouth. Pleasure washed through me and another harder spurt had my groin aching, semen erupting into her mouth and dripping out. Stroking me fast, I came, ecstasy washing over me with each exquisite spurt and, as my orgasm peaked and waned, pulses slowing, semen oozing, Dana dropped her mouth onto me taking me deep again.

With a slow slurp, she pulled off and smiled. "Good morning."


Over breakfast - coffee for me, cereal and tea for her - I commented, "You're the most sexually liberated woman I've ever known."

For once, Dana wasn't dressed. She wore a simple soft cotton nightshirt that fell to mid thigh, a very pale pink. Her hair was free and flowing over her shoulders, fine and silky and straight. She looked younger and quite gorgeous.

She watched me, her blue eyes alive, and sipped tea. With a smile, she said, "I told you before. I love sex. But last night? I thought I was going to die." After another sip, she asked, "Why didn't you take me? You could have done anything with me."

I'd given it some thought. Why hadn't I taken her like I'd wanted to? The idea of her, a woman, so in control, being helpless, stirred something raw and primal in me. Maybe that's why. The fear of my reaction. I shrugged, unprepared to reveal an animalistic side to my sexuality she'd exposed.

Dana's smile softened. "I knew you wouldn't. You're too gentle; my gentle giant."

I chuckled. "Not really."

Dana's smile broadened, mischief in her eyes. "Next time it's my turn to tie you up and have my way with you."

A thrill went through me. I grinned. "No whips, okay?"

"Hmmm. Now that you mention it," she responded with a bright laugh.

For a few minutes we sat in comfortable silence. I perused the front page of the Los Angeles Times. Dana finished her granola cereal.

Her comment from last night came back to me.

"What did you mean when you said Liliya's going to love me last night?"

Dana actually blushed. "Did I say that?"


"Maybe you misheard."

"I didn't."

Dana avoided looking at me, staring through the kitchen window. With a sigh, she said, "Maybe it would be better if you know now, before it's too late."

"Know what? Before it's too late for what?"

She got up and took my empty mug. She refilled my coffee and made herself another tea, returning to sit across from me.

"Will you listen without judging?"

I nodded.

"I've already told you Joe and I were somewhat liberated when it comes to sexuality. Early on in our marriage, we'd take vacations to a naturist resort. I think it was a reaction to his being so buttoned down at work and me being so . . . so careful in my appearance. At the naturist resort we could let our hair down, be free, completely opposite to our everyday life.

"We both loved it. I'm not shy about my body, warts and all."

"What warts?" I asked.

Dana smiled softly. "Everyone has parts of their body they wished were different. It's natural. I see another woman and wish I had her curly blonde hair, or long legs, or shapely rear. She probably feels the same about me. As I said, it's natural.

"After Liliya was born, we continued to take our holidays at the resort. She grew up with nudity being natural."

Dana fell silent, her eyes unfocused as if wandering down the corridors of her memories.

"Anyway," she continued, "Three years ago when we were at the resort, Liliya caught Joe and me having sex. She had no idea what we were doing and crawled onto the bed with us." Dana chuckled. "As you can imagine, it ruined the mood."

I nodded again and smiled.

"Liliya wouldn't let it go. She hounded us to explain why we were wrestling in bed and was Dad hurting me? I guess we could have glossed over it, but neither Joe nor I believed in raising a child in ignorance.

"We had a long talk with Liliya. We didn't couch our language. We didn't try to belittle sex. We explained the mechanics. We explained the emotional aspects, love and desire, and we explained the physical aspects, arousal and pleasure.

"Liliya was satisfied. If she caught Joe and me in an amorous state, she'd giggle."

"And?" I prompted when Dana went quiet again, my curiosity aroused.

Dana finally looked at me directly in my eyes. "And then things just progressed. Over the next year or so, Liliya discovered pleasure. Perhaps, because we were open and unflustered with sex, Liliya was the same. She was excited and enthusiastic about her discovery of masturbation and the pleasure it brought."

"And?" I asked again, now fascinated.

DANA WATCHED MITCHELL'S FACE closely. He was inscrutable, unreadable, his alert grey eyes studying her. At least he wasn't reacting negatively.

"Things simply progressed. First, she'd climb into bed when Joe and I were making love and we didn't stop. Then she wanted to participate with kissing. Another time she played with herself while watching us, and that led to touching."

"And?" he asked quietly.

Dana smiled slightly. "You can use your imagination. Now you know our secret."

"How far did it go?"

"Not as far as intercourse, but everything up to that point. Last year we were about to try and Joe had the heart attack." She sipped her tea and continued. "Liliya's missed the intimacy. That's what I meant by my comment last night."

There wasn't shock or horror on Mitchell's face. He nodded and said, "I think I understand. I'm shocked, but I understand. If Liliya's chosen to explore with you, then I accept it. Although I'd like to hear her story."

With relief, Dana said, "She'll be so pleased to hear it. I know she loves you."

For the first time, Mitchell frowned. "I not going to judge, Dana, but I can't participate. It's just not me. Consent isn't something an eleven-year-old can understand."

He smiled gently, dispelling her flash of disappointment, "Except for kissing. They can understand kissing alright."


Dana's mind worked, mulling over the situation. She smiled to herself. We'll see Mitch. We'll see. You haven't been hit with the full Liliya yet.

Chapter Five

Liliya returned from her sleepover birthday party Saturday afternoon, full of energy and stories. She hogged Mitchell, giving him an excited play by play rehash of everything, and Dana watched him. He was utterly charmed, completely absorbed, smiling broadly and laughing.

Just wait, Mitch!

Late afternoon, with Mitchell mowing the lawn in some crazy pattern, Dana had a quiet chat with Liliya. Liliya positively bounced for the rest of the day.

When Dana started preparing dinner, she opened a bottle of Oak Ridge white and poured a glass. Thinking Mitchell might like some, she poured another glass and went to hunt him down. He and Liliya had been out of sight for a while.

Eventually, from the family room, she spotted them outside. Mitchell had his pants rolled up to his knees. Sitting on the side of the pool, both he and Liliya had their feet in the water. She stopped.

Liliya was chatting away, her hands moving as if reinforcing her words. Mitch sat listening to her intently, then commented. Liliya laughed. Mitch grinned. Dana enjoyed the sight. Liliya, so small next to him, seemed to have him wrapped around her little finger.

Something her daughter said made Mitch laugh. Even from a distance, through the closed sliding glass doors, she heard him, a deep rumble.

Liliya laughed and pulled her hairband out, combed her fingers through her long blonde hair, and put the hairband on again, pulling it tight into a pony tail. Then, still chatting, she leaned back on straight arms and started kicking her feet in the water.

Obviously urged on, Mitch did the same.

For ten minutes, Dana stood, sipped wine, and watched them. She loved the sight of them together. She loved Liliya's obvious pleasure; a happy young girl again. That was Mitchell's doing.

Deciding not to interrupt them, she took both glasses of wine back to the kitchen and continued cooking.

Over dinner, Liliya and Mitch kept exchanging looks and refusing to explain, Liliya giggling.

That night, when Mitchell emerged from the bathroom, Dana was waiting, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"My turn," she informed him, dangling the red ribbons.

Mitch laughed. "I'm not sure I trust you. Can I?"

Dana smiled. "No."

He laughed again. "Okay. Just promise no whips."

Dana laughed. "I promise. No whips. Come here."

Her excitement mounted as she bound his wrists and tied them to the headboard about three feet apart. Studying him, a shiver of desire hit her. Arms up, his chest was broad and deep. He looked muscular, strong . . . her bull. Only his gentle grey eyes clashed with the image.

Leaning over him, she kissed his cheek and fondled his crotch over his underwear. Under her hand, she felt his penis stir.

"What were you and Liliya talking about by the pool?"

"This and that."

"Tonight, I'm going to make you hurt," Dana said softly, caressing his crotch.

"I thought we agreed, no whips."

Dana smiled. "No whips needed. I'm going to make you so horny you'll hurt. Have you ever suffered from blue balls?"

Mitch chuckled. "Not since I was a teenager."

Dana kissed his chest, then kissed his nipple, teasing it with her tongue. Under her fondling hand, she felt his erection form, thick and long. Excitement pulsed through her, her pussy slightly damp. She loved his erection. It filled and stretched her so perfectly. A trace of guilt hit her when she compared him to Joe. Joe had completely satisfied her sexually, but Mitch's erection was slightly longer and slightly thicker, and it made such a difference.

She smiled at him, leaned over, and kissed his flat stomach, then lower, then she pressed her mouth to the outline of his erection. She felt it throb, responding to her, and it excited her more.

Sitting up, she stroked the outline with her fingertips. "You have a beautiful erection, Mitch. I can't get enough of it."

He laughed, a deep rumble from his chest. "That suits me very nicely. By all means, use me."

Dana laughed. "I intend to. I'm so turned on right now. Want to know why?"

He nodded.

"I watched you sitting by the pool with Liliya. I watched her laugh and smile, just like she used to before Joe passed away. I saw how she had you wrapped around her little finger. I watched you. You had fun. You love her, and that turns me on."

"She's easy to love. So are you."

Dana leaned over and kissed him, pressing her lips on his, inhaling the intense scent of pure guy. At the same time, she slipped her hand under the waist of his underwear, fished down, and mentally groaned when she closed her hand around his cock; so hard.

When she squeezed gently, Mitch groaned into her mouth. She sat up, smiling. "You're so hard, Mitch. Right now, my pussy is aching. It's crying out to be stretched, filled with you."

She rubbed the tip with her thumb. When a small pearl of precum leaked, she spread it over his crown. A shiver of arousal washed through her. She loved feeling his arousal. His cock was so warm, so hard yet soft, so sexy.

Withdrawing her hand, she shuffled down and grabbed the waist of his underwear. Staring into his eyes, she started pulling his underwear down. When the tip of his erection emerged, still staring at him, she kissed it, tasting the clean precum. Edging the waistband down further, she slowly took the head into her mouth and teased with her tongue.

Mitchell's eyes narrowed, intense, watching her. In her mouth, she felt him throb, swelling slightly. With a smile, she sat up. "Mmmm. Delicious."

"Jesus, Dana," he whispered.

Dana pulled his underwear off, tossing it to the floor, and admired his naked body.

Stretched out on the bed, he looked so big, all muscle, tapered chest, narrow waist, his erection rigid resting on his stomach. She played with his sandy pubes, then cupped his testicles - surprisingly heavy.

He inhaled deeply.

"You have the sexiest body," she said. "I love seeing you horny. It gives me a sense of power."

Smiling, she cupped her breasts and caressed herself, small waves of pleasure washing through her. She teased her nipples, then tweaked them, a bolt of pleasure hitting her. Sitting on her heels, still watching his face, she parted her legs. He looked down at her pussy. Dana touched herself, combing her fingers through her pubes then cupping her pussy.

She loved the way his cock strained up off his stomach. A clear string of precum stretched from the tip to his body.

"I'm so wet," she whispered, curling her middle finger, her cleft oozing apart, silky, slippery warmth inside. "Would you like to see?"

He nodded.

Smiling, feeling so naughty, she straddled his waist. His eyes were so intense, locked on her pussy, his chest moving with each deep breath. She noticed the muscles in his arms tighten against the restraints.

Anticipation making her shiver, she edged up. "Taste me," she whispered, settling her pussy on his mouth.

A huge wave of pleasure washed through her when Mitch's tongue touched her clit. Her nipples ached. She pinched them and shuddered. Grabbing the headboard for support, she rubbed her pussy on his mouth, pleasure cascading through her, warm, so arousing. Tingling started in her clit. Humping his mouth gently, she let herself go, drowning in the sensation of his mouth sucking, his tongue stroking her cleft, touching her clit. Her thighs trembled. Closing her eyes, breathing faster, Dana let her climax wash over her, pleasure erupting from her pussy, flushing up to blossom in her head, bliss, bliss. Her soft climax made her heart race, sweet release, pussy pulsing, wet, his tongue so damned good. Gasping quietly, her orgasm peaked and faded.

She slipped off him to the side. "God, that was good," she sighed, and noticed his erection bobbing up and down, lots of precum glistening.

With a smile, she asked, "How are you doing so far?"

"Hurting," he answered with a grin. "I thought this was about my pleasure, not yours."

Dana laughed. "They're one and the same. Make me happy and I'll make you happy."

"Then, get to work, woman!"

Grinning, she informed him, "I'm not done. That was my appetizer; something to take the edge off so I can concentrate on you."

Mitch laughed. "Start concentrating!"

She settled next to him. On her elbow, she smiled and kissed him, once again inhaling his sexy smell. She brushed her tongue across his lips and, when his tongue tried to touch her, she ended the kiss, smiled at him, then kissed him again. This time, she probed into his mouth in a passionate kiss, tongues wrestling. She heard his moan. Reaching down, she traced her fingertips up his cock, then down again, all the way down, cupping his balls.

The kiss ended with his deep groan. "Okay, now I'm hurting."

"Not yet," she whispered into his ear. "How much do you want to cum now?"

"I'll give you anything."

"Would you do anything?" Dana asked.

"Jesus! Yes!"


I WAS IN AGONY. All I wanted was one touch and I'd cum. My cock ached and felt like an iron rod. Dana smiled at me. Mischief danced through her beautiful blue eyes.

"Just stroke me," I begged.

"No. We're far from done."

"You're kidding! I'm reaching the point where I won't need you to cum," I told her, even though I wasn't there yet.

She rolled off the bed and strolled out. I was regretting using ice cubes on her. Payback was going to be a bitch! I laughed. "Bring me a beer while you're down there," I called after her.

Her laugh floated back to me making me smile. I adored Dana. She was a constant surprise, inventive, and unrestrained in her sexuality. I wondered if her friends, seeing her so elegant, classy, and well put together, had any concept of how wild she was in the bedroom. They'd be shocked.

Dana returned and I inhaled sharply. Liliya was holding her hand. Wearing a lemon yellow nightshirt printed with colorful little flowers, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she looked so young, so sweet.

I'd had a long conversation with her by the pool. I'd been direct and honest with her, asking her about her experiences with my brother and Dana. I started out being convinced some coercion had been involved. I'd been sure, no matter how good their intent, Joe and Dana had taken advantage of her.

I'd been wrong. Completely wrong. Liliya's deep laughter when I'd suggested it, was one indication. She talked to me, animated and excited, telling me about the whole adventure, her arms and hands moving as she described the excitement of sexy play with her mother and father. Throughout her commentary, Liliya's pretty grey eyes had sparkled with joy and excitement. Her descriptions of events was, at times, funny, and then extraordinarily erotic.

She'd gone out of her way to assure me it was what she wanted. She'd instigated things and didn't see anything wrong with loving her mom and dad. Then, looking at me, she'd said, "I'd like to do things with you, Uncle. I've missed it." She'd added after a beat, "Please?"

I'd known at that moment, despite my better judgment, despite my reluctance, despite everything inside me yelling how wrong it was, I was tempted. I couldn't stop myself wondering what intimacy with Liliya would be like. I had no point of reference. Yet, illicitness has an intoxicating appeal. It titillates and teases. Forbidden pleasure.

Liliya exposed a side of my sexuality I wasn't aware of. Her bright enthusiasm was contagious, and I'd agreed to consider it.

Liliya had laughed with pleasure and rewarded me, by the pool, with a kiss, just not a kiss I was prepared for. Her eyes had twinkled. She'd pressed her mouth to mine, and impishness passed through her eyes when she teased my lips with her small tongue.

The kiss sealed the deal, even if she didn't know it. Or maybe she did. Throughout dinner, she'd looked at me with awareness in her eyes, and giggled when she saw my grin.

I'd decided to seriously think about it. It was a massive change for me, fraught with risk. I'd decided to have a heart to heart conversation with Dana and set some ground rules to protect me, more than Liliya. I'd been rational.


Seeing Liliya smiling at me from the side of the bed and watching her smile grow into a grin when she studied my erection, rational cogitation was forgotten.

About to comment, Liliya crawled onto the bed and, leaning over me, kissed me. Her tongue flitted across my lips. The kiss ended. She grinned. "I like seeing you tied up, Uncle! Now I can do anything I want and you can't stop me!"

"Dana," I pleaded.

She settled next to me. "Don't look at me. I can't help you."

Liliya stood on the bed and pulled her nightshirt off, exposing cute white cotton panties; a pink elastic waist and cavorting puppies printed all over.

"At least untie me," I pleaded.

"I don't know. Liliya, should I untie him?"

"No way!"

I tested the silk ribbons. They held firm. "Not this way," I explained, despite my erection straining. Being tied up wasn't the way I wanted to experience intimacy with Liliya for the first time.

I stopped suddenly. With shock, I admitted I really wanted to explore intimacy with her. It wasn't a debate. It was a deep desire, exciting and scary.

"Relax, Mitch," Dana said. "Liliya isn't going to touch you until you want her to."

My erection had flagged slightly. It came storming back when Liliya stepped across me. Dana rolled onto her back next to me and Liliya laid down on top of her. Dana hugged her, smiled, then they kissed. And I mean kissed!

Liliya pressed her lips to her mother. I saw them move and, tilting her face, I groaned at the sight of them French kissing, tongues touching and probing. Dana's hands slipped down Liliya's slender, small body to hold her bottom and I mentally groaned again as she fondled her daughter.

My erection pulsed, hard and aching again, when Dana eased her hands inside Liliya's little cotton panties, and Liliya wiggled with pleasure. My distress intensified when their sexy kiss ended and Liliya moved down slightly.

I sighed, "Jesus!" when Liliya took Dana's nipple into her mouth.

Neither of them looked at me. I felt like a voyeur watching the most illicit porn. When they kissed again, another sexy, intimate kiss, Dana edged the back of Liliya's panties down exposing her sweet buttocks.

Liliya reached down and wiggled her panties off and, as if they'd done this forever, she sat up astride Dana. For the second time, I saw Liliya's pussy and dear God!

A hard, hard throb hit my cock. It felt like I was close to cumming!

Liliya's small pussy was unbelievably sexy! Now closer than last time, I saw every detail. Little body hairs had started to turn ash brown, still so sparse her pussy looked hairless and so, so plump. Knees to Dana's side, Liliya's cleft flowered open to expose her small clit and the glossy insides below.

Liliya smiled at me and my cock throbbed again. I'd been wrong again. Her flat chest wasn't quite flat. Her pale pink areolae were larger than I'd thought and just beginning to swell, the faintest hint of puberty starting.

My heart raced. Desire slammed into me and, as Liliya laid down on Dana and resumed kissing her, as Dana fondled Liliya's cute, sexy ass and even lower, I slowly twisted my wrists, the bonds tightening. Muscles straining, the silk ribbons broke.

I rolled off the bed, my cock jutting, and moved to the foot.

Grabbing Dana's ankles, I slid her down the bed, my eyes locked on the incredible sight of Dana's sexy mature pussy and above, Liliya's beautiful hairless pussy, her mons bulging where it pressed against Dana, her cleft open.

"What are you doing?" Dana asked. "How did you get out of the ribbons?"

Liliya looked back at me. Dana peeked around from the side. They both noticed my erection. Dana smiled. Liliya grinned.

Moving between Dana's spread legs now hanging off the bed, in a fog of desire, my whole groin aching, I gripped my erection. Very few thoughts were going through my mind. I was focused on the desperate need to seek pleasure and the mind-numbing sight of Liliya's little pussy.

Pressing the tip to Dana's cleft, her labia spread to cradle my crown. I edged it up and down, moving deeper until I found her entrance and, almost shaking, I thrust slowly. Dana was slippery. Her vagina was snug, hot, liquid velvet. Almost gasping for air, I worked myself into her until I was buried in her. My erection pulsed and swelled. It wouldn't take much.

Dana's legs came up to wrap around my thighs. When I eased out of her, my erection glistening, she pulled me back and I stroked into her pussy - so dammed good. I did it again, then started fucking her, slow, agonizing strokes, my erection rigid and aching. I fought to fuck her slowly, to extend my pleasure, my eyes moving from the sight of my cock emerging and penetrating her sexy pussy to Liliya's incredible hairless pussy, her rounded small buttocks.

Unable to stop myself, I touched Liliya's ass, then put my palm on her buttock, my hand almost covering her small cheek. A deep shudder of excitement shook me and I fucked Dana faster, her snug pussy caressing me.

I palmed both Liliya's cute buttocks and caressed, thrusting into Dana, cock aching and throbbing. And, unable to stop myself, I touched Liliya's pussy with my thumb, caressing her hairless little cleft, rubbing her soft, pliable clit, her pussy so utterly beautiful. Her labia bulged around my finger - so intensely arousing. When I felt a trace of moisture in her slit, I lost it.

With a deep, deep groan of pleasure, I came, my cock swelling, swelling, semen pulsing up and pain hit as cum erupted into Dana. Before I could inhale, I thrust into her again, exploding, cum erupting, pleasure making me gasp. Fondling Liliya's sexy little pussy, I thrust and came, thrust and spurted, bliss slamming into me. It felt endless, my exquisite pulses fast and hard. I fucked Dana, cumming, an ache emerging in my groin, still cumming with dry heaves, my body tight, muscles clenched and, with a final groan of relief, my orgasm passed releasing me, my thrusts slowing, then stopping.

I was exhausted and drained and Liliya's pussy still excited me.

I was lost. I finally understood Joe.

Chapter Six

Moving another file to the side, I opened the next. In Joe's home office, I was trying to bring some sense to his financials. I'd found a laptop in a bottom drawer, password protected. The cursor blinked in the password box, waiting.

The problem I wrestled with is matching income to expenditures. It should balance. Joe's income had been healthy. He'd been well paid. Yet, between expenses and income invested I was missing a chunk of funds I couldn't account for. Obviously, I was missing something, but what?

I put another file folder aside and leaned back.

Dana and Liliya were somewhere in the house, doing who knows what. I thought about last night and felt a familiar rush of excitement. At some point after I'd fallen asleep exhausted, Liliya had left us and I'd woken up this morning with Dana already gone.

I'd lazed in bed for a while, it being Sunday, and contemplated my fall. I couldn't remember being so turned on. I'd never experienced the all consuming, selfish fury I'd felt last night. It was so not me.

At breakfast, both Dana and Liliya had behaved as if everything was normal. Liliya had been her normal chatty self. Dana showed no effect from the life-altering experience last night. They behaved perfectly normally - a typical mother and daughter.

The laptop caught my eye. Getting up, I went upon search of Dana.

I found her in the back garden weeding a rock garden that lined the white wooden fence. She was back to her elegant self; royal blue pleated and cuffed shorts, a white short-sleeved blouse, and sandals. She'd pulled her hair up into a casual fold with a butterfly clip holding it up. Some strands had escaped. Her long neck was exposed. The way she crouched gave her ass an exquisite shape. As I neared, I heard her humming.


She looked over her shoulder at me and a beautiful smile formed. Putting a hand shovel down and pulling off gardening gloves, she wiped her forehead with her arm.

"I found Joe's laptop. Do you know what the password is?"

She thought about it and said, "Try sunwind. If that doesn't work, try illiya."

"An anagram, huh?"

She laughed and nodded. "Joe wasn't a complex man. Besides, he had nothing to hide." Her smile softened. "How are you doing today?"

She stood up as I approached and tried to avoid me. "I'm covered in dirt."

I couldn't see a speck of dirt on her. Pulling her into me, I smiled. "Dirt never hurt me. I'm doing okay. Still coming to terms with my reaction and behavior last night."

Dana's arms slipped around my waist. She smiled, kissed me lightly, and said, "If you're worried about Liliya, I . . ."

"I'm not," I said, interrupting her. "She and I had a long chat by the pool yesterday. She explained everything but, more importantly, she seems so well adjusted, so comfortable with it. I couldn't detect any coercion."

"I told you she wasn't. So just accept it. She's not a raving sex addict. That's me," Dana said with a laugh. "And as for your reaction, don't fuss about it. Liliya and I both loved it."

"I didn't like feeling so out of control. Who knows what I might have done? Robin Williams nailed it when he said, "The problem is that God gave men a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time." I was so horny, I hurt."

Dana laughed brightly. She rose and kissed me lightly. "I did warn you. Besides, you're far too gentle to ever hurt anyone, if that's what worries you. Relax and enjoy yourself. We'll all have more fun if you do."

Then, with her blue eyes full of mischief, she added, "I can hardly wait to see you and Liliya together. Just the size difference between you two turns me on. What a sight it'll be!"

I laughed, kissed her. "You, Dana, are an amazing woman." I let her go. "Back to work."

"Yes, sir," she saluted with a grin.

"I meant me!" I threw back at her, heading into the house. As soon as I entered, I adjusted myself. Her comment about how petite Liliya is seemed to have caught my imagination.

Back at the desk, I tried sunwind without success. illiya worked and I set about searching his hard drive for information.

Aside from business memos and personal emails, the computer proved how staid my brother was. There was nothing odd. No porn, no Internet browsing history that would raise an eyebrow, no online correspondence with anyone. In fact, the laptop was too sterile.

With a few clicks, I accessed the file manager and searched for hidden files. None. Oh well.

About to put the laptop aside, I noticed the sticker on the front. A few clicks and it was confirmed. The laptop hard drive should have five hundred gigs storage capacity according to the sticker specs. So why did the file manager show four hundred and eighty?

Picking up the phone, I dialed from memory - a number I'd never planned on using again.

"Richter," a brusque voice answered.

"It's me."

"Mitch? Hot damn! Mitchell Halston! How ya doin'? Long time no hear!"

I grinned. "Yeah. How's it going, Harry? Same old?"

"Day in, day out. No rest for the wicked. What are you doing these days?"


"What stuff. No. Don't tell me. Hold on."

I heard the sounds of a keyboard being attacked. Then a huge laugh.

My face warmed. "Shut up, Harry!"

"Artist? Artist? Are you fucking kidding me?" he exclaimed, laughing hard. "Wait until I tell the guys!"

"Harry! Shut up! And if you tell anyone, I'll personally come and strangle you one-handed."

Harry's laughter faded to chuckles. "Don't worry, Mitch. I'm not supposed to be talking to you. Who'd I tell? So, what's up?"

I explained about the laptop.

"Yeah," he agreed. "There's something there. I'll upload a program. You'll need to boot into it. Do you know how?" With a laugh, he continued, "Write this URL down. I'll leave it there for twenty minutes, then it's gone."

"Thanks, Harry."

"No problem."

I heard him chuckling and saying, "Artist! A Goddamned artist!" as he hung up.

It made me smile. I'd forgotten how much I like Harry; crazy, weird, and the smartest guy with computers I'd ever known. He'd saved my butt too many times to count.

Opening a browser, I typed in the URL. A small .exe file was waiting along with a message - instructions and a comment, An artist? Now I've heard everything!


Ten minutes later, about to reboot the laptop, Dana knocked on the open door. "Come for a swim with us, Mitch. Worry about that stuff on Monday."


I followed her upstairs to change, again admiring her ass in shorts. Exquisite.

A few minutes later, Dana noticed me, glanced down and smiled at me. "Don't you dare get ideas. Liliya's waiting for us."

With a grin, I set about changing. "I'll be a little longer. You go ahead."

Dana laughed as she left the bedroom. "As if Liliya hasn't seen that before!"

So many guys have it all wrong. They watch naked women having sex on the Internet or frequent strip clubs to get themselves off. Why weren't there clubs where women simply change clothes? I should open one. I'd clean up!

What could be more arousing than watching a woman undressing without trying to be sexy? No fake hip moves, no exaggerated movements, just pure erotica.

Dana had tugged her blouse out of her shorts while kicking her sandals off, then unbuttoned it while moving to the dresser drawer. She'd let the blouse hang open revealing her simple printed red bra as she'd searched for a bikini.

The way she shrugged her blouse off was so casual, setting it on top of the dresser, then inspecting a variety of bikinis - all of them very sexy. With a bikini top selected, she hunted for the matching bottom, found it, unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled out of them. Her panties were plain, red, and hugged her ass.

With a delicate move, her shorts fell to her feet. She removed one foot and used the second to lift the shorts to her hand, placing them on top of her blouse.

I'd forgotten about changing into my bathing suit, too absorbed by her. Facing away from me at an angle, I watched her hands reach behind her, rising to an impossible angle to unclip her bra. A shrug and the bra fell free. In profile I studied her breast, sloped on the top, sexily rounded underneath, mature and topped by a delightful nipple. She scratched the mark left by her bra under her boob, then picked up her bikini top. Wrapping it around her backwards, she hooked it closed, rotated it, brought it up over her breasts and closed the strap around her neck. Then came the fitting; pulling the cup and rearranging her breast so it all fit comfortably.

Her erotic dance continued. Guys shove underwear off. Woman don't. Fingertips slip inside the waist and circle to the hips. Panties are lowered, the top of her butt crack emerging, then the magnificence of her sculpted buttocks appear, changing shape as she bends at the waist. One hand, with two fingers, hold the panties as they fall down long legs. She stepped out of them and placed her panties on top of her bra on the dresser.

At this point, I was erect with naughty thoughts echoing through my brain.

Dana picked up the bikini bottoms, bent again, this time giving me an eyeful of her pouty pussy from behind as she stepped into the bikini. She straightened, drawing the bikini up with a sexy wiggle, finishing the erotic display by slipping her fingers under the leg elastic to rearrange the bikini snug to her crotch.

That's when she'd seen me and my erection tenting my underwear. She probably read exciting thoughts in my eyes. I'd need to ask her how she felt about emergency quickies.

They were both already swimming when I ran and launched myself into the air, cannon-balling into the pool in a massive splash.

Laughing, Dana exclaimed, "You emptied half the pool!"

Looking around, I saw where water had overflowed along the edges.

Liliya yelled, "Do it again! It's like real waves!"

"No! Don't," Dana warned.

"Aw, Mom!"

Undeterred, Liliya decided to make waves herself. Her cannon-balls were dainty, making me laugh. And every time she climbed out of the pool, her bikini bottom slipped up exposing one petite buttock, a rounded, plump little thing she'd cover by tugging her suit down with a cute wiggle. It now affected me differently, amusement displaced by admiration and just a hint of excitement. I could remember with absolute clarity what they felt like when I'd caressed them last night.

By the time we retired for the night, anticipating another active romp in the sack, Dana surprised me. She cuddled and kissed, moved sensually against me, and nightshirt, panties and underwear were slowly discarded. In the quiet of the night, Dana made love to me, fondling me gently, kissing me softly, murmured pleasure at me, sucked my lips with an "Mmmm," and my desire took on another shape. Adoration.

I loved her breasts; not too large, not too small, firm with sexy heft, her nipples so responsive.

I loved how she fondled me with a gentle caress, slow strokes, and her thumb pad teasing the tip. And when I throbbed hard and precum leaked, I loved how she murmured her pleasure, her kiss growing more urgent.

I loved how downy her pubes were, so soft and exciting. And I loved the shape of her, her full pouty mons, the sensual taper, the arousing fullness of her vulva, and the exciting softness of her cleft.

Dana murmured into my mouth and pushed me onto my back. Still kissing me, she moved on top, her legs straddling me, and reached down, holding me, guiding me, sliding the tip of my erection through her cleft. She did all the work, pressing back at me, my crown sinking into her slit, and she nestled it at her entrance, released it, and pressed back just enough for my crown to ooze into her - a snug, velvet hug that made me swell.

Her face nestled to my neck, her arms reaching under me to hold my shoulders, Dana worked herself onto me slowly.

"I love feeling you inside me," she whispered as she took me in completely. "You fill me so perfectly."

I caressed her buttocks and back, enjoying her silky skin, and inhaled the scent of her, floral and limes. She squeezed me with her vagina, strengthening my arousal, then started moving.

It started with tiny movements; her hips tilting slightly. I felt her pressing her clit against the base of my shaft. Deep inside her, my crown was teased by a silken caress.

Dana kissed my neck and undulated slowly, her breath hot. I knew her now. I knew how to read her body. I felt her slow undulations press harder, rubbing her clit against me. I felt her breathing faster and small tremors of pleasure in her body. And I felt her arousal, her pussy becoming more slippery, gliding smoother as she fucked me.

I heard her gasp quietly and she kissed me, passionately, her hair falling on my face. Her body shuddered as she fucked me gently, firmly, curling her pussy up and down.

She buried her face in my neck and announced her climax with a quiet moan, whispering, "Mitch," her vagina milking me with each wave of pleasure. She shivered and slowed.

Holding her ass, I rolled her onto her back and started fucking her with slow, beautiful strokes, my pleasure building. Dana hugged me and moved underneath me. Gripping her sexy buttocks, I fucked her with long strokes, thrusting into her velvet pussy, my excitement building. Dana wrapped her legs around my thighs. I kissed her, fucking her, and my orgasm stirred, cock thickening, hardening, swelling and straining.

She felt it and whispered, "Cum, Mitch. Cum in me," and took me over the top.

With short, firm thrusts pressing deep inside her, my cock ached, swelled, and the dam burst, semen rushing up my shaft and erupting in a glorious rush of pleasure. I fell into my soft orgasm, stroking into her, spurting, cum pulsing, sweet ecstasy washing over me. My spurts strengthened, feeling endless, pure bliss, and I peaked with a deep groan, pulses weakening, thrusts slowing until I came to rest, at peace, drained.

Dana relaxed under me. Her hands caressed my back. With my face in her neck, her beautiful aroma in my nose, I experienced the sweet lassitude of post-orgasmic bliss, content and comfortable.

And then I opened my big fat mouth and murmured, "I love you, Dana."

She stiffened underneath me. I mentally swore at myself and moved off her to the side. How stupid could I be? Sex was one thing, but Joe had passed away only last year. Searching my brain for a way to take it back, Dana looked at me, her eyes damp.

She caressed my cheek, her intense blue eyes searching mine. She didn't smile. Then she said, "I love you, too, Mitch. I've been afraid to tell you."

Chapter Seven

With Dana off taking Liliya to school, I rebooted Joe's laptop into the program Harry had given me. Waiting for it, I turned to my laptop and checked emails, hoping for another job from any of the ad agencies. Nothing. I sent a few emails asking them if anything was coming down the pike.

Harry's program popped up on Joe's computer and started scanning. I watched for a while and, seeing how slow the progress was, left it and went to refill my coffee.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I perused the L.A. Times but couldn't concentrate. My thoughts were filled with Dana.

I still had trouble coming to grips with it. Had my attraction to her always been there? She was such a classy lady. How could she love me? We were polar opposites. She was a liberal. I was a diehard republican. And yet, every time I thought about her I felt an ache in my chest. I'd thought I was an adventurous lover and Dana had shown me I was a conservative babe in the woods. She could stir my blood with a look and had proven she could arouse me to the point of real pain.

And what about Liliya? Beautiful, sweet Liliya. I was impressed with her. During the day, Liliya initiated no obvious sexual moves. Even at night, she was sweet, giving me a kiss on my cheek and a hug. Yet, her kiss Friday night, full of passion and erotic as hell, still got my pulse going.

Surprised, I caught myself wanting more of her. What was with me? Dana satisfied every dream, so why did I also desire Liliya?

Answers weren't in the cards. Frustrated, I took my coffee and checked on the progress on Joe's computer - three percent complete! This was going to take longer than installing Windows!

When Dana returned, she noticed my restlessness. Grabbing her handbag, she said, "Come on. We're going out."


"We're going to distract you. What's with you?"

I explained about the computer and, in the car, descending into the Valley, admitted to wrestling with my feelings for Liliya.

"She has them, too," Dana informed me.

"But, she doesn't act like it." I observed and added quickly, "Not that I want her to."

Dana smiled at me, competently steering the car. "Do you see her drawing twenty-four hours a day?"


"Sex is like that for her. It's something she enjoys, but at her own pace." Dana laughed lightly. "She's not like me. I can't keep my hands off you."

"Thank you, Lord," I intoned with a grin.

Dana laughed again. "Just relax with Liliya. She'll let you know when she wants to play. In the meantime, I'll keep you exhausted."

I grinned. "Have you always had such an active libido?"

Dana nodded. "From the first time I discovered how much pleasure I could get from my clitoris. Poor Joe. I held off intimacy for a year. He thought I was shy about sex. Boy, was he surprised! I was just making sure he was the one."

"Were you a virgin?"

Dana laughed. "We both were! The first time was a disaster. But after, he didn't know what hit him!" She grew quiet for a moment. "You're only the second man I've slept with. I guess I have an uncontrollable attraction to the Halston boys."

Dana turned in at the mall and parked.

"What're we doing here?"

"We're shopping for clothes. Your wardrobe leaves much to be desired."

"I don't like buying clothes," I informed her, not impressed.

"And that's why it's going to be fun."

It wasn't . . . at the beginning. I never tried on clothes before buying them. I knew my size. I'd buy. Easy. Not with Dana. She hunted like a pro, inspecting items, discarding some, holding others up against me and inspecting with a critical eye.

Her comments had me smiling.

Holding up a powder blue, button-down shirt against me, she said almost absentmindedly, "You sure have some shoulders on you. A real hunk of a man. We'll get you a haircut. Your hair sticks up at the back."

"I have a double crown. It always sticks up."

"Rare," she commented. "Only one and a half percent of the population has it. The Chinese consider it a sign of luck. This blue shirt will look great on you. We'll take it."

"I never felt lucky," I told her.

Dana paused and smiled. "You have me. That's what I call lucky! You need real slacks. Those Chinos of yours have paint stains."

With a selection of pants and shirts, Dana instructed me to try them on and promptly followed me into the changing room. I felt like a kid again. She checked the fit at the waist, tugged them up, stood back to look, shook her head and made me try on another pair.

The fourth pair, plain black, received her seal of approval. "There we are. These fit properly."

"Thanks, Mom."

Dana laughed. "Try on the shirt."

When I removed my Polo shirt, she studied my body and murmured, "Very nice. When we get some weight back into your face, you're going to be edible."

I turned to pick up the new shirt and Dana's finger touched my lower back.

"What's this scar? I didn't notice it before."

"Fence post. I fell on it when I was fourteen."

"Hmmm. I think there's a story there. Turn around and let me see the shirt." She studied it, checked the fit on my shoulders, wrists, and around the neck, and decided, "One size larger. It looks good on you."

Items paid for, Dana announced, "Now underwear and socks."

"I have underwear and socks."

"I want to see you in boxers. You'll look sexy in boxers."

"I don't like boxers. They ride up."

"In that case, we'll get you those tight boxers. I think Calvin Klein has them." She looked around. "This way."

By lunchtime, I had four bags of clothes and another serious dent in my credit card I could ill afford. But, rather than argue with her - which was proving to be impossible - I decided I'd surreptitiously return the clothes in a couple of days. Except for the underwear. They looked good.

We ate at some cookie-cutter restaurant, done up as a faux diner. Ruby something. Their burger was good, the fries hot. Dana's oriental salad seemed to please her.

Simply studying her elegance brought on a wave of affection, which brought another thought to mind.

Leaning over the table, I asked in a quiet voice, "Do you have any particular thoughts on quickies?"

Her blue eyes danced with amusement. She nodded, taking a forkful of salad.

"Care to share them?" Selfishly, and trying to influence her, I added, "Personally, I think quickies play an important role in the development of a satisfying intimate relationship. Spontaneity adds spice and unpredictability. And, let me tell you, bit of quick sexual pleasure doesn't hurt, either."

She laughed. "You've obviously given it much thought."

"It's hard not to. Seeing you so elegant and refined makes me want to take advantage of you. Maybe ravish you a bit, mess up your clothes and make you sweat."

Her laughter was bright. Her eyes shone with pleasure. She was a deeply beautiful woman.

With a twinkle in her eyes, she said, "I haven't had a quickie in a long, long time."

With my mind in overdrive, I asked, "Ever had sex in the swimming pool?"

She gave me a coy smile, "Now you mention it, I haven't."

"Have you noticed it's sunny and hot outside. Liliya's in school."


"What's Hmmm mean?" I asked.

"I'll think about it."

Grinning, I responded, "Me, too. All the way home. Eat up!"

Excitement built as she drove us back. Visions meandered through my heated mind. When we entered the house, I said, "Let's get changed."

Dana paused. "Why?"

"Because. I want to pull your bikini off, that's why. It's been on my mind for a while."

With a bright laugh, she headed upstairs and I admired how her dress swished with her undulating ass. "Did I mention how utterly spectacular your ass is?"

She laughed and gave it a extra twitch. "Several times."

In the bedroom, as I shucked my clothes at speed, she took her time hunting through the dresser drawer.

"Hurry up. It's quickie, remember?"

I had to grin at her laugh.

With a turquoise bikini in hand, she headed into the bathroom. "I'll meet you down there."

Partially erect, my blood coursing, I pulled on swimming trucks and headed downstairs. The pool, as usual, was crystal clear. As a precaution, I checked the neighbors on either side. Trees blocked their upper levels. A tall, white-painted, wooden fence blocked their backyards. At the back, the land dropped away to a side road, again hidden behind the fence.

Satisfied, I dove in.

Dana emerged. Her long svelte body looked stunning in a small turquoise bikini. I especially liked the strings tied in bows at her hips.

Unlike me, she walked down the stairs and slipped into the water, her hair held up with a butterfly clip.

Sex is fun. Sex is satisfying. But sex is exponentially better when it involves removing a woman's attire. It adds an edge to desire; the act of revealing her body, becoming intimate.

It started with her swimming into my arms. We kissed, her arms around my neck. I drifted to where I could stand up, and I immediately fondled her ass. Damned gorgeous! Dana undulated her groin against me and, already turned on, my erection strengthened. From behind her, I pulled the bow at her back, opening the bikini top and, as the front floated free, I played with her breasts. In the water, they felt lighter, still remarkably firm, such a sensual shape.

Dana murmured pleasure into my mouth while we kissed. She sucked my upper lip and, desire unfurling, I reached behind and slipped my hand into her bikini bottom, fondling her sexy ass. Would I ever tire of it?

Now impatient, I pulled the bow at one hip, then the other. Dana's reaction was to fish down into my suit and grip my erection.

She smiled, her eyes sparkling. "I love your cock, Mitch. I love how hard you get."

Pulling her bikini bottoms away, I touched her pussy.

"I love that I can make you so hard," she added. "It makes me wet."

"Jesus, Dana! Hurry up!"

Her smile broadened, her eyes dancing with delight, and brought her legs up, wrapping them around my waist.

Reaching behind her, I grabbed my erection and aimed, the tip touching her. Dana moved her ass as I held my cock. She wiggled and pressed, seating me in the right spot, then pressed down.

The sensation was incredible. From cool, refreshing water, my erection slipped into pure heat, gripped in a velvet caress. Dana sighed and stopped. My cock throbbed.

"I really like this," she said. "I like having you inside me. I can even feel you throbbing." She clenched her pussy and let out a sigh. "Wonderful."

A sly expression formed. She smiled slightly, staring into my eyes. "I love fucking you, Mitch. But, sometimes I prefer to be fucked."

"Christ, Dana!" I groaned, gripping her ass. Withdrawing slowly, I thrust into her. She smiled. I did it again, this time harder, her body rising in the water.

Dana kissed me. She surprised me by kissing me gently, her lips pressing, and I reacted, slowing, fucking her with full, wonderful strokes, her pussy caressing me.

She dropped her head to my shoulder, arms around my neck, and for the next few minutes we fucked slowly, pleasure washing through me. I loved sex with Dana. I'd never get enough of her.

She brought her mouth to my ear and whispered, "Harder." She started moving, curling her pelvis and shoving her pussy to meet my thrusts. Her breath was hot against me. My cock felt like it grew even harder and need intensified.

Dana was caught off guard when I pulled out of her, her head lifting, questions in her eyes.

Grinning, I moved to the side of the pool at the shallow end and turned her around. She laughed and gripped the side of the pool, curling her ass back at me.

Gripping my cock, I looked at her gorgeous ass in the clear water, the shape of her buttocks and, moving in, guided myself, finding her cleft and thrusting, penetrating her, my groin hitting her ass.

Dana grunted.

Reaching around her, I fondled her breast. With my other hand, I reached around and down, and cupped her pussy, feeling where I penetrated her. Pulling back, I thrust into her and started strumming her clit.

Dana gasped. She shoved her ass back at me meeting my thrust. Suddenly we were fucking, firm strokes, buried inside her, pulling back, thrusting, pleasure building. My cock swelled. Pressure built in my groin and I let her breast go, held her shoulder, and started tugging her back as I fucked into her.

Dana gasped, "God, yes!"

The feeling of her pussy gripping me as she climaxed and the sound of her gasp of pleasure was enough. With a single hard thrust, I paused, my cock straining, and heaven arrived, semen racing up my shaft, bliss hitting as I spurted. My orgasm took control. With short, fast strokes, I came in her, spurting hard, pleasure wracking my body. Water splashed noisily as I emptied myself into her, sweet release, cum pulsing.

LILIYA LOOKED AT MOM as they drove home from school. Mom was smiling softly and humming. She glowed. Why?

"You had sex!" she exclaimed, grinning. "Is that what you and Uncle Mitch do all day when I'm at school?"

Mom laughed. "No."

"I think I wanna hum like that. Would Mitch . . .?"

Mom glanced at her and smiled. "I'm sure he would. But, he won't initiate anything, honey. So don't wait for him."

Liliya thought about it, then commented with a laugh, "Maybe tonight. You didn't wear him out, did you?"

"I don't think that's possible."


Liliya thought about Mitch. He didn't look like Dad. But, his eyes were just the same; same color, same gentleness, kind. She was so glad he was living with them now. She liked being a family again. It helped. She missed Dad every day, but Mitch made it much easier.

Remembering him rubbing her pussy, Liliya experienced a spark of excitement. For such a big guy, he'd fondled her bum with surprising gentleness. Lying on top of Mom, she'd felt Mom's body moving as he'd had sex with her and it excited her. What would real sex feel like?

If it was anything like seeing Mom, it must be fantastic.

Dad and Mom had promised to let her try last year, but things happened. Would Mitch want to? Maybe she'd ask.

Fidgeting on the seat, a familiar need blossomed; the desire for the release of a climax. These days, she was experiencing it more frequently and stronger. Her mind drifted back to being with Dad.

"Mom? Do you think you could . . ."

She explained.

Mom smiled. "I think we can arrange that."

Liliya grinned. Tonight!

I WAS TIRED BY the time we went to bed and looking forward to some cuddling and a full night's sleep to recharge my depleted batteries.

Waiting for Dana to emerge from the bathroom, I turned my mind to Joe's computer. All day the program had been scanning and, before dinner, it had finished, identifying a hidden program.

When I'd clicked on it, a box opened asking for a password and neither of his passwords had worked. Tomorrow, I'd give Harry a call and see if he could help. What was it that Joe had so carefully hidden? It intrigued me. He'd been such a straight-laced guy, conservative and almost boring. Or, maybe not. Thinking about Liliya, perhaps I didn't know Joe at all.

Dana emerged, turning the bathroom light off. Soft yellow light from her bedside lamp lit the bedroom. She'd collected her hair in a ponytail. Her simple ribbed cotton nightshirt fell to the top of her thighs. She smiled and slipped into bed.

Moving close, Dana rose onto her elbow and kissed me. "Could I ask a favor?"

I nodded.

"My butt's a bit sore. Could you massage it?"


She lay down on her front, arms under the pillow, smiled at me and wiggled her ass.

I wasn't horny. At least not at that point. However, when I drew the sheet down, straddled her legs, pushed her nightshirt up and saw her naked ass, liquid heat poured through me.

"Gorgeous," I commented, caressing her buttocks.

"You're a real ass lover, aren't you?"

"You bet your butt!"

I grinned at her quiet chuckle and started massaging one cheek. Dana sighed with pleasure. I massaged the other, then squeezed both together hard and she sighed again.

When I massaged both, her pussy peeked out at me. I might have moaned at the sight, the way her cleft parted and closed with my caressing hands. Inside my brand new tight boxers, my cock inflated, growing towards my hip.

Unable to resist, I bent and kissed her cheek. It was soft yet firm, yielding to the pressure of my lips. I drew my fingertip along her cleft and Dana reacted. She rolled onto her back, exposing her sexy pussy, her mons mounded, soft ash brown pubes.

"Eat me, please," she whispered, her blue eyes intense.

Rising onto my knees, Dana extracted her legs, then let them part and settle on the bed. Her pussy was exposed in all its glory: sexy pubes, her thin inner lips cradled by full outer labia, and her clitoral hood nestled.

Shuffling down, I settled on my front, my erection pressed to the bed. I caught her scent - a trace of earthiness and aroma of sex. Kissing her cleft, Dana sighed and let her head fall back, her body relaxing. She brought her knees up. With a delicate touch, I probed her slit with my tongue, tasted her entrance, and moved up, kissing her labia, then settled my lips over her clit. Below, I teased her entrance with my fingertip, rubbing before penetrating her to the first knuckle, no more. Then I tongued her clit.

Dana sighed again, and as I caressed her clit, tiny tremors emerged - more like twitches. I sucked her clit gently and she murmured pleasure, moving her pelvis for the first time. Slowly, very slowly, I drew her higher. Her vagina tightened and relaxed on my fingertip. Her breathing deepened.

Over the sexy swell of her mons, I saw her eyes close; so beautiful. When I eased a second fingertip into her anus, Dana inhaled sharply and a frown knitted her brow. Her lips parted, now breathing harder, and I strummed her clit with my tongue.

I could tell she was close. Her hips undulated rhythmically, rubbing her pussy against my mouth. Her hands closed, gripping the sheet under her.

The bed suddenly shook. Liliya had climbed up and sat on the bed, leaning back against the headboard as she watched me. She smiled, her eyes twinkling.

Somehow, having her watch intensified my arousal.

I ate Dana faster, her pussy now slippery and, when I fucked her pussy and ass with my fingers and sucked her clit, Dana climaxed, quietly, inhaling sharply. She moaned, her hips undulating. Panting, her thighs twitched and she came in a gentle wave of pleasure, small jerks, an almost silent cry of bliss, then peaking with her body taut, pausing, and falling limp, relaxed, breathing deeply, her frown fading away.

Liliya grinned at me. "My turn!"

Fuck me!

She scooted down onto her back. I noticed her white, ribbed cotton nightshirt matched her mother's and immediately wondered if she, too, had no panties on.

Horniness clouded my thinking. Desire whispered in my ear; what does an eleven-year-old taste like? What does she feel like?

Liliya spread her legs, smiling at me, her grey eyes twinkling with excitement.

I shuffled across and settled between her small legs. A shiver of excitement hit me. Under the hem of her nightshirt, I saw a perfect little pussy. My hand shook when I brushed the nightshirt up, exposing her. Liliya was nothing like her mother.

Liliya's pussy was so deliciously small. This close, with my face practically in her crotch, I saw she wasn't perfectly hairless. Downy body hair along her plump labia had started transitioning to ash brown matching the tiny hairs on her mons. It was stupendously sexy! Her small cleft was tightly closed even with her legs apart, her clit hidden, protected by plump labia. Her small buttocks bulged against the bed.

Liliya's pussy was stunning! On her back, her mons seemed so ripe, mounding abnormally high. Her pussy tapered sensually to her full vulva, and her cute cleft merged with her butt crack.

I managed a smile, then edged close and inhaled. Nothing but clean. Almost trembling, I kissed her mons. It was so excitingly soft, yielding to the pressure of my mouth. I couldn't believe I was kissing an eleven-year-old's pussy! I kissed her cleft, warm against my lips, silky smooth. Then, opening my mouth, I took her whole cleft in, sucking carefully. Horniness pounded me. My cock swelled. I felt precum leak when I rubbed myself against the bed.

And then it got better. Tracing her slit with the tip of my tongue, I probed gently. Her silken labia hugged my tongue. I discovered her small clit, and Liliya's smile faded. She relaxed back, just like her mother.

I glanced over and Dana was on her side watching us, a small smile playing on her lips. Her blue eyes twinkled at me. A wave of dizziness almost overcame me. Nothing had prepared me for the eroticism of this, of her mother watching me eat out her daughter. Excitement thundered in me making my ears ring.

I concentrated, caressing Liliya's little clit and, hesitantly, fingered her below. Her smooth labia yielded. Inside, I discovered slippery arousal and warmth. My cock throbbed hard when I touched the entrance to her vagina and I almost came when my fingertip slipped into her.

Liliya inhaled deeply. Her body twitched. And like her mother, her eyes closed and she started rubbing her pussy on my mouth, each undulation pressing my fingertip in and out, fucking her slightly. She was so damned tight! So damned small!

I sucked her clit and strummed it, and Liliya gasped quietly. A cute frown emerged. Like mother like daughter, her hands curled into fists and she rubbed her sweet pussy against my mouth. Unlike her mother, Liliya announced her climax with the cutest grunt. Her body jerked. Then her hips churned and she emitted little mewls of pleasure.

I'd never experience anything like it or anything so excitingly forbidden. It struck a deep chord in me, my arousal almost uncontrollable. In that moment, as she drowned in pleasure - such a young girl - I wanted her. I wanted to feel her small body under me, feel what it would be like to have sex with a child, feel myself penetrating her slender body. I desperately wanted to feel myself cumming inside her, filling her with my semen.

So lost, when she slowed and relaxed, I rose up onto my knees and shoved my underwear down, my cock jutting out, tip damp with precum, pounding blood making it bob.

I shuffled up, staring at her saliva-covered, hairless little pussy. I wanted her! God I wanted her!

Gripping my erection, I stroked once and my body reacted. I was too late. With a deep groan, I came, semen spurting out onto her mons. Lost, I stroked my cock and a massive pulse of cum splashed onto her little cleft, thick white semen slowly dripping down. Looking down at her cum-covered little pussy, I came hard, hard, exploding, semen coating her pussy, another spurting up over her mons to her stomach, each aching pulse bringing exquisite pleasure. Blood roared in my ears. I stroked myself, cock swelling erupting, viscous cum spurting. There was no sexier sight in the world than Liliya's eleven-year-old pussy covered in cum!

My orgasm peaked and passed suddenly. Spurts weakened and stopped. I was panting for breath.

Dana and Liliya were watching me. And into the void of post-orgasmic bliss, guilt thundered in at me.

What had I done? How could I? How could I have lost control like that? I was frozen in place, mortified.

Dana rolled to Liliya's side. She reached down and rubbed her daughter's pussy, spreading my semen. "How did it feel?" she asked Liliya.

Liliya smiled!

"Hot. Just like Daddy's. But much more. How come?"

Fuck me!

Then Liliya truly shocked me. She reached down, drew her finger through my thick cum, and tasted me!

"Tastes the same," she observed. "Here. Try."

With another scoop, she extended her finger to her mother. Dana looked me in the eyes, smiling slightly, opened her mouth and cleaned her daughter's finger.


I realized how far I'd fallen. With their acts, I understood my brother. And damn if I didn't grin!

Chapter Eight

"Mitch, my man, it'll take a supercomputer to break the password," Harry informed me over the phone. "You'd be better off trying anything associated with your brother; his birthday, the name of his first pet, the name of the girl he lost his virginity to. It'd be much faster."

"Shit. Okay."

"Good luck, Mr. Artiste," he said with a laugh, cutting the connection.

I contemplated Joe's laptop, left it running, grabbed a small notebook, and started jotting down possibilities.

A call to the ad agencies had netted no work. It concerned me. Visa was going to hit me with a bill in a couple of weeks.

Getting up, with the small notebook in hand, I went in search of Dana. I found her on the back patio sanding a small cabinet. She'd wrapped a bandana around her head. In khaki shorts and a simple coral T-shirt, she looked sweaty and delicious.

Grabbing a chair, I sat. "Tell me about Joe."

"What about him?" she asked, pausing her sanding.

"I'm trying to find his password to the program I told you about. I need trivia, like what his favorite movie was, or his favorite female actor. Stuff like that. Cuz, if it's a random password, we're never getting into the program."

"Joe wasn't complex. I doubt he'd use a random password. Did you check his desk for it? Maybe he hid it."

"Not there. So, talk to me."

For the next hour, Dana gave me suggestions. I added some from his childhood. With four pages of possibilities, I didn't hold my breath. This was a long shot at best.

Having a bit of fun, I told her as I stood, "You look sexy when you're hot and sweaty." Then, I added with a leer, "Since you're already sweaty, care to mess around?"

She laughed brightly. "After last night? You're inhuman! Go away!"

Back in the home office, I began the tedious task of trying passwords.

DANA SMILED TO HERSELF when Mitch left. He was cute, despite being so damned big.

Last night had been a breakthrough. He'd realized it, too, and he was completely relaxed now. She saw no shadow of doubt in his eyes when he looked at Liliya. His hugs were a bit tighter and longer. He smiled more. And he touched her absentmindedly when she chatted with him. Thank God!

For a moment there, last night, when he'd finished cumming, she'd seen real fear in his eyes, which is why she'd moved over to Liliya and played.

A pulse of heat hit her. She'd forgotten how sexy it was to see Liliya's little pussy covered in cum; to see a thick cock spurting semen onto her. Now, the wall was broken. Now, all three of them could enjoy sexy play without her worrying. Mitchell was in, all the way.

This morning when she woke up and saw Liliya cuddled to him - a kitten and a bear sleeping peacefully - she'd melted. Love for them both had almost overwhelmed her.

Dana stopped sanding and inspected the cabinet. Done. Varnish or paint? Paint. It would match Liliya's room.

Wiping her brow, she checked her watch. Lunchtime. She'd make sandwiches . . . after a shower.

Walking by the front door on her way to the stairs, she noticed bags with Mitch's new clothes dropped there from yesterday's shopping. She grabbed them and headed upstairs. She'd put them away.

Refreshed and clean, Dana poured a glass of sweet tea she'd made earlier and took a long sip, sighing with pleasure. She set about making lunch. Three sandwiches for Mitch, one for her. It made her smile. She was feeding her man!

"HOLY SHIT!" echoed through the house.

"What's wrong?" she yelled. "Come eat your lunch!"

Nothing. Silence.

About to go get Mitch, it came again.

"Holy shiiiiit!"

"Stop yelling Holy shit!"


A couple of minutes later, he ambled into the kitchen, scratching his hair. His jeans were torn and paint stained, as was his wrinkled shirt. Absentmindedly, he dropped down onto a chair at the table. It creaked ominously.

Dana took both plates over to him and slid his in front of him. "Care to tell me what all the ruckus was about?"

"Huh?" He glanced up at her, picked up a half a sandwich and took a bite without even checking what it was.

She wondered if he even tasted the goat cheese, arugula, roasted red peppers, and slivers of sweet onion on fresh caraway rye.

"I asked what all the swearing was about."

He grinned. "Yeah. Sorry. But, Jesus, Dana. Joe was a bad boy!"

"That's just not possible! Why would you think it?"

"If he wasn't bad - by the way, this is a great sandwich!" He took another large bite.

She waited for him to continue. Impatient, she prompted, "Well?"

"Sorry. As I was saying, if Joe wasn't a bad boy, how'd he amass just over thirteen million dollars in a Cayman bank?"

Dana froze. "Thirteen million dollars? Are you sure?"

"Yup. I have his account details and it's all in his name."

"But, how?"

"Dunno. That's the next challenge."

Dana forgot to eat. She wrestled with the news. It couldn't be Joe. Not the Joe she knew. There had to be a mistake! "Maybe he was investing it for some client?"

Mitch shrugged and ate, two sandwiches consumed. His eyes were focused on some faraway place. Refocusing on her, he said, "Oh well. I'll get to the bottom of it."

He disappeared after lunch. She didn't see him again until she returned with Liliya and her daughter coaxed him out of the office for a swim.

That night, Dana cuddled close to him, her mind still churning. Mitch was preoccupied, too. She gave him a kiss. He fell asleep. She'd noticed he could do that; fall asleep at a moment's notice. She didn't. Her brain churned. Eventually, his rhythmic breathing, the movement of his chest, and his deeply attractive scent took her under.

WITH AN EAR TO the phone listening to Harry, I scrolled through the account on Joe's computer. It was incredible.

"You KNOW I'm not supposed to do that, Mitch. I could be sent to prison!"

"When has that ever stopped you?"

"True. Thirteen million, you said?"

"Yeah. Just over."

He sighed. "Okay. Give me the bank transit number, the account and details of ten transactions. I need the dates and amounts."

"I'll email them to you."

"Hell no! We don't want an electronic trail, Mitch. Just read the stuff to me."

I did.

"Okay. Give me a day or two and I'll see what I can find. Don't hold your breath."

"Thanks, Harry. I owe you one."

"Yeah, yeah. As if I'll ever collect. Talk to you soon." He cut the call.

I didn't buy his pessimism. Harry was one of the DIA's finest white hat hackers and he'd already saved my bacon too many times to count, delivering key intelligence when I most needed it. This bank info was a walk in the park for him.

Satisfied I'd know the answer soon enough, I checked my watch. Mid morning. I had time to return those clothes.

The bags weren't in the hall where I'd left them. I climbed the stairs and checked the bedroom. Not there, either. I didn't want to tell Dana I was returning them. In fact, I didn't want her to know how close to the financial edge I was.

I found her on the back patio. Newspaper was spread. She was painting the small cabinet a blush pink, extremely pale, almost white.

"Hey, Dana, did you see where I dropped the shopping bags?"

She paused and studied me. "Why?"

"I thought I'd put them away, now I have time."

Her blue eyes seemed to penetrate my skull. "I've already put them away." She studied me. "Why didn't you unpack them when we came home? Didn't you like them?"

"I did," I assured her, wondering how I could extract myself from this conversation. "I guess I was lazy. Or, wasn't it when we had that quickie? I must have been distracted. Speaking of a quickie." I tried a grin.

Dana's eyes opened wider. "Oh, Lord! I didn't even think! I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what?"

"It didn't cross my mind that you might not be able to afford them. I'll buy them for you," she added quickly.

Jesus! How did she do it? "You'll do no such thing. And money isn't a problem," I lied. I'm an excellent liar.

Or, maybe not. At least, not with Dana. She stood up from her crouch and studied my eyes, perfectly serious, her eyes intense. My nerves tickled. I fought the brief desire for flight, like any rational man would under her scrutiny.

She was in her work gear: cuffed shorts, tee, and a bandana holding her hair back. She looked sweaty and mussed and elegant. Paint was dotting her tee and streaking her hands. Today, she was barefoot and, to me, she looked damned gorgeous.

"I can take a lot, Mitch, but never lying. I need to trust you."

Why did I have to fall in love with a witchdoctor?

"Okay. My finances aren't dire, just . . . um . . . finely balanced. I usually spread purchases out over time."

She nodded. "Thank you. I'll buy them for you. Next time I'll be more sensitive."

Next time?

"You're scary! Have you considered offering your services to Guantanamo?"

She smiled slightly. "No. Just remember, you can't hide anything from me. I'll know."

"No kidding! How has Liliya survived?"

Dana laughed lightly. "I let her lie occasionally." She narrowed her eyes and added, jabbing the paint brush at me, "You, I won't."

Grinning, I asked, "So, when I said I liked the sandwich at lunch yesterday, you knew I didn't?"

She laughed. "You loved it!"

"And when I said your ass was spectacular . . ."

"Go away, Mitch!" she said with another laugh. "I have work to do."

I headed in, grinning.

She yelled after me, "And my ass is spectacular!"

I wondered what her neighbor would think of that? Probably agree. I decided to mow the front lawn. Waves this time.

DANA SMILED TO HERSELF. She resumed painting the cabinet.

Mitchell amused her no end. However, she chastised herself for not being more aware of his finances. Men and money. They had some irrational need to protect the fairer sex, be the breadwinner, provide. Yesterday, her image of Joe had been dented. How had he kept the account from her? How hadn't she known something was off?

Joe never talked about business and, the few time she'd forced him to, he'd stultified her, quoting compound interest rates, inflation adjusted returns, ETF's, and an endless list of financial tools until she'd begged for mercy.

She'd thought he was the most honest man she knew. So where had all the money come from? Had he stolen it? If so, from whom?

Her mind turned to Mitch. She knew he has secrets and accepted it. He wouldn't talk about his government service, brushing it off by claiming he was a gopher, a diplomatic courier. She knew he was lying but didn't press. Maybe he'd been a bodyguard. He was built for it. Although, she thought, he was far too gentle. Perhaps one day he'd tell her.

With a final stroke of the brush, she stood and stretched her back, admiring her work. Liliya was going to love it. Her twelfth birthday was just around the corner. This would be one of her presents.

The sound of the lawnmower reached her, making her smile. What crazy design was Mitch going to do this time?

By the time she'd washed up and changed into a light summer dress, as she puttered around in the kitchen wondering what to make for dinner, through the window she admired the perfect waves on the lawn. Very peaceful. She smiled. Mitch, her gentle giant. He was turning soil in the flower patch. She admired his back, the shape of his shoulders, narrow waist and great ass. Tonight he wasn't falling asleep!

At three, still undecided about dinner, she opened the front door. "Mitch? Come clean up. You can come with me when I pick Liliya up at school."

He paused and wiped his brow. "Great. I'm finished here." Walking toward her, he asked, "How do you like the lawn?"

"It's nice. And you're nuts."

His chuckle rumbled from his chest. "Robert agrees with you. He invited me to mow his lawn. Apparently his wife, after seeing our lawn, wants a bit of creativity from him."

Dana smiled, stepping back into the house. "You're going to disrupt the neighborhood."

As soon as Mitch had changed, they left. Mitch, even with the car seat all the way back, looked uncomfortable. Dana asked, "Why don't you insist on driving? Isn't it a guy thing?"

"I would, but you're competent enough. If you weren't, I'd insist."

A few minutes of silence followed. Mitch asked, "What would you do with thirteen million dollars?"

"I wouldn't. It's not mine."

"But, if it was, what would you do?"

Dana smiled. "Buy you a new wardrobe."

He laughed. "Seriously. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be obscenely wealthy?"

"No. And I don't need the money. Joe provided for us."

"I'd buy a boat. A sixty-foot trawler capable of long distances. Then I'd take my time and cross over to Hawaii, spend some time there, and motor down to French Polynesia. From there I'd visit the Cook Islands, hit Fiji, and make my way to New Zealand, then Australia. I'd like to see the Great Barrier Reef before it's destroyed by global warming."

Dana was surprised. "You've thought this out."

"Yup. It's the only part of the world I've never seen."

His comment gave her insight into him. Mitch must be very well traveled. She asked, "When did you learn to pilot a boat?"

He grinned. "I can't. It would be fun learning, wouldn't it?"

Dana laughed. She pulled up in front of the school, parked and waited. Turning in her seat towards Mitch, she asked, "Have you really traveled so extensively?" She saw him close up.

"No. I was just having you on. I've traveled to lots of places, but it's been work, not sightseeing. Entirely different."

He changed the subject. "What's for dinner? I'm hungry." Eyes twinkling, he added, "Want me to cook dinner?"

"Actually, that sounds nice. What would you make us?"

He leaned back and closed his eyes. "Perfectly aged Porterhouse steaks at least two inches thick. Fresh corn on the cob grilled in the husk, then roasted over the open grill to finish them. Kebabs of vegetables - onions, red bell peppers, Portobello mushrooms - brushed with garlic butter, and McDonalds fries on the side."

Dana laughed. "Okay. Sounds scrumptious. We'll shop on the way home."

Kids flooded out of the school. Dana spotted Liliya having an animated conversation with a friend. She smiled and admired her daughter. The school uniform looked good on her: pleated grey skirt, white blouse, knee-high socks gathered at her ankles, and black sneakers. Liliya, while chatting and walking, pulled the elastic band from her hair, combed her fingers through, collected it and put the elastic band back on, all unconsciously.

Liliya spotted them, smiled, said something to her friend, and ran to the car.

Tossing her backpack in, she enthused, "Three more weeks and school's finished! Hi, Mitch! What's for dinner, Mom?"

"McDonald's fries," Mitch told her.


Late that night, Dana sighed with satisfaction and slipped off Mitch, her body languid and relaxed. God she loved sex! She even liked the feel of his semen leaking. Masturbation had kept her satisfied over the last thirteen months or so, but it didn't come close to real sex, to the feel of being stretched and filled, or the experience of feeling Mitch's thick erection swelling and pulsing inside her as he came. Nothing could replace the satisfaction of making him cum.

She nestled to his side and inhaled deeply. He smelled so damned good. Once again, she let herself enjoy being with him. Guilt no longer flitted with her conscious. She caressed his chest. Mitch made her feel petite and she loved it.

"I love you, Mitch," she whispered, her head comfortably settled in the crook of his shoulder.

His arm tightened around her, his hand caressing her back. "Love you, too," he murmured.

Dana thought back to the conversation she'd had with Liliya while Mitch was barbecuing dinner. Liliya had been calmly serious, rational, and insistent. And Dana, after questioning her, accepted she was perfectly aware of what she was asking for.

"Mitch?" she asked quietly.


"You know how much Liliya adores you, and you adore her."


"She asked me today if you'd make love to her." Dana felt his body stiffen. "She's essentially twelve years old - only two weeks from now - and you know how mature she is about sex. I think you should."

Dana waited. He took his time.

With a sigh, he said, "I'll be honest. I'd like to. The idea of loving Liliya excites me. It's strange, but two months ago I'd have been horrified. Now I'm not. But . . ."

His voice trailed off. He continued just as she was going to ask.

"Do you think it's genetic?"

"What? Finding young girls arousing?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

"I don't know. Joe and I discussed it once. We were both taken by surprise with Liliya. Me more than him. I'd never found prepubescent girls attractive that way. Perhaps it was because Liliya was my daughter, or I knew with absolute certainty she was doing something she enjoyed. I don't know. I do know Liliya is absolutely serious about wanting to make love with you."

A moment of silence followed. Finally, Mitch spoke.

"Here's the thing. I'm so big. She's so small. I can't imagine not hurting her. But, what really scares me is me. I've never lost control before, yet you and Liliya seem to make me crazy to the point where I throw caution to the wind. I'm not sure I have the strength of character not to hurt her in the maelstrom of desire."

Dana smiled to herself. He really is a gentle soul. She rubbed his chest. "I think you've got it backwards. I don't think you'll enjoy yourself the first time. You'll be too worried about Liliya."

"Based on the other night, I'm not so sure. If I hadn't cum like that, I would have . . . All I could think about after she climaxed was how much I wanted to . . ." He sighed. "I'm really not sure, Dana."

"Just think about it. Talk to Liliya and see what she thinks."

Chapter Nine

I HADN'T HEARD FROM Harry. It was already Saturday. He probably wouldn't get back to me until Monday.

Liliya distracted me, running and leaping into the pool with a yell of glee. She cannon-balled. The gentle wave hardly moved me on the inflatable raft, but it did bring on a smile.

Dana was off shopping. Liliya had cajoled me into the pool and she was doing a fine job of entertaining herself. What was it about kids? All they needed was attention, someone to keep them company, and they were happy. Swimming alone was never as much fun and yet, I was doing nothing, just floating. Her innocent pleasure was beautiful.

Like this, I saw nothing sexual about her. Liliya was simply an enchanting little girl.

The raft moved underneath me. Liliya didn't have the strength to topple me off. She rose to the surface, panting, her grey eyes sparkling, and grinned at me.

"You're too heavy!"

"You're too short. And you're a girl," I retorted.

She frowned and splashed water at me. "I'm NOT too short and I'm NOT . . ." With a laugh, she added, "I am a girl. But that's not nice!"

"I meant pretty girl."

With another pleased laugh, she swam to the stairs. "Watch this, Uncle!"

With a long run to the edge, she launched herself into the air, curled, and hit the water right next to me. Her splash seemed much bigger. And the water dousing my sun-heated body chilled me. I growled and rolled off the raft, with Liliya giggling and swimming away.

We romped for an hour or so then decided it was lunchtime. Liliya calmly followed me upstairs and into the master bedroom.

When she followed me into the bathroom, I asked, "What are you doing?"

She pushed her bikini bottoms down. "I'm showering with you. We're supposed to conserve water and you still haven't fixed the other shower."

With a shrug, I pushed my suit off and stepped into the shower, turning it on and adjusting the temperature. Liliya joined me. At first suspicious about her intent, when she ignored me and started rinsing chlorine out of her hair, I washed. We did the dance that happens when two people shower together, rotating and taking turns under the water, washing when out of the stream.

Liliya chatted away about school and friends and music, not needing my input at all to hold up the conversation. When I was tempted to study her body, I resisted, just to see if I had the fortitude. I did.

For such a small girl, she had a personality five times her height, but small she was. The top of her head barely met my rib cage and soaking wet, she couldn't have topped eighty pounds. Based on her mother's height, Liliya's growth spurt hadn't started.

All in all, I was impressed by my restraint until, facing me with her back to the shower, she bent her knees apart and started washing her pussy.

At that point, I stepped out. While she finished and I dried, I tried to concentrate on what she was saying, hoping to push thoughts out of my mind. I failed. I couldn't stop myself from imagining what it would feel like to have sex with her - such a petite girl. Erotic images floated through my mind; my erection next to her little pussy, the size difference, her hairless pudendum.

As water was shut off, I made a hasty exit to the bedroom and dressed as fast as I could. Now more than ever I was convinced I didn't have the self control to not hurt her.

Dana arrived home as I was preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Liliya was showing me how to make them, informing me, "That's not enough peanut butter. Put more on. Like this!"

Dana took one look at our meal and shuddered.

I grinned. "What's wrong with them? They might be a little overfilled, but you can never have too much. Right, Liliya?"

"Right! Put more jelly on!"

Dana laughed and made her own lunch. Liliya dug into her PB&J with relish. Then Dana sat at the table and saw me eyeing her sandwich: shaved smoked Black Forrest ham, Swiss cheese, and tomato and lettuce on fresh dark rye with mayo and coarse Dijon mustard - a kosher dill pickle on the side.

Without comment, she pushed her plate across to me. I took a bite. Mmmm. God I loved her! Liliya was too busy trying to eat and talk at the same time to notice me push my PB&J aside.

Dana returned just as I finished wolfing down the sandwich. She'd made two more, passing me another. Could there be a more amazing woman in the world? Witchdoctor and now psychic!

As if reading me, Dana laughed.

"What's so funny?" Liliya asked, wiping jam off her cheeks.


The day continued in much the same vein. Weekend chores. I cleaned the pool and balanced the water, backwashed the filter, and puttered around. Liliya watched television. Dana was busy with laundry. Domesticity. I loved it.

As evening approached and I sat on the back patio with a beer, admiring the flowering perennials and hardy cacti Dana had carefully nurtured, Liliya came out with a glass of Pepsi and sat next to me.

"Did Mom talk to you?"

I studied her. In tight jean shorts that ended above her knees, pink sneakers, and a light green cotton short-sleeved top, she looked just like an eleven-year-old: narrow ass, slender legs and arms, and a cute face still a few years from forming into beauty. She'd pulled her hair into a ponytail that fell to her shoulder blades.

"About?" I asked, even though I knew what she was talking about.

"You know. What I asked her about."

"And that was?"

Amusing me, she sighed with annoyance, a very female act. "About us!"

"Yeah. She did."


"I haven't decided."

Expecting an argument, she surprised me, saying, "Kay. Don't take too long. You have really hairy legs. Guess what Mom's making for dinner?"


"Steak tartar! My favorite!"

I'd never heard of it. "What is it?"

"Raw beef with onions and capers and seasonings! It's delish!"

I tried to picture eating a raw steak and couldn't.

"I wanna fidget for my birthday," she announced.

"Why wait?"


"Go ahead and fidget to your heart's content."

She paused, then giggled. "Not that! A Fidget. The spinning toy you play with."

Didn't know what that was, either.

Liliya charmed me. At times she was a little lady and then, in an instant, the inner child would emerge. She was on the cusp of transforming, such an enchanting stage of life.

When I headed in for a second beer, Dana was mixing something in a bowl. I grabbed a new beer from the fridge and said, "If it's all right with you, I'd prefer my steak cooked."

Dana smiled. "Raw beef scares you? Isn't it supposed to be manly?"

"Only when applied to a black eye."

She laughed. "Trust me, you'll like it."

"I sincerely doubt it," I mumbled, heading back to the patio.

I was wrong. I admit it. Served with lightly toasted slices of rye, the raw seasoned ground pure prime sirloin, with finely diced sweet onion and tart capers, was delicious.

Dana smiled. "Go ahead. Say it."

I grinned. "It's like . . . sushi for real men!"

That night when we went to bed, I was feeling frisky, in part from watching Dana undress and in part from the shower with Liliya.

Dana noticed as soon as she came to bed, smiled, and went down on me. She did it slowly, teasing, tongue caressing, and stroking me, gradually bringing me to a climax, her mouth sealed over my crown as I came, erupting, sweet release washing over me.

When I tried to reciprocate, she declined. "I'm okay. You were quick tonight. Why?"

"Liliya took a shower with me after swimming. Then you undressed in that sexy way you have."


"I had a talk with her while you were preparing dinner. She didn't seem . . . committed to the idea."

Dana looked at me and smiled softly. "You're wrong. She's hounded me for the last week. I told her not to bug you."

"So, why did she shower with me?"

Dana rubbed my chest. "It was her way seducing you."

"Really? That's cute."

"Very. Have you decided?"

"Not yet, although I'm leaning towards saying yes."


I asked her, "Did you know fidgets are a toy? Some spinner thing."

"Wake up!"

I shrugged my shoulder away from Liliya as she shook me violently.

"Mom says breakfast is ready. Get up, Mitch!"

She shook me some more. What a pest!

Reaching out suddenly and fast, I grabbed her and hauled her into bed. She giggled furiously and bust into bright laugher when I started tickling. It was such sweet music. Grinning, I tickled while she writhed to escape.

"Stooooop!!" she screamed, laughing.

I did. She didn't move. Still wrapped up in my arms she went quiet. For a few wonderful moments we lay together her eyes twinkling at me, smiling.

Dana ruined the moment, yelling, "Mitch? Get up! Liliya! Where are you?"

Liliya, looked at me and giggled.

That was the moment I gave into the illicit desires I'd been wrestling with. That was the moment I realized how much I loved Liliya and completely accepted the sexual attraction she stirred in me.

That moment, captured in my brain - Liliya so sweet and giggling with such pleasure, so cute - was indelibly imprinted.

She wiggled out of my arms and rolled off the bed. "Hurry, Mitch! Mom's made French toast!"

Through my shower and getting dressed, excitement pulsed through me. Interestingly, I wasn't hard. It was the sensation of blood zinging through my veins. I was alive and energetic.

They were eating when I entered the kitchen. The witchdoctor took one look at me and smiled. "Finally."

Dana didn't mean me finally arriving for breakfast. It was the twinkle in her blue eyes and her suggestive smile that told me she'd seen right through me again.

I grinned, poured a mug of coffee, and settled at the table.

"Have some French toast," Dana suggested.

"I don't eat breakfast," I reminded her.

"Eat. You're going to need your strength," she instructed, confirming her mind reading skills. Enigmatically, she added, "Today is going to be a day of firsts."

Half an hour later, before the morning sun became intense, I was washing Dana's car and still trying to make sense of her comment. Liliya made a brief appearance and tried to dash away, giggling, when I aimed the hose at her. She screamed when I hit her, dousing her. She yelled, "Mitch!! Now I have to change!"

Dana emerged from the front door a bit later.

"How much longer?"

"I'm done. Just rinsing," I told her, glancing up. Dana, in a short lemon yellow summer dress, with thin shoulder straps, a matching slim belt at her waist, and her blonde hair tied in a pony tail, looked so Californian, just edible.

She waited. After cleaning up, I asked, "What's up, aside from you looking gorgeous?"

"Liliya's busy watching TV. I've been watching you wash the car and I'm feeling randy. Care for a quickie to relieve my condition?"

I laughed. "Look who you're asking."

Smiling brightly, Dana grabbed my hand and led me inside. The television in the family room was loud. She led me upstairs. In the bedroom, with a mystical smile on her face and blue eyes twinkling with mischief, she stopped and reached under her dress. Lemon yellow panties dropped down her legs. She stepped out of them.

That's pretty much all it took for me to get hard. However, Dana was't done.

She walked around to the far side of the bed, opened a drawer in the bedside table, picked something up and tossed it to me. I caught it and glanced at my hand. Personal lubrication. Looking up, Dana, still smiling, moved onto the bed, still dressed, and lay on her front.

"Didn't you mention how much you like my ass?" she asked, moving her butt lightly. "There's something we haven't tried."

Lord help me! Lust hit.

"Are you sure?" I asked, my cock now at full attention.

"Uh-huh. I love anal sex. Do you?"

I shucked my clothes in record time, moved onto the bed and straddled her legs.

Bending over her, I kissed her. "You," I said, "are an amazing woman. Every man's dream."

"I know," she agreed with a light laugh.

Sitting up, I brushed her dress up, exposing her gorgeous buttocks. Somehow, her still being in her dress made it even more erotic. My cock jutted up.

Dana moved, reaching down under her, tugging her dress up. Her hand stayed under her. I poured gel and stroked myself, studying her sexy butt crack. Excitement thrummed through me. Gripping my shaft, I pressed it down. The slippery tip touched her butt. Watching her buttocks form around my tip thrilled me. She eased her legs apart just a bit and below, in the gap, I saw her caressing herself, her finger slipping along her cleft.

Slowly, I probed deeper between her cheeks and felt her anus on my tip. Pressing, Dana's ass dilated slowly, my crown popped in, and in a smooth, careful stroke, I buried myself in her, her buttocks touching my groin.

Dana murmured, "This feels good."

No kidding!

Withdrawing, my cock glistened as it emerged and, as I felt her tight rectum on my crown, I oozed back into her again, my erection held in buttery warmth. God it felt good! A couple more slow strokes and I settled onto her back. I kissed her cheek. She smiled and clenched her butt, then moved underneath me, encouraging me.

I responded, rocking my hips, and just like that, we were fucking, slow, gentle strokes, her ass so exciting. Dana's eyes closed. I could tell she was playing with herself from the moist sounds below.

She lay quite still as I fucked her, my erection thick and straining. Then she murmured, sighed, and moaned. Her small smile faded. Her nostrils flared with deeper breaths and I fucked her ass faster, now rising up off her buttocks and thrusting into her tight butt. Slapping sounds started. Dana groaned. I fucked her faster, firm thrusts, long strokes, pleasure washing over me.

Watching the side of her face, I saw her climax stirring. Her lips parted. She panted for breath. A small frown emerged between her eyebrows.

Inside, my orgasm neared, my cock straining and thick, balls heavy, pressure building as I fucked her hard, bouncing off her ass. I held off with increasing difficulty until I couldn't.

I whispered, "Cum with me."

Dana grunted quietly. Her buttocks tightened. And then she tumbled into her climax, her butt undulating underneath me as I fucked her with short, hard strokes.

I came with a burst of pleasure, an aching spurt, and suddenly the gates opened. With short, hard thrusts, I exploded into her butt, semen spurting. With my groin slapping against her ass, I came hard, pleasure crashing through me with each glorious, intense spurt. Cock swelling and pulsing, I rode my orgasm all the way, shoving into her so hard her body moved in the bed. The end came suddenly, my spurts weakening and passing and, sated and drained, I let my full weight down on her.

"Jesus, Dana," I groaned.

Half an hour later, we were in the kitchen preparing lunch. Dana, still in her lemon yellow dress, looked composed and chic, fresh and beautiful. Rattling through my mind was the thought I'd just had anal sex with her! Her! That elegant beauty! Such a contrast.

Dana, preparing salad dressing for potato salad, commented, "That was fun. Did it take the edge off?"

"More like exhausted me," I told her with a grin.

"Good." She smiled. "You look surprised I like anal sex."

"You're a constant source of surprises, Dana."

She laughed lightly. "Just wait. The day's not over. Go keep Liliya company while I make lunch."

I moved in behind her, pressing myself against her, with my hands on her hips, I kissed her shoulder and said, "I adore you."

Dana leaned back against me, turned her face and kissed me. "I know. I like being adored."

Liliya was sprawled on the couch in the family room, one foot up on the back of the couch, and riveted to the television. I removed her foot and sat.

Still watching TV, she sat up next to me. I put my arm around her shoulder.

"What's Mom doing?"

"Making potato salad."

"Good! That means hotdogs for lunch. I love hotdogs!"

"Is there anything you don't love?" I asked.

Still watching TV, she nodded. "I don't like liver, or octopus, or stuffed peppers . . . or custard."

The show paused for a commercial break. Liliya rose and straddled my lap. She looked at me and, with a smile, asked, "Would you like to kiss me?"

"If I have to," I told her, grinning.

A sweet twinkle passed through her eyes. Hands on my shoulders, she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. Her eyes narrowed with a smile and the tip of her tongue touched my lips. I responded, tasting her lips and when I probed, she closed her lips tight and giggled.

But then, Liliya tilted her head slightly and opened her mouth and, in an instant, I was passionately, intimately kissing her, our tongues playing, hers chasing mine back into my mouth. Thank God I'd just had sex, because the kiss was deeply sexual! Kissing a child was so intensely illicit and thrilling.

Liliya ended the kiss when commercials ended and the show resumed. She turned around in my lap and leaned back against me, pulling my arms around her.

Relaxed, I pondered my attraction to her. It wasn't the same as the feelings I had for Dana. With Dana, it was deep and powerful. I was in love. Liliya, on the other hand, attracted me differently - the allure of the forbidden, the promise of a sexual experience unlike any I'd had in my life. Yet, I loved her, too.

Liliya laughed and casually guided my hand down to her crotch. With her legs spread to the sides of my thighs, I cupped her small crotch. Her tight, neon turquoise Lycra shorts let me feel the shape of her pussy pressing against the shorts; so incredibly small yet perfectly formed. The seam pressed into her small slit making her lips bulge, rounded and plump.

I couldn't stop visions flooding my mind - her pussy was so damned small - and, despite having just had sex, my body responded. Desire washed into me. Blood flowed south. My pulse jumped. Warmth arrived, and I felt the first tug of numbing excitement.

"Lunch!" Dana called.

Chapter Ten

Liliya was right. Hotdogs were served and I devoured six, much to the amazement of both of them, coupled with astonishment every time I served myself another.

"Have you ever considered entering an eating competition?" Dana asked. "I'm sure you'd clean up."

I grinned. "Liliya ate two. I'm three times her size. Six is me showing restraint."

Dana smiled slightly. "I'm not complaining. Besides, you're going to need your energy."

Liliya giggled.

"What do you two have planned for tonight" I asked.

"Tonight? Nothing specifically. After lunch, we're going to relax around the pool."

I shrugged. "Works for me."

It did, too. Playing with Liliya was a pure joy and, when I got out and sat with Dana at the patio table sipping an ice cold beer she'd thoughtfully brought for me, and watched Liliya playing with the inflatable raft, I though life couldn't get better.

Dana broke the comfortable silence, saying, "Since today's a day of firsts, let me tell you about Joe and Liliya." She sipped sweet tea, watching her daughter. "I don't want there to be any secrets between us, Mitch, just truths."


"It was really my fault. We were at the resort. Liliya was swimming with other kids and Joe, typically him, got horny from the sun and seeing so many naked females. Maybe that's why he liked the nudist resort so much," she pondered. "No matter. I was the beneficiary of his active libido. That day, we left Liliya to swim. They had two lifeguards, so we didn't have to worry."

Dana paused to sip her drink. "I was giving Joe a blow job in our cabin when Liliya entered." She looked at me. "I can't explain it. Somehow, having Liliya watching me suck Joe off excited me like nothing else. It was a jolt of arousal, like being electrocuted. So, when I felt Joe's orgasm arrive, his erection swelling, I took my mouth off, like I did with you, and let him cum. Liliya saw every spurt into my mouth and, when Joe noticed Liliya, his climax seemed to intensify.

"Both of us didn't question why having our daughter watch excited us so much, and neither of us tried to involve her. But Liliya asked questions and that night she decided she wanted to try."

A moment of silence followed. Liliya was lying across the raft kicking her legs and circling the pool.

"Mitch, that first time I watched Liliya suck her daddy off was unbelievably arousing. Seeing a sweet eight-year-old with her mouth stretched with her father's cock did something to me. Liliya was caught off guard when Joe came in her mouth. She yanked her mouth off and spit while Joe came."

Despite myself, I pictured it and my penis stirred awake.

"That was the first time. The next time, it was both of us bringing Joe off with our mouths. Oddly, Liliya had her own pace to sex. More often than not she didn't care about it at all, then she'd want to join us."

Dana looked at me again. "We never encouraged her. You need to believe that, Mitch."

Somehow, I did. I nodded, then took a deep gulp of beer. It seemed as though the temperature had risen.

"Liliya was nine years old the first time she experienced an orgasm. That was my fault, too. She'd seen me climax and asked if I'd help her experience it."

When Dana fell silent, I mentally urged her to continue. She did.

"I could have shown her how to find pleasure herself. In fact, I was planning on it until she pulled her panties off. I'm not sure why, but the sight of her small, hairless pussy was so . . . cute isn't the word, yet it was. And when she lay on her back, she spread her knees flat onto the bed and her little cleft flowered open, something came over me and I kissed her pussy, and that was that.

"It was so soft, Mitch. Her clit was so small. And her taste . . . God, her taste. Clean and almost sweet."

Dana sipped her tea. "Careful, honey!" she yelled as Liliya tried to stand on the raft, wobbling precariously before splashing into the pool.

Dana continued. "I kissed and licked her and gently sucked her clit. It didn't take long and I almost missed it. Liliya's first climax was silent and her body squirmed lightly. I thought I might be hurting her so I stopped and Liliya gave me such a sweet smile. It showed in her eyes. There's a look in her eyes that only appears when she cums."

Dana laughed lightly. "The door had been unlocked and Liliya charged through. I accidentally saw her humping her teddy bear on her bed and boy was that cute!"

She paused for a moment, deep in thought, then said, "It turned me on so much, I had to go to my room and bring myself off. You should watch her sometime, Mitch. You've never seen anything so sweet and sexy at the same time."

I tried to adjust myself unobtrusively to make me more comfortable. Dana laughed.

Dana watched her daughter for a while, then smiled. "I want to tell you about the second most erotic sight I've ever seen. It was another first."

"Um . . . Perhaps you should save it for another time."

She glanced down at my swimming trunks and smiled broadly. "No. I think you'll enjoy this one. It was before Liliya turned nine years old. Joe had come home early. He was showering when I brought Liliya home from school. She was excited and raced upstairs to see him while I started preparing dinner. It was the silence that made me inquisitive."

She drained her glass of sweet tea and stood. "Would you like another beer?" she asked.

"I think I need one," I told her, handing the empty bottle to her.

She laughed brightly and left. My mind was on overdrive as I tried to picture Liliya humping her teddy bear at nine years old. What a sight it must have been!

"Here you go," Dana said, handing me an ice cold bottle. I took a deep, refreshing gulp.

She sat and asked, "Have you noticed Liliya's school uniform?"

"The grey pleated skirt, white blouse, knee-high socks that don't stay up and black sneakers?"

With a laugh, she nodded. "I see you have. It's cute, isn't it? Well, when I went upstairs to investigate, the sight that greeted me made me so horny I attacked Joe that night.

"Liliya was sitting on the foot of the bed. Joe, naked from the shower, was standing between her knees, and Liliya, in her cute school uniform, was giving her father oral sex.

"Stay with me here, Mitch. My eight-year-old daughter had Joe's hard erection in one hand, stroking it. His tip was completely inside her mouth and her lips were stretched around him. This sweet daughter of mine was staring up at her daddy's face and my husband's eyes were closed. He looked like he was in agony."

"Jesus, Dana," I whispered. "I probably would be, too."

"That's not what had me so horny."

"What was?"

"Standing in the doorway, I saw Joe's erection pulsing and realized he was cumming in his daughter's mouth. I watched his erection swell and stiffen with each spurt and, when a small white drop of semen leaked from the corner of Liliya lips, that's when I got wet."

"God Almighty! And that was the second most erotic sight? Are you sure? I mean . . ." Now my pulse was racing.

Dana, still talking conversationally, turned her attention from Liliya in the pool and looked at me. She smiled slightly. "Do you want to hear the most erotic sight I ever saw? It was another first."

"Will I survive hearing it?"

She laughed. "We'll see. Remember, Liliya's still a virgin, even though her hymen's gone. But that didn't stop us from experimenting - as long as Liliya wanted to. I think she was ten years old. This particular night, she interrupted us just when Joe brought me to a climax with his mouth.

"Liliya jumped on the bed and announced, "Me, too!" while pulling her pajama bottoms and panties off. Joe simply shuffled over - just like you did with us the other night - and ate Liliya. He brought her to a climax, too. But, I think the stress on him was too much, the poor guy. He was so hard and I could see the distress in his face. With Liliya lying limp, her legs spread on the bed, I watched him shuffle up and, for a moment, I thought he was going to have intercourse with her. The way he gripped his erection and stared at Liliya's pussy, he looked possessed."

Dana paused to sip her sweet tea.

"Well?" I asked impatiently.

"I promise you, it was the most erotic thing I've ever seen."

"Mom! Watch!" Liliya yelled. She took a run and jumped into the pool landing on the raft. "See?" she managed, smiling broadly before toppling over.

Dana laughed. I didn't.

"Keep going," I urged her.

Dana lowered her voice. "Joe pressed the tip of his erection into Liliya's little cleft. The way her labia bulged out was so sexy. Even sexier was how his crown completely filled her hairless slit. Then . . . I saw Joe cum, Mitch! I saw his cock swell and thicken and pulse with each spurt of cum and not one drop leaked. I was shocked at how sexy it was to see Liliya's father cumming into her little pussy. But, the part that had me horny again was, when he backed off, a stream of white semen leaked from Liliya's cleft like a river, dripping down between her buttocks. I actually saw thick cum flowing from her vagina, Mitch! And, God, did it turn me on! I can't explain how erotic it was to see cum flowing from my little girl. Just remembering it has me hot."

Dana glanced at my groin. My swimming suit was tented. She smiled. "You, too."

I groaned at the visions rattling around in my brain. "How about a quickie?" I suggested. "To relieve the stress?"

She laughed. "No. Maybe later." Checking her watch, she said, "I think I'll go change and start dinner. We're eating early tonight. You keep an eye on Liliya."

I couldn't take much more. To alleviate my condition, I joined Liliya in the pool.

At dinner, Dana had changed into narrow leg slacks, a simple blouse, and flat sandals. She had an intricate yellow, white, and rose gold chain around her neck. With her hair collected in a black scrunchie, she looked elegant and refined. It clashed with the images that had been haunting me from the patio. And rattling around in my brain were visions of Liliya that kept me in a constant state of horniness.

I'd decided I was going to fuck Dana's brains out when we went to bed - twice, if I had the stamina! Dana had other ideas.

She was in the bathroom. I was in bed, naked, and sporting an erection, anticipating some bedtime Olympics, when Liliya ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed.

"Guess what?" she exclaimed. "Tonight we're gonna try sex!"

In a simple red nightshirt, with her hair loose, grinning at me, she crawled on top of me - such a small girl - and, with twinkling eyes, she kissed me.

That's how Dana found us: me kissing Liliya deeply, our tongues caressing in a passionate kiss, and me fondling her cute ass, exploring the softness of her cotton panties and the shape of rounded little buttocks.

The bed dipped. Dana settled next to me on her side, her head propped up on her hand.

I paid her no attention. I was too far gone, lost in the eroticism of intimately kissing a child. Liliya was so petite, so light on me, desire burned inside me, my cock throbbing. Fondling her little ass excited me and, when I slipped my hands inside her cotton panties and cupped her bare buttocks, arousal threatened to take over.

My heart raced. My cock throbbed. God, her sweet butt was so excitingly petite! Liliya's tongue was active. I explored deeper into her panties and touched her pussy from behind - smooth, cleft closed.

Breaking the kiss, I gasped, "Stop! Slow down!"

Liliya grinned. "How come?"

Dana caressed Liliya's head. "He's too horny, honey."

Liliya studied my eyes, smiling. "Just like Daddy, huh?"

God help me! I needed a break or I'd cum. I couldn't remember ever being so turned on!

Rolling Liliya onto her back, I rose to my knees and breathed deeply. My respite was short-lived.

Dana leaned over and whispered into Liliya's ear. Liliya, staring at me with twinkling grey eyes, giggled. Then Dana kissed her daughter, slowly, intimately. I saw Dana's jaw move and knew she was French kissing Liliya.

I rubbed Liliya's bare leg, edging my hand up, reaching the hem of her nightshirt, and underneath. My hand settled on her panties, sensing the startling swell of her mons, and I caressed her - so soft and sexy. I pressed the heel of my palm on her mound and rubbed, then searched higher, finding the waist.

My cock jutted up at a steep angle, precum dripping. I ached.

With fingertips, I tugged the elastic. Liliya, still kissing her mother, raised her bottom, and I pulled her panties down; pale pink, plain, so sexy.

Pulling them off, I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply, drawing her clean, almost sweet scent into my lungs. Throwing them to the floor, I moved down and knelt between her legs, pushing them apart.

Heart thumping, I lifted her nightshirt up and exposed her pussy. Fuck! So small! So sexy! Essentially hairless, her slit tightly closed.

Shuffling down, I bent and kissed her mons. This close, I caught her scent - a trace of something different, slightly stronger. Pressing my mouth to her mons, it yielded, soft and pliable. And then I licked her small cleft.

I tasted her. Fuck! A hint of her sex, Liliya aroused! My brain shut down. I probed into her tight little slit, finding her clit with my tongue, and caressed it.

I needed to breathe! Rising, I stroked her slit, then pried it apart with my fingers. She was so damned tiny! Her inner lips had yet to mature, hovering like wings. Dark pink glistened below and, almost panting for air, I saw the entrance to her vagina nestled at the base. Liliya was impossibly small. There was no way in Heaven she'd be able to take me in, and yet, my pulsed raced as I imagined it. I so wanted to try. How tight would she be? How deep?

Madness threatened. A total loss of control hovered.

Settling between her legs, I kissed her pussy and started eating her, rubbing her soft clit with my tongue. Below, I probed her vagina and my finger oozed into her, gripped tightly, so warm, so fucking sexy!

Dana moved back, ending their kiss, and watched me eating her daughter, a small smile curling the corners of her mouth. She casually caressed Liliya's almost flat areolae. Her smile grew, her blue eyes alive, and she leaned over and sucked Liliya's areola.

Liliya moaned quietly. Her pussy twitched against my mouth. I sucked her clit carefully and she responded with another twitch.

When Dana stopped sucking her little bud, I noticed how it had swelled slightly, a small bump rising on her chest.

Underneath me, precum wetted the sheet, my cock throbbing.

Eating Liliya, watching as Dana moved to her other bud to suck it, I pushed my finger into her tight vagina and she took it, my whole finger slipping into a snug, moist, exciting grip. I strummed her clit with my tongue and started finger fucking Liliya, pressing deeper into her to the point I touched her end. Liliya gasped. Her pelvis jerked, and she climaxed, churning her little pussy on my mouth.

A cute cry of pleasure escaped, such sweet music! And she came with gasps of pleasure, her vagina tight on my finger. She undulated and humped, peaking with a strained body curl and finally relaxed.

I envied her. As I rose to my knees, my body was so taut, my cock so hard, I hurt. My thoughts had narrowed to Liliya, selfish desire almost in total control.

Dana moved back. She was looking at me, smiling softly, and said, "Now, Mitch. Gently."

Liliya watched me with softened eyes and a small smile, her face flushed.

I looked at her pussy, glistening with saliva. I looked at her body, lying with her legs spread, her nightshirt rucked up under her armpits - such a young girl. I looked at my erection, then at her pussy. Impossible!

But, God I wanted to try!

Seeking reassurance, I glanced at Dana. She nodded, still smiling at me.

With trembling hands, I lifted Liliya's legs and shuffled up, my knees to the sides of her bottom, and draped her legs over my thighs. My erection jutted out over her pussy, so thick it almost obscured her.

I had to push my erection down and when it pressed against her mons, it almost covered it, so impossibly thick, and my excitement intensified muting better judgment.

Easing back, leaving a trail of clear precum, I pressed the tip lower and it kissed her closed, hairless slit. Shuddering, I tried to press in and her soft, plump labia bulged but didn't yield. Hand shaking, I pried her cleft open, exposing her tiny clit and the darker pink below. Jesus she was small! Gripping my shaft, I pressing again. The tip of my crown filled her slit below her clit, her labia plumping out. Fuck! Such an incredibly erotic sight!

I pressed into her, felt her pubic bone, and my crown almost disappeared, hugged by her labia. Her small clit pressed against me. My cock throbbed hard several times and I felt more precum leak.

I was reaching the point of distress. Trying to control my body was increasingly difficult. Desire swirled and raged through me. The urge to take her, thrust, penetrate her little pussy was so fucking strong.

I pressed harder, my erection so damned rigid, and made no progress. Glancing at Liliya, I saw no distress. She was still smiling slightly, watching me intently.

"Don't stop," Dana whispered. "Gently, Mitch."

Groaning, I pushed harder and felt progress, just a bit. Easing off, I pushed again, then eased off and tried again, my erection pulsing. Progress was excruciatingly slow, yet I felt her entrance. I watched her sexy labia bulge and stretch. And ever so slowly, I sensed her entrance dilate. Holding back, trying to be gentle, was the hardest thing I'd ever done. My body cried out for more. The sight drove me crazy; a thick adult erection almost penetrating her hairless immature pussy. I pressed, holding pressure, and pressed harder and, God help me, my inflamed crown suddenly oozed into her.

Liliya gasped and clenched, a flash of discomfort passing across her face. I gasped, too. Liliya's vagina was painfully tight. My crown was locked inside her. Her pussy looked obscenely stretched, and I couldn't stop the utter thrill that shook me at the sight.

Dana settled next to Liliya and caressed her buds, whispering, "Does it hurt too much?"

"No. Just a bit," Liliya whispered.

My body was so tense. My heart was pounding. Muscles trembled as I tried to re-exert control. Where we were joined, a small stain of blood appeared. The sight was like a dousing of ice water over me. I almost pulled out. The fire of need abated, doused by concern.

Lodged inside her, gripped painfully tightly, I glanced at Liliya. "Should I pull out?"

Liliya shook her head. "No."

"Okay. Let me know when you're ready."

"Kay," Liliya whispered.

I actually felt her. I felt the painful tightness of her vagina ease slightly when she relaxed, and my cock throbbed. I didn't move. I couldn't get over the sight. Nothing in my imagination could come close to this. It was outrageous and so, so erotic.

Dana looked at me. "Lie down on her, Mitch."

"Are you sure?"

She nodded. "It'll be easier to control yourself."

I doubted it.

As I leaned over, Liliya's legs curled up over my thighs, her bottom rising. I held myself off her on my elbows. She was so small, I couldn't even kiss her. But, as I leaned over, my erection penetrated her slightly deeper. Holding myself off her body, I eased my straining erection out, and pressed in carefully. Exquisite! Liliya turned her face up to me and smiled.

Easing out, I pressed in again and slightly more of my erection oozed into her - so fucking tight! So incredibly arousing! My cock pulsed rapidly. I breathed deeply to stop myself from cumming, then eased out and pressed in gently. Fuck! Even more of my thick erection penetrated her! With very gentle, very slow strokes I penetrated her little pussy until half my cock was gripped in Heaven.

Dana whispered, "Lie down on her, Mitch."

I didn't want to. But, Lord, I really wanted to. Giving in, I lowered myself onto her petite body and Liliya hugged me, the top of her head barely reaching my chin. So small, so young! I eased my cock out of her and stroked in, finally fucking her. Oh God! Oh God! It felt so damned good! I couldn't believe I was having sex with Liliya, an eleven-year-old child! And fuck it was exciting!

Liliya was deliciously tiny underneath me. I lost the battle.

With slow, gentle strokes, I started fucking her, my erection hardly moving in her vise-like grip. I drowned, the feeling unlike anything in this world. Fucking her slowly intensified every sensation; her tightness, my thickness, her little body under me. My cock ached and felt thicker than it ever had before, rigid and throbbing. I fucked her slowly, lost in the sensual experience, no more than half my cock penetrating her. Eyes tightly closed, pleasure intensified to impossible levels and, with a gasp, I finally lost the fight.

Erection swelling, as I eased it into her and touched the end of her little vagina, my orgasm slammed into me - gut-wrenching, painful - and semen burned up. With a burst of pain, gasping, I came, exploding inside her. Bliss hammered me, my body shaking. Withdrawing slowly, I fucked into her again and exploded, this time harder, an endless eruption of cum, such intense pleasure. Desperately exerting control, ecstasy hammered me with each exquisite, exciting pulse, hot cum spurting, cumming in Liliya. Liliya's pussy became slippery and I fucked her faster, longer strokes, my cock almost emerging, slipping deep to explode, my gut aching, utter bliss, until, with a final, straining, draining pulse, the raging storm of my orgasm passed, releasing my body.


Her excitement had started at the sight of Mitch, such a big man, covering Liliya, making her look so small, a child having sex. She'd moved down to see where they were joined and the sight had shaken her, arousal slamming into her. She'd never seen anything like it! Mitch's thick cock stretched Liliya's immature pussy so impossibly. Strumming her clit and watching his erection easing out, the edge of the inflamed head emerging, then oozing back into her, his shaft gliding in, waves of heat hit her. From below, she'd watched Mitch fuck Liliya and seen his erection glisten with moisture.

But, when she'd seen his cock swell and pulse, actually seen cum charging up his shaft, knowing he was cumming inside Liliya, Dana had gasped, pleasure and excitement rushing through her. White semen oozed out around his spurting, thrusting shaft, each swelling throb depositing more cum inside her. She gasped at the sight, breathing hard, strumming her clit fast and, as the pulses in Mitch's erection slowed and he stopped thrusting into her little pussy, and as his cock softened, Liliya's tight vagina had squeezed him out. Dana's orgasm erupted at the sight of thick, white semen gushing out of her daughter's hairless open cleft - Mitch's thick cum flowing and running down between her buttocks. She'd never seen anything so arousing! Watching her little girl leaking, she'd rode her climax, shuddering with such pleasure.

Dana stirred slowly, waking up to morning sunshine. Mitch was spooning Liliya next to her and, at the sight, a flush of love hit her. Then she remembered them having sex last night.

Silently groaning, she eased out of bed and went to the bathroom. When she emerged, Liliya was awake and trying to extricate herself from Mitch's bear-like arms. Spotting her, Liliya smiled and slipped out of bed. Dana extended her hand and her daughter took it.

"Wait," Liliya whispered, pulling her hand away. She went and picked up her cotton panties from the floor, and took her mother's hand again.

Dana led her daughter into the hall bathroom. As Liliya sat and peed, Dana asked, "So? What do you think?"

Liliya grinned. "It was fun!" Then she bent and looked down at her crotch. "I'm still leaking a bit."

Dana smiled. "We'll put a pad in your panties."

"Kay. I felt it, Mom! I felt Mitch spurting!"

"Are you sore?" Dana asked, hunting through the cupboard under the sink. She found an old package of pads and pulled one out.

"Uh-huh. But not too sore." She wiped herself and winced slightly. "Maybe a bit sore."

Dana helped Liliya into her panties with the pad and, after her daughter brushed her teeth, they headed downstairs for breakfast, both still in nightshirts. As far as she could tell from Liliya's behavior, her daughter was still excited.

Liliya confirmed it by asking, "When does it start to feel good, Mom? Like when you do it. I want to feel that."

Dana laughed lightly. "Soon. It takes a bit of practice. Do you want cereal or eggs?"

"Cereal, please. I'll practice again today. Will Mitch want to?"

Dana laughed again. "You can't until you're not sore anymore. Besides, he's mine for the next few days."

Liliya shrugged, not put out in the least. "Kay. Maybe next weekend."

Dana served a bowl of cereal and glass of milk. She prepared the coffee brewer and turned it on while making herself some tea.

Just as the coffee finished, Mitch wandered in, his hair damp from a shower, and wearing paint-stained jeans and a ratty old T-shirt. He walked by Liliya and paused, bending to kiss the top of her head, then ruffle her hair, before continuing to the kitchen side and pouring a mug of coffee.

Moving close to Dana, he kissed her neck and whispered, "How's Liliya?"

"Why don't you ask her yourself?"

"Did I hurt her?"

Dana smiled. "Why don't you ask her, Mitch?"

Mitch's reaction stunned her. His cheeks flushed slightly. "You're embarrassed!" she observed with an amused laugh.

He nodded. "A little bit."

Dana laughed again. "Liliya?"

Liliya swallowed a mouthful of cereal. "Uh-huh?"

"Uncle Mitch is embarrassed."


Dana said, "Why don't you ask him?"

Liliya looked at Mitch, a question in her eyes.

Mitch sighed and ambled over to the table, sitting down. Dana was amused. She'd never seen Mitch behave this way - shy, hesitant.

"Uh. I was asking if I hurt you last night."

Liliya giggled. "Uh-huh. But just a bit." An angelic expression emerged, one Dana recognized, and Liliya asked sweetly, "Didn't you like it?"

"Um . . . Actually . . ."

Before he finished, Liliya pouted.

Mitch looked mortified. "No! I mean, yes!"

With a light laugh, Liliya said, "You're silly. Mom said I have to practice until it feels as good as it does to her. Do you wanna?" She turned serious. "But you have to wait until I'm not sore, okay?"

He breathed out, "Jeeesus."

Liliya continued, her grey eyes twinkling with mischief. "There are other things we can do. I know lots of stuff. Want to see? You'll have fun. Daddy did!"

"Lord help me!"

A short while later, with Liliya off watching TV, Dana sat with Mitch at the table. She asked, "How are you really doing, Mitch?"

"I'm scared."

"Liliya knows how to keep a secret. She's done it for years."

"It's not that. I'm scared of me."

"Why?" Dana asked, although she thought she knew.

He drained his second mug of coffee, got up and refilled it, then sat again. "I liked it too much, Dana. I've never experienced intensity like I did last night. Even worse, when I laid down on her, it . . ."

He didn't look at her. Dana could see he was really conflicted. She waited for him to continue, then prompted him. "It what?"

"It brought home I was having sex with a child, a prepubescent girl. The thing is, I loved it. I mean, I loved it! Given half a chance, I know I'd do it again."

"And that what? Worries you? If Liliya wants to, where's the harm?"

"You don't understand, Dana. It's like something fundamental's changed inside me and I'm not yet comfortable with it."

"Are you scared that now you've experienced it you've become a predator, a pedophile?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

"Joe and I had the same doubts," she said conversationally. "We worried we were uncontrollably attracted to young girls. Do you want to know the truth?"

He nodded, finally looking at her.

"We were hugely attracted to young girls. Now you are too. You'll see sweet, innocent beauty every time you look at one and feel a tug of desire. You can't reverse it, Mitch. But, like me, you have enough moral character to never do anything." She paused, then continued, "I'll tell you something else. This side of our sexuality will increase our sexual pleasure together."

Mitch's eyes opened wide. "You're kidding! Increase it? Is that possible?"

Dana laughed lightly. "Mitch, trust me. You're going to get turned on far more than you used to. And our sex life is going to be more intense. Just wait and see. In the meantime, relax!"

Then, quietly, she told him, "Don't ruin it for Liliya by regretting or second guessing yourself, Mitch. She did it for you. She wanted to give you something special because she loves you. Show her how much it means. Be affectionate. It's what she wants."

Chapter Eleven

I HELD THE PHONE to my ear and listened to Harry.

"Getting in was easy, Mitch. The bank really should upgrade its cyber security. Anyway, I have bad news and really bad news. Which do you want first?"

"Just give it to me."

"Okay. Ever heard of JDL Dynamics?"

"Yeah. The defense contractor. The company that supplies body armor to the armed forces?"

"That's the one. Well, I traced the source of funds to them. Then, I traced the disbursements. They were bribing Pentagon officials in the procurement department. Joe was the middle man taking ten percent. That's the bad news."

"Then, what's the really bad news?"

There was a brief silence. "I screwed up, Mitch. I wasn't as careful as I should have been. Somehow, I tripped an alarm on the account. Before you ask, it wasn't the bank's alarm. JDL Dynamics knows the account was accessed."

"So? We'll just return the funds and that will be that."

"Yeah. Think about it for a minute. What's more important to them? Thirteen million out of over two hundred million paid out in traceable bribes through that account, or silence to protect themselves?"

I thought about it. "Fuck!"

"There ya go. You have a real problem now. Sorry."

"Nothing you can do about it. Before you go, do you know who the bribes were paid to?"

"Every last one. I should report it, Mitch, but then I'd have to explain what I was doing breaking the law to get the information. Let me know if you need anything."

Harry cut the connection. I sat deep in thought, then rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands. What now?

I checked my watch. Nine forty-eight. I needed to do some research, but not from here.

Half an hour later, I was heading down the 405. Dana thought I had a rush job for an ad agency. Until I knew more, I didn't want to worry her.

GEORGE CARMICHAEL TURNED FROM the floor to ceiling glass windows that looked out over the Los Angeles skyline. He strode over to his expansive desk and answered the phone.


"Mr. Carmichael, I have Bill Waters on line two for you," Susan, his executive assistant said.

"Thanks." George pushed a button. "Bill?"

"Yes, sir. Do you have a minute to see me?"

"Sure. Come on up."

George sat in the luxurious leather office chair and leaned back. He wondered what Bill wanted. Bill ran a very small department, ostensibly responsible for cyber security. In truth, Bill handled some of the stickier problems that came with operating a successful Defense Department supplier. He was very well paid for those responsibilities.

A knock on the office door, and George swung his chair around. The door opened and Bill entered. Not a handsome man, George thought, as he did every time he saw him. Bill was short, very thin, with a pinched face that reminded George of a rat. Despite it, Bill dressed impeccably.

"What's up?"

Bill sat across from him. No papers, no folder. He interlaced his fingers, brought one knee over the other, and rested both hands on it.

"The Halston account was accessed."

"I thought we dealt with Halston," George said quietly, adding ominously, "Or you did, to be precise."

"I did. I can't be sure, but his wife might have found the account."

"That's a problem. It's a shame Joe didn't listen to reason and close the damn account."

Bill looked at George frankly, not intimidated in the least. "It might have been a mistake threatening his family. I warned you. He would have kept his mouth shut."

George Carmichael dismissed Bill's logic with a flick of his wrist. "You're wrong. He was holding that account over me to blackmail us."

"So, what do you want me to do about the account now?"

"Just handle it. This time, do it your way, but make sure it's a permanent solution."

"It's not going to be easy. She's clean. Not a speck of dirt on her. And, in case you've forgotten, to close the account and delete the records, she'll have to personally go to the Caymans."

"I don't care. Handle it," Carmichael said, picking up the latest quarterly financial report.

Bill stood, watched George for a moment, shrugged and left. George Carmichael was, in his estimation, a fool. Rich, sure, but only because he was corrupt. And, thinking of the wealth sitting in his own bank account, Bill didn't mind. Fools were easy to manipulate.

He strode down the corridor towards the bank of elevators, his mind moving on to more practical things. Last time, finesse and delicacy had been needed with Joe Halston, and Carmichael hadn't listened. Shame. This time, finesse wouldn't work. This time he'd have to use extreme persuasion with Mrs. Halston.

Back in his quiet office, he unlocked a file cabinet and pulled Joe Halston's file out. Sitting, he refreshed his memory; housewife, eleven-year-old daughter, an artist brother-in-law. A plan formed.

The trick would be to keep it quiet. Keep authorities out of it. And only fear would work.

The daughter finished school in a couple of weeks. Enough time to set things up.

I WATCHED DANA EMERGE from the bathroom. She'd taken the news about Joe's activities surprisingly calmly.

"Let's go to the government, or the FBI, and tell them," she suggested.

"It's an option," I admitted. "Are you prepared to have your life put under a microscope by both federal agencies and the media for the next twelve months? Can Liliya handle it? Because, make no mistake, corruption like this is big news. You'll need a team of lawyers. You can expect to be called to testify to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, too."

Dana slipped into bed and sighed with frustration. "I don't think I can handle that. But, what choice do I have?"

"Give me a few days to think about it. Maybe I can figure out another solution."

She moved towards me. I welcomed her with my arm.

"I could do with a distraction," she said, rubbing my chest. "How about you? Are you up for it?" Rising onto her elbow, she leaned in and kissed my chin. Her hand drifted lower. "I'm tired, but I'd like some loving."

I rolled to face her, wrapping my arms around her, and smiled. "Slow and lazy?"

She smiled, said, "That sounds good," as her hand fished into my underwear. She slowly stroked me and my cock stirred awake.

I explored the shape of her back, the sweeping curve of her spine, the sexy swell of her buttocks and, fondling her gorgeous ass, pulled her nightshirt up.

Dana rolled away from me and pulled it off. Before she could roll back to me, I leaned over and took her areola into my mouth, sucking gently. My other hand caressed her breast, enjoying its firmness and fullness, so sexy with the weight of maturity. In my mouth, her nipple stiffened and grew.

Arousal grew slowly, warm and welcome. Reaching down, I explored the shape of her pussy over her panties and, my favorite part, eased my hand inside to cup her. Her soft pubes tickled my palm. Her vulva was so full. I brushed the tip of my finger up her cleft, then pressed my palm against her, rubbing her lush pussy, teasing her clit.

Dana's mouth found mine. We kissed - small kisses, sucking lips, a tease of a tongue - and gradually the kiss gained intensity, passion emerging.

Dana reached down, pulled my hand out of her panties, and pushed them down. I shoved my underwear down, releasing my erection. It poked her hip.

Dana murmured into the kiss and urged me over her. I settled on top of her, her knees rising to cradle my hips. Dana reached down between us while I caressed her sexy breast. She took my cock and guided it, rubbing the tip up and down her cleft, then side to side - a silken caress. She settled the tip and, with a tug, urged me on. Small thrusts and I experienced the beauty of penetrating her, her pussy yielding sensually, welcoming me with a sexy, moist hug. And as I penetrated her deeper and deeper, as her snug vagina gradually wrapped me in erotic heat, Dana sighed.

Lodged deep in her, we stopped moving. She stared deeply into my eyes, caressed my cheek, and whispered, "I love you, Mitchell Halston."

She reinforced it with a kiss. Her hand slipped to the back of my neck. She tilted her head and the kiss grew passionate. Below, her pussy started milking me with gentle, loving clenches, my erection responding, swelling, pulsing.

We made love slowly, unadventurous, two bodies moving together. We fucked almost lazily, my strokes long and pleasurable, her pussy so snug. Reaching down, I gripped one firm buttock. Gradually, as arousal intensified, as my cock throbbed, as we made love to each other, our kisses ended.

My face found her neck, inhaling her scent of flowers and lime. Dana's hands caressed my back and shoulders, her pelvis undulating under me. Small murmurs emerged - Dana's pleasure - and, when she climaxed, it was with a quiet sigh, "Mitch." Her pussy tightened with each wave of pleasure, her arms hugging me tightly and pelvis undulating. I fucked her slowly, long strokes, pleasure washing over me and, as she calmed, my orgasm arrived, my cock straining. With a full stroke into her, I felt semen burn up and sweet release hit, pleasure blossoming. With slow, firm thrusts, I came, spurting into her, waves of heat hitting me with each straining pulse. Dana undulated, taking me deep, and murmured into my ear as I came completely, gently, my pulses peaking and weakening. When I came to rest, Dana sighed and relaxed, stroking my back.

Chapter Twelve

The television was showing some talk show. I wasn't following it. I'd done my research with the help of Harry and knew JDL Dynamics inside out. The company appeared normal. Large government contracts accounted for the majority of their revenue, with the rest coming from sales to allied governments.

George Carmichael was the Chairman and CEO. He seemed beyond reproach. Early sixties, he was unmarried and had taken control of the company through a hostile takeover. The company had flourished under his management, and I now knew why.

I'd decided a direct approach would be best. Try to reason with him, return the funds, and close the account, with a promise to remain silent - even though it stuck in my craw. Today, Friday, was too late to approach him. Monday, I'd conduct some covert surveillance to decide when best to approach him. I wanted him offguard, surprised.

This week, I'd fixed the shower upstairs and, worried about the situation with Joe, I'd installed a series of wireless hidden cams to cover every angle of the house and the front hall. They broadcasted to my laptop where everything was recorded. It was probably me overreacting, but it made me feel better.

The more I thought about it, the better I felt. There was a way out for Dana.

"Mom asked me to tell you she forgot some stuff. She'll be back soon," Liliya announced, walking into the family room with two granola bars clutched in her hand. In her school uniform, with her hair pulled back in a high ponytail, she looked awfully cute. With a smile, she climbed onto my lap, legs to the side, and leaned back against me. "What 'cha watching?"

"Nothing," I told her, wrapping my arms around her.

She wiggled with pleasure, opened a granola bar and said, "Pass the remote."

With some sitcom found, she ate, occasionally giggling. I pressed my face into her hair and inhaled the aroma of pure, cute girl, then kissed her head. She wiggled again and, like a well trained pet, I reacted.

Why was holding her so sexy? Why did her petite body excite me so much? She was perfectly average for an almost twelve-year-old, yet against me, she was tiny.

I wondered if she felt the response of my body - the lump forming under her butt.

Finished eating, she scrambled off my lap. "Gotta go to the bathroom. I'm getting a Pepsi. Want anything?"

A beer sounded good. I told her. She left. I rearranged myself into a more comfortable position, hopefully one not as noticeable. By the time she returned, I was reasonably presentable, though why I was worried, I didn't know.

"Here ya go," she said, handing me a bottle of beer. She climbed into my lap again, facing the TV, reached for my arm, pulled it around her, and watched TV while sipping from her can of Pepsi.

A few minutes later, she wiggled. "Where'd it go?"

Before I could answer, she said, "Guess what?"


"Guess!" she insisted.

"It's Friday."

"No!" With a giggle, she added, "Well, yeah. But not that!"

"You know what we're having for dinner," I suggested, smiling.

"No! You're useless at this game! Guess again!"

"You want to swim."

"No! Here," she said, grabbing my hand. She placed it on her leg and guided it up.

I touched her pussy. "You've taken your panties off!"

"That's right!" With a wiggle of her small bum, she asked, "Are you hard?"

I was now!

"I'm not sore anymore!" she informed me.

Liliya pulled my hand away and fished down. Frustrated, she stood, turned and explored my pants. She smiled when she felt my developing erection. "There it is," she said to herself, then proceeded to undo the button of my jeans.

Somewhat amused and very turned on, I asked politely, "What are you doing, Liliya?"

She struggled with the zipper, said, "Lift," and added, "Trying something."

"What about your mother? Shouldn't we wait?"

Liliya tugged my jeans down to my thighs. She pulled the front of my underwear open and fished inside. "She'll take forever. She always does when she shops for food. There it is," she murmured to herself, gripping my stronger erection.

With a painful tug, she wrestled it out, the waist of my underwear around the base. Turning, she sat on my lap, leaned forward, lifted her skirt and groped between her legs.

I could have helped but it was much more interesting to let her do it herself. I wondered if she was going to press her ass crack on me and hump me with her sexy little buttocks - an exciting prospect.

Legs spread to the sides of my legs, she muttered something, then started struggling. One foot was brought up onto the couch, knee bent. Then the other. She was kneeling astride me, still facing the TV.

She fluffed her pleated grey school skirt out behind, rose slightly, and a small hand gripped my shaft. Looking over her shoulder, I saw her holding the hem of her skirt up.

Hidden below, I felt her guide my tip along her pussy. She slowed and rubbed her pussy with me. I throbbed from the pleasure and excitement now coursing through me and precum suddenly made her slippery.

All sensations changed, magnified by being unable to see. Liliya used my erection, rubbing the tip against her clit. I held her waist and felt her body jerk slightly. I heard her small intakes of breath. And I felt every movement: I felt her silky soft, hairless pussy tease me, making me yearn to thrust, and the firmness of her pubic bone.

As she applied pressure, sitting down more and more, I felt her plump labia caress the sides of my flared crown, warmth against the tip, and more precum leaked making her very slippery. Then Liliya paused. Holding my erection, she adjusted herself, moving her butt side to side.

Was she?

Fuck! She was!

With the tip carefully positioned, Liliya tried to sit on it. She pressed down. We made no progress, just pressure against me. My cock was now straining, excitement making my pulse race.

She tried again and failed. The she tried harder, pushing her little pussy down and I felt it! I felt the incredible sensation of oozing into her tiny vagina, her entrance edging down and, just as Liliya cried out lightly in pain, her pussy enveloped my head in a painfully tight grip.

I did nothing, torn between pulling her off and the burning need to go deeper, fuck her, my cock swelling with excitement. She paused.

"That hurt again," she informed me. "Now it doesn't."

My body twitched, taut with arousal.

"Wait! Not yet!"

Liliya glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled. "I wanna try something."

"Okay," I agreed somewhat hoarsely.

Still holding her waist, I let her move. She did. With slow, excruciating moves, Liliya tried to take me deeper, rising slightly, pressing down, rising, pressing down, my cock throbbing as the tip was massaged. So very slowly, she succeeded, her tight pussy edging down my shaft; one inch, then two, then three - half my erection clasped in paradise.

Liliya paused. I could hear her breathing fast, as if she'd run a marathon. Then she continued. Impossibly, she took a bit more inside her, eased up, and settled again. Suddenly, I wondered if she - an almost-twelve-year-old - could take me completely. Wasn't she too small?

"God Almighty," I groaned when she did. With one final press down, her buttocks touched my groin and I was buried in her, my tip pressed hard against her end. My erection pulsed rapidly making her feel even tighter - impossibly tighter!

Liliya sighed and leaned back against me. I still held her waist. She wiggled, moving her feet off the couch and back to hanging over, spread by my knees.

"I've got almost all of you inside me, Mitch."

"Nope. You've got all of me."


I felt her hand exploring where we were joined.

"I do! Wait tell I tell Mom!" she exclaimed.

She grabbed my hand. "Now you rub me," she ordered, leading my hand down to her pussy. "I wanna feel a climax with you inside me - like Mom does."

It struck me suddenly. There wasn't a shred of worry in me. I was too turned on, too horny. And Liliya was having fun! It was the strangest experience of my life and I loved it! The excitement it brought was powerful.

Following her instructions, I blindly explored her pussy, my mind's eye completing the mental picture. Her mons felt larger, as if bulging. As I explored lower, I felt her labia rounded. The top of her cleft was open, her small soft clit was exposed and, making me throb hard, I felt my shaft where I penetrated her. It filled her little slit, her lips tight yet soft around my girth. Jeeesus it was exciting! I couldn't get over how stretched she was! How could she possibly enjoy this?

My cock swelled again, gripped so fucking tightly.

"I felt that," she commented.

With my nose pressed to the top of her head, I started caressing her clitoris, being very gentle. It was so small, soft and pliable, yet as I pressed harder, I felt the button protected inside the hood -firm, tiny.

Liliya breathed deeper and murmured, "This is nice."

No kidding!

For the next few minutes, I stroked her clit, being very gentle. Then I rubbed. Then I circled it. Liliya breathed harder. I caressed her clit faster and felt her tight pussy grip me, relax, and grip me.

She moaned quietly with pleasure. I caressed her clit faster and she responded, inhaling deeply. Her legs twitched.

"It feels good, Mitch," she murmured.

Slowly, Liliya started moving her bottom on me. She held my forearm. I felt her body tense. Her hand squeezed my arm. Now strumming her little clit, Liliya suddenly grunted - a cute sound - and her body jerked, legs trying to close. She cried out quietly and climaxed on my cock, her body trembling, whimpering out her pleasure. Then body went rigid and froze. Her vagina clamped down on me. With a louder cry, she writhed as if in pain and suddenly shoved my arm away, pulling my hand from her pussy.

With a deep sigh, she went limp, panting.

I was rock hard, still buried in her, now hornier than ever. Waiting for her to recover seemed to take forever. My erection throbbed rhythmically inside her and my body cried out for release of the tension in me. I waited.

After what seemed like hours, Liliya stirred.

"That was fantastic. No wonder Mom likes it so much!" She looked back at me and grinned. "Your turn."

Fuck me!

I didn't wait. Holding her small waist, I started moving her back and forth, slowly. Deep inside her, my tip was caressed. As desire intensified, I became selfish. I lifted her slightly, a bit of my cock emerging. It was so easy to do. She was so light, so petite. Then I let her down, my erection once again pressed firmly into her end. I thought I could feel the rubbery entrance to her womb. I lifted her and let her down again, then again, literally using her to fuck my cock. Each move became easier, her excruciating tight vagina more slippery.

It felt like my cock was ready to burst it was so damned hard! The fog of extreme horniness settled over me and I knew what I wanted.

Wrapping my arms around her, I stood and turned, kneeled on the floor, and carefully placing her face down on the couch. I flipped her pleated grey school skirt up exposing her sweet little ass and, fuck!

The sight was almost too much. Liliya's small ass was gorgeous. Her naked buttocks framed my thick erection. The sight was outrageous! A child being fucked by an adult cock! Groaning, holding the sides of her bottom, I withdrew and almost came. Liliya's stretched labia gripped my glistening shaft, reluctant to let me go, then it almost disappeared when I oozed back into her. I went deep again, my groin pressing to her cute ass, her buttocks bulging, and I throbbed dangerously deep inside her. She was so unbelievably tight.

I noticed a small smile on her face, as if she knew how excited I was, and it drove me close to the point of insanity. Withdrawing slowly, my cock oozing out of her, I reversed and pressed in - so fucking good! I did it again and again and, just like that, I was fucking her with long, exciting strokes. Each thrust was exquisite, my tip knocking against her end and making me almost shake with excitement. How could such a young child take all of me?

And, with my erection swelling and throbbing, I thought about filling her immature womb with my cum and I lost it. My orgasm slammed into me ripping breath away. My cock swelled and I exploded into her, hard, powerful, hot cum erupting. Body shuddering, with the next stroke I came painfully in a never-ending, gut-wrenching, intense pulse, cum spurting, utter pleasure wracking my body. Losing it, I fucked her little pussy faster, thrusting and exploding, cum erupting, sweet ecstasy hitting. White cum squeezed out around my shaft as I fucked her, cumming painfully hard, fucking her, erupting inside her, pleasure intensifying, intensifying until, with a straining gasp, my orgasm peaked and released my aching gut. With slowing strokes and weakening spurts, I emptied myself in her. I had nothing left, drained.

When I eased my softening cock out of her, a river of semen flowed out of her stretched, hairless little cleft onto the floor. Jesus! Could anything be sexier?

Dana was in the kitchen when I came down from my shower. Liliya was dressing. She'd taken a shower with me, full of beans and excited about the experience, assuring me now she knew what her mother felt, and now it didn't hurt, she wanted to try again, next time, with her mother there, "Maybe we can cum at the same time, Mitch!"

Even drained and still feeling a post-orgasmic glow of satisfaction, I agreed it would be fun. I was a different person.

Dana looked at me as she unpacked and smiled. "So, how was it?"

"You knew?"

Dana laughed lightly. "Of course I knew. Why do you think I dropped her off before shopping? She told me what she wanted to do."

"Well, I'll be! I'm being manipulated by two females!"

Dana paused. "And?"

I grinned. "It's great!"

She smiled softly. "You look okay, relaxed. I'm glad you've accepted it, Mitch. Now life can really settle down."

I went over to her and, with arms around her slender waist, pulling her to me, I asked, "Has it ever occurred to you I might not have the stamina?"

She laughed. "Is that a challenge?" Then she kissed me. "Life has rhythms. So does sex." Stepping back from me, she looked me up and down. "Besides, you're big enough for two."

Chapter Thirteen

BILL WATERS STARTED THE car, pulled away from the curb, and drove past Mrs. Halston's house. He didn't pay attention to the Chevy Silverado parked in the road. He'd followed Mrs. Halston from the house to the school and back, and then again when she'd gone grocery shopping.

Through the drive a plan formed. Two cars would be needed. It would have to be next week, on the final day of school, so no questions would be asked. Next Friday.

Satisfied, he mentally ran through his list of available men and settled on Phillip and Larry. Phillip was big, imposing, threatening. Larry, physically smaller, amoral and vicious, could drive a car skillfully, and that's what Bill needed. The three of them would be enough.

He merged onto the 118 highway, his mind turning to locations. It needed to be isolated and stocked for two weeks minimum.

Bill smiled as he decided on a location. Leaning over, he turned on the radio to a classical station and let himself relax to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Wonderful piece of music, he thought. He couldn't stand the garbage called pop. And rap? What's with that?

Briefly, he considered calling Carmichael with an update and dismissed it. Carmichael was useless in these things, and even worse, he didn't know it. Better to keep him out of it. What was it he said? Deal with it?

He hummed to the music. Life was good. Another couple of years and he could tell Carmichael to stuff it, and retire with the money he'd amassed - especially when he got his hands on the thirteen million in the Caymans. Carmichael didn't know he'd been skimming off more than agreed over the last few years. His fault for delegating things and lacking an attention to details. Carmichael was too involved in being a successful businessman and his retinue of paid escorts.

Even more delicious, he'd kept records of every bribe without telling Carmichael. That information was going to ensure a steady income into the future. Maybe he'd retire to Fiji. No. Hawaii. American, yet not.

As he drove home, he made a mental list of things to do. He had an excellent memory and never wrote things down. They might come back and bite him.

DANA STUDIED HER NAKED naked body in the bathroom mirror with a critical eye. Her breasts weren't quite as perky as they used to be. She cupped and lifted them; still firm but maybe a bit more of a swell underneath, full and mature. Not bad for a thirty-year-old.

Stepping back, she looked at her full body and turned. She liked her narrow hips and ass the most. Her pubic bush would need a trim soon. Having shaved once at the insistence of Joe, she'd suffered the annoying itch of hair growing back. Even Joe had decided he didn't like the red dots, almost a rash, from shaving. She preferred to keep it natural, trimmed for neatness; nothing wild. She combed her fingers through it - silky soft.

She slipped her finger lower, brushing her clit. A tingle of arousal reminded her how horny she was. Shopping for groceries, she'd been unable to get the image of what Liliya wanted to do with Mitch. She wished she'd been home to watch, but Liliya wanted to be alone with him.

Dana washed her face, smiling. Mitch had looked totally relaxed with a smile of . . . of what? Satisfaction! It made his rugged face very handsome!

Drying her face, she left the bathroom, turning out the light. Mitch was in bed, the sheet over him to his waist, his arms up under his head. Once again, she admired his broad, deep chest. She knew he didn't work out. He was simply built this way. And, Lord, was he sexy! A big hunk of maleness!

His grey eyes studied her body as she moved to the bed. Lifting the sheet, she slipped in and to his side. One arm came out to welcome her. Dana inhaled. Pure, delicious guy. Another throb of desire hit her. For the briefest moment she felt guilty. Joe had never stirred such raw desire in her.

"How are you feeling?" she asked. "Up for some loving?"

She rose onto an elbow and kissed him, loving his soft lips.

"I don't know. I'm pretty exhausted," he told her. A twinkle emerged in his eyes. "But, I can make you feel good, if you want."

"I do. I've been turned on all evening. I wish I could have seen you and Liliya. Maybe next time?"

He nodded and smiled. Dana rolled away and reached into her bedside drawer, finding a silk ribbon. She knew what she wanted - to feel helpless, in Mitch's control. She knew why she liked being restrained. All day, every day, she was disciplined, careful about her appearance, never flustered. Being restrained released something in her. It let her be raw and selfish and free.

Handing Mitch the ribbon, she whispered, "Tie me up, Mitch. Make me beg for mercy."

Excitement jumped into his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Very. I'm already horny."

Mitch sat up with the red silk ribbon dangling from his fingers. Dana brought her wrists together over her head.

"Oh no! Not that way," he informed her in a deep voice.

He caught her off guard, flipping her onto her front like she was a child. He grabbed her wrists and tied them together behind her back. This was new!

She felt him lean across her, turned her head and watched him pull out a second ribbon. Then he bound her ankles together and flipped her onto her back, kneeling at her side with a sneaky smile. His gaze wandered down her body and back up, his smile growing, and Dana felt the first tickle of excitement. What was he planning?

"No ice," she warned.

"Okay." He moved off the bed, walked around and, opening the drawer at her side, commented, "What else do you have in here?"

Dana felt her cheeks flush hot with embarrassment. It intensified when he pulled out her vibrator. She felt the need to explain. "Before you, I had . . . Um, I would . . ."

Mitch smiled. "Stop blushing, Dana. It's just a vibrator." He inspected it, turned it on and off, and grinned. "This'll do very nicely."

"Take your underwear off," Dana suggested.

"Do you want me to?"

She nodded. She very much wanted to see Mitch erect. She loved seeing him aroused.

"In that case, no."

Dana laughed. "Did I mention how much I like that tight boxer underwear on you? It really shows off your package!"

He laughed. "I'm still not taking them off."

He moved back onto the bed and straddled her legs. At this angle, he looked even bigger, so impressive, stomach absolutely flat.

Leaning over, he kissed her nipple, then sucked her areola sending spikes of pleasure through her. Her nipple stiffened. She almost groaned when he took it between his teeth and tugged gently. She did moan quietly when he repeated it on her other breast. Sitting up, he turned on the vibrator, smiled, and touched the tip of her breast.

Sparks of pleasure lanced into her. He stopped suddenly.

"You're having too much pleasure, woman," he informed her with a sneaky grin.

Moving off her, he flipped her again, effortlessly. She loved how it made her feel petite and delicate.

Settling on the back of her thighs, his heavy weight feeling so good, Mitch grabbed her shoulders and squeezed. This time her moan was audible. God it felt good! He massaged her with strong hands and her muscles melted. He worked her back around her bound hands and, when he worked her buttocks, Dana groaned with pleasure, relaxing.

She tensed suddenly when the tip of the vibrator press between her buttocks and against her anus, and tried to clench her ass, unsuccessfully. Mitch eased it into her butt, deeper and deeper, stretching her, filling her. Without warning, he turned it on.

Dana's body reacted, tightening. She clenched her buttocks. Deep inside her, vibrations radiated out making her skin tingle, and her nipples ache.

Once again, he flipped her onto her back, the vibrator buried in her ass. He leaned over her and kissed her gently. "How does it feel?"

Dana groaned. Another bolt of pleasure hit when he caressed her breasts, teasing her stiff nipples with a brush, then squeezing her breasts gently. She closed her eyes, her heart beating faster.

Mitch whispered in her ear, "You have magnificent breasts, Dana," and he sucked her earlobe.

One of his hands drifted down her body. She trembled with anticipation and sighed when his palm pressed against her mons, rubbing, pressing. Her clit grew sensitive and felt larger.

"Touch me," she whispered. The vibrator in her ass sent sparks of pleasure through her. Her nipples ached. Her muscles tightened. Being restrained made her feel so helpless, exciting her so much more.

Even to her ears, her groan sounded loud when Mitch finally found her clit, rubbing slowly. Heat rushed through her in a wave, wetness arriving.

He pushed his hand down between her closed thighs and teased the entrance to her vagina causing a shiver of excitement. Mentally, she begged him to penetrate her, to ease the yearning need inside her, her pussy pulsing, so wet she could feel it leaking.

He didn't. He pulled his hand back and rubbed her mons.

"God, Mitch! I need to cum!"

"You're frowning," he commented with a light laugh. "Why?"

"Goddamnit! I hurt!" she groaned, her body writhing. She tried to clench her thighs to squeeze her clit. Desire to cum was building.

Opening her eyes, she found Mitch grinning at her. She noticed the shape of his erection in his underwear - big, thick - and wished she could hold it, suck it.

"I swear, Mitch!"

Mitch's grin broadened. "Payback's a bitch, huh? You made me hurt, now it's your turn."

"Please," she whispered, her whole body trembling.

Mitch settled on his heels at her side. He reached down and grabbed her ankles, pulling them up into the air. With one hand holding them up, he touched her pussy from behind.

Dana started panting for breath. She cried out when he penetrated her pussy with two fingers. Her body jerked when he strummed her clit.

Her muscles tensed to the point of pain and, with the vibrator deep in her ass, his two fingers fucking her, and his thumb strumming her clit, Dana exploded, her body heaving as utter bliss slammed into her. She cried out again as waves of ecstasy hit, heat burning through her, pleasure radiating up from her pussy to explode in her head. Eyes tightly closed, her body shook and shivered, her climax crashing over her, painful beauty, utter bliss. It grew stronger and her body strained, ached, and with a gasp of pure joy, her orgasm peaked, pulses of pleasure easing, softening, slowing.

He lowered her legs gently and removed the vibrator. Her heart raced. There wasn't a bone left in her body and she wanted to curl up and sleep.

"Open your mouth," Mitch said quietly but firmly.

Dana opened her eyes. Mitch had his erection out, big, hard. He was stroking himself.

"Open your mouth, Dana."

Still tied up, Dana opened her mouth. He edged closer. His tip touched her lips. She tasted clean precum and took him in, sealing her lips around the flared rim. She sucked and caressed it with her tongue watching Mitch's face.

She saw his orgasm in his eyes and in his expression. She felt him swell in her mouth. She tasted the first small spurt of warm semen. And then he flooded her mouth, spurting hard. She swallowed each hard spurt, watching the pleasure on his face, his hand stroking his erection. She sucked and swallowed until she heard his groan of pleasure and felt the spurts weaken, slow, and stop. With a final suck to clean him, she pulled her mouth off.

A few minutes later, released from the ribbons, she settled against his side. "Will we always find this much pleasure together?" she asked.

"I sure hope so." After a beat, he added, "And you'll be the most satisfied woman on earth."

Dana laughed lightly. "I think you've got that reversed."

He chuckled. "Yeah. You're probably right."

Chapter Fourteen

FRIDAY. AT LOOSE ENDS, I prepared the barbecue for Sunday, brushing the grill and removing solidified drippings from the under tray. Liliya was having her friends over for a summer pool party and I'd volunteered to do hamburgers and hotdogs.

Since Dana had left to pick up Liliya from her last day of school, I'd tested and balanced the pool water. It was damned near perfect, crystal clear, slightly high on the alkaline scale but within limits.

Puttering around was something I'd grown to enjoy enormously. I felt like I had a true family. I did, if somewhat unusual.

That led me to think about Liliya. Dana had been spot on when she said Liliya had her own rhythm to sexuality. More often than not, Liliya sought out hugs just because. She liked to draw, preferably climbing onto my lap at the kitchen table while Dana and I chatted. She'd grab my hands, wrap them around her and start sketching.

No matter how hard I studied her, I saw nothing but cute little girl. And when she became frisky, it was with joyful enthusiasm, energetic, and very dictatorial, instructing me on what she wanted. I adored her.

Finishing the barbecue grill, I went in to clean my hands and, checking the time, decided a beer was in order. My thoughts drifted to Dana. I'd never met anyone like her - so refined and elegant, yet capable of being bawdy in bed. At other times, sex with her was soft and loving and full of emotion. I loved her deeply. It was so easy to see why my brother had been enchanted by her. I was too.

My cell rang.

Drying my hands, I picked it up and answered.

Life fell apart.

Dana screamed at me, "THEY TOOK HER! THEY TOOK HER! Oh God! They took my baby, Mitch!" Dana started weeping.

My gut clenched. "Who?"

"I don't know!" she wailed.

"Where are you?"

"I'm . . . I'm on Tampa. Oh God! They took her, Mitch!"

"Stay there!" I yelled. "I'm on my way!"

Grabbing keys, I ran for the Chevy. The tires squealed as I tore away. My hands were shaking and I couldn't think.

I found Dana half a mile down Tampa Avenue. She was standing by her car, her door open, as was the passenger door. Slamming on the brakes, the pickup drifted in a four wheel skid and came to rest facing the wrong way. I jumped out and Dana collapsed to her knees.

Racing to her, I picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on for dear life, sobbing. I carried her and sat her on the curb.

Pulling out my cell, I told her, "I'm calling the police."

"NO!" she screamed.

Dana looked grief-stricken. She was white. She dropped her face into her hands and sobbed.

I looked at my feet, then at her. Fear made me want to act. Taking a deep breath, I crouched in front of her. "Why no police, Dana?"

"They told me no police or they'd . . " She choked. She looked up, tears tumbling. "They said they'd kill her! They'd kill Liliya!"

"What exactly did they say?" I asked. With a flash of insight, I knew. I knew who was responsible! JDL Dynamics!

Over the next few moments, Dana, in a halting voice, told me what had happened.

A car had overtaken her then swerved, screeching to a halt. She'd stopped to avoid hitting it and an SUV had pulled up beside her. Two men jumped out, one shoving a gun in her face, the other running to the passenger side, opening it and grabbing Liliya.

"Liliya screamed, Mitch, and I was frozen. I couldn't help her! I couldn't stop them! The one in the front car got out, came to me and said 'No police or you won't see your daughter again'. Then he threw an envelope at me and they were gone!"

Dana sobbed, "My little girl!" and buried her face in her hands again, started rocking, and wept with such agony my heart clenched.

"Where's the envelope?"

When she didn't answer, I went to the car. It was on the passenger side floor. I opened it.

Mrs. Halston

1. Transfer the balance in your husband's Cayman account to account number 611-2908087 transit number 1778 within the next 7 days

2. Keep the police out of this

Do these two things and your child will be returned to you unharmed. Don't do these two things and take the consequences

We will not be in touch

That was it. Plain paper, printed with a computer. For a moment, I froze again and wrestled with pain. How scared Liliya must be. I could imagine her fear. Glancing at Dana, I felt her pain.

Fear passed and cold anger arrived. I went to Dana and led her to the pickup. Leaving her car, I drove us home, left Dana in the truck and ran inside. I grabbed my laptop and raced back. Ten minutes later I was speeding along the 118 towards the 405.

Why hadn't they been reasonable and civilized? We would have given the money back without hesitation. Why this? Why kidnap Liliya? It didn't make sense.

Dana stirred as if from a coma.

"Did Liliya have her cell phone with her?" I asked.

"I think so. I'm not sure."

Pulling my cell out, I dialed Harry, asking Dana, "What's her number?"

Dana told me. When Harry answered, I told him the situation and asked him to see if he could track Liliya's cell. He didn't hesitate.

"I'll get back to you in fifteen," he barked and hung up.

For endless minutes I wracked my brain. How did they know to cut her off on Tampa? How did they even know she'd be driving along Tampa at that time? Had they watched Dana? If so, would they have checked out the house?

Cold dispassion, an icy clarity, settled over me. I hadn't felt it in such a long time and didn't like it. Yet it let me formulate a plan.

"Where are we going?" Dana asked, coming out of her stupor.

"I'm going to get Liliya," I told her, and explained about the note.

"Let's just do what they asked, Mitch. I'll fly to the Caymans. Surely they won't harm Liliya."

"Dana, they could have approached us and we'd have given them what they wanted. They chose not to. They chose to kidnap a young girl. They chose to terrorize her. You've seen them. Liliya's seen them. Do you think they're serious about letting her go? They made a mistake and I'm going to make them pay."


I didn't answer her. The answer would upset her even more. I had cold rage in me that needed to be sated. I had revenge and punishment in me that drove me. I had the fury of Hell that would be set loose on the kidnappers.

The cell rang.

"Harry. What ya got for me?" I asked without checking the caller ID.

"Not much. The cell phone you asked about is located at the top end of Tampa Avenue."

"Shit! It must be in her backpack."

"Sorry, Mitch."

"I'll call you back. I need to think," I told him, cutting the connection.

Dana was looking out the side window, lost in thought, brushing silent tears away.

Half an hour later - an endless thirty minutes - I pulled in and parked at my apartment.

Dana followed me as I raced up. She stood inside the front door of my place, eyes wide but not seeing, while I went to my studio and opened a safe. I pulled out a Beretta M9A3, checked the slide, grabbed two 17 round magazines and a sound suppressor.

"What are you doing?" Dana asked from behind me.

"I'm getting Liliya back."

She watched me slide the magazine in and pocket the suppressor.

"Who are you?" she asked. "Why would you have a gun in your safe?"

"Come on. We don't have time for explanations."

I led her back to the pickup and, as we sat, I turned on the laptop and started reviewing cam footage from the outside of her house, fast forwarding and slowing on each passing car. Working backwards, I looked for odd behavior.

Dana studied the videos and asked, "Is that my house? When did you put cameras up?" And in a more strident voice, "Who are you, Mitch?"

I explained about adding security after discovering Joe's Cayman account. Then paused the video. "There. That's the one."

I zoomed in to an image of a small man in a Cadillac. Security cams are generally a joke. Too many people and businesses install low res cameras which inevitably turn out useless, the images too distorted to show anything but a sequence of events. These cameras I'd used were high res.

"That's him!" Dana exclaimed, tapping the screen. "He's the one that told me not to involve the police!"

Not George Carmichael, the CEO of JDL Dynamics. No surprise.

Zooming out, I played the video, watching the man stare at the house, then pull away. Rewinding, I paused it so I could read the license plate, pulling out my cell.

When Harry answered, I spoke without waiting. "Harry, can you trace a plate for me. California license number 555 KWT."

"Hold on. What's the model?"

"Cadillac. CT6 Sedan by the look of it."

I listened to a keyboard being pounded, some swearing, then he came back to me.

"I can do one better. The car has a GPS tracker for OnStar. I can give you its location. It's on the Santa Paula Freeway heading northeast."

"Keep an eye on it!"

I started the pickup, tore out of the parking space, tires smoking, and headed back towards the 405 Interstate Highway.

Dana held the door handle to stop being thrown around as I weaved through traffic. We hit the Freeway connecting to the 405 and everything slowed. Rush hour was in full swing making me pound on the steering wheel and snarl.

DANA TRIED TO CONCENTRATE. She couldn't gather her thoughts. All she could think about was Liliya; how terrified she must be. How confused. Were they hurting her?

Pain lanced through her.

Glancing at Mitch, she shuddered. Who was he? This man she'd slept with, who she'd fallen in love with, was unrecognizable! There was a hard set to his mouth. His face was all angles and plains. His jaw muscles were clenched. But, worst of all was his eyes. They were frighteningly flat, darker grey, vicious. This man scared her.

And why would he have a gun with a silencer? Who kept one of those?

"Mitch . . ."

He looked at her. "I'm getting her back, Dana."

She crossed her arms and shivered. Her tears had dried leaving her tight with tension. She wanted to scream. She wanted to hit someone, anyone. Rush hour traffic enraged her.

When another wave of tears threatened, she shook herself. Tears wouldn't help. Not now. She sat in silence, arms tightly crossed, holding everything in.

When Mitch thumped the steering wheel again and swore, she noticed his arms. His muscles were taut. His knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel, and she thought he could tear it off if he wanted to.

His cell phone chirped.

On the speaker, she listened as someone told Mitch, "He's heading north on the 150 at Santa Paula. It curls back west to Ojai."

"Got it."

They hit the 118 and sped up, heading west. Mitch dodged in and out of traffic, moving lanes fast and using his horn.

"Mitch, take Route 23 to Filmore and west on 126."

"Got it. I'll call back when we're on the 126."

"No need. I'm tracking your cell. I'll call with an update when you're there."

Dana asked, "Who's that?"

"Harry Reznick. I used to work with him."

"Doing what?"

Mitch glanced at her. "Not now. Now's not the time."

"You weren't a courier, were you?"

Mitch grunted and didn't answer.

AN HOUR AND A half later, I steered us west onto 126. My mind had churned through options and settled on one. Get Liliya back at any cost. I'd have to play it loose and adapt depending on where they ended up.

The cell chirped. I put it on the speaker. "Talk to me."

"Head north on the 150. When you pass Thomas Aquinas College take a right on a side road called Mott Place. It feeds into Davis Road. Look for the East Fork Trail and follow it to the end. It's a dirt road leading to an abandoned plant of some sort. The car stopped there."

"Thanks, Harry. I'll call you after I'm done."

"No problem, Mitch. Like old times! Good luck."

I turned the cell phone onto vibrate and shoved it into my jeans.

Dana stirred. "What did he mean 'like old times'?"

"Not now. We'll talk about it when Liliya's safe," I told her. Not twenty minutes later, I turned onto route 150 - the North Ojai Road.

The road, a single lane was clear, allowing me to push 80 miles an hour. Thomas Aquinas College appeared as the road kinked west. A minute later, just as Harry had told me, Mott Place appeared. At Davis Road, the paving gave way to packed gravel. The pickup's rear skidded, losing traction on the corners. Trees obscured the view as the road climbed and we hit East Fork Trail. It was more dust than gravel, slippery, a cloud billowing our behind us.

I began to slow at curves, checking ahead. Tension mounted, muscles tight. It took forever before I spotted, through a gap in the trees, an abandoned plant sitting in a wide open, pale dirt-covered space. Slowing, I found a gap in the trees and pulled in.

"Stay here and stay quiet. No matter what you hear, stay!" I ordered Dana as I opened the door quietly.

"What if they hurt you or you can't find Liliya?" she asked, brows knitted with worry, her blue eyes frightened.

"Trust me, they won't hurt me. And if Liliya is here, I'll find her."

In a panic, Dana, in a louder voice, asked, "What do you mean 'if'? What do we do if she's not here? Where else would she be, Mitch?"

I cursed my slip of the tongue. "She's here. Wait and be quiet, Dana."

Closing the door, but not latching it, I pulled the Beretta from my waist and screwed on the sound suppressor. It was deathly quiet this far off the beaten path. Evening sun slanted over the higher hill to the west casting long shadows. The sound of me chambering a round sounded too loud.

I made my way through the trees and studied the terrain. The pale dirt open area, about two acres, surrounded three silo-shaped, metal structures. To one side, a corrugated Quonset hut sat next to a large wooden shed, big enough to house road construction machinery. Odd pipes rose from the ground in a complicated arrangement. Were they drilling here?

There were two immediately apparent problems: the Cadillac wasn't there, only a dark Ford SUV; and the area around the facility, whatever it was, was open making a stealthy approach almost impossible.

Where was the Cadillac? Had Harry been wrong? Was Liliya even here?

While studying the layout, searching for the best approach, the door to the Quonset hut opened. A big man emerged and trundled to the SUV. He opened the rear and grabbed several shopping bags, then headed back.

A couple of things hit me. The bags were printed with 'Safeway', which suggested supplies. That was a good sign. The other was the pistol in a shoulder holster. It told me this man was experienced.

What had Dana said? Two men in one car? There must be another guy inside; the smaller one.

I debated holding off until dark, then reconsidered. Dana would never sit still that long. She'd try to rescue her daughter long before night fell. The other reason not to was surprise. They had no idea I was here, so soon after abducting Liliya. They wouldn't be expecting me. Right now, their focus would be on setting things up, not on protection.

I studied the Quonset hut. Two windows and a door in one end. The windows were filthy offering limited visibility. Solid corrugated metal sheeting curved in an arc for the roof with no windows.

Approach from the side.

Decision taken, I made my way through the trees until I was side on. Despite the heat and beads of sweat dripping down my temples, I felt cold. A familiar icy calm descended - the absolute, clearheaded focus I'd experienced countless times before. Except, this time, it was a loved one at risk. This time, I had no compassion.

Running, I reached the side of the hut. Faint noises reached me; someone talking, something heavy being dragged.

Edging up silently, I paused at the corner and decided nothing fancy. Two men. Open the door fast and shoot. Catch them by surprise before they could react. Unless one was holding Liliya, I knew they'd both be dead inside of two seconds.

Taking several deep breaths, I closed my eyes - one last image of Liliya, so sweet, so pretty, so loving - and moved, easing around the front.

I peered in the window. Too dirty to make out anything but light inside, shadows of . . . boxes? Furniture? Ducking, I reached the door and brought up my Beretta.


Shoving the door open, I stepped in catching the big man by surprise. His eyes opened wide and, with one pull on the trigger, he died with the same expression, a hole in his forehead. He toppled as if in slow motion as I sought out the second, smaller man.

The dead brute hit the ground with a loud thud, dust billowing up.

Movement behind a pile of boxes! Shit! Element of surprise was lost. Moving to the right to change position, I watched the boxes - wooden crates. Were they empty? No matter. Shooting through them with a subsonic round would just waste ammo.

The guy popped up on the far side and shot, the sound almost deafening. I fired as I dove to the side, wood splinters exploding next to his head. He swore and disappeared.

Human reaction is predictable. I knew he'd pause to check his head for damage, think about the risk of looking around the crates, realize he had no choice, then pop up to shoot again. His ears would be ringing from the loud gunshot - a .357 by the sound of it. While he went through the process, I moved quickly and silently directly to the stacked crates. Leaning around, I shot the back of his head while he crouched in indecision. He slumped to the floor. Idiot amateur.

Straightening, I called out, "Liliya? Liliya!"

Fear hit me when she didn't answer. Had I been wrong?

I searched, then noticed a partitioned section at the back. Running, I drove my shoulder into the door. It splintered and swung open. Relief coursed through me when I saw her bound, blindfolded, and gagged, curled up on the floor in the corner, and still in her school uniform. Racing over, I yanked the Duct tape off her mouth, then removed the blindfold and tape around her wrists and ankles, murmuring to her, "You're safe, honey. I'm here."

I picked her up - so damned small, and noticed the dark stain on her skirt where her bladder had released in fright. I carried her, jogging out.

Liliya's eyes were frighteningly vacant, her pupils dilated. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Heading back to the pickup with her face on my shoulder, she said one word, a whisper, "Daddy?" and it broke my heart.

Chapter Fifteen

With Dana and Liliya up in bed, I sat in the kitchen, still burning with anger. Liliya hadn't spoken once on the ride home. Dana had whispered to her the whole way back, refusing to let Liliya out of her arms. Even worse was watching Dana silently cry, the agony of a mother for her hurt child.

As far as I could tell, Liliya wasn't hurt physically. But, she'd been traumatized, hurt psychologically, and there wasn't anything I could do to help her heal. I didn't know how and that burned me up even more.

Sitting quietly, my mind turned to Bill Waters and George Carmichael; the two responsible for Liliya's pain. The two that were responsible for Dana's pain. And, admitting it, the two that were responsible for my pain.

The Beretta lay on the table, whispering 'revenge' to me. I tried to think about it dispassionately and couldn't. Dispassion had been erased by Liliya's whisper and vacant eyes. Needless trauma had been inflicted on those I loved.

I welcomed the dark, seductive promise of revenge, the evil spirit twisting through me fueled by pain and rage.

Picking up the cell, I dialed.

"Give me the address of Bill Waters and George Carmichael," I instructed Harry when he answered.

He didn't hesitate. "Hold for two."

I waited.

"Okay. Bill Waters lives in a condo off Sunset. George Carmichael lives on an estate on Mulholland Drive."

I listened to Harry provide the details, asking for more information on security systems, alarms, and family members.

When we finished, Harry asked, "Is she okay?"

"Physically, yes. Emotionally, no."

He observed, "You know just getting her back isn't going to end it, Mitch. You need to tie up loose ends."

"That's what I'm doing. Tonight."

"Good. I'll be here. Call me. I'll help you with the security."

I cut the connection and debated going up to check on the girls and tell Dana what I was doing, and decided against it. It would worry Dana and she didn't need more stress. Besides, if this went sideways and I didn't return, it would be easier for her to not know what I'd been up to.

At one-fifteen in the morning, having stopped to change and pick up some crucial supplies, I headed down the 405, cresting the hills, passing the Getty Museum high on the right and descending towards Westwood. Traffic was light.

The closer I got to Sunset Boulevard, the colder I became. Adrenaline kicked in again, a familiar and addictive experience I'd tried so hard to leave behind three years ago. Now, I welcomed it.

Fifteen minutes later, I parked two streets behind Bill Waters' apartment. No street cams or security cams would catch my pickup.

As I approached his renovated loft condo, I studied it. Definitely luxurious. I could scale the balconies but might be seen. To the side, metal fire escape ladders. Too loud.

Circling to the rear, I found the delivery and maintenance entrance. Perfect. Putting a bud in my ear, I called Harry.

"I'm here," I told him when he answered the call.

"I know. I'm tracking your cell. The loft condo is a renovation. The security is cheap. When you're ready, the building's power is going to fail for ten seconds. That's your window."

"Got it. I'm ready."

"In . . . Five . . . Four . . . Three . . . Two . . . go!"

A minute later, I was climbing the stairs. The interior was chic rough brickwork with old wooden beam highlights. Third floor. Unit 301.

No sound from the inside. The lock was easily picked. Street lights provided low illumination. Modern interior. Modern furniture in black leather. Complex home entertainment system. Kitchen to the right. Hall to the left.

Wood floors concerned me. They were old. They'd creak. Staying to the wall, I made my way down the hall, passing a bathroom, a guest room, and at the end, arrived at the master bedroom - the door open.

I cautiously looked in.

Modern bed, matching dresser, large windows with blinds open. His outline was obvious. Silence.

Easing the Beretta from my waist, sound suppressor on, I moved towards the bed.

Waters caught me by surprise, exploding from the bed, his leg kicking out and knocking the gun from my hand. In the shadowed darkness, I saw him roll across the bed, reaching for something.

I launched myself at him, landing on his back. Wiry and small, he struggled beneath me. His hand came up with a pistol and I reacted, smashing my fist on his wrist. The pistol fell. He tried to roll. My size stopped him. Arm sneaking around his neck, I tightened it, grabbed the back of his head, and twisted suddenly, hard. The snap of his neck was loud. He went limp. Dead. Bill Waters had just paid the price for hurting Liliya and Dana.

Ten minutes later, I was back in the pickup and heading away. Mulholland Drive my next stop. I felt nothing. I didn't feel satisfaction. I didn't feel the peace from revenge. I felt nothing but numbness - exactly what I'd felt three years ago.

George Carmichael's home was large, perched on the hill overlooking a canyon. Security was a wall surrounding his property, spiked on top, double electronic wrought iron gates. Cameras aimed at the drive. An intercom.

Trees partially obscured the wall, an attempt at beautifying the property and defeating the purpose of the wall. Trees offered easy access.

I drove by and parked three hundred yards away. Two twenty-five in the morning. I'd seen one Lexus pass.

A couple of minutes later, I dropped into his property, crouching and studying. Did he have guards? Dogs?

Silence was broken by a car passing outside. Ambient light from the City of Angels let me see well enough. The grounds were perfectly groomed; trimmed lawns, tended flower beds, pruned trees. About sixty feet away, Carmichael's mock Tudor mansion stuck out like a sore thumb.

I waited for signs of life - human or canine. Nothing.

In my earbud, Harry was talking away, giving me details of Carmichael's security system he'd hacked from the provider and directions once inside. I waited. Haste never pays.

He finally ended with, "I don't know if he has hired live-in staff. He has the space and three people on record - a cook, and two maids - but I have no way of knowing if they're on site. Wait. I can research them and see if they're registered tenants or home owners."

"Don't bother," I told him. "I'm not planning on a tour of the place."

"Okay. Just remember, main hall, up the stairs, go right, last door on the left."

"Got it."

"His alarm system will malfunction in five minutes. Alarm company response time is fifteen minutes. Phone lines will be out of order. Let's hope they don't have his cell number."

"He won't be in any condition to answer it," I informed Harry.

"Yeah. Good luck. Call me when you're clear."

The call ended. It brought to mind how many times we'd played this game; Harry always having my back. He'd been disappointed in me when I'd quit, insisting I'd never find peace. I had . . . until yesterday. Would I ever find it again?

The back door to the kitchen looked promising. I waited and planned. Speed was critical. In and out in under five minutes, barring complications.

Lock-picks out, I checked my watch, then opened the door. An alarm panel looked dead - no lights. Moving quickly, I entered the hall, found the foyer and raced up the stairs silently. No sounds reached me, the house quiet.

At the top, I turned right, moved down the hall and paused at the closed bedroom door. Turning the handle slowly, I opened the door slightly and looked in.


George Carmichael had two ladies in bed, one at each side. I paused again and assessed options. A sound suppressor in no way is silent. My shot would wake up the women. Why hadn't I brought a mask? Fuck!

One of the girls turned and started snoring. The sheet slipped down exposing silicone-enhanced breasts.

Dithering was costing me. Moving into the bedroom, I stood at the foot of the bed, aimed and, with one shot into George Carmichael's head, I turned, bent to pick up the ejected shell and, crouching to conceal my bulk, I left. I was in the hall before screams broke the silent night. I was out the back door in one minute, over the wall, one spike tearing into my thigh with a rip of pain, and at the pickup in another three minutes.

Heading down Mulholland Drive, a security sedan flashed by heading for the estate. Harry's estimate had been dead on.

Driving back towards Ventura Freeway, I disassembled the Beretta. I'd ditch it in water where it would never be found. But first, I needed to alter the bore just enough for the lands and grooves of the bullets not to match, and make a slight change to the firing pin to prevent the bullet casing back at the plant Liliya was held at being linked to this gun.

Suddenly, I realized what I was doing - running through the post-operation security protocol as if three years hadn't passed. I examined my feelings and . . . nothing. No relief. No pleasure. My pulse hadn't even risen.

I felt dead.

Three weeks had passed. Sitting on the couch in the family room, with my arm over Liliya's shoulder, I kept her company as she watched TV.

Dana had recovered out of necessity, having to care for Liliya, her competence and control returning. She found a child psychologist who specialized in PTSD, Mrs. Jennifer Landover, a mid-thirties woman, who had assured us Liliya would recover, that kids are resilient.

I wish I was a kid.

Liliya, sitting next to me, hadn't smiled or laughed since being abducted. She couldn't be alone. She slept with Dana and me every night and what tore at me was her nightmares, the way she'd cry out "Mommy!" shaking with fear.

It punished me every time. I was helpless. Not only did I not know what to do, how to help her, but inside I was still cold.

The news had reported two unidentified men had been found dead in an abandoned plant in the hills. They had reported on Bill Waters' death, initially not knowing why. Two call girls had reported the killing of George Carmichael and authorities had connected the two. Now, the FBI was involved, investigating JDL Dynamics, rumors of impropriety emerging.

I didn't care. It felt like a blanket of separation had draped over me, muting life. Only Liliya's pain could break through and it made me angrier. I wanted to hit someone and there was no one to hit, no target, no one to take my anger out on. Killing those responsible for Liliya's and Dana's trauma hadn't been enough.

Chapter Sixteen

DANA WATCHED LILIYA SIT by the pool and chat with Caroline, one of her best friends. She saw Liliya smile, then let out a brief laugh, Caroline giggling. They kicked the water in the pool sitting on the edge.

Two long months. Two months of twice-weekly sessions with the child psychologist was finally paying off. Day by day Liliya was returning. Her nightmares rarely came back.

Moving from the window, Dana looked at Mitch sitting and watching a golf tournament on TV. He hated golf and she was sure he had no idea what was going on.

Dana felt tightness in her chest. Mitch had changed. He'd lost weight, his face now almost gaunt. Even worse were his eyes. Something was missing. She'd seen him pretend to smile without real pleasure showing, try to be involved with her and Liliya, try to hold conversations, and yet he was missing in action; only half there.

He'd refused to talk about where he'd gone that night after rescuing Liliya. She'd noticed his bandaged leg the next morning and he'd claimed it had happened up at the abandoned plant. It hadn't. Even now, in shorts, she could see the jagged scar.

He'd never answered her, either. He'd never explained. Indelibly imprinted on her mind was the man who had emerged that day; a man she didn't recognize, a frightening man, cold and apart.

Liliya, on the other hand, had healed her. Having to care for Liliya, take action, and see to her recovery had forced her to cope and, in coping, Dana had recovered.

Now, with Liliya firmly on the road to recovery, Mitch needed her help. She needed to help him come back. To help him find the joy he'd experienced before all this had happened.

But how?

The open, easy-to-laugh, funny man he'd been, the one she'd fallen in love with, was no more.

She went and sat next to him, lifting his heavy arm around her shoulders. She caught his scent, pure sexy guy.

It struck her they hadn't made love since the event. They hadn't had simple sex, either. She'd been too preoccupied. With a bolt of clarity, she realized she'd been selfish. Mitch had been hurting, too, just like Liliya and she hadn't helped him, assuming he was her big, strong man, capable of handling anything.

How stupid could she be?

Getting up, she went outside and called Liliya. When Liliya came over, Dana whispered to her.

Liliya smiled, nodded, said, "Kay," and went back to her friend.

Dana returned to Mitch, bent, took his hand and tugged. "Come with me."


"Just come with me, Mitch."

She led him upstairs, putting an extra sway to her hips as she climbed the stairs.

In the bedroom, she closed the door and moved into him, whispering, "I need some loving, Mitch. I need intimacy." She kissed him lightly and caressed his crotch. When she didn't feel the response she wanted, she added, "Please?"

Inside, she sighed with relief when his eyes softened slightly. He responded, kissing her gently, his arms holding her.

The kiss was soft. When it ended, she whispered, "Help me feel, Mitch."

He studied her eyes. She started unbuttoning his shirt, and tugged the shirttails out of his jeans. Opening it, she caressed his chest, then kissed him again. When he didn't take the initiative, she guided his hand to her breast, then whispered into his ear, "Touch me. Make me feel good."

Mitch finally responded. He caressed her breast lightly. She rubbed her crotch against his, reached behind her and guided his other hand to her ass, knowing how much he liked her butt, and was finally rewarded.

Mitch sighed. He caressed her buttocks and kissed her harder, his head tilting to settle his mouth over hers. His tongue brushed her lips and Dana opened her mouth to him. The kiss intensified, heat blossoming inside her and, suddenly, he was undressing her, his hands wrestling with her blouse and her shorts. She didn't help. She let him undress her, kissing him harder.

His breath brushed her cheek. She said nothing when he shoved her blouse off and unhooked her bra. She kissed him even harder, shrugging off her bra. His hands shoved her panties down. The kiss ended. Pulse now racing, Dana backed up and settled on the bed, watching Mitch tear his clothes off.

She looked at his erection with satisfaction; so large and hard. A shiver of anticipation hit her.

Mitch moved onto the bed and between her legs. Dana raised her knees and welcomed him as he hovered over her. His eyes were darker grey and intense. He thrust suddenly and she cried out at the sudden penetration, painful, stretching her. Mitch stared into her eyes and started fucking her, long strokes, firm strokes, his groin hitting her clit. She reached up and pulled him down on her, such a big guy.

He kissed her, demanding, tongue probing, fucking her firmly, his cock stretching her. She reached down and gripped his ass, tugging at him and, when the kiss ended, she whispered, "Fuck me, Mitch."

He did. Hard. Long strokes. Her clit tingled with each deep thrust. He held her and fucked her harder. Dana felt her body respond. Pleasure blossomed, her clit tingling. Her breasts felt heavier. Each hard stroke filled her, his tip hitting her deepest part.

Hanging on, she closed her eyes and, catching her by surprise, she felt her climax arrive, bliss blossoming like heat and flushing through her, her pussy pulsing, slippery, Mitch's cock so thick. She gasped, her climax washing over her, sweet pleasure. She moaned and rode her climax, such exquisite release.

As her climax passed, Mitch fucked her firmly. Suddenly, he pulled out leaving her empty. He rose to his knees and turned her onto her side, grabbed her leg, lifting it, then thrust into again. Straddling her lower leg, holding her upper leg up, Mitch fucked her. His eyes were so dark, so intense. She let him, her body shoved with each hard thrust.

Pulling her leg over, still buried inside her, he leaned over, slipped his arms under her and lifted her effortlessly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. As he sat on his heels, he gripped her ass and moved her. Dana rode his erection, rising and falling, fucking him, her face buried into his neck.

Dana took control. She pushed him onto his back and straddled him, fucking him, leaning over, arms holding her up. A shiver of pleasure hit her when he caressed her breasts and tweaked her sensitive nipples. She slowed, fucking his erection, rising until he almost came out, thrusting down, rising slowly, thrusting down. Mitch's intense eyes narrowed. He still hadn't spoken.

Pleasure intensified, now so wet, his erection so beautifully hard and thick. She lowered herself onto him, slowly fucking him, and kissed him hard, demanding, passionate. His arms wrapped around her and she heard a rumble deep in his chest.

Suddenly, he rolled, flipping her on her back. He pulled out leaving her empty again, rose, and turned her. With an arm under her waist, he brought her up onto all fours. His cock shoved into her making her gasp. Head falling, supporting herself on her elbows, Mitch fucked her from behind, hard thrusts shaking her body, his erection stretching her. He fucked her faster.

When his finger touched her clit, Dana gasped, "Oh God!" and climaxed again, explosively, painful pleasure wracking her body, her pussy clenching, ecstasy hitting in waves, she gasped for breath, eyes tightly closed and tried to ride out her orgasm. A raging bull was fucking her. A tumultuous climax was punishing her. Her body tensed, tightened, her muscles straining with each pulse of pleasure and, gasping, her orgasm passed, releasing her.

Still, Mitch fucked her. He gripped her waist, thrusting into her endlessly, his groin slapping against her ass loudly. Suddenly, she was empty and Mitch flipped her over onto her back. Sitting on his heels, he pulled her legs over his thighs. His erection jutted up, slick, glistening, the head inflamed. Lifting her ass off the bed, he thrust into her. Holding her, he fucked her and a flit of fear hit her. His eyes were so dark and unfocused.


He thrust into her so hard a spike of pain hit her.

Mitch stopped at her cry of pain. His eyes cleared, focus returning, and pain entered them.

Reaching out, she grabbed his arms and pulled him down onto her, her knees cradling him. She guided his face to her neck, caressed the back of his head and whispered, "It's okay."

With a gentle curl of her hips taking him in deeper, reversing, gently curling her pussy up at him, fucking him slowly, he started moving again, this time gently. She loved how Mitch was so big, his body heavy and covering her.

Fucking each other with careful, full strokes, she whispered, "Cum, Mitch. Cum for me," and he responded with a deep, almost agonizing groan.

Dana felt him. She felt his erection swell. She felt his body tense. And, with relief flooding her, she felt him cum, hot wetness, cock pulsing, and heard his groan of pleasure. She felt him spurting into her with gentle strokes and loved his whisper, "Dana."

With slow strokes, Mitch came, emptying himself into her, his body straining and, with a moan of pleasure, he slowed, erection throbbing gently, and stopped, his weight growing heavier.

Dana caressed his damp back and sighed to herself.

A while later, dressed, she stepped out onto the patio. Liliya looked up and grinned at her.

"Where's Mitch?"

Dana smiled. "Asleep."

Her body hurt. Her pussy hurt. She felt like how boxers must feel after fifteen rounds in the ring. She was sore all over.

Mitch hadn't said much. Aside from whispering her name, he'd murmured, "Did I hurt you?"

She'd lied, assuring him he hadn't. She didn't care. It was worth it. In his voice, she knew Mitch was back. Demons had been released. Besides, two climaxes had left her exhausted.

Dana smiled to herself. She'd ridden the bull and survived. And, what a bull! Her bull!

She walked over to the two girls, kicked off her sandals, and sat on the edge of the pool, her feet in the cool water.

Liliya smiled. "Is Mitch okay now?"

Caroline asked Liliya, "What was wrong with him? Was he sick?"

Dana laughed. "In a way. He's fine now."

Liliya nodded. "Good. I was worried."

Dana rubbed her daughter's back. "So was I."

She listened to the two girls chatting away. It calmed her. Below, she felt her panties dampen, Mitch's semen leaking. Her body ached. She knew Mitch was strong, but he'd manhandled her like she was a child, showing how strong he really was.

Her mind drifted. What had Mitch done before being an artist? She needed to know. It would help understand him. Could she call that Harry guy? No. He'd probably be as reticent as Mitch. Somehow, Dana was determined to get the truth from Mitch. It was the one last secret between them.

As evening arrived, when Caroline left, Dana started preparing dinner. A rush of relief hit her when Liliya entered the kitchen, sat at the kitchen table and started drawing in her sketch book, chatting away. Liliya was bouncing back.

She and Liliya didn't see Mitch until he wandered in, his hair damp from a shower, paint-stained jeans and T-shirt on. He paused at the table, leaning over to admire Liliya's drawing, then kissed her head, pointed to one part of her sketch and said, "Try light grey to bring depth to the tree trunk."


He rubbed her shoulder, then glanced at Dana. A grin emerged that made her heart beat faster. Casually, he went to the fridge, pulled out a bottle of wine and uncorked it while she cooked.

He reached around her, placing the glass next to her on the counter and kissed her shoulder, saying, "Hello, gorgeous."

Dana smiled. "Welcome back."

Chapter Seventeen

I HELD THE DOOR open to let Dana and Liliya pass. We walked out of the bank into hot sun and I asked, "How does it feel to be thirteen million dollars richer?"

Dana shrugged. "No different. I didn't want the money in the first place."

"So give it away to a deserving soul . . . Me!"

She laughed. "Are you still yearning for that trawler?"

"Yup." I hailed a cab on Albert Panton Street. Grand Cayman was so damned hot.

One pulled over.

Dana said, "You guys go back. I want to shop for a few things. I'll meet you back at the hotel."

"We'll come with you," I gamefully offered.

Liliya immediately countered, "No we won't. I want to swim. Have fun, Mom." Without waiting, she climbed into the taxi.

I grinned. "Sorry. You'll have to take the next one."

Dana smiled, leaned close and kissed me. "I won't be too long. Have fun."

The ride back to the hotel was rushed, the taxi driver ignoring every sign on the road and several red lights while taking a tortuous, twisting route through narrow lanes.

At the hotel, it was with relief I extracted myself from the cramped back seat. Liliya grabbed my hand and led me in.

"We'll swim in the pool today. Or, did you see those people parasailing on the beach? We could try that. Want to?"

Her pretty grey eyes twinkled. The elevator took us up to the top floor in quiet luxury. In our suite, with a breathtaking view of the ocean, the beach covered with sunbathers and umbrellas, Liliya made a beeline to the bathroom.

I sat on the bed and kicked my sandals off, enjoying the cool air conditioned temperature, and waited for her to finish so I could use the bathroom.

The last year had passed so fast. Two weeks ago, Liliya had turned thirteen. She was well into her growth spurt, almost five feet tall now, but skinny, her body still racing to catch up. Next to me, she was still a petite little thing.

Liliya emerged in plain white cotton panties that almost reached her navel and a chaste white bra that provided no supported, just modesty; a band of loose cotton that covered two smaller than half lemon sized mounds. Desire washed over me and I no longer questioned it. I no longer wrestled with my attraction to her or my love of her petite body. She was very, very sexy.

Liliya looked at me, saw my eyes and frowned. "No way! I wanna swim!"

I reached out to grab her and she jumped back, giggling.

"We can swim later," I informed her with a leer.

"Swim now!" she insisted, then laughed brightly when I stood up.

She darted out to the sitting room. I gave chase, relishing her laughter and admiring her cute butt inside her panties. She ran behind the couch, her eyes sparkled with pleasure - so pretty.

I tried to run around and catch her. She ran to the opposite side. "Mitch! I want to swim! I'm serious!"

"I'm serious, too! Give me five minutes."

Liliya burst into giggles. "No!"

I tried leaning over and she jumped back. Her panties did a wondrous job of forming to her ripe pussy and arousal intensified, an erection forming.

Liliya noticed and grinned. "You're horny!"

"That's what I've been sayin'," I told her. "Please?"

In the blink of an eye, she changed. "Okay. But quick."

I smiled. Liliya was never, ever quick about sex. She had far too much fun. Yet, over the past year, her sexuality had developed. To her, sex had become a way of showing love, not just a pastime. Her rhythm of sexual desire cycled faster. She'd grown to deeply enjoy sex. She'd also become an accomplished lover.

She returned my smile, walked to the suite door, opened it and hung the 'Do not disturb' sign on the outside handle, closed it, and strolled towards the bedroom.

"Well?" she asked, grinning at me.

I leered and lunged. She squealed and darted towards her room, then burst into giggles when I caught her from behind. Lifting her, I carried her to the bed and tumbled onto it. Liliya grunted underneath me.

"Jeez, Mitch! You're heavy!" she said, her voice muffled by the bed covers.

And she was so delightfully delicate under me. Desire burned brighter. I welcomed it, relished it. Dana had been right. Intimacy with Liliya had opened my eyes to the sweet, sexy beauty of young girls.

"Get off," she said suddenly when I slipped my hand under her chest and touched her little breast. She squirmed, making her butt rub against me. Lovely.

I rolled off.

Liliya's blonde hair was mussed, so cute. She grinned at me. "It's not fair. You use size to do anything you want and I can't."

Rolling onto my back, I smiled and said, "I'm yours. Do anything you want. I'll do anything you ask."

Mischief stole into her eyes. "Anything?"

I nodded.

"You promise?"


She sat up. "In that case, I wanna swim!"

I roared with laughter. Knowing her, she was serious. Not teasing me.

Liliya rolled off the bed and moved to the dresser. She hunted and found her yellow bikini. "This one," she announced, showing me. "I like yellow. It's my favorite color."

"I thought purple was your favorite color."

"It was . . . before," she informed me. "Now I like yellow."

She crossed her arms, grabbed her cotton bra and, uncrossing and lifting her arms, removed it over her head. I studied her little breasts. Pubescence is a marvel of nature. They were miniature perfection, too petite to be affected by gravity, her pink areolae the size of a quarter topped by defined nipples. What fascinated me was the way her areolae were shaped - a continuation of the slope of her breasts, not flat.

She tossed her bra aside and rubbed her breasts. They jiggled slightly, firm and sexy. Inside my pants, my erection strengthened, too tightly contained.

Liliya inspected one boob, brushed something off it, and started putting her bikini top on backwards around her waist.

"You shouldn't do that," I observed.

"Do what?"

She turned the top and brought it up, slipping the neck strap over her head. She adjusted triangles over her boobs.

"Don't change in front of me. You're so sexy I might attack you. And, let me remind you, I'm horny."

She laughed. "No you won't. You're big but you're a softie. You'd never hurt anyone."

"Who said anything about hurting? Let me make you moan with pleasure."

Liliya giggled. "No. I wanna swim."

She was remarkably stubborn.

Knowing full well what she was doing, she shoved her cotton panties down and kicked them off. A surge of desire hit me. My cock swelled, my erection now almost complete.

In the last year, Liliya had developed the cutest, sexiest pubic bush ever. Still a ways off from becoming full, it was downy, ash brown in color like her mothers. Short pubes hadn't curled and there weren't enough of them to obscure her pussy underneath. In fact, her sexy pubes emphasized the lush shape of her mons.

Like they'd been combed, short hairs all aligned towards the center. Her cleft had even less hair and, coddled by her labia, the tip of her clit peeked out.

My mouth watered. I growled. Liliya giggled and stepped into her bikini bottoms. She tugged them up, wiggled her butt, and the sexy sight was hidden from view.

"I never knew you were so mean," I informed her. "I thought you're this nice, sweet, considerate girl. But, nope."

She laughed. "It won't work."

"Please?" I tried.

"Get changed, Mitch. We're going swimming." She started looking for her beach sandals.

Resigned to my fate, I got up and headed across the sitting room to Dana's and my room. It was one of the things I adored about Liliya. She knew what she wanted and wasn't shy about manipulating events to get her way. No one was going to take advantage of her without her consent, and of that, I was proud.

I thought about the karate lessons I'd forced on her over a year ago. It was a way to rebuild her confidence, to have control, and she'd responded so well. A year later and she was still taking weekly lesson. Liliya was going to mature into a force of nature.

I pulled my pants off and shucked my underwear. My erection jutted out. Damn! I was so horny.

Liliya giggled from the doorway. "You can't go to the pool with that!" she observed.

"In that case, you're not swimming. You know you don't go anywhere without me or your mother. I guess you'll have to wait till she gets back." I added, feeling Machiavellian, "And you know how she loves to shop. It might be a while."

Her response was so woman-like it made me grin. She sighed as if suffering the fate of all females. "Fine. Get on the bed."

"How romantic," I observed.

Liliya giggled. "This isn't romance. This is me wanting to swim!"

Grinning. I stretched out on the bed.

Liliya muttered, "This is gonna be quick."

It wasn't. Liliya was incapable of quickies.

She sat at my hip, legs crossed, and gently held my erection. With familiarity, she stroked me and man, did it feel good. The sight of her, such a young girl fondling me, excited me even more.

I looked at her crotch and admired how, cross-legged, her small pussy swelled against the yellow bikini, so ripe. My cock pulsed.

As she stroked me, she said, "I think I want to try parasailing. I talked to the man on the beach and he said I was old enough to try. Let's."

I smiled. "Sure."

"Maybe Mom would like to try, too."

A bead of precum oozed from the tip. Liliya rubbed it with her thumb, spreading it over the flared head, then resumed stroking me.

"Did I hear right? Mom has thirteen million dollars now? Can we afford to go to Disney World? I heard there's a new Avatar ride. I haven't seen the movie, but Caroline was telling me it's supposed to be fantastic."

She leaned over and slipped my erection into her mouth, sucked, then straightened. Pleasure flowed through me. Jesus I was horny!

"Have you seen the movie?" she asked, letting my erection go.


"Maybe we should watch it before going to Disney," she proposed, casually pushing her bikini bottom down.

She straddled my thighs and resumed stroking me. I grinned and waited. Liliya was chugging along at her own pace, her mind happily occupied with random thoughts and chatting away. Based on experience, I knew she'd hit a point where horniness would finally distract her and that was the stage I loved the most.

"What did Mom mean by trawler? Is that a boat? Are we getting a boat?"

She shuffled up and settled her sweet little pussy on my shaft. Her mons bulged. Her labia oozed apart to hug my cock, sparse pubes making the sight so exciting. The head of my erection glistened with precum.

"I think a boat would be fun," she informed me, her eyes on my cock. "I could have my friends . . ." Her voice trailed off when she slipped her pussy up and back, rubbing her clit on me.

She supported herself with hands on my stomach and humped me slowly. "I like this," she murmured. "It feels soooo good."

"Yes it does," I agreed, still waiting, my cock throbbing.

For a few moments, she humped me, her little pussy almost pooching out. My heart beat faster. I couldn't wait. Reaching up, I pushed her bikini top up exposing her petite breasts and fondled them. They were so remarkably firm yet soft at the same time, and far too small for my hands.

Liliya shivered lightly and pulled the top off. She smiled, her eyes now softer, and leaned forward. Settling on me, she kissed me, her lips so sweet.

I explored her exquisite naked bottom, then held her buttocks, each a perfect handful, and moved her up and down.

Liliya's tongue teased my lips. The kiss deepened when she touched my tongue and, in a hugely erotic move, she opened her mouth and kissed me deeply, small breaths from her nose warming my cheek. My erection pulsed. There was nothing like kissing a young girl. The excitement of it. The illicitness of it. Unique and thrilling.

Liliya ended the kiss with a sigh and buried her face in my neck. She lifted her bottom. My cock sprang up and, wiggling, Liliya maneuvered it up between her legs and closed them, capturing me. She humped me once, shuffled down to press her pussy against my erection, and humped me again, sighing with satisfaction when her clit rubbed against me.

I caressed her back, then reached between us to caress her little boob. Under my thumb, her nipple tightened and beaded. I loved this - rubbing against each other, desire building. I loved holding her, so delicate and small on me; still a child yet blossoming.

Liliya murmured something, lifted her bottom and reached down, trying to grasp my cock. I resisted. I had other plans.

Rolling us, I lifted my body off her and smiled. She returned the smile, her eyes now warm and soft, aroused.

I kissed her lightly and murmured, "Delicious. I could eat you up."

She giggled, amused, and laughed lightly when I shuffled down and sucked her little breast into my mouth, mumbling, "Mmmm."

My erection strained against her leg. I tasted her other breast and tickled her nipple, then kissed her chest between them, edged down, kissed her stomach, and edged down again.

Liliya watched me, a smile on her lips. "Having fun?"

"Oh yeah," I assured her.

She wiggled, spreading her legs. I settled between them and finally kissed the top of her mons, her pubes so downy soft. She watched me kiss the top of her cleft, still smiling slightly. I kissed her labia and tasted her delicate flavor, clean with a hint of pure sexiness - the unique taste of a young girl aroused. Her scent was so faint it tickled my nose. Then I kissed her clit where it peeked out and sucked carefully.

Liliya's small smile faded. The first touch of my tongue made her jerk slightly. Her sigh of pleasure was louder when I caressed her clit and, when I probed the base of her slit with my finger, when her labia oozed apart to hug it and I discovered slippery, silken arousal, she inhaled. It turned into a moan of pleasure when I penetrated her tight vagina to the first knuckle. Her pelvis twitched.

Precum leaked and dampened the bed, my cock straining. I sucked and teased her clit waiting for the sign.

It came. Liliya's eyes closed and she rubbed her pussy against my mouth.

I stopped. She groaned.

Moving up, hovering over her small body, I held my shaft and guided it, watching as my thick erection kissed her small cleft. The size difference still astonished me and still excited me beyond belief. I was as large as her slit, a seemingly impossible fit I knew wasn't.

Slowly, I rubbed the tip up and down spreading clear precum. Adding pressure, I rubbed side to side, burrowing deeper, slowly, excitement pulsing through me.

Her plump lips spread around my tip, edging down until they cradled my crown, stretched, so erotic. Her small clitoris pressed down against my tip. I completely filled her cleft, the sight making me tremble with excitement. With slight pressure, I lodged myself firmly at her entrance and let my erection go.

Settling onto her, Liliya shifted her legs, spreading them, her knees out to the side of my hips and pressed to the bed. I breathed deeply to calm myself. This, poised to have intercourse with her, with such a small girl - a child - was erotic beyond belief! Excitement hammered me.

Reaching down, I held her small hip, then eased my hand underneath her to cup her cute buttock, and pressed to penetrate her.

God Almighty!

Liliya's little pussy slowly succumbed to pressure, her entrance dilating and edging down my crown, and as I oozed into her, her vagina gripped me painfully tight, so astonishingly erotic!

She hugged my chest.

Easing off, I pressed again and penetrated her slightly deeper. Fantastic! Unbelievably erotic! Knowing she could accommodate me added to my excitement. Easing back slightly, I pressed again, three quarters of my aching cock gripped in utter heaven. Another gentle, careful stroke and I was buried inside her, completely, exquisite perfection. My erection swelled making her even tighter. The top of my cock pressed firmly against her end, her small pussy pressing against my groin.

Desire burned brighter, evolving into a raging fire of need. I wanted to be selfish, to fuck her, to seek sweet release in her small body. And yet, I wanted to fuck her gently and experience every exquisite stroke. I was so damned hard.

Lodged deep, I raised myself and looked down at her. Liliya, face upturned, was smiling at me, her pretty grey eyes twinkling. I had to arch my back and bend to kiss her and, when I did, she squeezed her pussy making me groan deeply.

Liliya ended the kiss with a grin. "You always make that sound." She tightened her pussy again.

I groaned, then flexed my erection inside her. Jesus she was tight!

Need was making my muscles tremble. Desire made me move. Extracting my cock from her was incredible. It felt like she was trying to hold on, reluctant to release me. It took forever for the ridge of my crown to emerge. And as I almost oozed out of her completely, I reversed and experience the thrill of penetrating her again.

Liliya's eyes turned inward. She didn't see me. When I stroked into her again, her eyes closed. She hugged me and I settled into her, so sweet, so deliciously petite.

Erection aching, I let pleasure wash over me with each slow stroke, fucking her gently, unbelievably erotic. Liliya made my cock feel monstrous and the excitement of sex with such a young girl intensified my pleasure.

I fucked her slowly waiting for her. I knew her well. I knew her signs. I knew, with each stroke, her small clit was rubbing along my shaft.

Pleasure washed over me.

It came. Liliya moaned quietly. Her arms tightened. I fucked her gently, long strokes, so damned good, and she responded, moving her hips, finally joining me. Gripping her small buttock, I fucked her faster and started struggling. Pressure built, the promise of pure ecstasy urging me on.

I waited for her, knowing the signs of her climax, and prayed she'd cum soon, fucking her, so wonderfully tight. It seemed like forever, pure pleasure making my heart race, body hot, cock straining.

Liliya announced the arrival of her climax with the cutest grunt. Her pussy gripped me impossibly tightly, and quiet cries of pleasure escaped, her hips moving, fucking me, fucking me.

I let go and sweet pleasure slammed into me. With short, faster strokes, my cock swelled. I powered towards my climax and felt semen burn up my shaft. Ecstasy blossomed as I came deep inside her, cum erupting. I tumbled into my orgasm, fucking her as she climaxed, each thrust bringing exquisite pleasure, semen exploding. I fucked her small body, cumming hard, chasing my orgasm all the way up, finding utter bliss and, with a deep groan, I peaked, endorphins hitting me, my pulses slowing and fading, empty, sated. Peace settled over me.

Jesus! Nothing could compare to sex with Liliya!

The sun was dipping towards the horizon when Dana finally arrived. She joined me and watched Liliya in the pool as she chatted away with another girl her age. Dana sat on the poolside chaise chair next to me. She moved her sunglasses up to hold her hair back, her intense blue eyes twinkling.

"You took long enough," I commented. "Did you get everything you wanted?"

Dana smiled. "Did you?"

Surprised, I asked, "Was I manipulated?"

Dana laughed lightly. "Absolutely. By a master."

I cast my mind back to this afternoon and Liliya. Admiration filled me. She'd completely fooled me - a genuine genius. I was outclassed. She'd managed me without me suspecting a thing!


Dana laughed. "You had no clue, did you?"

"No. Give me a minute. I'm in awe. Thirteen years old!"

Dana leaned over and rubbed my shoulder. "You're getting sunburnt." Her blue eyes twinkled. "I hope you're not exhausted. Something about ocean air and sun and heat . . . and shopping, makes me randy."

"Well, I don't know. Feed me and we'll see. What did you buy today?"

"Clothes for you and Liliya."

"I don't need clothes."

She laughed. "Yes you do. You get paint on everything. I'm heading up. I need a drink."

I watched her walk away. Her summer-light, blue and white dress swished, legs long and slender. She was such a classy lady. A flush of love hit me. Damn. I was so lucky!

By the time Liliya and I made it up to the suite, Dana was dressed for dinner in a burgundy sheath dress and high heels, sipping orange juice as she sat on the couch.

She smiled softly at me, then instructed Liliya, "Shower and dress for dinner. Wear a dress."

Liliya headed to her room. "Kay. Why?"

"We're celebrating tonight."

"Celebrating what?" I asked.

She pointed to our room and ordered me, "Go shower and change, Mitch. I've laid out your clothes on the bed."

I smiled to myself. I quite liked being managed by two females I loved dearly.

Dana had booked us a table at Ortanique, a highly regarded restaurant offering innovative Caribbean cuisine. Liliya looked very pretty in a shimmering royal blue dress. She'd, with the help of Dana, pulled the sides of her long blonde hair back and braided it, the tail sitting on free-flowing hair down her back - very elegant.

I felt a tad self conscious in my light silk blazer. It was too classy for me. So was the Egyptian cotton shirt.

Dinner was intoxicatingly good. Under a starry sky, overlooking the harbor, with a cool salty breeze, it was magical. A bottle of Pouilly-Fumé, a dry Sauvignon Blanc rivaled only by the famed Sancerre, was dry and addictive.

Dana surprised me by declining a glass, smiling softly and telling me, "I don't feel like wine, Mitch."

Liliya offered to help me drink the wine and grinned when I politely declined.

The sixteen ounce pork chop slathered in barbecue sauce made from mangos was delicious, tender, and melted in my mouth. I tried Dana's coffee and cocoa encrusted salmon with reservation and quickly decided I'd ordered the wrong dish.

Liliya attacked her coconut cake for desert with "Mmmm," sounds. Dana and I lingered over banana fritters with rum raisin ice cream.

The food, the company, the conversation and laughter, and the location elevated the night into a lifetime memory. And through it all, Dana kept touching me, her hand taking in mine, her fingers brushing my arm, or unconsciously resting on my forearm. Through it all, she looked at me with soft eyes so full of love it made my heart ache.

It was very late when we made it back to the hotel. Liliya was exhausted. She managed a hug and kiss and crawled onto her bed. Dana went and tucked her in. I heard them talking in low voices.

I was in bed and waiting when Dana emerged from the bathroom in a short silk nightie. She slipped into bed, moved into my side, and kissed me gently. I put my arm around her shoulder. She rolled into me and I caught her familiar scent, flowers and lime.

She rubbed my chest.

"I need to tell you something, Mitch," she said quietly.


Dana turned her face up to me, staring intently. "I want you to know it's not too late."

Confused and concerned, I asked, "Too late for what?"

"I just found out. I'm pregnant."

My heart stopped. A mixture of joy and concern hit me. "Too late for what?"

"To end the pregnancy."

Astonished, I asked, "You don't want us to have a baby?"

Dana's intense eyes studied me. "I do. But I wasn't sure about you. Do you want a child with me?"

"Hell yes!!"

A beautiful smile blossomed. Man she was gorgeous!

"So that's why you refused wine at dinner? Wait! I thought you're on the pill!"

Dana chuckled. "Until today, I was."

"Then . . . how?"

"The pill isn't one hundred percent effective."

"You're kidding! How come they don't warn us?" I asked, astonished.

She laughed. "They do, you twit. It's rare but it happens, and it happened to us."

Dana looked so damned happy. I kissed her, soft, lips lingering. Excitement zinged through me. Me? A dad?

Dana moved partially on top of me and whispered, "Make love to me, Mitchell."

My hand drifted down her back and onto the sexy swell of her ass, the slinky nightie slipping over her buttocks. Tugging it up, I touched bare skin. She wasn't wearing panties!

Dana murmured into our kiss, her tongue gently caressing mine. Her hand moved down and eased under the waist of my underwear. She searched and found my penis. Fondling it, she gradually brought me erect.

When the kiss ended, she sighed, "I love feeling you come erect." Her thumb pad teased the tip, then she stroked me. Pulling her hand out, she pushed the waist of my underwear down. I kicked them off as she shrugged off her nightie exposing her sexy breasts.

Rising, Dana straddled me, smiling softly. She settled her pussy on me at the base and fondled the exposed part. I reached up and caressed her breasts, loving their mature weight, still so firm yet soft. Teasing her, I tweaked her nipples and they responded, firming up, growing, so sexy.

Dana caressed my erection and sighed when she got the reaction she so liked, precum leaking.

Leaning forward, Dana kissed me, her lips soft and moving, her tongue caressing, and as the kiss became more passionate, she reached down between us and guided me, rubbing the tip of my erection along her cleft, pressing herself back, my tip finding sensual warmth.

She ended the kiss. Sitting up, still raised off me, she held my cock and slowly sat down with slow movements. I watched her eyes. I watched heat build in their perfect blue. I saw them soften. I saw arousal blossom.

Below, I felt her, already slippery, her snug pussy slowly edging down, wrapping me in moist heat, deeper, deeper. And with a sigh of pleasure, Dana settled on my groin. I was buried in her as deep as I could go.

She looked at me and whispered, "I love being full with you." She rubbed my chest. "I love knowing I have your baby in me." Her eyes bore into mine. "I love you, Mitch."

"Me, too," I murmured, holding her waist.

Dana smiled. She started moving slightly, edging back and forth. Deep inside her I felt it on my tip. She humped back and forth slowly, then eased up, rising, my shaft emerging, glistening, and as the rim almost breached her, she lowered herself, taking me deep again, her vagina caressing me like liquid velvet. She moved back and forth, then rose again, an exquisite, long caress, my erection emerging, and settled again taking me deep.

The pattern was set. For the next few minutes she fucked me slowly, my cock hard and throbbing, her vagina massaging me, so snug. I caressed her breasts and watched her. God, she was so classy and sexy at the same time.

Her nostrils flared as she breathed deeper. A flush emerged above her breasts. She fucked me slowly, long strokes, and desire built in me, tenseness arriving.

Dana sighed with pleasure. She gradually moved faster, fucking me harder, rising and falling, taking me as deep as possible. The flush spread to her neck. I saw her body shudder lightly and Dana laid on me, her breasts pressed to my chest.

She kissed me lightly, then nestled her face to my neck, whispering, "Mitch," fucking me harder.

I held her sexy buttocks and finally moved, thrusting up into her, my cock rigid, thick, my body tensing.

"God yes," she whispered and climaxed, her pussy gripping and releasing me.

I fucked up into her and followed, cock swelling. Release came, semen pulsing up and, with a groan, "Dana," I came, spurting into her. My orgasm flowed, soft and intense, erection swelling, pulsing, spurting, sweet bliss washing over me. I came intensely, spurting, finding heaven.

When we settled, bodies languid, Dana very close to my side, she broke the comfortable silence.

"I know you don't like talking about it, but I don't like secrets. Will you tell me the truth about your background?"

"Okay. As much as I can. But some things I can't talk about."

"I'll accept whatever you can tell me."

I wondered if her opinion of me would change.

"I worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's one of the biggest intelligence agencies in the Federal government. It has more agents in the world than the CIA - over fifteen thousand.

"There are several departments - Clandestine Service, the Attaché Systems, and the Cover Office. I worked for a small department and I can't tell you the name of it. It's the most secretive of them all."

"What did you do for them?" Dana asked, playing with the hair on my chest.

"With so many agents, lots of them not American citizens but nationals of their country, it's inevitable there are leaks. It's inevitable agents get arrested and interrogated. Secrets would be revealed under torture. The challenge facing the DIA is ensuring secrets never get out or, if they do, limit the damage.

"My job, along with several others, was to repatriate anyone compromised or ensure secrets remained secrets."

Dana asked, "So, you were sort of a diplomat?"

I almost laughed. "More like a fixer."

"Okay. I can accept that. Thank you, Mitch."

Were half-truths the same as lies? I'd been as far away from a diplomat as a Polar bear from a giraffe. And, if rescue and repatriation wasn't possible . . . secrets stayed secrets only one way. That was what had finally driven me from the job. Guilt is a heavy burden. I felt bad not clarifying her perspective. But, I was out. It was history. Sometimes, secrets should be kept and truths shouldn't be told.


Liliya stormed out of the kitchen.

"Mom? You HAVE to talk to Mitch!"

I meandered into the family room and plopped down on the couch.

Carli, distracted from the television, looked up at me. "What's Liliya angry about, Daddy?"

I rubbed her sandy blond curls. "Nothing, honey. She's being her usual obstinate self."

"Kay." My daughter pointed to the television. "Watch this part, Daddy. It's funny."

Carli had seen Frozen a dozen times and kept going back to it, as kids have a habit of doing.

At nine years old, she had both feet in the land of fantasy and fun, with one toe probing the waters of maturity. Year by year, she charmed me.

Liliya, on the other hand, had flourished. She was tall and slender and elegant, no matter what she wore. As I'd predicted a decade ago, she'd grown into a confident, forceful young woman. Only one week since graduating from UC Berkley, she had her plans, and I disagreed with them.

Liliya yelled, "MOM? Where are you?!"

Dana's voice floated down from upstairs. "In the bathroom."

The sound of Liliya heading up stairs reached me. I wondered if Dana would support me. She usually did. Dana was fiercely loyal. Combined with her spine of titanium, my wife was simply awesome, and still the love of my life.

However, those two could occasionally face off against each other and war would erupt. Usually, when it did, I made a hasty exit to shop. Most of the time, Dana and Liliya thought as if they shared one mind and it was even worse for me. They'd manipulate me without shame no matter how hard I resisted. I lost. Every single time. It frustrated me yet made me love them more.

Carli stirred. "I'm hungry. Is it dinner time? What's Mommy making?"

"I don't know. Why don't you go and ask her?"

"Kay! Where is she?"

"Giving your sister her bath."

Carli jumped off the couch and headed up. She wiggled her tiny butt, grabbing her hot pink Lycra shorts to un-wedge a wedgie. I grinned.

Dana wasn't actually giving Carli's twin sister, Katy, a bath. She was making sure Katy washed, an action Katy seemed to forget once she'd washed her hair. If anyone had told me twins are twice the fun, I had nine years of proof otherwise. Still. I loved them both dearly. I loved the noise they made and how their mess would drive composed, neat Dana to distraction.

Life was good. We had just over sixteen million sitting in an investment account - ten years of compound interest at a paltry two and a half percent. We hadn't touched a penny of the money from Grand Cayman. Dana wanted nothing to do with it and I still dreamed of a trawler. We still lived in the same house and I still drove the same Chevy pickup. Dana and I didn't need money to be happy. We had everything we wanted.

Stretching my legs out, I leaned back and sipped a beer. Yup. Life was excellent!

At dinner - a noisy and disorganized affair - peace had been restored. Dana and Liliya were all smiles and sweetness. I loved having Liliya back. She'd been missed, too far away in San Fran.

Dana did her usual magic, serving a casserole that tasted like a perfect lasagna, accompanied by crusty hot rolls from the oven, salad, and much to Carli and Katy's annoyance, spinach.

I watched them try to hide the spinach under napkins, turn their angelic expressions on, and sit politely. One day they'd learn it was the angelic expressions that gave them away every time.

Dana noticed. "Eat your spinach, girls."

"Aw, Mommy!" they both chimed in perfect harmony, making me smile. When they didn't make a dent in their mother's resolve, they turned to me. "Daddy?"

"Okay. But next time, you eat twice as much."

Dana shook her head in disapproval, strangely remaining silent.

Later, much later, with our daughters finally in bed, Liliya and Dana walked into the family room and sat at either side of me. Dana handed me another cold beer. They had white wine. Liliya's hand settled on my thigh.

We watched the late news in silence. When it ended, Dana turned the TV off.

"Liliya and I have been talking."

"Good. Did you talk some sense into her?"

"I'm a VERY sensible woman!" Liliya exclaimed.

I held my tongue, mostly because she was right.

Dana rubbed my arm. "I think you're wrong this time, Mitch. You haven't listened to Liliya. She's thought this through."

Astonished, I said, "You're kidding, right?"

Dana gave me that soft smile that set off alarm bells, my future health and safety at risk. "Do you seriously think you have a choice?"

"I should!" I claimed.

Liliya observed, "How will you stop me? I've been nice by informing you beforehand."

"By . . . By . . ." I gave Dana a pleading look.

She didn't come to my rescue, saying, "Liliya's right, Mitch."

"She's just a child!"

Liliya huffed with annoyance.

Dana smiled and reminded me, "I was eighteen. It worked out for me."

"Dana . . ."

"Mitch! If you think you have a say in this you're sorely mistaken. Besides, you agreed five years ago."

"That's right!" Liliya exclaimed. "You said if I get a degree I could."

Shit! I had, too! Right in the tumult of passion. She'd told me she wanted my baby and, in that particular moment, I hadn't been thinking straight. I might have promised, too.

I looked at Liliya, now such a beautiful young woman, her grey eyes penetrating, and traces of my brother, just feminine, the rest of her taking after Dana. I knew her intimately and in a strange way, loved her deeply.

"You'll find someone," I tried in a last ditched effort.

"Maybe I will. It doesn't change my mind," Liliya assured me.

She saw capitulation in my eyes, smiled broadly, a stunning smile, her eyes alight with joy and, leaning in, she kissed me, her lips soft, familiar, so sweet. I wondered what our child would look like.

"Tonight," she announced, satisfied.



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