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Can there be anything better than sexy panties on a little girl?

THERE'S NOTHING SEXIER THAN sheer little panties on a young girl. The way they cosset small pussies and pretend to protect modesty yet let you see the full glorious shape of an immature hairless mound underneath is really quite stunning. And, could it get any better than when, as you look closer, you see the beginning of a small cleft formed by plump labia? Can there be a better sexy tease than seeing the beginning of a little girl's cleft curving down to disappear under a double layered gusset, hidden from view, waiting to be unveiled for your pleasure?

It's an intensely erotic experience; wanting to see more, teased by the spectacular mound of a pretty, sexy little girl, given a glimpse of heaven and denied the joy of seeing the full pubis in all its glory. It makes your erection ache as you imagine touching her sheer panties and feeling the seductive shape of her soft pubis, her most private place, the amazing, sweeping mound rising and filling her panties so erotically. Excitement surges when you contemplate turning her around to see her beautifully petite bottom held inside sheer panties, your cock swelling at the prospect of a little butt crack visible underneath.

Blood pounds in your ears when you think about slipping your hand inside those sexy, sexy panties and feeling silky young skin and, oh, a preteen's pussy, a young little pussy, a hairless marvel of nature, a perfect sexy handful, something you've dreamed about.

It's even better when the sexy little girl smiles coyly, expectant eyes glittering with naughty excitement, and she says, "Guess what? I'm wet!"

There's nothing sexier, nothing more arousing. I know. I speak from experience. It started . . .


I watched Samantha charge across the green lawn chasing Ralph, their new black Labrador Retriever puppy. He loped with a gait unique to puppies, all paws and on the edge of tripping over himself, unsteady, as if he'll just keel over at some point as he tries to turn, or take a head-first tumble when trying to stop, his tongue hanging as if he's smiling, feeling nothing but pure unadulterated joy.

Sam and Ralph had been going at it for half an hour and I was exhausted just watching them. Sipping a Coors, I smiled as Sam let loose with a scream of laughter, diving to the right, Ralph turning and taking off to the left. It seemed appropriate that Sam had also entered that stage of development where she seemed to be all arms and legs and big feet from a growth spurt, sort of awkward, just like the puppy.

Late-afternoon sun felt warm on my skin, a perfect temperature, not too hot. I turned my face up to the sun, smiling as Sam's delighted laughter burst out again. A lawn mower buzzed noisily two houses down, the wonderful smell of fresh-cut grass scenting the air. This was nice.

"Do you want another beer, Paul?"

Glancing behind, I grinned at my sister. "Okay. Are you sure you don't have anything other than this Coors crap?"

Jill smiled. "Beggars can't be choosers. You want one or not?"

"I'll take one. Don't bring it. I'll come get it."

Rising, I took another look at Sam, dark brown hair now streaming out behind her as she raced towards the wooden fence at the end of the yard, Ralph barking in excitement, ears flapping as he tried to escape. He tumbled, a ball of black fur rolling and scrambling, Sam's laughter strong.

I slipped through the sliding glass patio door into Jill's kitchen, dropping an empty Coors can on the counter and tugging the fridge door open, a wave of cool air wafting over me.

"She's addicted to that puppy," I said while hunting through the fridge, hoping to discover a long lost Heineken.

"I know. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done."

Reluctantly settling on another Coors, I closed the fridge door, leaned back against the counter and popped the tab on the can. Jill was fussing around, gathering the makings of an early dinner, a bar-b-que I was supposed to handle. I loved fire, such a manly thing, so I had no problem grilling. Jill was five years older than me, thirty-four. She used to be slender but childbirth had added some width to her hips, some substance to her frame. Three children had taken their toll. Her acrimonious divorce had added lines to her face. Yet, despite that, Jill was a pretty woman. Her dark brown hair was cut to shoulder-length, straight and thick. She still had beautiful eyes, warm and caring, and a smile that could knock your socks off; one Sam had inherited.

I put the beer can down, walked over to her and hugged her from behind. "You okay, Sis?" I asked. At five-five, I could rest my chin on the top of her head, which I did, much to her pretend annoyance.

She sighed. "Yeah. I'm good. Listen," she added as I moved back to get my beer, "thanks for babysitting."

"No prob. You sure Sam's okay with this?"

"Are you kidding? She's the one that asked to stay and suggested you babysit. I think she's got a little crush on you, Bro. By the way, I've put phone numbers on the fridge. We'll be back around. . ."

"Jill, relax. Honestly, I've babysat before." I wasn't sure why she was so nervous about it. Although, this was the first time I was going to have to stay overnight for three nights. My apartment was twenty minutes away if I needed anything. Sam was an exceptionally well behaved niece, and I was quite confident I could handle her and a puppy.

Jill grinned at me. "I'm not nervous, Paul. It's just I haven't been away for so long."

"Then enjoy. When are Kate and Michael getting home?"

Jill glanced at her watch. "Should be soon. Why don't you start the bar-b-que?"

I fiddled with the charcoal, mounding it and squirting a liberal amount of lighter fluid on the pile. I was shooting for six feet flames this time. Standing back, I tossed the match. A whoosh sounded as a beautiful eight-foot flame exploded, sucking oxygen from around me and reaching high to singe the leaves of the tall old oak above. I grinned. Success.

It was good that Jill was finally getting away, I thought. She deserved it after the divorce. I'd hated Jason, her ex, with a passion. He was suave, handsome, articulate, and an inveterate flirt. I liked to flirt, too. But Jason was married, married to my sister. His flirting at any and every female just drove me crazy. My pleas to Jill had fallen on deaf ears, her commitment to the marriage too strong. But, when she discovered him cheating, the fireworks had gone off. Kids or no kids, he was done, his goose well and truly cooked. Thank God.

She was off to Vegas, thirteen year old Michael and fourteen year old Kate in tow. It had been my birthday present to her. When she later called me to decline the present, Sam not wanting to go, I offered babysitting services as well, not realizing Sam had already suggested it.

It was all good. Besides, I loved dogs.

With a poke of the charcoals, I sat, my attention turning back to Sam. She ran towards me, dark brown hair bouncing, a shit-eating grin on her remarkably pretty face, Ralph barking and chasing. I had time to put my beer down and close my legs to protect the jewels before she threw herself into my lap, Ralph jumping excitedly, yapping with enthusiasm.

"Did you see?" Sam asked breathlessly, grinning broadly, dimples and all. I adored the twinkle in her brown eyes.

"See what?"

"I almost caught Ralph when he tripped over nothing! Isn't he cute?"

I hugged her. "Not as cute as you," I said.

She scrambled out of my lap. "Come on, Ralph!"

Seeing such boundless enthusiasm and pleasure was one of the rare treats of life, I thought. I really loved Sam. Of the three, Sam had the most explosive personality, completely overwhelming, a carefree enthusiasm for everything. She was impossibly optimistic, something that life was going to beat out of her in a few years. Until then, I basked in it.

But, what intrigued me was how Sam could go and go and go and then she'd hit a wall and suddenly become soft and cuddly, like the puppy.

I loved Kate and Michael as well. But they both had entered the stage where they were trying too hard to be grown-up, shunning physical closeness, reluctant to give their mother hugs, playing cool, remote, trying to portray maturity. Every so often their childish personality would slip out, a grin at a silly movie, a giggle at the puppy's antics, or some unexpected pleasure, like dessert for breakfast at Uncle Paul's place. Nevertheless, Sam had yet to succumb to incipient maturity, thank goodness.

Sam and I waved to the departing taxi, Ralph yapping inside the bungalow-style house behind us. An early dinner of ribs had been well received by all, including Ralph who somehow got a bone to gnaw at, his tail wagging with pleasure and Sam trying to look innocent.

There had followed a flurry of activity which I'd avoided by staying out in the yard. Jill had run over the rules with Sam, "Listen to Uncle Paul and behave." She'd gone over the rules with me, "Behave, Paul," and wagged a threatening finger at me. "Make sure she eats properly and gets to bed on time."

"Good. They're gone!" Sam said with firmness. "Let's watch a movie!"

"Nope, clean up first," I responded, smiling at her cute frown. I checked my watch; seven-thirty. "And then a shower."

"But. . ."

"And then, after the shower, a movie." I grinned and added, "or two."

A smile appeared. I had a willing and enthusiastic helper in bringing in plates and dishes from the patio. But, when washing started, Sam took off like she was on fire. "Hey! Where're you going?"

I heard, "Shower," yelled from the hall.

With a clean kitchen I hunted through the fridge. I discovered a lovely ice-cold bottle of Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc. It was uncorked and flowing into a glass in record time.

SAM RACED TO SHOWER and change, her heart pattering. She had a crush on Uncle Paul. She'd loved him ever since she could remember. Whenever he came over she'd snuggle next to him, or climb into his lap. His smile of pleasure would make her heart skip. The way he'd hug her felt so good. And, unlike Daddy, he was kind, and cute, and handsome, and paid attention to her, not ignoring her.

Shedding clothes, Sam had turned the shower on, testing the temperature. She was excited. Three whole days with Uncle Paul! Three whole days! Tugging her panties down and tossing them on the bathroom floor, she yanked the glass shower door open, stepped in, cringed from the hot water and started washing her hair. Gotta be clean for Uncle Paul.

As she was washing her armpits, preoccupied with watching movies with Uncle Paul and staying up late, her elbow hit the glass door, magnets releasing, the door swinging open. She grabbed it and shut it, but not before Ralph charged in, tail wagging, fur slowly going glossy as the shower soaked him. Sam burst into giggles which intensified as he shook himself vigorously, his paws slipping in soapy water. He collapsed sideways with a yip and scrambled to get back on his feet.

Sam was screaming with laughter and excitement as she desperately tried to grab Ralph and shove him out. Finally she gave up, finished washing, giggled when Ralph started licking her wet legs, turned the water off and grabbed two towels.

"Jeez, Ralph, you're a pest!" she said, wrapping him in a towel and drying hard. Leaving him to try to escape from the towel, she dried herself, giggling again at the towel moving on the floor.

Remembering the movie, and Uncle Paul, she charged out of the bathroom, Ralph barking as he followed. Dressed in her nightshirt she headed for the den.

I WAS RELAXED, SHOELESS feet up on the coffee table and sipping the dry white when Sam came storming in, wearing a nightshirt that covered her to mid thighs. Ralph came slipping around the doorway, paws losing traction on the hardwood floor. How the hell did he get wet?

Sam smiled a pretty smile. Her hair was still damp, darker than when dry. She plonked herself down next to me on the couch.

"What movie?" she asked as Ralph curled up at the base of the couch, finally pooped out from a full day of chasing and being chased.


"Ooh. Good," she exclaimed, snuggling into my side.

"Just a sec, Sam. Gotta go to the bathroom first," I advised, extricating myself and rising.

"Kay. Hurry." She reached for the remote control.

In the bathroom, glancing around while standing and peeing, urine splashing into the toilet bowl, I noticed condensation glistening on the walls from Sam's shower, a towel tossed on the floor and clothes dropped here and there, jean crumpled, t-shirt lumped in a corner. With hands washed, smiling, I bent to pick up her clothes, t-shirt first followed by jeans. I paused. Under the jeans were two little socks and a pair of panties; little white cotton panties with yellow polka dots. I picked up the socks transferring them to my left hand and slowly reached for the panties.

I loved panties; always had. It didn't matter to me if they were granny panties, satin, bikini, French cut, or plain. I loved all panties. I loved how they looked, worn or not, and how they felt. I loved panties for how they hugged and accentuated the secret parts of females' bodies, outlining sexy curves, chastely hiding womanly charms from sight. I loved how they were so suggestive, so full of promises of untold erotic delights, so sexy. And Sam's little white cotton panties with small yellow polka dots were no exception.

An erection formed as I held those worn panties in my hand. My thumb pad caressed the soft double gusset. They were worn, soft, sexy. And they'd been next to Sam's eleven-year-old pussy, gently cupping it as she ran and played with Ralph. They'd hugged her bum, caressed her, and stretched as she moved. Bringing them up, I inhaled. Surprised, I detected no scent. Nevertheless, caressing them was very exciting. They appealed to me strongly, my erection straining as I pictured Sam wearing them.

I'd known what I was ever since puberty hit. Initially I'd been attracted to my eleven and twelve year old class mates, lovely girls with bright personalities and sexy clothes. But, as the next few years passed, I'd found my attraction to girls never changed. I still lusted after the eleven and twelve year olds. It seemed that, as I moved into my late teens, I was drawn to even younger girls as well, eight, nine, and ten year olds. My ideal female had never changed. It was why I was still single at twenty-nine. Yes, I'd known what I was for a long, long time. I loved little girls. I was sexually drawn to little girls, prepubescent and just pubescent girls.

While I'd never acted on the desire, I'd admired girls. Even Kate, Sam's older sister, had given me pleasant dreams as she grew. Occasionally she still did, her pubescence so startlingly attractive. But, in the past few years my dreams had been invaded by Sam. The combination of her sparklingly attractive personality, her intensely attractive face, and her boundless energy appealed to me deeply, much more than Kate ever had.

Guiltily, with a hard erection pressing in my jeans, I balled her panties up and slipped them into a pocket. They were going to provide me with pleasure tonight, I decided. I dumped her clothes into a hamper and headed back.

"What are you doing, young lady?" I asked as Sam put my wine glass down. She grinned and licked her lips.

"Good," she said with a smile.

"No. Not good. You shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Your mom would kill you."

"She's not here," Sam replied with a grin.

I settled on the couch. Sam scooted close to me, curling her legs up to the side. I was startled to see I needed to pour more wine into the glass. How much had she drunk?

As we watched the movie, Sam making comments every so often, I sipped my white wine. But every time I did, Sam's hand would reach out and guide the glass to her lips for a sip. While I knew Jill would have frowned at Sam drinking, what could a few sips do? What harm could come? Kids in Europe had wine with the rest of their family at dinner.

Thus, it came as a rather big surprise when the last few drops of wine fell from an empty bottle. I knew how alcohol affected me. I knew how much I'd consumed. Somehow, distracted by a movie and Sam cuddling to my side, she'd consumed almost half a bottle! Glancing down at her, I was quite impressed, if truth be told. And, while I didn't see any outward signs of intoxication, as the movie played, Sam sort of melted, slipping down until she was curled up beside me, her head on my lap.

At the end of the movie, Sam muttered something about another one. She let me get up and start A Knight's Tale. When I sat, she once again curled up, her head in my lap. I had one hand resting on her soft cotton nightshirt-covered hip.

I really didn't pay any attention to the movie. I let images and memories of the day drift through the corridors of my mind; Sam running, Sam laughing, Sam's hair flying, Sam smiling at me with pleasure, Sam's eyes sparkling, Sam's coltish movements.

The stream of pleasant memories was rudely interrupted by a snore, a cute little snore. Glancing down at Sam I saw, not only was she asleep, but my hand caressing her small hip had somehow pulled her nightshirt up to the point where the elastic edge of white cotton panties showed, her bare legs seemingly long and slender.

I became somewhat excited at the sight. As she snored lightly, a sound I found intensely attractive, I stared at the edge of her panties and excitement hit. Glancing down at her face I shook her gently. She didn't move, out like a light. Dare I? With slight trepidation I let my fingertips run along the elastic edge of her panties with a feather-light touch. Holding my breath, I inched her nightshirt up even further, my heart thumping as her sexy little white panties were slowly revealed, soft cotton hugging a bum, rounded, seductive. I trembled slightly. Unable to resist, I carefully covered her little panty-clad bum with my palm, feeling her warmth permeate through white cotton.

I caressed a sexy buttock, letting the tips of my fingers trace the elastic at her leg. I was shaking when, tracing the elastic down, I felt the swell of her eleven-year-old pussy pressing back between slim thighs. God damn, it was arousing!

Like a blind man, with a feather-light touch, I explored, my ears tuned to her cute little snores. I had a hard erection that, had Sam been awake, she'd have felt. It was right below her cheek. It was heaven. Feeling a plump little pussy from behind, and sensing how it seemed to fill the space between her little legs, so mounded and arousing, had my cock pulsing. With infinite care, I started tracing her bum crack down, letting it guide my fingertips. Breath expelled suddenly.

It was a dream. It felt like a dream, one I'd had so many times over the years. I actually felt Sam's delicate little cleft, a slight dip in soft cotton, a shallow valley formed. I was actually touching a little girl's privates, fondling a girl's panties. It was a dream and my cock ached and swelled, damp precum leaking into my underwear. I traced Sam's amazing cleft. It was short, her pussy full, mounded, so damned sexy.

Suddenly, as if a door opened and let caution flit away, I needed more. It was too good an opportunity. Having Sam passed out, asleep with her head resting on my aching erection, fondling her sweet little ass wasn't enough. A surge of excitement hit as I caressed her gently, pulling her nightshirt higher, my fingertips seeking as they slid across soft white cotton. My body trembled when I touched the waistband, pausing, poised for a more intimate exploration, checking she was still out of it. Her gentle snores reassured me.

I lived a dream, a sexy, arousing, thrilling dream; the dream of slipping my hand inside a little girl's panties. Fingertips edged under elastic. My hand shook uncontrollably. I was holding my breath. Slowly, slowly, my fingers lifted the elastic waist and delved down finding silky soft skin cool to the touch, sliding deeper until I held a heavenly young bare buttock in my palm. I sighed silently, air expelled, penis throbbing as I held Sam's delectable bum, so small and compact, so arousing, so childishly sexy. I was in a world of my own, TV ignored. To the sounds of her cute snores, I fondled her perfect bum, her silken skin. Soft cotton pressed against the back of my hand.

I stared, my erection surging at the sight of an adult hand buried inside childish cotton panties, of my hand fondling her. It was so damned erotic.

And then it got better.

As I caressed a succulent cheek, the tip of my finger found a groove formed by two eleven-year-old buttocks. When I caressed a succulent little cheek, the tip of my finger traced, following the groove. And when I felt the soft warm swell of Sam's prepubescent pussy I just about came. With her legs curled up, I traced her sexy, sexy cleft, so surprisingly short. I explored gently, sensing how plump her labia were, how they seemed to bulge as her little pussy was squeezed between slender thighs - hairless perfection.

I lived a dream, gently fondling Sam's incredible pussy, my hand buried down the back of her panties. Precum was uncomfortably damp in my shorts, my erection gently pulsing with excitement, the pressure of her head resting on it adding to my pleasure. I lived a dream touching a prepubescent girl sexually, the dream made stronger by how much I adored Sam.

And then it got even better.

Sam inhaled with a snort and moaned. I froze, my hand inside her panties, a brief panic flushing through me. But Sam moved! She pushed her pussy back against my probing fingers and I almost had a heart attack when seductive, plump labia oozed apart to gently hug the tip of my middle finger. I couldn't believe how soft and hot she was inside. It felt like a moist silken glove. God, but I was fingering my niece! Unable to restrain myself I slipped my fingertip deeper, shuddering when I found a tiny clit.

I caressed gently, feeling how soft her clitoris was, yet pressing gently, I found a harder bead. I caressed it very slowly, my body trembling with excitement, cock swelling. Touching a little girl's pussy, touching Sam's sexy cleft was better than any dream. Reality was far, far better.

Sam snorted again and moved. I paused, waiting for her to settle before caressing her little clit again. I loved it. I loved fondling her. I loved having my hand inside her panties. It was the single most erotic experience I'd ever had.

And then, impossibly, it got even better.

Sam, a cute little girl curled up, her sweet buttock filling my palm, her pussy lips hugging my fingertip, snorted and moved again, curling her hips. She relaxed. I breathed. Then she curled her hips again. Oh God! Sam was masturbating herself on my finger! Sam was rubbing her little clit on my finger!

My erection swelled painfully, restricted by tight jeans. It ached, precum flowing, shorts damp. I experienced something I'd never dreamed about. With Sam humping my fingertip, I diddled her, encouraged her in her sleep. I was shuddering as moisture made her little slit slippery, Sam's arousal stunning me. My heart was pounding as Sam hunched. Her hand slipped over my thigh to hold it, little bum undulating. And, to the sweet sounds of her grunts, I watched my niece climax in her sleep, felt moisture flood her little cleft, and saw her hips jerk as I gently teased her clit. Her hand on my thigh curled into a fist. She twitched and grunted quietly through her climax and it was the most amazing experience I'd ever had, ever, by far.

Withdrawing my hand from her panties, I covered her bottom with her nightshirt and brought my fingers to my nose. I inhaled the seductive, delicate scent of Sam's pussy, a light scent, slightly sweet, immature, intensely arousing. I tasted her, the flavour similar to the aroma, my erection straining painfully. God I needed release.

Sam had calmed. She was no longer snoring. Carefully I slipped from her, placing a cushion under her head before leaving the den. In the bathroom, with the door locked, I dropped my jeans, fished out her white cotton panties with yellow polka dots, wrapped them around my painful erection and stroked myself, grunting with pleasure while staring at a little girl's panties caressing my cock. It took only a few strokes for me to cum, pressure releasing, pleasure surging, semen blasting into the toilet. I gasped, remembered how silky soft her little pussy felt and another surge hit, pleasure crashing though me, cum exploding. I groaned, stared at her little panties wrapped around my spurting erection, imagined cumming with her and heaved again, semen exploding, dizziness hitting as bliss hit. I came hard to the memory of the sexiest experience of my life.

SAM LAY QUIETLY, MOVIE unseen. Her heart finally slowed, her body flushed with peace and pleasure. She'd had a dream, a dream of being touched gently. She'd dreamed of a gentle hand, warm and soft caressing her bum. It was a sexy dream, much better than her usual ones. Cuz, this time, in this dream, it had been Uncle Paul touching her, rubbing her, making her feel good. This time, in this dream, it had been Uncle Paul that had caressed her pussy with gentle fingers, knowing what she liked, how to make her tingle with arousal. This time it had been Uncle Paul in her dream that had made her so horny, so wet, her pussy ache.

And then it got better!

It was Uncle Paul! It was Uncle Paul touching her! She'd woken up and it wasn't a dream! She felt Uncle Paul's hand down the inside of her panties, his caress, his gentle touch. She felt his finger slipping between her pussy lips, touching her clit, making it ache so much. She heard him moan quietly when she got wet and it had excited her so much she had no control, humping, pushing his finger against her pussy, Uncle Paul touching her, Uncle Paul touching her pussy, Uncle Paul making her feel good, Oh, Uncle Paul making her cum, cum, cumming Uncle, cumming!

As she lay on the couch, eyes closed replaying each sensation, she wondered if she should tell Uncle Paul she'd been awake. A debate started. If she didn't, maybe he wouldn't touch her again. If she did, maybe he would! Or, would he be scared cuz she knew? The sound of him walking down the hall made her smile. Then she lay quietly, as if she was still asleep. She let Uncle Paul lift her head and sit down, putting her head back in his lap. Idly she wondered why he didn't have a stiffie any more.

When he was settled, she rolled onto her back, looked up at him, so handsome, eyes sexy and soft. "That felt really good. Do you think we can do it again sometime?" She felt him tremble, saw his eyes widen, and liked the smile that slowly formed on his face. She liked how he caressed her cheek, so lovingly gentle.

MY SHOCK WAS EBBING. Initial panic at her awareness of my fondling her faded in the face of her glorious smile, her adorable face, her sexy eyes. She was a dream. "Yes. I'd like that," I said.

"Good." With that, Sam rolled back on her side, head in my lap and attention back on the movie.

I let my hand rest on her seductive little bum. Sam murmured and wiggled her bum, pressing it to my palm. My heart melted.

With credits scrolling across the screen, I wondered if I could experience another dream, that of sleeping with a little preteen girl. When I asked Sam if she'd like to sleep in my bed, somewhat nervously, her big grin was beautiful.

"Yuh-huh!" she nodded vigorously, scrambling upright, seemingly no worse for wear from the wine. I watched her disappear through the doorway, hair bouncing, Ralph scrabbling after her.

Turning the TV off and collecting the wine bottle and glass, I knew I wasn't actually going to do anything more with Sam. Touching her had been enough for me, intensely satisfying. And, with the sexual relief of cumming in the bathroom, I didn't have the aching need any more, the urgent desire for sexually touching a little girl. In fact, I was rather looking forward to sleeping with her, just sleeping, cuddling. I wondered what it would be like. Would it be as comforting and satisfying as it had in my dreams? Would waking up with a little girl in my bed be as exciting as I'd imagined? I looked forward to finding out.

Ralph was already curled up on the rug when I entered the guest room. A mop of dark brown hair and two sparkling eyes greeted me. Sam pulled the cover off her face, a big, big grin appearing. God she was gorgeous.

I stripped to my boxers and slid under the covers, all under the watchful eyes of my niece.

"Thank you," I whispered as I drew her to me.

Like a puppy, Sam snuggled close, as if she was trying to climb inside me. "For what?" she asked.

"For everything," I whispered, hugging her petite body; for letting a dream be realised, I thought.

I was stunned when sunlight woke me. We must have passed out. I smelled Sam before I saw her, an intense aroma, sexy, exciting. I saw her laying on her front, arms under her pillow, cute face turned to me, long, long eyelashes resting on soft rounded cheeks, hair a gorgeous mess.

She looked so excitingly small. Her bum mounded the covers attracting my attention. I lay quietly appreciating her, enjoying the fact that she was in my bed, this angel was sleeping with me. It caused a predictable reaction, my cock swelling, thickening, and lengthening until I had an achingly hard erection. That, too, felt good. I liked having an erection with a little girl in my bed. Another dream realised.

Rolling to my side, I reached out carefully, slowly, gently, my hand seeking and finding her seductive little bum. I loved how I could almost span both buttocks with one hand. It excited me, aroused me. She was deliciously petite, perfect. Her nightshirt had ridden up. I had a handful of soft cotton, an amazingly curved panty-clad little bum, sweeping up from her lower back, rising majestically, erotically. It made my erection ache pleasantly.

I was very, very gentle. I didn't want to wake Sam, at least not yet. I didn't fondle or caress. I simple enjoyed being able to rest my hand on an eleven-year-old girl's bottom, feel her sexy chaste panties. It was a dream, wonderful. Her alluring scent only added to my enjoyment, her face so pretty. Sun brightened the room.

I would have stayed like that for a long time. But, unfortunately, Ralph whined, then barked from somewhere in the house. He needed to go out.

Sam's eyes popped open. She saw me. A glorious smile grew. My heart actually clenched, chest tight. God she was beautiful. "Hey, Sweetheart," I said, now caressing her sexy little bum.

Sam's smile grew. "Morning, Uncle," she murmured, and, oh God, wiggled her little bum in my hand. I was in love and lust and might have done something, but Ralph barked again, more insistently.

"We've gotta let Ralph out," I said, giving Sam's sexy rump a departing squeeze before rolling out of bed.

SAM LAY UNMOVING, HER arms still under the pillow, her cheek pressed against the cool cotton. She watched Uncle Paul roll out of bed and leave to let Ralph out. She'd seen his boxers tented with an erection and it looked big, interesting. She wondered what it looked like. What would it feel like to hold it?

She didn't move. It was sort of like a dream to wake up in bed with Uncle Paul. Seeing those sexy eyes first thing was nice. But better by far was feeling his heavy hand resting on her bum. It stirred her, pleasurable feelings suffusing her, a stir of arousal, Uncle Paul touching me, again.

She smiled. Yeah, she liked waking up with Uncle Paul. It would be even nicer if he cuddled, maybe kissed her, too. Yup, that would be nice.

The call of nature dragged her out of bed, even though she wanted to stay there and wait for Uncle Paul to return. As she climbed out, she noticed his clothes on the floor. A flash of white and yellow drew her attention. Bending, she saw her panties sticking out of Uncle Paul's jean pocket. What was he doing with her panties? Did he like panties? Did he like HER panties?

Giggling and quite pleased at the thought, Sam made a dash for the bathroom, her hand holding her pussy, pressure now threatening to burst. She sighed loudly as pee streamed into the toilet bowl. Through the closed bathroom door she heard Uncle Paul calling for Ralph and the slam of a door. She heard Ralph's paws scrabbling on the hardwood floor and Uncle Paul telling him to wait, he'd get water, "Wait, for goodness sake!" Excited barking followed.

Sam grinned.

Dressed, she watched Uncle Paul sip his mug of coffee. He'd had nothing but eyes for her since she'd arrived in the kitchen. He watched her, smiling, his sexy soft eyes making her feel like a princess. Ooh, his princess?

"Do you like my panties?" she asked, taking a spoonful of Cheerios. His choke made her giggle.

"Yes. Quite a lot, actually."


"Because I do."

"But, why?"

I GRINNED AT HER interrogation, a sharp intelligence behind those attractive eyes. "Because they're yours."

She smiled. "Are they sexy?"

"Yup. Big time."

"I don't think so. They're little girl panties."

I decided not to reveal how important that was to me. "Well they're sexy to me."

Her eyes seemed to lose focus. "I wish I could have some." She took another spoonful of cereal, a drop of milk slipping down her chin. Her arm swiped. She grinned at my frown and ignored the serviette I pushed towards her.

"Have some what?" I asked.

"Sexy panties. I just told you," she responded.

"They are."



"No. Real sexy ones."

I wondered what an eleven year old girl would consider sexy panties. It gave me a firm erection just considering it. Should I ask? Wait! Why not find out? "I'll buy you some," I offered with a smile.

Eyes sparkled. "Really?"

"Yup, any pair you like." I reassured with a smile, beginning to get intrigued.

"Really? Any pair?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded, liking how her eyes seemed to expand. I loved how she studied me.

A grin emerged. "Kay! Let's go!"

A spoon clattered into a not-quite-empty cereal bowl. Like a rocket, Sam shot out of the kitchen.

Eventually I found her at the front door talking to Ralph, telling him she'd be right back and to behave. I doubted his wagging tail had anything to do with comprehension.

"Will he be okay?" she asked as she buckled up in the passenger seat, Ralph's faint barks reaching us.

I glanced into genuinely worried eyes. Sam was going to be a superb dog owner, I thought. "He'll be fine. Besides, we're not going on a safari. We'll be back in an hour or so."

"Okay. Then let's go." She pointed a little authoritarian finger ahead.

"Yes, Ma'am."

I lasted all of three minutes in the lingerie section of Nordstrom's. Sam's yell, "How 'bout these?" waving a pair of pink things at me and grinning, made me blush bright red. Suddenly I looked around expecting to see cops closing in on me.

I hurriedly peeled off a bunch of bills, shoved them towards her, "Take this," and retreated to the linens department, a safe forty feet away. It allowed me to keep an eye on Sam. She knew it, too, every so often waving a pair of panties at me and smiling a big, big smile.

It was with some relief when I wasn't arrested and had her buckled into the car seat again, the mall fading in my rear view mirror. "Change?" I asked, my hand outstretched, eyeing the Nordstrom bag to see if I could play like Superman and see through it.

When she dropped a couple of ones and some coins into my palm, I asked for the rest.

"There is no more rest. That's all that's left," she advised.

How the hell could an eleven year old spend ninety-seven fifty on a pair of panties? "Come on," I urged, hand out, "give me the rest."

"There isn't any!"

Jesus. She was serious. Now I really stared at that bag. A blaring horn tore my attention away.

Ralph was so delighted to see Sam he peed all over the floor. I sort of knew how he felt, what with a shopping bag of untold pleasure clutched in Sam's hand. Sam admonished him in a tone of voice Mother Teresa might have used to assuage lepers. I doubt it had any impact whatsoever. Once we'd cleaned up his excitement, I tried to follow the Nordstrom bag and Sam's cute bum into her room. She grinned and shut the bedroom door in my face.

I drowned my rejection in a mug of fresh coffee, sitting out on the patio enjoying the late morning warmth. Sun dappled the lawn as it peeked through the old oak branches. Ralph chased a rubber ball, one too big for him to bite. Consequently he'd tumble over it, get up, chase and tumble; very entertaining and cute. I liked his optimism. That ball was almost the size of his head.

A blur streaked by me, soft dark brown hair flying. "Ralph!" The puppy glanced up and seemed to grin, tail going and, with a growl, furiously attacked the ball trying to get it before Sam reached him.

I smiled and watched as she ran, her little red and black tartan pleated skirt kicking up, flashing something unidentifiable at me underneath. I was exhausted and my neck was sore from trying to peek by the time Sam was tuckered out. She approached, light through the branches playing sunlight over her. With knee-high socks that had slipped to Ked-shod feet, her short pleated skirt and white blouse, she looked like a sexy little schoolgirl; very attractive. Then her eyes twinkled and an 'I've got a surprise' smile played across her lips.

"Did you see?" she asked.

"See what?" I played along.

"My new panties, goof. Did you see them?"

"Nope." I made a sad face.

"They're sexy."

"Really?" I asked, beginning to feel a response in my pants.

"Uh-huh. Wanna see?" she asked with a grin as I fidgeted in the patio chair.

Her fingers toyed with the hem of her short red skirt, ankles crossed, a carefully created shy little expression appeared. It distracted me, befuddling me a bit, too. I nodded, mute, somewhat flustered at how accomplished this particular eleven year old was in playing coy.

She smiled and, watching me closely, slowly started raising the hem of her skirt, my heart rate rising in lock step. Lovely slender thighs appeared, a three finger gap between them.

"They're really sexy, Uncle Paul," she said, smiling at me.

I held my breath, mentally willing her hands to move with more urgency, rise with alacrity. When Ralph barked for attention and she turned to look over her shoulder, I actually had some thoughts about puppies the SPCA would have frowned at.

And then, well, and then the view became spectacular.

"Jesus, Sam!"

For me there's nothing sexier than sheer panties on a little girl, and Sam's were spectacular.

They cosseted Sam's small pussy pretending to protect her modesty yet let me see the full glory of her delectable hairless preteen mound underneath. It was really quite stunningly arousing. And it got better when, as I looked closer, I saw the beginning of a small immature cleft formed by plump labia curving down to disappear under a double layered gusset, teasingly hidden from view, waiting to be unveiled for my pleasure.

It was an intensely erotic experience; wanting to see more, teased by the spectacular mound of a pretty, sexy little girl, given a glimpse of heaven and denied the joy of seeing the full pubis. My erection ached as I imagine touching her sheer panties and feeling the seductive form of her soft eleven-year-old pubis, the amazing sweeping mound rising and filling her crotch. Excitement surged as I contemplated turning her around to see her beautifully petite bum held inside sheer panties. My cock swelled at the prospect of her little butt crack being visible under those sheer white panties.

Blood pounded in my ears when I thought about slipping my hand inside those sexy, sexy panties and feeling silky young skin and, oh, touching a preteen's pussy, a young little pussy, a hairless marvel of nature, a perfect sexy handful, something I've dreamed about so many times.

It got even better when a sexy little girl smiled coyly, expectant eyes glittering with naughty excitement, and she said, "Guess what? I'm wet!"

All rational thought was obliterated when she thrust her hips out, curling her pelvis, knees parting slightly, and showed me a small dark spot deep in the gusset, little finger pointing, "See?"

The coffee mug clattered to the patio from lifeless fingers, shattering on impact, coffee spraying.

I was gasping for breath, my heart feeling like it was about to explode, blood thundering in my ears. I had a massive erection painfully constrained in my jeans and was seriously considering grabbing Sam and . . .

"Sexy, huh?" she said head bent admiring her sheer white panties.

"I . . . I . . ."

The skirt dropped. My favorite view in the world disappeared. I felt like I'd lost a member of the family, such was my agony.

"You can touch them later," Sam advised, turning to a barking Ralph. "I'll show you the other panties, too," she threw over her shoulder.

Others? Others?

I believe the groan that echoed across the yard was mine, a deep aching groan.

Sam raced and played. Now I knew what was lurking under her short red and black pleated skirt, it seemed to flounce up and tease incessantly, a constant stream of seductive, erotic peeks that made my boxers positively wet and kept my heart rate elevated more effectively than sticking my finger into an electrical socket.

I did eventually clean up the broken mug. I did eventually make lunch. I did eventually collapse on the couch, exhausted from a constant state of arousal. Sam had buffeted me with chatter over lunch of ham sandwiches. She'd unknowingly teased me to agony by rocking her knees open and closed as she ate and talked with excitement, giving me peeks of sexy soft thighs and making me all religious, praying for a glimpse of sheer white.

I truly felt like I'd gone fifteen rounds with a professional heavy-weight boxer. I was going to sit on the couch and not move. I was going to regain strength. I was going to watch Nascar qualifying. I was going to order pizza so I would not have to cook that night.

I was going to do so much of nothing. Sam had other ideas.

She could be a force of nature with her enthusiasm, something I really loved about her. What I wasn't aware of was how forward she could be. It was an aspect to her personality I'd never been exposed to. Then again, why would I have been? I had to admit, I rather liked it.

She stood in the doorway of the den, unusually calm, regarding me as I slouched, heels up on the coffee table. I smiled at her. She smiled at me, such a pretty girl.

Calm as you please, Sam walked over, straddled me and sat, her sexy little skirt flaring out over my lap.

"Do you wanna play?" she asked softly, eyes all sexy-ish, soft, large.

Lordy, did I want to play! Smiling, I reached out and pulled her to me. She nuzzled her face into my neck as I hugged her. "Yes," I whispered into her ear, "I'd really like to play."

Sam sat up, hands on my shoulders as she drew her knees up, straddling me on the couch. "Want to kiss?" she asked softly.

A pulse of pleasure coursed through me. I stared at soft sexy eyes then looked at silky lips, her small mouth so appealing. I realised I had yet to kiss Sam, to touch those desirable lips. I rather wanted to kiss that gentle smile. Reaching up, my hand gently taking the back of her head, I drew her to me, thrilled at how she tilted her head slightly. The first touch of lips was electric. She had such soft, silky lips, warm lips that pressed to mine.

To the roaring of Nascar qualifying in the background, Sam gave me the best kiss I had ever experienced. She pressed gently against my mouth. Her hands on my shoulders shook slightly and, God, she murmured. I moaned with pleasure. Kissing a little girl was far and away better than I'd dreamed. My eyes closed of their own accord. I drew her against me, hugging her slender young body to me, so petite, so beautifully young.

I drowned in that first kiss. I shuddered when Sam broke the kiss and let her head fall to my shoulder, and I relished just holding her with the promise of more exciting me.

Sam was, incredibly, quiet, soft and cuddly. She felt wonderful. I might have been happy just to hug her as she straddled my lap. But she had other ideas.

Her head rose, eyes studying me. "That was my first," she said.

"Mine, too," I replied with a smile.

Her eyes widened. "You've never kissed anyone?" she asked.

"Not you," I answered. "I liked it. Maybe one of the best ever." I loved her slight blush.


"Well, I'm not sure. I'd need to try again just to make sure. I've kissed so many pretty girls that . . ."

Her smiling lips shut me up, sweet eyes twinkling as we kissed again. The moist tip of a tongue touched my lips. She giggled against my mouth. Charming. With lips still locked, I smiled slightly and chased her tongue.

Sam broke the kiss suddenly, her eyes wide in surprise. She grinned at me and slammed her mouth against mine, her tongue friskily exploring the shape of my lips. But, when tongues met, time slowed down, Sam quieting, murmuring, arms hugging my neck.

Eyelids closed, pressure increased. I lived a dream. I French kissed a small girl. It was exquisite. It was amazing to feel her mouth open to let me in. It was incredible to taste her. It was amazing to hear her moan, feel her shuffle on my lap pressing her crotch against the bulge in my jeans. It was amazing to feel an eleven-year-old press her tongue into my mouth. I ached with arousal. I shuddered when she let me suck her little tongue.

Sam could kiss better than any female I'd ever kissed, by far.

And then it got better.

As we kissed, as my erection strained and ached, confined in tight jeans, as a sexy little nymph pressed her pussy to my groin, my hand found the tail of her blouse. My hand found soft, soft skin underneath. My hand found warm skin, young skin. It traced a knobbly spine. It found no bra. And, as we kissed, my hand slipped around a small chest, under an arm, my body shaking.

Sam moaned. Her tongue became forceful. I became dizzy.

My hand slipped to her front, caressing warm, bare skin. Suddenly Sam shuddered. I did, too. I found little nubs, small, small nubs of prepubescent breasts. I touched Sam's freshly formed little boobs and shook at how sexy they were. Caressing gently, tracing their amazing shape, pressing carefully, and sensing how firm they were, sent shockwaves of lust through me. They were perfect. The very first sign of puberty. Stunningly sexy.

I broke our kiss, gasping and needing air. My hand slipped back around her, holding her to me.

"Sam, Sam," I murmured as she nestled her face back against my neck.

Holding her carefully, lovingly, I turned and lay back along the couch. Her light weight felt good on me. We lay together for a few minutes. I could feel her warm breath on my neck. Eventually Sam stirred and rose into a sitting position astride me.

A pretty face with slightly inflamed lips and adoring eyes stared down at me. "You're hard," she said, reinforcing what she was talking about by pressing her crotch to the bulge of my erection.

I grinned. "You've got boobs!"

Sam giggled, blushed slightly again, so attractive. Her soft sexy eyes glistened with pride. Sitting astride me she looked gorgeous. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but wisps had come loose to fall at each side of her pretty face. Her blouse was un-tucked, slightly askew, tails out. Her pleated skirt draped over her thighs and my stomach, her knees exposed at my sides.

I wanted her so badly. I ached for her, need thrumming through my body. I knew I wanted sex with her, to make love to her. I held no misconceptions about myself. I knew I found preteen girls sexually attractive and, knowing Sam, loving Sam, only made my desire stronger. But, I was aware that the intense desire I was feeling was clouding my judgement of her willingness. I was probably reading signs of her desire that weren't really there.

Determined to be ultra cautious, I smiled and took deep, calming breaths. Sam stared at me. She seemed to have a look of expectancy, as if she was waiting for something, her adoring eyes bathing me with warmth and love. Was it puppy love?

"Well?" she asked.


"Aren't you going to have a look?"

"A look?" I asked, confused.

She flushed red. "My boobs. Don't you want to see?" She nodded down towards her chest.

"I can? I mean, you want me to? You'll let me?" I asked.

Sam nodded, still blushing slightly, smiling. She took my hand and brought it to the top button of her blouse. "You've gotta unbutton me if you want to see."

"You sure?" I asked, somewhat befuddled by my good fortune, still a bit disbelieving.

She nodded. "Uh-huh."

The small buttons were fiddly. But gradually they popped open, one after another, her white blouse hanging open as I made my way excitedly to the last one. With the blouse hanging open about a couple of inches, her soft bare skin visible, it seemed sexier somehow. Anticipation hurt, blood pounded.

Sam smiled, a shy, nervous smile that made my heart flutter, her hands resting on her knees, waiting for me. I smiled back at her, drew in a deep breath, dropped my gaze from her face and slowly pulled her blouse open. God, but it was spectacular. Sam had small buds, raised areolae breaking the plane of her chest. It was heart-stoppingly sexy. My mouth actually watered as I imagined kissing them. Hands shook. I stared. It was a dream come true, to be able to see the very first signs of incipient pubescence on a young preteen was intensely exciting.

Sam broke my hypnotic stare by shrugging off the blouse. "Your turn," she said.


A giggle cleared my fogged brain, although I still stared at those perfect little pink nubs, fascinated at how tiny her nipples were. Why weren't they hard?

"You've got to take your shirt off, Uncle Paul. It's only fair."

I struggled, sitting up partially, pulling the polo over my head. Small hands helped, tugging and tossing it to the floor. "There," I said laying back. I grinned. "What's next?"

Sam smiled. "Dunno. Wha'cha want to do?"

Oooh, dangerous, I thought, some vividly erotic scenes jumping to mind immediately. I grinned and nodded at her chest, "Kiss them."

Sam grinned back at me. But I saw the heat and desire in her eyes. "Go on then," she said, arching her chest, thrusting out those sexy little nubs.

Tugging her, Sam fell forward, holding herself off me with straight arms, soft sexy eyes staring down at me. My hands found a delectable little rump. I pulled her up. She smiled when she realised what I was doing, leaning forward, lowering her chest. With two hands full of a small bum, I raised my head and kissed a nub, opening my lips to gently suck. Spectacular, simply spectacular. It was hard, firm, and as my tongue caressed, a tiny nipple beaded up. Sam sighed and collapsed, forcing my head back down to the couch.

I sucked gently, drowning in the experience of it.

She lifted herself, separating my lips from my new found addiction, hot eyes looking down at me, no smile. "The other one, Uncle Paul."

I obliged, looking at the first, intensely pleased with how it was flushed and swollen, the nipple hard; so sexy. Kissing her little bud, I slipped my hands down silky thighs, moving them to the inside and sliding them up soft skin. Her little pleated skirt edged up. My erection strained. I moaned into her little boob as hands found soft, sheer panties, sort of silky and smooth. I marvelled at the swell of sweet buttocks, their seductive curves, how excitingly petite they were; compact, so young.

Sam moaned and wiggled slightly, pressing her budding boob into my mouth, her bum moving in my hands. I caressed two sweet buttocks, my erection painfully straining as I traced the seductive curves down, down, fingertips finding the pout of her pussy pressing against her panties. It made me shudder, need storming it. Stroking her magnificent little bum, I searched for the waist, pulling her skirt ever higher. Finally successful, fingertips wormed themselves under an elastic waist. Sheer panties slipped across the back of my hands and I cupped two naked buttocks, two gloriously small sexy buttocks, two perfect preteen buttocks.

Sam hunched, pressing her pussy against the erection mounding my jeans. I was in pain, jeans too, too tight. It was more than I could take.

"Sam, Sam," I whispered, "Let's take the skirt off."

She sat up slowly, eyes feverish, such a loving smile gracing her pretty face. It made me pause. God I wanted her. The urgency of intense arousal made me bold. I reached and drew her down again, hugging her. Rolling, with Sam in my arms, I stood. She hung onto my neck, face pressed in. I had a sexy rump in my hands. Sam wrapped her legs around my waist.

Carrying her, carrying such a petite preteen towards a bedroom was thrilling. Knowing I was going to try to have sex with her was even more exciting. Feeling how much I loved my niece only made it better. I was going to experience a dream. I was going to live a dream.

Sam let my neck go when I lay her gently on the bed. Her eyes watched me intently as I slipped Ked's off her delicate feet and drew knee-high socks off. She smiled, almost shyly, very attractively, every time I looked at her. Then, as I paused to study an unfamiliar skirt, Sam raised her bum off the bed, reaching underneath, her soft aroused eyes locked on me. I heard a zip. I glanced at her pretty face, smiled, glanced at her arousing small buds on her slender chest still swollen from being sucked, then watched with bated breath as she tugged her skirt down. The top of sheer white panties appeared. I held my breath. The front panel appeared, skin clearly visible underneath the gauzy material. I was still holding my breath when a mound started rising from her flat tummy, when a beautiful mons appeared, then the top of a little cleft, and finally a plump vulva cosseted by a white gusset.

Her rear lowered to the bed, sides of her bum flaring out slightly where it pressed to the mattress giving her sexy curves. Legs rose, a skirt slipped off and dropped to the floor. Legs fell. I shuddered. Sam lay before me, petite, a gorgeous preteen with eyes that questioned, 'do you like?'

Sam lay naked except for sheer white panties, sexy, sexy panties. Her eyes seeking approval.

"Gorgeous, Sam, simply the most beautiful girl I have ever, ever seen," I said, meaning every word.

A smile burst onto her pretty face. The pleasure in her eyes made my heart ache. "Your turn," she said, rolling onto her side to watch, arm bent head resting on her hand, her hip and bottom suddenly curvaceous and sexy, a waistline developing. She nodded at my jeans. "Go on."

For some reason her rapt attention made me feel slightly embarrassed. Why? Maybe it was because I hadn't shown her my erection before. It felt odd, me displaying an erection to a preteen. Why? I'd dreamed of it almost all of my life?

SAM WATCHED. SHE COULD feel her pussy gently throbbing. She knew she had a wet spot in her panties; she felt the dampness. She was horny, really, really horny. Uncle Paul kissing her tiny boobs had sent shockwaves of pleasure through her. She'd never known it could feel so good to have her aching boobs sucked. Even the slight pain from tenderness had made her tingle. And, when he'd fondled her bum, slipping his warm, rough hands under her panties, she'd almost cum! His penis had felt big, as hard as concrete against her pussy and she'd wondered what it would look like. Would it look like the ones she saw on the Internet? How big? How thick? What would it feel like to hold it?

On her side, watching Uncle Paul standing beside the bed, his gorgeous eyes staring at her, she'd felt sexy. She could see the desire in his eyes, his expression of wonder as he looked at her almost naked body. Uncle Paul really wanted her and, even better, she turned him on! Her! How exciting. It was just like she'd dreamed.

"Well?" she asked as he stood unmoving. "Go on. Drop 'em!" She giggled at his sudden grin, so handsome, her heart pattering. She watched, eyes riveted on his hands as he fumbled with the button of his jeans. Why was he teasing her? Hurry! She watched him moving foot to foot, wondering what he was doing. When a sock went flying through the air she laughed. "Not the socks! Your jeans! Take your jeans off, Uncle Paul. Drop 'em!"

Her excitement built as he unzipped the front. She saw white boxers in the gap. Then he shoved them down, bending at the waist and tugging them off his legs. Her breath caught when he straightened, his boxers tented out. That's his erection! It seemed long, a damp spot on white at the tip. It seemed to pulse slightly. Fascinating.

Her attention was interrupted when he lay facing her on the bed. She stared at the tent, her pussy throbbing gently, wondering what it would be like to hold it, stroke it. It looked so big. Tentatively she reached out, her fingertip touching the tip. It strained and moved. Uncle Paul's intake of breath made her look at his face. God, sexy, those eyes were so sexy. She squeezed her legs together, so horny now.

I HAD ALMOST EJACULATED when Sam touched the tip of my erection. I was far too horny, very close to the edge. This wasn't good. Like a virgin teenager, one touch might make me cum. It was too exciting to be on a bed with an almost naked preteen, my niece, my sexy niece. Contemplating having sex with her only heightened my dangerous condition. God I wanted her.

Rolling, I pushed her onto her back, leaned over her, and caressed her cheek with my thumb. "Do you know what I'd like to do?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. Have sex," she responded.

I bent and kissed her sexy mouth softly. "Yes. I would. I'd love to make love to you, Sam."

Sam studied my face, her eyes flitting from one to the other of mine. She seemed to be assessing, probing. Her hand came up to touch my chest. "Me, too," she whispered, her fingers lightly playing with my sparse chest hair, tickling me slightly, my nipples hardening.

I moaned, shivered, and my erection strained. Bending, I kissed her gently, lips closed. I gathered her small body in my arms, bringing her warmth to me, pulling her close. I moaned again, eyes closing as her leg hooked over my thigh. Her tongue tickled my lips, my erection poked her stomach. She wiggled, a small hand pulling at the waist of my boxers.

I moaned again when a small, eleven year old hand burrowed down. Small fingers fished around, found and stroked my erection, a little hand gently curled to hold my shaft. I could have cum. Reaching down I caressed a beautiful little bum, feeling sexy sheer white panties. Sam flexed her bum when I traced along her butt crack. I used fingertips to slip under the waistband and gently edge seductive little panties lower on her slender hip.

Precum leaked when Sam gripped my shaft and lifted her bum to let me slide the other side of her panties down, her little tongue pressing into my mouth. She moaned. My heart ached. Taking a preteen's panties off was astoundingly erotic. It was even hotter with her small hand holding my erection. But I was too close. I knew I could not take too much of this type of stimulation. I'd dreamed of this for far too long.

Breaking the kiss I rose, drawing her panties off her legs, my eyes riveted on the pad of her pussy mounding between closed thighs. I studied the stunningly beautiful sight of a hairless mons and a young immature cleft. Bending, I kissed that mound, pressing my lips in, feeling it yield to me. A delicate scent assaulted me. It made me tremble. I knew what I was sensing; it was Sam's arousal, an eleven-year-olds arousal, and it was intensely exciting. Sam's hands curled in my hair, tugging me.

"No," she whispered.

I glanced up at her face, her frown so damned cute. "But I want to, Sam. You're so sexy."

She smiled shyly. "No. I'm too close. You know. I want us to do it. Please?" She reinforced it by parting her legs slightly and tugging at my head to draw me up.

I bent over her, kissing her gently, tugging my boxers off. "Okay," I whispered. I, too, was on edge, far too aroused. Perhaps she'd let me orally explore her later. I shuddered remembering it was only Saturday night, the whole of Sunday stretching before me.

She watched as I moved between her legs, her eyes flitting from my face to my erection to my face. I saw concern appear. I, myself, felt concern. My erection seemed impossibly large as it loomed over her small prepubescent pussy. It bobbed with need as I studied the sexy sight of her short cleft flowered open, long clitoral hood taking up almost half her slit, the nub of her protected clitoris at its tip. I saw her arousal; the glisten of moisture in her cleft, plump labia reddened and flushed, the dark shadow of her urethra, and tiny vagina below still-developing inner labia. I saw the swell of her buttocks as they pressed against the bed, and her small, tightly closed anus.

Reaching down I cupped her sexy plump pussy. I loved how it filled and dominated her crotch. I loved how sexy it felt as it filled my hand. I loved holding Sam's pussy, touching a preteen sexually. With the utmost care I caressed the cowl protecting her clit with my thumb, gently, softly. Sam moaned quietly, her hips moving slightly as she pressed her pussy into my hand, an intensely exciting move. I glanced at her sweet face. Her eyes had narrowed with pleasure, a frown appearing as eyebrows drew together.

With my thumb I drew slippery arousal up through her sexy cleft, bringing it to her clit, caressing gently. Sam's hips moved again, encouraging, liking. I glided my thumb back down, feeling her urethra and, below, the tiny entrance to her vagina. Carefully I rubbed, pressing gently as her opening yielded to my thumb. I touched her hymen. She moaned and jerked slightly in discomfort. Bringing my other hand into play, I stimulated her clit gently and pressed against her vaginal opening. I felt her yield. I felt her hymen stretch, the hole in the centre expand.

"You're beautiful, Sam. So sexy. The sexiest girl I've ever seen," I whispered to distract her, even though she was. I heard her moan, her eyes staring at me, her hands now curling and gripping the sheet. "I love you, Honey," I whispered.

Sam seemed to melt, her eyes glistening as if with unshed tears. She didn't seem to notice how her tiny vagina was gripping my fingertip, her hymen melted away. I held my painful erection, my eyes locked on hers, smiling as I nudged the tip to her, that first touch thrilling. This was a dream. This was perfect. Sex with a preteen who wanted me was everything I'd ever wanted. And Sam was giving it to me. My heart ached for her.

"Ready?" I whispered, leaning over her, looking down at her, so petite as she lay under me, so excitingly young.

"Uh-huh," she nodded.

I pressed, her damp arousal mixing with my precum, sexy labia bulging then yielding reluctantly, stretching, slipping over my crown to hug in a sensual embrace.

I pressed, a tiny opening against my tip dilating slightly. It was impossibly small, excitingly small. Sam moaned.



I pressed, the excruciating excitement of finally having sex with a preteen, a gorgeous prepubescent girl, shaking me to my core. Just having my erection lodged at her immature pussy was thrilling.

I pressed. Sam groaned, her fists gripping the sheet under her, her frown deepening. She squeaked and jerked and heaven descended. Sam's little vagina dilated and oozed over my crown. Her pussy stretched, labia stretched, accepting a massive intruder years before it was supposed to. My body shook at the feeling of the crown of my erection slipping slowly into the tightest place I'd ever felt.

It was hard not to cum. It was agony not to cum. It was so, so exciting to have my aching erection lodged in her eleven-year-old pussy. She was excruciatingly tight, hot, velvety, pulsing on me. I was in heaven, a dream realized, fucking a preteen.

And then I noticed the tear slip from her closed eye. I saw her fists gripping the sheet hard. I saw her body rigid and trembling.

"Sam, Sam, I whispered.

"Hurts," she whispered tremulously.

I did the single hardest thing I'd ever done. I pulled out, my crown popping out as if from a vacuum. Sam shuddered. I lay down next to her, gathering her in my arms. "Sorry, Baby," I said gently, rolling her and hugging her as she nestled her face into my chest. We lay for several minutes saying nothing, just cuddled together. In my mind I was reliving the experience of having the head of my erection actually penetrating a little girl, held in the tightest, sexiest pussy I'd ever experienced. Sam's pussy had felt like liquid velvet, surrounding my head in pure sensuality. If nothing more happened, I decided, I could live with that memory. It was incredible. Eventually I heard a deep sigh released from her. She stirred in my arms. I looked down.

Sam gave me an achingly gorgeous smile. "Sorry. It hurt a lot more than I thought," she said quietly.

I was happy to see her eyes clear. "Feeling better?" I asked.

Sam's smile intensified. She hooked her leg over my thigh. "Uh-huh. Wanna try again?"

"Really?" I asked in surprise.

"Uh-huh." She reinforced it by tightening her leg, pulling me closer, my erection poking her soft tummy.

When she tried to roll on her back I stopped her. "No, Sam. Like this." Reaching down between us I took my shaft in hand and pressed it down, the tip slipping over her sexy mound to slide through her open cleft. I found the entrance to her vagina surprisingly easily, the crown catching at her entrance. I was so damned horny my erection was a rigid pole. I needed no hands to keep it lodged against her. Instead, I reached around to cup her sweet bottom.

"Ready whenever you are," I told her, not moving, waiting. This time I was going to let her take the initiative.

Sam's eyes studied me. She smiled and I felt her test, her buttocks clenching, pressure against the tip of my erection. I smiled in reassurance. She smiled again and pressed, buttocks clenching in my hand again.

I was treated to a rare pleasure. I was treated to Sam slowly working herself onto my erection. It was agony not to thrust. It was agony to feel her sexy pussy stretch slowly, slip down, wrapping my crown in heat and silken slippery moisture. It was beautiful agony to feel her labia stretch and hug me. It was perfect when her pussy popped over me and once again I was held in the tight embrace of a preteen pussy.

"It's in," she whispered, "and it didn't hurt."

I smiled. I kissed her gently. "Fantastic. I can't tell you how good you feel."

She smiled proudly and her eyes seemed to lose focus. I realised what she was doing, my erection swelling as she carefully tried to work herself down, moving her pussy back and forth in little humping, little fucking motions. At first she made no progress, none. It felt like I was stuck inside her at her entrance, glued in place, my erection pulsing and throbbing. But suddenly, as if lubrication spread, she slipped down smoothly, her incredible pussy gradually surrounding my aching erection, gripping me tightly, moist heat absorbing me. I shuddered as Sam groaned, her leg tugging as she pressed down ever deeper and deeper, her vaginal opening snug around my shaft.

She'd have to stop, I thought as four then five inches were held in paradise. And, as she nestled her hairless mons into my groin, my shaft completely buried in an eleven-year-old, I felt my erection swell, making her even tighter if that were possible. She moaned and clenched, sweet agony storming me.

I couldn't stop myself. Fucking my preteen niece was too much. Holding her sexy bum with one hand, the other arm wrapped around her, I pulled out slowly, her internal walls holding onto my cock as if not wanting to release it. When my crown neared her entrance, I reversed, sliding home with exquisite pleasure, deep into her tight pussy, sighing when the tip nudged her deepest part. Sam groaned and clutched at me, her leg over my thigh holding tight.

Her little bum flexed as she tried to pull off. I helped, and suddenly we were fucking. Suddenly I was fucking an eleven year old goddess, suddenly I was living a dream. We humped at each other, long strokes, deep strokes, exquisite slow strokes, pleasure suffusing me. With little grunts and sighs Sam fucked me. With grunts of intense pleasure and desire I fucked Sam, stroking into her tight, tight pussy. I held my little darling and fucked her, pleasure blossoming. Finally, finally I was realising a dream, a dream of sex with a little girl. And it was far, far better than I'd ever imagined. She was far, far tighter than I'd imagined. Sex with Sam was unlike anything else.

And it was far too quick for me. I had no control as I fucked her delicate little body. I had no control as I felt her sweet little buttocks flex with growing urgency as she fucked me back. I had no control as she sweetly grunted, "Uh, yes, good."

And, when she announced her climax with loud grunts, "Uh!, Uh!" her pussy slamming into my groin and clenching, her little body writhing and jerking, and as she cried out her joy hugging me, her tight vagina spasming and clamping down on my thrusting cock, I grunted and gasped, "Cumming, Sam," my erection swelling. I held her sexy little body tight, thrust hard, and roared out my climax, semen burning up painfully. Pleasure exploded inside as cum rocketed out into her. I humped, and fucked again, exquisite pleasure storming my body as a massive load of cum blasted into her little pussy. I fucked and came, fucked and came, holding her little bottom, hugging her sexy little body, feeling her jerk in her climax. I fucked my little darling. I came hard, came blissfully into Sam, tears peppering my eyes as I climaxed, my orgasm intense, cumming so hard, cumming so hard.

Awareness returned at the feel of small hands toying with a limp penis. I opened my eyes to see Sam's head resting on my chest, facing down towards my groin. Soft gentle hands moved my penis, lifting it, letting it down, hands sliding down to feel my balls. I let her explore without letting her know I was awake. Her touch was so gentle. Then I remembered how intensely I'd climaxed, how heavenly it had been to spurt deep into her pussy, how amazing it had felt to have a preteen pussy gripping my erection. I remembered I'd fucked a little girl, experienced a dream.

Blood stirred and flowed. A small hand played. I grew erect. Reaching down I caressed Sam's sexy naked bum. She moved, her face turning to peer at me, a grin on her cute face.

"You're getting an erection again," she said.

Yes I was. "What time is it?" I asked.

Sam looked confused. "Huh?"

"What time is it?" I repeated.

She glanced at the bedside clock. "Six-thirty."

"No wonder I'm hungry." I rolled out from under her and stood, my cock half erect.

"But . . ."

I grinned at her confusion and stretched my hand out to her. "I need fuel if we're going to have sex again."

"Oh!" She giggled and took my hand.

Making an early dinner naked, with a naked preteen, one you'd just had sex with, and knowing your semen was still inside her little pussy, was an amazingly sexual experience. It didn't help that Ralph kept trying to sniff her crotch, Sam giggling and pushing him away. We distracted him with food.

I loved being able to grab Sam, lift her into my arms and kiss her. I loved how she smiled with pride and delight. I loved fondling her sexy bum and caressing her slippery pussy . . . until she dashed to the bathroom. When she returned, blushing, I noticed she'd dried herself.

"What happened," I asked her, dumping pasta into boiling, salted water.

"I leaked," she replied.

"Leaked what?"

She flushed bright pink and refused to answer. Damn she was gorgeous!

I played friskily with her, staring rudely at her sexy naked body. I told her endlessly how sexy she was, because she was. I loved her blushes at my compliments, her shy giggles, and how, naked, she was a sweetly sexy girl, much of the rambunctiousness gone with her clothes. I loved how she glowed from my attention and compliments.

Sam was achingly beautiful. She was achingly sweet and desirable. I saw puppy love in her eyes and it shook me it was so attractive. It didn't surprise me in the least when another erection formed. Then again, as we sat on the couch eating, her wandering left hand might have had something to do with it. Or it might have been her giggles when she found my cock and pasta made a rude exit from my mouth at her squeeze.

When she did it again despite my warning, Ralph suddenly had a veritable feast. Two plates hit the floor, the TV was ignored and I kissed and tickled a writhing ball of naked giggling sexiness. And somehow she calmed. Somehow we kissed, somehow we cuddled, nuzzled and murmured.

"Can we do it again?" she asked snuggling close on my lap, my erection pressed to a seductive buttock.

What a stupid question. "Are you sure you don't hurt too much?" I asked.

"Uh-huh." She giggled gently as I caressed two buds.

A picture flitted through my mind. Well, yes, that would be interesting, I thought, my cock flexing.

Picking Sam up, I turned her, putting her on her knees. I bent and whispered "Watch TV. Just ignore me." I adored her giggle.

She looked spectacular kneeling, bent over the coffee table facing the TV. She may not have actually been watching, but I couldn't see her face. My focus was on a spectacular rump.

She was slippery and snug, my semen still inside her. She was hot, still tight, and exquisitely exciting. Her little bum looked spectacular as she bent on the coffee table. I loved having her legs between my knees and seeing her sweet little buttocks swelling around my erection as I gently penetrated her, fucking her slowly from behind. It was so arousing to see my large cock slipping in and out of a petite little girl.

Her beautiful eyes were intense when she glanced over her shoulder. "Harder?"

"Okay." I smiled, studied how slender and small she was, her petite back, small shoulders, the gorgeous swell of her bottom, non-existent hips, almost boyish, sexy beyond belief. I fucked her a little harder, driving my erection deep, pressing gently into her deepest part.

She grunted, "Good. More." Her hands reached out to grip the other side of the coffee table.

I withdrew from her exquisite pussy, the rim of my crown oozing out of her, reversed and thrust, pleasure making my erection strain, so tight, she was so tight. God, I was fucking a preteen again, my preteen, my little lover. I felt the seductive fog of need descend; a need to rut, a need to cum. Holding Sam's small waist, I fucked her gently but firmly, her petite body jerking. She gasped and squeezed her bum, indents forming, fuck, so tight!

We fucked gently, firm thrusts, sighs filling the room. Pressure built. Sam started pressing her bum back at me, her grunts becoming more vocal, louder. Our pace increased, fucking Sam, fucking, so tight. My climax neared with balls feeling heavy, pressure building in my head and groin. I fucked her sexy young pussy, sliding in, slipping out, sliding in, so tight. I fucked harder, need now close, building, building, the sight of her eleven year old body bent over the coffee table exciting me more. I watched my thick erection sliding out, shoving in, glistening, pressure, pressure.

It slammed into me, a sudden release, a dam bursting. "Cumming, Sam!" I gasped, shoving hard, shoving deep, pressing my cock to her immature uterus. My cock swelled, ached, semen burning up to jet into her. Sam cried out, her sweet pussy clamping down. Agony, agony. I withdrew and fucked in again, lodging deep, erection swelling, glory, glory, semen spurting in an intense burst of pleasure. Sam cried out again. I fucked Sam with short strokes, holding her small body tight, thrusting, spurting, pleasure bursting. I came hard, found heaven. I came in my beautiful, sexy niece, thrusting and spurting until, covered in perspiration, I died, her sexy pussy clamping rhythmically with her fading orgasm, milking the last of my pleasure. I collapsed over her, drained, the happiest man in the world.

That night I taught Sam the delights of oral sex, eating her spectacular pussy, thrilled at the intensity of her climax. It was the first time she experienced multiple orgasms. It was also the first time she passed out from them, and probably from an exhausting day as well.

That night I held Sam cuddled to my side, not disappointed with having a mild erection in the slightest. Sam had been more than a dream. Sam had been perfect, the perfect little lover, my perfect preteen lover. As sleep slowly drifted in, I thought about tomorrow, all day Sunday with Sam. What might she like to learn? What other dreams might I realise with her? Oh, and what other panties had she bought?

Smiling to myself, I wondered how much it would cost to send my sister, Michael and Kate to the Grand Canyon for a week.



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