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An unusual telling of a bedtime fairytale.

"It was a dark and stormy night. Everyone scurried inside driven by the rain that slashed almost horizontally and stung exposed skin mercilessly. Thunder rolled shaking the ground as if the God Thor himself was angry with the world, his hammer smashing into the ground. Princess Diana felt lost and alone, confused by the darkness. Where was it? Where was it? Distracted by another louder peal of thunder she tripped and fell to her knees, landing in a sleety puddle she hadn't noticed. She'd never reach her Prince in time. . ."

"No, Daddy!"

I looked at my daughter, eight, curled and snuggled in my bed next to me, big brown eyes staring intently at me, curly brown hair splayed on the pillow, her expression intent.

"That's the story, honey."

"No, Daddy. It isn't," she insisted in her serious voice, a frown appearing on her pretty face. "The Princess always gets to her Prince." Her insistence was cute.

"Okay." I smiled and started again. "It was a dark stormy night. The Princess found her. . ."

"No, Daddy!"

"I thought you said the Princess finds the Prince."

"After, Daddy."

"After what, sweetie?"

"After the adventure. You're messing up the story!"

"What happens next?"

"The forest, she has to go to the forest."

"Oh, right. Okay. So . . . The Princess picked herself up. Her long dark-blue velvet cloak was sodden and heavy from water. Looking around in the gloom, trying to see through the downpour, she let out a sigh. There! She saw the dark shadowed entrance to the alleyway next to the Boar's Head inn.

"She trembled as she neared it. The alleyway scared her, a dark yaw disappearing into nothing. Somehow she thought it looked menacing in the dark, as though there were evil, scary monsters just waiting to grab her inside. Was that a growl? she wondered, her tummy trembling with fear.

"Too scared to enter the alleyway, the Princess decided to go back to the castle. . ."

"No, Daddy!"

"But it's dark and scary, honey."

"No. She's brave. She always goes!"

"Okay. . . The Princess took a deep breath. 'I can do this,' she said to herself. 'I have to. If not, I'll never see my Prince.'

"Cautiously, with small steps she approached the entrance of the dark alleyway, her knees shaking. She peered in. Is that a monster? She saw an ominous shape in the gloom. It looked big and towered above her. She took another deep breath, screwed up her courage and stepped in. Suddenly she heard moaning and creaking. Oh no! Monsters!

"The Princess breathed a sigh of relief when she realized the creaking was only the wind pushing a store sign back and forth, back and forth, and the wind moaning as it blew through the narrow alley.

"Her pace picked up. She almost ran. She wanted to get out of the scary alley as fast as possible. Racing past dark shapes that looked like crouching monsters, her heart thumping, she finally burst out the other end, only to see the dark forest looming in front of her, the trees leaning towards her, bare branches looking like claws reaching for her. Staring, she couldn't see the dirt path, the night too dark. She shivered, feeling afraid. Everything looked different at night.

"Should she go back for an oil lantern? Deciding to be safe and go get some light, the Princess turned back. She didn't want to get lost in the dark. It was . . ."

"No, Daddy!"


"She knows the way! She always goes that way."

"Are you sure, sweetie?"

"Uh-huh." Her hard nod and frown was so cute, so attractive.

"Princess Diana crept slowly into the forest. There were strange noises at night, the hoot of an owl, the rustle of an animal scurrying through the underbrush. Each new sound made her hesitate. What if the palace guards are here? How can I avoid them?

"Wet branches brushed against her. The hood of her cape was suddenly pulled back when it snagged on a branch, her golden locks showing bright in the woods. Rain quickly soaked her hair, golden locks turning darker. Princess Diana started shaking with cold. She had to hurry to reach her Prince or she'd die from the cold and wet.

"As she walked stealthily through the dark, ominous forest the path split into two, one going left, one going right. She was confused. Was it left? Was it right? Which way was it to the cabin? Why couldn't she remember? Deciding, she went to the left . . ."

"No, Daddy! The right! She goes to the right!"


"Racing now, she stumbled, scraping her knee before rising and running again. There! She saw light ahead. Her heart pounded in her chest, Prince William would be waiting for her!

"Racing to the door, she threw it open, stumbling in, calling 'William, William, where are you?' He wasn't there! The cabin was empty . . ."

"No, Daddy! He's there!"

"Where, sweetie?"

"He's there. On the bed."

"He is?"

"Uh-huh. He's always there."

"All right then.

"Princess Diana squealed with delight when she saw her handsome Prince. Throwing her cloak off and tossing it near the fire to dry out, she rushed towards the bed and her Prince. William opened his muscular arms to welcome her.

"Her foot caught suddenly. She tripped . . ."

"No, Daddy! She doesn't!"

"Oh. Sorry.

"Princess Diana flung herself at William, smiling as his strong arms wrapped around her. She kissed him on his rough cheek. . ."

"No, Daddy! He kisses her on the lips. Don't mess it up!"

"Sorry, I keep forgetting.

"William let his lips touch Diana's. Her lips were soft and warm against his. She murmured hugging her Prince before letting . . ."

"No, Daddy!"

"What now, sweetie?"

"You're supposed to show me first. Before the story goes on."

"Oh. Excuse me. How could I forget?"

I leaned down as my eight-year-old pursed her little red lips waiting for me. Her small mouth was soft against me as she held me behind my neck, warm lips pressed together. I felt her tiny tongue flit across my lips, her mouth smile against me.

"Hey! No skipping ahead!" I said. Her giggle as I pulled back was intensely attractive, I thought. Mischief glistened in her pretty eyes.

"Go on, Daddy."

"Okay. But follow the story. No more cheating."

She giggled again. "Promise."


"Princess Diana shivered as William's hands caressed her back, moaning into his mouth as he gently held her bottom, his touch exciting her. She felt tingles between her legs as William gripped her bottom firmly. Gasping, she pulled back, climbed off the bed and stood.

"She could feel her heart pounding as Will . . ."

"No, Daddy! You're forgetting."

"Forgetting what?"

"You forgot to show me." Anna scrambled up and over me, laying her small body on top of me. She took my hands and pulled them behind her, putting them on her tiny bottom. "Like this, Daddy," she said with a small sigh.

I was hard, erect at the feel of my daughter's firm little buttocks in pajamas and undies.

She kissed me, closed mouth, sweet lips. I caressed her little bum, marveling at how sexy, how arousing prepubescent buttocks were, how much they excited me. Anna moaned into our kiss when I gripped two round, bubbly cheeks, two sexy prepubescent mounds, my fingertips slipping down to lightly brush her pussy.

"Okay, Daddy," she said rolling off me, off the bed and standing in her pajamas. "Go on."

"Princess Diana watched as William stood back and admired her. She'd dreamed of her first time, how a handsome Prince would take her, even though she didn't know what would actually happen. Her body trembled as William unbuttoned her dress and slipped it off her shoulders to fall to the floor. His hot stare made her tremble.

"As William reached for her chaste undershirt, she raised her arms, trembling harder at the thought William was going to see her little boobs. She could feel her nipples ache as she thought of William touching them, kissing them, sucking them.

"William gasped when the undershirt came off. He'd never seen such small boobs before. Princess Diana's boobs were small, little cones on her chest with pink little nipples. He thought they were amazing.

"Reaching for Princess Diana's petticoat . . ."

"No, Daddy! You have to get up and show me."

Kneeling in front of Anna, I undid one button after another, my fingers fiddling with the small buttons. Slipping her pajama top off, she smiled and raised her arms. I pulled up the undershirt she wore just for story night. Her brown curly hair tumbled to her shoulders as I admired her small nipples, little beads centered in pink areolae. I could hardly wait for them to start growing.

Anna clambered onto the bed. "Okay. Keep going."

"Uh, where was I?"

"William is going to pull Princess Diana onto the bed, Daddy."


"William led the topless Princess to the bed. They lay side by side. Princess Diana's body started trembling when William's warm hand caressed her small boobs. She sighed as he . . ."

"No, Daddy. You have to show me, too."

I lay on my side looking at my daughter and caressed her little nubs. They woke up, hard, tiny beads, her areolae stippling under my touch.

"She sighed as her Prince leaned over and kissed her boob. His tongue felt hot as it rasped over her nipple making it ache and stand proud. Gently she held his head pulling him tighter, tighter, encouraging him to open his mouth and suck away the ache. She squeezed her legs together when she felt a sudden strange flush in her privates. She moaned as he sucked her and inhaled sharply when William's lips nipped her, suddenly feeling a strange dampness leaking between her legs.

"William's other hand slip . . ."

"No, Daddy. You have to stop first. You haven't kissed my boobs."

"How could I forget, sweetie?" I leaned down and kissed her tiny nipple, a small bead between my lips. When I teased it with the tip of my tongue it hardened nicely. Anna held my head and pulled, the sign for me to suck gently. Slowly I applied more suction, my tongue swirling.

"Yes, Daddy. Now the other one," she ordered.

As I moved to its twin, I was again thrilled with how her areola had swelled, a small mound raised from her chest. I caressed it as I eagerly raised her other areola. Anna murmured at the treatment, her small hands curling into fists in my hair. Inside my pajamas I was erect, hard. I knew I'd feel precum soon at this rate.

"Good, Daddy. Okay, go on."

With a sigh, I continued. "Princess Diana felt William's hand slide down her tummy, sending little sparks of pleasure to some strange place below. When his hand reached her private place she gasped, it felt so good! Quickly Princess Diana pulled William into a kiss, moaning as his soft lips touched hers. She groaned and arched up when she felt William's tongue touch her lips. Tentatively she touched it with hers. It felt so soft and warm. When William groaned and thrust his tongue into her mouth it surprised her. But right then, he rubbed her private place sending a strong surge of excitement through her body. She broke the kiss and pulled him off. . ."

"No, Daddy. She didn't. She likes it."

"Oh. Okay."

"Wait, Daddy. You have to show me this part first."

I slipped my arm under Anna's neck as I leaned over, my other sliding down to gently cup her little pussy over her pajamas. When Anna opened her legs for me and I held her plump pussy in my hand, I felt the first drop of precum dampen my pajamas. God, my little girl's pussy was so exciting, so small and immature. Fondling my eight-year-old daughter's pussy thrilled me no end.

Anna's eyes watched me carefully to make sure I followed the story. I kissed her sweet lips, her mouth tiny against mine. Gently I touched her lips with my tongue. Anna's eyes closed as her tongue came out to say hi. We played for a while before I pushed my tongue into her small warm, damp mouth, rubbing her pudendum with my hand and squeezing it gently.

Anna moaned into my mouth, her tongue movement paused as I caressed her pussy. Suddenly she grabbed my hair, opened her mouth wider and we were passionately kissing, tongues twisting and flicking. When I let my finger trace her tiny cleft she thrust her tiny, slippery tongue into my mouth. I shivered as I sucked it, then gently sucked her lower lip as she gasped for breath.

"Good, Daddy." She panted. "More. Tell me more."

"Where was I, honey?"

"William touches her bloomers."

"Ah, yes. One of my favorite parts.

"As Diana almost swooned from William's kiss, she was amazed no one had ever told her about how good kissing and using your tongue was. Her nipples ached and she felt wet between her legs, wondering what had happened. Had she peed?

"William distracted her when he whispered sweetly in her ear. 'I love you Princess Diana. You are mine forever.' It made her feel hot inside, her hero loved her. She was so happy she didn't stop William from slipping his hand under her petticoat, groaning when she felt his hand on her bloomers. William was shaking as. . ."

"No, Daddy. William kisses her again."

"Right. Sorry.

"William kissed Diana softly to distract her as he felt the outline of her twelve year old pussy. It felt so rounded and warm with only thin silk separating it from his hand. He kissed . . ."

"No, Daddy. You're supposed to stop and show me. Stop messing it up!"

I smiled at Anna, her eagerness now in her eyes. I leaned over and nuzzled her small neck, inhaling her delicious scent, my little girls scent, and whispered into her ear, "I love you, Princess. You are mine forever."

Anna giggled and squirmed as she hugged me. I let my hand slip under the elastic waist of her pajama bottoms and over her little girl cotton panties.

"Yes, Daddy. Just like that."

When I caressed her prominent mound, traced her small cleft, and felt a moist spot below my erection strain powerfully. Anna was already horny, this time so soon. I kissed her sweet little lips softly as I ran my finger along her cleft, caressing her gently, listening to her breathe harder through her nose, waiting. When I felt a twitch in her pelvis I withdrew my hand and ended the kiss.

"Hurry, Daddy. The next part," she huffed.

"Prince William kissed her boobs, one by one, paying special attention to her small nipples. The Princess moaned as William sucked her, her nipples aching even more. She opened her eyes when she felt William leave the bed. Her eyes widened as William removed his top, his muscular chest had hair and was broad. His stomach was flat. She gasped when he dropped his pants. He had a huge protrusion between his legs.

"It was large and red with a bulbous tip, pointing up. 'What is it?' she whispered."

Anna giggled.

"What's so funny, sweetie?"

"She doesn't know it's his penis."

"Um. Yes. So, let's continue."

"No, Daddy. You have to get up and take your pajamas off."

"Okay, honey."

I watched Anna's eyes as I dropped my pajama bottoms. My erection was painfully straining up at a forty-five degree angle, the tip glistening with precum, the head a dark red. Anna's eyes were rapt, focused on my penis. She watched it as I got back onto the bed. She looked at me and smiled.

"You're big tonight, Daddy. More. Tell me more."

"The Princess whispered, 'What is it?'

'It's my lance, Diana. It's what I use to show you how much I love you,' the Prince responded. The Princess was fascinated. She'd never known men had lances like that. 'How?' she asked.

"Prince William knelt next to her on the bed. 'Let me show you. But we have to take your petticoat off.' Princess Diana didn't understand why. But he was her Prince, her hero, so she agreed.

"William was excited. He'd never seen a naked twelve-year-old before and wondered if she'd be hairy like the other ladies he knew. He undid all the buttons. 'Lift your bottom, Princess.' Slowly he watched with mounting excitement as Diana's bloomers were revealed. They were silky as befitted a Princess. They had long legs that went all the way to her knees. But William inhaled sharply and his penis throbbed when he saw the opening at the crotch.

"Princess Diana had an almost hairless pussy, soft blond pubic hairs dusting her mound. Her cleft was small and tightly closed, curving down between her legs. He moaned at the sight of such a young pussy, excited at the prospect of feeling it spread around his lance. He wondered how tight it might be. As he . . ."

"No, Daddy! You're supposed to do me before the next part."

"Oh. How could I forget?"

Smiling and feeling really horny, I slid Anna's pajama bottoms down her short legs. Her pudendum mounded against her green cotton panties. But God, the little camel toe made me want to dive in.

"Okay now?"

"Nuh-uh. You have to take them off, Daddy. Mine don't have an opening like the Princess."

"Well then. Let's get them off."

Jesus, I loved Anna's immature little pussy. It mounded so sensually, dipped deeply at the sides, curved seductively; a plump alluring vulva. Her little cleft was firmly closed, and her labia swept down and seamlessly merged into her buttocks. It was the sweetest, most erotic sight ever.

"So where were we?" My voice was somewhat husky as I lay beside a now naked Anna, my erection raised off my stomach and nodding up and down.

"Bloomers, Daddy."

"Princess Diana wondered why William looked so red in his face. She also wondered why his lance was moving. It seemed to be dripping something too. 'So how does your lance prove how much you love me, William?' He paused and took deep breaths. 'It goes inside you and kisses you Princess.' 'How?' asked Diana. She wondered how such a big lance could go inside anything, and where would it go?

"William was so aroused at the sight of this beautiful and trusting virgin. 'Let me show you, my love. Spread your legs.' Diana wondered why he wanted her to spread her legs, but she did. When William touched her private place a shock went through her. 'It goes there?' she asked. How could that be? She peed from there. There was no place to put a lance."

Anna giggled again.

"What is it, Anna?"

"She doesn't know. And she's twelve!"

"Doesn't know what?"

"That it's her vagina he's going to put his lance in."

"How does that make you feel, honey?"

"Like you should hurry, Daddy."

"All right then, let's move on.

"William smiled gently at Diana. 'You have a sheath between your legs, Diana. My lance goes into the sheath.' Diana was surprised. She had a sheath? 'Where?' she asked in wonder.

"William was excited at the thought of touching her pussy, such a delicate young pussy on the cusp of maturity. 'Shall I show you Princess?' he asked with bated breath. Diana felt nervous. No one, other than her maid, had seen her down there or touched her private place. She was confused because the idea of her Prince touching her between her legs made her tingle there. 'Okay,' she whispered nervously.

"William gently parted her legs, his lance throbbing as Diana's sweet little pussy stretched. He moaned softly when her closed lips peeled apart, her hood that guarded her pleasure centre emerging and below, a small dark hole. Diana gasped loudly when she felt William's finger touch her. Her legs snapped closed surprising William. He removed . . ."

"No, Daddy! He opened her legs again, remember?"

"Right. William . . ."

"Daddy, you're supposed to stop here!"

"Of course. I keep forgetting."

I moved down the bed admiring Anna's lovely body, her immature hips and slender legs, her youth so attractive; a beautiful little girl. The gentle swell of her pubis was accentuated by her slight form. My erection ached as I slowly spread her legs, my eyes locked on her tiny slit as it stayed firmly closed. I realized I was holding my breath waiting for her labia to peel apart. Amazingly, they clung together until her legs were almost at 180 degrees. With a heartfelt sigh and a surge of arousal I watched them unglue slowly, her small clitoral hood revealed, the glisten of moisture between plump labia, and finally the dark indent of her tiny vagina. Yet again I marveled that that tiny, tiny opening could stretch so much, hold me so tightly. God it excited me.

I let the tip of my finger lightly touch her vagina and drew her moist arousal up towards the hood protecting her clit.

"No, Daddy! Not yet. You haven't got to that part yet!"

"Sorry, Anna, you're just so beautiful." Her smile was glowing with pride and excitement.

"William gently touched Diana's pussy, his fingertip nestled to her vagina. Diana gasped at the touch. 'My sheath is there?' she asked. William pushed slightly, his fingertip slipping in to press against her cherry. His penis strained as he felt her velvety softness gripping his finger, as he imagined how tight Diana's vagina would feel as he pushed his erection into her.

"Diana felt a twinge of pain. 'That hurt, William.' He paused, collected precum from his penis and slipped his finger up through her lips to touch her cowl. Gently he massaged it, groaning when he felt her pleasure button harden and slowly come out to play.

"Diana was shocked at the sudden stab of pleasure that raced through her small body and the painful ache of her nipples. She'd never felt anything like it. Her privates were on fire and it felt like she was leaking!

"Prince William moved up, his finger rubbing her clit, driving her passion so . . ."

"No, Daddy. Stop. Do it first!"

Anna was so aroused I had no need for precum. With her own lubrication I rubbed her small smooth clit gently, already hard and waiting for my touch. Anna sighed as I caressed her. I so wanted to taste her, run my tongue through her silky, warm slit, and push the tip of my tongue into her tight vagina. But that wasn't tonight's story.

"Daddy, Daddy, hurry up. The next part. Do the next part. Show me while you tell the story!"

"William moved up over Diana's body, his erection firm and pointing towards her small pussy."

God, my daughter's small body was so arousing, so sexy, her legs spread for me, waiting for Daddy to fuck her. Precum cooled the head of my erection as I held myself over Anna, her excitement driving my passion higher. Anna, my eight-year-old wanting her daddy's penis, wanting her daddy to love her, fuck her.

"Princess Diana moaned as her handsome Prince kissed her, her arms reaching up to hold him, moaning as she felt his weight settle on her."

I felt that all too familiar tremble in my body as I lowered myself to my elbows, letting my weight down gently on my daughter, so excitingly small and warm and immature under me. The surge of arousal I felt every time I saw her under me thrilled me no end. Her tiny body, knowing I was going to be penetrating her and thrusting into her, knowing how tight she'd be, God almighty!

"The Prince kissed Diana deeply, pushing his tongue into her small mouth, moaning as they kissed passionately."

"Daddy, kiss!"

I let my lips touch Anna's small mouth, nibbling at her lower lip before slipping into her small warm moistness. Her small arms hugged the side of my chest as we kissed deeply, passionately, her little tongue twirling against mine before she moaned and thrust it into my mouth. I sucked it hard, my erection pulsing with need, her small thighs spread against my waist, her plump pussy a bulge against my stomach.

Panting, I continued. "William broke the passionate kiss, rose up over Diana admiring her petite body, her small breasts with hard nipples. He looked down and his lust surged as he saw the mound between her legs dusted with new pubic hairs, and below his huge erection pulsing and moving, leaking. Shaking with need, he reached for his penis, guiding it towards her virgin pussy.

"As it touched Diana's lips he whispered, 'Princess, you're about to become a woman. My lance is going to show you how much I love you. Be brave.' Diana was panting, scared and excited. She'd felt William's lance touch her privates, something hot and wet that felt so, so big.

"Suddenly she felt . . ."

"No, Daddy," Anna panted, "You have to do it, too!"

Lifting myself, I look down Anna's small body, shaking as I pictured my erection buried in her, penetrating her eight-year-old pussy and how her little pussy would bulge out around my shaft.

I felt small beads of sweat on my brow as my erection kissed Anna's tiny slit, knowing how erotic it would feel when I stretch her.

Panting, I resumed the story. "Diana felt pressure on her privates, something big pushing at her. It pushed harder, hot and wet. Suddenly she felt her privates spread, something slipping between her lips. She moaned as it stretched her, pushed and shoved at her."

Holding my erection I pushed forward, moaning at the exquisite feeling of Anna's vagina stretching, stretching and oozing over the crown, sliding down to the flared ridge.

"Suddenly Diana cried out at the pain pulsing through her. She'd never felt such pain, she felt like she was being torn in two!"

Oh God! Anna's tiny pussy snapped over my crown, gripping me tightly, warm, velvety smooth. My penis was throbbing wildly as I realized I was penetrating my eight-year-old again. So good, so incredibly erotic. I had to pause to collect my breath, calm myself; I was so close, I had a huge urge to thrust into her, bury myself in her sexy little pussy.

"Tears collected in Diana's eyes and she felt dizzy from the stab of pain. But William whispered gently, calmingly, 'My lance is in Princess, it will stop hurting soon.' Slowly she felt William's lance part her insides, stretching her, pushing into her, deeper, deeper, stretching her insides. She could feel him, a big hard rod sinking into her privates. Suddenly she heard William groan as his lance touched something deep inside her."

I let my weight slowly push my erection into Anna, her silky warm walls parting as my penis pushed into her tight, tight vagina, small in and out movements, slipping deeper and deeper into my little girl.

"Good, Daddy," she whispered, her arms tugging at me.

Lord she was tight. My erection throbbed and expanded when I felt myself buried, held snug. Looking down I almost came from the sight of her tiny pussy stretched and bulging around my thick shaft. God so, so arousing; penetrating my daughter, buried in my little girl. I needed to hurry and finish the story, my orgasm was stirring.

"Diana cried out when William pulled his lance out and thrust back into her. Suddenly William collapsed on her, his hands gripped her bottom as he stroked in and out, faster and faster. His movements kept hitting a button of pleasure in her privates and, as Princess Diana felt herself getting wet and slippery, her pelvis started moving, pushing up at her Prince. Something inside her wanted more, wanted something, was driving her to hump up against William, pressure building inside her. She was shocked when she felt William peeing in her as he cried out, thrusting deep. Thunder crashed over her taking her breath away, pleasure tore at her, her body heaving up off the mattress as William spurted into her, thrusting hard, spurting.

"She cried out as her body thrashed, waves of pleasure and pain racking her. Enough she pleaded, enough! Finally she felt William slow and stop. Her heart was racing. His lance had shown her how much he loved her."

"Daddy now, hurry!"

Groaning I let my weight down on Anna's eight-year-old body, laying to the side slightly. Reaching down I held two perfect little buttocks, held them firmly as I started to fuck my daughter, slipping my aching erection almost all the way out before plunging back into her tight velvety embrace. Anna started huffing as we fucked, her small body jerking up with each thrust, our pace increasing, my erection withdrawing and plunging into her tiny, tight pussy.

We started thrashing at each other faster and harder, my penis thumping her deepest part with every glorious thrust. It hit suddenly, massively. Fucking into my little girl I came explosively when she cried out and clamped down hard on my erection. Fucking her hard, fast, faster, cum blasted out into her immature little pussy, pleasure erupting. I pulled back and thrust again, tugging her small bum to me, burying my erection deep, moaning at the sweet release of another powerful spurt of cum.

Suddenly I was over the edge, thrusting into her, spurting gloriously, withdrawing, fucking my girl, spurting, fucking my girl, spurting, my body cramping. Anna grunted with each thrust, so deliciously small underneath me. Holding her little bum pleasure crashed through me with each exquisite hard spurt. Oh God, oh God, cumming baby. Daddy's cumming!

Perspiration cooled my back. My erection faded with weak pulses, peace descended, drained. So good, so good.

I cuddled her close, spooning her to me, her body still trembling, her perfect naked little bottom nestled into my groin. I was sated, sexually exhausted. It had been wonderful; illicit sex with my eight-year-old daughter, wonderful.



"Next time can you tell me the one about Sleeping Beauty? I like what you do to wake me up."



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