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A precocious daughter's firsts can be a trying time for a single father.

IT WAS A SHOCK when Laura hugged me, "Morning, Dad," her hair mussed and sleep still softening her attractive brown eyes.

"Morning, Sweetheart," I automatically replied bending to kiss the crown of her auburn hair, the uniquely attractive aroma of innocent little girl assaulting my senses.

It was a shock when I felt her hug me in a soft over-sized white cotton t-shirt, one of mine I saw, a v-neck Hanes. It was a shock because I felt two distinct tiny boobs, little firm bumps pressed to my stomach.

As with any surprise, I automatically looked down. It was another shock to see the v-neck gape open as she drew back. My little girl had two petite boobs, distinct mounds, little cones, pink areolae and soft nipples. In that moment I went through the change.

It's a traumatic change but one every father must suffer, the natural progression of a protector; one minute you have an innocent little daughter who does nothing but brighten your life just by being there, the next minute, you have a sexual being, a girl in bloom, a girl who, through the magnificence of puberty, will attract unwanted attention from those monsters called boys.

It's a hard change to experience.

It starts with pride and joy; look, my little girl is growing up! My little girl is . . . becoming a real girl! Then pride and joy are crushed by jealousy; my little girl is going to like boys! Jealousy is rudely shoved aside by fear; some pimply adolescent boy is going to try to kiss my girl! Fear becomes terror; some undeserving bastard is going to try to touch my little girl, feel those boobs and grope her pretending he loves her; I hated him already; sight unseen.

In the blink of an eye, in the touch of two tiny little boobs, my world changed . . . for the worst. I could feel it; suddenly I was reassessing our neighbourhood, how many sleazy adolescent males lived here? Who were they? How could I identify them, tag them, and scare the living daylights out of them in a pre-emptive strike? Oh no! She goes to school and so do boys! Visions of an all-girl Catholic boarding school flashed through my mind. Do we have any around? Where would I find out? Would they be listed in the Yellow Pages or have a Web site?

In the blink of an eye I felt the monster in me emerge, that protective beast that growls and scowls and spits evil eyes at any male within three hundred miles regardless of age. And, as the 'Protector' emerged, I bemoaned my fate. Why did I have to have such a pretty girl? Why did she have to be so damned bright and personable? Why did she have to have such thick glossy hair and a personality that attracted males like nectar attracted bees?

Damn! Why did she have to have such a gorgeous sweet smile? Couldn't she frown more? Where was the acne that was supposed to help me? Surely she needed glasses, thick, bottle-neck glasses.

In the blink of an eye, panic set in; how could I change her wardrobe? Maybe those Muslims have something with that hijab; could I find one? Did they have a store nearby? Would she wear it? Could I force her?

In the blink of an eye, in the touch of two tiny boobs, my world changed. And what did I do?

"I think you need a bra, Laura," I said blushing slightly.

I hoped for embarrassment, for Laura to be shy of her new growths. I hoped to see a daughter blush and show discomfort at a father noticing the beginning of puberty, see a daughter who was fearful and resentful, wanting to hide oncoming adolescent changes. I'd hoped to hear a daughter cry "Daddy!" and run from the kitchen. Nope. Laura scared me to my core.

"I do!" she said quite proudly, pushing her chest out and smoothing the t-shirt down, two tiny boobs mounding soft, soft white cotton. She smiled, a spectacular smile, generous mouth curling, white teeth emerging, sweet loveable eyes twinkling. "I've got boobs, Dad!"

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. My worst nightmare had arrived.

Shopping was stressful. I kept a leery and watchful eye out for members of the opposite sex, automatically moving Laura to the other side of me when I spotted one, interspersing my body between her and the potential threat. She looked confused at the frequent manoeuvres.

I resolutely marched her past specialty lingerie stores, Victoria's Secret and La Perla, towards conservative Macy's. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the sales lady was a mature, motherly-looking woman. Surely she'd understand my predicament. I approached with a nervous smile. Laura left me, her eyes caught by something; inappropriate no doubt.

"Excuse me ma'am," I started. "My daughter needs a . . ." I waved my hands in front of my chest, "a, um, training bra?"

The nice middle-aged sales lady smiled in sympathy. "We have several for young ladies," she said leading me over to a display of inappropriate lingerie; little bra and panty sets that ranged in the father-meter from unacceptably small to, even worse, lacy types of things that were, in my mind, inappropriate even for an adult. There were roses and patterns and frills and garnishes all designed to make undergarments that no one was supposed to ever set eyes on look attractive; undergarments that clearly were not designed to hide, repress or flatten.

Coughing slightly to hide my surprise at the alluring selection, I politely asked, "Would you have anything from a . . . Mormon fashion line?"

Laura's tinkle of laughter from behind me brought a smile to the sales lady's face. I didn't like her when she led Laura off. I didn't like her when she conspired with my daughter by leading her to the changing rooms to try on a handful of what appeared to be not Mormon underwear.

I didn't like her even more when she politely complimented me on having a very pretty daughter while she rang-up an astonishingly large tab. Before I could admonish the not-so-accommodating sales woman for encouraging Laura, my daughter pulled my arm, made me bend down, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thanks, Dad," she said with a heart-stopping smile, bright eyes glistening.

There's a spot in a father's brain that's reserved for daughters only. It's not the same for sons, wives, or any other relatives. It's a spot exclusively for daughters, accessible only by them. I considered it a flaw of human design. And I didn't understand how Laura even knew of its existence. But clearly she did, and she used it with ruthless efficiency.

I felt an immediate flush of pleasure and pride. I felt like I'd just won something, although what, I didn't know . . . or care about for that matter. All that mattered to me in that tiny moment was my little girl liked me, she kissed me, she smiled at me.

The glow of pleasure didn't wear off either. It grew stronger as Laura held my hand and, swinging a large Macy's shopping bag, seemed to be skipping next to me, her beautiful eyes shining, her smile causing me physical damage.

It was a confusing ride home.

"Dad? DAD!" she yelled as I puttered around in the kitchen still in a fog.


"Come here!"



I followed her voice, leaving the kitchen, climbing the stairs and stood in her bedroom doorway. For some strange reason there was a growing sense of dread building in me. "What?" I asked.

Laura pranced out of her bathroom. "Look!" she exclaimed, posing. "Do you like? It's nice isn't it?"

"I . . . I . . ."

"Wait. I'll show you the other set," she exclaimed with enthusiasm, turning, a bouncy butt going back into the bathroom.

There ought to be a law! Little girls should NOT be allowed to appear in public until they are over twenty, no . . . thirty, I decided. We needed segregation in society rather badly. Why didn't congress get off their fat asses and do something useful for a change?

There ought to be a law that prohibits designers from designing that stuff! Let's call it the 'Plain White Cotton Undies Law', a Federal law, a mandated guideline on what material and design could be used for girls' under-things. Maybe I could talk to my Congress-women.

"Look," she said again, emerging from the bathroom, posing and turning. "Nice, huh?"

Jesus Christ! I wondered what nuns wore under their black robes. Did it come in small sizes? Maybe I could ask Father Mike. He'd know, wouldn't he?

"Hold on, Dad. One more," she said with far too much pleasure before her little bottom disappeared again with an unacceptable jiggle.

I decided I was very religious, Catholic, all Catholic. I'd convert and then so would Laura. Convents here we come!

"Look! Wadda ya think?"

Breath exploded, I felt dizzy. I swore at the sales lady. I swore at Mother Nature and all garment manufacturers. Training bra? Training bra? Who the fuck were they trying to kid? It was some white sheer thing that did nothing to hide two tiny boobs, or two pink areolae, or two tiny nipples. And why did it have to have matching panties, for God sake? How could they?

My eleven-year-old was essentially naked. No, even worse! She was sensual! Fuck me. The God damned panties didn't even have a lined gusset. They hugged her privates. Laura's hairless pubis was on full display, small and remarkably plump for such a small body, a tight cleft curving down, her full vulva cosseted in sheer white see-through nothingness that seemed to hypnotically fill a two-finger gap.

This was wrong. This was worse than seeing my daughter naked. This was . . . sexy! Fuck! My little girl was sexy! If any male within a thousand miles ever saw this . . .

"Feels really nice, Dad," she said, her hands rising to cup and caress her little boobs. She grinned, "Sorta sexy, too." Turning, Laura admired herself in the full length mirror, her perky bottom and butt crack clear as day.

I felt shame flood through me when I developed an erection. It wasn't fair. It was supposed to be her first training bra, not that! What was going through the designers mind when he designed that set? And I was absolutely sure it was a 'he'; no mother would ever . . .

When Laura's hands caressed her bum as she admired herself in the mirror, I muttered something, God knows what, and beat a hasty retreat, closing her door behind me.

LAURA COLLAPSED ON HER bed, hands gently feeling the material of her bra, small boobs tingling. She felt a pulse of arousal in her pussy as she replayed how Dad's eyes had changed. They'd gone from surprise to . . . almost hungry; intense, sort of smouldering. Oh! Did Dad think she was sexy? Heat flushed through her body, nipples tingling. She squeezed her boobs, nice. Wow. Imagine, Dad thinking I'm sexy!

Rolling onto her front, she grabbed a pillow and pulled it down between her legs. She felt sexy and horny, her pussy throbbing. Clenching her thighs around the pillow, it pushed against her pussy, pleasure blossoming. She held her two tiny boobs and hunched, the pillow rubbing her pussy, a pulse of pleasure. Oh, gooood. She felt moisture, slippery between her lips, and hunched again, squeezing her thighs, a spike of pleasure. Eyes tightly closed, she pictured Dad's eyes, hot and staring. She'd seen him in the mirror, staring at her bum, and seen his face flush when she'd caressed her bum deliberately, so sexy, so handsome.

Humping the pillow harder, her heart started beating, pleasure flowing, pussy moist, lips rubbing, slippery. She felt her clit harden, spikes of pleasure, humping, humping, pushing her pussy hard against the pillow, thighs squeezing, bum undulating.

Breath huffed through her nose, her face turned into the bed, humping, humping, Daddy's eyes. "Uh, Uh." Humping harder, nice, almost there, almost . . . She snorted, hips jerked, body freezing for a moment. Pleasure, oh yes, pleasure. Her orgasm crashed through her, body shaking, squeezing her little boobs, humping the pillow as ecstasy punished her little body, bliss coursing through her, cumming harder than she'd ever experienced, her cry of joy muffled by the bed covers, humping, jerking, God, cumming Daddy!

IT WASN'T FAIR. MY erection was tight in my pants. I decided I was going to write a complaint to the manufacturer of that sheer set of nothingness. It was unfair. It had made my little girl so sexy, so undeniably desirable. Closing the bathroom door, I unzipped my pants and fished my erection out, hard and thick with arousal. It was unfair. That underwear made her blossoming young body so alluring, so damned attractive, so intensely feminine. Stroking my erection I decided it was completely unfair that Laura was so uninhibited. It made me imagine that it was my hands cupping those two tiny, sexy, perky little boobs, that it was my hands caressing the soft panties on her delectable petite bum. I stroked harder, erection straining. It was so unfair to see how plump her hairless pussy was, how tight her cleft was. I wondered what secrets hid inside, what did my little girl look like? What did her clitoris look like? I stroked my erection harder wondering how tiny her vaginal opening would be. My orgasm tore through me as I pictured myself kissing that seductive vulva, tasting my child, feeling her slippery arousal on my tongue. Semen jetted out, pleasure pounding me as I imagined fondling my daughter and giving her a climax. I came hard, semen spurting, pleasure flowing through me as I imagined giving my little girl pleasure, touching and fondling her private places, my little girl's pussy, my little girl's pussy. With the final weaker spurts of my climax fading, I breathed a sigh of satisfaction and decided I should write to the manufacturer of that sexy set of undies and compliment them on their spectacular achievement.

Puttering in the kitchen, debating what to cook for dinner, and confused by the intense uncontrollable sexual reaction I'd had, Laura entered wearing my v-neck Hanes t-shirt, looking all kittenish and sexy, bare legs and petite feet. I pictured the lingerie underneath involuntarily and felt a sympathetic stir in my penis. Shit.

She came up to me and hugged me, her slender arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me tight. I held her slender back and felt a bra strap. Oh God.

I knew she felt my erection when she turned her pretty face up to me, smiling so gloriously. Her body rubbed against me as she rose onto her tip toes, reaching up to pull my face down.

"Thanks, Dad," she whispered, her soft, soft little lips touching mine. Oh God. This morning I worried about her needing her first training bra and here I was wishing I could pick her up and give her her first French kiss.

I cleared my throat when she let me and my erection go, turned to the counter and started shuffling pots and pans, waiting for blood to return to my upper brain. "So dinner," I asked. "Any thoughts?"

Glancing over my shoulder I saw Laura sitting at the kitchen table, eyes bright with pleasure, so pretty, such a stunning smile. The tide of blood turned, heading south again. I glanced away.

Through dinner I applied the mental discipline I'd developed through my thirty-four years of life. I used the power of rational thought to dismiss my egregious slip. I was beginning to feel proud of my self-control, my firm resolve, the triumph of fatherly instincts over the lascivious male. I smiled and chatted with Laura and carefully avoided looking at her below the neck.

It was a herculean effort and very successful. But then . . .

Who taught Laura to be polite and helpful? What idiot ever taught her to clear the table? What could I have been thinking? Before I even knew what hit me, before I could jump up and prevent the inevitable, Laura stood, picked up her plate, "Good dinner, Dad," and bent to pick my plate up.

There they were. That v-neck t-shirt billowed open to reveal a soft cotton bra with little red roses. She'd changed. It wasn't the petite cotton bra per se, but that it was so small it made two delicious little bumps seem so . . . sexy; firm, conical, extremely evident. My immediate reaction was two-fold, both highly inappropriate; I felt saliva burst in my mouth as I inadvertently wondered how they'd feel to kiss them, and I became erect; a hard erection.

Laura's little bum started talking as she walked over to the sink. "Look, look, Daddy," it said undulating and jiggling. "Peek-a-boo," it said as she bent to put plates in the dishwasher, soft white panties with little red roses appearing, a delicate pubis cosseted by cotton oozing out between slender thighs.

It might have been my groan that made Laura turn to look back. No, it definitely was my groan. A smile grew on her pretty face, her eyes suddenly bright and sparkling.

"Laura!" I exclaimed when she wiggled her sexy butt at me. I blushed! Me, a grown man! My eleven-year-old made me blush. It intensified when, as I turned away from her, she giggled, such a delightful sound.

"I'm going to watch TV," I stated firmly, if a bit gruffly, rising and leaving the kitchen in haste. In my befuddled state I decided being in another room would provide much needed protection. Sometimes I could be quite stupid. Watching Two and a Half Men, a slinky, sexy bundle of attractiveness crawled into my lap, wiggling and moving as she nestled to get comfortable, emitting seductive little sighs, wafting the scent of little girl at me.

She appeared less than pleased with my frozen state, grabbing my arms and wrapping them around her small body, sighing her pleasure, giving my erection an extra unnecessary wiggle of a soft seductive bum. My eyes were fixed on the TV, my mind not. My mind was preoccupied with sensory overload; the feel of my daughter's small bum against me, the feel of the soft cotton v-neck t-shirt, how light and petite she felt in my arms, and the feel of the edge of her training bra against the thumb of my hand which rested lightly on her tummy.

It was hard, perhaps one of the hardest challenges I'd ever faced. I knew if I looked down at my little girl I'd see a gorgeous face, large sexy brown eyes sparkling, a sweet mouth smiling, and I knew I'd want to kiss her. I knew if I looked down I'd see a soft cotton t-shirt and a gap. I knew I'd see two petite boobs cosseted by a small cotton training bra. I knew if I looked down I'd be lost. I knew if I looked down I'd want to do some highly inappropriate grown-up things with her. So I looked down.

I lost myself in two pretty eyes and an expectant, excited smile. I studied her sexy mouth and wondered what it would be like to kiss her red lips, touch them with my tongue, to give my little girl her first French kiss. I fell under the spell of her expectant expression, bent and kissed her warm sexy lips lightly, a firestorm of arousal charging through my body, erection straining painfully. I kissed my daughter chastely, lips closed. In many ways it was even more erotic; a sweet kiss made sensual by it being with my daughter, by kissing her on her lips. It was her first sensual kiss; intensely exciting, full of promise.

"Wow, Dad," she whispered when it ended. She laid her head on my shoulder under my chin and cuddled closer.

Her first kiss changed things. It could be felt in the air. I felt it in how the tension melted from my body. That kiss, so full of promise, tore away what little inhibition I had. And yet, it was so innocently sweet I relaxed. My need to give her her first French kiss just melted away. I knew it would happen eventually, but there was no rush. It was inevitable. Sooner or later we were going to do some highly inappropriate grown-up things.

We cuddled and watched TV. Eventually Laura fell asleep in my arms, drained by the emotional stress of the day, no doubt. I relaxed, quite happy to have my little girl sleep, feel her small breaths against me, feel her chest moving gently. At ten-thirty I carried Laura to her room, putting her to bed, pulling the covers over her, bending and kissing her soft cheek. I whispered, "Love you," quietly, stroked her hair, and fell in love with her pretty, pretty face. When I returned to watch the late news, I was still partially erect.

It didn't surprise me when I entered my bedroom at eleven-thirty and saw Laura's small form under the quilt. She was on her side, legs curled, and hair spread across the pillow. As I brushed my teeth I wondered if I should return her to her own bed, not because I didn't want her in my bed, but because of the erection that tented my boxers. It made me chuckle to myself. Yeah, right, take her back to her bed?

I caught a glimpse of a small cotton training bra and petite cotton panties as I slipped under the quilt. Sliding up behind her, I kissed her crown and curled to form myself to her, slipped one arm under her pillow, the other around her tiny waist, nestled my hard erection to her butt crack and let my daughter's sweet, sexy aroma take me away.

I awoke to the intoxicating scent of little girl, a hard erection, and no moral code whatsoever. I awoke to a gentle touch on a rather firm erection that was sending tremors of arousal through me. I awoke to my adventurous little daughter playing Dora the Explorer. I awoke to a seductive little giggle.

LAURA WOKE SLOWLY FROM a deep, deep sleep. Before her eyes were open she smiled and stretched, arms above her head, legs straight, toes pointing. She felt good. She felt as if her sleep had been better than any before. Then she smelled him, musky and attractive; Dad, she was in Dad's bed. How exciting. Rolling towards him, her eyes opening and a smile on her face, she stopped suddenly when something poked her in her thigh. Reaching down, a thrill shook her when she felt Dad's hard erection.

Staring at his sleeping face, so handsome, relaxed, that mouth that had kissed her last night, she gently felt his penis; her first touch of one. It was large, warm, soft and silky, yet hard and pulsing. She held it gently, like a baby, feeling it throb in her palm as if it was alive. Her pussy clenched, I'm holding Dad's erection, I'm feeling Dad's cock! It had slipped through the fly of his boxers and, as she tried to surround the thick shaft, unable to, and squeezed carefully, she felt wetness slip down and touch her hand.

Excitement pounding, her heart beating, she explored, feeling the flared tip, the bulbous head and the silky moisture that was as slippery as oil. Dad's erection felt so unbelievably hard. So big. Another pulsed gripped her pussy. It was supposed to go in there? That huge thing? What would that feel like?

Still on her side facing Dad, she watched his eyes move under his eyelids. His hand moved to her waist, slipped down and squeezed her bum. At first she thought he was asleep and groping her, how fun! Then she saw a curl appear at the ends of his lips; he was awake. She giggled as he groped her again, squeezing her thighs together, nice sparks of arousal, pussy throbbing.

OPENING MY EYES I was greeted by a stunningly pretty smile, one that brightened the room. I smiled in return, groping a sensual petite buttock, trying to hold back a moan from Laura's tentative and gentle fondling of my erection. I remembered I hadn't French kissed that thing, that little girl that was making my heart thump. Reaching out I pulled the little ball of sexiness to me trapping her arm between us, her hand still spreading precum around the crown. I pulled that pretty, pretty face close, inhaled the scent of pure heaven and kissed her.

Laura's soft lips were warm and silky, her breath a gentle breeze on my cheek. When the tip of my tongue touched them she moaned and wiggled in my arms, a kittenish movement. A surge of lust charged through me when I realized she was wiggling to press my erection to her panties, the tip pushing against the plump pad of her mons. I cupped the back of her head and kissed her more firmly. My tongue pressed to her lips urging her mouth open and another moan broke the silence; my moan. I touched her small tongue, pressing into her small mouth, Frenching my eleven-year-old, Jesus, French kissing my daughter!

Laura's tongue came out to play, my erection thundering as she probed into my mouth. Sucking on it was so sensual, so exciting, such a small tongue. But that was nothing compared to what followed. Laura started undulating in my arms, her little tongue probing my mouth, her hand, still holding my erection, started tugging. I felt the tip slide across her cotton-clad pussy and through her thighs. Unbelievably, Laura started humping against me, moaning, hunching, and rubbing my erection along her pussy.

It became damp and slippery from precum; Laura humping me harder, faster, short breaths through her nose and, suddenly, she broke the kiss, tearing her mouth from mine.

"Daddy!" she gasped, her body jerking and freezing for a second.

Her little body jerked again.

"Daddy," she gasped again.

Laura squirmed in my arms, her poor little body jerking and shaking as she uttered sexy little grunts, Uh, Uh, her hand gripping my shaft as she fucked the crown hard, humping me, my little girl cumming. It was too much, way too sexy, way too stimulating. I couldn't hold back if my life depended on it.

A massive pressure released. My erection swelled. "Oh God Baby, I'm cumming," I groaned as semen burned up my swollen erection to spit out against soft cotton. I hugged my little girl to me, heaved, and semen exploded as I pushed the crown into the gusset of her panties, pleasure blasting through me. Another pulse hit, another agonizing spurt, semen charging up, crown swelling, glory hitting me as cum surged out to soak my little girl. Ecstasy pounded, pleasure flooded, cumming, cumming. Suddenly her crotch and thighs were slippery, slick with semen. I held my little girl tight and fucked her, cum spurting, pleasure drowning me, pleasure, exquisite pleasure, cumming on her, cumming baby, cumming.

LAURA'S FIRST POST-ORGASMIC THOUGHT was how wet she was, her panties soaked. She was still suffering small micro-spasms as her climax faded. She shivered. Dad's kiss, her first French kiss had been so sexy. She loved hearing him moan, such a sexy sound, and she'd made him moan. She'd made Dad moan! But just remembering how his erection, her first feel of a penis, had swelled in her hand as she climaxed was unbelievable. Then, as her orgasm was punishing her, sparks of pleasure stabbing her, she'd felt Dad ejaculate.

She let his softening cock go and reached between her legs. Soaked, absolutely soaked with Dad's warm thick cum. A shiver went through her body when she rubbed her crotch spreading Dad's slippery cum more. That was the best cum she'd ever had. God, I've gotta do that again!

Scrambling, she twisted and peered into his warm eyes. "Dad, we have to do that again!" she exclaimed, "Now! Let's do it again now!"

I GRINNED AT HER enthusiasm, still feeling the post-orgasmic peace and relaxation, idly wondering when guilt would put in an appearance. It didn't. "I can't, Sweetheart," I told her with a chuckle. Her eyes went wide, the smile faltering.

"Why not? Was it wrong? Didn't you like it? I did. How come we can't do it again?"

I grabbed her and hugged her tight, my little angel. "No. I mean I can't do it again right away. I need some rest before I can do it again."

She peered at me, considered my comment, and accepted it with a big grin. With a quick peck on my cheek she wiggled out of my arms and out of the bed. "OK. Gotta pee, Dad," she stated running out and down the hall to her bathroom, "and change. I'm wet!"

I collapsed back on the bed, arms up under my head and smiled as I imagined doing that again. Yes, very nice, I decided. Although I wondered what it might be like without her training bra and panties on. Just as I felt a twinge of response in my groin, my stomach rumbled. Food, I needed sustenance.

It was déjà vu all over again, I thought with a grin. Two small arms sneaked around my waist as I fiddled at the kitchen counter making coffee. Turning, I took in the vision of Laura in another of my tees, hair dark from dampness and two gorgeous eyes twinkling with far too much pleasure. My heart rate spiked. I expected a "Morning, Dad" or a "Love you, Dad." But, nope. Not my Laura.

"Dad, next time we have to take my panties off. I don't want them to get messy, they're too new and I'm already on the third pair." She paused, a sneaky grin appeared, "Or you could buy me more, if ya like!"

I grinned. "How about both?" I asked bending to kiss her damp hair.

"Both what?"

I saw her pause and think. A big smile grew. "OK! Let's go buy more," she exclaimed, taking my hand and tugging.

"I'm hungry," I stated, smiling.

"OK. We'll get breakfast out. Come on!"

"You can't go out like that," I pointed out, nodding at my t-shirt.

"Oh. Be right back!"

Five minutes later a hurricane came charging into the kitchen, auburn hair wild, big smile, jeans and a tee, one of her own, I saw. "Come on, Dad," she urged, passing by me to get her sneakers. "Hurry up. You're not moving," Laura added, sitting on a chair to lace her sneakers.

"Dad! Get your butt in gear. We've gotta go!"

I sipped my coffee slowly wondering how manic she'd get at my stoic response. But Laura clearly had my measure. She stood, tilted her head and stared at me for a moment. "Jeez, Dad. I was gonna kiss you again but I guess not, huh?"

The mug hit the sink rather hard as I dropped it. She squealed with laughter and bolted from the kitchen. When I caught up to her she was sitting in the passenger seat putting on her seat belt, still giggling. I realized I had the upper hand now, jingling the car keys to get her attention. When she stopped struggling with the seatbelt and looked at me, I smiled. "Kiss first," I stated with a grin, checking quickly that the neighbours weren't around.

God, but the feel of her soft little lips sent a charge through me all the way from my mouth to my crotch. When she started giggling and using her tiny tongue on me I almost forgot the shopping trip, something eminently more pleasurable coming to mind; me, my sexy little girl, bed, no panties in the light of day, and a bit of oral exploration.

"Let's go," she said firmly, smiling, little finger pointing.

I started the car. Panties, here we come, I thought.

It was late afternoon when I managed to drag my tired ass through the front door. Laura bounced around with far too much energy, a large shopping bag in each hand, a big, sexy smile on her pretty face, and she promptly disappeared up the stairs.

"Hungry, Dad," she yelled. "Let's eat. Make dinner."

I smiled at her enthusiasm and tyrannical orders. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, I considered dinner. Something mindless; a casserole I could throw into the oven. I started cooking, my mind still swirling from the shopping trip. It had turned into major shopping for more than just undies, Laura's enthusiasm wrecking my resistance. She played unfair, pulling my face down to kiss my cheek after a purchase, used that weak spot in my brain, the one reserved for daughters, to convince me she needed more clothes, needed lunch, "Need to see that movie, Dad. Everyone's talking about it." I was pretty helpless in the face of her assault.

Cooking and sipping my beer, I realized she truly had my number. She might be a sexy little kitten, but I was the pussycat. I just couldn't say no. A bit of sexy play with my little girl and I was done for. Oh well. I was happy, excited and quite thrilled with the prospect of some licentious exploration after dinner. I got an erection imagining what games we might play. It would be so incredibly erotic to . . .

"What's for dinner?" Laura asked walking into the kitchen.

"That depends. What are you wearing under those clothes?" I asked with a lecherous grin, wiggling my eyebrows. I adored her giggle.

"Feed me and maybe I'll show you," she answered.

LAURA HAD TO GIGGLE at Dad. All day he'd been trying to peek down her t-shirt. He'd offered to give his opinion when she tried on new panties and bras, "Just to make sure they fit, Honey," he'd said with a pretend innocent smile. She'd had so much fun teasing him; a little rub of her boobs against his arm that sent a surprising shock of arousal through her, or holding his hand and rubbing it with her thumb making him growl when she pretended innocence. Oh, and putting his hand on her thigh when they watched a movie made her pussy pulse with pleasure, his hand so big and warm. Yeah, the day out had been so much fun.

The only thing that hadn't been so much fun was constantly having to stuff toilet paper in her panties because of the moisture that kept leaking from her pussy. She'd been horny all day remembering Dad cumming on her panties that morning. Now she wanted to feel what it would be like if he came on her bare pussy. She shuddered at the thought, Dad cumming on me, Oh, Dad seeing me naked! This sexy play with Dad was so exciting. She squeezed her thighs together. Damn, wet again!

Walking up to him, she hugged him, a flush of love overcoming her. "Did I thank you for the clothes and stuff, Dad?" she asked, her face pressed to his chest.

I ANSWERED, "NOT NEARLY enough," suddenly feeling her hands slip down my back to grope my ass. "Hey!" I exclaimed, loving her adventurousness.

Her giggle only encouraged me. I reached down, having to bend slightly, and groped her sexy petite posterior, my daughter's bum, so small and compact I imagined I could hold it in one hand. Huh. Maybe if I . . .

She pulled back just as I was fishing under her waistband, gave me a sweet giggle and a parting pat of the erection in my pants. "I'm hungry," she said with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes as she posed, smiled and slowly pushed out her chest, her hands sliding into the back pockets of her jeans.

"So am I," I answered with a growl, grabbing her and lifting her little body up. "I think I'll eat you."

Laura screamed with laughter, wiggling to try to escape, such a sexy little package in my arms. She had no idea that I was perfectly serious. I rather felt like tasting every inch of her sexy little body, uncovering her as I progressed, discovering every little nook and cranny. Her wiggling against me seemed to drive me nuts, a sexy little kitten in my arms.

I became confused. I must have. Dinner was sort of forgotten. Her small earlobe tasted remarkably nice when I nibbled and her slender neck, well, that was soft, so soft when I kissed it. And then I became more confused; all her fault, the little minx.

Laura purred and snuggled, her legs rising to wrap around my waist, her arms clutching. I had one hand on her back, the other holding a sexy little jean-clad bum. My erection surged when I realized my fingers were gently pressing between her thighs and rubbing her pussy, rubbing, fondling my little girl. Her neck tasted so sweet, too, and she smelled of little girl, seductive little girl, gorgeous, sweet little girl. I'm not sure, but I think I moaned.

Laura pulled her face away and stared at me, a small smile curling her cute mouth. I was hypnotized by those lush little lips as they moved towards me, her eyes soft and sexy. Watching my child tilt her head and kiss me was so arousing. Feeling her warm lips touch mine felt so good. But, when the tip of her little tongue tickled my lips, I lost it. I let her in, let my little girl French me, and I sucked her tongue lightly, my erection raging.

She smiled while we kissed, then her eyes closed and her body seemed to undulate in my arms accompanied by small murmurs. Dinner was forgotten. I carried her out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into my bedroom, bending to lay her on the bed, our kiss finally breaking. With a suck of her lower lip, I looked at her beautiful face, my erection raging, arousal suppressing rationality. God but I wanted to have sex with her, I wanted to fuck my little girl, feel my painful erection buried in her. How tight would she be? She was so petite, so sexy.

"Laura, sweetheart, I want you so much," I said softly, almost a whisper, my need making me shake.

"Okay." She smiled up at me, my heart pounding.

"No, Honey. I mean I want to make love to you, have sex with you."

She smiled, her hand reaching for mine. She drew it to the tiny bump on her chest. "I said okay, Daddy."

Precum leaked into my underwear when I throbbed, hard, so horny. Laura's tiny boob felt firm under her training bra, a tiny conical mound. Reaching for the hem of her t-shirt, she sat up on the bed, her arms rising above her head, a sexy smile on her mouth. Bending, I kissed her mouth quickly, smiled and lifted her t-shirt over her head, her thick auburn hair tumbling over her shoulders.

I was surprised at how sexy her pure white cotton bra was. It was so tiny, little triangles mounded by petite boobs. But it looked so alluring. My erection agreed, throbbing again, leaking.

She lay back, arms spread to her side. "Now my jeans, Daddy," she said with a smile, lifting her bum up slightly.

I saw nothing but a tiny white bikini-style cotton panty as I dropped her jeans to the floor. I was mesmerized by how soft white cotton mounded, sensually conforming to Laura's pussy. I realized I was holding my breath as I absorbed the amazing sight of a prepubescent pussy. It was truly magnificent. Her mons seemed so large on her petite body, rising to press against the cotton. It filled her groin, the elastic leg-bands seemingly nestled deep at the sides, cotton conforming to the remarkable shape of her pubis that swept down, full and plump between her thighs. And, at the peak of her magnificent mons, a small indent formed the beginning of a camel toe that drew my eyes down.

She must have been watching my eyes as, when I followed that seductive camel toe, Laura parted her legs revealing the full beauty of her plump pussy. My erection strained. I thought I might cum. Halfway down, at the end of her sexy camel toe, Laura's white cotton panty had a darker stain, moisture from her arousal forming a small circle in the gusset of her panties. That little stain was a siren's call, drawing me in. Bending, I inhaled the scent of my little girl's arousal, a gentle scent that hit a spot in my brain, drove me wild with desire. I kissed the little stain, warm and moist against my lips, a clean and young flavour; a heady flavour.

I kissed my way up her short camel toe, kissed her plump mound and worked my way up her body towards her tiny boobs, Laura encouraging me with a soft seductive smile and two hands guiding my head.

"Feels good, Daddy," she whispered when I kissed a cotton covered little boob gently, my other hand carefully caressing her other boob. They were so tiny, so seductively firm. As I kissed the second I let my fingers explore the little clasp in the middle. I couldn't open it; too small for my fingers.

Laura let my head go as I raised myself up, her fingers tweaking the clasp. It snapped open, the small bra slipping to her sides. Looking into her eyes, I bent and kissed her lightly, then sucked her lower lip before smiling. Moving down, her hands returning to my hair, I nuzzled her neck, so slender. With anticipation building, I kissed her upper chest and, with a sigh of pure delight, took one tiny boob into my mouth; so small, so remarkably firm, like kissing a cherry. Laura's body moved when I sucked her delicious boob, an almost unheard murmur emerged, one I felt against my lips more than heard. I caressed her little nipple, my erection pulsing hard. God, I was sucking my little girl's boob.

Moving to the second, I smiled with pride at how plumped up I'd made the first. It was mostly puffy reddened areola topped with a tiny nipple. I plumped up the second with gentle suction, my erection damp in my shorts as my hand traced across her tummy heading for that remarkable mound. And it was. It seemed to rise endlessly under my fingertips as they traced up from Laura's tummy, across soft cotton. I know I shuddered when my hand finally slipped over the peak of her pubis and I cupped it, an incredible pad of sensuousness. It was a little peach, warm and rounded and, at the tip of my fingers, damp, Laura's arousal spreading. She moaned, "Daddy," as I gently squeezed, her hips rising to press against me. I could feel her short cleft under cotton panties and pressed my middle finger along it, rubbing gently, fondling my little girl.

"So beautiful, Honey," I murmured.

Inside my pants, my erection was pulsing rhythmically, my shorts damp from precum. My heart was thumping in my chest. I kissed Laura again, tasting her soft lips, pressing against them and shuddering as my little girl opened her mouth to me.

Between her slender thighs I traced and caressed the short cleft of her pussy seeking her clitoris. Her hips moved slightly. Encouraged, I drew my hand up and with mounting excitement, our kiss intensifying, worked my fingers under the waist of her soft cotton panties. I trembled with arousal when Laura sucked her tummy in to help me and then, suddenly, gloriously, I had a handful of hairless, warm, soft and exciting prepubescent pussy. I had a hand full of my little girl's sexy pussy and it was thrilling.

When I slipped my middle finger through slippery silky moisture, two moans filled the air and Laura's hips curled seeking my middle finger. She was hot, her little cleft slippery, her labia full and tightly, virginally, pressed together. It was deliciously illicit and, as I curled my middle finger and felt the tip slip between soft labia, it was way too much for me; my arousal storming my body.

Breaking the kiss, I withdrew my hand from inside her little white panties, stood and pulled her legs to turn her across the bed, Laura's heated eyes watching me.

"Lift," I instructed reaching for the waist of her sexy panties. She smiled. Her hips and bum rose, a move that forced her sexy pussy to mound up even more, so exciting. I noticed a tremor in my hands as I tugged, my eyes locked to the mountain at my little girls groin, my heart pounding. The waist elastic seemed to stretch across a gap from hip to hip, a suspension bridge. Then the center started rising as elastic moved up her mons, valleys at either side. I slipped the back of her panties down over her little bottom and held my breath. With a tug, the front popped over her mons; bare, plump, a tight cleft formed by thick labia. God she was so, so exciting.

As the panties slipped down slender thighs the light glimmered on moisture, my child's arousal, right at the confluence of her labia. I might have frozen at the sight but Laura let her sweet bum down on the bed, smiled a sexy, sexy smile at me and raised her legs vertically for me to pull her little white cotton panties off.

The way her pussy pushed out between her thighs almost had me cumming in my pants. I wanted to dive in and eat her, suck her succulent eleven-year-old pussy. God, but I wanted to fuck my child so, so much. The rational part of my brain worried, she's so small. The aroused part of my brain thrilled, she'll be so tight. I moaned, control dangerously close to being lost.

"Your turn, Daddy," she said, breaking me out of my daze, her legs slowly falling to the bed.

I grinned, bent and kissed the soft peachy mound gently, shuddering at its silkiness. Standing I shucked my clothes, my erection harder than ever, thrusting up at an angle, precum oozing with each hard throb. An urge to taste my child overtook me. Kneeling on the floor, I pulled Laura towards me, her legs slipping over my shoulders, soft thighs caressing my cheeks, her plump pussy looming larger and larger as I pulled her close. The delicate scent of my daughter's arousal hit me first, a light musky scent that I felt to the tip of my penis. Inhaling deeply I kissed her pussy, soft and tender, cleft tightly closed, her labia sensuously thick. Up close I saw a light dusting of blonde baby hair.

I kissed her pussy again, my mouth covering that delicate slit, erection pulsing. My tongue emerged to touch her. I tasted Laura, her silky moisture warm and slick on my tongue. With no resistance the tip of my tongue slipped between her labia finding more moisture, hot. And then, with a trembling jerk of her pelvis, Laura felt my tongue touch the tiny, tiny entrance to her vagina, a hot little opening at the tip of my tongue. I shuddered, precum sliding down my shaft.

Slipping my hands under, I held her small bum, curled my tongue up and finally touched her clit. Laura twisted and moaned, her hands reaching down to grab my head. She rubbed her little clit against me with a slight hump.

"Oh! That feels really good, Daddy," she whispered.

My daughter's pussy was so full it felt like her clit was buried deep in her slit. I probed, the top of her cleft pressing to my nose, and gradually, as I caressed her clit, I felt it swell as blood rushed in. My little girl was moaning. She was slowly becoming damp, her hips picking up a rhythm as she ground her sweet pussy against my face. Silky soft thighs started clamping gently against my ears muffling the sweet sound of her arousal. I licked, caressed, sucked, feeling my daughter's buttocks flex in my hands. She was near.

I sucked harder trying to get my lips around her tiny clit. Pulling one hand off her bum, I probed her tiny vaginal opening, so tiny, so slippery. I sucked a bit harder, swallowing her amazingly arousing moisture. Her orgasm began.

It started with little whispers, "Daddy, Daddy," in time with her hunching. Then her hands curled to grip my hair, pulling me tight against her sweet pussy, "Uh, Uh," and, with a clench of her thighs, her body surging off the bed, she cried out, "Daddy!" and came, humping my face hard, her little body twisting and writhing, the scent of her filling my nose. Laura came hard, jerking, thighs clasping, pelvis surging off the bed. She cried out as she heaved, cumming, holding my head tightly to her crotch. Laura came and, as suddenly as her climax started, it ended, her body falling limp, breath panting, legs going limp.

I kissed her damp pussy gently, used my thumb to stroke her cleft; little kisses, gentle strokes, my erection now painful. Amazingly, Laura's bum undulated pushing her damp pussy against me. I felt her hands stroke my hair, her pelvis curl up to my kiss.

I stood, her legs pulled up to rest vertically against my chest. My erection slipped up through her bum crack, across her slippery pussy to press against her slender thighs. Bending her, I leaned forward and let her legs slip into the crook of my arms. I kissed her gently and watched her eyes open. She smiled as I kissed her, so sexy. Standing up, my erection rested on her tummy. Laura raised her head to stare at it. She glanced up at me, smiled and slowly closed her thighs around it, curled her bum up and caressed it.

I stared. The tip of my erection was just below her navel. She looked impossibly small, intensely exciting. I wondered how deep I'd be able to go. Could an eleven-year-old take all of my erection? God, it would be almost to her belly if she did. I was so, so excited, my need to fuck my little girl was pounding at me. I pulled my erection back as her thighs relaxed and parted. I looked huge, massive, my erection almost covering the width of her pussy. I looked large and impossibly long. And somehow it all excited me.

Pulling back further, the tip of my penis trailed across the sensuous pad of her pussy leaving a glistening trail of precum. Reaching down I held my shaft. Jesus, I'd never felt this hard.

"Ready?" I asked quietly.

Laura's eyes studied me, soft and still aroused. She smiled. "Uh-huh."

"You sure?"

Her smile broadened. "Uh-huh," she replied with a nod, her hand reaching down to rub my crown and press it down.

I pulled back until the tip of my erection was an inch away. Even in this position, with Laura's legs spread, her short cleft seemed almost closed, just the long hood of her clitoris visible. With two fingers I spread her labia, shuddering at the sight of her clit and below, two undeveloped little inner lips. God, below, flushed pink and moist, I saw a tiny, impossibly tiny dark hole, my child's vagina. It was too small, way too small. My crown was as large as her slit. How could it ever get into her?

Grabbing my pulsing shaft, I pressed the crown to her little cleft, shaking at the feel of her soft pussy against me. Gently I ran the tip up and down, feeling it pop over and under her pubic bone, her little pussy bulging out at the sides. Slowly, my heart thumping, my little girl became slippery with precum. I slipped my crown over her pubic bone, pressed slightly and watched as her labia oozed out to the sides, the tip of my penis sliding in slowly to nestle to her tiny, tiny opening.

I looked monstrous, my crown stretching her little cleft, filling it; somehow I found the sight intensely exciting. I couldn't help but wonder how tight she'd be.

"Okay," I asked, sweat popping out at my temples.

"Uh-huh." Laura reinforced it with a small push, my crown flattening, her plump labia bulging even more.

With one hand on her small hip bone, the other holding my shaft, I started rocking gently, pressing and easing off, pressing and easing off. With every motion my erection throbbed. I felt precum leaking. I pressed gently making no headway. Now I was worried I'd tear her. She was just too tiny to take me inside her.

As I almost stopped, Laura curled her bum up. She moaned deeply and I watched in absolute amazement as her labia suddenly slipped around my crown as if a barrier had been breached. I felt the tight ring of her vagina ooze down my crown, squeezing it tightly. I watched, not breathing as Laura pushed, her little pussy stretching, stretching. A small ring of red appeared and suddenly, her opening snapped around my shaft below the flared ridge. Laura gasped and twisted. I was in my little girl. God, I was penetrating my little girl!

"Hurts, Dad," she moaned.

With her little pussy gripping my crown, I looked up. Laura had lost her smile. A pained expression had appeared. Oh God, I'd hurt her!

"Laura," I gasped, starting to pull out.

Her legs curled around me. "NO!" she exclaimed. "Don't, Daddy."

"But Laura, sweetheart . . ."

"No, Daddy. I'm okay. It just hurt a bit." The cloud on her face dissipated. She grinned and squeezed, pure agony on my erection. "It's big!"

I smiled with relief. "No, you're small," I said, flexing my erection. Jesus she was tight.

I was so aroused, so horny. I knew I could cum like this, with just the crown of my erection gripped by Laura's little pussy. But the natural urge to thrust overcame me. I pushed slightly and was amazed when I slipped in almost effortlessly, Laura's vagina slippery, hot, a velvet glove holding me. I pulled back and pushed again. We both groaned as half my erection slid into her tight, tight pussy.

"Again," she whispered with awe.

I pulled almost completely out, the ridge squeezing out, so sexy, and pushed back, sliding into heaven, sliding deeper, three quarters buried in my eleven-year-old daughter's pussy. I felt like a fog descended, my universe narrowing to the sight of my little girl being penetrated by a massive erection. As I slowly fucked her my eyes were riveted to the intensely sexy sight of her little pussy clinging to my shaft, then inverting, almost pressed inside as I thrust, each slow thrust penetrating my little darling deeper. Laura started moving, a small curl of her pelvis pushing her pussy at me.

Holding her two bony hips, her legs over my arms, I fucked her gently, long strokes, exquisite thrusts, her velvety pussy so tight, so tight. I pressed in slightly deeper with each thrust, my eyes glued to the sight of my adult erection penetrating her hairless pussy. A shock of arousal tore through me, almost making me cum, when I thought I saw her lower tummy move, swell slightly as I thrust. I started fucking her faster, urgency building, long strokes, her little pussy bulging. I pressed deeper with each thrust until finally my pubic bush pressed against her pussy. I stopped, held myself there, my body shaking as I stared, my child's plump pussy pressed against me, my erection fully sheathed, completely buried, the tip pressing against her cervix.

My orgasm crashed into me. It was too much, too much. "Oh God, I'm cumming," I gasped, withdrawing and fucking into her, my erection swelling, pressure building, building, suddenly releasing, semen burning up, exploding, pleasure erupting. I fucked Laura with short jerky strokes, thick semen jetting into her with each desperate thrust. I came in my little girl, swelling, ejaculating, pleasure pounding me. Holding her little hips, I fucked my daughter, spurting deep into her immature womb, I came, I came, God I came hard, erection held tight by her little pussy as semen flooded her, cumming in my daughter, cumming in her, Oh God Baby, Daddy's cumming.

I don't know if Laura climaxed. I don't know how we ended up cuddled under the covers. I don't know how I ended up hugging my little girl to me as she slept. I just couldn't remember. But a full and painful bladder woke me. I rolled out of bed, absentmindedly noting I'd forgotten to turn the bedside lamp off, and went to the bathroom to relieve myself, my mind replaying the intensity of my orgasm, the feel of ejaculating into my little girl.

Exiting the bathroom I paused in mid stride. Heat flushed through me. Blood flowed. My penis thickened, lengthened and slowly became erect. Laura was on her side, knees curled up, her sexy little pussy framed between small thighs. But what had me hard and horny again was the sight of thick white semen leaking from her hairless pussy, sliding down across her thigh to pool on the sheet. That was my cum she was leaking, my semen, her father's sperm. Then sound of her orgasm came back to me. I remembered her crying out "Daddy!" I remembered how tight her pussy gripped me when she came, her little body twisting and jerking, eyes tightly closed. I remembered hugging and kissing her after, murmuring to each other.

Jesus. I needed to fuck my little girl again. Like that, on her side, slip my erection into her wet pussy, fuck her until ecstasy flushed through me, until I felt that incredible sensation of spurting semen into my little girl, flooding her tiny womb with my cum.

Crawling onto the bed, my erection waving, I moved over her sleeping body, bent and kissed a soft cheek. "Laura, honey," I whispered. As she stirred I told her, "I need you again, sweetie. Daddy needs you."

A smile curled her lips, her eyes still closed. She murmured when I kissed her cheek again, her small body wiggling slightly.

Rising to my knees, I pulled her lower leg down and straddled it, keeping her other knee bent. Grabbing my shaft I pressed the tip to her little pussy, watching as plump labia bulged then thinned as they yielded to my erection. Laura was slippery, my semen still leaking. I felt the tip of my penis press to her tiny opening, pressed harder and felt it yield, stretching as I slowly penetrated her. A popping sensation hit me as the bulbous head slipped in and, suddenly with one smooth stroke, I slid deep into my little girl, once again surrounded by warm, moist velvet.

With my fingertip I spread semen over her pussy, probing gently until I found her clit. It was pressed down against my shaft. Caressing her clit, I started fucking my little girl, long sensuous strokes, fucking her gently. Knowing I wasn't hurting her I started fucking her harder, firmer thrusts, her little body shaking when I bottomed out, the tip thumping against her cervix. With one hand I cupped her little bottom, the other caressing her little clit.

Suddenly it wasn't enough. I needed to hold her, feel her small body in my arms, hug my child as I fucked her. Without pulling out of her, I rolled her onto her back, pulling her legs out.

"Baby, I need a hug," I whispered, a charge of pleasure hitting me when Laura opened her eyes, her soft sexy eyes. She smiled, arms reaching up to me, my erection still held tight in her pussy.

"Come, Daddy," she said softly.

Slipping my arms under her, I succumbed, laying on her carefully, hugging her petite body to me, inhaling the sensual aroma of sleepy little girl. I felt her legs hook over mine, her arms hugging me, so small under me, so sexy, my child. I moaned at the sensual feel, drowned in her.

"Do it, Daddy," she whispered into my ear.

My erection swelled painfully. I groaned, pulled out and thrust, banging into her deep, holding her tiny body tight.

"You can go deeper," she whispered again.

I moaned, arousal storming me. I started fucking my little darling, shoving deep, hitting her cervix, pulling back, thrusting, fucking, fucking my child. She gripped me harder, her pelvis curling, moving under me, so small, so sexy. I fucked her, her pussy slippery, hot, tight. I fucked my child, erection swelling, need urging me on; need to cum, need to cum.

"Oh! It's happening, Daddy!" Laura exclaimed. She inhaled deeply, her body jerked. "Yesssss," she gasped.

Suddenly her pussy clamped down hard, gripping me hard. I roared, "Cumming, Baby!" my erection swelling massively. I shoved deep pressing myself to her womb and, as her tight pussy clamped down again, semen charged up to blast into her, pleasure crashing through my body. I pulled back, shoved deep, erection swelling. Semen burned up, a massive explosion hit me, pleasure, pleasure, hot cum flooding my darling. Reaching down I grasped her little bottom, held her shoulder and fucked my child, cumming with every glorious desperate thrust, cumming in my child, fucking her hard, cumming hard, my body cramping as I chased my orgasm all the way, all the way.

Her soft lips woke me from a drug-like sleep. Morning sun made the room far too bright. Light seemed to intensify when I opened my eyes and saw a pretty face peering at me, soft brown eyes twinkling, a big smile greeting me.

"Good. You're awake," she said. "Let's do it again, Dad!"



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