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Memories of an irrisistable, illicit desire finally consummated.

Do you remember the first time your daughter piqued your interest, how you held her in your arms at three years old on her birthday and suddenly realized your hand was holding the sweetest little bottom in loose cotton panties, how you surreptitiously fondled it marvelling at how soft and warm it was in your hand? How deliciously petite?

Do you remember the first time you physically reacted when, at three years old, your daughter ran through the living room naked, her plump baby buttocks jiggling as she ran, giggling, waving her panties in the air, yelling for mommy? Do you remember how you suddenly wished you could feel her bum, play with her buttocks, caress them, slide your penis through them, and inspect her naked body? Do you remember how hard you fucked your wife from behind that night to visions of holding your daughters tiny rounded buttocks with your erection gliding through her sweet little valley?

Do you remember walking through the department store and being aware how sexy all the little girl panties were for the first time; how you couldn't help stopping and feeling them, thinking how they would look on your daughter as she grew up, of touching her, caressing the soft cotton on her sexy little bottom? Do you remember how exciting it was? Do you remember wondering what her tiny cleft would feel like as you slipped your finger up and down over her panties, thrilled with the plumpness, imagining her labia parting to bulge around your finger, and the excitement as you imagined your daughter smiling at you?

Do you remember how you tried to find a reason to buy little cotton panties for your daughter when she was four years old, buy the ones you liked, the chaste, loose ones you found so alluring, how you tried to think of a reason your wife would accept? Do you remember your painful erection as you held your daughters hand standing in the department store caressing the cotton panties as you both picked out the ones you had dreamed about, the sexy but innocent ones, Ariel, Dora the Explorer, and how you convinced your daughter to try them on at home when your wife was out? Do you remember the erotic thrill of seeing your daughter model them for you, how they hugged her plump little pussy when you told her to pull them up, her delight at having new panties, how her buttocks bounced inside them so sexily as she ran back to her room to put the next pair on?

Do you remember that white pair of soft cotton panties still warm when she left them on the bathroom floor, the yellow stain in the gusset, how sexy they looked, how you stroked yourself watching your erection sliding along the crotch, imagining it was her pussy, labia spread, hugging you, soft and moist, her little clit red and inflamed, and how hard you came, how good your thick white semen looked soaking the gusset, the little thrill at the thought of your four-year-old daughter wearing them like that with your semen spreading warm on her pussy?

Do you remember playing with your five-year-old daughter on the floor, how excited you were by her skirt, by the illicit glimpse of red cotton panties? Do you remember manipulating the game so her legs spread further, how incredible it was to see her plump pubis pressing against red panties with little white hearts all over them, how erotic it was as her camel toe appeared showing how tiny her cleft was, how your penis strained at the thought of touching her there, tracing that camel toe, how precum soaked your underwear as you dreamed of her smiling, reaching down, "look," her finger pushing and poking, "hearts, Daddy," and how you imagined asking her if you could feel, checking to make sure your wife wasn't around to see you, and imagined touching your daughter's plump pussy?

Do you remember the surge of lust as you imagined pushing her onto her back, pulling her panties down and tasting her, your tongue sliding through her tight cleft, her clean taste with a hint of acrid pee, how you imagined the feel of her clitoris against your tongue and how tiny her vagina might be, how you imagined her whispering, "Daddy, that tickles," and how exciting fondling her little cleft would be? Do you remember running to the bathroom, pulling out your damp erection, stroking, eyes tightly closed as you envisioned your erection pushed tightly against her five-year-old vagina, and how hard you came as you pictured your cum jetting into her tiny vagina again and again as you spurted into the toilet?

Do you remember her sixth birthday, her friend, the pretty little blond asking for help to go to the bathroom, remove her dungarees? Do you remember how painful your erection was when you opened her dungarees for her, when they fell to the floor, when you saw her cute, sexy powder blue cotton panties, and how you wished you could feel them, feel her? Do you remember your surprise when she pulled them down just as you left, the illicit excitement when, for the first time, you caught a glimpse of six-year-old hairless pussy so prominent between sweet thighs, how you went to your own bathroom and masturbated furiously imagining touching her, letting your finger slip between her labia, feeling her hard little clit, her moisture, her excitement and her tiny vagina, thinking of how it would feel to penetrate her?

Do you remember how scared you were when you sneaked into your daughter's room, late, your wife asleep, and carefully pulled the sheet down, the sharp inhalation at the sight of your six-year-old in a pink nightdress? Do you remember how hard you were as your trembling hand reached for the hem, how you wondered which panties she was wearing, how your penis throbbed when her rounded gusset appeared, how your erection leaked at the sight of her sexy pussy in pink cotton, the hint of her cleft emphasized by a fold of cotton? Do you remember how you reached out to touch her lightly, how hard you had to work at not gasping aloud when you felt her hooded clitoris nestled between fat labia? Do you remember grasping your straining erection through your pajamas as you traced her little cleft lightly so as not to wake her and your excitement as your fingertips traced her seductive little mound, as you wished so fervently you could spread her legs, lift the gusset to see your daughter's tightly closed labia and touch her hairless pussy?

Do you remember stroking yourself as you thought about slipping her panties down and watching her pubic mound appear, as you thought about spreading her legs, moving between them, lifting them over your thighs? Do you remember how you wondered what it would look like, how big your erection would seem hovering above her six-year-old pussy, how arousing it would be to see her labia unglue, her hooded clit appear, and how you panted at the idea of seeing her tiny moist pink vagina nestled below? Do you remember dreaming about letting just the tip of your erection touch her pussy, how you thought it would do no harm, how exciting it would be to see your precum drip right into the opening of her vagina? Do you remember thinking how wonderful it would be to stroke the tip of your penis through her cleft, how wonderful it would be to lodge your monstrous tip against her tiny vagina, and how hard you came in your pajamas imagining your daddy sperm exploding up into your daughter's immature pussy?

Do you remember touching your seven-year-old daughter as you wrestled on the floor, how petite she felt, how excited you were to finally fondle her cotton-clad bottom, the surge of arousal when you accidently cupped her small pussy, and the thrill when she grinned at you when she felt it? Do you remember how achingly hard you were when she pushed back into your hand, wrestling forgotten, her encouragement surprising you, "Wow, Daddy, that feels nice," and how you came explosively inside your pants when your little girl rubbed her pussy against your fondling hand, her eyes softening in arousal, her breath deepening, her shaking and gasping at her first orgasm?

Do you remember the first time you touched her nipples as you sat side-by-side on her bed, her bath towel slipping and you reaching out to pull it up, the side of your thumb rubbing across her flat chest and over her tiny nipple? Do you remember her reaction, the sudden intake of breath, her looking down sharply, her surprise, and her asking you, "Daddy, do it again," and how you ached in need as the towel fell to her waist, your penis pulsing as you smiled softly, amazed at her forwardness, amazed at her tiny nipples hardening into little beads, and groaning as you wished you could lick them? Do you remember her whisper, "Daddy, that feels so good, rub harder," her eyes looking at you so adoringly, the painful desire inside you from wanting to taste them, how you felt the need to kiss her small, luscious ruby-red lips, and how you came in your pants as you finally did, her soft closed lips against yours, how you considered using your tongue as spurt after spurt of hot semen soaked you?

Do you remember the first time you touched your daughter's pussy as she sat next to you on the couch, away from your wife, in front of the TV, your arm around her small body, your hand on her soft thigh, how you caressed her silky soft skin? Do you remember her touching your hand, slowly pulling it up, up under her night shirt, the small swell of her inner thigh and your surprise at how warm it was, how hard you got as she pulled your hand all the way up to her little pussy, how exciting it was to feel no panties, how she looked you in the eyes and smiled so softly, so sexily? Do you remember looking sharply at your wife, pulling the afghan over your laps, and how amazing it was to cup your seven-year-old daughter's hairless prepubescent pussy, how plump it felt, how wet you were as you traced her tightly closed, sexy little cleft? Do you remember how hard it was not to moan as you felt her dampness, a trace of moisture at the bottom of her cleft, and you realizing your daughter was horny, you realized you, her father, was illicitly fondling your little girl, how you trembled as you curled your middle finger and coughed to cover your moan when her silky labia parted, your fingertip gliding up, pulling her moisture up, how sacred you were when your wife looked over, how you withdrew your hand?

Do you remember asking your wife to shave her pubic hair, her puzzlement, her agreeing, and how excited you were, how horny it made you? Do you remember how intently you watched your erection slip between her bald labia, imagining it was your daughter, wondering how much tighter a seven-year-old might be as you buried your erection in your wife? Do you remember wondering how it might feel to have intercourse with your daughter, how different it would be to your wife, and how hard you exploded into your wife's pussy, over and over, wondering what it might look like to see your semen flow back out of an seven-year-old, imagining your daddy semen filling your daughters' immature womb? Do you remember the intensity of your climax?

Do you remember talking to your daughter, eight years old, and telling her about the birds and bees? Do you remember her amazement, how she asked you to show her and your spike of excitement? Do you remember the painful erection you had when she pulled her t-shirt off and you touched her nipples explaining about mother's milk, about suckling? Do you remember feeling her nipples harden as you circled them with your fingertip, and how you asked her if she'd like to feel what it was like, holding your breath and the thrill when she nodded yes? Do you remember how carefully you planned for when your wife was out, how you lay your daughter back on her bed and admired her small body with nothing but white cotton panties on, how you shivered as you teased and sucked her nipples, how her hands held your head pulling you harder? Do you remember letting your hand caress her plump little mound, slip up and over, how you held her prepubescent little pussy, rubbed and massaged her, your penis straining in your pants when you felt a moist spot develop in her panties? Do you remember the illicit thrill of slipping your hand under the waist of her panties, how sexual desire coursed through you as you slipped your hand inside, as she moaned, as you kissed her on her sweet lips just as you cupped her hairless pussy?

Do you remember how much you wanted to have sex with your darling little girl, how desperately you wanted to have intercourse with an eight-year-old, your eight-year-old daughter, and how you restrained yourself, how your penis leaked precum as you caressed her cleft, teased her hard clit, how she moaned and her pelvis twitched? Do you remember how you stroked your crotch, how your daughter gasped when you gently rubbed the outside of her tiny vagina, warm and moist, how she humped against your hand, how she cried out, "Daddy!" with her climax and soaked your finger with a flush of fluids, and how hard you came, how explosive it was as you pictured your erection spreading those tender labia you were feeling with your hand, imagining spreading them, penetrating her?

Do you remember how your daughter asked you to be her first when she was ten, how you told her she was too small, how she'd have to wait, how disappointed she was, how she asked, "When?" and how you reluctantly told her to wait until she had pubic hair, and how you offered to teach her everything else until then? Do you remember how excited and happy she was?

Do you remember the first time you tasted her, how your wife was shopping, how your daughter led you by the hand to her room, a shy smile on her face, the thundering erection you had in anticipation, how erotic it was to watch her remove her t-shirt, how surprised you were to see budding breasts on her ten-year-old body, how you complemented her, how she blushed, how painfully hard your erection was when she pulled her panties down, lay back on the bed, spread her legs, "I'm ready, Daddy"? Do you remember how your body shook as you contemplated your ten-year-old angel naked for you, her daddy, how her eyes glowed in excitement, how remarkably prominent her pussy was, how you gasped at her little clitoral hood peeking out half way down her cleft, how desire surged through you when you considered licking her, pushing your tongue between her plump labia, how you knelt on the bed and caressed her, let you thumb rub her clitoral hood, marvelling at how it bloomed and blushed and the feel of the hard clit protected inside, how she gasped sharply, how you moaned, leaned down and kissed her small pussy?

Do you remember how your body shook in excitement as your tongue slipped between her hairless plump labia, how hot and silky the inside was, how sweet and tart she tasted, so young and fresh, so unlike your wife, so much better, and how you ground your pelvis against her childish bed as your tongue softly probed for her clitoris, as you mapped the shape and texture of her with your tongue, as she moaned and grabbed your hair in her small fists and pushed herself against her daddy's mouth? Do you remember your fingertip circling the entrance to her tiny vagina, the thrill of touching her hymen, the first you'd ever felt, how precum was soaking your underwear as you slowly brought your daughter to a climax, how her hips started hunching, her hands pulling your hair, how her moaning excited you, how wet she became, how incredible it was as she cried out "Daddy" with her climax, your hair pulled painfully, her thighs snapping around your head, her hips thrashing, vagina gushing, and how hard you came, cum exploding in exquisite pleasure as you drowned in your ten-year-old daughter's orgasm?

Do you remember the first time she asked to see you, how instantly erect you were, how you whispered, "when your mom's out," how agonizing it was to wait, how you tried to hide your erection from your wife, tried to ask innocently when she was going shopping, and how you had to masturbate furiously in the locked bathroom because your arousal was too much? Do you remember how erotic it was when your eleven-year-old daughter whispered, "She's gone, Dad," and how you instantly had another erection? Do you remember worrying about your wife coming home unexpectedly, how you suggested to your daughter you should take a shower together, how it would be safer, you could lock the door, how excitement glistened in her eyes as she nodded in agreement, how you almost climaxed as she stripped showing her small perky plumb-sized breasts that had a firmness only pubescent girls can have, how sexy her training bra was, how arousing her new satin panties were, how her bottom was developing an alluring shapeliness, and how shedding baby fat had created a remarkably sexy gap between her legs, her vulva so beautifully outlined?

Do you remember how turned on you were by her gasp, her wide open eyes, and her whisper, "It's so big, Dad," and how you trembled and almost came when she touched it for the first time, her index finger tracing over the wet crown spreading precum, how inquisitive she was rubbing her fingers together, "It's slippery,"? Do you remember how your erection bobbed up and down, how you forgot completely about the shower? Do you remember asking her to hold it, wrap her small hand around it, how you moaned at the incredible sensation of your eleven-year-old daughter holding your erection, how you almost climaxed when she squeezed it, when she whispered in awe, "It's so hard, Dad," and how she smiled beatifically when she felt it throb, how she giggled and squeezed it, how your vision narrowed, how explosively you climaxed when she did it again, her shock, your semen hitting her forehead, her giggle, your cum splashing on her lips, how you heaved and exploded again when her little tongue peeked out of her mouth tasting her daddy's cum, your semen spraying into her hair, and how your hips moved uncontrollably, cum splattered on her tiny training bra?

Do you remember the first time she took your erection in her mouth, how she was on top of you, on her bed, legs on either side of your head as you licked her delicious sexy pussy and teased her little clit, how you first felt her kiss the tip of your straining erection while holding it firmly, the painful throb when she did it again, the dizziness that overcame you when you felt her lips slide over the crown, how you pulsed, how erotic it was to realize you had your erection in your little girl's mouth, how you wanted to see but couldn't move, how you groaned deeply when she took the head deeper inside her small mouth, how hot and moist it felt, how you imagined it felt like being inside her vagina? Do you remember suddenly sucking her clitoris as your arousal built, as you felt a climax near, and how you moaned when her tongue caressed your sensitive crown, how her hips suddenly started moving and jerking as she climaxed, and how exquisite it was when she sucked hard, how incredible it felt, how it felt when she stroked your shaft her tongue caressing you while sucking at the same time, and how you came explosively, her squeal, the feel of your cum shooting into your little girl's mouth, shooting again and again, crying out in ecstasy, your daughter, your eleven-year-old angel sucking and swallowing?

Do you remember the first time you came on your eleven-year-old daughter's pussy, how she had rushed into the study, "Mom's gone!" and how she had smiled at you in excitement, how you stripped her for the first time, trembling as she raised her hands and you slipped her shirt off, trembling as you unhooked her little bra, trembling as you caressed her A-cup breasts, how firm they were, how stiff her nipples felt, how she moaned? Do you remember holding your breath as her panties came into view when jeans fell to her ankles, how you gently traced her prominent mound, how warm and soft it felt in sexy satin, how she kicked off her jeans and you reached for the waistband, how your heart raced as you lowered her panties, how hard you were at the sight of her hairless pubis? Do you remember asking her to lay down at the edge of the bed, her arousal when she saw you strip, how your erection throbbed in need as you moved between her spread legs hanging over the side, how sexy she looked spread for her daddy, how you felt dizzy when your large erection kissed her labia, and how the trail of precum stretched from her pussy to your penis when you pulled back?

Do you remember using your thumb to spread your lubrication along her stunningly sexy little cleft, the silky feel, how she panted murmuring, "Good, Daddy, that feels so good," and how thrilling it was when you swiped the tip of your erection through her small cleft? Do you remember nestling the tip at the tiny pink entrance of her vagina, how your thumb stroked her reddened and inflamed clitoris, how you held your straining shaft against her entrance while she moved her hips, her pussy caressing you, how you stroked your erection picturing it penetrating your little girl's pussy, how dizzy and lightheaded you felt when your climax slammed into you, how painful the first spurt was, how you saw your white thick semen ooze out around her vagina, and how your body shook as you realized your cum was actually shooting into her immature pussy, how the second spurt exploded out, cum spraying up and cascading down on her sexy mons, how she cried out "Daddy!" when she came, how your heart pounded painfully as you came and came and came, covering her little pussy in thick white semen?

Do you remember the fear you felt when you were almost caught, when your wife came home unexpectedly, your daughter sitting on your lap in the living room in her school uniform facing away from you, how you had slipped your hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy, how hard you were when she turned her head and kissed you, pushing her little tongue between your lips, how you both moaned as the kiss deepened, the excitement of your eleven-year-old daughter Frenching you? Do you remember the surge of arousal you felt when her panties developed a wet spot, how you slipped your hand up, penis pulsing as you wormed it under the waist, how she spread her legs wider for daddy, how she broke the kiss whispering "Hurry Daddy, I want to cum," and how you almost climaxed when you felt how wet she was for you, how terrified you were when you heard the key in the front door lock?

Do you remember your twelve-year-old daughter, on her knees next to you on the couch, her eyes shining in excitement as she leaned in to whisper, "Dad, guess what? I have pubic hairs," and the immediate painful erection it induced?

Do you remember how agonizing it was to wait a whole week for your wife to leave for her sales conference, how you masturbated during the day, how you fucked your wife every night with visions of your daughter in those same positions? Do you remember cutting work on Friday so you could be home when your daughter returned from school, how sexy she was in her little girl school uniform, the soft mound of her small breasts against her blouse, her sexy pleated blue skirt, the slight flare to her young hips and seductive bare legs? Do you remember how exciting anticipation was?

Do you remember how it took your breath away when she came in and saw you, how she squealed, dropped her bag and ran to you, how good it felt as you hugged your little girl knowing you were going to have sex with her, penetrate her, finally fuck her? Do you remember picking her up, how she wrapped her arms around you, how she wrapped her legs around you, how she smiled and whispered, "Daddy," before you kissed, her hot little tongue thrusting into your mouth, her head tilted, her soft lips against yours? Do you remember how you held two perfect pubescent buttocks in your hand, how you let your fingertips trace her panty-clad cleft, how hard and painful your erection was as you thought of having sex with her, how long you had waited, how long you had dreamed of it? Do you remember carrying her into her bedroom and putting her down, how both of you rushed to strip, how beautiful her bottom was, how it amazed you how shapely it had become, how sexy the soft curves of her thighs were, how she stood in front of you in just panties?

Do you remember her blush slightly when she said softly, "Look Daddy, pubes," and how your erection pulsed painfully when she dropped her panties, when you saw three tiny straight little pubic hairs, how you groaned at how attractive they were, how you wanted to touch them, and how you moaned as she approached you, your erection poking her soft silky tummy? Do you remember how you grabbed her and lifted her into your arms, how you told her you loved her and wanted her, how you lay back on her small bed with her on top of you, how small she felt, how light she felt, how erotic it was? Do you remember her legs slipping to your sides, how you caressed her slim back, how you felt each knot of her spine, how your heart raced as you cupped two perfect globes, how you let your fingertips trace her valley, how you both kissed suddenly when your finger touched her rectum, how amazed you were to find her soaking below, how your twelve-year-old daughter moaned into the kiss as she ground her pussy back against your fingers? Do you remember the feel of her little breasts against your chest, how she moved them side to side to stimulate her hard nipples, how she moaned again kissing you harder, how wet your erection was as it rested between her buttocks, and how you were almost hyperventilating, breath rushing through your nose loudly as you pushed the crown of your erection down between her bum cheeks, how your kiss broke and you both gasped when it touched her pussy?

Do you remember the lust in her eyes when you gently moved your hips, when you guided the crown up and down her silky young cleft, how wet she was for you, how wet you were for her, how exquisite it felt when her labia parted to hug your crown? Do you remember how you both gasped when your erection pushed against her clitoris, how she hugged you so tightly resting her head on your chest, her hips twitching?

Do you remember your heart racing as you realized you were finally going to have sex with your young angel? Do you remember guiding your erection to her vagina, asking if she was sure, her heated reply, "God yes Daddy," how she moaned as you held the crown of your penis at her entrance and held her bottom with your other hand, how incredible it felt when her vagina started to dilate as you pushed up at her, her moan? Do you remember your twelve-year-old daughter cry out and jerk when your erection suddenly snapped into her, her hymen yielding, how you both held absolutely still, and how amazed you were at how tight her vagina was, how your erection pulsed in excitement?

Do you remember the first move, how your little darling pushed back slightly as she tested the feeling of having her daddy's erection inside her, how exquisite it was to feel your erection slide into her smooth velvety tightness, her awe, "Daddy, you're inside me," and how her head rested on your chest? Do you remember how you both started moving slowly, how you pulled back and pushed forward, how you wondered how deep a twelve-year-old's vagina was? Do you remember how careful you were, how your heart was pounding so hard when you realized you were fucking your little girl? Do you remember how tight and velvety, how slippery and hot her pussy was, how you trembled as her vagina slipped down your shaft like a tight glove? Do you remember her moan when your penis touched her end, how she sighed and pulled her bottom up, how incredible it felt as she pushed her bottom down?

Do you remember how you held her small firm buttocks in your hands and started moving her, how you both started breathing hard as she whispered, "It feels so good, Daddy," and how the pace increased, urgency emerging? Do you remember how the strokes lengthened, how suddenly you were both thrusting together, fucking each other, thrusting? Do you remember how your sweet preteen daughter cried out as her orgasm crashed into her? Do you remember the exquisite tightness as her twelve-year-old pussy clamped down on your straining erection? Do you remember how you cried out at how painful it was? Do you remember how you held her small bottom tight and thrust into your climaxing little girl, how your cock expanded as cum roared up your shaft and explosively erupted deep into her clenching young pussy? Do you remember how you cried out again as a second, even bigger pulse tore at your body? Do you remember your ass rising from the bed as it burst into her again and again? Do you remember the fury and glory of fucking your little girl, spurting hard? Do you remember how your hot, thick cum flooded her? Do you remember how you both heaved and thrust violently at each other in the throes of passion? Do you remember how semen spurted out of her tight immature vagina?

Do you remember how it felt to have sex with your barely pubescent preteen daughter? Do you remember how thrilling it was to have sex with a twelve-year-old, how illicit, how good, how utterly amazing it was?

Do you remember?

I do.



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