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A loving mother helps a daughter make her first time perfect.

HER GASPS AND SEXY undulations, her clasping pussy and clutching arms, her curled pelvis and legs locked around me all brought on my climax. Thrusting my aching, swelling cock into her silky pussy, I groaned and paused, exquisite pain hitting in that moment before glorious release. Pressure exploded. Pleasure thundered in. My cock swelled and semen erupted deep into her. Ecstasy arrived.

Clutching firm cool buttocks, I fucked her, drowning in her expressive climax and her jerking body, thrusting deep and hard, exploding, cum blasting in long agonizing, desperate pulses; pleasure crashing through me. Hot semen made her pussy slippery. The sound of bodies slapping together filled the air. I thrust and exploded, glorious release, firing semen into her with each desperate stroke. I came hard chasing my climax, fucking, spurting, fucking, spurting, God sweet release!

Our orgasms reached their crescendo, bodies straining to hold onto the last of fading ecstasy. It passed, too fleeting, hearts pounding, breath panting, toes uncurling. Muscles melted, my weight grew heavy on her, her legs relaxed and fell from around my waist.

Minutes passed before energy returned. Her hand stroked my back. She moved under me, her sign I was becoming too heavy. I groaned and rolled off her, collapsing onto my back on the bed.

Janet rolled into my side, her hand finding hair on my chest, fingers toying with it. Her knee slipped over my leg and she sighed deeply.

"That was fantastic," she said softly.

"No kidding," I agreed. Janet was an uninhibited lover. Our relationship was one of convenience. We knew each other well, liked each other a lot, but didn't love each other. Besides, she was married. However, we were exceptionally compatible sexually. Every so often Janet would call me when she needed some loving, her husband not providing the illicit excitement and sexual satisfaction she craved. We'd been casual lovers for over five years.

She sighed again. "You're hired," she said.

I chuckled. "Thank you, ma'am."

Janet rose up onto her elbow to look at me. She smiled. She was classically beautiful with an aquiline nose, soft, attractive brown eyes and perfectly shaped lips, not too full and pouty nor too narrow and stern. Her jaw was firm, her smile broad. Personality fizzed and sparkled in her eyes. It was her personality that had attracted me at first.

Her hand caressed my cheek. She smiled, softly, affectionately. "You'll do very nicely," she told me.

"Thank you again. Do what?" I asked, reaching down to caress a lovely exercise-toned buttock.

Her eyes stared at me with intensity. "You're going to do me a favor."

"I just did," I responded with a grin.

Janet smiled. "No. Well, yes. But that's not what I mean."

I've never been very good at post-coital conversation. It's something to do with being drained and having an overwhelming desire to sleep; a zombie-like feeling that defeats logical thought. Janet was successfully confusing me. I didn't have the energy to unravel her enigmatic comments. She'd need to be more specific. "I'm confused," I admitted.

Janet grinned at me and stroked my cheek. "Of course you are. You're a man."

Now I was really confused. Screw it. "Damn right I am. So I'm going to take a nap now."

Janet laughed. "Okay. I've got to get home, anyway."

She rolled away from me and sat on the edge of the bed. I reached out to caress her back as she bent to retrieve her panties from the floor where I'd tossed them. I admired her butt crack, a fleeting spark of interest passing through me. Maybe next time. I liked watching her dress, almost as much as I liked watching her undress. It might have been a childhood thing, but seeing a lady getting dressed was so intimate. Janet moved her sexy ass so sensually as white panties were pulled up toned legs. I loved how her knee would cock out so she could reach her into crotch and adjust the panty's gusset, the view from behind being quite spectacular.

Wearing a bra involved putting it on backwards, slipping it around and sliding arms through the shoulder straps. Then her hand reached inside one cup to move her firm breast into a comfortable position. She adjusted the second. I wished I could do it for her just to feel what it was like.

Janet, six years my senior at thirty-seven, was still trim and sexy. She had sensuous curves exactly where they should be and a firm muscle tone from daily jogging. It showed, too. Bending, she picked up her pantyhose and began the sexy dance of putting them on, gathering one leg and slipping her toes into it, easing pantyhose up her calf and thigh before collecting the other leg and repeating, ending with a glorious wiggle as nylon was pulled up over her lovely rear. Tight pantyhose pressed panties to her body outlining her female form underneath. I quite liked pantyhose.

"What favor?" I asked as a knee-length navy blue skirt was zipped up at the side and adjusted.

Janet slipped her white blouse on and started buttoning it up. She looked down at me and smiled. Slipping her feet into high heels, she leaned over the bed, bringing her face close to mine. A light kiss followed, more like an affectionate peck. Her hand caressed my face.

"Lauren wants to try sex. You're going to teach her."

"I'm what?!" I exclaimed, flabbergasted at Janet's statement. Lauren was her twelve year old daughter.

She smiled and bent to my ear, whispering. "And I'm going to watch. I want to see you making love to my little girl. The idea turns me on."

"I . . ." I stuttered, no longer tired or wanting to sleep.

"I'll call you," Janet said with a pat of my cheek and a grin. She turned and left the bedroom.

"Hey!" I yelled. "You can't go like that. We need to talk!"

The sound of the front door closing was my answer. Lauren? Had I heard right?

JANET SMILED AS SHE slipped into her Lexus. The plan was coming along very nicely. Ever since her conversation with Lauren she'd been plotting, excited and aroused . . .


It was early evening on Friday when Lauren, mind preoccupied, wandered into the kitchen. The air was redolent with the scent of roasting chicken and thyme and lemon and garlic. She heard the sizzle of skin getting crispy; Drunken Chicken was one of her favorite meals.

Mom, sitting at the table peeling potatoes, smiled. Lauren joined her with a glass of Pepsi in hand and started chatting about school, her friends, movies, and anything that came to mind. Lauren really loved the relationship she had with Mom, so different than the distant relationship she had with Dad. With Mom it was free and easy. She could talk about anything and Mom would never express disapproval; not like Dad who frowned at pretty much everything she did or said.

But she had a worry on her mind.

It had started with Kayla at school. Kayla, in a private part of the school grounds during the lunch break, had told Lauren about having sex for the first time, how she'd lost her virginity with her secret sixteen-year-old boyfriend at his house when she was supposed to be at the movies. At first, Lauren had been jealous. She didn't even have a boyfriend. But then, as Kayla told her about the experience, Lauren had started to worry.


"Hmm?" Mom glanced up at her and smiled.

"When did you lose your virginity?" Lauren asked.

Janet put her potato peeler down. What a surprise. Where did that question stem from? For the briefest moment she considered lying to Lauren. Somehow that felt wrong. "I was about your age."

"Was it good?"

Janet laughed briefly. "No, sweetheart. It was awful."

"That's what Kayla said, too. Is the first time always bad?"

"Kayla had intercourse?" Janet asked.

"Uh-huh. She said she wished she was a lesbian afterwards!" Lauren added with a giggle.

Janet smiled. She wasn't surprised. She remembered being twelve with new sexual feeling coursing through your body, hormones raging and dreams of the perfect first time with a caring lover. Reality only crashed in when the actual act was consumed and the immaturity of your boyfriend demolished your dreams with his ignorant selfishness.

"So is it?" Lauren asked her mother.

"Is it what?"

"Is the first time always bad?"

Janet picked up the peeler and resumed peeling potatoes. "It usually is, I think."


"Well, at your age girls have this dreamy imagination of the first time being perfect; rockets and stars exploding. But usually they have young boyfriends that know even less than they do about making love. Young boys think of it as sex, not making love. Girls dream of making love, not sex. So it's typically a disaster."

"Does it always have to be bad?"

"There's always pain the first time, Lauren. But, no."

"So how do you make it good?"

Janet paused. She thought about it; really thought about it. The problem was two-fold. Young girls had the wrong expectations and young boy were incapable of providing the experience girls wanted. Was there a solution?

She thought back to her first time. It had jaded her for years. She'd shied away from sex for the next four years until she'd turned sixteen. But she'd been eighteen when she met Daniel, a young man twelve years older than her. He had been the first lover she'd actually climaxed with during sex. What if she'd met him first? Would it have been as good?

"You make your first time better if you understand what you'll experience and have an accomplished lover, not an inexperienced boy."

"How do I do that?"

"You wait until you're . . ." Janet's voice trailed off. She shouldn't be so flippant. Lauren was genuinely interested. She paused peeling potatoes. "Lauren, honey, you find someone who is experienced and who you find attractive and sexy. You find someone who gives you wet dreams and who you can't stop thinking about. That's how."

"That'll never happen," Lauren grumbled. "How am I supposed to meet a guy like that? At school? I don't think so."

Janet smiled. "Don't be in a rush, honey. Eventually you'll find the right person." But, even though she'd said it, Janet knew her daughter. She knew Lauren. When Lauren set her mind to something she would become almost obsessed and full of determination. Then a deliciously naughty thought hit. Janet shivered with arousal, her nipples perking up.


Lauren lay in bed listening. She heard the groans and creaking bed and it fired up her imagination, her pussy throbbing. The sounds were faint but listening to Mom and Dad having sex was a huge turn-on. Every time, even if it was only on the occasional Saturday night, she'd get excited and play with herself, fingering her pussy, loving how she'd suddenly become slippery and moist. Caressing her clit she'd feel her heart beat hard and, as her climax approached, she'd start panting.

Tonight was no exception. The rhythmic creak of their bed had her imagination running wild and her pussy aching. Was Dad on top or Mom riding Dad? She imagined Mom on her hands and knees, Dad behind holding her waist.

One hand slipped under her pajama top to caress her newly sprouted little boob, her other squeezing and caressing her pussy, middle finger drawing up slippery arousal to rub over her clit. Eyes squeezed closed and listening intently, she pictured Mom and Dad having sex and let her climax wash over her, a wave of heat and pleasure starting deep in her belly and coursing through her, toes curling, nipples aching. She rolled onto her side, legs clamping together, body jerking, cumming, pleasure pulsing, cumming, so good.

Her body stilled. Calm permeated her. Her muscles melted, tired now. Jeez she wished she could actually have sex. Sometimes the urge inside would make her want to burst.


In the master bedroom room, Janet felt her husband thrusting at her in his usual desperate, selfish way. But tonight she was really wet and so close to cumming with him for the first time in years. Kenneth, despite being a good man, was a remarkably poor lover regardless of all her best efforts. She'd learned to live with it, with the help of sex with Jason every so often.

Eyes closed, Janet felt the stir of a climax.

In her mind she pictured Jason with her daughter, Lauren. She imagined seeing Jason's beautiful erection penetrating her little girl, his erection stretching Lauren's twelve-year-old pussy. Knowing how incredible it felt to be stuffed with his erection, the thought of little Lauren taking him into her sent bolts of excitement through Janet. She pictured Jason hugging Lauren gently as he made love to her, fucked her little girl, his glorious erection stretching Lauren's small pussy. Shudders pulsed through her. A groan escaped, Kenneth fucking her, her mind elsewhere; on the image of Jason and her little girl.

Reaching down she gripped Kenneth's ass, tugging him to her. "Harder, Ken," she urged, thrusting her pussy up at him. Images of her daughter naked and petite with Jason's large body almost smothering her, and her small legs pressed out to the side as Jason thrust into her had Janet panting; so close. She imagined Ken being Jason. She imagined her being Lauren under him and tugged her husband's buttocks harder. Eyes tightly shut, she imagined seeing Jason's beautiful cock swell and thicken. She pictured seeing it pulse and hearing his gasp of pleasure. In her mind she saw semen racing up his shaft and, as she imagined him swelling and depositing his hot, thick cum into Lauren's young pussy, imagined actually watching Jason cum in her daughter, Janet's climax thundered in. She gasped, heart racing, body shaking, eyes tightly shut picturing Jason and Lauren. Her climax crashed over her taking her breath away, lost, so lost she didn't feel Kenneth cum.

He rolled off her, as he always did. Within five minutes he was asleep, as usual. Laying in bed and staring at the ceiling Janet ignored her husband. Her mind was still inflamed with the utter depravity of letting her preteen daughter have sex with her lover.


I SAT AT THE restaurant table with an eye on the entrance. Janet had been outrageous, as she could be at times. She'd called and instructed me to dress up. "Make yourself handsome," she'd instructed.

The phone conversation was pretty much a one-sided one. She'd told me I was going to have dinner with her and her daughter. I was to be charming and attentive and witty. When I'd asked why, she'd calmly reminded me I was being auditioned to be Lauren's lover, too.

Now I should have been shocked and appalled at Janet's suggestion. I should have. But I wasn't. Somehow the idea of making love to Janet's young girl sounded rather adventurous and exciting, especially if it was with both the girl's and the mother's approval.

I sipped a glass of house red wine to fortify myself and watched the entrance. Around me the hustle and bustle of a busy American-Asian fusion restaurant was calming. I wondered what Lauren would look like? Did she have braces and a big mouth and acne and behave like a Valley girl? I'd never paid attention to young girls so I had no point of reference. For that matter, what excuse did Janet make to her husband for dining without him?

I wondered what Kenneth was like. What sort of guy would Janet marry? All I knew was he sold insurance. Didn't that mean he had to have a comb-over and pens in his breast pocket? Maybe glasses?

I grinned at my image of him. Then I became distracted.

Janet stepped through the door wearing a chic sheath black dress, black shoes with high heels that gave her stocking-clad legs a beautiful shape. She held a black handbag, her hair pulled into a bun at the nape of her slender neck. I liked the look; classic. Idly I wondered what panties she was wearing. Then I inhaled sharply.

Lauren followed her in. Perhaps five feet tall and slender, she wore a black dress, too. Hers was an A-line dress, sleeveless with a conservative round neckline. She wore black pantyhose on slim legs and black shoes with small heels, no handbag. But what caught my eyes was her face. Framed by long dark brown hair that fell straight to mid chest, she was remarkably beautiful. From a distance I could see gray eyes behind small silver-framed glasses. I appreciated how balanced her features were; her mother's classic mouth and lips, a small straight nose, and high cheek bones. Her skin seemed flawless, creamy and smooth.

I waved.

Janet smiled and reached for Lauren's hand, leading her over to the table.

I stood politely as they approached.

"Been waiting long?" Janet inquired with a smile, bending in to kiss my cheek. "Let me introduce you to my daughter, Lauren. Lauren, this is Jason."

I took a slender small hand. "My pleasure. You're much prettier than your mother," I said with a grin.

Lauren blushed and smiled. Her enchanting light gray eyes were really stunning.

A waiter pulled Janet's chair out for her. I immediately moved and pulled Lauren's chair out.

"So, what will the ladies have to drink?" I asked. I was very, very surprised by Lauren. She was quite gorgeous, the small silver-framed glasses making her appear smart and educated and rather sexy.


JANET SAT ON LAUREN'S bed watching her daughter slip the dress off. "So what do you think?" she asked. She felt quite pleased. Jason had been hugely funny and attentive at dinner to the point where she'd actually, for a moment, regretted not being married to him. He'd been charming and animated and paid attention to both of them and made Lauren laugh and giggle. She'd seen the pleasure in her daughter's eyes and noticed the occasional blush, too. Yes, Jason had been perfect, just as she knew he'd be.

Lauren paused, dress around her legs. "He's cute," she decided. "I like his eyes."

"He's a marvelous lover, too," Janet said with a knowing smile. She hadn't told Lauren that Jason was her lover, preferring to keep that secret just in case things didn't work out.

Lauren froze. Her eyes grew wide.

"How do you . . .?" Lauren stared at her mother, mouth dropping open. "Have you . . .? I mean, is he . . .?"

"My lover? Yes," Janet said with a soft smile.

"Mom!" Lauren gasped, undressing forgotten. She'd thought Jason was just a friend Mom wanted her to meet. "You and he . . ."

"Lauren, honey," Janet said, "he and I have been lovers for years. He makes me happy."

"But Mom . . ."

"But Mom what?" Janet asked.

"Does Dad know?"

Janet patted the bed next to her. "Come, sit."

Lauren carefully put her dress over the back of a chair and, in panties, black pantyhose and small bra, sat next to her mom, her mind still reeling.

"Let me explain," Janet said, putting her arm around Lauren. "Your father is a wonderful man. He's kind and considerate and a good father. He works hard to give you and me the things we like. But, he is not a good lover. It's not his fault. He just doesn't like sex as much as I do."

Janet caressed Lauren's thick dark brown hair. "He knows he's not a great lover. We've talked about it. He doesn't know about Jason, though. He might suspect, but it's one of those things that's better off left unsaid."

"How long have you and Jason been . . . you know," Lauren asked, eyes still wide.

"Over five years."


Janet smiled. "Yes. Let me explain. You know the urges you've been feeling, the desire to have sex?"


"Well, those urges, if left unsatisfied, can eventually result in all sorts of problems; depression, a belief you're not pretty or attractive, or even lead you to make bad decisions in an attempt to find satisfaction - like having sex with a boy you don't really like. A lot of women resort to masturbation and daydreams to get relief. Some chase sex with pretty much anyone. I happen to have a very dear friend that enjoys sex as much as I do. He's discreet and we like and respect each other.

"I have to be honest, honey. If it wasn't for Jason I might not have stayed with your father. Sexual pleasure is too important to just accept living without it. But, what I have with Jason is very different. I haven't had sex with other men. I don't want sex with other men. It's hard to explain, but he and I are sexually perfect for each other."

"Then why don't you divorce Dad and marry him?" Lauren asked, adding, "Not that I want you to."

Janet smiled. "I don't love Jason that way. He's younger than me. He's completely compatible with me sexually and I with him. Neither of us want more. We're happy as things are. Understand?"

Lauren didn't. But over the next hour as she talked to Mom, amazed at how open and honest Mom was being, she began to understand. And, when Mom suggested that, if Lauren wanted, Jason could teach her about sex, Lauren shivered, blushed and, after giggling nervously, really thought about it. Imagine!


"This way, Lauren," Janet said, heading into Victoria's Secret.

"But, Mom . . ."

"Hush, honey." Pausing, Janet bent close to her daughter. "It's your first time. It should be special. It's very important you feel and look sexy. Trust me."

Janet led her daughter, picking up and discarding different lingerie. "How about these?" She asked, casually picking up a pair of white, sheer, low-cut panties with a satiny double gusset. "These are sexy."

Without waiting she carried them and moved on to bras. With sexy little panties in one hand she held them up and compared them to the bras, searching and discarding again until she happened on a small bra, soft and matching the panties. Made of the same sheer material it had little cups with delicate lace edging. Cute, she thought. Lauren's little breasts would look perfectly gorgeous inside them.

Lauren stood mute at her mother's side, blushing furiously in embarrassment at the panties and bra Mom was holding. You'd be able to see everything through them!

"Come," Mom said, taking Lauren's hand and leading her to the changing room.

Lauren followed her. When she pulled the door closed and sat down, Lauren realized Mom was going to stay while she changed.

"You're not going?" she asked.

Mom looked at her with that amused expression. "Lauren, honey, you don't have anything I don't have. Come on, try these on."

Lauren reached for her T-shirt. As she undressed, Mom continued. "You know, feeling sexy is really important. It's one thing to feel desire physically, but it's so much better when you feel it emotionally as well. It's light years better, actually. And sexy lingerie helps a lot. The feeling that you're wearing something sexy and slinky underneath your clothes makes everything better. Here, put these on."

Lauren slipped the panties up her legs. They did feel different. Silky or satiny. She wiggled her bum and pulled them up. Automatically she took the bra Mom handed to her and put it on, doing up the clasp before turning it around and putting her arms through the shoulder straps and pulling it up. She turned towards the mirror and froze.

Janet had studied her daughter's body as she undressed. Lauren's just emerging puberty was really quite stunning. Janet had forgotten how exciting it had been when she went through puberty herself and discovered the pleasure to be found in interesting places. Lauren revealed small, very delicate and perfectly shaped breasts. They sat like perky cones on her chest, petite with light pink areolae and tiny nipples. When she bent to slide her plain cotton panties off, her small compact ass was revealed. It was delightfully rounded and petite with beautifully shaped buttocks. Lauren's narrow hips gave her a boyish appearance, her boobs a delectable girlish appearance. Absolutely lovely, Janet decided.

When Lauren had the panties and bra on, Janet stood and, moving behind her daughter, reached around to reposition her little breasts inside the sheer bra. A tremor of arousal hit her at the feel of her daughter's firm breasts. Her own nipples puckered up. "There, better," she said adjusting a shoulder strap.

Lauren's large gray eyes watched her in the mirror. Janet smiled and reached down to slip her fingertips inside the elastic legs of Lauren's panties, sliding them down to nestle the elastic properly. Watching her hands in the mirror, Janet shivered a bit at the sight of sparse pubic hair sprouting on a plump young mons. Her daughter's pussy felt hot and soft against her fingertips. "Perfect," she said, standing back. Another bolt of arousal hit her. Wow, Lauren's little nipples had hardened. And with that, Janet wished she could touch her little girl, caress her, feel a young female body again. It had been so long since she had been that young and freshly nubile.

"How do they feel?" she asked.

Lauren blushed. You could see everything! But jeez it was sexy. The panties felt like satin on her bum and sheer at the front. The bra was so light and sheer it was almost like not wearing anything! But her blush intensified when she studied how her nipples poked out. Mom's gentle hands had sent a pulse of excitement and arousal through her. She even felt her pussy clench. Oh no! What if she leaked into the panties!!!

Moving quickly Lauren stripped off the lingerie. "It's good, Mom," she said, still blushing. Without looking in the mirror she dressed hurriedly. She felt moisture in her cleft. Damn!

"Come on," her mom said with a smile. "We're not done yet."

That night Lauren slipped out of bed and went to the dresser. She pulled the new sexy panties out and changed into them. Back in bed, remembering how it felt to have Mom adjust them, touching her pussy, Lauren caressed herself, loving how silky the panties felt. She traced the gusset, felt the outline of her slit and pressed her finger in, sighing when it stimulated her clit.

Fondling herself in her new panties, Lauren let her imagination take flight. She imagined Jason kissing her panties, pressing his lips to her pussy. She diddled herself, pussy throbbing, boobs aching as she imagined Jason drawing her panties down, staring up at her with those sexy green eyes. Lauren shook, her climax arriving as she imagined Jason whispering, "so sexy, Lauren. You're so gorgeous."


JANET UNDULATED AS SHE sat astride me, my erection buried in her. She moved her pussy in sexy circles in a way that stimulated my crown deep inside her and rubbed her clitoris on my groin. I fondled her full breasts, rasping my thumb over her stiff nipples. I loved how full and hefty they felt, yet still quite firm and proud. They were marvelously responsive and, at the height of her arousal, her dark areolae would puff up slightly, something I found remarkably sexy.

We stared at each other as she moved slowly and sensuously, her warm thighs gripping my sides. I tweaked her nipples. Her eyes narrowed in arousal. She stopped moving.

Hands on my stomach, Janet rose, pulling herself almost off my erection and, just as I almost slipped out, she reversed, sinking down, a warm snug and moist sheath enveloping me. My cock ached. She did it again, smiling slightly, rising, descending, my tip pressed against her deepest part. She circled her hips rubbing her clit on me and, with a sigh, rose and fell, rose and fell.

My climax was near. Feeling her silky pussy massage my cock, moist and slippery, and fondling her sexy breasts was very arousing. Watching Janet fuck herself on my erection was beautiful. But then she shocked me.

Janet paused. She bent sideways and reached over to her handbag on the bedside table. It made her pussy move in incredible ways. She leaned over me, her hair falling, breasts gaining a sexy shape. Sexy light brown eyes stared down at me, a smile playing across her lips.

"Close your eyes," she whispered.

I did.

"Smell," she whispered.

I felt soft material at my nose. Inhaling, I caught an unmistakable scent of female, just muted, lighter, as if it had faded. What was I smelling? I opened my eyes. Janet smiled at me. She was holding a pair of little white panties to my nose. I inhaled again; sweet and sensual, light and musky, very nice.

She slowly lifted her ass, sliding up off my erection, reversing to sink down slowly, erotically. God it was arousing. I reached for her hips and lifted. Her amazing pussy rose. Air felt cool on my damp shaft. I tugged her down, sinking into her velvety warmth. Her smile intensified. She bent lower, her mouth to my ear, the panties still at my nose.

"They're Lauren's," she whispered. "You're smelling my daughter's panties, my little girl's scent. Does it smell good?"

Fuck me. I growled and, holding her hips hard, fucked up into her.

"Ooh. You like my daughter's smell," Janet murmured. "Your cock just grew bigger, Jason. Can you imagine tasting her young pussy?"

"Fuck me, Janet!" I gasped, gripping her hips and thrusting up. It wasn't enough. Need thundered through me. I knew Janet was kinky, but this? I never knew I'd find smelling a little girl's panties so damned sexy.

Wrapping Janet in my arms I rolled her onto her back, moving over her, her legs parted, knees up cradling me. The heat in her eyes drove me nuts. The panties in her hand, soft, cotton, little girl's panties, drove me nuts. "You're turned on by your own daughter," I accused with a growl and a hard thrust, her breasts shaking from the force.

She smiled, panties dropped onto her breasts, her hands moving to my hips. "I want to see you making love to her," she said, curling her pussy up at me.

I fucked her harder, deeper, completely buried in her.

"I want to see your cock stretching her little pussy," Janet whispered, fucking back at me. "I want to see you cum in my little girl; see your cock swelling and spurting your semen into her little womb."

I roared, thrust hard and came, erection swelling, semen blasting out in a pure explosion of pleasure.

Janet gasped, "God yes. Just like that, Jason."

I heaved, thrust, jammed my cock into her and exploded, hot cum flooding her pussy. Her hands tugged and encouraged. Withdrawing, she tugged at me. I slammed into her, swelling, aching, and gasped when semen exploded, wet, thick, a long, long agonizing spurt, pleasure punishing me. Humping and fucking Janet I came hard, spurting, pleasure thrashing me, cumming hard, cumming hard, growling with pleasure until the wave crested.

Collapsing on her I wasn't even sure if she'd cum. I was covered in perspiration. My heart was still racing and I couldn't get the idea of sex with her twelve-year-old daughter out of my mind. Eventually I rolled off Janet to the side, flopping down, exhausted and drained.

"When?" I asked softly.

"Kenneth is gone next Thursday and Friday to meet with an east coast client. He's returning late Saturday. What's your week like?" she asked, her hand casually stroking my chest with little white cotton panties.


Sitting quietly, nerves fluttering, I reviewed what Janet had told me about young love, what would make Lauren happy, make her yearn, what young preteens dreamed about as their first time making love. She'd surprised me with some comments, like touching gently, letting fingertips linger or trail lightly across skin. I never knew that smiling and staring into eyes could be sexy and arousing, nor that murmuring compliments was so much more arousing than simply saying them.

Sipping my glass of Argentinean Merlot I tried to calm myself. I would feel my cock thicken then fade, desire and worry alternating my mood.

I knew this night was all about Lauren, but I couldn't help feeling it was all about me, too. I was going to experience something very few men did. Making love to a preteen, a twelve-year-old girl, was something I'd never have imagined yet now it excited me beyond belief. What would it be like? What would loving a little girl feel like? Would she climax? What would such a petite naked girl feel like against me? Did she have pubic hair? Should I . . .

The door bell interrupted my thoughts.

Glancing around to confirm everything was neat, I headed to the door. Opening it I completely ignored Janet. Smiling, I bent, took Lauren's hand and gently kissed her on the cheek. "My God you're gorgeous," I whispered. She was wearing the same dress as she had at the restaurant, same pantyhose, same shoes.

The rosy blush looked beautiful, her smile achingly pretty.

"Come in," I ushered.

"Ahem. What about me?" Janet said loudly.

"Oh. Well you're beautiful too," I said with a grin and a wink at Lauren. Her giggle was most attractive. I kissed Janet on the cheek, too.

JANET SMILED AND FOLLOWED her daughter in. Jason was in his lovable goof mood, the one where he'd have her peeing her panties in laughter if she wasn't careful. The smell of a beef rib roast cooking made her mouth water. She dropped her coat and followed the two of them into the toasty warm kitchen, accepting a proffered glass of red wine.

Dinner was fabulous. She laughed and at one point almost peed as Jason calmly reeled off a list to Lauren of things that turn men on; the smell of car wax, and burning rubber, unlit lighter fuel on charcoal, the first scent of beer when a can is popped open, bacon fat, "so remember these things when you want to attract a guy, Lauren. Instead of perfume try using a dab of lighter fluid behind your ears. It'll work every time, I guarantee it."

Janet wiped tears and sipped her wine, developing a pleasant buzz. She loved the sound of Lauren's giggles. She loved how Jason paid so much attention to Lauren, and watched her daughter blossom under the full force of his personality. Lauren smiled and gave as good as she got, making Jason burst into laughter.

Suddenly it occurred to her she hadn't had this much fun over a dinner in eons. Dinner at home, while nice, was never this boisterous.

After clearing the table she headed to the living room, pausing at the door to watch Jason and Lauren. He'd put his arm around her and was pointing at the television cracking some comment that made Lauren smile spectacularly, while his fingertips were gently stroking her arm. Janet smiled. Then a hard pulse of heated arousal stormed her body, her nipples puckering. Jason gently bent and kissed Lauren, lightly, softly, a delicate kiss. But Janet saw the impact it had on her daughter and for just a moment she was jealous.

Lauren's eyes grew wider and star-filled. She gazed up into Jason's eyes. A shy smile played across her lips and Janet knew what her daughter was feeling. Lauren was feeling her body respond, her lips tingle. She was feeling her small breasts become heavy and the desire to touch them grow. And as she saw Lauren fidget on the couch, Janet knew her daughter was beginning to feel arousal, her pussy throbbing, maybe even moisture forming.

Damn! How come she hadn't had someone like Jason for her first time?

She went and sat next to Jason and smiled when he put his arm around her and smiled at her. It felt good not being ignored. Then again, this was Jason. Nothing he did surprised her anymore.

Half an hour later, after taking the final sip of wine, Janet stood and reached for her daughter's hand. "Come," she said.

When Lauren stood, Janet bent and whispered, "Take Jason's hand, honey."

Smiling, together they led Jason upstairs and into his bedroom. "Stay," Janet whispered to Jason with a soft, excited smile.

Janet moved closer to Lauren. "How about we undress him together?" she asked gently, caressing her daughter's arm. She understood how feeling in control helped steady nerves. Feeling like she could stop at any time was important to Lauren's enjoyment.

"Kay," Lauren whispered.

They both began unbuttoning his shirt, Janet slipping it off his shoulders. Lauren stared at the light dusting of soft chest hair, dark brown like his head. A little shiver of excitement hit when she studied the very fine line of hair leading down from his navel. She liked how flat his stomach was.

When Mom took her hand it jolted her, she'd been so focused. Suddenly Lauren blushed hard. Mom guided her hand to the lump in Jason's pants, his cock, big and hard. She heard Jason inhale and glanced up. Green eyes glittered with something . . . Jeez, arousal or desire. Wow.

Lauren, despite her heated face, smiled at him. His sudden grin sent thrills through her. She grinned too and playfully squeezed his cock.

"Jeesuus," he exhaled.

"Pants, Lauren," Mom said.

Together they opened his pants. Lauren stopped participating, just staring as pants fell to the floor, a hard erection tenting yellow boxers. Her nipples puckered up. She clenched her thighs together. Gawd! It's huge!

"Lauren? Lauren?"

Lauren glanced up at Mom and grinned, blushing. "Big," she said.

"Do you want me to take his boxers off?"

"Uh-huh." Lauren immediately looked back at Jason's boxers. She watched Mom pull them down, Jason's erection popping up, thick, red, big. She didn't notice Mom take her hand until she guided it to Jason's cock. Holding it gently it felt alive, pulsing, hot, too thick to hold properly. It was amazingly hard yet the skin soft. Jeez it was so different from what she'd imagined or seen on the Internet. It felt like it was alive. She squeezed gently.

"Don't," Jason said softly, removing her hand, smiling. "Feels too good, Lauren," he added, kicking off shoes and pants.

His eyes grew intense, making Lauren shake. "Now it's my turn," he said with a sneaky sexy grin.

"No it isn't," Mom replied, brushing his hands away when they reached for Lauren. "Go sit on the bed." Bending, Mom whispered in her ear, "Remember what we talked about?"

Lauren was still staring at Jason's erection. "Uh-huh," she nodded. Mom had been very specific. Taking a deep breath, she reached behind her and, as she heard Mom's dress zipper, she pulled her own, her nervousness peaking. Jeez, he was going to see her in her underwear. And Mom had made her wear . . .

ALL AIR LEFT MY lungs in one gasp. I don't think I'd ever seen a sexier sight. Mother and daughter stood side-by-side with black dresses crumpled at their feet. I had thought I was about to lose it when Lauren gently gripped my erection, but this was too much. I groaned. "Jeesuus Christ."

Pantyhose be damned. Both wore little black lace garter belts and stockings. Both wore sheer white little panties and sheer bras. Mature lushness and immature pubescent gorgeousness. My heart raced. Precum oozed and dripped down my shaft.

I'd never last.

It didn't matter where I looked: Janet's lush dark brown pubic bush under white sexy panties; Lauren's light dusting of dark brown pubic hair, her pussy plump and delicious, the dimple of her cleft obvious; Janet's full breasts I knew so intimately; Lauren's remarkable petite breasts riding high, perfect; Janet's sparkling pleased smile; Lauren's sexy shy smile, light gray eyes slightly apprehensive.

"So?" Janet said cocking a hip.

"Fuck me," I inadvertently gasped.

Lauren giggled.

"He gets like this sometimes when he's too horny," Janet told Lauren. "It's a guy thing. They lose blood in their brain."

Lauren laughed. It seemed to release her nervousness. A gorgeous smile emerged and with it, some of the heated fire in me abated. I glanced at Janet. She'd noticed too. She smiled and nodded.

Reaching out I took Lauren's hand and pulled her to me between open knees. I reached up and caressed her soft cheek before taking her glasses off and setting them on the bedside table. Looking at her I smiled. Beautiful gray eyes sparkled. Combing my fingers through her hair, I held the back of her head and drew her face close.

"You are unbelievably gorgeous, Lauren," I whispered, nuzzling her cheek, turning my head slightly, inhaling her breath. My lips touched hers and she sagged with a moan. Catching her, so petite, I stood, kissing her sweet lips gently and lay her on the bed, settling down on my side beside her.

She let out this soft moan when my tongue touched her lips and shuddered when I gently held a little bra-covered breast. Damn but she was so sexy.

The bed dipped. Still kissing Lauren I looked behind her. Janet had settled on the bed, gloriously naked, smiling, her eyes bright with arousal.

Slipping my hand under Lauren's back I felt for her bra clasp. She arched up, her tongue emerging to lightly touch mine. I unhooked her bra and reached for her arm that lay on the bed. Taking it, I pulled it up to my neck.

It was like I'd just released Lauren. She moaned and both arms circled my neck. Her tongue probed. God she tasted so good. And then I was shaking. A loose bra slipped up exposing petite, young breasts, firm and perky. A bolt of electricity hit me. My erection strained and leaked. Holy cow her little breast felt good. I'd never have believed something so diminutive could possibly be so erotic, but it was, powerfully erotic.

Lauren's enchanting eyes opened when I ended the kiss. I drew her bra off, smiled at her swollen lips and flushed expression. Very slowly so she could stop me I moved down slightly and kissed the tip of a pubescent little breast, sexy, hard little nipple. I noticed her areolae puckered just like her mother's.

Lauren inhaled sharply.

I kissed the other one lightly and rose to my knees caressing down her stomach to sheer panties. She'd worn them properly, over the garter. Her pubis mounded high, so alluring.

Bending, I kissed her mound. My nose filled with her scent, the same one I'd detected in the little white cotton panties her mother had shown me, softly musky and intoxicating, light yet intense, utterly arousing.

"Lift," I whispered. Even to me my voice sounded husky and laden with lust. Reaching for the waist, I drew sheer white panties down, her mound rising remarkably when she lifted her bottom, sexy gray eyes watching me carefully.

Jeesuus. Lauren's pussy was spectacular; small but plump, little glossy pubic hairs sprinkled here and there, the dimple of her cleft, two sexy labia. The moan was mine. I bent and kissed her sexy mound, pressing my lips into the amazingly deep pad. I moaned more than whispered, "You're so sexy, Lauren, so gorgeous."

I don't know what I said, but Lauren gasped. Her eyes seemed to smolder, her body tremble. I drew her panties off, moving down to lie between her legs and just about came when Janet leaned over and kissed her daughter lovingly on the cheek. My need to take Lauren was almost obscuring what I was supposed to be doing; making her first time perfect.

With a weeping erection pressed to the bed, I looked at the wonder of a twelve-year-old pussy, sexy, almost bare, plump labia forming a sensuous cleft that held her clitoral hood like a precious pearl.

Sensuous labia narrowed and merged with her buttocks and right at that point they glistened slightly from arousal. Cock throbbing, I kissed her sexy pussy, warm and soft, sparse pubis hairs tickling my lips. She tasted young and all female. Her body trembled. I felt it in my lips and in her thighs I was caressing gently. Slipping my hands down, Lauren lifted her bum and I cupped two perfect, sexy little buttocks. My tongue emerged to trace her cleft and Lauren gasped again.

Glancing up over her mons, I shook with horniness. Janet was gently caressing her daughter's perky breast, gentle squeezes and a thumb teasing her stiffened nipple. She was staring at me as I ate her little girl and I saw pure lust in her light brown eyes.

Lauren's eyes were closed. Her nostrils flared as she breathed faster. Her hands had formed into fists. My tongue probed into her cleft, hot, moist and slippery. I toyed with her clitoris and Lauren twitched. I teased her vaginal opening and returned to gently suck her clitoris, drowning in her sensual flavor. Concentrating on her clit, I caressed and sucked harder.

"Mom," she gasped, her thighs closing against my head. Buttocks clenched in my hands and Lauren went off the deep end, succumbing to her climax, body trembling. She curled her pussy against my mouth, gripped the bed sheet and gasped for breath, her mother caressing her breast.

Lauren gasped and came with a frown on her pretty face. She curled and twitched, humped and heaved her way through an intense climax, collapsing as it passed, panting, chest flushed and heaving. All-in-all I was quite proud and as horny as hell.

Moving up, I cradled Lauren in my arms.

JANET LAY QUIETLY. SHE was surprised by the tears that prickled her eyes. Despite the fire of arousal that had her body tense and needing release, despite how erotic she'd found caressing Lauren's small, new breasts while watching Jason eat her gorgeous pubescent pussy, and despite the stunningly exciting display of Lauren's orgasm, as she watched her daughter roll and snuggle tight into Jason's arms, her face pressed to his chest and Jason holding Lauren so gently, Janet was overwhelmed by how loving and beautiful it was. She hadn't expected that much love. Now she had an ache of regret inside her that she'd not had a Jason as her first.

With her head on the pillow, on her side, she studied Jason cuddling Lauren. His eyes rose and met hers. He smiled. Lauren was quiet in his arms, as if she'd drifted off to sleep, the physical and emotional punishment of her climax too much. Janet smiled. Her daughter looked so lucky. She looked so loved. It was intensely erotic to see, just beautiful. She was still wearing her black stockings and garter belt which, laying on her side, gave her bottom spectacular sexy curves. Two gorgeous buttocks formed a short valley and, with one knee cocked between Jason's legs, a sexy gap appeared at her crotch.

Janet felt the throb of desire. Her own body ached for release. Her pussy throbbed gently, cleft moist and slippery. Shuffling slightly closer, unable to resist, she reached out and caressed her daughter's gorgeous ass, stroking it lightly and measuring the sensuous shape. Now, as a mother and mature woman, she could appreciate the glory of puberty and sexy shape of youth. She found Lauren very attractive and arousing.

I FELT LAUREN STIR. Her damp forehead moved against my chest. Her mother's loving caress of her bare bottom made Lauren murmur and press her stocking-clad knee deeper between my legs. The wet, slippery tip of my erection slid up her stomach. Lauren wiggled against me, pressing herself against my cock. God I was horny.

Reaching down, I pushed her mother's hand away and caressed a perfect pubescent buttock, skin cool to the touch, rounded, small and firm. I tugged, moving Lauren's small body higher until beautiful light gray eyes peered at me and a soft shy smile made me ache. Her knee, pulled from between my legs, rose to hook over my thigh, a silky foot caressing my shin. The tip of my painful erection slipped down her tummy leaving a wet trail of precum.

I smiled gently and kissed her sweet lips, chastely. The tip of my cock slid across her pussy, along her cleft, and emerged behind her, air feeling cool on my wet crown. Lauren smiled. She had a beautiful smile, full of warmth and pleasure and youth. Her hand played up my back and over my shoulder, rising to comb fingers through my hair.

I kissed her again, this time my eyes closing to concentrate on the soft warmth of her lips. Silken and sexy, they parted and, shuddering, a little moist tongue teasingly touched my lips. A wave of desire cascaded through me. She was so sweet, her tongue so arousingly hesitant. I caressed a spectacular small buttock and opened my mouth. It was my moan, a rumble from deep in my chest. It was involuntary, the touch of tongues so erotic, so exciting. And stunning me through this sexy shy kiss was how thrilling she felt in my arms. I couldn't get over how exciting it was. I loved her smallness. I loved her youth and immaturity. It was so damned erotic.

When my tongue probed into her mouth gently, Lauren murmured and curled her hips, hunching her pussy along my cock. I felt her little buttock flex in my hand and God, the sensation on my erection almost had me cumming. Reaching down further my fingertips found my crown. I pressed it against her pussy and hunched carefully, moaning as the tip slipped along a slippery cleft to emerge out behind her again.

Lauren's tongue became more animated as she curled her hips again, curling them back away from me, dragging the tip of my cock through her cleft, my fingertips pressing it to her pussy. She reversed and my cock slipped through her cleft, slippery with precum, moist with her arousal. She trembled against me and her leg tightened over my thigh.

The kiss ended. She was breathing harder. She curled her pussy against me, burying her face into my neck. A soft, sexy sigh escaped coupled with a body tremble as the tip of my cock slipped over her clitoris. She reversed, pressing her pussy forward, my crown sliding down through her warm moist cleft to catch on her perineum.

We both gasped and paused, my crown nestled to her entrance, her moist silky labia partially hugging my tip. I caressed a spectacular buttock.

"Okay?" I whispered.

Her answer was a slight nod, her buttock flexing, and pressure against my cock. God it was excruciatingly arousing. I had a thundering urge to thrust hard. I'd never been teased so much. My erection was pulsing and leaking, rigid and thick, straining, heavy. I so wanted to hold her petite body firmly and shove myself in, bury myself into her, fuck her. But her small, delicate body reminded me of how young she was; only twelve years old. That made me pulse with excitement, but tempered my need.

I moved my hand so it spanned both beautiful little buttocks and pulled her to me gently, my cock pressing against her. Relaxing, the pressure abated. I repeated the move, pulling her sensual little bottom to me, pressure building against the tip of my cock; no progress made.

Lauren sighed, her breath warm against my neck. Her leg over my thigh began to help, tightening and relaxing as if giving me a sign. She moved her hips, pressing, relaxing. She sighed and murmured to me, her hand gently holding the other side of my neck.

We moved together, gentle pressure, relaxing, gentle pressure, relaxing. Her glorious bottom flexed in sexy ways feeling so petite and arousing in my hand. My cock ached, swelled and oozed precum. Lauren's labia hugged my crown. We moved together, gentle pressure, relaxing, pressing, relaxing. There was no rush despite what my body was crying out for. There was no desperation, no fumbling, no grasping. We moved gently, calmly, pressing at each other, relaxing, pressing. A slow rhythm emerged and I squeezed my eyes shut when I felt her silken labia slip over my crown, moist and warm.

There was no sudden shoving or thrusting, groping, or gasping. Lauren inhaled suddenly, deeply, announcing her lost virginity, her sexy labia slipping over my crown and moist tight heat surrounding it. Everything halted; our movements, my breath, time. I felt my cock swell making her pussy feel even tighter. The tip was penetrating her and it felt incredible.

Lauren trembled against me like a frightened fawn. She hadn't cried out, hadn't writhed in pain, just inhaled sharply. We didn't move. I held her gently, one arm under her neck with a hand on her back, one hand spanning two little buttocks. Her breath was hot against me. Her leg over my thigh twitched. She felt so petite in my arms, so delicate, so young, so, so exciting. My crown was pulsing with the beat of my heart, held in a vise-like velvet grip. I was actually penetrating a twelve-year-old girl and nothing had prepared me for the pure erotic thrill of it.

Holding her gently I waited, kissing her damp temple. She murmured and trembled, so sweet. My nose was full of Lauren, flowery shampoo, a delicate aroma of her perspiration, the scent of innocence and a slight hint of musky arousal, an intensely attractive scent. Movement on the bed made me open my eyes.

Janet had moved down. Her eyes glittered with excitement and arousal. She could see where I was penetrating her daughter. She smiled, soft and encouraging, approval. My eyes closed when Lauren moved in my arms. It was a small move. She gently clenched her pussy testing the sensation of being penetrated, stretched for the first time. I heard a soft moan. It was impossible to tell if it was pain or pleasure. But Lauren pressed herself carefully, curling her hips, hunching ever-so-slightly against me and effortlessly, with no resistance what-so-ever, my cock slipped into her lubricated by precum and her arousal. Effortlessly my cock slid deeply into her tight vagina. I felt every tiny bit of progress, her moist internal walls yielding, my crown sensuously massaged, shaft gripped tightly.

Lauren paused. I did nothing. This was her time. This was her pleasure, even if it was one of the most amazing experiences I'd ever had. Her little body trembled in my arms. She sighed and reversed, curling her bum back and I was gifted with the feel of her tight vagina slowly slipping up my erection, air cool on my moist shaft. Just before the crown breached, Lauren trembled and reversed, pressing herself to me and, once again, I felt the exquisite sensation of my cock sliding into her velvet sheath, tightly held, sensual, intensely erotic.

Holding her gently, her sweet bottom flexing in my hand, I whispered quietly, "Lauren, this feels utterly amazing. I love it."

Lauren murmured something unintelligible. Her hand on my neck tightened. She squeezed her pussy bringing me exquisite pleasure and moved, pulling off my cock then gently reversing and pressing me deep. She started the gentle rhythm of love, pain now passed. I held her petite young body firmly and, for the first time, joined her, moving my hips, thrusting carefully into her moist warmth. We began to fuck gently, softly, exquisitely, a sexy little girl trembling in my arms. It was pure ecstasy feeling my erection massaged by her tight pussy, sliding out, slipping in deep, her leg over my thigh tightening. Lauren, through her leg and body dictated the pace of our love-making. I held her trembling body close and firmly and rode the pleasure, fucking her gently, deep, so unbelievably arousing.

Gradually our pace increased. Her tight pussy was slippery and hot. With her face still buried against my neck I could feel her breaths and hear her gently huffing. Nuzzling my face into her I found her lips and kissed her gently. She twitched and thrust her pussy at me, my tip touching her end. She murmured so sexily. Her tongue emerged and probed at my lips forcefully, her hips hunching, fucking me. Suddenly she moaned, snorted air through her nose, tore her mouth from mine and, with her pussy clamping me in a vise-like grip, buttocks clenched, Lauren cried out her climax, burying her face against me. Her little body trembled and jerked as she humped at me and it was too much to take. Her sweet climax and clenching little pussy was far too much.

Holding her delectable bottom, I groaned and fucked into her exquisitely tight pussy gently, buried my erection entirely into her, swelled, ached, and pressure released. With a gasp of pure ecstasy semen raced up my shaft and exploded into her tiny pussy. Heaven arrived. Withdrawing and thrusting into her trembling, climaxing body I came again, massively, hot cum erupting, the tip of my erection lodged against her cervix. My orgasm cascaded in taking control of my body. Thrusting with short strokes, holding little Lauren tight, pulling her sweet little bum at me, I came hard, semen exploding in a mind-blowing climax, spurting hard, stomach clenching. I held her sexy little body and, to the music of her gasping orgasm, I came hard into her, flooding her little womb, heaving and spurting in ever more excruciating pulses until my body cried out for mercy, ecstasy turning into agony.

Release came suddenly, the crest of my climax passing. Nothing had ever felt so intense. My heart was pounding as if I'd run a marathon. I was sweating, and God, my cock felt so, so good lodged inside Lauren.

Beautiful peace arrived, muscles relaxing and turning to liquid. Lauren murmured and snuggled with the last of her tremors passing. She melted and fell away from me onto her back. I opened my eyes and, at peace, drained, satiated, I was treated to the sight of her mother slowing down from her own climax, hand buried between her thighs.

JANET'S CLIMAX HAD CRASHED into her, her finger strumming her sensitive clit. Pressure had exploded deep in her pussy and radiated down to her feet and up to her brain. She'd stared, bliss thrashing her and stealing her breath, her body trembling as she'd watched every pulse of semen being deposited in her little girl. Jason's beautiful cock, lodged in Lauren's little pussy and stretching her massively, had swelled and jerked as cum raced up the shaft to erupt deep inside her daughter. To the sounds of Jason's sexy orgasmic grunts, her little girl's sweet cries of joy, and the sight of his cock cumming in Lauren, actually seeing him deposit his semen in her twelve-year-old daughter, Janet came hard, shuddering and feeling dizzy. She knew what Lauren was feeling; a massive intruder getting even thicker, the throb and pulse, the pure pleasure and the feeling of hot wetness flooding her deep inside. Body jerking, Janet had cum with Jason, shuddering through her climax.

As the final waves of her orgasm faded Janet took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and looked at Jason. As the sounds of heavy breathing slowly disappeared and silence and calm arrived, Janet wished she could have had Jason as her first, too. And she was stunned to realize she was still horny. It was as if her climax, as powerful as it had been, wasn't enough to satiate her. She wanted Jason badly. She wanted to experience that tender love her daughter had just experienced. She wanted to feel the power of her daughter's climax and desperately, desperately wanted to feel Jason's gorgeous cock swelling and spurting inside her; pretend she was Lauren.

Reaching out over Lauren's limp body, she caressed his stomach. "So, Jason, I need some loving," she said softly, her hand moving in circles and inching down towards his groin.

I WAS DONE. DRAINED. Exhausted. Flaccid. As willing as the spirit might be, the flesh, my limp penis, wasn't. Nothing was going to help it for several hours. With Lauren limp and asleep on her back I considered how I might draw both girls into my arms and take a recuperative nap. My body cried out for post-coital sleep, a heavy drowsiness tugging at my eyelids.

Janet smiled. "How about it," she asked, her hand finding my damp, flaccid penis.

"I'm done," I said. "There's no life left in the old pecker."

Janet smiled, lovely soft brown eyes twinkling at me. "Maybe I can kiss it erect. Should I try?"

I saw Lauren's eyes pop open, filled with intrigue. This might be interesting. "Sure," I answered with a grin. "Give it your best. I'm all yours. But it might take a long time."

Janet smiled. "That's okay," she responded, her hand holding my cock. "We have all night, and all day tomorrow, and most of Saturday. There's still a lot we need to teach Lauren."

Damn. How lucky can a man get?



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