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Traci and Kats get curious. A mother explains. A discovery is made that changes everything.
Originally published August 17, 2012 | Wordcount 30,434

SHE FELT JIM'S THICK erection stretching her sensuously, plunging deep as she bent over the edge of the bed, his groin smacking into her buttocks loudly. She gripped the raised pattern bedcovers, her compact buttocks shaking with each powerful, satisfying thrust. Sharp jolts of pleasure assaulted her; her clit pulsing, sending waves of arousal to her nipples as they scraped back-and-forth on the coarse cotton bedspread, her small breasts feeling heavy and engorged. An ache spread deep inside her lower body, pressure building, nirvana approaching.

"Deeper, Honey," she urged in a heated whisper, clenching her pussy.

Soon, she thought, her heart racing. God but she loved being well and truly fucked by Jim. He was the perfect lover, cuddling, nuzzling, touching and kissing, gently arousing her. He knew just how much suction she liked on her nipples, soft at first, slowly harder as they puckered up in excitement, and then nipped until the first twinge of erotic pain was felt. He understood when she needed to be loved gently and when she needed to fuck. Tonight she needed this, pure sex, hard fucking, too horny by far to take time to make love.

She grunted as Jim held her slender hips, fucking her deeper, yes, like that Jim. She knew he was close when his hands started pulling her ass back against him, his groin thumping into her rear, his beautifully thick cock teasing her cervix with each deep penetration. Her heart beat faster, breath panting. Close, so close to ecstasy.

Resting the side of her face on the bedspread she reached under her taking her small, aching breasts into the palm of her hands, her body jerking up on the bed with each solid slam of Jim's groin, his erection stretching her pussy, scraping across her inflamed clit and flooding her body with pangs of arousal. Good, Honey. Really close now.

She tweaked her nipples, sighing with pleasure, hands cupping her breasts, squeezing, twinges of pain, beautiful ache, her nipples sore. Timing was everything. Nirvana was approaching.

She heard him.

"Oh God," Jim gasped, shoving hard, his crown thumping hard into her cervix. "Gonna cum, Sara," he warned, stroking harder, relentlessly, desperately, fucking her, fucking her. "Yes. Yes. Oh God. . . Cumming."

She pinched and tugged her nipples. Wait for it, wait for it. Her body was shoved up the bedcovers. She felt Jim's thick erection lodge deep, felt it swell, yes baby, now, cum in me now.

Jim groaned loudly, held her hips hard, buried deep. Then she felt it, that moment that triggered her climax, that most beautiful moment she loved so much. She felt Jim cum, his erection swell, hot semen spurting deep inside her, a deluge of glorious thick sperm. She felt him draw back and shove into her pussy hard, swelling and exploding deep inside her, filling her, hot, burning hot, pressing against her cervix. He groaned as if in agony, shoved and another massive load of cum flooded into her. Her orgasm hit, blinding lights exploding in her brain, pussy clenching as Jim filled her with another massive spurt of semen.

"Ahhh, cumming, Baby," she groaned, pleasure erupting, buttocks clenching, her legs trembling.

Her body jerked spasmodically, gut-wrenching pleasure punishing her. Jim slammed his erection into her, firing hot semen endlessly, ecstasy crashing through her. He came wildly, spurting more than she'd ever experienced from any other man, filling her womb, hot cum flowing back to drip from her convulsing pussy.

As her orgasm crested, a threatening blackness forming at the edges of her mind, she felt Jim pull his erection out of her, empty, empty. Semen splashed hot on her ass crack as she undulated her buttocks, scrubbing her clit on the bed, Jims cock sliding between her buttocks. She trembled, cumming hard, nipples aching. A final wave of orgasmic bliss held her body rigid and then she collapsed, all muscles turning to water, dizzy, pleasure and satisfaction flowing through her. Jim collapsed gently over her, smearing his hot semen. More of his wonderful cum dripped from her pussy, running in a thick rivulet down the inside of her thigh.

For a few minutes neither stirred. Neither could. Finally, Jim's weight became too much. She twisted a shoulder and Jim rolled off her back with a groan.

Holding her cum-soaked crotch, she reluctantly went to the en suite bathroom to clean up the mess, once again marveling at the pure volume of semen Jim ejaculated. It reminded her of a porn movie they'd watched together early in their marriage, except Jim was more impressive. When he didn't cum for a few days, like tonight, he'd absolutely flood her pussy and she loved it. It triggered her climax every time.

She inspected her naked body in the mirror as she wiped his semen from between her ass cheeks. Despite giving birth, her breasts were still perky, probably because she was so petite upstairs. She'd always wished for bigger breasts until meeting Jim. Now she liked what she had. She liked her large nipples, too. Turning to check she'd cleaned off all Jim's cum, she inspected her ass. It seemed a bit large to her despite the daily runs. Still, that didn't matter. Jim said he loved her ass and proved it daily by groping it. She smiled. She felt lucky. She was very happy with life.

Slipping into bed, she cuddled to her husband's side. He automatically wrapped an arm around her pulling her close. In a familiar move, she hooked her knee over his leg, turning into him, inhaling the musky aroma of her husband and sex; an intensely satisfying scent.

"Night, Sweetheart," she said quietly.

He hugged her in response.

As sleep crept up over her, she replayed glancing into the mirror just as Jim's orgasm began. Two pairs of eyes had peeked through the bedroom door that stood slightly ajar. Smiling, she decided she'd need to talk to the twins about privacy. A memory flooded back at her. She remembered spying on Mom and Dad at their age, the wonder, fascination, and guilty pleasure she'd felt at seeing something she wasn't supposed to.

Yes. She'd need to have a chat with them.

I HUGGED SARA TO me with a quiet sigh of pleasure. Could I be any luckier? I was exhausted, sexually drained in a post-orgasmic state of lethargy. Every muscle in my body was happy. Sleep slinked towards me like a seductive sylph, tempting me with the promise of sweet dreams. Friday, great sex with Sara, a huge climax, and a weekend of leisurely nothingness ahead. Damn. Perfect. My own private piece of heaven.

The shaking bed might have woken me. Then again, it might have been the sounds of my daughters yelling. Actually, it was both.

"Daddy! Wake up! Mom said it's time for you to get up, Sleepyhead."

Squinting one eye open, I was greeted by Traci's bright grin and messy curly blond hair. My shoulder was shaken with youthful enthusiasm. Turning my head I was greeted by Kats, Katherine, identical blonde locks and an impish grin.

Two pairs of eyes stared at me in excited expectation, Kats remarkable emerald green eyes she'd inherited from her mother, Traci with intense blue eyes inherited from me. My heart sang. Thank goodness for their eyes, I thought, otherwise I'd never be able to tell them apart.

I growled, closed my eyes and rolled over. "Go away or I'll tickle," I threatened.

Squeals of laughter ensued. The physical assault on me resumed, reflecting the persuasive power and authority of a father's threats. Fine. Play with fire, my little girls, you'll pay the price!

Without opening my eyes, I suddenly reached out and gathered two rambunctious eight-year-olds into my arms. Their giggles turned to laughter, then screams of delight as I tickled relentlessly, two small bodies writhing about on the bed trying to escape.

"Daddy!" was gasped between laughter several times, "Stop!"

I had no intention of stopping. I was having far too much fun, my daughters' laughter filling my soul and replenishing my spirit.

"Jim! Get up. Breakfast is almost ready. And leave the girls alone."

Sara's voice was amazingly clear coming from downstairs, probably from the kitchen. "Okay girls," I said, "Daddy's got to shower."

I gave each of my little darlings a small loving kiss on their soft cheeks, a tight hug and a light smack on pajama-clad little bums to encourage their departure, both laughing in delight as they ran from the room. I didn't notice them turn and stare at my nakedness as I strolled into the bathroom, scratching my crotch. As usual, I developed an erection in the shower, brought on when I remembered sex with Sara last night. Damn but I loved sex with my wife. I'd never met anyone so sexually adventurous or one that seemed to have a sex drive that matched mine so perfectly. Pair that with her intense beauty and sparkling personality and it was no wonder I was a very happily married man.

Shaving, I grinned at my mug in the mirror. Sara had me wrapped around her little finger, mercilessly manipulating me, and I loved it. She was as smart as a whip, probably ten times more intelligent than I was, successful in her own right, and she loved me. I felt privileged. I was fiercely in love with her even after twelve years.

Entering the kitchen, Sara at the sink washing a pot, I admired her thick ash-blond ponytail held by a black scrunchie at the base of her neck, her slender waist, the gentle seductive flare of her hips, and how her light-grey cotton sweats draped over a succulent rear end, forming to her pear-shaped buttocks. Sexy, I thought, a twinge waking up my penis. I couldn't detect a bra strap under the soft grey cotton t-shirt. Was she wearing one? Slipping up behind her, I slid my hands around her slender waist, pressed my groin into her gorgeous ass, and kissed the top of her head before nuzzling her neck. At five-two she was the definition of petite; my little nymph.

"Morning, Sexy," I murmured as she pressed her ass back against me, tilting her head to give me access to her neck. I inhaled the familiar and intensely attractive scent of Sara.

"Mmmm. Morning, Stud."

One of my hands felt for the bottom of her t-shirt, planning to slip up and caress Sara's lovely breasts, the other started feeling for the waist of her sweats, planning a trip south to grope her pantied crotch. As I bent nuzzling my wife's neck, giggles from behind stopped my planned journey of fondling.

"So," I said, backing away from Sara and reaching for a mug, hoping my partial erection was unnoticeable. "What are you two imps planning to do today?" I asked the twins, grinning at Sara's light blush as she bent back to washing the pot. I spotted her turgid nipples poking the soft cotton T-shirt. It made me grin, no bra for sure. The memory of those nipples in my mouth threatened to bring on a full erection.

I poured coffee to a chorus of "Movies, Daddy!" and, "Mom's taking us to the movies."

"Is she now?"

Traci piped up. "Yeah. We're gonna see 'Mars Needs Moms' today."

"Well aren't you two lucky." I leaned in to Sara as she rinsed the pot under the tap, asking in an undertone, "I'm not expected to go, am I?" I loved my girls, but there were limits.

Sara glanced up at me, giving me a sneaky smile, her hands now reaching for a dirty frying pan. "Nope. You've got chores," she said, nodding towards the fridge.

An inspection of the refrigerator door revealed my list of chores; mow the lawn, vacuum the pool, put up a shelf in the pantry, fix the garage door. I grinned when I saw at the bottom of the list, the last item, 'Have a beer'. Jeez I loved my wife.

"Can I do the grocery shopping, too?" I asked trying to be helpful and feeling thankful I wouldn't be subjected to a horrendous film. Three peals of laughter were answer enough.

A little while later I heard Sara calling me over the roar of the lawn mower. I shut it down, the engine sputtering into silence, my ears ringing.

"We're off, Jim. See you around five." She waved and disappeared back inside our house.

I stared at her butt as she disappeared. With a sigh, my mind turned to chores, planning the sequence of attack. I wasn't relishing fixing the garage side door. Warped frames were not fun. With a grin, I decided I'd need a tool to fix it. Maybe a router, or that new ratchet set that had sparkled at me temptingly last time I was in Home Depot. It had looked so shiny and new and so lonely. With all the work I did around the house, maybe I should consider a selection of compressed-air powered tools, I mused. Hmmm. Perhaps just the ratchet set to start.

With my mind happily preoccupied with how to use a ratchet set on a door frame and justify my purchase, or perhaps use it in some way to vacuum the pool, I returned to mowing the lawn. I rather liked the linear lines of fresh cut grass. I wondered whether sweeping curves would look better. Huh. Let's find out.

SARA GLANCED IN THE rear view mirror to see Traci and Kats both with their heads bent, whispering together. She wondered whether to bring up last night's peeking now or over lunch. She didn't mind them seeing her and Jim. Society was a bit bipolar on the subject of sex; don't show, just explain, but never graphically. Make sure your kids have a sexual education, but don't encourage sexual thoughts. Explain about STD's, but don't encourage safe sex. Teach them, but only when they're old enough, eighteen and about to be married according to the conservative Catholics and Evangelical traditionalists.

Sara thought it all a bunch of rubbish. Like violence in movies and on TV, the answer was not to shield them, but talk, teach them the difference between fantasy and reality. Sex was the same in her mind. When they expressed an interest, she'd always planned on telling them the truth. Information was enabling, ignorance was shackles, especially for girls. The twins had seen her naked and, occasionally their father naked, too. But, seeing her and Jim having sex was new. At least she thought it was new. Was it?

Lunch, she decided. She'd find a quiet corner and have a chat. Somehow, the thought of asking Jim to have a talk about sex with the girls made her giggle. He'd hem and haw, clear his throat a few times, fidget in his seat, frown, mention boys in passing, 'Don't let them near you', nod to himself in satisfaction and declare 'lesson over, girls'. He was such a loveable dope. He had no idea how attractive his gentle nature was.

With a smile, Sara took the girls shopping, acting as referee, guidance councillor, and Gunnery Sergeant to the twins' antics.

Ruby Tuesday's was a family restaurant, a sixties diner-style burgers and fries joint where one could easily drown in the tall, thick milk-shakes, gain pounds just from reading the menu, and suffer politeness burns from effervescent teen waitresses strutting their newly sprouted sensual physiques in very short uniforms. It was a bit early for lunch, only a few patrons, but the movie was an early afternoon matinée.

"Okay, girls," Sara began once their order had been cheerfully taken with an 'I'll be right back with your drinks.' "What gives?" she asked the twins.

Two pairs of innocent eyes peered back at her from across the table, angelic expressions pretending incomprehension at the simple question. Who? Us?

"Gives what?" Traci asked, sweet eyes widening.

Sara, after a bit of a struggle, kept a straight face. "Last night. I distinctly saw two sets of eyes invading your father's and my privacy." At least Kats had the decency to blush slightly, Sara thought.

"Oh. That," Traci said.

"Yes. That. And?"

Kats spoke up, "We had to go to the bathroom."

Sara held back a smile. "Both of you? At the same time?"

"Uh-huh," two blonds nodded in unison.

"I see. But, the bathroom is in the other direction. Just how did you end up looking into our bedroom?"

Kats glanced at her sister with a questioning expression. Traci looked startled that they hadn't anticipated the question. Two impish faces turned to their mother, shoulders shrugged, chagrined expressions emerging. "Dunno."

Sara couldn't hold back her smile. They were too cute for words. Besides, she remembered how intensely curious about sex she'd been at their age. Last night was her fault. She and Jim had forgotten to close the door as they'd groped each other, tumbling towards the bed as clothes were shed in a flurry of need. He had been away most of the week, after all.

"Okay," she said. "You know it was wrong, don't you?"

Both nodded.

"You know what we were doing?"

"Having sex," Kats stated. Traci nodded in agreement.

"Do you have any questions about sex?" Sara asked in a soft, low voice. She fully expected a storm of questions to be thrown at her, questions about the mechanics of sex. But they surprised her.

"Why doesn't sex feel good?" Kats asked.

"Why would you ask that, Kats?"

"Cuz it looked like you and Daddy were in pain. You weren't smiling at all."

Traci jumped in. "You looked like you were hurting, Mom. Were you? Was Daddy hurting you?"

Sara paused. She'd never really considered how she looked when she was climaxing. Maybe it did look like she was in pain. Didn't they call an orgasm 'le petite mort'? She'd have to ask Jim how she looked, she decided.

"Girls, I was feeling very, very good." She lowered her voice slightly, "You both masturbate, don't you?"

"Mom!" Traci gasped, looking around to see if anyone heard. Kats turned beet red.

"Hmm. I gather you do," Sara said. Leaning forward, she asked quietly, "Have you looked at your face when you climax? You do climax when you play with yourself don't you?"

"Mom!" they both gasped in unison.

"Oh honestly girls. Everyone masturbates. Stop being so sensitive about it. Really! You'd think you were raised Catholics. You didn't answer me. Have you looked at your faces when you experience an orgasm?"

Traci and Kats looked at each other and turned to Sara. Traci said, "No. My eyes are closed when I feel it."

"I do it in bed," Kats offered.

"Well, you probably look a bit odd, too, when you climax. It's an intense experience."

Sara was quite pleased with the conversation that followed. Both girls asked questions about sex openly, if quietly, in the restaurant, although Kats couldn't help blushing slightly at times, especially when Sara explained semen and male orgasms to them. Most of their questions were what she'd expected. Sara wasn't surprised at their admitting they masturbated. But she was shocked by an exchange that happened while waiting for dessert to arrive. She'd been reassuring them that masturbation, when done in private, was quite normal and encouraged them to explore their sexuality. Somehow the subject of fantasy arose, attraction and boys the subject.

That's when Traci blurted out, "Kats dreamed of Daddy when she did it."

Kats mouth dropped, her face turned beet red. "I DID NOT!" she yelled in denial, drawing the attention of other patrons.

"Yes you did," Traci insisted. "I heard you last night."

"Girls! Stop right now!" Sara instructed forcefully, feeling a bit embarrassed by the scene the twins were making. She needed to quickly dissipate the acrimony that was about to build between the two. "Traci," she said with a stern expression, leaning forward, her voice lowered, "I will NOT accept either of you tattling on each other, is that clear? What your sister does or doesn't do is no one's business. How would you feel if Kats told people about your secret fantasies?" Turning to Kats, she added, "You're entitled to dream about anyone you want to. It doesn't matter to me what you pretend, okay?"

With a partial peace restored, Kats shooting dirty looks at Traci, and Traci studiously avoiding looking at Kats, apple pie and ice cream arrived and distracted them, thank God. But Sara was distant, her mind preoccupied.

It was during the movie that Sara had time to think. Her first reaction when Traci mentioned Kats fantasizing about Jim was mild shock and, being honest, mild disapproval. But a forgotten memory returned. She well remembered spying on her mom and dad as they'd had sex. But she also remembered being angry at Mom for no reason. Now, thinking about it, she realized she'd been jealous. Had she dreamed of Dad when masturbating?

The twins giggled at some scene. Sara absentmindedly passed her large box of popcorn to them.

"Thanks, Mom. Here, Kats. Mom gave us her popcorn," Traci whispered.

Yes, she had thought of Dad when she was young. He'd been the nearest male figure and, in all honesty, she loved him, a Daddy's girl through and through. She remembered dreaming of him as she diddled herself, so how could she disapprove of Kats doing the same? Jim was amazingly attractive. It wasn't his looks, but his personality. You just wanted to hug him close, snuggle and hang on to him. He seemed to make you feel so special somehow. So why wouldn't Kats feel a draw to her father?

She knew both girls loved Jim. It was evident in how they crawled all over him, fought for his attention, and glowed when noticed. He seemed to be able to make both of them feel they had his undivided attention at the same time. How? She had no idea. But, when they were pestering him, the expression of pure joy on his face was something to behold. He clearly loved them as much as she did.

Thinking of Jim, so considerate, such a good father, so lovable and sexy, Sara began to get horny again, fidgeting in her seat as she felt blood flow down to her pussy. She wondered what Jim would want; tonight was his choice. It had sort of developed when they realized how sexually compatible they were together. They started taking turns picking how they'd make love. Sometimes it became incredibly raunchy, especially before the twins were born. Now, their adventurousness was limited to the bedroom and only broke out into a wild night when the twins went for a sleepover somewhere; a rare occurrence.

As the movie played, Sara blissfully ignored it, ruminating on how lucky she was. She liked writing romance novels. She was proud of her success, too. In fact, Jim really didn't have to work if he didn't want to, her income more than enough for them both. But Jim loved his architecture. If he didn't work, he'd still design. And when he went to a job site with those tight jeans, firm butt, and hard hat, mmm, yummy. Sara felt another twinge of arousal. She daydreamed; Jim carrying her onto a construction site over his shoulder as she wriggled to get loose, him growling at her with need, fondling her butt as he walked, laying her on the unfinished plywood floor and reaching for his belt, his erection starkly outlined in denim, his gorgeous blue eyes intense with need.

Sara chucked. She was writing again. Oh well.

So . . . Jim would stare at her with those eyes, a frown on his handsome face, day-old stubble darkening his angular jaw. She'd be able to hear workers still moving about. As she lay on the floor, a flush of excitement would pulse through her. God, the workers might see them having sex! Imagine that!

Sara felt her nipples pucker and inhaled sharply. She remembered a pair of bright emerald green eyes and another of deep blue watching her as she was being taken from behind, and she felt a hard, hard jolt of arousal at the memory. Jesus! Was she an exhibitionist?

She'd never had that thrill before. Sure, sex in the living room with the curtains open and the possibility of being seen was exciting, or in the pool with the potential for neighbors to see. Yet, she'd known they were pretty private. She liked displaying herself for Jim, not shy in the least about her body. Besides, he would almost always drool at her when she was naked, sending shivers of pleasure through her. She loved how he lusted after her body.

Sara was distracted as the movie ended. The memory of both girls watching her having sex with Jim was intensely exciting. It preyed on her mind. She took the girls shopping for groceries and, by five-thirty, was back home, tired and horny.

She almost swooned when, on opening the front door, a waft of bolognaise aroma filled her nose. Jesus, Jim had cooked!

"Girls!" she said sternly when they both made a break for the kitchen. "Groceries," she said, pointing back to the Toyota Camry.

"Aw, Mom," Traci moaned.

"We're tired," Kats added, despite having just shown a remarkable burst of speed when they'd smelled dinner.

"Fetch the groceries."

Sara carried her armful of shopping into the kitchen, dumped it on the floor with a sigh and grinned at the sight of Jim, apron on, seemingly every pot and pan used, empty cans of tomatoes and tomato paste on the counter and utensils littered around. He was red-stained, messy, grinning at her with two glasses of red wine in his hands, a look of pride on his face, and utterly, utterly sexy as hell, his bright blue eyes twinkling at her. Her heart skipped. He had no concept of how attractive he was. It made him even more desirable, she thought, not for the first time.

HOLDING UP TWO GLASSES of wine, I announced, "Dinner's made." Sara seemed a bit bedraggled. I wasn't surprised; the twins could have that effect. Sort of like a pair of tornadoes twirling around you in opposite directions, confusing and bewildering you. "Wine?" I offered, holding out a glass of intense, rich Amarone.

"Jesus, Jim. You're a life saver. I think I'll keep you," Sara said with smile, taking the wine with one hand, slipping her arm around my waist to hug me, and taking a sip of the intense red with a sigh.

Kats and Traci stormed into the kitchen with grocery bags in hand. They both came to a sudden halt.

"Jeez, Daddy. What happened?" Kats asked, her eyes taking in the chaos.

Traci turned to Kats. "He cooked again, twit. Can't you smell the sauce?"

Kats stared at her sister. "Yeah, I know. But . . . the mess?"

"It's Daddy you're talking about," Traci insisted with a grin.

"Okay, girls, enough of that," Sara said.

She gave me a gentle shove. "Go away, Honey. I'll clean up before we eat."

"Nope. I made the mess, I'll clean it up," I stated with authority, although, upon inspecting the damage I winced at the challenge. How exactly had I used so many dishes and implements?

Sara suggested we both do it and, with some reluctant grumblings, Kats and Traci joined in. Before I knew it, the house was filled with chatter, laughs, water being flicked from fingers, girls screaming, "not nice, Daddy," and Sara grinning at me. Her grin faded into a delightful frown when I pinched her gorgeous bottom, the girls roaring in laughter until I went after their little bums too, squeals of excitement echoing through the kitchen as they scrambled away around the kitchen table.

Dinner was a hit; the after dinner movie a chance for everyone to cuddle on the couch after some arguments over which daughter would sit next to me, the disagreement resolved when they settled to either side forcing their mother to move. I was a remarkably happy man.

"Oh. Sara? Did I mention I bought a new ratchet set?" I asked.

"What for?" Sara asked without looking away from the TV.

"Well, to fix the garage door. You see by . . ."

Sara interrupted my rehearsed excuse. "No. Don't tell me. I don't want to know," she said with a sigh and a smile, her hand rubbing my shoulder lightly with familiarity and love.

Kats leaned forward to look around me. "Daddy's tool crazy, Mom," she offered helpfully with a grin before turning back to the TV.

KATS SETTLED BACK, PULLING Daddy's arm around her, her mind on last night. She felt that tickle of horniness as she remembered diddling herself in bed after seeing Daddy and Mom having sex. Daddy's erection had surprised her. It was the first time she'd seen it, though not the first time she'd thought of it. It was much bigger than she'd imagined and the way it seemed to pulse and spurt was thrilling. Last night, as she diddled herself, she'd imagined it was Daddy caressing her pussy, his finger tickling and teasing her little button of pleasure. She'd imagined it was Daddy whispering how he wanted her, wanted to make love to her. She'd climaxed, calling out, "Daddy," involuntarily in a loud whisper when she'd imagined Daddy gently pulling her against him, his erection pulsing between her legs, spurting just like she'd seen it do. Sitting next to him now, with his big hand on her tummy, she wondered what he'd do if she pushed it down so he'd touch her there, between her legs where she ached. Kats grinned. Jeez she was naughty.

Traci wasn't following the movie. She didn't really care. She'd been unable to get an image out of mind. It had popped in when Daddy put his arm around her. His arm was large and heavy, his warm hand resting on her forearm. She could smell Daddy, too; a spicy scent. He felt so big next to her. Those things had made her think about Kats, about Kats pretending it was Daddy touching her. Traci felt a tickle of arousal at the thought. Slowly she moved Daddy's hand from her forearm to her tummy and chest, thrilled as she pretended Daddy was caressing her nipples. She squeezed her legs together, a delicious pulse of pleasure hitting her pussy. Grinning at the naughtiness of her actions and the thrill, she decided Kats had something here. Maybe she'd apologize.

Sara was horny. She could feel it, her pussy gently pulsing and labia feeling thick and swollen. She could feel the slight damp spot in her panties where she'd leaked and wished the movie would end so she could jump Jim's bones and get some relief. Why did seeing her husband with a look of pure pleasure as he held his girls to his side stir such attraction in her? Why did seeing how good Jim was to the girls make him so sexy? So loveable?

She let her mind drift back to Kats and Traci spying on her and Jim making love. A sharp jab of arousal made her clench her thighs. Jeez, she was horny. Why did she find the concept of her girls watching her and their father so, so exciting? Sara was confused by an aspect to her sexuality she'd never suspected, and somewhat afraid of, too. Would Jim be afraid if he was in the same situation? Oh God, would Jim find it as exciting? A huge throb of arousal hit her, pussy clenching and leaking as she squeezed her thighs hard.

And then a mental image popped into mind that shook her to her core.

"Uh, I'm going to take a bath, guys," she said, rising from the couch.

"Kay," Kats said, not even bothering to turn her head.

Sara left them. Jim had just smiled at her, a smile of pride as he hugged his daughters. Jeez, seeing his adoration of Traci and Kats just made him so desirable! She felt her labia rubbing together as she climbed the stairs and headed to the bedroom. As water filled the bathtub, Sara stripped. She noticed the large wet spot in the gusset of her pale pink panties when she tugged them down her legs, air feeling cool against her moist pussy. God, I need a good fuck, she thought. Slipping into the bath with a sigh, hot water enveloping her body, she lay back and closed her eyes, the tap just dribbling hot water into the tub to hold the temperature at a mild burn level. Steam filled the bathroom.

She didn't understand where this weird exhibitionist streak had come from. She analyzed it and discovered something fascinating. When she imagined strangers actually seeing her and Jim screwing, not just the possibility of being seen but actually being watched, she shuddered and embarrassment flushed through her. Sara realized she wasn't an exhibitionist, not really, not in the truest sense of the word. The risk of being seen was titillating, but that was all. So why then did the idea of the girls seeing her making love to Jim excite her so much? She didn't understand, but it did excite her, hugely. Was it because it was family? Because she knew the girls so well? Or, because it reminded her of peeking in on her parents?

And, with a groan, Sara remembered the mental image she'd had downstairs. It was terrible, awful. Her pussy clenched at the memory. She had an image of Kats and Traci climbing into her bed as she and Jim were making love, one each side of them, smiling, excited. Sara reached down to cup her aching pussy in the warm water. She felt her thick pubic bush. Out of nowhere she wondered if Jim would like her bare, shaved. Where had that come from? Her nipples puckered, small breasts feeling heavy. Would Jim like a bare pubis? Would it turn him on? She'd never shaved, but . . .

Sara caressed her clit with one hand, an aching nipple with the other. Her eyes closed. As she imagined Traci and Kats slipping into bed, Jim stroking into her, his glorious erection stretching her pussy with the tip bumping into her cervix, and twinges of sexual pain making her nipples ache. She imagined Traci nestling up to her, watching her and Jim make love. She imagined Jim leaning over and gently kissing Kats on her small mouth while thrusting into her. Closing her eyes, strumming her clit, water sloshing slightly, Sara imagined Jim moaning into Kats mouth and feeling his wonderful erection swelling inside her. She pictured Traci's excited blue eyes and a small hand tentatively touch Sara's breast. Then she saw Jim's tongue pressing at Kats' mouth, Kats opening her mouth for her daddy. Sara's body jerked, water sloshing over the side of the tub as she climaxed spontaneously, hard, hard. Her pussy clenched, legs slamming together around her stroking hand. Pleasure charged through her, her climax sudden, intense and overwhelming, so strong, bliss, bliss. And, as she crested and the waves of ecstasy ebbed, she still felt horny, aching, wanting Jim, needing him, the lingering image of her husband kissing his little girl on the lips haunting her.

I HEARD SARA CLATTERING around in the kitchen as the movie came to an end. I liked Six Days, Seven Nights. I really enjoyed the relationship and chemistry of Harrison and Anne. The end was a bit sappy but Hell, it's a romance; yeah, I'm a sap.

Having Traci and Kats snuggled to my side through the movie filled me with joy. God I loved my girls, although they seemed antsy, constantly shifting and pressing close. Oh well. What more could a proud father want? Two daughters who liked being with him? A veritable luxury.

"Okay, girls," I said with a hug. "Time for bed."

"Aw, Daddy. It's still early," Traci complained.

"Let's watch another movie, Daddy," Kats added, "It's only Saturday!"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sara appear in the doorway, wrapped in a long, thick, white terry bathrobe, her hair darkened with dampness and looking spectacularly sexy in a cuddly, gorgeous, petite sort of way. I reacted, my cock twitching. When she grinned at me, my heart and cock reacted rather strongly. Damn she was gorgeous.

"What do you think, Honey?" I asked.

"Let them watch another movie, Jim. But, I'm going to bed. I'm feeling a bit . . . you know." She smiled, softly, suggestively.

I was no dummy. I saw that smolder in her alluring green eyes; that look that talked to my penis every time. "Okay, girls, one movie then bed," I instructed, extricating myself from them and standing.

"Kay," they both chimed.

I wondered why they were both smirking. Did they know what Sara and I were planning on doing? Nah. They were eight years old. Maybe they were planning on getting into trouble. "Behave yourselves," I admonished with an attempted frown before following Sara out the door.

It was late, dark outside, yet Sara insisted we keep the bedside table lamp on. It cast a low light through our bedroom, not strong enough to penetrate the corners. I wondered why she insisted I strip and lay on the bed, head propped up on pillows. My erection had subsided slightly as I undressed.

My gorgeous wife stood a few feet away from the end of the bed, still wrapped up in her big, white bathrobe. She smiled, giving me one of those 'I'm feeling naughty' smiles, my favorite. My penis twitched as I grinned.

"I have a surprise, Honey," she said softly, her hands toying with the bathrobe belt. "Can you guess what it is?"

Hmmm. What could it be? I hoped she hadn't gone and pierced anything, she knew I didn't find body piercing attractive. Maybe a tattoo? A little teddy bear on her delectable rump? That would fun. I'd definitely have to kiss it.

"Did you get a tattoo? Maybe of a teddy bear? Right on your behind?"

"Jesus, Jim," Sara laughed, "Just when did you decide you liked tattoos?"

"I don't. But a tiny little teddy bear on your sexy bum sounds so erotic for some reason, don't you think?"

"That would turn you on?" she asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yup. Well, kissing it would. And, a little teddy bear on a cute tush? What's not to like?"

"Well, it's not that."

She gave me that sexy look again, the smoldering look that made blood flow south. The bathrobe dropped over her shoulders and fell to the floor with a soft whoosh. I was riveted. My erection came storming back. Sara had shaved her pussy, something she'd never done before. I loved her pubic bush, always had. Yet, as she stood with one knee bent, an expectant expression on her pretty face, I couldn't help but gasp. "Jesus, Sara!"

My wife was what people called petite. She was blessed with small breasts that had remained firm and upright through childbirth and breast feeding. Because of her dedication to running almost every day, she maintained a sensual slenderness to her body. I absolutely adored how she felt in my arms, so petite and delicate, yet all woman.

But my heart was thudding loudly as I stared. My erection was pulsing, gently bobbing up off my stomach as I studied her. I might have groaned. Sara looked like she was fifteen, or fourteen, or even younger! With her hairless pussy she was . . .

"That's illegal," I said. "I'm gonna be arrested just for looking at you."

"So you like it?" Sara asked with a smile.

SHE'D WATCHED JIM CAREFULLY. His magnetic blue eyes had grown large as she revealed herself. She wondered at the flush that spread to his cheeks, an extremely rare event. But, for whatever reason, she felt a surge of arousal when she saw his cock grow and strain up from his stomach. His eyes burned with appreciation and raw hunger. Sara knew she almost looked like an immature girl. She'd studied herself in the mirror after shaving her pubes and seen a child with boobs. Her slender hips only added to the illusion. But what fascinated her was her pussy. Without pubic hair, it looked almost prepubescent. Her cleft was tightly closed, inner labia not showing. Without pubic hair, her pussy looked bigger, rounder, fuller. Her vulva was so obvious between the gap at the top of her slim legs. When she saw how she looked in the mirror, she'd suddenly regretted shaving, afraid Jim would find the youthful appearance a turn-off. He was so traditional in some things.

But, standing at the end of the bed and seeing his erection straining, bobbing up and down, thick, long, and as hard as she'd ever seen it, it gave her pause. Did Jim find it attractive? A flush of arousal hit her when he groaned and spoke. He liked it!

"Jesus, Sara. I'm going to Hell. You look . . . You look . . ."

I COULDN'T FINISH THE sentence. By shaving her pubes, with her petite stature, she looked so damned desirable. It appealed to me. It appealed to a deep, dark secret, one I'd never told a soul, not even my wife; a secret kept under tight control, locked and buried deep. I liked young girls. I always had, for as long as I could remember. I found them sexually exciting. I found immaturity and innocence erotic, alluring, arousing. I'd known ever since beginning puberty what I was, and I'd buried the shame deep, keeping it under tight control. It had affected my definition of beauty, of erotic, of sexy; the reason I found Sara so appealing. And, man she looked so young, so immature, so damned desirable . . . far too close to my dark secret.

SARA SMILED AND STARTED crawling onto the bed. She had a secret that excited her. She'd left the bedroom door ajar. She wondered if she'd have an audience, her nipples aching at the thought.

Downstairs Traci and Kats were chatting in low voices while they ignored the movie playing on the TV.

"I'm sorry, Kats," Traci said. "I shouldn't have told Mom about you pretending it was Daddy touching you."

"S'okay," Kats replied. "Mom said it didn't matter."

"Would you really like it? You know, to have Daddy touch you?" Traci asked.

"Uh-huh. Daddy's like big and cuddly. He's like a big teddy bear and when he looks at me, I feel like something melts inside me," Kats whispered. She looked at her sister. "He's handsome, too. Wouldn't you like it?"

"I dunno." Traci thought about it. She wondered what it would feel like to have someone else rub her pussy. Maybe Daddy. She imagined Daddy lying next to her in bed, leaning over her, his hand caressing her tummy, slowly inching lower towards her panties as he told her how pretty she was, how much he loved her. She shivered as she imagined his fingertips slipping along the elastic waist of her panties. She'd suck in her tummy to give him room, maybe he'd bend and kiss her as his hand slipped . . .

"Do you think they're doing it? Having sex?" Kats interrupted.


"Do you think Mommy and Daddy are doing it? Having sex?" Kats repeated.

"Yeah. And yeah," Traci said, the glowing warmth of arousal making her fidget on the couch.

"Yeah what?"

"Yeah," she whispered, "I think they're doing it. And yeah, I think it'd be nice to have Daddy touching me, too." Traci shivered slightly, imagining Daddy's fingers slipping under her panties as she pulled in her tummy, his warm touch, gentle, fingers caressing, sexy blue eyes looking at her deeply, a soft warm smile on those sexy lips.

She thought back to last night, seeing Daddy's erection spurting onto Mom's bum and another tingle of arousal made her squirm on the couch. "Do you think they left their door open again?" she asked Kats.

"Maybe," Kats replied. "Wanna go see?"

"Should we?"

"Mom didn't say not to," Kats reasoned with a grin.

In the bedroom, Sara saw Jim blush harder as she slowly crawled up the bed. She'd rarely if ever seen him blush. "What's wrong?"

I FELT THE HEAT of embarrassment flush though me. My face burned. Sara looked so young, like a barely adolescent girl as she crawled on hands and knees onto the bed, her gorgeous petite breasts almost conical, topped by dark pink areolae and plump nipples that reminded me of the suction cupped tips of an old childhood bow and arrow set. She looked like pure jailbait and I'd felt a surge of desire, a deep, deep thrill.

"Jeez, Sara," I said, still more turned on than I could ever remember being. "You look so . . . sexy!"

Sara smiled. "Thanks, Sweetheart."

"No. I mean . . . Jesus, Honey, you look like a fourteen year old girl, or even younger and I'm getting turned on. I shouldn't but I am," I said in an automatic, self-protective response.

SARA PAUSED, ON ALL fours halfway up Jim's body. She glanced at his straining, pulsing erection, thick with excitement, a small thrill shaking her. She looked at his handsome face and he seemed so embarrassed still. "So," she said gently, quietly, "it excites you to think of sex with a young girl?"

A WAVE OF PANIC HIT me, my erection flagging. "Yes. NO!" Jesus, my deepest secret was close to being revealed!

SARA SAW THE PANIC in her husband's startlingly blue eyes. It surprised her. What was he so fearful of? And then, staring into his eyes, she knew. She knew. She was as sure of it as she was of his love for her. Youth sexually excited him. But, didn't teen girls excite all men? Unless . . . How young? Who? Pubescent girls? Did Jim find very young girls sexually attractive? Girls with no pubic hair? Immature girls? Prepubescent girls? Girls as young as Traci and Kats?

A shiver passed through her body.

MY ERECTION BEGAN TO wane as terror struck. I could see it in my wife's eyes. She knew! Oh God, she knew! I trembled from a wave of fear, an icy chill. I watched the smile fade on her gorgeous face, her green eyes gaining intensity, as if they were lasers baring my soul. I saw my marriage collapsing, my world disintegrating as she stared at the truth of me.

"Sara. Please! I'm so . . ."

Sara quieted me with a finger to my lips.

And then something strange happened. Sara smiled. She smiled! She climbed over me, straddling my prone body, her head bending down, small breasts touching my chest. Sara whispered in my ear, gently, very, very softly, "Me, too, Honey. It excites me, too."

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down onto me, holding tight as if she was a lifesaver, because she was.

SARA HAD SEEN THE terror in Jim's soft eyes and it had shaken her. She'd never seen Jim scared. She wondered what it must be like to carry a dark secret like that all your life. Yet, he was such a good man, such a caring and attentive father; a wonderful husband. Somehow she was absolutely convinced he'd never crossed a line with Traci and Kats, or with anyone, for that matter.

So he had a kink. Apparently, judging by the way her nipples ached, so did she.

Sara undulated on top of him, his body feeling so good under her. Rubbing the mound of her pussy on Jim's cock, Sara sighed to herself when she felt him lengthen, grow, thicken, his beautiful erection returning, his gorgeous blue eyes beginning to burn with arousal. Slipping off his body to the side she reached out and gently wrapped her hand around it, so thick, so sexy, a shiver of pleasure passing through her at how warm and hefty it was. Damn she loved it.

"Baby, you're so big," she said with a smile, shuffling down and bending to kiss the tip. His moan pleased her no end. But the reaction she was seeking, the reaction she loved so much, the sign that she turned her husband on came as she gently squeezed his rock-hard erection, a bead of clear precum oozing out of the tip.

She moaned quietly as she bent to kiss that bead, warm and silky, slippery and tasteless against her lips. Then she slowly opened her mouth and engulfed his crown. She could feel it pulsing, filling her mouth beautifully. Sara wondered if the girls were watching and a sharp jab of excitement charged from her pussy to her breasts. Her nipples ached, breasts feeling heavy, needing Jim's touch, his familiar caress. Surreptitiously she turned her head, her mouth full of Jim's cock. She stroked it slowly to distract him and peeked into the mirror that reflected the bedroom door.

A deep, deep shudder hit her. She felt moisture slip from her pussy. In the mirror, a pair of emerald green eyes watched, accompanied by a pair of deep blue eyes. Why did it excite her so much? She decided she didn't care as she slipped Jim's cock from her mouth and moved up over him, swinging her leg across him.

SARA ALMOST MADE MY eyes cross as she sucked my cock. The squeeze she gave the shaft made me throb and ache. But seeing her climb up over me, her slender body, her hairless pussy, and her small firm breasts all made it seem like I was a teenager again; that delicious thrill of sex with a young adolescent girl, the intense arousal at seeing a girl's body for the first time.

As she straddled my hips, holding my shaft with one hand, she glanced up at me, smiled a sexy, sexy smile, and slipped my crown along her bare cleft. Jesus, it looked like I was about to fuck a twelve year old, her pussy so smooth, so hairless. Shudders shook me as the silky warmth of Sara's labia parted to hug the tip of my erection. I left a trail of precum in her cleft then felt warm moisture, the tip nestled to her vagina.

HER BODY TREMBLING, SARA murmured, "Jeez, you're so hard, Jim." Her first urge was to slam her pussy down, shove Jim's erection deep, have his glorious erection pound into the ache she felt deep inside. But a charge of pure lust tore through her when she remembered she had an audience, a young audience, Oh God, her girls were watching!

She pressed down slowly, his wonderful erection stretching her. "So good," she whispered, loud enough for the girls to hear. A tremor of arousal shook her again. "This feels so good." She felt Jim's crown slowly, slowly oozing into her entrance, stretching her beautifully. Almost shaking now, she tightened her pussy, clenching to make herself tighter. She pushed down, Jim's erection stretching her pussy, stretching to the point of pain. Sara gasped when his large crown popped in. Jim groaned and reached out to grip her waist.

"So big, Honey," Sara said softly. "Is it good? Do I feel good? Do you like me hairless?" Sara whispered even more quietly, "Does it make you think of the girls?"

She felt him swell, heard him groan, and, with a sigh of pure pleasure, Sara sank on his erection, felt the crown burrow deep, spreading her inside as it pushed deeper and deeper, getting closer to the ache. A blinding flash of pleasure hit when her buttocks rested on his groin, her clit rubbing against his pubic hair.

She shuddered when he swelled inside her, his tip pressed to her cervix, so deep. Rising, one hand holding herself up, the other squeezing her aching breast, she felt emptiness in her pussy as Jim's thick erection slipped out. Sara slammed down, a pulse of exquisite pain hitting her when his crown thumped into her deepest part.

"Yesss, beautiful, Honey," she moaned and did it again.

Her world narrowed. All she felt was the incredible, incredible fullness of Jim's amazing cock, the stabs of pleasure every time her clit pounded into his groin, the exquisite pain of his crown hitting her end. Her world narrowed, need building, an urge, pressure. She fucked Jim, long strokes, rising, slamming down, pleasure, pleasure. Tweaking her nipples, she remembered two pairs of eyes watching, the thought driving her passion higher.

"God, Jim. You're so good," she whispered. "I love your cock, Baby. Harder, fuck me harder." Leaning down, she kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, moaning as he started fucking her hard, his large hands guiding her hips, setting a faster pace.

Out of nowhere she remembered Traci's comment; Kats pretending it was her dad touching her pussy as she masturbated. Sara felt her pussy clench around Jim's hard thrusting cock. Would she have liked her dad to touch her? She tried to picture herself with Dad, alone in her bed, sitting astride Dad, Dad making love to her, not with Mom; Dad whispering how much he loved her, having sex with Dad, making Dad feel good. She imagined Jim's erection was Dad's, thrusting into her, fucking her, fucking her, Oh God, Daddy fucking me!

Sara gasped, collapsing on Jim, her pussy cramped, legs thrusting out, rigid as she shoved her pussy down on Jim's erection. Her climax crashed over her. "Cumming Daddy!" she gasped involuntarily, her arms desperately hugging Jim, humping his beautiful erection, cumming hard, cumming for you, Daddy.

I CAME SPONTANEOUSLY. MY erection swelled and semen charged up my aching shaft to explode into Sara's clenching pussy. Pleasure, like a sudden summer storm, crashed violently through me, her gasp thundering into me. I growled, grabbed her compact ass, withdrew and shoved myself deep, banging against her cervix as I exploded again, cum spurting, deep, deep, warmth bathing my crown as a massive wave of pleasure hit. "Oh Jesus!" I gasped. Another surge took control. I strained as I exploded again, deep, deep inside Sara. The dam opened. With short desperate thrusts, holding her rear tight, I fucked Sara hard, cumming wildly into my wife, thrusting and spurting in an intensely pleasurable orgasm, my ears ringing, heart pounding, straining to deposit every last bit of cum in her incredible pussy.

Sara was the first to move. She groaned as she pulled her pussy off my cock. A flood of warm semen dripped onto my groin as she slipped to my side.

"Wow. That was intense," she said.

I couldn't think straight, my heart was still pounding from one of the most intense orgasms I could remember. I should have been blissfully relaxed, bathing in a post-orgasmic glow. I should have been cuddling with Sara, nuzzling into her and letting sexually exhausted sleep creep in. But I wasn't.

I couldn't.

A gasp was echoing through my head over and over; "Cumming, Daddy," played endlessly. Even now, even sexually drained, I felt a tug inside me for some reason. I wondered, had Sara had sex with her father? Did she just let a secret escape? I wanted to ask. But, I didn't want to know, either. I found the concept unsettling. I should have been horrified. I should have been shocked at the idea alone. I should have.

But I wasn't, the memory of spontaneously climaxing when I heard Sara gasp it was strong. I'd reacted viscerally to it. It had been uncontrollable. That was a shock. What was even more shocking was, in my post-orgasmic state, when my sexual hunger should have been at its lowest, I felt a twinge, a hint of excitement at the idea of Sara having an incestuous relationship with her father. Why?

"Should we talk?" I asked in a soft voice.

Sara rolled into my side, her knee slipping over my thigh, her chin resting on my chest, bright green eyes looking at me. Man I loved her. So damned sexy. Her hand caressed my lower stomach, a glint appearing in her eyes.

"Did it excite you?" she asked softly.

My gut reaction was to deny, admission being too dangerous. But she'd seen the truth of me. I knew it. Sara knew.

"Yes," I whispered. "It did."

She smiled. "Me, too."

"Did you ever . . . you know . . . with your father?" I asked as I tried to imagine it, feeling a stab of arousal. Had she? If she did, how old was she when she did?

She studied me, her eyes peering deep into me. She smiled again. "No, Jim. I never did. But, had I been given a chance, would I? Probably. I was a Daddy's girl. He was big and handsome. I loved him more than anyone else in the world when I was growing up."

A shudder shook me.

"Did you ever imagine it? Did you ever pretend?" I asked.

She smiled, a soft smile. "Yes, and I just did again. Didn't you hear me? Does that excite you?"

Her hand slid softly down my stomach to touch me.

"Ooh. It does."

I moaned quietly, finding it hard to understand why I was so turned on by the idea of my wife having sex with her father, why incest seemed so alluring, so arousing. Sara's hand gently surrounded my cock. She gave it a small squeeze.

"I actually saw Mom and Dad making love when I was young. I think I was so jealous of Mom. I never knew if Dad saw me spying on them. Oh, does that excite you? Me, a little girl spying on Dad, seeing him naked, having sex?" she asked, feeling my cock swell.

"Yes," I whispered. "It excites me."

"Well then, my love, I have news for you," Sara whispered, a smile growing, her green eyes gaining intensity. She stared at me, holding my cock. "Traci and Kats have been watching us."

I groaned. My cock swelled. Despite having cum, I became erect, aroused, horny. Our girls seeing us?

Sara smiled harder, her hand gently, rhythmically squeezing my erection. "They watched us tonight, Jim. They saw me sucking your cock. They saw us having sex, their daddy screwing their mommy. They watched, Jim. Does that excite you? Would you like to make love again? Are you horny, Baby? Are you horny, Daddy?"

I groaned loudly. Sara giggled and squeezed my erection. "It's big, Daddy."

Too much. Growling, I rolled Sara onto her back, leaning over to kiss her. She dug her knee under me, her hands urging me to mount her, her sexy eyes bright with arousal. "Yes, Daddy," she whispered with a giggle.

DOWN THE HALL, KATS sighed and humped her pillow, scrubbing her clit against it. She replayed seeing Mom hunching on top of Daddy, his erection sliding in and out, their moans and sighs of pleasure. Hugging the pillow harder, she humped it, her bum flexing under soft cotton panties, Daddy holding her tight, Daddy moaning and sighing with pleasure from her body. She humped harder, pressing her pussy into the pillow, imagining Daddy whispering how much he loved her, how good she felt, how excited he was. Breath puffed out faster. Kats turned her face into the sheets. She imagined Daddy whispering to her, "Gonna cum, Baby, Daddy's gonna cum." Moaning, Kats felt her climax storm into her, a rush of pure pleasure swamping her. Her legs straightened as her body jerked, a pulse of pleasure storming her pussy. Her body jerked again as she squeezed the pillow between her thighs, cumming Daddy, cumming. Eyes squeezed shut, Kats climaxed hard, crying out silently to her daddy, her orgasm washing over her to gently fade away, leaving her breathless, the best cum ever. Without moving, her little heart beating, Kats let herself drift into a beautiful sleep.

Across the room, under the covers, Traci was diddling herself, her hand under her panties, spreading moist arousal on her little clit. For the first time she pictured Daddy's face leaning over her as he gently touched her, whispering how sexy she was, how pretty, how much he wanted her. She trembled imagining seeing Mom smile in encouragement, "Go ahead, Traci. Kiss your dad. He wants you."

Traci moaned silently, squeezing her thighs together, beautiful pressure on her pussy. Her fingertip diddled her hard clit faster, her heart speeding up. She could see Daddy lean over her, his smile, his sexy blue eyes. She could see him bend close, whisper, "I need you, Baby, Daddy needs you. You're so pretty, so sexy." She diddled herself faster, fingertip moving side-to-side, hips twitching. She felt it, the beginning of her climax, heaviness in her groin, aches in her nipples. She pictured Daddy's expression, desire and need. She heard him whisper, "You're so beautiful, Traci. I need to make love to you. I want you so much." She saw in her mind Daddy bending, his lips nearing. Her hips hunched rhythmically. She pictured Daddy kissing her gently, heard his moan of desire, felt his tongue touch her lips and, as she imagined opening her mouth to Daddy, his big warm hand holding her pussy, her climax slammed into her, pleasure charging through her, pussy clenching, pelvis arching off the bed, clit aching, bliss, bliss, cumming Daddy, oh, cumming.

MORNING SUN WARMED THE sheet covering me. I didn't want to wake up. Please, just a few minutes more, I pleaded. But the radiant warmth was too much. Groaning in frustration I rolled over. Cracking my eyes open, I cursed the brightness, noticed the bed empty next to me, heard sounds from down stairs, remembered last night, got an erection, and then flushed hot with embarrassment. Sara knew!

Had I really been turned on by Sara looking so damned young with her shaved pussy? Had I really cum so damned hard from Sara pretending I was her father? Why? Oh God! Had the twins really seen us making love? Did they hear Sara?

In the harsh light of day, without the soft buffer of arousal fogging rationality, as I let my deep secret peek out, I felt myself slipping into panic. The bedroom door opened and Sara, looking so sexy in her sweats and tee, slipped in, a big, radiant smile greeting me.

"Hey, Big Boy," she said, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, her hand finding and caressing my bare shoulder, intoxicating green eyes shining with love. "Well, last night was exciting, wasn't it?" she asked before bending to kiss my lips gently, her silken hair falling over my face, minty breath wafting over me.

I smiled, combing my fingers through her thick blond hair. I felt a need for confession, to get worry off my shoulder. I felt mildly unsettled, not because of last night and what might have transpired in the heat of passion between us. No. It was a preadolescent looking pussy and "Daddy" whispered in my ear and the impact it had had on me. It was the truth of me, still unspoken, unexplained. "I think we need to talk," I suggested.

"You're right. Of course we should," Sara replied. "I'll go get the girls."

My heart thumped suddenly. "No!" I said, restraining her with a hand on her arm as she made to rise. "I didn't mean that."

"Sweetheart," she said, cupping my face, "don't you think the girls deserve honesty? Something happened last night, Jim. A truth was revealed. I can't deny an aspect of my sexuality appeared that I'd not really been aware of. And," her thumb caressed my unshaven cheek, remarkable green eyes looked at me deeply, a soft smile emerging, "I think I learned something about you, too. Very exciting, Honey."

"Sara, I can't. Not the girls, please. I can't talk about this sort of thing in front of them," I pleaded. It was difficult enough to talk to Sara about it. My heart pounded with fear, embarrassment, and something more, terror? It felt like it. I just couldn't imagine the horror in my girls faces when they found out my secret, that their Daddy liked little girls; that he was a monster underneath.

SARA LOOKED INTO JIM'S and saw true discomfort, a man battling. She sighed to herself. He was a bit of a traditionalist in some things, insisting he hold doors open for her, seat her at a table before sitting himself. She loved that about him. It was a dichotomy to his fervent feminist beliefs, equality of the sexes, and that his girls could and should be able to do anything they wanted in life.

Clearly he wasn't comfortable with what she'd discovered last night, that both she and Jim had a quirk, a side to their sexual fantasies neither had realized.

She bent and kissed his lips gently.

"Okay, Honey. Let's talk about it later. Now, time to get up for breakfast, don't you think?" She gave him a smile and rose. "I'll make breakfast while you shower and dress," she added at the bedroom door.

Entering the kitchen, the twins looked up at her from the table. "So?" Traci asked hopefully.

"Will he?" Kats asked.

"Your father's not there yet. You're both going to have to wait while I work on him."

Traci and Kats faces showed their disappointment.

Sara grinned at them. That morning she'd had a very interesting talk with the girls as Jim slept. Yes, very, very interesting. Sitting at the kitchen table, she'd discussed seeing them last night. She'd been surprised when Traci blushed as she talked about pretending Daddy was touching her, just like Kats did. But Kats surprised her even more, her face beet red as she admitted to riding her pillow, pretending she was on top of Daddy, "Just like you, Mom." Sara's reaction was surprising, even for her. She felt herself getting horny, her nipples aching. She'd clamped her thighs together when a pulse of arousal hit her pussy, her breath catching in her throat as she'd pictured Kats riding Jim. Good God. Imagine that!

Sara had decided to have an open and honest conversation with Jim, both girls present. But his hesitation, his discomfort with this side to his sexuality had prevented it. He seemed fearful. Was it because of how illicit it was? Or, was it because it was his little girls? Sara smiled at Kats and Traci, a plan forming in her mind.

"Okay girls, here's what we're going to do." Soft voices, giggles, and laughter filled the kitchen.

As the week progressed, Sara went shopping, hunting for something specific, her mind on how to help Jim overcome his hesitation, his fear. On Sunday night she'd raised the subject of Kats and Traci and he'd flushed and shut down, "I can't, Honey, I just can't." He seemed genuinely scared of how he felt and she saw a tinge of shame in his fear.

Monday he left for a job site, the final client inspection of a new office complex, and was due back on Friday. Sara was lonely in bed, but the twins kept her occupied as they raged around her, pestering her with questions about sex, Daddy, and more.

On Thursday she finally found what she'd been looking for. When she did, a spike of arousal hit her so hard she'd rushed home to masturbate just to relieve the pressure.

Friday found Kats and Traci screaming in laughter after school as they inspected each other, Sara looking on with a smile.

Yes. That would do quite nicely. "Remember," she reminded the twins, both grinning and nodding in excitement.

I CAME HOME ON Friday to three very attractive grinning ladies. It made me smile, but also made me wonder what was going on. They refused to tell. Throughout the evening I was privileged to have a beautiful girl, my wife, near, hugging me, kissing my cheek, telling me she loved me. Sara smiled and caressed my cheek, kissing me gently with love in her beautiful green eyes. Kats and Traci seemed like orbiting planets, every-so-often nearing me to hug, smile, "Luv ya, Daddy."

The girls had dressed identically as well, jeans, Keds, no socks, white t-shirts. If it wasn't for their different eye color, I'd have been hard pressed to tell them apart. And, through the evening, they both kept grinning at me when I'd look at them. Sara was no better, smiling with an 'I've got a secret' look. I was beginning to realize something was up with the ladies in my house.

My suspicions strengthened when, after the movie, I told the girls it was bed time and they accepted it without complaint. That was just too strange. An hour later we retired, too.

"What gives?" I asked Sara as we cleaned up the den, still bemused at the hugs, kisses, and grins from the twins.

"They must be tired, Jim."

I was down to my boxers when Sara came out of the bathroom dressed in an oversized t-shirt; gorgeous bare legs and feet, thick pony tail and intense green eyes glittering. She slinked up to me, nestling into my arms, sighing while pressing her petite body into me.

"I missed you this week, Honey," she said, a hand rising to cup my cheek.

"Me, too," I answered, bending my head to kiss her, reaching down to hold two seductive buttocks, gorgeous buttocks. Wow, no panties!

Sara sighed as she broke the kiss. "I have a surprise," she said softly, pulling away from me. She smiled, my heart aching. "Come," she said, taking my hand. "Quiet, okay?"

Somewhat confused I let her lead me into the hall and to the girl's bedroom door. She turned. "Shhh," she warned with a finger to her lips. Cracking the door open, a slight squeak from the hinge, Sara led me in, light from the hallway brightening the room. Traci and Kats were asleep, both under their quilts, small mounds in their twin-sized beds. We'd discussed giving them separate rooms, but for some reason, the twins wouldn't hear of it.

Sara, still holding my hand, led me to Traci's bed. Traci was sleeping front down, her face turned to the wall, arms under her pillow, blond curls spread over the pillow. Sara glanced at me, smiled and indicated for me to be silent, again.

Letting my hand go, she reached for the quilt about half way down and slowly pulled it aside revealing Traci's lower half. Traci wore an oversized t-shirt, her slender bare legs on view, ankles and feet still covered.

"Look, Honey," Sara whispered, her hand reaching out to lift the edge of the t-shirt.

Slowly she pulled the t-shirt up, revealing more and more of Traci's slender little thighs. I felt my penis stir awake, the first sign of an imminent erection. Suddenly the glorious upsweep of a buttock appeared. I realized I was holding my breath as, with Sara's green eyes watching me, an expectant smile of excitement on her beautiful face, Traci's naked little bottom was uncovered; no panties, just pure naked eight-year-old buttocks, perfect, rounded, smooth, and intensely sexy. I was holding my breath. Stunning, simply gorgeous.

Breath whooshed out at the next sight. Jesus Christ! On the upper side of her little left buttock Traci had a tattoo! A tiny teddy bear tattoo! My erection stormed in, penis thickening and extending, tenting my boxers. I saw Sara notice it and smile. Looking back at Traci's sexy bum I trembled. I couldn't remember seeing anything so sexy.

"Jim," Sara whispered. "Go look at Kats," she said with a nod towards Kats bed.

Like a zombie I moved across the room, staring down at my little girl asleep in her bed, blond hair sprayed across the pillow, small pretty face relaxed in sleep. My hand trembled as I reached out, my erection straining, bobbing. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was uncovering my sleeping child, my little girl. Taking the edge of the quilt, I lifted it gently, holding my breath. Kats bare legs appeared, slender, then the rise of her sweet bum. Laying the quilt aside, I reached for the edge of her oversized cotton t-shirt, a twin of Traci's.

My hand shook as I slowly drew the edge up exposing Kats' incredibly smooth thighs and, with my heart pounding, the beginning rise of spectacular little buttocks. Dizziness stormed in when I exposed her incredible young bum. There! Right there on Kats' right buttock she had a tiny teddy bear tattoo.

My body shook as Sara hugged me from behind, pressing her body against me, her hand slipping down my stomach and under the waistband to grasp my erection.

"Isn't it sexy?" she asked with a whisper and a gentle squeeze.

Sexy? Fuck me! I heard my moan. I felt precum oozing out and onto my boxers. I was dizzy, horny, excited, and could not tear my eyes from the amazing sight of Kats' sweet little naked bum. I wanted to caress those amazing buttocks, feel them in my palm, see how small they were, how firm. I wanted to trace that little valley, explore it with a fingertip, and follow it down to between her slender thighs. I trembled I was so horny.

A groan rumbled in my chest when Sara gripped my erection harder. I couldn't resist. I couldn't. Bending, I kissed the teddy bear lightly, Kats' silky soft skin cool against my lips, the aroma of little girl filling my senses. I let my lips linger, my little girl's bum feeling exceptionally good. I so wanted to fondle her.

"Come, Honey," Sara whispered, leading me by my erection, silently closing the twins' bedroom door.

SARA'S BODY WAS SHAKING, her pussy pulsing, moisture damp and cool on her. She'd never seen anything so sexy, never. Watching Jim bend and kiss Kats' bottom was electrifying. God she needed to fuck. Now! She turned to kiss him.

Jim was forceful, something he rarely was unless extremely aroused. She loved how he thrust his tongue onto her mouth with a growl, his large hands fondling her aching breasts, pinching her nipples, sparks of sensual pain. She loved how he pulled the back of her t-shirt up and fondled her rear, caressing her buttocks. Jim was all man, guiding her backwards into their bedroom, his hard erection pressed into her stomach. He tore her t-shirt off over her head.

She reached between them and yanked his boxers down before grasping his erection, thick, hard, so hard.

He growled again. She felt a surge of arousal, a flush of slippery moisture leak from her pussy as his hard erection leaked precum onto her hand. Another thrill went through her when he backed her up against the bedroom wall, his tongue thrusting, gorgeous blue eyes hot with need. He caressed her breasts, her heart pounding. Jesus she needed him. She needed that thick cock in her desperately.

Before she could move, Jim broke the kiss and physically turned her to face the wall, pressing her against its coolness. They weren't even going to make it to the bed! She felt his hot erection aligned with her butt crack and squeezed her buttocks, thrilled with Jim's moan. As his cock slipped down she curled her rear, shuddering as the wet tip of his erection slipped across her anus to nestle to her pussy.

"Oh God!" burst from her when Jim fucked into her; no preliminaries, no foreplay, no gentleness, just raw sex, his cock stretching her pussy, thrusting deep, deep. Jesus he was turned on. She couldn't remember him ever being so forceful.

She curled her ass to get him deeper. "Yessss, fuck me, Daddy," she whispered, shoving back. His hand held her slim waist, pleasure flushing through her as he started fucking her, long strokes, his hard erection stretching her pussy. She curled her ass more. "Deeper, Daddy," she encouraged.

Suddenly, Jim pulled out of her, a feeling of emptiness and need coursing through her. Sara felt her nipples ache. Jim grabbed her and twisted her around. She gasped at the fire of arousal in his eyes. Smiling, she jumped, arms wrapping around his neck, legs wrapping around his waist. She kissed him, hard, moaning into his mouth as his erection found her pussy, pressing, pressing, stretching her gloriously as it inched in.

Jim, carrying her, his cock buried in her, moved backwards, collapsing back onto the bed. Sara was inflamed, so horny, so horny. She started riding him, fucking Jim, fucking hard, need driving her higher. She fucked Jim harder, slamming down on his beautiful erection, an ache deep inside her pussy. She fucked him, riding him hard, nipples aching, need to cum, need to cum.

She pictured him bending to kiss Kats' bottom. Pleasure erupted.

"Oh God! Cumming, Daddy!" Her climax exploded, bliss slamming into her. She fucked Jim, her pussy clenching. Suddenly she heard Jim cry out. Hot wetness flooded her, Jim cumming! She cried out, fucking his spurting cock, her pussy clenching, pleasure punishing her body, her orgasm washing over her, God cumming Baby, cumming!

I WAS IN A rage of lust, fucking Sara, fucking Sara, the images of two gorgeous sexy little bums with matching teddy bears driving my lust. I heard Sara calling me Daddy, felt her pussy clench and, with a roar, my orgasm exploded, cock swelling, semen burning up to burst into her pussy. I growled as pleasure tore through me, Sara calling me Daddy again. Hauling her slender hips down, I buried my erection deep, pressing hard against her end as my cock swelled, semen exploding, bliss, bliss. The dam opened. I fucked her with short desperate strokes, cumming in her, spurting, cumming, picturing two sweet little naked bottoms. I came hard, viciously, spurting as if expelling my insides, stomach cramping. I came. I came hard.

TWO DOORS DOWN AND across the hall Kats was sighing. Her index finger gently diddled her aching clit. The memory of Daddy kissing her bum was strong. She wanted to feel it again.

"Is it time?" Traci asked.

"Mom said to wait fifteen minutes."

"Has it been fifteen minutes?"

"I dunno." Kats replied.

"Let's go!"


Sara gently rolled to the side of Jim. Sex had been short and furious and extremely satisfying. She smiled, knowing it was the sight of Kats' and Traci's tattooed little bums that had driven him wild. They were sexy, too, she thought. Movement caught her eye. Turning, she saw the twins at the door, grins of excitement on their pretty faces. Sara nodded and held up the bed covers in invitation.

I THINK I MIGHT have passed out briefly after cumming, my face buried in a soft pillow. But feeling Sara's rear pressed to my side, I turned and spooned her, an automatic reaction. She fit perfectly, her sexy ass at my groin. I let her take my hand and pull it around her. As I groped her, I was somewhat confused. What part of her was I groping? It seemed cool, gently rounded, firm, silky, petite, and as I explored, a perfect handful, too. Fingertips found a snug little valley. Huh?

Jesus, it felt like . . .

It was wrong. It was just wrong how I got another erection so fast, a painful erection, hard and aching just from the understanding that hit me. It was wrong.

It was wrong how Sara's hand gently guided my hand. It was wrong when I heard a giggle, not Sara. It was even worse when I realized how sexy it was. It was wrong and I just didn't care. Groping one of my little girl's sexy naked buttocks was far, far more exciting than I'd ever dreamed. I heard another giggle and felt Sara shake with laughter at my deep, deep groan. I couldn't believe I was actually touching a naked eight-year-old's bum; a long-held secret dream of mine.

I felt a little bottom, a fantastic little bum. It jiggled as the little girl that it was attached to giggled again. My erection thrummed, forcing its way between Sara's thighs to slide along a warm, cum-slickened pussy. I raised my head from the pillow and peeked over Sara's shoulder. A pair of sparkling blue eyes peered back at me, big smile, and behind, a pair of emerald green twinkling. Glancing down to my hand I shuddered at the sight of my hand under her T-shirt, feeling up my little girl. Fuck. Gorgeous.

"Jeeesuuus, Sara," I whispered reverently.

"I know. Cute, huh?" Sara squeezed her thighs together, tight on my erection. "Okay, girls," she continued, "Daddy needs to inspect your teddy bears . . ."

"Kay!" Kats said enthusiastically.

". . . and then shower time," Sara continued.

"But we showered this morning, Mom," Traci interjected.

"Not with us you didn't," Sara responded.

"Jeeesuuus," I groaned, my erection throbbing between Sara's thighs.

Sara shoved her rear back against me. "Get up, Honey," she urged. "Okay girls, just like we talked about."

SARA SMILED TO HERSELF. She knew Jim's little quirks, his strongest being a love of asses. He was a butt man through and through, always groping hers, waking her up by kissing her buttocks, caressing her cheeks whenever he could, and sliding his erection between them often. He'd been groping her rear for more than twelve years and would probably never stop, she thought with pleasure. Yes, she knew his quirks.

I ROLLED OUT OF bed at Sara's insistence, mind churning, erection strong, and so aroused I didn't even feel embarrassed at having my cock on display in front of the twins. Talked about? Sara and the girls talked? Lordy.

And then I groaned, deeply. I fell off the cliff, letting my deep secret out to run rampant. I couldn't stop it, nor did I want to.

Kats and Traci rose up onto their hands and knees, little T-shirt covered bums in the air. As if they'd rehearsed for synchronized swimming, two heads turned to look back at me over small shoulders, two massively attractive grins, two startling pairs of eyes glistening with excitement and mischief.

"Wanna see?" Traci asked with a bum wiggle.

I groaned. My erection strained.

"Daddy?" Kats asked as I stood frozen at the sight of two shapely tiny eight-year-old bums under cotton tees.


SARA WATCHED, SECRETLY THRILLED with Jim's stunned immobility, his erection gently pulsing. His blue eyes were so intense, riveted to his daughters. She smiled and felt a twinge of arousal. A wicked thought entered her aroused mind. She grinned, reaching out to Traci's hem.

"Look, Honey," she said softly, "isn't it beautiful?"

She loved Jim's moan, a deep agonizing moan.

A WAVE OF SEXUAL heat flushed through me, eyes riveted on Sara's hand as it rose along the back of Traci's slender thigh, catching the edge of Traci's t-shirt. I knew what I was going to see. I knew from earlier the girls wore no panties. I knew I was going to see a sight I'd dreamed about in my deepest fantasies; a naked prepubescent bottom framing an immature, hairless little pussy, and the anticipation was painful. I watched the hem rise and I think I grunted when it slipped over a delectable little rump.

My eyes were locked on the sight of Traci's perfectly hairless pussy framed by two slender thighs, her labia rounded and full, a tight little slit, and, God, the tiny bump of her clitoris peeking out at me. I was hypnotized by the sight of my eight-year-old's rear, so incredibly sexy, far, far better than I'd ever imagined.

"Beautiful, isn't it, Honey?" Sara said softly.

Traci's smile broadened and she wiggled her bum at me.

"See, Daddy? Teddy bear!"

"Me, too, Mom. Show Daddy mine!" Kats urged, wiggling her bum as well.


Kats compact little bum was incredible, small, rounded buttocks, a seductive plump pussy oozing out between little thighs. I saw another difference, too. Kats' tiny cleft was tightly closed, full labia narrowing into a tiny shadowed indent that led to her little vagina, but no clitoris peeking.

My heart was pounding, erection throbbing. I was frozen. My mind was overwhelmed at actually seeing not one, but two perfect prepubescent naked little girls. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I'd actually see a naked bum and pussy, never. Yet here I was, presented with two and I didn't know what to do!

SARA SMILED TO HERSELF at Jim's stunned immobility. She could tell how horny the sight of his two little girls was making him, his erection bobbing up and down. She felt a pulse of arousal in her pussy as she remembered picturing Jim kissing his girls. With the pulse, she felt Jim's semen flow out of her, hot; need to clean up. Now for stage two, getting Jim to touch his little girls.

"T-shirt's off, girls. Time for a shower," she announced, rolling out of bed.

Giggles filled the air as Traci and Kats collapsed and scrambled off the bed, T-shirts shed, seductive little bums shaking as they ran to the bathroom. Sara smiled at their enthusiasm. Her chat with the girls had been fascinating, their attention rapt as she explained how having someone you love touch you was a million times better than touching yourself.

"No!" Kats had gasped. "Really?"

Traci had immediately added, "So, because I love Daddy, it would feel better if he touched me," she looked down at her crotch, nodding, "there?"

Sara, horny and excited at the discussion of intimacy with Jim, herself and her girls, had smiled and replied, "Your pussy? You bet. And even better if he kissed you there."

Both girls had gawped at her, eyes wide. Then a storm of giggles had followed, Kats blushing a bright red.

Rising from the bed, Sara moved to Jim, still frozen in place. She slipped one arm around his waist, the other hand reaching to hold his erection gently. "Shower, Honey? I'm leaking your cum. And you have two girls eagerly awaiting. They said something about wanting their daddy to wash them." She giggled to herself when Jim shuddered, his erection swelling in her hand.

"Jeeesuus, Sara!"

I FELT LIKE I was about to cum. Suddenly the sound of the shower was heard. For the first time I was actually glad Sara had insisted on such a big shower when we remodeled.

I watched my wife's beautiful green eyes glisten, a sexy smile appear. God I loved her. Bending, I groped her spectacular bum and kissed her hard, pulling her petite body to me.

She broke the kiss with a gasp. "Not yet, Baby. Shower, remember? Girls? Washing?"

Fuck. Was I really going to touch my little girls? Was I really going to be able to feel what a prepubescent pussy felt like? A seductive little bum? Was my wife really encouraging this? How could any man be so lucky?

I followed Sara's sexy, undulating rump into the bathroom and promptly became distracted by two cute little girls, blond hair darkened from the shower, two massively attractive grins, and, Jesus, two hairless little pussies filling their groins. My heart palpitated at the thought of touching them. Sara took my hand and led me into the shower.

"Okay, girls," Sara said with firmness, "remember, gently, all right?"

Gently what?

To the sound of shy giggles, Traci and Kats soaped up their hands and wrapped them around my erection, one hand finding my balls. Their giggles stopped suddenly when my erection swelled painfully. It was spontaneous and uncontrollable. With just a touch from two eight-year-olds, I came.

I saw stars as a long rope of semen exploded to land on Traci's cheek, pleasure crashing into me. Traci jerked in surprise, forcing my erection away. My second hard, hard explosion hit Kats chest, pleasure punishing me. I swelled again as Kats grip suddenly increased on my erection, semen barrelling up my shaft to erupt, a long arch of cum spurting over Kats' shoulder, pleasure, pleasure. Then Sara's hand joined the girls.

"Like this," she said, guiding their hands up and down my shaft.

I became weak in the knees as the most perfect ladies in my life stroked me off to an intense, intense climax, spurting painfully, my eyes riveted on the semen on my little girls' bodies. I came hard, trembling as my climax passed.

SARA WAS CAUGHT OFF guard, surprised when Jim came. Jeez he must have been far more excited than she'd anticipated. But the sight of his cum on her girls sent a shockwave of lust through her. That's my husband's semen! That's their Daddy's cum on them! She clamped her thighs together as she guided the girls' hands, stroking Jim's pulsing erection. Then, surprising her, she pictured her husband's sexy cock spitting semen onto her girl's hairless pussies, his erection seemingly huge next to their little pussies, thick white cum covering their slits, and Sara climaxed, her body shaking as pleasure flowed through her, thighs clamped tight, pussy pulsing, nipples aching. She bowed her head, water coursing down over her, shaking as her orgasm flowed, pleasure pulsing, her chest flushing red.

There was a pause in the shower. The twins were staring at Daddy's penis as it slowly deflated, still amazed at seeing it spit out semen. Traci's hand left Daddy's penis and wiped at his cum on her cheek, hot and thick, slowly slipping down. She tested its texture between her fingers, slippery.

Kats shuddered slightly at the feel of Daddy's cum sliding down her chest, warm. Her mind was still replaying seeing his erection swell and spurt, so exciting. She felt a twinge of arousal in her pussy, a desire to touch herself, rub, caress her clit. And then it got better.

Daddy soaped up his hands and started washing her. She saw Mom washing Traci then became distracted when Daddy's hands washed down over her bum, his fingertips slipping between her buttocks. She grabbed his other arm and held on as his fingertips slid lower, rasping across her bum hole. She sighed when his hand moved back up, caressing her bum then her back.

Looking up, she saw his intense blue eyes sparkling, a smile, love shining. She trembled. Daddy so handsome. Daddy touching me. And then it got better. Daddy turned her slightly and his hand washed her front. No, not washed, caressed, teasing her achy nipples, sliding over her tummy. She inhaled sharply when his hand moved lower. Yes, Daddy! She moved her feet apart to give him room and sighed as his big warm hand slipped over her pussy, so good, Daddy. She couldn't help pressing her pussy into his hand, looking up at him, gorgeous sexy blue eyes. I love you, Daddy, she thought as a fingertip caressed her slit, slipping between her lips, touching her clit. Her hips twitched and she held onto his arm harder.

"Okay, Kats?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded. "Again. Rub me again."

A tremor pulsed through her when Daddy's fingertip slipped over her clit. Suddenly he was caressing her clit, her hips moving, shoving her pussy against Daddy's hand, rubbing, clit pulsing, clit pulsing.

"Uh," she gasped at the sudden burst of pleasure.

She held his arm feeling weak. Her hips jerked. "Uh." And, as Daddy caressed her clit, her climax hit full force. "Daddy!" she gasped. Suddenly she felt weak in the knees. Pleasure crashed into her, climax exploding, Daddy touching me, Daddy caressing me, Daddy rubbing my pussy! Joy blossomed, heat flushing through her, cumming Daddy! She trembled, eyes closing as wave after wave made her jerk, hips thrust, cumming Daddy!

Sara watched her husband bring Kats to orgasm, touching her, stroking gently, his eyes soft, caring, a look of wonder in them. She watched her husband fondle her daughter with an expression of awe, saw his love, and saw the amazing sight of an eight-year-old girl climaxing. She'd never seen anything so sexy, so arousing. Seeing a father caress a daughter made her wish she'd experienced it with her dad. It looked so loving! And, as she drowned in the sexy, sexy sight, arousal stormed back at her.

"Jim," she whispered. She shuddered when intense blue eyes looked at her. She saw adoration and amazement in those sexy eyes. Sara nodded at Traci, felt a bolt of arousal at the smile that grew on Jim's face.

I LOOKED AT TRACI. She stood wide-eyed in amazement. As Sara wrapped her arms around Kats, I drew Traci to me. Her eyes were so big I lost myself in them, bending to kiss her small mouth gently, her lips silken and warm.

"Can I wash you now?" I asked.

She stared then nodded. God but she was pretty. I couldn't believe I was getting another erection. I'd cum twice and was getting horny again! Yet, touching Kats had been more than I'd ever imagined, and now Traci? How could I be so lucky?

I noticed Sara stepping out of the shower with Kats as I soaped up my hands. Sara wrapped a thick towel around Kats as I started washing Traci's small shoulders, her face turned up to me, love shining, expectation in her expression. God I loved her. Bending, I kissed her again, gently, softly, thrilled at kissing my little girl. I felt her moan in my lips.

Slowly I washed her chest, the pad of my finger circling a tiny hard nipple. I soaped her tummy and, heart rate ticking up, slipped my hand down to cup her incredible little pussy. Traci sort of melted and I held her up with my other arm. I gently washed her pussy, feeling the amazing curves, the seductive creases at the sides, letting my fingertip probe between her plump pussy and her thighs. I felt my cock thicken when I traced her little cleft, shuddering as I touched her tiny clit peeking out between her labia.

Traci moaned and pressed her little pussy to my hand. And, when my fingertip gently probed between plump labia, Traci almost collapsed. I bent and lifted her into my arms. She hugged my neck, buried her face against my shoulder, her legs rising to circle my waist. My little girl felt so small, so light, so incredibly arousing naked in my arms. I was thrilled at how delectably small her buttocks were; a perfect palm full. I felt my cock rise as held my child, slipping my hands lower, tracing the valley of her buttocks, teasing her tiny rosebud, and shuddering at the feel of an eight-year-old's pussy. Traci's labia had parted, the tip of my finger touching, caressing, finding slippery moisture. I probed further and found her clitoris. She shuddered in my arms.

With infinite care I caressed my little girl's clit. My heart started pounding when I felt her legs begin to grip my waist rhythmically. I heard her breathing as she panted against my neck, warm breath, little moans. And suddenly, Traci climaxed. She gripped my neck, humped her pussy against me, and groaned as I caressed her clit. She emitted sweet, sexy little grunts with each thrust of her hips and started shaking, climaxing beautifully, grunting, "Daddy! Daddy!" It was amazing, the sexiest experience ever. I held my little girl and let her orgasm wash over her, thrilled with the experience.

Eventually she calmed, sighed, and cuddled. Unbelievably I had another erection. Sara opened the shower door, gave me a sexy smile as she took Traci from my arms. She glanced down and grinned at my erection before wrapping a sleepy Traci in a big fluffy towel.

When I finally entered the bedroom, Sara was in bed, two angels cuddled to her sides. I saw her grin at my erection, bright green eyes twinkling with amusement. God I loved my wife. She'd discovered a deep, dark, and shameful secret about me and, instead of running for the hills with two daughters in tow, she'd manipulated me into sexually touching them, letting my secret out, letting me experience something I'd only fantasized about, touching little girls, fondling prepubescent angels. I wondered what she had planned. Sara had proven I could never anticipate her. Yes, I loved her immensely.

When I slipped under the covers, Traci and Kats asleep at her sides, Sara gave me this heated look, a familiar look, an 'I'm horny' look. She grinned and spread her leg, whispering, "On top, Jim."

"But the girls . . ."

"Yes. With them here. They're asleep anyway."

My erection swelled painfully. I carefully climbed over Kats and settled between Sara's thighs, lying on her sensual body gently. Sara sighed with my weight and drew my face to her. We kissed gently, a familiar and comforting kiss.

My erection was trapped against her hairless pussy and stomach, oozing precum. Her feet slipped over my calves.

"Did you like your shower, Honey?" she asked softly.

"Mmm," I answered, nuzzling a sexy neck.

"Did you like their tattoos?"

"Sara, I swear I've never seen anything so sexy," I answered, still being able to vividly picture those two teddy bears on my daughters' eight-year-old bums.

Sara moved gently, her hand reaching down between us to hold my cock. She guided the tip through her cleft, sighing when it nestled to her vagina. She curled her bum off the bed and, in one smooth move, I sank into her velvety warmth, my erection gripped in her snug pussy.

"Lay on me, Jim," she encouraged, pulling my full weight down, guiding my face back to her neck. I kissed her. She took my hand and suddenly I was feeling a petite little butt, small, soft, round. I groaned and fucked into my wife, pressing my erection deep. Fondling my girl, Sara held me as we fucked, slow, gentle, long strokes. We fucked leisurely, familiar yet exciting, a new aspect to our relationship revealed. We fucked smoothly, my erection caressed gloriously by a velvety snug pussy. All too soon, I let the girl's bum go, reached below and held Sara's sexy rump, and, thrusting urgently, came, semen weakly spurting into her in a relaxed and satisfying climax. Sara climaxed, clenching her pussy as she whispered her love in my ear. I came beautifully, deeply, satisfyingly, cumming into her gently as pleasure pulsed through my body. And, as our climaxes waned and passed, fatigue stormed in. I managed to move off Sara and slip to Kats' side before sleep took me away. Three climaxes were more than I could handle.

Morning light seeped into my consciousness. I stirred awake to a new world, a better world, a more exciting world. I first felt it, a small body in my arms. Next I smelled it, an intensely attractive aroma, unfamiliar, one that struck a deep chord inside me. Then I sensed movement, a warm hand surrounding my morning erection. I opened my eyes. Sara smiled at me. Between us I was spooned to a naked Kats.

"Morning, Honey," she whispered.

When the hand squeezed my erection I knew it was Sara's hand. I smiled.

"Morning, Gorgeous."

Sara's smile evolved into a grin.

"Nice and big. Are you horny?" she whispered playfully. Some shuffling and movement ensued.

Suddenly I felt it. I felt Sara lift Kats' leg, guiding my erection between, lowering her leg and trapping my erection against her pussy.

"Ready, Kats?" she whispered gently, a soft smile accompanying her question.


Kats was awake? Oh God! Kats squeezed.

"Don't move, Jim," Sara said quietly.

I saw her green eyes looking directly at me. I also saw a spark of excitement in her beautiful eyes, a spark that made me even more excited. Having my love participate, even encourage, and making my dark secrets come true was too much.

Oh, Lord. Kats moved. She humped slightly dragging my erection back through her thighs, then reversed pressing my erection along her cleft, her little buttocks nestling into my groin. I shuddered. It felt like I was having sex with my eight-year-old. Kats did it again and suddenly it became slippery, whether from me leaking precum or Kats getting aroused, I didn't know. But a whole new sensation started. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest as Kats, humped me again, my erection swelling, hard, incredibly hard.

"Jim, honey, you need to hold her," Sara instructed.

God damn right I did! I slipped one arm under my daughter's neck, the other over her and gently wrapped the humping eight-year-old bundle to me, groaning as her little bum undulated in my groin, her crotch caressing my erection. I recognized the aroma I'd smelled when waking up; pure Kats, pure sweetness, pure sexy little girl. I hugged her tighter.

"God, Kats, that feels good," I whispered.

"Uh-huh," she responded, humping my erection.

I groaned again when I felt a hand below, shuddered when I realized Sara was holding my erection to her daughter's pussy as she humped me, back and forth, slippery with precum, feeling just like I was fucking her.

"This feels good, Mom," she moaned, humping back and forth, pulling my erection tight to her pussy.

Sara caressed Kats cheek, smiling, "I know, Baby. Are you close?"


Sara looked at me, smiling with excitement.

"Don't move, Jim. You're gonna like this."

Easier said than done! I wanted to hunch, to fuck, to cum, Kats undulating body far, far too arousing. God but Kats felt so small in my arms, she smelled so young, fresh and sexy, her body warm, skin silky. I wanted to fuck, thrust, cum. And then Kats thrilled me even more.

She held onto my arms with both hands, her bum slipping and sliding, pussy caressing my erection, thighs squeezing. She squeaked like a mouse and lost all rhythm, her body jerking. Panting, and adding delightful little grunts, Kats climaxed in my arms, humping my erection, her body jerking.

"Oh, Mummy!" she gasped, writhing sexily on me.

I couldn't. I couldn't. Holding my little darling tight, I joined in her climax, fucking her between her sexy thighs. I fucked harder, hugging her, erection slipping in, sliding out, swelling, pressure building. Fucking my little girl, I gasped, erection swelled, I came. "Oh God!" Semen burned up my shaft and, with a hard thrust, spurted out in glorious pleasure. I gasped, pulled back, thrust along her sexy little pussy and semen exploded, the gates of heaven opening. In a rush of pure bliss I humped my little girl between her legs, spurting, cumming hard, God cumming on my eight-year-old! I shook and spurted until my climax finally released me, peace descending, peace, peace, so good.

"Morning, Daddy!"

Opening my eyes, Kats remarkable green eyes glistened at me, her gorgeous face beaming with a big smile. I kissed that smile, I just had to. "Morning, Sweetheart."

"You came a lot, Daddy! I'm soaked!"

WITH A SMILE, SARA told Kats, "He always does in the morning."

"Does what?" Traci asked, popping up from behind Sara.

Sara rolled around, hugging Traci. "Come on, let's go get breakfast ready. Your Dad and Kats need to cuddle for a bit."

"How come?" Traci asked as they left the bedroom stark naked, Sara grabbing her robe on the way.

MY ERECTION HAD GONE, but I was still comfortably held between Kats' legs. I hugged my cum-covered little girl, not believing I was here, in my bed, with my wife's complicity, holding my naked eight-year-old daughter, my cock still held against her pussy. I felt pressure in my sinuses, the precursor to tears. That was it. I felt like crying, the relief of letting my dark secret out, of finding it accepted by my incredible family was almost too much.

I hugged Kats too tightly. She grunted. "Thanks, Sweetheart," I whispered kissing her crown.

"You're welcome," she replied. "What for?"

"For being you. For letting me love you. For being so sexy and pretty. Come on. Let's shower and get clean."

"Kay." Kats glowed, Daddy's comments making her ache with love.

By the time I entered the kitchen, after a rather frisky and enjoyable shower with Kats, Traci was frowning at me, eyebrows drawn together, arms crossed. Oh-oh.

"Sara?" I asked, walking over to where she was cooking at the stove.

SARA GLANCED BEHIND HER, seeing Traci still angry and rather cute, too, the way she frowned. Looking at Jim, fresh and still damp from the shower, Sara felt a spike of desire. Seeing him holding Kats this morning had made her wet. Knowing he was slipping his erection through her thighs, along her little pussy, and Kats was feeling her Daddy cum on her, had made Sara very, very horny. She'd fingered her clit watching Kats' face, relishing seeing her daughter experience an orgasm. She'd never seen such a beautiful sight. There was such joy and wonder in her sweet face, and such surprise when Jim had held her tight and started humping her. She knew what it felt like to have Jim's semen spurting hot and thick on her, so exciting. It was amazingly sexy to see Jim holding his naked little girl.

Her heart skipped as Jim smiled at her, such intense love in his eyes. He looked relieved, as if a weight had been lifted from his broad shoulders. When he slipped his arms around her waist, pressing himself into her back, she smiled. Typical Jim. Then she giggled when she felt him grope her rear. Wiggling, she pushed him away.

"We've got a problem, Jim. One only you can fix."

"What?" I asked.

Sara nodded to Traci. "She's pissed off at you, and at me; seems you played favorites this morning."

"I did not! Kats was . . ."

LOOKING AT MY DAUGHTER, her expression stopped me. She seemed close to crying! I couldn't have that. Moving quickly, I picked her up, hugging her to me. Brushing her hair away I kissed her neck, then paused and sucked. Traci started moving in my arms. I sucked a sexy little neck harder and giggles started. I groped her sexy little jean-covered bum as well.

"Yum," I said, going back to sucking her neck.

"Stop, Daddy!" she giggled.

I stopped, pulling back to admire. Yes, a lovely hickey, bright red and large. Very nice.

"Jim! What did you do that for?" Sara demanded.

I thought it was quite nice. Traci wriggled out of my arms and ran for the powder room to check herself.

"What?" I asked.

Sara gave me a stern expression. "Jesus, Jim. How exactly is an eight-year-old going to explain a hickey on her neck?"

"Oh. Good point. Didn't think of that."

"Daaad!" echoed loudly from the powder room.

"What happened? Kats asked Traci as she descended the stairs.

I heard the twins laughing together in the powder room. Turning to Sara, I asked if she'd like one too. When she laughed and the twins entered the kitchen smiling broadly, I sighed with relief. Everything was okay.

Except it wasn't.

An argument erupted over breakfast, Traci arguing she deserved to be with me for the rest of the day. Kats immediately responding Daddy wouldn't like that, "Cuz he likes me more!"

"DOES NOT!" Traci screamed, red faced, fork poised to be thrown.

Sara joined in, yelling, "Girls! Girls!"

I sat, quite bemused, coffee mug paused midway to my mouth, eyes wide. I was quite sure I was about to witness the start of world war three.

However, Sara was a master, deftly sweeping aside all plaintive attempts at arguments or pleading, sending both to their room with a frown of disappointment and a threat never to let them into our bed again; that one seemingly having more of an impact. Their muttering as they left the kitchen was really quite cute.

Sara turned to me. "Okay, what are you going to do about this?" she asked.

She seemed serious! "Me? What am I going to do about it?" I asked. Wasn't it her that started this whole thing?

"Yes you, Jim. It's you they're arguing over."

Yes, well. I smiled, suddenly quite proud.

"And you can wipe that smile off your face," Sara added sternly, visibly trying not to smile.

"Any suggestions?" I asked, praying she had some, because I had none.

She did, thank God.

"So, do you both understand?" Sara asked two girls standing at the table, acting like angels and not fooling anyone.

"Uh-huh." They both nodded.

And thus, the rule of turns was introduced, much to my delight. And, as Sara took Kats off to shop for dinner, Traci took me off to the bedroom.

"Fair's fair, Daddy!" she claimed firmly.

Yes indeed.

I planned on undressing my daughter, teasing, hugging, kissing, and generally revealing all the naughty exciting places on a sexy little girl, something I'd dreamed of doing for an awfully long time. It didn't start well. Before I could open my mouth, Traci was down to her panties, and very nice little pink panties they were, too.

I started to say how lovely they were and was interrupted.

"You're slow, Daddy. Hurry up!" Traci bounced on the bed a couple of times and dived under the covers.

As I undressed, ruing her turn of speed, Traci pulled back the covers, threw her pink panties at me and exposed her lovely little bum. "Look! I still have the teddy bear!"

Well, yes she did. And a very cute little tush, too. I became erect, immediately. Slipping into the bed, Traci snuggled up against me, warm, a moving bundle of sexiness. When she sighed, "Daddy," a shiver passed through me. I gathered her in my arms, smiled, and, with her pretty face turned up at me, bent and kissed her. My oh my! Soft little lips pressed against mine. I shuddered when I felt the tip of her tongue. I became dizzy, felt like I was drowning. Kissing my naked daughter was such an intense turn on, her being only eight making it even better.

I held a sweet little bum in one hand, the other arm wrapped around her slender body. I played with the tight valley of her butt crack, felt the seductive roundness of her buttocks, and just about creamed myself when she clenched her bum trapping my fingertips, adding a giggle into my mouth at the same time.

My erection strained as I inadvertently wondered if one could actually have intercourse with an eight-year-old. Rolling Traci onto her back, I broke the kiss.

"Delicious, Sweetheart," I said with a smile. "Exactly who taught you to kiss so well? Huh?"

Traci giggled, her eyes shining with pleasure.

Bending over her small body, I kissed a tiny nipple, pink and soft. Her eyes grew. I sucked gently, enjoying how the tiny nipple hardened. Her eyes grew. I sucked the other nipple, pleased when it reacted, then rubbed both gently with my thumbs. Kissing her belly button, I shoved the covers lower. Her eyes widened.

"Gorgeous, Traci," I sighed with appreciation when I knelt at her side, pulling the covers off, her eight-year-old body on display. Her eyes softened, a smile emerging. Traci was beautiful, a nymph. Like her sister she was slender, all skin and bones, ribs, shoulders, and knobbly knees. Yet two hip bones rose, and a seductive mound between swept up off her stomach spectacularly. Traci's pussy was full, plump, a seductive v-shape that filled her groin, vulva framed by slender legs. I felt an urge to kiss that sexy mound, a driving urge. Bending, I let my lips touch her pussy, silken skin against my lips. I kissed, shivering as I pressed my mouth to her mound, feeling it yield to me. God I was kissing my daughter's pussy!

Groaning quietly, I shuffled down, lifting her legs under her knees, my eyes riveted on her perfect little pussy. I studied her little clit peeking out from between thick, slightly reddened labia. I groaned quietly as her lips peeled apart to reveal her long clitoral hood, her small undeveloped immature inner lips, and a dark shadow below, my little girl's vaginal entrance, a tiny, tiny hole. My erection jerked and strained as I wondered again if it would even be possible to penetrate an eight-year-old. How tight would she be? How deep could one go? What would her little pussy look like with my large erection penetrating her? All my dark secrets seemed to flow, exciting me.

"Traci, honey, you're so sexy."

Traci smiled, eyes watchful. They followed me as I lay between slender legs and approached my child's pussy, blood pressure spiking as I kissed her perfect pubis. I discovered another difference between the twins; Traci had a small birthmark just inside her left labium, a dark spot. I kissed it and shuddered at her light, delicate flavour, pure sex, thrilling.

When I gently, gently touched her reddened clit with my tongue, Traci shook, breath expelled, her hands reaching for my head.

"Again, Daddy."

I could feel precum oozing, my erection pressed between my stomach and the sheet, my crown swelling rhythmically, so aroused. With a quiet moan I caressed my little girl's clitoris, sucking gently, tasting her moisture, probing the tiny, tiny entrance to her vagina. With my tongue I traced the amazing shape of her inner lips, and felt how silky smooth the skin inside her cleft was. I cupped two perfect buttocks. When I felt my child begin to undulate her sexy pussy against my mouth, her buttocks clenching, I stopped.

"No! Don't stop, Daddy!"

Rising, smiling, I crouched, my ass resting on my heels, erection straining upwards. Lifting Traci's legs I draped them over my thighs, my heart thundering at the vision of my eight-year-old's pussy spread for Daddy, my erection seemingly huge.

With a gentle touch of my thumb I caressed Traci's reddened, inflamed clit, precum now slipping down my shaft.

"You're amazing, Sweetheart," I whispered in awe as she started humping my thumb. Grabbing my shaft I pressed the tip to her little pussy, dragging the tip down through her cleft, a glistening trail of precum left in its wake. I watched with excitement as her sexy labia seemed to hug the crown as if welcoming it. Pressure built, the sign of an imminent orgasm.

When I used the swollen crown to caress her little clit, Traci moaned, her eyes closing, hips hunching up at me. She pushed her little pussy at me harder, fucking herself against the tip of my cock. I felt a burning desire to see if I could penetrate her, wishing I could see my erection buried in such a small girl. God I was close. And then Traci climaxed.

It was spectacular, her face scrunching into a cute frown, hands curling to grip the bed sheet, pelvis hunching up at my cock. She grunted and hunched, her legs trying to close, stomach muscles straining.


She hunched again, sexy labia spreading to press my erection to her tiny, tiny vaginal entrance. The sight of her little pussy stretched, lips paling, my huge erection lodged at an eight-year-old girl's pussy, her clit dipping to kiss my crown, and my little girl climaxing was too much. A huge explosion hit me. Holding my shaft with one hand, her slender hip with the other, my cock pulsed, I ached, semen powered up my shaft.

"Cumming, Traci," I groaned.

Semen jetted from me directly into her tiny opening. I had time to inhale and another powerful wave hit. Traci grunted and hunched, my erection slipping up her cleft. Semen exploded, pleasure punishing my body as a huge load of cum sprayed over her hairless pussy, white, thick. I tried to draw my erection down as another wave built, scraping it across her flushed clit. Traci cried out, her body jerking, eyes tightly shut, body straining. I came hard, semen exploding, the tip of my huge, pulsing erection lodged to her tiny vagina. God, I was cumming in my little girl, I was filling my daughter's pussy with my semen! I watched as another wave of pleasure hit me, dizzy, dizzy, my erection swelling, semen spurting, white cum oozing back over the crown. I dragged the tip up, rubbing across her clit, she jerked, cried out, and I came again, semen spurting up onto her tummy, pooling in her belly button. I came hard, covering her little pussy with thick cum, my climax tearing at me, pleasure thundering, wishing I could thrust myself into her. I came hard, straining until I ached, collapsing as it released me, drawing my angel to me, holding her cum-covered little body to me, peace descending, calming, drained.

"That was amazing, Traci," I whispered, getting a murmur in response, a little wiggle as my little girl tried to get even closer, sleep tugging at my eyelids.

SARA TURNED TO KATS as they drove home from the grocery store. "What?"

"Why can't I have real sex with Daddy?" Kats asked, sitting in the passenger seat.

"Sweetheart, have you felt yourself? You're a bit small."

"So? Can I try at least?"

"No, Honey. It would hurt too much," Sara answered with a smile.

"How do you know, Mom? When did you do it? How old were you?"

Sara glanced across, Kats face full of inquisitiveness, green eyes bright, seemingly serious. How cute. She smiled and started to respond, then paused. Hadn't she dreamed of her and Dad at about the same age? Even though she'd been fourteen when she lost her virginity, would she have given it to Dad? Probably. Willingly, too. Could an adult actually have intercourse with an eight-year-old? No. Not possible. Was it?

With Kats putting groceries away, Sara climbed the stairs looking for Jim and Traci, her mind still pondering the physical possibilities.

She gasped quietly, a surge of horniness storming her body, uncontrollable, a hot flush heating her. The sight was too much, just too much. She stood staring, just inside the bedroom door, Jim on his side cuddling Traci to him. Traci had one leg up over Jim's thigh, her face buried in his chest. But the sight that almost had Sara holding her pussy was seeing white semen oozing from her little girl's pussy and flowing down across her thigh. Had Jim had intercourse with Traci? How did she get his semen in her little vagina? A tremor of arousal hit her. She wanted to see! She wanted to watch Jim spurt into his little girl. God, how sexy would that be?

Then Sara shook as she realized she wanted to see Jim having sex with the girls. Jesus! Just thinking about it made her pussy wet. Was she a deviant? No. It was imagining it was her and Daddy at that age. God, how exciting! Another thought played through her mind; knowing what her husband's semen tasted like, would it taste different from her girls' pussies? Damn! She had some hard thinking to do, she decided.

"Come on, Jim. You two need to clean up," she said shaking his shoulder, smiling as he grumbled.

Back in the kitchen, Sara started cooking, almost by rote, her mind churning, still aroused. She couldn't get the image of Jim's cum leaking slowly from Traci's tiny pussy out of her mind. It was so damned sexy. She tried to picture Jim having sex with one of the girls. Jeez, they'd be so small, especially next to his large body. Yet, she knew Jim. She knew how gentle he could be, how loving, how caring. Somehow she knew, if he did have sex with them, he'd be the perfect partner. When she clamped her thighs together she felt moisture in the gusset of her panties. Damn she was horny.

I TURNED TO SARA as she cuddled to my side on the couch. "Is there something wrong?" I asked, wondering at why the twins said goodnight, kissed us both and, with yawns, left to go to bed. This was very odd.

SARA GLANCED UP AT Jim, such a handsome man, and those blue eyes, they were to die for.

"They're tired, Honey. Don't you remember what they've been through today?" Jeez, his little blush was so sexy. She felt arousal return. Rising, she tugged his hand. "Come, Jim. I need you. It's my turn," she added with a smile.

ON TOP, HOLDING SARA close, my erection sliding deep into her amazingly snug pussy, seductive warmth gripping my shaft, I held still, loving being buried in her. I caressed her succulent rear, perfect pear-shaped buttocks; cool, silky, sexy.

Her hands gently pulled my face away from her neck. Green eyes glittered with love and arousal. "Jim, Kats asked me if she could have sex with you today. I told her no. But . . ."

My erection swelled. "But what?"

"Would you want to try? I don't think she can. Too small. But she wants to try. And, if you do, you know Traci will want to as well. Would you like to try, Honey? You'd have to be very gentle, extremely careful."

I rose up on my elbows, looked down at Sara underneath me, her petite body still arousing me, her firm thighs holding my sides, green eyes heated, large. My erection swelled, tight, heavy. I felt Sara squeeze me. Was she serious? Sex with the girls? Actually experience my secret dream?

"Can I tell you a secret, Jim?" she asked quietly, her hands caressing my shoulder blades. "It excites me. I didn't think it would, but I get horny thinking of you having sex with the girls. It makes me think of Dad and me. I wish I could have, you know?"

"Jesus, Sara."

I withdrew my straining erection slowly, her velvety sheath caressing my crown. Reversing, I slipped into her, thrilled at her groan, her eyes intense.

"Would you like to make love to Kats, Baby?" Sara whispered, her vagina clenching. "To Traci? Feel them in your arms, so small, only eight years old?"

I groaned, withdrew slowly, reversed, fucked back into her.

"Can you imagine how tight they'd be, Honey? Have you ever made love to a virgin? Been the first?"

I shuddered, withdrew slowly, reversed, fucking into her silken pussy. She was playing me, teasing me with my dark secret, my erection painfully swollen.

"Can you picture how it would look? Can you picture how your big erection would look as it pressed into their tiny pussies? Can you imagine how tight they'd be, Baby?"

I heard Sara groan as I shoved deeper into her and, resting on one elbow, I caressed her small breast, tweaking her turgid nipple.

"Can you imagine fucking your little girls, Jim? Can you imagine holding them, the feel of their small bodies, hearing them moan for Daddy, hunching and sliding your cock into them? Can you . . . Oh God!"

I shoved hard, swelling, Sara clamping down on me as I came, explosively, hard, hard, semen burning up to spurt into her. I heard Sara cry out her climax. Pulling out, I fucked into her hard, semen exploding, pleasure crashing in, visions of fucking my little girls, fucking my little girls.

"Jesus, Sara!" I fucked deep, hard, exploding, filling her with cum, my balls aching, hot wetness flooding my crown. In short desperate strokes I fucked Sara wildly, cumming, exploding, flooding her, my body aching as I climaxed.

TRACI WOKE UP SLOWLY, stretching and yawning under the quilt. She remembered Daddy yesterday and felt a spike of arousal. Hearing movement, she rolled and looked across the bedroom at Kats, grinning when she spotted the quilt moving.

"Are you diddling yourself?" she asked.

Kats' eyes popped open, her cheeks flushing red. "Uh-huh. I was thinking about Daddy yesterday morning."

"Was it good?" Traci asked.

"Yeah. Like ten times better than when I do myself."

"What did you and Daddy do?" Traci asked, having missed the event by sleeping.

"I had Daddy's erection between my legs, pressed to my pussy. Then I held it and humped his penis! And then I came like exploding and, and Daddy sort held me tight and humped me and spurted all over me!" Kats enthused, "Then he looked at me with those eyes and told me how pretty and sexy I was, and then we showered together."

Traci felt a bit jealous at first, Daddy holding Kats? Telling her she was sexy? Showering together?

"Well he licked and kissed my pussy!" she threw out.

"NO!" Kats exclaimed breathlessly. "Really?"

"Uh-huh. And then he rubbed his penis on my pussy and you'll never guess what."


Traci smiled. "Daddy came right inside my pussy! I felt it spurting up into me!"

"No way!" Kats responded, disbelief and jealousy pouring through her.

"Yuh-huh!" Traci rejoined, nodding hard, feeling superior.

There was silence for a moment while both girls digested the new news. Kats spoke first.

"Well I asked Mom if Daddy and I could have real sex and so there!"

"No," Traci exploded in awe. "Did she agree?"

Kats knew Mom hadn't. But now she had one up on Traci. "Yup. Today we're gonna do it."

"No! You can't!"

"Can too!"

"Kats, I'm older so I go first!"


"I do, too!"

Kats scrambled from her bed. She was going to see about that. "No you don't. I'm going to ask Mom now."

Traci scrambled out of bed to chase after Kats.

I WAS QUITE ENJOYING cuddling with Sara. Sunday morning, leisurely sex, one of my favorite things. I spooned her closer, my morning erection pressing insistently at her thighs.

"C'mon, Honey, open up."

She giggled and clamped her thighs together tighter, teasing me by pushing her scrumptious ass back at me. I tried to sneak my hand up her stomach to grope her breasts, earning another giggle, her arms protecting her breasts, butt shaking.

As I was about to force her onto her front and assault her from behind, our bedroom door flew open. Two girls came charging into the room, stark naked, yelling at each other and, it seemed, pleading with Sara. They took a running dive at the bed and, with arms flying and batting at each other, struggled to get between us.

I was quite shocked at the flurry of activity and, had their voices not been so angry, would have found the whole episode rather erotic.

"GIRLS!" Sara shouted, rather forcefully, too.

Everyone froze, me included while protecting my balls from wrestling girls. Silence descended.

"That's better," Sara said. "Now, what exactly is going on?"

Another flurry of activity started, yelling piercing the peace, blond hair flying, naked buttocks flashing as covers were tugged as if they both had to get into our bed, the devil herself after them.


Man, Sara was quite annoyed. I recognized the frown.

"Traci, you hush up," Sara declared with a waggle of a finger. "Kats, what's all this hullaballoo about?"

"Traci didn't believe me when I said Daddy and I were going to have sex first!"

"I'm three minutes older!" Traci burst out with. "I should be first!"

"No way! I asked first!"

I felt somewhat like I was at a tennis match, my head bouncing from one to the other. What they were arguing about hadn't quite sunk in.

"That's it. Out!" Sara pointed to the bedroom door.

The girls fell silent, faces surprised at their Mom's anger.

"What's the matter?" Traci asked, giving an angelic expression.

"Yeah, what's wrong, Mom?" Kats asked with her own version of sweet innocence.

I watched the corner of Sara's mouth twitch. "You two have made far too much noise. And I never agreed to anything about sex with your father."

"But, Mom," Kats responded, "you told me I could yesterday, in the car, remember?"

"Did you?" I asked, now finally catching up, getting rather excited, "because if you made a promise, Honey, the least I can do is . . ."

Sara grinned, shaking her head. "Girls, please leave your father and me alone for a while."

Two pairs of eyes flicked between Sara and I. Grins appeared. "Kay." I watched delectable naked bums jiggle as they ran out.

"Did you?" I asked turning to Sara. She looked spectacularly sexy, her thick blond hair messed, enchanting green eyes bright, and a smile to die for lifting my soul.

Her hand reached over to caress my cheek.

"Of course I didn't, Jim. However, if I had, you're the one person I would trust not to hurt our daughters."

"But . . ."

Sara grinned. "You want to, don't you? I have to admit the idea excites me. It's like I'm with my dad when I think about it. There's something so illicitly exciting about incest isn't there?"

I hadn't considered the incestuous aspect. My imagination had more to do with youth, two eight-year-olds, in fact. But incest was fascinating, too. I nodded.

"So we shall," I stated with conviction.

"Shall what?"

"We shall have sex with the girls."

Sara burst into laughter. "We?"

"Oh. I mean the royal we . . . me . . . I shall." I grinned and then laughed when Sara laughed harder.

"You're such a . . ." she said, laughing.

"Hunk? Inspiration? Adonis? Amazing man?" I offered helpfully.

"Twit," she said, cupping my face as she finally stopped laughing. Sexy green eyes grew as she bent towards me, her lips so silky and soft, her tongue teasing me.

I caressed a breast, toying with a firm nipple. Sara shuddered and moaned into my mouth. Then, with briskness, she broke the kiss and rolled out of bed.

"Go shower, Honey," she instructed.

"But . . . You're gonna leave me like this?" I asked pointing to a moving tent in the sheet.

"Save your energy, Stud. You have two daughters who have their sights set on you."

That comment only made my erection strain a bit more. I studiously ignored it as I showered.

Sara must have had a chat with Kats and Traci while I was showering. Both had big grins on their pretty faces, eyes large, excited. I approached Sara from behind as she cooked bacon, pressing my erection into her sexy bum.

"So, what's the situation?" I asked, pulling her thick blond hair away from her neck.

I nuzzled. "Mmmm."

She murmured and shoved me away with her rump. I poured coffee.

"Kats is going to be first. Turns was the rule and, if memory serves, Traci had some of your attention yesterday afternoon," Sara said.

I sipped coffee and sighed at the hit of caffeine. "And?" I inquired.

"And what, Jim?"

"When? How? You know, details. Give me details."

"Tonight, Daddy," Kats threw in with a grin, fidgeting on her seat.

"Yeah, tonight. Both of us, Daddy," Traci added.

"Um, Sara?" I asked, turning to her. "Both?"

Sara glanced at me and grinned, a naughty, sexy grin. "I think we might find a way to keep you. . . interested."

It turned into a beautifully agonizing day. Was it a natural gift for females to flirt and tease, I wondered? How could eight-year-olds be so sexy? How did they know what turned males on?

My agony started at breakfast with Sara's foot finding its way into my lap as we ate, a shit-eating grin on her face as toes wiggled and probed, finding an erection. I saw Traci look at me with suspicion when I almost choked on a piece of bacon, Sara's toes playing my cock like an accomplished violinist. Traci glanced at her mother when Sara giggled despite trying to play innocent. Then Traci dropped her head under the table, brought it back up with a huge grin, bent and whispered to Kats.

Kats bent, looked, gasped, head rising, cheeks flushed with a blush, "Mom!"

"Hmm?" Sara replied, sipping coffee, emerald eyes twinkling.

Both girls studied my crotch when I got up from the table, both seeing a rather obvious erection. Giggles poured out and the games were on, so-to-speak. Normally conservatively dressed females suddenly appeared in short little skirts, bobby socks, small cotton t-shirts, and saucy smiles. I admired how Sara looked. I hadn't seen her in such revealing attire in a long, long time. I especially liked how accessible her pantied rump was, finding any excuse to grope it, causing a tightening in my jeans, Sara blushing beautifully. After one particularly sexy grope, my hand discovering a sexy mound between slender legs, I offered to take her up to the bedroom and fuck her brains out. Sara laughed and pushed me away, "Later, Big Boy."

But it was the twins that drove me to despair. Kats, the shyer of the two, came up to me as I was reading the paper.


Lowering the paper, I looked at her sweet face, so innocent, a lovely smile, her mother's eyes bright, a thick ponytail. "Yes?"

Kats turned slightly, slowly lifted the side of her short green skirt exposing a white panty-clad buttock, a sweet little buttock. She looked at me, her fingers tugging at the waist.

"Do I still have my tattoo?" she asked sweetly, pulling her panties down over a sexy, sexy bum, a gorgeous little valley I wanted to explore. God, her bum was spectacular, small, compact and rounded. I wanted to kiss each succulent buttock. I pictured my erection sliding along her valley, my penis straining in the jeans.



"Is it still there?"


Kats giggled. "My teddy bear, silly!"

I couldn't resist. Bending, under the pretense of looking closer, I kissed a succulent, sexy buttock, sighing with pleasure. "Yes. Right there," I answered, kissing her little teddy bear. Damn. I wanted to pick her up and carry her over my shoulder into the bedroom, strip her and . . .

"Kay. Thanks."

The teddy bear disappeared. The bum disappeared. White cotton panties disappeared. And a daughter disappeared with a giggle. Damn.

I was not aware that my sneaky wife was master of ceremonies, calmly directing my agony from the kitchen, sending forth one daughter after another with ever more sexy suggestions. And I wasn't immune; Traci sitting on my lap, spreading her little blue skirt and wiggling a pantied bum on my aching erection as she enthusiastically explained a TV show to me, while Kats grinned at me sitting in an armchair across from my agony, knees up, feet on the cushion, a white cotton-covered pussy oozing between slender thighs, a very prominent camel toe crying out to me.

Sara was no better, hugging me, whispering how sexy the girls looked, how cute. She asked me if I could picture them in just panties, no clothes, brushing her hand over the bulge in my jeans. She kissed me, giving me a hug, then whispering into my ear, "The girls are so excited, Honey. They told me their panties were damp. You should look."

Fuck me.

My boxers were very damp.

Thus, as I hustled the three ladies to eat dinner faster, urging them to "take bigger bites, for goodness sake!" they laughed, smiled, the twins suddenly moving in slow motion, eyes glittering with mischief. I was in a delicate state; a day of unbelievable teasing had me on a hair-trigger.

Then it got worse, no better, no worse.

"Jim, Honey," Sara said gently. "Why don't you go up and get into bed? We'll be there in a bit."

I looked into my wife's beautiful face. She smiled at me, such a sexy smile. "For real? Or is this another tease?" I asked.

Sara grinned and shoved me. "Go on. Get moving, Mister."

I did. Lying in bed, the sheet tented, I wondered what my ladies had planned for me. As minutes passed with no sign of them, my erection waned, slowly capsizing, the tent deflating. Just where were they?

Sara walked into the bedroom. I inhaled sharply. She was glowing, hair loose, thick, her eyes shining, smiling. But, what made my breath catch was white thigh-high stockings with lacy tops, lacy satin bikini panties, and a satiny camisole. She knew how erotic I found lingerie, how I loved sexy stockings and panties. They gave Sara sexy, sexy curves that drove me wild.

"Like it?" she asked with a smile, striking a pose, hip cocked.

"God, yes."

Turning slightly, looking over her shoulder at me, Sara pulled the edge of her little panties down. "And this?" she asked with a grin.

My breath hitched. Sara had a small teddy bear tattoo on her buttock!

"Jesus Christ, Sara," I gasped, my erection straining. Damn! I wanted to kiss it, sink my lips into her seductive rump, bend her over the bed and have some serious fun.

Sara grinned at me, pulled the edge of her panty up and sauntered over to me with a sexy hip swing. Parking her butt on the bed, she leaned over, cupping my face, her green eyes intense. She kissed me gently.

"You're a good man, Mr. Carson," she whispered.

I was about to reach for her, pull her down and assault that teddy bear when movement at the bedroom door distracted us.

Kats ran in, blond hair flying, a big smile on her face, wearing a little chemise with spaghetti straps and a pair of sexy, sexy tight satiny bikini-cut white panties. I had time to catch a glimpse of a pouty little pussy pressing tightly against panties and a tiny camel toe before she threw herself onto the bed.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, burrowing under the covers to snuggle. With one arm opening to welcome my gorgeous little girl, Traci walked into the bedroom, identically dressed, but frowning, eyebrows knitted, lips compressed, dark blue eyes watching Kats.

"What's up with Traci?" I whispered to Sara.

"She's not first," Sara replied, reaching her hand out to Traci. "Come here, Honey."

Traci slowly climbed onto bed next to Sara as Kats wiggled and a small hand started groping. I restrained the adventurous hand watching Sara whisper into Traci's ear. I was somewhat relieved to see a smile curl the corners of Traci's mouth and, as Sara continued to whisper, very happy to hear a giggle and watch her blue eyes twinkle with glee and surprise as they glanced at me. I was absolutely intrigued when Traci blushed. Being the more forward of the two I'd rarely seen her react that way. What exactly had Sara said to her?

"Jim, honey," Sara said, leaning over to cup my face while I struggled with Kats wayward hands, "Traci and I are going to leave you two alone. We've got some girl talk to do." She leaned over and kissed me gently, Kats peering at us from my side as I held both of her hands quite firmly. "Be gentle and enjoy, Sweetheart," she whispered in my ear, smiling, love shining.

Jesus, I didn't deserve Sara. I really didn't.

I watched them get out of bed and followed their spectacular seductively undulating panty-covered bums as they left the bedroom and almost forgot about Kats until she moved.


I glanced to my side. Arousal stormed back. Kats was on her side, still wearing a satiny camisole that draped open. Her smile was intensely attractive, such a pretty face. I was mesmerized by the excitement in her amazingly attractive green eyes. As I stared, a small flush reddened her cheeks. God, gorgeous!

Slipping down, I turned and gathered her into my arms.

"Hey, you," I whispered before nuzzling her neck, finding soft skin. I murmured gently, inhaling the seductive aroma of little girl, cupped her little panty-clad rear and sucked.

To a storm of giggles I gave Kats a hickey to match her sister's. Now we'd really have some awkward questions to answer, I thought with a grin.

"Did you give me a hickey?" Kats asked.

"Yup! It's very pretty. Matches a very pretty girl."

Kats reddened slightly more. My heart skipped a few beats. God but she was so, so desirable. I felt my excitement building ever stronger, need aching inside me. Slipping my hand up from her delectable little butt, I slid it under her camisole, feeling the ridges of her spine, following them up, drawing her camisole up at the same time. Kats, rolled onto her back and lifted her arms above her head, the camisole slipping over and off.

I moved the covers down. I wanted to see my little girl. An ache bloomed inside me at the sight. Kats lay calmly letting me stare. In satiny white panties Kats was a dream, small, young, flat-chested, pink little areolae and tiny nipples, and sexy as all get out. The way her bikini-cut panties hugged her little hips and mounded over her sexy pussy had me trembling. She was an angel. In many ways wearing panties increased her appeal.

With a thumping heart and cock I bent to kiss her again, letting my hand glide over her tummy, feeling soft baby hair, silky skin, warmth. I shuddered at the rise of her pubis under satin, a remarkable upsweep from her stomach. My lips touched hers. Kats moaned into my mouth and parted her legs. Suddenly I was cupping a sexy pussy, a small, plump pussy, my daughter's immature little pussy. My tongue touched little lips and I shuddered when Kats' arms reached up for me, tugging me, pulling me closer as she curled her bum up off the bed to press herself into my hand.

Still kissing, I used fingertips to trace the waistband, slipping each side down bit-by-bit, slowly working my little girl's panties off, my erection straining, precum leaking. When Kats raised her bum for me I shook. When she raised her legs for me I shook even more. When her small moist tongue came out to play I almost climaxed. We tongue-teased a bit and, when I slipped the tip of my tongue between her lips, I felt her smile, then her small tongue pressed between mine. I let her in, sucking gently. Damn I was so, so turned on.

And then it got better.

I felt moisture, my little girl aroused! The palm of my hand had gently caressed the inside of one slender little thigh, slowly moving up until my index finger touched her little pussy. As I cupped it, Kats moaned into my mouth, curled her bum up and my middle finger discovered silky moisture.

I broke the kiss. Holding her pussy I studied my angel. I was so, so turned on, more so than I could remember.

Looking at Kats, I wondered what it would feel like to cum in such a small girl. What would it feel like to have my erection buried inside her, hug her little body to me as my erection swelled? What would it feel like to have my semen spurting inside her, my erection straining, cum pulsing into an immature little vagina? What would it feel like to have sex with an eight-year-old? It was thrilling; a deep dark secret desire about to be experienced.

And suddenly I realized I didn't know how. What was the best way to have intercourse? On top I'd be too big, too heavy. Kats on top? Maybe. I reached for her, gathering her into my arms to roll onto my back.

"No, Daddy," she said immediately. Seemed she had ideas of her own.

"Like yesterday, Daddy. You have to hug me like yesterday," she said quite seriously, adding, "this time with it in me."

After a brief moment of confusion, I remembered spooning her.

"Are you sure?" I asked, my thumb caressing her cute cheek.

"Uh-huh. You have to hug me."

"But, I can hug you when you're on top, too."

"No, Daddy." A determined expression emerged. "Like yesterday."

KATS KNEW EXACTLY WHAT she wanted. She wanted to be held again, be held in Daddy's arms, his big body behind her, his arms wrapped around her. She wanted to feel her bum pressed back against him, feel his breath, feel him smelling her hair, and hear him sighing again. She wanted yesterday, just more, safe in Daddy's arms, excited, sexy, her and Daddy.

Not waiting for him to decide, Kats rolled away from him. She wiggled her bum at him and giggled when she heard him groan. It was so much fun to make Daddy groan. She knew it was because he liked!

"So? Aren't ya going to cuddle, Daddy?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder, giving him another little wiggle. She shivered at the intensity of his expression, his eyes so blue. She shivered when she realized how much he wanted her. Yes, my Daddy.

Then she sighed as he moved, wrapping his strong arms around her. She snuggled back, trembled when he nuzzled her hair, and became even hornier when he pushed his big erection between her thighs. She lifted one to let him through, closing and squeezing it. Reaching down she caressed the damp, slippery tip; so big. She let him curl her legs up with pressure from his and shuddered when his hand slipped down her tummy. Daddy was going to touch her, too!

KATS FELT INCREDIBLE IN my arms. I loved how her small bottom pressed into my groin. I loved how she clenched her thighs around my aching erection. I loved how petite she was in my arms, all little girl, my little girl, soon to be my little lover. I was so aroused, still not really believing I was about to live a deep, dark dream; sex with a prepubescent girl.

Curling my knee, I slipped my hand down her tummy, kissing the crown of her head.

"You're so sexy, Kats," I whispered as my hand caressed her thigh. I lifted it gently to rest over mine, opening her crotch. "Beautiful," I whispered, slowly rubbing my erection against her little pussy. "I want you so much."

Kats murmured and held my arm, pressing her lovely bum back at me.

I reached down and cupped my erection and her pussy, pressing my cock against her. Slowly I drew back, the crown of my erection sliding over her little cleft. Reversing I pressed forward, holding my erection tight to her little pussy. Precum made everything very, very slippery. Just holding my child, I fucked gently, sighing with pleasure when she joined in, her hips moving.

"Mmm. Nice, Daddy," she murmured.

With each slow stroke I pressed my crown and shaft harder against her little pussy. I was shaking when I felt her cleft spread to hug my shaft. We were very wet, very slippery, some of the lubrication hers, most mine. Gently I humped back and forth, pressing my cock to her. I listened to her breathing, monitoring it. I felt small tremors in her little body when the ridge of my crown scraped across her clitoris. I could feel my little girl holding my arm tighter, small bottom pressing back at me, so sexy, so damned arousing.

Gradually I increased the length of my strokes until the tip of my erection was gliding over the bottom of her cleft, pressing in slightly harder as thrust forward. Holding her sexy pussy I used my fingertips to caress her little clit while pressing my crown deep into her cleft, and slowly, slowly, I changed the angle of my hips so I was pressing up more than through, my erection pressing deeper into her pussy.

We were very slippery. Kats suddenly shuddered in my arms. "Did you cum?" I asked, feeling her bum clenching, legs twitching, and body shuddering.


Well, fuck me.

I kept moving, kept pressing ever deeper. Kats felt wonderful. She was so petite, so deliciously small in my arms. I changed the angle of my thrusts again and suddenly the tip of my erection was pressing into her little pussy. Holding the crown in place with fingertips, I started fucking gently, pressing in, easing off. I tightened my hold on Kats when she moved up slightly from my pressure. My erection was swelling and throbbing. I knew I was leaking precum like crazy. I could feel it with each pulse. I was incredibly excited, poised to penetrate my little girl. I probably could have cum without proceeding any further, but I had a desire burning inside me.

Hugging my child a bit tighter, I pressed, pushing my cock harder, easing off, pushing harder. Jesus my cock was rigid. I caressed Kats' inflamed little clitoris and she jerked. I caressed it more, kissing her head, holding her tight. Kats jerked again, pressing herself onto my erection. And suddenly, as if she'd conceded defeat, I felt her tiny vagina dilate, opening, slipping over my crown. I felt every millimetre as she opened up. I heard my little girl cry out softly when her hymen broke. I felt her body jerk in pain when my crown popped into her tight, tight warmth.

My heart was pounding. Christ, I had the tip of my erection inside my little girl and she was exquisitely tight; tighter than I'd ever imagined, almost painfully tight.

"Kats, baby," I whispered, "are you all right?"

"It hurts, Daddy," she whispered tremulously, clutching at my arm.

I should have pulled out, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I needed more.

"Relax, Honey. Just relax. It'll get better," I whispered.


I was treated to an amazing experience, one I'd had no concept of. In all my darkest dreams I'd had sex, just sex. I'd never realised how intensely exciting it was to hold a small girl in my arms with the crown of my erection held in her little vagina. I'd never understood how erotic it was to hug a sexy little girl, feel how her little body excited me so, and, more than anything, feel the tight vice-like velvet grip of her pussy holding my crown. This was heaven, lying quietly, a little girl I loved in my arms, my cock stretching her tight, tight pussy.

I bent and kissed her soft cheek. "I'm so happy, Kats. Thank you. You've given me such a gift, Baby."

I felt her cheek move when she smiled. Then she turned her face to look back at me, green eyes shimmering. "It hurt more than I thought, Daddy."

"We don't need to do anything more, Kats. I'd be happy to stay like this forever," I said. And I would. I'd have been entirely satisfied to just lay in bed with my naked daughter in my arms and the tip of my erection held inside her.

Kats lay her head back down. "Me, too, Daddy," she whispered and then proceeded to prove otherwise, giving me an exploratory clench of her pussy.

"Wow. Careful," I gasped.

Kats giggled gently and clenched again.

"Jesus, Kats."

She giggled a bit louder and pushed her bum at me, my erection slipping in a bit. I gasped and fought to restrain the urge to thrust, a primeval need charging through me.

Kats tried another little shove, an inch of my erection suddenly sliding into her. I groaned loudly. Kats sighed and held my arm tighter. I hugged her tight with both arms, kissing her crown. "So good, Kats."

"Uh-huh," she agreed, pulling off me slightly and pressing back.

I must have leaked a lot of precum into her because her movement back resulted in my erection sinking into her in one smooth move, a deep, intensely exciting slide. Kats gasped and clenched, my erection squeezed, pleasure thrumming through me.

Holding her tight I withdrew from her slightly, reversed and, for the first time, thrust into my daughter, sinking deep, silky walls parting, caressing my crown, my shaft bathed in a hot velvet grip. I pressed deeper and shuddered when two little buttocks nestled into my groin. Jesus, I had almost four inches buried in an eight-year-old and there was nothing in this world that felt better, nothing.

"Are you okay, Kats?" I asked, my erection swelling rhythmically in her amazing little pussy.

"Uh-huh." She nodded.

"I'm going to move now."

"Kay," she whispered, clutching my arms to her.

I withdrew, an exquisite move, her tight sheath caressing me, feeling like it was trying to hold on to me, prevent me from leaving. I reversed just as I felt the ridge of my crown emerge, slipping into my little girl's pussy, gently, feeling every little bit, sensing how her vagina stretched, a tight, tight glove. Reaching down between her legs, I caressed her hard little clitoris. Kats jerked slightly, moaned and moved her bum, drawing herself off my erection and pushing back, small buttocks pressing at my groin, the tip of my erection pressing against the entrance to her undeveloped womb. She moved again as I caressed her clit, fucking me gently.

Suddenly Kats gasped, her body trembled and her pussy clamped down hard, achingly hard. She shook in my arms. Christ, Kats was cumming again! My little girl was having another orgasm! It was too exciting for me. My daughter multi-orgasmic? Really? Not even Sara was multi-orgasmic.

Now a fever descended, a need, a driving urge to fuck my girl. Rational thought was suppressed. I wrapped her in my arms, hugged her tight, loving how her small body felt against me. And, as she trembled, I started fucking her gently, long strokes, deep strokes, gentle, gentle. Her pussy massaged my erection. It held it tight, squeezing me as I throbbed. I fucked my little girl gently, slowly, exquisitely. I loved how her small bum nestled into my groin with every deep penetration, loved how I penetrated her deeply, my erection pressing against her cervix.

I fucked my child slowly, gently, relishing each sensual stroke, still not quite believing I was fucking an eight-year-old. I wanted it to go on forever. I wanted to feel this incredible feeling of my cock slipping into her tight hairless pussy forever. I wanted to fuck Kats for hours, drowning in the sensual caress of a prepubescent pussy, her tightness, my little girl, my daughter.

But, when I felt Kats shudder again, this time crying out, her body jerking, pussy clamping painfully on my cock as she climaxed yet again, it was too much.

My orgasm raced towards me, pressure building in my groin until it became almost painful. It hit. I cried out, thrust into my little girl hard and buried myself, her sweet little bum in my groin. I sealed my erection to her little undeveloped womb. A massive wave crashed over me, penis swelling painfully. Semen suddenly released and rushed up my straining cock. I felt my crown expand, hot semen jetting into my little girl. Before I could breathe, I withdrew and fucked into her again, holding her little body tight, buried deep, cock swelling. A massive wave of pleasure tore at me, cum exploding into my little girl. Now the gates of heaven opened. I started fucking my child with short desperate strokes, semen exploding with each desperate fuck. Pleasure crashed into me, my body heaving and arching. I clutched my little girl to me, fucking hard, cumming hard, spurting into her tiny pussy, hot, wet, semen flooding my crown. I heaved and fucked in short strokes, my body aching from pleasure, spurting, sweet release, sweet release. I came hard, came completely.

As conscious thought returned, as my heart calmed, I heard absolute silence in the room. Kats was calm in my arms, a warm sexy bundle. My deflating cock was still inside her incredible pussy. She was breathing slowly, regularly. I recognised it. My little girl was asleep. I sighed to myself. I was happy, drained, sexually sated. Sleep drifted in.

TWO DOORS DOWN, ACROSS the hall in the girls' bedroom, Traci snuggled close to Mom under the quilt. "So tell me," she demanded, eyes excited. Mom had promised to teach her how to drive Daddy crazy, little things that would make him horny.

Sara studied Traci's eyes, bright and excited. She felt her daughter's excitement and it made her excited, too. "Okay. First, your Daddy is a panty and ass lover," she said, Traci's eyes growing wide. Sara grinned. "He also likes ladies to be firm, not shy and hesitant."


"Well, if you want to drive him nuts, and you should cuz it's lots of fun, then try doing this."

Sara pulled the quilt down. She studied Traci, white satiny camisole, small satin bikini panties. "Take my hand," she instructed. "Now . . ."

Over the next hour Sara taught Traci, explained, guided, "Say this," "Touch him like this," "Whisper this," "Then try this," "He likes it when you . . ."

She found herself getting aroused as she touched her little girl, gently caressing her hairless pussy. And, as the lesson drew to a close, Traci's eyes were soft, aroused, staring at her with heat and need. Sara shivered, dare she? Was she really contemplating it? God, that was so wickedly erotic.

Watching Traci carefully, smiling softy, excited, Sara bent and kissed Traci's lips gently. She let her hand slip up her thigh to rest on the plump mound of her satin-clad pussy, squeezing her child's pubis gently.

Traci's eyes widened when Mom kissed her, then narrowed and closed when she squeezed her pussy, an ache developing. Her hand reached down to cover Mom's pressing Mom's hand against her pussy harder. All the talk and instruction on how to seduce and excite Daddy had made her horny. Mom's hand felt so good.

Tongues touched, moans filling the air as a mother led a daughter, demonstrating love, arousal building. Mouths opened, tongue touched, groans emerged. Hands caressed private places, both hairless, one shaved, one immature. Excitement built as fingers probed, discovering warmth and moisture, sexy arousal. Breath panted as a mature hand held, fingertips probed with experience, a tiny opening yielding gently to a fingertip, a daughter sighing with pleasure. Breath panted as a child climaxed, hips thrusting up at a mother's touch, her finger slipping in to a snug no-longer-virginal pussy. A cry of pleasure erupted, a small body thrashing in orgasmic delight as a tiny clitoris was caressed.

A second cry of an orgasm followed from a mother as she stroked her damp cleft, rubbing her clitoris as pleasure flooded her body, climaxing at her daughter's joy. Two people cuddled in post-orgasmic peace, relaxed, calm, closer than they'd ever been. Sleep arrived; plans forgotten. In one, dreams of seeing a sexy husband caressing and loving a beautiful daughter made her smile in her sleep, her nipples puckering. In another, dreams of Daddy holding her, kissing her, telling her she was pretty, the he loved her and wanted her, made her smile and snuggle closer to a warm body next to her.

SOMETIME DURING THE NIGHT I woke up. At first confused, I realised I was still holding Kats to me, spooned to her. The bedroom was inky black. The house was silent. What had woken me?

Holding Kats gently I realised what it was. I had another erection, held tight in her little pussy. God she felt good, so snug and warm, so arousing. I held her gently and flexed my erection, a pulse of pleasure going through me. I tried to move slightly. Her pussy, still full of cum, was slippery and tight. Gently, gently I withdrew half an inch and pressed back in, the movement caressing my crown. Amazing! I held Kats carefully, moving gently, half an inch out, in, slippery and warm, her pussy a velvet glove. I couldn't get over how exciting it was. Jesus, I was fucking my sleeping eight-year-old daughter!

It was an incredible experience. Fucking her so, so carefully, no more than half an inch, just enough to stimulate my crown, I felt a climax grow. It was exquisitely tight, so damned sexy, so damned arousing. I fucked her gently, carefully, loving how her sweet scent filled my nose. I groaned quietly, thrilled by the sensation of my cock being massaged, my cock in my little girl's pussy. I fucked her gently and let my climax wash over me, an intense yet gentle climax, my erection swelling, semen flowing out, spurting gently, slow gentle strokes, cumming in her. I let the pleasure of a beautiful climax flow over me, spurting gently, fucking carefully, erection swelling, cumming, cumming in my baby.

With a sigh, my orgasm passed. I let sleep return, our groins soaking from cum.

SARA FELT HER NIPPLES pucker, heaviness grow in her breasts. Blood flowed down, labia thickening, clit tingling. The sight that greeted her was so sexy, so arousing. Why? Why did seeing her husband with her daughter excite her so much? Yet it did.

The cover had slipped off. Kats, petite and naked, was sleeping on her front, one leg cocked up, blond hair spread on the pillow, cute face turned away from Jim, so pretty as she slept. Jim was on his front as well, one hand on her small back and a leg hooked over her bum as if holding her in place. They looked so peaceful, so sweet. And then, arousal stormed into Sara as she remembered her little girl was probably full of Jim's semen. Jesus, that excited her. She wished she'd seen it, seen Jim making love to his daughter. Moisture oozed into her panties as she pictured it.

Turning, Sara returned to the girls' bedroom.

"Traci," she whispered, shaking her shoulder gently. Blue eyes opened, a smile emerged.

"Morning, Mom."

"Come," Sara said softly. "It's time."

Traci scrambled from bed, stopping to grab her panties and pull them on.

"No. Leave them off. Go do your stuff and brush your teeth. I'll meet you in the hall." Sara had a plan, an idea after seeing Jim.

She waited for Traci then bent and whispered, suggesting, explaining. Traci grinned, eyes sparkling. She nodded, giggling quietly. Together they entered the bedroom.

Sara knew Jim was a heavy sleeper, especially if he'd had vigorous sex the night before. Knowing that, she gently woke Kats, smiling when Kats grinned. "Shhh," she instructed, motioning for Kats to get out from the bed carefully. A shudder of excitement pulsed through her body when she saw Kats' pussy covered in dried semen. She'd still have some of her Daddy's cum in her!

Traci climbed into bed. Sara bent and whispered, "Remember, keep your eyes closed or turned away from him." Traci nodded, grinning.

Sara led Kats to the bedroom armchair, sitting and drawing Kats onto her lap, hugging her daughter, smiling as Kats nestled in, so cuddly. "How was it, Honey?" she asked in a whisper her mouth close to Kats' ear.

"Goooood," Kats replied sleepily. "I liked it a lot. Can I do it again?"

"Shhh. Yes. Later maybe. Let's watch."

Traci, her heart thumping, slipped under Daddy's leg and arm, careful not to wake him. Satisfied, she started moving her bum gently, grinning to herself as she remembered Mom's advice.

I FELT WAKEFULNESS ARRIVE gradually, senses slowly flowing in, the feel of a sheet under me, my hand resting on warm soft skin, my leg hooked over a slowly undulating bum. Awareness stormed in. Memories flooded back. I got an erection, my penis growing, lengthening against the sheet. I felt a little bum wiggle slightly. Smiling, I opened my eyes, Kats so small next to me. I remembered sex with her, so damned exciting, and arousal hit.

"Mmm," I murmured as my hand slipped down her slender back to caress two gorgeous buttocks.

"How come it didn't feel good, Daddy? Kats asked, her face turned away from me.

That surprised me. I was sure she'd cum a number of times. "It didn't?" I asked.

"Nope. Can you try again? Like this?" she asked with a little wiggle of her sexy, naked bum.

Jesus Christ. "Uh, sure. If you want," I replied, horny as hell. I loved sex from behind, the sexy curve of small buttocks and the arousing sight of flared bottoms. Rising, I straddled Kats legs. "Lift up," I suggested grabbing a pillow. Jesus. Her compact bum gained sexy curves as she raised her hips. I pushed the pillow under her, my eyes riveted on the gap at the top of her thighs, a gap filled with a plump hairless pussy, a prepubescent pussy with a seductive cleft tightly closed, labia narrowing to an indent. Then I spotted the tip of her clit nestled between thick, slightly reddened labia.

It seemed wrong. Why? I fondled sexy small buttocks, gorgeous little cheeks that fit my hand perfectly, still puzzled. Then it struck me. I knew what was bothering me. It was that clit. Kats' clit didn't peek out. But I knew whose did!

"Kats, honey, look at me," I asked, smiling.


"Kats?" I asked, bending over her to inspect her face.

She had her eyes closed and, as I bent, she turned her head to face the other way. I caught her smile and grinned. How the hell did Traci get into bed with me without my knowing?



Well, this could be fun. "Are you going to do what we talked about last night?"

I watched her go still. I waited, wondering what she'd do. A snicker distracted me. Glancing over my shoulder I smiled harder. Sara sat with our daughter in her lap, both grinning. I saw two pairs of emerald green eyes staring at me. I knew it.

"I don't remember, Daddy. What did we talk about?" Traci said.

I grinned again, still fondling her amazingly small bum, still staring at the most seductive little pussy I'd seen since, well, last night. As I massaged delectable cheeks, Traci's pussy lips opened and closed, giving me little winks of a lighter pink inside, a glisten of moisture, silky, shiny, a pink clit and the shadow of her little vagina. I loved how her prepubescent pussy seemed to fill her groin, appearing so large between small legs.

"Well, remember when you told me you loved me more than Traci did, how Traci said she didn't love me much? And do you remember telling me how Traci said she didn't really want to be with me and . . ."

"I DIDN'T!" Traci exclaimed. "Kats LIED!"

Eyes flew open. Indignation filled her face. Blue eyes glinted at me as she looked back with a frown. Surprise grew when she saw my smile.

"Oops." She grinned. "Got me. But it was Mom's fault!" she claimed.

I bent and kissed her cheek. "So Kats had it all wrong?" I asked softly, smiling.

"Yuh-huh!" She nodded hard.

I kissed her lips, felt her relax, sort of melt, murmuring into my mouth. My erection found the natural indent between her legs. Traci murmured again and squeezed her buttocks sending a jolt of pleasure through me. She pushed back and groaned when I got off her, rolling to my side to lay next to her.

"What happened?" she asked without moving, staring at me.

Jeez her bum was really quite spectacular, rising over the pillow as it was. "I want you on top of me," I answered.

"Really?" she asked brightly, enthusiastically.

TRACI SAW DADDY'S ERECTION lifting off his tummy. She remembered riding her pillow imagining it was Daddy. A flush of horniness hit. Scrambling quickly before he changed his mind, all instructions from Mom forgotten, she straddled Daddy, throwing her knee across him, hands on his tummy to hold herself up. She shivered when she sat on his erection. Big, thick. Long, too.

She felt his heat along her slit, pressing herself down, her body shaking when his erection pressed against her clit. Little tremors hit when she rubbed her pussy on his penis, nice, nice, Daddy.

She stared at the head poking out in front of her, red and swollen, like a mushroom shape, clear liquid at the tip. Reaching down she rubbed it. Slippery and warm. She grinned when Daddy moaned, glancing up to see his sexy eyes wide, a smile growing. She saw love in his eyes. Traci sighed. My Daddy.

Suddenly she needed a kiss. Lying down, his big erection pressed to her tummy, Traci kissed Daddy, soft lips. She shuddered when his hands stroked up over her bum, up her back, one hand gently brushing her hair out of the way.

"I love you, Baby," he whispered.

Traci sighed again, melting, Daddy. She rested her head on his chest, hugging him. A spark of pleasure reminded her Daddy's erection was still under her. She hunched her bum, wetness spreading on her tummy, slippery. Daddy moaned softly. She smiled and hunched again sliding up and down, spreading his wetness. His hands held her bum. He moaned. Traci grinned. Daddy likes it!

Then she was moaning. Daddy's fingers found her pussy, the tips stroking her slit, pressing in, finding moisture. She humped backwards, sighing with pleasure as a fingertip slipped into her pussy. She squeezed, delighted with Daddy's gasp.

"Can we? Now?" Traci asked, her head rising from Daddy's chest, eyes studying his face, so handsome. My Daddy.

I WAS LEAKING, PRECUM spreading between my stomach and a sexy little minx writhing on top of me. I was hard, excited, wanting nothing more than to have sex with Traci. When my fingertip slipped into her tiny, damp vagina so easily, a surge of desire hit me. Her little vagina was tight, holding my fingertip snugly, moist and slippery with her arousal. I wanted to fuck her, to fuck my little girl.

I tried lifting her bum to slide my erection into place. Traci giggled and slipped off me onto her back.

"Not like that, Daddy!" She scrambled onto all fours. "Do ya wanna do it like this?" she asked wiggling her sexy little bum, grinning at me.

I was frozen and gaping at her.

She fell flat onto her front. "Or like this?" she asked more softly, slowly, teasingly parting her legs, her bright blue eyes watching me carefully, a slow seductive wiggle of her small bum.

"I . . ."

She grinned and rolled off the bed, bent over it towards me leaning down. "Or, maybe like this? Huh? Wanna?"

I saw another bum wiggle. I heard my wife snort with laughter. Fuck! This little girl was driving me nuts. I had a raging erection. I wanted to take her, hard, even if it was her first time. She was such an amazing tease.

I believe I growled. I know Traci squealed with delight as I rolled out of bed and went after her. I definitely heard Sara laughing, maybe Kats giggling, too, as my erection waved around. I caught the little teasing minx before she made it to the door, lifted all fifty-five pounds of her, and growled in satisfaction to screams of laughter, the minx wriggling to escape.

Tossing her on the bed, she bounced, achieved clear air once and bounced again, all legs and arms flying. I dived.

Somehow I ended up on top of her, landing between her legs. I had the presence of mind to take up my weight with elbows, but she still grunted, breath exploding. We were face to face. Jesus she was so pretty, sparkling blue eyes, blond messy hair, sweet lips, a smile to die for. My heart thumped. I kissed.

Soft lips touched me, small arms hooking around my neck, slender legs rising to hook around my waist. I kissed Traci gently, letting my lips part, tasting her. She murmured and let her mouth open, let me in, her head tilting slightly. We tongue wrestled gently before I retreated, sucking her lower lip, her plump lower lip.

When the kiss ended, Traci sighed. She smiled, her legs tightened. "Like this, Daddy," she said softly.

Yes. This was perfect. Traci felt small under me, sensually small, reinforcing she was just a child. It excited me. I caressed her cheek.

"Okay, Honey. Like this."

Traci smiled. Then she grinned at me. "So? When are you going to start?"

I was in love. I raised my body slightly, Traci clinging to me like a limpet mine. Reaching down I grasped my shaft, my erection thumping and pulsing, hard and rigid. Moving slowly, I hunched forward and trembled when the tip nudged against my little daughter's pussy. I felt her labia, soft and yielding. I watched enchanting eyes as I pressed, slipping the wet tip up and down her short cleft. I felt her clitoris and pressed harder to stimulate her.

Traci watched me carefully, her eyes speaking volumes, narrowing as I pressed, softening as I caressed her clit, and opening wider as I found the spot above her perineum, my crown catching on it. I was there. I was near her tiny vagina and I held steady, watching her fascinating face, watching desire bloom, arousal flush into her.

I felt my little girl press her pussy against my cock. I felt her sexy labia, slickened with my precum and her arousal, ooze apart, sliding down each side of my crown. My heart was pounding when I felt the tip nestle to her opening, hot, moist. God, I was about to fuck my eight-year-old daughter and, at that moment, wanted nothing more, nothing.

"Ready?" I asked quietly.

Traci nodded, her eyes locked on mine. She smiled a small smile, pressed her pussy to me by arching her pelvis and tightening her legs around me.

It was a miracle. My little girl's vaginal entrance dilated slowly, gradually expanding, a tight ring working its way down my crown, spreading, stretching. I felt every millimetre; every exquisite millimetre. I felt my daughter stretching to take her daddy's erection. I saw wonder in her eyes; no pain, no discomfort, just wonder. Her smile faded slightly.

We both pushed gently. Suddenly I popped in, her vagina slipping over the hard ridge of my crown to seal tightly to my shaft. Traci's smile returned in full force. "I did it, Daddy!" she whispered. "And it didn't hurt!"

"Yes. Beautiful, Sweetheart." I smiled, too, my erection swelling and throbbing. I was at heaven's door and I desperately wanted in, all the way.

Traci's voice grew even softer. I saw mischief flit through her eyes. She spoke softly, so softly. "Are you going to fuck me, Daddy?"

I gasped. Where that that come from?

"Are you going to cum in me, Daddy? Wanna?"

I gasped again at dichotomy of such words coming from an angel.

Traci grinned when she felt my erection swell hard. "I'm really tight, Daddy. But can you go deeper? Would you like that? Do I feel good?"

"Jesus, Traci," I gasped. "Where . . . Who?"

Traci giggled. She moved her head to peer around my arm. "You're right, Mom. He does get bigger when you talk dirty!"

Fuck me!

"Jesus, Traci," I gasped. Unable to stop myself, I held her small shoulders gently and pressed, fucking into her gloriously tight pussy, her silky walls parting, rubbing my crown, her vagina a warm sheath gripping me. I groaned deeply as I fucked into my daughter, sinking deep, beautifully deep. Drawing back, I thrust again, sinking into heaven even deeper, deeper, sighing when I nudged against her end, four inches buried. God she was tight, incredibly tight, her opening a tight ring around my rigid shaft.

Traci sighed and clenched. I moaned, her grip almost painful. "Jeez, Traci, careful," I whispered. I lifted my head to look at her. I watched her smile. I watched a flit of mischief come and go.

"Am I tight enough, Daddy? Do you like it? Does it feel good?" she grinned as my erection swelled, painfully. "Should I squeeze, Daddy? Like this?"

My eyes crossed. I thought I was going to cum. It got worse when she giggled. Fuck!

I growled in need. Fine.

I pulled back, slipping out, air cooling my erection.

"Nooooo," Traci wined, her legs tightening, hugging me. "Put it back!"

I was so damned horny I didn't need hands to guide me. Hunching, moving my hips, I found her sexy pussy. Pressing I slipped close to her opening. Traci tried to hunch her bum and get me in. I pulled back keeping myself at her entrance.

She muttered and tried again, her gorgeous blue eyes clouding, a frown appearing. God she was beautiful.

"Daddy!" she pleaded.

Giving in I pressed. Her pussy yielded, dilated, slipping over me. In one move I popped in and slid home, deep, deep. Breath burst from her. She jerked, her body moving up the bed slightly. I loved it. Withdrawing, I thrust again, sinking deep, all the way to thump against her cervix, her slender, small body jerking again under me.

"Ooof. Again, Daddy," she encouraged.

Suddenly I was fucking her, long strokes, long beautiful strokes, fucking my little girl, fucking. I was in heaven, thrusting deep. Traci grunted a small childish grunt with every thrust, her bum arching off the bed to push at my erection.

Letting my full weight down, Traci's face against my shoulder, I reached down and grabbed her sexy little buttocks, holding them, pulling them to me as I fucked her, thrusting, long strokes, so good, so good.

Traci started grunting, sweet little "Uh, Uh," sounds, her legs gripping me. I was in a fog of arousal, Traci feeling so amazingly petite and young under me, her pussy so damned tight. I fucked my little darling, gripping her sweet bum, thrusting, long strokes, pleasure building. I fucked my little underage girl, erection swelling, pressure building.

And then I found paradise. Traci grunted, her legs shot out straight, bum heaving off the bed to bury my cock deep. She froze for a moment, her body rigid. Then, as if being electrocuted, she writhed, her pussy clamping down, crying out her climax, arms holding me for dear life. "Daddy! Daddy!"

It was enough, too much, her sexy pussy milking me as she climaxed. I came, unable to talk, unable to breathe. My erection swelled painfully, feeling huge in my little girls pussy. Pressure suddenly released. I grunted, shoving my erection deep to press against her immature uterus. I felt the surge of semen burn up my shaft, felt my crown swell, pleasure exploded, bliss, bliss. Semen jetted out into my little girl. I pulled back and, holding her trembling little bum tight, I thrust again, cum exploding, pleasure tearing through me, cumming hard. I fell into pleasure, fucking my little girl with short strokes, swelling, spurting, cum flooding her little pussy. I fucked and came, pleasure punishing my body. I came hard, grunting, spurting, cumming until nothing but dry heaves remained. I chased my orgasm all the way, glorious pleasure, glorious pleasure, trembling and collapsing on my daughter, relief surging in, satisfaction, relaxed, peace descending, drained. God, sex with an eight-year-old was magnificent. I think I rolled off her small body to her side, one leg over her.

SARA TREMBLED AND SHOOK, her pussy clenching, one hand cupping Kats' little hairless pussy. She could feel her husband's semen slowly leaking from Kats and it thrilled her.

She shook with need, so aroused, wanting release. Seeing Jim making love to their little girl was far, far more erotic than she'd ever imagined. And, hearing them climax, knowing what Traci was feeling, Jim's thick cum spurting into her, had been too much. She needed to cum, desperately.

Sara hugged Kats tight. She grinned and started whispering in Kats' ear.

I STIRRED AS IF from a drugged sleep, the bed moving. I was exhausted, sexually drained. I'd just lived a dream. Last night and this morning I had lived my deepest, darkest secret. I'd had sex with not one, but two underage little girls. I'd committed incest with my daughters. I'd broken the laws of the land and society. And this pleasure, this incredible experience, one I'd never have believed possible, was made so by my imaginative, open-minded wife. Damn I loved her.

Opening my eyes, I saw Sara leaning over me, her sexy green eyes gleaming with excitement, small breast pressed into my chest, thick blond hair tied into a pony tail, luscious mouth so kissable.

"My turn, Honey," she said softly.

"God I wish," I said with feeling, still flaccid and drained.

Sara grinned. "We'll need to fix that, won't we?" she said. "Girls? I think I need some help."

The sound of giggles filled the air, the bed shaking as twins jumped up.

"They'll help, Jim," Sara said, her hand caressing my cheek, eyes filled with love.

I smiled. I knew the truth. I was fucked out. "Good luck then," I encouraged.

Fingers and hands played, whispers echoing.

"Mom said Daddy likes it sucked. Wanna try?"

"But it's soft . . . and small."

"So? You can get more into your mouth when it's small."

"Kay. I'll go first."

"Don't forget to suck."

I felt little hands playing with my penis. I felt a warm, moist feeling and, when it sucked, I knew one of my daughters had my penis in her mouth. Stunned, I felt myself become erect, again! This stamina hadn't graced me since I was in my early teens.

"How deep can you get it?" Traci asked Kats as she held my erection.

Kats pulled Traci's hand off my erection, studied it. "To here, I think," she said pointing to below the darker skin under the crown, perhaps three inches.

"Won't you choke?"

"I don't think so. Let me try."

KATS GRIPPED THE SHAFT, giggled at Daddy's moan, bent and kissed the big tip, and, pressing down, let her lips part and spread around the crown, her mouth opening wider and wider. She licked Daddy's erection before inhaling, holding her breath, and carefully pressing down, her mouth filling. She felt his erection touch the back of her mouth and, with determination, pressed harder, his big penis pressing. She tried to swallow, felt it slip a bit deeper and marked where her lips were on shaft with her hand just as she gagged. Pulling off with a slurp, Kats studied her hand.

"There! See?" she said with pride, her fingers indicating three inches.

"Huh. Let me try," Traci said, reaching out. "I can get it deeper."

"No you can't!" Kats countered.

"Yes I can!"


"Can too. Watch."

MY WIFE GRINNED AT me. "So, Stud, are you up for it? It's my turn and I'm feeling a need."

Damn, I loved my family!



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