Cousin Charlotte Gets Her First Spanking

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Cousin Charlotte Gets Her First Spanking (fff/mmmm, spank, mast, no sex)
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My mother and her 4 sisters created a set of a dozen cousins within a 5 year age range of each other. A few experiences with each other as the bulk of us hit puberty eventually caused us to found the Cousin's Club Benevolent Society to "watch each other's back" and "help each other out" regarding sexual matters. We got away with things back then that even today would be grounds for taking us from our parents and dropping us into reform school. Here is one of the adventures that brought us together.

I had a crush on Aunt Eddie's girls. It didn’t matter which one. Though Annie was older, Charlotte was more developed. While I'd try for the most available one, when forced to concentrate on one I courted Ann most often. Relations were dynamic, often driven more by sibling rivalry than sexual jealousies

One summer my parents agreed to take cousins Ann and Charlotte on vacation with my sister and I to a cabin rented on the lake for a short week. It was supposed to be girls week out or I was long kind of as a fifth wheel because of logistics. My uncle dropped of the girls to be returned after the vacation, and I would stay on with my aunt and uncle when mom and dad took my sister back home with them.

I had been romancing Ann as quietly as I could since they arrived a couple of days before we went up to go to the lake. Ann and I had made out a few times though only briefly through fear of getting caught. But she was game for taking our clothes off together for the first time when a good opportunity arrived.

After a couple of days at the lake, mom and dad went into town for what was supposed to be a least an hour and left us all together. The time seemed right for us to go off and do some kissing, feel each other out, get naked, and play games with each other. After some begging, cajoling, and promises, Charlotte and my sister agreed to stand lookout and we went into the second bedroom to got started.

They gave us 15 minutes, well long enough for us to get our clothes off and make good contact with each other. We were going slow so things were just getting interesting. I had my head between Ann's legs looking over a girl's twat in extended detail for my first time and so was pointing out the features. I had worked up the courage to plant my first kiss on it when the girls started pounding on the door.

"They’re coming up the lane, spraying gravel dust!" came the cry from the two rascals! We panicked and emerged as quick as we could to "April Fool!" in the middle of July. I was pissed. Ann got scared and wouldn't try again while we were at the lake. We didn’t get of alone by ourselves until a couple of weeks later way, way out in the back woods on her farm with nobody having any idea where we were or even that we were together.

Friday morning we left the lake and drove over to Aunt Eddie's and Uncle Rob's for three days. Mom and Dad and my sister were going home Sunday night while I got to stay for two whole weeks. I told Doug, and Charlie about what had happened and how Ann got real scared. I wanted my version out there because I knew that Charlotte’s version would be even more embarrassing than my true confession. They sympathized with me and said not to worry because we’d find some way to get even with the girls. I hoped it would be in time for my sister to be included in any justice dispensed.

Saturday afternoon, the adults decided to go roadside stand shopping and took off. We called a all hands meeting in the boy’s bedroom (it being larger) and made innuendos to the girls about doing adult things as we went up the stairs together.

I sat beside Ann who sat beside my sister who was beside Charlotte who was flanked by Cliff. Charlie and Doug sat across from my sister and Charlotte. Cliff explained that we were meeting because there was too much teasing and not enough action going. He suggested some practice, and we paired off leaving Cliff to watch. Once we were well involved, Cliff started talking about the episode at the lake. When he reached for Char, Doug grabbed hold of her while Cliff pulled down her pants. She started yelling about rape and struggling. Ann and I turned to watch, and Charlie kept a tight arm around my sister. They got a bit uncomfortable watching but we kept them from entering the battle.

Then Cliff pulled out the straight chair from the desk and put Charlotte over his lap. She struggled but Doug with Doug helping she was soon secure and Cliff’s hand was raining down on her. Charlotte was sobbing, and my sister was protesting loudly against the spanking. Cliff paused the spanking while Doug reminded my sister and her of the Cousin's Club agreement and lectured about how their practical joke had not been well received by neither Ann nor I. Then Cliff offered Ann and I each a chance to do what ever we wanted to Char.

All I could think of was to whip it out and put it in, but I knew that was not acceptable, so I sat there until Ann whispered to me her suggestion for revenge.

We both went over to Charlotte. Ann told Doug to spread Char's legs enough so I could get between them. After I positioned myself I made lots of noise dropping my pants and snapping the band on my shorts. I talked about how good Char looked bottom up and told her how long I'd grown and hard I felt. Char started shaking and pleading that fucking wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I spoke to reassure her.

"Char, I’m not going to fuck you. Just relax and enjoy it. Your virginity is safe with me today." The question of her still having her virginity crossed my mind, and I made a note to try and find out from someone.

Ann took my hand to her mouth and kissed it and sucked on my fingers to get them nice and wet. Then she placed them against Char's cunt and holding my hand like a dildo, started to work them against Char’s cunt. She had me stroking up and down and teasing but wouldn't let me push into Char's pussy. Quickly her slit opened, and Ann showed me Charlotte’s clit and coached me about being gentle and not touching it directly. Charlotte relaxed and started to get aroused. Ann resumed the interrupted lesson about what feels good to a girl by using Char to demonstrate instead of herself. I though it was really neat, and I noticed everyone was watching intently.

When Charlotte was enjoying my fingers, Ann said that I could go inside. Char was tight but it was a uniform tight as far in as I could go. I was expecting to find some sort of obstruction that was Char's virginity or that made penetration painful for a girl the first time she let a guy inside her. But other that what could have been a bump just outside the entrance to her pussy, it was smooth sailing all the way.

I switched to two fingers when Ann gave me permission. After I got them inside I found that Char was squeezing and releasing them. Ann said to start thrusting, and pushing down against Char's belly from the inside. I did, noticing that the skin seemed a bit rougher there than deep inside or on the wall toward her spine.

Ann’s next move surprised me. Ann started spanking Charlotte again, and Charlotte didn’t seem to care. She just stayed excited. Ann had me get my other hand involved and rub Charlotte’s clit again while she continued to spank her. Then I lost my orientation for a second because the rough place seemed to get suddenly smooth.

Then all hell broke loose. Charlotte screamed and started thrashing. I froze, but Ann said "Don’t stop now, she’s cuming!" Seeing and feeling a girl orgasming because of what I was doing was one of the neatest things I'd ever done, and I tried to keep it going as long as I could. Ann stopped me when Char was well finished. Cliff then picked Char off his lap and set her on the large bed where she just lay with an indescribable expression on her face.

Then Doug told my sister that it was her turn. She seemed very scared and did nothing as Cliff and Doug undressed her. When they took all her cloths off I became moved with brotherly concern for a moment and started to speak up. Charlie stopped me and took me over to the bed and set me down in front of Char and got her started undoing my jeans. I repositioned myself to give her the best access and she took my cock out and rubbing it. Quietly she apologized for tricking us and tried her best to keep me occupied.

Looking across the room, my sister was being held spread-eagle on the single bed with Cliff on one side and Dough on the other. Ann was at her head talking to her, and Charlie had his head in her crotch. I couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing but I think I had a good idea. He kept going a while and she started moaning.

I let Charlotte work on me a bit and then checked out the other bed again. Cliff and Doug each had their mouth on the closest breast and I didn't have to see their tongues to know they were doing more than just sucking. When my sister started making sharp cried, Char intensified her ministrations and got a good shot of jism from my dick, followed by a couple more of decreasing strength.

Eventually, my sister started her orgasm, which I found out later was actually her very first. It was good enough that she agreed it was worth the initial trials and agreed to forgive being forced into it. We breathed a sigh of relief.

Cliff again warned about the problems that would come from our parents if they found out we were messing around with each other. Doug reminded us that the primary purpose of the club was to experiment and learn so that we wouldn’t be unsure or awkward when we started dating for real. The secondary purpose was to have fun, of course, and to help other people also have fun, by fixing them up with others or standing watch or telling cover stories when they sneaked off.

It looked like things were winding up when I said that my three male cousins still hadn’t had a chance to orgasm. They said they were happy just to help Ann and I get satisfaction for the cabin at the lake, and they didn’t need an orgasm this time. Ann agreed that it wasn’t fair, and after a quick conference with Charlotte took my sister aside for a bit. When the returned, they announced a lesson about jerking boys off using their brothers as instructional aids. Ann worked on Cliff, talking to my sister all the while. Then Charlotte had her turn to instruct using Doug. Finally, with encouragement, they got my sister to work on Charlie. He didn’t last long. My sister picked up technique well, or Charlie liked three women, or both.

Then Ann said she'd like to try something she had never done before. She had me lay down on the bed with my head up top near the wall. Then she took down we pants and straddled my face. "Lick and suck, boy. If you do it wrong I'll smother you!" I think I did it right, though it helped a lot that she could balance against the wall and control exactly the location and pressure of my tongue against her. I thought it was awesome looking up into a cunt and again getting a girl to response so dramatically.

I still have a special relationship with my cousins, even though we’ve all been married. A couple of year back my mother died, and we all comforted each other the best way we knew how. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if Ann and I would have gotten married, but between the government and my moving off to California that wasn’t a possibility. Charlotte and I talk frequently via e-mail and IM. She’s gotten into DD and is a real spanko, and says that the afternoon we got even for the lake did a lot to promote the cravings she has. Last year my sister took a vacation to Washington state where the boys ended up living and reports them just as randy as ever.

I love my cousins very much and greatly cherish the freedoms we had with each other.

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