This story is fiction. Yes, that's right - Fiction. All the characters have been made up, and what follows did not actually happen. The names are not real, and any correlations between this story and real live events are pure coincidences. This story contains themes of underage sex and may offend some people of a nervous or sensitive disposition. If you are under 18 or your reading of this ficticious story is illegal in your country or jurisduction, or you will feel that you will be disturbed by reading this story, then please stop now. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it, and I urge you to give me your feedback, by emailing raymondstories at graffiti dot net

There were only two people in the house tonight, a man and his twelve year old daughter. It was eleven O'clock. One of the occupants of the house was pushing the plan through their mind that they had had for quite some time, and had started preparing for in the afternoon. The other was asleep, little knowing what was going to happen to them tonight.

�� The bedroom door opened and Emma opened the door to the bedroom where her father lay sleeping. She pulled the duvet off of him; he was sleeping naked as usual. Lying on his back, he slept sound, unaware of his daughter looking at him as she did. Emma knew that her father was a heavy sleeper, and using the strap she lay under his bed in the afternoon, tied his hands to it, and his feet to the two posts at the foot of the bed. Satisfied that he wouldn't be able to move, Emma took the knickers she had been wearing for the past week, specially for this, and thrust them in her dad's mouth. It had disgusted Emma to wear the same underwear for the last week, having masturbated in them, slightly shat and urinated in them, but it had all been leading to this night so it was worth it. She hadn't gone out at all in the last four or five days, not her choice, her dad had grounded her. ��

As she expected, he woke up at this, and looked at who he until now thought was his sweet innocent daughter. He struggled against his bonds, gagged at the taste of the foul underwear in his mouth, and screwed his eyes shut at the sudden influx of light caused by Emma turning the light on in the bedroom. ��

Emma was also naked, the first time her father had seen her naked since she was a young child. He was slightly aroused by the sight of this though he tried not to be; her perfect figure was beginning to take the shape of that of a woman, her hips beginning to fill out, her breasts a worthy size for her to be wearing a bra, though her pussy was still childlike and hairless - her father didn't know that the few hairs that Emma had down there had been shaved off earlier that evening. ��

He wanted to ask her what on earth she was doing, but knew that any attempt to speak would be pointless with the gag in his mouth, and any attempts to push the underwear out of his mouth were getting further and further away as the material dried his mouth out. ��

Emma spoke. 'You may be wondering what I'm doing. Well, I'm going to rape you. That's right Dad - your virgin daughter is going to rape you. And there's nothing you can do about it.' Emma climbed onto the bed and with one hand started to stroke her dad's stubbled face, the other started to play with his still soft cock. 'The best thing is that nobody will believe you over me. And let's admit it, you've always wanted to fuck a twelve year old virgin haven't you.' ��

His cock was beginning to harden quickly, so Emma stopped stroking his face and concentrated both hands on his cock. 'Mmmm this is nice,' she taunted, poking her tongue out and touching the tip of his cock with it. He flinched as she did so and she laughed. 'What's the matter - can't handle it?' She moved her head up his body. 'Or did Mum never do this to you? This is the least of what you have to worry about tonight.' She returned her head to his cock and this time put the head of it in her mouth and started toying her tongue around it. He had to admit that the feeling was good even though he hated it. The comment about his ex wife really struck a chord with him - he was still a little bitter about her leaving him, even though that was five years ago now. He hadn't had sex in all that time, and how he was being raped by his daughter. That was just not fair.

Emma's mouth had begun to take more of her father's cock in her mouth, and she began to lick up and down the shaft as well as starting to suck on it. Soon he began to feel the pressure of five years worth of a non existent sex life welling up in his balls and he felt the eruption of thick cum fill Emma's mouth. He wondered what she would do with it; she swallowed it all. ��

'Mmmm that was nice,' she said, 'but I really want your cock inside of me. Properly.' She moved her face near to her dad's face again. 'And I know you want that too,' she said seductively. Emma repositioned herself so that each of her legs was either side of her dad's body, her hairless pussy lips positioned just above his cock - still hard, and still leaking small amounts of cum. She pulled her pussy apart slightly and started to lower herself onto her father and the appendage which thirteen years ago produced her. She felt him hit her hymen, and he realised that she indeed was a virgin. He knew that this would probably hurt her more than it would hurt him, but she did seem persistent that this was going to happen. ��

All of a sudden, Emma pushed down onto her father's cock, bursting through her hymen. She flinched with pain slightly, but started lifting herself up and pushing herself down again. Her dad felt himself about to erupt into his twelve-year-old daughter and tried to stop it, but it was no use. The vice-like grip of his cock by his rapists preteen cunt was not going to let him not cum into her and he filled the girl's womb with his incestuous seed. Emma kept thrusting him in and out of her cunt, before pulling herself completely off his cock with a slight slurping noise. Balancing herself on her knees, she bend down and took the filthy gag out of her dad's mouth, and before he could start to protest to her, she put her cunt over her father's mouth, his cum and the small amounts of virgin blood dripping into his still dry mouth. ��

He couldn't think of what else to do except accept it, and he slowly pushed his tongue into his twelve-year-old daughter's no longer virgin pussy, tasting her body, her virginity, and his cum. He still couldn't quite believe that his preteen daughter was raping him, and he knew that she was right - nobody would ever believe him. He was now his daughter's bitch and there was nothing he could do about it. ��

EPILOGUE: Twenty months later, Emma gave birth to a baby girl. He never saw his (grand)daughter - he was jailed for having sex, not only with his daughter, but also two of her friends - one of whom had given birth to a son. He never tried to protest his innocence for two reasons. Firstly, he knew that nobody would believe that his daughter and her friends had raped him, and secondly, he enjoyed it...