Tim,the Teenage MC By Rass Senip

Chapter X: 10th Grade, Winter 1986/87 Part 10 - The Making of a Slut
(toys, mf, ff, oral, anal)

The following entries were taken from LeAnne White's personal journal. She initially intended only to use this to document her experiences during her training to become a slut.  But after her training was completed, she has continued to keep a written record of her sex life even to this day.  However, to preserve her privacy, I have only included the entries that involve her training, and by her request, I have not listed any further entries dated after her graduation from my slut academy.

Monday, January 26th, 1987

   Today the degradation of my self control accelerated beyond the simple urges to touch myself and flashbacks of the sexual experience I had on Friday.  Concentration was disrupted repeatedly by momentary glances at the boys in my classes, followed by staring, then progressed to daydreams about them.  At lunch time I managed to make it to a stall before taking off my undergarments and fighting the urge to touch my sexual organs.

   After lunch I continued to have problems focusing my attention on my class work.  During sixth period, I momentarily lost all control twice while daydreaming about Ian Sikeston's nude rear end, and had almost touched it once before getting a hold of myself.

   I had no other option but to go to Tim Brandton and beg him for his aid.  I am uncertain whether he truly was trying to help me Friday, or somehow caused my condition for his own perverted reasons.  Whatever the case, I feel he is the only person who can help me regain control of my animal self.

  This journal is my attempt to ensure what I go through is not in vain.  If for some reason the entries in this journal stop without explanation, I urge whoever finds this to take it to the authorities and have Tim Brandton investigated immediately.  You may be my only hope.

Tuesday, January 27th, 1987

   This morning, Tim took me to Burger King and treated me to breakfast.  I don't know how he could have known I hadn't eaten, and I think he also knew I had overslept and had rushed to meet him on the third floor on time.  He told me we could make eating breakfast together a regular thing if I wished, and said it would give us a chance to discuss what we would do each day.  I agreed, thinking I would simply have to get up a half hour earlier each day.  When he asked if meeting here at 7:30 was too early, I realized he was talking about having breakfast during class time.

   I learned that Tim had discussed my situation with Principal Higgs and somehow arranged for me to miss as much class time as necessary until we finished my training.  He never did explain how he could simply miss his first class, not to mention all his classes, on a regular basis.  Despite my intuition telling me to trust him, I cannot simply overlook the way he seems to do whatever he wishes without anyone questioning it.  I have no logical explanation for his strange abilities, and have a growing concern he is far more powerful(?) than what I have seen so far.

  I am somewhat confused by his insistence that my training will not be as simple as I believe it to be.  I am quite prepared to carry out any task he gives me.  It should be simply a matter of performing the motions necessary to stimulate pleasurable sensations.  Tim told me that he would give me as much time as I needed to get comfortable in performing a task before going on to the next lesson, but I said it shouldn't be necessary.

   After we finished eating, we went back to his... the word "penthouse" comes to mind.  He has the keys to three small classrooms on the third floor which are the only rooms used on a regular basis on that floor.  Yes, penthouse is a very good description for his room.  I'm certain it is used mostly for his sexual activities.

   My first lesson is surprisingly simple.  Nudity.  I am to strip naked whenever I am alone and get used to going without clothes.  He asked me if I had a full size mirror in my room, then handed me a one hundred dollar bill and told me to buy one and use it to look at myself while I'm naked.  He had to say my name three times before I heard him, and then he simply told me to go buy it and then go home and start practicing.

  That was three hours ago.  I had a small problem finding a mirror big enough and expensive enough to purchase, but he gave me the money and there was no way I was going to give him back any change.  So now I'm sitting at my desk, nude, after spending twenty minutes staring at my naked body in the mirror.  I fail to see what this is supposed to accomplish, but I'm determined to follow it through to the letter.  Time for lunch.  I suppose it is safe to go into my own kitchen nude without anyone seeing me.  No one is home.

-7:10 pm-

   I HATE going without clothes!  I've been chilled all day, I have scratched myself in more places than I can count, I spilled HOT coffee down my front and into my lap, my breasts hurt from going so long without the support of a bra, and worst of all, I'm starting to notice how ugly my body is while I'm staring at myself in that mirror.  I don't really care about that, but I can't help but notice how unattractive I am.  I wonder what Tim will say once he sees me.

Wednesday, January 28th, 1987
-9:40 am-

   Tim told me to not worry about the little imperfections of my body because everyone has them and no one but themselves ever really notices them.  I couldn't help but feel relieved by that.

   After we ate, he asked me if I had touched myself while looking in the mirror.  I told him of course not.  So he sent me home again and told me to try it once, but not to force myself to do it afterwards unless I naturally felt like doing it.

   I must be doing something wrong.  I know masturbation is supposed to be very pleasurable, but the only thing I feel while using my finger to stimulate my vagina is a tickling sensation that doesn't last but for a moment.  After that, I feel extremely foolish laying on my back with my finger going in and out of my vagina.

-1:00 pm-

  I felt I was getting nowhere, so at lunch time I got dressed and went back to school to talk to Tim.  I couldn't believe it.  He was actually in class.  I went to the office to ask Marion (one of the secretaries who insists I call her by her first name) if she could look up what classroom he was in, but as soon as I walked in, Mr. Higgs asked me if I needed to talk to Tim, then had Tim called to the office for me.  I half expected him to offer us his office to talk in, but it never happened.

  While we went up to his penthouse, I realized I was feeling very foolish again.  I was about to ask a boy if I was 'playing with myself' correctly.  He nearly had to drag it out of me after we got to the room.

  After I explained what I had been doing, he told me as far as he could tell I hadn't done anything wrong.  Then I swore I felt something touch my mind.  I can't explain what it felt like, but after it came and went, Tim told me he believed my animal was blocking the pleasure I was supposed to feel.

  Again I felt relieved.  I now consider this to be strange because it means I will have to ask him whether I am doing something right instead of knowing it because it felt good.  At the time however, I was just happy that I hadn't been doing it wrong and that it had been something I couldn't be faulted for.

  He asked me if I felt ready to have him in the room while I was nude.  I was shocked.  Of course I knew that was what he was working towards, but for some reason I couldn't believe he was asking me so quickly.  He saw how shocked I was and told me I could wait until tomorrow, but shouldn't put it off much longer than that.

  So I'm going to spend the rest of the day imagining it is Tim looking at me instead of just my reflection in that mirror.  I have noticed one thing since I have gotten back from talking to him.  My breasts have stopped hurting, and when I examined them, my nipples got hard.  I'm going to experiment a little with my nipples.  I'm stroking one right now and it feels a little comforting.  Perhaps my animal is letting me feel a little bit of the pleasure?

-3:00 pm-

  I can't seem to stop playing with my nipples.  It does feel nice, but nothing extraordinary.  I just keep getting this feeling that I'm right on the edge of making it feel really good.  My sister is due home any time now so I have to get dressed for a little while.  I'll be able to get back to my work right after dinner.

-10:00 pm-

  My nipples hurt from all of my efforts.  I've spent so much time trying to get something more out of my nipples that I haven't imagined Tim watching me at all.  I hope I can go through with this tomorrow.

Thursday, January 29th, 1987
-5:30 pm-

   I didn't want to, but I did it.  Tim was very understanding about how nervous I felt.  I'm starting to believe he is sincere in trying to help me without having some kind of ulterior motive.

   We ate breakfast together as usual, but I wasn't very hungry.  He told me to relax and think about how ugly the rather large woman who was sitting three tables over from us gobbling down her own breakfast would look naked.  The image flashed through my head and I couldn't help but laugh.  Tim gave me the strangest look when I did that.  I'm not sure what it meant.

  He asked how things went yesterday, and I told him all about my nipples and how frustrated I had been last night.  He said not to worry.  If nothing else, I had learned how to lose myself in self-pleasure.  I argued with him about that.  I didn't lose myself.  I had set my mind to a task just like any other.  He didn't believe me.

  I started to feel a little sick when we got up to leave.  I used to calm my nerves with just a moment of concentration, but today nothing I tried worked.  All Tim had to do was look me in the eyes for a minute, and I swear my anxiety went away just by looking into those pretty blue-green eyes of his.

  I was back to being a nervous wreck by the time we got to his room at school.  He unlocked the door, then held it open, telling me to get undressed and he would be back in a moment.  He suggested that I pretend I was in a doctor's office waiting for him to give me a check up.

  It didn't help.  I nearly left before I put my foot down, took a deep breath, and took everything off like I was rushing to jump into the shower.  I stood there waiting for a good ten minutes before sitting down on his couch, and after another twenty minutes of waiting, I started to get mad.

  That was when I realized I had been pinching my nipples without thinking about it.  I actually got excited that I had done something so primitive that I started using both hands.  And it happened!  I felt something wonderful shoot through me for just a moment, and then it was gone.

  I completely forgot about waiting for Tim, and suddenly he was watching me from the door.  I had been so involved in trying to get that feeling back that I hadn't noticed him come in.

  And instead of feeling ashamed, I told him what had happened like it had been the greatest discovery ever made.  He told me I had done well, and that I was ready to finish this lesson.

  My excitement vanished and all I felt at that point was a slight discomfort in my nipples from being twisted so hard.  I couldn't help feel he had somehow planned everything and had known ahead of time what I went through.

  He had me turn around slowly, giving him good long look at my body.  I felt his eyes examining every inch of my skin, noting every mark, every bulge, every little imperfection.  I felt completely degraded, embarrassed, and wanted very badly to put my clothes on and leave.

  He had me move into different positions, some quite natural, some very unnatural.  The worst were the ones where he took very close examinations of my anus and vagina.  He spent the whole morning looking at me in every way imaginable.  My discomfort grew less and less until I was simply feeling rather bored.  He was examining my anus again when I felt my hand kneading my breast out of habit.

  I was very close to feeling that sensation I had felt earlier and I didn't even hesitate to use my other hand on my other nipple.  I guess I must have made too much movement because I suddenly saw Tim's face smiling at me as he sat down on the couch to watch.

  I started to lose that feeling very quickly because of that, so I shut my eyes and concentrated on bringing that feeling back.  I can't believe I started imagining what I would look like in the mirror, but I didn't stop because it was working.

  I'm twisting my nipples right now, and each time I look at myself in the mirror, I can feel it get a little closer.  Is this what a slut does when she's alone?  Watch herself twist and pinch her nipples trying to get that wonderful feeling to shoot through her again?  I've done it six times today, and each time it gets a little easier.

  After I made that feeling shoot through me twice, Tim told me I needed to open my eyes and watch him watch me as I did it.  I couldn't even get the feeling to start as I did it that way, so Tim had me stop for a while and we ate lunch together in the room.  I didn't even think about the fact I was eating lunch with him nude until I had finished my sandwich and was wiping the crumbs off my lap.

  I can see now that Tim had been desensitizing me to being nude in front of him all that time he had been staring at me.  I honestly wasn't the least bit embarrassed when he had me spread my legs and show him my vaginal lips.  He gave me this wonderful smile when he saw I had passed his test with flying colors.  I feel a strange duality about that.  I feel very proud of my accomplishment, but I also feel I have betrayed myself.  I'm not sure which of the two I should believe.

  Tim asked me whether I was ready to move on to the next lesson or if I wanted to try and get that feeling back while watching him watch me.  I'm glad I chose the next lesson.

  My second lesson is to get used to feeling him touch every inch of my body.  That scared me really badly, but Tim gave me another one of his smiles and started immediately with the lesson.  I never knew how comforting someone's hand could be just brushing my cheek.

  After a few minutes of his soft hands on my cheeks and neck, he must have seen my fear dissolve because I found his hands were moving down my entire body.  I felt like I had been thrown into ice water, and he immediately withdrew when I shuddered and stiffened.

  Tim apologized and asked me to lay down on the couch, so I did.  I felt very uneasy again, but Tim started giving me a foot massage, and I really liked that.  When he saw how relaxed that made me, he suggested trying my nipples again while watching him work on my feet.

  I did it, but only because I imagined watching myself in the mirror.

  I just did it again.  But this time I felt my feet tingle like they had while Tim massaged them.  I'm going to try it again.

  I give up.  I'll try again later after dinner.

-9:20 pm-

  I'm getting better at this.  I've only made my feet tingle twice, but I've had that shooting feeling three times in the past hour.  I'm going to bed now.  I'm exhausted.

Friday, January 30th, 1987
-2:50 pm-

  This was the longest day I've had in my life.  I told him everything that I experienced yesterday while we ate breakfast, and was only a little nervous when I got undressed in front of him back in the room.  He did my feet again while I got my nipples feeling good, and actually had two back to back.  I couldn't believe it.

  But then he insisted we move on to the rest of the second lesson.  I hoped I would get used to it just like the nudity thing, but he never did anything long enough to let me get used to it.  I feel so numb.  He touched me, pinched me, and slapped me just hard enough to sting but not actually physically hurt me.  He didn't do anything to my nipples, vagina, or anus though.

  I broke down and cried once, and Tim did everything but promise not to do it anymore to make me stop.  I want to believe he hates putting me through this, but I can see how aroused he gets while he's doing it and I feel so horrible because he does.  I'm not angry, I'm just lonely.  I thought Tim was someone who I could trust not to let his sexual urges get the better of him.

  He spent the entire day doing these things to me, never touching me with anything but his hands.  Before he let me leave, he gave me some homework for next week.

  I have a black plastic penis in my mouth right now as I write this.  I'm supposed to learn how to keep it in my mouth while I sleep, and in general get used to the feel of it and start practicing taking it into my throat without gagging.  Of course I've heard that some girls take it in their mouths, but I never imagined anyone but the most barbaric people doing it.

  The only comfort I have right now is my wonderful nipples.  I stroke and pinch them every moment I get.  Oh my God.  I can't believe I wrote that and meant it.  I also love that mirror, and I just realized I got naked without thinking about it when I got home today.  Do I really enjoy going nude?

Sunday, February 1st, 1987
-10:00 am-

  My sister caught me yesterday while I was naked in my room playing with my nipples.  I must have looked scared to death when she asked me what I was doing.  She's only thirteen years old and already wears the same size bra I do.  We are complete opposites Jane and I.  She's already gone to a few dances with boys, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she has already allowed one of her several boyfriends to 'feel her up'.

  I could have died when she got this funny look in her eye and started to take her shirt and bra off.  She asked me to show her what I had been doing, then promised up and down that she would never tell anyone.  I never had trusted Jane before, but something about the way she acted made me believe her.

  My mother is out of town for the weekend, and my father knows better than enter a girl's room without knocking and waiting, so Jane and I spent the whole afternoon trying to make her feel that wonderful shooting feeling.  She even stripped the rest of the way and watched herself in the mirror like I do.

  Jane finally gave up and just asked me to do it for her.  We had an argument that led to her suddenly reaching out and giving my left one a hard pinching twist.  The shooting feeling lasted nearly three times longer than anything I have felt before or since, and made my legs and arms tingle afterwards.

  Jane begged me to do it to her after seeing the effect on me.  I did, and she peed on my bed from having her first shooting feeling.  Jane and I spent the night in her bed pinching and twisting each other's nipples until we were so tired she didn't even put her nighty on like she had said.  I gotta go.  Jane wants me again.

-8:30 pm-

  It's been a wonderful day.  Jane and I spent the entire afternoon talking about everything.  I never have had such a feeling of closeness with anyone before.  I want to tell her about the training I'm going through so badly, but for some reason I can't.  I try, but nothing happens.  Tim has done something to me, I'm sure of it.  After finally finding a friend in my sister, I think I won't need to go through Tim's training.  I'm going to tell him tomorrow that I've decided I don't need his help.

Monday, February 2nd, 1987
-10:00 pm-

  I HATE HIM!  He told me I made a deal and I had agreed to see it all the way through.  But then he told me he wasn't going to force me to do anything, and warned me that no matter what I feel right now, it wouldn't last and my problems would come back.

  Tim let me go back to class, and I thought that was the end of it.  But he was right!  I hate him for that.  By lunch time I was not only staring at the guys, but the girls too!  I kept wondering if they had ever had their nipples twisted!

  I went home during lunch and played with my nipples in front of the mirror until Jane got home.  She had taken off her top and bra before she got to my room, and as soon as I saw her I started crying.

  Jane comforted me as best she could, and even cried herself when I couldn't tell her what was wrong.  I was the first one to start the nipple pinches after I sobered up a little, but when she did it to both of my nipples at the same time, something inside of me grabbed control.

  Jane struggled to pull me off her when my mouth clamped around her nipple.  When I managed to get control again, Jane ran from my room telling me to say away from her.

  She hasn't spoken to me all evening.  I've cried so many times I had to change my pillow cases they were so wet.  I even heard Jane crying once.  I'm so miserable.  I've lost my best friend that I only had for two days.  And the worst part is, I can't stop twisting my nipples!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 1987
-2:20 pm-

  Tim and I met for breakfast as if nothing had happened.  But by the time we had reached the restaurant, I was crying into his shoulder.  We had taken his car, and he held me for a long time after I finished crying.  I'm not sure if he puts on some kind of cologne or if it's the clothes detergent, the soap he uses, or what.  Even after everything he has put me through, I think he smells good.

  He seemed distracted while we ate, and I have to admit I was a little too.  I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was about to have something wonderful happen to me.

  I don't know where that came from because it never happened.  I spent the entire day with a plastic penis in my mouth while he did his touching, pinching, and slapping.  I don't know if it was because I was already miserable or because I was starting to get used to it, but it didn't seem as bad today as it had Friday.

-7:30 pm-

  Jane and I made up!  And I was able to tell her everything!  I don't think she believes it all, but she said if I don't force myself on her like that again, she would probably be okay with it.  I misunderstood what she meant about that, and nearly pushed her off the bed when she started to suck on my right breast.

  She was very disappointed when I told her I didn't like it.  She pleaded with me to do it to her, and I did it just to please her.  I was so relieved when she admitted it wasn't doing anything for her either, so were happy as clams just pinching each other's nipples.

  Jane even tried my black dildo out in her mouth, then teased me by pressing it up to her vagina.  I think I had turned white when she did that because she hasn't done it again since.

  Oh I'm so happy again.  I was right about something wonderful happening.  I can't wait to tell Tim in the morning.

Wednesday, February 4th, 1987
-2:30 pm-

  Tim was all smiles when I told him about Jane.  He's so sensitive to my needs, and even gave me a small kiss on the forehead.  I felt as if I could have exploded with happiness.  And I agreed with him not to tell Jane too much about my future lessons.  I don't want my little sister becoming a slut too.

  I'm starting to get used to Tim's handling.  I'm not going to say I like it, but it really isn't anything horrible about it.  He hasn't hurt me, and he does give me these wonderful foot rubs that make my nipples stick out so far he asked me if I would mind if he nibbled them.  I reminded him about Jane's attempt, but he insisted.

  I was just about to tell him to stop when he bit me.  It felt as good as Jane twisting both my nipples.  He did it to the other one, then explained that if he did it too much, I wouldn't get anything from my nipple twisting.  I already had noticed how little twisting my own nipples were doing for me.  I can still get the shooting feeling, but it just doesn't satisfy me like it once had.

  He had to leave and take a test during third hour, but left me to practice my deep throating which I hadn't been doing.  My throat hurts from doing that, but Tim told me to make sure I kept doing it as much as possible, so I'm moving it in and out of my throat as I write.

  Jane's home.  I'll finish writing the rest of my lesson down later.

-9:20 pm-

  Jane wants me to get her a dildo like mine.  She's forcing me to agree to get her one by refusing to twist my nipples until I do.  I'm so torn between my feelings of protecting my sister from corruption and my need for her attention and friendship.  I'll have to talk it over with Tim tomorrow.  If anything else maybe he'll let me take that dildo home for Jane as long as I bring it to school every day.

-10:00 pm-

  I nearly forgot.  After we ate lunch, Tim said I was ready to let him fondle my private parts.  He got out some body oil and oiled me up all over, then started kneading my breasts.  I hate myself for loving that.  I can't believe I let out a moan.  But his hands felt so good!  I didn't care for the anal and vagina rubs though.  They felt degrading.

Thursday, February 5th, 1987
-2:50 pm-

  Tim mentioned today that he thought my breasts had grown a little.  I'm not sure about this, but my bra does feel a little uncomfortable.  I didn't really take any notice of this before because I hardly wear them anymore.

  I'm not sure, but I think I'm starting to enjoy his touches.  If it wasn't for all of the pinches and slaps, I would really like the long hours he spends on my skin.  I'm even starting to rub my body with my own hands to make me feel good.  And sometimes he only has to just touch my breasts to give me that shooting feeling.  But Tim doesn't seem to want to touch them anymore.  I'm a little concerned that he might be getting tired of me.  I hope this lesson ends soon so we can start a new one.  I would hate for him to get bored of me.

  Jane is home.  I guess I better give her the dildo he gave me for her.  It's not as big as mine, but at least I won't have to take it to school every day.

-9:50 pm-

  I think Jane is letting herself be taken over by her animal.  She spent the day with me learning how to deep throat, and then after I let it slip about the nipple biting, she made me do it to her three times.  Why did I do it?  She didn't threaten me or anything.  I just gave in and did it.  Am I starting to weaken in that respect too?

Friday, February 6th, 1987
-1:50 pm-

  I don't feel the pinches and slaps anymore, and I do like his touches.  Tim is so gentle.  And he's so strong!  I didn't know he worked out in the weight room after school.  I can't believe I felt excited when he told me the next lesson would be getting used to him being nude.

  Now I'm nervous about it.  His limo(!) is coming tomorrow morning so I can spend the day at his place.  He promises I will be home before dinner so my parents won't suspect anything is going on.

  I can make my nipples get hard just by thinking about it.  At least I have gained control over that.  My throat doesn't hurt anymore, but I still have a little gag reaction when I first start my deep throat exercises.  Jane sounded like a frog this morning from the deep throating she did yesterday.

  Tim's finger slipped inside my vagina today.  I think he was as surprised as I was.  He asked if I ever get wet down there, and I told him no, not since Jr. High.  I'm not sure, but I think he's worried about that.  I wonder if Jane gets wet.

  After we ate lunch, Tim had me try doing the nipple thing while watching him watch me.  I had no problem doing it.  I even imagined him using his mouth and teeth on my breasts.  That made me tingle again.

  I noticed he got aroused watching me like that.  It was such a relief to know he wasn't getting bored of me.  I was disappointed when he said he had to go to his sixth period class.  I had hoped he would give me some more rubbing or maybe even play with my breasts like I had imagined.

  So now I'm bored.  He didn't give me anything new to do, and because I came home an hour early, I have an extra hour to kill before Jane gets here.  I guess I'll just try imagining what Tim will look like nude.  I'll just get my anatomy book and study the male organs.

-4:20 pm-

  I'm so bored.  I forgot Jane was going to a slumber party tonight and only had an hour to spend with me.  Oh, I forgot to see if she gets wet.  Darn it!

  I think I'll just take a break from all this and watch some TV.

  One of these days I'm going to mess up real bad and walk out into the living room without any clothes on in front of my father.  I just did it now, but luckily only my mom is home and she had her back turned.

-9:00 pm-

  Jane took her dildo with her to the slumber party!  I hope she doesn't do anything stupid.  I'm so worried about her.  I think I'll try and call her.

-10:00 pm-

  I feel a little better now.  Jane didn't take her dildo after all.  She just hid it better in case mom or dad went snooping.  I'm going to bed now.  Tim's limo will be here at eight and I want to be outside waiting.

Saturday, February 7th, 1987
-8:20 am-

  I'm writing this in Tim's limo as we travel to his home.  We, as in myself and two naked women named Vicki and Carol.  I'm a little uncomfortable by their nudity, but to my relief Vicki relayed a message from Tim saying I wasn't to get undressed until he said.

  Just their existence scares me a little.  Who are they, and what are they doing here?  They call Tim 'Master Tim' and me 'Miss LeAnne'.  What does this mean?  Will I someday call him Master Tim also?  Are these sluts?  Or something else entirely?

-10:10 am-

  Tim is giving me a chance to write this down before we start with the next lesson.  I have never mentioned to him I was keeping a written record of my training, but when he saw my notebook, he asked if that was my journal.  My shock was almost as great as the chill that went down my spine.  I've never been superstitious before, but I'm beginning to wonder what Tim really is.

  His house isn't a house, but a mansion.  He has a huge estate, and the mansion is right in the center of it.  Everything on the exterior is marble, including the steps that lead up to the huge front doors.  I was extremely surprised by the interior decor being quite sensible and not gaudy or glitzy.  Apart from the very impressive front hall, the rooms felt very homey, if spacious.

  Tim gave me the grand tour, and I was surprised to see what few servants there were, they all were wearing uniforms that covered their bodies decently.  Of course this could have been for my benefit, but after meeting his mother, I didn't see why he would have bothered.

  Mrs. Brandton is astonishing.  I couldn't help but admire how perfect her body was.  I even would have to say she is beautiful, and I never thought I would think of a nude woman that way.  I can't say what it is exactly that makes her look so sexually divine, but can say I nearly lost control over myself when the thought of twisting her nipples went through my head.  I wish I had breasts like that.  They're not all that big for a woman, but they are so firm looking.  And her nipples

  I need to change the topic.  I just twisted my left nipple so hard it hurt.

  Strangely enough, I miss my dildo in my mouth while I write this.  I've gotten used to having something to move about with my tongue, and push in and out by inhaling or exhaling.

  That's enough for now.  Tim is standing by the door waiting on me.  I'm so nervous.

-12:40 pm-

  Tim has the most amazing control over himself, especially when it comes to sexual arousal.  I better start at the beginning though.

  Tim took me to what he called the study, but was more like a stadium with beds instead of chairs.  He was so calm, and I was so nervous.  I hated my lack of control over my nervousness, especially when I couldn't find anything logically to be nervous about.  I have never seen a nude male body in the flesh before, but I knew exactly what it looked like and how all the parts worked.  I was so frustrated from not understanding what I was so upset about that I asked him to hurry up and get undressed.

  I love it when we look in each other's eyes.  I don't how he does it, but I felt so much better afterwards that I gave him a hug and thanked him.  I can still remember how good he smelled, and how nice his hugging me back felt.  Tim didn't let the hug last very long, but I could tell he had liked it too.

  Tim asked me if I was ready, so I nodded.  He took off his shirt and laid down to pull off his jeans, but stopped after undoing them.  He asked me to pull them off for him, slowly.  I was so excited and scared at the same time that I pulled them off in a quick jerk after I had them halfway off.

  I tried to keep my eyes off the tent in his boxers, but I couldn't.  I barely remained in control when my animal tried to take over to reach out and touch it.

  That's when Tim said 'down boy' to himself and I watched as his erection immediately deflated.  I've never seen such willpower before.  I don't think I've ever been so impressed by someone.  He's incredible.

  I felt his eyes on me, and when I looked up, he asked me if I was strong enough to take his underwear off.  My heart felt like it was trying to get out of my body it pumped so hard.  I knew then it didn't matter whether I was strong enough or not.  I simply had to do it.  I feel so ashamed from being so weak after seeing how strong willed he was.

  But at least I wasn't nervous anymore.  If anything, I was excited.  His skin felt so warm and soft when I slipped my fingers under the band on his sides.  He lifted his bottom off the ground and I quickly pulled them down.

  When I saw his penis for the first time, I had this sudden urge for my dildo in my mouth.  It vanished the next moment as he lowered himself back down, then asked if I was going to finish removing the boxer shorts.

  I was so embarrassed.  He caught me entranced on the sight of his male genitalia.  I diverted my eyes and concentrated on slipping his boxers the rest of the way off.  After they came off his feet, I heard him say 'down boy' again, which I naturally looked over to see it just finish deflating.  It couldn't have gotten all that stiff before he had caught it.

  Tim gave me the choice of either taking my clothes off also or rubbing my body all over.  I chose the easier of the two.  My clothes were starting to feel itchy anyway.

  I relaxed after a few minutes of Tim's handling, but I tensed back up when his erection brushed against my left thigh.  And then I was confused.  I kept having this urge for the dildo in my mouth, and yet I was completely revolted by the idea of his penis touching me.  I new the dildo was just a replacement for his penis, so I was torn between the two knowing they directly conflicted with each other.

  I don't know how many times it touched me, but I shuddered every time it did.  I think Tim was getting tired so he purposely pressed it against my side and smeared its 'precum' on my skin.  I almost gave into my craving to flee.

  But Tim saw how upset I was and stopped.  He calmed me down by giving me a foot rub, and then we went to the kitchen and fixed ourselves lunch.  He gave me until 1:00 to write all this down before I'm supposed to meet him back in the study to continue our lesson.  I feel strangely calm about going.  I think something nice is going to happen.  I hope I'm right about this like I was last time.

-5:20 pm-

  I'm on my way home in the limo and I'm very tired, but I have to write all this down before I forget anything.

  When I arrived in the study, Tim handed me a bottle of body oil and told me to use it on him.  I felt so calm.  I wasn't scared, nervous, or excited.  I think I was in the middle of doing his chest before I felt a tingling in my vagina.  I kept working on putting the oil on him, but the tingling was growing stronger and I finally had to stop and look.

  I couldn't tell there was anything different.  Tim asked me what was wrong, so I told him.  He told me to spread my legs and I did without hesitation, and didn't even shudder when he pushed his finger in.  His finger made it tingle even more, and it started to feel good in a way.  He looked up at me with a smile, and then pulled his finger out and showed it to me.

  It was glistening with moisture.  I couldn't believe it.  I was wet.  I had a woman's equivalent of a male's erection.  But apart from the nice tingling sensation, I didn't have any clear motivation to stimulate myself further.  It was just there.

  I turned my head so I didn't see him put it in his mouth.  I felt as if I could have thrown up from the idea.  But the tingling apparently liked the idea because I felt it surge for a moment.

  Tim had me go back to oiling him up.  I had naturally left this genitals for last, not really enjoying the concept of touching them.  But he refused to roll over, and said I would have to start getting used to touching them anyway.  He told me I could go over what I had already done as much as I wanted and take my time.  He made it clear the goal was not only for me to touch them, but to stimulate him into an erection and possibly make him ejaculate.

  I believe he was constantly preventing himself from forming an erection.  He seemed almost preoccupied by something as I did his chest again.  His chest was very nicely built for a teenager his age.  His arms were muscular also, but his chest was my favorite.  I avoided touching the little stripe of hair that had grown from his crotch to his belly button.  I felt as if it was teasing me, like an arrow pointing at his penis.

  My arms and hands were getting tired, so I took a deep breath, fixed my eyes on his crotch, put some fresh oil on my hands and did it.  Tim jumped because I had squeezed his testicles too hard, so when I tried it again, I was more careful.

  Once my initial discomfort of handling his sexual organs had subsided, I took more notice of its shape and feel.  The dildos were accurate up to a point, but when Tim finally let his erection form, I found his penis to be strangely familiar, yet shockingly different.  His flesh and blood gave it such a different feel to it than the cool hard plastic.  I still can't believe how many times I almost convinced myself to put it in my mouth.  That would have been the real test to find out the differences, but the very idea makes me sick.

  He gave me tips on how to masturbate him properly, and I strangely felt compliant with his comments.  The tingling in my vagina had grown without my realizing it, but when I saw his testicles retract and he told me he was going to 'come', I felt this twitch inside me that made me gasp.  My attention was diverted to my own crotch, and forgot all about Tim's.

  Tim quickly reminded me of his own condition, but I didn't care.  I was feeling my own arousal for the first time in a long time and quite frankly felt it was more important than what he was going through.  After all, he probably had someone do it for him every day after seeing those two women in his limo.

  I learned a personal lesson from that.  Because I was concentrating on how good it felt and not doing anything else, I found my arousal quickly diminishing.  By the time I realized I should have continued masturbating Tim to keep my own arousal up, Tim had finished the job himself.  I must admit I was fascinated by his ejaculation. Not aroused, but found it to be interesting.  I was watching something I had seen many times before without ever seeing it function.

  Tim was a little upset with me.  He refused to let me try again, saying I had failed the test.  That upset me, and I begged him to let me retake it.  He said no, then said it was time to move onto the next lesson.

  I was shocked when he told me to get dressed.  I had expected and maybe even looked forward to saying nude while I was there.  I unhappily followed his instructions, but as I picked up my bra, he stopped me and told me he didn't want me to wear a bra until my training was finished.  I'm actually okay with this.  They are not very comfortable after going without them so much.

  When I finished dressing, I felt his eyes on me again.  I looked up to find them staring into my eyes, and I happily stared back.  He has the prettiest eyes, so full of life and energy.  I think I could stare at them for hours.

  And he was so sweet when he told me that before we did anything else, he wanted us to kiss.  He said it was important to him to know he cares for someone before having any serious form of sex.  Tim said I was ready to start the real training, but not until I had a real kiss from the heart.

  I never felt so, loved, I guess.  He smiled at me probably from the expression I must have had on my face.  That smile.  I can still see it in my mind.  I feel like all I want in the world is to see his smile again.  I wish I could spend all day with him tomorrow.

  I didn't realize our faces had moved closer until I had trouble focusing from being so close.  I noticed his eyes closing, so I did the same, and the next moment I felt his lips on mine.  How could such a simple touch feel so good?  I don't remember anything but the feeling of sharing myself with him, and the pleasure of our lips moving.  I had a moment of clarity where I tried to kiss him the way I thought you were supposed to kiss, but whatever I did was wrong.  So I let my instincts tell me what to do instead, and I was rewarded by his arms wrapping around me and feeling his wonderful body against me.

  I felt my pulse quicken and my focus sharpen on the sensations I was having all over my body.  I don't know when my arms had moved to hold him against me like he was holding me.  I started exploring his warm back with my hands as I felt a need to feel more of his body.  I remember touching my tongue to his upper lip, then when I tried it again, I found his mouth had parted and I suddenly realized his tongue was touching mine.

  It felt so good to let myself go and feel around his mouth.  And then he did the same to mine, sending a shiver down my body, and just drove me to a new height of excitement.  I was so aroused by all this I must have instinctively rubbed my crotch against his because I felt his erection through our clothes and for an instant desired to feel it inside me.

  Tim made me slow down, and after a minute I broke the kiss to catch my breath.  We broke apart, but he took my hand in his and we sat there without saying anything for several minutes.  I felt his eyes on me the whole time, but I couldn't look him in the eye.  I didn't want to know what I would find in his eyes.  Lust, or,

  Do I love Tim?  Do I want him to love me?  Now I'm confused.  I feel something for him that I've never felt before, and it is a wonderful feeling.  But it also seems to hurt too.  I wish I could talk to him about it.  But do I dare?  What if he doesn't love me and finds me weak for falling in love with him?  I don't think I could bear that.

  Well, I better finish this.  Tim broke the silence by telling me that the next few weeks would be very difficult on me, and that at times he would seem to be cold and ruthless in making me do something I didn't feel like doing.  I don't remember all what he said, but he basically was telling me no matter what it appeared,  he truly cared about me and would never intentionally hurt me.

  I understand for the first time how hard it is going to be for me.  So far Tim has been right about everything, but now I'm twice as determined to do what he tells me and complete my training beyond all his expectations.  Then maybe.  No.  I'm not going to fall in that trap.  It will not do me any good to get love sick like a little girl.  I am stronger than that.  I have to be.

  We spent the rest of the time kissing and giving each other quick little feels inside our clothes without taking anything off.  He twisted my nipples five or six times, and after I had squealed in surprise the first time, I found he loved it when I responded with little noises like that.  I'll have to remember that.

  I hope Jane is back when I get home.  I can't wait to tell her about some of this.

-7:50 pm-

  Not only was Jane home when I got there, she was in my room, naked, and using her dildo on her vagina!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  My little sister had broken her own hymen in a fit of horniness.  She even had my dildo in her mouth!

  But the biggest shock was my response.  I felt my crotch explode in tingles, and after yelling at her for what she had done, I started to shake and had to take my clothes off.  Jane watched me try to aim my dildo at my opening, my arms and hands shaking so bad she actually had to help me to get it started.

  She tried to warn me when she saw I was going to ram it in, but she was too late.  I cried out when the plastic head ripped through my hymen.  My dad heard me and knocked on the door a minute later asking if I was okay.  I couldn't go on after that awful pain, and haven't tried anything since.  I think I've finally stopped bleeding, but it still feels sore.  I feel so guilty for doing it.  Why did I let myself go like that?

Sunday, February 8th, 1987
-11:50 am-

  I watched Jane use her dildo on herself last night before we started our nipple twisting.  I think we are both tired of the nipple twisting because we didn't do it very long.  After we turned out the light, she started asking me these questions.  Questions that I didn't know the answers to.  I fell asleep on her on the fifth or sixth question.  I was so tired last night from everything I had done that day, but she was wide awake since she had stayed up the night before and hadn't gotten up until noon.

  When I woke up this morning, Jane wasn't in bed with me.  We had slept in her bed since her room was further from my parents and we didn't have to worry about the noise as much.  I slipped on my robe and went to look for her, finding her on my bed nude with her dildo still inside of her.  She must have come to my room to masturbate in front of my mirror after I had fallen asleep, and had fallen asleep herself while doing it.

  I woke her up, then carried her back to her room before taking a trip to the bathroom.  By the time I got back, Jane was already pumping the thing in and out of her.

  I did the strangest thing after I recovered from the shock.  I asked her to let me do it for her.

  I felt very odd doing it, but Jane enjoyed it very much.  I felt my own arousal start up after listening to her gasps and hard breathing.  It didn't take too long for I had to try it on myself again.

  She wouldn't let me use hers, so I searched around the room for mine a minute before finding it under the bed.  But before I could do it, my father announced it was time to get up for church from outside her door.

  I still feel guilty about how all I could think about during church was what it was going to feel like.  Jane made me promise not to do it without her, and she had something to do after church and won't be back until around 2:00.  I'll have to go find something else to do until then.

-5:15 pm-

 Jane didn't come home when she was supposed to.  She's over at a friend's house and won't be home until around 8:00.  I can't believe she did that to me.  She knew I was waiting on her.  I'm feeling a little depressed right now, and don't feel like trying it anymore.  I just can't believe she'd do this to me.

-11:00 pm-

  Jane's avoiding me!  She came home and said she didn't feel good and went straight to her room and locked the door.  I heard her using her dildo in there, but she won't answer my knock.  I'm going to unlock her door and demand to know what is going on.  If she doesn't tell me, I'll take back the dildo.  That will make her talk.

-11:50 pm-

  Jane told me.  She and her best friend Susan had been experimenting with masturbation for the past month, and today they had oral sex.  She offered to do it to me tomorrow if I got another dildo from Tim for Susan.  I just stood up and left.  I'm not going to have anything to do with her lesbian activities.

Monday, February 9th, 1987

-2:30 pm-

  I told Tim everything at breakfast, and he explained to me that what Jane was doing was actually quite normal.  The only reason I saw valid was the fact that experimenting in sex with someone of the same sex was a lot safer than with the opposite sex, especially for girls.

  He made me promise I wouldn't interfere unless it was dangerous not to.  I was a little unhappy about that, but I couldn't help but feel better after he smiled and said Susan would just have to find her own dildo.

  I could tell Tim was uneasy about something as I drove us back to school.  Before we got out of the car I took his hand and asked what was wrong.  He looked at me with such a puppy dog face and told me he wasn't looking forward to making me go through the next lesson.

  I kissed him.  I KISSED HIM!  Not the other way around.  It was hard to end the kiss too, but I did it.  I could see Tim was happy with my progress in that area.

  Once we got to the room, Tim asked me if I wanted to try anything before we started.  A dozen things went through my mind, but I couldn't bring myself to try any of them except to kiss him again.  But something wasn't right about the kiss.  I don't know what it was, but there was something missing.  I don't think it was anything that Tim was or was not doing.  I just don't know.

  Tim undressed me, then went through the first two lessons looking for any resistance.  There wasn't any.  The next thing was for me to rub him down with body lotion, and I thought I had that part beat.  I did it just like I did last time, even doing his chest and legs over before beginning the stimulation of his penis and working him towards ejaculation.

  At least I thought I was.  His penis was fully inflated for a long time, but nothing seemed to trigger his ejaculation.  When I finally got frustrated enough to ask what I was doing wrong, he told me it was time for my next lesson.

  When he told me to 'blow' him, my body went cold.  I was absolutely repulsed by his order, but I knew I had to obey.  My stomach felt as if it was ready to regurgitate the breakfast we had eaten together as I made my mouth open and move towards his hardened penis.

  I closed my mouth around it, and was surprised to find it didn't taste like urine, but something else organic.  It wasn't all that bad, so I attempted to calm my stomach by pretending it was the plastic dildo instead of the real thing.

  That worked.  I started to attempt to maneuver it like I had with the dildo, but since it was attached to Tim's body, it didn't quite work the same way.  Tim didn't rush me or say anything while I experimented and learned for myself how to manipulate it in my mouth.

  Tim gasped when I finally felt confident enough to take into my throat.  That was easier than with the dildo since his head was much softer and more flexible than the plastic the dildo was made of.

  I'm a little surprised at how I adjusted to the situation and felt comfortable moving my mouth up and down on his penis.  I seems so unreal to me now.  I feel a little ill just contemplating the fact I had his penis in my mouth.  But at the time, it almost felt fun.

  When he told me he was about to 'shoot', I became very aware of what I was doing and how disgusting it was.  I nearly threw up on him when he told me I could either keep it in my mouth and swallow it, or let it squirt all over my face and rub it in.

  I naturally decided to take it on my face, so I pulled my mouth off and shut my eyes and mouth.  He yelled at me to keep pumping with my hand, then grabbed my hand when he saw I wouldn't open my eyes to find his penis.  When my hand made contact with his penis, I started the up-down motions expecting him to ejaculate at any moment.  He must have lost his high state of arousal for it took several minutes before he finally gave a loud moan and I felt a warm stream of fluid hit my right cheek.  After five streams of semen, he finally relaxed, then had to tell me to stop 'pumping'.

  I wanted to wipe it off, but he insisted I only rub it in or lick it off with my tongue.  He said it very sternly, but not without a hint of remorse.  I was very surprised when he licked my left eye lid clean so I could open it without it getting some in my eye.

  He went over to the small refrigerator and poured himself a drink of something purple.  He drank it down, then offered me a glass of soda or tea.  I took the tea, wondering why he hadn't offered me what he had drank.

  Before I could even finish the tea, his penis was hard again and was starting to seep 'precum'.  I shuddered when I realized he expected me to do it again, and nearly broke down into tears when he said I would be doing this for the rest of the day.

  I did too.  Twenty-seven times.  And after each one he drank another glass of that purple drink.  After the first three times, he told me I had to start swallowing it.  I threw up five times today.  We both were extremely tired by the time he said we had done it enough for the day.

  I'm going to take a nap now.  I've already fallen asleep three times writing all this down.

-6:30 pm-

  Jane was very angry at me for not getting another dildo.  I told her the truth,  then told her she had no right to demand anything like that from me or Tim.  She stomped out of my room without another word.  I'm sure she'll get over it.

  I'm going downstairs to get something to eat, then I think I'll just watch some TV.  I don't want to think about what Tim will make me do tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10th, 1987
-2:30 pm-

  32 blow jobs and I only threw up three times, all three in the morning.  Tim says we'll have to do something different tomorrow.  His equipment can't handle the load.  It figures.  I'm just getting used to it. Giving sixty blow jobs in two days makes me a slut, doesn't it?

  I'm going to take a nap again.  I hope Jane doesn't wake me up and start yelling again.

Wednesday, February 11th, 1987
-2:35 pm-

  42 blow jobs, but I only gave Tim 12 of them.  His best friend Joey came along with us to breakfast, and Tim told me I would be giving Joey most of the blowjobs today.  I didn't argue.

  Joey's dick was larger in diameter, but Tim's easily was longer.  Joey tasted different, especially his semen.  I wonder if all males taste different.  I have the feeling I'm going to find out.

  The biggest difference was how Joey responded.  I had just figured out how to please Tim the quickest, but it doesn't work at all on Joey.  Even his orgasms are different.  Tim likes to moan really loud and press his crotch into my face so he goes in deeper, where Joey just kind of squeaks while jerking and shivering.  Tim called it Joey's shudders and shakes.  I didn't see the joke, but apparently there was one.

  They shot their cum all over my breasts and stomach, then I had to rub it in after getting a good taste of it.  I actually am rather pleased about this.  I didn't get near as sick today because I didn't swallow as much semen.

  I'm supposed to start practicing using more colorful words like dick, cock, balls, pussy, ass, etc.  Tim said I might also start masturbating if I had the energy, which right now I don't.

  I'm going to go brush my teeth and take another nap.  I need to get this taste out of my mouth before sleeping with it.  It tasted like I had eaten a dead cat in my sleep when I woke up yesterday evening.

Thursday, February 12th, 1987
-2:20 pm-

  Another day of giving blow jobs.  Tim brought in two more friends of his, giving me four cocks to suck on.  John was the only one of the three who had seemed nervous before I did him the first time.  He obviously hadn't received very many blow jobs before.  Actually I guess it isn't obvious because I can't think of any other reason to make me think that besides the nervousness.  Oh, I know what it is.  John was easier to make cum than the other three.  It was as if getting a blow job was still a pretty new thing to him and he found it to be very arousing.

  The opposite could be said for Brad.  I had a hard time to get him to ejaculate.  And he was a little strange too.  He kept asking me for a taste whenever I let one of them cum in my mouth.  I suspect he may be gay.

  Tim gave me a wonderful foot rub while I was struggling to get Brad off one time.  And Joey.  Oh, he can do some incredible things with his mouth and tongue.  He must have sucked on my breasts for hours without tiring.

  As I suspected could happen, I'm starting to like my cock sucking.  It's become quite a challenge to learn the best way to make them ejaculate.  The only one I haven't figured out is Brad.  Hopefully I will have another chance tomorrow.  His dick tasted strangely like maple syrup when I first tasted him.

  I forgot to keep track of how many blowjobs I gave today.  It doesn't matter.  Brad always took so long I know I must have given no more than twenty.  No record to set there.

  Time for my nap.  I'm more tired today from all the work I did on Brad.

Friday, February 13th, 1987
-2:50 pm-

  I just got home from sucking over 70 cocks!  Tim took me into the boys locker room and put me into a stall that had a hole between it and the next stall.  I spent the entire day sucking dicks of all sizes and shapes, and even several black ones.  I had no idea who their owners were, but I did know Tim's when he stuck his through the hole.  I guess you never forget your first.

  Tim also gave me a homework assignment.  I'm supposed to find a guy that I trust and lives nearby and start blowing him on a regular basis.  The only person I can think of is that twerp Rick that lives next door.  I know I can trust him because he'd do anything for me, but he's only fourteen, and I'm nearly eighteen.  Besides, I've always seen him as a sorta clean kid, not interested in the sexual topics like most boys his age are.

  Well, time for my nap.  I wonder what Rick tastes like.

-8:00 pm-

  Jane asked me if I wanted to sleep in her bed tonight.  I think she's feeling guilty for getting mad at me.  I said okay.  She seemed to cheer up.

-11:30 pm-

  Jane was acting really weird.  We did the nipple thing, and then she handed me my dildo and started using hers.  I watched her for a minute, then put it in my mouth.  It tasted funny.  I think she had been using it.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if she hadn't been letting Susan use it or hers.  I didn't care.  I fell asleep with it in my mouth for the first time.

  I don't think I was asleep very long before I felt someone licking my pussy.  I'm so angry with her!  How dare she try some of her lesbian loving on me!   I'm in my own bed with my dildo in my mouth where it belongs.  I'm not going to leave it around for her to snatch anymore.

Saturday, February 14th, 1987
-4:50 pm-

  That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I called Rick this morning and asked him if he would like to help me with a school project that needed a male point of view.  He said yes immediately, but said he couldn't do anything until after 2:00 since he was going out with his parents.

  About twenty minutes till two, he was at my front door.  I took him back to my bedroom, then closed and locked my door.  When I saw his eyes staring at my purposely erect nipples through my T-shirt, I didn't hesitate to check his crotch out.  He saw my glance, and tried to cover his erection up, but I had already seen it and knew he was mine.

  He asked what the project was, so I told him I was investigating which breast men like to touch first.  The left or the right.

  The look on Rick's face was priceless.  But then he got scared and started to get up.  I told him to wait, pulled my shirt off, and told him to touch one.

  I forget which one he touched first.  I didn't have to coax too much for him to try sucking on them.  I managed to get a couple of shooting feelings from his infant-like sucking.  But I got tired of that and moved my hand to his lump in his jeans.

  He didn't resist at all as I unzipped his pants and pulled it out.  I was a little disappointed in it's size.  He had just turned 14 last month.  But what he lacked in size he made up in other ways.

  Taste for one.  He had the strongest tasting cock so far.  Not because it was unclean like some of the ones I had yesterday.  It just has a flavor to it stronger than the others.  And his semen was different too.  Unfortunately I didn't have any of Tim's purple drink to give him, so I had to wait a whole twenty-five minutes before he was in the mood again.  His volume was kind of low too, but Tim had told me the drink increases the amount also.  It would be interesting to find out what is in that stuff.

  Rick came five times before he had to go home.  Before he left I saw the look in his eyes that I had seen in Tim's that time I had laughed in the restaurant.  I think I know what it is now.  I imagine I had the same look when Tim had kissed me.  I wonder if I'll feel the same for Rick.

  Jane went over to her 'girlfriend's' house at noon and is spending the night.  I believe I overreacted last night, so I'm thinking about asking Tim for another dildo to make up with her.  I just will have to make it clear to her I don't want any part of her lesbian activities.  But I still feel obligated to hold off on using the dildo on myself until she is there to watch me.  I think I might be able to learn a little from her in that respect also.

  I better go downstairs and do something in public.  Rick promises he'll come over right after church tomorrow.  Poor kid.  I thought he was going to fall asleep on me after that last one. -10:30 pm-

  Rick came over to talk to me after dinner.  He wanted to know if we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  I told him the truth more or less.  I said we were just friends and that I needed his help to get through some problems I was having.  He got a little upset when I wouldn't admit feeling something more for him than friendship.  He broke my heart when he started crying a little.  Rick is such a sweet boy.  I knew right then I did feel something more than friendship and told him so.  I didn't tell him what, and he didn't ask.  He really livened up when I gave him a kiss on the lips.

  I'm glad he didn't feel like doing anything more.  We talked about normal things like we did in the past.  I used to babysit him and spend hours telling him everything I knew.  He would just accept everything I told him, and later he would ask me questions on things that he wasn't clear on.  He's very intelligent, and he retained almost everything I had taught him.

  Shortly after turning thirteen he seemed to lose interest in my lectures.  His parents stopped calling me to babysit a few months after that because he had reached the age where he could stay home by himself.  I was a little upset, but I wouldn't let myself admit it.  I didn't have any use for those feelings.

  I hope we keep the old friendship alive while we form a new one.  I guess I have formed friendships here, but I just didn't allow myself to see them that way.  Time for bed.  I'm very tired, especially since I didn't take my afternoon nap.

Sunday, February 15th, 1987
-8:50 pm-

  Rick and I spent the whole day in my room.  We told our parents he was helping me work on a research paper for school, and he was my research subject.  They accepted it without a second thought.  After all, who would suspect me to be giving him 'private lessons'?

  Rick likes sucking on my tits just about as much as he likes me sucking on his dick.  I don't really mind him doing it either, especially since I discovered I get aroused watching he and I in the mirror.  Rick doesn't understand why I insist we move the mirror so I can look in it all the time.

  We haven't yet taken all our clothes off.  I go topless, but he only unzips.  At least he agreed to take off his underwear so I wouldn't have to fight it trying to come back up while I'm sucking.  Of course he had to take them off in the bathroom so I wouldn't see his naked ass.

Wow.  I certainly have adjusted to using the slang words.  I guess the only word I haven't used yet that I'm supposed to is "fuck".  There, I used it.

  Rick started to ask me questions about girls and what they like.  I answered as best I could, but I'm not sure how accurate my answers were.  Especially the one about whether all girls liked to suck and be sucked.

  I sent Rick home at 5:00 when Jane got back from her girlfriend's house.  She gave me this funny look when she saw Rick leaving.  But before I could respond she went into her room and I plainly heard the click of her lock meaning she didn't want to talk.

  After dinner I was waiting in her room before she got there, and only had to say I was sorry before she closed her door and locked it again.  We talked for a little while and I told her about my peace offering.  She got real excited and gave me a big hug, then I think she started to get aroused because she gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek and pulled away to see what my reaction was.

  I explained I wasn't interested in doing anything to each other, apart from maybe masturbating in each other's presence.  She didn't make a fuss, but I could tell she wasn't happy about it.  Is my sister truly a lesbian?  I hope Tim is right about outgrowing it.  I would hate for her to miss out on

  What was I thinking?  I don't really want my little sister becoming a slut like I am.  But I do hope she can find a nice guy who will love her and marry her before having sex with her.

  Jane's off the phone from telling Susan.  I'm going to try my luck at masturbation.  I hope it doesn't hurt anymore.

-10:30 pm-

  Now I know why Jane does it all the time.  It's feels wonderful!  Better than the shooting feelings did when I started having them.  I got so horny that I agreed when my sister wanted to do each other.  It took me a while to get wet, but once I did, it didn't stop!

  Jane grossed me out when she took my dildo out and put it in her mouth.  And then she made a yummy sound and licked her lips!  I felt sick to my stomach and told her so.  I got her to swear not to do it again tonight, but she wouldn't promise to never try it again.

  After she had done that, I strangely wished I had a second dildo for my mouth.  I almost asked if I could borrow hers, but there was no way I would put that thing in my mouth after she had used it like that.  I'm going to ask Tim tomorrow for a second one for myself when I ask him for one for Susan.

  I'm pretty tired again.  I probably will be even more tired tomorrow night.  Who knows what Tim has planned for tomorrow.

Monday, February 16th, 1987
-2:40 pm-

  My throat hurts. First thing first though.

  Tim had twelve seniors jerk off all over me after they had drank some of his drink.  I had cum all over me, and I didn't care!

  After they left, he wouldn't let me wipe any of it off, or even taste any of it.  But he let me blow him, and I felt better afterwards.  He also helped rub it in since I was getting very cold from it drying on me.  Oh, how I love his rubs.

  Once it got too sticky for us to rub any more, he told me to start thinking about who I wanted to have intercourse with for the first time.  I immediately started to say I wanted him, but he said I needed to spend some time thinking about it.  I'm supposed to call him tomorrow morning as soon as I get up to tell him who so he can make arrangements to have him at school tomorrow if necessary.

  Of course this means I'm going to lose my virginity tomorrow.  Why doesn't that scare me?

  Tim told me I probably wouldn't like most of the rest of today's training, but after I got through it I would be finished with this part of my training.  He looked into my eyes and said in the most sincere voice I have ever heard "Trust me."

  He was right.  I didn't care for most of it.  I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life!  He put a dog collar on me, snapped a leash to it, then led me stark naked out of the safety of the room and down the hall.  I begged him to take me back to the room when we started down the stairs, but he said, "Shut up, bitch.  It's time to show you off to the world."

  And that's what he did.  I don't know where we all went because I couldn't see.  My tears had mixed with the cum around my eyes and blurred my vision.  But I did realize we were in the main office when Tim was talking to Mr. Higgs about me.  I really started to cry then, but didn't resist following him out and through the crowded halls between third and fourth hour.  I was determined to do whatever it took.

  I had to stand up on one of the tables in the cafeteria during all four lunch periods.  That was the worst, but I suppose I had started to adjust to the embarrassment.  I stood up there the entire time, complying to people's requests to spread my legs or show them my ass.  And at the end of each lunch, people started throwing food at me and calling me a slut.  I didn't bother to cry.  I had reached the point were I didn't care.  Everyone knew how much of a low life I was, so it didn't matter what they did or said.

  When fourth hour was over, Tim helped me off the table.  He had prevented anyone from touching me or throwing anything but soft foods, and even though he had put me through all of that, I wasn't at all upset with him.  He was just doing his job, and I saw in his eyes he hated it.

  He took me down to the boys' locker room and led me through the rows of surprised boys changing for gym.  I noticed that half of them seemed more embarrassed than anything, especially the ones who were in their underwear.  Their looks were more of astonishment rather than the wolfish stares I had expected.  And after he led me away from them and towards the showers, I found out why.

  Tim looked in my eyes again and told me to take my suit off for a shower.  Up until that moment I thought I had been nude all that time.  But when I looked down, I had my swim suit on that easily covered anything I would have wanted to cover.  Tim told me he had hypnotized me Friday to put it on this morning without me consciously knowing I was doing it.  No wonder I had so much trouble taking a pee this morning!  I had been peeing through the suit!  Thank God I didn't have to go the other way.

  Tim got in the shower with me and helped me work the suit off.  The cum had become like a glue, especially when it had gotten wet in the shower.  Tim didn't try to hide or stop the hardon he got while he worked the cum out with his hands.  So when we finally got my bathing suit off, I went right up to him, took him in my arms and gave him a wet sloppy kiss while I pressed my naked crotch against his.  Those tingling feelings have never tingled so much.  I could feel his pulse all the way inside me from his dick laying across my cunt.  Cunt.  I never thought of it using that term before.

  Tim told me there would be plenty of time for that tomorrow, but we were running short of time if we were going to finish this lesson today.  He didn't even have to tell me to do it, I just got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth and throat.

  I had thought my training was over, and it was time for the test.  But I was wrong.  He took my head in my hands and told me to relax my mouth and throat and let him do all the work until I got used to it.  Then he moved my head back and forth on his dick, pushing it all the way into my throat on each stroke.

  I gagged on it a few times, but I concentrated on what he was doing and learned how to anticipate when I could breathe.  He stayed hard for a long time without cumming, and finally when I had become fairly comfortable with it, he told me to start trying some tongue.

  It was into sixth period before he finally moaned and gave me his cum.  I was surprised to see Joey walk in and hand Tim a glass of the purple drink, but I surprised him more when I immediately started undoing his pants to give him a blow.

  Tim told us to go ahead, but to hurry up because it wouldn't take very long for the drink to work.  And when he saw Joey was just letting me take care of it on my own, he had him take my head in his hands and operate me like a jerk-off machine.

  I had a little more trouble with gagging since his was fatter than Tim's, but its shorter length actually made it easier for me to breathe.  I even almost liked it better than Tim's.

  But when he came, I could tell he had cum earlier because it just didn't have the volume of a first cum.  But at least I got to taste more of it than I did with Tim's.  Tim had shot most of it down my throat before pulling it back into my mouth.

  No sooner had I finished Joey when Tim had me lay down on the shower floor on my back and open my mouth.  He got on top of me and lowered his precum dripping dick into my mouth.  I gobbled it down and started to try my best tongue work, but then realized what he was going to do.

  I'm a slut.  I have to be.  I actually enjoyed him fucking my mouth!  I felt so dirty doing it, but it felt so good to feel that way.  When Tim finally came and tried to get up, I wouldn't let it out of my mouth!  I made him do it again!  He ran out of energy before he could cum, so I had him lay on his back and tried to fuck him with my mouth that way.  It worked!

  When I had finished Tim off, I tried to get Joey to do it, but they both said there wasn't any time left.  There was one last thing I had to do, and it had to be done upstairs.

  Joey had brought down my clothes, so I put them on and went with them up to the room.  The bed was out, and I didn't bother to wait for them to tell me to get undressed and get on it.  I couldn't imagine what there was left to do that didn't involve intercourse, but wasn't worried about what it could be.

  Joey left the room while Tim oiled me down all over.  I was in such a daze from his rubbing that I didn't notice Joey come back with three men, one of which was Mr. Perry!

  I shuddered realizing I was going to give them all a blow job, but then I swallowed my discomfort and licked my lips trying to look like I was anxiously waiting for it.

  The first stranger wasn't much older than I was.  He was black, had a very straight and long dick, but he didn't taste any different than most.  He let me do all the work, and it strangely was relaxing to me after the brute force mouth fucking earlier.

  I liked him because he let me taste all of it when he came.  I think he must eat a lot of onions because it sort of tasted like that.

  The second guy had a huge beer belly and must have been at least forty.  He came so quick after I started that I almost choked on it.  I never expected anyone to cum that soon.  He tasted a bit bitter.  Maybe from all the beer.

  Thankfully Mr. Perry didn't seem to know who I was.  He's one of my favorite teachers, and had him for three different biology classes.  He's retiring at the end of this year, and I guess that makes him about sixty.  I wish I could have sucked him in the prime of his years.  His dick was larger than most, and he had been considerate enough to ask me if I really wanted to do it, and if there was anything he could do to make it better for me.

  I'll never forget his face when I licked his dick and asked him to fuck my face.  I wonder if I will ever be able to talk right again.  He started out so gentle, but after I made him stop so I could tell him to do it harder, I couldn't believe he had that much energy or strength to do it so rough!  The bell rang while he was working on me, and he spent nearly twenty minutes before finally cumming.  It wasn't much, and it tasted very strange.  I guess those balls of his weren't making anything anymore.

  I'm very tired, but I don't want to take a nap until after I let Jane pick out a dildo.  Tim gave me a box of them, some of them even vibrate.  I have no idea where I'm going to keep all these without my parents finding them.  Maybe I need to get a safe.  Or maybe I won't want them after I lose my virginity tomorrow.

-8:40 pm-

  Jane took two of the regular dildos and one of the vibrating ones.  I tried one before she got home and will probably never use a plain one again down there.  We had some fun working them on each other.  The only reason we had to stop was because Rick was at the door wanting to see me.

  Jane wouldn't let us alone, so I took out the largest dildos in the box, tossed it to her, and told her to practice.  Before she could ask what she was supposed to practice, I pulled Rick's pants down clear to the ground and took it and both balls into my mouth on the first try.  I made Rick wiggle and squirm as much as I could before applying the suction that he loves so much.

  Rick was staring at Jane's pussy after I finished sucking his cum out of him.  I was a little upset that the first pussy he saw was my sister's.  She was pumping her new toy in and out of her faster than I had ever seen her do before, and it made me a little horny for it myself.

  So I laid down on the bed, slipped out of my clothes, then handed Rick my vibrating tool.  It took a while for him to get it right, but he figured it out.  I wish he could have stayed longer.

   Nothing else happened after Rick left around 4:30.  I'm going to bed now.  I'm very tired.

Tuesday, February 17th, 1987
-2:20 pm-

  He changed his mind!  I'm still a virgin!  Tim said I'm not ready yet!  I was very upset with him, but he wouldn't listen to me.  He even got mad and told me if I didn't like it, I could go find someone who didn't care about me and let them screw me up.

  I didn't say anything else.  I just got down on my knees and opened his fly right there in the restaurant.  I didn't care if the world saw me after what I had gone through yesterday, and I didn't care if I got arrested and put in jail.  I had to prove to him I was ready, and I couldn't think of any other way.

  Tim didn't stop me, so I went ahead and took his hardening dick out and sucked it right into my throat.  I knew I was really getting him stirred up, especially when I started making a lot of slurping noises, followed by a lot of mmms.  By that time I suppose I forgot where I was and just concentrated on what I was doing.

  When he grabbed the sides of my head, I let him hump my mouth without any resistance.  I was just starting to tingle when he pulled it out and shot cum all over my face.  I tried to get as much of it on my face and in my mouth, but some of it missed and got wasted.

  I don't understand how, but no one in the restaurant noticed!  I was busy trying to clean my face up with my finger and tongue when a man bumped into me and apologized without a second glance.  Tim was zipping up while ordering our food at the counter, and the cashier never even looked down at what he was doing.  How does he do that?

  Tim told me when we sat down that he had enjoyed it and said it would be a good idea to do it every morning.  I didn't care.  I didn't feel like talking, and I wasn't very hungry either.  He wasn't going to budge and I knew it.

  He had me tell him what happened yesterday, and encouraged me to experiment on my own with both Jane and Rick, but to make sure I didn't take things too far.

  When we got back to the room, Tim immediately had me suck him off again, but this time he didn't drink anything before, and never took over by grabbing my head like I had expected.  He let me enjoy it.  Did I just write that?  God, I _am_ a slut.  I love sucking him off.

  After he came in my mouth, I kept sucking on him.  He let me go for a few minutes before he reached down and gently lifted my head up away from his dick and up to his mouth.  I looked hopefully into his eyes, then closed mine before we kissed.

  I love the way he kisses.  He doesn't let you french him at first, he just slowly eats your lips and holds you.  When we do finally french, it is so natural and giving.  It just happens without either of us actually making the first move.  I wanted just to melt in his arms.

  I don't remember doing it, but I had started jerking him off while we were kissing.  We both still had our clothes on, but Tim's pants were wide open and he hadn't worn any underwear, so I had free access to his cock and balls.  I started to pay more and more attention to his hard dick, and after a few minutes I broke off the kiss and went down to suck him again.

  And just like that it went soft.  I still can't believe how fast it went from being fully hard to completely soft.  How can anyone have that much control over one's arousal?  If it hadn't happened right there in front of me, I would have never believed it.

  I was still kneeling there in shock when he turned away and started pulling the bed out of the couch.  I had to move out of the way, but then I waited for him to tell me what to do next.

  Once he had the bed out, he told me to undress him, then myself.  I did this as quickly as I could, resisting the opportunity to suck on his rehardening dick, but only barely.  I was excited, and even a little aroused.  I could feel just a slight tingling in my pussy.  I'm using my vibrator right now, but it's not making me tingle.  Maybe Rick or Jane will make it tingle.

  Anyway, he said for now on I would have to beg to suck him off.  Unless I had his permission, I couldn't even touch his cock.  I pleaded with him, but naturally Tim didn't give in.  So I tried to suck him down my throat anyway, and he HIT ME!  HARD!

  It felt as if he had torn skin off my cheek it hurt so bad.  There wasn't a mark on me though.  Now I don't even think he really hit me, just made me believe he hit me.  It just isn't in his nature to physically hurt someone.

  I cried very hard, and wouldn't listen to him for several minutes.  He finally had to grab my face and look into my eyes.  I swear I could feel his remorse fighting his determination.  He told me point blank that I had to pull myself together or I would never get what I wanted.

  He gave me kiss on the cheek where he had supposedly hit me and told me he wouldn't do that unless I gave into my desire again.  I nodded and wiped my tears away, then said I was ready.

  Tim laid down and simply told me to suck his tits.  He had to repeat it for I wasn't sure if he had said his tits or mine.  I didn't want to do it, but of course I did.  I lost the initial displeasure very quickly, but kept my mind on what I was doing, concentrating very hard to find out the best way to make him happy.

  I had just remembered how much he loved hearing the sucking sounds and my little grunts and mmms when he told me to lick his entire chest.  I didn't have any problems there, nor when he had me lick his face, and even his ears.  But when he told me to do his arm pits, I hesitated.

  Tim told me if I hesitated again, I wouldn't be getting any more cum from him today, then pushed my face into his left armpit.  The scent at first was awful.  I don't think he had put on any deodorant for a couple of days, or even had cleaned under there.  But I got used to the smell pretty quick.  I faked my enthusiasm when I went for the other pit, and I think Tim believed it.

  The next task almost made me pause when he told me, but I kept moving and lowered my mouth over his belly button to clean out.  It actually tasted a lot like his cock, but I didn't tell him that.  I don't think I'll have any problems cleaning belly buttons again.

  I did his toes, his feet, his legs, thighs, and finally his crotch.  I wanted to just gobble his prick down so bad it almost hurt not to, but I made do by sucking on his balls and licking the base of his shaft.

  He let me do some freelance licking, so I did everything all over again just to show him I could.  I'll suck his nipples any day.

  It was getting close to lunch time when he finally got up and got a big glass of drink and brought it over with him.  I was excited because he had never drank that big of a glass before, and was expecting to have quite a cum feast.

  He gave me a few sips of it!  Not really very much, but I definitely had enough of a taste to know I liked it.  And after he drank it down, Tim told me the next part was going to be unpleasant for me, so that's why he was rewarding me now.  I wasn't really worried about it because I didn't think anything could be that bad.

  I spent twenty minutes sucking his drooling cock, drinking cum until I was almost full of it.  Tim was so tired afterwards I thought he was going to fall asleep at any moment, but he didn't.  I wish he had.

  He rolled onto his stomach and told me to lick the rest of him.  I immediately started licking his back and neck, but then I understood what he had been so worried about.  I shuddered thinking about licking his anus, but I tried to work myself up to doing it by licking his butt cheeks first.

I knew I had to do it, so I attempted to put my tongue between his cheeks three times before I got terribly sick and threw up.  I was more upset that I couldn't do it than anything else.  Tim helped me clean up the mess, then took my hand and led me out the door.  I forgot we were naked until we were all the way down on the first floor.

  But because Tim was naked also, I guess I accepted the fact somehow no one would see us like that.  I trust Tim probably more than anyone else in the world.  I love him, and I'd do almost anything for him.  I know he cares for me, but I also know he doesn't feel the same for me as I do for him.  I'm okay with that.  I've known from the beginning that there could never be a long term relationship between us.

  The weight room had twenty four sweaty smelly naked guys, all standing with their backs to us when we entered.  When the nearest guy bent over and spread his ass cheeks with his hands, I knew what was going to happen.  I somehow took a hold of myself and took the plunge with my tongue without Tim saying or motioning a thing.

  I licked all twenty four ass holes, and some of them weren't all that clean.  Then I had to lick all of their arm pits and belly buttons before Tim let me choose one of them to suck.  I'm rather proud of myself.  I picked the smelliest, most disgusting looking one to suck, and I got so wet from doing it, IT ACTUALLY DRIPPED DOWN MY LEG!

  I don't know who was more surprised, me or Tim.  The bell had rung while I had been sucking the guy off, so I hurried up to make him cum and didn't even bother tasting it.  I wanted to go and try masturbating while I was so horny, but Tim had other plans for me.

  Tim wouldn't let us leave until the bell rang again, saying there were too many people to do something that I didn't catch.  So by the time we got back to the room, I had lost the tingling feeling that was making me so wet.  But that wasn't any problem for Tim.

  He had me lay down, spread my legs wide, and close my eyes.  I waited anxiously, hoping he had reconsidered and was about to fuck me.  I was severely disappointed when I felt his tongue at my crotch, and sighed when his tongue did nothing for my arousal.

  Tim used some rhythmic motions on my pussy and clit that he kept up for nearly the entire hour.  I don't know how he could keep up that kind of pressure, my tongue is extremely sore from all the licking I had done, and he put a lot more into it than I had.

  It was worth it.  During the last lunch period, I started to feel the tingles.  Whatever he was doing finally worked, and I have never felt anything like it.

  The wetter I got, the more he worked, and that just made me wetter.  I think I moaned when I heard him sucking my juices out.  I never thought I would find someone drinking my pussy slime so pleasurable.

  When I started to wiggle, Tim stopped and crawled up my body with a very slimy grin.  He pressed his mouth up to mine, so I opened mine to give him a french kiss, and found my mouth being flooded with my own juices.

  I gagged on it.  Again I felt sick.  But Tim made me swallow it and lick the rest off his face.  I was horny again by the time I had finished, and I had the motivation to give Tim a surprise of his own.

  I can't believe how wet I got when I crawled out from under him and spread his ass cheeks apart.  Unlike those sweaty jocks in the weight room, Tim had thoroughly cleaned his ass before school, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do to make him proud.

  I can't say I enjoyed it, but something about sticking my tongue into his hole gave me such a horny feeling I had to use my hand to masturbate myself.

  Well, since Rick and Jane should be getting here in a few minutes, I'll make the rest quick.  Joey came in about the time I had finished resting my tongue, and I licked every inch of his body, paying a lot of attention to his asshole.  But I wasn't exactly in the right frame of mind.  Tim was eating me out while I was doing that, then the rest of the day the three of us spent exchanging oral sex.

  My tongue is so sore I don't know if I'll be able to try any of what I learned today with Rick, but I'm going to prove to myself that I've learned my lesson well.  The first thing I'm going to do is lick Rick's ass, then maybe I'll have the energy to reward myself by blowing him.

  Speaking of the devil, here he is.

-7:25 pm-

  I didn't lick Rick's ass.  Something told me that would be taking things too far with him.  I don't think he could have handled it.  I'm pretty sure it's not a cop out.

  So I blew him, and enjoyed him sucking my breasts.  I wish I hadn't fell asleep on him.  The next thing I knew, he and Jane were gone.

  Tim told me I had to start tasting myself when I masturbate.  I've made myself clean off the dildo a few times.  I'm going to wait a while before I try it again.  I don't want to toss dinner up.

-9:10 pm-

  Jane came in and told me Susan would be coming home with her tomorrow and Rick had agreed to let her see him if she showed him her stuff.  I was a little angry about that, but now I'm too tired to care.  I made her promise to follow my orders while Susan was here, otherwise I would tell Rick to go home.

Wednesday, February 18th, 1987
-2:15 pm-

  I have such a surprise for Jane.  I can't wait for her to get here.

  Today, Tim's girlfriend Suzi came with us to breakfast.  It hurt to see how close they are.  It seemed so natural for them to hold hands or have their arm behind the other's back.  There was nothing sexual about it either.  Just love.  Damn it, why am I tearing up?

  Okay, I'm back.  I hated myself for it, but I liked her.  Suzi is just one of those people who can get into a friendly conversation with anyone without making you feel she's humoring you.  But the whole time we were talking about school politics, I couldn't help feeling suspicious of her.  Or perhaps I was more suspicious of what she was doing at our breakfast.

  We had just gotten to the room when Suzi asked me to show her my tits.  I got extremely nervous at that point, and almost didn't do it.  Suzi felt their size and shape, then gave each nipple a twist which gave me a few shooting feelings.

  Suzi said she thought so too to Tim, and I asked about what.  Tim responded saying I needed larger breasts, but not to worry about it.  He would talk to me tomorrow about that stuff.  It's true.  I do have very small breasts.  But short of having breast implants, what can I do about it?  I suppose the implants are safe enough.  I guess I'll just do whatever Tim suggests tomorrow.

  I was feeling a little confused because Suzi's twists had actually started a few tingles in my crotch.  I wanted to do something more normal to steady my nerves, so I walked up behind Tim and reached around to rub his crotch.

  My hand never made it.  He caught it and gently held it as he turned around to face me.  Tim said in a very soft voice that I wasn't going to get any cock until this afternoon, and that Suzi was going to take over until lunch.  Without any further words being said, he picked up his notebooks, kissed me and Suzi both on the lips, then left.

  Suzi asked me to sit down on the couch next to her, so I did.  I think she was almost as nervous as I was, and I guess that at least made me feel better about the whole thing.  Suzi asked if I had ever messed around with a girl before, and I immediately said no, then confessed I had done some things with Jane, but I didn't see that as 'messing around'.

  We talked for probably a good half hour about what we had done with girls, and what we liked best about doing things with the guys.  I'm really impressed with Suzi.  She's done everything.  She's even had anal sex!  That had never occurred to me before.  I wonder how long it will be before I find a cock up my ass.  No, I don't want to think about it.  After licking ass yesterday, I thought nothing would be left for me to feel so queasy about.  But anal sex?  Isn't that just for homosexual males?

  Suzi asked me if I wanted to see her breasts, and I'm a bit surprised that I did.  I guess that after everything I've been through, I'm starting to find trying out the new stuff to be a little arousing.

  Suzi is at least seventy pounds lighter than I, but even her breasts were fuller than mine.  After only having felt my sister's before, Suzi's tits made me feel inadequate.  And then I found myself becoming very aroused at the idea of sucking them.  When she saw I was moving my mouth to her teat, she told me to help her get the bed out first.

  Not only did we have to get the bed out, but we had to put the sheets on it too.  Tim apparently had taken them home last night and washed them.  Now I know what makes Tim smell so good.  I wonder what detergent he uses.  The sheets smelled just like him.

  Suzi and I crawled on the bed topless, then Suzi gave my left nipple a nice twist.  I did the same to her, and was surprised when it had hurt her.  She explained that every woman didn't get pleasure when their nipples are twisted like that.  She said she could get pleasure from it, but it has to be worked up slowly, and then it never really gets all that great.  I suppose Tim must have told her about me liking my nipples twisted and pinched.

  She played with my nipples a little, never really getting rough enough to make it feel good.  When she saw I wasn't having much fun, she asked me if I still wanted to taste hers.  Wow.  I had a wonderful surge of tingles in my crotch when she said that.  I didn't have to even think about it before moving my mouth over her right breast.

  Maybe the reason I didn't enjoy sucking my sister's breasts was because they weren't mature enough.  Suzi's breast was so soft and felt so plump that I used my hand to feel the other one.  I spent a few minutes sucking on her right breast before switching to her left one as she laid down on her back.  I spent a long time experimenting to find out the tongue and mouth movements that gave her the most pleasure, then when my tongue tired out, I started to kiss the rest of her breasts.

  Suzi must have been getting really turned by what I was doing.  I was about to start using my tongue again when she sat up.  I found myself inches away from her face, surprised by the glazed look in her eyes and her mouth that was opening while moving towards me.  I didn't feel any motivation to kiss her, but strangely enough I didn't feel disgusted by it either.  I just let it happen without really caring either way.

  But once her tongue pushed its way through my lips, I gave her as much as she gave me.  I'm still a bit awed at how quickly I got caught up in it.  I guess out of habit I reached down to her crotch, and if I hadn't been so shocked by realizing what I was fondling, we probably would have kissed a lot longer.

  I think when I had jerked away from her, she must have bit her tongue or something.  I told her I was sorry when I saw her holding her mouth after she had sat up, but she just said it wasn't my fault.  I watched her face as she moved her tongue around inside her mouth, and I could almost see what she was thinking.  Before she even opened her mouth to tell me, I pretty much knew I wouldn't like it.

  It wasn't actually all that bad at first.  Suzi had me take the rest of my clothes off, then walked around me like a general inspecting her troops.  I couldn't stop myself from shivering when her hands started exploring my body.  When she rubbed her hand over my crotch, I felt those tingling feelings again.  I caught her grinning when she inspected my pussy and found it starting to get wet.

  I lost those tingling feelings though when she held her wet finger up to my lips and had me clean it off.  I think she enjoyed watching me do that because she repeated it several times.  I imagine she got the clue I wasn't liking it when she noticed I wasn't staying wet.

  Suzi asked me what I thought I was going to be doing today, and after a moment of thought, I told her probably eating fifty girls out if I knew Tim.  She smiled and said I was close.  He had only arranged for thirty girls since it was my first day.

  I was fighting my shock when she asked me if I wanted anything to drink before we started.  I didn't really consider her question because I was reaching down inside myself to grab a hold of my displeasure and disgust, then I guess for the first time in a long time I felt completely in control of my emotions.

  So while I was able to freely do it without discomfort, I got down on my knees, opened the surprised Suzi's pants and pulled them down, then licked her moist panties before pulling them down also.  And when I pushed my face and tongue eagerly into her crotch, she gasped and lost her balance from her legs trying to spread apart automatically.  I had felt a contraction and surge of moisture before her crotch fell away from my mouth.

  I started right back to licking her out as soon as she had come to rest on her butt.  After I got going, she even laid down.  And after about five or so minutes, I actually had her gasping and wiggling a little.  I kind of liked that.  But for the whole time I was eating her out, I didn't get a single tingle.

  I couldn't believe it when I made her orgasm!  She even humped my face while she came, which made it hard to get enough air since I was also keeping the stimulation going and sucking her juices out all at the same time.

  When she finally stopped, we both rested for a few minutes.  She asked me if I had ever done that before, and when I said no, she found that hard to believe.  She swore to God that it had been as good as any she had ever had.  Suzi called me a natural.  Me?  A natural cunt licker?  I don't even like doing it!

  Joey came in while Suzi had me lick her entire body like I had done yesterday to him.  I could tell he liked watching me do that by the tasty looking lump in his pants.  I guess they hadn't known I had become fond of sucking cock because they exchanged looks before Suzi told me to go ahead.

  Oh, I can't tell you how good it tasted after eating all of Suzi's slimy stuff.  And Joey hadn't cum yet, so it had a nice volume to it and wasn't as watery as his usually was.  I wonder who blew him those other days before I had.

  We had lunch after I had finished having my dessert.  I can't describe how stunned I was to find Suzi cuddling up to Joey just like she had with Tim.  I'm not sure what this means.  Does Tim know about them?  I can't imagine how he couldn't know.  Especially since they didn't even try to hide it from me at all.

  Suzi got dressed after we finished eating and left while Joey did his own inspection of my body.  I suppose I was a little more comfortable about being alone with Joey than I had been at first with Suzi.  Probably because I had spent time with him, and knew him a lot better than Suzi.  He had me lick his body like yesterday, but he told me to skip the anus cause he didn't like that kind of thing.  I was happy to hear that.

  When the bell ending fourth hour rang, Joey had me stop and rest, then offered me a couple sips of the purple drink if I kissed him.  Well, I got my sips, and he got a really nice lump in his pants.  But my fun ended when he pulled out the collar and leash and put it on me.

  I looked down at my nude body.  There was no way I could be wearing something without knowing it, and shuddered because Tim wasn't around to do whatever he does to cloak us.  I was a little relieved when the bell rang, meaning there wouldn't be that many people in the halls to see me.

  I'm beginning to see why Tim and Joey are best friends.  No one saw me naked while we walked down the halls, and Joey didn't seem the least worried about getting caught when we entered the girls' locker room.  There were girls in there changing for gym, and not one of them seemed to notice Joey wasn't supposed to be in there.

  One of the girls walked up to Joey and gave him a kiss.  I gathered her name was Terri, and she seemed very excited about us being there.  She started slipping out of her clothes as a few other girls headed for the showers.  I immediately noticed the fact that everyone was getting undressed to shower, including Mrs. Nettle, the coach!

  Everyone seemed to be perfectly aware of what they were doing, yet didn't find taking a shower before gym class to be the least bit strange.  I wonder if they will ever tell me how they do that.

  Terri helped me take his clothes off, and called Joey "Master" a few times.  Why did she call him that?  Does he make her?  Or does she do that for fun?  Will I be calling Tim that?  I guess I will if he wants me to, but I think I'd cry if he did.  That would make me feel like I'm a possession, not someone he cares about.

  I think Joey wanted to do more than just kiss and feel Terri's tits, but he sent her in with the others and had me lay down so he could fuck my mouth.  I'm glad he did it that way.  My tongue was already so tired it felt like it was ready to fall off, and fucking my mouth like that required the least amount of tongue work.

  Oh, how I love the way they cum after drinking that drink.  I think the more they drink, the more they cum.  And I can't get enough of it anymore.  I hope Rick didn't jerk off in school like he did yesterday.  I wonder if I could start doing him before school in the morning to keep him from wasting it.

  I of course went and gave thirteen of those girls plus Mrs. Nettle a good licking out.  I couldn't spend enough time to make any of them orgasm, but I did manage to get Terri off while we waited for the sixth period gym class to arrive.  Terri and I sixty-nined, but she obviously was an amateur at it, and I didn't get a single tingle for my efforts.

  I did another sixteen girls during sixth period, the last two of which were having their period.  Joey had to talk me into it both times, and I threw up after the second one.  I hope they don't make me do that too many times.  It can't be very healthy.

  Thankfully I was done for the day.  I was so happy to see Tim walk in after throwing up that I ran up to him and kissed him hard.  I think I might have hurt Joey's feelings.  I'll have to make it up to him tomorrow if I get the chance.  Not that he seemed all that badly upset.  By the time I had finished kissing Tim, Joey was already on top of Terri having sex.  I finally got some tingles from watching them doing that.

  I shivered when Tim's bare dick pressed against my left ass cheek, and the memory of Suzi telling me of her anal sex caused me to feel weak in the knees and the tingling tripled.  I was already sinking to the floor when Tim gave me a little nudge to get me down on my knees.

  Tim said he had missed me, and that he had been waiting all day to feel me suck him off again.  I think he must have been telling the truth.  I didn't have to spend more than three minutes before he blew.  I love sucking his cock, but I didn't mind him short changing me this time.

  I'm not exactly excited about eating Jane out, but I have to prove to myself I'll do it on my own without being told.  I wonder if Rick will be interested in learning how to give a woman good lickings.  I might actually enjoy him doing it to me if he gets good enough.

-9:30 pm-

  Susan is a bitch.  I'm going to enjoy making her my own slut.

  Rick, Jane, and Susan were twenty minutes late getting home from school, and they thought I wouldn't notice the looks on their faces and how relaxed Rick was.  They both had sucked him off before coming inside!  I was furious!  Especially when I found out it had been Susan's idea.

  Susan even had the nerve to say if I wasn't going to be nice, they were going to go over to Rick's house to play.  And for a moment I thought they just might carry out her threat.  But I remembered how snoopy his mom was, and I saw her working in the yard when I checked outside ten minutes after they were supposed to be home.  No way would they be able to 'play' if they went over there.

  So I smiled at Susan and told her if she wasn't nice to me, I'd make sure her parents found her dildos.

  But that didn't shut her up.  She said that if I did, she'd tell them I forced her and Jane to take them, and I'd be the one in trouble.

  I looked her in the eyes, giving her my best cold stare as I got in her stubbornly defiant face, then licked both of her cheeks and told her she would probably like it more if she stayed and be friends.

  I could have knocked all three of them over with a single breath they were so surprised.  My old self would never had done anything so animal like.  And as I undressed the frozen Susan, I could feel Jane's disbelief from the way she was watching me.

  Rick adjusted quickly though.  I felt his hand starting to tug my shirt up, so before unveiling Susan's tiny breasts, I let Rick pull my top off and get on my lap to suck my tits.

  Jane was just coming out of her daze when I sent my hand down to Susan's panties and started fingering her.  As Jane started stripping down, Rick noticed what I was doing and asked if he could do it to me.  I gave him such a kiss I almost forgot what I was doing.

  I found my hand being pulled out of Susan's panties, and as I struggled to see what was going on, Rick found my clit and made me shudder with stimulation.

  The next thing I knew, Jane and Susan were sixty-nining, making me drop my plans of making Susan cum.  But then Rick surprised me by sliding down and trying to get my pants and panties off, and I moaned a yes to him when I saw he wanted to try sucking me himself.

  Before I let him start, I had him move into a sixty-nine position.  Rick is shorter than I am, so I couldn't really do all that much for him until he got his fill.  But then I coaxed him into fucking my mouth, and in no time I was feeling the tingles while he got the hang of it.  In a sense I'm glad he had cum twice earlier.  It took him a lot longer for him to cum, so my tingles lasted a lot longer than usual.

  Rick had just cum into my mouth when the phone rang.  Jane had to answer it because I had my mouth full.  I saw the look of fear when she answered it, but then it went away a minute later and she hung up.  Rick's mom was a little upset with him.  He had forgotten he had a dentist appointment, and they were going to be late.

  So then it was just us girls.  Jane seemed to be a little leery of me, almost afraid to find out what Tim had done to me to make me so slutty.  Susan on the other hand was just plain bossy.  She didn't have any problems telling us both what to do.

  I was being very patient with her, looking for a chance to get revenge in a way that was completely and totally safe.  She was so sure of herself, so confident that she had a dirtier mind than the rest of us and therefore in charge of the sexual activities.  But the moment I saw how close her nose was to Jane's ass hole, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

  I started to act like I was bored stiff with her ideas.  I yawned while she used the vibrator on me, pretended that I was daydreaming of something far more interesting than her nibbling at my nipples was.  Actually, it wasn't far from the truth.

  Finally Susan got frustrated enough with my responses to ask me what my problem was.  I said I just didn't find these kid games very exciting.  Oh, you should have seem the anger in her eyes.  She said nearly yelled when she asked me what kind of games I played.  She walked right into my trap.

  I told her I didn't play games, I was a serious slut.  Jane's mouth dropped open, but Susan just laughed and said I was just jealous that she was better at sex than I was.  I replied that if she thought playing these kid games was sex, she was in for a big surprise.

  So she challenged me to out slut her.  That's how she put it.  We were going to have a slut competition.  She didn't stand a chance.

  The first contest was to make the other cum by any means.  I pointed out I had never had an orgasm, so I suggested for her to just make Jane cum, where I would still do it to her.  Susan happily agreed to that.

  If we both had managed to make our subject cum, we would begin daring each other to do something that we would do ourselves, but didn't think the other would.  Like I said.  She didn't have a chance.

  She naturally wanted me to go first, but I used her pride against her by teasing she just wanted to learn my tricks, and didn't even really pay attention as she twisted Jane's nipples while using the vibrator on my sister's cunt.

  Susan really was an amateur.  She was using every physical form of stimulation she could manage with only two hands.  I think she started getting frustrated when it took longer than she had expected to get Jane off.  But she did it, then stuck her tongue out at me.

  I had her lay down on her back, then stuck my tongue out at her.  But instead of pulling it back into my mouth, I inserted it into her bellybutton, then dragged it up her tummy, circled each breast, then finally brought it up to her lips.  Susan was already breathing hard and had that glassy eyed look by the time I had pulled my tongue back into my mouth.

  Her eyes started to clear, so I pressed my mouth to her lips and frenched her hard and fast.  I got a short moan out of her, so I sent my hand down to her crotch and started fingering her like only a woman knows how.

  While she actively returned my tired tongue's attention, I made my nipples as hard as I could and drove them into her own fairly flat chest.  I worked her up to a sweat with my fingers in her fuck hole, and as soon as she stopped frenching me back, I moved my lips down her neck, leaving as much spit as I could.  When my lips got to her maturing nipples, I poured every last bit of energy into fingering her slit and stimulating her nipples.  It only took me another minute before she came with a lovely moan.

  Oh God I was so hot.  She had been so helpless.  Just thinking of it now makes me so wet.

  I'm having trouble writing from using the vibrator on myself.

  Okay, that's better.  I need to go pee first.

  When Susan finally got herself back together, I stuck my tongue out at her and said your turn.

  I wasn't the least bit surprised when she dared me to eat her out.  Jane had told her how upset I had been when she had tried doing it to me.  So I licked my lips and said enthusiastically "okay"

  Suzi was right.  I am good at it.  I suppose whenever I put my mind to something, I can do anything well.  Not only was Susan easy to do because of her small size, but I continued to get more aroused as I made Susan gasp and even squeal.  Something about making her so helpless she couldn't talk just drives me nuts!

  I even made her cum again, then asked her if she had enough.  She said she had, then I had to remind her she had to prove she would do it herself.  Oh I was so horny when she started licking me out.  I had such a strong desire to take her head in my hands and rub her face and tongue into me like Tim and Joey do sometimes when I'm sucking them off.

  But when I saw Jane fingering herself watching us, I had the overwhelming urge to eat her out and then make her hump my face.  Time for a vibrator break.

  I've never been so horny in my life.  I was lost in my sister's cunt and her best friend's licking me.  But we ran out of energy pretty quick, so I said enough.

  I knew I had won, and I saw just a little fear in Susan's eyes.  Once we had gotten our breath back, I looked her in the eyes and dared her to lick my ass hole.  Oh! victory was mine!   Her face said it as plain as my tits are on my chest.  And when she refused and tried to gain her dignity back by sticking her ass in the air, I just said I won and gave her a long slow lick between her cheeks.  Jane gasped, Susan moaned, and I just gave a happy sigh.  I was the best slut in the house.

  I wish Tim could have seen me.  That would have made it even more victorious.  Not only have I lost all my reservations about, well, everything sexual, I've found I can finally start to enjoy it when others do it to me.  I can't wait to try intercourse out, and if Tim doesn't fuck my ass too, I'm going to get Rick to do it.  I know I can make him do just about anything.

  I just want to also note that pussy juice doesn't taste all that bad after you get used to it.  I might actually learn to love it as much as cum.  Maybe, maybe not.

Thursday, February 19th, 1987
-2:50 pm-

  I'm going to have big boobs!

  Tim took me to a doctor this morning.  I'm not sure what this guy practices normally, but he apparently secretly specializes in making women sexually appealing.  I call him the slut doctor, but Tim didn't like it when I said it in front of him.  Come to think of it, I never did find out what his name was.  We only called him Doctor.

  The doctor did a full examination, and then some.  He took measurements of every inch of my body, paying close attention of my breasts, ass, anus, and pussy.  He took tissue samples, blood samples, urine samples..  I think he had a sample of every substance my body can produce.  He even gave me a shot in the left nipple that hurt like a bitch and stung for a long time, but to my amazement later made that breast produce a small amount of a clear fluid which he put in a vial and corked.

  Between the time he gave me the shot and he collected the sample, he used an array of devices to measure the maximum capacity of both my anus and my vagina, had me push on some kind of balloon that he inflated inside me, and asked me hundreds of questions about my body and my plans for it.  Like whether I was planning to have children, how many, when, and whether I would want to breast feed them.

  And just before he took the breast fluid sample, he told Tim I could give him a blow job now, then waited for me to do it.  Tim apologized to me saying most people he sees don't have much of a choice about what they do.  I'm not really sure what that meant, but I'm not going to try and figure it out.

  The doctor had a very nice and long dick, and he went down further into my throat than anyone has before.  But his cum just dribbled out.  I like it when it comes out hard enough to tickle my throat or the walls of my mouth.  I don't think I would have known he was cumming if he hadn't announced it to the world.

  After he petted me on the head like some pet, the Doctor felt my breast, took the sample then told us to come back in two hours.

  Since we had skipped our regular visit to Burger King that morning, Tim took me to an expensive restaurant for a late breakfast.  We spent nearly an hour and a half there as Tim explained what the doctor could do for me.

  The most important to me was having my breasts enlarged.  I was surprised when Tim said silicon implants were out of the question.  He told me they had caused several women he knew a lot of health problems that couldn't be fixed just by removing the implants.  He told me that this doctor had a way to permanently increasing the amount of fat stored around the milk ducts and lobules (the actual glands that make milk) by injecting a highly refined venom from a rare South American snake.  He assured me that this doctor had never lost a patient with this procedure, mostly because the venom would be forced to stay in my breasts until it had been absorbed by the targeted tissues.

  He did warn me that it was very painful, and the pain would last for at least an hour before subsiding.  He wasn't kidding either.  I hope I never feel that kind of pain again as long as I live.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

  Tim also told me that the process wasn't reversible without surgery, and that even though the doctor was calculating what ratio of venom to growth I needed from the sample he took from me, the resulting size is still somewhat of a gamble.  There had been cases where the patient's breasts hadn't grown at all, and some where their breasts had grown to gigantic proportions.  But they had been told that it could happen to them, and the doctor would know whether I was in that risky group.  As it turned out I wasn't.

  I told him I wanted breasts like his mother, and that made him snicker.  He told me that his mother had gotten her perfect body by the help of this doctor.  His mother is actually the one who had trained him to do it to her, which is a bit confusing to me because I don't know what he did that I couldn't have done myself if I had just known how.

  After I decided on the issue of my breasts, he said there was a few other things his mother had him do to her that wouldn't be as easy to complete the process.  He said the doctor had stretched his mother's anal and vaginal openings and cavities to the maximum possible size, then his mother went through a long and stressful physical conditioning that built up existing muscles and developed new muscles that allowed her to make her two cavities any size she wished in order give herself and her fucker the maximum amount of pleasure.

  The problem was to retain this capability, it required his mother to exercise those muscles to keep their strength up.  Tim said he recently watched his mother put a brand new tube of toothpaste inside her vagina and squeeze nearly all the paste out in one large grunt.

  Tim mentioned it had taken her two months to get herself to the point she could do that, and that it was a constant chore to maintain her body.  But Tim also said she never regrets it, and she probably has more sex than any person he knows.

  So he asked to think about it carefully, and that we wouldn't do it today anyway.  He said that the physical training would be nearly unbearable, and that even though his mother had been the one to develop the technique, intending to use it on herself, she wouldn't have ever completed it if she hadn't been forced to.  I asked who had forced her, and he said it didn't matter.  All that mattered was he would have to be the person to make me do it, and that it would make everything I had gone through seem like a fuck in the park in comparison.

  Then Tim told me a lot about myself that I had only started to realize.  I'll never fully have control over my animal self.  But I have been taking more and more of my animal self's control of my emotions away, the most significant being the tingling feelings of arousal and any other pleasure involving sex.

  Every time I feel those tingling feelings, or even the shooting feelings, that means I'm winning my battle over my animal self by giving the animal inside me what it wants without letting it do it for me.  Tim said I would probably find my animal self taking control of my actions again if it finds something new it wants, but I've learned how to take control back by complying with its wishes.  Does that make sense?  I don't care.

  We talked about the things I wanted to do with my life now that I've had my eyes opened to the joys of having a sex life, and how I could live the life I had originally wanted as long as I kept my other side happy.

  But now I don't want what I originally envisioned.  The reward of working to better the community without personal gains pales in comparison to the reward of sex.  I want to give and receive sexual pleasure.  I want to be used like a fuck object, and also use others like that too.  And I don't feel my mind is clouded by these needs at all.  If anything, I have sharpened my skills of perception, especially in judging other people.  Everything is so much more straight forward now.  I can do anything.  Sex is the ultimate tool in life.

  Tim told me that sex and even love isn't enough to keep one happy.  I don't really feel this is true, but I trust his words, so I'm trying to sort what I want out of life besides having sex with everyone on the planet.  I do have several scholarships that I could use to get a psychology degree.  I'm thinking I could become a sort of marriage counselor that specializes in the sexual aspects.  At least there will be plenty of men in college to suck, and hopefully fuck.

  Jane is here, so I need to wrap this up.  I went ahead and had the venom injected into my breasts.  The thing that hurt the most was the way the doctor had literally tied my breasts off to keep the venom from spreading to the rest of my body.  They almost turned purple then, and are all blue and purple with bruises.  And it burned!  Oh, I didn't think I could stop screaming, but I did.  Mostly because Tim looked me in the eyes for almost the whole time.  He does have some fantastic power to calm me down like that.

  We went back to school around lunch time, then I spent the rest of the day proving that I wasn't afraid to suck any part of anyone's body.  And I finally found Brad's secret.  His anus is like a push button.  Press it while you have his dick in your throat and he cums.  I had him squirting like a garden sprinkler.  Damn I'm good.

-11:35 pm-

  Tim came unannounced for dinner!  And the way mom talked, it sounded like it had been her idea even though she had never met him before tonight.  I'm convinced whatever he does isn't hypnotism.  He definitely has some kind of power over people.

  I think Jane was in awe of him.  Tim gave me this look that told me he was going to have some fun, then asked my mom if he could borrow her bra.  Oh, you should have seen the look on Jane's face when my mom took off her top and then handed him her bra without even dad objecting.  Mom has nice breasts, by the way. I wonder where I got mine from.

  I stomped on Tim's foot when he asked mom if she liked giving head, but he winked at me and had her tell him about how she gave my dad head every night just so he would go to sleep without tossing and turning all night.  I always wondered why he had trouble sleeping when mom was on her business trips.

  Jane was staring at me like I was supposed to do something, but I had my own little joke to play on my little sister.  I squeezed Tim's crotch a few times then glanced over at my dad.  Tim raised an eyebrow, then smiled and nodded.  So I said to my dad if he wanted a blow job right now.

  The response he gave wasn't what I or Tim had expected.  He said sure honey, I'd love one from my big girl.  Tim looked at me and told me he hadn't done it, and it must be a hidden desire of his.   Well, I didn't do it, and Tim seemed to agree to that.  Jane was visibly relieved, then asked if she could be excused.

  Before we left the table ourselves, Tim asked me if I would spend the weekend at his place for the special occasion.  I shivered when I realized what the occasion was, then looked at my parents knowing they wouldn't agree.

  Oh but that was why Tim had come for dinner.  They both immediately said what ever I decided was fine.  So I accepted and kissed him.

  I kissed him as hot and sloppily as I could, hoping he would just lift me up and take my virginity right there on the kitchen table.  But just as I was really getting into it, I found my desires and heat cooling fast.  Not only can Tim turn off his own arousal, he can do it to others as well!

  He asked to see my room, and I was a bit surprised when I found Jane in front of my mirror watching herself masturbate with a vibrator.

  Tim led me to the bed and he sat down next to Jane and had me sit down next to him.  In a firm voice, Tim told Jane she needed to tell me about what Rick and her had done.  Something about the way he said that made my blood run cold.

  Jane's blood must have done likewise since she turned pale and stopped her pumping hand.  Her eyes met Tim's, and I wondered if he used his power on her while she did.  Finally she looked down, then looked a me and said in the softest voice,

  "Rick and I went all the way Tuesday."  They had done it after I had fallen asleep on them.

  What do I feel?  I don't seem to feel anything at all about it.  It happened and I can't change it.  They took each other's virginities.  I had hoped to take Rick's, but not until Tim had taken mine.  And after this weekend I would fuck him as often as I liked, so what does it matter?

  Once I had gotten over the shock, I gave Jane a heavy kiss.  She responded to it a bit more vigorously than I had expected, and I got turned on by the fact I was frenching my own sister.  And that really got my tingles going.  I wanted to make her moan with pleasure, and I wanted to make her do the same to me.  We went from fingering each other to eating each other in minutes, and the entire time Tim just sat and watched.

  Actually, there was another spectator.  Rick had come in at some point and sat down next to Tim.  I remember hearing his voice talking to Tim and realizing who it was like a light bulb had suddenly switched on.  I made Jane cum a moment later, then rolled her off me and crawled over to the two men I had the most desire for.

  Tim told Rick to go for it, then winked at me before laying down next to Jane and twisting her left nipple.  I think she orgasmed when he did that. I had never seen her jerk and moan so strongly from a nipple twist.

  My attention was drawn to Rick as his dick popped up in plain view.  But before I could wrap my mouth around it, Rick said Tim had told him I wanted him to take my butt.

  I looked over at Tim, and found Jane trying her best to imitate my deep throat blow jobs.  She couldn't really do it to Tim's.  She had only practiced using the smaller dildo.

  I asked Rick what he wanted, and he said he thought it might be okay.  Then he said Tim had invited him over Saturday afternoon if I agreed.  I gave him my answer in my kiss.

  So, to make this quick, Jane blew Tim, I blew Rick, then Tim and I watched Jane and Rick fuck.  But the whole time I watched them, all I could think about was how much I wanted to go through the physical training and become the perfect sexual partner.  I wanted to be able to make Rick prefer my cunt and ass to my sister's.  I know it is rather petty, but I can't help it.

Friday, February 20th, 1987
-2:40 pm-

  I'm a fucking slut and I love it!

  I was so horny this morning that while we were in the restaurant eating, I got down on my hands and knees and begged Tim to let me suck him.  He had been taken completely by surprise, and I noticed that everyone around us had heard me and was staring.  That just made me wetter, and I didn't wait for him to tell me yes.  I opened his fly so quickly that he almost fell off the chair.  But his dick was ready and waiting for me, so I sucked it straight into my throat.

  I made as much noise as I could, and he loved every moment of it.  I probably did some of the best tongue work I have ever done, and after finding Brad's secret cum button, I was delighted to find Tim's worked the same way.  But after he came, he told me he needed to save it for later.

  Later?  HA!  I wanted it right then and there.  I remembered something that Suzi had said while she had been talking about anal sex, but hadn't understood until that very moment.

  I turned on the suction like I do for Rick, then waited for Tim's asshole to relax.  When it did, Tim groaned really loud from my finger going in his ass.  I started

  I just orgasmed again.  I was saying I started fucking his ass with my finger, and he seemed so helpless

  Oh, it gets me so HORNY thinking about how I had made HIM so helpless to my control!  I'm so wet!

  I've calmed down now.  I just stuck an ice cube in my pussy and that did it.

  I wouldn't let him go until he came a third time and hardly anything came out.  He told me to go wash my hands, so I did, but while I was coming back from the rest room, I caught this guy checking me out like I was a piece of meat.  I checked out his meat, and found it looked meaty enough, so I motioned him back towards the restrooms.  All I had to do was lick my lips while rubbing my hand over the large lump in his pants for him to smile and open the men's room door for me.  I walked right in, got on my knees, and was reaching for his crotch before he was even all the way in the door.

  It was so dirty!  I was tingling like crazy.  And when I got his big fat cock out, I nearly choked on it trying to stuff the thing in my throat!  It was so big!  I must have tried three or four times before it finally made it down.  He put his hands on my head like he was going to start fucking my mouth, but after I had stopped moving my head to let him control it, he looked down and pulled his hands away like he had hurt me.

  I had to show him how!  Oh, but it was worth it.  He must not have cum for weeks the way he came in my mouth.  If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn he had drank a big glass of drink before I blew him.  And when I was done, he fell to his knees from exhaustion.

  When he sat down on the floor and started to say something, I just dived into his crotch again and got his dick as hard as it had been when I first saw it.  I was just getting him back into the hard breathing when another guy came in.  He was very shocked to see us like that, but before he could say or do anything, he suddenly blinked and stepped around us without a second thought.

  I heard him unzip, so I turned to watch what he was doing.  But the door opened again before I could see, and was happy to find it was Tim coming in with a funny look on his face.

  As soon as I heard the sound of the second man peeing, I had to see it.  I can't describe how turned on I was watching that man pee.  I kept having these strange urges to have him point it at my mouth because I kept imagining it being cum pouring out like that.

  I had to get another ice cube.  Sorry about the smudges.  I'll have to find something that doesn't melt to keep my heat down.

  I'm such a slut.  I'm laying here trying to lick myself out after I tasted the water from the melted ice cube.

  I give up.  I'll just have to write all this stuff down later.  I'm too horny to write any more.

Saturday, February 21st, 1987
-9:25 am-

  Tim is making me write all this down before we do anything else.  He said I'd regret it later if I didn't do it before forgetting, but I don't care.  I just want to fuck some more.

  He just did something to me.  I'm going to write every single thing down for now on.  I'm so excited to write I can barely keep the pen in my hand.

  The bathroom.  Okay, so I was going to suck the guy that had just finished peeing, but Tim told me it was time to go to school and fuck.  He didn't get any arguments from me.

  I ran to the room and had the bed out and had all my clothes off before Tim even got there.  He told me I needed to slow down, that it only happened the first time once.  I told him to fuck me and then fuck me again, and laid down with my legs spread.

  Tim just frowned and seemed to be thinking about something while I laid there perfectly still while my pussy oozed and tingled like it was on fire.  I was a bitch in heat, and the only thing I had on my mind was his cock going in my cunt.

  I complained when he didn't take his clothes off before climbing on top of me, but I couldn't get more than a sentence or two out before he pressed his lips to mine.  I tried to pull every bit of him inside me, trying to suck his tongue in my mouth while wrapping my legs around him and feeling the lump in his pants against my waiting fuck hole.

  He took all of my lust and energy away with a single gentle kiss.  It felt wonderful when he started to kiss me like I was a delicate flower, carefully caressing my badly bruised breasts, giving me such a wonderful feeling all over that I sighed with happiness when he paused to spit out a hair.

  I was so full of joy that I told him I loved him.  He said he knew, and that he loved me too.  Then he kissed me as gently and lovingly as he could.

  Oh, I was so happy.  I didn't care if we never got to the real sex.  I don't know how long we spent kissing each other and feeling each other with our hands.  I remember how natural and unrushed it was to help him take off his clothes.  I didn't even feel the least bit tempted to suck him or fuck him when I pulled his jeans off and found him already hard.

  But once we were in each other's arms, I couldn't help but fondle it with my hand.  I didn't take very long after that for Tim to start turning up the heat with his deep kisses and wandering hands.  When I started to grind my crotch into his left side, he rolled on his back while pulling me on top and gave me a look that told me it was time.

  I couldn't believe how natural it came to me to roll my crotch against his and capture the head of his dick with my pussy's lips.  But before I took it inside me all the way, I waited for him to look me in the eyes so I could tell him I loved him again.  Before he could reply, I slipped myself down, taking him all the way inside my very wet cunt.

  It felt better than I had ever imagined!  It felt so wonderfully warm, and when it surged a few times, it made me shiver with pleasure.  I felt like a wind-up toy being wound up as my lust rose and rose and rose.  Just the motion of pressing my lips against his stirred up these wonderfully strong tingles that I couldn't help but start humping.

  I couldn't kiss him very long because I needed so much air to breathe.  I never had felt the tingles feel so good before, and it just kept getting better the more I humped.  At some point it felt so good I had to close my eyes, and I have no idea when I started moaning loudly like I was, but that just got Tim even more excited.

  I was dripping with sweat when Tim came inside of me, and all I could feel was his dick expanding and feeling his cum shoot inside of me.  But the moment his first stream splatter against my insides, I had this sudden feeling I was getting close to something that felt even greater.  I knew I could bring myself to orgasm if I could just keep going.

  But Tim couldn't.  After he finished cuming, he started to go soft on me.  I was desperate to feel my first orgasm, and tried to go even faster.  But when I did, it fell out, and I wasn't able to get it back in without using my hand.  After it fell out twice more, I gave up and collapsed on top of him.

  I started to cry from my frustrations, but Tim wrapped his arms around me and gave me these little kisses on my cheek that calmed me down.  He promised he wouldn't cum next time until I was ready, and he swore he hadn't meant to that time, but I had turned him on so much with my moaning that he plum forgot to put a block on it.

  A block on it.  That's what he said.  I'm going to ask him about that today.

  I remember the fourth period bell waking me up.  I had fallen asleep in his arms.  But once he knew I was awake, I felt his hardon rising.

  There was no objection when I asked him if we could try again, so I lowered myself onto his cock and started fucking him like the slut I am.  I got myself so close three times, but each time I thought I was just about to do it, I ran out of energy and couldn't go on.

  By the time the last lunch was over, I was too exhausted to try again.  So that's when Tim said maybe it was time for him to try, and I glared at him for not mentioning it sooner.

  I don't think I'll ever get tired of getting fucked.  After he had me moaning so loud that I started to lose my voice, he got up on his hands and just pounded his cock into my fuck hole faster and harder

  God I'm getting so turned on.  Shit, Tim did it again.

  Okay, well, he made my pussy tingle more and more that I think I started to scream.  And then he did it.  I felt the most wonderful surge of pleasure shoot from my pussy through my whole body.  I felt my vaginal muscles that I've never actually consciously used before start spasming around his cock, and then as I was really screaming from the intense pleasure, I felt him cum inside me again.  And then he kept going!  He didn't stop until every bit of my orgasm had finally gone.  And when he did, he just fell on top of me and fell asleep.

  I don't know how long I laid there moving my pussy muscles, learning how to use them as Tim slept with his head on my shoulder.  He was still inside of me, so when I had worked out how to do it, I started using them to try and stimulate him enough to get him hard.

  I had such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I felt his dick grow large inside me.  He was still asleep even after getting him fully hard,  so naturally I tried to work him up to cumming again without waking him.  I must have been doing that for twenty minutes straight before my grunts and hard breathing finally made him stir and open his eyes.

  I'll never forget watching his eyes fill with lust when he woke up.  And the feeling of him starting to fuck me again was almost as good as his first kiss.  He was fucking me really good when Joey came in and interrupted us.

  I started to argue when Tim stopped and got off, but when I saw Joey taking his clothes off and Tim was heading for the refrigerator where he kept his drink, I shut up and waited for my next lesson.

  When I felt Joey's thicker mass sliding inside of me, I grabbed him and started fucking his mouth with my tongue.  I had to stop as soon as I found he couldn't hump while I did that, and gladly just licked his face until I couldn't do anything else but moan.

  I was starting to feel it build up inside of me when he stopped and got off.  I opened my eyes to see Tim's dick all hard and dripping with precum, and almost didn't hear them tell me to get on my knees.

  I'm such a slut!  Not only did I know what they were going to do, I sucked Tim's cock into my throat before they could even start to tell me.  I gagged on Tim when Joey started to fuck me doggy style, and when Tim started trying to fuck my mouth instead of letting me work it, I gagged so hard I accidentally bit him.

  But when Tim put it back in and Joey started his fucking again,  I concentrated on Tim's slow humps.  I got the hang of it and didn't have any problems even when Tim let go of my head and fucked my mouth as hard as Joey was fucking my slit.

  I was so horny!  They fucked me like I was their fuck toy.  I felt so fucking dirty, it didn't take me long to start feeling my orgasm start.  I swear I almost passed out, and I have no idea how I kept myself from choking when I came.  And after my orgasm ended, I felt it starting to build again!

  I had three fucking orgasms before they came together.  They both pumped their hot white fuck lotion into me as fast and hard as they could, and I loved it.  I sucked Tim's cum down while making all sorts of grunts and 'mmms', most of them were real too.  And I milked Joey's prick with my newly learned vaginal muscles, and I could just feel his spunk starting to drip out of me at the end.

  When they finally stopped, I rolled onto my back and start eating as much as Joey's cum that I could dip out of my fuck hole.  I love the way my pussy juice makes it taste.  Mmmm..  I can't wait to try tasting Jane's mixed with Rick's.

  Joey let me clean his fucking stick off, but wouldn't let me get another mouth full of the fresh stuff.  He did let me blow him as long as I wanted, but even when I tried the cum button, he didn't cum.  He just stayed hard the whole time until the last bell rang.

  Tim was already dressed when Joey pulled it out of my lips and said thanks.  I wanted to keep going, but they said they had to leave and get ready for the weekend with me.

  So I went home.  Jane and Rick got home around 3:00, and I was waiting for them.  I had Rick fuck me like Joey had, while I ate my little sister out.  I couldn't get enough of it.  Rick came three times before he couldn't fuck me any more, so I let Jane have a go with Rick while I dined on my well fucked pussy juice for a while.

  Between Jane and I, we wore Rick out.  He went home tired but with a smile on his face that didn't go away.  Jane and I kept eating each other out, and she actually got me to orgasm once, which naturally she was nearly as thrilled as I was.

  We had to quit when daddy came home because he was starting to get suspicious of how we spent so much time alone in our rooms together.  Tim's limo wasn't picking me up until 5:00, so I spent a miserable hour watching TV that I could have been spending sucking or fucking someone.

  I was disappointed when Tim's two sluts weren't in the limo, and the driver absolutely refused to let me blow him.  But Tim had a porno waiting for me to watch in the limo, so I stripped and spent my time riding in the limo learning new tricks.

  Not that I was inspired all that much by the movie.  The acting in it was very poor, and even the sex looked a little forced.  It didn't have the energy it should have.  It was just so rehearsed.

  When the limo stopped, I was surprised to find I wasn't at Tim's mansion, but a shopping mall.  I was quickly putting my clothes back on when I saw Tim coming towards the limo, and just got my shirt on when he opened the door.  He was taking me shopping!  That was the last thing I wanted to do!

  Tim told me I needed a new wardrobe, something more fitting for a slut.  Oh, now that was more like it.  So I put my arm through his and we walked in together.

  Joey, Suzi, and a pair of sexy looking twins were waiting inside.  Tim introduced me to the two silent girls, then asked me to go with Honey and Joy to get some ice cream while he went with Joey and Suzi into the record store.

  Joy and Honey don't appear to talk.  They haven't spoken a word to me yet.  When the guy at the counter asked which flavor, they just pointed it out.  Peppermint.  Three scoops each!

  And they did the most amazing thing with their triple decker ice cream cones. I had only gotten a single scoop of strawberry, and by the time I was down to the cone, one of them drew my attention to their ice creams.

  They both had sculpted the most realistic ice cream cock I could ever imagine!  It even had veins and everything!  And then they both started eating them... you should have seen the way people were staring, especially the guys.

  One man was telling me something about how they could make money doing that, and we got into a friendly conversation while the twins worked their tongues on the melting pricks.  Amazing how they didn't miss a single drip.

  I got so horny watching then, I asked the guy if I could see his car after he mentioned he had a Porsche.  When he made a face of surprise and said he hadn't drove it to the mall, I told him that was okay, we could just go see whatever he did have.

  He was all for that.  A Porsche, my foot.  When I realized his 'other car' was a Pinto, I nearly laughed.  But I'm glad I didn't.  He had this wonderful uncut cock, and he seemed to have this endless supply of creamy semen.  He only came three times, but he gave me as much the third time as he did the first.  I was trying to convince him to fuck my mouth when he noticed the time and had a panic attack.  He said he had to get home with the car otherwise his wife would kill him.

  I don't know how I found Tim and the others so easily, but the first store I went in they were there checking out the women's underwear.  Tim's smile and the smirk on Joey's face told me they knew exactly what I had done.

  Suzi rolled her eyes up at the ceiling, then came over to me and used her finger to wipe off a stream of cum on my left cheek.  I almost said something when she wiped it on her jeans, but then it came to me that was what that group of boys had been snickering about.

  I guess I was a little embarrassed, but not much.

  Tim made a little joke saying that since the rest of them hadn't eaten yet, I should just go walk the mall while they went and had dinner.  I stuck my tongue out and said I had only had the appetizer, and they were the main course.

  The twins are very, unique is the only word I can think of.  I couldn't take my eyes off of their butts while they walked ahead of us to the restaurant.  They walk in perfect sync, and... I have to stop there.  It's starting to turn me on again.

  Anyway, I had never felt attracted to anyone before, especially not to women.  But I couldn't stop glancing at them, having flashes of what they looked like under those tight fitting clothes, and if they would moan while I nibbled on their nipples or lapped up their pussy juice.  I don't even remember what I ate.  Steak I think.  Maybe hamburger.  Or did we have pizza?  Someone had pizza.  Maybe pizza with hamburger.

  We spent three hours going through women's underwear, high heels, tight fitting jeans, high riding skirts.. everything but bras and tops since my breasts would make anything we bought now too small by next month.

  I wish they weren't so badly bruised.  They don't hurt unless someone squeezes them, but they look absolutely awful.  And I can't tell if they have grown at all.

  I had a terrible time keeping my mind on what we were doing.  The twin's eyes were constantly on me, mostly because I was modeling each piece of wardrobe and they had the final vote whether to purchase it or not.

  Suzi and the twins appeared to have an argument, but it was the strangest argument I've ever witnessed.  Suzi was doing all the talking, but she kept responding as if the twins were arguing back at her.  Tim had to break it up by saying he would by it for Suzi instead of for me.

  I was sooo tired when we finally climbed in the limo to leave.  I wanted so badly to just slip out of my clothes, put my dildo in my mouth, and go to sleep.  And I was very happy to see that this limo had a bed in it.  I just laid down, closed my eyes, and almost was asleep before I heard it.

  I sat up so fast when I recognized the familiar sounds of sucking a dick that I almost gave myself whiplash.  And when I saw the twins nude kneeling between Tim's and Joey's legs while they talked casually with Suzi, my whole body tingled.

  The three had stopped talking as soon as I had moved, but I didn't see their faces since all I could do was stare at the twins naked backsides while struggling to get my clothes off.  And then they stood up, turned around, and walked up to me with expressionless faces, but their eyes gave their intentions away.

  I was like putty in their hands.  They laid me on my back, then each took up a position on opposite sides of me.  One of them lowered her face in my cunt, the other pressed her cool lips against mine.  I sucked her mouth with all my energy while her twin slowly licked me below.

  So slow!  I was desperate for more than her slow tongue could give me, and then I had a craving to taste their creamy pussies and make them feel what I wanted to feel.

  I licked and sucked and licked... Oh, I was so horny for their juices.  And when I felt a new tongue enter my fuck hole, I groaned hoping I was going to get eaten out right.

  Suzi made me orgasm twice before I was so tired I couldn't go on.  I was falling asleep when I smelled Tim's cock in my face, and I happily moved my head onto his lap and fell asleep with his cock in my mouth.

  And that's how I found myself this morning in his bed.  I don't know how they moved me out of the limo all the way up to his bedroom without me waking up, but I didn't really think about it since Tim's dick was growing hard in my mouth.

  I've had a wonderful morning.  Tim let me take as much time sucking him, and let me have his cum twice before I soaped him up in the shower.  I love fucking in the shower.  The echoes of our moans, the water turning cold and making my nipple get hard, and feeling him finally spurt his hot seed into me after fucking for at least a half hour just makes me feel good inside.

  I'm done!  I can go and fuck some more.

-5:25 pm-

  Rick just went home.  I'm so glad he could come and be the first to fuck my ass.  At least I was his first that way.

  After we had breakfast and I finished writing,  I went to the study like I was told to.  Suzi and Joey were watching cartoons on a big screen TV parked in front of the bleacher beds.  They invited me to join them, saying Tim wouldn't be back for a little while.  They were both nude, but did not seem to be the least interested in having sex right then.  I supposed they had to consciously ignore me while I looked them both over while playing with my clitty a little.

  Joey must have done something I didn't catch, but I can't see how since I was watching them very closely.  Suzi suddenly giggled, then slapped Joey's chest and gave him a warning look before glancing at me and giggling again.

  That's when Joey's dick started to rise it's purple head up, and then Suzi sighed and crawled behind his head and leaned forward.  Joey started sucking on her left breast once she had made herself comfortable to go back to watching the cartoon while he sucked.

  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to join in or not, but Suzi glanced over to me and told me to go ahead.

  I tried to take my time sucking his dick, wanting to make it last as long as I could, but all too soon Joey reached down to take my head and started pumping my mouth on his dick.  I was rather disappointed by the amount when he came too.  He must have at least cum twice that morning before I had got to him.

  Joey said later that Suzi hadn't seen anyone take someone's head and control it like that before.  That has to be the reason why she got so horny so fast.

  I didn't hear her say it, but Joey got up while I was cleaning him up.  I watched as Suzi got on her back, took her knees in her hands, and pulled them apart and back while Joey got hard.  I was so stunned when I watched him enter her ass that I didn't do anything but watch and finger fuck myself.

  Oh, I want Joey to do my ass next.  I want to feel it stretch me and make my ass hole bigger.  I want to fit the biggest fattest cock inside my ass and have

  Sorry.  Had to take a dildo break.  I still have one in each of my three holes while I'm writing this.  I need to take them out though.  Too distracting.

  Well, when I couldn't stand watching any longer, I did the only thing I could do.  I sucked on Suzi's tits.  I think she's a little mad at me for making them sore.

  I ate her out after Joey had cum again.  I wish he hadn't wasted it in her ass like that.  I was tempted to fish it out with my tongue, but I'm not stupid.

  I was happy to see Tim walk in with Brad and his sister Sandi.  She's only twelve and already has bigger breasts than I have, and she isn't afraid to fuck and suck.  Sandi was calling her brother and Tim Master, and I finally asked why some people called Tim that.

  He said it was a long story, but they are his slaves.  Slaves as in will do anything he says without questioning it.  A few of them were made that way against their will, but he didn't have anything to do with it.  Everyone he has enslaved agreed to it before hand.  So I am wondering, do I want to become his slave?  I'm not sure.

  I fucked Brad while sucking out his sister.  I liked her, but I don't care much for Brad.  I don't think he's gay anymore, but he's rather odd, and the way he expects his sister to do anything he doesn't feel like doing makes me a bit cross, especially when he expected me to fluff his pillows for him.

  But I have to admit he's a good fucker.  He made me orgasm twice, mostly because he kept teasing my ass hole.  I knew he was just getting revenge for using his cum button so much.

  Sandi shared some of the goods after eating Brad's cum out of me.  She kisses nice too.  I'm going to have to work on Jane's kissing.  All she knows how to do is wrestle your tongue.

  We were being served lunch in the study when Rick was led in by a maid.  He was very nervous, especially when he saw everyone naked.  He didn't come in past the doorway.

  Tim whispered to me he was there, and I immediately went to greet him.  I had to drag him back to the others, then give him a blow job to relax him.  He still wasn't all that comfortable afterwards, but he didn't try to leave.  He probably was too interested in Suzi's and Sandi's breasts.  I could see him imagining sucking on them.

  I hope my titties start to grow bigger soon.  Rick's not really interested in my tits any more as small as they are.  Not once did he suck on them today.

  When we finally finished eating, Tim took me and Rick to his bedroom.  I was so excited.  As we were walking down the halls, Tim had me walk in front of them while telling Rick how good it felt to fuck ass.  I was getting more and more excited listening to him about it that I had to concentrate really hard to keep walking without falling over.

  Rick's hardon was really obvious from the lump in his pants.  He had zipped up as soon as I had popped his dick out of my mouth after the blow job, and hadn't taken a single piece of clothing off.  Even after Tim's very effective talk, he still was very nervous and said he wasn't sure about doing it.

  I tried to give him a pep talk myself, but apart from a little bit of begging, my own speech was just a condensed version of Tim's.

  Finally Rick plain out said he didn't want to, and he was sorry.  He wanted to leave, and even looked upset enough to cry, but Tim said it was okay, that he didn't have to if he wasn't sure.

  Before I could object, Tim said that he should at least help me get ready to get my ass fucked.  He told Rick to take me into the bathroom, then after I pottied, for he and  I to take a shower together and make sure my ass was clean.

  Rick liked the shower idea, and quite frankly so did I.  We went into Tim's huge bathroom and closed the door, then while I sat on the toilet, Rick got undressed and started up the shower.  He was harder than I had ever seen him before when I finally got into the shower with him.

  He wanted to fuck right away, but I had the feeling Tim had a plan and didn't want me to give him that satisfaction.  So I told him no, that the next person who fucked me would have to fuck my ass.  That disturbed him, and I could see I had been too hard about it.  Since I wanted him to stay highly aroused, just got down on my knees and sucked him in.

  I sucked on him until I knew he was getting close, then stood up and got the soap.  I started lathering him up, and he finally did the same to me, then I asked him to concentrate on my ass.

  He was horny enough to accept that request, and before I knew it, he was finger fucking my ass.

  Tim opened the shower door and got in and started instructing Rick on how to loosen me up more.  Rick followed every instruction perfectly, then even asked if he could put it in when he had finally had got to the point where he was freely fucking my ass with three fingers.

  Tim said if Rick didn't he would.  Rick didn't give him the chance.

  I moaned a loud yes when I felt Rick's prick enter my ass.  There was a little pain, but the tingling in my cunt was much more than that small discomfort.  It felt so big!  I could feel the rim of his cock's head moving up inside my ass, feeling it surge with blood, making me clasp my ass, which just made him surge again.  My juices were dripping down my legs while he pushed into me slowly, going deeper and deeper.  I felt like it couldn't possibly be Rick's little dick doing this, but when I felt his balls, then his thighs press up against me and heard his groan, I knew it was him, and moaned to him to fuck me.   I think Tim was surprised when I did that.  I had the impression he was expecting it to hurt worse than that.

  Rick started sliding back really slow, and I begged him to go faster, but he didn't seem to hear me.  He looked lost in fascination, staring at his dick coming out of my ass.  When he got to the point where it was just about to come back out, he reversed direction and slowly put it back in.

  I guess I wasn't arguing with him because it did feel wonderful.  It was so slow and so steady, I was shivering while every nerve in my ass and crotch tingled like mad.  Rick did it like that so long that I started to have trouble staying on my hands and knees.  My legs were wobbly and my arms were even more so, and finally I remembered what Suzi had done.

  I fell forward making Rick pop out of me, which he strongly protested the moment afterwards.  I took his hand and led him out of the shower to Tim's water bed, then I got on my back and pulled my knees up and apart.  Rick shut up when he got the idea, and wasn't the least bit hesitant in sticking it back in.

  Rick kept doing it really slow, ignoring my shouts, cusses, and begging.  It started to get to the point where the pleasure was fading and some new pain was forming.  When I finally got his attention, I found myself looking into his eyes with such desperation, I felt as if I had grabbed onto his mind.  He didn't look away, and he did start speeding up.

  It was starting to feel really good again when I first noticed the glazed look in his eyes.  He was losing himself in the sexual pleasure.  I could almost see his innocence evaporating before my eyes while his face took on a wonderful look of animal lust. God how I wanted him to lose himself completely into his passion.  I wanted him so bad.

  I tried to concentrate on making it even better for him so I would blow his mind.  But Tim crawled on the bed and ran his dick over my mouth to tease me, and then I couldn't keep my mind on anything but Rick's dick pumping in and out of my ass and Tim's dick touching my cheek or lips every time I looked away.

  Rick finally was making me gasp enough that I had to close my eyes.  Oh GOD IT WAS GOOD!  I couldn't stop the shudders, the deep pulsing releases of orgasmic pleasure that made my body tingle.  I think I was shouting again, but I don't really remember anything but this feeling growing inside of me, starting from my ass and spreading out in all directions.

  It made me feel like an animal, a piece of meat, a fuck machine that had one function, and that was to fuck.  My orgasm grew with it, and I only remember feeling both my orgasm and Rick exploding before I passed out.

  I love waking up with a nice juicy cock in my mouth and another one in my sloppy cunt.  I didn't even bother to look whose it was.  I knew it was Rick's in my mouth and had to be Tim at my fuck hole.  I nearly bit Rick when I felt Tim pull out and  press his cock at the entrance of my ass.

  It felt so HUGE!  And so GOOD!  I grunted while I pushed my pooping muscles to make it easier for Tim to get in.  That hurt a little more, but I was too busy with Rick's cock to notice much.  Tim had to have given him some of his drink from the way he fucked my mouth and came several times.

  Rick was just cumming the first time when Tim started pumping.  I felt that fucking machine feeling again start to grow, and then there was a cock entering my pussy, but no one was there!  But I didn't CARE!  I was fucking three cocks at once!  Every part of my body was tingling with fucking pleasure.  My whole body was just one giant cunt that was getting fucked by three cocks.

  I came I don't know how many times.  Orgasm after orgasm, while I sucked on Rick as hard as I could.  I was so out of it, I reached around to Rick's asshole and started pushing a finger in.  And he was so horny he orgasmed in my mouth while relaxing his ass to where I could fit not one, but TWO fingers in him.

  I finger fucked Rick's ass through three more of his orgasms, I think two of mine, and finally, FINALLY, felt Tim go in deep into my ass and filled my ass with an ocean of his sperm.

  Rick fell off to the side of me while Tim fell forward and crawled up my body.  I was really tired from all the fucking, but when I felt Tim's hard cock slide up to my pussy, I managed to gather enough strength to thrust myself up and take him deep inside me.

  I was so limp from my multiple orgasms that I think Tim had trouble staying inside me.  I was just starting to get some energy back when Tim came again and laid down on top of me while he regained his breath.

  Rick had fallen asleep, and I think Tim would have done the same right then if I hadn't pulled his head up to mine and kissed him.  I thanked him and said I loved him, which he of course said the same to me.  I feel a little guilty for never having done that with Rick.  I will have to tell him I love him when I see him next.

  After that, we took a little nap, then the three of us showered, then joined the others to watch "Adventures in Babysitting".   I only got to blow the boys once during the movie, but that's okay.  I'm starting to feel a little tired of all the sex.

  I'm laying here writing how I'm getting tired of the sex with a vibrator up my ass.  I'm such a slut.

Sunday, February 22nd, 1987
-10:25 am-

  Last night Tim told me that today I would graduate from his slut school.  I couldn't believe it.  I was devastated.  I don't want it to end!  But he said after today I wouldn't need his help any more, and I needed to start living a normal life again to know what I will want when it comes time to graduate high school.

  I pleaded with him, begged him to keep me as his slut.  And when he wouldn't agree to that, I told him I wanted him to make me his slave if nothing else.  I even called him Master and got down on my knees to beg.

  He made me stand up and told me if I truly wanted that to look him in the eyes and say it.  I broke down in tears when I tried.  He knew I really didn't want to become his property.

  Tim took me to his bedroom and we made love.  Slow, honest, caring love, not the fast frenzied sex we had earlier.  I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and his arms around me.  I didn't want the moment to end so I stayed perfectly still for a long time, thinking about what I did want in life.

  I've decided to go through the physical conditioning Tim's mother had done to her.  I don't have a bad body, just small breasts.  Tim's right about it being time for me to leave his guidance.  I want to go out there into the world, find some nicely developed, clean men, maybe ten or so, and fuck them silly.  I probably will have to find some girls who like to fuck and suck guys and girls, but that shouldn't be too hard.

  Christine Bokl is pretty conservative, but has a nice body.  I bet I could get her interested.  And she's pretty good at tennis too.  Maybe in the showers after a match.

  Well, anyway, when Tim woke up, he had barely had his eyes open before I had mounted his hardon.  As I was humping him, I told him what I wanted to do, and he said we would go see the doctor tomorrow.  Tim said he doesn't think he will need to be the one training me.  He wants Rick and Jane to do it.  I agreed.  I strangely don't feel at all upset at this.  It would have meant spending more time with Tim, but I don't really care.

  We didn't bother to talk about anything else.  Tim had barely been able answer me as it was, so I just sucked on his mouth while I let my well trained internal muscles work on his swelling cock before I went back to fucking him like a rabbit.

  I'm starting to get the hang of sex and orgasms.  I slowed down three times just so I wouldn't cum yet, and that made my final orgasm incredibly long and intense.  And Tim was nice enough to wait and cum when I did.  I hope he will let me give him a blow job once in a while.  I'll miss his flavor.

  It's just Tim and I alone here.  Everyone else went home yesterday evening.  Even Tim's mother isn't here.  I'd like to ask her some questions about the physical conditioning that Tim doesn't seem to want to answer yet.  Damn.  The batteries in my vibrator just died.

-4:45 pm-

  I'm in the limo on my way home, and I'm SO tired.  But I can't stop thinking about everything that happened today, so maybe I can sleep once I write it all down.

  When I went to ask Tim for some batteries for my anal vibrator, he walked up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and said I wouldn't need it for a while as he gave me little kisses on my cheeks and neck.   I felt his rising hardon against the back of my leg, causing my pussy to surge with wetness.

  I parted my legs to capture his cock in between them, but Tim let go and backed off.  He took my hand and led me to the kitchen where he silently showed me the cans of whipcream and bottles of chocolate syrup in one of the refrigerators.  We both took one of each, then he quickly led me to a room that had  porcelain  walls and floor and a large plastic mattress in the middle.

  I can't remember ever enjoying his hands rubbing my entire body as much as while he coated my whole body with chocolate and whip cream.  I was doing the same to him, and when we finished, there wasn't even a pause before we both started cleaning each other off with our tongues.

  We didn't get very far before we couldn't resist sixty nining.  Tim moved me on top of him, then before I realized what we were doing, Tim started slurping on my very wet cunt.  God, I don't know what he did, but whatever it was it felt so good I forgot all about his chocolate covered cock and couldn't stop myself from humping his mouth and tongue.

  Tim didn't last more than a few minutes before having to quit his wonderful tonguing.  The moment I regained enough sense to realize what had been brushing my face all that time, I started making Tim moan from my own tongue lapping his balls.  I think I was able to go longer working on him than he had on me before finally just taking the delicious thing into my mouth and throat.

  I sucked and slurped for a good five minutes before finally getting so frustrated that I pressed his cum button.  But even then he didn't cum.  He must have 'blocked' his orgasm.

  I gave up and submitted to his renewed cunt licking without any real satisfaction.  I nearly peed when Tim started working his finger on my ass hole, then started concentrating on helping him obtain what I knew what he wanted.

  When I felt myself fully relax my asshole, I slid my crotch down his body and aligned my butt with his pole, then had to concentrate on relaxing it again before sitting down on his hot piece of meat.

  I love the way we both moaned in pleasure when I slid my ass around his penis.  It felt even better than the last time, and there was absolutely no pain.  And when I started slowly moving myself up and down, I closed my eyes and gave myself to increasing the pleasure I was feeling.  After the first few minutes, Tim sat up and started to suck my breasts, making them feel good for the first time since the doctor had tied them off to inject the venom.

  I think they have grown!  I'm sure of it!  Oh I can't wait to compare them with Jane's!

  Anyway, Tim and I both got tired of that position since I couldn't go very fast like that.  So I got on hands and knees, then pushed back hard when he reentered me.  Tim started fucking me hard and fast, and I met every thrust with my own shove.  Just as I thought I was going to finally cum, Tim pulled out, plunged it into my pussy, and went right back to full speed.  The shock of his switching holes had not only prevented my orgasm from happening, but also made me much more aroused.

  He switched holes three more times, each time taking less to bring me close to orgasm before he switched.  Before he switched the last time, my arms had given out to where I was laying on my face with my ass stuck up in the air.

  When Tim's dick exploded in my ass, I felt my body explode in pleasure with it.  If I hadn't bit my tongue I probably would have passed out.  I nearly did anyway, especially when Tim pushed my legs  out from under me and collapsed on top with his softening prick still being milked by my ass.

  Tim muttered that I had been one of the best asses he had fucked as we laid there catching our breath.  My mind wandered to all the things I had gone through to get to that point, and didn't come back to reality until I noticed Tim's breathing told me he was asleep.

  The memory of him falling asleep while his dick was in my cunt came to me, and I wondered if I could get him hard without waking him up using my ass.  This was more difficult since I couldn't risk moving my legs further apart, and as I was trying to massage his cock with my shitting muscles, I accidentally pushed him out all together.

  When that happened, Tim told me "nice try", then opened his eyes and grinned at me.  I'm pretty sure he hadn't been asleep, and now I wonder if he had been that first time.

  He slid off me, so I rolled onto my side to face him.  We spent a few minutes kissing and talking, then Tim announced it was time for lunch.

  We went to the study and I was pleasantly surprised to find ten gorgeous and bulging guys preparing to serve us lunch.  They were bare chested and wore only a G-string that told me they were all very well equipped.

  My excitement kept building while they each took turns feeding me my lunch.  Tim watched us very closely while he fed himself, but I didn't take much notice of him at that point.

  When I couldn't stand it any longer, I grabbed the nearest one and pulled his body on top of mine as I stuck my tongue in his mouth.  I shivered when I felt his cock grow underneath the garment covering it, then I reached down and tore it right off his body.

  My hands started shaking as I felt his cock continuing to grow against my naked belly.  It must have been nearly twice the size of Tim's, and it was making my pussy ache to be filled by its mass.  I broke our savage kiss and only had to breathe the words "fuck me" for him to lift his hips and press his huge helmet at the entrance.

  He seemed to be waiting for something, and I suddenly knew what it was.  I looked over to see Tim staring at us with eyes that had filled with unshed tears.  When he noticed my eyes were upon him, he blinked the tears out and smiled weakly at me.  I was about to tell him I loved him and didn't want anyone's cock inside me but his, when he turned away and I felt my cunt being stretched and filled by a pure feeling of bliss.

  I instantly forgot all about Tim and wrapped my legs around the man's waist to pull him inside me even further.  I felt his cock's head stretching my pussy to its maximum size, and caused every nerve in my body to tingle in pleasure.  I felt the rim of his dick stroke across my G-spot which made me orgasm immediately.

  I guess I was holding my breath while he had been sinking into me, since once his cock finally reached the end of my love tunnel, I had to gasp for my breath before he placed his open mouth over mine.

  His cock surged inside me, causing my tingles to surge with it.  I swear my whole body kept tingling the entire time he was in me.  And when he broke his very wet kiss, he told me how good and tight I felt, and how he was going to love fucking a slut like me.  But then he got this look on his face, one of male superiority or something.  He told me I would have to beg him to fuck me.

  I think I would have done anything he asked at that point.  I begged, whimpered, licked his face and neck, and finally even called him master once.  I got him so aroused... I almost screamed from his sudden attempt to pull his tightly grasped cock back.  He was in so tight that instead of pulling out like he intended, his dick pulled my ass off the ground before he fell back into me.  The extra weight and momentum pushed against my interior wall so much I saw a flash of white light while I orgasmed again.

  He tried that a few more times, each time trying to go even deeper into me, making me scream with orgasm.  He eventually did slide me off his dick, and to both of our disappointments, another guy insisted on taking his place.

  But once he unsheathed his sword, I lost my disappointment.  Where Tim found these guys, I'll never know.  But they all had these huge cocks.

  The second guy was just a bit smaller than the first, but he still felt HUGE.  I slid in a little quicker, then we licked each other's faces like animals before he pulled his dick back, and then forward again.

  I orgasmed every time he did that.  I swear I did.  He had to go slow because my orgasms made my pussy clamp down on his fucking hot dick, and even though I was as wet as I had ever been, there just wasn't enough room for my pussy juice to coat his prick very much.

  I remember how his dick surged with pressure as his cum started to flow, and feeling the hot semen fill my deepest cavity, then feeling it seep quickly around his cock.  I fell asleep from exhaustion as soon as he collapsed on top of me and stopped moving, but was woken up by another guy putting a glass to my lips.

  It was a big glass of that purple drink.  That stuff is terrific!  I never had anything more than a few sips, so I had no idea how horny and energetic it makes you.  When another guy told me he was going to fuck me silly, I nearly came from his suggestion I was so horny.

  This time when this third guy entered me, I was so wet and horny that he didn't have any problems humping me.  I was in a continuous orgasm while he sped up, and then it happened.  I felt that feeling again.  The feeling I was a fucking machine, a sexual being with only one function in life.  And it grew and grew until I had this flash of total sexual bliss that didn't go away.  I instantly saw how I could manipulate every muscle in my body, every movement, even every expression on my face to take him to the highest level of sexual release he would ever experience.

  And I did.  I opened my eyes and looked up at his twisted face, reached up with my right hand while opening my mouth to stick my tongue out.  His surprise didn't have time to register on his face before I was fucking his mouth with my tongue, clenching my pussy around him at just the right moments, then finally let his head go when I felt his scrotum tighten up.  I rammed my left big toe into his ass to make him scream in pleasure while he came in three big surges of cum.

  I fucked his ass while he continued to fuck me a minute more before he orgasmed again and passed out.  I rolled him off of me quickly, finding another cock making its final descent towards my waiting fuck hole.

  This one had an attitude, saying I thought I was pretty good, and calling me a bitch.  I showed him.  I kept him screaming for over two minutes before I let him pass out like the last one.

  By that time, the others had all removed their G-strings and were arguing over who went next.  I simple ordered the nearest to fuck me, then after he pumped his load into me with a nice ear piercing scream, I rolled him off and felt the need for more cock.

  The next guy didn't even wait for my permission, but as soon as he was all the way in, I forced myself on top and started fucking him with vigor.  Once I had him properly mindless in sexual pleasure, I ordered the next one to fuck my ass.

  That hurt.  I was the one screaming that time.  And it hurt for at least five minutes before I was comfortable enough to let him fuck me right.  I was fucked by three more guys like that before I felt the need to have even more cock.

  I have no idea how many times I fucked them all, but it was a lot.  They were all too big to fit down my throat, but I enjoyed sucking the juices out of their balls while I got pounded in the ass and cunt.

  I'm tired, and I don't really remember anything really unique after that.  I fucked and sucked until they couldn't move anymore.  I outlasted them all.  Tim had to help me to the shower, and he spent a lot of time cleaning the dried semen out of my pubic hair, treating both my stretched asshole and the scratches all over my body, and generally gave me the TLC I needed before he carried me to the limo and kissed me goodbye.

  Tim must have done something to me again because I feel absolutely indifferent about the love I had felt before.  I should be head over heels in love for him, but he's just a friend to me now.

  Funny.  That's what started this whole thing.  I just needed.... a friend.

End of copied journal entries