Raquel's Tales

Of Perverse Delight

My Stinking Mommy / Rita's A (Gasp) Lesbian! / Adele's Adventure / The Pastor's Secretary

By Raquel Silestra

(Bad Hygiene, Feet, Lesbianism, Religion, Incest, Scat, Vomit, Smoking, Pedo, Cruelty To Animals, BDSM, etc.)

WARNING: Don't read this story if you are under 18 years of age or offended by any of the above topics. The author does not condone anything illegal. Abide by all the laws that apply to your locality and country. A note to lesbian readers: this story is composed of several intertwining ones, but the story really picks up lez-wise in Part Eleven with Rita. So if you're not enjoying the first parts, skip to there (though nearly every part has some lesbian sex in it). Now that all that is said and done, if you aren't offended by incest, or shit eating, or disgusting practices, or sacrilege, or budding romantic lesbianism, or smoking, or anything at all, then you may read on, and please - enjoy!


Part One

I was dreaming. Wet dreams of sniffing, licking, and fucking my mom's stinking bare feet soles and toes had my cock harder than steel. The first thing I can remember turning me on was the stink of female feet. My earliest memories period were of my mom playfully rubbing my face with her stinking bare feet and toes while we watched TV or while I played. I had been stealing the neighbour's dirty soiled used pantyhose and socks from her laundry hamper in her private bathroom since I was 9 (she had never locked her door for some reason, and invited me over plenty anyway - I lost my virginity to her around the same time I started stealing her stinky soiled hose) but my Mommy stopped wearing anything on her feet around the time I was born. I was 15 now. I hadn't got caught stealing by my mom or by the neighbour yet, at least not to my knowledge. The neighbour lady had pretty bad foot odor which made me quite happy and I was very glad that her feet stunk so badly. She was a 28 year old nurse, and she also encouraged me to smoke even more than I already was (she said it turned her on to see bright young people like me killing themselves slowly with heavy smoking of many cigarettes). But then she moved out of the building shortly after I turned 10. Which was when my attention began to focus solely on my sexy stinking Mom.

My mom's feet smelled real bad and always had - it was like a cloud of stink emanated from her bare wrinkly soles, and the actual orange-tinted pink-and-yellowed soles, if you were to actually sniff them up close with the tip of your nose touching them, my GOD the stink would be so strong it would be thick like something physical that you could cut with a knife. It would instantly make vomit rise to the back of your throat to even breathe it for a millisecond. My mom walked around barefoot almost all the time, including outside, so not only did her bare soles'n'toes stink, but they were filthy, disgustingly black with dirt and nasty - very dirty, very wrinkly, and bare constantly.

I was totally in love with my mom's disgusting bare feet, the grosser the better.

The other thing was, my mommy doesn't shower or shave (she says she doesn't believe in being clean, and that it's very natural to stink all over, and that it's even sexy - she said she hadn't had a bath or shower or even a sponge-bath since about 5 years before I was born - "BO is beautiful, and whether people admit it or not, it's the most natural turn-on scent, which is why I and so many others find it attractive and cultivate it as strongly and permanently as possible, dear, and all over our bodies" she had said) or clean herself in any way, shape or form, so her bushy hairy armpits reek of body odor that smells worse than dead fish left rotting in a hot apartment for months. It's disgusting, and I love it! Her legs are thickly hairy like a man's legs, and she has a dark woman's mustache. Her pubes are a tangled bush of natural hair. Her beautiful long red hair is kept in a greasy dirty ponytail that also smells rank. Mom keeps a bucket by the front door in case anyone has to instantly puke when they come to visit after her smells hit them. But no one visits us anymore. Mom hasn't ever made me go to school, but she has sort of home-schooled me - she taught me to smoke cigarettes, and how to be a sick filthy pig like her more or less. There are certainly city dumps that are far cleaner than our home. But we're used to it and aren't about to stop or change our sick ways, because we LOVE being sick fucking pigs. Once when I was 12, a new lady neighbour from down the hall had knocked to ask for some tea, but puked all over the floor once my Mom opened the door, and then left, never to return. I guess she wasn't used to the strong smell of beautiful BO my Mommy reeked of (not to mention the garbage, feces, and general lovely filth we enjoyed wallowing in in our home). About three or four hours later, I saw Mom walking barefoot right through the puke, the lady's puke rubbing into the bare skin of Mom's stinking dirty bare feet soles'n'toes. (I think Mom kinda liked that actually since she seemed to be rubbing it in extra on purpose and I did see her get on her hands and knees earlier and slurp up some of the puke while it was still warm, swish it around in her mouth, and swallow it.) No one ever cleaned up the puke, and it's still there 3 years later.

Since neither Mom or I ever flushed the toilet, well it filled up years ago, many years ago. So we just started going anywhere, on the carpet, and so on. Eventually we were too lazy to bother with even that, so then we just started to shit into our jeans or whatever, which of course we never bothered to clean up, and my mom didn't remove the pair of jeans she was wearing from her body for 2 years straight. She's actually very proud of the fact that she has several thick levels of disgusting and disease-laden mold growing on her body, and her clothes, and in her hair too. But back to her jeans. She unzipped them to masturbate I'm sure, but 2 years of bathroom duty is in them and much came out the pantlegs and soaked into the furniture through the seat of her raunchy jeans. I know 'cause she always laughed and announced when she's shitting or pissing into her jeans, and she still does the same today, though we've become nudists now for quite some time. It's a little game we have between us. As to her bed...Her bed is a pile of hundreds of pieces of soft rotting food, hundreds of vomits, hundreds of loads of diarrhea and shit and piss, and hundreds of cigarette butts, with some half-evaporated once-white sheets and an old mattress underneath all the mess. Sometimes Mommy lets me sleep with her, wrapped close'n'tight in her arms, her rotten breath breathing into me as we sleep. She likes to writhe around in the slippery foul mess that is her bed, rubbing her face into it, massaging it into her hair, and sometimes she'll grab a handful of the filth not even looking to see what she's grabbed, and eat it. She's eaten rotting food, cigarette butts, puke, shit and more, all at once, and loved it.

My mom walked into my room nude (every now and then she got on a nudism kick, and the latest one seemed to be sticking) and I, nude in my bed, pretended to be asleep, knowing that she would use some part of herself that stunk to try and wake me up. It was another of our games, and I had gone so far as to wake her up with my asshole once after I had eaten a ton of Mexican food the night before. I had tried to fart, only to find a huge sloppy wet stream leave my ass instead. Her mouth had been open and she had ended up swallowing a large mouthful of my extra-foul diarrhea that morning as she awoke, which she had swallowed happily with a grin and a laugh (yes my mom is a shiteater - many times, that's dinner, she'll pull her jeans down just enough to expose her asshole, and shit warm thick creamy brown shit onto a plate or into a bowl and say "Enjoy, honey!"). I was still (for some reason) too shy to use my stinky bare cock or stinky bare balls to wake her up (the musky stench and grime on them was overpowering) because I was worried she might not be cool with something so obviously 'sexual'. It's strange that I'm shy, since she and I have seen each other entirely nude a zillion times. Through the slits of my eyes I could see her lovely filthy red hair in its ponytail, hanging down to her bare bum, her bum crack splotchy with dried shit and shit-rash, and dried menstrual blood from countless previous periods (my Mom had never used anything like a tampon or pad, not even an old rag - she just let it come out wherever, whenever). Seeing her red hair, I was entranced with my overpowering romantic love (and lust) for her - she was my Perfect Woman. Underneath the blanket, my cock got even harder. Luckily, it was already tenting when she came in and saw me 'asleep' so she wouldn't think anything of it...I hoped.

Mom got onto my bed and looked at me, smoking a cigarette and flicking the ashes all over the bed. She lay down on the bed in the opposite direction of me and placed (YES! I thought) her stinking bare feet soles right on my face. I couldn't suppress the gag reflex, so pungently BAD was the stink of her bare feet soles' skin right on my lips and nostrils. I felt puke hit the back of my throat, and willed it down. I LOVE that her feet smell so BAD!! Trying to appear asleep still, I took as deep a breath and as deep sniffs as I could without appearing to be awake, loving every single sniff and wanting to never leave her feet soles'n'toes. I love my Mommy so damn much!

Mom noticed that with each sniff I took ('in my sleep') of her stinking bare feet soles'n'toes, my cock was tenting more and more under the blanket, getting harder and harder. She grinned and pressed her soles harder against my face, rubbing them up and down my nose and lips. She wriggled her toes into my mouth and began rubbing them against my tongue. While doing this, she moved her butt up closer so that she was sitting on me, her bare ass rubbing directly on top of my super-erect cock through the blanket. Only the blanket separated our skin (damn blanket!) The way she was rubbing her crack back and forth in a deliberate manner on my penis meant she knew she was stimulating me sexually. And that she knew that her stinking bare feet soles'n'toes are what were making my cock hard. But I still wasn't sure if she was aware I was faking sleep, or if she would still do this if she knew I was awake.

Finally I figured it was time to 'wake up' (since she was going to make me cum if she didn't stop, and I wanted to be able to savor jerking off for an hour or so before breakfast while I thought about her). So taking one last deep whiff of her stinking rank filthy bare feet soles'n'toes, I fake yawned and opened my eyes in a bleary fashion. "Mornin', my stinky barefoot Mommy" I said.

She smiled and handed me a freshly lit cigarette, then leaned forward and gave me a soft, rich, saliva-wet kiss on the lips (she always licked my lips from left to right with her bare tongue when she kissed me), and man did her spit taste like 20 years of morning breath and unbrushed teeth (which I loved, I loved her kisses either way but this made it extra nice). I was very aware of this and her full bare breasts which were crushing into my chest (my chest was uncovered by the blanket, and I could feel her hard nipples quite well). "Morning, honey," she smiled, "my sweet baby girl." (For some reason, baby girl was one of my nicknames with her, even though I'm a boy.) She ruffled my hair and said "Mind if I share a morning smoke with you in bed?"

I grinned happily, still feeling warm and toasty and cozy in the wee hours of the morn. "I'd love that, Mommy," I said. I looked at her and said, "I take it we're going nudist again?"

Mommy took a deep double-pump inhale on her cigarette and after a few moments, exhaled dreamily. "Yeah, being nude is nice, dontcha agree hon?" She had moved to my right side and was now squirming her way under the covers with me.

She was under the covers with me completely now. "Yes, I agree, Mommy, being nude rocks," I said, taking a large drag on my cigarette and after inhaling deeply, blowing the smoke into her face and hair (she had told me she liked that). "Can I be nude with you when we sleep together at night?"

She grinned and said, "You can be nude with me always, all the time day and night. In fact I insist on it!" With that she stuck her wet tongue right up into the hole of my right ear and gave me a wet sloppy and long french-ear-kiss, snogging it in a way that absolutely made my toes curl with delight and made my cock yet harder, very much so.

"Who's my only man?" she whispered lustily into my ear (or was I just imagining it to be 'lusty'?)

"I am!" I grinned loudly, puffing on my smoke.

"Baby girl, do you remember that New Age Anglican-Unitarian minister I told you about? Padme Springwater Bare Bum Saxophonus?" Mommy asked me between drags on her smoke as she snuggled next to me, rubbing her bare feet and legs against mine, softly, slowly, surely, until her bare knee was almost bumping gently into my bare balls.

"I sure do," I said as my mommy absently pissed herself on my thigh and the bed while we snuggled (it was as though neither of us had ever been potty-trained at all nowadays so I was not surprised, rather I enjoyed the warm feel of her strong gushing morning urine). Minister Padme Springwater Bare Bum Saxophonus was one of the very few people who ever came to visit us who didn't throw up upon arrival and immediately want to leave. I got the immediate impression (which was confirmed by the minister's own words) that she was a like-minded person who also lived in filthy rank squalor on purpose because she enjoyed it. She saw some yellowish wet goo-like mold growing on the arm of a chair and sitting down, began to swipe it off with her finger and eat it while she smoked her cigarettes and talked with us. The minister had told my Mommy that one of her tricks was to invite stray cats into her place, and then not feed them until they died, and then leave them to rot, which helped add to the awful stink of her place and introduced disease, maggots ("wonderfully squishy!") etc. Both women had laughed loudly talking about how entertaining it was to torture animals to death, like choking them and breaking their limbs or nearly drowning them, and how fun it was to cruelly watch them wander about, desperate for sustenance but knowing none would ever come. The Minister had been very open with me, so I didn't feel excluded when she later asked for some private time to talk with my mommy. That was all I could remember of her, that one visit.

"She was a wonderful lady," I said, putting my cigarette butt out in a glass of moldy liquid on the floor next to the bed, and quickly lighting another off of the end of my mommy's still-burning cigarette. My mother smiled in approval, and I could now definitely feel her bare knee massaging my full, nude balls with erotic slowness.

"I invited her over to have dinner with us this evening," Mommy said, smoking and rubbing, "she's going to celebrate Nude Solstice with us."

"What's nude solstice?" I asked.

"It's a lengthy celebration of the dawn of our season of total and eternal nudism," Mommy explained. "It's a little more complicated than that, but Padme will explain it to you. She's so beautiful and very lovely...a perfect friend and a holy woman. Oh, and she's going to bring a cute puppy for us to torture and kill!"

At that, my boner sprang up hugely - after all the morning's stimulation, I was about to cum without touching myself. Mommy noticed this but didn't point it out. She just grinned and smiled and turned around in the bed, asking me to spoon with her while she slept a while more, her backside facing me. I of course agreed, and there was no way she could fail to feel the burning heat of my hard super-erect male penis against her back and bare bum cheeks, which was dribbling copious amounts of pre-cum. As soon as she was asleep, I hugged her and buried my face in her super-rank hair, and within seconds, my cock spurted thick white boy-sperm all over her filthy bare ass. I wanted to fuck her stinking bare feet soles, or her shit-filled, open-sores-and-hemorrhoids-coated asshole, because I knew now that she was interested in being sexual with me when I was asleep. But until I knew if she felt that way about me when I was awake and when she knew that I  knew she felt that way, I was too shy to take the risk of taking the first step. Content for the moment (yet still totally hard), I drifted back to sleep as well. I could easily say I had had a wet dream if Mommy asked me anything later...


Part Two

I awoke an hour or so later, and Mommy was cooking breakfast. Yum, the smell of cooking bacon, eggs, and coffee mixing with the disgusting smell of our filthy disease-ridden home (our home had once been called "Canada's Sorrow" as a compliment in a letter from The North American Society Of People In Sick 'n' sexy Squalor [N.A.S.P.I.S.S.] ) was like ambrosia to my senses. Sitting up, now completely nude, I decided that I was going to stop all this fussing about and start being more bold around Mommy when it came to sex. If I was careful and had misread her, the worst that could happen would be she'd give me a mid-length lecture followed by a forgive-and-forget-it kiss. I decided I would make my move after Minister Padme had finished visiting with us, if not before. Thinking about Padme's stinking bare feet soles and big pudgy tits, I began to stroke my already-erect bare cock as I walked nude to the breakfast room. I sat down in a chair and continued stroking my hard penis up and down as I stared at my nude Mommy as she stood cooking the bacon and eggs in the frying pan. Since she was completely nude (as we would both be and stay from now on, for good) the burningly hot bacon grease was spattering and flying gobs of it were burning her full, bare tits. She flinched a few times, flicking her cigarette ashes into the frying pan and occasionally horking a huge gob of snot and saliva into the frying pan also. If anything, she hung her bare tits lower so they could get more burned by the hot grease bits popping up from the pan. I could see by looking at her bare feet that she was standing in god-awful unidentifiable filth, making them more dirty and the stuff was mixing smells with her already legendary feet-stink.

Mommy turned around and saw me stroking my hard penis while staring at her, and smiled.

"Well look who's 'up', and in more than one way," she laughed, looking longingly and lovingly at my quivering prick throbbing in my fist. But then she shook her head as if to clear cobwebs and said, "Honey, I know you want to cum but I think you ought to save it for later when Padme arrives. Trust me, you'll be glad you did." 

"YES!" I thought to myself, "I can masturbate in front of Mommy and I am almost sure now that she and I are on the same page sexually. Soon I will know, very soon!" I nodded, and dropping my prick I said, "Alright, Mommy, I'll wait," lighting a cigarette with her silver lighter. "But knowing that you and I are nude now forever and smelling you too this morning, well you can understand, right Mommy?"

She set our breakfasts down on the table, simply pouring it out of the frying pan right onto the horrendously unclean and littered tabletop. We don't use plates. Sitting down, she lit her own smoke and smiled at me. "Of course, baby girl, I do understand, believe me, more than you possibly realize. The thing is, I have a special surprise for you and I want to share it with you this evening after Padme's arrived. I promise you it will be worth the wait, and that after this evening you and I will be closer than any other two people in the universe. We're not just mother and son, we are already practically married and I know we're soulmates, honey. I think it's time you and I take our relationship to a new level...soon, not just yet, tonight your waiting will end. You just keep your cock in check, you can stroke it if you like, but just hold off on cumming till later when I say, just for today." She leaned closer to me, her bare tits dragging through my soiled breakfast, and held my face tenderly in her dirty hand. "I love you," she said romantically - and this time there was no mistaking the lust in her tone as well.

"Oh Mommy, I love you too..." I said with equal romance and lust, and we shared our first mouth-on-mouth french-kiss, deep and spit-filled. With reluctance, after a moment she pulled away. "Now, let's enjoy our day. Padme will arrive later this evening. We'll have to wait till then to snog." She took a bite of her breakfast and then looked at me with sparkling eyes.

"And tonight, you...we're going to fucking snog for hours." She said this and grinned.

I could hardly fucking wait for whatever would happen next!


Part Three

All that day, Mommy was eating handful after handful of used cigarette butts and cigarette ashes ("for extra foul breath" she said) and swallowing about 100 Ex-Lax pills down with some tepid prune juice that had a lot of dead cockroaches floating in it. I watcher her greenish-yellowed rotting teeth (which she had never ever brushed or cleaned in any way) crunch up the disgusting mixture as I burst a huge pustule (a large zit) on her shoulder with two fingers and licked up the discharge. I helped get a small pot of boiling oil ready so we could dip parts of the puppy into it if we wished to. I refrained from stroking my cock as Mommy had requested, but it was hard all day. Small wonder it was, since Mommy had been unable to resist stroking my cock for me while we watched TV, with either her hand or by pressing my dick between the flesh of her warm flabby thighs. She hadn't made me cum yet though, saving that for later. We were smoking and watching TV later that evening, nude in each other's cuddly embrace while playing footsie with our stinking bare feet soles'n'toes. Mommy's ass crack was really sore since she had an extra-bad shit-rash on her skin there, which had spread. When she spread her legs wide and showed me her splayed open ass crack with me kneeling in front of her to see, I told her I hope it gets infected somehow. "That's what I've been trying to do!" she said with a laugh. "Oh, and don't forget we've got to pick up some more medical waste from the secret dump before the weekend. You and I don't have have nearly enough diseases and we're going to see to it that we catch some!" I dipped my fingers into her bleeding menstruating cunt and grabbed a mess of clots and blood, eating it while we continued to watch TV. "Fawlty Towers" was on, what a lovely show. It was the episode "The Kippers & The Corpse".

We heard a knock at our door. It was 10pm.

"That must be Padme," Mommy said with a grin. "Let's show our guest in, baby girl."

We padded to the door and opened it. Standing before us was Padme Springwater Bare Bum Saxophonus, the New Age Anglican-Unitarian Minister. She was dressed in a shapeless white linen robe (with nothing on underneath) and was barefoot like us. She was a bit shorter than either of us, about 5' 2, and though the robe covered most of her head as well, she had the most beautiful long dirty blond ponytail that went down far past her bare knees, almost reaching her bare feet. Her bare feet soles were darkly coated in dirt and soot from walking barefoot always through the city, which gave me a boner. She was shorter (as I mentioned) and also plumper - not fat per se, just more...robust, more curvy and plump in the face and body. She did have a few fat rolls around her waist and belly. OK, honestly, she was a fat, short, overweight pig of at least 400 lbs. Padme smiled beatifically at us both, and waved her right hand at us each slowly in blessing. Her right 'blessing' hand had a filthy cigarette wedged between her two nicotine stained fingers, and in her left hand she held a canvas bag that was wriggling slightly.

"Greetings, oh Enlightened Couple that is One Unit, One Being, from the Universe, the Spirits, and from this humble Faerie Messenger - me," Padme said in greeting, bowing slightly. "This is a happy time of celebration and joy."

My Mommy made several hand gestures that the Minister had taught her, saying, "Yes it is, Oh Faerie Goddess Padme Springwater Bare Bum Saxophonus - welcome from this Enlightened Couple that is One Unit, One Being, and enter into this place that we may share this happy time of celebration and joy with thee."

Padme stepped forward inside, and the door was closed. She leaned forward and grabbing my Mommy's chin, tilted Mommy's face just so and then vomited right into Mommy's open mouth. Mommy swallowed all the contents, gulping it down as quickly as it was expelled from the plump Minister's stomach and mouth. Padme grinned. "Hey baby, thought you'd like that - puke-bitch. I've had the stomach flu so puking is easier than ever lately." Then Padme looked at me and said, "My darling, I haven't forgotten you. I'll have just as much if not more for you later." She smiled beaming with love for us. "I have missed you both so much! I am thinking of getting an apartment here in this building on this very floor just so that we can see each other all the time! Ooh, let me get out of these clothes for good, it's Nude Solstice soon!"

I stepped forward and helped the Minister to remove all traces of clothing, which took only a short moment. I noticed a strange tattoo on the Minister's left breast, right over her nipple and areolae. She said it was a Satanic symbol, symbolizing the wearer's devotion to evil. "Which is silly of course because there is no such thing as a devil, but the implied meaning is sexy I thought." Mommy and I voiced our agreement and how lovely it looked, each of us giving it a lick and spitty kiss.

Padme handed me the bag she had brought and said, "Just toss this into a corner for now. We'll open the bag later, handsome." With a grin I threw the bag against the far corner, where it hit the wall with a thud. "YEOWLPP~!" was the sound that came from whatever was in the bag, and then silence. The three of us all laughed cruelly, and then feeling great, decided to sit in the living room. The three of us all lit cigarettes and I handed some coffee out.

"How many?" I asked, cock at the ready.

"Four, please," both Padme and my Mommy replied. I aimed at both their cups and pissed four large squirts of strong urine into each of their coffee cups, totaling eight squirts. I found an old half eaten hotdog weiner on the floor which was encrusted in filth and had been there for almost two months. I gave it to the women who used it as a stir-stick to stir my piss into their coffee with.

"Oooh!" Padme had said as she watched me urinate into her coffee, "he's such an attractive boy, and so thoughtful - and such strong stinking urine too!" She inserted her middle bare finger up my shit-hole while I pissed, and sucked the brown shit-stained finger clean ("helps to flavor the coffee" she said).

"Yes he sure is," Mommy had agreed, as drops of my smelly piss splashed onto her face as I filled her cup. "If you move in to this floor, you will become One with us and be able to enjoy this manly stud all the time, Minister. Thanks, baby girl," she said in thanks to me, waiting for the foul old weiner to stir with.

Sitting and smoking, after I put 4 spurts of my strong urine into my own coffee, I snuggled in between my Mommy and Padme, the three of us all sitting closely together totally nude in the muck and filth that passed for our living room floor. Feeling happy as I felt the ladies' stinking bare feet soles rubbing on mine (god, the scent and stench was heavenly), I asked, "Minister Padme, would you tell me more about the Nude Solstice? I'm very interested in learning more about it." My bare boner waved freely, calmly, knowing now that we had all the time we wanted so we could relax and take our time.

"Oh yes," Padme said, smoking and snap-inhaling a triple pump on her ciggie and holding it deeply for nearly 10 seconds, then exhaling, blowing it right into my face. "Well, I received a vision when I was channeling the 14th century whore Adele Sawyerson. And she was one filthy fucking diseased cunt-bitch, let me tell you, and goddamn sexy if you ask me. She died from the Bubonic Plague - but I digress. I saw where she had buried an ancient stone, which was over 12000 years old in her day, that had the details and commandments of certain ancient Holy Festivals inscribed upon it. I traveled to England and in a certain forest, dug up the stone. The language was an early form of pre-Sumerian that no one had ever heard of. I channeled the Universe and after eating nothing but my own shit and snorting loads of cocaine for a week in that forest, I finally understood the language. I transcribed the entire stone and re-buried it, where it will await the next time and place in history when it will be needed yet again. We three are the only ones it's meant for since the 14th century whore Adele Sawyerson last used it. Blessed are we truly!"

"But to get on with the specifics about the Nude Solstice..." Padme belched loudly, and the stench made both my and Mommy's heads swim dizzily. "The Nude Solstice was a special unique holiday. No one has celebrated it since 1329. Basically, tonight at midnight the Solstice begins. The special celebration lasts for several weeks, but the results are lifelong, meaning we will never wear clothing of any kind again. And of course, there are numerous perverted rituals that we shall delight in. We shall lose track of time and not care. The rest of the world might as well not fucking exist as far as we are concerned from this day forward."

I grabbed my hard throbbing nude penis and rubbed it appreciatively, curling my bare toes in some writhing maggots and mushy feces. Both ladies did the same with their stinking dirty bare toes, and rubbed my balls with their free hands as we all smoked. "It sounds excellent and lovely...perfect," I said softly.

"And arousing," Mommy added, rubbing her itchy cunt. "Speaking of which, I asked the Minister by for an additional reason, sweetie." I looked over at Padme expectantly with a smile as I felt Mommy's wet tongue worming its way into my right ear hole, she tasting ear wax and more..

Padme grinned and said while slowly exhaling her smoke through her half-gone grimy teeth, "I'm going to marry you and your Mommy to each other, in my official capacity as a fully licensed Minister of the New Age Anglican-Unitarian Church. You will be husband and wife. Of course it will be much better since you are Mommy and son first and always. Our church teaches that incest is best - and fucking hot!"

I looked into my Mommy's eyes, which were sparkling with happiness. "Surprise, baby girl!" she said and shoved her foul bacteria-laden wet tongue into my mouth while Padme shoved two, then three bare fingers in and out right up my shit-packed shit-hole.


Part Four

Padme had us kneel in the filth that is our living room floor and hold hands while looking into each other's eyes as she stood before us. Padme's incredibly long body-length dirty blonde ponytail swayed as she chanted. "Do you take each other to be incestuous husband and wife, no matter what, forever and ever, beyond anything and everything?" Mommy and I both nodded and said, "We do." Padme placed a dirty hand on each of our heads and said, "Then by the powers vested in me by the New Age Anglican-Unitarian Church, I pronounce you as One, and married inseparably for all eternity." Pushing our faces closer together, she vomited on both of our faces hard and said to me, "You may now kiss your disgusting whore bride." Mommy and I snogged deeply, swapping spit and germs and tasting Padme's sick puke, my stinking bare cock pressing into Mommy's stinky bare belly, and we never wanted it to end. The best part is, it won't ever end because there's always a new kiss to follow an old one!

Padme grinned and lit cigarettes for us all. "Now," she said, "you two go to Mommy's sick fucking bed and enjoy yourselves. I'll amuse myself for the time being. I'll be here when you come back." She grinned and hugged us both. "I'm so happy for you both! Congratulations!"

We thanked the Minister and quickly slid through the mess that was everywhere and landed on Mommy's previously described bed (see Part One) with a wet squish. Before I could speak, Mommy held her rancid finger up to my lips.

"Now, you...now we fucking snog for hours," she said super-lustfully. We began to french kiss deeply, sloppily, non-stop, and my hard bare penis found its way into her cunt hole, shit hole, and between her stinking bare feet soles during our non-stop kissing. "I knew you had an extra 'thing' for my stinking bare feet soles'n'toes, baby girl!" Mommy said with a wide grin. I made the hemorrhoids ringing her asshole bleed profusely when I fucked her ass, causing permanent damage, which we both enjoyed immensely. For me, the best part was fucking her stinking bare feet soles'n'toes - stinking bare heaven. But we wanted our first married fuck to be somewhat traditional. There would be plenty of times in future when I could cum on Mommy's stinking bare feet soles'n'toes - all fucking over them!. We had briefly chatted between sick snogs and lighting fresh cigarettes for smoky snogs and determined that neither of us wanted to raise a baby (we both agreed immediately on that, since we were too selfishly happy with it being just us here), and Mommy would have an abortion if she ever got pregnant. But the idea of knocking her up appealed to us both, as did the idea of her having an abortion. "Just imagine at 9 months beating the fuck out of my hugely pregnant bare stinking belly with a baseball bat until our dead baby slides out my diseased, stinking slut cunt," my Mommy whispered into my ear sexily. We were both in total instantaneous agreement on everything. So when my bare cock was in her cunt, Mommy said, "Make a fucking baby inside Mommy's cunt, little girl, do it my sexy one and only man! You're my man!!" and resumed frenching me. I had never before come so fucking hard as I did then. My wet cockhead forced its way all the way past her cunt and inside her slut cervix, as I spurted load after load of creamy incestuous boy-sperm directly into her uterus.

I stayed inside her wet sloppy hole as we caught our breath and lit some fresh cigarettes. Mommy grabbed a handful of the vomit, shit, cigarette butts, and rotting food that was piled all over the bed, and ate it. She offered me a handful which I quickly ate, savoring the sickening taste and scent. We both laughed in agreement at how the mess that was her bed would taste even better when it had some rotting baby guts added to it for flavor. God, we were so in fucking love. We had finally caught our breath, and smoked our cigarettes in that warm afterglow that two have after making perfect love, as my cock remained inside her hole. We talked some more and Mommy and I immediately agreed that we both wanted to be able to fuck Padme whenever we wanted, and so that our sexual activities with her would be as prolific as with each other. We hugged in excitement, and I licked Mommy's stinking filthy dirty red-haired ponytail while she once again sloppily french-kissed my ear hole as deeply and sexily and penetratingly as possible (god I loved when she did that), our stinking dirty bare toes intertwining and curling together with delight.

"Who knew this day would turn out to be the beginning of the most perfect life ever for us?" Mommy said. "I know, and you're absolutely right Mommy! I love you baby!"

"And I love you, baby!"

Mommy held up her stinking dirty bare feet soles. "Now lick Mommy's stinking nasty bare toes'n'soles good, baby...taste that orange'n'yellow-hued dirty stink...lick that thick black dirt from them...ooh, your cock is getting hard again...ffuccckk..."


Part Five

A while later, Mommy and I tottered nude into the living room and plopped down on the floor next to the nude Padme, who was busy masturbating herself (her long blond ponytail soaked in garbage juice and massaged till it was coated in many layers of sick filth) while chain-smoking cigarettes. She looked at us with a wicked gleam in her eye. "I take it you consummated your marriage, eh?" she grinned.

Mommy grinned with me and we both nodded yes. Mommy squatted over Padme's ugly face and said, "Taste for yourself, honey!" Padme could see a lot of blood oozing from Mommy's shit-hole - "he caused serious permanent damage to your shit-hole dear, how wonderful!" - "Yes, I love it, and he's only just begun with me" - and Padme quickly began to slurp the blood right out of Mommy's shit-hole and the torn hemorrhoids ringing it. She also started exhaling huge inhales of cigarette smoke right up Mommy's stinking bare bum hole, and Mommy asked for more of that, nearly crying with joy. I was busy licking, sniffing, and fucking the orange'n'yellow-hued dirty stink of Padme's wide stinking bare feet soles'n'toes with my nose, mouth, cock and balls while I watched all of this, and so was in heaven. The thing that made me especially hard was how toughened and dirty Padme's bare soles had become from her barefooter lifestyle. Whether brown or black, whether dirt or dust, I loved nothing more than a woman's stinky, dirty bare feet, especially when that woman kept them bare and really stinky and dirty on purpose. Padme continued to masturbate herself as she suddenly received a huge, thick spray of the foulest ever sloppy-wet diarrhea into her mouth straight from Mommy's shit-hole.

"There go those 100 Ex-Lax pills kicking in!" Mommy screamed in joy, openly shitting into the minister's willing mouth. The minister swallowed continually and opened for more. Mommy's diarrhea this time was almost black, so foul was it, made all the more so from the Ex-Lax overdose, not to mention her disgustingly unhealthy diet. Barely-digested cigarette butts were also popping out in the dark fecal spray, and even some broken glass.  

Part Six

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Padme breathed, our marathon three-way fuckathon leaving us all panting. "We have a puppy to help inaugurate the Solstice! Let us hurt and kill the fucking pup since it shall entertain us!" Mommy and I nodded immediately. "Yes, it'll be good to take a short break from sex," Mommy said. "It'll give us time to rejuvenate our juices for MORE sex!"

Padme opened the canvas bag, revealing a cute, innocent, doe-eyed brown mutt puppy about three months of age. It was shivering. "This little gift was donated by the recently formed Inhumane Society, and will really help add to the stink and disease of your home, after it's rotted for a few months and it'll be a great permanent fixture." Padme added, grabbing the pup by the scruff. She looked it right in the eye. "You're going to fucking die, you little son of a bitch. You're going to provide maggots for us to rub our stinking bare feet soles'n'toes in!"

We were all nude and excited. Padme had the three-month old brown mutt puppy firmly by the throat to prevent any biting. Mommy had the pup's hind legs positioned. I lifted the boiling pot of oil from below and within half a second, the puppy's entire hind half of its body was being horribly burned in the boiling oil. Gurgling, high-pitched, unnatural screams issued from the throat of the puppy, which was going insane from the pain. Padme had injected a special drug into the pup that would ensure it stayed fully conscious no matter how much pain it was subjected to. The pup's eyes bulged out to an impossible size as it involuntarily shat and pissed into the torture oil, its ruined legs and cock twitching and spasming as they became forever useless. The puppy screamed more as Padme, with a beaming grin said, "The medicine's working - it's feeling the pain as strongly as it did in the first horrific moment! Ha ha ha!" she laughed into the pup's face.

I put the oil down, back on the stove, and grabbed a hammer. Handing the hammer to Mommy, Padme began to stroke my stinking bare cock while I fingered her disgusting cunt. We both watched gleefully as Mommy raised the hammer and brought it down as hard as she could, over and over, on the terrified, agonized puppy's front legs, breaking them and soon turning parts of them to bloody mush. During this, the puppy screamed louder, its mind gone. At this sight, Padme's cunt got wetter and my cock got harder. We all laughed like crazy as we watched the puppy twitch and bawl and fail in its attempt to crawl to safety. Mommy's cunt was literally drooling. Finally we grabbed the hammer and together split the puppy's head open, its brains splattering and blood spraying us as it died within half a second. We left it to rot there forever on the floor.

"Oh, that was fun!" I laughed, as Padme pulled me by my nude cock and Mommy by my nude balls to the floor. "Padme, I think my new wife - Mommy - and I both agree that you have to move into an apartment on this floor." Mommy nodded in agreement, and began to puke violently, really violently, into Padme's cunt as she licked it (which was already about a third full of shit, laden with crabs, coated in greenish pus, oozing menstrual blood clots, and all splotchy from psoriasis and unidentifiable rashes. Padme's cunt stunk like rotted death; only our STINKING dirty bare feet soles and STINKING dirty bare toes smelled worse, nothing could top them).


Part Seven

February 5th, 1329, Nottingham, England

Adele Sawyerson sat cross-legged and completely nude in her small but cozy stone-wall thatched-roof peasant's cottage, gonorrhea-infected semen oozing from her. Less than twenty minutes before, a local married farmer had been pumping his huge bare cock in and out of her stinking diseased shit-hole, his stinking bare balls slapping repeatedly against the greenish lips of her foul cunt as she lay there on her stomach, her heavily bruised and badly stinking bare ass raised in the air as she rested on her forearms while taking the brutal whore fuck in exchange for payment. She was a prostitute - a whore by profession, and most of her clientele came to her because of her especially rank, orange'n'yellow-hued bare feet soles'n'toes which had never ever been cleaned in any way. By all that was holy and true, her bare feet soles'n'toes fucking stank! She was cursed (or blessed, in her eyes, since she lusted for and was attracted to it) with rich, strong foot odor that you could smell a mile away. Because they had never been cleaned and had always remained bare, her soles were wretchedly black with dirt. Eventually it became so bad that flowers would actually die if she stepped near them. Because of this, some accused her of witchcraft (although no charges were ever brought against her, to Adele's pleasure and relief).

What most people didn't know was that Adele really was into so-called 'witchcraft', or at least outlawed religious practices that were strange and ancient. It was partly responsible for why she had been a prostitute by profession since the age of eight (remember, in 1329 the common age for a respectable girl to get married was no later than nine - ten was considered a late age to be as yet unwed). Adele was now almost twenty years old, and an absolute beauty. Thick long blonde hair was braided into a long fanciful braid reaching her bare bottom. Her 37 D-cup breasts (using 21st-century measuring standards) were perfectly weighted and oh so round, with huge pebbly areolae and fat puckered nipples. Her hairy armpits reeked of strong lovely body odor too. But the main reason that Adele Sawyerson had always thrived in her career was because she was without a doubt the foulest, most disgusting, stinkiest sick pig of a being within one hundred miles. She lived in utter filth and disease-ridden squalor by choice, and she loved it. For example, the young piglet that Adele was fattening up lived and shat inside the same cottage as she did. The cow that she got her milk from had been specially trained to place its bare ass next to her open window whenever it needed to shit, so that the cow's shit would always land with a disgusting splatter inside the cottage (where it would remain). Adele had never bathed or cleaned herself in any way, and was incredibly disgusting, bacteria-coated, diseased, and stinky, even by 14th century standards. Her diet and lifestyle were so highly unhealthy, she would sooner or later die a young and unpleasant death for sure. And she also smoked (a rare habit for a woman in this time). Men and women both were able to indulge in their most private, secret desires during their visits to the filthy stinking whore Adele. Though no one would admit to knowing her (although everyone gossiped about her and bad-mouthed her commonly), just about every single man and woman in Nottingham was secretly a frequent client of Adele's. And as previously mentioned, her truly stinking, truly dirty bare feet soles'n'toes were her most popular asset available to purchase for a time.

Adele had recently celebrated an ancient Holy Festival that was originated by a mysterious cult group of prostitutes whose existence and details were lost forever to the mists of time. Only a stone remained from their once-vibrant  and popular culture - a stone inscribed with the details of their Festivals and adjoining ceremonies, which was over 12000 years old. Adele had been channeling some Babylonian cunt from roughly 600 B.C. named Shanadeezalar, and had seen the completely nude Babylonian whore taking the ancient stone by cart and ship to England's shores, where she then buried it in Sherwood Forest of all places, where it would await Adele's touch. Adele had dug up the stone, finding it exactly where she had seen it placed in her vision, but couldn't understand the language. So Adele spent a week there, eating nothing but her own shit and handful after handful of poison mushrooms (the hallucinogenic kind that get you super stoned). Three days into the week, in her baked, unhealthy stupor, she found and drank the entire contents of someone's huge forgotten private wine barrel (the barrel was covered in old moss and so had been sitting there under the bushes, fermenting and getting stronger for decades at least). She got fucking drunk! 

Still unable to decipher the ancient language, while licking her own stinky bare feet soles, Adele also got the brilliant idea to hit her head against a big boulder as hard as she could, and did this several times a day. She cracked her skull literally and was causing herself permanent brain damage by smashing her head so hard against the boulder. After a week of all of this, Adele was brain-damaged enough to suddenly understand the ancient writing on the stone. She bribed a young scribe (with the promise of a hot sloppy blowjob) to come into the woods and take dictation from her as she read aloud the ancient words in 14th century English. Afterwards, she killed the young lad (she couldn't allow him to live, after all, he knew too much - she did what any blessed whore would have done) and celebrated by bouncing her tight, filthy, stinking cunt up and down on his dead prick, which remained erect in rigor mortis, until she came, the corpse's dead, bare balls ejecting their last load of sperm into her rancid, slimy hole . Then she buried his body under some old dirty leaves to rot, reburied the stone, and took the translated scroll home.

The ceremony that Miss Sawyerson had celebrated was the Nude Solstice, which meant that she would never ever wear any clothing at all, ever again. Permanent and total nudism was now her way (not that she'd worn much clothing before). Adele had been lying on her back, contorting her body just so that she could piss into her own mouth and swallow it, when the local married farmer previously mentioned had come in, looking to give a good quickie raping to his neighbour (the foul, stinking, diseased whore Adele) before supper. As he had walked out the door, he had thrown two chickens tied up in a canvas bag through the open doorway as payment - it was much less than she usually charged, since it had been a very quick fuck. She usually charged gold pieces as a matter of fact.

Now, though, it was pitch-black dark outside, since the days were short and the nights very long in February, and Adele sat cross-legged in the disgusting mess of vomit, human and animal shit, rotting food, and unidentifiable filth and bacteria that was quite deep and coated every inch of her cottage floor. Her pet pig grunted in a dark corner, eating its own feces. She sat before a lit candle, smoking a cigarette and attempting to slow her breathing and clear her mind of all. She was going to open herself to channel the future.

Her nude, reeking, never-washed body quivered pleasantly as she exhaled and inhaled over and over, chanting impromptu mantras in barely audible tones as she swayed lightly sitting in front of the lit candle. The candle's flame flickered and Adele began to see circling blue smoke appear before her. Within moments, she was lost in visions...

Adele saw two absolutely disgusting women, who had rotted half-gone teeth just as she did and she could smell their rank stink (especially their dirty, stinking bare feet soles'n'toes). They were with a young man and all three people were nude. They appeared to be in a room of sorts that was unbelievably unhealthy and foul. One of the women was a redhead, with a wretchedly grimy ponytail down to her bare bum, and the other had a dirty blond ponytail that was down to her stinking filthy bare feet soles. She saw these three people fucking and sucking each other, and engaging in acts so perverted, they boggled even her mind (though she had joyfully engaged in many similar acts herself, many times over). Most people in those conditions would be miserably unhappy, but these three appeared to be laughing and enjoying it all very much. She began to unconsciously finger her boil-encrusted messy slippery cunt while watching the images surrounding her. Then the vision faded, and in its place, she saw a strange stone archway of sorts that was standing in front of a rock wall. She recognized the rock wall as being none too far from her dwelling; it was along the route that she sometimes took when she felt like a nice walk, which she usually took in the cool, soothing moonlight. But the arch...it appeared to be natural, but she had never seen it before. She used her mental techniques to come out of her vision and return to normal, and after a leisurely session of masturbating to the images she remembered seeing and about 10 cigarettes, Adele decided to go for a nude moonlit stroll and see if the arch was there. "Exploring is fun!" she thought to herself with a giggle and a skip.


Part Eight

Approaching the stone arch, Adele reveled in feeling the dirt beneath her feet as she scrunched her stinking bare feet soles'n'toes in the dirt, making them dirtier. She was nude (like she would always be) but since it was nighttime, there was virtually no chance that anyone would see her, so she felt safe being out in public in this manner. The arch was there, just as it had appeared in her earlier vision. "I wonder where it came from, or what possible purpose it might have?" Adele wondered, her stupid 14th century female mind too small and retarded and uneducated to consider many of the possibilities involved.

Adele heard what sounded like a twig snap several feet away, and stopped, her senses heightened. Rapists and rape-gangs were known to frequent these parts, usually breaking into the home of some peasants and raping them all, whether they were male, female, or both - and they usually raped their victims nearly or totally to death. Adele was a very popular prostitute and so had never been injured. But one never knew how a stranger might act.

Especially in the dead of night, with no witnesses present - and extra especially if they were drunk.

Adele called out timidly, quietly. "Hello?...who goes there?...Anyone?"

All that Adele heard was the sound of her own breathing. After being still for a few moments, Adele figured she must have imagined the noise, or perhaps it was an animal. But just as she began to walk towards the stone arch again, she heard several snapping twigs and a rustling sound. She stopped still and this time, she could hear the sound of someone else's labored breathing joining hers.

"Ullo, what 'ave we 'ere..." an ominous, low, male voice said out of the darkness..."my, my...*hic* (definitely drunk, Adele realized)...a wench...nude as the day you were born, ain'tcha...You're going to regret passing this way tonight, luv..."

Adele's eyes involuntarily teared up in fear as she realized that the man almost certainly intended to kill her then and there, for no other reason than he was a sick fucking son of a bitch. She began to bawl and moan incoherently as she saw the gleam of a large sharp knife in the moonlight. The figure in the darkness lunged at her, and only sheer dumb luck allowed Adele to stumble out of the reach of the killing blade. She fell to her knees and quickly began to claw and clamber away, desperately terrified now. "Stay STILL, you fuckin' BITCH!" the man screamed, having overreached in his initial lunge which had caused him too to fall in the dirt. He got his bearings (which were not much, considering how fucking drunk he was) and he stood there, swaying unsteadily, his bleary, bloodshot eyes taking in the sight of the nude wench desperately attempting to get to her own feet and away from him.

Adele was on her feet, shaking with terror. She looked and realized she was facing the arch, trapped. The rock wall was only a few inches beyond the arch; there was nowhere for her to go. In her desperation (for it is better to try anything and possibly fail, than try nothing and certainly fail, she reasoned) she thought that perhaps she could somehow climb the rock wall to safety, which the drunken fool behind her would certainly be unable to do in his inebriated condition. Taking less than half a second to take a breath and go for it, Adele ran through the arch and -


The drunken older man stood there with his knife, dumbfounded. "Where th'FUCKdi'she go?!" he slurred, shouting to no one in particular, since he was now alone. The disappearance of his stinking but lovely young nude would-be victim had sobered him up somewhat. He approached the arch cautiously, and grabbing a handful of pebbles from the ground, threw them through the arch's entry to see if they, too, would disappear. They did. Now he was truly afraid. He looked all around, panicky, and seeing no one else, he looked back at the arch as he backed away, nearly falling over again. "Either I've had too much o' the cheap stuff...or there's witchcraft 'ere! Away with ye, evil spirits! I'm leavin' ye peacefully, back, back I say!" He finally stumbled back on to the main road and after a time, stopped looking over his shoulder every few seconds. 

"She fuckin' stunk like shit and feet anyway," he muttered to himself. "I can still smell 'er! Good riddance to bad rubbish." He began to stroke his hardening cock through his trousers as he thought of the extra rape and punishment he was going to inflict on his fat, poor, timid wife when he got home. "Gonna break her fuckin' body..."


Date: Unknown - Place: Unknown

Adele was floating in a non-corporeal weightless sea of blue mists and sparkling stars. She saw strange alien suns being born, flaring into existence, and then going supernova in the flash of only a few seconds. She saw strange ribbons of color and blue energy nodes zip past her as she continued to float. Eventually it all became too much for the stinking disease-ridden whore, her senses overwhelmed (and you know that such a stinking girl such as she, living in constant, unbelievable filth and stench, was able to handle a lot when it came to her senses) and she lost consciousness.


 Part Nine

Present Day, Canada

I was balls-deep between my Mommy's extra-stinking extra-dirty bare feet soles while Minister Padme Springwater Bare Bum Saxophonus was burning my shit-hole with her cigarette. We were fucking insane, not having slept in who knows how long - we were too caught up in celebrating the Nude Solstice and our new marriage. Indian music was blaring through the computer speakers, sitars twanging as we blew thick strings of germ-filled, virus-laden snot into each other's mouths and swallowed it (after swapping it all back and forth for a while in disgusting french kisses of course). My nude anus was burning and blistering from Padme's cigarette end (which genuinely hurt, and so good), and I screamed in genuine pain when she used her filthy sharp fingernails to slice deep cuts into my nude ass. I loved it!

We unplugged the computer (we usually never played music of any kind) and sat back on the floor, while Padme sank her foul contagious cunt-hole down onto my never-ending nude erection. Mommy stood in front of Padme and the Minister bit down hard on Mommy's clitoris. "AAAAAGGG-AHHH!!!" Mommy screamed, orgasming a foul bitter gush of fetid juices into Padme's mouth. I quickly followed, bursting through the barrier of Padme's cervix with a wet pop - "Oowww!" Padme screamed, cumming from the pain - and my boy-sperm quickly filled her dirty uterus to overflowing.

We all lay down in the stinking vile mess and took turns lovingly burning each other with our cigarettes while we smoked. "Mommy," I said, "I *knew* you had a bit of an extra 'thing' for getting your tits burned - I saw you burning them on purpose that morning with the bacon!" I ground out my butt on her left nipple, as she winced and smelled burning flesh. That was going to get infected, we were sure. "I fucking love it when you put your smokes out on my stinking, unwashed tits, baby girl," Mommy said with joy. "I wanted to put my big, hanging, bare tits right onto that frying pan that morning, cooking and burning them while putting myself through unimaginable pain and horny frying-pan fun - but I didn't want you to think I was weird. Maybe for my birthday, you could press my screaming bare face and also my bare tits right against the electric grill on the stove top after you've heated it for a few hours on maximum, risking my life as you burn my face and tits with red-hot metal. You can scar my face like a freak now, remember I am your property, you own me, I am your mommy sex slave. I'm so lucky to have a son who gladly burns his Mommy's body the way she likes it - you're the best." "No, you're the best," I said. She hugged me tight and together we said, "We're the best." Then Padme joined our hug and we all agreed that we three are One. "Now let's lick up some of the toxic mold that's growing on our disgusting bodies while we catch our breath and chain-smoke a pack of cigarettes each," Padme said. "It is a good and holy ritual indeed." We instantly agreed and proceeded to do as she had commanded. Suddenly though, a bright light appeared.


A stinking young nude woman appeared out of nowhere and landed in a pile in one corner that contained the following: a 15 year old pile of shit; vomit; diarrhea; maggots; moldy growths, garbage, rotting food, 5-year old half-full paper coffee cups, and a large nest of live bugs. What a slippery dirty pile to land on!

Padme gasped in recognition, as the young woman got to her knees while licking muck off her hands and grinning as hundreds of live bugs from the nest started crawling over her crotch. "By all the Faerie Goddesses," Padme gasped, "it - it's...Adele Sawyerson! The 14th century filthy prostitute that I saw in my vision of the stone!" The Minister slid over to the young woman out of time and pressed Adele's face into her splotchy cunt, her smelly urine drenching the poor girl. "Drink, drink my dear...drink my piss...drink from my dirty uterus and get my infectious psoriasis on your worthless nude face," Padme said softly. She grabbed Adele's braid in her fists and forced the young woman's face harder into her cunt, which, just to remind you (see Part Six) contained not only my boy-sperm and Mommy's puke, but shit, crabs, greenish pus, menstrual blood clots, and was super-splotchy from psoriasis and unidentifiable rashes. What a sick bitch, eh? Hoy magnificent and lovely she is in our eyes! She was second only to Mommy when it came to my lust and love - no one (that we knew of) could top my Mommy in anything sick, or stinking, or dirty, or sexual.

But just because my Mommy was number one in these areas didn't mean that I wasn't getting a hard on seeing this new visitor to our hovel of an apartment. Living bugs were crawling into the new arrival's extremely loose gaping anus, and the visitor seemed to like and welcome this, spreading her ass cheeks wider to allow more bugs to enter there. And Mommy's cunt was making a nasty puddle under her bare nude bum cheeks as we graciously lit a cigarette for Adele and handed it to, inviting her and Padme to sit in a loose circle with us on the foul floor.

"Adele," I asked her, "do you know how you got here?" "Yes dear," Mommy continued, "and do you know where...and when...you are now?"

Adele held the strange cigarette in her hand ('I've never seen a cigarette like this before, but I like it' she thought to herself) and took a deep drag, inhaling it with a smile. "Well, no...I was walking in the woods and it was the middle of the night...and then a drunken man was trying to kill me...I ran towards a nearby rock wall, hoping to climb it to safety...but when I passed through the stone archway that was near the wall, there was a strange flash of light...and then all I could see were strange lights and sights...I think I must have fainted...and then the next thing I remember was suddenly landing here in this room." Padme looked at the nude whore thoughtfully. "You stink horribly, dear," Padme said as a compliment. "Thank you," Adele blushed with a grin, "your dwelling here is splendidly wretched and also stinking. You ought to take pride in such disgusting grandeur." Adele took another drag and said, "I've always thought that body odor is sexy, don't you agree?" We all did agree, of course. "I thought so," Adele said, chuckling softly. "Ooh!" she then shuddered. "The live bugs that crawled inside my oft-fisted asshole...they're biting, oww, how lovely...I can feel some of them crawling up inside me to goodness knows where, ahhh..."

"What was the date when you passed through the arch, dear?" Padme asked, getting back to the mystery at hand and helping Adele and us figure out what had happened to her. Adele scrunched up her ugly face in thought. "February 6th, 1329. How much time has passed?" Mommy, the Minister, and I all looked at each other and silently agreed that we should tell her. Padme turned and said, "You are now in the 21st century. I don't recall the actual date, but I know it is February 2005."

Adele was shocked. "My...my vision...it came true..." she whispered softly through her half-gone rotting teeth and slimy infected lips. Padme grabbed ahold of Adele's dirty bare hand and after french kissing with the whore deeply, asked "Your vision?" Adele nodded, smiling. "I was channeling the future. It's a new technique that Prince John's Chief Wizard Merlan, who was related to the famed Merlin, taught to me after I let him have about a million go's with my stinking cheesy odorous wrinkly dirty bare feet soles'n'toes, and swallowed load after load of his hot cock's fucking cum and strong morning urine." I better not tell them about some of the much more perverse things I did with him just in case they're not as open-minded as I might think, Adele thought to herself. Her mention of urine reminded me I had to piss, and so I shoved my nude cock into Mommy's filthy mouth and pissed down her gulping sore throat as Adele continued her story. She laughed, exhaling another cloudy stream of cigarette smoke. "I can hardly believe that the old fuck's trick worked...I was meditating in my cottage during what was for me last night...and in my visions, I saw the three of you - here, in this room - fucking and sucking and doing all manner of ungodly enjoyable wickedness...and then that faded and I saw before me the stone arch. T'was the vision of the arch that convinced me to explore my nighttime strolling route, for I recognized the locale but had never before seen the arch there."

Padme grinned, belching thick, visible gas, with some stenchy puke splattering out of her mouth and slithering down the stinking fat rolls of her nude front. "I think it's fucking obvious what has fucking happened - I assume of course, dear, that since you're nude now, that you've already discovered the stone and celebrated the Nude Solstice?" Adele nodded, grinning widely. "Yes, I have! How do you know of this?" Padme held up her dirty bare hand, "Ah ah, I'll explain that in good time. Suffice to say, we are the first three people since your time in 1329 to find the stone and celebrate the Solstice. When I translated the writings upon the stone, I remember seeing much about an artifact called the Priestess's Arch. It appeared to be a natural stone formation, but was in fact described as being built by strange fucking visitors to the whore cult's main city, and of unknown material. It was roughly shaped like a gaping cunt. According to the stone, legend says that the Arch disappeared into thin air about the time that the group's civilization died." Padme took a quadruple pump on her cigarette, inhaling the creamy smoke deeply. "I think," she said while exhaling right into all of our faces, which we received happily, "that the Arch has the ability to travel through time, and take people through time as well."

I sat my nude Mommy on my nude lap, impaling her dirty cunt-hole on my stinking bare cock and I also gripped her stinking bare feet's heels as we listened. When Adele leered appreciately at the sight of this, I said proudly, "I'm fucking my Mommy. Padme is a Minister in the New Age Anglican-Unitarian Church and she married us to each other recently." Adele grinned. "Oh, how lovely! The future certainly is more enlightened than I had imagined. In my time, people are put to death if they are caught engaging in incest - and there certainly aren't any women ministers in my day! There ought to be, but what can a woman do in a man's world..." She flipped her greasy dirty braid back and spread her filthy legs. "Fuck, that's what! Actually," Adele said, pointing her stinking cheesy odorous wrinkly dirty bare feet toes'n'soles right at our faces, "these are what every man and woman want to lick, sniff, fuck, and cum on. Plant life actually dies when I step even near it, they stink so bad. I love my stinking bare feet soles'n'toes! I'm always looking for ways to make them stink even worse, make their odor stronger - not that I need to, their odor gets stronger every day on its own."

I pointed at the mess of writhing smelly maggots and mushy shit and said, "Rub them in this, it feels great and will make them dirtier at the least. No doubt the odor mixing with your historic feet-stink will make a powerful combination. Do it, you fucking whore-cunt." Adele instantly complied with a smile.

"Oooh, fuck, this is nice!" she said, feeling the mess and maggots ooze between her stinking bare toes. Padme, Mommy and myself began to lick the mixture from her very dirty and incredibly stinking bare feet soles'n'toes, and the orange'n'yellow-hued dirty stink of them made us all puke violently and uncontrollably. This in turn set Adele to vomiting. We felt like our intestines would come up on to the floor. After a few moments, we were all covered in the vomit, fucking and sucking each other every which way mindlessly. Biting and punching and burning one another also; screaming in pain; kissing and puking and licking and laughing - and over and over, fucking cumming like crazy!


Part Ten

Adele was pleasantly astonished by the futuristic advances she was being exposed to, like television, computers, recorded music, foodstuffs, and so forth. Cigarettes were remarkedly improved upon, she was sure. They were much more poisonous and nicely packed than her hand-rolled 14th century ones. All of us enjoyed maniacally torturing and killing a cat that we managed to lure into our place - we repeated the same actions on the cat that we had performed on the three-month old puppy the night we began celebrating Nude Solstice. Seeing the evil look in Adele's red-rimmed eyes as she slammed the hammer down on the horrifically screaming cat's bloody, smushed, broken front legs repeatedly, I knew that she was a kindred sister to us.

We all sat in the living room, masturbating to and taking cruel pleasure in documentaries about the world wars, historical atrocities, and so forth. We chain-smoked cigarettes non-stop, even when we were fucking or engaging in sexual activities, and eventually Padme said, "I guess we should talk about what will become of you, Adele. After all, history records your life, and death, taking place in the 14th century." Adele leaned forward on the floor on her elbows, which were deep in filth and recently expelled diarrhea. "By the fat stinking nude chin rolls of the fattest dirtiest cheesiest hairiest barefoot nude Jew-cunt bitch - if you know how to return me to my own time, I would be grateful and in your debt. The only thing I shall regret is that if I return to my own time, I will then be missing your august, precious company."

Padme puffed her cigarette, inhaled, and then exhaled. "The way I see it is this: the Arch opened a portal to our time that deposited you, you stinking worthless whore, right over that slippery pile in the corner. Perhaps if the three of us were to pick your worthless body up and throw you hard towards the ceiling above that corner, you would find yourself tumbling back through the arch, back in 1329." Adele grinned. "I am a worthless piece of shit, aren't I? Well let's then, the worst that can happen is I'll be seriously injured by hitting your ceiling, after all - and my life has no legitimate value save the pleasure that I and others take in it, so it's OK!"

"Let's grab the bitch, then," Mommy said. "Yes, grab the stinking cunt's disease-ridden limbs," I agreed. Within moments, we were standing in the pile of filth and ready to toss her.

"One other thing," Padme said chuckling, "make sure that as soon as you get back, that you gather your things and begin traveling to Constantinople. Once you arrive there, no matter what, don't leave. The summer of 1330 will be loads of fun for you there, trust me." Adele french kissed the Minister and nodded. "I will, I promise."

We threw the displaced prostitute up towards the ceiling, and marveled as she disappeared straight through it, never to return. While Padme stroked my stinking bare cock and I fingered her disgusting shit-hole and cunt simultaneously, Mommy said dreamily, "I love how Adele's cunt was all encrusted with boils and weeping sores." We all agreed on this, and while Mommy rubbed my stinking bare balls with her super stinky, smelly, lightly dust-coated bare toes, I asked the Minister, "But why did you tell Adele to go to Constantinople, and all that about the summer of 1330?"

Padme grinned evilly and said, "The summer of 1330 is when the Bubonic Plague broke out...in Constantinople. It grew to sweep half of Europe. Virtually no living thing in Constantinople was spared." We all laughed like crazy as we realized what she meant. "Adele," Padme scream-laughed, "is going to die one of the most horrible deaths imaginable, and right there in that city! Not even the rats will be spared. They'll squeal in agonizing pain and fucking die, mmmmm yesss....as will she. I said before that this is how history records her death - I just helped her fulfill her stupid worthless whore destiny."

It was dark outside, so Padme decided that she should finally say her farewells for now, and check her messages at home (she currently lived in the Church building that she was Minister of), so giving us one more wet french kiss each, she lit a cigarette and waved goodbye, walking out into public completely nude, knowing that she could get a free cab ride with a blowjob and a grin, so her nudity wouldn't be a problem. We watched her (from our window) get a cab within seconds, and smiled romantically at each other.

"Wow baby girl," Mommy said to me, holding in her warm stinky nude embrace, "we haven't had so much company since before you were born. Who knows what new exciting joys and surprises await us?"

"I don't know," I said, "but I do know one: fucking each other as a married couple all damn night, baby!" We grinned and ran to her (now our) bed.


Part Eleven

Rita Mayweather sat on her living room couch, nervously lighting her 34th cigarette that evening. She had quit smoking years and years ago, and attributed her return to the filthy habit to personal stress. She felt terribly guilty for being so sinful - smoking! Stress had been bad for her since she moved into the mostly abandoned building. She was beginning to see why the rent on such a nice apartment was so cheap, and how the landlord refused to even collect the rent most months.

Her neighbours down the hallway (the only other people on the floor), a mother and son, were disgusting - there was no other word for it (not polite words, anyway). She couldn't understand how anyone could stand to live like they did. It smelled like something died whenever Rita went into the hallway, and the odor was emanating from her neighbour's direction. When Rita had first moved in two years earlier, after getting her beautiful, stylish apartment all set up, she realized she hadn't bought any tea, and thought that it was a perfect opportunity to meet her neighbours and get to know them a bit. So she went down the hall to ask for some tea, unprepared for what she would find. The woman greeting her at the door (the mother) was topless, her full, bare tits hanging out for all to see and capped with (at that moment) very erect, aroused nipples. The mother was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans that were so incredibly grimy and filthy with what appeared to be her own feces and menstrual leavings they were rotting away on the woman's body. The mother had her long red hair tied into a greasy ponytail and her smile was greenish-yellow, many of her teeth half-gone from rot. But the thing that hit poor Rita instantly as soon as the door opened was the stench - poor Rita barely got a chance to ask for some tea when Mother Nature took over, and the smell was so horrible to her nose that she just couldn't help it - she involuntarily vomited all over her neighbour's floor and nude tits. Feeling absolutely mortified and embarrassed, the instant her stomach ceased heaving Rita scrambled to her feet, holding her breath, and ran as fast as she could back to her own normal apartment. To date, she had never attempted to contact her neighbours again, partly because she felt ashamed and guilty that she had vomited on them and their floor ('after all, the Bible says we shouldn't judge, and that was obviously judging of me, whether I meant to or not,' she figured) but mainly because she usually felt quite fine and fair in judging them to be disgusting.

But now she was smoking - she was on her 34th cigarette only 4 hours after starting her habit again - she knew she was going to have a lot to confess to her Bible study group, and a lot of prayer ahead of her to help her with the newly-restarted filthy habit. She was back up to almost 3 packs a day at this rate. But, said a small naughty voice inside her head that sounded just like Rita's did, since you're already smoking now, you might as well enjoy it while you can. Rita unconsciously smiled as she took a slow, luxurious drag on her cigarette and sucked in the rich inhale deeply, tilting her head back as she slowly exhaled small puffs at a time. God, I know I shouldn't but I love this, she thought to herself.

Rita had long black hair that she kept in a hairstyle very much like another Rita - Rita Hayworth, 1940s star. It was classy and sexy, but in today's world, considered nonetheless conservative. Rita Mayweather was a fan of 1940s films and music, and her favorite musician was Glenn Miller. She sat there on her couch, listening to the quiet tinklings of "Moonlight Cocktail" on her stereo, absent-mindedly picking between her bare toes with her left hand as she sat there smoking. Without thinking, she lifted her now-stinky left hand's fingers to her nose and mouth and first sniffed them and then sucked them clean. After tasting them, she realized what she had done, and shook her head. "No! I musn't do that - that's disgusting and sinful! Lord, forgive me, give me strength, Lord..." Rita had always had a heavy foot odor problem which she couldn't help having of course. It had made her very unpopular as a girl throughout school and high school. As a nervous habit when she was younger, she had taking to smelling and tasting her own stinking bare feet sole'n'toes (which were permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, no matter what she did). She had stopped doing it for the longest time, ever since she became a Christian and devoted her life to God around the age of 16. Rita was 28 years old now. Lately she had been returning to this old habit of hers unconsciously, and enjoying going barefoot at home ('nothing sinful about that,' she said to herself) made it all the easier to sin in this fashion. She just knew that it had to be another unfortunate result of the stress she was going through as a result of having such slovenly disgusting neighbours. She just knew it!

She puffed her cigarette nervously, leaning back into her stylish black couch. What was she going to do? She needed to do something, for the sake of not only her own soul and stress level, but because a part of her heart honestly cared about the souls of her neighbours as well. After all, if the devil could trick her with mere stress into sinning against her Lord, Rita knew that it was possible that her neighbours were simply misguided. Perhaps no one had ever taught them that cleanliness is next to godliness, Rita thought to herself with a smoky gasp, shocked that such a situation could be.

Deciding not to wait another second, she looked up her best friend Melissa Evans' phone number in her numbers book. Lighting another cigarette and gasping from the good feeling that first drag gave her, she curled her bare legs underneath her bum (she was wearing a light summer dress that was black with white trim, a 40s original she had bought on eBay) and dialed Melissa's number. The phone rang and a half-second later, Melissa picked up.

"Hi Rita! God bless you, how are ya hon? I've missed your company. When are- wait a minute, I hear that...you're smoking, aren't you?" Rita blushed in shame, lowering her head, but nonetheless smiling.

"Yes, I admit it...I can't keep anything from you, Mel...I am going straight to hell, too, if I don't stop it sooner or later."

Melissa chuckled. "Well...you know that Jesus forgives you...and he'll forgive me too! I'm coming over, we'll make a night of it, or even a week!"

Rita's face brightened at the news that her best friend was coming over to stay. Things were always nicer when Melissa was there with her, just the two of them together. Truth be told, Melissa spent more time at Rita's than at her own apartment. "OK, Melissa...but first, before you come over, do you have Pastor Paul & Sally's number? I wanted to refer them to some poor people who could use a visit from them in future."

Melissa said, "Yeah! Just a sec, I've got it here somewhere...oh, here it is." She gave Rita the number and then said slyly, "Strictly speaking in the interests of destroying them, of course...how many cigarettes do you have there, or should I bring more?...to destroy, um, of course."

Rita laughed softly and said, "You don't fool me, you sinful girl, you! You are being very naughty...(to which Melissa replied 'so are you, smoker!' in a playful tone)...I have 6 cartons here, king size...the strong kind," Rita finished with another blush and small smile.

Melissa said, "I'll be right over, hon! Mwa!" and hung up on her end.

Rita hung up and then, looking at the clock and realizing it was late, figured she would chance it and call the husband-and-wife pastors of her church up anyway. They're in their late 20s, same age as me, they'll probably be up, she thought. A moment later, Paul and Sally Ryston picked up the phone. They had been up and were happy to hear from one of their most faithful church sisters. Both too meek to affirm that Rita had in fact interrupted them (they had been making love and were still doing so while on the phone, unbeknownst to Rita), and both genuinely happy to hear from her, they asked her what was up. Rita was somewhat embarrassed to explain why she was calling, but managed to get most of it out (she didn't tell them about her vomiting accident three years earlier, but told the rest of what little she knew about her neighbours). Paul and Sally agreed that these people sounded like they could use a visit from God's chosen - themselves - and that even if it was a little smelly, it was surely the least they could do for these poor souls. "After all," Paul said, "Jesus did a lot more for us all than visit a smelly apartment." Rita thanked them and said she would see them on Sunday at church, and hung up, satisfied that she had done the Christian thing for her neighbours. She thanked God in a quick prayer for making everything work out, and then went to lay out her and Melissa's usual pajamas. They had been a birthday gift from Melissa last year for Rita - "I figured we should have matching sleepwear since we're together so much," Melissa had said with a smile. They were of the slinkiest, velvetiest silk, and colored a light pink. The tops were buttoned with small off-white pearl buttons, and the bottom trousers were wide, loose, and just slid on easily. They were also crotchless, leaving both of their hairy bare cunts and bum-holes exposed when worn. Both girls insisted that panties were a no-no when wearing their crotchless jammies. They were presumably crotchless for convenient access when one had to use the bathroom at night. Melissa had joked that she had almost bought negligees instead but thought that Rita might find those not as much to her taste as the crotchless jammies. Rita had just blushed and smiled, thanking the Lord silently that Melissa had not prodded her further on that subject. Rita knew she couldn't keep anything from Mel, even if she wanted to. And she didn't want to.

Rita got a bubble bath ready as well, since she had a large tub. Normally, as soon as Melissa arrived, they would take off all their clothes and either get into their pajamas or take a luxurious bubble bath together ('best friends can do that sort of thing,' Rita reasoned, 'if they want to').

About half an hour later, Rita heard Mel come in (Melissa had her own key to Rita's place). She got up from the couch and hugged Mel warmly, who responded in kind. They stood there, two white women, hugging and snuggling, and part of Rita couldn't help but notice how much she loved the smell of Melissa's long frizzy brunette hair. She buried her nose in her best friend's hair and smelled as they hugged, unaware that Melissa was secretly doing the same thing to Rita's long black hair. After locking the door and putting Melissa's grocery bag in the kitchen, they ran to Rita's bedroom and took off their clothes. Rita couldn't help but shyly notice her friend's nude body as Melissa bounced back onto the large soft comfy bed with a laugh, entirely nude, legs spread and bare tits pancaking (they were large). Melissa grinned and held her arms out towards her best friend Rita, now also completely nude. "C'mere, honey, gimme a hug an' some snuggle time with you," Melissa said, her happiness infectious. Rita smiled and clambered on to the bed on her hands and knees, and wrapping her arms around Melissa's nude back, lay on top of Melissa as they hugged and looked into each other's eyes. Because of Melissa's spread-out legs and their position, their hairy cunts just happened to be pressed into each other while they snuggled. Neither girl admitted it, but every second or so they would shift ever so slightly so that their cunts would rub against one another even more. Neither girl would admit it, but both of their small clitorises were rapidly stiffening also. The two women talked about this and that, all the while subtly rubbing their cunts together, which were getting wetter with each second. The wet sounds that started coming from the rubbing of their mounds together could not fail to be heard in the soft, quiet bedroom, but the two girls mentally explained the sounds away somehow, this despite the fact that their rubbing and grinding into one another was becoming more pronounced and obvious. The girls were both starting to get sweaty as they continued the pretense of chatting about this or that (a pretense which they actually bought) and Melissa even started to rub her stinking bare feet soles up and down and all around on Rita's bare bum cheeks, while Rita at this point practically humped her cunt into Melissa's like a man humps a woman, what with the better access Melissa's purposely raised and bent splayed legs were giving her. Melissa said casually that she thought she had seen a fly and was keeping it away from Rita's bare derriere with her feet. Rita said she was pushing closer to Melissa to keep away from said fly, and also said something about how the two of them should try her Greek aerobics video together sometime. Rita explained that it was a nude workout video that was meant to be worked out to in the nude, that Pastor Sally had given her for her birthday ("It's a Christian movie, but don't tell anyone anyway" Pastor Sally had said, giggling with Rita at the time, both ladies feeling naughty). Melissa said, "I can tell, by the way you push into me, over and over, away from that fly, that you've been working out hon." Rita said thanks and kissed Melissa, who kissed her back. They didn't stop the kiss for five minutes, both too timid to make any move, when Rita opened her mouth to say something, "accidentally" causing her tongue to slip into Melissa's warm wet mouth and twist together with Melissa's tongue. Melissa "accidentally" did the same thing at nearly the same moment, and so in their minds, it wasn't as though they were actually french kissing or anything. For some unknown reason, neither Rita or Melissa were able to untangle their wet, twisting-together, spit-swapping, slurping tongues for over 20 minutes. When they finally did, they both quickly laughed and slightly nervously commented along the lines of "Wow, that was weird! My tongue accidentally slipped all the way into your mouth for like 20 minutes while we were sharing an innocent best-friend's kiss! Thank goodness only we're here, someone might have thought we were french kissing." Rita commented on how one of the exercises in the aforementioned workout video was for two women to sit on the floor totally nude, with each other's bare legs wrapped around each other's waists so that their cunt hairs intertwine, and french kiss deeply. "But it's not like they're calling it frenching, it's a Christian video - they call it Tongue Exercise #1, and there's nothing wrong with that now," Rita explained. Melissa said she would love all the exercises, she was sure. The girls snuggled some more as before, and were (unconsciously) getting fairly worked up again, breathing hot and heavy and super-sweaty as they rubbed their wet cunts into one another while making idle chit-chat. At one point Rita said, "Here, baby, let me just move my right leg over your left one, my left can stay under your right, it's just a bit...ahh, that's better." Melissa agreed that felt more comfy, and the two within seconds were actively rubbing their now-sloppy wet twats together, grinding their erect clits together repeatedly as they chatted, the two women's lips so close together as they chatted that they kept continually brushing against each other and of course, the two women accidentally french kissed each other over and over, swapping loads of spit (and swallowing) in their ever deeper-tongued tongue-and-mouth twisting french kisses - "what are the odds?" they both breathed, panting. They were both wearing each other's smeared, half-gone lipstick by now. It was starting to get really hot and sweaty in their innocent best-friend's "innocently nude" embrace. Melissa said breathily, "Got a cigarette?"

Rita smiled yes, and refusing to leave their sweaty nude embrace, stretched her arm to the end table by her bedside, grabbing a full open pack of her cigarettes, an old fashioned lighter, and a clean ashtray. She pulled out two cigarettes and lit them both at once, handing one to Melissa as she lay back heavily on top of her nude best friend, Rita herself nude as well. Rita grinned, exhaling smoke through her nose and teeth. "You know we're going to have to destroy these," she commented, looking at Melissa with a raised eyebrow. Melissa grinned back and blew smoke into Rita's face softly. "We are destroying them," Melissa said, " - we're burning them up by smoking them!" Rita cocked her eyebrow, grinning and smoking. "Well..." Rita thought to herself for a moment, and then taking another long, luxurious drag, looked back at her friend and said, "You make an excellent point, sweet baby. You're absolutely right - I guess as long as we look at it like we are doing the world a favor by making sure that we enjoy these cigarettes ourselves, thereby denying their poisonous influence on whoever would have otherwise smoked them, then we're actually helping others by smoking! And since we should enjoy helping people, we should enjoy what we do, right?" "Right!" Melissa grinned, inhaling again with a blissful look as she casually cupped Rita's bare bum cheek with her left hand. Rita giggled at the soft, unexpected touch of her best friend's bare hand, and Melissa said, "Fly," by way of explanation, kneading and caressing the soft pliant flesh of Rita's bare ass with her fingers and palm. Rita's mind accepted the one-word explanation without hesitation (after all, she implicitly trusted Melissa) and unconsciously began to hunch into Melissa's wet cunt again with her own. Both ladies smoked and snuggled, their bare feet occasionally meeting on the bedspread and rubbing together sensually. Melissa's bare feet soles were permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, just as Rita's were - it was one of the reasons they had initally become such close best only friends, since they shared this in common. Melissa moved her sole slightly so that Rita could more easily rub her own bare sole against Melissa's, and they both moaned as they exhaled. They looked into each other's eyes with love. "It's like our bare feet soles and bare toes were meant to rub together, eh?" Melissa groaned. Rita agreed, rubbing more. Being with you is so perfect, Rita," Melissa sighed dreamily. "Being with you is so perfect," Rita said, feeling the same. They were loving all of it, including the silky feel of their stinking bare feet soles rubbing together. On a conscious level, they both knew that they loved each other, absolutely adored each other, and Rita had already admitted to herself that if Melissa ever so much as hinted about moving in permanently with Rita, that Rita would say, yes yes YES in a heartbeat and that they would be together forever. Unconscious remained some of the reasons why she would say yes, however...or at least, conveniently ignored in her conscious mind.

Melissa's fingers had slowly been working across Rita's bare ass cheek until they were literally sliding in and out of Rita's wet sopping nude cunt as Rita straddled her above. They had mentally blocked out any possibility that there was anything untoward going on, so Rita had paid no fuss and had simply enjoyed the feeling. Besides, the two of them were feeling so good together...we were meant to be together, Rita thought to herself. As Melissa looked up at the expression of happiness on Rita's face, she thought, We were meant to be together... (they were thinking the same thoughts at that moment, if only they knew, ooh!). "Oh, I think I felt that fly again," Rita said, clambering up so that she was still lying on top of Melissa, but with her wet cunt now directly above Melissa's mouth, and Rita making a show of swatting around in the air with her cigarette hand (neither girl had stopped chain smoking since lighting those first two) to stop the alleged fly from coming near. "You should keep your head at that end for a while, hon," Melissa said, "to keep the fly away. Your cigarette will help too." Rita instantly agreed, snuggling tight on top of Melissa, their sweaty nude bodies making slippery sounds as they talked, smoked, and so forth. Both girls could smell each other's stinking bare feet soles really clearly since they kept rubbing their stinking bare feet soles and stinky bare toes against each other's faces (the stink and smell of which they both secretly loved and adored - in their own conscious thoughts, they both secretly longed to bury each other's noses and faces in each other's stinking bare feet soles, the soles that were tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink permanently - they loved this particular unique stink that they had in common), and they quite reasonably reasoned to themselves that as best friends in love with one another, they would naturally love every part of each other, including that. Rita casually inhaled the stench of her best friend's bare feet and her cunt instantly got wetter. Melissa "accidentally" licked her best friend's stinking bare sole (a very slow, savory, luscious lick) and said with a panting giggle, "Wow Rita, I think your going barefoot at home all the time has made your stinking bare feet soles even more stinky than before! I just accidentally licked it." Rita laughed and said in a joking tone, "If you liked it so much, then keep licking them bitch...lick them...lick them, Mel baby..." Rita's tone changed to just plain happy and sexy as Melissa licked her bare soles again. "Ohhh, that feels nice, just like that - and yours are stinkier too! Maybe my bare toes, which are permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink just like yours, you sole-licking cunt, will accidentally slip into your mouth where you'll have no choice but to suck some of the ever-increasing dirty stink from them! Then we'll see what comments you have about my going around in bare feet all the time here at home." As they talked and smoked and snuggled, both ladies apparently saw the fly come dangerously close to each other's wet dripping-open cunts, and soon Rita was sliding her fingers in and out of Melissa's clasping wet cunt with her both the heel of her palm, and her tongue, repeatedly "accidentally" flicking Melissa's erect clit. "I'll protect you here from that fly," Rita said.

Melissa was engaging in similar actions with Rita's wet open cunt, until she got a more efficient idea, and said, "If I use my face to keep the fly away from...here...I can use my hands to keep the fly from getting near your derriere cheeks." Without a second thought, Rita sank her sweaty bare ass much closer (close enough that it was touching) to Melissa's face, who grabbed full handfuls of Rita's plush bare bum cheeks and began to suck and eat Rita's wet cunt with her mouth and penetrating tongue. Rita's stinking nude toes curled in delight as she puffed hard on her smoke, bouncing her bare ass now up and down on Melissa's talented mouth, who kept a firm grip on Rita's bum cheeks keeping her in place well enough. Before long, Rita was having an orgasm right into Melissa's mouth (which she just called in her own mind 'feeling good in a totally Christian manner with my best friend') and after catching her breath, she said, "Oh, whew...I think I need to pee, Mel...I should get up, whew...probably..." ("You don't have to get up Rita, stay and snuggle with me honey..." Melissa said) but for some reason she and Melissa both just felt so comfortable in their nude best-friend's embrace that she didn't get up, and what's more, she began to urinate. And what's more, Melissa (being such a good friend, Rita thought with love as this happened) spread Rita's cunt lips and latching her open mouth to Rita's piss hole, drank up every drop of Rita's urine. Rita lay back on top of Melissa, and the two best friends started rubbing their cunts together once more while facing each other closely, wide smiling grins on both their faces, after she finished pissing. "You are so the world's best best-friend," Rita said, kissing Melissa tenderly (and tasting her own urine and cunt juice on Melissa's beautiful happily smiling lips, impossible to miss). "Well," Rita laughed, remembering suddenly, "at least next to Jesus, that is!" They laughed together. Rita felt warm as Melissa cupped her face tenderly with Melissa's bare hand. "Who else but you baby, would drink my stinky pee like it was ambrosia, just so I wouldn't have to get up and leave our embrace, or mess the bed?" Melissa grinned. "Only me," she said with a unwittingly romantic smile, "remember, we're best friends and we love each other, so that means we love each and every part of each other - including your pee, hon! I was happy, glad, joyful to help you in any way I could in your moment of need, and I always will be. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', right?" Rita nodded, overjoyed that Mel was back to stay for a good long while and that they were finding such strong Christian agreement with their beautiful pleasurable activities.

They both closed their eyes and agreed to engage in a moment or two of whispered thanksgiving prayers for each other, but their faces were so close to one another that they ended up, yet again (what are the odds?) "accidentally" french kissing deeply for ages each time they opened their mouths to speak, while they rubbed their wet cunts together, holding each other tight, tighter in their nude embrace as they mumbled prayers into each other's mouths between each deep, lengthy snog. Rita tasted her own bitter tasting urine as her tongue licked Melissa's and liked the taste. After Melissa came buckingly hard, stinking bare toes splaying and clenching back and forth as her clit spasmed against Rita's similarly spasming one, a gush of their cunt juices combining to soak a circle in the middle of the bedspread, Rita and Melissa both shared one cigarette together, taking turns puffing on it ("sharing each other's cooties on the cigarette butt" they giggled), and agreed it was high time that they made something to eat. It was now 3am, and the girls giggled as they ran nude out to the kitchen. There were no rules when they got together!

As Rita, nude, prepared luxury sandwiches with bacon and more, and "Anvil Chorus Pt 1 & 2" blazed merrily from the stereo at a lower volume, Melissa, also nude, playfully made out with Rita, standing behind her, fingering Rita's wet cunt rudely, sniffing Rita's dark long hair, frenching Rita's bare neck nape, while Rita giggled and pressed sexily back against her girlfriend, rubbing her sweaty nude body up and down sensually against Melissa's. "Your nipples are growing hard, bitch!" Rita laughed, feeling them on her bare back. Melissa giggled and pulling her wet fingers out of Rita's cunt, sucked them clean and came around to Rita's front, the very small counter between them.

"You always make my nipples hard, my love," she said with a laugh as she tweaked Rita's now-hardening nipples with her fingertips. Melissa tilted her head, her long brown frizzy locks flying over her shoulder as she continued to stimulate Rita's bare nipples teasingly. Rita could hardly hold her laughter in, or concentrate on making the sandwiches either - her nipples were all she could think about and how damn good Melissa was making them feel with just her fingers! Rita's clitoris-bud was growing aroused again. 'Plus,' opening her eyes a squidge, 'Melissa is so hot...'

Playfully making out like this was perfectly normal and acceptably Christian in the ladies' eyes. Playfully getting her cunt fingered deep and hard, roughly (and Melissa's sharp fingernails made several scratches inside her when she did so) by her best friend Melissa was not only normal, but enjoyed and unspokenly requested as far as Rita was concerned! Rita began to sing along with "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree" as she looked directly into Melissa's sparkling laughing eyes, swaying sexily as she brought the sandwiches over on plates to the comfy couch facing the TV, sitting, and then patting the couch next to her cutely. Just playing around at making out is OK for any girls to do...but there's no one I'd rather do it with than Mel. Melissa sat her bare ass down close enough that her bare thighs were rubbing Rita's bare ones, and they jokingly called a temporary truce to Melissa's "come on" feeling-up of Rita, just long enough for sandwiches. And after the meal, they agreed, well, they'd watch some TV and smoke, and they'd just see now, wouldn't they...Rita laughed and said Melissa might have to examine Rita's poop hole to make sure it was in working order and as pretty as always. Melissa grinned as she ate - her fingers were itchy for more teasing of Rita's beautiful nude body and resulting lovely responses. I swear, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear I'm head over heels in love with Rita, Melissa thought to herself. Not just lust - true love. But that can't be...can it? Melissa was the more naughty of the two, the more dominant, with Rita being more of a happily submissive type, though she had her dom moments. It was essentially Melissa's fault for why Rita had truly started smoking again. Melissa smoked like a chimney ("one of my faults that I'm working on," she'd always said before - "besides, Jesus forgives and loves me no less than if I didn't smoke" which had made perfect sense to Rita) and secretly loved smoking. She had dared Rita to try one again, after quitting so long ago. One puff was all it took to get her hooked again - for good this time, both Rita and Melissa knew in their hearts, and though Rita had experienced strong guilt and shame for sinning in this manner (smoking) at first, now that she and Melissa had rationalized the whole thing in her mind (to the point where Rita felt it would be a sin for her to not smoke and take pleasure in chain-smoking), the two of them were going to smoke more cigarettes than ever before, on purpose, and enjoy every second of it, every puff. Suffice to say, Melissa didn't have any real hang-ups when it came to her life and religious stuff, but she was still churchy enough at this point in her life that she was currently in partial denial about her lesbianism, just as Rita was - the only difference being that Melissa's denial was slightly more eroded than Rita's. But every time Melissa came and stayed with Rita, they went further and further in their activities. Little did either lady realize that it was only a matter of time before all their dreams would come true.  

Rita snuggled into the slightly taller Melissa, their nude bodies feeling oh so comfy together, feeling so right. "Remember how we first met?" Rita said, puffing on her cigarette and slowly blowing smoke into Mel's face. Mel laughed. "Who could forget, honey? At the church sleepover, three years ago." The church's female youth group had been having a sleep over, and both Melissa and Rita had volunteered to keep an eye on things. Late into the night, when everyone was asleep, Melissa had been getting up to take a midnight piss, and had been unable to help noticing Rita's bare feet, sticking out fully from under her blanket as she lay asleep on a soft couch in the volunteer's special sleeping room. Melissa had gasped - "can it be...she has the same exact problem that I have...her bare feet soles and toes are permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, exactly the same, and as much, as mine are!" Melissa had snuck over on her hands and knees as quietly as possible, and taken a tentative sniff after staring at them. Whew! There was no doubt in her mind that no matter what Rita did, just as no matter what Melissa did, that both women's bare feet soles would always stink strongly this way. "I wonder if she secretly likes to make them stink worse, like I do with mine," Melissa had wondered silently. "Her bare feet are really dirty too, just like mine - she must go also barefoot all the time." She quietly tiptoed back to the bathroom, peed, and then settled back on her own couch. Little did she know that Rita had awoken briefly when one of Melissa's long brown frizzy locks of hair had tickled her bare sole, and had seen everything. Now she saw Melissa's bare feet exposed to the room as Mel slept, and Rita went through the same realization and exploration of Melissa's soles as Mel had done with hers. Melissa woke up though while she was doing this.

"Don't feel embarrassed, hon..." Melissa had said. Rita hadn't moved from Mel's feet. Melissa scrunched up her soles, almost touching Rita's trembling lips. Rita didn't move away, in fact moved subtly closer so that her lips were touching Melissa's orange-yellow bare stinking soles. "We share a common condition, don't we?" The girls excitedly began to hug, and chat about how they had each thought that they were the only one in the world with this problem, and how as a result they had both been unpopular (despite both being beautiful) and had never dated any boys, let alone taken an interest in them. They had both joined the church in their late teens as a result of that, figuring what better for a young woman with terrible, permanent orange-yellow tinted dirty feet-stink? 

Both girls had taken long turns sniffing and exploring each other's stinking bare feet soles and stinking bare toes, ostensibly to determine whether they were exactly alike, with the same level of permanent stink, coloring, dirt on them, and what not. "Just this one time, to learn," they both agreed, was OK in Christian confines. They had both lain on one large couch, with their bare feet in each other's faces, breathing in the strong stink of each other's soles and toes. Sniffing and exploring, both ladies were too shy and embarrassed of what the other might think of them to risk taking a lick, until they agreed that this too was OK, "just this one time, to learn if they taste the same." Mustn't do anything un-Christian, of course. They licked and sniffed each other's stinking dirty bare feet soles and toes for hours, marveling at how their feet and toes were even stinkier after hours of licking. They compared each other's shoes, as well - each girl had worn a pair of stinky black flats with open-backed heels to the sleepover that were well-worn. They deeply sniffed and licked every inch of each other's shoes, including the very dirty stinky insides (which tasted like their respective bare soles) and the bottom of the shoes too (where each girl, to their secret, disgusting, perverted delight, tasted some dog shit that they had both stepped in on the way into the building). After licking each other's dirty stinky bare soles a bunch more, they fell asleep sucking each other's stinking bare toes and secretly masturbating inside their pajama bottoms at the same time (the masturbating part they both secretly repented for, as always). The next morning they had taken a walk together in the country, barefoot of course, marveling at how their bare soles got so incredibly dirty, going out of their way to rub more dirt into their soles on purpose. They liked the feel of it, look of it, but were too shy after their "one time" agreement last night to ask for the taste of their freshly incredibly dirty bare soles that they really wanted. They had never yet figured out a way to justify more nasty feet-love sessions like that first one. But they became from that day forward the best of friends, and their friendship and love for one another grew exponentially with each passing second, till now they were inseparable.

"I just wanted to tell you how glad I am we found each other that night," Rita said, snuggling her face into Melissa's bare breasts while she hugged her best friend. "I can't imagine a time when we weren't together." Melissa grinned soppily and hugged Rita back, kissing her head tenderly. "I feel exactly the same about you, honey. You have no idea - exactly the same."

They shared a soft, romantic kiss of considerable length and Rita smiled. "You want some tea, sweet love baby?" Melissa said yes please.

Rita boiled the water and made a pot of tea in a vintage 1940s white-china teapot, which was decorated with a hand-painted trim of lovely English flowers. Melissa handed her a freshly lit cigarette, who had started smoking one herself also. The feel-good rush of the nicotine and cigarette smoke hitting Rita's lungs from that first strong drag gave her a rush - she felt re-energized, as did Melissa from her first drag, and was now tweaking her own bare nipples while watching Rita pour the tea into two matching teacups on the coffee table in front of the couch. 

"Wanna do a dare?" Melissa said with a naughty chuckle. Rita giggled and said, "Always!" Melissa said, "I...dare...you...to let me pour some tea up your ass." Rita blushed and said, "Ooh, Melissa, you always come up with the most interesting and fun dares! It might burn me! But I know you'd kiss it all better. But Melissa, my ass...is that sinful?" She sat, fervently hoping that Melissa would say that it was not sinful - if Melissa said something was OK, then Rita implicitly accepted that it was. The quickly fading remnants of her religious thinking required her to at least ask the question first.

Melissa said, "Of course it's not sinful silly! Now spread your bare shit-hole for me." Rita said, "OK!" happily. "Melissa, pour some tea up my ass," Rita said, spreading her nude bung-hole wide. "I dare you to let me," Mel said with a grin. "Well I dare you to do it and then drink it back out of my shit-hole," Rita grinned back, feeling sexy as she upped the ante on her friend. Melissa thought how she could top that, twisting her frizzy brown locks in her finger. "OK, but I dare you to shit the tea right out of your ass into this teacup - then I'll drink it! That way, every time you serve tea in this cup, we can giggle our asses off when other people drink from it!" Rita agreed to this, and giggled repeatedly as Melissa got a plastic funnel from the kitchen and returned. "I'm warning you, my sweet love baby," Rita said, "I'm pretty sure I have some shit inside my hole - it could come out in the tea, when I shit out the tea into that cup - meaning you'd have to-"

"Anything from you my honey love is delicious," Melissa said. Getting on her hands and knees, she explained she needed to get Rita's already sweaty, slick, loose asshole lubricated with Melissa's spit so that she could slide the funnel's tip inside. Rita moaned in delight as her best friend Melissa performed extreme analingus on her shit-hole. Rita could feel Melissa's wet tongue curling deep inside her hole, and Melissa could definitely feel a soft turd with her tongue inside there - Melissa licked the soft turd's tip repeatedly as she slobbered like a pig all over Rita's nude bung-hole. Finally, she didn't want to wait any longer and she said, "Rita, you're not going to distract me with your naturally good tasting ass - and I know you've worked at making it taste even better, you probably anticipated a dare like this - here, taste," and shoved her now brown sloppy tongue into Rita's willing mouth, solely to show Rita the taste, of course - "taste that, see what I mean? (Rita did and agreed) You are going to get hot burning tea inside you, not lukewarm tea!"

Melissa grabbed the funnel and slid the tip into Rita's shit-hole. "Now," Melissa ordered, "you may smoke a cigarette while we engage in this dare. And you have to hold the tea in your asshole for at least one minute, no matter how much it burns or you lose the dare and then I get to do something special. Agreed?" Rita nodded and lit a cigarette, inhaling as the funnel wobbled in her nude ass.

Melissa lifted a hot cup of the still burning-hot tea and without further ado, poured it quickly into the cusp of the funnel, watching it drain into Rita's ass. Rita began screaming in pain. "OWWW - owwowww it burns, it's burning meee!" Melissa leaned close and said, "Wanna quit?" Rita shook her head no, her teeth gritted. "No...I can do this...and then you're going to watch me shit the tea out into that teacup and then you'll drink it, bitch...how much more time?" Melissa checked the clock. "14 seconds more." Rita got up and got herself ready in position over the teacup, feeling the hot tea sloshing around in her hot bung-hole, mixing with her turds. It didn't feel bad anymore, and overall had been quite nice - in a sexily painful way, that is. "3...2...1...Alright, let it rip, honey!" Melissa laughed. Rita squatted low and began shitting a steady strong stream of tea into the cup while Melissa watched, so close to her best friend's expelling hole that her nose nearly touched. It would slow to a dribble, then another hard spurt would come out forcefully, splashing into the nearly full cup. A chunk of half-melted turd came out and landed in the teacup with a wet plop. Rita was finished and after Melissa licked her asshole clean of any tea drops, handed the full teacup to her best friend. "Your turn!" Rita giggled. "I bet you're looking forward to this 'special' cup of tea now, aren't you, Melissa? Is your mouth watering for it?"

"It sure is, and besides, if I don't drink it all down, then you'll get to do something special, and goodness knows what that would be - I'm ready!" Melissa grinned ("I knew it!" Rita laughed), lifting the teacup to her beautiful lips and taking a large sip. "Mmm, now that's a new flavor," she said in mock surprise. "God, I am going to laugh with you so fucking much when the Pastors drink tea from this cup someday!" (Three years earlier, Rita had blushed terribly when she heard Melissa use the F-word, but Melissa had explained to her how it was not sinful and now Rita used it too, usually only with Melissa in her apartment though.) The two girls couldn't stop giggling, and Melissa asked Rita to light her a cigarette "with those plump juicy lips of yours." Taking a drag on her smoke, Melissa took another large sip, and bit a chunk of the soft turd floating in her tea. She smacked her lips, smushing the shit around in her mouth and on her tongue, adding more tea to help wash it down. She saw Rita gazing with glee and held the cup out. "Would you like to try some, honey?" Rita blushed and nodded yes. Melissa's eyes danced as she grinned. "Then crawl over here, cunt, and take a nice big sip." Rita did just this, and was surprised that she enjoyed the nasty taste of her own shit mixed with the tea. Well Jesus tasted much worse for us, she reasoned to herself, so it's the least I can do to taste this - and since it's Christian, I really should enjoy doing this - and I do, I want more! Drinking nasty tea with Melissa is Christian and so is taking pleasure in it like this, how nice...even better than the bitter piss I tasted earlier...

But Rita burst out laughing, saying, "Hey, wait a minute, you stinky cunt! You tricked me into letting you not finish the whole cup of special tea!" Melissa said with a laugh, "Oh well, guess I have do something special for you then." Rita pulled her best friend into her arms and said, "First, kiss my shit-hole all better - your hot tea burned the inside a bit, way deep inside, so you'll have to kiss as deeply in there as possible with your tongue. And second - snuggle with me while we watch TV and chain smoke our cigarettes, that's the most special thing to me of all." The ladies smiled romantically and did as Rita suggested. After Melissa again deeply, sloppily kissed Rita's asshole while kneeling between Rita's nude spread legs, they snuggled close on the couch, all tangled up together in perfect comfort. Rita suckled Melissa's bare nipple like a baby as they snuggled cozily. As they watched Rita's Greek aerobics video (the Christian one that Pastor Sally had given to her, starring three bachelorettes - Lesbi-Ann and her assistants Pussy Love and Muffy Licker) Melissa's fingers "accidentally" made their way over Rita while they snuggled, tweaking her nipples to full erectness to "keep that fly away", "just kidding around and teasing" by rubbing Rita's clitoris till it was wet, twitching and distended, "helping to scratch an itch" inside Rita's asshole, which of course coated Melissa's fingers in Rita's soft brown nasty shit. Rita and Melissa both kept trying to scratch the alleged itch there, and kept sucking each other's shit-coated fingers clean so they wouldn't have to get up out of their cuddle or miss any of the video ("What are best friends for," they said). Eventually they were both tired, and decided they would sleep until it was morning. As they padded nude to Rita's bedroom, neither of them wanted to stop being nude, and so they chucked the matching pajamas on to the floor and got under the covers together. They held each other close, rubbing and caressing each other's bare bottoms, their bare tits mashed together, and their stinking bare feet soles (which were permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, and were always also coated dark-brown or black with dirt) rubbing together and playing footsie, while they practiced "Tongue Exercises" (french kissed) together.

Rubbing and caressing each other's bare bottoms with their bare hands, Rita and Melissa talked softly together in bed, the room so dark they could see nothing. They talked about Pastors Paul & Sally, and how nice they seemed, especially Pastor Sally; they talked about how they would easily convince (in time) the others at the church that taking pleasure in smoking and doing it often was actually Christian. Melissa kissed Rita in the dark, softly, and said, "You know, I've been thinking...one sec..." (Melissa rummaged in the dark for another two cigarettes and lighter, one smoke for each of them) "Just let the ashes go anywhere," Rita said, "it can be cleaned - we don't need a fuckin' ashtray, my love. We're in bed. We'll just spit on the butts to put them out when we're done." "Wow, honey," Melissa grinned, "well just this one, or this place will soon be littered with cigarette butts and ashes all over the floor and sheets and everywhere." Rita blushed, imagining dirty cigarette ashes getting ground over time into their bare feet soles from the girls' walking in them all the time, making their soles even dirtier-black than they already were. Rita's mouth watered as she imagined what their bare soles would taste like after that. Melissa resumed chatting, smiling in the pitch dark as she placed her left hand back on Rita's bare bum cheek while she smoked with her right. "I've been thinking...it seems silly, and wasteful too, which is a sin, for the two of us to rent two apartments instead of combining our resources and living together, here." Melissa lovingly squeezed Rita's bare ass cheek, as a sign of gentle love and affection. Rita grinned sleepily and squeezed Melissa's in return. "We are everything to each other, we know we are, and I don't see the sense in ever having to spend another day or night apart from each other, do you Rita?"

Rita's heart was thumping with joy and surprised excitement. Shaking slightly, she tried to calm herself down a bit by taking a long, luxurious drag on her cigarette, watching the burning red tip glow in the dark as she relaxed on one elbow. Exhaling about 10 seconds later, Rita felt just as overjoyed at this development in their relationship. "Yes," she whispered. Melissa leaned closer, her soft frizzy locks bumping into Rita's forehead. "You mean you agree, Rita? You want to move in here, together, permanently?" A tremor of joy underlined Melissa's words. Rita nodded, and taking Melissa's face in her hand, said softly and sweetly, "Welcome home, honey. This is our home now, forevermore. Our bed, our apartment, our-"

Melissa whooped for joy. "Oh Rita, this is the best news ever - we belong together, fuck YES!" In their joy they hugged each other tightly and shared their hardest deepest kiss yet without even thinking about it - they were too caught up in the happiness of their new plan to live here together for good. The two girls began to excitedly discuss all sorts of decorative ideas, and how they could mix their wardrobe and share all the same clothes now, and oh it all just seemed so wonderful, the lovely couple thought they would die with happiness! Eventually they fell asleep in each other's arms, their warm, soft breath lulling each other to sleep.


Part Twelve

The next morning, Rita awoke with a song in her heart! Kissing her best friend awake with a nice smoochy open-lipped smack on the cheek, Rita began to sing as she airily waltzed nude in to the kitchen. "Coffee, my love?" Rita called out in a sing-song voice. "Yes please, my love!" Melissa called back in a similar sing-song. Rita giggled upon looking down at her bare body and hairy cunt bush. She was always barefoot, no matter what, anyway, but now she was bare all over. As Melissa sauntered in to the kitchen, also nude, Rita giggled again and said, "I think that we are going to make it the standing norm that whenever we are here at home, that we always be completely nude!" Melissa laughed and snuggling close to Rita from behind as Rita spooned the coffee, "I think you're right - but if we're always nude at home, you know what that means...I told you how always going even just barefoot at home all the time has made your bare feet soles even stinkier and much much dirtier - this means mine can catch up to yours and they'll be equally extra stinky and dirty now!" Rita snuggled back and said, "I think then, that that must be a sign that our living together forever is the right thing to do, and that we should always be nude here at home - our equally dirt-coated and stinking bare feet soles and bare toes that are permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink brought us together from the first day we met, and make us uniquely suited for each other...in more ways than one." Rita didn't elaborate on that sentence's cryptic ending, but felt her breathing quicken since she had just dropped a deliberate, subtle hint about desiring a second feet-love session with Melissa's dirt covered stinking bare feet just like that first and only one they'd had three years ago when first meeting.

Melissa didn't seem to decrypt it though, saying, "You're right, my love - I knew we were meant to be as one, and this sign verifies it - it's settled then. As soon as either of us come in the door, we get completely nude and barefoot and remain that way. The places to take off all our clothes are either at the door, or in our bedroom, either is good." Rita grinned and said, "I know a service that will do shopping for us and drop the items off at the door, no questions asked." Melissa grinned too, saying, "All the more time for us to stay cozy an' nude here together at home, yay!"  Melissa giggled and said, "I am going to tickle your clit every night till you beg me to stop!" Rita grinned, saying, "I'll never let you win that game - and I'll tickle your clit too - with my wet tongue!" "I'll use my bare toes," Melissa said and Rita's cunt soaked instantly at that thought. Then, after lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke all over Rita's long dark 1940s style hair, Melissa felt naughty and leaning close while worming a teasing bare finger up Rita's anal pucker, whispered into Rita's ear, "Fuck." Rita grinned and whispered back into Melissa's ear, "Fuck." Even though they knew it was OK and Christian to say, it still felt deliciously naughty to say that word. They looked at each other with wide grins, saying "Fuck" louder and louder until together they screamed "FUCK!" and fell back on their bare asses, laughing and feeling great. Rita got up and poured them each a cup of coffee. "Fuck is a beautiful word this morning..." she sang beautifully, lilting tones floating through the apartment. Rita and Melissa lay on opposite ends of the shorter couch, and "accidentally" (with their left legs) slid each other's wriggling, dirt covered, stinking bare toes inside each other's wet open cunts while they lay their sipping their morning coffee and smoking cigarette after cigarette. With their right legs, they rubbed each other's bare tits, using their stinking bare toes to playfully tweak each other's hard, aroused bare nipples. Both ladies read the morning paper (Rita had always ordered a double subscription since Melissa had always been here often, even before they decided to move in together for life) while they did this, smoking countless cigarettes, deeply inhaling every rich drag, holding it, and exhaling billowing clouds of smoke. Rita had brought the pot of coffee over with her, so they didn't need to get up for refills. They each drank about 5 cups over the course of the next two hours.


Pastors Paul & Sally Ryston knocked at Rita's door, and Rita & Melissa answered it together, completely nude. "Hi, Pastor Paul, Pastor Sally!" the girls said warmly, "wow, we weren't expecting you this evening. Would you like to come in?"

Sally looked a bit flustered until she remembered the video that she had given to Rita - "Oh, Paul, they um, must be using that Christian workout video - you remember the one, the one that I gave to Rita." Sally hugged each of the nude girls warmly, and Paul said "God bless you both" to the girls and shyly gave them each a hug also. "We can't stay long," Sally apologized. She was a short woman, slim, with a cute, short, amber-blonde colored rounded bob hairstyle that came down to the nape of her neck and also had beautiful bangs. Paul was also a relatively mild-mannered slim man who was the same height as his wife (5' 2). Their shortness suited them to each other, everyone said, among other things. Paul had red hair that he kept in a short man's style like a young Glenn Miller. Both pastors were attractive to the eye, both were incredibly mild, shy, agreeable folks, and both of them were on their way to another appointment, as Sally explained, needlessly apologizing several times, as did Paul. "We're going to pay a visit to your only neighbours down the hall that you called us about," Sally said. "May God be with you," Rita prayed aloud, giving them each an encouraging squeeze on the shoulder. "I, uh...I'm sure that the Lord will, um, see to it that things aren't so bad," Paul smiled nervously (he had no idea what to expect to see over there).

As Melissa curled her arm and hand around Rita's bare bum, and Rita did the same to her, the two nude ladies rubbed their bare tits together sensually, moaning like lesbian whores. Rita and Melissa started sucking the snot out of each other's noses noisily with their mouths, and sucking face together (which looked an awful lot like lesbian french kissing). They humped their wet bare cunts on each other's bare thighs and knees simultaneously as they felt orgasms (which must have been Christian orgasms) nearing from their 'pretend making out'. And they were doing this standing nude right in front of the pastors' full view and knowing it! Paul and Sally were too shy to say anything, and so simply watched and blushed. Rita and Melissa whispered to each other that they wanted to go snuggle together in bed ("like last night") so they finally wished the pastors well and invited them to come by for a proper visit sometime. "We have to go take a piss bath together now," Rita said with a happy giggle. "Oh?" Paul had asked. "What's that?" Sally added. Melissa answered, "Well, it's when you piss all over each other with your stinking golden warm urine, and then you bathe in it. Here, we'll show you what we mean. Sally, lie down on the floor." The young female pastor didn't feel like she could refuse the young women's polite offer, since she and Paul had asked, after all. So she lay on the white shag carpet and said, "Do I need to take my clothes off?" "Well I think it would be more fun if you did, yes, Sally," Melissa instructed the woman. Sally stripped and the two girls oohed and aahed at the sight of her body. "Oh Sally, your cunt is so bushy, and look, your cunt is super-wet!" Rita said, giggling. Squatting over Sally's face, Rita grinned and said, "Is seeing Melissa and I all nude and such making you horny, bitch?" Rita leaned her cunt closer to Sally's lips. "You wanna eat my pussy, queer?" Rita said cruelly, sending a stinging slap across the stupid woman's face. Seeing Sally stammer and glance at her husband, Rita chuckled and said, "Don't worry dear, I'm just kidding you! I know you're not queer, you're a Christian pastor after all.". Without waiting for a reply, Rita began to soak Sally with her hot gushing piss, soaking Sally's hair and face and tits. Melissa was pissing all over the rest of Sally's body, including her bare feet, soaking them in thick girl urine. Rita rubbed her cunt lips on Sally's open mouth and stopped her flow. "I can't give you a full piss bath now, Sally...now as to Paul...oh wait a minute, if we give Paul our piss, Melissa," Rita said, "then we won't have any for a while for our bath! I've been holding it for hours to soak and bathe you with! I only gave Sally some of it, I'm holding the rest." After Sally dressed herself again, Rita turned to the husband and wife pastoral team. "Do you mind if we give you a rain check? We promise that we'll all share a really big piss bath together tomorrow, OK?" Paul and Sally would never have suggested such a thing, since it sounded odd...but again, they felt too shy to say no and risk angering Rita and Melissa. So they agreed. The husband and wife pastoral team thanked them for the invite, said farewell, and shut the front door behind them.

"Is it just me, honey," Paul asked his wife, avoiding the topic of what they'd just witnessed, "or did it smell like thick cigarette smoke in Rita's place?" "I thought I smelled that too," Sally said, eyes wide in wonder. "Oh, if poor Rita had started smoking again, we'll have to have a prayer intervention for her. No one knows more than I how hard it was to quit that dirty habit." Paul sniffed his nose in the air, and felt bile in his throat. "Speaking of smells...I think that the odor from our next appointment is coming from down that way." After taking a moment to pray while holding hands, the young couple made their way down the hallway and knocked politely on the door.

A nude redheaded woman opened the door, and just as Rita had described her (hair tied into a greasy ponytail and a greenish-yellow smile with  many of her teeth half-gone from rot, her never-washed white body smeared in evil-smelling filth and human shit, and barefoot) she was. The woman smiled warmly and said, "Hello, may I help you?"

Sally tried to hold her breath, but her eyes kept welling up with tears, saying, "M-my name...is...i-it's..S-s-ally...nngggehh (choke)...OhGODno-!" Finding it impossible to do otherwise, her body refusing to listen to her mental pleas, Sally lurched forward, falling roughly onto her knees, grabbing the nude woman's grimy waist to keep from falling over, and Sally puked hard all over the woman's hairy stinking cunt. She was vomiting so violently and uncontrollably that her mouth kept touching the woman's diseased slimy cunt hole and pubic bush as she repeatedly barfed her guts out, coating the woman's crotch in her puke as Sally hung on to keep from slipping onto the floor. Sally gripped the woman's bare bum cheeks with her bare hands to get a better grip after the first second or so that her puking began. The woman, however, instead of appearing angry, simply smiled and softly stroked Sally's hair while she vomited into the woman's nude wet cunt. While Sally continued her profuse puking session at length, the woman extended her bare hand to Paul and shook his stunned one. "I'm Ms. Thunderwell. Your hot little bitch here is gonna make me cum so fucking hard...I usually prefer something anal or something with my feet nowadays, so this is a nice change ... ooohhereitcums ... ooooooohh ... FUCKIN YEAHHH!!! Lick my cunt, you little blonde bitch-sucker!!"

For some reason, Sally didn't feel like she could refuse the woman, and began to lick and slurp her own puke and the woman's clitoris and cunt-hole, and bringing the woman rapidly to orgasm. In her position, it looked like she was still just puking and holding the woman's bare ass for support, so Paul couldn't really see what she was doing with her mouth (sucking cunt), a small back part of Sally's mind reasoned. She was too overwhelmed with the sights, sounds and overpowering odors of disgusting sin to listen to her brain much at this point anyway. So she just kept licking, swallowing the hot gush of fetid cunt juices that burst forth as she nibbled the woman's clitoris with her teeth and flicked it and sucked it hard with her tongue. "Oh, GOD yeah!" the woman screamed, turning around, grabbing Sally roughly by the hair and rubbing the female pastor's now-slimy face up and down in her deep bum crack, which was dirty with wet shit and goodness knows what else. The woman had taken a splattery shit right on the floor at the same moment that she had orgasmed into Sally's mouth, and now she was using Sally's face to wipe her shit-hole. Sally screamed, "OWW!" when the woman nearly pulled out a fistful of her hair, but otherwise remained obedient to the madness going on. The woman said, "Use your tongue, slut! Lick my shit-hole clean - you made me cum so fucking hard, that I lost control of my bowels and took a diarrhea dump on the floor while I came in your beautiful mouth. Eat my shitty hole, you little blonde bitch-sucker!"

As Sally licked and sloppily snogged the woman's deep dirty butt crack and hole, the woman turned her face around to look at Paul, who was still standing there in shock. "She's quite a nice little cunt-bitch, isn't she?" the woman said to Paul. Paul stammered, "I...I...uh..." The woman ordered, "Say it - now. 'My wife is quite a nice little cunt-bitch'." Paul blushed bright pink and stared at his shoes as he slowly obeyed. "My wife...is...a...n-nice...a nice little...cunt-b-bitch." "'My wife is a little blonde bitch-sucker' - say it, fucker," the woman ordered sternly. Paul meekly repeated the words. "My wife is a little blonde bitch-sucker."

The woman ordered Paul to take off all of his clothes and throw them on the floor. Paul and Sally were both so naturally shy, meek, and submissive, they found it impossible to say no to such a confident and dominant woman such as this, even though their religious convictions were horrified by these things she was ordering them to do. "Now remove all your clothing," the woman ordered Sally, sharply yanking on the young female pastor's hair. "But keep snogging my shit-hole while you do it, slut." Sally did as she was commanded, taking her white breezy blouse off, followed by her large creamy pearl-colored bra. Then undoing her zipper and button, she wormed off her extra tight, rose-pink colored denim capri pants, removing her burgundy colored silk thong panties in the process, and lastly she kicked her flip-flops off of her stinking bare feet (the soles of which were permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, no matter what she did - her feet had always constantly stunk), leaving herself barefoot and nude as she continued to snog and lick the woman's filthy wet shit-hole subserviently.

Paul attempted to smile like everything was normal, ashamed that his nude cock had grown fully hard and that his bare balls now felt full and aroused, and said shakingly, "M-my name...I'm Pastor P-Paul Ryston, and sh-she's Sally," he said indicating his wife. The woman smiled disgustingly (disgustingly because her smile was so rancid and rotten) and said, "When you're here, neither of you have names, except what I decide to call you - got it, fucker?" Paul blushed again in shame and nodded obediently. "Got it, bitch-sucker?" the woman said, painfully twisting Sally's hair hard. Sally moaned in pain, managing to get out a muffled "yes" as she continued to lick and snog the woman's dirty wet shit-hole.

The woman turned around and looked at them both with a cruel sneer. "Let's get things fucking straight, bitches - I am your fucking Mistress and you will do anything that I tell you to do, no matter what." The pastoral couple could barely believe it as they both said "yes, Mistress." Sally couldn't help but notice how hard her husband's nude penis was, or how strangely wet her own nude cunt was. They had both become accustomed to the god-awful stench of the woman's apartment. The woman said, "You can call me Mommy or Mistress, either is fine. Now, bitch-sucker," she said, addressing Sally who was still on her hands and knees on the floor, nude, "light me a cigarette. And you, fucker," she said, addressing Paul, "light one each for the two of you." She tossed an open pack of cigarettes to them each, and for some reason Sally confessed a secret and whispered, "I already have some in my purse." Paul gasped in surprise. "Sally I thought you quit!" Sally blushed in shame. "I know honey...I'm sorry...but I love smoking, I couldn't last without them..." The woman slapped both of them hard across the face with her dirty bare hand. "You have no fucking names here - remember that! You're bitch-sucker and fucker, and whatever else I come up with - got it?! Paul and Sally don't exist here. Now apologize to me." The two quickly apologized, trembling while begging forgiveness of their new Mistress. Sally pulled her cigarettes from her purse and lit a smoke for the woman. "Here, Mommy," she said, handing it to her and blushing bright red as the woman laughed at how Sally had chosen to address her as Mommy. Paul had never smoked before; he coughed over and over while lighting the two smokes, but managed to get it right. "Before long, you'll both be smoking three or four packs a day for the rest of your fucking lives," Mommy said, laughing at the horrified look that passed over Paul's face (and taking note that Sally seemed fine with this pronouncement).

She led them into the living room and offered them seats on the couch. "You probably thought you were gonna come over here and tell me some fucking stupid shit about religion," Mommy said. "Well that's not going to fucking happen...instead we're going to fucking enjoy ourselves." She grabbed Paul's nude hard cock in her dirty bare hand and began slowly stroking it up and down, which made his stinking bare toes curl in pleasure, despite his shame at feeling pleasure in these circumstances. "Fucker has a nice big dick, doesn't he, bitch-sucker? Speak," she ordered Sally. Sally nodded slowly, and said "Yes Mommy, fucker does have a nice...big...dick." Sally smoked her cigarette as she watched the woman wank her husband's cock. The woman said, "This is called positive reinforcement...we are going to teach fucker here how to smoke properly and become addicted like we are, and the better he feels the more quickly he'll reach our smoking level."

She ordered Paul to take a deep drag and inhale the smoke. Paul obeyed and coughed, fresh smoke spilling out of his mouth. "Do it again bitch, and do it properly this time," the woman said, gripping his bare balls threateningly. Scared, Paul took a breath and obeyed. This time, he was able to inhale the full drag just like a proper heavy smoker, and after holding it in for several seconds, he exhaled the creamy smoke with a small shy smile. "Wow, Mommy, that was actually kinda nice," he said meekly as she grinned back at him, and after blowing some of her own smoke into his face, she gave his nude cock a short, wet suck as she kneeled before him while he sat on the moldy old couch. Lifting her head, she said, "Continue smoking," and Paul continued. With each successful drag, he received a short, slurping, spit-soaked suck from Mommy on his bare cockhead as a reward and incentive. Sally couldn't help herself - she started frigging herself, fingering her own wet cunt-hole, clitoris, and ass-hole as sat next to Paul and Mommy, smoking another cigarette and watching the perverse lesson her husband was being taught. Before long, Paul had finished his first cigarette. Mommy looked at him and grinned slyly. "Is there something you would like, fucker bitch?" Paul gave a small, embarrassed nod and whispered, "Another cigarette please, Mommy." Mommy grinned and said, "Would you like another cigarette, even if there was no reward - just a cigarette because you'd enjoy it on its own so damn fucking much? Well, bitch?" Paul felt terribly ashamed of his answer, but it was the truth: "Yes." Mommy laughed. "I bet you've always secretly longed to be a smoker...longed to be able to enjoy rich, creamy smoke filling your lungs anytime, anywhere, while you watch TV, while you drive...while you fuck...and that you've always been jealous of other smokers who get to enjoy that luxury - have't you?" Paul couldn't lie to her, and answered, "Yes Mommy," to Sally's surprise. I never knew that Paul wanted to smoke, Sally thought to herself, unconsciously grinning, sinfully pleased by this newly learned truth about her husband, yet still feeling burning shame at the forbidden pleasure she was taking in that truth. The strangest thing for both Paul and Sally was this: part of each of them was taking intense pleasure from feeling ashamed. It was like they were enjoying being humiliated. They were learning more about themselves, and had never stopped to consider that since they were naturally submissive, shy, agreeable people, that this would mean they would be sexually aroused by feelings of shame and degradation.

I've always known that Paul and I are worthless scum, Sally thought to herself, getting hornier from her own thoughts, we *should* feel ashamed...God must have sent Mommy into our lives to treat us the way we deserve, like the filthy sinners we are... Sally masturbated her cunt lewdly, sucking on her cigarette with abandon. She figured that she and Paul might as well accept that they were filthy sinners who didn't deserve forgiveness, only more shame; filthy sinners who took intense pleasure from their sins, and from their punishment for their sins. A part of her mind reasoned that perhaps she and Paul were meant to be living examples of fallen souls, for others to learn from. She rubbed her stinking bare toes against Paul's (Paul by the way, also had stinking bare feet soles that were permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, no matter what he did - he and his wife's feet were identical in this way, and the horrible stench of their stinking bare feet soles had always filled their home thickly, permeating everything). Mommy noticed that everything was going as she wanted it to, and kissing both of her new slaves with a sloppy, bacteria-laden deep french kiss each, she handed them both new cigarettes and lit them, lighting herself a fresh one as well. "The ashtrays here are the floor, the furniture, wherever," she explained to Paul and Sally, who nodded and smiled, understanding now why they hadn't seen a tray.

"I think I'd like to get my cunt sucked again, bitch-sucker," Mommy said, languidly rocking back on her bare heels, spreading her hairy pus-and-boil-encrusted cunt which was also leaking some thick menstrual blood. Both Paul and Sally involuntarily licked their lips at the sight, feeling suddenly ashamed as they realized they were doing so. Mommy looked at Sally and said, "Do you think I should let you fucking eat me, bitch-sucker?"

Sally felt a fresh wave of terrible shame, as she hungrily nodded and said "Yes, Mommy." Mommy laughed cruelly and said, "Well I only let sinful fucking sluts suck on my bitch-hole, on my foul, dirty, menstruating wet cunt. Is that what you and fucker are, huh? Sinful sluts?" Sally lowered her gaze, blushing furiously and saying nothing. Paul, after Mommy's hard gaze stared him down and broke him, finally answered, "Yes Mommy, we are both sinful sluts - we must be," he said meekly. Mommy reached over and slapped Sally hard across the face, bruising her deeply. "I think that this little blonde bitch-sucker," Mommy said as Sally burst into tears, "and you, fucker, should fucking prove to me just how sinful you are before I graciously allow either of you to serve me further. Don't you agree, you stupid little bitch?!" she shouted, slapping the crying Sally hard again, making Sally's bruise worse. "Yesss," Sally sobbed, "yes I agree, Mommy..." but Mommy (in a fit of rage and sadism) kept slapping Sally's face harder and harder, over and over, angrily taunting the young woman, till blood welled out of her split-open lip and the bruise on her face was huge and discolored. Sally sobbed and cried in misery and pain and fear throughout her beating. Finally Mommy's arm got a bit tired, and she glared at Paul. Paul quickly assented to Mommy's previous question, his heart breaking at the sight of his wife crying and being hurt, but his cock was loving the scene. A forbidden dark thought rose up ever so briefly in his mind - I wish Mommy would break Sally's fucking nose...accompanied by an image of a screaming, sobbing Sally with blood flying from her broken nose onto Paul's hard nude cock which he then used as lube to jerk off with, grinning maniacally all the while, hornier and hotter than ever before. Paul shook the image and thought from him head, silently praying for forgiveness...but he kept stroking his hard cock, turned on despite himself by his wife's injury and tears.

"You agreed to do anything I fucking tell you to do for the rest of your worthless lives - and you will fucking honor that agreement, won't you - both of you?" Mommy spat at them. Sally and Paul said "yes" their heads hanging in shame. "Shout out loud the following then: 'I fucking hate Jesus!' Now!" Mommy ordered. Sally and Paul fell to the floor on their knees, begging their mistress not to make them say such a horribly wicked thing. Mommy would not be swayed, as she smoked her cigarette haughtily. "Say it, bitches, to prove that you're my sinful sluts who will always enjoy fun with me and serve me - say it, and you better mean it!"

Sally and Paul held hands, and slowly began. "I...I..." they began. "Louder!" Mommy said. "I...hate..." they started over, louder this time. "I can't hear you bitches!" Mommy said, exhaling another drag as she fingered herself. "I fucking hate Jesus!!" Paul and Sally said loudly at the same time. Mommy grinned. "And you sluts mean that?" Paul looked into Sally's eyes, and the couple noticed how hard Paul's nude cock had grown in the last few seconds, and how there was a stronger stream of sex juices dripping from Sally's cunt in the last few seconds as well. Something inside both of them snapped - and they blushed, still ashamed but now consciously loving how horny their shame was making them. They both turned to Mommy. "Yes," they said, "we did mean it." "I guess we're pretty sinful then, right Mommy?" Sally asked, sniffling as she rubbed the huge dark bruise Mommy had caused on her face - the more ashamed she felt, the wetter her cunt got - and her cunt getting wet made her want to grin with joy.

Mommy laughed, "Fucking right you are, you pieces of shit! I bet you're both secretly getting off on the shame you're feeling, aren't you? Well that's good - but it's OK to smile and enjoy our fun too. Grin and enjoy it for now - then feel ashamed later, and enjoy that then." With a hungry growl, Sally grinned and lunged forward, burying her open mouth, lips and tongue in Mommy's disgusting open cunt, getting a mouthful of menstrual goo right away and swallowing it. Sally didn't care that her split bloody lip was hurting more as a result of eating Mommy's cunt. Paul grinned and started wanking his dick furiously, allowing all the sinful desires he'd buried over the years to surge through his mind and body. Mommy grinned as she pushed her cunt hard against Sally's sucking face. "Hey there, fucker, now that you're my little bitch as well, I think you'd like to be treated like one, right? And before you answer, light another cigarette and start smoking it. Don't stop chain-smoking until I tell you to." Paul lit a cigarette, loving the rush of the first drag's contents deep in his lungs, and answered, "Yes Mommy, I'd like to be treated like the little bitch that I am." He bounced his nude bum up and down on his bare stinking heels as he masturbated happily. Mommy grinned wickedly and shouted, "Honey, come in here, I've got a male fucker who needs your lovin'!" Mommy's 15 year old son walked into the room, completely nude and with his cock fully erect. "Hi there," the boy said, sliding his stinking nude prick into Paul's choking, sucking mouth. The boy's stinking bare balls slapped rudely over and over against Paul's chin as he forced his diseased, rancid penis down Paul's choking throat, fucking it like he would fuck a woman's hole. "You'll be pleased to know that both my son and I have all sorts of contagious diseases, and STD's too. You'll both catch them all after you've served me for a couple of months," Mommy moaned, gripping harder on Sally's amber-blonde hair as Sally ate her voraciously.

"Tell me, fucker," Mommy panted, "have you ever sucked cock? Taken it up your ass?" she asked, pushing Sally away for the moment. Sally immediately lit another cigarette, and took a double pump drag - she was loving each poisonous inhale that she took. She saw her husband attempt to answer and fail, his mouth and throat full of hot throbbing cock. Finally the boy pulled out so that Paul could reply. "Kind of, Mommy, I kind of have...b-both things," Paul gasped, reaching for another cigarette as he fisted his own stinking sweaty nude cock. Sally was very surprised, she had never known this about her husband. "Tell us more, you faggotty bisexual bitch," Mommy ordered. "Well," Paul said, as his wife smoked and watched him with pleasantly surprised interest and curiousity, "there are several men in our church whom I visit each week. The youngest is about 27, and the oldest is 56. I would do this Christian workout with them...to a Greek aerobics video tape for men, a Christian one...and all the exercises, well they weren't called cock sucking, or ass fucking, but they all resembled those things to the letter. The guys and I would always cum like crazy. My wife, the bitch-sucker...she's very fond of the female series of those workout videos...the ones made for women only..." "He's right, Mommy," the lad said, prodding his fingers into Paul's loose sloppy anus, which erupted with a wet rotten-eggs queef-style fart at the invasion. "His hole's been regularly stretched by either many nude cocks or a huge arm-thick dildo, I can tell when I finger his shit-hole." The image of nude cocks inside Paul's ass made Sally extra wet (not just because it was a sexy image - she often masturbated to gay male porn, repenting later for getting off so strongly and so often on the sight of gay male sex - but because for years she had secretly wished he would somehow end up a faggot or a cheater so that he wouldn't feel like asking her to fulfill her sexual obligations to him anymore, leaving her free to do what she wished with her time but remain married to her Paul, whom she still loved in a non-sexual way) and she groaned deliciously. "That is so fucking hot, baby...mmm I wish I could see those cocks pumping into his bare unprotected ass...in his shitting hole...spurting wet, creamy, homosexual cum..." Sally said while grinning, breathing heavily as she masturbated herself more, and lifting her left stinking bare feet sole to her mouth, she sniffed and licked it deeply, over and over - "god I fucking love my stinking bare feet soles, permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, no matter what I do - they reek so bad, yum!" Sally was lost in the sea of her own stinking bare feet soles and toes, her number one favorite sexual deviancy before, now, and always (if gay male sex, which she loved, was worth only one dollar to her, then women's dirty and/or stinking dirty bare feet were worth one billion dollars to her, to give you a comparison idea of how much she preferred each thing). Not a day had gone by since she was a teenager when she didn't sniff, lick and suck her own unbelievably raunchy, stinking bare feet soles (which were permanently tinted orange-yellow with dirty stink, a stink that never endingly increased with each second of each minute of each day), which were also often dirty and partly black from walking around in her bare feet so often and wearing her shoes with her bare feet in them. Sally also habitually sniffed the stinky shoes of any women who visited her house, and the smelly old, worn-in stinky shoes of any women whose house she visited. She had always repented for her insatiable attraction to other women's feet-stink and her perverted activities like sniffing other women's shoes and so on. But no sooner did she repent, than she would go and do it again. This pattern of sinning, repenting, and backsliding into sin again, was a planned, routine part of Sally's life which she planned on continuing. She'd never stop (at least, the sinning part anyway).

No words needed to be spoken. Paul got on the couch, lying on his back, and spread his short bare legs wide and high, while Mommy's son lined up his bare cockhead with Paul's shitting hole. "Time for some unprotected sodomy with me, a 15 year old boy," the boy grunted, sliding it all the way inside Paul's shit-hole with one spit-lubed thrust, and Paul gasping "Yes, please - do it to me OOOHHGODyes!" Paul threw his bare arms around the boy's back like a sissy woman does when she's getting fucked in this position, rubbing his dirt coated, stinking bare feet soles all over the boy's bare dirty bum cheeks tightly, his toes curling (Paul's) and within several minutes worth of hard, rectum-shredding thrusts, the boy shot huge spurts of juicy boy-sperm deep into Paul's hot, stretched bleeding bowels. This set Paul's cock to erupting heavily all over his bare belly, his balls emptying tons of pent-up sperm onto himself as he screamed with joy like a little girl. Sally and Mommy were both too busy sniffing and licking their own dust-encrusted stinking bare feet soles and toes as they each masturbated to pay the guys anything more than token attention. The heavy thick stench of orange-yellow tinted dirty blackened-with-dirt stinking bare feet soles'n'toes was all the two girls could smell and taste - heaven! They both came at almost the same time, cunt juices soaking their masturbating hands and the floor.

Mommy lit everyone fresh cigarettes and said, "Well, that was a very nice first visit, Pastors. Thanks to you, I think we've all seen the light today. Please do come again - shall we say, next Friday?"


Paul sat at his computer desk in his church office, trying to come up with Sunday's sermon while his wife Sally kneeled under the desk, trying to suck his bare cock to hardness with luscious, spit-soaked sucks - this was what they usually did whenever Paul wrote his Sunday sermons. He just couldn't get it right, and neither could his wife, apparently - finally he asked his wife to stop for a while. "Sally honey, I think I need to just sit here in my church office alone for a while...maybe something will come to me if I'm not being distracted by your...wifely duties," Paul said, meek as ever. "Ever since we met Rita's neighbour, your usual...wifely duty...during sermon writing, just isn't doing what it used to. Besides, I need to do some work with Lori as well." Sally lifted her head out from under the desk, smiling shyly, not at all offended, glad to make Paul happy with her sucking, but also glad she could stop sucking him. "OK then dear - I'll go home and start getting supper ready. Take as long as you need, dear...I'll put a plate together and leave it on the table for you if you're late. Just call before you come home, even if it's 2am ok?" She didn't want Paul to walk in on her suddenly if she was up to something sinful (she always planned on sinning like crazy, and saw nothing wrong with this since she further planned on tokenly repenting afterwards). Paul agreed to call, clueless as to the real reason why his wife would ask him to, and the couple exchanged a sexless goodbye peck.

As soon as Paul saw his wife's car drive away, through a crack in his office's blinds, he sat down, glad his wife was gone so he could spend time with the woman he really wanted, the one that was his girlfriend in all his fantasies. He called his young and attractive church secretary, Lori Branley, to come into his office. As Lori stepped into his office, Paul got an idea for his sermon, which he stored in his mental filing system and left for later. Lori was 19 years old, friendly, helpful, professionally good as the church secretary, and well-liked, with beautiful freckles and very long, lightly permed, light reddish-brown colored hair. She usually wore blue jeans that were too tight around the waist and bum, with bare feet (bare, since her habit was to kick off her old, worn, super-stinky black flats as soon as she arrived at her desk and then pad around the church and offices in her bare feet, the wide legs of her blue jeans swishing around her nude ankles and creasing tightly around her perfectly round bum, showing off her camel toe cunt-cleft crease as well because they were so tight around that region and subsequently revealing that she never wore panties with her jeans - "they won't fit with panties" she had joked once with Sally - "there's not enough room in these for my fat, round bum, cunt and panties"). She usually wore her favorite white t-shirt as well, which she always slept in every night at home as well and had never washed once in 5 years, and so the armpits of the t-shirt were stained permanently dirty-yellow from her body odor and armpit sweat - but when it was cold outside, Lori usually could been seen wearing a pink-colored conservative silk shirt, with long sleeves and buttons all the way down the front. Today, Lori was wearing the silk shirt with her blue jeans, and was in her bare feet - her stinking bare feet soles turned partially black with dirt from walking around barefoot so much, and scrunching stinkily as she walked. She closed the door behind her and smiled. "Hi Paul," she said, padding over to his desk. It was around 8pm, and no one was in the building except for Paul and Lori. "Hi Lori," Paul smiled, "I'm afraid I've been having trouble coming up with an idea for my next sermon. Your helping me in all my church business is invaluable, Lori - can you stay as long as it takes tonight to get my sermon prepared?" Lori grinned, saying, "Of course I'll stay, Paul! You should know that by now - I am happily yours to assist you completely, 24/7, with anything, not just church stuff, anything you want. And besides, you wouldn't be able to get anything done without me here. My life is my job and my time with you, and I am happier than I've ever been. Now, would you like some coffee dear?" Paul said yes and Lori walked calmly over to the coffee pot, making her boss a cup of coffee just the way he liked it, in his favorite mug. After testing it by taking a small sip, she brought the mug over to Paul's desk and set it before him. Some of her dark-red lipstick had come off on the rim of the mug, and Paul commented that it was a very nice shade on her lips. "Aww, thanks, I just got it yesterday," Lori smiled, sitting on the edge of the desk and blushing ever so slightly, her extra-long, lightly permed light reddish-brown hair cascading down well past her shoulders beautifully. After a moment, Paul offered Lori a seat by his desk-side, and Lori sat comfortably in the soft, cozy chair, stretching her legs out and resting her dirty (blackened with street and floor dirt), wrinkly, stinky bare feet soles on top of Paul's desk, mere inches from his face. She knew Paul liked her to go barefoot and keep them dirty, though Paul was unaware that she knew this. She could see it in his eyes the way he was always staring or sneaking glimpses at her feet. Once she had caught him sniffing her stinky shoes, the black flats that she always kicked off at her desk, and he had made a very lame lie up on the spot which she pretended to believe (she was touched that he liked her dirt-coated smelly feet so much that even her stinky shoes put a smile on his face). So she took every opportunity to "innocently" show off her wrinkly, stinky, dirty bare feet to Paul. (Lori could understand Paul's obsession with her feet - she was as attracted to her own bare feet as Paul was.) As they talked about various ideas, Paul was seated at the perfect angle where it wouldn't appear as though he was staring at Lori's feet, and so he looked at her wrinkly, dirty (blackened with dirt from the street and floor) bare soles (which she constantly wriggled and scrunched, back and forth) while they talked, feeling his cock stiffen to full strength in his pants as a result of her feet. He could smell their stink all too easily, and several times "accidentally" bumped his nose right against her bare sole when reaching for something on the desk that he didn't really need. Each time, he said, "Oh, sorry Lori babe" with a little chuckle and she would just chuckle as well and lightly poke her stinky, blackened-with-street-and-floor-dirt bare toes at his nose for a second, as a friendly "got-your-nose" gesture.

Paul's cock was really hard inside his pants, and if Lori looked even a few inches to her left, she would get an eyeful of his obviously tenting trousers. "Say Lori babe," Paul said timidly, "I know that when you first came to work here last year, you had to quit smoking cigarettes..." "Yeah, it was hard too, Paul," Lori sighed with a small grin, "if I'm honest, I really loved smoking. But I love working with you a lot more - enough to make that sacrifice." She was slightly lying though - because once a month, she would "accidentally" smoke and then repent - once a month for a few hours, you could not fail to smell the stink of smoke on her clothes and in her long hair. She had basically quit though, and the teensy few she'd had since hadn't worried her - she knew Paul was too meek to ever question whether she'd told the truth about quitting completely. A small smile appeared on Paul's naturally shy face. "Thank you, Lori babe...well, actually, I've been doing some research...and I've discovered something that I hope will pleasantly surprise you...did you know that it is actually against true Christian teaching to not take full pleasure in being a chain-smoker?" Lori's eyes widened as a grin spread across her lovely young features. "You mean that Christian teaching says we should smoke like chimneys, and take pleasure in it?" Paul nodded, "That's correct, Lori babe. I want to apologize for your being asked to give up smoking when you started here, and I want to inform you that heavy smoking while at work, and home, is now mandatory for you...and me. All church staff, in fact." Lori squealed, getting up and putting her arms around Paul's neck and hugging him, giving him a wet kiss on his cheek. She looked into the young pastor's eyes. "This is wonderful news, thank you, thank you," she said tenderly. "How much will we be required to smoke per day?" "Four packs a day," Paul said, blushing and smiling warmly, "and, uh, of course, the church will provide all your cigarettes for you...pay for them and all, free of charge." Paul reached into his desk drawer and grabbed two packs of full-strength king-size cigarettes. "Since it's almost 9pm, we only have to smoke one pack each by midnight," Paul said, "but starting at midnight it's four packs daily. I'll be watching you Lori babe...to make sure that you inhale fully and hold it in your lungs, of course." Lori's bare toes curled in delight at the thought of smoking 4 packs a day, and she couldn't help notice that the thought made her a little damp between her legs also, since she'd always associated smoking with sexiness. Lori opened her pack, grabbed a smoke (as did Paul with his) and reached into her jean pocket, extracting a lighter. "Allow me, dear," Lori said tenderly, lighting both their cigarettes. Paul wondered why she already had a lighter, and Lori explained, "Well I figured that even if I wasn't smoking, it was the Christian thing to do to offer lights to other smokers." With her left arm still around Paul's neck, and taking a huge first drag, Lori inhaled fully. Paul and Lori's faces were slightly touching (so that he could watch) and ten seconds later, she exhaled a sweet billow of poison cigarette smoke from her dark-red lipstick-covered lips. She fell slightly, smiling and hanging on to Paul's shoulder for support. "My God, I've missed these!" she hissed with joy, quickly taking another drag, a triple pump this time. She turned her head sharply and looked lovingly into Paul's eyes. "I can't wait till I get a smoker's cough for you, dear. Eventually you'll be able to watch me hack up black stuff on cue if you like." Paul smiled and squeezed his young secretary's side, bringing her closer. "Really? Promise?" Lori laughed, her eyes sparking. "I promise, dear," she said with a smile and kiss. "I am now sure that you will be my personal assistant for life, Lori babe," Paul said, taking a drag on his own smoke. After a half-second of stunned joy, Lori grinned and thanked the pastor profusely, saying that that was her number one dream, now come true.

Lori sat back down in her chair, placing her wrinkly, dirty with black street-and-floor-dirt bare feet back on Paul's desk as she leaned back in her chair, wriggling and scrunching her fully visible stinking wrinkled soles and toes over and over as was her habit, again a mere few inches from Paul's face. Oh how he wanted them! Why, just those naturally super-wrinkled dirt covered toes were enough to drive him mad with desire. They talked some more, smoking cigarette after cigarette, agreeing that forcing mandatory chain-smoking on all church employees while they were at work (and furthermore forcing mandatory chain-smoking for employees while they were at home, too, during all time that they were awake) was a great idea, and they ended up filling Paul's new ashtray several times to overflowing. Lori suggested kidnapping any staffers who were unwilling to smoke, and turning them into cigarette addicts against their will in a hideout shack somewhere, until they would gladly accept the new heavy-smokers-only policy. Paul said he liked the way that Lori thought. The ashtray overflowed with dirty butts. They opened pack after pack of cigarettes, losing track of how many they were smoking. After Lori made some more coffee for them, she turned around and asked, "Paul, you wouldn't mind if I got a little more comfortable, would you? It's a bit hot in here and we're going to be here all night anyway, it looks like." Paul nodded, "Of course you can get more comfortable, Lori babe, we spend more time together than we spend with anyone else - you should relax as much as you like." Lori grinned, said thank you, and undid the buttons on her silk shirt, tossing it onto the floor. Not bothering to undo the clasps, she shrugged her large lacy bra off of her shoulders and down past her ankles, her all-natural and very large, perfectly round bare tits hanging low in front of Paul and swaying gently against his face several times as she bent down at the waist and tried to slip her bra off over her stinking bare feet. Then standing straight again, Lori struggled to unzip the zip and button on her too-tight jeans front, asking Paul for help with it finally. Paul and Lori finally managed to get the zipper and button open fully, exposing Lori's reddish-brown pubic bush - it poked out between the split of her open zipper. "There, that's better...gotta give my body some air, know what I mean?" Lori giggled, fluffing her pubes. "That's one reason I like going around in my bare feet all the time - well that, and also because it means my bare feet soles are always dirty black with street and floor dirt, and grow stinkier than their already constantly stinking state." Lori wriggled her toes and soles as her ankles sat perched on top of Paul's desk. "I think they're more attractive that way, don't you agree Paul? All dirty and blackened with street and floor dirt, super-wrinkled, super-stinky, and always bare?"

Paul nodded his head vigorously, blowing thick cigarette smoke at her dirty stinking wriggling soles ("ooo that tickles hon" Lori giggled "do it again" - he did it again, and she giggled, scrunching her soles beautifully). "I agree with you completely - the way your bare feet soles and toes look right now, which is the way they always look, inspires me Lori babe. I love their stink...and how black each wrinkle is with dirt...keep it up and...please...don't ever change your barefoot ways."

"Don't worry," Lori laughed, smoke spilling from her lovely mouth, "I won't! Anything that inspires you, I'll do forever. I'd murder my own miserable mum without a second thought if you asked me to, hell without any thought at all. Plus I love keeping them this way."

Paul's office was decorated with many pictures of him with Lori, or of Lori alone (even his computer had secret pictures that Paul and Lori made together regularly each weekend - he photographed her and she modeled for him, and many of these pictures were explicitly nude and some were extra-nasty), but there wasn't even a tiny picture or sign of his wife Sally in the whole room. The photos of Paul and Lori on his walls were very intimate couple-type photos, her snuggling into his embrace with a sunset behind them, and so forth. One large picture on Paul's desktop, visible to anyone who came into the office, showed Paul and Lori on their "wedding day" kissing with him in his tux and her in her bridal dress. Paul had told Sally it was just a joke photo, so no-one thought it was strange that Paul and Lori were very obviously french kissing in the close up 'wedding' photo. Paul had even told Sally that he was going to make a "joke" wedding-night video with Lori, asking permission from Sally first however. Sally had replied "Well if it's just a joke video, then it's not like it's a bad thing if you videotape your bare penis going into Lori's unprotected wet hairy cunt-hole. You have to do that to make the joke video believable, it's not like you have a choice dear. So of course you can make it, it's not like you're cheating." Suffice to say, when one entered Paul's office, one could be forgiven for assuming the girl in all Paul's wall pictures was his girlfriend or his newlywed wife.

Lori looked at him with a smile.

"Aren't you hot, dear?" she asked. "You should be comfortable too - now don't you worry, I'm your assistant, I'm here to take care of you and these things." Without a second thought, she knelt before Paul's chair in the now-dark office (it was 1am), and her soft, fat, round bare tits rested heavily on his knees. Her big nipples puckered deliciously as Paul's leg hairs brushed them. Lori removed Paul's belt, and undid his shirt, pulling it off and throwing it over his desk onto the floor. Next she unzipped his pants, allowing his totally hard, nude cock and stinky bare balls to hang out freely. She made a show of pulling his penis out, giving it a few strokes. She thought for a second, and said, "It's getting hotter, we'd better pull off all of these hot clothes so you can relax. Would you like it better if I kept these jeans on, or off?" She asked Paul this since she knew how much he liked them on her, and how they complimented her bare feet (she wore them for him, really). Paul thought to himself for a second, and said, "I'd like if you took them off, just for now. After all, it is hot in here, and I need you, my lovely assistant, to not pass out from heatstroke." Lori nodded and turned around, her jean-covered butt facing Paul. "Help me get them off?" she asked him. Paul grabbed the jeans by their sides around her waist, and managed after a moment to get them past her bum. Lori farted loudly right in Paul's face as he wiggled her jeans down, figuring a dirt lover like Paul would appreciate such a gift. He did, "accidentally" inserting his nose right into Lori's nude anus and sniffing as she blasted another fart's worth of disgusting fecal gas up his nostrils. Lori stepped out of the jean-legs, now completely nude, and turned around again, and pulled off Paul's pants, briefs, and socks. Now he was completely nude as well, and his throbbing bare boner was impossible to not notice. Paul typed in his computer's screen saver password 'iloveyoulori'  to let it hibernate and said, "Why don't you sit on my lap, facing me, so we can talk more. This way I can make sure you're inhaling fully each and every time and holding the smoke in, as well." Lori said, "No prob, dear," and wrapping her bare right arm around his left shoulder, and placing a bare hairy leg (Lori had never shaved her legs or any part of her body) on either side of Paul's nude waist, Lori sat down slowly, deliberately guiding herself into sinking her young, aroused, tight cunt-hole down directly on top of Paul's nude, fully erect cock until she sitting heavily on his lap, his cock fully buried inside her tight, unprotected cunt. "Perfect fit," Lori whispered with a naughty smile, her lips brushing against Paul's in a kiss. "And it's my most fertile time of the month."

They had never gone this far before, at least, not without it being referred to as a 'joke'. As Paul felt Lori's cunt muscles squeezing tightly, over and over, on his nude hard prick inside her, and felt her move in his lap in such a way that he could feel his bare cockhead brushing her cervix inside, Paul smiled, too shy to know what to say in the situation he was now in. Lori saw the look of uncertainty in his eyes though, and held her delicate finger to his lips. "Before you say anything, Paul dear...did you know that you and I having adulterous sex together behind your wife's back, and anytime we want to, is the Christian way?" Lori grinned as she grabbed two cigarettes for them, lighting them both and popping one into Paul's confused but hopeful, expectant face. "It's true," she said, smoke billowing from her pretty cheeks. "Firstly, as your lifelong personal assistant, it's my job and personal pleasure to assist you with anything and everything, which naturally includes sex. And secondly, the Bible says to treat people the way you want to be treated." She leaned closer, her bare tits pressing into Paul's neck and chin as she slowly ground herself up and down on Paul's throbbing bare boner, clasping it with her cunt muscles each time it fully sank inside, her stiff clit-bud rubbing back and forth against his pubic hairs all the while. "I know that we want each other this way, and we should therefore treat each other the way we want to be treated," Lori reasoned aloud to him. "And thirdly," Lori said, her extra-long light-reddish-brown colored lightly permed hair flying as she tossed her head, "all of God's prophets married ugly losers who usually met a bad end, and the prophets had fulfilling lifelong affairs with their sexy true loves - one even fucked his two young daughters for the rest of his life after his first bitchy wife died." She moaned, feeling titillating sensations course from her clitoris through her entire body, right down to her sensitive, dirt-coated, stinking dirty bare toes.

Paul needed no further explanation. He accepted that this was now OK to do. He reveled in the feeling on Lori's fully round bare bum cheeks in his bare hands as they had their first fuck - they fucked adulterously in his chair with increasing intensity, their sweaty bodies smacking together as they deeply french kissed, swallowing mouthfuls of each other's spit and twisting their kissing tongues together virtually forever. Lori rammed her wet snaking tongue up Paul's ear-hole, digging out the old wax inside it and eating it, and then frenched it deeply and sloppily. This made both of their toes curl in pleasure. When Lori could sense that Paul was getting ready to cum soon, she whispered hotly into his ear, "Oh Paul my love, I want your baby...fuck your fertile secretary slut-slave...cum inside me, baby...I want your baby...the timing's perfect for me to get pregnant right now, baby...make me...I'm your slave, make me take your seed in my slutty sinful fuck-hole..." Paul rammed more and more deeply into his slut-slave secretary, knowing now beyond all former doubts that she was his soulmate, not Sally. Slamming her cunt hard, down onto his cock, Paul felt the first tingling rushes of his orgasm approaching, Lori having already cum twice on his bare prick while Paul had buried his face in her lovely, long, lightly permed light reddish-brown hair. "I love you Lori!" he panted, kissing her. "I love you Paul!" she said to him, bucking as he screamed in orgasm. They gripped each other tightly to one another, her fingernails making deep bloody marks in him, as Paul's erupting cock filled her fertile bare womb with a huge load of his sperm-rich semen, overflowing her womb and cunt so that some of it leaked out onto their combined spasming sexes. Fuck it felt good (for them both)!

Lori fell forward, burying her face in Paul's neck as they caught her breath, his bare prick remaining inside her hole. They were both drenched in sweat and sex juices. Finally, Lori took Paul's face in her hands and delighted as Paul fervently began to french kiss her, snuggling in their slippery, sweaty, true-love embrace. This also felt really, really good (for them both). They looked into each other's eyes as they smoked an after-sex cigarette each. "I love you more than anyone...or anything, Lori," Paul breathed happily, "I think I've always known it, but I was always too afraid to admit it or tell you before." Lori smiled and snuggled closer. "I love you more than anyone or anything too, Paul," she whispered lovingly as she took another drag. "You are my whole life, my sun, moon, and stars, my everything. I'm so glad God finally brought us together the way we're meant to be. And don't worry, dearest love, I won't pressure you at all about your wife. I live to please you."

Paul smoked and thought if he should reveal a thought which had finally solidified as the truth in his mind. Finally, he did. "Lori honey..." "Mmhmm?" she said, leaning her head up to look into his eyes as she leaned against his chest. "I fucking hate Sally," he said with sincere conviction. Lori's grin became a nasty grin of cruelty for Sally (who have never been anything but nice to Lori), and love for Paul. "I fucking hate that bitch too, baby," Lori said. "Has she ever eaten shellfish?" Paul thought a minute, and said, "Why yes she has, many times, but I never have, I don't like the idea of it." Lori grinned evilly,  snuggling closer and giving Paul a deep french kiss. "The Bible, my dear love," Lori said in conspiring tones, "says that if a person eats shellfish, that it's - well it essentially means, for us, that Sally had better get used to the fact that I'm your soulmate and your new wife, and that she's going to be nothing but an old piece of show and sex-slave for us both, at best, from now on, unless she wants to fucking have a fatal accident." Paul grinned wide, and both he and Lori french kissed deeply for several minutes, before lighting fresh smokes. "I like it when you're evil, babe. This is so-" Paul began. "-fucking perfect," Lori finished. "See how great we are together? We even finish each other's sentences!" She held her love close again, romantically. "Here's to the beginning of us...forever, you perfect forever-husband of mine" ("Amen to that...you impossibly beautiful, perfect forever-wife of mine" Paul said happily and romantically) she said, pulling him into a kiss that was the best kiss either had ever known was possible - it was because it was their kiss. Our perfect kiss, they both thought together. She felt Paul's 28-year old nude cock stiffening again inside her 19-year old cunt hole, and got on her knees to suck it clean. She looked up at him, eyes sparkling with wicked delight. "As your wife and your assistant, I am asking you: do you gotta pee dear?" Paul said, "Actually yeah, all your tasty special coffee has gone through me," but Lori's bare hand stopped him from getting up. Lori placed the head of his bare dick in her open mouth and said, "Go ahead and pee in your personal toilet from now on baby - my mouth!" Paul was happier than ever at this pleasant news, and did as Lori instructed, gripping her super-long lightly permed light reddish-brown hair and filling her mouth and cheeks to the brim with gushing hot yellow urine, watching her gulp and swallow mouthful after mouthful down. When he finished, Lori said his piss was tasty as fuck, and shared it with him by french kissing him yet again, to which Paul responded in kind eagerly. Looking at Lori, he said, "Sit in that chair again and put your bare feet up on my desk, my toilet-slut-slave - I've been waiting for over a year now to do one thing above all else: sniff, lick, taste, and suck your super-dirty with street-and-floor-dirt, stinking, wrinkly bare feet soles and bare toes - and not just them, I want every inch of your feet! Your feet are your sexiest body part by far, Lori my love, especially in the condition you always keep them in - white-skinned but black with dirt, wrinkled, stinking, and always bare! Your super-long lightly permed light reddish-brown hair is the second sexiest part of you." Lori instantly obeyed, giggling with joy. "I've dreamed of exactly this same thing too, Paul, you doing this to my bare feet," Lori sighed, pleasurably enjoying the sensation of his tongue on her wrinkly, rough-skinned, dirty bare soles. "I have a feeling that this is where your face is going to be spending most of its time from now on - at my feet, or in my hair!" Lori laughed. Life is great and everything was so wonderful, it couldn't be more perfect!


Part Thirteen

Rita was surfing online at home while Melissa was preparing a special dessert for the two of them that was going to take a while. Both Rita and Melissa were still nude - a permanent state for them if they had anything to say about it - and neither girl had bothered to take a single bath, shower, or clean themselves since Melissa moved in. They assumed that they probably would soon, of course - both were beauties, perfect examples (in their eyes anyway - remember what is nasty to one is beautiful to another) of femininity, pulchitrude, and womanhood; they'd share a warm watery bath soon. They just hadn't had felt like taking a bath over the last several weeks. Besides which, Rita surprised herself at how much she found she enjoyed being stinky all over. Melissa openly declared that she loved their natural stench, and threatened to make a joint dare to see how long they could go without washing or cleaning themselves at all - "imagine, Rita honey, what we'd smell like after years," Melissa had grinned while Rita grinned back, their glossy, lipstick-coated lips shining. Maybe we'll make that bath a piss bath with old stinky cold piss saved up in the bathtub...They'd both stopped shaving any part of their bodies since "being hairy, nude, and smelling strongly of body odor is the most natural, and therefore the best, way to be all the time," Melissa said. This new idea lead to hairy pits and hairy legs (their cunts 'n' ass cracks already being hairy). Before long, both girls had licked and sucked each other's rankly stinking, now-bushy, hairy armpits, tasting and sniffing thick B.O., on another of Melissa's dares. Their hairy pits were becoming tinted slightly sick-green from so much accumulated body odor. Both women wondered aloud why they hadn't started a nudist life together of intentionally stinky hygiene much sooner, since they enjoyed it so much. "I guess it might have been because we felt ashamed that we couldn't control the stink of our feet at all, and that we only purposely added to our feet's stink and filth by always going barefoot, making them incredibly brown and black with dirt, and that no one liked us as a result," Rita had thought aloud as each woman massaged each other's dirty bare feet. Melissa giggled, tossing her long, frizzy, brown hair-locks. "Well I like you," she said, "in fact I love you." "I love you," Rita had replied, falling quickly into her lover's nude grasp and deep french kisses. They had spent that morning "exercising their tongues" in each other's wet happy mouths, exchanging smoke inhales from each other's lungs, and had openly eaten each other's very wet cunts to juicy, trembling orgasms that morning without saying a word aloud about exercises (a daring new move for the young couple), one at a time, with one girl kneeling nude on the soft carpeted floor between the other's spread bare legs and going for it. Then, as they settled back into their mutual foot massage, lighting cigarettes to smoke while they each rubbed each other's stinky, dirty bare feet (so close to each other's faces and yet so seemingly denied, as their nostrils inhaled the rich scent of each other's super-stinky dirt coated bare feet soles'n'toes along with their cigarette smoke) both women secretly hoped that one of them would find justification for never-ending total feet-love between the two, but so far nothing had come to mind.

Rita lit a smoke and started looking through the links section of Lesbi-Ann's official website for fans of the series of girls-only workout videos she produced. As Rita looked through the links, she slid her bare ass around in the copious amount of juices that had already come out of her onto the chair seat when she had seen Lesbi-Ann's Special $20 private photo gallery (the photos had all been huge with perfect resolution, and each one showed Lesbi-Ann and a nude female assistant performing a different stretch or exercise in the nude just like the ones from her videos, which if Rita hadn't known that Lesbi-Ann and her site were Christian, would have sworn were underground lesbian pornography pictures for sure). Rita then noticed, towards the bottom right of the links screen (there were many links to other sites in the section) a small, grey box that said "LesbianChristiansUnited.net" in small white text. Rita looked with a smoky gasp, holding her hand to her bare breast, pinching and pulling on her large bare nipple, tweaking and distending the nipple nearly five inches between her white fingertips - I *have* to know more about this - I - I ... never imagined...surely this isn't real, it must be a misspelling or a joke-link Lesbi-Ann put here for a perfectly acceptable laugh...is this even possible? she wondered to herself, clicking the link and waiting for the new page to load. I'd better investigate further.

The screen loaded a plain black background with a large black and white picture and overlayered text appearing in the middle of the screen. The text read:


*Chat Rooms* - *Support Articles* - *Nightly Web-Radio Show With Dr. Lisa - 1am*

*Photo Sharing For Members* - and much much more, girls!

The photograph, appearing to have been taken in the 1960s, showed what looked like two young women in their late teens, both nude, with one of the girls sucking on the other girl's bare nipple while the second girl pressed the first girl's head tightly against her tit. Both girls looked aroused, and on closer inspection, the first girl was also lightly fingering the second girl's hairy untrimmed pussy! Both girls' eyes were closed in obvious bliss.

Rita gasped again. Those girls look like...they're having sex with each other! I've been under the impression for years though that lesbianism is sinful and wrong, however! Rita found herself "accidentally" rubbing her own wet sex feverishly though as she stared at the two young passionate lesbian ladies. It's my Christian duty as a girl to completely research every inch of this website, Rita decided, every photograph, article, all of it. And while sleuthing, I should probably masturbate, just so that I can get into the minds of these fellow girls. She didn't quite realize that she had a huge grin plastered on her pretty face as she clicked the tiny pink 'Enter Site' button below the photo.

The main page of the website appeared. It was a stunning visual feast for the unconsciously-grinning Rita. Dozens of pictures in full color were placed throughout the various text boxes, all depicting nude lesbians either posing alone in provocative poses, or together and engaging in sex with each other, each picture more perverted than the last. Rita involuntarily groaned with lust when she saw the photograph of Dr. Lisa, the website's web-radio host, appearing over the text of tonight's show's topic.

Dr. Lisa was a stunning redhead, white-skinned, about 40 years old but looking not a day over 30, and she had long bright-red hair in virtually the same 1940s Rita Hayworth-style that Rita also wore. She was beautiful, with tons of freckles on her face and body (just like Rita had always liked on a redhead, the more freckles the better). Rita clicked Dr. Lisa was dressed in a pretty, stylish grey women's business suit and white pantyhose (the same type that nurses wear). In the picture, Dr. Lisa had her feet up on a desktop, facing the camera, with her grey high-heeled pump on the left hanging off of her foot, dangling on her big toe. There was a huge shredded rip in the pantyhose, right where her foot was hanging out of her pump. Dr. Lisa's lips were glistening with a light pink lip gloss, her smile wide and warm. The main topic for tonight's web-radio show was "Coming Out As A Christian Lesbian: The Beginning Of Female Happiness". Rita bookmarked the page before reading any further - she didn't want to lose this site.

Pulling out her credit card from her wallet which was lying on the desk, Rita quickly signed up for the largest package available, a lifetime membership with the website that included, besides permanent access to all areas and files of the site, the following gifts: a current, personally autographed 8" x 11" photograph of Dr. Lisa (those freckles...so many, Rita drooled) with a lipstick-kiss on it from her as well; a membership card; and a mystery box that would remain secret until it arrived in the mail. All membership privileges were Rita's now. And it only cost me $3,000, what a bargain for lifetime membership considering the monthly subscription is $400. Rita and Melissa didn't have jobs and didn't want or need them, ever since they had won and equally shared a $50 million dollar lottery ticket two years earlier. They hadn't bothered to buy a house yet, but someday would. Suffice to say, the cost of the website was no problem for the lovely, young, rich Rita. She spent more than that when she wiped her ass with thousand dollar bills or blew her snot-filled nose into the same. She decided she had better look through the site some more, before filling out the Personal Interests and Photos section of her personal profile. I really need to look into this first...confirm this site's claims...find out if being a lesbian is right or wrong... 

She groaned with lust again when she found a teaser nude picture of Dr. Lisa (it was an slightly older picture from 2003, taken before Dr. Lisa grew her hair extra-long and finally decided in 2004 to change her hairstyle to the 1940s Rita Hayworth-style that she now sported), which doubled as the header for the Dr. Lisa section of the site. The text alongside the nudie pic read:

Exclusively on LesbianChristiansUnited.net -

The Dreamy Web-Radio Goddess Who Shorts Out Your Circuits

Dr. Lisa


I hope there will be more photos like this of her, that show a lot more of her bare body too, Rita thought to herself, giggling, purely for research purposes of course. The first picture she clicked in the recent additions album in Dr. Lisa's photo galleries showed the lovely red-haired young woman again with her feet up on her desk, showing her soles and toes while taking pleasure in smoking a cigarette. But in this picture, her feet were completely bare, and what's more, they looked like she had been walking around barefoot on dirt roads (the kind that are dark brown with rich, packed soil) and city streets for days. Seeing the close-up photo of the many large wrinkles of Dr. Lisa's dirty bare feet, coated with dark dirt from walking around in her bare feet outside and everywhere, Rita rubbed her own stiff clit to a quick mini pre-orgasm on the spot. Rita decided to save the rest of Dr. Lisa's extensive photo and video galleries for later. She was happy to see that members had access to all the previous web-radio shows - they were archived in both MP3 and RealAudio formats for convenience.

She clicked the main table of contents page link, and saw that the head Pastor on the site was the beautiful brunette Pastor Peggy. A window popped up - it was an e-mail from Pastor Peggy herself, thanking Rita for becoming their newest lifetime member and inviting her to enjoy the many gorgeously thick sections of the site. The email included a lovely nude photo of Pastor Peggy stepping out of a bath. Oh how sweet of the pastor to e-mail me so quickly - and what a tasteful welcome picture too! Rita giggled as she sinfully hoped there were some much more nasty images of Peggy for her to see on the site. She's nice, but no one is hotter to me than my frizzy-haired Melissa, love of my life, Rita thought to herself Plus, Melissa will pose any way I want her to and right in front of me. She was about to start reading several articles in the 'Pastor Peggy Answers All' section of the site, but Melissa called out that dessert was ready (pudding), and Rita quickly closed the website, realizing she had intensely missed her girlfriend's presence for five minutes. Rita and Melissa were obsessively inseparable and obsessively in love with each other. Both girls refused to go to the bathroom without the other there. They spent as much time together, if not more, than Siamese twins joined at the hip spend together, and they planned to keep spending that much time, if not more, together forever. Being psychotically obsessed with one another and psychotically inseparable made them so happy, it just couldn't be wrong. It could only be right. Who needs to live by society's fucking standards or ideas when you're happy and not hurting anyone?

Completely forgetting about everything but her love Melissa, she grinned at her nude best friend and teased, "Good - I dare you to eat your dessert helping out of my wet hairy cunt, bitch!" Melissa grinned and said, "Fine, and I double-dare you to eat your helping out of my hairy shit-hole at the same time, slut!" The nude girls settled into a 69 position on the couch, their nude wet open cunts positioned directly over each other's mouths, and began stuffing pudding up each other's horny holes with their bare hands, giggling and loving each other as they got playfully messy. Before long, they were openly sucking each other's wet, open, pink cunt holes and puckered, occasionally farting anuses until they both reached the heights of a spasming orgasm. After swallowing each other's cum juices, they lovingly licked each other's sloppy gooey cunts clean of pudding, never wanting to stop licking each other's nude bodies (but still neither ready to make the first move toward what they really wanted - each other's dirty bare feet).


Part Fourteen

Rita dreamed. It was a recurring dream that she had been having for ages now. She was standing in her church, and both she and Melissa were holding hands, wearing nothing but vintage 1940s bridal veils - barefoot and nude except for their veils. They were being married to each other, as wife and wife, by Pastor Peggy (also nude) from the website she'd become a member of. In the past, the dream had contained Pastor Sally as the officiating minister. The pews were all filled with sexy nude female well-wishers and friends (all white women) and young white girls too, and all of them had really dirty bare feet which they kept propped up on the backs of the pews in front of them, so that Rita could see all their very dirty bare soles and toes clearly. They were all smoking cigarettes, all heavy smokers, and flicking the ashes anywhere on the floor, which was only adding to the dusty, dirty coating of dirt on their bare soles (Melissa and Rita always flicked their ashes on the carpet now, in real life, just for this benefit to their feet). In her dream, all pretense and flimsy explanations simply didn't exist: she and Melissa were lesbians, comfortable and happy with being so, who were absolutely in love with each other, who would finally begin their married life together as each other's wife and one and only  love of each other's lives for all time...The pastor is nearly finished, I can hardly wait to begin, my love...Melissa dream-thought the same sentiment back to her, her wet cunt puckering before Rita's loving (and secondarily horny) gaze..."You may now kiss the bride," Peggy said to the dream-Melissa and Rita. Slowly raising each other's veils, Rita and Melissa reached for each other's beautiful faces, and -

Rita awoke with a start, bathed in hot sweat. Dammit, she thought - the dream had just been getting to the good part! But then she remembered her religious mores, and Rita felt deeply guilty and ashamed of herself for having such filthy thoughts about her best friend Melissa. I know Melissa and I absolutely love each other like no other, and I'm so damn happy that we've moved in here together for life...and yes, sure, we do pretend to make out and stuff almost constantly, but Melissa and I wouldn't call ourselves *actual* *lesbians* - lesbian is a sinful word - we couldn't be!.......could we? That website...

As much as she was scared to admit it to herself, she knew it was a distinct possibility. Oh hell, she thought to herself - Rita finally stopped lying to herself, and in one special life-changing moment, she chose true love and truth over all other considerations. All her true feelings and desires flooded her conscious mind. I'm a lesbian. I'm a girl who's into girls and only girls, and I've always known it. But I buried it in my unconscious mind all this time, ever since my 16th birthday when those mean girls (that I had thought might like me after I was their willing slave all the previous summer, letting them use and degrade me, even beat me for their own sado-masochistic pleasure) outed me on the loud microphone in front of the whole school assembly - all the students and teachers - calling me "the Dirty-Feet Dyke" that not even other lesbians would want to be near because of my constantly stinky, dirty bare feet which I kept constantly bare. She looked over with tender love at her sleeping one true love, her girlfriend Melissa, sure of one other thing also. Melissa is *so* a lesbian too! Quietly lighting a smoke as she leaned back into her satiny pillow, she knew it was absolutely true - every bit true. Neither she or Melissa had ever even wanted to date a boy, let alone actually gone out with one. She could no longer lie to herself, and she found to her relief that she didn't want to. What Rita wanted more than anything in the world, was the one true love of her life, who was lying next to her in their bed...Melissa Evans. She wanted to be Melissa's wife, and have Melissa be her wife. We've both been lying to ourselves - the truth is we are two lesbians, slut-cunts in love. That's it - I'm going to accept that website's claims about Christian Lesbians unless I see proof positive that they're wrong. And even if they turn out to be wrong, well...me and Melissa's perfect love would be worth going to hell for, dammit! And another bonus -  now we'll be able to masturbate and never feel bad about it afterwards, and the non-stop sex and lovemaking we've been having ever since we moved in together can now be *called* sex and lovemaking! Rita's eyes widened with all the lovely, dirty possibilities, and didn't want to interrupt Melissa's beauty sleep. So, with a strangled, long-awaited cry of joy, she began to masturbate proudly for the first time since she had been 16. That is, if you don't count the countless cums she'd shared with Melissa, all of which had been achieved shamelessly. She came quickly on her fingers, and felt liberated and great about it. Rita realized that all her and Melissa's dreams were going to come true. And perhaps, if that site turns out to be correct, we wouldn't even need to leave the church...we could buy a house, a home together, our *home*, and Melissa and I could get married for real - just like in my wonderful, perfect dream I keep having...

Rita believed that Melissa would be as ready as Rita was to declare that she was a lesbian and had only pretended to not be one because of church teaching and teenage embarrassments (like Rita had). Rita had faith in her darling that this would happen. Yawning, Rita gently drifted back to sleep, still shocked that she had been blessed enough to receive such overwhelming happiness in her life. I'm so glad we found each other...each each other's 'One'...


Melissa woke up in the middle of the night, struggling with her own thoughts. The only reason she had ever joined the church was because her stinking bare feet soles and bare toes (which were permanently tinted orange-yellow with ever-increasing dirty stink, were wrinkly, and were excessively dirty with street-and-floor-dirt from going barefoot always - how Melissa had always loved to walk barefoot in the city and countryside, making and keeping her white bare soles dark brown with dirt, actively rubbing her bare feet hard against the dirty street or ground to make them dirtier - Melissa knew that Rita felt and did the same, and that Rita's were identical in every respect  and condition to hers) had made her unpopular and alone, from the time she was younger, and even when she was in college...and had run for the presidency in the school's biggest Lesbian sorority. She had joyfully been "out" as the lesbian she knew she was, hoping that the teenage embarrassments she had gone through, friendless and alone, would no longer be a problem. She assumed that at least one other lesbian at her college would find her stinky always-bare feet attractive as she did, or at least kinkily attractive. But the old shouts of "Eww - fuck off, you smelly bitch with dirty bare feet! We hate you!" were louder than ever, and the girlfriends (or any friends at all) never came. She lost the race because of her feet. So in desperation, she ran to the church and its Christian way of living since they had to accept her. And they had of course, lovingly accepted her - but she never told them that she was a lesbian, and had tried her best to lie to herself every day since she joined the church about her sexuality, thinking in vain that she could change what turned her on.

Melissa looked over at her sleeping love, Rita... Rita...even her name is dreamy...

Melissa was rapidly losing her resolve to live a lie anymore. She was with the love of her life, permanently now. They made love constantly, bringing each other to perverse, spasming orgasms when they weren't keeping each other on the brink of cumming for hours (since it was so enjoyable to make the feelings stretch and last), and just called it "Christian" something or other. Melissa knew that Rita and she were meant to be together, and the sight of Rita's pretty sleeping face clinched it for her. Melissa decided two things: one - she didn't want to be part of any church that didn't celebrate the beautiful lesbian love that she and Rita shared, not anymore. Two - in the morning, she was going to start working on convincing Rita that it was good and normal for the two of them to be lesbians. It would be easy, since all the obvious signs that they were definitely both lesbians (who joy of all joys, were head over heels in love with each other as each other's one true loves, the one thing Rita and Melissa had both thought they would never find but had). With that thought, Melissa slid her fingers up the sleeping Rita's wet cunt-hole and fell asleep again, fingering... ...my fiancee-to-be, Melissa thought, dozing off after a quick cigarette..


Part Fifteen

Rita woke up much earlier than Melissa, and still nude (they were both always nude and planned on staying so for the rest of their lives), padded quietly into the kitchen, making the morning pot of coffee as she did often. It was about 5am, meaning Melissa wouldn't be up for at least three more hours, as was her lazy, happy custom. So while Melissa slept in bed with the door to the room closed, Rita sat down nude in her computer chair and logged on to the net. She sipped her extra-early morning coffee in the barely-lit room, the curtains all still drawn and it only being 5am, and smoked her first cigarette since awaking. Rita wanted to buy a special gift for Melissa's upcoming birthday (which was next week) and there were no limits to what she could choose to buy online. Surfing into the Shop section of LesbianChristiansUnited.net, she saw a see-through t-shirt that she instantly ordered two of. They were soft, white see-through material like pantyhose, and read in large, stitched, cutely-rounded black outline letters on the front "I'm A Horny Christian Lesbian" with a small LCU logo stitched on the sleeves. There were also tiny light-pink hearts stitched here and there on the front of the t-shirts. Rita giggled softly to herself, imagining how surprised Melissa would be to receive such a gift as this next week, and hoped that she and Melissa could each wear the two bold lovely t-shirts in public everywhere. Rita knew these two pantyhose shirts were one of the few exceptions she and Melissa would allow to their always-nude ways, and even then only rarely.

Searching around more through the site for more gifts, as well as other websites she discovered through smart Google searches, Rita bought a Blue Rodeo CD (since Melissa liked them) and a rare Glenn Miller bootleg CD for herself. Finally, Rita found the perfect gift to top all the others for Melissa. She typed in all the required information for the special order, and paid with her credit card. Lighting another cigarette and grinning to herself, Rita logged in to the LesbianChristiansUnited.net (which will now be referred to as LCU or LCU.net for short) site again and started looking through all the delights to be found there. She gasped smokily as she realized after a while that there were literally hundreds of gigabytes worth of files and such here, with many more gigs worth being added daily. I like this site! Rita thought to herself, and sucked a huge drag from her cigarette, inhaling richly before blowing a creamy long soft exhale out towards the screen.

Rita logged in to the Chat Room(s) section of LCU for the first time since becoming a lifetime member yesterday. She rubbed her incredibly dirty bare feet soles and toes in the loose cigarette ashes that had fallen all over the carpet by the computer ever since Melissa moved in weeks ago. Rita chose the screen name 'DFG-Rita' (which meant 'Dirty Feet Girl Rita', a name she'd been inspired to take after surfing through one particular lesbian site dedicated to dirty feet worship, moments ago) and after clicking the chat room acceptance button and speech (which actually encouraged inappropriate and/or filthy language and chatting) Rita was in the Main Lobby room. She saw that there were many popular rooms to choose from. From 'Incest Lovers' (wow, who knew that incest was Christian, Rita giggled, surprised by this news and suddenly having some naughty erotic thoughts about her own mother, who had been as beautiful as Rita and had passed away when Rita was only eight in a car accident) to 'The Powder Room' to 'Back Seat Of Her Car' to 'The Gym Hamper' to 'Hairy Hippie Goddesses' to 'Smoking Dolls Ashtray' to 'Babysitter's Bellyache' to 'The Prayer Room' to 'Lesbian Youth Room' to 'Filthy Feet' - there was too many room titles to read in under a minute. Rita sat nude in her chair, wishing that Melissa's long wet lesbian pink tongue was way up inside her bare lesbian ass as she sat there masturbating her cunt and sensitive, hard clit. Rita's wish was all the more deliciously sexy to her because she knew she could feel that she had a fat, long, brown turd inside her colon that was going to be ready to come out of her shit-hole soon, pungent an' steamy (and no doubt tasty) in a few hours. Rita had a feeling that there would be no arguments from Melissa (but eager excitement, rather) when it came to Rita directly feeding her feces to Melissa from her open bare ass hole later that morning.

Rita spent some time in several rooms. In 'The Gym Hamper' she found girls who enjoyed each other's sweaty stink and body odor, as well as sniffing women's stinking soiled gym clothes and sneaks. Rita was instantly popular with the ladies there when she proudly announced that she and her girlfriend hadn't bathed or showered for several weeks straight now. In 'The Powder Room' she found women chatting about makeup, piss-drinking, period-eating and shit-eating. One woman showed herself to the room taking a diarrhea shit right into her girlfriend's mouth, over her web-cam. Rita typed a big thank you message to the woman, saying she actually planned on feeding her own girlfriend later this morning. The lady typed that her name was Sandy, and to please come back and show it live to the room, if Rita felt like it. "We'd all love to see that absolutely!" the pale-skinned, freckled Sandy with shoulder-length red hair typed, which was quickly confirmed by all the girls in the room, including a girl who Sandy said was her 14 year old daughter Eva - "quite the little diarrhea-freak," Sandy typed with a grin, "and if she had her way, I'd only feed her and never have any left for my girlfriend, LOL...but, as you'll find out Rita, just about every woman here is into all of the rooms here, not just one particular kink or turn-on. Why limit what turns you on, we love all those sexy things. Wait till you see the 'Filthy Feet' room!" After commenting that she was about to check that room out, Rita commented that Sandy looked remarkably similar to Dr. Lisa. It turned out that Sandy is Dr. Lisa's sister. Rita grinned, pleasantly surprised by this. "Do you do any pictures and movies with your sister?" she typed. "Oh yes," Sandy replied, "in fact later tonight we're doing a fresh set for the site. It should be up by this time tomorrow morning - I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it's going to be really raunchy! I better get some sleep now, though, after our set shoot we have the nightly web-radio show to do. I'm the sound-girl for the show and it starts at 1am, so I usually go to sleep around 10am and get up about 4 or 5pm." Rita chat-kissed Sandy, Eva, and them all goodbye, promising to stay up to listen to the show for the first time tonight ("and masturbate to it" she typed, giggling and feeling deliciously naughty in her still newly-rediscovered re-embraced lesbianism and fetishy desires), and went into the 'Filthy Feet' room. As she lit a fresh cigarette and entered the chat room, she wondered to herself if Pastor Sally was aware of the LCU website or that it was linked to Lesbi-Ann's exercise video site.

If not, Rita thought wickedly with a nasty grin, then after I show it to Melissa, Melissa and I will have to show it to the fucking bitch. Stupid Sally's not even gay. Sally's just an uptight retarded straight bitch who has no idea about this site or Lesbi-Ann's evident sympathies - well I don't really give a fuck about her or her stupid church for straights, I only care about Melissa anyway. Melissa and I will enjoy rubbing our news into her face by showing her this site. Rita sat and smoked, enjoying how great it was to be a nudist lesbian girl and know it and be in love as well, all with a cigarette between her full lips and a hot cup of rich coffee in front of her.


Rita managed to appear as though she hadn't been up to anything out of the ordinary when Melissa finally padded out, barefoot and nude, to the kitchen. "Morning, lover," Melissa said with a sexy, not-yet-awake scratchy voice, running her fingers through her own hair and then pulling Rita into a rancid morning breath french kiss, which secretly thrilled Rita to the tips of her bare dirty toes. She loved how Melissa's nasty morning breath was always so strong, and how Melissa never failed to give Rita a long, large taste of it each morning via this pleasant style of exchange. Rita pinched Melissa's bare nipple, twisting it painfully as she yanked her bare fingers away from the swelling sore nipple hard. Melissa just grinned - she loved the pain, especially from Rita. "Our coffee's ready, dear," Rita smiled, "and here-" Rita said, handing Melissa an already lit cigarette, the butt of which was stained oh-so nicely with Rita's fresh, thick, wet lipstick. Melissa thanked her and took a drag, moving toward the couch with her coffee.

Automatically spreading her legs slightly to allow Rita's dirty bare toes to slide into the opening of her bushy hairy cunt, Melissa said after sipping her morning coffee and taking another drag on her cigarette, "So are you gonna tell me what I'm getting from you for my birthday? I bet it's a porno DVD called 'Jesus Does Jerusalem' or something like that," she joked. Rita scrunched her nose at that idea, saying, "Ugh! Who would want to see a guy in a porno movie? Yuck - men are not what we two smart young ladies want to see, not ever!" "You got that fucking right, honey love!" Melissa said and grinned, exhaling a plume of smoke. Rita wriggled her bare toes further into Melissa's cunt, and Melissa ground her twat back harder onto Rita's foot while she did the same with her dirty bare toes to Rita's cunt-hole. "Jessica Does Jerusalem...now that would be our kind of movie," Melissa giggled, and Rita instantly agreed aloud with this. After smoking and sipping coffee and gently masturbating one another for a while like this with their ash-and-dirt-coated bare toes (while each reading their morning newspapers of course), Melissa remembered her question. "So what is it then, Rita? C'mon, give me a clue. I'm your bitch, you can share a clue with your bitch, c'mon Rita," Melissa asked, giggling and mock-pleading. Rita looked thoughtful and smoked in silence for a few moments, staring at the ceiling. When Melissa pressed her further for a clue, Rita giggled and said, "I'll give you one, bitch! I'm just trying to think of one that won't give too much away. You're always so good at guessing what things are before you get them."

"OK," Rita said, finally thinking of a clue, "your main gift, one of several I might add, was something that I had to specially order, tailored just for you dearest. Furthermore, it required...imagination, on my part, to secure this particular gift." Melissa was royally stumped, and after fruitlessly guessing for several minutes straight, she started the inevitable birthday-gift beg - "c'mon Rita, just tell me! I'll die if you don't tell me what it is right now!" Rita laughed and laughed and said, "Oh well, too bad for Me-lis-sa! Looks like I better prepare your funeral then, 'cause I ain't tellin' ya what it is till your birthday next Thursday, cunt!" As Melissa got up with a laugh and started to look around the room for further clues, Rita pointed out, "And don't try to find it here at home either - I paid extra and ordered it specifically to be hand-delivered here on Thursday morning! Looking won't help you figure it out, love."

Melissa flopped down, her bare arms resting on Rita's bare thighs, her chin resting on her hands, and her nude body resting on its knees in front of the couch as she looked up at Rita's smiling face. "OK then," Melissa giggled, "I'll just have to get it out of you then, Miss Bitchy McSecret, my love. I'll ask easy questions so you won't feel like you're giving it away, ones you can answer. This main gift...is it edible?" Rita indicated with her eyebrows that it might be, but finally gave in and said "No, the main gift is not edible." "Will I like it?" Melissa asked eagerly. Rita grinned and nodded, keeping her eyes on the newspaper while her love bounced her arms up and down on Rita's thighs. "Is it something made specifically for women?" Melissa asked slowly, not wanting to get turned down, alas, without avail. "No more clues for you, Miss Lovely!" Rita chucked, turning the paper's page and grabbing fresh cigarettes for them each. "You'll soon see what it is, Birthday girl." She's going to fucking love it, I just know it! Rita thought with a smile, snap-inhaling a beautiful thick drag on her cigarette as she felt Melissa's dirty bare toes, now also coated in a dusty coating of dirty cigarette ash from the carpet, re-enter her bushy hairy cunt as Melissa lay back down on the couch. Visions of dirty feet-loving filled their minds as they resumed their customary morning laziness.


The more that Rita explored the LCU website, the more impatient she got with herself to lay all her cards on the table and shout to Melissa and the world, "We're lesbians and we're in love with each other!" Rita was learning more and more each day as well, and her new-found knowledge was starting to give her horny dreams while she napped. While sleeping on the couch, Rita began to dream...

She dreamed that she was logging on to the LCU site, an instant message window popping up from Sandy, the thin redhead mother that she'd chatted with before.

Rita, you won't believe what's happened, the message read. Concerned at first, Rita typed, What's happened? Sandy typed in a quicklink to a video news broadcast site and sent it to Rita. Here, watch the news at this link, the link's just been posted on LCU's News section. Rita clicked the link, and saw a beautiful blonde with big long hair giving a report. She was on her hands and knees as she spoke into her microphone, her bare tits hanging out of her dark business blazer, as she was fucked up her shit-hole by some guy, who was waving to the camera and saying loudly, "Hi Mom!"

"This is Bonnie Clarkson for CBC News, r-reporting, ohh...on today's landmark decision by the Su-PREME! - hey, try and go easy for a minute just while I get this report done, buddy...landmark d-decision by the Supreme Court of Canada today. Rape is now completely legal and a constitutional human right in this great nation of ours. Citizens will be offered free wrist bracelets, pink to indicate homosexual, blue to indicate straight, and green to indicate bisexual, which are available at any government office or building. Small temporary tattoos of your preferred color that are placed on the wrist are also available, free of charge, if you prefer them to the bracelet. These bracelets and temp tattoos are being used to protect lesbians from getting raped by men, say. The only kind of rape that is normally still illegal is if the rapist ignores the bracelet or tattoo worn by the one getting raped, like if a straight or bi male raped a lesbian female. Supreme Court Justice Hume Winter, speaking to reporters earlier this morning, stated that taking away people's right to not be raped in public or in their homes or workplaces, would increase sexual joy and make the nation a happier, better place for everyone. When questioned about whether rapists would be required to wear condoms or such, Justice Winter said "Absolutely not! Get used to a life of STDs, pregnancies and abortions for those who want to end their inevitable pregnancies. It's the law now, and I have a feeling that people will enjoy all of this more than you might realize. Besides, maybe this will make those lazy scientists work harder on finding cures for that shit." The court also removed the laws against violent assault, so long as said assaults are conducted by the rapist against the one they are raping during a rape, since "BDSM is a traditional part of life for millions all over the world." The new law making rape legal is not the only news of import today. The Supreme Court included in its ruling the abolition of the age of consent for sex, meaning that there is no legal age limit on when a person can have sex. Why just a few moments ago, right here in public on the sidewalk, several third grader boys pulled out their cocks and jerked off all over my dirty blackened bare feet soles, blackened from walking around in my bare feet throughout the city today, and they did this while the strange man I've never met before who is currently still raping my shit-hole, was entering my ass. I've ch-chosen the green bisexual bracelet personally...and in the third landmark decision today, total nudity is now legal anywhere and everywhere, including in public. Justice Winter said this was only fair since many people would no doubt be happy to simply masturbate while looking at nude people around them. "Rape and public masturbation are choices now, not unilateral impositions," Justice Winter finished confusingly, cumming into his own secretary's choking mouth as he held her by her bare ears, while finishing his statement. Interestingly, the secretary in question is also Justice Winter's 19 year old granddaughter, and despite not wanting to suck her grandfather's cock at all at first, after a while of getting throat-raped she totally got into it and ended up loving it. Justice Winter said he knew she would, since he had seen her secretly surfing online and looking lustfully at throat-fuck sites. For those citizens who don't want to get raped, you really should learn to like it and enjoy, because this is the law now and it's permanent. To tie in with these three decisions, incest was made legal as well, along with group marriages for those who wish to enter those. "Why should sexual happiness and legal marriage, and group marriage, be denied to people who love each other, or even just have the hots for each other, just because they're related? No reason at all!" Justice Gwen Green ruled. The Supreme Court was unanimous in all of their decisions. In response to final arguments from conservative religious groups, the Supreme Court issued the following statement in a letter: "Fuck off."

With all these new legal freedoms, and our nation now freed from the centuries-old yoke of stupid, outdated, religious so-called morals, Canada will be a very different place, certainly for the better....ohh yeah...folks, the strange man raping my full-of-feces shit-hole throughout this report has informed me that he's about to cum, and has graciously agreed to give our news cameras the 'money shot' as it's referred to in porno films...As Rita watched the camera zoom up on Bonnie Clarkson's face, she saw the man's shit-coated dick spurt on her face as she gave her signoff, thick stringy ropes of male cum landing all over her pretty face, blonde bangs, and large microphone. For CBC News (spurt)...I'm Bonnie (spurt) Clarkson (spurt)...in (spurt) Ottawa. The blonde reporter started to suck the man's dick (which was coated in her own shit) and the videocast ended, and though Rita herself had hated seeing a man's sex (yuck! she was a one hundred percent lesbian, thank you very much), she was excited by the news and its implications. The only one of the rulings that really mattered to Rita and Melissa was that they could now go out in public completely nude! Oh hooray! And the churches had been told in the plainest way that the hedonists had won the day. Rita knew now that LesbianChristiansUnited.net had to have God on their side - this was certainly a sign that lesbian Christians rocked and ruled, and so did their perverted sexy ways!

But then Rita remembered she was dreaming all of this, and that none of what she had just seen was real - that public nudity and such were still not allowed. Maybe this is a dream from God to tell me that Melissa and I are right to pursue our life of all-natural stinky hygiene, nudism, and to tell us that we are blessed lesbians! Besides which, it's more fun to be nude when it's forbidden. Even if this dream means nothing, I'm sure that LCU is right for us!

Waking up from her dream, Rita began masturbating her sloppy nude cunt with her whole right hand while she smoked deep and hard on her cigarette (which she had just lit upon waking) with her left, her eyes closed as she happily dreamed of all the things she and Melissa would do together throughout the next week even, Rita came hard, and without warning started to urinate all over her own hand while doing so. Rita didn't care, and in fact brought her wet fingers to her lips to taste some of her own piss, which had rapidly soaked the couch and then the carpet as she began to let her bladder loose in earnest on the floor. She was lighting another cigarette while doing this, when Melissa walked into the room, seeing Rita nude and squatting obscenely while making a puddle of piss on the carpet, Rita's dirty stinky bare feet soles getting soaked in the piss too.

"Hey, you lesbian cunt! C'mere my love!" Rita laughed, waving Melissa to come over. Melissa giggled loudly and rubbed her own twitching clitoris lewdly while leering at Rita's pissy display. "Hey, you fucking cunt-crazy lesbian queer," Melissa replied, giggling psychotically, "looks like you started a piss party before I arrived, my love!" They had both boldly just called each other lesbians by name, out loud. They were getting close.

Melissa stepped forward, standing barefoot and nude in front of Rita's smiling face. "Wanna drink my fresh, smelly pee right out of my piss-hole dear?" Melissa asked sweetly, spreading her labia with her right fingers to reveal her tiny piss-hole. Rita did, drinking greedily as Melissa swore and humped Rita's face while emptying her burstingly full bladder.

Rita said to Melissa that she wanted to feed Melissa her feces. Melissa giggled and said, "Well squat your nude spread bum over my face and mouth then, bitch, while I lie on the floor!" Melissa placed her head directly in the large puddle of Rita's stinky urine, soaking her frizzy brunette long hair in it. Melissa noticed that Rita had left the webcam active, and Rita suggested that it would be fun to video this on to the computer and watch it later. Melissa said, "Ooh, lets! I wonder why we haven't already been videoing all the fun we've been having since we moved in together for life. Oh well - I have a feeling that from now on, we're going to be making lots of videos of us sucking each other's cunts and shit-holes, and french kissing, and making love - at least, I hope so!" Rita laughed and said, "I hope so too baby!" Rita giggled saying what she really wanted was to see video of their wrinkled stinking dirt-and-cigarette-ash-coated bare feet soles and toes. Melissa hugged Rita with lust, love and joy. "That would be my favorite one too! Let's do it after I eat your hot, stinking shit right from your ass, honey." After taking a big shit dump into Melissa's chewing mouth (and getting to eat some of her own shit herself), Rita fell on top of her love, as they had that first night when Melissa moved in. In their position, their cunts were rubbing against each other. Rita and Melissa just cuddled and stared dreamily into each other's eyes, and as Rita felt Melissa begin to rub her dusty, dirty bare feet soles and toes all over Rita's bare bum cheeks, Rita kissed Melissa deeply once more, and took a breath.

"Melissa," Rita began, "we love each other more than anything or anyone, no matter what, right?" Hearing this question, Melissa felt her soul jump for joy inside, hoping that they had both been thinking the same thing - that this might be the moment when their relationship reached a new level of being called what it really was. "Absolutely, Rita my honeylove," Melissa said tenderly, stroking a strand of hair away from Rita's beautiful face. "There's no one I would want to be with but you. If anything ever happened to you, like if you died, I would kill myself quickly to follow you into the after beyond." Rita's eyes brimmed with tears of happiness. "That," she whispered softly, "was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me." The two ladies french kissed softly, wetly, with an underlying passion and love so fierce it was like a tornado held prisoner in a matchbox. When the kiss finally ended, Rita's faith in their love and obvious lesbianism outweighed all other considerations.

"Melissa," Rita said, "I'm a lesbian. I always knew I was, and I used to be out, but I repressed it ever since I turned 16, and lied to myself even. Now, though...I never want to repress anything, anymore. I'm a lesbian, 100%, and I'd bet my life that you, my sweet one true love, are too, and equally so."

Melissa looked into her love's eyes, her own eyes now welling up with tears of happiness. "Oh Rita-!" she cried out, hugging her girlfriend brokenly as she gave herself a minute to collect herself from sobbing outright. "Rita, my sweet one true love, you're right...I'm a lesbian too...and I've always known too...I only started lying to myself because of church, just like you...you have no idea how many times I wished that we could be open and be in love and all those good perfect things, oh Rita-!" Melissa couldn't help herself, she sobbed into Rita's neck as they held each other tight, while Rita just gently held her and cooed softly, stroking Melissa's hair comfortingly. "It's OK, my love, it's all OK now," Rita said. Sniffling, Melissa spoke of how they had both figured this out about one another many weeks ago, and had just been too timid to call a spade a spade in front of one another. Rita confirmed that this was exactly the case with her as well.

After Melissa had a good cry, she looked once more into Rita's beautiful eyes. "I'm in love with you, Rita Mayweather," she said confidently. Rita grinned at these long-awaited words. "I'm in love with you, Melissa Evans." They kissed passionately, and before they could finish the kiss, Rita rose to her knees. "Wait right here, I have something for you." Melissa's intuition was tingling, and she said, "I have something for you too baby." They quickly ran to their separate hiding places and rushed back to the floor where they'd been moments before. Almost like twins, they each held what looked like ring boxes. "Rita," Melissa grinned. "Melissa," Rita grinned. Speaking in unison, they snapped open the ring boxes and kneeling before one another nude, said together, "Will you be my wife?"

What do you think their answer to each other was, dear reader? Reader: "No way - get the hell out, ya danged hippie!" Of course not - that wasn't the answer they gave each other, moron! Ohh...you meant that sarcastically. Well the joke was on me then, ha ha, good one, scared me for a moment there. Anyway, to let you all in on the joyous news -  Rita and Melissa's answer to each other's marriage proposal was "YES!" Hooray!!!

Rita and Melissa jumped up, sharing a passionate deep french kiss with lots of sloppy spit swallowing and tongues together, and giggled. "Now, my fiancee, let's sit in the computer chair together and point our dirty stinky bare feet soles and toes at the camera!" Melissa said. "Oh my love, my fiancee," Rita said happily, grinding her bare cunt on Melissa' bare thigh, "I love that we can truly call each other fiancee now...you have no idea how much I have wracked my brain, trying to come up with an excuse to have more dirty feet-love sessions like we had that first night we met," Rita giggled, hugging Melissa tight. "I know!" Melissa said, laughing. "I did the same thing, believe me! Thank goodness now the one thing we've denied each other for so long, and wanted so badly, is ours forever now!"

After making love to each other's stinky dirty bare feet and toes like starving women, and sucking each other to goodness knows how many foul wet lesbian orgasms, they fell asleep on the piss-soaked couch while frenching each other, in each other's nude arms. As they slept, Rita dreamed some more...

This time in her dream Melissa was surfing online with her. The dream continued where the last one had left off.

In Rita's dream, Melissa noticed the website which Rita had left open from earlier, and glanced at the headline. "Oh wow, honeylove, what's this news? Oh baby!" She watched the same video that Rita had, with disgust at the visuals of the man and with delight at the visuals showing the female reporter. "Wait a second, there's a second news report, coming in live...wanna watch it, wife-to-be-'o'-mine?" Melissa said, giggling. Rita grinned and giggled. "Yes, wife-to-be-'o-mine! Lets." It was another report from Bonnie Clarkson, who was now standing nude in front of Parliament in Ottawa, no one raping her at the moment.

This is Bonnie Clarkson delivering a live update from Ottawa - we've just been informed that a special lottery is being conducted by the Canadian government, which will allow 50 two-person couples, or 100 individual people, to win lifetime exempt status from the new law which says anyone can rape you anytime and anywhere so long as they respect the bracelet or temp tattoo color you're wearing. If you are a person who doesn't want to get raped - say perhaps you're in a monogamous relationship, or would just like to be able to choose whom you'll have sex with, then you are the type of person who'll want to buy tickets in this new government lottery. The federal government, long criticized with failing to truly balance the books and instead just dumping the problem of debt onto the provinces by cutting transfer payments, made a statement to reporters only moments ago. The Prime Minister said that the proceeds of this new lottery will all go to pay for new mass-transit infrastructure projects, as a part of his government's 'new deal' with cities. Incidentally, the Prime Minister was standing up and raping a lovely young crying nun in her cunt while giving his statement. The sight of all of this was designed to bring home how desirable the lottery tickets should be for those considering buying them. The PM started to punch the nun in the face while he raped her, telling her to (quote) "shut her fucking cry hole" and breaking her nose, to the cheers of reporters and bystanders alike. He kept punching her harder and harder, despite her bloody screams for mercy, and before long, he had killed the bitch, cumming inside her dead womb, again to cheers. The lottery is a technical loophole to satisfy conservatively religious people, albeit a very very small number of them, and as we saw, not nuns. Now, the chances of winning in this lottery are going to depend on how many tickets the government can sell. Tickets are available at all lottery retail outlets, and are being called the 'Get Out Of Rape Free, For Life' Lotto-100. Each ticket will cost $5,000. That's right, you heard correctly - each ticket will cost five thousand dollars. We'll have a full two-hour report on today's developments and the lottery tonight at 8pm on CBC. For CBC News, I'm Bonnie Clarkson, nude in Ottawa.

The dream-Rita and dream-Melissa took one look at each other, and grinned. "Let's buy a bunch of tickets for that lottery!" Rita said, grinning. Melissa grinned and said, "You bet, baby! That way we can choose whether or not we want anyone to touch us. Besides, we're so busy touching and fucking each other non-stop, I don't think either of want, or have the time, to do other bitches!"

Suddenly, Rita was falling out of a plane without a parachute, and Pastor Peggy was the one pushing her out into the air. "Wake up, silly girl!" Peggy shouted with a grin as Rita screamed in horror, falling towards the earth at a fantastic speed...


Rita awoke from her dream suddenly, startled by the strange ending of her dream. Finding Melissa's lips already on hers since they had fallen asleep kissing, she woke Melissa up with her tongue by frenching the girl, her fiancee. Melissa awoke and returned the kiss hungrily. Eventually the two girls laughed and fell over onto the floor, embracing in their nude embrace as they lit cigarettes. Rita told Melissa about her two earlier dreams, and Melissa agreed that nudity, lesbianism, sex, stinky body odor and dirty feet loving were made all the much better when they were forbidden, even though they rocked no matter what. They agreed that the majority of the world frowned on them and their feet-loving and such because they were uptight and jealous and wanted everyone else, including Rita and Melissa, to feel lousy and unhappy like them. "Let's never stop our 'immoral' ways, baby love," Melissa said. "Amen to that!" Rita said, giggling and rubbing her stinking hairy wet cunt against Melissa's own. They began to exchange smoky inhales from each other's cigarettes, blowing smoke into each other's lungs. They tasted Rita's earlier wet soft crap on each other's breath. Wet smelly piss sprayed out from them each as they pissed themselves on each other's warm bare thighs, soaking the carpet (and later the furniture, but that's another tale). Their hairy bushy super-stinky armpits rubbed together as they began to lick and sniff them, and Rita and Melissa knew that the rest of the world could go fuck itself - they were rich lesbians in love with each other who had all they would or could ever need right here. Perfection did exist!


Part Sixteen

Pastor Paul hadn't bothered to go home after he and his lovely young secretary, Lori Branley (the 19 year old with super-long, lightly permed, light-reddish-brown colored hair, who was always wearing blue jeans that were way too tight around the top and waist and were loose like bellbottoms around the legs, and who was always barefoot and showing off her extremely dirty bare soles and smelly bare toes to anyone and everyone) began their adulterous love affair behind Pastor Sally's (Paul's wife's) back. Lori and Paul were still nude in his church office, having ordered pizzas around 3am, using stolen church-offering money to pay for them. ("Fuck the poor" they had both laughed, laughing hysterically with sadistic cruelty as they both talked about how a lot of fucking poor families and kids were going to go hungry now that hadn't before, once Paul and Lori really started the big-time thieving from the church.) Paul and Lori were rapidly sinking into a messy puddle of iniquity that they would never leave and never want to leave.

Lori was greedily licking Paul's nasty dirty bare feet and giving him a handjob at the same time, as the two of them surfed Internet porn sites. After giving his dirty stinky soles a good licking, Lori kept on giving Paul a spectacular handjob with her spit-soaked creamy bare hand as she stood behind him and whispered nasty perversions into his ear, her long hair draped around her bare shoulders as well as her tits. They were both so caught up in each other, they didn't notice when Pastor Sally, Paul's wife, entered the dark room. It was 10:30am. Clear as day, she saw everything.

"Oh s-shit - honey!" Paul stammered, startled by his wife's sudden presence and the potentially compromising situation he was now in. He and Lori had already agreed that Sally was going to have to learn about it sooner or later, but they wanted it to be at the time of their choosing. So Paul fumbled for an excuse as to what his wife's stunned eyes were witnessing. Lori kept stroking up and down on his fully erect nude cock with excruciatingly pleasurable slowness. Slowly, up, slowly down, squeezing...

"Honey, is everything OK?" Sally asked with innocent concern.

"Well...you see, dear...the devil tricked Lori and me into doing some very sinful things...like looking at this, uh, p-porn site online, and uh, h-having a handjob given to me by Lori! We already prayed for guidance...but nothing yet." Sally, ever the stupid, naive young woman, actually believed Paul's lie, word for word, and looked sympathetically on the two naked fuckers, her heart warm for them both. "Oh, you poor things! It's no wonder that the devil would try to trick you two, what with you spending more nights together, and overall time together, than with anyone else dear! Well I must be the answer to your prayers then, because I've heard of this type of devil's trick before. My grandmother explained it to me years ago. The only way to break its hold over you is to see it through - you've got to make him cum, Lori," Sally explained, smiling because she had the answer that her husband and his secretary needed. "Can you do that?" Lori grinned and gripped Paul's nude cock harder in her slick bare hand as she stroked it. "Oh yeah, I think I can," Lori said with a smile. Sally stepped nearer and sat across from the desk where they were sitting. Looking over, she found herself getting horny and cooed, "Oh, he's really hard today, isn't he Lori?" Lori nodded and rammed her wet tongue into Paul's ear-hole, which made his bare toes curl in pleasure and his cock head swelled even larger, popping in and out of her wet pumping fist.

"Wow, Lori," Sally said with genuine admiration of the young secretary's skills, "if you ever tire of church work, you might consider becoming a nurse in a retirement home someday. There's all sorts of old men there who need someone young and pretty like you to jerk them off, and I can see that you're really skilled at it. It's perfectly Christian too, if you're a nurse helping an old man who can use a helping hand."

Crawling around on the floor till she was directly facing Lori's bare ass, Sally tossed her mid-length bob-style amber-blonde colored hair back and grabbed Lori's bare bum cheeks with both of her bare hands. "The devil's trick on you two won't break unless you both cum, I just remembered. Since I'm here, it's the least I can do to help a fellow sister in Christ out of this sinful trap..." Sally spread Lori's bare ass cheeks and began to slobber and munch on the wet hairy cunt and asshole between Lori's now slightly-spread legs. "Oh yessss..." Lori hissed, "fucking eat me out, Pastor Sally...do itttt..."

Before long, Lori was sitting on Sally's face, half-suffocating the young woman while screaming with pleasure, her face red and gasping as she bounced up and down on Sally's face hard while Sally bit Lori's bare clit with her teeth. When Sally's teeth put extra pressure on Lori's clit and Sally's tongue did a dance on it at the same time, Lori came, filling Sally's mouth with her thick cunt-goo, and Paul simultaneously cried out as his cock spurted huge thick jets of white cum into the air. They landed with a splatter on his balls and Lori's milking hand. After taking a moment to catch their breath, Sally got up off the floor, still dressed, not having cum herself. She sat back down in the chair across from Paul and Lori and sighed happily, wiping Lori's cream from her lips with her tongue.

"Now, there we are, and I bet you two feel much better...Paul...what's that smell? Wait a minute - there's an overflowing ashtray on your desk. Were you two smoking like fiends in here all night?" Paul nodded, and explained to Lori how his wife had helped him earlier in researching cigarettes and discovering that it was un-Christian to not smoke as much as possible and take pleasure in each and every drag. "Well I'm glad that Lori took to our new only-heavy-smoking policy so well," Sally said. "Well, even though I didn't cum, you two just did. Mind if I join you two for a post-orgasm cigarette?"

Paul and Lori agreed that this was a lovely idea, and as Paul lit a cigarette for himself and Lori, Lori got down on her bare knees between Paul's spread legs and began to clean him up, licking his sperm off of his bare balls and sucking his spent-for-the-moment cock gently. "Oh, I swear," Sally said with a smile, Lori's girl-goo still smeared on her lovely face, "I know we've told you before Lori, but you are a godsend. You're always here to assist Paul however he needs it, and even now you're cleaning his balls and cock up with your tongue before you join us for a smoke. Paul, you should really give Lori a raise in her salary." Paul agreed, shyly saying he frequently gave Lori raises and paid for them by robbing the orphan's charity fund at the church and blaming it on non-existent break-ins. "He's so clever," Lori said adoringly, and resumed sucking Paul's cock. Sally commented further that Lori should be prepared to possibly have to take care of all of Paul's sexual needs from now on, many of which were kinky - "the devil's trick that has caught you both becomes an incurable condition as soon as it is 'cured' by orgasm - it reoccurs frequently. It's not either of your fault, and now you know the trick to getting to settle down for at least a while at a time. Lord knows how many hundreds, if not thousands, of times I had to help my poor grandmother with the very same thing. Yet I took great pleasure in helping her in this manner. I have a feeling that you two are glad you've been taken with this condition, and will no doubt take great joy in the pleasures of 'curing' it over and over and over and over, again and again and again...."

"The Lord works in mysterious ways," Lori said. The three of them laughed.



The End?

This is my first ever story for ASSTR. I'm so glad to have my own page here at ASSTR - it is a great honor and pretty cool if you ask me!

I write about what I like, so a lot of my tales are about feet, or shit, or smoking, although you can be sure to find a lot more than that in my writing. Unlike some authors who write a tale or two and then disappear, I plan on writing regularly, so check back every now and then for new stories. I am writing exclusively for ASSTR now.

A brief note about this story: I freely admit that a few parts of this story disturb me when I read them, and I wrote the thing. However, this work is what it is, and if you've read it then just remember, the disclaimer at the beginning stands in its entirety. I just wanted you to understand I'm a girl who is not without heart, who wishes harm to none. Be nice.

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