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NEW STORY ADDED FEBRUARY 16, 2008 - "The Restaurant, Part Two"*

New site update! I was thinking that my lovely ASSTR-hosted site was looking a bit lackluster, despite containing my lovely, vulgar sex stories. So a short while later, I redesigned the thing, and gussied it up to look nicer. But - as I check it out on different computers, with different Internet speeds and different capabilities, I see that some people may have a hard time loading the new site. So in the interests of bringing my filthy perverse erotic tales to as many of you as possible with convenience, I've made both site formats available to you dear readers, in order to fit whatever suits you more: the simple site, and the newer one with a bit more graphic pulchitrude. Enjoy!


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(NOTE: Newest Stories appear ONLY on Simple site at this time; it's been a while since I put my ASSTR pages up, and I need to re-familiarize myself with the program(s) used to create them before I update the Graphic fancy pages as well - for the newest stories, choose the Simple site.)