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Stories in this section focus on simple acts of murder.

Short Stories
Assassin Snuff Film A killer is hired to snuff out a young college student, and his client wants something extra. Forced Masturbation, Shooting, Piss.
Early Morning Killing Spree Ralph Holland finds out that his childhood crush and long-time best friend is a in love with a girl. Necro Sex(Mg), Shooting, Piss.
Occupation Hailey and her daughters try to go back to normal life after their city has been bombed for weeks, only to run afoul with one of the occupying soldiers. Sex(fg), Preteen, Teen, Shooting, Piss.
Party Killer A serial killer sneaks into a party, and sets his eyes on a woman who was dragged to the occasion by her more-social friend. When she leaves the party on her own, he follows. Necro Sex(MF, MF), Stabbing, Piss.
Picnic Slaying Four young women decide to have a picnic deep in the woods. Too bad for them, two sociopathic hunters are spending their afternoon in the very same woods. Necro Sex(MFF, MFF), Shooting, Breast Mutilation, Piss.
Unnecessary Tragedy Norman, fleeing from his family and the law, hid inside of little girl's closet until early next morning. When he emerged to find the little girl topless, he couldn't resist, but it went much further than he intended. Rape(Mg), Stabbing, Piss.
Wrong Place Stephanie's car crashed into a tree on the side of a deserted highway. She survived, but after several hours had to search for a restroom. Unfortunately, she wanders into a classified government facility. Necro Sex (MF), Shooting, Piss.
Date With Death For her eighteenth birthday, Christina Tran goes to her favorite park bench late at night, where she intends to meet with her boyfriend and lose her virginity. She is unaware that someone else has followed her into the park, with less romantic intentions. Necro Sex(MF), Shooting, Piss.
Bathroom Break Murder Spree Nick follows his classmate to the bathroom to fulfill his twisted fantasy. Rape, Necro Sex(mf), Stabbing, Decapitation, Disembowelment, Throat Slash, Genital Mutilation, Breast Mutilation, Piss.
Royal Slaying After the Monarchy is overthrown in a brutal revolution, an assassin is hired to kill the last members of the Royal Family. Nude Teen, Nude Child, Shooting(Arrows), Burning(Magic), Decapitation, Piss.
Haunting Attack Chloe Sun finds a big and well-kept home an abandoned neighborhood for a low price. She soon learns why it has been abandoned when a dark presence takes interest in the first new resident in years. Rape(MF), Asphyxiation, Dismemberment, Debreasting, Decapitation, Supernatural.
Little Lesbian Tragedy Two preteen girls have a special game they like to play after school, unaware that a man across the street watches them. Unfortunately, this time he's watching through the scope of a sniper rifle. Sex(gg), Shooting, Piss.

Melissa Coss 1 Melissa Coss comes home to find her wife in bed with a teenage girl from the school she teaches at. She goes into a violent rage that forever alters her psychologically.