By Randall John Nelson

When the seemingly-endless barrage of bombs and shooting ended, and the news of surrender pulsated across the formerly-prosperous Fort Simmons, many of its' residents believed that the worst was over. Many of their neighbors thought they could get on with their lives after two weeks of constant terror; even if their side was defeated, as very few residents of Fort Simmons had any love for their incompetent government, the atmosphere seemed ambitious. The post-battle seemed to be particularly hopeful for Hailey Cook and her daughters when they emerged from their makeshift bomb shelter to find their home relatively intact. Their optimistic outlook would be cut short when the enemy’s forces began its’ occupation of the town.
The family immediately set out to typical household activities. Lisa and Mary, her seven-year old twins, were playing in the living room. Her middle girls, twelve-year-old Nadia and fourteen-year-old Lilia, decided to take a bath when they realized the water was still running. Her oldest, seventeen-year-old Katie, went up to her bedroom to sleep. Hailey herself went to make dinner, and that’s when she noticed a several soldiers were marching down the street.
When she first saw them her only thought was to cover the windows, mostly due to the fact that she and the twins were just in their underwear; they had forgone the rest of their clothes to keep them from getting too dirty, and since it was just girls down in the shelter. As she went to close the window, however, she saw two of the soldiers pull a young woman from a house across the street and throw her to the ground before firing their weapons into the back of her head. 
Hailey stood there watching as soldiers forcefully entered her neighbors' houses, and killing any occupants that resisted. Then she remembered her daughters as two female soldiers approached her house. The defensive mother grabbed a small handgun and rushed to the door, where she stood with her eye on the peephole, watching the two soldiers approach her walkway. 
The women turned and started walking towards her house. In the heat of the moment, rational thought fled Hailey’s mind, and instead of shooting from one of the windows, she choose a more confrontational and unwise move. The front door swung open, and the furious mother ran out in her bra and panties firing at the soldiers. One of them, a petite lady with bright red hair and freckles, was struck in the right breast by the first bullet, and then the center of the forehead by the second one, before they could respond. The two girls were taken completely by surprise by the suddenness, and both would have gone down if Hailey’s luck continued. When she turned her fired on the other one, the gun only made clicking sounds; there was only TWO bullets in this thing she thought to herself as despair overtook her.
The second soldier regained her composure in a blink of an eye. Hailey’s last thought, as she observed the woman who was now aiming an assault rifle at her, at the woman’s angelic and youthful face, and sleek black hair, how her soon-to-be killer could hardly be much older than Katie. Then the soldier opened fire, and pain filled her existence as at least thirty bullets tore through her belly and chest. Hailey dropped to the ground, writhing and coughing up blood; it took only a few seconds for her killer to draw a handgun from the holster on her leg to send a bullet through the back of her head, but from Hailey’s perspective those few seconds before oblivion seemed to last several days.

Nancy approached the half-naked woman laying in front of the open door. After lifting the corpse’s head up to her face, to give her vacant eyes a loathing glare, she dropped her back to the pavement and stepped over the threshold and into the house.
When she entered two topless seven-year-olds were huddled next to each other, quivering in fright. Nancy looked at them with pity, knowing what she was about to do. Her superiors gave the order to occupy the houses and make the town into their new base of operations, and they were only really required to kill those who resisted. Many of the soldiers chose to murder and rape, but Nancy and Tonia, her redheaded comrade, wanted to try and leave as many residents alive as possible. Nancy decided to ditch that plan when the crazy bitch killed Tonia, and now Nancy will avenge her by wiping out the bitch's spawn. 
“Don’t move you little sluts, or I’ll make the last moments of your lives much worse,” she shouted.
“Don’t kill us! Please!” One of the twins whimpered.
“We’re just kids,” the other stuttered.
Part of Nancy did not want to kill them; they, with their hip-length black hair and emerald green eyes reminded her too much of her niece back home; she wasn’t back home, but at war, and standing before her were the cowering brats of a mad half-naked woman who killed a lady she fought beside for three years. Besides, Nancy has killed hundreds of in those three years, and these were no different. 
She pointed the handgun at one of the girls and pulled the trigger. BAM! The bullet tore through her forehead and out the back of her head, followed by a spray of brain, blood, and skull fragments splattering across the living room. The other girl screamed, “Lisa! Lisa!”, as her sister’s body crumpled to the floor. The girl kneeled over her dead sister and threw her arms around her, ignoring the fact that her knees were getting soaked with piss as Lisa’s bladder released its' content. 
Nancy stepped closer and placed the barrel of the gun against Mary’s ear. The girl raised her head and a sharp gasp escaped her lips as she felt the cool metal against her skin. The sensation of dread filled her; urine soaked her panties and flowed down her legs before Nancy even fired. Mary’s thoughts were being filled with embarrassment about pissing herself when Nancy finally did pull the trigger. Her thoughts ceased and an arc of blood sprayed from her other ear before she collapsed atop of her sister. Nancy watched until the flow of piss stopped, and Mary ceased twitching.
Nancy breathed a sigh of relief and started back outside to tend to Tonia’s corpse, when loud moaning from the other side of the house caught her attention.
“How many brats did that bitch pump out?” Nancy said and sighed again. 
She holstered her handgun and reloaded the assault rifle before going after them.

The moment their mother told them it was safe to leave the bomb shelter, Nadia and Lilia checked the tap on the kitchen sink and then rushed to the bathroom. They threw off the dirty bras and panties they had been wearing all week and sat themselves down in a tub of hot water with gasps of relief. These two, however, had something else to look forward to; a part of their relationship that they made sure was kept secret.
“Alright, wash me!” Nadia said while she handed Lilia a wash cloth and a bottle of soap.
“So demanding! And what if I don’t want to?” Lilia responded, in a tone which yearned for Nadia to make an offer.
“If you wash me, I’ll eat you out,” Nadia said hungrily and licked her lips seductively.
“With your own sister? How naughty of you! Hmm…” Lilia pretended to seriously contemplate the request, although she could not control the fits of giggles that betrayed her feigned attempt at seriousness. “Okay!” She blurted agreeably. “It’s a deal,” she said as she soaped up the rag.
“Close your eyes,” Lilia told her sister. Nadia obeyed.
“That feels great!” Nadia said dreamily as the rag stroked her face, and warm water trickled down her cheeks. 
“Like that?” Lilia asked. 
She scrubbed every nook and cranny of Nadia’s face. Lilia reached for a plastic cup near the side of the tub. She filled it full of hot water and splashed it on Nadia’s face, eliciting a groan of pleasure from the tween. She scooped up another cup of water and poured it directly on top of her head. Another groan of delight escaped her lips as the water cascaded down her face and her long black hair. One more splash of water and her face was rinsed clean of soap. 
Nadia opened her eyes after she brushed the excess water from her face. 
“Now your face is pretty again,” Lilia said gleefully. She leaned forward and kissed her sister on the right cheek and then he left one.
Nadia looked up for a moment before throwing her arms around Lilia and then kissed her directly on the mouth. The two pecked several times before they firmly locked lips. Nadia slipped her tongue past Lilia's lips, who happily sucked on it while the two sisters kissed as lovers. After a minute Lilia broke off: Nadia whimpered.
“I gotta wash the rest of you, silly. Now stand up,” 
The water sloshed around as Nadia obeyed her sister’s order. Lilia grabbed the wash cloth and began scrubbing Nadia’s arms and torso. She made sure to linger on the buds her sister called breasts, and even gave them a nice squeeze.
“I can’t wait to see how these are gonna look when you get older,” Lilia remarked.
“Hopefully they’ll be bug like Katie’s,” Nadia replied.
Nadia cupped one of the orange-sized lumps on her chest and said playfully, “My breasts aren’t big enough?”
Nadia shook her head apologetically. “No! No! I didn’t mean it that way! I’d be happy if my boobies were the size of yours.” She reassured.
“I know!” Lilia said, giggling. “Although, I’d be happy if yours ended up like Katie’s,” and the girls drifted off into daydream as Lilia continued scrubbing her sister’s body.
After a few minutes, Lilia rinsed off the soap and started scrubbing her legs and pelvis. When she reached her labia, she stroked it with the rag gently.
“Oh!” Nadia moaned slowly. “Keep doing that.” 
Lilia, with the rag wrapped around it, inserted her index finger into her sister’s pussy.
“Ooooh! God!” She said, nearly breathless, as Lilia prodded the inside of her pussy. 
Thirty seconds of finger-fucking Nadia with the wash cloth, she pulled it out, now drenched with a sweet-smelling fluid.
“Your pussy got the rag all sticky. Smell it!” Lilia rubbed the rag against Nadia’s face.
Nadia didn’t complain. Instead she inhaled deeply. “I smell good!” Nadia said dreamily.
“You do. Now time for a taste.”
Lilia bent forward and pressed her mouth against her sister’s labia, then inserted her tongue between her slit.
“Yeahhh! Ooooh!” she moaned.
Nadia lost balance, and had to rest her weight on Lilia while the latter ate her pussy.
Two weeks huddled with their family meant no way of engaging in their secret play time. Those two weeks of unreleased sexual tension meant that Nadia was not going to take long to climax. After a minute of being eaten out by her sister, Nadia reached her first orgasm in fifteen days.
“Damn that’s good!” She yelled with a moan that reverberated in the bathroom, and was certainly heard even outside. Her hips were riding Lilia's face and her thighs tightening.
Lilia finally stopped, and removed her face from her sister’s still-pulsing pussy. As Lilia sat back, her sister collapsed forward into her arms, where she laid while catching her breath.
The two girls were nodding off to sleep when they heard the doorknob turn, followed by several loud, firm, taps on the door. 
“Shit! I think mom might have heard us,” Lilia said, startled awake.
It wasn’t their mother, but in their fornication they failed to notice the gun shots in the other room.
Three more loud taps hit the door.
“I’ll talk to her,” Lilia said and climbed out of the tub.
Lilia opened the door and a stunned expression appeared on her face when she saw, instead of her mother, a woman pointing an assault rifle directly at her. She opened her mouth to say something, perhaps to plea for her life, but before any words came out the woman emptied an entire clip into her chest. Lilia's body danced wildly as the bullets obliterated her hearts and lungs, and staggered back. Blood trickled from her gaping mouth, and spurts of piss sprayed from her urethra as her body twitched violently on the floor.
Nadia screamed as she watched her sister, best friend, and lover get her chest blasted to a gore-filled cavity. She could only stare, sobbing and screaming, at the corpse of the girl who moments earlier ate her out, while the intruder reloaded her gun.

Nancy stepped over Lilia’s corpse and looked down at Nadia, who was too shaken up to do anything other than tremble as the gun was aimed at her. Nancy fired a single bullet into the center of Nadia’s forehead. Nadia slumped back against the tiled wall with her head lolled to the side, with trickles of blood streaming down her face and arms, turning the bath water red. A vacant stare looked directly at Nancy, although she knew those eyes could no longer see anything. 
Nancy watched Nadia until she stopped twitching thirty seconds later. Then she reloaded the gun to search the rest of the house.

Katie, upon being freed from the bomb shelter, went to her bedroom; sleeping on her own bed by herself was certain to be paradise compared to sleeping on mats surrounded by her mother and sisters. The door was locked shut, her bra and panties were thrown on the floor, as she was tired of wearing the filthy things, and plopped down naked on the bed and went to sleep. 
After than an hour, Katie was woken by repeated sounds of gun shots. She tried to ignore them and went back to sleep, assuming they were something else. Then she heard them again, but this time seemingly coming down the hallway. 
Concerned, Katie got out of bed and crept to the door. She unlocked it and slightly opened the door to peer out. She caught a glimpse of the woman, Nancy, coming out of the bathroom at the end of the hall with an assault rifle in her grip. The teen panicked at the sight of her and hid under the bed like a child running from the Boogeyman. In her flight she neglected to shut or relock the door, which would prove to be a fatal mistake.

Nancy left the bathroom with the intent to thoroughly search the rest of the house, but that became unnecessary.
Peering down the hall, Nancy noticed that one of the doors was slightly ajar. If Nancy was still her sixteen-year-old self, she probably wouldn’t have recalled the fact that it was shut when she first came through, but after three years of war her perception was impossibly sharp; the recent death of Tonia reinforced and heightened the strength of her perceptiveness.
Her rifle raised, the soldier advanced down the hall and entered the room. Except for the furniture, it was empty, but Nancy could hear a girl breathing underneath the bed. 
“I know you’re in here somewhere. Ya might as well come out here and get it over with. I promise it’ll be quick.”
No answer. Nancy fired several shots into the bed, and the young woman hiding underneath it screamed.
“Got you! If I have to pull you out I can guarantee you a very agonizing death.”
“Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!” Katie cried out.
“I’m going to give you one more chance. If you don’t come out here on your own I will shoot you in the pussy,” Nancy said firmly.
After three seconds a sobbing teenage girl with black bushy emerged from beneath the bed and crawled to her feet, with her arms and hands over her torso to cover her bare breasts.
“Don’t any of you have clothes?” Nancy asked as she raised her gun.
“Please spare me!” She begged. “I don’t want to die.”
Nancy advanced on the girl and forced the end of the gun into Katie’s mouth who, despite protesting for Nancy to let her live, did not resist. She pressed the gun against the roof of Katie’s mouth and fired a burst of six bullets. A fountain of brain and blood erupted from the top of her head, and the last of Hailey Cook's daughters collapsed to the floor; a puddle of blood pooled underneath her head, while piss pooled around her pelvis and thighs.
Nancy did a final search of the house and found no further residents. The rest of her squad arrived on the property just in time to clean up, and occasionally enjoy, the carnage left by Nancy.