Assassin's Snuff Film

By Randall John Nelson

Lucia was tidying up her dorm while she waited to introduce her new roommate. She had already showered, and put on a white long-sleeve, thigh-length, dress that was too tight to hold her large breasts, black pantyhose, an adorable white headband with a flower in her hip-length greyish-blue hair, and black dress shoes. Her roommate wasn’t the primary reason for her getting dressed up; after she was done showing the new girl around, Lucia planned to spend the rest of the day with her boyfriend. Her new roommate wasn’t scheduled to arrive for at least another four hours, much to her frustration. So she quietly hummed while dusting off furniture and occasionally checking her phone.
Finally, although much sooner than she expected, the anticipation was broken by a series of loud, firm, knocks on the door.
“Well, she’s here earlier than she said she would be,” Lucia said to herself, both delighted yet slightly annoyed, as she looked down at the clock on her phone.
Another series of knocks hammered the door, followed by another, as Lucia made her way to the door.
“I’m coming! Gimme a minute!” Lucia yelled.
She opened the door, then stood perplexed as a bald middle-aged man in a suit, as opposed to the curvaceous redhead she was waiting for, stood in the doorway clutching a duffle bag. 
“Are you Lucia Parish?” He asked.
“Uh… yeah. Who is this?” She ask nervously.
“My name is Devon Reynolds. I work for the school, and I need to speak to you about your new roommate. Mind if I come in? Is this a bad time?” 
“Uhm, yeah, sure. I was just tidying up anyways.” She stepped away from the door and Devon stepped over the threshold.
“What’s come up with Ashley?” Lucia closed the door as Devon set the duffel bag on the arm of the couch and started to open it. “Is she going to be…,” her words were cut off when he pulled a .9mm semi-automatic pistol from the bag and attached a suppressor to it.
“What is this?” Lucia asked, alarmed.
Devon ignored her while he closed up the bag and slung it around his shoulder.
“We’re going to your bedroom. Now!” Devon said firmly while waving the gun at her.
“You’re going to kill me. Oh my God! I don’t wanna die! Please don’t kill me!” Lucia pleaded.
“Do as I say. The longer you cooperate the longer you get to stay alive. Now go!” He nudged the gun into her ribs, just below the right breast. She took the hint and lead him to her bedroom.
“Now I’d like you to sit on the bed while I make preparations.”
Lucia, shaking badly, followed his orders and sat on the edge of her bed.
Devon, or whoever the man was, sat the duffel bag on a shelf and opened. The first thing he removed was a cheap goblin mask and wig, which he immediately placed over his head. Then he pulled out three HD camcorders and tripods. He them up at the edge of the bed and looked over at Lucia.
“Now I want you to move to the center of the bed and remove your dress.”
“What?” Lucia shouted. She was disgusted, certain that the man was about to rape her on camera, but hopeful that this meant she might not die as long as she cooperated.
“Please, sir. You can rape me, but please don’t film it. If it got out I could lose my scholarship.” 
“You won’t need your scholarship after today,” he promised her, “plus I wouldn’t rape you anyways. You couldn’t get me to leave my DNA on a corpse even if you paid me a billion dollars.”
“Wait. You’re really going to kill me?” Lucia yelled, now with tears welling up in her eyes.
“Yes. But if you do as I say you can live a little longer.”
“Why do you want to kill me? I haven’t done anything to you, or anybody.” Tears ran down her eyes and her voice became hoarse, she could feel a tight lump in her throat as dread welled up.
“Not my job to decide if you did anything or not. My client decides who he or she needs dead, and I make sure that person is dead.”
“No,” she whimpered, “this isn’t fair. I’m just a nineteen-year-old girl. I-I have my whole life ahead of me. I want to finish college, get married, have kids, and grow old with my husband.” Tears now streamed down her face as if from a faucet, congregated on her chin, and dripped onto the hem of her dress.
“I pity you, I really do, but I’m afraid that children and marriage are no longer in your future,” he told her firmly, “but you should consider yourself lucky. Normally I would have ended your life the moment you confirmed your name. But my client offered an extra ten grand to film you masturbating before you die. So you can enjoy a few more minutes of life if you play with yourself.”
“What if I refuse?” Lucia asked, trying to sound defiant.
“Well, I will go ahead and shoot you,” Devon replied, pointing to the gun.
“You’re going to shoot me anyways. Why should I listen to you for a few extra minutes?” Lucia wiped the tears from her eyes and sneered at him with feigned confidence.
“I suppose I could shoot about a dozen bullets into your crotch and let you bleed out in what would surely be an agonizing death. Or you can finger yourself and die quickly,” he reasoned. “Now, are you going to take off your dress? Or are you ready to see what it feels like to have your pussy shot full of holes?” He aimed the gun directly at her crotch to affirm the seriousness of his threat.
Lucia took a hard swallow and a deep breath, then stood up and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside.
“Your bra and panties go too,” he said. 
Lucia sobbed, but unhooked her bra without further protest and let her fleshy cantaloupes be exposed. Then she pushed her panties to her ankles before throwing them with her dress, and revealed a mons of black shaved pubic hair and a meaty labia.
“Good. Now I want you to lay on the bed with your legs spread open, and I want your head tilted up at the center camera.”
“Please let this just be a nightmare” she weakly begged as she crawled into the bed and rested her head on the pillows.
Lucia spread her legs wide. Devon set each of the cameras to record. He zoomed in on her pussy with the center camera, and her face with the left camera; this was, by all means, unnecessary for the job, and Devon preferred to be professional with his line of work, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go the extra mile for quality, since he intended to keep a copy of this for his own viewings at home. 
“How am I supposed to get off when I know that my life is going to be over once I finish?” She stuttered as she said the second half of that sentence, still unwilling to accept her fate.
“Fantasize,” Devon replied, “do you have a crush?” 
“I-I have a boyfriend,” she muttered.
“Then think of him. Imagine he’s here having sex with you right now,” he proposed.
“Okay, I’ll try.” 
Lucia let out a loud sob and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes. Then she inserted two fingers into her slit. At first she slid them in and out, slowly and nervously, while her body continued to shudder with dreadful sobs. After a few moments her sobbing calmed down and her chest started to rise and fall rhythmically, while she fingered her pussy with greater frequency. Devon could hear the wet sucking sound as her fingers pulled out of her hole and slid back in, like someone sloppily drinking from a straw.
Whatever she was getting off to, her boyfriend, or perhaps someone something else entirely, Lucia was really into her fantasy after two minutes. She stretched her pussy lips wide with her left index finger and thumb, while she plunged all five of her right fingers into her vagina. She threw her head back and arced her torso while her hand fucked her pussy. She used her left index and middle fingers to pinch, squeeze, and stroke her clitoris; her pelvis moved steadily against her prodding fingers. Loud, breathy, moans filled the air as Lucia edged close to an orgasm. 
Devon saw that she was on the verge of climaxing and aimed the semi-automatic. Lucia let out a final loud, almost screaming, moan as she came. Her whole body once again shuddered, this time in pleasure, and much more fiercely. Her fingers rubbed and penetrated her womanhood vigorously, and sticky fluids splashed out, soaking her hands and bedsheets. 
When her movements started to die down, Devon fired. He shot three bullets; one for the kill, and two to guarantee death. All three struck her forehead; one above her left eye, and the other two dead center. Her body relaxed, with her legs spread and both hands slumped over her pussy. A few seconds later, her hands were soaked with piss after her bladder released its’ contents. Devon waited for the spray of piss to subside and then shut off the cameras. 
As per his client's order, he used her laptop and one of her social media accounts to send the videos to Lucia's family members, then packed up and left. Ashley, her new roommate, showed up thirty minutes later; by all accounts she stormed out of the building, crying hysterically, before she called the police.