Melissa's Secrets

This is the story of Melissa's sexual awakening with the help of her friend, Sarah, and Sarah's mother. In the process, she discovers a number of secrets about ...

Chapter 60- Added 12/17/2016

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"Dreaming Girl" by Nadezhda Stryzhkova


Jessica's Dilemma

A young freshman coed makes a big mistake at a frat party. She's been sheltered by her religious parents her entire life. They demand that she drop out of school and deal with the results of her mistake, or they will cut her off financially. With no where else to turn for help, Prof. Angela Burton may know a way for Jessica to stay in school.


Posted 5/14/2016

2nd Place Story In
"Knocker" Contest


"Woman Love" by Eugeniy Kovalenko

A Killer Comes To Visit

Melissa is house sitting for friends. An old friend wants to see her for the last time on Halloween night. Will she cheat on her man?




"Private Dance" by Alex Buryak


Mark Tells His Story

A young man recalls how he met his true love and how she dramatically changed his life forever. (Sequel To "Melissa Tells All")




"Pose Of Lovers"
by Nataly Alexeenko


Melissa Tells All - Version 2

Expanded and written in past tense


A beautiful young woman, falling in love, realizes she can't hide something from her boyfriend. My first story.

Version 2

Posted 10/6/12

"A Blond With The Shawl" by Yaroslav Yusipov


Melissa Tells All - Original Version


Read the original version written in present tense.





"Girl Is Reading" by Elena Mirosedina


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