Chapter 1

Hi. My name is Melissa and I want to tell you about how I crossed the line within my family and eventually had to admit everything to the man I love to keep from living a life secret from him. I am a twenty-year-old coed at a major university in the South. I share an apartment with a few close friends near the campus. My friends and family all say I behave way too sexy. While I am intelligent, I still behave too wild for my own good sometimes. Boys have frequently told me I have a body they want to ravish. Several have ravished me for our mutual pleasure since I was fourteen. I’ve never been shy about sex. In fact, I’ve always been adventurous when it comes to making my body feel good. I’m normally careful so that I don’t get into too much trouble. But once in awhile I cross the line too far.

We’re all very close as a family. I’ve always been something of a ‘wild child’ growing up. My parents are very liberal in how they view the world and its limitations. My mom and I have always had something of a strained relationship though. The problem is that my mom seems to be able to read my mind! She seems to know what I’m going to say before I say it. She seems to know what I’m thinking just by looking at me. Well this is not a good thing for a teen chick that loves to be wild and daring. She is probably the only person in the world that can intimidate me. When she uses my full name, I just cringe because what follows is usually not pleasant for me. She gets really picky with my shortcomings. But apart from it all, I know she loves me to death.

My daddy told me one time that mom has the same personality as I do. But when she was growing up, she was really repressed about it because of her own strict parents. So I’m getting to do things that mom always wanted to try, but did not dare. I dare. I love the adventure of doing things on impulse, usually leading to problems with my mom. If I didn’t make straight A's in school, I’d probably be on restriction forever. But because I always make good grades, my parents let me have more freedom and I took advantage of it whenever I could. My daddy lets me get away with murder but my mom makes me pay the price.

My mom knows the type of person I am, adventurous. It probably was because of that knowledge that she had me begin birth control when I was fourteen. I think she realized that she couldn’t tame me, but that she could do her best to protect me from myself.

I’ve been dating Mark for some time now and have fallen deeply in love with him. I know he has the same feelings for me but he has yet to ask me to be his exclusively. I know he isn’t seeing any one else, and I have been turning down dates for weeks as well. I realized recently that we’re reaching a point in our relationship that could become permanent. I do want him in my life. I want him now and for years to come. When I’m with him, I feel like I’ve always wanted to feel. I feel love, devotion, attention, excitement and soooo sexy with him. He makes me feel like I’m the center of his world. He makes love to me like I’m his princess and his slut all in one. I can’t let this man get away from me now or ever. I’m not ready for marriage but something inside me keeps telling me that this man is my future husband.

Today I’m faced with telling this man something that is very thrilling to me but could shock him and cause him to look at me forever with disgust.

We’re sitting together on my bed in my apartment, classes over for the day. He can’t keep his hands off me and I can’t resist his touches as they make me want his naked body against mine so badly. We begin kissing and stripping each other hurriedly, we both are dying to fuck each other right now. His lust for me is so clear that my own lust grows rapidly. I need to feel his hard cock inside me instead of just pressing against me. I have no desire to resist his body anymore, and I don’t resist as he moves to make love to me.

Mark moves his lips down my body as he kisses and nibbles on my erect nipples. His fingers dance on my clit and then enter my dripping pussy. He moves lower until his mouth finally covers my cunt. I push to meet his tongue as he fucks me with it. My pussy is on fire and I moan through a tremendous orgasm.

He then moves over my body and moves the head of his cock teasingly through the lips of my still throbbing pussy. All at once he thrusts himself into my tight hole. My pussy grips his cock tightly as we both know he won’t last long this time. He begins to drive himself deep and hard into my body, as we look deep into each other’s eyes with nothing but pure lust. As his cock explodes deep inside me, I begin cumming again and pull him tight to me as we both give our all to the other. We collapse together satisfied for the moment, touching and enjoying each other in the aftermath of our intense orgasms.

As we lay facing each other, he begins telling me how much he loves me and cherishes what we have together. Instinctively I realize he is going to ask me for my commitment now. I know though that I can’t make that commitment just yet. First I have to tell him. I can’t enter a commitment with this man I love more than anyone, without telling him everything about my family secrets. What I must tell him is a glorious secret that I will never be ashamed of. In fact, I’m thrilled that it happened, but at the same time concerned because of the damage it could cause us, us as a couple plus my family. I take his hand in mine and tell him that I need for him to know something before he says anything else.

"I need to tell you something ... ”

He looks at me a little fearful.

“Is there someone else now?”

I look at him and say with as much feeling as possible, “Mark, you are my life and love now. I know we’re not totally committed to each other yet, but I can’t imagine you not in my life. There is no one else now. I have no interest in anyone else. Just you.”

“Then there is nothing else you need to tell me. I don’t care about your old boyfriends or who or what you have done in the past. All I care about is you. Nothing you can say will change that.”

“Babe, you do need to hear what I have to say. I understand what you’re telling me, but you need to know this before we go further.”

“You know you can tell me anything, sweetie.”

I can see a hint of fear in his eyes and I hear it in his voice.

“I need to tell you something to get it off my chest. You know how I like being adventurous and trying new things. Sometimes I have crossed the line too far.”

He holds my hand in his like he is afraid of letting go. “I know you have done some pretty wild stuff over the past few years but that doesn’t matter to me. So have I.”

“I need for you to know something before we go any further with our relationship. It’s just too powerful to hold in any longer, how I pushed what some consider the limit too far. But I have to tell you that I have never regretted what I am about to tell you. I loved every minute of it. Still do."

As we lay there together, I begin telling Mark how I was always very impulsive, which has lead to some very interesting times. Times I’ve come to treasure, times that have taught me how to enjoy my body, alone and with my friends and family. When many will stop and make sure they have their parachute on, I jump and then ask myself if I might have needed a parachute. One such time happened when I was sixteen and shows what can happen to me when I act on my impulse, with no regard for the consequences.

Today I think back on this particular episode in my life with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was scared to death while it was going on, on the other it turned out to be the most sexually satisfying act of my life so far. It involved the two people that have always meant the most to me. One of these people has always been a major source of stability in my life. One was my mom. We love each other and are a lot alike but she is tough on me. Wants to protect me from my highly sexual nature. The other has been the first man I adored in this world, my daddy. My impulsive or “wild child” tendencies lead to a major turning point in my life with these two people I love so dearly. I feared I had destroyed my family when we were caught, but you’ll learn about that later.

I am and always will be a “daddy's girl”. I adore my daddy and he worships the ground I walk on. I can do little wrong in his eyes and can get off the hook easily with him with a cute smile and a few cuddles. My daddy has always gone out of his way to spend time with me growing up. I have a younger sister and older brother as well but I seem to have always been his favorite. I also have him wrapped around my finger, which does come in handy when wanting my way with things. Even now my daddy and I call each other often, and he will come by to see me at my apartment near campus whenever he is close by. I love the way he looks at me. Sometimes I feel drawn to my daddy. Sometimes as he looks at me I get so wet. He is such a sexy man. He makes me feel like a woman whenever I am with him with his sweet compliments and attention. I know I’ve given him erections from time to time, sometimes when he just looks at my nude body, sometimes as I wiggle in his lap.

Yes, him looking at my nude body, you see one of the more unique things about my family is that we are nudists. Because of growing up as a nudist, I’ve never been shy about being nude around my daddy and he is not shy around me either. I love looking at him nude, especially some parts.

My daddy and I have always been physical with each other. I’ve always loved sitting in his lap and just hugging and cuddling against him. Not much different than most daughters are with their fathers.

But one June afternoon, when I was sixteen, I’m home alone in my bedroom. Well I assume I’m home alone. My mom and brother and sister are away for the weekend at my grandparent’s. I have a softball game this weekend so my daddy and I don’t go. I’m back early from softball practice that afternoon and just assumed I’ll be alone until late evening when my daddy will be home from work. The door to my room is never locked. I couldn't bear to close out my father.

While alone at home, I’m doing what most teens do, masturbating. I usually get myself off at least once a day and was not going to pass up the chance to play with my pussy while I’m alone at home. I go straight to my bedroom and strip out of my dirty uniform. I walk naked down the hall to the bathroom I share with my sister and brother, take a quick shower to get rid of that sweaty smell from softball practice.

While in the shower, I begin touching my tits, pinching my nipples and rubbing around my clit, hunting my first orgasm of the day. I usually don’t take much time masturbating during the day out of fear of being discovered. But I know I have time to really tease myself and let myself go for a big one knowing that no one will see or hear me.

After I dry my hair quickly, I go back to my bedroom and prop myself up on my bed after getting my pillows adjusted underneath me. I have only one thing on my mind, making my pussy feel good. It’s quiet in my room but there is no way I would hear anyone approaching outside with my door closed. I begin teasing my clit with my fingers. I love to pinch my nipples while rubbing my clit. I then begin slipping a finger into my wet pussy. Hmmm felt so good deep inside of me as I slowly fuck myself. A second finger is soon inside my wet hole. I’m moaning as I begin to really fuck myself hard while pinching one of my nipples extremely hard the way I like. I dip my hand into my pussy to wet the fingers I use on my nipple. My other hand is busy fucking my pussy continuously.

Then my world changed. The door to my room opens and my daddy walks in and stops dead in his tracks. Here I am naked and on my back with my legs spread wide. He is staring intently at my fingers buried in my pussy. He stared for what seemed like minutes but was actually only seconds. Our eyes finally meet and he can see that I’m shocked to see him standing there.

“Uh, I’m sorry baby. I didn't know you were here or I would’ve knocked”, he said as he began looking at my clothes hamper. “I just came to get your dirty clothes to wash before mowing the yard.”

I grab my dirty uniform that I left beside my bed and hand it to him.

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“Its okay, Mel. I should’ve knocked.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, baby. It’s really okay”, he says, sheepishly. “Please forgive me for just walking in on you like this. I got off work early to get some things done around the house before tomorrow. I thought you were still at softball practice.”

I follow him downstairs and simply say, “I’m sorry.”

He hugs me and says, “Just forget about it as no harm was done.”

That evening, we’re alone and sitting on the couch together. We’re both nude as usual. I’m teasing and picking at him when I scoot into his lap. As had happened in the past, his cock gets hard. This time is different. In the past I’d simply overlook him getting hard once in awhile around me. It is just a normal physical thing that happens to any man, but not this time. This time, all I could think about is him watching me fuck myself earlier. I find I can't take my eyes away from his huge erection. I begin feeling intense lust for my daddy. I feel scared but extremely excited. I know my pussy is wet with me sitting on his lap. I don’t care if he feels the wetness from my cunt on his leg. I just want his cock. Not just any cock, my daddy’s rigid cock that is at the moment pressing against my leg.

“I’m sorry, baby. I guess I miss your mother too much,” he jokes with a somewhat shaky voice.

“Its ... okay, daddy.”

“Why don’t you move over until I can get things under control,” he jokes again with a little chuckle.

Then I tease him and say, “Daddy ... Fair is fair. I should get to see what you saw today. You saw me playing with myself.”

My daddy is stunned. The look on his face is priceless. Here is his very sexy gorgeous daughter of sixteen years, basically saying she wants to see him play with his cock in front of her! He begins laughing about it as if I’m not really serious.

So I take his cock in my hand and begin rubbing it and tell him jokingly, “This is how you do it.”

Daddy just stares at me in shock as I continue to stroke him. His cock betrays what he wants to say though. His cock feels so hot and hard in my hand. I can feel it throbbing. I see pre-cum appear at the tip of the head. I’m determined at this point that I’m going to make my daddy cum. I want to see his sperm squirt out of his beautiful cock. The next thing he says tells me that he is not going to stop me, that it’s my choice to proceed.

“If you don't stop now, something will happen you might not like.”

My mind hears him say that and I become more determined to make my daddy’s cock explode. My mind is overloaded with lust for my own sweet sexy daddy. I don't care about consequences. I don’t care that what I’m doing can end up causing so much damage to our family. I don’t care that I’m about to participate in my daddy’s infidelity to my mom. All I want is this big beautiful cock in my hand.

I get down between daddy’s legs and start stroking his erection. I know since he didn't stop me that he is mine now. I’m determined to make him cum harder than he ever has in his life. I want so badly to see the sperm that made me squirt from this gorgeous shaft. He just moans while I play with him. He warns me within minutes that he is going to cum. I can feel his cock swell and his hips squirm as he begins to reach his peak. I hold his cock so he won’t cum on himself. I want to see it all over him.

“Oh Goddddd, babyyyyy girllllll! I’m gonna cummmmm, babyyyyy!”

Then he starts squirting his hot white cum all over his chest and stomach. His first squirt was a long stream that reached the top of his chest. He keeps coming for a few more moments coating himself and my hand with his hot sperm until he collapses. I have his cum all over my hand as I continue stroking his now softening cock. After a moment he pulls the towel that he has been sitting on from under him and begins to wipe his cum off. While he is wiping it off his chest, I turn my head and lick some of my daddy’s sperm from my hand so he will not see. But he does see and it seems to make him very excited.

I grow even bolder then. I ask him in a childlike voice that has almost always worked for me in getting my way with him, “Daddy, ... will you ... make me cum now?”

I can see the lust in his eyes as he says, “Get up here on the couch with me and lay across me.”

Daddy has me lay on my back with my cute little ass in his lap. I can still feel his cock against me. His cock is getting hard again as he looks down at my body. I can tell he wants to explore my body with his hands. He lightly touches my firm tits but quickly moves his hand over my mound. Daddy begins touching my pussy with his fingertips. I know he can feel how wet and excited I am from the feel of his body.

He seems to be hypnotized by my young cunt. He gently begins inserting a finger while my ass pushes upwards to get more of him inside me. He takes his time rubbing and fingering me. I moan and stare hard at my daddy with pure desire.

I let my head fall back and say in a low voice, “Oh God daddy, it feels so good!”

As I quickly approach my orgasm, I say to my daddy loudly, “Please fuck me daddy ... fuck me with your fingers!”

I then feel like my body is going to explode as I cum on his hand.

“Ohhhhhhh Godddddd yessssss, daddyyyyyy!”

I whimper and moan loudly. My cunt is trying to suck in his whole hand. As I begin to settle down, he lifts his hand to his mouth. He licks and tastes my pussy juice and cum on his fingers just as I’d done with his moments before. I bite my lower lip and smile at him like I always do when he makes me happy.

He then says, “We better stop now and clean up.”

Reluctantly, we both get up and go to separate bathrooms to take a shower. It is then that I begin thinking about what I’ve just done. I know things between us will never be the same. I begin to hurry through my shower, as I want to be with my daddy. I want to know that he still loves me the same and that I have not destroyed his feelings for me. I had seduced him. We both knew I had seduced him. Would he now hate me for what we just did because of my seduction? He has now cheated on his wife, my mother! I didn’t know if he had ever cheated before. But like a daughter that could see no imperfection in her daddy, I assume he hasn’t cheated before today. Would he want to do more with me? I hoped so. Could he stand to look at me? So many conflicting thoughts and emotions going through my young mind.

I walk back down to the family room and daddy is already in the kitchen beginning to fix us something to eat. I go through the door and he notices me right away. He walks over to me and pushes my hair back from my face and then hugs me like always.

He kisses my forehead and says, “Let’s finish supper and then we can sit together and watch a movie on TV.”

Somehow everything feels right. I can feel the love still. I let out a noticeable sigh as he turns to move back to the counter to make sandwiches. He turns back and takes my hand and squeezes it reassuringly to let me know with his touch and eyes that I’m still his precious daughter.

We take our sandwiches and settle down in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. We talk about many things but nothing sexual other than his occasional teasing about my numerous boyfriends. But, an intimacy is there in the way we look at each other that wasn’t there before we had touched each other so intimately earlier. We cuddle until it gets late and then go to bed.

It takes me awhile to drift off to sleep. As I lay in bed, I keep my hand where my daddy’s hand had been earlier that night. I feel scared still but also so excited. I keep wondering if more will happen tomorrow. I hope so. We have two more days and nights together alone. All I can think about as I drift to sleep is my daddy’s beautiful cock.

Chapter 2

I paused at this point to look closely at Mark. I was looking desperately into his sexy eyes for my absolution. Even though I’m not ashamed of my sexual intimacy with my daddy, I still felt fearful that Mark would just call me a sick slut and get up and leave me forever. I couldn’t see the absolution I sought in his eyes yet. I still had so much more to tell him. I needed to know how he was feeling now, but I didn’t dare ask. I kept searching his eyes and face for clues as to how he felt about me and what he had heard so far. The fact that he was still with me on the bed at least told me he wasn’t going to judge me quickly. What I did notice though as my head dropped down to look at his body was an incredible erection. As much as I love my daddy's beautiful cock, nothing compared to the cock of the man I wanted to be my soulmate.

"I love you, Mark ... "

His eyes turned down and he did not reply immediately. I could tell that his mind was in turmoil as he was trying to come to grips with the knowledge that his love had committed incest with her father. That she had seduced her adoring daddy willingly. There was still a lot more to tell, so much more. Would he be able to deal with this knowledge and still love me? For a few quiet moments, so many unanswered questions in my own mind.

"Mel, ... I'm ... stunned. I’m not sure ... what to say ... to you right now... about all of this, I never thought your secret would be anything like ... "

"I need to tell you everything, babe."

"That's not all?" Mark said in a tone that scared me.

"There's more ...," taking a deep breath and then saying in a soft pleading voice, "I need to tell it all, so please, please listen to me and try to understand ... "

He just nodded his head to me without much of any reaction. I quickly glanced and noticed that his sexy cock was still very hard which gave me courage to continue telling him the rest.

I begin telling him about waking up in my bedroom about 3am. I went downstairs to get something to drink hoping I could fall back asleep afterwards.

I go into the family room and stand in front of the couch. I look down at the spot where I had knelt just this night, as I stroked my daddy's throbbing cock. I can still see in my mind how his cock jerked as I caused his hot sperm to squirt onto his sexy body. I raise my hand to my face and look at it remembering how it was covered with his sperm. Biting my lower lip, I think about how I wished I had licked it from his cock instead!

I sit down in the same spot my daddy sat earlier this night. I prop my feet up on the edge of the couch so my legs are spread wide. With one hand my fingers begin to play teasingly with my clit and the other hand begins pinching one of my very hard nipples. My fingers begin to slide into my tight cunt. I’m so fucking wet that I can feel the juices pouring from my young pussy over my tight asshole. Naughty thoughts of my daddy are flooding my mind as well.

In my mind, I can see my daddy walking into the family room now. Instead of being shocked like the day before, I begin smiling at my daddy. Instead of being stunned, my daddy begins smiling appreciatively as he walks over to look closely at his baby girl's naked body, exposed so lewdly.

I picture myself telling him, "Do you see something you want daddy?"

"Oh God yes, baby girl, I see my gorgeous, sexy daughter showing herself off to me. Such a beautiful face, long flowing hair, a lovely body, firm sexy breasts, a hot pussy glistening with her sweet juices," he replies.

"Do you want to see how sweet it is now?" I say to him childlike, while smiling so cute.

Kneeling between my open legs, he says, "I want to devour your fucking hot pussy, I want to eat my baby girl until she screams for mercy, begging me to stop."

Moaning I would say, "daddy, lick my naughty pussy, please lick me and make me cum with your sexy lips and tongue. I need my daddy so badly."

I picture him between my legs, his face closer to the hole that belongs to him now. I want him to taste me completely. He kisses the insides of my thighs as his hands caress my calves. He begins licking and nibbling where he had just kissed, pausing for very brief moments to look up into my eyes. All he sees in my eyes is pure lust for my daddy. He moves his mouth over my cunt. Just the very thought causes me to explode into a very real orgasm as my fingers plow deeply into my cunt.

As I began to relax and I come back to reality, I realize I need so much more of my daddy. I’m tempted to go to his bedroom and crawl in beside him. But as daring as I can be sometimes, I’m too scared at that moment. I get up and after getting the drink I’d originally come downstairs for, I go back to bed and fell asleep from exhaustion.

I still vividly remember the next morning. I wake up early and come downstairs to get something to eat. Daddy is sitting in the kitchen reading the paper when I walk in. He is nude as usual. So am I.

"Good morning, sleepy head."

"Good morning, daddy," I say, still waking up.

"Mel, we really need to talk about what ... we did last night."

"Are you mad, daddy?"

"No baby, but ... what we did can cause so much heartache if it gets discovered."

"I know, daddy," thinking about my mom for a moment, "but I loved it. I want you to know that. I loved touching you. I loved you touching me. I loved it all, daddy."

"I ... loved it too, baby girl. I ... know I should have more control over my ... urges."

I walk closer to my daddy sitting on a chair. My pussy is at his eye level and I open my legs knowing what he can see. My daddy's cock has become very hard while we talked. I want this cock so badly again.

He takes my hand in his and says, "I love you, baby girl. Last night was ... really wild."

I look down at his hard cock and then turn my eyes to look at him with a devilish smile. If last night had been daring, what I’m about to do is going to make me a daredevil! I’m practically drooling as I look at his erection waving in the air so close to me. I felt such intense lust for this man at this moment. A line was crossed last night. Another line is about to become history as well.

With determination in my movement, I kneel down in front of him. I reach and take his cock in my hand just as I had last night. I want this cock. I want it every way I can take it. For the briefest moment I wait to see if daddy is going to stop me and bring us both back to some reality. When he does not stop me, I stroke it a few times and then do what I thought I never would do. I purposely lean down and kiss the side of my daddy cock and then let my lips move up and over the head, working my tongue over the head before taking about three inches of his thick cock into my mouth. My daddy is in a state of shock but did nothing as he let it happen.

"Oh my God ... Melissa! ... Oh my God!"

I begin working his cock in and out of my mouth. I’m worshipping this cock with my mouth and tongue. I was determined to give my daddy the best blowjob of his life. My lips are sensuously dragging along his thick shaft. I can feel the ridges from the veins on my lips and tongue. I can feel my daddy thrusting his hips upward just a bit. He is enjoying it! My daddy is enjoying his little girl's mouth on his cock.

"Oh damn, baby ... you are sucking me so fucking good ... oh shit ... damn damn damn!"

His cock is on the verge of cumming. His hands are on my head. His fingers rubbing through my long hair as he begins fucking his daughter's mouth with no more inhibitions. I’m now his play toy. I’m nothing more than a slut to put his cock into. I want it. I want to be his young slut. At that moment, my whole body belongs to him.

"Oh God, Mel ... I’m about to cum in your mouth baby!"

I pull my head off his cock. My mouth and chin are wet from the blowjob I’ve been giving my daddy's beautiful cock. His shaft is dripping with my saliva and his pre-cum. My tongue swoops out to lick the tip quickly.

"Can't waste any," I tease.

I put my mouth over his cock head for a few moments but quickly decide I want something else. I want this big cock somewhere else now. One more line needs to be crossed. I’ve come this far. I must go all the way now. I need this so badly now. I need my daddy's cock in me. I need my daddy to fuck my young pussy. I need to be his completely. My whole body is filled with lust and now wants to be filled with his gorgeous cock!

"I want to feel it inside me," I say, as I moved up close to his face with mine. I was so in love with him at that moment. I wanted to make love to him so badly. He says nothing but stands up. Taking my hand, he leads me to his bedroom where we will make love together. We started kissing very passionately. Locked in a lovers embrace on his bed, a father and daughter becoming lovers.

Daddy moves on top of me and looks into my eyes. I love this man so much. I know the thoughts going through his head. He knows he is about to do something he probably shouldn’t. But he wants me as badly as I want him. No words are said. Nothing has to be said at this moment. He leans up to look down at my young cunt. His hard cock is waving within inches of my opening. He takes his shaft in his hand and moves it so the head is touching my clit. I moan as I cum from the pure excitement and lust of the moment. Daddy can see how badly I want this now without a doubt. He wants to fuck me just as bad. We both feel the urgency to our core.

He lifts my ass up while he is on his knees. He slides the head of his cock along my pussy, teasing me. I look intensely at him.

"Fuck me, daddy. Fuck your baby girl. Fuck me with your big cock!"

"Oh God, baby ... I’m going to fuck you!"

I feel the head of his cock push into me slowly. My hips push upwards gently, letting him know that I want it all. I’m really tight and he has a larger than average cock. We both are staring at the sight of his cock sliding into me. He begins fucking me so gentle. I feel the entire length of his cock deep within my being now. Sweat drips from his face onto mine. He leans down to feel my firm tits against his chest as he drives his shaft continuously into my young pussy. He fucks me gently for a few minutes. Then I can feel the urgency in his thrusts. His cock is about to fill me with its precious cum. I want to feel so full of my daddy's sperm.

"I’m gonna cum in you ... gonna cummmmmm ... ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

My body becomes one huge orgasm at that moment. I become aware of only this big cock deep inside me exploding and filling me with its thick sperm. I almost blackout from the intense feelings I’m experiencing.

Daddy finally is spent and we collapse together on the bed. Our arms are around each other. We kiss gently but we both are exhausted physically and emotionally. I drift off into a contented sleep.

It was quiet when I woke up early in the afternoon. I go downstairs already knowing my daddy has left to run some errands. I wish he had awakened me before he left so I could see if anything was different now between us.

I go into the kitchen to fix something to eat and I spotted a note stuck to the refrigerator. I grab it, wanting to read it quickly to see what, if anything, it would tell me about my daddy's feelings now. It’s a sweet note. He wrote that he would be back in time to be at my softball game this afternoon. There are a few things about some chores he wants me to do. But what caught my eye intently is what he wrote at the end of the note, "I love you so much baby girl. This morning was wonderful. I want you to know that you are so precious to me and nothing you can do will ever change that."

I know he didn’t want to be explicit in a written note about what we had shared over the past day. It would be too risky for a note like this left out in the open. I can read between the lines though and it makes me so excited. I know my daddy still loves me! I know I have not destroyed his feelings for me. If anything, we will now be even closer than we’ve ever been before. We have a new bond between us that no one else can share. I feel so overwhelmed at this moment with the love I have for my daddy. I have a big smile on my face and in my heart.

I did the few chores my daddy had written dutifully. I want him to be proud of me. I’m doing these things for him and I want him to know I’ll do anything for him. I feel like a new woman, no longer a girl. My daddy has fucked me. My whole world is brand new. I feel so naughty as well, knowing that just the night before I had made my daddy cum with my own hand, and he had lovingly done the same for me. I’m wet. I vividly remember this morning when my daddy let me suck his beautiful cock. Then taking me to his room where he treated me like his special lover. I shiver as I recall how his big hard cock fucked me so deeply. Over and over he pounded me. Gentle, then very hard, his cock drove into me before filling my cunt with his hot cum. I can still hear his loud grunts and moans as he began to come inside his own sexy little girl's pussy.

As I do the chores, I can’t keep from stopping every few minutes to touch myself and smile as I think of my daddy.

Outside after finishing the few chores he asked me to do, I can hear the telephone ringing. A few moments after I get into the house, I hear the answering machine pick up. It’s my daddy. I run to the phone and pick it up as he begins leaving a message.

"Hi, daddy! Sorry, I was not able to get to the phone right away."

"That's okay, baby. I was just checking in to see if you needed anything before the game."

Very daringly I said, "I ahhhh ... need you here, daddy."

He paused for just a moment as I realized I might have said the wrong thing.

"Mel, I wish I could be home with you right now. I think we need to talk about something that is important to both of us. I love you, baby girl."

"I love you too, daddy, I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing just now."

"You didn't, it's just that we need to talk about it. Nothing is wrong so don't be upset."

I know at that moment that my daddy is having the same exact concerns for me that I had for him earlier! He is afraid that I’m upset about the things we have done. He is showing me he still loves me. He is also letting me know that “nothing” is wrong.

"I’m not upset at all. I want to spend some time with you tonight ... talking about ... things."

"We will baby. We have the weekend to talk about things. I’ll see you at the game later. I need to run now Mel, its Friday and I need to get these errands finished before the weekend. I love you, bye sweetheart"

"I love you too, bye"

A friend picks me up and gets me to the softball game. I spot my daddy right away as he sits as close to the dugout as possible. I keep looking up at him smiling.

He yells jokingly, "Keep your eyes on the ball!"

I roll my eyes at him and start laughing. It was just the thing to break the tension that was there between us. I played a good game that afternoon but we lost a close game.

Daddy walks down to the fence and yells, "You played a great game, I’m proud of you."

I smile saying, "You have to say that, you’re my daddy!"

He rolls his eyes while shaking his head smiling.

While daddy drives me home from the game, we talk about different plays during the game. He always has a pointer to give for something. I usually will become mildly irritated by that but not today. Nothing he could do could be wrong today.

Daddy then asked me if I was still going out tonight. Oh shit! I forgot I had a date tonight!

"Oh damn, I have a date with Brian, I forgot all about it," I say disappointingly.

"That's OK baby, you have a good time tonight. We’ll have lots of time later."

I’m mad at myself now. I want to spend as much time with daddy tonight as I can. I don’t want to hurt Brian's feelings either by breaking the date. He is a cutie and a sweet guy. This will be just our second date ever.

When we arrive home, I go inside and begin getting ready for Brian to pick me up soon. I take a long hot shower thinking more about my daddy. I quickly decide that I would not go too far with Brian tonight. I hadn’t planned to have sex with him yet anyway. But I’m determined to save myself for my daddy this weekend. I begin hoping that he will be waiting up for me tonight.

The date with Brian is fun. He is such a sweetie and maybe sometime he and I will get much closer. He is really funny and we have a great time. When he pulls up to my house about midnight, my thoughts again turn to my daddy hoping he is waiting up for me inside. Brian walks me to my front door, which really impresses me because guys seem to take little things for granted. I like to be treated special. Brian is winning many points with me tonight. He leans in to give me a quick kiss, which I extend as I wrapped my arms around him. Brian will have to settle for this tonight. I give him my cutest smile as I close my front door between us.

I turn into the family room and just as I suspected and hoped, my daddy is still up, waiting for me. He is dressed in shorts knowing my date could possibly come inside to use the phone or something before he left. I sit down by him after leaning to give him a soft kiss.

"Did you have fun tonight, sweetie?

"Yea, Brian's pretty sweet. He is so cool to hang out with."

"Am I 'so cool' to hang out with too?"

"Daddyyyyy, you are always so cool to hang out with ... except maybe when you act too much like my daddy," I say giggling.

Laughing together we hug each other and start watching TV quietly. I let my hand rub on his thigh as I start looking up at his face.

"What, baby?"

"Nothing, daddy. I just think you are so handsome. I love just looking at you."

"You’re a very beautiful young woman, Melissa. I can't help but stare at you myself. You’re going to break so many hearts when you finally settle down with one man some day."

"But I’ll always be your little girl? Right?"

"Always baby, nothing can ever change that!"

"Not even what we did ... you know ... this morning?"

"Mel, ... about this morning ... and last night too ... what we did can be very dangerous. We can hurt some special people with what we did. I love your mother with all my heart. She is my wife and my lover. Your mom and I have done some wild things together before you kids came along. I don't want to hurt her with this. I don't want to hurt you either. But you and I can't continue having sex together like we did this morning because she will find out. I love my family too much to destroy it for sex behind your mother's back."

Sitting there listening to my daddy, I realize that I’ve been lost in my own lust for the past day and lost perspective on what is really important to me and daddy.

"I love you so much, Mel. What we did this morning was beautiful. I hope that you feel the same way. But we can't be lovers. You are my daughter first and always. I already have a lover that can't be replaced. I can't risk loosing her. You don't want to risk loosing your mother's love either."

"I know ... I just get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I forget that sometimes what I do can hurt others and myself. I loved this morning so much. It’s what I wanted. I still want it too."

"But we can't be lovers, Mel.

"But we can make each other feel good ... can't we?

"Your mom will be back Sunday afternoon. She can't know what happened. I won't risk my marriage, my family. I won't risk hurting you either."

"Can we at least just have until Sunday?"

I watch my daddy struggle with his thoughts and lust.

"We can have until Sunday. IF ... you promise me that it will end Sunday."

"I promise daddy. I don't want to hurt anyone. No one will know about us. I know we can't keep doing this because we could be found out. I don't want to hurt mom, ever."

"Okay then, until Sunday, we can be lovers but it ends then."

Giggling, I jump in my daddy's lap. Facing him I put my arms around his neck. I lean in to kiss him softly. Our lips press together with more urgency before I feel his tongue touch mine. I feel his arms pull me tightly to him, as we get lost in our deep lover's kiss. His mouth begins to kiss my chin and then down my neck, licking and nibbling.

"I want to fuck you so bad, baby girl, I want to put my cock deep inside you and fuck you all night long," he says in a low demanding voice.

"Oh God yes, daddy, fuck me all night, my body is yours. I’m your little slut. Fuck me, daddy, please fuck me all night long!"

He hurriedly pulls my top off and unhooks my bra as our lips are fighting to stay together. Finally he holds me back on his lap so he can see and feel my young firm full B cup breasts. His fingers toy with and pinch my nipples.

"So beautiful. So perfect."

He leans to begin sucking and licking each nipple in turn as he massages the other. After a few minutes, I move off his lap and stand in front of daddy. I want to tease him a little. First though, I lean down to pull his shorts off. He lifts his ass to allow me to strip him. He isn’t wearing underwear so his big beautiful cock springs up erect after sliding the shorts low enough. I lean down to lick the head as he moans. Sliding his shorts down and off, I then stand in front of him and begin to do a slow and teasing strip for him. First, I give him a good look at my ass covered in my tight jeans, sliding my hands over my covered firm ass checks while looking back at him with a sexy smile. Turning around, I prop one foot up beside him on the couch and put both hands between my legs and massage the insides of my legs in unison right at my covered pussy. His cock is jerking from the throbbing of his intense erection.

Already topless, I slowly begin moving my tight jeans down over my hips. I’m wearing light blue bikini panties and after kicking off my jeans, I turn and put my tight panty covered ass within his reach. His hands begin to massage my firm ass cheeks.

"Baby, you have the sexiest ass in the world. No one could resist wanting to touch and kiss these luscious cheeks."

He leans to begin kissing my ass cheeks while his hands massage the sides of my trim legs. His hands then hook the sides of my panties and slide them down to the floor. Daddy begins licking my ass crack letting his tongue glide from top to bottom as I lean over. I can feel his hot tongue touch my asshole. I have a small orgasm. No one has ever licked me there before. It feels so wonderful.

Still standing, He turns me around and presses his mouth into my pussy. I just hold his head and close my eyes at the incredible erotic feeling. He looks up at me and tells me to sit down on the couch where he is now. He moves onto the floor and after I’m sitting, he pushes my willing legs apart and slides my ass to the edge of the couch.

Daddy's face is only inches from my steaming pussy. He just stares at my pussy. He lets the image burn into his mind and memory. His fingers begin to explore and play with me. I just watch him with lust and excitement as he enjoys the sight and feel of my lewdly displayed pussy.

He moves his mouth to kiss my cunt.

"My baby girl's pussy is so beautiful. So tender, so young, so tight."

His tongue begins to enter me. He begins fucking me with his sexy tongue just as I fantasized about last night! He takes his time. Licking slowly then fast, enjoying his sexy daughter's young pussy. My mind is so lost in the lust I feel for him. I hump into his face wanting his tongue in me. He moves to lick my young clit. His mouth covers it and his tongue begins to furiously lick my hard bud. He pushes two fingers into my dripping tight pussy and begins fucking me. My hands grab his head and hold him tightly to me as I scream out my orgasm.

"Ohhhhh fuck, I’m cumminggggggggg! Lick me, daddyyyyyyyyyyy! Ohhhhh Godddddddddd, yesssssssss!"

His fingers slow down in my pussy as he pulls his mouth away. I collapse back onto the couch so satisfied. He moves beside me and kisses me. I can taste myself on his wet lips. I move my hand to his cock, dripping with his pre-cum.

"Let’s go to the bedroom, baby."

We move together hand in hand to my parent's bed. I sit on the edge and pull my still standing daddy in front of me. I begin to bathe his cock with my tongue. My hands play with the base of his big cock and his cum filled balls. I take as much of his cock in my mouth as possible. I make love to his delicious cock.

He pulls away.

"I need to fuck you, Mel. I need my cock inside you right now."

I slide back on the bed and spread my legs wide. My pussy lips flowering open.

"Daddy, my pussy belongs to you completely ... until Sunday."

He moves between my legs and lifts them over his shoulder. His wet cock is aligned with my tight hole. He pushes the head at the opening and slides deeply inside as I groan from the pleasure of being filled so sudden and so full. He begins thrusting into me at a gentle pace. I know he is afraid he is going to hurt me, but I want him to pound me hard.

"Fuck me hard, daddy. Fuck the hell out of me. Don't be shy ... I won't break. Daddy, please use my pussy. Pound me hard with your big cock!"

He begins to drive his cock into me with tremendous force. My pussy responds by squeezing his cock tighter as I cum over and over from the fucking of my young life. Amazingly, he fucks me like this for about thirty minutes with altering thrusts. I don't even try to count my orgasms.

He pulls out and I moan feeling frustrated, as my cunt is so open and empty now. Daddy tells me to get on my hands and knees. I feel him move behind me and slowly enter my throbbing pussy again. Moaning my approval, he begins to fuck me gentle. I move my body to his thrusts to get the deepest penetration possible. His cock feels huge inside my tight cunt. His hands begin massaging my young ass.

"Melissa, your ass is so fucking sexy. I wish you could see my cock fucking your little cunt. Your pussy lips are dragging so tight around my cock baby."

Both of us are sweating from the intense fucking we are giving each other. Daddy begins to thrust harder and harder into my body. He can't last long now. I want my daddy to fill me again with his thick cum. As I cum one last time, I feel him begin to swell inside me. Hearing his little girl squeal through one more orgasm is just too much for him.

"Cum in my pussy, daddyyyyyyy! Cummmm in meeeeeeee!!

I feel his cock literally explode inside me with sperm. He is moaning very loudly as he fills his gorgeous daughter's incredibly tight cunt with his thick white cum. Totally spent from his orgasm, he collapses onto the bed pulling me with him. His cock is still firm and embedded inside me as I end up on my side with him spooned in behind me.

After a few minutes of catching his breath, he leans over to ask if I’m all right.

"Mel baby, are you OK? Did I hurt you?

I turn my head up to meet his eyes with mine.

"Daddy, I have never felt better. That was soooo good!"

He kisses me softly.

"You were outstanding baby. I can't remember cumming that hard in a long time."

He slides back down and puts his arms around me. One hand moves to stroke my hair.

"I love you, Melissa."

"I love you too, daddy."

We drift off to sleep in a lovers embrace.

Once more, I look at Mark wondering how he is taking all of this from the woman he loves.

Chapter 3

I pause again at this point in my confession to look closely at Mark to try to determine if I’m still the girl he loves ... or a slut he can’t stand. I still had more to tell him. How much more could he listen to and not decide that he no longer wants me? I need to know how he is feeling now, but still can’t bring myself to ask. What is obvious though is that he is at least very horny from listening to my story. His handsome cock is so hard and throbbing. His pre-cum is very evident on the tip of his sexy cock head. But what does this actually mean? Is he telling me though his body’s arousal to my story that nothing between us has changed? My worst fear is that he now sees me as just a sex object. I can’t blame him for being turned on sexually. My own pussy is wet. My nipples are hard. I’m just as horny as he is at this moment. But is the love still there? He said earlier that nothing in the past matters now to him. But will he still think that after he knows everything?

Mark reaches to touch me.

"Mel baby, ... I never expected ... this. I can’t believe you actually ... fucked your father! I can’t believe how horny I am either!”

“I know, babe. I’m turned on too telling it to you. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t turn me on just the same. It’s just that ... here we are together and ... I’m telling you the biggest secret I have ever told anyone before. I want you to know it all. I can’t live hiding this from you. But it does turn me on to tell you ... I can’t help it.”

Mark pauses for a few moments before saying anything.

“I do want to know one thing. Are ... you and your daddy ... still fucking any?

“Let me tell you the rest babe. Then you will understand everything.”

I begin telling him about my daddy and I sleeping together that Saturday night. At that moment, daddy and I are lovers, but only sexually. I know daddy still loves mom the same. I know he would struggle in the days and weeks ahead with his lust for me, and his love for mom. I know the love for mom would win out over his lust. But we both were changed now. Forever changed in that we’ve been almost as intimate as a man and woman can be physically.

I wake with it still dark to feel his erection pressing against my ass. I feel his hand take one of my young tits into his hand. He wants more of his baby girl’s body. I want him to have me just as badly. I want my daddy’s body. I want to spend every moment we can over the next day touching, kissing, licking, sucking and fucking.

He pinches my nipple as he begins kissing and sucking on my neck and ear. I moan and reach behind me to feel his throbbing cock. I decide I want to do something different. I turn to face him and kiss him with all the passion within me. He holds my head firmly with his hands as our lips and tongues are like one.

Looking at each other with intense passion in our locked embrace, we know at that moment that we will always share a deeper love than ever before.

“I love you so much. I want to be all yours. I want you to be mine. I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, Mel. I want you so badly. You are all that I want at this moment. I want to make love to you so badly it hurts.”

“I want to feel you inside me, daddy. I want you to fuck me over and over. I want to feel your cock inside my body ... forever.”

“Until Sunday, Mel ... ”

“Until Sunday,” I say with a pouty face.

“But until Sunday, I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop little one.”

“Mmmmmm, I’m your little slut. Use me, daddy!”

“I could never use you Mel. I can only love you. You are my beautiful daughter, first and always. I can only love you in anything we do.”

I push him over on his back and climb on top of him straddling his stomach.

“I love you as my daddy, first and always too. But now I’m going to use your cock as your teenaged slut!”

I lift myself to reach between my legs. Grabbing his throbbing shaft, I line it up with my wet cunt and slowly sit down onto his cock. I can feel it slowly stretching me as it fills me completely.

“Damn damn damn ... your pussy is so fucking tight! Oh damn, it is squeezing me so fucking tight!”

“Oh fuck yes! Your cock is so big and hard inside me. Oh God how I love it inside me! I can feel the head of your sexy cock so deep in me. Now your baby girl is going to fuck you silly!”

I begin to ride his cock as hard as I can. All I want right now is to fuck this beautiful cock. I want to feel it deep and hard in me. I want it to explode and fill me with thick hot sperm, the same sperm that made me many years ago.

“Oh God yes ... I’m cumming, daddy! I’m cumming on your hard cock! Oh, daddyyyy! Fuck meeeeeeee!

As I calm down some from a very intense orgasm, daddy lifts me from his cock.

“I want more, daddy!”

“I’m going to give you all you can take right now, baby girl!”

Daddy puts my legs over his shoulders and drives his cock hard and deep with one thrust. My cunt is overflowing with juices, so he slides deep into me with no resistance. He begins fucking me with all his power. He slams hard each time into me and I grunt with each and every deep thrust. I see his eyes looking into mine searching for just a moment to see if I am in pleasure or pain. I reach with both hands to grab his sexy ass and pull him to me as hard as I can. He now knows I want what he is giving me. This is pleasure, not pain. His pounding cock can only bring me pleasure.

I get lost in the intense lust of the moment. I begin saying things I never dreamed I’d say to him.

“Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me with your big daddy cock! Fuck your baby girl!

“Oh shit, Melissa! Do I need to spank my daughter for being so nasty? Do I need to spank your cute little ass for fucking your daddy?

“Spank me, do anything, daddy! Just keep fucking my little pussy please please pleaseeeeeee!”

“Damn you, little one. You’re going to get filled with my hot cum if you keep squeezing my cock with your fucking tight pussy like this!”

“Fill me with your sperm! Fuck me hard you bastard and fill me with your cum!! Make me pregnant, daddy!!!

“Oh fuck!! God damn you!!! Here it comes!!! Ohhhhhhh damnnnnnnnn fuckkkkkkkk!!!”

He drives his cock balls deep into me and an explosion occurs within both of us. His cock blasts a thick load of cum deep into my young pussy. My whole body explodes in its own intense orgasm. We hold each other tight while trembling from the intensity of our climax. We collapse into each other. His cock still buried in my cunt. My face buried in his chest as he holds my head.

After a few moments, daddy pulls my head back and kisses my forehead. I know I threw him into a sexual frenzy when I told him to make his own daughter pregnant. I know he is now scared of what he might have just done.

“I’m still on the pill, daddy, don’t worry.”

He smiles and a brief sigh of relief escapes his body. He says nothing but holds me close as we fall into a deep sleep.

I wake up about mid-morning lying next to my daddy. He is on his back and it’s obvious that even with all of the intense fucking we have done the past few days, his cock is still ready for more as he is sporting a huge morning erection. I can’t resist it. I also can’t think of a better way to wake up my handsome daddy.

I carefully move away from the shoulder that my head was sleeping on to get down beside him with my head near this perfect cock. Looking at his face, I let my tongue slowly bathe his hard shaft. Licking it in small soft strokes to see how much it will take to wake him. I get such a thrill just from feeling this man’s cock against my soft tongue. His cock is so hard. The veins on his shaft make it look so rigid and strong. But it feels so soft as I touch it so intimately.

Daddy squirms a little in his sleep as my mouth tongue continues to lick and tease him. I decide to grow bolder and take the head of his cock into my wet mouth. I swirl my tongue around his cock head before taking as much as I can into my mouth. I glance up to see his eyes wide open now. I let his cock slip from my mouth momentarily.

Stroking it lovingly with my hand, I say, “Good morning, lover”.

“Oh God, Mel, you sure know how to wake a man up ... in more ways than one!”

“Well ... now that you’re awake, lets see if there is anything left in my dear daddy,” I say grinning.

Taking his cock back between my lips, I begin letting my mouth take as much of this hard cock as it can. I begin to slowly bob my head so that his cock is fucking my mouth, or is my mouth fucking him? It doesn’t matter because his throbbing cock is right where we both want it, deep in his daughter’s wet sucking mouth. My hand caresses his cum filled balls. They feel so huge in my small hand. My mind keeps remembering that this is where my life originated. My existence in this world is the result of these sexy balls producing the one sperm that made my mom pregnant.

In that moment, as I worshipped my daddy’s gorgeous cock and balls, I begin to understand my true feelings for this man that is so important to me. This is the man that brought me into this world, the man who works hard to provide a home for me. This is man who sacrifices so that I can have the things I need and want, the man who will give up his own life in a blink of an eye to save mine.

This is not my true lover; this is my father. But we will be lovers for at least another day. I want him to know I will do anything to please him even though he asks for nothing. We will enjoy each other completely for another day and night before I return to just being his little girl again, much closer than we ever were before, but still his daughter.

My mouth slides down as far as I can go on this big cock. I can take most of it but not all. I curse myself for not being able to feel all of it in my mouth and throat. A fleeting daring thought causes me to smile wickedly to myself as I think, ‘maybe another day.’

Daddy begins to hold my head and thrust upward, meeting my mouth as it descends.

“Mel honey, I’m about to cum, baby!”

Looking into his eyes he can see that I’m not going to release his manhood from my mouth. I want to feel his cock explode and fill my mouth with his thick cum. Just as his movements and breathing become more urgent, I begin stroking the base of his cock and hold as much of his shaft in my mouth.

“Here it comes baby ... oh my God yes ... I’m cumming nowwwww ... ohhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd yesssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkkk!”

His cock swells and I know he is so close. I let go of his shaft with my hand and wait for the explosion to occur. Suddenly I feel his cock jerk; my mouth is instantly filled with thick sperm. I begin trying to swallow, but I can’t keep pace with the flow of his cum erupting continuously into my mouth. I pull my mouth back until just the head is inside and let him finish squirting his cum into his baby girl's mouth.

His cum is sliding down my chin and dripping onto his balls, I can’t swallow fast enough. As he begins to relax from his tremendous orgasm, I slowly and carefully clean the remaining cum from his shaft. I know it’s sensitive now so my licks are very soft and dainty. I hold his cock so that the base is against my chin and begin to wipe his cock all over my cheeks and forehead. He just moans as he watches me perform such a slutty act with his cock.

I move up his body to get close to his face. I know I have his cum still on my lips. I feel so nasty at this moment that I lean to kiss him deeply. Surprisingly he doesn’t resist and returns the kiss just as deeply. I find it so erotic that he will taste his own cum from my lips and mouth.

“Lets go take a shower and get something to eat, baby.”

“Only if we can take one together,” giving him a devilish smile.

“Girl, you are insatiable! It may be awhile before I can be of any use to you,” he says with a smile.

“I just want us to wash each other, daddy. I just want to feel you touch me all over. Then I want to touch you the same way. I just want us to share as much time together as we can.”

“I’m all yours today and tonight, little one.”

We walk to my parent’s adjoining bathroom and step into the shower together. We take our time washing each other carefully. No wash clothes for this bath, only our hands will do. I feel his hands touching every inch of my body so gently. It feels like he is worshipping my body just as I had his earlier. His fingers linger over the more intimate parts of my body. I feel his fingers work their way inside my pussy gently. Then his fingers brush over my tight little asshole before slowly inserting one finger. I turn to look at him with a little fear in my eyes. I’ve never had anything in my tight ass other than one of my own small fingers inside.

He smiles reassuringly and says, “I won’t hurt you ... I can see you’re very tight.”

He then playfully gives my ass a quick spank.

“Ohhhh daddy, are you going to spank me now for being such a naughty little girl?” I say in a sexy tone.

“Maybe later, baby girl ... depends on just how bad you are today,” he says with his own wicked smile.

I then proceed to wash his strong sexy body. I take my time feeling every inch of this man. I pray that one day my own husband will look this fucking hot! After washing his front very lovingly, I have him turn to finish this very pleasant task.

My hands quickly wash his back and his legs. It is not that I don’t want to spend more time with them. What I want is to spend as much time holding and caressing this sexy tight ass that is right in front of me. My fingers take their time washing and loving each cheek. I then slide my fingers between the cheeks. A finger touches his tight asshole. With a devilish smile, I begin to slowly work that finger into his ass. He turns to look at me the same way I had looked at him before.

“Don’t worry, daddy, I won’t hurt you. I can see you are very tight too,” I say with a big humorous smile.

He just rolls his eyes while smiling and shaking his head. I then slap his tight ass cheeks a few times.

“So have I been so bad that I deserve a spanking?”

“Not yet! But you will always be my ‘bad’ daddy,” I say very softly, as I wrap my arms around this man I adore.

We quickly get out of the shower as the water is beginning to turn cold. We take some time drying each other and taking opportunities to steal a quick intimate feel of each other. Walking downstairs together, we go to the kitchen to fix a breakfast together. Daddy reaches for a bowl and then a box of cereal.

“Stop right there, mister. I am going to fix you a REAL breakfast. You’re gonna need a lot of energy today buster.”

He just rolls his eyes and smiles at me. I tell him to put something on and go get his newspaper from the box at the end of the drive. After he returns, he holds the newspaper in front of him, but I can see that he is just watching me while I cook with just an apron on. My sexy little ass is exposed for his viewing pleasure and I don’t hesitate to show it off for him.

We eat what turns out to be breakfast and lunch at once. There are a few chores we need to do and then we will have the rest of the day to play together. I wash all of the breakfast dishes. Then, I gather up the little bit of laundry that needs done. I instinctively remind myself that the bed linen we’ve been so intimate on needs to be changed and washed tomorrow morning. My daddy vacuums the downstairs while I gather up the trash to take outside.

We then decide to spend some time out by the pool working on our tans and swimming. Daddy takes his time putting tanning oil all over my body. His touches always seem like the first time. My body reacts with lust each time he touches me now. I return the favor after he finishes with me. I take my time just as he did with my body. I especially take my time oiling down his cock, which grows hard in my hands. But I know he needs a break from sex right now as he has already used this magnificent cock quite often in the past two days.

We both drift to sleep off and on as we lounge around in the sun for a few hours. I then get up and decide to jump into the pool to cool off. Little did I realize just how much hotter things would become for me. I jump in so that the splash of the water gets my daddy wet.

“I think you did that on purpose, little girl!”

“Who? Me?” I say smiling very innocently.

“Yes. You! Now bring yourself over here this instant, Melissa.”

Daddy jumps in the pool and waits for me to swim back over to him. He grabs my arm and walks me to the shallow end of the pool.

“I think you deserve to be punished for being so bad.”

I can easily see his throbbing hard cock sticking out at me as we reach the end of the pool. He tells me to bend over and place my hands and arms on the side of the pool so that my tight little ass is exposed. Standing beside me, he rubs over one of my ass cheeks. I look back at him while biting my lower lip.

He looks down at me and says, “You deserve this little one. You deserve a good spanking for being such a bad girl.”

He then swats my ass cheek easily.

“Ouch, daddy!” I say unconvincingly while smiling.

He spanks the same ass cheek somewhat harder now.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Ohhh God, daddy ... that hurts!”

He looks closely at my face to see if he has gone too far with this. I let him know with my eyes that I don’t want him to stop. I want more!

“If you think that hurts ... ”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! ...

Daddy alternates spanking each of my ass cheeks. I am somewhat shocked that he is doing this to me but find it incredibly erotic as well. His spanking is rather firm and hard but nothing close to actually hurting me or causing bruises. After spanking on one cheek, he then rubs it gently before moving to the other.

After a number of minutes, daddy stops the spanking and moves behind me. I can feel his hands on my sides. I then feel the head of is big cock pressing against my very wet opening.

As he pushes deeply into my cunt, he says, “Since you took your spanking so well, I think you deserve a little reward.”

I turn my head to look back at him with intense lust in my eyes.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck my naughty little pussy. Oh Goddddd, fuckkkkk meeeeeee, DADDYYYYYYYYY!”

I almost pass out from the intense orgasm that comes over me. The erotic spanking and now this incredible feeling of my daddy’s big cock just overwhelm me completely. He begins thrusting into me with long and hard strokes. I can hear the water of the pool splashing, as his body slams hard into my well-spanked ass. His balls are now spanking my clit that is so hard and sensitive. Daddy drives his cock harder and harder, faster and faster.

Suddenly daddy stops and moves to the edge of the pool to sit down. His cock is shining with my pussy juices. He lifts me facing him and situates me so that my pussy is lined up with his shaft. He lowers me and then pushes my body down so that I’m completely impaled on his erection. We begin to kiss passionately as he assists me in rising and falling onto his cock. It feels bigger than ever inside me as our tongues dance together. I have no idea how many times I have cum riding this man’s cock. We fuck like the world is about to end. He then wraps his arms around me and pulls me tightly too him. My nipples are pressing hard into his chest.

“Damnnnnnnnnn, Melissa ... I’m going to fucking cummmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhh fuck baby girl ... gonna fill your fucking tight pussy with my cum right nowwwwwwwwww!”

He reaches from behind to grab the top of my shoulders with each hand and pulls me down hard onto his cock. Almost immediately, I can feel his huge shaft jerk inside of me as he blasts my womb with his hot sperm. I can feel his cock spasm so deep inside me. He buries his face in my neck as his orgasm completely engulfs him.

I kiss his head lovingly. I know he is completely spent. He has given all he can and I just want to hold him now. We stay like this for a few minutes before getting up to grab our towels. He spreads the towels onto the ground so that we can lie together in the sun. We cuddle and just hold each other for a short time as we relax in our contentment.

After some time passes, daddy tells me it’s time for us to get up and get cleaned up. He tells me he wants to take me out on a dinner date. I love the idea and we both make a dash inside the house. He tells me to go to my own bathroom to shower and get ready.

I pout, saying, “I don’t want to shower without you, daddy!”

“Oh Melissa, its not that I don’t want to shower with you. I want you to go shower and dress up sexy for me to take you out on a date. I want to see you after you are ready and not before.”

I smile as I realize just what he wants. Now I want the same as well. I want to see my daddy just after he has dressed himself to take me out on a date. I think briefly about how lucky my mom is to have him. I also have a momentary feeling of guilt. I know she should be the recipient of all of this attention. She is his real lover. She is his wife. But I quickly push those thoughts and feelings away as he is mine for tonight at least before it all ends tomorrow.

I take a quick shower so that I can spend some time getting dressed so sexy for my daddy. I wrap a towel around my hair as I go to pick out just what to wear. I decide on a sexy black dress. I’ve always thought I looked so hot wearing black. After drying my hair, I slip on a pair of black lacy panties and bra. I begin combing my hair as I sit in my room in front of a mirror. I then notice my daddy standing at the door watching me. He looks so handsome standing there smiling at me.

I smile at him saying, “I’ll hurry up. Just give me a few more minutes.”

“Don’t hurry, Mel. I’m in no hurry to leave this spot. The view from here is so lovely.”

I’m almost in tears as I say, “Thank you.”

He walks over and hugs me gently.

“You know we can’t appear as lovers tonight. Too many people know us.”

“I know, daddy. I just want to be your daughter tonight. Your sexy daughter.”

“You will always be that, little one. You are my sexy daughter always.”

We spend the next few hours just enjoying being a father and daughter spending time together. We talk about things we normally do not. I feel like I can tell him anything now. I talk about my life and how much I want to go to college and find a husband to spend the rest of my life with. It is a special night for both of us that we’ll not forget anytime soon. The only intimacy that he shows me in public is a hug and a kiss on the cheek. But I feel more like a woman than I ever have in my life.

We arrive back home and walk into the family room. Daddy turns to me and takes me into his arms.

“I love you, Melissa.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

He gently brushes my hair back from my face.

“I wish we could keep being intimate together. I’m tempted but your mother will be back tomorrow and ... ”

“Hush, daddy ... it ends after tonight. This has been soooo special. It can only turn ugly after tonight. I know what you mean when you say you are tempted. I am as well. But we both love mom. I will always remember this weekend as when I became a woman. You have treated me just like I am a woman. I love you daddy. But you are my daddy, first and always.”

“And you are my very special daughter ... first and always.”

Daddy presses his lips to mine and we kiss like a father and daughter should.

“Now kiss me like your lover, daddy. Tonight you are mine and I want you right now!”

Daddy takes me into a tight embrace as we kiss with all the passion within us. After a few minutes, he takes my hand and walks me to his bedroom. As I stand beside his bed, he begins to slowly undress me. He takes his time to admire each part of my body as it is revealed to him.

“So beautiful ... so sexy. There will be so many broken hearts.”

He lifts me and places me on the bed. He begins removing his clothes as I watch him, the same as he watched me being revealed to him. Daddy moves onto the bed, over me and without a word spoken, he begins to make love to me like I’m his bride. He is in no hurry. He touches and kisses my body slowly and patiently. He kisses each finger. He kisses up my arms. He kisses down and back up my legs. He kisses me softly on my lips before moving his mouth to a nipple. He suckles on each nipple gently. His fingers play with the one he isn’t loving with his mouth and tongue. His mouth moves down my body to just above my pussy. His tongue extends to gently lick the folds of my cunt. I feel his tongue move over my clit. He makes passionate love to my now throbbing pussy. I feel the first of many orgasms for this night overtake me. His mouth sucks in the juices my pussy provides him.

Daddy then moves over me and kisses me deeply as I feel his cock push inside me. I wrap my legs around him. We fuck each other for a long time. We lose track of time. We’re two people who know no ends to our love for the other. His cock moves slowly within my pussy. It just feels so right. Everything is so perfect. After some time, I feel his thrusting become urgent. I hear him moan loudly as his cock pushes deeply and explodes inside of me. His cum feels so hot inside of me. I hold him tight to me. I feel so satisfied. I hold and stroke his hair as he begins to relax from his orgasm.

As we lay together in each other’s arms, we realize that this is not the end of the night.

At that moment, the phone rings. Daddy reaches to the nightstand to pick to answer it. We both know immediately who is on the phone. I was surprised mom had not already called tonight.


“Hi sweetheart, how is everything at home?”

“Hi honey, everything is going great here. Just relaxing in bed right now.”

“How is Melissa? Did she win her game?”

“Melissa is great honey. The team lost but she played a great game.”

“Is she home tonight? I bet she is probably out on a date tonight.”

“She stayed home tonight, baby. We went out earlier and got something to eat together and came back home to relax.”

“Well that surprises me. When was the last time she ever stayed home on a Saturday night? Hell, I figured she either had a date or would be hanging out with her friends somewhere.”

I can tell that daddy is struggling with talking to mom with me lying on the bed after having just fucked me. Here I am, their daughter stretched out on the bed he shares with my mom, well fucked and cum slowly leaking from my pussy onto the sheets she had changed before she left to go to my grandparent’s house. Daddy’s cock was covered with both of our drying cum. His face and mouth smelled just like my pussy as he tried to carry on a conversation with mom.

“Is Mel nearby? Can she pick up one of the phones?” my mom asks.

“Hang on and I will get her to the phone.”

I look horrified at my daddy. I start shaking my head mouthing “no” to him over and over.

He covers the phone and whispers, “Just tell her hello and that we went to get something to eat earlier,” which was true. Of course I am sensible enough to leave out the part about daddy fucking me silly when we got home.

“Hi, mom.”

“Hi, baby. Are you taking care of your daddy for me?”

What the hell kind of question is this! Is she reading my mind again!?

“Yea, mom ... I fixed him breakfast this morning ... ,” shutting my mouth before I really screwed things up.

“Well you never fix me breakfast, girlie.”

“I ... ahhh ... will sometime mom. I promise.”

“Are you okay, Melissa?”

“Yea mom ... just tired tonight. I think I’m gonna go to bed soon.”

I was becoming paranoid. Everything she said to me seemed like she knew what had happened here the past few days. Everything I said back to her seemed like I was telling on myself. I just wanted off the phone now badly!

“Okay Mel, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon when we get home. I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you too, mom. I love you so much.”

Mom pauses and I realize I sounded like I was buttering her up for something I might have done wrong.

“Okay ... goodnight, baby. Let me talk to your father again.”

Daddy takes the phone and I just stare at him hoping I hadn’t said anything wrong.

“I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon sweetheart. Sounds like Mel must be thinking about some new guy right now.”

“Maybe, honey, I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you, baby. Bye.”

Daddy looks at me and says, “Everything is okay. Your mom thinks you just have your mind on some new guy right now.”

Mom is a very perceptive woman. She CAN read my mind!

“Daddy ... It felt really weird talking to her. After ... well you know.”

“I know ... that is the main reason tonight has to be the end of it for us. One of us is bound to do or say the wrong thing eventually.”

“Yea ... I know, daddy.”

“Baby girl ... can I ask you a few questions. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. What ever you say will stay between us. We have been so open and intimate the past few days anyway, so I was just wondering if you would mind me asking a few things.”

“Well daddy ... it does depend on what you ask,” giggling and blushing, “a girl does have a right to keep a few secrets from her daddy.”

“Have you been thinking about ... having sex with me for a long time?”

“Over the past few years ... I have thought about you. I’ve always thought that you are very sexy and handsome ... you could say I’ve always had a crush on you ... but I never really fantasized much about us being intimate ... but I have a few times while ... playing with myself,” I say, blushing and embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby. After what we’ve done the past few days ... how could you ever feel embarrassed around me again?”

He reaches to hold my hand tenderly.

“Mel, do you ... masturbate often?”

“Yea ... well if you consider one or two times a day as ‘often’,” I say as I begin to relax talking about my private sex life with my daddy.

“I guess you just use your fingers?”

“That ... and a few odds and ends,” I say giggling.

“You know your mother masturbates ... so do I ... it is very normal even for adults. Your mom even has some toys that we’ve purchased here and there.”

“Oh my God! I never figured mom would use toys. Ahhhh ... can I see some of them?” I ask, curiously.

Daddy gets off the bed and goes to mom’s dresser. He takes a box out and brings it back over to the bed. We’re both sitting with the box between us in the middle of the bed when he lifts the cover from it. Inside I see various dildoes and vibrators, some quite thin and short while others seem huge. I also see what I guess to be nipple clamps. There are a few other things I don’t recognize as well. I reach to pick up one of the larger vibrators. It’s about ten inches long and quite thick. I look at daddy and a very nasty thought enters my mind.

I hold the vibrator to my nose and sniff it to see if I can smell my mom’s pussy on it. I even lick it seductively to see if I can taste her on it. Unfortunately, she must wisely clean her toys after using them. I then get an even nastier thought in my mind.

Holding the vibrator out to my daddy, I say in a cute but devilish voice, “Fuck me with it, daddy!”

“You want me to use your mother’s vibrator in your pussy?” he says with some amazement.

“Mmmmmmm yes daddy!”

“My God, girl, you are insatiable!”

“I just can’t get enough, daddy ... so fuck me or shoot me,” I say, laughing.

“Well I don’t think I could ever shoot you ... so I guess I better take the other option,” he says smiling with his own devilish grin.

Daddy takes the vibrator and has me lay back on the bed with my legs bent and spreads apart. He moves up beside me. Daddy places the tip of the vibrator at the opening of my soaked pussy. Slowly he begins to fuck me with it. Each thrust he pushes it just a little deeper than before. This thing feels so fucking big inside my little pussy. It is so wide that my cunt is stretching like never before. He keeps pushing deeper and deeper. Daddy takes his time though so not to hurt me. He knows without asking that I have never had anything this big inside my pussy before. Daddy lowers his mouth to suck and nibble on a very hard nipple. I hold his head to my tit as I moan appreciatively.

“Look down here, baby ... look how much is inside you.”

“Oh fuck! The whole damn thing is inside me!”

“Your mom likes it this deep inside her too. She is very tight just like you are so it takes time to get it all inside her. She normally needs me to help her like I’m helping you now.”

“Fuck me and make me cum like mom does with it ... please daddy ... fuck me with her toy!”

Daddy begins to move this huge vibrator, fucking me slowly with my mom’s toy. I’ve already fucked her husband. Now I’m fucking one of her private toys as well! He works it gently at first but slowly increases the pace of his thrusts. Daddy begins sucking my nipple harder, biting it firmly. My young body can’t take any more of this intense stimulation and I begin screaming out my orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, daddyyyyyyyyyy!”

My body is trembling from the intense pleasure I just experienced. Daddy slowly removes mom’s vibrator from my pussy as I try to catch my breath. He holds it to his mouth and begins licking my juices from it. I have a small spontaneous orgasm as I reach to grab my cunt while thinking that he has to taste some of his own cum too.

He puts the vibrator on the nightstand and moves the box to the floor. He moves to lie beside me. I move so that my head is resting on his chest with an arm draped over him. We’re both totally spent. Exhaustion overcomes us both now.

“Daddy ... thank you ... I know it has to end now ... I don’t want it to ... but I understand why.”

“Thank you, Melissa ... you made me feel like a young man again. I envy your boyfriends so much. You’re so special to me and always will be.”

Daddy reaches to turn off the lamp by the bed. We just lay together lost in our own thoughts as we both drift to sleep with mixed emotions about what has happened ... and what can happen now. Mom will be home tomorrow. Can we now resist each other after enjoying the intense pleasures of the past few days? Is this really the end of my love affair with my daddy?

Once again I look into Mark’s eyes deeply for what I hope will be there, my absolution and his love for me. What I see is lust. It’s obvious that he is very horny listening to my confession. I’m pleased that he isn’t calling me a sick slut and running out on me. But, behind the lust that I see so clearly, I wonder if the love is still there for me?

Chapter 4

I look at Mark and can tell he was getting extremely horny now. My own mind is in such turmoil that I begin debating with myself whether or not to relieve his need! What the hell is wrong with me! I begin to get very emotional because Mark is showing me no emotions, only lust. Don’t get me wrong. Lust is a wonderful thing with this man I love so dearly. But what I want so badly right now is for him to show me he loves me for who I am, not for how horny my confession makes him. I have to admit to myself though that I’ve made myself extremely horny from telling him my dark secret. I’m so confused with my own emotions. I force myself to continue telling him all.

I begin by telling him about that Sunday.

During the night while we both slept, I can’t stop myself from dreaming about daddy and I together. The dream seems so real, it begins to dawn on me just how dangerous my seduction and intimacy with my daddy can still be for my family.

In my dream, my daddy and I are waiting for my mom to get home. It’s Sunday afternoon and daddy and I can’t keep our eyes off of each other. We want each other so badly still. But, my mom is the reason it won’t happen ever again.

When mom arrives home and enters the house, daddy stands and makes an announcement to the family that he and I are now the husband and wife of this house. My mom stands there in shock looking at the two of us. My brother and sister are standing with their mouths hanging open. I quickly look up at my daddy, stunned and bewildered. What happened to our promise not to hurt mom or the family!?

Daddy walks to me and picks me up in his arms.

“My new wife and I will be in our bedroom. Caroline, you can move into Melissa old room. Kids, I still expect you to respect your mother but Melissa is now the woman of this house.”

Daddy carries me to ‘our’ bedroom and places me on the bed. He moves his body over me and begins kissing me passionately while his hand finds my pussy wet and ready for him. He begins to fuck me with his fingers while telling me between kisses how much better I am than his ‘old wife’. I look toward the door and see my mom standing there, tears flowing down her face as she watches her husband making love to her own daughter, telling her how much he loves her more than his real wife. My daddy never looks at my mom as he moves between my legs, places his hard shaft between my pussy lips and thrusts deeply into my tight young pussy. My mom stares in disbelief, hurt and anger.

Mom walks over to the bed. I can see the extreme anguish on her face and in her eyes. Before her on her own bed is the man she has cherished for over 20 years and the daughter she gave birth to just sixteen years ago, fucking as if it is so natural.

She says to daddy, “How can you do this to me, James! You can have this little tramp! She is nothing but a shameless slut and always will be one. I never thought you would hurt me like this you bastard! How many other young girls have you fucked over the years behind my back? It serves you right to end up with our whore of a daughter as your ‘wife’ now. You deserve each other!”

Daddy says nothing but just continues to fuck me like a machine. He doesn’t even acknowledge her presence in the room! What is happening to my family?!

“Mom ... please don’t leave us. This isn’t what I want. I don’t want you to leave us. I’m so SORRYYYYY!” I cry with my own tears running down my face.

“Listen you little bitch, you’re nothing but a cheap slut. You are no longer my daughter ... just the little whore that stole my husband from me. I don’t ever want to see you again!” she shouts turning to leave us forever.


I try pushing my daddy off of me. He won’t stop fucking me! His face seems blank. He seems oblivious to the destruction of his own family! I’m just a little slut for him to fuck! I’m the one that seduced him and now he just wants to fuck me instead of saving his family!


I suddenly wake in complete panic from my dream, jumping up out of bed to go after my mom before I realize I’ve only been dreaming. But this is no dream. This is my worst nightmare. Tears flow down my own face as I realize that no matter how wonderful this weekend has been, it can still cause just as much harm as well. My family can be destroyed just this easily because of my seduction. My impulsive nature could cause me to lose what is so precious to me, my family, just because I became horny.

I also fear that I’ll be haunted forever with unfulfilled lust for my daddy. How can our affair just end now? So many conflicting feelings and emotions overwhelm me. I cry softly to myself as I fall back asleep in the darkness of my parent’s bedroom.

With the sun shining into the bedroom, I’m not sure which one of us wakes up first. But I find myself looking into my daddy’s eyes as we lay beside each other. I clinch my lips together looking down at the bed as I realize, its over now. I look down at my body and can see the remnants of our passion dried on my body.

“Mel ... lets get cleaned up and get something to eat. We need to straighten up the house this morning before your mother gets home.”

“Okay, daddy,” I simply say.

I feel very strange with everything right now. I still feel excited over everything that has happened. But I also feel very sad that it is over. I also feel anger welling up in me. I feel anger at my mom. I don’t want this affair to end now. I want this to continue forever. But I have to stop because of my mom. I almost feel hatred for her at this moment. However, I remember the dream so vividly from this morning. Reality finally hits me. Mom is the one who should be angry! Mom is the one that should feel hatred! What have I done?!

“Mel, what’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing ... just trying to wake up,” I say to him, meaning more than physically waking up.

“Are you feeling ... guilty now?”

“Yea, daddy ... some. Daddy ... have you ever ... cheated on mom before?”

“Honey ... I can’t say I have been an angel over the years. I have openly flirted often with various women I’ve known. I’ve been to stag parties and strip shows. I’ve enjoyed a few stolen kisses and touches with a few women. But I have never had an affair with anyone. I’ve never been intimate with another woman behind your mother’s back ... until now.”

“That’s why I feel guilty, daddy. I know how bad I would feel if I found out my husband cheated on me. Now here I am, the other woman that you cheated on your wife with ... my mom!”

“Listen, Mel ... we can’t act any different around your mother. I know that might be hard for a few days. But we have to act the same around each other like always. Remember, your sister and brother will be here too. You can’t let them notice anything different either.”

“I know. It’s just hard right now. I guess I still want you so bad that I can’t ... ”

“Melissa! You made a promise to me!” He says very firmly which catches me by surprise and unprepared.

“I did promise ... I still promise,” I say meekly. “I know what can happen if I don’t keep my promise,” resigning myself to the idea that it really is over.

He puts his arms around me. A tear forms in my eye, rolling down my cheek. He wipes the tear from my face and holds my chin in his hand.

“I’m sorry I said that so rough to you, baby girl. There is just too much at stake now. Please remember, I love you. I always will no matter what. This weekend will always be special to me. It is something you and I shared that will remain ours forever. Don’t feel guilty. I’ll make it up to your mother in many ways. Just remember that we’re a family and we have to protect our family.”

I look up at him knowing he is right.

“Okay, daddy. I won’t let you down.”

I realize I need to block out all other feelings and focus on what I need to do now. If I don’t, I know I’ll slip up in front of my mom. I can never let that happen!

I look over at the nightstand and see mom’s vibrator still there from the previous night. I reach over to pick it up.

“I guess we do need to REALLY pick up around the house,” I say giggling and feeling somewhat better now.

He laughs at me saying, “Maybe we SHOULD make sure everything is in its proper place!”

“Hey! I thought you said it was over now?” laughing at the double meaning of what he just said.

“Get your little ass in the shower you bad girl,” he says chuckling and swatting at my cute ass.

After taking separate showers, I fix daddy a quick breakfast. We have much to do this morning to make sure the house is prepared for mom’s return.

We spend the morning cleaning up the entire house. We go room by room to make sure there is no evidence left of our weekend affair. I make sure all the sheets and towels that we fucked on are washed and dried, fresh linen put on the bed. Daddy makes sure that mom’s toys are cleaned and put back in place, out of sight.

After we are both convinced that there is nothing left to do to cover up our affair, we move to the family room and collapse onto separate chairs. I can’t help but look over at the couch where I touched my daddy’s big beautiful cock for the first time as his lover. I quickly push those thoughts from my mind. I can’t let myself think about that. I have to be strong and act normally. I have to keep these feelings for my daddy out of my mind. He is first and always my daddy now.

About mid-afternoon, we both hear mom’s car pull into the garage. Daddy gets up from his chair and moves to the door leading to the garage to greet his returning wife. I can’t bring myself to move from my chair. I just sit and stare blankly at the TV. My brother and sister practically run through the family room on their way to go upstairs. My brother says something to me while going past me but I’m not paying attention to anything at this moment.

I can hear my mom’s voice as she is coming through the door to the family room. She does not talk to me directly but I am aware that she is moving closer to me.

“Must be a good movie, huh?” she says teasingly to me.

I smile brightly at her and move to hug my mom tightly.

“Welcome home, mom. I missed you.”

“Did you stay out of trouble while I was gone?”

“Yea, mom ...,” cringing mentally at what is obviously a horrible lie. For a few moments I feel overcome with the guilt of being involved with my daddy’s infidelity against my mom. But, I keep my composure.

“Well it looks like you helped your father keep the house looking nice. I’m proud of you.”

She leans to kiss my lips in a motherly way. An image pops in my head. As she pulls her lips away, in my mind I see daddy’s throbbing cock approaching my lips. I quickly curse myself mentally for letting that thought happen. I must control myself!

Daddy helps mom unload the car and moves things up to their room. I have a sudden panic attack as I try to remember if everything is as it should be in their room. Again I curse myself for not controlling my thoughts. I can’t let her see me act any differently than before.

The rest of the day and night pass without any problems. My mom acts the same way when we’re around each other. This helps me to relax and keep my own thoughts under control.

It’s now past midnight. I’m alone in the family room for the first time today. My parents have already gone upstairs to go to bed. I sit in the same chair I was in when mom came home staring at the TV once again. After flipping through the channels and finding nothing of interest, I decide to go up to my room. As I reach the top of the stairs, I see the light shining from under my parent’s bedroom door at the end of the hall. I pass by my room and quietly walk to just outside their closed door. I want to know if they are talking about me. Is my mom suspicious of anything?

As I put my ear close to the door, I don’t hear voices. What I hear is my mom moaning in obvious pleasure. Daddy is fucking her. Sounds like he is fucking her like he has not had sex in days! I feel a sense of excitement that they are together as they should be. They should be fucking each other. Then I remember that for the past two nights, I was the one in that very bed getting fucked wonderfully by that same man.

I hear daddy moaning as well. He must be having an explosive orgasm inside my mom’s pussy. Filling her cunt with his sperm just as he has been filling mine the past few days. The sounds coming from their room are so recognizable to me at this moment. I can’t help but let my hand touch my own pussy. God, I am soaked! I quietly walk back to my bedroom.

After I throw myself onto my bed, I can’t help but reflect about where I’d been the past two nights. My mind instantly floods with memories of my daddy’s gorgeous cock. I see myself holding, kissing, licking, sucking and fucking his magnificent shaft. I try not to think about my feelings though, just the images. I just let the images roll through my mind.

One particular memory seems to stick in my mind at this moment. It was Saturday morning after our first fuck. I’m in my brother’s room looking for any trash that needs to be thrown out. I see tucked under the bed one of his dirty magazines that a friend of his had given him some time ago. I pull it out and flip through the pages. This one has pictures of young cheerleaders getting fucked hard by horny older men with big cocks.

“I didn’t know you liked that type of reading material,” daddy says slyly, standing at the door.

I jump momentarily from the surprise of his finding me looking at the nasty pictures inside my older brother’s dirty magazine.

“Well, it’s NOT my magazine, daddy!”

“I know sweetheart. I figured Sam had a few of these stashed away somewhere for his personal use.”

Pointing at what appears to be dried cum on a page, “Yea, VERY personal use,” we both laugh at each other.

Daddy walks over to me and looks over my shoulder at a blonde cheerleader getting fucked by a football coach as she leans over his desk in his office at school.

“That looks like fun. Don’t you think, little one?” he says with lust in his voice. His hands are feeling my ass cheeks as he stands behind me.

“Mmmmm, daddy ... can I be your little cheerleader?”

“Baby, you can be anything you want ... but right now I want you to lean over this desk and let me fuck your little pussy just like that coach is fucking that cheerleader.”

I lean over my brother’s desk and daddy quickly moves to line his waving cock up with my dripping cunt. He teases me for a few moments with his cock head, rubbing it along my wet slit before pushing it slowly into my willing pussy. He begins to drive his thick shaft into me long and hard with a steady rhythm. We both feel extremely naughty to be fucking in my brother’s room, on his desk! Daddy can’t resist asking me some naughty questions about my brother and me.

“Have you ever ... done anything nasty with your brother?”

I turn my head to look back at my daddy, surprised at his question as he continues to fucks me intently.

“Daddyyyyy ... why are you asking me about Sam? You don’t think I would be fucking anyone in my family? Do you?” I say with a devilish but cute grin.

“Its okay baby ... I can’t very well be angry, with my own cock buried in your tight little pussy at the moment.”

“Well ... if you must know ... we have ... played together alittle.”

“What have you two done together, baby?”

“We’ve ... touched each other. I used to jerk his cock off sometimes while he liked to finger fuck me. Sometimes he would put his cock on my pussy and rub it against my mound ... I ... sucked him off a few times too. All of this happened a few years back.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl.”

“Bad only for you now, daddy.”

“I bet your brother wishes he could be right where I am right now!”

“Daddy, what would you say if you caught me fucking Sam now?”

“I’m not sure, Mel. I think I would wish I could be fucking your gorgeous young body at the same time!

“Oh, daddyyyyy ... you’re fucking me so good right now! Fuck me harder ...ohhhhh, yesssss ... right here in Sam’s room! Imagine you’re watching Sam fuck me right now! Oh Godddddd, yesssss!”

Daddy begins slamming hard into my body. I feel his cock jerking as he begins to fill me with his hot cum one more time. The image of his daughter sucking off and fucking his son takes daddy over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhhhh dammmmmmmmmm, yessssssssss! I could fuckkkk youuuu foreverrrrrrrrrrrr!” he says loudly.

Returning to the present, lying in my own bed, my mind remembers how great it felt when daddy’s cock was filling my pussy to overflowing with his sperm. My fingers are buried deep in my throbbing cunt as I experience a tremendous orgasm of my own. It isn’t surprising that I fall asleep after fucking my pussy with my fingers, imagining it was my daddy again deep inside me. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted after what has been the wildest weekend of my life so far.

After that Sunday, the new week goes by without incident. I actually am able to push my feelings for my daddy out of my mind most of the time. The erotic images occasionally fill my head. But it is becoming easier for me to deal with the emotions and lust that those images generated. The guilt of being involved with my daddy is slowly fading. I still play with my pussy remembering the past weekend though. I begin thinking though that it would soon fade into the recesses of my mind as well.

During the week, I ask my daddy several times if he thinks mom is suspicious of us.

“Do you think mom ... suspects what we did over the weekend?

“She isn’t acting any different and neither am I when I’m around her. You are doing a good job too, sweetie,” he says pushing the hair from my face. This simple act of his revealing my face to his gaze stirs memories of our intimacy. We were true lovers. I can remember how he looked at my face so lovingly. He was in love with me then. Maybe he still is? Maybe he still wants us to be lovers?

Several months pass though without anything happening between daddy and I. My mom never suspected anything from what I could tell. Occasionally, I would find myself remembering that weekend and wishing for more of the same. But I don’t act on my impulses. Several times I find myself cuddling with my daddy only to notice him get an erection, but this has happened before over the years a number of times. I don’t act on my impulses no matter how strong they are at times. But as time passes, my impulses grow stronger and stronger. The guilt of that weekend fades to the point that it does not preoccupy my mind. I begin getting friskier around daddy to tease and try to arouse him, if only innocently. Daddy starts to become more physical with me also. This only encourages me to tease and flirt with him more and more as time passes.

My mom can see some of this playfulness between daddy and I but it’s nothing alarming or new to her I’m sure. We’ve always been very close as a father and daughter. If anything, my mom seems to be happy that daddy and I are so close. I think any jealousy she may have is directed toward my daddy instead of me. I think mom misses not being close with me like daddy. Mom and I have never been really close because of our personalities. She still intimidates me like no one else can. I find myself being very careful what I say and do out of fear of getting a lecture from her on why I shouldn’t do something. It’s different with daddy because he lets me get away with so much.

One evening a few months after our sex filled weekend, daddy and I find ourselves alone for the evening. Mom is out of the house at some meeting and my bother and sister are at friends’ houses. We have not been alone together for an extended time since that weekend. We’re nude as we usually are in the evenings when there is no one but our family home. A movie is about to come on that we both want to watch. I run to the kitchen and microwave a bag of popcorn. After grabbing the freshly popped bag, I run back into the family room to sit on the couch with daddy. I tease him by tossing pieces of popcorn at his mouth. It becomes a game for each of us.

I feel wonderful as we just enjoy being with each other not caring about anything else. It feels like we’re the only two people that exist. I grab a small handful of popcorn and throw it gently at my daddy’s face.

“Melissa! Now you have popcorn everywhere!” he chuckles.

“Let me clean it up, daddyyyyy,” I say playfully in my little girl voice.

I reach over his lap to pick up pieces of popcorn off of the couch. My bare tits brush against his chest and arm. After a few moments, I glance down to see his cock growing hard quickly. Immediately I feel that same impulse I felt that Thursday night when I first touched my daddy in a purely sexual way. I feel a strong impulse to touch his cock. My mind quickly rationalizes that we’re alone and no one will ever know.

I lean back so that I’m sitting on my legs facing my daddy on the couch. There are pieces of popcorn in his lap. I can’t resist the impulse. I have to do this. I need to do this. I’ve missed it so much. No one will know. It’s so beautiful and so hard in front of me. I have to touch it. I have to have it ... now!

My hand moves to his lap and picks up a piece of popcorn. My hand intentionally brushes against his cock. He doesn’t react or try to stop me. I can see his cock begin to throb as it stands up away from him. I reach back for another piece of popcorn, letting my hand linger as it touches his beautiful shaft. I feel bolder now, as I know he isn’t doing anything to stop me. We both know what I’m doing. It is no secret now.

I move my hand back to the base of his cock. I wait just for a few moments. I know he wants this just as bad as I do now. I boldly lower my head and lick the side of his cock from the base to the sexy head. My lips move over the head to take him into my mouth. I’m in heaven again! I begin to work my mouth down his cock slowly taking inch by inch.

“Oh fuckkkk! We can’t do this, Melissa!!!”

I remove my mouth briefly from his cock. I look up at my daddy’s face with my hand wrapped around his mighty cock letting him know it’s mine for now. I know he can see the intense lust in my face and eyes.

“No one will know, daddy.”

“Oh my, God ... we shouldn’t ... ”

Moving my mouth back over his cock, I begin to make love to my daddy just as I had that weekend several months ago. I worship his cock like a long lost lover. I take more of his cock into my mouth than ever before. I’m determined to take him all the way this time.

“Damnnn you, baby girl!!! Suckkkk meeeeee ... ohhhhh fuckkkkkk!”

I noisily suck his cock deeper until I feel the head enter my throat. I’m determined not to stop there. With several bobs of my head I feel his balls against my nose.

“Shit baby girl!! You have the whole fucking thing in your mouth!!”

Moving my mouth away from his shaft, I straddle his lap.

“Now I want the whole fucking thing deep in my little pussy!”

I move my hips until I feel the head of his huge wet erection at the entrance to my wet hole. Slowly I lower myself until his cock is buried completely inside my cunt. I feel so full with his thick shaft inside me. I feel so much lust. I wrap my arms around my daddy’s head and we begin kissing like lovers again. So much passion flows from both of us, from both ends of our bodies.

We fuck each other with so much intensity that I know he can’t last long. I feel his cock swelling inside me.

“Fuck me, daddy! Fill me with your hot cum!! Fuck me hard and fill me with your hot fucking sperm!!!”

He can’t take anymore as his cock explodes from the feel of his daughter fucking him so intensely.

“Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, yessssssss, babyyyyyyyyy”

I can feel his sperm fill me deeply until I can’t contain it any longer. I can feel his cum leaking onto his lap from around the tight fit of his cock. My own strong orgasm overwhelms me as I bury my face into his neck. I scream loudly into his neck as my pussy spasms intensely around his cock. After a few moments, we pause to catch out breath. His cock softening but still buried inside me.

“We need to clean up baby. Your mom could come home at any time.”

“We still have some time, daddy dear. And I want you to clean me up yourself!”

“Baby we can’t take a shower together. It’s too risky.”

“Daddyyyyy, I want a different kind of bath.” I say wickedly.

“What do you mean?”

I move off of his lap to sit on my own towel on the couch. I prop my feet on the edge of the couch lewdly spreading my legs.

Looking at my daddy intently I say, “Clean me.”

Daddy looks at me confused for a moment before realizing what I am telling him to do. He looks down at my well-fucked pussy leaking his hot cum. Surprisingly, he says nothing but gets off the couch and onto the floor, moving between my legs. He moves his mouth close to my steaming cunt before looking up at me.

“Please, daddyyyy, I want to cum again, pleaseeeee?”

Daddy moves his lips over my wet hole and sticks his tongue inside. He licks at his cum that is flowing from my used pussy. His tongue moves up and down my slit to catch all of his cum that he can. I bite my lower lip and moan loudly as my daddy eats his cum from my naughty cunt.

“Ohhhhh Goddddd, daddyyyyy! I’mmmm cumminggggggggggg!!!”

Humping my pussy against his sucking mouth, my body is consumed with an orgasm that causes me to almost pass out. I continue moaning loudly as my body stiffens from the intensity of my orgasm. Daddy knows my pussy and clit are extremely sensitive now so he moves his mouth away. He moves up my body until we are face to face. I can see our mixed cum all over his lips and chin.

“I saved you some little one,” he says in his deep voice before beginning a long passionate kiss.

His tongue dances with my tongue as our mixed cum is sliding from his mouth into mine. He is my lover again! He is mine again! This will not be the last time either. I know I will have him again and again. We kiss deeply for a few minutes before we both separate knowing we need to get cleaned up.

“We have to be careful, Melissa.”

“I know. We will be careful. I want more, daddy.”

“I know I can’t resist you now. We’ll have to be very careful.”

We jump up and quickly move upstairs to shower separately. We easily get through our showers and get back downstairs before mom gets home. She arrives about an hour after we get back downstairs on the couch together. The movie that we intended to watch is about over when she walks into the room from the garage.

“Did you two enjoy yourselves?”

Intense fear strikes me momentarily before I realize that she is asking us if we enjoyed the movie.

“Yea, mom, the movie was really great.”

Suddenly I feel tremendous guilt again for once again being a part of my own daddy’s infidelity. But the wonderful feelings my pussy still feels overcomes that guilt quickly.

“I think I am ready for bed, James. Are you coming upstairs with me?”

Daddy gets up from the couch. After leaning down to give me a quick fatherly kiss and telling me goodnight, he climbs the stairs with my mom.

“I hope he has enough left in him for mom,” I think amusingly to myself. “I hope he brushed his teeth!” I think in horror before realizing he isn’t that stupid.

The next evening, daddy asks me to ride with him to the grocery store to pick up a few things. As soon as we pull out of the drive, I slide closer to him so I can reach over to feel his cock through his pants.

“Melissa! Be careful! Someone might see us!”

“No one can see my hand, silly.”

“Mel, we have got to be very careful. You know what will happen if we get discovered by someone.”

“I know. That’s why we need to plan things some.”

“Plan things? How do you plan fucking your daughter behind your wife’s back?” he says incredulously.

“Maybe we can get a motel room sometime and then we don’t have to worry about being walked in on or something.” I say smiling devilishly as I massage his hardening cock.

“Damn, baby girl. You’re going to make me cum in my pants!”

“Then I guess I better take it out and drain it properly,” I say as I unzip his pants, reaching inside to pull it out which proves to be somewhat difficult because of the size of his erection.

I look behind us to see if anyone is close enough to know who we are, feeling at ease I lower my head to take his cock deep into my mouth. I feel so wicked to be sucking daddy’s cock while he is driving down a road we have traveled many times before. It doesn’t take long for my mouth and throat to work over his throbbing cock to cause his balls to explode and flood my mouth with his thick cum. I swallow his precious sperm as fast as he squirts it from his handsome cock. Licking the residue of cum from my lips, I put his softening cock back in his pants and zip them up.

“Daddy, is anyone behind us now?” I ask before raising my head, not wanting anyone to see me appear all of a sudden from his lap.

“It’s all clear, baby.”

I then act on another strong impulse.

“Daddy, get us a room somewhere for this Saturday, pleaseeeee?” I say with a childlike voice.

“Are you serious? Do you know what you are asking?”

My scheming mind is working overtime now.

“Yes, daddy ... if we get a motel room somewhere out of town, no one can see us. No one would find out about us this way.”

Obviously daddy is very reluctant to go along with such a crazy idea. But his desire to fuck his daughter again, without fear of discovery, pushes him to consider doing what he knows he shouldn’t.

“Okay, little one. But we’ve got to be careful! Doing this was very dangerous itself. We can’t get discovered or we’ll both pay a big price. I don’t like cheating on your mom like this. But I just can’t resist you anymore.”

As we’re returning home, we both struggle quietly with our own guilt for this affair that should have been over with a few months ago. Yet here we are planning an afternoon of sex together for the coming weekend.

The next few days go by with me very excited about this coming Saturday. I get to have him all alone for the afternoon! Daddy tells mom that he is taking me to see a softball pitching coach this Saturday afternoon for a private lesson. She asks for a phone number, but daddy just tells her to call him on his cell phone if she needs him since we will be outdoors anyways. I can tell daddy feels very guilty for lying to mom so he can get away to fuck his daughter. I feel guilty that we both are deceiving my mom so we can feel the intense pleasures that are only meant for them as a husband and wife.

Saturday morning finally comes and daddy and I set out for a town a few hours away. After we’re far enough from our home, I move to snuggle next to daddy as he drives us to our illicit meeting place for an afternoon of incestuous sucking and fucking. I can’t help but hold and rub his cock as he drives us to our motel room. I feel the excitement build as we get closer and closer.

When we arrive at the motel, daddy tells me to stay in the car. He goes into the office to register for a night even though we will only be there for the afternoon. After coming back to the car, he drives us around to park in front of our room. We get out of the car and quickly glance around to see if anyone is watching us. An older man steps outside of his room a few doors down and watches us as we enter our room. He has no way of knowing that this is a father and daughter intending to fuck each other until they can fuck no more.

As soon as the door closes behind us, daddy expresses his concern about the older gentleman.

“I hope he doesn’t think ... ”

I don’t let him get anything else out of his mouth as I quickly wrap my arms around him and begin kissing him deeply. Pulling my lips back from his hungry lips, I try to ease his concerns.

“Oh daddy, that old man just wishes he could be you. He probably thinks I’m your young secretary that you have slipped off with for a hot afternoon fuck.”

“You would kill that old man baby with your hot young body,” he says smiling.

“What a way to go, huh daddy?” I say with a very sexy smile.

We spend the afternoon fulfilling both of our nasty desires. I do a strip tease for my daddy before he teases me with one of his own.

‘He needs more practice,’ I think to myself with a wicked smile.

We spend the next four hours performing every sex act either of us desires. Daddy fucks me in many different positions. I just let him use me as he pleases. After he fills my pussy with his thick cum the first time, I suck his cock hard again very easily.

During the afternoon, daddy enjoys the many treasures my body has to offer. He bends me over his knees and spanks my cute tight ass just like he did in the pool. He even finger fucks my asshole lubricated with my wetness. I return the favor to him as well. He tells me he wants to fuck my asshole someday, taking my anal virginity.

I also make him clean my pussy with his tongue once again. He shows no hesitation about licking his own cum from my well-fucked pussy. We both feel so wicked with each other as we perform acts we otherwise would not with someone else. We both feel free to try new and kinky sex acts with each other. The love between us now allows us to satisfy the other’s desires without being judgmental.

When the afternoon is over, we both are exhausted and smell like sex. We take a shower together and again daddy can’t resist fucking me from behind just one more time. When he finally has his orgasm, I barely notice any cum squirting from his shaft as he is now completely drained. We slowly dry the other’s body; stealing quick feels from each other before getting dressed. After checking closely to make sure we’re not leaving anything behind, we walk out of the room together. Looking around we see no one watching us. I put my arms around daddy’s neck and pull him down to me so his lips are close to mine.

“Thank you, daddy. This afternoon was wonderful. You made me feel so good.”

“I love you, Mel. You made me feel like a young man once again.”

I pause in my confession to determine how Mark feels about what he has just heard. Mark looks at me in astonishment. I know he is amazed at my confession to him. I’m hoping that he will understand that by telling him all of this, that I’m showing him how much I love and trust him. I at least feel more relaxed that he isn’t angry about my affair with daddy. All I see at this moment is a man filled with intense lust, listening to the woman he loves so much make her confession, a very erotic confession ... well most of the confession. But there is still much more to tell that will take him deeper into my dark secret.

“So are you still having sex with your father?”

“Babe ... before I answer that question, I need to tell you what happened after that weekend. Something really dramatic happens that changes my life completely. Then you will know it all.”

After he knows it all, everything, will I still be the woman he loves or just some perverted tramp?

Chapter 5

When daddy and I return home that evening, mom is there waiting to greet us. Of course she wants to know what all happened with the pitching coach. What could I tell her? She has never asked me these kinds of details before when I’ve been at softball camp or seeing a softball specialist.

Daddy answers in my silence, “The instructor worked with Mel on the pitches she already knew but wanted to improve on. She picked up some great pointers that will help her tremendously.”

Mom seems satisfied with his answers but I’m very nervous the whole time they are talking.

I go upstairs and take off the clothes I normally wear during softball practices. I toss them over into the clothes hamper and forget all about them. I would be doing the wash tomorrow anyways.

Turning on my CD player to listen to a CD I purchased yesterday, I lay back nude on my bed to relax for a bit. Lying back with my head propped on my favorite pillow and my eyes closed, I think about the tremendous sex that daddy and I had enjoyed that afternoon. We had done some very erotic things together. Some very kinky things as well! My fingers move over my body. I can’t resist touching my nipples as I remember daddy sucking and nibbling on them this afternoon. He seemed to enjoy chewing and biting on my firm tits. My other hand reaches to touch my soaking cunt. I can still feel some of my daddy’s cum inside my pussy.

I hear a knock at my door. I quickly sit up in my bed some and wipe the juices from the hand that had been touching my cunt.

“Come in.”

My mom opens the door and walks into the room.

“I just came to get your dirty clothes to wash. Are the clothes you wore while practicing today in the hamper?”

“Yea, mom. I’ll wash them if you want me to.”

“That’s okay. I’m washing some of your sister’s clothes too.”

My mind recalls that it was almost this same scenario about three months back that started everything between daddy and I.

I watch my mom walk over to the hamper and get my practice clothes from the hamper. Horror immediately strikes my mind!! My panties are probably soaked and smell just like I fucked all day long! Oh fuck!! There is nothing I can do!! She has already picked them up with my shorts and shirt! Mom looks over at me while I stare at her in horror. I don’t know what she makes of my stare at that moment though.

“What happened, Melissa?”

“What ... do you mean mom?”

“What happened to you? Why do you look the way you do?”

My mind struggles to come up with some answer to a question I’m not even certain of!

“I just practiced hard today mom. I guess I’m just tired and drained right now,” I say hoping that will explain any oddity in my appearance.

“Melissa ... you did not get love bites all over your tits from practicing softball,” she says in a very controlled voice.

I glance down in absolute terror at my tits. There are small bruises all over my tits!! Oh my God!! How do I explain this?!

“Mom ... okay, I let Brian ... well ... you know ... on our date last night,” I say blushing profusely hoping she will believe this lie.

“I guess it takes bruises longer to appear for you than for me. I didn’t see any sign of bruises this morning before you got dressed.”

“I ... guess so.”

“Honey, you know your father and I don’t mind if you have sex with your boyfriends. We don’t encourage it. But we won’t say anything to you as long as you are careful about sex. Mel, I’m not sure what you have been up to lately. Especially the past week, you have been acting differently and it really concerns me. Seeing bruises on your tits really concerns me. I want you to promise me that you won’t do anything stupid to hurt yourself.”

“I know this looks bad ... we just got carried away is all.”

“’Carried away’ as you call it is one thing, but when I see bruises, I think you got more than ‘carried away’. What really seems odd is that I didn’t notice them this morning when I saw you getting dressed. I guess I was just in too big of a hurry to notice while trying to get you and your daddy ready to leave this morning.”

I just sit on my bed in silence now out of fear that anything else I say will make things even worse. Mom looks at my clothes in her hands and then looks at me.

“These clothes seem rather clean for someone who practiced hard in them,” she says turning to leave the room.

I can’t think straight now. What does my mom think?! She did not accuse me of anything. But she knows something doesn’t add up! I should have washed those clothes myself as soon as I got home!! My God, what is mom thinking right now?

The rest of the evening goes by without anything else being spoken between my mom and me. I begin to feel some relief that she isn’t thinking that my daddy and I were fucking each other passionately instead of being tutored on my softball pitches. I begin to feel rather wicked at the thought that I can fuck my daddy behind my mom’s back and get away with it. She will never suspect that daddy is filling me with his gorgeous cock whenever we are alone together.

While sitting in the family room together around 11pm, my mom asks my daddy if he is ready to go to bed. They both get up off the couch together and tell me goodnight as they walk toward the stairs to go upstairs. Daddy turns to look at me as he climbs the stairs behind mom. He gives me a wink and a smile. I give him a cute sexy smile in return and move my hand up and down my naked thigh showing off for him. After they are upstairs for about 10 minutes, I quietly go upstairs. Moving slowly and quietly past my brother and sister’s rooms, I move up close to my parent’s bedroom door.

“Caroline, I’m just too worn out tonight. Lets just cuddle and get some sleep.”

“It appears you are quite worn out. You can’t even get hard for me.”

I quickly move away from the door. I think rather devilishly to myself that he gave me all he had this afternoon!

The next week goes by without my daddy and I having a chance to be alone like we had the past few weeks. I find myself getting extremely frustrated at not being able to fuck daddy’s big hard cock. I am also turning down dates and offers from friends to get together, hoping daddy and I can find some time alone.

On Wednesday, daddy asks me to go with him to the store to pick up a few things. Immediately I remember our last trip alone to the store and jump at the chance to go with him.

My mom then tells daddy, “I need you to do something. Let Mel go alone this time.”

I pout at my daddy when mom isn’t looking at us. He just shrugs indicating that there is nothing he can do.

While I’m driving back from the store, I decide to tell daddy that I’ll meet him in the family room about 1am after mom has gone to sleep, which is usually around midnight. This will give her an hour to fall asleep. Normally she falls asleep very quickly.

I tell daddy about my plan. He thinks it’s a little risky, but agrees to meet me at 1am since he wants to fuck my young pussy again.

After we all head upstairs to go to bed, I crawl into my bed and begin waiting for the clock to read 1am. My body becomes extremely excited at the thought of a quickie with my daddy downstairs. My fingers play inside my very horny pussy until I have a small orgasm. I am saving the big one for my daddy! When the clock finally reads 1am, I walk very quietly out of my room and toward the stairs to the family room.

A few minutes later, daddy appears at his bedroom door and walks carefully toward me. We walk quietly down them together. When we reach the bottom of the stairs, we stand together quietly listening for any noises from upstairs. The house is dark and quiet at this time of night.

After we hear nothing but the normal sounds of the house at night, daddy takes my hand in his and we walk through the dark family room toward the kitchen door. After we walk into the kitchen, daddy turns and pulls me to him tightly while we begin a long passionate kiss. My body responds to his touches. I can feel his cock getting extremely hard as it presses against my body while he holds me close to him.

I begin kissing down his body until his cock bumps against my chin. It is dark in the kitchen but I can definitely hear daddy’s moans as I begin licking the length of his hard cock. After licking the underside a few times, I let the head of his beautiful shaft slide into my wet mouth. I slowly begin to suck more and more of this hot cock inside.

We both are surprised when light begins shining from the family room under the kitchen door. Daddy quickly pushes me back from his cock, which is bobbing wet in the open. He pulls me up to my feet and points me toward the cabinet with the drinking glasses.

“Get a glass of water, fast!” daddy says in a hurried whispered voice.

Daddy practically runs to the refrigerator and opens the door. Just as he reaches inside for the jug of milk, the kitchen door opens and mom walks in reaching for the light switch. When the light turns on, she can see daddy standing in front of the open refrigerator with his back to her. She can also see me over at the cabinet getting a drinking glass out.

“Well you two have great timing I see,” mom says in her normal voice.

“Just getting something to drink mom.”

“I hope I did not wake you honey, I was thirsty as well and found Melissa headed down here too.”

“Well both of you need to hurry up and get back to bed. You have school young lady and you have to get up early for work mister.”

We both get something to drink while mom gets a glass of water as well. I can tell daddy is trying to stand in a position so that mom can’t see his shrinking erection. I feel terrified yet also excited that we were doing something illicit and got away with it again.

We all head back upstairs and head back to our rooms. Daddy turns to me as I look from my door and rolls his eyes at me. I know we took one hell of a risk just now. We were seconds from getting caught! If mom had not turned the lights on, she would have caught us. What is really weird is her waking up when she did. I begin to realize just how desperate I can be about fucking my daddy.

The only thing this night proves to be is extremely frustrating though. I am so desperate to be with my daddy again. Here I am taking incredibly desperate risks just to feel his gorgeous cock inside me once again. The desperation seems to grow from day to day making both my daddy and I more careless in how we hide our incestuous desires for each other.

Thursday does not provide us with an opportunity to be together. It seems like every time my daddy and I have a chance to be alone, mom is around. It seems as if she is almost going out of her way to prevent us from being alone. I know this is only my being paranoid. But the opportunities for us just are not there anymore it seems. I sense that daddy is just as desperate as I am to once again hold each other in an intimate embrace as lovers only can.

Lying in bed late at night, I realize that maybe tomorrow we will have an opportunity to fuck each other. School is out for a teacher in-service day. Mom will be at work and daddy will be off. If my brother and sister leave to see their friends early enough, we should have a few hours to make love to each other.

I wake up bright and early. After taking a long shower, I stand in front of the mirror smiling at myself because of my devilish thoughts. There are no thoughts about the harm I could be doing to my mom and family with my continued lust for my daddy’s cock. I have no thoughts about the perversion of assisting my daddy in his illicit incestuous affair, which can only end up hurting my mom eventually.

I go downstairs just before my mom leaves for work.

“Good morning sleepy head. You are up bright and early considering it is a day off from school.”

“Morning, mom. I don’t want to waste any of the day.”

“What do you have planned for the day?”

Immediately a tremendous feeling of guilt overwhelms me. All I have been able to think about the past few days is fucking my daddy. All I have done since last night is plan how he and I can be alone today so we can fuck and suck each other as long as possible. Now here is my mom, the person who gave birth to me and would die before letting harm come to me, asking me what my plans are for the day!

“No definite plans, mom. I may try to rearrange my room some. I have been thinking about doing that for awhile now.”

“Well don’t make a big mess of things. Some things are hard to put back the way they were if things ends up not working out as planned.”

Mom walks over to me and kisses me. She pushes my hair back from my face. She stares into my eyes for a few moments as if hoping to see something that should be there. Her look confuses me and I don’t know what to say to her.

“I love you, Melissa. I know we are not very close in many ways. But I love you and always will love you ... no matter what you do.”

She kisses me again and then heads to the family room to tell my daddy she is leaving for the day. I hear her tell him that she won’t be home until late afternoon at the earliest. My brother comes downstairs just as mom is leaving. She stops to tell him goodbye as well.

Once she is out of the door, I look at daddy and give him a sexy wink. I move toward the stairs and look back with a ‘follow me’ look. After I reach the top of the stairs, I look back to see daddy at the bottom. I move my lips saying that I will be in my room.

A few moments after I enter my room, daddy appears at the door. He stands there as if he is keeping an eye out for my sister and brother.

“Daddy, when Jessica and Sam leave to go to see their friends after lunch, we will have the house to ourselves this afternoon!”

“I know, baby girl ... but we need to be careful. We can’t leave any signs that we have been together.”

“I know, daddy. We will make sure we get finished fucking each other long before mom is to get off work.”

“Mel ... I really don’t like ... cheating on your mom. It just goes against everything she and I promised each other, years ago. I just pray that she never finds out about us or it will be the end of many things, including our marriage.”

“Don’t worry, daddy! She won’t know. I’m not going to tell her. So as long as no one sees us, then there is nothing to worry about.”

“Mel, it is amazing what I am risking just to be able to make love to you. I just hope and pray that our lust doesn’t destroy our family.”

After daddy fixes us some sandwiches for lunch, my brother and sister take off to see their friends for the afternoon. Daddy and I are finally alone. We decide to quickly get naked and then meet in the family room to begin out sex play for the afternoon. I grab some extra towels for us to lay on while we fuck our brains out just so there are no cum stains or wet spots left on the couches, chairs or floor. I plan to fuck daddy on everything this afternoon!

We both move over to the couch as we enter the room. Once we reach the couch, daddy grabs me in his arms and begins to kiss my open mouth deeply. His tongue dances with mine as our hands move all over each other. Out lips battle to stay together as we touch each other. Daddy’s hands massage my young firm tits while his thumb and forefinger pause at moments to pinch my nipples firmly. My hands are busy touching his throbbing erection. There is already pre-cum at the tip of this handsome man’s big cock. I let my fingers get wet with it as I begin stroking his erection.

Then my world ends.

Standing in the door that leads from the family room to the garage is my mom. My hands move quickly to cover my face in horror. Caught. Busted. Hands in the cookie jar, well on the cock anyways. I sit down on the couch before I fall down on it from my body going numb. I thought my world and quite possibly my life were over. Daddy remains standing but is speechless as mom begins talking.

“I kept hoping I was wrong about you two. But I can see I wasn’t.”

“OH MY GOD, MOM,” I begin crying, “I’M SORRYYY!”

Mom doesn’t respond to my tearful outburst. She purposely moves from the doorway across the room to a chair beside the couch.

“James, I think you should have a seat beside ... our daughter.”

Daddy sits next to me but not too closely. I feel nothing. Every emotion is drained from my body. My mom knows. My mom saw!

Mom sits down in the chair beside the couch leaving me between her and daddy.

“Caroline ... this is all my fault ... I should not ... ”

Mom puts up her hand to stop daddy from talking. Daddy immediately becomes quiet. After looking down at her hands for a minute, mom looks back up at us with a very sad face and begins talking to the both of us.

“I know this has been going on for at least a few weeks. I think I know the answer to my first question as well. Melissa, did daddy force you to have sex with him ... ever?”

“No, mom. Daddy never made me do anything! This is all my fault! I never should ... ”

Mom holds her hand up again to get me to stop talking. I immediately stop and cover my face again with my hands. Tears are still streaming down my face as I watch my mom. I can hardly breathe from the realization that my family is about to be destroyed just as I feared all along.

“How long?” mom asks.

“The first time was three months ago ... when you and the kids were at your parent’s house,” daddy tells mom. “We stopped after that weekend but ... we started back a few weeks ago.

“The trip to see the pitching coach. That was a lie so you two could go somewhere together?”


“I figured as much. Your clothes were not sweaty or dirty after a supposedly hard day practicing. Your panties were soaked with what I know from many years to be cum from having sex recently. The bite marks on your breasts were not from your date the previous night; they had to be from that same day. James, in all the years we have been together, the only times you have not been able to get hard for me is after a lot of sex. You could not get hard for me that night.”

I just nodded my head at my mom indicating that she is correct about everything. Daddy was doing the same. We both knew that this was mom’s time to say what she had to say.

“Wednesday, late at night when I came downstairs, I suspected then that you two were up to something.”

Looking at James she continued, “I watched from our door as you two went downstairs one after the other. I gave you a few minutes to get down there before I came down to see for myself. I turned on the light in the family room expecting to find you there together. Then I realized you must have either gone into the kitchen or outside. When I walked into the kitchen, I knew I had just interrupted something. I also noticed you trying to hide your erection.”

Daddy just nods looking down at the floor in shame for what she is revealing about her knowledge of our incestuous affair.

“I knew then that you two were fucking each other. I was furious when I realized it the other night. I wanted to slap both of you as hard as I could. I wanted to hurt both of you badly for hurting me the way you did. I remained calm though. I’m trying to remain calm now.”

I begin crying harder as I realize that she has been hurting for days with this. She has known for days! But then I quickly realize something that gives me a feeling of hope. She is not yelling at either of us. She is not throwing things at us. She is not trying to tear our heads off with her bare hands. She is talking to us. She is talking to us as a family.

“After knowing for sure what I had been suspecting since Saturday, I knew I had to confront both of you in a way that you could not deny it. I knew Jessica and Sam were going to see friends this afternoon. I knew the two of you would be alone together. I knew you would take advantage of the time to fuck some more ... So I told my boss that I wanted to get off early today to run some errands. I left work about noon and came home but I drove in using the back road to our property and parked out of sight. After I watched the kids leave ... I walked up to the house and waited in the garage. I peeked into the room a few times ... until you both came in nude. I gave you a few minutes to get started. When I peeked in again, I saw the two of you together kissing and touching each other ... and that is when you noticed me.”

Mom pauses and looks straight at my daddy.

“I love you, James. I love you with every thing that I am. I can’t even begin to imagine a life without you. But we need to talk long and hard about this ... but not now. Not in front of Mel.”

Mom gets me to look at her before continuing.

“Melissa ... you know what you have been doing is so very wrong. I think I can get past the fact that you were having sex with my husband ... What I am struggling hard with is that you helped your father to deceive me ... you lied to me. You conspired to have sex with my husband behind my back. You have done all of this without regards for how I would feel. Even if you did care how I would feel, you were dead set on making this happen.”

Mom pauses for a moment, “I have given you all my love since you were born. I’ve done what is necessary to make sure you have what you need in life. I know you are a very adventurous and daring girl. I have known that since you were very young. I knew there would be times I would have to step in to keep you from hurting yourself. You are a very intelligent young lady but you can be so stupid at times. You hurt me like no one else could. You threw my love in my face. It hurts me to say this, but I actually hated you the other night ... I hated my own daughter! But ... even in the heat of my hatred, I remembered one thing. One thing that will always win out over any other feelings I have for you. That one thing is ... I love you.”

She reaches over to take my tear soaked hand in hers. With her other hand she lifts my chin so I am looking into her eyes.

“Melissa, I love you baby girl. Like I told you this morning, I will always love you no matter what you do. You are first and always my daughter.”

I lean over to hug her tightly and begin sobbing loudly as I tell her how much I am sorry.

“I am so very sorry ... I let things get out of control ... I love you, mom. I won’t ever hurt you again as long as I live. I’ve hurt you enough to last a lifetime.”

“Be careful what you promise, baby girl. Make sure you can live up to your promises. Talk is cheap. Your actions will tell the story.”

“I know, mom. I know.”

“If you two ever do this again behind my back, there will be real hell to pay. I don’t intend to live my life looking for clues of you having sex when I’m not around. You both have to be careful or you will destroy this family. That is what is so important to me right now more than anything else, keeping our family together.”

Mom stands up from the chair and says, “James, I think we need to go upstairs and talk now.”

Daddy followed mom up the stairs. I just sat in the same chair my mom had been in while talking to us. What just happened? Are we still a family? Is mom just going to forget that his ever happened? Many conflicting thoughts flood my mind. But the one thing that occupies my mind the most is the fact that my mom now knows that I am nothing but a cheap slut that will go as far as fucking her daddy to satisfy her desires. For the first time I truly understand how I almost ripped my family apart because of my uncontrolled lust. Because I like to be adventurous, I almost destroyed my family. Because I like to be daring, I almost broke up my parents’ marriage. I may still have. What are they talking about now?

It is still only the middle of the afternoon. But all I want to do is hide from everything. My parents are still in their bedroom talking. I only pray that mom finds it in her heart to forgive daddy for what we have done. Mom told me she loves me still. But she did not say she forgives me. The only thing I know for sure about anything right now is that I need to stay away from them. All I can do is create more problems for them. Mom was very calm and controlled while talking to the two of us together. But how long can she control her hurt feelings when she is around me.

During the next week following my mom’s discovery of our incestuous affair, she is not outwardly angry when she was around me, at least not in front of me. But this whole affair put a bigger strain on what is already a strained relationship between my mom and I. I avoid saying anything to her over the next week or so. I do not want to get involved in a confrontation because I know it will kill both of us.

After about a week, mom and I get back to what I would call ‘normal’ for us. But it is like we are walking in a minefield when we talking to each other. She tries not to act differently around me but she makes little comments that are like little jabs at me.

On Sunday of the next weekend, mom and I are sitting in the kitchen together eating breakfast. I think that maybe I can start up a conversation with her and maybe put some hurt feels behind us. I make a statement about a friend of mine to her. My friend got caught sneaking out of her house in the middle of the night the previous weekend.

“Mom, do you remember Sally?”

“Isn’t she the girl that stays in trouble at school all the time?”

“Yea, well she got caught by her mom sneaking out of her house last Saturday night about 2am to go hang out with her boyfriend.”

“If her father was like yours then she would not have to sneak out.”

I know she hated herself for saying it because she just turns around and looked at the floor for the longest time. I leave the room and avoid her as much as I can for a long time after that. I know then that even though she loves me, she still has not forgiven me in her heart. The bitterness is still there. The hurt that I caused may never go away completely as long as she remembers my slutty acts against her marriage.

That turned out to be the worst of the comments she ever made to me. There are some others that were very subtle jabs but nothing quite like that one. After her comment to me, I find that I am now avoiding my mom as much as possible. I also start avoiding my daddy too. Not because I did not want to be around him. I am afraid my mom will think I am after him or that we are fucking again. Daddy has always taken me to softball practices and games even though I could drive myself. He has always been there involved with me with sports and other activities.

But I begin getting rides from friends so I would not be alone with him. I know he is upset about it but I am afraid I am really going to make a bigger mess of things if I am around either of my parents.

One thing made it even worse for me. I kept remembering the incredible sex I had with my daddy. He fucked me like no one else had at that point in my life. I occasionally found myself masturbating to the memories of the times my daddy put his gorgeous cock inside my mouth and pussy. I remembered the spankings. I remembered him eating my cum-filled pussy. The memories were wonderful. But the pain they caused us all would always consume me and cause me to avoid my parents even more.

I continue avoiding my parents to the point that we rarely see each other. Instead of sitting in the family room with them watching TV at night like before, I begin hanging out in my room or with friends. I am dating often during that time. But I do not have a boyfriend.

My daddy asks me one day if I’m upset with him.

“Sweetheart, are you mad at me now for what happened? I don’t like what is happening between us now. You never talk to me or want to be around me anymore.”

“Everything is cool, daddy. I’m just really busy with everything right now is all.”

This is a lie of course. But I did not want to discuss any of this with him then. I continue to make up excuses. I even help friends arrange parties and sleepovers just to avoid being with the two of them.

The next day, my mom walks up to me and she hugs me.

“I love you, Mel. Is everything ok, baby girl?

“I’m fine, mom. I am just really busy with things lately.”

More lies of course.

“Sometimes I wonder if I still have a daughter named Melissa because I never see her around anymore.”

I continue to avoid them though.

Another month passes with more of the same, I continue to avoid both my mom and daddy as much as possible. I literally hibernate in my room except for times when we have visitors and it would seem rude if I was not with my family. I continue to avoid saying anything to either of them even when I am with them. It is no secret to anyone what I was doing now. My brother and sister ask me at separate times if I am in trouble with our parents. My actions are beginning to put a strain on my family.

Then late one night while lying on my bed nude listening to songs on my CD player, someone knocks on my bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Mom opens the door and walks just inside the room. She is nude which is not unusual at all for our family at this time of night.

“Can we talk for a few minutes?”

“Yea, mom ... ”

“Come with me. All three of us need to talk.”

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to our bedroom. Your father and I want to talk alone with you. He is waiting on us there.”

I think, ‘Oh shit, here we go.’

My mom stood at the door until I walk past her and begin walking to their room. She followed right behind me. I walk into their bedroom; daddy is sitting up naked in their bed.

“Sit down beside your father ... so we can talk.”

Mom sits down with us on the bed.

“We know you are avoiding the both of us because of my finding out about you and daddy. I do not want this to go on any longer because it is hurting everyone.”

She puts her hand on mine and looks at me sincerely.

“It is okay ... what you and your father did. I only hated the deception and your disregard for my feelings. Your father and I have been talking tonight.”

I glance over at my daddy and it finally dawned on me. As I saw his body, I could see the unmistakable signs that he had very recently been fucking. I glance back over at mom and notice that her pussy also has the obvious signs of being well fucked. It’s very obvious to me now that they have been talking about our affair while they were having sex earlier!

Mom began talking to me again.

“I asked your daddy about the two of you that Saturday afternoon, when I found you and we came up to this room to talk. He opened up, explaining how everything happened. I was very upset with him part of the time. But what I realized is that what the two of you had been doing was not a threat to our marriage. James still loved me as much then as before the affair. Maybe more. I realized the sex between your father and I had been tremendous during the time you two were fucking each other.”

I look at her very confused concerning this turn of events. My mind is in complete turmoil over what she is telling me now.

“I forgave your father for what he did with you. It wasn’t really the sex that upset me, it was the deception and lies.”

Mom continues telling me about their relationship over the past few months. I am still not sure what happened between mom and daddy after they left me downstairs that Saturday afternoon to go upstairs to ‘talk’. But it did not seem to affect their relationship in a bad way at all. Turns out they are getting along fine together and all this actually seems to have sparked their relationship. I could not really see it because of my trying to stay out of sight as much as I could. She didn’t ask daddy about details of what we did until several weeks later.

They had talked in general about it though and she knew what we had done. They had talked in great detail about the affair over the past few weeks. From how she is describing it, I think the idea of daddy and I fucking, turns her on! When she realized that it was mostly my impulsive streak that got it going, she did not feel threatened anymore by me. She admits she was afraid my daddy would just go crazy and fuck me whenever he wanted now. That never happened though so she became more at ease with the idea of daddy having sex with me ... sometimes.

As she continues telling me about everything that happened between her and daddy the past few months, it became clear to me that she decided she wants to be a part of the affair in some way. The affair did not hurt daddy or me from her perspective. What seems to have hurt all of us was my decision to avoid them out of fear I would cause more problems.

“Mel baby, the sex the two of you had didn’t seem to hurt any of us. If anything it seemed to help your daddy and I become closer ... and more intimate together. I know the two of you had some exciting sex together. Your daddy has told me everything and it didn’t seem to hurt either one of you in any way.”

I blush profusely at realizing that mom knew about all the kinky things we did together. Then mom did something that completely stunned me. She reaches over and grabs daddy’s cock, which has grown extremely hard while we are listening to mom.

“If anything, it seems to have made him quite a stud in bed now,” mom says smiling at me.

Mom pauses for a few moments as she gathers her courage for her next statement.

“I would like to see the two of you together ... if you want to.”

At that point my mind is on overload. Did I hear my mom right? Did she just ask me to have sex with daddy again?! In front of her so she could watch?!

I guess mom could tell that I was speechless. She could also see that I had not gotten up and run from the room either. From this point on I am just basically doing what she says like I was a machine or something.

“Lie down by daddy.”

I did not mind doing this for her. I am growing extremely horny at the idea she is suggesting. But I am getting really upset that mom is just doing this to get back at me somehow.

Looking at daddy she says, “Show me what you did with her.”

Looking at me, she says, “If you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind.”

I said this more because I was scared what would happen if I said I did mind. I really did not mind, but I am just uneasy about my mom. I am basically doing what I thought she wanted me to do like I always have done because she has always intimidated me like that.

Daddy looks at me asking, “Do you want to suck my cock, baby girl?”

I look at mom closely and she just smiles and nods to indicate that she did not mind at all.

Mom sits on the bed watching me. I lean down and begin kissing and licking daddy’s cock ... in front of my own mom! I begin to worship his cock just like before. If mom wants a show, mom was going to get my best performance. I suck his cock deep into my mouth letting the head enter my throat. I cradle his balls in my hand as I work his shaft with my hot wet mouth. I can tell daddy is about to lose control and explode in my mouth. So can mom.

Looking at daddy, she says, “It looks like she is about to make you cum”

“Oh God, yes ... I’m about to cum in our daughter’s sexy mouth!”

Daddy lifts my head by my chin.

“Can I fuck you, little one?”

“Yes, daddy ... fuck me so mom can see. Fuck my little pussy just for mom.”

I move onto my back and daddy gets on top between my legs. He presses his steal hard cock against my dripping hole. He begins easing his shaft into my hungry pussy. I wanted this cock so bad over the past few months and now I was getting it again. This time in front of my mom ... with her blessing! I glance at mom and see her rubbing her clit with her fingers. She is getting off on watching her husband fuck their daughter in their marital bed!

Daddy fucks me for a few minutes before the whole situation makes him come close to reaching the point of exploding inside my pussy. While daddy is fucking me deep and hard, she reaches over and touches one of my tits, moving her fingers to pinch my nipple lightly. My body just could not process all this sexual stimulation from my parents.

I began the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. Daddy’s cock erupts deep inside me, filling me with a tremendous load of hot thick cum. Mom presses into both of us as she reaches her own equally intense orgasm while finger fucking her own cum-soaked pussy.

However, when it was over, I just start crying. I just completely lose it because I just know this was mom's way of getting back at me by trying to humiliate me.

Mom asks with obvious concern in her voice, “What’s wrong, baby girl?”

I just look at her hard and ask, “Do you still loved me?”

She takes me in her arms holds me tight saying, “I love you more than my own life.”

We just cuddle together for a while, her telling me that everything was fine and she was not mad at me at all. Daddy is running his hand through my hair and rubbing my arm saying everything is going to be OK and they just wanted me to know all was fine with them. At that point I am just physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I fall asleep in their bed between them while they hold me.

When I wake up the next morning, I discover my parents are already awake and have gone downstairs. I come down into the kitchen and see my mom alone. She hugs me tight and asks me to come back up to the bedroom with her. We sit on the bed and have a good long talk. She says she knew I was avoiding both of them and that was not healthy for any of us. She said what we did last night and what daddy and me had done before may not be healthy either. But it did not hurt any of us and as long as it is all consensual and done with respect for each other, that she and daddy were ok with it.

But she makes it clear that they are still my parents and I am not to try to take advantage of this in any way or there will be hell to pay. She says we can fuck like we did last night again if we all want to. But that the first time I try to take advantage of her or daddy or the situation that it will be over and I will pay the price. She says she loves me ... and that she forgives me. She says she would never hurt me if that was what I thought was happening last night.

Mom says the worst part for her the past few months is not that I had fucked daddy, but how it hurt daddy that I ended up avoiding him. She says he adores me and she can see that he has been hurting because I never want to be around him anymore. She says it hurt her as well that I never want to be around her either. It is like they had lost me. I told her I did it because I am scared that I’m going to create more problems if she sees me around daddy. She says she trusts me to behave with him and he has already made it up to her for doing this behind her back. I tell her then for the first time that I am sorry for having had sex with her husband behind her back and making so many lies to cover it up. She says she just wants it to be out in the open with us and to talk with each other and we will not have problems.

I look closely at Mark taking in all of this. I can tell this confession has had a very erotic affect on him. His cock is literally throbbing and demanding attention.

“Do you still love me now?”

“Mel, I love you so much. I need you so badly right now!!”

I know he needs to fuck me now. I know this has built him up to a boiling point and his cock needs relief.

“Lay on your back buster,” I say, grinning at him.

He moves onto his back and I slide seductively onto his body, straddling him. My pussy is hot and wet on his stomach. I can feel the head of his cock poking at my ass. I lean down to kiss him passionately. I then lift myself so that I can position the head of his rigid shaft at the opening to my cunt. I slide down the entire length of his big cock, moaning loudly as it fills me completely. As I begin to fuck my man, I decide to finish my confession.

“Mom was right about how thing would turn out. Things got back to how they had been with me and my parents except I was having sex in bed with my daddy once in awhile with my mom enjoying the show.”

“I can’t believe she likes watching you fuck your father! Oh God, baby your pussy is heaven around my cock!”

“That’s not all, babe. The next night I did lick her pussy to some incredible orgasms so daddy could watch. She has learned to join in with us while we fuck. Mom learned quickly just how to make her daughter’s pussy feel good with her incredible tongue.”

“OH fuckkkkkk, Mel! You and your mom?! Oh God yes ... that is so fucking hot! So is your damn pussy right now ... damn damn damn!”

“Oh fuck, babe ... your cock feels like it is spitting me in half! Oh God, babe ... my parents and I began getting together a few times a month on weekends in their bedroom. Mom and I began talking more and more about our sex lives, past and present. She revealed to me that they had been swingers before deciding to have children.”

“Your parents were swingers?!”

“Not ‘were’ babe, ‘are’ swingers,” I say, grinning.

“Of fuck it all, Melissa ... this is so fucking hottttt!”

“It seems they had been interested in opening up their sex life again. They had been swingers when they first got married until she got pregnant with Sam. Nothing had happened since then until I got involved with daddy. They did begin a sexual relationship with a couple that was in their early 30's about then. About a year later they became involved with another couple too.”

“Melissa baby ... I can’t hold it back much longer ... I’m going to fill your naughty daddy fucking pussy with the biggest load of fucking cum ever!! This is so damn hot, baby!!”

“Cum deep in me, babe! Fill me full of your hot fucking cum! Fill me just like my daddy does!!!!”

We both explode into the most incredible orgasm that either of us has ever had in our lives. Both of us scream out our passion as his cock blasts my nasty pussy with more cum than it can handle at once. My pussy throbs like it never has before in my life! We are sharing our nasty thoughts together as we share out greatest orgasm ever. As we collapse together against each other’s sweat covered bodies, we kiss gently enjoying this very tender and intimate moment.

“Mark ... now you know my dark secret. There are some other events you need to know about but we can talk about those later. I just want you to know that my daddy and I aren’t ‘lovers’ now. We just enjoy each other's bodies sometimes. I still love fucking and sucking my daddy’s big cock. Also, I enjoy licking and playing with my mom’s pussy as much as possible. I want you to know that I love you and will give this up for your love. I hope maybe you will accept this and become a part of it with me. I love my parents, but you are my true love.”

“Melissa ... I have to admit that all of this ... well it just blows me away! I am glad you told me though. I would have hated you if I found out any other way. Melissa darling ... I love you! Nothing changes ... except maybe MY sex life.”

“Do you mean you might like to ... fuck my mom?” grinning cutely at my sexy man.

“Oh God, YES! That would be so fucking HOT! Fucking your mom while you fuck your father!”

“Maybe we could try some kinky things together ... the four of us! Maybe do some kinky things like my daddy and I do sometimes?”

“Oh fuck yes! I don’t want you to give up what you have with your parents. It was not a threat to them ... so it should not be a threat to us. I want be a part of it with you if that is what everyone wants. The main thing I want you to know is that I love you and want you in my life now and for years to come. I know I am not asking you to marry me. But I do want you to make a commitment to be my girl. Please, tell me you will be mine?”

“Oh yes, Mark! I love you so much ... I will always be yours babe, first and always.”

The End

I wish to thank a very special person in my life that has helped me tremendously in writing my first story. He goes by the pen name “Emeritus”. Emeritus is an excellent writer and I have learned much from him. He has helped me by pushing me to write my story after we shared numerous emails. I thank him so much for all his assistance and encouragement. Also, I wish to thank the readers who have responded with their comments about my first story “Melissa Tells All”. Your comments were very gracious and I appreciate each one.