I recommend that you read my story, “Melissa Tells All”, before reading this story. Many of the characters in this story are introduced in my first story. Certain aspects of this story are better understood as well by reading “Melissa Tells All”. However, “Mark Tells His Story” stands on its own as a separate story.

This story is a continuation of Melissa & Mark’s relationship and how some odd twists of fate bring them both into some unusual situations with friends and family. This story is told from Mark’s perspective.

Chapter 1

My name is Mark and I want to tell you about how I almost screwed up a perfect relationship with the woman I love. Did you know that looks can be deceiving? I found out that they can be in more ways than one. I learned the hard way too.

Melissa is the love of my life. I can’t imagine life without this gorgeous and sexy woman. She is so full of life and love. When she walks into a room, her very presence commands attention. She gets more than her fair share of attention from guys. She is blonde, but not really, her brown roots peek out attractively, gorgeous face, full sensuous lips, lovely medium breasts, full hips and nice sexy legs. She can choose any man she wants. She is just that beautiful. She is extremely attractive but also extremely flirtatious. This gorgeous woman would make any man feel like the luckiest man ever if he could ravish her body just once. I am the lucky man that gets the wonderful gift of having her heart as mine.

Melissa and I are twenty-year-old students at a major university in the South. I share an apartment with Ronnie, a close friend of mine near campus. Melissa has an apartment she shares with two close friends as well. I am somewhat the opposite from Melissa in many ways. She loves being adventurous and daring. She will act on impulse to things that I would never initiate myself. I usually am very careful and try to think out things before jumping in too deep. This normally keeps me from getting into too much trouble. Melissa is the one who always seems to cross the line too far before anyone else.

But one time, even I went too far.

About a month ago, I asked her for a commitment to be my girlfriend. That event was very eye opening to say the least. I found out then just how much faith and love she has for me when she admitted her hidden dark secret to me that day. I never would have guessed just from looking at her that she could be involved in anything like what she confessed to me. Looks can be so deceiving. But her confession to me about the sex she has with her parents did nothing to change the deep love I have for her. If anything, it made my love for her even stronger. Even though she may have sex with others, her heart is mine exclusively.

She has had numerous boyfriends since she was thirteen years old but has never had a sustained relationship longer than a few months. Her former boyfriends always became jealous of her flirtatious nature. The biggest mistake all of them have made though was to try to control her. Melissa can’t be controlled or tamed. Many have tried and failed. She is who she is. Take her or leave her. The one thing she will not put up with is a jealous, controlling man in her life. I picked up on this when I first met her years ago. Yes, I have had a crush on this girl for years. I knew if I ever had a chance to date her, I would not make the mistake so many others have made. I knew what trying to control her would do; it would drive her from me. I would have to trust her to be faithful to me or I would lose her anyway.

So far, my approach has worked. Melissa still loves to flirt. But I don’t try to control her at all. She can see this in me too. Instead of continuing her flirting when we are around others, I find her by my side where I wanted her to begin with. Some friends have jokingly accused me of hypnotizing her. I just smile at them knowing I had to do nothing to control her.

Melissa knows about my former girlfriend, Debbie. She knows just how badly I was hurt when I found out that Debbie was cheating on me. She also knows what I went through trying to salvage that relationship while Debbie continued her cheating ways. I gave everything to make that relationship work. In some ways I think Melissa admires me for putting the effort into trying to save that relationship considering all that Debbie did to hurt me.

My reward for my efforts with Debbie though was having her bring her lover to her apartment when she knew I was there waiting on her; taking him into her bedroom right in front of me. I guess she just thought I was going to be some wimp that would just let her get away with cheating right in front of my own eyes.

At first I believe this is just some friend she brought over. But why did she just walk past me, her boyfriend, and go straight to her bedroom with him? After a few minutes when I realize they are not coming back out, I get up and walk to her bedroom door. What I see paralyzes me. There in front of me is my girlfriend of two years, passionately kissing a guy I do not know. While I stand there in shock, she glances over at me and just smiles like this is the normal thing to do! I feel sick and numb. I know she has been cheating on me, but to bring a guy into the apartment right in front of me is a slap in my face. What is she thinking? I continue to stare at her as she begins unbuttoning his shirt and he begins pulling her top off. Moments later they are on her bed touching and kissing each other again.

She just looks at me and says, “Want to join us?”

Debbie then turns back to her nameless lover. He turns her onto her back and begins to caress her tits, squeezing and pulling hard on her nipples.

“Ohhhh yea, big boy ... you always make me feel so damn good.”

I know from this declaration alone that she has been fucking him before today.

He hooks her shorts with his thumbs and pulls them down, off her legs. I see that she is wearing the lacy pair of panties that I bought for her birthday this year.

“Oh babe, don’t you just love the panties that Mark got for me. He is so considerate to let you see them. Don’t you think?” she says, not even looking at me.

He roughly pulls the panties down her legs; the panties rip apart.

“Oops! Well, we don’t need them anymore,” she says not caring at all how it would make me feel.

Her lover moves off her to stand by the bed. He quickly takes off his pants and boxer shorts. He has this obnoxious smile on his face as he glances at me momentarily. His hard cock bobs free as he climbs back on the bed between her legs.

“Ohhhh yea! This just might be my favorite cock now. It’s so handsome and sexy!” she says taking it with her hand as he moves it closer to her soaked pussy.

As he roughly penetrates her, I listen to her squeal out from her pleasure. I realize part of it may be for my benefit though.

“Ohhhhh Goddddd, yessss!! Fuck meeeeeeeee! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Oh God, I love your big hard cock deep inside meeeeee!!

I watch as his cock fucks her deep and hard. From what I can see, he is no bigger than I am, maybe as long but not as thick. Why is she doing this to me? I want to scream at her. I want to hit her. I want her to feel pain. I want to cry. My body and mind are in shock though.

“Oh fuckkkkkkk yesssss! I’m cummingggggggggggggg,” she screams as he pounds harder into her body. The body that I once thought was mine exclusively.

She pushes him off of her and onto his back. She makes a big show of straddling his body and slowly descending down on his rigid cock.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us baby? I can see your cock is hard watching my pussy get well fucked. Why don’t you get naked and let me play with it too.”

She is right about my cock, it is very hard. As repulsed as I am by the spectacle of my girlfriend getting fucked by a guy I do not know, I can’t help but feel aroused at the images in front of me. You might say I am a closet voyeur. But I don’t want to witness what is in front of me now. If this were someone else asking me to join them in a threesome, I wouldn’t have hesitated. But this is my girlfriend. The girl I love. The girl I thought loved me.

“Oh well honey, your loss. Why don’t you at least take it out and jerk it off while I get my pussy filled with this stud’s cum.”

All I know at that moment is the love that was left between us was just destroyed. There is nothing left to do but to turn and leave. As I begin walking down the hall away from her bedroom, I can hear her tell her lover something that completely humiliates me.

“He will be back. He can’t live without me. He can’t live without my pussy. He can’t do any better than me. He doesn’t care if I fuck others that are better men than he is. Now fuck me you big stud.”

I just walk out of her apartment and never looked back. I drive around for a while. I can’t even find the strength to cry. I thought we had a great relationship until a few months ago. I actually thought about asking her to marry me a few times. She just ripped my soul from my body and crushed it with this last stunt. I can feel nothing. I finally decide to go back to my apartment. I go straight to my room and just lie down on my bed. I feel like the world I know just ended. I finally begin sobbing quietly.

I get little sleep that night. I honestly feel like I want to die. The next morning when I wake up, I take every picture, gift, and personal item of hers I could find and throw them into some trash bags. I want nothing more to do with that bitch. I want all the memories of her to disappear.

Debbie came looking for me later in the morning. She finds me at my apartment as I am taking the last of the trash bags to the trash dumpster. As I throw the bags of trash containing her reminders into the dumpster, she asks me what is wrong like absolutely nothing happened yesterday.

“If you’re looking for anything that belongs to you, you will find it in the dumpster. I am through with you bitch. I won’t take anymore of your shit! You destroyed what little bit of love was left between us yesterday with that fucking stunt. Just please leave me alone now. I don’t ever want to see you again!”

She begs me not to breakup with her. It is too late. She has hurt and humiliated me beyond repair. She follows me all the way back to the apartment door pleading with me not to leave her. As I slam the door behind me leaving her standing outside, I hear her say one last thing, one last stab at my manhood.

“Fine you bastard. You were never enough man for me anyways. I can do a lot better than your sorry ass. Just know this though; you will never have another woman as sexy as me. You know it too. When you realize it, you will be coming back to me begging me to take you back. Don’t wait too long though.”

I went months before I even felt like dating again. I had no desire to put my heart and emotions on the line again with any girl. I was tired of being hurt while told I was loved. I just wanted to be left alone and finish college now.

Then Melissa came into my life.

I knew who Melissa was for some time. She is well known on campus. It’s hard not to notice her when she passes you. I know my chances of ever getting close enough to even talk to her are slim. I didn’t even dare believe that she would be interested in dating me.

But one semester, we have a class together. We happen to be seated directly across from each other. I grow to enjoy this class tremendously. The professor is rather boring which allows my mind to drift during his lectures. I find myself sneaking glances at her. It’s hard not to stare at her. I can’t help but daydream about what it would be like if she were my girlfriend.

I have no illusions that she would ever be interested in me. I am not a super athlete or some rich kid. Nothing about me would make her notice me over someone else. But my fantasies are better than listening to a professor who could put anyone to sleep with his dull monotone lectures.

At the time the semester began, she had a boyfriend named Daniel. After a few weeks into the semester, I hear through the grapevine that she broke up with him a few days before. Rumor has it that she caught him cheating on her. I could not help but think what an idiot this guy has to be. Why would any guy that had Melissa as a girlfriend risk being caught cheating on her? What a fucking fool this guy is to throw away a relationship with her.

During the weeks following this bit of news, I begin noticing Melissa glancing at me during the class we share. She would look away when I turn to look at her. I’m not sure what to make of this to be honest. I know she loves to flirt. She is well known for her outrageous flirting. I decide she is just practicing her flirting techniques with me. Well, at least she gives me some attention. Better than nothing I guess.

The next Monday she comes into class using crutches. She has a brace around her knee. I listen to her tell another friend in class that she injured her knee playing softball over the weekend. It was not very serious but she had to keep it immobile for about a week. I know she is very good at softball. She has played baseball or softball for most of her life. She sits down awkwardly at her desk. I watch her looking for the best place to lay her crutches down.

I realize that here is my opportunity to offer to help her.

“Can I help you with those?”

“Yea ... can you put these over by the wall for me,” she asks looking directly into my eyes.

I feel almost hypnotized by the way she is looking at me.

“Sure, no problem. Here let me take them,” I said reaching to take the crutches from her.

As I grab them with my hands, she moves her hand over one of mine saying with the cutest smile, “Thank you Mark.”

Well my day can’t get any better. So I thought anyways.

After class is over, I get the crutches for her.

“Thank you for being so sweet,” she says in a flirtatious way.

I feel like I am in heaven right now.

I could see her struggling to get her books and trying to get out of the classroom on crutches. She did not seem to have a problem when she got to class. I am not going to pass up the chance to help her out though.

“Can I carry something for you?”

“Sure Mark, can you carry my books for me?”

“I would love to ... ahhh I mean sure.”

I realize I am showing quite a bit of excitement over carrying her books for her. She looks up at me smiling and breaks out in a small laugh at my clumsy chatter.

“Relax Mark ... I don’t bite,” she says smiling reassuringly.

I relax with her smile. It is like we connected somehow. I could not look away from her eyes. However, we both suddenly realize we were blocking the exit from the classroom so we made our way into the hall.

“Do you have another class? This is my last one for today,” she says.

“I’m finished for today too. I’m about to go to my apartment before going to my part-time job. I can carry these to the parking lot for you if you want me to?”

“That would be really sweet Mark,” she says, as our eyes lock together again.

I get lost looking into her eyes. She seems lost looking back into my eyes. We leave the building and begin walking to the parking lot. For the past year, I had been cursing how far the parking lot is from where my classes are usually located. Now I could kiss whoever laid out the design of the campus! We walk slowly as we chat about nothing in particular. She is so easy to talk to. I no longer feel intimidated by her so much. I feel more and more relaxed around her.

Then this guy I recognize as a football player walks up to her and begins talking to her like I did not even exist. I just stand there not knowing what to say or do. I feel very tongue-tied with the two of them now. They talk for a moment before he offers to take her books for her to her car. What a fucking nerve this guy has! He can see that I am carrying them for her!

I figure my time in the spotlight just ended. I just know she would rather this big good-looking jock carry them. Amazing how two grown men can compete to carry a girl’s books for her. However, I know I can’t compete with this guy. Debbie had embedded in my mind the fact that I stood no chance with a girl like this.

Melissa completely surprises me though. She looks at this big handsome football player and tells him something that changes my whole perception of what Debbie told me.

“Mark is carrying my books for me. Thanks for the offer though.”

I can tell he fully expected to have the honor. I could tell that he is somewhat stunned and pissed as well after she says it.

The jock just says, “Okay, I will see you around then.”

She looks at me, smiling reassuringly again.

“Sorry about that. Some guys can be so rude.”

“That’s Okay ... I would not have minded if ... ”

“No, Mark. I want you to carry my books for me,” she says.

We continue walking toward the parking lot talking about different things. Before I realize it, it has taken us an hour to walk what normally only takes ten minutes. We get lost in our conversation together

“I hate to have to run off. But I need to get going or I’ll be late for my part-time job,” I reluctantly tell her.

I seriously contemplated whether I needed that job that badly!

“I understand. Thanks again for helping me today ... and walking with me.”

“It was a pleasure, anytime!”

“Okay ... tomorrow then?” she says smiling.

“Sure! No problem. I would love to!”

“Thanks Mark. You’re a very sweet guy,” she says as she gets in her car.

I watch her leave the parking lot while thinking, “What the fuck just happened to me?” She actually talked to me like she really was interested in me. She listened to what I had to say like she really wanted to know me. Am I dreaming? God I hope I don’t wakeup any time soon!

The next day, I see Melissa in the hallway after her last class. We have different classes on alternating days. We have the same last class every other day. She is leaning against the wall talking to this guy as I walk toward her. It’s another football jock trying to score with her it seems. I feel intimidated again. How can I compete with guys like this for this girl? I decide to just walk past her and head on out the building. She probably doesn’t remember why I am there anyways. As I walk past her, I hear her voice call out to me.

“Hey Mark ... I have been waiting for you. Where are you going?”

I turn around to see her looking right into my eyes. The football jock is still standing almost in front of her. But its almost like she doesn’t even know he is there anymore. The jock turns to look at me with a puzzled look.

“Wait, Mark. You are going to carry my books aren’t you?”

“Yea ... sure, Melissa,” I say almost stumbling over my words. My heart does somersaults as I realize I did not have to compete with this jock for her attention. There was no competition as far as she was concerned. The jock tells her goodbye and walks off. I walk up to her and she flashes me the most sincere smile I have ever seen. She almost seems nervous though. It’s almost like she feels the same way I do!

She hands me her books and we start another long walk to the parking lot. Once again we take our time as we talk and find out more about each other. We pass a bench under a tree and she walks over and sits down asking me to sit with her. We talk for hours at that very spot. We talk about our classes. We talk about friends. We talk about our families.

Melissa tells me about her older brother and younger sister, Sam and Jessica. She explains to me how Sam has always been a good older brother but always loved picking on her too. But he would always come to her rescue if she needed it.

Jessica is a different story though. Melissa tells me that she and Jessica have a big rivalry going on, especially over the past four years or so. She explains that her sister seems to always be jealous of her relationship with her parents, especially her father. Jessica doesn’t hesitate to do things to upset her when she can. She says she loves Jessica deeply as a sister. She also believes that Jessica feels the same way about her. But they can’t seem to get over this rivalry that has developed in order to share a true friendship.

We talk about ourselves more. I am shocked to find out she knows quite a bit about me. She knows about Debbie.

“How do you know so much about me?”

She looks down almost blushing as she says, “I asked my friends about you over the past few weeks. I wanted to know more about you. I like you Mark. You are ... different. I mean that in a good way too. Most guys are just interested in me for one reason it seems. I wanted to know you better hoping we could be ... good friends maybe.”

She looks up directly into my eyes as she says the last part.

“I was hoping ... we could hang out more ... get to know each other,” she says.

“I would like that. I would love to hang out with you whenever.”

She looks at her watch and realizes we have been talking for hours.

“Oh damn, Mark. I promised my daddy I would meet him an hour ago!”

She quickly pulls out a piece of paper and writes on it.

“Here is my phone number. I’ll be home tonight. Call me, ... okay?” she says anxiously.

“Yea, sure!”

I help her get to her car before she hurries off to meet her father. I can’t believe this! Melissa actually gave me her phone number and I did not even have to ask for it! She asked me to call her! I have no idea what is happening to my world. All I know is I love the feeling.

Things just keep getting better. I call her that night and we talk for a few hours. The next day after classes, we go to get lunch together. She invites me to her apartment to study together the next day as well. A few days later, she shows up at my job just to see.

About a week later, I finally get the nerve to ask her to go out on a real date. I am so nervous as I am afraid I will scare her off if I try to take our relationship to another level. I fear that this dream I have been living will come to an abrupt end.

“Melissa, would you like to go out with me this Friday night. Maybe get something to eat, go dancing, or a movie?”

“I would love to. When do you want to pick me up?”

This is a dream come true for me now. I just pray I don’t screw up this date. I feel so nervous for the rest of the week, waiting for Friday to arrive. My stomach is now turning somersaults along with my heart. I decide where to take her then change my mind over and over. I want this date to be perfect. Here is my one big chance maybe to win her heart. I seem to be putting everything on the line for this one date. It has to be perfect or she will think I am a dork.

The day finally comes. I see her at school between a few classes. I am almost afraid to be around her. I am afraid she will tell me something has come up and she can’t make it. She walks up behind me before my last class and grabs my arm. I turn to see her smiling face.

“Still picking me up at seven?”

“Yea, ... I figure we can go eat first, maybe go dancing ... whatever you want to do.”

“Whatever we do will be fun,” she says, smiling.

I feel a little sense of relief and relax some. But the butterflies in my stomach continue working overtime, calling in re-enforcements.

When I pick her up at her apartment at seven, I give her one red rose. She looks a little surprised and then begins smiling brightly as she tells me to come inside the apartment for a minute. She puts the rose in a vase and set it in the middle of the coffee table.

“I’ll put it in my room when we get back tonight,” she says, smiling sweetly.

We have a wonderful time together. She makes me feel so special. I fumble around at times trying to impress her. But she always finds a way to let me know she loves whatever I do. I take her to a local restaurant-tavern that many of our friends like to hang out at. We seem to be the objects of most everyone’s attention. I even hear one girl talking to her friend asking whom that ‘hottie’ is with Melissa. Of course this is a big ego boost for me.

After we eat, we go to a local dance club. We talk a little before I ask her if she wants to dance. She just lifts her hand for me to take. As we move out on the floor and begin to dance, I get completely lost in watching her body move. I know I am getting an erection just watching her body. I just pray she won’t notice it and get offended.

The next song is a slow one. She immediately moves into my arms and lays her head on my shoulder. The smell of her sexy long hair just turns me on even more. Her gorgeous body molds to mine as we dance slowly. I begin to panic somewhat, as I know she can feel my hard cock pressing into her. She eventually pulls her head back and looks at me with a soft smile.

“I love dancing with you. It feels good being in your arms so close to you.”

I feel a sense of relief that at least the feeling of my erection pressed into her does not upset her. If anything, she seems to enjoy the fact that she has me so turned on. We dance awhile and then I suggest we leave to go somewhere quieter.

After we get outside, I suggest that maybe we could go catch one of the new movies out. She loves the idea. After we arrive at the box office, I let her pick out the movie she wants to see. Early in the movie, I take her hand into mine and I see her smile. During the movie, she leans over onto me, laying her head on my shoulder. I just keep thinking that this has to be a dream. But each time I feel her hand squeeze mine, I know I’m wide-awake.

At the end of the night, I’m standing at her apartment door telling her goodnight. Up to this point, we have never kissed. I’m a nervous wreck. Should I kiss her? Will she think I am going too far? Is she interested in taking our relationship to another level? I tell her goodnight and begin walking away from her. She just stands there looking at me almost pleading with me quietly with her look and eyes. I stop after a few steps and walk back to her. I put my hands on her arms and lean down to kiss her. When we begin kissing, we just fall into each other’s arms. Our kiss goes quickly from rather ordinary to very passionate. I feel her lean into me as if she can’t stand on her own. I hold her close to me as our tongues explore each other’s mouth. Her tongue feels so soft against mine. Her body feels like it is on fire as she snuggles to me. It must have been about fifteen minutes later when we finally separate.

As we reluctantly end the kiss, I know she is as breathless as I am. I look down at her and tell her goodnight again. She looks at me with such desire as she tells me to have sweet dreams tonight. I can’t help but think to myself that I would only be dreaming of her tonight and many nights to come.

Chapter 2

I’ll always remember the first time we made love. I of course was very anxious. I knew she has been more than a few guys in the past. I’ve been with a few girls in the past as well. But will she be satisfied with me?

The first time happens the day after our first date. I call her on the phone that morning and asked her if she would like to hang out at my apartment.

“Hey, Melissa ... How are you feeling this morning?”

“Hey, babe! I feel wonderful! I really enjoyed last night so much. Thank you for taking me out!”

“I had a terrific time. You’re so much fun to be with.”

“You are too, sexy man.”

“Speaking of hanging out, would you like to come over and spend the afternoon with me today at my apartment? Or we could go do something?”

“Let’s hang out at your apartment. We can talk ... and who knows what else,” she says sort of giggling.

The thought suddenly hits me that she may be hinting at having sex!

“I can pick you up if you would rather not drive over?”

“That’s cool, can you pick me up about an hour from now?

“Sure! I’ll be there in a few minutes!”

“Whoa, buster ... an hour I said,” she says laughing. “I need to take a quick shower anyways so I don’t look like a bum.”

“Chick, you could never look like a bum. On your worst day you will beat out any girl as far as looks.”

“You’re so sweet Mark! You kiss ass pretty good too,” she says laughing hard.

I drive over and show up early anyways. She lets me in while she is drying her long blonde hair. While I’m standing in the living area of the apartment, she starts walking back toward the hallway.

“Wait here and let me get finished. Then I’m all yours,” she said with a devilish grin.

After a few minutes, one of her roommates, Tammy, walks into the room. After realizing I’m there, she dashes over to sit beside me.

“Hey, Mark. What did you do to Melissa last night?” she asks with a very curious look on her face.

“What do you mean?”

“I have NEVER seen her like that! She was so excited when she came in my room last night! Dude ... I think someone likes you ... alot!”

“We just got something to eat, went dancing ... ”

Interrupting me she says, “I KNOW all about what you did! She told me all of that. What I want to know is WHAT you did to her to make her so excited!?”

“Nothing! I swear!” I say not sure how to respond.

“I think I know. Treat her right, Mark. You won’t regret it ... ever.”

She comes back into the room looking so stunning. She isn’t wearing anything particularly sexy. But she makes anything look like a million dollars when she wears it. She walks over and we talk briefly with Tammy.

“What are you guys going to do today?” Tammy asks.

“Mark is taking me over to his apartment to hang out this afternoon,” she says, smiling in a knowing way at her roommate.

Tammy grins at both of us.

“Well you two kids don’t get into too much trouble,” she says, with a sarcastic smile.

“Oh we won’t, mother dear,” Melissa says, breaking into a laugh.

While we’re driving over to my apartment, she reaches to take hold of my hand. She just looks at me smiling, saying nothing. I just squeeze her hand indicating I could not be happier than I am right now.

After we arrive at my apartment, I bring her inside. She moves to sit on the couch while I offer to get us something to drink. When I come back into the room, she takes the drink from me and pats the couch for me to sit beside her.

Almost immediately I find myself locked in her embrace. Her mouth searches out mine. Our tongues are again inside the other’s mouth in a passionate kiss. She holds my head tightly as our kiss grows much more intense. She pulls me back onto her as she reclines back onto the couch. I move with her so that I am over her. Our kisses continue as our hands begin to touch each other more intimately.

“Lets go to your room,” she says.

I hold her hand as we move briskly to my bedroom. She lies on the bed while pulling me with her hands so I am back on top of her. I lean to kiss her then pull back to look deep into her eyes.

“You’re so beautiful, Mel.”

“You’re so handsome and sexy, Mark.”

We continue kissing passionately while lying on my bed. Out touches make us both want the other even more. I can’t resist her any longer. At this point I have to go for broke. I need to fuck this girl badly.

“Damn, Mel baby. You have me so fucking hot, I gotta have you, gotta make love to you.”

“Yes ... yes Mark ... oh hell yes, I want it too, do it to me babe, fuck me good ... ”

I move off the bed and pull her to her feet. I lean to kiss her softly before looking up and down her body. Again I lean to kiss her neck as my hands grasp the bottom of her top. Slowly I lift it until her bra-covered tits are revealed. She is wearing a thin lacy bra. I kiss down the top of her chest before unbuttoning her shorts and sliding them down over her lovely hips and sexy ass. She is wearing very sexy bikini panties that make her look even more enticing.

I move back up kissing her as I undo her bra to reveal her firm medium tits for the first time. Her small nipples are rock-hard and so inviting. I then kiss down her chest as I hook her panties with my fingers and slide them down her toned sexy legs. As her lovely pussy is exposed to my eyes for the first time, I can’t help but get lost in the aroma of her excitement. She looks almost shy and vulnerable before me. I look at her for assurance that she wants this as bad as I do. She leans up to kiss me softly and I know that we both want this more than anything now.

She is so breathtaking. I look at her long, blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders and back, the soft strands touching her soft, bronzed skin. I look into her pretty eyes shining with a passionate desire. She occupies my mind completely as I look at her. She flashes that dazzling smile at me. She moves closer and lovingly kisses me, allowing her body to brush against mine softly. Her lips surround mine. Her sweet soft tongue enters my mouth as she looks deeply into my eyes. Our kiss grows deeper.

We continue to kiss for a few moments until she steps back from me. She reaches to grab the bottom of my shirt and begins pulling it over my head. She looks at my chest and lets both her hands touch my skin, touching my own nipples. She then bends over and kisses my chest gently, and begins to run her soft hands up and down my body, giving me chills from her soft touch. Then she reaches to open my pants, sliding them down my legs. She can easily see the tent my straining cock is making in my boxer shorts. She hooks them with her thumbs and slides them down as well exposing my body completely to her. I hear a soft gasp as my hard cock is suddenly revealed inches from her face.

She once again looks up at me with that smile of hers that I can’t resist. I know that she likes what is before her just from the look on her face. No words are necessary now.

She takes the initiative and pushes me back on the bed. She moves between my legs and over me. She begins to lick my body with her tongue, snaking it up and down my chest. My cock is throbbing hard from her expert treatment. She continues to kiss and lick my body, building me up with a tremendous desire to ravish her. Finally, she gets to my now rock-hard cock, and slowly begins to kiss up and down it. She holds my shaft in her hand while showering my stomach and thighs with soft wet kisses.

I’m at her mercy now. She begins to kiss my balls and work her soft tongue around them, and I almost cum from the feeling. Her soft tongue and lips bring me so close, but I manage to stop myself just short of exploding. While she gently licks my balls, she begins to caress my throbbing shaft. She moves her hand up and down my hard cock. She teases the sensitive skin underneath the head with her fingertips. I begin to moan loudly from her touches.

Then she stops licking my balls and moves her mouth over my throbbing shaft. She massages my balls with one hand while kissing and licking my cock. She moves her mouth to the head of my shaft and takes it in her wet mouth, her tongue dancing all around it. Her lips slide slowly down my shaft. I feel her soft wet mouth as she takes every inch of it inside. No girl has ever done this to me. Her tongue makes love to my shaft as it circles and glides over it. I begin to moan louder, as I get close to cumming in her mouth. I warn her that I am close to cumming. I then see the resolve in her eyes to make me cum deep in her mouth and throat. She begins stroking the base of my throbbing cock as she literally fucks my shaft with her wet mouth. She gently squeezes my balls as if to let them know she wants what they hold inside.

I cry out loudly as I explode deep in her mouth and down her throat. She tries to swallow it all but still some of my hot cum dribbles from the corners of her mouth. She can’t possibly swallow all the sperm my body is flooding her mouth with. Her lips clamp around my cock, continuing to suck every drop of cum out of my shaft. I feel so satisfied for the moment, this is a dream come true. She takes my softening cock from her mouth, and looks up at my face. Her lips and chin are covered with my sperm. She uses one hand to wipe my cum from her face. Then she licks it off of her fingers seductively while smiling at me.

She moves up my body and kisses me. I can taste the remains of my sperm in her mouth. I turn with her so that I am now on top of her body. I begin caressing her soft warm body under my hands.

I kiss her gently on her lips while she kisses me back, again snaking her tongue in and around my own mouth and tongue. I then begin to slowly kiss and nibble my way down her neck and chest, covering each spot of her soft skin with my lips and tongue. When I reach her lovely tits, I kiss and lick them, moving ever closer towards her hard nipples.

When I reach her nipples, I take each one gently in my mouth, sucking and nibbling them until she moans from the pleasure. My hands take each of her tits and squeeze them as I suck harder on her nipples as I watch her close her eyes from the intense pleasure. I remove my mouth momentarily at times to let my tongue flutter across her nipples, licking and teasing them as my tongue glides over her areoles. Her hands run through my hair as she holds me tightly to her tits.

Moving away from her lovely breasts, I kiss and lick around her stomach, moving towards your navel. I listen to her moan and whimper from my touches. When I reach her navel, I press my lips around it and let my tongue probe inside. I then begin licking and then gently pulling on her navel ring with my teeth as she began to moan and squirm beneath me. Finally I move from her navel and begin kissing downward from her navel to the soft, trimmed pussy hair. She begins to moan again as I bury myself in her cunt’s mound and kiss and lick her sensitive skin.

I lift my face slightly to look at her pussy, so wet and ready for my tongue. I smell the musky scent of her hot wet cunt. She moans louder at my touch, squirming more underneath me. I gently kiss her swollen outer lips. I can taste her pussy juices inside my mouth. My tongue moves upward to touch her throbbing hard clit. I listen to her moan louder when my tongue touches the sensitive bud. My tongue dances and flutters around it. My lips press tightly around her clit. I continue to lick it slowly, then furiously. I can feel her hands grabbing my head, pushing me into her pussy as I separate the outer lips. I penetrate her cunt with a finger while I continue to suck and lick her clit.

She begins to moan louder, telling me that she is close to cumming. I continue to fuck her pussy with my fingers and lick her clit even harder. She finally screams out her orgasm as she humps her cunt hard into my mouth, her juices soak my face and hand. I continue to furiously lick her clit through her intense orgasm. She thrashes beneath me, screaming for me to stop, even though she holds my head tightly to her pussy. She finally collapses from the intensity of her orgasm. She lays her head back on the bed catching her breath.

My cock has had more than enough time to grow hard again, ready to finally penetrate her inviting hole. The one I have dreamed about since I first laid eyes on this woman. Now that my opportunity is in front of me, I realize that beyond my lust to fuck this girl, there is a real love for her that goes beyond her physical treasures.

She looks at me with an intense lust in her eyes as I position myself between her legs. She takes my cock in her hand and guides it towards her wet, tight pussy. I let the head of my throbbing shaft slip in very slowly. Her pussy feels even better than I dreamed it would be. Her cunt feels so wet, warm and tight around my cock. I almost lose control at that moment but I manage to control myself. We look deeply into each other’s eyes. I begin to slowly drive my cock deeper into her tight cunt. I hear her moan again as I begin to slowly make love to her. I slowly begin thrusting my hard cock inside her tight cunt, in and out. My thrusts become a little quicker each time. We both can feel my balls slap against her firm tight ass each time I plunge into her body.

I feel her body responding as her hips begin to meet my thrusts with her own, forcing my cock in deeper. We both moan, as we get closer to our mutual orgasm. I lean down to kiss her open mouth while we fuck. I can feel her hands grab my ass, pulling me even deeper into her spasming pussy. I can feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest. The softness of her skin adds to the incredible sensations I am feeling. As we kiss, our tongues seem to wrestle with each other as we both are consumed with intense lust for the other.

As I fuck her faster and harder, my cock drives even deeper into the tightest pussy I have ever felt. Finally, she begins to shout out her orgasm while arching her back. Her pussy squeezes my rigid cock tightly while she endures the most powerful orgasm I have ever witnessed. I can smell her musky cum as it squeezes out of her tightly clinching cunt. I can’t take any more of this unbelievable woman as I begin my own intense orgasm as well. I drive my cock into her spasming pussy as hard and deep as I can, my cum erupting deep inside. She cums again loudly as she feels my cock explode inside of her, her pussy again squeezing my softening cock.

We collapse into each other on my bed. Both of us are out of breath and covered with sweat. My cock slides out of her well-fucked pussy. I move next to her while still holding her loosely. Our hands move to touch each other. Before long we are holding each other closely and kissing softly.

“Mark, ... I think I’m falling in love with you. I hope that doesn’t scare you.”

“I feel the same way. I’ve had a crush on you for so long. When I first saw you, I knew I wanted you. Being with you the past few weeks has been like a dream come true. Now it feels different, even better. It is no longer a dream. I hope this doesn’t scare you, but I know I’m falling in love with you.”

“It doesn’t scare me. It should but it doesn’t. Mark, I’ve had a number of boyfriends, you know that. But I have never really been in love with a guy before. It was always just for fun, for a companion really. I want more than that now. I’m not certain where everything is going with us right now. This is so new for me. But I know what I am feeling for you is real. It feels so wonderful. I can’t promise I won’t hurt you babe. But I can promise that I will never intentionally hurt you.”

“I know you can’t promise me much right now. We have only been seeing each other a few weeks. But I can promise you the same thing. I will never intentionally hurt you. I can’t imagine doing anything but loving you right now.”

“Oh Mark, I’m scared by the rush of these feelings I have for you. I just want us to take our time. Let things happen in their own time. If we‘re meant to be in love, it will happen. Be patient with me.”

“I’ll take whatever you have to offer. I won’t push for more until we both are ready.”

She leans over me and kisses me deeply. Looking up into her eyes, I can see a real excitement. She breaks out in a wonderful smile as she shakes her head at me.

“I just wish I had met you a few years ago. Things would’ve been so much better, happier,” she says almost wistfully.

“Don’t worry about the past baby. Let’s just get to know each other and see how things go.”

She lays her head on my chest as she cuddles closely to me. I can hear her speak softly to herself something that burns into my mind forever.

“I love you, Mark.”

There was no commitment between us at that time. I think we both knew that in time, we probably would make a commitment to each other. But, I also know that she isn’t mine now. We agreed we should continue dating others until we both know for sure how we feel about a relationship. She hints to me that there is so much I don’t know about her. I would definitely learn more over the coming weeks.

I try not to crowd her in the weeks after our first date out of fear that I would push her away. I really wanted her to be my girlfriend but I know she isn’t ready for that yet. I know she wants to take time to make sure this is right, for both of us. She says she will not hide things from me. But she asks me not to be surprised to see her going out with others either. She told me I should date other girls too. I could see just a touch of jealousy in her eyes as she says it though. I was feeling the same sense of jealousy too. But we both agree that if we are meant to be together as a couple, that dating others will only prove it to ourselves.

The one thing I know I have to do is to not show jealousy. I know this is the single biggest mistake I can make with her. But it will be difficult seeing her with other guys.

The first time she went out with another guy was the next Friday night. Talking to her on the phone Monday night, I ask her about going out with me that same night.

“Would you like to go out with me this coming Friday night? There is a band playing at this club that I think you will like.”

“Mark, I already have a date. We can go Saturday night though if they are still playing there.”

I know this moment would probably happen. I quickly decide to play it cool and don’t show my jealousy.

“Sure, Saturday night is great. They will be playing the entire weekend.”

“Cool. I will be looking forward to it. Do you want to come over tonight and hang out some?”

“I’m on my way baby!”

“I will be waiting,” she teasingly says.

After I arrived, she took me to her room and we immediately fall into a passionate embrace. We cuddle on the bed talking about little things. We both avoid talking about the coming Friday night though. It wasn’t long before our lust gets the best of us.

I slowly begin stripping her. She was anything but unwilling. We took our time fucking that night. We made love for several hours. I used my mouth and cock on her sweet pussy to bring her to as many orgasms as I could. I wanted her to know what she will be missing this Friday night. It is almost like I am marking my territory. I want her to remember just how wonderful making love with me can be. She returned as well as she got. She will never be mistaken for a virgin. It’s so obvious that she has had experience making a guy feel good.

It was difficult leaving her that night but she wasn’t ready for me to spend the night with her yet. I respected her wishes. Our kiss at the door was again very passionate. She watched me from her apartment door as I left.

We saw a lot of each other during the week and talked often on the phone as well. I fought with myself over asking her about the guy she would be out with. But I stuck to my guns and kept the conversation on different things instead. She didn’t offer any information and I didn’t ask.

When Friday arrives, I walk with her again after our last class. She asks me what I am planning to do tonight. I told her I probably would go hang out with Ronnie, my roommate and some friends tonight. She finally asks me if I am mad that she is going out with another guy tonight.

“Are you upset with me because I have a date tonight?”

“No ... I wish we could be together ... but we agreed we would keep seeing others. There is nothing for me to be mad about.”

“Are you jealous at all?”

I know this is a loaded question with her. If I admit I’m jealous, then she may well become angry with me and begin pushing me away. If I say I’m not jealous, then she may think my feelings for her are not real.

“I won’t say I’m not jealous. I would rather be with you tonight. But we agreed to this. I will get to see you tomorrow night.”

“Thank you for understanding. We’ll have alot of fun tomorrow night. I promise.”

She leans up, kisses me softly. She didn’t say anything else about tonight though and I just let it drop.

“I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon,” I say walking off to my car instead of walking with her to hers as usual. It isn’t to try to act upset. But I want her to know I’m going my own way today as well.

My roommate, Ronnie, and I decide to go hang out at the club where I’m taking Melissa tomorrow night. I really wasn’t expecting to run into her there since she knows I am planning on taking her myself. Ronnie and I sit at a table close to the dance floor and near the stage as well. A few of our friends show up with their girlfriends and join us at our table.

After we have been there about an hour, in walks Melissa with this football jock that I had seen talking to her in the hallway a few weeks back. I found out his name is Eric. Melissa notices me almost immediately. I get up and walk toward the men’s room just so she won’t think I am staring at her. As I come out of the men’s room, she is standing there. I quickly explain that I’m not following her or anything.

“Ronnie wanted to come see the band tonight and wanted me to hang out with him since he wasn’t able to get a date for tonight.”

“I’m sorry. I know you said you were going to bring me here tomorrow night, but Eric wanted to bring me tonight.”

“I’ll leave if it will be more comfortable for you.”

“It’s up to you.”

For the first time, our conversation seems very tense to say the least. I decide that since I got there first, why should I leave.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Have fun,” I say, turning to walk back to my table. I did my very best to just act normal and not show any jealousy or bad feelings.

She half-heartedly says, “Bye.”

I go back and sit with Ronnie and our friends while Melissa sits with Eric. I try not staring at them, but I keep glancing at them often. A few times I catch her glancing at me too. I decide I’m not going to have any fun staring at her like this so I switch seats so my back is to them.

After a few minutes pass, Calvin who was sitting with us notices Melissa with Eric.

“It looks like Melissa has found her a new guy since she broke up with Daniel.”

At first I think he is referring to me until I see him looking out on the dance floor. I turn my head to see Melissa and Eric dancing closely, like we did the week before. I can’t help but feel jealous, but there is nothing I could do about it.

A few minutes later, Stephanie, a girl I know from previous classes on campus walks up to me and pulls a chair beside me. Stephanie is a girl that I had met but had never really gotten a chance to know. She is a very sexy girl similar in size to Melissa with long brown hair that surrounds her very cute face. She has a terrific body with long trim legs. Her tits are slightly larger than Melissa’s. I find it humorous that I’m now comparing girls to Melissa.

She begins talking to me like we’re long-time friends. She seems to have this look in her eyes that she is very interested in me. I know she is one of Melissa’s friends and hangs out with her at times.

She asks me if Melissa and I are together. I guess word has gotten around about Melissa and I hanging out together so much. Stephanie can see her dancing with Eric as plainly as I can though.

“We’re just dating for now. We’re still seeing others.”

“Will you dance with me?”

This girl has never before approached or shown any interest in me. Maybe hanging out with Melissa has more benefits than I had figured before. We move out on the dance floor, but I move us as far from Melissa and Eric as I can. If she is going to have her fun, I will have mine!

We dance through several songs and Stephanie continues to hang onto my arm as we go back to the table. As I’m about to take my old seat, she pulls me to the other side so we’re facing Melissa and Eric again seated at their table. She seems to be all over me now. Not that I’m complaining, but it just seems odd that now this chick seems so interested in me. I glance toward Melissa and Eric. She is staring directly at us. Stephanie notices this as well. It almost seems like there is some competition going on here. I begin wondering if Stephanie is just trying to show-up Melissa somehow.

We dance some more before Stephanie suggests we go somewhere else. I know now that she is mine if I want her tonight. She has been all over me and even kissed my neck a few times while dancing. Melissa is still dancing very closely with Eric so I decide why not leave and have my own fun with Stephanie. Melissa probably will with Eric. I stand up and take her hand.

“Lets go somewhere else.”

Stephanie grabs my arm as we leave. I don’t even look at Melissa. While standing outside the club, I ask her where she wants to go.

“Lets go hang out at my apartment, if you want.”

While we were driving to her place, her hands are all over me. As soon as we walk into her apartment, she embraces me in a deep kiss. I can’t help but wonder how many times this chick has done this. But lust overcomes any reason I have at this point. I once again think “I should have my own fun tonight.” No commitments are being broken. We agreed to see others and no limits had been placed on that.

Stephanie pulls me by my hand to her bedroom where she begins taking off her clothes. She stops to begin unbuttoning my shirt then urges me to get undressed completely. She reaches for my rock-hard cock saying how sexy it looks. Before long, we’re on her bed and she pulls me on top of her. I think, “what the hell”, and begin fucking this chick as hard as I can. There is no love here, just fucking. We both want it and neither of us hesitates now.

Her pussy feels outstanding on my thrusting cock. She moans out my name begging me to keep fucking her harder and harder as she has an orgasm. She has a gorgeous body and fucking her like this is just too much for me as I explode deep inside her.

She pushes me back and licks down my chest to my half-hard cock. She begins cleaning it with her very talented tongue. She seems to be getting off on licking our mixed cum from my hardening cock. She takes about half of my cock in her mouth and bathes it with her tongue. Her lips slide erotically down my shaft.

With my cock completely hard again, she moves to straddle me, sliding slowly down my cock until I am completely buried inside her. She rides me like a woman possessed. She screams my name out through several orgasms as I play with her tits. Her nipples are longer than Melissa’s. I enjoy pulling and squeezing them tightly while Stephanie squeezes my cock with her tight cunt. She leans down so I can suck them, continuing to ride my shaft. My hips thrust upwards to penetrate her as deep as I can. She yelps a few times from the intensity of my thrusts but she continues to ride me hard.

We switch positions several times while I keep my cock buried in her gripping cunt. After maybe an hour of fucking her in various positions, I move so that I can take her doggie style.

As my cock works deep inside her, she looks back at me and tells me “Your big cock feels so damn good in me!”

After a few more minutes of this deep penetration, I feel her cunt squeeze down hard on my shaft as she has an intense orgasm. She wails out my name loudly and cums hard on my cock. The feelings overwhelm me as my cock explodes for the second time tonight. This time though I am deep inside her sexy pussy. I can feel my sperm squeezing around the tight fit of my cock in her cunt as I continue fucking her. After a few more deep thrusts, we both collapse onto her bed.

She looks at me somewhat breathless and says, “You are one hell of a fuck.”

“You have one hell of a pussy.”

“Maybe we can do this again soon. You are a terrific guy.”

“I would like that sometime.”

As we lay there catching our breath, I begin thinking about Melissa. Is she doing the same thing I am doing now? She had to see me leave with Stephanie. Will she still feel the same for me now? Should I have just stayed home tonight? I glance over at Stephanie as she reaches to touch me again. I realize that my only regret tonight is that this gorgeous chick is not Melissa.

After we cuddle a short time, I get up and begin putting my clothes on.

“Will you call me sometime?”


She writes down her number for me.

“I had a wonderful time with you tonight. I’m glad I saw you at the club. Call me sometime and we can hang out again,” she says, smiling seductively.

She walks me to the door and we kiss each other goodnight. As I drive back to my apartment, I think about Melissa. I know I’m falling in love with her. She said she is falling in love with me. But it was hard for us to talk to each other tonight when we ran into each other. How will our date go tomorrow night?

Chapter 3

When I get back to my apartment, it’s almost 2am. Ronnie is in his room with some chick. Looks like we both scored tonight. I notice the caller id on the phone blinking. As I check the numbers, I see Melissa’s number having called about midnight. I checked for any messages on the machine but there are none. Maybe she was thinking about me the same as I was thinking about her tonight? Tomorrow night will be very interesting.

I had a great time with Stephanie. But I would’ve traded it in a heartbeat to be with Melissa tonight instead. She was wonderful in bed. But it wasn’t the same.

I slept in late the next day to catch up on some well-needed sleep. After getting up about noon, I decide to go ahead and call Melissa to make sure we are still on for tonight. She picks up the phone on the second ring.

“Hello,” she says.

“Good afternoon baby. Is everything going OK today?

“Yea, I slept in late this morning.”

“I did too. I’m still waking up myself.”

“Late night, huh?”

I’m not stupid. Here is a loaded question if I ever heard one. She knew I was not home at midnight last night.

“Not too late. I guess you had a long night too.”

I can give as good as I can take with the loaded questions.

“It wasn’t too late.”

I can tell we are both being evasive this morning. Neither of us wants the other to know what we actually did it would seem. I decide to just let it drop if she will.

“Are we still going out tonight?” I ask.

“Of course we are. Unless you changed your mind?”

“No way, chick. I can’t wait to see you.”

“I would invite you over this afternoon but I’m going to my parent’s house for awhile this afternoon. I’ll be back in time for our date though.”

“That’s cool. I need to do some things around here anyways. The clothes don’t wash themselves!”

“Yea, I know. That’s why I am taking mine with me to my parent’s so mom can wash them while I am visiting with them.”

“Got room for another load?” I say, chuckling.

“Go wash your own clothes buster,” she says, laughing.

“Okay girl, I’ll pick you up around seven then.”

“Okay, see ya, babe.”

Our conversation didn’t seem all that strained compared to last night. I still wonder how we’ll react to each other when I pick her up though.

Driving over to her apartment, I begin thinking about the previous night. I had fun with Stephanie. She was a good dancer and fun to hang out with. She was great in bed as well. I loved the way she was screaming while I was fucking her. It was a big turn-on to hear her yell out my name so often as she experienced her orgasms. I was scared a few times that her neighbors would call the cops to come rescue her. I guess they must be used to her being so vocal late at night by now though.

I also begin thinking about Melissa and Eric. Did they fuck each other last night as well? A tremendous feeling of jealousy hits me suddenly. The idea of her fucking someone else really bothers me. I know we are not committed to each other. But I still feel the same way. Will she think I fucked Stephanie? Does she have the same feelings that I do right now?

After I arrive at her apartment complex and approach her door, I begin thinking that I need to be careful what I say. I don’t want her to think I am going crazy with jealousy. That would be a big mistake with her.

Knocking on the door, she opens it and smiles at me like she usually does. She asks me to come inside for a few minutes before we leave. I walk over to the couch and sit down where I usually do. She says she will be finished getting ready in a few minutes.

Tammy, one of her roommates, comes in the room and sits by me.

“You two got a big night planned.”

“Nothing big. Just going dancing and hanging out tonight. Going to listen to a new band tonight. I saw them last night and they were really good.”

“Look. I know you two ran into each other last night. Melissa told me earlier that she is worried about how you felt about seeing her there. She likes you Mark. I can see it in the way she talks about you.”

“Ah, I really don’t know if we should be talking about our relationship like this. I don’t want her to get mad at me.”

“She won’t get mad. I’m her best friend. I like you too Mark. I hope things work out with you two. She really needs someone like you in her life.”

“What do you mean?”

“She needs someone who thinks about her as more than just an ‘arm trophy’. A few guys have hurt her really badly in the past that only saw her as that. I hope you will stick it out with her. She can be pretty wild and crazy at times. I know her better than anyone. She needs someone she can depend on. I think you are that kind of guy.”

Just then Melissa walks into the room.

“Hitting on my date, huh?” Melissa says, sarcastically.

“Yea chick. You better grab him before I do!” she says smiling devilishly.”

“Lets go before I have to smack around my roommate,” Melissa says, grinning.

We walk down to my car without saying much to each other. While driving to get something to eat, very little is said between us. I think we both know what is on the other’s mind. The silence makes us both feel awkward.

We stop to eat at a local pizza shop. We say very little to each other. The awkward feeling keeps growing between us. We both can feel the tension building between us. We both want to know how the other is feeling about last night. What did they do last night after they left the club? But both of us are afraid to ask the other that very question.

After we eat, we drive over to the same club we both were at last night. This time we are going there together though. However, the tension is still the same as last night. I begin thinking that this probably was not the best idea. But then if I suggest going someplace else, will she think I am upset and don’t want to be where she was with Eric just the night before? We say very little on the drive over there.

After we arrive, we sit at a table to listen to the band and talk for a short time. But the conversation is strained again as we both are thinking of the previous night when we saw each other sitting with different companions.

“Do you want to dance?” I ask.


A slower song is playing. At first we don’t hold each other very close like the week before. We both know there is real tension developing. But neither of us seems to know how to get past it. I move my hand to her face, pushing her hair back so I can see her face clearly. Slowly I lean down to kiss her gently. She responds to my kiss by pulling closer to me and then laying her head on my shoulder.

We still say very little to each other the rest of the time we are there. But at least we are sharing some intimacy between us. After about an hour, I realize we are saying more to friends we see there than to each other. I suggest to her that we go hang out somewhere else.

“Would you like to find someplace else to hang out?”

“Yea, I guess. Lets go back to your apartment if you want?”

“Lets go. Ronnie probably will be there with a few of his friends. We can hang out with them or in my room if you want?”

“Sounds great.”

We drive back over to my apartment. As we walk in the door, we both see Ronnie and three of his friends. We tell them hello but the whole time Melissa is pulling on my arm leading me down the hall to my room.

After she pulls me into the room, she shuts the door behind us and locks it. She walks up to me and leans up to begin a very passionate kiss. After a few moments, she pushes me toward the bed to sit down. She sits down beside me.

“Mark ... we both know that last night bothered both of us.”

“Yea, I guess running into each other like that was not a good thing.”

“We agreed to date others. But I have to admit that seeing Stephanie with you didn’t sit well with me.”

“I can’t say I enjoyed seeing you with Eric either.”

“I was worried about what you were thinking Mark. I really like you. I don’t want to screw up things between us. But I really believe we need to see others for awhile too.”

“I was worried what you were thinking too. I’m sorry I didn’t say much to you last night.”

“It’s okay, Mark. I didn’t really know what to say to you either.”

“Well ... I guess we need to compare notes ahead of time so we don’t run into each other like that,” I say chuckling.

“Speaking of comparing notes ... ahhh ... you and Stephanie ... when you left the club with her ... where did you go?”

“If I answer your question, will you answer mine?”

“Ahhh ... yea I guess,” she says somewhat hesitant and blushing.

“Okay then, I took her to her apartment. We hung out there awhile. Same question for you, where did you and Eric go after you left the club?”

“We went back to his dorm ... we hung out there awhile. What did you and Stephanie ... do?

“Wait a minute now, another question? Do I get to ask another as well?”

“Uh yea ... now what did you two do?”

“We talked awhile. Got to know each other better.”

“Answer the question, buster,” she says, with a funny but serious look.

“Well ... we had sex. Now before you say anything, what did you and Eric do?”

Hesitating for a few moments, she says, “We had sex too. Are you upset?”

“Maybe. Now my next question ... ”

“Whoa there, I get to ask one next!”

“You did. You just asked if I was upset and I said ‘maybe’.”

She hits my arm in a playful manner.

“Okay girl, you don’t want to play rough with me.”

“Oh really? You think you can take me big boy?” she says, smiling defiantly.

“Oh I know I can take you, little girl. Maybe I need to teach you a lesson,” I say playfully.

“Let me see what you got then babe!”

I pull her too me and kiss her deeply. I don’t hurt her but my grip is very firm and demanding. After kissing her hard for a few moments, I pull back to see intense lust on her face.

“Did he kiss you like that?” I ask, in a demanding tone.


Pushing her back on the bed and moving over her, I begin kissing her passionately again. My mouth moves down over her neck, sucking and biting.

“Did he bite and suck on you like this?


Straddling her waist as I pull her top off. Then removing her bra so her firm tits are exposed to me. I lean down to kiss and lick on her tits for a few moments. Taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking firmly while I pinch the other.

“Did he suck and lick your tits like this? Did he chew on your hard nipples?”


I move off the bed so I can undo her pants and slide them off. I roughly grab her panties and pull them down her legs as well.

“Did he strip you naked like this? Did he get to see your wet pussy?”


While still standing, I quickly take off my clothes. After I slide my boxer shorts off, she can see my rock-hard cock bouncing freely.

“I think you were a very bad girl last night. Turn over and put your ass up in the air where I can see it.”

She complies without hesitation. She gets on her knees on the bed with her firm tight ass close to me standing beside the bed. I feel both cheeks with my hands. Rubbing softly but firmly. I can see her tight little asshole and seriously contemplate fucking her there. But I know she is not ready for that yet.

“Did he get to feel your sexy ass like this?”


“I think this bad girl needs to be taught a lesson. I think this bad girl needs some discipline? Don’t you think, bad girl?”


I begin spanking her cute tight ass. I don’t hit her very hard, but my slaps are firm and can be heard clearly by both of us. I alternate between cheeks so I don’t make her sore. She looks back at me with a pure lust and desire. She whimpers from my slaps but I can see from her face that she wants me to continue.

“Such ... (slap) ... a ... (slap) ... very ... (slap) ... bad ... (slap) ... girl! ... (slap)”

“Yessss. Oh Godddd yessss!”

“Melissa, did he fuck you with his hard cock. Did he put his hard cock in your pussy and fuck you deep and hard?”

“Yessssss. Fuck me Mark, please! I need your cock in me now!”

I move closer to her and tease her pussy lips with the head of my cock. I let my cock slide in just a little. She is very tight but soaking wet. Almost as if to reclaim what I believe is mine, I drive my cock into her pussy, hard and deep in one thrust.

“Oh Goddddddd, Markkkkkkk! Fuckkkkkkkkk Meeeeeee!”

“Is this what my bad girl wants? Does she want me to pound her naughty pussy with my big cock?

“Please, please don’t stop fucking meeeee! I need your big cock in meeeee!”

My thrusts grow with intensity. I can feel the bed moving across the floor slightly as I roughly pound into her pussy from behind. My balls slap her clit time and time again. I can feel her pussy grab my cock like a vice as she explodes into an incredible orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd! I’m cumminggggggggggggggg! Ohhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkk Yessssssss! Yessssssssss!”

I can’t control own orgasm any longer. I yell out my own orgasm as my cock erupts deep inside her tight spasming pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk! Here it cumsssssssssssss! Fuckkkk yesssssss! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I feel her pussy squeezing my cock even tighter as my sperm splashes deep inside her. I can feel her ass pushing back into me hard, trying to become one body together with mine. After a minute, I begin to relax as my cock slips from her well-used cunt. I fall down on the bed next to her and pull her close to me.

“Are you okay baby? Did I hurt you?” I ask, with real concern.

“Oh God no, babe. That was so fucking good! I can’t remember ever cumming harder than that!”

“I can’t either. That was so intense! I was afraid you might think I was too rough.”

She leans up over me and kisses me softly.

“I loved it. I like to be taken like that sometimes. You didn’t hurt me. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I could never hurt you like that. I just got caught up in what I was doing and was hoping I wasn’t going too far.”

“Are you still upset that I ... fucked Eric?”

“No ... I can’t say that I am happy about it. But I’m not upset about it. Are you upset that I fucked Stephanie?”

“I’m not happy about it either. But I’m not upset with you. I guess I knew it could happen. With us still dating others.”

“Yea ... I guess we should expect that possibility. I will admit to being jealous too. I know you hate jealousy. I just couldn’t help it though. Melissa, I am falling in love with you. I can’t help but feel jealousy watching the girl ... I love ... with another guy.”

“I’m falling in love with you too, Mark. It’s okay to be jealous. It’s natural. I would have been mad if you had made a scene. But you were cool. Whenever you are in love with someone, you will be jealous when you feel left out. I ... was jealous too. I love you.”

We cuddle for a short while as we caught our breath.

“Mark, was Stephanie as good as me?”

“I can honestly say that no one has ever made me feel as good as you do. Stephanie was good. But you are much better.”

“Would you tell me if she were better than me, honestly?”

“I might tell you what she did to make me feel good. There is nothing she can do that you couldn’t do.”

“Good answer,” she says grinning, “Did she suck your handsome cock as good as me?”

“Not even close girl. Your blowjobs are the best because you can take me all the way. You are quite skilled at making a cock feel incredibly good.”

“Did she fuck you better than me?”

“No ... it’s not possible for her to be better than you.”


“Because I don’t love her ... I love you.”

Melissa spent the night with me. We fucked like two people in love. We took time to make the other feel good. We talked about what made the other feel good. We talked more about dating others. We talked about fucking others. We agreed to keep seeing others for a while longer. But we promised to tell the other what happens. Not out of jealousy. But, out of our desire to share with each other. We both agreed that sex and love are two different things.

We cuddled closely as we finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with her looking down at me. I feel her soft hand rubbing my chest.

“Wake up, sleepy head.”

“Morning, sexy girl. Let’s sleep in awhile longer.”

“No way. We’re going to spend the day together. Get up and lets go fuck in the shower,” she says devilishly.

She pulled me out of bed and out into the hallway toward the bathroom. Both of us are naked as we laugh quietly together. As we pass in front of Ronnie’s room, he opens the door catching a great look at the two of us. Melissa is not embarrassed though.

“Oops! I guess we were too noisy,” she says, laughing louder.

Ronnie’s eyes are glued to her naked body.

“You two kept the whole complex awake last night!” he says, laughing at us.

“Sorry guy. I will find something to gag her with today,” I say, jokingly. Of course she hits my arm playfully again.

“Oh so you wanna get rough do ya?” I say referring to last night.

“Uh oh. I guess I am in trouble again,” she says grinning at Ronnie as I pull her into the bathroom.

I pull her into the shower and we take our time touching each other. I slowly wash her firm tits enjoying the feel of her wet slippery skin. She turns so I can wash her back. As I finish with her back, my hands move to cup her tight ass.

“Am I going to get another spanking for being a bad girl again?” she asks with anticipation.

“Not this time, baby. This time I’m going to make love to this cute tight ass.”

My fingers massage her cheeks. I soap up my hands and let my fingers work their way into the valley between. I get her to bend over slightly. I let a finger rub softly over her tight little asshole. Slowly, I work a finger inside.

“Oh yes ... that feels good!”

I begin to slowly fuck her asshole with my soapy finger. Her moans tell me just how good it feels to her.

After a short time I remove my finger and let the water wash away the soap. She begins to lean back up but I stop her and ask her to bend over further. I get down on my knees in the shower and begin kissing her cheeks. I nibble on each spot I kiss and then alternate between each ass cheek. I place my hands on the sides of her thighs and move my mouth to her asshole kissing it softly. After a few more kisses, I begin to gently circle her asshole with my tongue.

After teasing her for a few moments, my tongue begins to bathe her tight little hole. I begin sucking at her asshole and then probing it with my tongue. I can feel the tight walls grabbing at my tongue as I perform this most intimate act. She moans continuously from this attention. I slide two fingers into her cunt and fuck her hungry pussy while I fuck her ass with my tongue. After spending some time making love to her ass and pussy, I stand back up and slide my cock slowly into her pussy. It only takes a few minutes for us both to cum again from our fucking and the erotic feelings that have been building between us.

After fucking her and using up all the hot water in the process, we take our time drying each other off. We take out time touching and playing with each other’s bodies. We kiss deeply. Few words need to be spoken between us. We can feel the love growing between us.

We lounge around the apartment talking more openly to each other than ever before. We share things with each other that we would not share with anyone else. A strong bond begins to form between us based on trust and love. I find out that she has many erotic adventures to share with me. I find that the more she shares, the more we can’t keep from fucking each other whenever we have the opportunity.

What I don’t know yet is how our love will be seriously tested soon. I’m soon to learn the hard lesson of how misunderstandings can escalate to major problems. It looks like things could only get better for us. Looks can be deceiving.

Chapter 4

As we spend more and more time together over the next week, we talk often about our past relationships. Melissa seems to want me to know as much about her as possible. She told me about an abusive boyfriend she had during her first semester. He was not physically abusive. But he abused her mentally and emotionally. He was the ‘big man’ on campus at the time. He used her with no regards for her feelings. It hurt her badly at the time.

I explained the things that happened with Debbie. I was fearful that she would think I was a wimp for putting up with her cheating as long as I did. But she seemed to understand how I felt. She told me she admired me for trying to make things work out. After I told her what she finally did to humiliate me, I saw a tear roll down her cheek. She was hurting for me. We consoled each other over past events. But we also grew very close. A strong bond was forming very quickly between us. We fell in love with each other.

I knew I wanted her to be my girlfriend and more. I believed then that she wanted me just the same. When I did ask her for a commitment to be my girl exclusively, she finally made a very shocking confession to me. That confession about being sexually involved with her parents made no difference to me. I was deeply in love with this girl. I wanted her to be mine now and for years to come.

I asked her for that commitment and she gave it to me. She swore to me that she would never intentionally hurt me. She swore that she would never cheat on me. She swore that she loved me deeply and wanted to be with me for years to come as well.

“Mark, I’ve never ‘cheated’ on a boyfriend. Yes, I’ve had sex with my parents and some couples as part of swinging. But I’ve never had an affair while I had a boyfriend. I promised myself years ago that I never would do that to a guy. I won’t cheat with my heart. I promise that to you as well. I promise to tell you about anything that happens with my parents and to include you in everything we do.”

“I trust you, Melissa. I’ll never cheat on our love. I have all I could ever hope to have with you. I will never hurt you like that either.”

The faith I have in her is very strong. Her confession to me alone tells me how much faith she has in me. There is little jealousy between us, which has allowed us to be open and share our thoughts and desires. The bond between us grows stronger and stronger each day.

My love for her has grown over the weeks since she became my girlfriend. Her confession to me about her sexual involvement with her parents stunned me at the time. But since then I have discovered that the idea of them having sex is very erotic. I’ve even jerked off thinking about Melissa having sex with her parents! She has offered to let me join in with them sometime soon. However, we have yet to have a real opportunity to try a foursome with them. But hope springs eternal.

Since her confession, we’ve discussed about becoming involved with group sex and swinging as a couple. Melissa told me more about the couples she has been involved with before we began dating. She and I both believe we can enjoy sex with others as long as it is something we do together as a couple. Neither one of us likes the idea of being away from the other while having sex with someone else. Sex is something we enjoy together, not separately. Melissa has a great grasp on how to separate love and sex. The love we have for each other makes our sex better than it can ever be with anyone else. There may be guys with bigger cocks or longer lasting than me. But they will never have what I have, her love.

Melissa says I’m the first guy she has ever truly been in love with. That certainly gives me one hell of an ego boost. But she also told me that I’m the first guy who could make her have orgasms regularly from just fucking. Now I’m not huge in the cock department, but I’m not small either. I’d say I could compete with or beat any average guy in the size department. I know Melissa has fucked guys with bigger cocks than mine in the past. But she says that I have something that those guys did not, her love. Melissa told me one time that size does matter. But the size of a man’s cock isn’t the primary thing either when it comes to enjoying sex. Most importantly to her are the feelings and emotions she shares with the person.

She told me after the first time we fucked that “you are a perfect fuck!” I asked her what she meant by that and she said that I was just the right size for her and I knew what to do to more than satisfy her. I told her that I bet she would not turn down a bigger cock if the opportunity were there. She surprised me when she said she would turn it down for a cock smaller than mine, depending on the man.

Melissa and I spend most evenings together. Many nights we end up sleeping together at one of our apartments. Needless to say, sleep comes much later than the time we go to bed! Melissa is insatiable. I swear I believe she could fuck and suck continuously for the rest of her life if at all possible. She is always ready for more! I always wear out before she does. I told her one night that I was sorry I had not satisfied her. She looked at me and smiled saying she was as satisfied as she could possibly be.

It is not unusual for me to wake up to her massaging my morning erection before either taking me deep in her sexy mouth or her tight little pussy. What more can a man ask for than a beautiful sexy girl that adores him along with being a slut in his bed!

This morning is no different. As I begin to awaken, I can feel Melissa’s hot mouth and tongue working on my rock hard cock. She loves to lie between my legs so she can lick and suck on me while also staring into my eyes to see my own satisfaction. Opening my eyes, I see my gorgeous lady smiling at me while rubbing my cock back and forth across her sexy lips.

“Good morning, handsome.”

“Oh fuck, baby ... you know just how to get me ‘up’ in the mornings!”

“I wish I could claim credit for making your sexy cock so hard. But it was already standing tall when I woke up. I’m just putting it to good use!” she says with her cutest smile.

“It’s rock hard because of having your sexy ass laying with me all night long. You’re a fucking dream when asleep or awake!”

“Flatterer! I think you’re just kissing ass so I’ll suck your cock off for you ... maybe even let you fuck my innocent young pussy too?” she says, teasingly, before licking up and down my cock a few times.

“I’ll kiss anything you have baby ... please don’t stop what you’re doing ... oh fuck yes!”

Watching her mouth descend over my cock is one of the most erotic sights I will ever witness. Just the thought of my cock being inside the mouth of this woman is enough to make some men lose their control and blow their load too soon. Sometimes I close my eyes because of the vision. Watching is almost as good as the feeling of her sexy lips sliding down my shaft, almost as good.

She knows just how to bring me so close to exploding but not taking me over the edge. She is very talented at taking my cock completely into her mouth and throat. She knows that I can’t take too much of this early in the morning though. She enjoys swallowing my hot cum but I know she wants her pussy to be filled instead.

I somewhat reluctantly pull back from her mouth.

“Don’t take my play toy away from me!” she says with a very sexy pout.

“Don’t worry my sexy lady. I’ll be putting your play toy someplace else for you to enjoy soon. First, there is something else that needs taking care of,” I say with a mischievous smile.

I forcefully turn her over onto her back and move between her legs. I love her so much but sometimes I just want to pound her body with my cock. Melissa loves this kind of rough sex though.

I found this out not long after we started dating regular that she likes her man to take control of her during sex. Outwardly, Melissa is anything but submissive. She hates to feel that someone is controlling her. But in the bedroom, she wants her man to take control of her.

The first time she went out and fucked Eric before she became my girlfriend, I was somewhat angry with her. She had not done anything wrong at the time. But I was in love with her. The next night when we were finally alone was when I discovered her desire to be controlled while fucking. She taunted me into treating her rough. Not rough in a manner that she gets hurt. But in a way that both of us know she is at my mercy. She likes to be fucked hard and even spanked at times. Once again, spanking not in a manner that leaves bruises. A spanking where she is submitting to her man completely is different. I could see the lust in her eyes as I spanked her sexy tight ass, talking to her like a bad little girl. Now, she will look back at me as if to say don’t you dare stop, but also letting me know she trusts me to not to really hurt her.

As my eyes gaze at her lying naked and spread open on my bed, I want to devour her just as she did my cock.

I begin kissing her soft lips passionately, my tongue finding hers in our open mouths. After kissing down her chin and neck, my lips find a hard nipple while my fingers find the other. She loves to have her nipples bitten firmly and pinched. I want her to feel all the pleasure I can give her. She moans as I chew gently, alternating between each nipple. My mouth trails down her firm stomach. I lick and gently pull at her the ring in her pierced navel with my teeth. Looking up into her eyes, I see nothing but pure lust and desire for me.

I kiss and lick my way down between her firm slender legs. I kiss and lick the insides of her thighs, tantalizingly close to her very wet pussy. She is moving her hips, trying to make my mouth touch her most precious treasure. I don’t make her wait any longer as my tongue dances lightly over her delicate lips. I intentionally avoid her clit, as I want to tease her just a little before I make her scream in pleasure. My tongue snakes between her outer lips. I use my thumbs to spread them apart to look at the wet hole that so many men would give anything to fuck just once. It is mine for now. I extend my tongue into her cunt and feel her juices flow over it. Her moans and pleading grow loader as her pleasure builds. She grabs my head with both hands to hold my mouth to her luscious cunt.

I give her what I know she wants badly. I move my lips to surround her clit and begin sucking gently. My tongue flutters across her sensitive bud, bringing forth a long deep wail from her lungs. I continue my assault on her throbbing clit as she pushes her pussy hard against my mouth. Her orgasm consumes her; she can’t take any more of this stimulation.

“Oh God, yessss ... I am cumming babe! I am cumming on your tongue! Oh God Mark! ... lick my pussyyyyyyyyyy!

I only give her a few moments to enjoy her strong orgasm before I move up between her legs and begin to push my own throbbing shaft deep inside her very tight cunt.

“Fuck me, lover ... fuck my pussy so deep and hard ... take me Mark!”

Her moans grow load as her eyes grow wide from the sudden penetration. I can feel her cunt squeezing my cock so fucking tight as she goes through a small orgasm. I begin a steady rhythm of fucking her body. Her pussy lips drag tightly along my cock as I fuck her precious pussy. She looks at me, telling me to fuck her harder and deeper.

I begin pounding into her body with mine. My cock feels like it could explode at any moment from the way her pussy squeezes it so intimately. She grabs me by my hair and demands that I fuck her even harder.

“Ohhhh fuck, Mel! I’m so close to cumming deep inside your fucking tight pussy!!”

“Fill me with all of your cum lover ... fuck me full of your hot sperm ... fuck me hard and fill me now!!”

Feeling her arms and legs wrap around me to pull me deep into her cunt as far as possible, my cock explodes as I moan loudly into her shoulder.

“Here it comes babyyyyy!!! Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yesssss!!”

Feeling my cock erupting causes her to scream out her own orgasm. Her pussy keeps spasming around my cock as my cum fills her to overflowing. We collapse into each other’s arms. My cock is still buried in her cunt. I can still feel this insatiable girl’s pussy squeezing my cock over and over, milking every last drop from it. She looks at me with nothing but love in her eyes.

“I love you so much, Mark. I want to always feel this way. No one has ever made me feel like you do. No one. No one ever could.”

“I love you too. I feel like just lying here, holding you all day, never letting go of you. I can’t imagine a day without you in it. It would seem so meaningless.”

A tear forms in her eye, a tear of happiness. How can two people be any more intimate? How can two people love each other more? How can either of us do anything to hurt the other? Looking into each other’s eyes, we know we could never do anything but love each other.

We both hurry out of bed to jump in the shower to wash off the smell of sex from last night and this morning. I just love watching her in the shower as she touches her body and soaps it up. If we didn’t have to get to classes this morning, I would fuck her again right now! We hurry to finish our showers. Melissa wears very little makeup; she just does not need it. She put on this sexy yellow top that really shows off her firm tits. She slips on some sexy shorts and before long we are headed out the door to go to classes.

As we leave the apartment and close the door, Melissa says she will drive her car too. She wants to go by to see an older lady that she knows well who just got out of the hospital. She says she didn’t know she was in the hospital until yesterday when she found out she had been discharged. I ask her if I know the lady and she says she doubts it. We are both in a bit of a rush or I would have pursued it further. But I really was not concerned as she has many friends I still have yet to meet. She kisses me quickly with a look in her eyes promising me much more later today.

Classes move along at their normal pace. I get to see Melissa a few times between classes but usually we only have a few minutes to see each other. We usually try to talk but sometimes it becomes a quick make-out session too! Melissa finishes classes about an hour before I do, so she usually waits around on me.

Melissa catches up with me before my last class. She tells me she will go ahead on to see her friend so we will have the afternoon to ourselves. She tells me to call her on her cell phone when I get out of my last class. Standing outside my classroom, she kisses me like she usually does, passionately. It seems that whatever she does is always done with passion. She doesn’t ever seem to care that we are in public. She has told me she loves me deeply and doesn’t care that others watch her express it. How can a guy argue with that!

She begins walking down the hall away from me. She keeps looking back and smiling at me, the smile she only gives to me. Looking at her I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have her. I watch other guys turn to stare at her as she passes them. They can see the beauty just as I can. But the looks she gives me with her eyes and smile lets me know that only I can have her heart.

I run on to my class only to discover that the professor has canceled it. The first thought that pops into my head is maybe I can catch up with Melissa and we can go see her friend together and then have the rest of the afternoon to ourselves. I begin running across campus to the parking lot just in time to see her pulling out in her car. I figure I can follow her to her friend’s place and then let her know about the canceled class. I realize I don’t have much time though. I need to catch up to her because she didn’t say where this lady lived.

Luckily, Melissa gets caught at the first traffic light and I am able to get a few cars behind her. I think, “Why not call her on her cell phone?” I decide to wait and surprise her though.

I follow her toward a familiar apartment complex. At first I don’t think much about this. I assume this lady could live just about anywhere. As she pulls into the entrance to the complex, a thought overwhelms my mind. This is the complex where her last boyfriend Daniel has an apartment. I slow down out of some instinctive curiosity to see exactly where she is going. Her friend could easily live in one of these apartments. I watch with increasing curiosity as she parks in a very familiar place, in front of Daniel’s building.

I pull into a space down from her; just to see what apartment she will go too. In my mind I know this can only be a coincidence. There is no way she will be going to Daniel’s apartment. She couldn’t. She would never do something like this to me. I watch as she gets out of her car. She has a handbag that I recall seeing in her backseat a number of times but never thought to ask what is in it. She walks a few steps toward the building. She stops for a few moments to look around the parking lot as if to see if she sees anyone she knows.

From where I’m parked, she can’t make out that I’m there watching her. I feel like I am now spying on the woman I love which gives me a very uneasy feeling. She almost seems worried that someone she knows will see her. I begin getting a very sick feeling about what I am watching. After she looks around for a few moments, she walks toward the building. She begins walking up the steps quickly to the apartments that are upstairs.

Each building has four apartments, two upstairs and downstairs. Daniel’s is one of the two upstairs. The sick feeling I have grows worse. She won’t go to Daniel’s apartment. She can’t. My heart begins pleading for her to go to the other apartment.

As she reaches the top of the stairs, she stops for a moment and looks at Daniel’s apartment door. Then walks toward it. I watch as she knocks on the door, which almost immediately opens. I can see Daniel and it is so obvious that he is expecting her. He has this big smile on his face as she walks past him into the apartment. He looks like a guy that knows he is about to get what he desires most, my girlfriend! She steps inside quickly and just as quickly a smiling Daniel closes the door.

My Melissa is now inside her old boyfriend’s apartment. She told me she was going to see a sick lady that just got out of the hospital. Daniel looks nothing like a lady and he looked to be smiling too much to be sick. He looked like someone that was feeling wonderful. He looked like a person about to feel even better, with my girlfriend!

Tears begin to flow from my eyes uncontrollably. The woman I thought loved me so much is cheating on me. The woman that promised she would never deceive me has lied to me and is now with her former lover in his apartment. I feel numb and sick. How could she do this to me? How can she go behind my back like this? How long has this been going on? Am I that blind that I didn’t realize she was cheating on me with Daniel? How many lies has she been telling me over the past month? I thought I knew Melissa. The way she looks at me when she says she would never hurt me is so honest and convincing.

I sit in my car just staring at the apartment door praying she will come out of it. After about thirty minutes, I decide I can’t sit waiting any longer. But I can’t bring myself to go up those stairs and confront Melissa and her lover. I start my car and decide to drive somewhere, anywhere. I just can’t sit and watch that damn door any longer.

I drive around for about thirty minutes with my thoughts and emotions overloading my mind. I want to hurt her. I want to kill her. I’m scared of my feelings. I love her.

I can’t drive away from her like this. I have to go back. Good or bad, I have to confront her. I have to know why. Why did she lie to me? Why did she deceive me? She seems so in love with me but yet she runs to her old boyfriend behind my back. She said she has never deceived a boyfriend with her heart. I guess I should feel special that I am her first. The sex we had last night and this morning was incredible. Why is she not satisfied with just me? Tears continue to roll down my cheeks.

I pull back into the parking lot for the apartment complex and find the same spot I had before still available. I also can see Melissa’s car still parked in the same spot as well.

She has been with him now for an hour. I suddenly remember that I would be getting out of class by now. She told me to call her when I did. I try to compose myself so that I can talk like I normally do. I don’t want her to notice that I am upset. Not yet anyways. I want to figure out what I need to do first before we have a confrontation. I pick up my cell phone and dial hers. After four rings, she picks it up knowing who it is from the caller id feature on her phone. She tells me hello in her normal way.

“Hi, babe, are you out of class now?”

“Yea ... I’m finished for the day,” I say, not wanting to admit yet that I was finished over an hour ago.

She seems to hesitate talking which makes me realize she is trying to be careful about what she says to me. I ask her where she is.

“Where are you at now baby?” I ask, knowing what she will say won’t be the truth.

“I’m still at my friend’s. I’m about to leave though.”

Well technically it’s not a lie. I decide to ask her some more details about her visit. I want to see just how truthful she will be to me now.

“How is your friend doing now?”

“Much better now. I think my visit has helped a lot.”

I can’t believe her nerve.

“Where does your friend live?” I ask with curiosity to see if she will tell me specifically where she is at now.

“She is staying close to Sunset Drive,” she says.

Technically this is true. But she didn’t offer any more specifics on her own. Obviously she is being vague on purpose. I decide to ask her to tell me exactly where her friend lives.

“Where exactly are you. I’ll meet you there now so we can go somewhere to eat.”

“Oh ... ahhh ... don’t worry about coming here. I’m leaving now anyways. I will meet you at the front of the mall and we can eat there and then I can buy that CD you have been wanting. I’m leaving now so don’t worry about coming here. See you at the mall shortly babe. I love you. Bye sweetie.”

She obviously doesn’t want to tell me where she is exactly. She is well aware that I know where Daniel lives, that I would know that there is no older lady living in that apartment. She told me she loved me and quickly said bye ending the call. She didn’t want me to push her for more information that would reveal that she was with her lover cheating on me.

About five minutes later, I see the door to Daniel’s apartment open and she steps outside. Immediately I notice something very different about her. She isn’t wearing the same top she had on this morning. I can’t believe this shit. She is wearing a very sexy top. It really shows off her firm medium size tits in a very revealing way.

I become furious as I watch her quickly come down the stairs. She changed her clothes for that bastard. She wanted to treat him special, to be sexy for him. Fortunately, she saves me even more anguish by not kissing Daniel goodbye. I guess he is just a fuck for her after all. I should be happy about that I guess. I can’t satisfy my woman in bed but she will at least save her kisses for me.

As Melissa comes down the stairs, I can see she is carrying the same handbag she took in with her. She quickly unlocks the car and opens the door. After she gets inside, I see her grab her head and mouth ‘shit’. She reaches into the handbag and pulls out the top she put on this morning and had entered his apartment wearing. She seems to glance around quickly to see if anyone can see her. Then she quickly pulls the top over her head revealing a very sexy bra that she did not wear that morning either! She quickly pulls her original top back over herself. She looks into the mirror and quickly fixes her hair. She starts the car and pulls out. She uses the normal exit from the complex so she does not see me still sitting in my car.

I just sit in my car thinking and trying to make sense of all of this. But I can’t. I am hurting badly. I feel lost. Melissa is cheating on me. She lied to me. The girl I love more than anything in this world wants another guy. I am not man enough for her. Some of my friends tried to warn me. They said she had gone through many boyfriends. I would just be another she would dump just like the others they said. Looks like they were right. Looks like I have been deceived once again by someone I loved. This time, it is by the girl I wanted in my life so badly. I’ve never wanted anyone else like I wanted Melissa. She has hurt me worse than Debbie ever could. I believed deep in my heart that she would never deceive me like this. It seems that I was very wrong.

Melissa was so convincing though. She knows how badly Debbie hurt me. She knows the pain I went through trying to salvage that relationship while Debbie continued her cheating. I gave everything to make things work with Debbie. She brought her lover home when she knew I was there so she could destroy my heart right in front of me. Now I get to watch Melissa destroy my heart all over again. Melissa fooled me into thinking she was different. Now I know she is no different than any other cheating bitch. How long will it be before she brings Daniel in front of me as her lover to humiliate me? Looks like I would have seen it coming.

Looks are so deceiving.

Chapter 5

After watching Melissa drive away, I know there is no way I can meet her at the mall. There is no way I can pretend that I did not just witness her leaving her lover’s apartment. I decide to just drive around again for a while to think things through. After driving close to campus, I realize I’m somewhat of a danger on the road right now. I decide to just park and go sit somewhere to think things through. I know I can’t ignore this like I did with Debbie. I know how that ended up. If Melissa will cheat on me now, there is nothing to stop her from cheating again. That was the hard lesson I learned from trying to salvage my relationship with Debbie.

But this hurt me much deeper than Debbie ever could. I had opened up so much with Melissa. I felt confident enough to tell her things that I could never tell anyone else. I told her my fantasies and desires. We both did. I felt like I could tell her anything and know that she would listen and try to understand. I knew she would not be judgmental. She was already involved in the kinkiest thing possible, sex with her parents. She knows I accept this and even find it very exciting. All of this makes what I just witnessed seem all the more puzzling. She knows if she pissed me off that I could really embarrass her and her family with what I know. Maybe she knows I could never do that to her though. I know I couldn’t. Not even now. Her parent’s and siblings would be hurt terribly. They are not responsible for the hurt I’m feeling.

I walk through the campus almost in a daze. It is still early in the afternoon so there are still many people around. All of a sudden, my cell phone begins ringing. I know who it is immediately. I don’t even have to look at the caller id. Melissa has to be wondering where I am. She probably assumes I broke down or worse got into an accident on the way to the mall. I decide to just turn the phone off. I don’t want to talk to her now. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I find a bench to sit on out of the normal flow of students. I need to think now. How do I confront her? Do I confront her? Should I just throw away our relationship and pretend like she doesn’t exist? Sitting on the bench, I find myself looking down at the ground unable to make any real sense of things.

A voice startles me for a moment.


I look up to see this incredibly sexy chick standing beside the bench I am sitting on. She has long nearly black hair, gorgeous face, full sensuous lips, full perky breasts, shapely hips and long sexy legs. She reminds me a lot of Melissa with her facial features but she looks younger.

“Yea. Who are you?”

“We haven’t met but I recognize you from Melissa’s description. I’m Jessica, Mel’s sister. Everyone calls me Jessie though.”

“Oh, hey. Nice to meet you.”

“I just got through with my classes and was taking a shortcut to the library. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you when you were at my parent’s house a few weekends ago. To be honest, I was passed out in my apartment,” she says laughing.

“That’s okay. I figured we would eventually meet.”

“Are you okay, Mark? You look like someone who just lost his best friend. Can I sit with you?”


“I know you don’t know me hardly at all. Is something wrong?


“Does it involve my sister?”

“Yes ... I just saw her go to Daniel’s apartment. She told me she was going to see a sick older lady. I saw Daniel let her into his apartment.”

“Oh my God! I don’t believe she would do that to you!”

“Believe it. Not only did I see it, but she lied to me about it and was evasive when I tried to get her to tell me where she was at, when we both knew all along.”

“Oh God, Mark! I am so sorry! This just isn’t like my sister.”

“I know. I never expected her to do something like this to me. I never would have asked her to be my girlfriend if I thought she was capable of this.”

“Melissa can act slutty at times. But I’ve never known her to do something like this to a boyfriend. I know how she feels about you Mark. To be honest, I’ve been very envious of her. I thought she finally found someone she could really fall in love with. I’m just shocked hon.”

Jessie puts her hand on my arm.

“Thanks, Jessie. Now I have to decide what to do. Do I confront her or just drop her without saying anything.”

“Don’t you dare let her off the hook with this. I don’t care if she is my sister. She deserves to be hurt just like she hurt you.”

“But how do I confront her? I don’t want to get in her face yelling at her. Also, I don’t want to confront her just to have her throw my love in my face either.”

I decide to tell Jessie everything I saw. I give her every detail of what I saw Melissa do today. Everything she told me this morning, after class, and over the phone. I can tell she is stunned by what her sister has done. It is not much comfort though to me now though.

“This just really sucks Mark. I finally get to meet you and she does the stupidest thing she has ever done the same day.”

We sit there talking for some time. She seems very sympathetic to my situation. I thought that after the first few minutes of hearing everything, she would gracefully leave not wanting to get anymore involved. But she listens to me talk about Melissa and our relationship. I find her so easy to talk to. She seems genuinely interested in what I have to say. If she wasn’t Melissa’s sister, I might actually find a way to push my hurt aside to pursue this beautiful chick.

“I guess I should be leaving,” I say to her.

“Mark, you don’t need to be alone right now. I feel terrible for you. Even worse because it is my own sister that has hurt you so bad.”

“It’s okay, Jessie. I’ll just go back to my apartment I guess. I’ll be all right.

“No, let me go with you. You don’t need to be alone right now. Let me hang out with you this evening. I don’t want to leave you feeling so hurt.”

I look up into her eyes. She seems very sincere about wanting to help me over this hurt. I can also see that there is a gorgeous chick almost begging to go home with me.

“Okay. But you can leave whenever you need to.”

“I will follow you to your apartment. Lets walk to the parking lot. We can order a pizza, my treat.”

Fortunately, Ronnie is out with his new girlfriend tonight. He has been spending a number of nights at her place lately. I don’t expect him until in the morning. Jessie and I reach our cars and she follows me to my apartment.

She walks beside me to the door and then follows me inside. It seems so empty to me now. Melissa and I spend so much time together that now I feel alone in my own place. Jessie asks where the phone is so she can call to order us a pizza. When she reaches the phone, she can see that my answering machine has a number of messages on it. She asks me if I want to listen to them and I tell her no. I know who called without looking. I am sure Melissa is going crazy wondering what happened to me.

The pizza arrives and Jessie refuses to let me pay for it. We sit together on the floor eating and watching TV. My mind is elsewhere though and Jessie can tell it too.

“I wish that I could get your mind off of what happened today. I really do hate Melissa for what she has done to you. I know she is my sister but I can’t excuse her for hurting anyone like this.”

“Its okay. Thanks for offering to spend time with me. It’s better than sitting here all by myself. I just wish I knew why. Things have been so good between us. We were spending so much time together. I have no idea how she found the time to start an affair with Daniel. I just wish I knew what I did wrong with her. We were so good together. I thought she was satisfied with me. The sex between us has been incredible. I just wish I understood what I did wrong!”

“She is just a fool. I don’t know you that well but I think you are a wonderful guy. I know Daniel and he is not the same guy you are at all. He loves to party and get crazy. I know that is why Melissa dated him for so long. She never was in love with him.”

“She told me I was the first guy she ever really fell in love with.”

“She told me the same thing and I believe her. That’s what makes this all seem so crazy! When she was with Daniel before, she just had a great time with him is all; there was nothing serious between them. He doesn’t take anything seriously, especially relationships. When Melissa wouldn’t quit playing softball on the weekends so he could take her to parties with him, he cheated on her with his old girlfriend. I always thought she was a little crazy. But I never thought she would be this stupid to go cheat on a great guy like you, especially with Daniel!”

“I guess I’m just not the guy she really wants.”

“You’re a great guy. You’re so sweet. You’re very handsome too. I think you’re more handsome than Daniel. I hope I find a guy like you one day too.”

“Thanks for saying that.”

“I really mean it. My sister is a fucking idiot for cheating on you. She doesn’t deserve you,” she says sliding closer to me.

I get lost looking into her eyes. In many ways I can see the resemblances to Melissa. Jessie is a beautiful girl though in her own separate way.

“I wish I could make it up to you ... somehow.”

“You don’t have to do anything, Jessie.”

“I know I don’t have to ... I want to.”

Jessie moves so that our lips are barely apart. The next thing we both know is that we are locked in a passionate embrace. Her lips are pressed to mine as our tongues explore each other. She falls to the side pulling me with her so that I am on top of her. Her hand holds my head tightly to hers, our kiss growing ever more passionate. Pulling back from her, I try to let her know we should stop this.

“Don’t fight it, Mark. You’re not cheating on her. She already threw away your relationship by cheating on you. Her loss is my gain babe. I want you Mark. I want to feel your body against mine.”

I begin kissing her again. My hands touch her body. She is right. Melissa threw away our love. Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself like she is with Daniel? I don’t care about anything at the moment but this lovely girl lying beneath me, wanting me.

My hand moves over one of her firm tits. Her body feels wonderful even through her clothes.

“Touch me, Mark ... touch me all over!”

My hand moves down her side and over her trim thigh. Slowly my hand moves inside her legs and massages the inside of her thigh softly. With determination, my hand moves up to press into her covered pussy. She lets out a soft moan into my open mouth as our kisses grow even wilder.

“Jessie ... tell me to stop ... if you don’t tell me to stop I’m going to fuck you.”

“Don’t stop ... don’t stop ever ... fuck me now, hon ... my pussy needs you inside it!”

I begin helping her get her clothes off. At the same time she is pulling at my clothes. Both of us trying to get the other naked, lost in our raging lust.

After we strip each other, we openly admire the other’s bodies. We kiss between glares at each other’s nakedness. Her hand grabs my throbbing cock and begins stroking it.

“God, hon, your cock is so fucking handsome.”

“Your whole fucking body is beautiful. I want to kiss and lick all over you girl. I want to put this cock deep inside your sexy pussy.

I reach to feel her cunt. She is soaking wet. She notices that I am wet as well. Pre-cum is leaking down my cock. She wipes it with her fingers and sucks each finger clean.

“I want the rest of that straight from the source,” she says devilishly.

She pushes me onto my back and kneels between my legs. She slowly strokes my cock while she admires its with her eyes. She then looks directly into my eyes as she lowers her head to lick up the entire length.

“Mmmmmm. Tasty,” she grins.

She begins bathing my cock and balls with her soft wet tongue. She takes her time to lick every spot on my rigid shaft. She then moves her mouth to the tip and gently licks at the tip teasingly, fluttering her tongue to the sensitive underside of my cock head. After a few moments of this incredible feeling, she takes the head inside her mouth and lets her lips slide slowly down my shaft. She works a little more of my cock into her mouth as she slowly sucks it. Her head bobs up and down until she has most of it inside her mouth. As my cock slips from her mouth, she looks up quickly at me smiling.

“I can’t get it all babe ... but I do my best,” she says, grinning.

“Fuck! ... Your mouth feels incredible! Just keep sucking me like that ... oh fuck yesssss!

She takes her time making love to my cock. Her mouth is incredible. I can tell she has had quite a bit of practice, just like her sister.

“I meant what I said earlier babe ... I want to taste you ... I want your cum in my mouth.”

“Oh fuck, Jessie ... here it comes baby ... oh fuck yesssssss! Cummingggggggggggg nowwwwwwwwwwww!”

My cock feels like a high-pressure hose as it blasts her mouth with more cum than she can handle. She tries her best to swallow it all but a good bit leaks out of her mouth, dripping down her chin. She leans up with sperm covering her mouth, chin and neck. I notice some of it rolling down her neck and onto her chest.

“Shit, babe ... where did all that come from!” she says trying to wipe it away from her lips with her tongue.

“I didn’t mean to make a mess girl ... it just felt so damn good inside your hot fucking mouth.”

“You didn’t make a mess ... at least one we can’t clean up,” she says licking my sperm from her fingers.


“Yes, we!”

She quickly moves so that her cum coated lips are right above mine.

“Kiss me.”

I hesitate for a moment. I have tasted the remnants of my sperm before in a girl’s mouth. But I have never actually licked it like this!

“I won’t make you, Mark. But I want you to kiss me. Please?”

I can resist her pleading. I put my hands on her head and open my mouth to kiss her deeply. My cum slides into my mouth from hers. Our tongues are covered with my sperm as we kiss deeply. This girl is just as kinky as her sister. We take our time kissing and licking my cum from each other’s mouth. I even lick my sperm off her neck and chest.

“I love doing that. I think it’s so sexy when a guy will kiss me like that. Not many will. But those that do usually are really hot to fuck,” she says smiling.

“God chick, I’m going to fuck you good for making me do that!”

“I didn’t make you! You did it of your own free will, babe.”

“Like hell I did! When a sexy chick is inches from your face telling you to kiss her ... cum or no cum ... you MUST kiss her!” I say, laughing.

“Well it looks like you’re ready to fuck me good,” she says reaching for my hardened cock.

“Lets go to my bedroom baby. This could take awhile,” I say, teasingly.

“You can take as long as you want hon!”

As we walk down the hallway, I can’t help but let my hands touch her cute little ass. Her body is so exciting to look at, just like her sister’s body. It would be difficult for me to say who had the sexier body. Melissa’s is a little shapelier but that is probably due to her being two years older. Other than that, the only other real differences are just the uniqueness of who they are in their own way.

Walking into my bedroom, she pulls me by my hand as she walks backwards to the bed. As she spreads her body across the bed, she pulls me down on top of her. My cock is so hard that it feel like it could break. I want to fuck this chick so badly now. Melissa is gone from my thoughts for now. I move between her legs so my cock is against her wet pussy lips.

“Fuck me with that big cock. I need it fucking me hard ... please fuck me hard, now!”

I’m not about to let a request like this from a beautiful girl go unfulfilled. She bends her knees more so her legs are spread wider. I tease her for a few moments with the head of my shaft, rubbing it up and down the length of her cunt, slapping her clit with it as well. With little warning, I lower my body down onto hers and plunge deeply into her pussy. She wails out from the sudden filling of her young tight pussy.

She holds me close to her with her arms as I thrust hard and deep into her body. Her firm tits feel so hot against me. Her skin is so soft, yet so firm. I reach down with my hands to grab her ass and begin to pound into her body with tremendous force. I can tell she wants every bit of this and more. My cock feels like a piece of steel inside her tender cunt. Her juices are flowing abundantly from her.

“Oh God, yesssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Oh damnnnnn youuuuuuu fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee!

She throws her head from side to side; her pussy seems to be going through one continuous long orgasm. She is so vocal as she doesn’t seem to care who might hear her passion.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss cummingggggggggggggggg!”

Fucking her with all the intensity that I can, my cock explodes deep inside her cunt. My cum floods her pussy to overflowing. I can’t believe I still have this much inside me after cumming in her mouth earlier. I collapse down on her body as we kiss gently, relaxing from the intensity of our sex.

“Feel my pussy.”

I move my hand over her cunt and can feel her sperm filled hole with my fingers.

“Move down and look at my pussy babe.”

I slide down her body until I can see her cunt, it is gaping open some and I can see my sperm running out of it.

“Mark, will you do something for me?”

“Ahhh ... what?”

“Eat me.”


“Mark, lick my pussy ... please? I need it so bad! Please?”

I have never done this with any girl before. I have heard of cream- pies. But I have never actually eaten a girl’s pussy full of cum. I think, “What the hell”.

I move my mouth to her well-fucked cunt and begin licking at the now gaping lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yessssss! Lick it, babe! Lick it!”

I can taste my sperm just as I did earlier from her mouth. Clearly this chick is into playing with a guy’s cum! I bury my tongue into her hot cum filled cunt. My fresh cum pushes out around my mouth as I try to lick deep to clean her pussy of every drop. She presses her pussy hard into my face moaning from the pleasure.

“Eat your cum from my pussy. Oh damn this feels so fucking good!”

My sperm that once was deep inside her tight hole is now entering my own mouth and throat. She reaches to hold my head tightly to her pussy as she screams through one more orgasm. I look up at her face and see nothing but her beauty and lust. She pulls me back to her and licks at the sperm still on my lips and chin.

“That was so fucking hot! You are a wonderful lover babe. I hope you don’t mind me getting just a little ... kinky?” she says grinning.

“A LITTLE kinky?” I say, in joking exasperation.

“You were wonderful, babe. Not many guys will do what you just did. I think you’re more of a man than any of those guys. You made me feel so incredible!”

I lay beside her as I lean over to kiss her softly. Our soft kisses continue as we gently touch each other. Enjoying the intimacy of the moment. We both feel an intimate bond developing between us.

Then we both are shocked back into reality.


The loud screams cause us to jump straight up in bed. Here we are, naked, my sperm still visible on both our mouths, Jessie’s pussy still leaking and obviously well-fucked, and Melissa standing in the doorway to my bedroom looking on in complete shock at her boyfriend and sister. Melissa takes a step in the room; her face clearly shows how stunned she is to see what she never in her life expected to see, Jessie and me naked on my bed after having what was obviously tremendous sex.

“I can’t believe this! Mark ... why? Please tell me ... why Mark why!?” she says loudly at me.

“Why? ‘Why’ you ask me? Why the fuck not!” I scream back at her.

“I thought you loved me! I thought you were happy with me! You don’t show up at the mall and I think something bad has happened to you! I came here looking for you. I went to your parent’s house. I went to friends’ hangouts. NOTHING. You were nowhere!! I try calling you ... no answer!! I was scared to death ... and here you are ... FUCKING MY SISTER! Why Mark, why? ... Please tell me why you did this to me?!”

I glance at Jessie who seems somewhat stunned by her sister showing up like this. I know they have had a rivalry between them for some time now. I am sure that of all the girls she might have expected to find in bed with me, her sister is probably the last.

Jessie then surprises me by lashing out at her own sister.

“How dare you act self-righteous you arrogant bitch! How dare you come in here yelling at us like this! I can’t believe the nerve you have after what you have done to Mark,” Jessie yells loudly at her sister.

“What I have done?! What the fuck are you talking about?! I walk in to my boyfriend’s apartment and find MY SISTER IN BED WITH HIM!! What the fuck have I done to deserve to be betrayed by my own sister?!”

“What have I done to make you cheat on me with this bitch?!” she screams at me.

Tears streaming down her face, Melissa yells at Jessie, “You have hated me for awhile now, but I never believe you could ever hurt me like this!”

I decide it is now time to let Melissa know that Jessie and I know what a cheating bitch she really is now.

“I know where you went after class today,” I say, indignantly.

“I went to see my friend that just got out of the hospital! Where do you think I went?”

“My last class was cancelled. I was able to catch up with you to go see your friend with you. But then I realized WHO your friend was!”

“Mark? You don’t think that I ... ”

“Melissa, what the fuck do you call going to your old boyfriend’s apartment? What do you call changing into sexy clothes while you are there with him? You stripped down naked for him because you even had a sexy bra on that you didn’t have on this morning! I’m sure Daniel enjoyed what he saw! What do you call it when you don’t want me to know where you are? What do you call lying to me about it? Melissa, I call it cheating on your boyfriend? What the fuck do you call it, huh?”

“Oh my, God! Mark ... it’s not what you think! I swear it’s not that!”

“You told me you were going to see an older lady that just got out of the hospital! Daniel is not an old lady!”


“What?!” Jessie and I say at the same time.

“I went to see Daniel’s mother!! I did not go to see Daniel! His mom is staying with him until she can stay at her own house by herself! Mark ... I was not cheating on you!!”

“How do you explain the sexy clothes and underwear then? I saw you take a handbag inside and come back out with your old clothes in it!”

“His mother got those sexy clothes for me for my birthday! She didn’t have a chance to give them to me before Daniel and I broke up. I tried them on in HER room with HER there! Daniel didn’t see me in them until I left after you called me!”

“The handbag?” I ask with less confidence now about what I thought I saw.

The stuff I took in the handbag was old stuff that belonged to Daniel that I had not given back to him! I kept them in the car so I could give them to him when I happened to see him sometime. I did not want him coming to my apartment to get them! Mark, his mother and I are friends. She is one of the few moms to ever like me. I just went to see her is all, I swear!”

“Melissa ... ”

“You THINK I’m cheating on you ... so you go fuck my sister?” she says angrily at me.

“Jessie, you jumped right into my boyfriend’s arms with no concern for my feelings!” she angrily says to her sister.

“I ... I don’t believe this!!” Melissa screams looking at the ceiling.

“Oh my, God! Melissa ...,” Jessie says softly in horror, realizing the big mistake that has been made.

“Melissa ...,” I stutter, not knowing what to say now.

“I can’t stay here ... I ... I need to get away from you, from both of you! I need to get away ... I ...,” she says crying loudly as she begins running down the hallway and out of the apartment.”

Jessie and I just stare at each other realizing a horrible mistake has occurred. We both realize we were wrong about what I thought I saw. Tears stream down Jessie’s face as she knows that she just fucked her sister’s boyfriend, the first one she truly was in love with, destroying her own relationship with her sister in the process.

Melissa lied to me though. She deceived me. Why didn’t she just tell me where she was going? Why didn’t she trust me enough to tell me whose apartment she was going to?

But instead of her being the one cheating, I end up cheating with her sister. Now from what should have just been a misunderstanding between us, I may have just lost the one girl I truly love by not trusting and talking to her first. Now she hates me! Now she hates her sister!

What the fuck have I done?

Chapter 6

Melissa left the apartment angry and in tears. Jessie looks at me stunned. I feel like the biggest fool ever. But if Melissa had not deceived me this morning and later on the phone, none of this would have happened. Jessie begins crying again and I take her into my arms to try to console her. But I need my own consoling now as well. I realize just how tragic this mistake actually is now. Melissa broke up with Daniel for cheating on him. She did not give him a second chance. What makes it worse is I fucked Melissa’s sister! She saw us together, my cum on our faces, her pussy still gaping open from being fucked by me, cum still leaking from her cunt. Melissa saw all of that.

“Mark ... what have we done!”

“I just fucked up big time Jessie ... I really screwed up things worse than I could’ve ever thought possible! This is my fault! I should’ve confronted Melissa first and then I would have known. Damn! ... If she just hadn’t lied to me! ... If she had just told me where she was going! I would’ve understood. I might not have liked it, but I wouldn’t have stopped her.”

“Mark, its my fault too. I seduced you intentionally. I wanted to hurt Melissa. But I didn’t want to hurt her like this though. I thought she hurt you ... I like you Mark. It wasn’t all to get back at Melissa ... I wanted to be with you tonight ... I wanted to have sex with you. It went from revenge to really caring about you, wanting you. I shouldn’t have tried to seduce you though ... at least not tonight. I knew I could seduce you ... I took advantage of both of you! I wanted to hurt Melissa ... for a number of reasons ... ”

We both get up and clean ourselves up silently; words are useless. We shower separately. I change the bed, which was wet in a number of spots from our intense sex earlier. We both get dressed and sit together in my room quietly, both hoping that Melissa would come back or at least call. We know we need to somehow try to overcome the hurt we have caused, on all of us.

I doubt that Melissa will stay with me now. I have hurt her badly with my actions. I am not sure we have a relationship left. She lied and deceived me today. She did not cheat, but she hurt the trust and faith I had in her.

My biggest concern now, other than myself, is Jessie. There are obviously some unresolved issues between her and Melissa. I could see the venom in both of their eyes for the other earlier. But I could also see a sisterly love beneath all that was said. Jessie did not want to hurt Melissa for no reason. That is why she became so upset when she realized Melissa had not been cheating with Daniel today. But I saw a real satisfaction in her face when Melissa discovered us. It was like she had evened the score somehow. I wanted to ask Jessie about this. But I thought it was best to leave this old wound untouched tonight.

The quiet is almost deafening. Just a few hours before we were screaming out our orgasms and pleasure. We were also screaming with Melissa not long after that. Now we find it difficult to say anything to each other. The bond between Jessie and I kept her at my apartment though. I know she is concerned about Melissa. My fear is that Melissa would do something stupid. I am not concerned that she would intentionally harm herself. But I am afraid she might do something in anger that she would later regret.

The phone startled both of us. We stare at each other for a moment before I pick up the phone.


“Mark? This is Caroline, Melissa’s mother. Is Jessie still there?”

“Yes she is.”

“Let me talk to her please.”

“Hold on, I’ll get her.”

Putting the phone on mute, I tell Jessie who is on the phone.

“It’s your mom. She wants to talk to you.”

“How does she know that I am here?!”

“I’m not sure ... but I have a feeling she has talked to Melissa.”

“Pick up the other extension and listen in ... so you know what she tells me.”

I un-mute the phone and hand it to Jessie.

“Hey, mom.”

“Jessie, your sister just left here. I know what happened there earlier today.”

“Mom ... it is all a big misunderstanding ... ”

“Jessie, fucking your sister’s boyfriend is never a good thing ... even with what you thought happened today. Melissa is your sister and always will be that. She is very angry right now at you and Mark.”

Jessie says to her mom, “She was really upset when she left here. I guess she went straight to you.”

“She came home because she didn’t know where to go. She didn’t want to talk to me. It took some time to get her to open up to me about what happened.”

“I know what I did was not right mom. I was just trying to console Mark was all ... ”

“Jessie, don’t try to sell me that load of shit ... you saw an opportunity to hurt your sister and you took it. I don’t understand what the problem is between the two of you ... this goes beyond a normal sibling rivalry though.”

“I would not have ... fucked Mark if I knew she had not cheated on him ... you have to believe that mom!”

“I believe you. But you shouldn’t have fucked him at all. Not until they had talked things through and broke up.”

“I’m sorry, mom.”

“Jessie, I’m not the one you need to talk to. Melissa is on her way back over now to talk to both of you ... the two of you need to solve whatever is going on between you. I don’t know how she is going to handle Mark ... she is still very upset but she has calmed down somewhat. She is hurt and angry ... I can’t blame her either. I get the feeling that she has some fault in all of this too. I suggest that you and Melissa figure out what it is going to take to put this rivalry to rest ... I told her the same thing just before she left here.”

“She is on here way here now?!” Jessie says, looking at me with fear.

“Yes, she left here about five minutes ago. She probably will be there in about thirty minutes. I strongly suggest that you and Mark be prepared for her ... Jessie, Melissa is your sister ... you will treat her as a sister. Settle your differences and let’s move on from this mess.”

“Okay, mom ... I will. Talk to you later.”

Hanging up the phone, Jessie looks at me almost trembling.

“Mark ... should I stay?”

“We both are going to have to deal with her wrath sometime ... we might as well deal with it together. I have no illusion that she is going to stay with me after all of this ... I guess I hope you two can get over this at least. Like your mom said, you two will always be sisters. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the problem between you and Melissa?”

“It’s difficult for me to say Mark. It’s really personal. I don’t know if I can tell Mel myself. She hurt me but she doesn’t even know it herself.”

“I hope you can work it out, sooner or later.”

“I guess we will see soon enough,” she says.

Waiting for Melissa to get here was incredibly difficult on both of us. We had no idea what type of mood she would be in. We know she will still be angry though. Then we both heard a knock on the door. We both figured Melissa wouldn’t use her key this time although I am sure she knew she wouldn’t find the same thing she did before.

As I opened the door and she walked inside, I could tell she had calmed down quite a bit. But her mood was very serious.

“I see your lover is still here ... actually, I am glad you are still here Jessie. I think we all need to talk.”

Obviously Melissa is still quite angry about everything. But at least she is not yelling at us anymore.

Melissa says, “I think we all need to deal with what happened today ... together. Let’s go to Mark’s room so we can have some privacy.”

Melissa begins walking down the hallway. Turning to look at us, we follow her as well. As Melissa entered the room ahead of us, she notices that the linen on the bed had been changed.

“Thanks for at least cleaning up,” she says, sarcastically.

“You two can sit on the bed together. You both seem to be very comfortable together there earlier.”

Melissa watched us sit on the bed while she remained standing leaning against my desk. Jessie slid over to the middle of the bed, sitting with her legs under her. It was like she didn’t want to be within arms reach of her sister right now.

“Okay ... you don’t have to be so snotty sis. Yea we fucked things up but you don’t have to be so sarcastic with us,” Jessie says.

Looking directly at her sister with a cold look, Melissa says, “I think I have the right to speak however I want Jessie. Remember, I was the one that caught you in bed with my boyfriend!”

“Mel, if we are going to talk, let’s talk or there is no need to even be here,” I try to say calmly.

Taking a deep breath, Melissa says, “Okay ... I just want to know how long this has been going on? How long have you two been seeing each other?”

“She saw me on campus ... after I left Daniel’s apartment complex. She saw me sitting on a bench on campus ... we just met each other today,” I explained.

“Wait a minute ... you just met each other today and you are telling me that you went from sitting on a bench on campus to this bed with my sister in a matter of hours?”

“Baby, we didn’t plan this ... it just happened,” I try to explain.

“Oh no way did this just ‘happen’ ... my sister might be a slut, but she is not that easy. I think Jessie saw an opportunity to hurt me.”

Turning to look at Jessie with tears in her eyes, “You did a great job too sis.”

Jessie sat quietly looking down at the bed. She knows what her sister is saying is true. Melissa and I both can see it in the way she is reacting.

“Jessie ... please just tell me ... please tell me why you seem to always try to find a way to hurt me? Please tell me why you would jump in my boyfriend’s arms at the first chance you had?”

“You want to know why? Do you really want to know why? OK, I will tell you why dear sister! I did it because I am jealous of you! You always get what you want! You always get the guy you want! You are the favorite daughter! I get the leftover attention! You always come first! You never care about my feelings!”

“You fuck my boyfriend because you are jealous of me?! Because I always get what I want?!”

“YOU are the favorite daughter. Daddy is always showing you much more attention than me. Hell he hardly knows I even EXIST when YOU are around! YOU always get the guy you want. Remember Bobby? Remember how I told you I had a crush on him?”

“You never dated Bobby! I thought you lost interest in him!”

“I lost interest in him AFTER you started dating him! I was in love with him! You did not care about how I felt! Bobby never asked me out because he was interested in YOU after you started flirting with him!”

“He asked me out! I didn’t chase after him!”

“But you knew I wanted him. But you didn’t stop to ask me how I would feel. YOU just started dating him! Do you know how bad that hurt me?!”

“Jessie, I am sorry ... I didn’t think I needed to say anything to you about Bobby ... ”

“EXACTLY! YOU did not think it was important to ask me! Just like YOU did not think it was important to tell Mark where you were going today!”

“That’s not the same thing and you know it!”

“It is the same fucking thing! You NEVER stop to think about others! You just do what you please ... you are a selfish bitch! You just do whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want!”

“Jessie ... ”


“Jessie! What do you mean by ... our brother?!”

“Don’t think you are so slick girl. I saw you sucking off our brother! You thought no one saw you, but I did! How’s that Mark, your girlfriend sucked her brother’s cock until he came in her mouth! How’s that for a perverted slut! Well bitch, I got ahead of you on that one!”

“What do you mean ‘you got ahead of me on that one’? Jessie ... ”


“You obviously meant something by that ... you sure as hell went out of your way to embarrass me just now in front of Mark. Yea, I sucked Sam’s cock. Yea, he came in my mouth. But you said you got ahead of me ... Jessie, do you mean ... what I think you mean? Have you been fucking Sam?”

Jessie just stares at Melissa; unseeing as she realizes her sister knows the truth now.


Jessie didn’t mean to say what she did, but it’s too late now. She obviously said more than she wanted while trying to embarrass Melissa in front of me. Of course Jessie isn’t aware that I know about Melissa fucking her mom and dad together in threesomes. She took a verbal jab at her sister. She wanted to show that she at least got even and ahead of her sister with their brother, trying to show she can top Melissa sometimes. She becomes horror-struck that Melissa now knows that she is supposedly a pervert for having fucked their brother.

Jessie buries her face in her hands crying loudly. Melissa looks at me, the first time our eyes have made contact since she came back to the apartment. Instead of anger, I see a sense of understanding in her look. I see hurt, but a different kind of hurt now. She knows why her sister has hated her for years now. She knows why her sister fucked me. She knows why I fucked Jessie as well. We are all guilty. We all have made the one critical mistake that destroys all relationships, lack of communication. If only Melissa had told me about where she actually was going today. If only I had talked to Melissa about what I saw. If only Melissa had talked to her sister years ago. If only.

Melissa moved over to the bed, moving onto it in front of Jessie. She touched Jessie’s head with her hand.

“I’m sorry, Jessie.”

Jessie looks up at her older sister. Both girls have tears streaming down their faces.

“I’m sorry Jessie ... I should have talked to you about Bobby before I started seeing him. I should have done alot of things differently. I’m sorry that I’ve not been the big sister you needed.”

“I’m sorry too, Mel. It’s my fault too. I’m just as much to blame for everything being as it is between us.”

“I want my sister back ... forgive me?” Melissa asks, almost pleading with Jessie.

“I want my sister back too ... I am sorry ... forgive me too?”

“Yea, girl,” Melissa says smiling in relief.

“You don’t think I am sick for ... you know ... fucking our brother?”

“No Jessie! Like you said, I sucked him off ... not just one time either,” she says with a devilish grin.

Melissa reaches out to Jessie. They hug each other tightly telling each other how much they love the other.

As Melissa pulls back from her embrace, she looks over at me. I want to tell her how sorry I am. I want to tell her how much I love her. The words won’t come though. She moves away from her sister. She moves over on the bed to face me. She looks deep into my eyes as tears begin to flow again from her own.

“Mark ... we both messed up today.”

“I’m sorry baby ... I made a big mistake with what I thought I saw. I should have talked with you.”

“I made the same mistake, babe. It all started with me ... I’m sorry too. Now we need to decide where to go from here. I love you Mark. I love you so much. I don’t want to lose you.”

“I love you too, Melissa ... I don’t want to lose you either. Can we forget about today?”

“No. We can’t forget about today ... we learned something very important about all of us. Let’s remember today so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.”

I reach to touch her hand. As soon as I touch her, she jumps into my arms and kisses me passionately.

“Melissa, I am so sorry.”

“I am too babe. We both made mistakes. We can let those mistakes destroy us or make us stronger. I don’t want to lose you.”

“I can’t imagine being without you in my life.”

I begin kissing and holding Melissa close to me. Jessie is sitting on the foot of the bed. I fall back across the bed with Melissa beside me, between Jessie and me. As I lean over her kissing her passionately, her hand takes mine and places it over her breast. Without thinking I begin to fondle her in front of Jessie. Melissa’s arms wrap around me to pull me closer to her.

I quickly glance at Jessie as she watches us. I can tell that she is somewhat captivated by what she is watching.

“I guess I better leave now ... I’m so glad you two are going to stay together. I love you sis. Mark, I love you too ... you’re a special guy. Melissa is very lucky to have you,” she says as she begins to slide to the edge of the bed.”

“Jessie ... don’t go.” Melissa says.

“You two need some time together. We can talk tomorrow,” Jessie says.

“No Jessie. I want you to stay here ... with us ... I want you right here ... now.”

“Mel ... ”

Melissa reaches to take Jessie’s hand into her own.

“Stay here with us,” she says sincerely to Jessie. “Mark, tell Jessie to stay ... please.”

“Mel, do you know what you’re asking? Is this what you really want?” I ask.

“Yes ... I want my sister to share in this. If she leaves now ... things won’t really change between us. I want my sister to be a part of my life ... I want her to be a part of us. She already is a part of you Mark ... I can’t change that ... I can see the bond between the two of you. I know it is different than the bond between us ... but if she leaves now ... it will just be a denial of what is already there between the two of you. I want to share in that bond ... I want my sister back.”

Jessie slides over next to her sister. I move to sit up on the bed next to them. Melissa takes her sister by her arms and pulls her down into an embrace.

“I love you, Jessie ... I always have. You’re my sister.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I have always been so jealous of you.”

“No more jealousy ... lets just be sisters from now on.”

“Well it looks like you might want to be more than just sisters!” Jessie says, smiling brightly.

“I have a smart sister,” Melissa says, smiling. “Jessie, did you really fuck Sam?”

“Uh ... yea. Quite a few times,” she says blushing.

“You are a baaaad girl!” Melissa says teasingly.

“And you are a good girl?” she asks. smiling sarcastically.

“I’ll be good for you,” Jessie says, smiling softly

Melissa turns so that Jessie is now on her back and their lips are only inches from each other.

“Is Sam a good fuck?”

“He is a very good fuck!”

“Will you share him with me? ... Like I’m going to share Mark with you?”

“Are you serious sis?” Jessie asks in shock.

“Yea ... he is my brother ... just as you are my sister.” She says, somewhat shyly.

“You can have him anytime sis ... just don’t wear him out,” she says smiling devilishly.

“Can I have ... you too?” Melissa asks hopefully.

“I never ... have been with a girl.”

“I have ... and I want to show you what it is like ... if you will let me. Jessie, I want to make love to you ... I want to fuck you like only another girl can.”

“What about Mark?”

“I think Mark will be just fine while we sisters spend some time together,” she says looking at me. “Why don’t you get more comfortable babe while I help Jessie get more comfortable too.”

Melissa slides off the bed pulling Jessie with her. She reaches for my hand and pulls me off the bed as well.

“Lets get this man here ready to watch two sisters fuck each other.” Melissa says grinning at us.

Both girls begin to undress me. They both show no hesitation to touch my body as my clothes quickly disappear. Melissa then kisses me passionately before pushing me back to sit on the bed.

“I love you, Mark ... but I need to make love to my sister now.”

“I love you too, baby.”

She turns back to Jessie and reaches to grab her arms gently. She begins stripping her sister, touching her soft skin with her hands as her body is revealed to her. Melissa undresses herself as Jessie stares spell-bound at her horny sister. It is obvious that Jessie is somewhat tentative, her first time making love with another girl.

Melissa lifts Jessie’s arms and admires her younger sister’s beauty. Lowering her arms, she moves into an intimate embrace with Jessie. Their lips find each other. They kiss each other softly for a few moments, soft sensuous lips brushing together gently. Their kiss quickly grows very passionate.

My cock is standing tall watching these two gorgeous chicks embracing in their first incestuous act as sisters. They are so incredible to watch as their hands begin touching each other. Melissa pulls Jessie back onto the bed with her. She moves over Jessie’s body. Their bodies seem almost on fire as their skin touches intimately. I can’t help but to stroke my cock as I watch these two sisters enjoying each other’s bodies.

Melissa leans down to kiss her sister deeply for a moment before letting her tongue lick down her chin, kissing and sucking on her neck. Her mouth moves to the side of her neck, licking and sucking, nibbling at her soft skin. Her hands are busy touching Jessie’s tits, her fingers squeezing and pinching her hard nipples.

Both sisters look at me as I moan and squirm while playing with my cock, watching them closely.

“Looks like someone is really enjoying this besides us!” Melissa teasingly says.

“I hope you don’t feel left out Mark.” Jessie says.

“He won’t feel left out for long Jessie. He will have both of us to make love to soon enough,” Melissa says lovingly to me.

Her mouth moves to the top of her chest as she kisses down and through the valley between her firm young tits. Looking up at her sister, she flicks her tongue across a nipple. Her lips then surround and begin to suck firmly. Both sisters are moaning from the pleasure of the moment. I am moaning from the pleasure my cock feels as I continue to stroke it while watching them.

Melissa alternates between her sister’s tits, sucking and biting each nipple. Jessie’s hands hold her Melissa’s head as she moves from one tit to the other.

“Damn, sis ... chew on my hard nipples you nasty girl. Mmmmmm, you are such a wonderful big sister,” Jessie says playfully.

“It’s easy to be a wonderful big sister when you have such a sweet little sister to please,” Melissa says, teasingly.

As Melissa holds her sister’s tits with her hands, her mouth begins licking down over her stomach. Her tongue teases her navel. She kisses and nibbles lightly at her soft skin as she descends down to her sister’s pussy. She intentionally avoids her pussy as she lovingly licks and kisses her inner thighs. Holding one leg in the air, she kisses and licks along the bottom of her thigh and calf.

She kisses her sister’s foot before sucking on each one of her toes. She bathes her toes with her tongue while sucking. She lowers that leg and turns her attention to the other. She lifts it and begins kissing and licking the arch of her foot before sucking on each of the toes. Slowly she begins her descent down the bottom of her calf and thigh, tenderly bathing them with her tongue and lips.

As her mouth approaches Jessie’s pussy, she gently touches her cunt lips with her fingers. Gently pulling the lips apart, she gazes into her sister’s soaking wet pussy. Her tongue slips out to gently lick her exposed cunt. She kisses her pussy tenderly before bathing it with her tongue. She presses her mouth tightly against her sister’s pussy as her tongue penetrates her tight hole. She then moves her lips over Jessie’s throbbing clit. Sucking gently, then pulling away to bathe her clit with her tongue. She penetrates her tight cunt with two fingers, her pussy is already dripping wet with her juices.

Melissa begins to fuck her sister with her fingers deep while continuing to lick her clit with her soft wet tongue. Anticipating Jessie’s orgasm, Melissa presses her lips around her clit and furiously licks until she screams out in a powerful orgasm. Melissa’s fingers are slamming into her cunt hard and deep as her sister cums violently on her sister’s mouth, her back arching up as she moans loudly. Jessie presses her cunt hard against her sister’s face, using her hands to pull her head tightly between her lewdly spread legs. Jessie finally collapses back on the bed as Melissa moves her face and hand away from her pussy.

Melissa moves up over her sister and begins kissing her deeply again, letting Jessie share in the pussy juices she just received from her spasming cunt.

“Jessie, will you lick me now?”

“I never have before ... ”

Melissa moves forward along her sister’s body. She straddles her neck and shoulders.

“Just lick, girl ... you know what feels good to you.”

Melissa moves so that her own dripping cunt is within inches of her sister’s mouth. Jessie’s tongue darts out to touch her sister’s pussy for the first time. It is obvious that Jessie wants this as she lifts her head to press her mouth firmly against Melissa’s cunt. Jessie wraps her arms around Melissa’s supple thighs as she begins to fuck her sister with her tongue. Melissa cries out as a small orgasm hits her.

“Oh fuckkkk yesss, Jessieeeeeee!”

Jessie’s tongue slides into her musky hole, tasting her sister juicy tight cunt. Melissa begins riding her sister’s face. She won’t last long from this. Jessie moves her tongue to lick her sister’s throbbing clit furiously.

“Lick my clit, baby ... ohhh damnnnnnn yessss ... fuckkkkkk yesssss ... lick me, Jessieeeeee!!”

Melissa wails out as her own orgasm overwhelms her.

“Damnnn you, Jessieeee ... cumming now you sweet little girlllllllllllll ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!”

Melissa reaches to grab Jessie’s head to pull it tightly into her spasming pussy. She humps her throbbing pussy hard onto her face. She is practically smothering her sister with her cunt. Melissa pulls her pussy from her sister’s face so she can breathe. Jessie’s face is covered with her sister’s cum. Melissa collapses beside her sister, next to me.

“Oh my, God! You are incredible Jessie!”

“I never thought I could cum so hard!” Jessie says.

Melissa turns to look at me. My cock is covered with pre-cum.

“Still love me?” Melissa asks, smiling sheepishly.

“How can I not love you! That was so awesome to watch. Two sister’s fucking each other to incredible orgasms ... and one of them being my girlfriend!”

“That’s right babe, your girlfriend.” She says smiling.

Melissa reaches to touch my throbbing cock.

“Mark ... I want you to fuck Jessie for me. I want to watch you fuck her deep and hard. I want you to cum deep in her pussy for me.”

I lean to kiss my girlfriend passionately. Then moving across her to her sister, I kiss her passionately as well. Jessie lifts her legs and I place them over my shoulders, my cock is lined up with her wet cunt. I slowly penetrate her pussy with my rigid cock. After my cock is completely buried in her succulent tight cunt, I feel Melissa’s hand touching my balls. I slowly begin fucking Jessie, Melissa replaces her hand with her tongue as she moves down between our legs. She can now see my cock slowly fucking her sister’s pussy. Her tongue washes over my balls, licking my shaft as it is exposed from Jessie’s cunt, and then licking around the bottom of her pussy. Jessica cries out as she feels Melissa’s tongue move lower to lick her tight little asshole.

“Oh fuckkkkk, big sis! Lick my asshole! Pleaseeeeee?! Yesssssssssss!”

Jessie seems to be in one continuous orgasm as Melissa squeezes her tongue into her asshole. My cock feel like it is in a vice as Jessie’s cunt clinches down tightly through her orgasms. Jessie is moaning loudly as I approach my own orgasm. Melissa leans up and begins talking nasty to both of us.

“Fuck her, babe. Fuck her tight pussy ... deeper and harder. Ram that big cock into my slut sister. Take my boyfriend’s cock you little slut ... make him cum deep inside your sweet little pussy!”

I glance over to see Melissa fucking her own pussy furiously with her fingers. The sight of this takes me over the edge. I plunge deep and hard one last time as my cock blasts the insides of Jessie’s cunt with my sperm. All three of us are moaning loudly as we experience our own intense orgasms. As our orgasms subside, we collapse together on the bed. I end up lying on my back as both sisters lay their heads on my shoulders.

There is no need for words now. What started out as a nightmare, ends as an incredible dream come true for all of us. I still have Melissa. Melissa has her sister. Jessie has both of us now.

Chapter 7

We all fell asleep together after our threesome. It was a night I know I’ll never forget. Watching two sexy sisters licking each other’s sweet pussies is not something you see everyday! I woke up during the night to movement on the bed. I could hear Jessie whimpering softly in the dark of the room. There is just enough light that I can make out Jessie lying on her back with Melissa’s face buried between her sexy legs. I lean up to get a better look at my girlfriend licking Jessie’s cunt, still filled with my cum from earlier. Melissa glances up at me and I can make out a smile on her face even in the darkness.

“Oops ... I think we just got caught little sis,” Melissa says giggling.

“It wasn’t my fault! Your girlfriend is trying to corrupt me!” Jessie says, playfully.

“Well it looks like someone here is being a very bad girl,” I say looking at Melissa intently.

“Oh babe ... I will be a very bad girl for you too,” Melissa says teasingly.

“No. I think you have been bad enough already. I think you need to pay the price for being such a nasty girl,” I say moving off the bed to stand behind Melissa’s upturned ass.

“Mark! No! Not in front of Jessie. Don’t ... please?” Melissa says softly pleading, realizing exactly what I am about to do to her.

“It’s okay, baby ... Jessie will enjoy this as much as we do,” I tell her menacingly.

Without any warning, I slap one of Melissa’s firm tight ass cheeks solidly.

“Ohhh! Fuck that hurt babe!”

“You and that potty mouth of yours!” I snarl playfully.

“Slap ... slap ... slap ... slap”

“Damn, Mark! That hurts! ... don’t stop ... ohhhh Goddd yesss ... spank me! Please spank me more!”

Spank ... Spank ... Spank ... Spank

“Ahhhhhhhh God, Mark! Spank my bad little ass!!”

“Damn, Mel ... I didn’t know you liked to be spanked! You are one kinky bitch.”

“You don’t know how kinky I can be little sis,” she says, lustfully.

“Well I think my spanking you is not really teaching you a lesson. So I think I better put my rod to use ... you know what they say, spare the rod ... spoil the child!”

I move right up to Melissa’s pussy and thrust my cock in hard and deep. She moans out loudly from the sudden deep penetration.

“OHHHHHHHH Damnnnnnnnnnn yesssssss!”

“I think my big sister just got the rod!”

“Fuckkkkk yessss ... he just shoved that big hard cock in me so deep!!”

I begin to slam my body hard into Melissa’s ass, my cock piercing deep and hard into her soaking cunt. Her pussy feels so soft but so tight as I thrust deep inside her, again and again. The jolts to her body push her mouth off of Jessie’s cunt.

“Slow down, big boy! My big sis needs to finish licking my little pussy!”

“You better make your little sister cum hard or I will let her spank your tight little ass instead of me!” I say to Melissa.

Melissa wails out in orgasm at the mention of her sister spanking her. I can’t help but think of the nasty sex we will be having together in the future!

Jessie grabs Melissa’s hair and pulls her face back down to her own throbbing pussy. I slow down my thrusts so that she can concentrate on licking her Jessie’s clit. It doesn’t take long for Jessie to begin moaning loudly through her own intense orgasm.

Melissa looks back at me with her face drenched with her sister’s cum.

“Fuck me hard, babe. Fuck me and cum deep inside me you bastard.”

I begin ramming my cock as hard as I can into her delicate pussy. Melissa wails as her own orgasm hits her suddenly. I continue to thrust hard as her body trembles from her orgasm and my hard thrusts. The feel of her tightly clinching cunt takes me over the edge quickly as well. I scream out as my cock erupts deep inside her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddd ... cummingggggggggggggggg nowwwwwwwwwwwww!”

Once again, we all collapse together on the bed. The girls move up over my face and begin kissing each other. They kiss me in turn. We end up with out tongues intertwined in a three-way kiss. They both lay their heads on my shoulders again and we all fall back to a peaceful sleep.

In the morning, the phone rings, waking us. I reach for it without checking the caller id.


“Hello, Mark. This is Caroline. I have not been able to find Melissa or Jessie this morning. I called both of them but they are not answering.”

“Ahh ... they slept here last night. They are all right.”

I cover the mouthpiece and tell the girls to run and pick up the portable phone. Melissa runs and grabs it from the other room and hurries back, jumping on the bed beside her grinning sister. Melissa covers the mouthpiece and holds the phone where Jessie can hear as well.

“Can I assume that all is well with the three of you?”

“Yes ma’am. We all had a good talk last night. Everything is okay now.”

Melissa pinches Jessie’s nipple to tease her. Jessie returns the favor as both girls giggle softly listening to their mom.

“Good. I hope my daughters have worked out their differences.”

“I think they have ... they seem to be getting along fine.”

Jessie begins kissing Melissa deeply while both girls cut their eyes at me. My cock is throbbing hard watching these two chicks teasing me.

“Do you want to talk to either of them?” I ask their mom.

Melissa takes Jessie’s hand and pulls her over to kneel in front of me while I am sitting on the edge of the bed. Melissa takes the base of my rigid cock with her hand. She leans to lick up and down my shaft while I continue talking to their mom.

“No, I can talk to them later. I just wanted to be sure they were alright. Is everything OK between you and Melissa now?”

Jessie takes the phone from her sister and sets it on the desk, then joins her sister in licking on my throbbing cock. These girls know just how to torture a guy, especially when that guy is talking to their mom on the phone!

“Everything is great between us ... ahhh ... she and I are still together, we made up last night.”

I find it extremely difficult now to think, much less talk to their mom. Both girls are licking and kissing my cock. They begin taking turns sucking on the tip while stroking the base of my shaft.

“I am glad, Mark. I think you are good for Melissa. I hope James and I can get to know you better soon.”

Both girls are grinning up at me as they bathe my cock with their soft tongues. They kiss each other momentarily as they take turns letting my cock sink deep in their mouth, alternating with each other.

“Ahhh yesss ... ahhh ... oh yes ... I hope we can ... get together sometime soon ... hope to get to know both of you ... alot better as well.” I stumble saying.”

“Why Mark! ... You sound like you are distracted ... I guess Melissa is there with you?”

“Ahhh yes ... she is here too.”

“Sounds like she might be alittle ... busy ... making up with you still?” she says teasingly to me, surprising me.

These girls are determined to make me cum while talking to their mom. Melissa slides a finger into her dripping cunt before slipping it into my asshole while Jessie sucks my cock deep into her mouth and throat.

“She ... is helping her sister with something right now,” I say looking down hard at the two of them, pleading for them to give me a break.

I can feel my cock getting closer to exploding deep in Jessie’s mouth. Melissa is grinning up at me as she fucks my asshole with her cum coated finger. What actually makes me lose control is what their mother tells me next.

“Hmmm, I can just imagine what the two of them might be doing to ... umm ... for you, especially since you have just had ... sex ... with both of my daughters lately ...” she teasingly says to me.

“Uhhh ... yes ma’am ... ummm ... I hope you are not upset with me for what happened ... yesterday. I didn’t plan to ... be with Jessie ... ”

Jessie looks up at me grinning with a surprised look on her face. She whispers anxiously, “What is my mom saying to you?!”

Their mom tells me, “I am not upset with you Mark ... I think both my girls are very lucky to have had the chance to be with you ... intimately. I can tell they both want to enjoy your ... company. I guess they take after their Mom ... ”

“I ... I’m glad you are not upset then. It was difficult for both of them when we realized the mistakes that were made ... it was very hard on them.”

“I bet it was very hard in ... umm ... for them. I bet my girls are still making it ... hard ... for you now. I just wish there was some way I could ... help ... give you some relief,” she says to me, leaving me almost speechless.

“Yes ... yes ma’am ... I ... uhhh,” I stutter into the phone.

“I expect you and Mel to arrange some private time with James and I right away. I want to know you as well as my daughters do ... Will you do that for me baby? ... I really want to get to know you. You are a very handsome young man. I know you and I will ... enjoy getting to know each other ... much better.”

That did it. My cock explodes deep in Jessie’s mouth. Whatever sperm was left in my body after last night is now deep inside her mouth and throat. I moan somewhat loudly for a few seconds, which brings a surprised look to both girls’ faces, as they know their mom can hear me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddd!”

“Mark! ... It sounds to me like you are enjoying this conversation ... maybe too much!” their mom teasingly says to me.

“Ahhh ... no errr ... yes m’am ... ahhh.”

“You guys remind me of James and I when we were your age. We had an amazing adventure that changed our lives ... just like it appears Jessie has changed yours and Mel’s,” she says to me surprisingly. “I will have to ... call you sometime soon and tell you all the ... intimate details when we both can ... relax and listen,” she says very seductively, promising that our next phone call could get VERY interesting!”

“Yes ma’am ... I ... I look forward to that,” I say uncomfortably to my girlfriend’s mom.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you sweetie. Just let the girls know I called. I will talk to them later. Talk to you later as well ... handsome.”

“Ahhh ... thanks ... I will let them know you called, talk to you later.”

Hanging up the phone, both girls break out laughing.

“Shit, fuck, and damn! I was talking to your mother!”

“I hope she didn’t think you were doing something naughty,” Jessie teased.

“I don’t think so,” I lied turning to look hard at Melissa. She gives me a look that tells me not to say anything more. She doesn’t want Jessie to know anything about her incestuous involvement with their parents yet.

We all decide it is time to shower and get something to eat. I check to see if Ronnie came back last night before we move to the bathroom. After looking in his room, it is obvious he spent the night with his girlfriend. We jump into the small shower together. The girls love touching each other and teasing me. After much groping and fondling, we get out of the shower and dry each other off.

After dressing, we move into the kitchen and fix a light breakfast.

“Jessie, tell us about you and Sam!” Melissa says grinning at her sister.

Sitting around the table, Jessie begins telling both of us about how she began fucking their brother. After Mark assured her that he would keep everything a secret, she began explaining how they got started together.

“Do you remember the afternoon that mom had to take the car to have the radiator replaced? I was thirteen then.”

“Yea. I think.”

“You and Sam must have thought you were alone that day because when I got home and went upstairs; I saw the two of you walking into his room, naked as usual. But his cock was rock-hard.”

“Oh God, yea! I remember that afternoon! I never knew you were there!”

“I snuck down the hall to just outside his door. Luckily the door was left open so I could see what was going on. I saw you lying on the bed. Sam was fingering your pussy. Then he put his mouth over your cunt and licked you until you came. I heard him say ‘my turn’ and he lay down on his back while you got between his legs. You stroked his cock a few times before you started sucking on his cock. It did not take long before he started cumming in your mouth. You looked like you swallowed most of it but some of it ran down his cock from around your lips.”

“I remember that time. Sam almost choked me a few times with his cum! We only did that about a dozen times over a few years.”

“I snuck into my room after that. I was really jealous of you then. I wanted to do the same thing with him too. I wanted to get even with you. That night I snuck into his room and surprised him. I told him what I saw earlier and threatened to tell mom and dad. He begged me not too. I told him I wouldn’t tell if he would let me do the same things with him. He happily agreed. He licked my pussy and I sucked his cock that night.

With an excited look, Melissa says, “I remember his cock is a pretty good size. It was hard for me to get all of him in my mouth back then. I bet I could now though,” Melissa grinned and winked.

Looking at me, Melissa says, “Don’t worry sweetie. Your cock is just as good, even better because it belongs to me!” Melissa winks at me to let me know I am just as special as her brother, if not more.

Jessie continued, “I started sneaking in his room every night so we could play together. A few weeks later, he was rubbing his cock on my pussy while he was jerking on it. I couldn’t resist the urge to tell him to fuck me. He asked me several times if I was sure. I told him I wanted it more than anything. He took his time, slowly pushing his cock into my more than willing and wet pussy.”

“My God! ... You were thirteen. I hope he didn’t hurt you too much with his big cock,” Melissa says with concern in her voice.

“It hurt alittle ... at first. But after he was inside me for a few minutes, the pain was gone. It felt so damn good. He fucked me gently for a few minutes before he pulled out and came all over me. We had to be careful because I wasn’t on the pill then. About six months later, mom got me placed on birth control. After waiting a month, I got him to cum inside of me for the first time. I came harder that time than I ever had before.”

“Wow, Jessie! I bet that was so hot!” Melissa says.

“It was sis! God he knows how to make me feel so good! We kept on fucking each other many nights after that. We stopped a few times when one or both of us were dating others. But we seemed to always end up fucking each other again eventually. When he began dating Beth, we stopped for a while. We fucked a few times before they got engaged. We even fucked some before they were married. Since their wedding, we haven’t had many chances to be together like before though.”

“Jessie ... are you saying that you are still fucking our brother now?”

“Yea ... we both don’t like it that he is cheating on Beth like this. But we can’t resist each other!”

“Oh wow! I can’t believe this!”

“Believe it, sis. He takes care of Beth and me with his hard cock. He really is a great fuck.” Looking at me and winking she says, “You are just as good hon.”

“I think someone here would like to try out her brother’s cock just once,” I say teasingly to Melissa.

“Mark, do you know what you are saying? Could you live with me fucking my married brother? Could you live with the fact that I might love fucking him?”

“Mel, I can’t be jealous of you. Not after last night and this morning. Hell I just got through fucking your sister for most of the past day! You don’t seem to be jealous of me now. We have talked about being with others ... I trust you. I know your heart is mine. I don’t mind sharing your body with others ... as long as we do it together.”

Melissa jumps into my lap giving me a big hug and a deep kiss.

“I love you sexy man. Whatever we do, we will do it with each other’s approval. I learned my lesson yesterday. I won’t make that mistake again easily.”

Jessie interrupts us saying, “You know, I could invite Sam over tonight. Beth is visiting her parents this week out of state. I am sure he wouldn’t mind having us together!”

“Is it okay with you?” Melissa asks, looking at me.

“What are you waiting for Jessie, call the man!”

Both girls hug and kiss me. Jessie picks up the phone and calls their brother, asking him if he will come over to my apartment tonight to party some with us. Sam tells her that he will be over about 8pm. He has no idea what will be waiting for him when he gets here!

We spend the afternoon together just enjoying each other. Melissa goes out of her way to show Jessie as much attention as she can. She is trying so hard to make up for lost time with her. I can see the bond between them growing stronger as the afternoon passes. They always loved each other. But they never quite knew how to express it with each other and to share things together. They both are very competitive. I am happy for both of them that now they are building a relationship that will bring them much closer together.

While they are busy talking to each other about old boyfriends and guys they know, I call Ronnie on his cell phone to see if he will let me have the apartment to myself tonight. Fortunately, he already had planned to stay with his girlfriend again tonight. He stopped by for a few minutes to pick up some clothes to take back with him.

“Damn, Mark, who is that hot chick with Mel?”

“That is her younger sister, Jessie.”

“She is fucking gorgeous dude. Wouldn’t it be great to have the two of them together at the same time?”

“I’m sure it would be awesome,” I say trying not to grin too much.

As it gets closer to the time for Sam to arrive, the girls hurry around to clean up my apartment. I call to order some pizzas to be delivered. Melissa calls Sam to see if he can pick up some more beer to bring over since he is over twenty-one years old. I already had beer but I think Melissa just wanted to hear her brother’s voice, anticipating what she would be doing with him tonight.

A little before 8pm, there is a knock on the door. Jessie runs to the door, anticipating it being her brother. When she opens the door and sees Sam holding a few cases of beer, she hugs him tight almost causing him to drop the beer. I walk over to help him get in the apartment, taking the beer from him and putting it in a big cooler we kept in the apartment for just such occasions.

“Hey, Mark. Good to see you again.”

“Hey, Sam. Come on in ... make yourself comfortable.”

“I see you have my sisters here. Anyone else coming over tonight?”

“Just us tonight, dude.”

Melissa walks up to her brother and gives him an affectionate hug.

“Hey, big brother. You never come to see me much.”

“Well the only time you want to see me is when you need someone to buy beer for you girls,” he says jokingly to Melissa.

“You know you can come see me anytime you want. You are my favorite brother!”

“I’m your only brother ... blonde dye must be soaking into your head sis,” he says, laughing.

Hitting her brother’s arm playfully she says, “You are always picking on me!”

The sisters surround their brother on the couch while I turn up the music. I go into the kitchen to grab us all a beer. When I come out into the living area, I can see that the sisters are both doing their best to snuggle up to their brother while talking to him. He looks alittle unnerved by how close they are to him.

I hand them all a beer and take a seat in a chair next to the couch. Melissa comes over to sit in my lap.

“No fair. I don’t have a girlfriend to sit on my lap!” Sam says, jokingly.

In a move that surprises me some, Jessie moves so she is sitting in Sam’s lap in the same position that Melissa is sitting in mine, one arm around his neck and the other laying along his chest.

“I’ll be your girlfriend tonight dear brother,” Jessie says seductively.

“Ahh okay ... ahhh ... if you say so,” Sam says, stuttering.

Sam is obviously uncomfortable in this situation. Although he and Jessie have been extremely intimate for a number of years, he has no idea that Melissa and I know all about their ongoing sexual relationship.

Melissa begins rubbing my chest over my shirt with her hand. Jessie does the same thing to Sam. Melissa lowers her head onto my shoulder. Jessie does the same. The look on Sam’s face is priceless. Melissa then leans in to nibble on my ear. Jessie does the same to Sam, which obviously stuns him.

“Jessie ... what are you doing!” he says, in surprise.

“Just being your girlfriend is all,” she says, teasingly.

“Jessie ... maybe you better ... ”

“They know Sam,” Jessie says, sheepishly.

“Jessie ... what do they know?!”

“They know about us.”

“Jessie, how ... what do they know?”

Melissa stands up and moves over by her brother.

“We know everything, Sam. It’s okay. It doesn’t bother us what you two are doing. I think it is pretty hot myself.”

Looking at Jessie, he asks, “You told them everything?!”

“Yea, don’t be mad. I let it slip last night to Mel. She is not upset by what we do. No one is judging us.”

“Mark knows?”

“Mark knows everything too,” Melissa says to him.

I try to ease his mind alittle.

“Its cool, Sam. I don’t blame you dude. Jessie is a great chick.”

Melissa tells Sam that we all know about the two of them as well, how Melissa used to suck his cock.

“Sam ... Mark and Jessie know about what we used to do as well. I know we never actually fucked each other. Now that I know about you and Jessie, I wish that we had ... fucked too,” Melissa tells him.

“Are you trying to say you want to now?”

“Yes, Sam. I want to fuck you now. Jessie and I both want to fuck you.”

“Mark ... are you cool with this?” he asks.

“Dude, I have been fucking these two chicks together since yesterday. Only seems fair you get to share in it too,” I say grinning at him.

“Holy shit! OK ... my wife can’t know anything about this. I love her and this would kill her. Beth has no idea that I am cheating on her with Jessie. If you are going to be involved too ... we have got to be very careful,” he says to Melissa.

“We will be very careful. She doesn’t have to ever know. But it would be fun if she were a part of all this too,” Melissa says.

“I don’t know Mel. I don’t know if she would understand me fucking my two sisters ... apart or together.”

“Who knows, dear brother? Beth might just love it, but we won’t do anything to hurt your marriage. She never has to know,” Melissa says, reassuringly.

“Mel, you know Beth. I love her and think she is a gorgeous woman. But she has never done anything really kinky before. I’m sure she would freak out at the idea of sharing me with my two sisters.”

“She would get something out of it as well babe!” Melissa says to him.

“What do you mean? Do you mean she gets to fuck Mark? That’s cool with me ... but I don’t think she will see that as a fair trade.”

“No, Sam. She can have more than just Mark,” Melissa says.

“Who else?”

“Well, Jessie and me!”

“Are you saying that you both are into sex with chicks?”

“Yea ... and with each other too!” Melissa says grinning shyly.

“Holy shit! My sisters are bi? Fuck yea! I have to see you two together!”

Sam is squirming around on the couch now to try to relieve the pressure his cock is making in his pants. Jessie moves her hand over Sam’s crotch and squeezes his covered cock.

“Is that all you want dear brother? To WATCH your sisters fuck each other?” Jessie asks.

“Fuck no! I want to fuck both of you!” he says. Looking at me he says, “that’s if you don’t mind me fucking Mel,” he says to me.

“Its cool with me, Sam. I have been fucking them both so I can’t complain if Mel gets fucked by you.”

“Hey! Wait a fucking minute here. Does anyone want to ask if I want to be fucked by my brother?” Melissa says, reaching down to join Jessie’s hand with her own, rubbing Sam’s big erection.

“I think you just answered your own question,” he says smiling.

Melissa leans in to kiss her brother softly. He pulls her tightly to him, kissing her deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Sam’s hand reaches to squeeze Melissa’s firm ass.

“Wait, Sam,” Melissa says breaking off the kiss. “Let me talk to Mark a minute, okay?”

She gets up and reaches for my hand. After standing, she pulls me into the kitchen and embraces me.

“Is this alright with you, babe? I don’t want to do this if it will upset you. Tell me now before I let things go to far with Sam. I know you loved watching Jessie and me together. But are you really going to be alright with watching Sam fucking me?”

“Baby ... I am not the least bit jealous so far. I think you look so hot rubbing and kissing Sam. I don’t feel threatened by Sam at all. As long as it is what you want to do, I will love it too. I trust you and have faith that your heart is mine. When the night is over, your pussy will still belong to me too.”

“Just as your cock belongs to me too babe.”

“Go fuck your brother. Make me proud of you!”

“I will do more than make you proud of me babe. I will fuck your ass off when I get through with Sam!”

“I will make you keep that promise girl!”

We walk back into the living area together.

“Everything okay? Jessie asks.

“Yea, everything is cool. I just wanted a moment to talk to my man.”

“Everything is cool. But I think Mel wants to heat things up with Sam now,” I say grinning.

Melissa walks over and stands in from of her brother sitting on the couch. Jessie moves over beside me. We both want to watch the first time Melissa fucks her brother. Jessie also knows I am feeling some anxiety watching the girl I love about to become intimate with another man for the first time. She cuddles up to me as we sit down in a chair to watch the new lovers, my girlfriend and her brother.

Melissa reaches down and takes Sam’s hand, pulling him to stand up. They embrace in a very passionate kiss, their hands moving down their backs until they fondle each other’s ass. Jessie cuddles up to me as we both watch intently. Jessie begins to tease me with her sexy comments.

“I think Sam likes his sister. Don’t you, Mark?” she says almost whispering to me.

Sam begins to pull Melissa’s top off, she did not wear a bra today so her sexy firm tits are exposed immediately to Sam. Her nipples are rock hard. Her eyes are locked with her brother’s. Sam reaches to gently massage his sister’s firm tits. He leans down to lick and suck each nipple gently. Melissa’s head leans back as a low moan escapes her open mouth. Sam kneels in front of his sister as he begins to slide her skimpy shorts down her sexy trim legs. Even from where Jessie and I are sitting, we can see how aroused and wet her cunt has become. Sam kisses her flat stomach, licking her soft, bronzed skin.

“My brother is really enjoying your girlfriend’s body ... just like I did the first time ... she is so horny for him Mark ... she wants to fuck him so bad babe,” she says softly as she continues to tease me.

Melissa spreads her legs alittle to give his fingers access to her dripping pussy. As he slowly slips a finger into her tight cunt, she reaches down to hold his head with her hands. He takes that as an invitation to press his mouth to her succulent cunt. We watch his tongue bathing her slit, teasing her clit.

“Your girlfriend loves his hot tongue ... I know just how good she feels right now ... Sam has a wonderful tongue ... he is going to make her cum so hard,” she says. as she continues to enjoy teasing me.

Sam stands up in front of Melissa, pulling his shirt over his head. Melissa reaches to touch his firm chest with both her hands, leaning to kiss her brother’s chest and nipples.

“Mel is enjoying his hot body Mark ... look at her babe ... your girl is making another man feel as good as she makes you feel,” she says as she continues her relentless teasing.

Melissa unbuttons his shorts and slides them down his legs; his boxer shorts are tented with his big erection. Melissa grabs it with her hand, fondling his covered cock, looking down at it with desire. She kneels in front of him, sliding his boxer shorts down. His cock rigid as it almost touches her lips.

She moves her hand to grasp the base of his shaft. Slowly stroking it, she licks the head with her dainty tongue. She begins to lick and kiss the underside of his big cock. She teases the underside of the head with the tip of her tongue.

“Do you want me to suck you ... like I did when I was a little girl? Do you want me to be that same bad little girl again big brother?” Melissa asks her brother seductively.

“Put my cock in your sexy mouth sis ... you are no longer a little girl ... you are a very sexy young woman. Please suck me, Mel!”

Melissa slides her lips over the head, her tongue fluttering around it sensuously. I know this feeling very well. Melissa is extremely talented at loving and teasing a cock with her mouth. She lets more of his thick shaft enter her wet mouth. I can hear her loud slurping from here as she shows her determination to take all of her brother’s cock into her mouth and throat.

Jessie begins rubbing my cock through my pants. She is squirming as well from watching her brother and sister seducing each other.

“They look so hot together. I am getting so fucking horny,” Jessie says almost breathlessly.

I keep staring at Melissa giving Sam the blowjob of his life.

“Melissa sucks his cock so good. He is so big and hard. She is going to love fucking that cock ... just like I do.”

Her fingers continue stroking my cock through my pants. Her touches are driving me crazy while I watch the girl I love intimately suck another man’s shaft. Jessie continues whispering to me. What she says next though surprises me.

“Mark, I don’t want Melissa to know this, but I love your cock. I don’t want her to be angry with me because of the way I feel about you too. I love you too. Maybe not the same way Melissa loves you, but I do love you. I loved fucking you over the past day as well. I want to fuck you right now while Sam fucks her.”

“I love you too, Jessie ... but you have to know that Melissa is my true love.”

“I know that ... I can see it between the two of you. I just hope she will share you with me some too.”

“I think there will be a whole lot of sharing from now on Jessie,” I say grinning at her.

“Well I want my share right now!” she says grinning back at me.

Jessie pulls on my arm until I am standing. She quickly pulls my shirt off before grabbing and jerking my shorts down my legs.

Melissa pulls her mouth off Sam’s cock for a moment to watch us.

“Go, little sis! Get my man naked ... take care of his big cock for me!” Melissa says, grinning.

“Oh I will, big sis,” she says, smiling at Melissa before taking my cock into her mouth.

Jessie takes her time licking and kissing my cock between taking it deep inside her hungry mouth. I look over at Melissa who is also looking at me at the same time. She takes her brother’s wet cock from between her sexy lips and mouths “I love you” to me. I mouth the same to her as she returns to sucking intimately on Sam’s cock.

Sam pulls his cock away from Melissa’s mouth. Melissa pouts at him in her own sexy way. I can hear him as he softly talks to her.

“I need to fuck your pussy. I have wanted to fuck you for so damn long now. I wanted to fuck my sexy sister years ago”

“I want your cock in me ... I want it so bad. Fuck me deep and hard with your handsome cock! Fuck your little sister’s pussy!”

Melissa lies back on the floor as Sam drops down to his knees between her widespread legs. Jessie notices what is happening and wants a close look at her sister getting fucked by her brother. She pulls me over beside them as he teases her pussy with the head of his cock.

Melissa reaches to take my hand in hers as her brother begins to enter her tight pussy slowly. She is soaking wet making it easy for his thick cock to enter her cunt.

“Oh God, Yesssss! Your cock feels so fucking goodddddddd!”

I begin to slide around so I can get a better view of his cock as he begins thrusting deeper into her pussy. Melissa squeezes my hand tight, not wanting to let go of me. From where I am kneeling, I can see the lips of her pussy dragging tightly around his shaft.

I thought I would be so jealous watching another man fuck my girl, but the sight of his cock pounding her cunt is so erotic. She is also making me a part of this by holding on to my hand tightly. This is something we are doing together as a couple. Her eyes find mine through her moaning and panting. I know her heart is still mine. I now know we can share our bodies with others without feeling threatened.

“Ohhh fuckkkk! Sooooo gooddddddddd! Fuck me, Sam! Fuck me harderrrrrrr!”

“Damn it, Mark, I need to be fucked right now!” Jessie says, demandingly.

Jessie lies down beside her sister. Moving between her legs, I quickly aim my shaft and drive it deep into her more than willing pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss!” Jessie moans, loudly.

Sam and I begin to match each other in our thrusts, fucking these two sisters deep and hard. Both of them are moaning and screaming through their own orgasms. Their pussies are getting the fucking of their lives from Sam and I.

“Man, I am about to fill this fucking cunt!” Sam says.

“Lets fill both these little cunts with what they want!” I say.

We both begin to drive into their pussies with long hard thrusts. Both girls scream out from the pleasure our cocks are giving them. Almost at the same time, Sam and I begin wailing out as our cocks explode deep inside their tight young pussies.

“Here it cumsssssssssssssss! Cumminggggg nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

My cock feels like a high-pressure hose as my sperm rushes to fill Jessie’s spasming pussy. Sam is doing the same to Melissa’s hungry cunt. After a few minutes of slow thrusting into their cum-filled holes, Sam and I fall into the embrace of the sisters we just fucked so well.

As we lay together, Melissa and Jessie turn to look at each other, grinning as they know they both got one of their best fucks ever from us. They begin to kiss each other softly, which does not go unnoticed by Sam.

“God damn! Watching you two kiss is so fucking hot!”

“I think our brother likes watching two girls play together, Mark sure did last night,” Melissa says teasingly.

“Fuck, Mel. I have never seen it before! Ummmm ... how about you girls clean each other up so we can go another round!” he says, grinning with anticipation.

Jessie looks at her sister saying, “I don’t know, should we lick each other, filled with all their cum? Seems like these guys should clean us up first!”

Sam becomes demanding in his desire saying while grinning, “Don’t give me that shit Jessie, I know how much you like swallowing my cum. Eating it out of Mel’s pussy just makes it more special.”

Melissa hits his arm playfully saying, “Yea, special for you guys. You get to watch two chicks clean your hot cum from each other’s pussies.”

“Well, maybe it is just as special for us too,” Jessie says while winking at her.

Melissa smiling brightly turns to look at me saying, “I do get to eat my man’s cum from my sexy sister’s pussy ... and I love doing both those things!”

“Come on, sis. Lets show these boys just how to clean a pussy,” Jessie says, grinning while staring at us.

Sam and I both know these girls love teasing us like this. It is paying off for them too as our cocks begin growing hard again listening to them. We know they can’t wait to taste each other again. It doesn’t matter to them if they both are overflowing with our sperm either.

Melissa lies on her back while Jessie moves to lower her cum soaked cunt onto her mouth. As soon as Jessie’s pussy is within reach, Melissa’s tongue darts out to lick at the sperm running from her sloppy hole.

“Oh fuck, Mel! So gooddddddd! Lick me big sis! Lick my cum filled pussy!!”

Jessie lowers her mouth to her sister’s well-fucked cunt, tasting Sam’s hot sperm that he so graciously left for her. It only takes a moment for both sisters to begin licking each other’s cunts deep, their tongues trying to get to every drop of cum left by us guys.

My cock begins getting hard again quickly watching my girlfriend licking my sperm from her sister’s gaping cunt. I glance to see that Sam’s cock is growing just as hard as mine. I can resist stroking my cock, still slippery from Jessie’s and my cum. Sam can’t resist doing the same.

“You are still cool with me fucking Mel?” he asks, with real concern about my feelings.

“Yea, I thought it was pretty hot watching the two of you fucking. I actually got to watch her and how she reacts when she is getting fucked. It made me fucking hot watching your cock fucking her tight pussy,” I say honestly to him.

“You know I won’t do anything to fuck things up between you two. I can see you are special to her. Just draw the line for me whenever you feel you need to dude.”

“As long as I know what she is doing, its cool. No sneaking around. No secrets.”

“That’s cool. I hate that Beth isn’t involved.”

“Maybe I can help with that sometime?” I say, grinning.

“Maybe ... maybe.” He says smiling.

Both girls are sucking hard on the other’s cunt. They are lost in their own orgasms as they suck our cum from each other pussy. Melissa finally pushes Jessie off of her face as the stimulation becomes too much for her sensitive clit.

“I’m sorry, Jessie ... that’s all I can stand! My pussy is SOOOO sensitive right now! God your mouth feels so fucking good sis!”

“You are pretty fucking good yourself girl,” Jessie says.

Both girls begin whispering to each other. Grinning, they turn on their hands and knees, their asses pointed right at us guys.

“Oh boyssss ... see anything you want?” Melissa says, teasing us.

Sam moves next to Melissa’s ass and slaps one of the cheeks firmly.

“I think we see something we both want ... right now!” he says.

“I guess you didn’t know this dear brother, but Mel likes to have her ass spanked,” Jessie says smiling, shocking her sister.

“Hmmmmmm, such a sexy ass. I think it needs more than a spanking though ... don’t you Mark?” Sam says, grin evilly.

“I agree, Sam. I think both these sexy asses need some special attention!” I say with the same evil grin.

“Wait a minute guys ... are you thinking about fucking our asses with those big cocks? I never have been ... ass fucked before!” Jessie says with a little concern in her voice.

I move over to her, rubbing her cute little ass.

“We won’t hurt you girls. You girls are very special to both of us.” I say, seriously.

“Mark, go slow with her. You know you have to go very slow and gentle with me.” Melissa says.

“We will be careful sis.” Sam says.

Sam and I both find enough of our cum left inside of their cunts to lubricate their assholes. We start by fingering their tight little asses with one finger, loosening them up slowly. Eventually we are fucking their tight asses with two fingers fairly easily.

I slide my cock into Jessie’s cunt to get it lubricated before touching her asshole with the head of my cock. Sam is doing the same with Melissa who is more relaxed than Jessie, having been ass fucked before. Melissa holds Jessie’s hand; encouraging her to relax as I slowly, gently begin to press my cock head against her tight hole.

Jessie seems to relax as I take my time, being as gentle as possible. I watch as Sam has already gotten half of his cock into Melissa’s ass. She moans from the full feeling of her brother’s cock inside her tightest hole.

Finally, the head of my cock slips just inside Jessie’s tight asshole. I feel her tighten up for a moment. I stop and rub her back and ass cheeks, reassuring her that I will take my time working my cock into her virgin ass.

Slowly I begin to fuck her tight little ass. I begin pushing just alittle deeper with each thrust. I feel her body relaxing as I have over half of my cock inside her now.

“Ohhhhhhh damnnnnnnn, yesssss! ... Pleaseeeee, Mark! ... Fuck my nasty little ass!” Jessie screams as her ass becomes used to my throbbing cock moving deeper.

Sam has already buried his cock completely into his sister’s tight asshole. He is fucking her with long steady strokes.

“Damn you, Sam! ... Fuck me hard like the little slut bitch I am!” Melissa says, with a deep demanding voice.

As I finally get all of my cock inside of Jessie’s sweet ass, she begins to push back into me, encouraging me to fuck her the same as Sam is fucking Melissa. Both girls are now moaning and talking dirty to us as we drive our cocks deep with long slow strokes. Their tight asses make it difficult for Sam and I to control our own orgasms for long.

Both girls moan loudly as they are overwhelmed by their own orgasms. Listening to their nasty talk along with the tightness of their hot little asses is more than Sam or I can take any longer. We both scream out as cum blasts from out cocks, deep inside their sexy assholes. We thrust slower as we continue filling their holes with our sperm.

The feeling of being inside Jessie’s ass is incredible. Knowing I just took her anal virginity makes it even more special. Out cocks slip out of their asses as we collapse on the floor next to them.

“Oh my, God! That was soooo damn awesome!” Jessie says.

Melissa says almost out of breath, “Yea ... I can’t do that often though. We both will be sore in the morning after the way these boys just fucked our little asses off!”

“But it did feel so damn good,” Jessie says, smiling at her sister.

“When done with the right men, it is wonderful!” Melissa says winking at us guys.

I move over to Melissa and we embrace intimately. We get lost in a deep passionate kiss, not even realizing when Sam and Jessie begin their own loving embrace.

“Jessie, I think these boys owe us something,” Melissa says, grinning devilishly.

“What do you mean, sis?”

“Well, the last time they filled us with their cum, they made us clean each other. I think it is their turn to clean us up! Don’t you think so too, little sis?”

Sam and I look at each other knowing exactly what these chicks are about to make us do.

“Mel, no ... don’t ask us to do that ... please ... ” I say, pleading.

Jessie interrupts him saying, “Oh come on Mark, you tasted your own cum from my mouth yesterday. I know you like to lick assholes too babe.”

“Yea ... but ... ”

“No buts! ... except licking our butts ... now get busy!” Melissa says in a demanding tone while smiling at us.

“But whose ass do we ... ”, Sam begins asking before being interrupted by Melissa.

“My boyfriend is going to lick my asshole. You get to lick Jessie’s sweet ass, dear brother,” she says firmly while grinning.

“Well dude. I guess we better get busy,” Sam says in defeat to me.

“Yea. What we won’t do for the women we love?” I say, smiling.

I move behind Melissa, looking at her asshole still slightly open from where her brother had been fucking her hard. I can see her brother’s sperm leaking out of her ass. Moving my mouth close to her tight ass, I lick tentatively at her sexy hole. I can feel the slickness of Sam’s sperm on my tongue.

Glancing over at Sam, he has his face right in Jessie’s ass licking my sperm from her tight little hole. He doesn’t seem to have a problem licking another guy’s sperm from his own sister’s ass. I can see his cock has grown very hard, just like mine.

“I think they like eating cum from our assholes sis! Damn it feels soooo fucking good!” Jessie says.

“I do think my boyfriend is enjoying himself with my cum-filled ass ... Do you like the taste of my brother’s hot sperm sweetie?” Melissa says, teasingly.

I can taste his cum in my mouth. The idea of sucking her brother’s cum from her asshole makes me hornier than I can remember. I begin sucking hard on her opening, Sam’s cum flowing slowly into my mouth. I let my tongue lick as deep as it will go, tasting the inside of my girlfriend’s ass. Melissa begins cumming as I realize she is rubbing her clit while I lick her cum soaked asshole.

After her orgasm subsides, Melissa turns around and begins kissing my sperm coated lips. While we continue the kiss, she pushes me so I am lying down on my back with her straddling my stomach. My cock is aching to be inside her pussy. She raises her hips and slowly descends onto my throbbing cock. She begins to ride me as if her life depended on it.

“Oh God, I love your cock, babe! ... Ohhh fuckkkkk, it feels so damn good in me ... no one fucks me like you lover ... no one!”

She seems to be having one orgasm after another as she fucks me hard, slamming her pussy down onto my cock as she screams out her pleasure. I begin to raise my hips to meet her hard thrusts. She looks at me with a lust filled gaze as she makes love to me.

The intensity of her orgasms overwhelms me. Her pussy is squeezing my cock so fucking tight. My cock erupts with the little sperm left in my body, my cock buried completely in her body. She grinds down on my cock as she feels my cock erupting inside her well-fucked pussy.

“Fill me with your hot cum Mark! Fucking fill my hot little pussy with your hot sperm!”

Both of us are exhausted now. We look back to see Sam between his sister’s legs, fucking her slowly while they kiss deeply. Melissa looks down at me before kissing me softly.

“I love you, sexy man. That was so erotic. I hope you are not mad at me for making you lick Sam’s cum from my ass.”

“It was ... really hot to do. I love you too, baby. I don’t mind trying nasty things with you like that.”

“Yea ... but I wasn’t sure you would be happy licking someone else’s cum from me ... especially my brother’s. I love it that you enjoyed it though!”

“I think we are going to love doing many new fun and nasty things together,” I say while holding her tightly to me.

“As long as we have faith and trust in each other, whatever we do, whomever we fuck, we will still love each other afterwards,” she says sincerely.

“Now, what is it with your mom and phone sex?”

Melissa seems startled at my question, and then she just grins at me.

“So she WAS talking naughty with you!”

“Yea, I think your mom may have some secrets you don’t even know about!”

“I think we will be very surprised with what else we learn about my mom and daddy ... soon,” she says as presses her soft lips to mine.

The End