Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Title: Sexy Niece Part: Completely Author: Red Rose Keywords: M/f voyuer pedo Summary: The big story about problems of an incest of insuperable draught of the hero to the niece. ====== This story is a work of fiction. ===== Sexy Niece by Red Rose I've got a real problem folks. Trust me, it's not your everyday pain in the ass I hate work or school problem. I wish it were! Those problems I know how to deal with, know what to do about. This problem is not like any I've ever had before. No, not like any other problem I've ever had. I can't say the problem is, well all that bad in one respect, but in another, it's a serious problem. Ever had a problem where you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't? Well, that sums up my problem. Ha, you're asking yourself what the hell kind of problem could I have? Well, I guess maybe I'd just better tell you. Perhaps you'll see my point here. Then again, perhaps not. My name is Jim. I'm 50 years old. Been married, divorced, several times. I have no kids from any marriage. Carl, who is my much younger brother, he's only 38, is married and has 2 kids. There's Jr, who is only 6 and looks like my brother, dark hair and eyes, and Mia who is 7 with light brown hair and green eyes, like her mother Shauna. Cute kids. But Mia is my problem. Oh yea, big problem. She's only 7 years old. Oh yea, I said that already, didn't I? Well, she has suddenly taken a real interest in me. I mean I've always wrestled around with and tickled the kids, ever since they were babies. I love them, as if they were my own as well as my niece and nephew. My brother and his wife Shauna invited me over for a Sunday dinner as usual. Dinner was great, Shauna is a great cook. After dinner the kids wanted to rough house a bit. I went into the living room with them while Carl helped Shauna clean up. Well the kids and I rough housed, wrestled, and they rode 'piggy back' on uncle Jim, same as we'd always done. Sometimes when we wrestled I'd let the kids 'win'. Let them pin me to the floor and I'd cry "uncle" to end the game. Well Mia was sitting on my chest, pinning me to the floor. She had a leg on either side of me, a knee just under each of my arms. Same as always. Yes, I'd seen her cute little white cotton panties many, many times, but I swear I never had a sexual thought about her, she's my niece as well as being a kid after all. She's got me 'pinned' to the floor and out of nowhere the little shit moves up a bit and pushes her panty covered little cunny right up by my face! I got a good whiff of fabric softener, and a very nice clean scent of little girl! I immediately grabbed her and moved her sway from my face. She didn't say anything, just sort of grinned at me. I was astonished that my cock had gone INSTANTLY hard. That ended our play for the evening let me tell you! But I couldn't help watching her. Why the hell had she done that? I didn't say anything to my brother or Shauna, hell she might have just been playing after all. I put the incident out of my mind. Hell I admit I don't get a lot of sex any more. Most women are too afraid of getting a disease to put out early in dating, and be damned if I'm going to pay their way on 12-14 dates just in the HOPE of eventually getting laid. I love sex, but my fantasies and my hand serve me quite well when needed. But here I was getting out rageous hard on's from my innocent little niece! God! I turned down the usual Sunday dinner, just made an excuse that I wasn't feeling up to it. I was prepared to spend a quiet, dull day at home. About 6 pm the door bell rings and there stands my brother and the rest of his family. Shauna held a huge foil covered plate in her hands and Mia held a big bottle of pepsi, and Jr held a card. My brother says, "Since you wouldn't come to us, we came to you!" I immediately noticed Mia had worn a very pretty short little dress. I ate my dinner and the kids played while Carl and Shauna just shot the breeze with me. I finished eating and Shauna took the dishes to wash them. I objected but she insisted. My brother and I are watching TV when he sits straight up and says, "Shit!" Startled I asked him what was wrong. He says to me, "I forgot all about it! I'm expecting a phone call for work! Christ, if I miss this call I could cost the company a fortune! I gotta go man!" He called out to Shauna, "Hey Shauna, come on we gotta go! We forgot about that damn phone call coming in! I got to get home FAST!!! Kids, come on, we gotta go home right now!" Mia and Jr came running and I was relieved that they were leaving. Then Mia pipes up, "But dad! We just got here! Me and Jr wanna stay and play with uncle Jim!" Carl told her no, they had to go home, but Shauna jumps in and says, "Jim, would you mind watching them for just a little while? I know we have to be home for the call, but the kids don't need to be there." She smiled a beautiful smile and added, "It would give me and Carl a little uh, time alone, if you get my drift." My dumb ass brother is now grinning big time. The kids are saying, "Please uncle Jim ? Please?" How the hell do you say no way without looking like an asshole? Carl and Shauna left, in a damn hurry I might add. I told the kids to go play on the nintendo and just let me be. Jr was already for that, and ran off and plopped his little butt down in the game room in front of the game and started playing. I could hear the beeps and chirps of a game already. I told Mia, "Why don't you go play nintendo with Jr so I can watch a little tv for awhile." She promptly vetoed that idea. "Uncle Jim, I wanna watch TV with you!" I sighed and flipped on the TV. She sat down on the couch right beside me. Now I am a big man, 6'3" tall and weigh in at about 220 lbs, but when she sat beside me I swear I tried to will myself to 'shrink' as I huddled in close to the arm of the couch away from Mia. Trying depserately to hide my hard on. Either she didn't notice, or she didn't care, not sure which. She smiled at me and said, "What are we gonna watch Uncle Jim?" I flipped through some channels and found some cartoon for her. She sat beside me watching some mouse kick the shit out of a cat and she's laughing, enjoying the cartoon. Then she leans into me, under my arm which is draped on the back of the couch. She snuggled up tight against me. I couldn't get a piece of filament between us! I couldn't help but notice her little dress has pulled up and her panty covered crotch is peeking out at me. Try as I mght I couldn't keep my eyes from going between her legs. A comercial for some diet program came on and Mia stood up. Whew I thought, relieved. She watches the ad for a few seconds and says, "Hey, Uncle Jim, mom says if I essercise, ( she couldn't say ex-ercise) I won't never need a diet! Watch Uncle Jim, I can touch my toes!" With that she bent right over, her little panty covered bottom in my direction, was completely exposed to my sight as her dress was short and rode up over her bottom when she bent over. Lord, what is a man to do? I got hard as a rock watching her bend over and touch her toes a couple of times. That dress riding up and down over her little bottom was extremely arousing. I didn't think things could be any worse! Here I was a 50 year old man getting rock hard watching my 7 year old niece touch her toes! I don't know what I was feeling besides a bit guilty at getting a hard on! Christ, she's my little niece! Then things got worse, for me anyway. Mia looked me square in the eye and says, "Uncle Jim I can bend all the way over backards! Wanna see?" I gulped and nodded. She smiled and then she started to bend over backwards. Dear Lord in heaven! She bent back, back, back, and her dress went up, up, up exposing her panty covered little mound! Her legs were spread, just a little, when her hands touched the floor. I could see her bald little girl cunny right through her little white cotton panties! I groaned out loud. I realized her little cunny was wet and that's what had made her panties almost see thru!!! I'm not ashamed to admit it. I creamed my jeans like I was a 15 yr old kid again. I tried to sit as still as I could and held my breath as my cock spurted what seemed like a quart of cum into my pants! I couldn't move, couldn't speak. I was afraid of what I might say or do right then. Mia stood back up grinning and said, "See, I told ya I could do it!!" I managed to utter out, "Uh huh, I saw that!" Then I swallowed hard and told her, "Go check on Jr for me ok?" She smiled and said "ok" and ran to check on him. I ran to my to the bathroom in my bedroom and cleaned myself up as fast as I could. I changed my shorts and threw on a clean pair of jeans. By the time I finished dressing Mia was back in the living room. I almost couldn't look at her. I mean she's my 7 year old niece for god's sake and I'd just shot my wad looking at her little panty covered cunny! She settled down on the floor and started watchin cartoons again, much to my relief! All remained 'normal' then Carl and Shauna came back to pick up the kids. "Thanks for watching the kids Jim!" Carl tells me. Shauna kissed me on the cheek and says, "You don't know how much it meant to us to have a little time alone, thanks!" I said "No problem." Then Carl asks me, "Where they any bother to you?" I said "no, not at all!" The kids gave me a kiss too, and little Mia gave me a big hug. After they left all I could think of is how the hell could I tell my brother his little 7 yr old daughter 'bothered' the cum outta me???? I called my best friend Joyce. I could talk to her about anything, up to and including my problem with Mia. We had a long talk and I explained as best I could what was going on. She asked me if Mia had tried to touch me or anything. I said other than putting her panty covered cunny my nose that day, no. She keeps showing me her panties front and back. Joyce told me that Mia probably got the idea from someone that showing her panties was 'cute' or would get her attention. Who the hell would tell that to a 7 year old girl? Joyce laughed and said probably another little 7 or 8 year old girl who figured it out from their own experience. She advised that I should just relax and let her do her little thing and hey, if I enjoyed the show, so what? She seemed totally unconcerned about Mia's little flashing habits, but said should she try to touch me, or ask to be touched, well we'd cross that bridge if it came to that. What Joyce said made a lot of sense to me. I started to relax about my little niece and her attention getting habits. After talking to Joyce, I actually began to look forward to the sight of Mia's little white cotton panties! I resumed my usual Sunday dinner at my brother's home, and the rough housing / wrestling with the kids. Mia is an interesting little girl. Not just because of her panty shows either! She was quick witted and intelligent too. She loved helping Jr with his homework and proudly exclaimed she liked being a big sister. One Sunday afternoon Carl and Shauna decided to go for a swim in their pool. I'm not much of a swimmer and I usually went on home when the family went for a swim, but this Sunday I decided what the hell and found a comfortable lounge chair to sit in. Yea, yea, alright, I was going to see Mia in her little suit, so sue me. I pretended to read the paper in my chair as I waited for them to come outside and get in the pool. I was NOT disappointed! First Shauna comes out. She's wearing a bikini that barely and I mean barely covers her very large breasts, and I could see a few pube hairs around her crotch. Her ass is still high and round, very nice buns. Totally hot woman! She kicked off her flip flops and got in the pool. I put the paper in my lap, hiding the hard on in my shorts. Carl and Jr came running out and just jumped right into the pool, splashing water everywhere. They started a water fight with Shauna. I wondered where Mia was and right about then she comes outside. My cock throbbed when I saw her! She was wearing a tiny little bikini? I don't think that is the word here. What she had on was a top that was just two tiny triangles over her young nipples, and a tiny triangle just BARELY covering her bald little mound! The triangles where held together by strings! She walked by me and I got a good shot of her tight round, firm little ass cheeks. There was NOTHING covering them! A thin string ran up the crack of her little butt, and I swear that's all! Then the little vixen bent over as if to unstrap her sandle! OMG! I could see the string just crossed her tiny little pink pucked asshole! Even more, the triangle on her bald mound did NOTHING to cover the rest of her genitals! I was getting the most delicious sight of her hairless little pussy lips, that string riding up between them! I knew it had to be rubbing on her little clitty!! Damn! What a hot sight! I was ever so glad I had the newspaper in my lap! My cock was spurting, and kept right on spurting as she took her own sweet time to stand up again! She turned and smiled at me! Lord have mercy, she knew what she was showing me! Then she jumped into the pool. I almost died right there, in fact for a second or two I thought I might die, my friggin heart was pounding like a locomotive was running in my chest!!! It took me about 5 minutes to get up the courage to excuse myself and get my ass outta there! All the way home I couldn't believe what I had seen! I swear every damn time I thought about her for the next few days, I'd get hard as a rock. Trust me, my poor old hand got a work out, pictures of my 7 year old niece's sexy little behind and cunny foremost in my mind!!! I went to dinner again, and of course me and the kids wrestled and rough housed around. But it was very different now. Mia didn't make me uncomfortable, I was just acutely aware of her. Not much happened during our wrestling, but when Carl and Shauna went into the kitchen to get some coffee for us, Mia gave me one hell of a show!! She was wearing a little tank top and shorts, I saw her slip her wee small fingers up the opening of her shorts leg, like she was adjusting her undies. But her fingers stayed there much too long for that, and when I really looked I could see her hand moving between her legs. She was playing with her little pussy, right smack in front of my eyes! and she was SMILING at me!!! When she knew she'd caught my glance, she shifted her shorts over a little bit and gave me a very clear view of her little bald cunny lips, with her finger in between them! What the hell can I say? It took every bit of will power I had to NOT run over there, pick her up and throw her down on the floor and have at that little cunny of hers! My cock was throbbing, and I'd have shot my load right then and there if I hadn't already masturbated before coming over. I gulped and made some lame excuse why I couldn't stay and play chess with Carl. I got the hell out of there!!! I got home, my old heart just a pounding like a trip hammer. I had to talk to Joyce. I called her and when she answered I started babbling like an idiot. "Calm down Jim! Start from the beggining!" I calmed down and told her what Mia had worn as a swimsuit and my reaction to it, then I told her about her showing me her cute little cunny with her finger in it. She said, "Hmmm she's getting those ideas somewhere and I don't think that act came from another little girl. This is a delicate question Jim, but one that needs to be asked. Do you think your brother or his wife are having sex with Mia?" I was floored! It never occured to me that they might do such a thing! In fact I would swear that was not happening and I told her so! "Jim, be realistic. She's either seeing something like this at home or at school, or someone is teaching her. There is no other explanation!" I hated it, really hated it, but I knew she was right. And as much as I was being turned on by my little niece, I couldn't stand the thought that someone might be fucking her! Especially not my brother her own daddy! I decided I had to ask Mia. I struggled hard with how I would ask her, what I would ask her. I also struggled with what I might have to do if her answer was one that was not good. Offering to babysit the kids so Carl and Shauna could go out for dinner one Saturday night, I had the perfect chance to talk to Mia. Jr was on the nintendo, and it was just me and Mia. I sat her down on the couch with me and I asked her, "Mia, you've been showing off your panties to me, and you showed me that you uh, touched yourself, uh down there. You smiled a lot when you did that and I want you to tell me how you learned to do those things?" Mia's eyes grew wide and she said, "Uncle Jim, you won't get mad at me will you?" I hugged her ( a hard thing to do, if you get my drift) and told her nothing she said would make me mad. I just wanted to know if any one telling her to do these things, or was hurting her, or touching her. She smiled and said, "No body touches me and nobody told me to do nothing Uncle Jim!" "Then were are you learning these things young lady?" I asked her. She giggled and said, "I see mommy when she does those things for daddy!" "HUH?" I said. She smiled and said, "Daddy likes it when mama shows him her panties, or when she touches her thing. He smiles a lot then mama and daddy hug in the bed. It makes daddy happy, and mama too. I like showing you my panties and touching my thing so you can see Uncle Jim! You always smile real big and you breaf funny like daddy does when he hugs mama! It makes you happy, don't it Uncle Jim?" I hugged her tighter and told her, "Well it most certainly does! But young lady, you must NEVER NEVER NEVER do this to any other man! It could be very dangerous to you because it can make some bad men want to hurt you. Promise me you won't do this to any strange man!" "I promise Uncle Jim!" "You can show me any time you want to though, ok?" "Ok!" she agreed. I kissed her on top of her head and I let her go. I am glad to say that ever since then I have been treated to many many sights of her little girl panties, and now and then a glimpse of her bald little cunny lips. Sometimes with her fingers in it. She has certainly done wonders for my fantasy life and I hope to hell she don't get bored with her game any time soon!!! =====================pt 2============== Hi again. I believe I ended this story by telling you that Mia loved showing me her little slit and panties. We'd had a long talk, well as best one can with a 7 yr old, and I'd warned her not to do her little show with any other man. At the time I was thinking only of her safety, which is most important! Now though, I realize I don't want to 'share' her with another man. The thought of another man .......I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let me tell you what's happened..... Mia never failed to make me 'smile' when she showed me her panties, or tickled her little slit where I could see. She loved going swimming in her little thong bikini, especially after I told her I really LOVED that! She giggled and teased me every time I got near her. I shot more cum into my pants then most teenage boys! On her own Mia became a little more adventurous. She gave me longer glimpses of her bald little cunny, played her fingers in it a little longer, all the while watching my face. She'd be smiling at me too. Then one day I was baby sitting her and Jr. Jr's on his nintendo, as always, and Mia's watching tv. She's sitting on the floor, a normal 7 yr old girl. Suddenly she turned to face me and pushed her shorts aside. I grinned knowing she was going to tickle her little cunny for my viewing pleasure! Her fingers slipped into her panties and I watched them move up and down, hesitate, then move again. My cock was rock hard, pulsing as I watched her little show. I lay my hand in my crotch, (I still didn't do anything in front of her), the pressure feeling good on my cock. All of a sudden Mia's eyes grow HUGE and I do mean HUGE. I heard her gasp, and jerk her fingers out of her panites. "What's wrong honey?" I asked her. She didn't say anything for a second, then stuttered, "I dunno Uncle Jim!" I had a thought but wasn't sure it was correct. I asked her "Did touching yourself suddenly feel different?" She nodded, looked down at her crotch. I smiled and told her, "Don't stop Mia. Go ahead, it's ok. Trust me!" She slipped her fingers back into her panties and she gasped again. "Do it!" I whispered. I watched as she slowly stroked her own little slit under her panties. Her breathing became faster, her face flushed. She sighed, "Uncle Jim!" and I heard a catch in her voice. "Do it Mia, make it feel good!" I whispered encouragement. I watched as her little body tensed, then jerked as her fingers moved beneath her panties. "Uuuncle Jiiim! Oh!!!" she said, and I knew that Mia had gotten her very first cum on her own fingers! My cock jumped and spewed a gallon of cum inside my shorts! This was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen! Sitting on the floor, her fingers still jammed under her panties my beautiful 7 yr old niece asked me.... "Uncle Jim, why did it feel like that?" I'd never had to explain an orgasm to anyone, least of all a 7 yr old girl! I smiled at her and told her, "Mia, it felt good like that because it is natural to feel that way when you, or someone else, touches you there. It's called an 'Orgasm'. Everybody, boy or girl, grown up or child, can feel good like that. It is the reason your mama does those things for your daddy. It makes them BOTH feel good when they touch each other, or themselves. It can also make the people who watch feel good too." Mia thought about this as she pulled her fingers from her panties. Then innocent of her question she asked, "Uncle Jim, would it feel good like that if you touched my thing?" I almost choked, but I answered her honestly, "Yes, I'm sure it would feel good like that, maybe even better. BUT I can't and won't touch you there, and you can't let anyone else touch you either. You are too young!" "Uncle Jim, I am NOT too young! You can touch my thing Uncle Jim! Please? I want you to touch it." she nearly begged. I told her, "NO honey. No one should touch you there yet. For now you just worry about touching yourself and not letting anyone else but me see you, ok?" She nodded, but I was NOT convinced she'd heard me. Imagine a 7 yr old running around wanting someone to touch her bald little cunny so she could get the 'good feeling' again??? Mia began to get bolder. One evening as I babysat I'd put Jr to bed early. He had a cold and needed his rest. That left me and Mia alone, and I looked forward to it! She had gotten bolder in her play. She wore looser shorts so she could give me a better view of her little slit. And it was a beautiful sight, especially when she slid her fingers up and down over her little budding clitty. She made herself cum more and more easily, and smiled at me after each cum. This night after shooting my load into my shorts I knelt down on the floor beside her. I don't know what came over me, but I captured her fingers in my mouth. She giggled, but to me it was an extremely erotic moment! I could taste her fresh little girl juices, could smell her budding cunny! I shot another load into my shorts right then! She giggled and said, "That's funny Uncle Jim! You licked my fingers!" I smiled and hugged her tight. I sat back down on the couch and she was instantly in my lap. She'd straddled my thigh and was already rubbing her cunny back and forth on it. "Mia! Stop!" I choked out. She leaned in on my chest and sighed, but she did stop. I had no idea how cunning, how eager a 7 yr old girl who wants to cum again can be! Mia continued putting on her little shows for me, and each time she'd get her little girl cum. I had to go buy new shorts because mine were all stained with cum! I never failed to flood my shorts when I watched my little niece put on her show for me! She was becoming very sexy at it too. When she began to hump her fingers I had to wonder if it was natural response, or if she'd been watching her parents more and more. I loved it when she'd wear her short little dress and bend over backwards for me, her legs slightly spread. The tight fabric of her white cotton panties did nothing to hide her bald little cunny lips, especiallys since she always seemed to be wet now and the panties were nearly transparent. Then one day she began to tease me! She'd flash her panties, or come out to the pool in her thong and bend over to undo her shoes. She'd slip her fingers under her thong or panties to 'adjust', but was always quick to jump in the water, or sit on the floor, leaving my tongue damn near hanging out of my mouth! She'd begin stroking her little slit under her panties, then just as suddenly stop, and turn around to watch tv. I groaned in agony many times watching that little minx. I was being tortured, and I knew it! But how? How had she come up with this idea??? One evening I was babysitting while Carl and Shauna went to dinner. I was happy to babysit! I'd get to watch Mia's little show, and lately that was the ONLY sex life I really had. I was eager, anxious for her to begin. Jr was as usual on his nintendo, and Mia was on the floor watching tv. She just sat there, watching the tube. She made no move to tease me, or to pleasure herself in my view. I was disappointed. I had to ask her, "Mia, did you grow tired of your show me game?" She turned and smiled at me, her cute little nose wrinkling up and said, "uh huh." I was devastated and had to know why! "Why Mia, don't you like to show me how you feel good anymore?" Mia nodded and said, "I'll show you Uncle Jim, but you gotta show me too!" I was confused. Show her? Show her what? She stood up in front of me and said, "When mama does the show for daddy he does the show for her. I wanna see you do the show too Uncle Jim!" I groaned. The thoughts that flashed thru my mind! Here was my 7 yr old niece asking me to give her a 'show', to jack off in front of her! She wanted to watch! My heart skipped a beat in my chest and my hands grew clammy. "Uh, Mia, I don't think that's such a good idea!" I said. She shrugged and said, "Ok Uncle Jim." That was it. Nothing more. No pleading, no asking, nothing, just 'ok uncle Jim'. I knew instantly there would be no more shows from my little niece, not unless I played the 'you show me, I'll show you' game with her! Mia watched tv and I sat in silence until Carl and Shauna came home and I could split. I went home that night and called Joyce. I told her the days events, and what I had decided I was going to do. "Jim, are you crazy? You want to actually start jacking off with that little minx? Shit! Do you know what the hell kind of trouble you're in for if you get caught? My god Jim, it means YEARS in prison!" I told her I knew all of that and yet I was willing to risk everything for Mia. Joyce said, "Jim, listen to yourself! You are in love with a 7 yr old girl! Your niece no less! Think with the head on your shoulders, not the one in your pants! So you love her, do you think she can love you the same way? She's only 7 yrs old! Don't do something stupid Jim, damn it, listen to me! Don't let her con you into this, she can't know what she is doing!" I was listening, I just wasn't going to take her advice. I told her, "Look Joyce, I just called to give you an up date on the events, not to get a lecture! I'm taking the chance because I not only love her, I NEED her! You are the only friend I can trust with this, and I needed to tell someone! I have to do this, I think it's what she really wants! I can't help it, I see myself with my cock in my hand, stroking up and down in front of her wide, beautiful, curious eyes, and I know I can not refuse her!" Joyce tried to talk me out of my choice, but she couldn't and finally wished me good luck.... I began to make excuses to be with Carl and Shauna on more days then just Sundays. They seemed delighted that I wanted to come around more often. When I offered to babysit more often they were pleased about that too. One night while they went to dinner and a show, then maybe a little dancing. I knew I'd have lots of time with my little niece. We played nintendo with Jr for awhile then he grew tired and I sent him off to bed. Mia was watching tv and I was sitting on the couch. I quietly pulled down my zipper. My hands were shaking in excitement and fear as I reached in and freed my already hardening cock. One stroke, two, and then I whispered, "Mia." She turned around and her eyes grew huge as she saw my cock in my hand. She didn't move, just sat there and watched as I slid my hand up and down my cock. It was already throbbing, twitching against my fingers as I watched her expression. She looked happy, more then happy, she looked excited. I stroked my cock slowly, up and down, squeezing it now and then. Pre-cum began to ooze out of the eye, making the stroking easier, more pleasureable. Mia watched every move I made. Then to my joy she spread her little legs wide open and pulled her shorts aside. She gave me a complete look at her little bald cunny, let me watch as she slid her fingers into her tiny slit and began to stroke her clitty. I was going to cum, and cum hard, and I knew it. I jacked my cock off harder, faster, and felt the explosion building to an almost painful level. Her little fingers were moving almost frantically in her little slit, in time to my stroking. Her eyes were glued to my huge cock, just as mine were glued to her tight little hairless pussy. When I came I cupped my hand over the head of my cock to stop the cum from splashing everywhere, yet I gave Mia a good view of the eruption. She actually sighed and dug her little fingers into her pussy harder and faster. I saw her face flush, her little body tense, and I knew she'd gotten her cum too. That's how I started playing 'you show me, I'll show you' with my lovely little niece....... ==========================================Part 3========================= I played the game with Mia every chance we had! I invented reasons to babysit, telling my brother Carl and his wife Shauna they needed time alone, and I really didn't mind babysitting for the kids. Why would I? Mia was the sexiest little girl I'd ever known, and it didn't matter to me that she was my 7 yr old niece! I got such pleasure from our little games there was no way in hell I was going to give them up! The games had fast become my only source of stimulation, and satisfaction! It wasn't long either before Mia began asking me "When can we do the other stuff Uncle Jim?' I asked her what stuff and she said, "you know, stuff that mama and daddy do in the bed." I nearly choked the first time she asked me that, but I put her off each time by telling her, "When you are older." One day she stomped her foot at me and said, "I AM older! I'm gonna be 8 in December!" I had to laugh as it was only May now. As yet I had not touched Mia in any way, we simply played the game to make each other happy. True, I HAD thought about touching her, but decided against that move. Why spoil a good thing? Joyce of course thought I was insane. She worried that I'd get caught and end up in jail. I could indeed end up there, but I wasn't going to stop. I had just finished telling Joyce about a wonderful night with Mia, where we'd both masturbated and cum together several times. Because we'd been completely alone I'd convinced Mia to slip off her shorts and panties and give me a wonderful full view of her bald little slit and budding clitty as she rubbed herself off. I almost gave myself a hernia, my stomach pulled so hard when I shot my load at that sight! I heard Joyce sigh and I asked her, "What's wrong besides the usual you think I'm nuts dialog?" She was silent for 20 or so seconds then said, "Really Jim, I've been trying to talk some sense into you, and I know I haven't been very convincing. Want to know the reason Jim?" she asked. I said, "Sure, shoot." She sighed again and said, "I can't convince you because I ENVY you!" Ever heard the expression 'could have knocked me over with a feather'? Well right then I understood that statement! "You what?" I asked her, unsure I'd heard correctly afterall. "Jim, I envy your relationship with your niece. It sounds wonderful, fresh and exciting. I only wish I had the nerve to share such things with my young nieces!" I sat down hard in the chair. I knew Joyce was a lesbian, but I'd had no idea she was attracted to young girls! "You're kidding right? Just saying that to make me feel better or something?" Joyce answered, "No, Jim, I'm not kidding. I've been attracted to young, little girls, all my life. I've just never had the kind of opportunity that you have. None of my nieces ever wanted to play those kinds of games with me. Trust me, if they had, I'd have been just as happy to play as you are with Mia!" It was my turn to be silent for a few seconds, before I could speak Joyce said, "God, every time you tell me something new about you and Mia I have to make myself cum! I can only close my eyes and imagine such a show!" "Really?" I asked in disbelief. Joyce replied, "Really Jim. I've frigged myself to some wonderful cums imagining you with Mia, imagining her little bald cunny with her fingers in it as she watches you jack off! I cum soooo hard with that vision in mind!" I gulped and put my foot way out on a limb then. I asked her, "Joyce, would you really like to watch that? "Hell yes I'd love to see such a show, even tho I know it isn't possible!" I quickly changed the subject and a few minutes later hung up the phone. You have to understand, Joyce is my BEST friend. The fact that she's a lesbian doesn't bother me, nor change that fact. I love her, always have. She's been an important part of my life, my friend, my confidant, and would be 'sister'. She meant the world to me, almost as much as Mia does. As I thought about what she said, I got an idea. An idea that was crude, and extremely erotic.... I have a very old house and it does not have the usual duct work. It has those old floor vents, the kind that give you a full view of the room below. The heat rises thru them to reach the upstairs. They were perfect for my plan! It thought about my plan carefully and decided to go with it. A couple of days later, on Saturday, I was on my way to Carls. I called Joyce and told her, "I want you to go to my place. Let yourself in with the spare key. Go upstairs in the master bedroom. You'll find a bunch of pillows and a blanket on the floor near the vent. Make yourself comfortable and wait for me. When I get home DON'T make any noise. Just look thru the vent and watch, I have a present for you." "Jim, what are you talking about?" she asked. I told her, "Never mind that, just do as I asked you to do ok? Please?" She said, "Ok, I guess I can do that. Jim, I wish you'd tell me what's going on?" I chuckled and told her, "Just do it, I should be home in about a half an hour!" Carl and Shauna had grown quite accustomed to my babysitting the kids and taking them out for burgers and such. When I asked them if I could take Mia to the mall with me for a little shopping and a burger, they had no objection at all. Jr could care less what anyone did as long as he had his nintendo game. Someday I'd have to talk to Carl about letting him play that damn thing so much, but not now, not when it gave me time alone with Mia! Shauna hugged me and said, "I'm so glad you enjoy the kids Jim. It's nice to see you have a smile on your face, and nice to have you as an active member of this family!" I kissed her cheek and winked at her and told her, "Well, your kids are the greatest, and they make me wish I'd had kids of my own! Thank you both for sharing them with me!" I sort of felt like a heel when I said that, but hell, I wasn't hurting the kids, not even Mia. After all it was that little minx that started our journey down the road we were on! Mia happily jumped into the car with me and as we drove towards my house she said, "Uncle Jim, aren't we going to the mall?" I smiled and told her, "No Mia, we are going to my house first, if that's ok with you! We haven't played our games in a few days and I really want to play! Do you?" I already knew her answer, but it was nice to hear her say, "Oh yes Uncle Jim! I like our games too!" I laughed and told her, "We'll go to the mall and get a burger later, ok?" "OK!" she grinned. I let us in and we settled down in the living room, right below the master bedroom. I'd seen Joyce's car across the street, so I knew she was here. It's a good thing Mia was bubbling about what she wanted to buy at the mall, or she'd have heard Joyce gasp. I heard it. I heard it, and I smiled because she'd figured out what her present was! I started by grabbing Mia and tickling her, getting her to rough house with me like we used to do before the games began. She laughed so hard she had tears as I unmercifully tickled her. As I tickled her I managed to undo her little shorts and slipped them off. She wore her pink cotton panties with the little butterflies on them. Adorable! And tight. Mia was growing so her panties and clothes were beginning to fit more snugly then usual. There is nothing more delicious then to see little girl cunny lips thru tight pink panties! Usually I let Mia be the one to decide where and how she was going to sit or lay to play our game. Today however I wanted that control. I stopped tickling her and as she caught her breath I moved her into a better posistion right under the upstairs vent. I smiled at her as I pushed her knees up and back, spread them wider. My cock was throbbing in my pants. I'd never touched Mia so intimately before! I unzipped my pants and let them drop. I kicked them off to the side. Now only in my shorts I sat on the floor beside Mia and released my throbbing cock. I whispered to her, "Do it Mia, show me how you make yourslef feel real good! Do it for me!" She nodded and slid her hand down her tight little belly and slipped her fingers beneath the leg band of her panties. I watched as her hand began to move, massaging her sweet little clitty. I stroked my cock slowly, savoring the feeling, the sight. Knowing that Joyce was watching added to the thrill, and my balls tightened against my body quickly. Mia's mouth was partly open, her eyes closed as she fingered her own little slit. She was really enjoying putting on this show for me, as she always did. A few minutes later I saw her chest begin to rise and fall faster and I knew she was working on her own cum. I wanted to give Joyce a better view..... I whispered, "Mia, can I take your panties off? I want to see you baby! I want to see your finger your little self!" She opened her eyes and smiled. She said nothing, but she nodded. I moved to her and slipped my fingers under the waistband of her pink cotton panties and ever so slowly slid them down. She closed her legs so I could slip them off and I pushed her knees open again. Lord what a beautiful bald little pussy she has! Perfect! She was excited and she was open, the delicate pink of her folds exposed to my full view!She was also wet, VERY wet! Her pink inner lips glistened in the lamp light, making my mouth water, and my cock throb! Her fingers were massaging her clitty, and she moaned. Not a little girl sigh, but an honest to god moan! I sat back down beside her and began stroking my hard aching cock as I watched. I was more exctied then usual, because Joyce was watching I suppose, and my cock was spewing pre-cum, almost as much as if I'd was shooting my load! My hand was slick and the stroking smooth as I watched my little angel finger her pussy. I saw her belly tighten, heard her gasp, and then, THEN I saw her dip two of her little fingers INTO her pussy! She was finger fucking her little pussy! OMG! I groaned and my cock began to spew globs of hot sticky cum. I was unprepared and it was spurting everywhere! Mia heard my moan and opened her eyes in time to see my cock erupt. The sight of her pussy, the sight of her fingers IN her little pussy drove me mad with desire! My god! She was so fucking hot to watch! I was shocked motionless! "MIA!!!!" I shouted. I was a man lost, a man gone out of his mind! Just when I thought my cum was over Mia rolled over onto her knees. She presented her tight round little ass to my view and she still had her fingers fucking in and out of her pussy! Another orgasm gripped my nuts, boiled and exploded, I couldn't move. I couldn't stop her, not even had I wanted to, and I didn't want to! I kept spewing and spewing, more and more hot sticky cum! It splashed all over the place, ran down my hand, and back down my cock, and STILL I kept cumming and cumming! I'd never had a multiple orgasm in my life, but I sure as hell was right here and now!!! She moved and gyrated on her fingers, doing an almost obscene dance as she began to cum. I could see her little pussy juicing heavily, dripping down her fingers, and dropping onto the carpet.... She was the hottest girl I'd ever seen in my life! I was exhausted! I'd cum twice in the space of minutes as I watched my lovely 7 yr old niece put on a sex show that would rival a pro's! I had to believe Carl was the luckiest man on earth! After all Mia learned these things from sneaking around and watching her parents do them! How hot Shauna must be in bed! How hot Mia was already at 7 yrs old! I suddenly remembered Joyce had been watching and smiled, wondering what she thought of the show.... Mia, sated and finally falling back onto the floor asked me, "Did you like that Uncle Jim? I saw mama do that with daddy the other night and he was real happy. Are you happy Uncle Jim?" I slipped my now limp and dripping member back into my shorts and told her, "It was beautiful baby! I really liked that a lot! I'm so glad you watch your mama!" She smiled at me and said, "Uncle Jim, when can we do the other stuff mama and daddy do?" That question again. At first it had been easy to answer her, to brush it off, it wasn't so easy anymore. I wasn't at all sure she was ready for such things, or able to understand what they meant to her. Yet I found myself wanting to share the 'other stuff' with her, a deep and burning longing was building within my gut. For the moment I kissed the top of her head and told her, "I don't know honey, let me think about it ok? You go take a shower and get dressed, then we will go to the mall and get a burger, ok?" She actually sighed in disappointment, but ran to take her shower. I went to my room and showered too. I took her to the mall bought her a new teddy bear, got us a burger and fries, then took her home. I kissed her cheek and watched her run up the steps waving bye bye to me. I drove back to my house and found Joyce sitting on the couch. Though I'd been gone almost 2 hours, Joyce's face was still flushed. I grinned and asked her, "Well, how did you like your present?" She stared at me and I thought, "Oh shit, I went to far, even for Joyce!" when she suddenly burst out with, "My god, that's the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life!!! I couldn't even imagine a scene like that! Jim, I came so hard it actually hurt!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! She's everything you said she was and so much more!" I grinned and sat down beside her. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tight, kissed me full on the mouth. "Jim, thank you! How can I ever thank you for this opportunity! It's the closest I'll probably ever come to actually having a young girl! And she is so beautiful!!!" I kissed her back and told her she was most welcome to come and watch anytime. "Are you serious? You really mean that?" she asked. I told her, "Sure, why not? I'll just let you know when to be here." She squealed in happiness, sounding like a young girl herself! We made coffee, Joyce still elated and excited about having seen Mia's little show, having witnessed our game first hand. "Tell me Jim, what is it like to be so close to her? To really be able to see her bald little slit, and her clit as she rubs it with those tiny fingers? Does she get wet? She looked like she really did cum!" I told her, "She is beautiful, and not just her little bald pussy either! Though that is what usually has my attention! I'm sorry your view wasn't as close up as needed to see greater detail, but it's the best I've got!" I laughed when she said, "The view was wonderful! I just wanted to hear you describe it! Jim, what did she mean when she asked you when you could do the 'other stuff' her parents do?" I shrugged and told her "I think she means maybe oral sex, or maybe even fucking. I don't really know. I've never asked her. I don't want to get onto that subject with her. I don't want to touch her, well, I do, but I WON'T. She's much to young for that. Besides our games are enough for me, perhaps when she's a little older we'll get into the other stuff she's so curious about. I just think she's too damn young for that!" Joyce nodded in agreement and we talked until late into the night before she left, happier then I'd seen her in a long time. "You will call me, won't you Jim?" she asked as she climbed into her car. I grinned and told her, "Certainly!" I watched her drive away, then went to bed. It had been an awesome day! As I drifted off to sleep thoughts crossed my mind. What door had I opened now that I had allowed Joyce in completely on my games with Mia? What possibilities did the future now hold? The last things I remember thinking was, Dare I fuck my 7 and 1/2 yr old neice? Dare I get down and dirty and suck her hairless little bald cunny, and feed her my throbbing, spewing cock? Was that the OTHER STUFF Mia referred to so often lately? Could I convince Mia that she could play her games with Joyce?!?!?......My cock hardened even as my mind shut down to sleep...... ======================================part 4================== Unknown to Jim, he was being set up, lured into a trap. Lured there by his very own brother Carl, and his wife Shauna. Their 7 yr old daughter Mia, Jim's niece, was the bait in the trap. They waited patiently for Jim to bring Mia home. They had a lot to talk about with their daughter. They wanted her to tell them everything, every little detail of the days events. Just as she'd told them every detail about EVERY minute she spent with her Uncle Jim from the very first day she'd flashed him her little white cotton panties..... Mia came running in, new teddy bear in her arms. "Hi mama, daddy!" she called out happily. They smiled as she bounded into the room and jumped on the couch between them. Carl couldn't wait so he immediately asked her, "Well, honey, what did you and Uncle Jim do today?" Mia giggled, and looked at both her parents and said, "We went to his house. He asked me if it was ok cuz we hadn't played our game in a few days and he wanted to play. I said ok. We got there and Uncle Jim started ticklin me and making me laugh so hard I got tears!" Her parents smiled at her and Shauna asked her, "What else honey?" Mia giggled again and said, "Well he tickled me and tooked my shorts off! He pulled them right off me mama! I think Uncle Jim likes my pink panties best, cuz he started breathin real funny right away when he saw them! I started playing with myself, just like you taught me mama, and in a few minutes Uncle Jim asked if he could take my panties off. I said ok, just like you told me to daddy!" Carl and Shauna smiled at each other over their little daughters head. She truely was a beautiful little vixen! They had taught her from birth to share in their sex lives, believing there was nothing wrong with this as long as Mia was receptive to it. They had promised each other at her birth that should she ever say 'no' they would immediately stop. Mia hadn't said no, and both of them knew it was damn unlikely that she ever would! Mia loved their sex play, she loved cumming, and she didn't care if she made herself cum, or if someone else did it for her! Carl said, "Then what happened baby?" urging Mia to continue. "Well daddy, Uncle Jim took his big hard thing out of his shorts and started playin with it, like he always does. I like watchin him do that daddy! It's just like you when you do it! He really liked watchin me play with my thingy daddy! I know he did, cuz he always smiles real big when he watches me! I like showing Uncle Jim how good I play with my thing! It makes me feel gooder! Mama, I even showed Uncle Jim that I could put two fingers in myself, just like you told me to do. I think he liked that too. He breathed real hard when I did that! I just wish Uncle Jim would do the other stuff with me and let me taste his white stuff!" ( Carl moaned, his own cock growing hard as he pictured his brother watching Mia stroke her little clit and dip two fingers into her little hairless pussy.) Shauna laughed and said, "Mia, honey, you know the grown up words for these things and you know you can use them around daddy and I." Mia nodded and said, "I forgot. Mama, I asked Uncle Jim when we can do the 'other stuff' you and daddy do and he told me he would think about it. Did I do good?" Carl and Shauna hugged their little daughter and said, "Yes, you did VERY good Mia. Now you go climb into mama and daddy's bed, we'll be there in a few minutes to play with you!" "Ok!!" Mia giggled. As Mia turned to go upstairs she said, "Mama, daddy, do you 'member Uncle Jim's friend Miss Teasdale?" Shauna nodded, "What about her honey?" she asked. "Well I seen her car at Uncle Jim's but I didn't seen her. I think she was upstairs." Carl asked his daughter, "Why do you think that honey?" Mia shrugged and said, "Uncle Jim kept lookin up at the metal thingy in the floor up there. I think Miss Teasdale was there." Shauna caught her breath and asked, "Do you think she was watching you and Uncle Jim?" Mia nodded and said, "Yup! Uncle Jim made me lay on the floor right under the metal thingy, and he turned the light on too!" then ran upstairs to jump in her parents bed. Carl and Shauna grinned at each other. This could be better then they'd ever hoped it could! "Shauna, do you think Jim had guts enough to really invite Joyce to watch him play with Mia? I mean, I know she's a lesbian and all, but could she have a thing for little girls too?" Shauna replied, "I don't know, but Mia does know her car, if she says Joyce was there, then I'm sure she was. You know you can see right thru those old floor vents. Sounds to me like Jim WAS putting on a show for Joyce. Damn, I sure hope so! It would be totally erotic to watch our little girl eat another woman's hot wet slit!!!" (Shauna slipped her hand down the front of her panties and nudged her clit as she thought of Mia's mouth buried in Joyces hot cunt). Carl shook his head and said, "I didn't think Jim had it in him, but damn I hope he does!!!!" Shauna laughed. "Well, how much longer do you think he can hold out without getting 'down and dirty' with our precious Mia?" She asked. Carl said, "I don't think he can hold out much longer! She's one hot little dish, and she's got him heated up and stewing!" Shauna smiled and then said, "Well, suppose we tell Mia that she is to suck her Uncle Jims cock the next time they play their little games? She could just scoot right over and take his big cock between those soft baby lips of hers before he knew what hit him!" Carl laughed and said, "Yes, I think it's time we moved things along a bit. After all they've been playing their game for a long time. It's time the game changed. New rules for Jim!" They hugged and kissed then went up to their bedroom where Mia waited for them. They got into bed with her and held her between them. Shauna tweaked her little daughters tiny nipples to hard pointed little bitty peaks while Carl slipped his fingers between her legs and caressed her pouty bald little pussy lips. Shauna said, "Mia, daddy and I have decided the next time you are with Uncle Jim, you are to wait until he gets real hot and just before you think he's going to shoot his sperm we want you to scoot over and take his big cock in your mouth and suck the sperm out for him. Can you do that baby? Do that for mama and daddy?" Mia spread her little legs wider, giving her daddy better access to her tight little cunny as she whispered, "Uh huh! I wanna surprise Uncle Jim!" Shauna kissed her little girl deeply, driving her tongue into that sweet, warm little mouth. Mia responded and their tongues clashed, stirring the heat between them. Then Shauna moaned, "When you suck your Uncle Jim's big cock, you make sure you suck ALL of his sperm out! I want you to eat it all, every drop! Then you come home and tell mama and daddy all about it, ok?" "Ok!" Mia whispered. Shauna lay her daughter back gently on the bed. Carl parted her tender white thighs still wider, leaned down and buried his tongue in her little 7 yr old slit. Shauna moaned, "Lick mama baby, make me cum on your tongue!" as she straddled Mia's little face. Mia thrust her tongue out, dug it deep into her mother's hairy pussy slit and tickled the clit she found there. Shauna moaned and began to ride her daughter's fucking little tongue. Carl doubled his efforts and was busy thrusting his tongue first in Mia's tight little hairless 7 yr old pussy, then into her pink puckered little asshole. Mia was making wonderful 'mewing' sounds against her mothers hot pussy, driving her insane with pleasure. After several minutes Shauna raised up and turned herself to face her husband and groaned, "Please Carl, let me see you fuck her tight little pussy! Please fuck her while she eats me!!!" Carl needed no further urging from his wife. He knelt and pulled Mia's little feet to either side of his hips. He pushed her knees back and thrust his dripping, throbbing cock at her tiny little fuck hole. Shauna moaned lounder as he began to push and she saw the head of his cock slip past Mia's outer folds. "OOOOHHHHhmmmmffff" Mia moaned into her mother's dripping pussy as her daddy shoved more of his big fat hard cock deeper inside her tiny pussy and slowly began to fuck her. Carl groaned from deep in his gut as he watched the delicate pink folds of his 7 yr old daughter's tiny hairless pussy close around the head of his cock. God she was tight! Mia had the sweetest, tightest, best little pussy he'd ever fucked, and he'd fucked a few in his day! Carl watched Shauna ride their daughters hot probing, licking little tongue even harder as he pushed again and buried another two inches of his cock in Mia's tight little girl pussy. "Shit, I can't hold out baby! I've got to shoot!" Carl groaned outloud. To whom he was speaking didn't matter. Shauna reached down and rubbed Mia's now hard little clitty, her fingers drawing tighter and tighter circles around that tiny nub. Mia began to move, to fuck both the rubbing fingers and probing hard cock in her tight little cunny. Shauna's body tensed and she slammed her pussy down hard onto her daughters tongue and moaned out loud and long as her nipples seemed to almost POP right off of her tits as they grew so big and hard as she came. Carl grabbed Mia's small ass in his hands and pulled her up onto his cock, sinking another inch into her as his cock pulsed and jerked, spewed his hot creamy load up against her baby womb. He filled her tight little cunny to over flowing and Shauna reached down and gathered some of his cum on her fingers and licked off as he watched. He spewed still more hot sticky cum as deep as he could into his 7 yr old daughters tight little cunny. Mia wiggled and moaned and she too began to cum, her body tensing and bucking to greet the overwhelming orgasm her parents were giving her. Finally it was over and the three of them came apart. Shauna and Carl nestled their little lover between them and she quickly drifted off to sleep. Carl whispered to Shauna, "When do you think would be a good time to get Jr into the act with Jim hon? I mean lately Mia's been having all the fun and I think Jr's starting to get a little bit jealous. After all he likes wet pussy and hard cock every bit as much as Mia does!" Shauna smiled as she closed her eyes and said, "I don't know Carl, maybe we should wait to spring that on Jim until we've got him hooked on Mia?" Carl nodded, and said, "Yes, perhaps you're right hon. Jr's just going to have to be happy with his mama and sister's pussies, and daddy's hard cock up his cute tight little asshole..... Good night, hon." Over the next few days Carl and Shauna talked to Mia, telling her what to do, how to do it, and reminded her she had to tell them every detail when she got home from being with her Uncle Jim. Jr listened intently, even at 6 he was very smart, and he too loved the sex games he played with his parents. He wanted to start playing them with Uncle Jim too. Didn't Uncle Jim buy Mia a new teddy bear? Didn't he take her out for a burger? Jr wanted new toys and burgers too. As he listened to his parents plan Mia's next adventure with their Uncle Jim, Jr started planning his own little adventure with the Uncle he loved, and wanted to please....... The following weekend Jim picked Mia up for what he teasingly called their 'date'. She was all happy and smiles. Shauna had dressed Mia in a cute little pink dress with white ribbons. The dress was short and when she moved you could see her tight pink little panies, these with small white flowers on them. Jim's cock grew hard in his pants even before he'd backed his car out of the driveway. Shauna waved good bye to them and called out, "Remember Mia, you be a GOOD (stressed the word good) girl for your Uncle Jim!!" Mia called out, "I will mama!" Jim couldn't wait to get Mia to his house......and Mia couldn't wait to get him there either..... Sexy Niece Part 5 a story by Red Rose Joyce was already nestled in the pillows by the floor vent. Her clothes were neatly folded on the end of the bed. This time as she watched, she intended to thourghly enjoy the show! She'd brought a book to read as she awaited Jim's return. She was just getting into the third chapter when she heard his car pull into the driveway. Her nipples hardened as she thought about what she was going to see. Christ, she thought to herself as she felt her pussy moisten considerably also. "Come on you little minx, get in here!" Jim called over his shoulder to Mia as he held the front door of his house open. Mia was making a big show of getting out of his car. She wanted to be sure he got a good look at her cute little pink panties. Mama had told her it was good to 'tease' her Uncle Jim just a little bit by letting him look BEFORE they got alone in his house. She also looked for Miss Teasdales car, and she saw it right across the street. Mia was a good girl and always listened to what her mother and father told her. "I coming Uncle Jim!" she called as she shut the car door and ran up the sidewalk to the front door. Jim closed the door behind them. Jim went and grabbed himself a beer, and a soda for Mia. He set them down on the coffee table and smiled at his lovely niece. She took a long drink from the grape soda. "Grape is my favorite Uncle Jim!" He laughed and told her, "I know silly!" She gigled and took a few steps back. As he moved to turn on the light Mia glanced up at the vent in the floor. She caught just a glimpse of something at the edge of the vent, but she heard someone up there take a big breath of air. Mia giggled. She knew that Miss Teasdale was up there, and she WAS watching. This did not stress Mia out, nor make her shy. Her mama and daddy had taught her very well all about sex she was comfortable with it. In fact when she knew for sure Miss Teasdale was up there Mia became even more excited! Jim made himself comfortable on the sofa prepared for the days games with his sweet, innocent little neice to begin. Mia set her soda down on the table, her lips now a pretty purple color. "Do you wanna see me essercise Uncle Jim?" she asked him with a giggle. Jim smiled and nodded, noting she still couldn't say 'exercise". Mia thought a minute, then asked, "Uncle Jim, can I take my dress off? I don't wanna get it messed up, mama would be mad at me!" A huge smile spread over Jim's face as he said, "Yes, of course honey! You can take your dress off! I think I'd like that a lot!" Mia giggled and went to him so he could unbutton the back of her dress. Jim was so excited his hands trembled as he slipped each button free. Then Mia pulled her dress up over her head and off. She laid it on the arm of the chair and turned back to her Uncle. Jim's cock was already rock hard in his pants, but when he saw her lovely pale brown little nipples, her tight flat little tummy, and her little cunny encased in the tightest pink panties he'd ever seen on ANY girl or woman, he almost lost his load in his pants! Mia was lovely! Her panties were so tight they made her pussy lips bulge on either side of the elastic leg bands! Jim watched as Mia moved back out into the room. He was prepared to ask her to move whichever way so that she'd be directly beneath the floor vent so Joyce would get a good show. But he didn't have to. Mia moved to the exact spot without encouragement from him. The lamp light bathed her young body in a soft white as she turned her back to him and bent over to touch her toes. God but her ass was so beautiful! And the way she spread her legs slightly so he could see her pink covered pussy too! He held his breath as Mia touched her toes a few times, then did an amazing thing. She did the splits! Jim watched as she slid down, down, down, until her little pink panty covered slit was actually touching the floor! "See what I can do Uncle Jim?!?!" she said. He groaned and Mia smiled. She loved the effect she was having on her Uncle Jim! Jim moaned out, "Mia, if you are going to do splits, you need to take your panties off too. You don't want to mess them up on Uncle Jims floor! I haven't vacuumed today and it's dusty!" Mia giggled. (Even at 7 yrs old she thought he could come up with a better reason for her to take off her panties, but this one would do! She was EAGER to take them. She loved showing her little pussy to her Uncle Jim, not to mention her parents and brother too!) "Ok Uncle Jim!" she said as she stood up and pushed her panties down. She stepped out of them and put them with her dress. Jim stood, his breathing fast and hitching as he took in the full beauty of his 7 yr old nieces little body. He unzipped his pants and let them drop around his ankles. He sat back down and kicked them clear of his feet. Mia piped up, "Hey, Uncle Jim! No fair! I tooked off my panties, you gotta take off yours too!" Jim's throbbing cock was dribbling amazing amounts of pre-cum already. He stood and dropped his shorts, and his rigid cock poked straight out. Mia giggled and said, "your thing sure is big Uncle Jim!" Inspite of his age, Jim found himself blushing at her comment. He'd never considered his 6 inch cock as big. But to the eyes of his little niece, it must have seemed huge! Mia slid to the floor, making sure she was under the metal thingy in the ceiling and spread her legs wide. She stuck her fingers into her mouth, wet them, then slid them slowly down her tight little belly to the top of her slit. The moisture from her fingers glistened in wet trails across her belly. Jim couldn't move as he watched this sexy little 7 yr old minx part her puffy little pussy lips and begin to stroke her clit. He gripped his cock and began to stroke it, lightly, hoping to make this event long, and almost beyond pleasure when he finally allowed himself to shoot off. He glanced once at the ceiling vent, and it excited him still more to know that Joyce was watching him and his little niece share their masturbation play. He groaned and squeezed his cock hard to keep from shooting off at that moment. Mia reached down with her other hand and pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing all of her nubile young clitty to Joyce, and Jim's view. Mia sighed and began to rub her clit harder, and ran her fingers down to her cunny hole and pushed them inside. She moved her tight young little ass, humping her own fingers as the fingers of her other hand stroked her clit. Mia had her eyes wide open, and she looked a her Uncle Jim and smiled. "I like this Uncle Jim! It feels sooooo good when I do it!" Jim closed his eyes and groaned. Mia took that opportunity to gaze directly at the ceiling vent. She saw Joyce's face pressed tight against it. She smiled at the woman, a big smile. Joyce jerked back from the vent thinking, "Oh my god! She's seen me!" but she had no idea what if anything, she could, or should, do about it! She waited to hear a cry of alarm from Mia. When none came she was confused. She knew Mia had seen her! So why didn't the little minx say something, or do something??? Joyce eased herself back for a look down the vent and found Mia still playing with her little slit, a smile on her young face. "What the?!?" Then she thought maybe she hadn't been seen after all. The site of Mia was just so hot, the thoughts fled her mind. They were replaced with the burning desire to get her own fingers back into her sopping wet pussy and get off as she watched the little girl below do the same thing.... Mia was glad she could make Joyce happy too! She was feeling very proud of herself. She was so wrapped up in that thought, and the feeling in her little pussy that she almost missed her Uncle Jim's big groan! Her mama had told her that she'd know when Uncle Jim was going to shoot his sperm and it was her job to get to him quick and put her mouth on his big cock and suck up his sperm! She got to her knees and saw her Uncle Jim his eyes closed, pulling on his big thing fast. She moved quickly with the speed of an active 7 yr old and before Jim saw her, she was on her knees in front of him and had her lips planted firmly on the head of his hard throbbing cock. He felt her warm wet little mouth as it slipped over the head of his cock and his eyes shot open. "MMMMMMMMMMIAAAAAAAAAA!!!" he screamed at her. But it was too late, he was already shooting into her mouth. He could not have pushed her off his cock if he tried! He saw her sucking on his spewing cock. Felt her sucking him, sucking like she wanted, no needed, EVERY DROP of his hot sticky sperm! And he was giving her lots of sperm! He was cumming, cumming harder then he could ever remember in his life! His hands grabbed her head and held it as he began to hump her hot little mouth. If she wanted his cock she was going to get it! He pushed another inch of his cock into her mouth and she didn't miss a beat in sucking him. He realized then that she was not just sucking his cock, she was SWALLOWING ALL HIS HOT STICKY CUM!!! "OH GOD MIA!!!!!!!! MY LITTLE MIA!!!" Jim screamed as his cock kept spurting, spewing his hot creamy cum into her mouth, filling her little belly! Mia sucked him, sucked him just like her daddy had taught her to suck hard man cock. As she swallowed her Uncle Jim's hot sperm her fingers were stroking her to a wonderful feeling in her little pussy. The more sperm Uncle Jim shot into her mouth, the better her little pussy felt! Finally Jim couldn't cum any more. There was nothing left to feed his 7 yr old niece from his cock. He sort of sank back against the sofa, his cock growing limp, slathered in her hot spit, and his own sticky cum. Mia let his limp member slip from between her lips and looked up at him, smiling. Jim was horrified to think he'd just let his 7 yr old niece give him a blow job! "Mia, oh Mia! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have let you do that! I'm so sorry honey!" he said and meant it. Mia grinned at him and said, "Why not Uncle Jim? Mama does that for daddy! Did I suck your thing ok Uncle Jim? Daddy always tells mama to suck his thing! I heard daddy say mama sucks it real good! Did I suck your thing good Uncle Jim?" Jim groaned. How could he explain to her that what her parents did was not something SHE should do??? He looked into her face and realized she honestly expected an answer to her question! His breath caught in his throat and he looked at her and said, "Yes, honey, you sucked it very good!" what the hell else could he say? Mia giggled and said, "You really mean it Uncle Jim? I sucked your thing good?" Jim groaned out loud again and nodded. He closed his eyes and prayed he'd not harmed her in some emotional way! He felt it as Mia climbed up over him, her feet on either side of him. He opened his eyes to see that she had thrust her little pussy towards his face. She giggled and asked him point blank, "Uncle Jim? Can you lick my thing like daddy licks mamas?" "What? What did you say Mia?" She asked again, "Can you lick my thing Uncle Jim? Daddy licks mama's and I heard her say she likes it. I might like it too Uncle Jim. Can you lick my thing?" Jim was a lost man now. How could he deny her the pleasure she'd given him? How could he say no? He'd have had to have been made of steel to refuse her. And he wasn't made of steel. His hands came up and gripped her small, tight, round ass and pulled her forward. He thrust his tongue out and met her little pussy at his lips. He pushed his tongue between those puffy little lips and licked her delicate pink insides. His tongue found her clit and he licked it, softly, as if he was afraid he'd hurt her. Her hands came down on his head and she began to move, sighing, soft little girl sighs. He grew bolder, moved his tongue faster, probed her tiny tight little opening. He tasted her. Tasted her fresh little girl juices and he loved them! Eagerly his tongue darted, flicked, fucked and teased every inch of her hairless 7 yr old pussy. Mia sighed louder, moved a little faster as she breathed out, "Oh Uncle Jim!!!" in her pleasure. Jim's fingers dug into her little ass cheeks and pulled them open. He let a finger slip to the tight puckered ring of her asshole and teased her. She wiggled, shoved her butt back towards his teasing finger, then forward onto his licking tongue. Jim was lost in the feel of her in his mouth, the touch of her soft skin, the soft little sighs she was making. All extremely erotic, acutely arousing. His cock grew hard again as he pleasured his little 7 yr old niece with his mouth. "Oh Uncle Jim! Good! Soooooo good Uncle Jim!" she whispered as her fingers pulled in his hair. Jim captured her little clitty between his lips and began to suck. Mia squealed in pleasure and thrust her pussy harder into his lips. Jim could really feel her clit as it swelled, grew harder and seemed to pulse between his lips. He was going to cum again! He reached down with one hand and pulled on his throbbing cock just as Mia squealed, "UNCLE JIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" pulled his hair harder and began to cum in his mouth. He shot his second load of the day all over the insides of Mia's creamy smooth little legs...... When he released her clit Mia slid down his chest, her beautiful little 7 yr old hairless pussy nestling on his now limp and sticky cock. Even after two cums his cock began to stir to life. He held her tightly in his arms, his breath still ragged, his heart pounding. He had no idea what to say to her. For the first time in his life he was a man without words. Mia broke the silence by saying, "Oh Uncle Jim! You made me feel so good! I love you Uncle Jim!" He held her, just held her. He knew she had to notice his cock was growing hard again, but she ignored it. Thank god! Because if she hadn't he'd have had to fuck her right then, and right there, and be damned what anyone thought or said! Finally Mia climbed from his arms and smiled. She said, "I had lots of fun today Uncle Jim! Can we go get sumpin to eat now?" He had to laugh. Most adults wanted a smoke or drink after sex, but not Mia. Mia always seemed to want to eat after a good cum. He told her, "Sure, but go take a shower first, and then get dressed honey!" He watched her grab her dress and panties and head for the shower. Just then he remembered Joyce upstairs. He knew she'd seen the entire event! What was she going to think of him now??? Christ, sharing masturbation games with his 7 yr old niece was one thing, but actual sex another! He took the steps two at a time trying to formulate some reasoning, some excuse why he hadn't been able to control himself with his 7 yr old niece! What he found when he entered the bedroom startled, then bemused him. Joyce was entirely naked, flung out on the pillows, her breathing just beginning to slow. Her entire body was bathed in sweat, her nipples hard as rocks, and a satisfied 'glow' covered her entire body! "My god Jim!" she breathed "that is the hottest sight I've ever seen in my life! Awesome! Utterly, without doubt FUCKING AWESOME!" "Shhhh, she'll hear you!" he warned. Joyce lowered her voice and said, "You have got to be the luckiest son of a bitch on the face of this fucking planet!" Jim asked her, "So I take it you're not upset, and you're not going to lecture me about 'touching' my little niece?" Joyce burst out laughing and said, "Upset? You're damn straight I am!" Jim looked confused and she laughed again saying, "I'm upset that you're the one to be gifted with that hot little piece of ass and not me!" They heard Mia calling, "Uncle Jim? Where'd ya go?" and Jim whispered, "We'll talk when I get back!" He hurried down the stairs to take Mia out for a bite to eat. Sexy Niece Part 6 a story by Red Rose Jim watched as Mia entered her house that evening, and waved good bye to her. He couldn't face his brother and his brother's wife right then. He knew Mia would not tell, she had never told about their games, if she had, he was sure he'd have been in prison a very long time ago! But how could he ever face his brother and his sister-in-law again? God, he'd just had oral sex with their 7 yr old dauther! His precious little niece! How on earth could he EVER face them again? For that matter, how could he ever bring himself to be with Mia again? God grief, he'd just ate her little 7 yr old pussy! She'd sucked his hard cock, not only sucked it, but SWALLOWED his cum too! How could he ever let himself be with her again? What if this situation had somehow harmed her tender young mind? (As upset and guilty as his mind was about the days events, his cock was not. It was responding to his thoughts, to the memory of her sweet mouth over the head of his cock, the memory of her taste, still lingering in his mouth! And it never once occured to Jim to wonder exactly HOW/WHERE his precious little 7 yr old niece had learned how to suck cock and swallow cum. Simply 'watching' her parents could never have taught her the technique, but this didn't register in his mind!) Jim's thoughts continued on as he drove back to his house. Joyce was waiting for him, a cold beer in her hand. She saw the look on his face and grew concerned. "What's the matter Jim?" she asked. He stared at her like she'd lost her fucking mind. "What the hell do you mean what's the matter? What the hell can be the matter? Isn't it every day that some 50+yr old fart has oral sex with his pre-teen niece??? Christ Joyce, I can't believe I let things go like that today!!! What if I've harmed her somehow???" He took a long pull on the cold beer and when he looked back at Joyce she was smiling. "What the hell are you smiling about? This is not a situation that should be making you happy here!" Joyce shook her head and told him, "Jim, calm down. I'm going to tell you something you are not going to want to hear right now, but it's the truth. I saw what happened remember? I got to watch every second of that little minx's hot show with you. She WANTS to please you. She LIKES sex. She loves teasing you too, trust me, I know a tease when I see one. Even if she is just 7 yrs old!" Jim shook his head in denial but Joyce continued. "Jim I watched her. She waited until just before you were going to cum. She saw you close your eyes, which is something you always do by the way, and that's when quick as a little rabbit she had your cock in her mouth. You didn't even see it coming, but I did! She was EAGER to suck your cock! The sooner you accept that the more enjoyment you're going to have from this little tigress!" Jim was hearing Joyce, but having a hard time believing her. "You're telling me that Mia did exactly what she wanted to do???" Joyce shook her head yes. Jim said, "But damn she's only 7, how the hell can she know what she wants to do? How the hell can she decide such things at that age?" Joyce said, "I don't know Jim, but Mia LOVES having sex with you. 7yrs old or not, she's chosen you as her lover! Personally I think you should just stop questioning it and have fun. By the way, I know she saw me today." Jim almost choked on his beer. Joyce smiled and said, "Yes, I know she definitely saw me watching her. She smiled at me Jim. She smiled and kept right on playing her fingers in her little slit. She was putting on the show for me too, and she KNEW it." Jim sat down hard in the kitchen chair. What the hell had he gotten himself into with that little minx? How the hell had things gone this far? Worse, much worse, he knew he'd wasn't going to be able to stop. Not now, not after so long. Mia was his ONLY sexual outlet, he couldn't stop! As he wrestled with those thoughts Joyce spoke again, "Jim, I want you to ask Mia if I can join you in your games." His head jerked up and he said, "What?!?" Joyce repeated her statement, "I want you to ask Mia if I can join you and she in your games. I want to be part of it, to enjoy her fresh young body too." Jim sputtered, "And just how the hell do you propose I ask her to let you join? Christ Joyce!" Joyce frowned at him and said, "Haven't you been listening to me? I told you she SAW me today. She knows I was watching and she never even missed a stroke on that sweet little clitty of hers! She liked me watching her Jim! If she didn't she'd have screamed out for you that I was up there, pulled her hands away from her pussy, something, ANYTHING. But what she did do was SMILE at me and keep right on pleasuring her little slit. She'd be receptive to this, I know she would. I'd rather have you ask her, but if you don't, I will! This is a chance for me to have what I've always desired, needed, and I'll not let it slip through my fingers, not when it's so very close and may well be the only chance I'll ever have in my life!!!" Jim chugged the last of the beer and got himself another one. He looked at Joyce and knew she'd do exactly as she'd said she would. "Christ!" he muttered. Mia had been all excited when she got home. Proud of herself for having been able to not only suck her Uncle Jim's hard cock, but she'd got him to suck her pussy too! "Mama!! Mama!! she'd started yelling the instant she'd gotten in the door. Shauna came running, and when she saw the look on her lovely little daughters face, she knew that Mia had enjoyed her play with her Uncle Jim. "Mama! It was so neat!" she started. But Shauna hushed her, "No, honey, not now. You have to wait until daddy gets home remember? We always talk about this with daddy here!" "Yes mama." Mia said, but she wasn't happy about it. She was all excited and wanted to tell about it! Shauna knew her daughter well and said, "Come help me with dinner. Daddy will be home in a few minutes and you can tell us both all about your day with Uncle Jim." Mia noticed her little brother was not under their feet and she asked her mother, "Mama, where's Jr?" Shauna smiled and said, "Jr has gone to stay with grandma for the summer. School is over for him and we thought it best to let him stay with grandma while we work on Uncle Jim." Happy with that answer Mia returned to helping her mother cook. Carl arrived to find both his little 'women' setting the table, dinner ready. He kissed them both nd Mia was bursting to tell of the days events with Uncle Jim. They'd barely gotten seated when she asked, "Can I tell now mama? Can I?" Shauna smiled at her daughters eagerness to tell about her day and nodded. Mia began, "I did it! I sucked Uncle Jim's big hard thing today!" Both Shauna and Carl looked at her in surprise. They knew what they had told her to do, planned it, but neither of them had expected her to accomplish it so fast! "You did!!!" Carl said happily. "Yup, I did!" Shauna said, "Tell us honey about it honey!" Mia giggled and said, "I sneaked up on him when his eyes was closed! Afore he seen me I was sucking on his big thing! He yelled my name but he was already squirting his white stuff in my mouth! Uncle Jim held my head and cummed real good cuz I sucked him, and I swallowed all his white stuff too!!! I sucked him real hard , just like you taught me daddy!" Seven yr old Mia was very proud of having sucked her Uncle Jims' cock! Very proud. Carl and Shauna gushed over her, making her feel like a little princess for having done such a good job! Then Mia said, "I know Miss Teasdale was watching too! I seen her face in the metal thingy in the ceiling! I smiled at her mama." Mia giggled. Shauna asked, "Are you very sure you saw her honey?" Mia giggled again and said, "Yup, she seen me. I know she did. She liked watchin me mama! Daddy? Is it ok that I liked it when she looked at me playin with my thing?" Carl nodded and said, "Mia, come on now. You know the proper words for things. Use them please. You know it makes mama and daddy all excited to hear you use those words. Or don't you want us to get excited any more?" "Oh no daddy! I like you and mama 'cited!" (Mia had real trouble pronouncing the 'x' in words!) Shauna asked, "So what were you doing when Miss Teasdale saw you?" "I was layin on the floor under the metal thingy, cuz I saw her car and knowed she was there. When she saw me I was playin with my cunny slit. I was feelin real good too mama, my clitty feels soooo nice when I rub it like you teached me!" Shauna laughed. They'd have to work on Mia's grammar and chose of words in the future. "Uncle Jim licked my cunny too!" Both Shauna and Carl shot their daughter a look and asked at the same time, "He did! Really! He licked your sweet little cunny???" Mia giggled and said, "Uh huh, and he licked me real nice too. I liked it and got a orgasm on his tongue! Mama, I really liked Miss Teasdale watching me with Uncle Jim. It made me feel real good when I seen her." Shauna had to ask, "Mia, if you got the chance, would you suck Miss Teasdales pussy for her? Just like you do for mama?" Mia giggled and said, "Sure I would mama!" Then she dug into her dinner with gusto.... After dinner Mia ran out to play, Carl and Shauna talked. They had raised a perfect little sex godess! Eager to please, and loved the sex too! "Do you think we should try to go on to the next step now? I mean after all they've had oral sex, only a matter of time before he finally wants to fuck her don't you think?" Carl asked Shauna. She nodded and said, "Yes, it might be time. We'll have to tell Shauna to go ahead and be ready to fuck him the first chance she gets!" Carl nodded but said, "Do you think he's ever going to wise up to the fact that we've put Mia up to this?" Shauna laughed and said, "Oh, I'm sure he will, especially after he fucks her. She's NOT a virgin you know!" It was Carls turn to laugh and say, "God don't I know that! Her little pussy is the tightest, sweetest little pussy my cocks ever had the pleasure of slipping into!" Shauna slapped him in mock jealousy and said, "Hmmph, at one time you thought that about mine!" Carl laughed and said, "Hey, yours is still sweet too!" Carl said, "You know we have to start letting Jr in on the act here, the problem will be getting Jim to fuck Jr. I don't think my brother is into 'little boys'. Although if he doesn't, it won't really be a big deal everything will still work out. It's just that personally I'd like him to know the pleasure of our little boys tight ass!!!" Shauna grinned and said, "Well, hopefully he will be into little boys once he's convinced to shove his cock into our cute little boys ass! God what I wouldn't give to see Jr squirming on Jim's cock! Sorry dear, but I adore watching our little man take hard cock up his tight little ass. It really does something to me, right here...." and she pointed to her pussy. Carl laughed. Shauna grew serious and asked, "Do you really think we should be doing this to Jim? I mean, really......" Carl cut her off in mid sentence and said, "We are NOT going to talk about it Shauna. We made our decision to do this, and besides it's far to late to turn back now!" Shauna nodded but couldn't resist saying, "You know, we could have asked...." Carl cut her off again and said, "NO! You know better then that, you know Jim. He wouldn't do it and you know it! This way we'll have some leverage on our side and I KNOW he will have to do what I ask! Besides, I'm rather enjoying this! I love hearing Mia tell us about her games with Jim!" Shauna nodded, grinned and said, "Speaking of Mia, where the heck did she go? I sure could use a little soft tongue right about now!" She went to the back door and called, "Mia?" She heard her daughter say, "I coming mama!" and her pussy gushed into her panties, she'd be 'cumming' too, in just a few short minutes!!! Back at Jim's place he and Joyce were still discussing his asking Mia if Joyce could join them in their games. Hard as he tried he couldn't talk Joyce out of it! "Damn it Joyce! I'm not sure that is such a good idea! What if she gets upset and tells Carl and Shauna about our games! You WANT me to end up in jail??" Joyce shook her head and said, "Of course not Jim. But I'm tellin you she SAW me. She saw me and gave me a big smile and never missed a stroke on that sweet little clitty of hers! Last time I watched you two I wasn't sure I was seeing something else too, but this time I KNOW what I saw!" Jim raised his eyebrow and said, "What the hell are you talking about Joyce? Of course you saw her play with her sweet little pussy! I invited you to watch, didn't I? Right now I'm thinking that was not such a smart move!" Joyce grinned at him and said, "Well, it's a little late to change your mind now, don't you think? Besides, that's not what I was referring to!" Jim groaned and asked, "Ok. I'll bite, what the hell were you referring to then?" Joyce stood up and went to him. As if in a conspiracy she whispered in his ear. "WHAT?!?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?" Joyce smiled, a slow, knowing smile and said, "I'm telling you, this sweet little innocent niece of yours is NOT so damned innocent! Sweet, yes. Innocent, only in YOUR mind!" Jim was getting angry now. "Damn it Joyce, knock it off. You're saying that because YOU want to see me get more involved with her, and I WON'T do it! I'm not even sure I want her over here again! Hell I wonder how I can face Carl and Shauna after the damn blowjob!" Joyce started laughing and said, "Jim, I'm telling you, she is NOT innocent. Did you just blank out the fact that your little niece drove her fingers into her own sweet little pussy? Not one finger mind you, but TWO of her fingers, and she dipped them in very deep and rode them like a pro! SOMEBODY is already fucking her tight little cunny! And the way she manipulates herself tells me she didn't just 'see' this accidently, she was TAUGHT." She lowered her voice a little and said, "Jim, why was she so willing to suck your cock? Not only willing, she sucked you DRY! That just doesn't happen without someone having taught her!" Jim shook his head and groaned, unable and unwilling to believe what Joyce was saying. "Go home Joyce, go home now!" He told her. She nodded and started for the door. "Think about it Jim, remember what you've seen, what she's done. Think about it, will ya?" and she left. Jim didn't want to think about. Not then, not ever again! But he couldn't stop thinking about it! He made up his mind that there was no way Mia wasn't an innocent who learned from watching her parents. He also decided he was not going to see her, or the rest of them for awhile. He needed a break, time to think about the path he'd set his feet on when he allowed Mia to suck his cock. Even as he thought that his cock grew hard with the memory of her tender little lips latched over the eye, sucking, sucking....... Carl called a few days later and asked why they hadn't seen him, was anything wrong. He had been preparing excuses over those few days and the one that came to mind was the lamest of them all. "I haven't been feeling well, I don't want to make any of you sick too." popped out of his mouth. "Well, all the more reason you should have us to look after you! Don't be so silly Jim, you are not going to make everyone in the family sick!" Carl told him. Jim begged off and Carl let him slide, this time. He said, "Ok, but tomorrow is Saturday and Mia expects to go to the mall with her big Uncle Jim! You can't break her heart you know! You started this Saturday with Mia day!" Jim began, "Carl, I'm not sure I'm going to feel up to it. Mia will understand, she's a big girl now." Carl would not let him off so easy. "Well, if you don't feel up to going to the mall I'll brin Mia and a big bowl of chicken soup over to your place tomorrow. She'll feel like a big girl taking care of her Uncle Jim! And besides, with Jr at mom's for the summer it's a chance for Shauna and I to have a little time alone, if you catch my drift." Jim tried to argue his way out of it, but Carl would have none of it. In the end it was agreed that he'd bring Mia over to Jim's place. Jim did not call Joyce. He wasn't too happy with her at the moment, after her request. He thought it best to sort of keep her at arms length for the time being. Hell, how would one go about asking his 7 yr old niece if she wants to lick and suck a grown woman's pussy?!?! He groaned as he thought about Joyce's request. He'd like to think she was crazy, but then, if she was so was he. After all hadn't he let his little niece suck his cock, and swallow his cum? Lord, she must have swallowed a glass full that day! He'd just kept shooting and shooting...cumming and cumming in her precious little mouth! And she sucked it up, sucked every damn drop of it right down! Jim's cock hardened in his pants as he once again remembered Mia's tender lips.....Jim decided to take a shower to ease the tension in his muscles, and to massage his aching love muscle. Sexy Niece Part 7 by Red Rose Jim showered several times that night, unable to get Mia out of his mind. Every time he thought about her tender young lips over the head of his cock, it grew painfully hard, throbbed. He'd take a cool shower to try and ward off the need, but it didn't work. He'd end up yanking off in the damn shower! When he was jacking off, his mind went over and over what Joyce had said. Could it be true? Could someone be fucking Mia? Teaching her about sex? If so, WHO? Jim knew that Carl and Shauna only let Mia out of their sight when she was with him. They were very protective of their sweet little girl. That would mean.....NO, absolutely not! Joyce had to be wrong. There was no one around to have taught Mia about sex, fucked her tight little 7 yr old cunny. NO ONE, for surely his brother Carl wouldn't have fucked his own daughter??? Yet there was a surety in Joyce's voice that he could still hear......No, he wouldn't believe it. Every waking moment was filled with Mia though, thoughts of her, memories of her lips..... Bright and early Saturday morning Carl brought Mia over. True to his word he also brought a big bowl of chicken soup. "Hi Uncle Jim!" Mia called out as they entered the house. "Mama and daddy said I gotta take care of you, acuz you're a sickie!" Jim had to smile at her boisterous attitude. She didn't seem any the worse for wear after having sucked his cock. In fact she seemed happier then ever! He was amazed by this, as he actually thought he might have somehow harmed her. Carl set the soup on the coffee table and smiled at Jim. "I've brought you a little nurse to take care of you Jim" he said. Obviously she hadn't told on him, as his brother greeted him warmly, smiling, and had brought Mia to visit him. "Mia has strict orders to take care of her Uncle Jim today. If you want anything, she'll get it, or do it for you!" Carl grinned. "I sure will Uncle Jim, I don't like it if you don't feel so good! Who can play with me if you're a sickie?" Mia said all giggles. She was wearing very skimpy little pink shorts and tank top, with white sandals. She was so beautiful! Jim was glad he'd worn his loosest sweat pants! Even being in the same room with Mia was giving him a hard on! Carl said, "You do look a little stressed out and pale Jim. I think it's a good thing for you to stay home with Mia today. She can run for your coffee or beer, or whatever. She understands about not going to the mall today." Jim hadn't realized he was showing the stress of the situation so much in his face. He'd need to relax or he was going to have a heart attack or some damn thing! He said to Carl, "Yea, well I am feeling a bit better today. Don't worry, it's nothing I can't handle Carl." Carl nodded, kissed Mia on the top of her head and told her, "You be a very good girl for Uncle Jim and don't give him any trouble! Do your very best to make him happy today, remember what we talked about, ok young lady?" Mia giggled and said, "I will daddy! Promise!" Jim saw Carl wink at his little daughter as he stepped out the door. Jim's thoughts began to wander......did Carl fuck Mia??? His mind centered on those perverse thoughts Joyce had planted in his head! Damn that woman! The door closed behind Carl and Mia grinned and said, "Do you feel real bad Uncle Jim? " as she pulled the cellophane off the bowl of soup. "I will get you a spoon!" and she ran off into the kitchen. Jim heard the silverware rattle and she returned with a soup spoon. He smiled at her. He really didn't want any damn soup, but she wanted to take care of him. After all, hadn't he said he was 'sick'??? He sat down on the couch and began to eat. Mia watched him, her eyes shining. "I helped mama make the soup for you Uncle Jim! Do you like it?" she asked. Jim nodded and she seemed very pleased. Ten seconds later Jim nearly choked to death on that very soup when Mia asked, "Uncle Jim? Can we play today? Can I suck your big thing again?" He choked and coughed, stared at his lovely 7 yr old niece. "Huh?" was all he could finally manage to choke out. Mia looked upset and ran into the kitchen. She came back and handed him a napkin. "I sorry Unlce Jim, I forgot the napkin!" Jim took it, and wiped his chin, then his pants where he'd spit the soup. "Mia, I don't think we should do that again honey, it isn't a very good thing for you to do." Mia tilted her head and asked, "Why not Uncle Jim? Didn't I suck you good? You licked me real nice and I liked it lots!" Jim sat there unsure of what to say to her. If he told her it was bad, she might want to tell Carl and Shauna what they had done. If he told her it was ok to do this, she'd want to do it. Want to do it? The thought came crashing down on him like a ton of the proverbial bricks! Mia had ASKED to suck his hard thing! Christ! The evidence was mounting, evidence in Joyces favor, proving what she had told him! He groaned out loud. Mia jumped on the couch beside him and boldy reached into his lap. Her hand grasped his cock through his sweat pants. It was hard, and responded to her grip by pulsing in her hand. "See? Your thing is hard Uncle Jim! Please? Can we play?" Using all his will power Jim took her hand from his cock. He told her, "Mia, I have to go change my pants, I spilled the soup." She nodded and he rose to go change. She called out after him, "Want me to get you something Uncle Jim? I'm a big girl, mama teached me how to make the coffee and your pot is just like ours!" Jim nodded and she ran off to the kitchen. After changing into a pair of shorts Jim came back into the living room. He heard a rattling noise and went into the kitchen to check up on Mia. To his surprise she had the coffee going, and was standing on a chair to reach the cups in the cupboard. She was stretching to reach them, her little pink shorts riding up, showing that she was wearing white cotton panties beneath them. Jim groaned. He'd made up his mind that he wasn't going to play any more games with Mia. He couldn't risk what might happen, what he WANTED to happen. Suddenly, Mia tilted on the chair! He moved to her, afraid she was going to fall off the chair. He reached out to put a hand on her hip and steady her, just as she turned. He ended up with his hand between her legs! He groaned and stared at her crotch. Only two layers of cloth between his hand and her sweet little cunny. Mia giggled, then of all things, pushed her pussy harder into his hand! "Ooooo Uncle Jim! I like that!" she sighed and wiggled against his fingers. That action caused Jim to lose his control. Jim knew he was probably going to go to hell for what he was going to do, but he no longer cared. He reached up and wrapped Mia in his arms. She looked up at him, her eyes glowing, a smile over her soft tender lips. He leaned down and kissed those baby lips, softly, gently. He let his tongue tickle them and he groaned in delight as she kissed him back, her tongue touching against his. He carried her into his bedroom, and once there he stood her on the bed. He unzipped her shorts and watched them fall to her feet. He slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Mia herself pulled her top off over her head. Now she stood naked in front of his face. "Mia...." he groaned. She took half a step forward and was once again in his arms. Her tight, firm little body against his. Her little pink nipples were hard as tiny pebbles, and rubbed against his chest hair. She sighed and wiggled up against him, her arms slipped around his neck. One of his hands slid down and cupped her tight round little ass cheeks, the other held her around the waist. He whispered against her hair, "Let Uncle Jim lick your pussy baby!" He didn't have to ask twice. Mia slid down in his arms and lay back on the bed. Jim knelt beside the bed and put his hands on her sweet young thighs. He pushed them up, and back exposing her beautiful little hairless pussy. He groaned as he leaned down and kissed those perfect little pussy lips. Mia giggled, his touch was so tender, it teased her, tickled her. She reached down and put her hands on his head and pushed his head down as she thrust her pussy up to his mouth. "OHHHHhhhh Uncle Jim!" She sighed as his tongue slipped into her slit. He slid his hands under her tight little ass, squeezed her ass cheeks as he thrust his tongue against her little clit. He could feel it grow harder..... Mia wiggled against his hot mouth, against his licking tongue. Soft little girl moans escaped her lips. She pushed down with her bottom, pushing it into his hands. She wiggled and moved until his thumb slipped into her ass crack. Jim's sweat pants were wet, his cock dribbling so much pre-cum! He felt it had to be running like a faucet! She was so beautiful! Her scent, her taste, so fresh and wonderful! Mia moaned, wiggled and sighed, "Please Uncle Jim? Oh please can you suck me?" Jim groaned, the sound vibrating her little hairless pussy lips. Using his thumbs he spread them open wider. He stared at her tiny little clit for several seconds before he leaned down and wrapped his lips around it and began to suck. The effect was immediate! Mia moaned, "Ohhhh Uncle Jim!!!" and pulled his hair as she thrust her pussy into his sucking lips. Jim opened his mouth wider, and sucked her pouty little pussy lips into his mouth along with her clit. Mia squealed in pleasure, thrust her pussy into his face. Somewhere in the back of his mind Jim realized she was fucking his mouth like a pro...... Then Mia sighed, "Fuck me Uncle Jim! Please, Fuck me!!!" Jim's tongue stopped against her clit. He couldn't have heard that from her sweet lips, could he? He looked up at her and uttered, "Wwwhat?" Mia moved against him and repeated, "Please, Uncle Jim, fuck me?" Jim was a man in a world, a time out of place in that instant. NOTHING on this planet could enter his mind. Nothing but the words, "Please, Uncle Jim, fuck me!" coming from his sweet niece's 7 yr old lips. He didn't stop to think WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, OR WHY about her learning to fuck. At that moment, even if he had thought of it, he wouldn't have given a shit. His beautiful 7 yr old niece just asked him to please fuck her. That's all he knew, it's all he wanted to know! He stood and threw off his shirt and let his shorts and underwear drop to the floor. Groaning, he lay down on the bed and pulled Mia over the top of him. Mia knew what to do and it astounded Jim, thrilled him, when she reached down and took his throbbing cock in her little hand and aimed it between her pouting pussy lips. "I can sit on it Uncle Jim." she whispered. He watched as she began to lower herself on his throbbing cock. He felt the head of his cock at her entrance, then felt the tip enter her. He lost all control and his cock began spewing hot sticky cum into her. Mia sighed and kept right on moving down, down, her pussy stretching almost impossibly wide to accept his spewing cock! Jim gripped her ass, pulled her down harder! Now that his cock was going into her, he wanted it ALL THE WAY in! Mia squealed as he pulled her down, almost half of his still spewing cock went into her pussy. His cum was oozing back out around his cock, glistening whitely against her spread open pink little pussy lips. "Uncle Jim!!!" Mia squealed again as she raised up a bit and he pulled her back down. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard Joyces words and knew they were true. Mia was NOT a virgin. Her little pussy was taking his rock hard, gushing cock inside! Jim gripped her tight little ass cheeks and pulled her down again, this time ALL of his pounding cock filled her little cunny! God but she was tight! His mind registered that fact, regardless wether or not she was a virgin, she had the tightest, sweetest little pussy he'd ever had the pleasure of pushing his cock into! As much cum as he'd already shot into her pussy, as much cum that now globbed up in his cock hair, Jim's cock did not go soft. Mia began a sliding motion. Not up and down, but back and forth. Jim realized she was rubbing her hard little clit against the base of his cock. He held her ass and let her ride his cock, let her move at her own speed. He groaned as he felt the pleasure begin to build in his cock again. "I like fucking you Uncle Jim! It feels so good!" Mia whispered. Jim could say nothing, the pleasure to great..... If Jim hadn't been watching Mia, he would never have seen the shadow hit the bed. He turned his head in a panic to find Joyce standing there smiling at him. As he scrambled to push Mia off his cock Joyce laughed. "Too late Jim! I saw your cock buried in that sweet little cunny! I must say that's some load you've been shooting into your little niece!!! I told you didn't I? I wondered how long you could hold out from this little minx! I am glad to see it wasn't long at all!" Jim groaned, "Aww shit Joyce! What the fuck are you doing here?" Mia sat on the bed, her pussy oozing Jim's still hot sticky cum out onto the bed, a frown on her lips as she listened to the two adults. She wondered if she was in trouble, cuz mama and daddy had told her fucking was a secret and she shouldn't let anybody know or see her fuck daddy or Uncle Jim. Now Ms Teasdale saw!...... Sexy Niece Part 8 by Red Rose Joyce grinned and said, "I knew it wouldn't be long before you two got together again. I'm sorry Jim, but I had a feeling you wouldn't invite me back after our last talk. When I saw your car here, on a Saturday the day you usually take Mia shopping, I KNEW she was here with you. I decided to just drop in. I let myself in the back door." Jim was upset. He threw a sheet over Mia and leaned down to grab his shorts from the floor. Joyce put her foot on them. "Damn it Joyce!" Jim nearly yelled. Joyce laughed. "Come on Jim. Forget about getting dressed! I've seen your cock buried in her little pussy, I saw your cum oozing out of her little slit! You can't hide the fact that you were fucking her!" Mia began to cry. Both adults looked at her and Joyce said, "Don't cry honey! It's ok, really it is!" Mia shook her head and said, "NO IT'S NOT!!! You saw me fucking Uncle Jim!" Joyce laughed again and Jim scowled at her. She said, "But Mia, you KNOW I've been watching you and your Uncle Jim play your games! You saw me, I know you did! You know I've been watching you, so why cry now?" Mia sniffed and said, "That was different! I wasn't fucking Uncle Jim then!" and she burst into new tears. Jim sat on the bed and pulled her into his arms. Her tight little cum filled pussy dripped on his thigh. He hushed her and told her, "Honey, it's ok! Ms Teasdale is NOT going to tell on us, I promise! No one will know what we were doing!" Mia snuggled safe in his arms but her tears didn't stop. Joyce sat down and said, "Mia, honey, I am NOT going to tell anybody!" trying to reassure her. Mia, tears still sliding down her cheeks, asked, "Promise?" Joyce stroked the girls' hair and said, "I promise!" Mias' tears stopped and she sighed and said, "Good, cuz mama and daddy told me I couldn't let anybody see me fuck Uncle Jim! They would be mad if they knowed you saw me fucking him!" Jim and Joyces' eyes flew wide open at her words. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then Jim set Mia on the bed and stood up. He looked down at her and Joyce told him, "Easy Jim, take it real easy!" Jim's tongue felt like it was stuck to the roof of his mouth. He was trying to speak and no words were coming past his lips. It was Joyce who finally asked, "Mia, your mama and daddy KNOW you play these games with your Uncle Jim?" Mia nodded, swiped her arm across her nose and said, "Uh huh! Mama and daddy taught me all the fun games and then told me to get Uncle Jim to play with me! But I couldn't tell him that! I promised I wouldn't tell him. I promised to be real good and make him play with me. The other night mama and daddy told me to fuck you Uncle Jim!" Jim felt like he'd been hit with a 2x4 in the gut. He staggered back and fell into the bedside chair. Joyce was grinning like the Cheshire cat! "Mia, you play these games with your mom and dad?" Mia nodded. Jim stared at her, still unable to get any words to come up through his lips. Joyce, still grinning asked, "So your daddy fucks your sweet little pussy too, doesn't he?" Mia nodded and said, "Yup, he says I have a tight pussy too! Miss Teasdale can I ask you something?" Joyce answered, "Of course dear! Anything!" Mia smiled, a timid smile and said, "I told mama and daddy you was watching me and Uncle Jim. Mama said I could lick your pussy if you wanted me to. Do you want me to lick you Miss Teasdale?" Now it was Joyce's turn to be speechless. The smile fled her lips, and she gulped. Jim looked at Mia, then to Joyce, then back to Mia again and asked her, "Your mama told you that you can lick Miss Teasdales' pussy???" Mia nodded got off the bed and went to him. She got between his naked thighs and leaned against his chest. "Uh huh, mama said I could if I wanted to." She looked at Joyce and smiled then said, "I really want to Miss Teasdale! I like you lots!" Joyce still wasn't speaking and Jim looked at her again. At this point he was not thinking with the head on his shoulders! His cock was already hard again against Mia's tight, flat little tummy, and the thought of watching Joyce have her pussy licked out by his 7 yr old niece was a huge turn on, so he asked, "Well, Joyce, you asked me to ask her if you could join our fun and play the games too. Now's your chance. What do you say?" Joyce shook her head no, and finally found her voice. "Jim, I think Mia should rest after that good fucking you just gave her. Why don't we leave her here to rest and you and I can have a cup of coffee." Confused at her reaction, Jim nodded and said, "Ok, sure. If that's what you want." Joyce nodded. Jim lay Mia down and she protested, " But Uncle Jim! I ain't tired, really I ain't!" Jim smiled and brushed her hair from her forehead. He kissed her nose and told her, "I know honey, but you should rest anyway. I think Miss Teasdale just wants to talk to me alone. Ok?" Mia nodded and said, "Ok, but I won't go to sleep!" Jim laughed and told her, "Well you just try for me ok?" He pulled on his pants, then he and Joyce left the room and closed the door behind them. In the kitchen Jim poured them coffee from the pot Mia had made, the pot of coffee that was changing his life.... Jim asked, "Ok, what's on your mind Joyce? You wanted in on the fun with Mia, now you're saying no?" Joyce sipped her coffee and then said, "Jim, stop a minute, think. Why on earth would your brother tell his own daughter to play their games with you, but NOT tell you that she was told to do it? What reason could Carl have to share that sweet little girls pussy with you? Obviously he's not afraid of you turning him into the law at this point because I'd bet anything that Mia goes home and reports your every move with her. She has told them about me watching the two of you, and they want me in on the action now too. What is it that we have that he wants Jim?" Jim had NOT thought of anything but Mia's hot, tight, little girl pussy ever since he'd first touched it. Now Joyce made him stop and think. There was only one thing he had that Carl might want or Carl was a gambler, so was Shauna. They also knew that Jim disapproved and would NEVER give them money to pay their gambling debts. Jim said to Joyce, "Aww crap. I've been well and truely set up and had haven't I? Carl must need money to pay off their bookies. He knew I'd never just give it to him, so he set me up. Christ. They must want some of your money too! Damn it's a good thing you were thinking of the whys' to the situation, or you'd be trapped too! Me, I can't say no now, he's got Mia to testify that I've been fucking around with her. I know, Joyce, that might mean he and Shauna would go to jail too, but even that's better then facing a pissed off bookie. My life would be ruined, I'd be in prison for a damn long time too. Shit! Joyce frowned and asked him, "So what are we going to do now?" Jim was silent for a couple of minutes. Joyce drank her coffee and waited for his reply. Finally he said, "Well, you aren't really involved, so you're pretty safe from this mess. I guess I've just become the financial support for Carl and Shauna's bookie. It's not like I've got a lot of choice in the matter now. Fortunately for me I keep my affairs very close to my chest and they have no idea how much money I have. I'll get them out of trouble, for the time being, and maybe once or twice more before claiming poverty." He set his cup down and smiled at Joyce. He said, "In the mean time I have Mia to play with. If I'm going to be paying for that sweet little things pussy, I intend to get my money's worth!!" Joyce grinned and said, "You know Jim, I've got money enough for the rest of my life, and I have no one in my life to leave it to when I kick off. I think it is worth a little of that money to finally have my fantasy come true! I've always wanted a sweet little girl to suck my pussy! I'm willing to pay if that's what it takes to get it!" Jim laughed and told her, "Joyce, you are really something else! Ok, if you're sure you really want to be black mailed by dumb ass brother, come on. Let's get BOTH our money's worth out of my 'not so innocent' sexy little niece!" Jim and Joyce went back to the bedroom. Mia was laying down, but true to her little 7 yr old word she was not asleep. "Am I in trouble, Uncle Jim?" She asked, a pouty look on her face. Jim smiled and sat down on the bed beside her. He tossed back the sheet and smiled at her. "No, you are not in trouble Mia! Miss Teasdale and I have decided we want to play more games with you! Are you sure you want to lick her pussy? She'd like that a lot." Mia nodded and giggled then she said, "I sure do want to lick her pussy! Mama says I am a real good pussy licker!" Joyce moaned, and began dropping her clothes. Jim dropped his pants and they got into the bed with Mia. Joyce lay back, propped up against the pillows and Mia immediately dropped between her legs. Jim could see goose bumps all over Joyce, even before Mia lowered her mouth to that fine, hot, wet pussy. Jim knelt behind Mia, his cock once again hard and ready to fuck the lovely 7 yr old girl. He groaned as he watched his niece lower her head and thrust her tonuge out to flick it against Joyce's stiff clit. Joyce jumped at the warm, wet, soft touch of that little tongue. Mia grasped Joyces' thighs and pushed them wider apart and buried her hole face in Joyce's hot pussy! Jim grasped his cock and pushed into Mia's hot tight little 7 yr old pussy. He began to fuck her, slowly, an inch of his cock disappearing into her pussy at a time. He loved fucking her doggy style! He got the best view of his cock as it parted her pussy lips and slid into her. She moaned against Joyce's clit driving the woman nearly insane with pleasure. Joyce put her hands on Mia's head, pulled it tighter to her gushing slit and moaned, "Yes baby! Lick my pussy! Lick it good! Ummmmm so nice!" Mia hearing the words of praise thrust her tongue out harder, licked faster, and then dug her tongue into Joyce's fuckhole and lapped at the hot juices there. Joyce began to fuck her pussy up into Mia's little mouth, all the while watching as the 7 yr old girl ate her out. Jim began to fuck Mia deeper, holding onto her little ass, pulling her back onto his cock. He had more of his cock in her this way, and he was intent on shoving every inch into his hot little nieces pussy! He could see Joyce's nipples were rock hard, she was moaning, her stomach muscles rippling in pleasure from Mia's little mouth. His cum boiled in his balls, ready to explode. He groaned, dug his fingers into Mia's little ass and began to slam into her pussy. "Damn! You've got the hottest, tightest little pussy Mia!" he groaned. The little girl, hearing his words wiggled her ass for him. This drove him insane with the need to pump her belly full of hot man cum! He fucked her harder, every inch of his throbbing cock buried in her tight little pussy. In turn she sucked Joyce harder, capturing the woman's clit between her lips. Joyce screamed in pleasure and began to cum just as Jim drove his cock into his nieces' tight little pussy and held it there as he spewed his hot sperm right up into her little girl womb! Mia moaned and Jim felt her pussy clench down on his spurting cock and squeeze it! Damn! Her little box was milking his cock like it was hungry for more hot sperm! In amazement he came AGAIN, and dumped another full load into the eager 7 yr old girls pussy. When his cum was over he collapsed on the bed beside Joyce. Mia looked up at them smiling, her face covered in sticky woman cum. "Did I do you good Miss Teasdale?" she asked. Joyce grinned and told her, "you were perfect dear! The best little pussy eater I've ever known!" This made Mia very happy as she was eager to please. Mia was still on her knees and they could see Jim's cum dripping out of her little pussy. Joyce began to pull Mia to her, ready to suck Jim's cum from that sweet little pussy, but Jim stopped her. He was grinning and said to her, "No don't. I've got a wild idea I think you are going to like!" Joyce held Mia against her breasts and was surprised when Mia captured a nipple in her lips and began to suck. "Damn Jim, it had better be a good idea! I want this little pussy, here and now!" Jim laughed and told her, "Well, since my brother Carl wanted to set me up to get at my money, and used my sweet little niece his own daughter to do so, I think I should get my money's worth don't you?" Joyce asked him, "What do you mean?" Jim grinned and told her, "You are caught up in this mess now too, and I think you should get something for your money also. To that end we are going to take Mia home now. Just as she is, with my cum dripping out of her little pussy, and your cum all over her sweet little face. We are going to present her to Carl and Shauna, and THEY are going to clean her up with their tongues while we watch!" Joyce laughed and said, "Now that is a VERY GOOD idea! I think I'm going to enjoy that!" Mia jumped pulling her lips from Joyce's nipple and said, "But Uncle Jim, Miss Teasdale! You PROMISED you wouldn't tell I fucked you!" Jim gathered her in his arms and explained to her, "It's ok Mia. You are NOT going to get into trouble! I promise you. Your mama and daddy wanted me to fuck you, how can you get into trouble for doing what they told you to do?" Mia was crying and said, "But they told me not to let no one know I fucked you, Uncle Jim!" Jim was patient, he explained, "Mia, did your mother tell you to lick Miss Teasdale?" Mia nodded. Jim told her, "Well honey, licking Miss Teasdales pussy is sex, it is almost the same as fucking her. Now, since your mother told you to fuck me and lick Miss Teasdale, you CAN'T get into trouble! Do you understand honey?" Mia's tears stopped and she said, "You really promise mama and daddy aren't going to be mad at me?" Jim hugged her tighter and told her, "I really promise sweety, everything is going to be just fine! Wouldn't you like to have your daddy licking your pussy after I fucked it so hard? Wouldn't that make it feel so much better?" Mia giggled and said, "Yea, you did do it hard and I is sore, Uncle Jim!" Joyce whispered, "Are you really going to make your brother suck your cum out of his little 7 yr old daughters pussy?" Jim grinned and Joyce knew the answer. Jim and Joyce dressed, then dressed Mia for the ride back to Carl and Shaunas'. Sexy Niece, part 9 M/F/f cons. incest by Red Rose Joyce settled Mia in the back of the van, turned on the tv and handed her the earphones. She said, "You watch cartoons for awhile honey, I want to talk to your Uncle Jim, ok? Mia eagerly took the headphones, cartoons were her favorite! Joyce settled into the front with Jim. She looked at him and said, "Jim, listen to me for a minute ok? I've got an idea. I don't know if you'll want to try it, but it is an idea to help us out of this situation." Jim looked at her, one brow raised, and asked, "What are you talking about? There's no way out now, we've got to pay off Carls bookies, or else. I am absolutely sure that is why he set me up! The least we can do is make him join in on the fun with Mia, don't you think?" Joyce shook her head. "No, though the idea of Carl and Shauna sucking your cum out of Mia's sweet little slit is a huge turn on, I don't think it's a good idea not yet." Jim asked, "So what is this idea of yours?" Joyce grinned and said, "I've done a little quick thinking about this mess. I have a friend, a very GOOD friend that I trust completely to help us out here. He and I go back a very long time and have shared a great many secrets. So you mustn't fear telling him our situation with Mia. Jim, he's a hypnotist. One of the very best I've ever seen, or heard about. I think he could hypnotize Mia, make her forget we ever had any sexual contact with her what so ever." Jim's eyes opened wide. He immediately loved the idea, if it would work. Then a second later he didn't like the idea. He'd loved his games with Mia, and today, the first time he ever fucked her was the most awesome fuck he'd ever had. He didn't WANT to stop fucking his little 7 yr old niece, not now. Not when he'd just had the feel of her tight little pussy squeezing his cock so painfully, deliciously! He told Joyce, "I don't know, I loved fucking her cute little bald pussy today, and man it was the first time! Paying off Carl's bookies seems a damn cheap price to pay!" Joyce laughed and told him, "Don't forget, it was my first time having a sweet little girls lips on my pussy too! But, Jim, I think my friend could hypnotize her so that she STILL loves having sex with us, but DOESN'T ever remember doing so. Anyone could ask her and she'd just not remember it! As far as she would be concerned it never happened, even if we'd just fucked her 3 minutes before!" Jim gave Joyce a strange look and had to ask, "Joyce, how do you know this? How do you know it would work this way?" Joyce smiled and said, "I told you my friend and I share many secrets. He does this all the time Jim. He has sex with anyone he wishes and they NEVER remember doing it with him. It is true, it might not work with Mia, sometimes it doesn't work. I still think it's worth a shot, don't you? We could still enjoy Mia, and NOT have to pay Carls bookies off, unless of course we decided to for some other reason." Jim asked Joyce, "Where do we find your friend?" Joyce gave him directions as she dialed her cell phone. She spoke quickly, quietly. Twenty minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of John Parkers' office. Jim quickly read the sign and saw that this man was a shrink. He wondered if he was doing the right thing, bringing Mia here, letting a stranger mess with her beaufiul young mind. The nurse told them to wait, she'd get the doctor. When he appeared, Joyce hugged the man and he waved his hand for them to enter his office. He shook hands with Jim, and rubbed the top of Mia's head. Mia piped up and asked, "Uncle Jim, why are we at a doctors? Are you still sick?" He didn't know what to say to her so he just shook his head then told her the truth, "This doctor is a friend of Miss Teasdales, she wanted us to meet him is all." This satisified Mia, as she'd seen the way Joyce had hugged the man. The doctor smiled and said to Jim, "Joyce tells me you have a situation going. Why don't we let little Mia here go play in the childrens' room while we adults talk?" Jim nodded. Mia pouted, stomped her foot and said, "When can I be a adult so I don't gotta leave the room!" Everyone smiled at her as the doctor rang for the nurse. Jim told her, "When you are 16 then we will treat you like an adult, ok?" Mia still pouting said, "That's old!" Everyone laughed and the doctor told her, "See Mia, that's what adults are, we are 'old'." Even 7 yrs old Mia thought about this and said, "I can wait to be a adult." The nurse came and took Mia from the room. Jim had questions and he asked them, everyone one of them. The doctor smiled and answered each question easily, confidently. He summed up by saying, "This method almost always works, but there is that one in a million chance where it doesn't work. However; I don't feel it is going to be a problem with Mia. My nurse, Kara, is going to be our 'testing' agent. When we are finished with Mia, she will ask Mia questions that I tell her to ask. Don't worry, she's as trust worthy as I am, she's my wife." The doctor rang for the nurse and several minutes later she brought Mia back into the office. The doctor asked Mia, "Would you like to play a game Mia? You have to think real hard to play this game." Mia eagerly nodded, and said, "I like games!" The doctor held up a locket with a picute of a rabbit inside. He told Mia, "Watch the rabbit Mia, watch him as I move the locket. Tell me when you see two rabbits, ok?" Mia nodded. Before long John Parker, the doctor, had Mia happily seeing six rabbits, even reaching out to touch their silky fur. Then he told Mia, "Close your eyes, Mia. Close them and see seven rabbits now. Good girl. Do you see 7 rabbits?" Mia whispered, "Yes, I see 7 rabbits." Jim and Joyce were amazed at how easily Mia went under hypnosis. "Now, Mia, you are going to sleep for a little while, sleep Mia. You don't see the rabbits any more, you are sleeping." the doctor told her. Mia's head fell forward slightly and her breathing took on an easy, restful pace. John Parker, Dr. John, as he prefered to be called, continued talking to Mia, taking her ever deeper into sleep. Then he began in earnest. "Mia, you know the games you play with your Uncle Jim?" She nodded. "Did your mama and daddy tell you to make him play the games with you?" Again, Mia nodded. "Do you play those games with your mama and daddy?" "Yea, I have sex with them too" a whispered reply. Before Dr John could get another question out, Mia continued, "Jr plays sex with us too." Joyce, Jim, and Dr John were all surprised by this revelation. Jim muttered under his breath, "Well I'll be god damned." The doctor hushed him and asked Mia. "Do you and Jr like the games you play with your mama and daddy?" Mia nodded and said, "Yea, it's fun, we like it lots but it ain't really games, it's sex!!" The doctor asked, "What kind of sex games do you play Mia?" She giggled and said, "Can I use the words mama and daddy like me to say?" Surprised the doctor told her, "Yes, you may. It's ok Mia." Mia giggled and said, "We play suck daddy's big cock, and we play suck mama's pussy too. Then we play mama and daddy suck us! I like my pussy sucked! Jr likes it when his cock is sucked too! I don't think he likes it too much when daddy fucks him up the asshole, but he lets daddy do it anyway. Daddy likes to watch mama fuck my pussy or asshole with her strap on dildo. He said it makes him real hot! Then he sticks his cock up Jr's ass and fucks him real good and hard!" Jim stood and Dr John raised his hand to stop him. He told Mia, "Sleep little Mia, sleep." Mia nodded out again. Dr John motioned for Jim and Joyce to follow him out of the office. Once in the hall he shut the door and said, "You heard her yourself. You know I didn't prompt her to say those things. She is being taught at home to use such words, to play such 'games'. Damn, it sounds like one hell of a lot of hot family loving going on in that house! You're a lucky son of a bitch Jim, and you too Joyce!" Joyce smiled. Jim groaned and said, "Yes, she's one hot little pussy, I'll grant you that. But damn it, I don't like her being used to blackmail us. Do you think you can fix it so we can still have our fun and have her NOT remember it?" The doctor nodded and said, "Yes, certainly! She is a very receptive young girl!" Jim said, "Then let's get it done." Back in the office Dr John asked Mia, "Mia, can you hear me?" She nodded. He continued, "Mia you told your mama and daddy that you got Uncle Jim to play the sex games with you, didn't you?" Mia nodded, uttered, "Uh huh." Dr John told her, "Mia, think about your Uncle Jim and Miss Teasdale." Mia smiled. Then he said, "Mia, I want you to bury your thoughts of the sex games you played with them. Bury the thoughts of touching them, or them touching you. Bury them deep, deep, deep inside. I do not want you to remember those sex games and touches with your Uncle Jim and Miss Teasdale. Can you do that Mia?" She nodded whispered, "Uh huh." Do it Mia, bury the thoughts, bury them deep, deep, deep inside. When anyone asks you if you have played the sex games with your Uncle Jim and Miss Teasdale, or if they have ever touched in a sex way, or if you touch them in a sex way, you may tell them NO, because you do not remember any games with them. Do you understand Mia?" Mia whispered, "But I like the sex games we play." The doctor smiled and said, "I know you do Mia, and that is why you may still PLAY the sex games with them, you just will not remember the games. If you want to suck or fuck them, you may. If they want to suck or fuck you, let them. You may touch them, they may touch you. Enjoy it, love it, and you can always remember the games when you are ALONE with them. BUT, if ANYONE ELSE, YOUR PARENTS OR ANYBODY ELSE IS AROUND OR ASKS, you will NOT remember what you did with your Uncle Jim and Miss Teasdale when you have sex or touch each other. You will remember everything else, but you will NOT remember playing the sex games and touching. You will tell EVERYONE ELSE that you do NOT have sex with them, they do NOT touch you, and you do NOT touch them. Do you understand?" Mia nodded. Dr John rang for his nurse and motioned her close. He whispered to her and then she turned to Mia and asked, "Mia, do you play sex games with your Uncle Jim?" Mia sat straight up in her chair and said, "No! Uncle Jim and me don't play no sex games!" The nurst asked Mia, "Are you sure Mia? You don't play sex games with your Uncle Jim and Miss Teasdale? They don't touch you down there?" she asked pointing to Mia's crotch. Mia's bottom lip came out and said, "I told you, no we don't play no sex games! And they don't touch me, never!" The nurse smiled and asked, "But I bet they make you touch them, don't they?" Mia got an angry look on her face and she said, "I told you, NO! Uncle Jim and Miss Teasdale don't do nothing to me, and don't make me do nothing to them neither!" Dr John nodded his approval and the nurse left the room. Jim said, "Damn, I almost don't believe it! But the real test will come when Carl and Shauna ask her, and how the hell do we explain away what she's already told them?" Dr John smiled and said, "Listen." To Mia he said, "Mia, you remember you told your mama and daddy that you play the sex games with your Uncle Jim?" Mia nodded. The doctor told her, "Mia, when you get home you must tell your mama and daddy that you NEVER played the sex games with your Uncle Jim. You must tell them that he doesn't make you touch him, and he doesn't touch you." Mia nodded slightly and the doctor told her, "You have to tell them Mia, tell them you never played the sex games with your Uncle Jim, or Miss Teasdale. Tell them you only said it because you know it made them happy. Can you do that Mia?" She nodded, whispered, "Yea." The doctor then asked her, "Mia, why did you tell your parents you played the sex games with your Uncle Jim?" Mia did not hesitate she replied, "A cuz I knew it would make them happy." Joyce and Jim were really impressed with the results of the hypnosis session. There was one thing more Jim wanted to be sure of before they left. The presence of Joyce and the Dr was not about to stop him from getting the answer he wanted. To hell with modesty. Jim went up to Mia and asked her, "Mia, would you suck on my big cock for me? I need it to be sucked right now." To his utter amazement she reached up and pulled his zipper down, reached in his pants, pulled his cock out and put her mouth over the head of it! She started sucking him, her hands moving up and down his hard throbbing shaft. Jim groaned and as much as he wanted this cum, needed it, he had to know if this hypnosis stuff really worked. It appeared she still loved sex, and was eager to please. Now, would she tell? He gently eased her mouth off his cock and asked Dr John to ring for his nurse. Jim whispered in the nurse's ear, and she smiled. She turned to Mia and asked, "Did you just suck your Uncle Jim's big cock???" To everyone's delight Mia replied, "No way! Uncle Jim don't do that with me!!!" Joyce laughed and said, "Well, Jim, I think it's time we took Mia home, don't you?" They thanked Dr John, with Jim writing out a rather large check for the services. They climbed into the van and Mia asked, "Can I watch cartoons?" Jim told her to turn on the tv and enjoy! Jim said, "Joyce, give me your cell. If we are going to make this work, we will have to be late getting Mia back home." Joyce looked confused and Jim smiled and said, "For this to work, don't you think we really should give her a bath and wash my cum out of her pussy, and your cum off her face? Don't you think that would be incriminating evidence?" Joyce threw back her head and laughed and told him, "We're closer to my place. We can stop and throw her clothes in the wash, have a little fun THEN clean her up and take her home." Jim loved that idea....he dialed his brother's number... Copyright (c) 2001, Red Rose. ALL Rights Reserved ========================= This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. =========================== Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archive, pass to a file [0contredrose.htm] in the same catalogue. 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