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A Mid-Morning Snack

by Pami

© 2002 - All rights reserved. The posting or publishing of this work without the author's permission is forbidden.

"Thank God," she thought as she watched the blue pickup pull into the corner of the busy Walmart parking lot. She rubbed her thighs together in anticipation while he jumped out of the truck and opened the passenger door to her brand new bright yellow SUV.

He jumped in and in one fluid motion, slammed the door shut and reached across to her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Their tongues dueled as she made small moans of pleasure. Finally, after a few minutes to take the edge off, (or rev up the engine, maybe?) they pulled apart, each panting as if they has just jogged.

He looked around the car, inhaling the new car smell. "Nice vehicle, angel," he told her as he smiled. He looked into the back and his smile broadened as he saw a full size air mattress in the back. "Now THAT'S convenient," he smirked as he looked at her.

She blushed in embarrassment at her own brazenness. "The back seats come out, and this mattress came with the car," she told him. "There's a tent that goes over the back too, but I thought that might be a LITTLE obvious in a parking lot at 10 am," she giggled.

"So, you couldn't wait for me, eh?" he grinned as he pushed the skirt of her dress up over her tummy and ran his finger down into her slit. His cock jumped as he felt how wet she was already, and he watched her face fall back on the headrest as he tickled her clit. He kept it up for a few moments, enjoying the pure carnal lust that was written on her face plain as day, and then he pulled his finger out. She looked into his eyes as he slipped the shiny digit into his mouth and savored her taste. "Delicious...."

As she squirmed in her seat, he said, "Good thing you got tinted windows, babe.... what are we waiting for?" And he climbed between the front seats into the back.

She followed him quickly, not even considering the possibility that anyone could be watching the curious movements of the vehicle parked slightly apart from the rest in the lot.

She fell down on the mattress next to him, and he immediately turned her on her back and began to lick and nibble on her neck. It was delectably exposed by the sundress she had worn, showing an expanse of milky white soft skin. Her long reddish hair was pulled back in a ponytail, clearing the way for his mouth to thoroughly cover every millimeter of the sensitive area.

She moaned as she felt the tickling of his lips and tongue. Her neck had always been especially sensitive, and she was so aroused that morning that she felt like she was about to climax just from the sensations he was kindling in her already.

They had spent the morning exchanging sexy chat over the net - he was working that day, but she was off from work. She loved to tease him with stories of how wet her pussy was, or how many times she had masturbated to orgasm already that day, and he retaliated by recounting to her the fantasies that he had of her, or by turning on the cam and allowing her a quick glimpse of his rock hard cock as he sat at his desk thinking about her. She thought that there was no WAY he could understand how just the sight of his screen name could make her clit begin to pulse with excitement. How the little bell that signified his first comment to her could turn her on and make her want, no, NEED, to touch her cunt. It was like Pavlov's dog, she thought sometimes. At least she thought it once, when she could think about him in relation to something other than the hard pounding sex and mind blowing orgasms he brought her when they were together in person.

His mouth moved up to her ear, and she shuddered as she felt his tongue swirl around and tease her there. His whispers were an added thrill as he told her how hot he was, and how he couldn't wait to lick her pussy right there in the car and make her come over and over again. He told her what a hot slut she was, and how only a slut couldn't wait six hours until after he was done work.  She moaned and groaned and felt her nipples pull up hard underneath her bra.

His hands reached up and pulled the top of her dress down in one fierce yank. Her magnificently huge breasts were encased in a concoction of lace and wires that was practically transparent, and he could easily see her dark pink nipples poking through the material. He didn't even try to remove the contraption, instead, he just latched his teeth onto one nipple through the fabric, pulling at it, while his hand pulled and twisted the other tit, in the way that he knew was guaranteed to make her even hotter.

Her back arched as she felt him tormenting her nipples. God, he knew exactly how hard to pinch and bite... hard enough to be firm and walk the line between pain and pleasure, but he rarely crossed the line to where it just plain hurt. She began to murmur to him telling him how hot she was. Telling him that her tits were pulsating with the pleasure he was inflicting upon them. Telling him how wet she was...

He was half-listening to her as he was concentrating on keeping his cock from exploding in his pants. The morning had been equally hard on him, as he had to keep hearing from her that she just came again.... what toys she was using.... how her nipples were aching for his touch... how she wanted to feel his thick cock inside her right now... how she was about to go grab the landscaper and fuck him into oblivion... When she proposed this meeting, for late morning, he knew he had to make time to escape from work for an hour and take care of her. And himself.

She finally pulled his head away from her tits and told him. "That's it. Get down to the main course. Now." She wasn't smiling or joking, she was telling him what she wanted. Who was he to deny her? They both knew he loved licking her inside out.

She pulled her skirt up to her waist, fleetingly thinking what a whore she probably looked like, lying in the back of a car, dress bunched at her waist, no panties on, hair completely wild and her upper chest and neck blotchy from passion and his teeth. But then he spread her legs and climbed between and she didn't care.

He teased her by kissing and licking her thighs. They were damp with her juices, the air positively reeked of her arousal, and he reveled in the whole scene. He loved to have a woman so hot that she couldn't think of anything else, and this woman fit the bill. He adored the way she was always ready to go... or could get there in a few minutes. And right now she was panting at him like a bitch in heat. She couldn't stand the teasing anymore, and she spread her legs as wide as she could, reached down, and grabbed her slippery outer lips, showing him the hot pinkness of her, completely glistening with her nectar. That was all it took for him to take his face and completely bury in her wetness.

Her thighs involuntarily clamped around his head as she held him there, and she yelled as her climax rolled over her quickly. God, it felt SO good, she thought incoherently as she felt him slide two fingers into her as his mouth fastened on her engorged clit and sucked. When he took the tiny pearl between his teeth and ever so gently rolled it, she practically screamed and arched her back with the force of her orgasm.

He kept his fingers inside her, gently rubbing, as he raised his head from his labor of lust and looked at her. Normally a somewhat pretty overweight woman who looked like the girl next door, when she was in the throes of passion she was transformed into a siren, and her raw sexuality was written all over her face. Right now, she was stunning.

"Turn over, babe," he told her as he pulled back, but not letting his fingers slip from their new home.

She gingerly flipped onto all fours, her tits hanging down and brushing the mattress, even encased in their bra. She didn't want him to stop fingering her insatiable cunt for an instant until he had to leave.

He smiled at the sight before him. Her rounded bottom was before him in all its glory. He looked down and saw the pooch of her pussy, with his fingers inside her, and he watched her shudder as he took his thumb and ran it over her clit. He leaned down and began to slurp on her juicy snatch as he felt her move, lowering her head to the mattress, giving him better access to her nether regions.

He fucked his fingers in and out of her tight hole as he licked around the edges, reveling in the taste of her. He had found that if he concentrated solely on her pleasure, he could just about stave off his own climax that hovered right below the surface.

Her moans increased in volume again as he turned his fingers to just graze that special spot inside her. He knew what was coming next, as he continued to caress that small roughness and his other hand slightly pinched her clit.

She creamed right into his face as he was still licking around and around her opening. Rather than backing off, he stepped up the petting of her g-spot and was totally thrilled when he was surprised by a sudden gush of clear fluid right from her cunt. Her wails escalated, and she thought that if anyone was passing by they might hear her, but she didn't really care. When she was this hot, any teasing of her g-spot made her squirt, and she just couldn't help it.

As he savored the taste, he quickly licked up her crack to her tightly clenched rosebud. He knew that she loved his tongue there, even if she refused to admit it, so he did this to her every chance he got.

She moaned as she felt his tongue circling around and around her backdoor. It was so nasty, she knew, but she just adored the feeling of his tongue licking her asshole. She had half hoped he would do that this time, so she had made sure she was extra clean back there before she came out to meet him.

He could feel her anal passage loosening up as he worked it. He was totally thrilled at her response this time - each time he performed analingus on her, she seemed to get off on it a little more quickly. He was now able to insert his tongue just inside her backdoor, and he felt her walls clamp down on his fingers inside her cunt as he did so.

She was completely abandoned to her lust now. She didn't care how wrong it was; the feeling of his tongue rimming her was bringing her to a new climax. The slippery feeling, combined with his continued finger fucking of her pussy, pushed her over the edge yet again, and she buried her face into the mattress as she gave a full throated scream of passion as she exploded into another orgasm.

He couldn't stand it anymore. He kept his eyes glued to her quivering and shaking ass as he pulled out his achingly hard cock and plunged it into her sopping pussy.

She screamed again as his prick stretched her as it entered in one swift stroke. She turned her head, and couldn't stop herself from exhorting him to fuck her hard and fast.

He heard her, and was more than willing to oblige. He rammed her hard, with the full length of his cock, and felt her tremors as she approached yet another orgasm. Whenever he gave it to her doggy style, she seemed to come harder and easier than any other way. She claimed it was the way his balls slapped her clit with each thrust. Honestly, he didn't care. It just felt damn good!

Her wails continued as she felt it happening again. She crested into another mind blowing orgasm, and felt him drive into her especially hard and then his yell echoed hers.

He thought he was going to pass out with the force of his climax. Her cunt had tightened especially hard around him, and he felt like a hot silk glove was trying to rip his cock off. His cock spurted jet after jet of come into her, as shudder after shudder ran through her body almost in time with it. He collapsed over her back for a moment, catching his breath.

She moaned as she felt his prick softening inside her, and she felt a small disappointment as he withdrew from her. She wasn't done yet, she knew. She wanted more orgasms. More climaxes.  More, more, more!

He had kneeled there, panting, and watched the small patch of white grow as his jism seeped out of her pink pussy. He felt the urge grow until he couldn't stop himself. With a groan, he leaned forward.

 And then she felt it. His face. Buried in her still burning slit. He was licking up his own come that was dripping out of her. She shuddered again with the nastiness of it all. But at the same time, she felt herself begin to juice up again at the thought.

He tasted her fresh nectar combined with his own sauce and he licked deeper. The taste was an acquired one, he knew, and half of him was shocked that he was doing this. The other half however, the half that loved to join her in debauchery... well, that half was getting excited again. He cleaned her thoroughly... he sucked and licked, and tongue fucked her hot cunt until he felt her come yet again, squeezing out the last of their combined juices into his mouth.

He pushed her down on the mattress and rolled her over. They kissed deeply, sharing the taste of their combined lust. And as if on cue, his watch beeped.

"Got to get back to work, babe..." he kissed her again as he retucked his dick back into his pants and ran his fingers through his hair.

She lay there, sated for the moment. Her dress was still rucked up, her pussy exposed to his eyes.  Her whole body was covered in splotches from the height of her passion.

She reached up, pulled him down for one last wet kiss. As he opened the back door and climbed out, she called after him, "See you later, sexy. And don't forget to use a mint!"

He grinned and leaned back in towards her. "See you online babe... don't wear that pussy out TOO much now, ok?"

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