Stories of Pagans and Magic (and Sex!)


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Ulysses and Circe (A Modern Italian Fantasy)
A chemist, seeking new drugs, meets an Italian witch and discovers more than the wonders of chemistry! (6 chapters)
Luna - The Maiden
Consumed by loneliness, I invoke the Moon Goddess as the Maiden, and She rewards my devotion. [MF, magic, size, oral]
The Menagerie
A well-endowed woman and her younger boyfriend exchange stories of their sexual development. Seven chapters are available.
High School Sex Diary
A diary of sexual adventures recorded in high school and shortly thereafter. Eleven entries are currently available.
River Nymph
A strange young woman interrupts a ritual with magic of her own. [MF, magic, breast, voy]
Gaia's Gift
A sexually inexperienced young woman has a magic lesson with unforeseen consequences. [MF, magic, humor, size, M-solo, F-solo, voy]

Note: Everything on this site is fictional! Any similarity between characters in these stories and real people, living or dead, is astonishing, but completely coincidental.

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