Easter Bunny Ella

Codes: Mg, inc, ped, toy, ws

Summary: Easter is not complete without bunny ears and a tail.

Disclaimer: This is a literary work intended for adult (18+) audiences. By reading my story you consent to the understanding that this is a work of fiction for adults. All characters are a figment of my imagination for entertainment purposes only.

"How do I look, Daddy?" Ella came out of her princess castle-themed room to dance in the spring-filtered light of the living room. Her long, red hair was brushed, curling along the edges, fanning her puffy sleeved, daffodil yellow Easter dress. Its satin cloth holding Ella's small chest in with a bright ribbon that cascaded down her bell skirt, a bell skirt that ended just below her naked bottom. Perhaps too short, it accentuated her long, pale legs and dainty ankles terminating in a lace anklet sock and shiny mary janes.

If this were not enough, she was also wearing a rabbit ear headband and had drawn a bunny nose and whiskers on her face with magic marker.

"You are a vision of loveliness!" Jake said, picking her up and whirling her in a circle.

"Let me down, Daddy!" Ella giggled, kicking her little feet in the air.

"Alright little bunny." Jake said, "But first you have to show me your best bunny hops." Ella, eyes sparking, held her hands before her like little paws and proceeded to bend very low, thighs straining she launched herself into the air into a very unbunny (but very little girl like) hop. "Hmm… I don't think you look like a bunny." Jake said appraisingly, "First, you are far too tall. You have to be on your hands and knees."

"Like this, Daddy?" asked Ella, mimicking a kind of hands and knees crawl hop.

"Yes, baby… I mean, bunny. You look almost perfect." Jack said, lasciviously gazing at his daughter's taut rump, now exposed, as her already short dress was worked up closer to her waist.

"Hop. Hop. Hop!" Ella said, her breath beginning to gasp.

"But you know, Ella, bunnies have tails, and you don't have one." Jake said, replaying the words he had fantasized nonstop until this day. "I think the Easter bunny left it for you so you could be just like him. But he gave it to me personally so I could give it to you!" Jake pulled a small sack from his pocket. He opened the drawstring and therein was a bright, fluffy bunny tail attached to a silver anal plug. "Is it so cute, Ella?" Jake said, handing it to his daughter.

"Oh, Daddy, it's sooo fluffy! It is so cute!" Ella said, grasping the butt plug from her Father to examine the gift. "Do you think it'll fit, though?" Ella asked, eyeing its large gauge and heavy plug.

"Oh, honey, I think it will be perfect. Why don't you hop over to my room and get the special syrup." Jake said, unselfconsciously grabbing his now hard cock through his jeans.

"Kay, Daddy!" Ella said, excitedly preparing to run, but Jake interrupted her.

"No, honey, you've got to hop, remember? You have to hop all day to be an Easter bunny." Jake lightly admonished. Ella nodded and got on all fours, she set to awkwardly making her way to her Father's bedroom. "And remember, Ella, bunnies have paws, not hands." Jake reminded Ella.

Jake heard Ella thump her way down the hall and to his room. He also heard the ‘treasure chest' of naughty things they open with a loud creak then close. Ella thumped her way back to Jake with the lube held awkwardly in one hand.

"Sweetie, do bunnies hold things in their hands?" Jake prodded gently grabbing the lube from his daughter.

"Mm.. no, Daddy… but I didn't know how to carry it." Ella said, bouncing up and down on her knees in her excitement.

"Well, since you have paws and not hands you have to use your mouth to carry things." Jake calmly admonished her while grabbing her by the upper arm and setting her face down onto his lap. It was a practiced move and both knew their part. Ella settled into her Daddy's lap with her bottom peaked above his crossed legs. Her short, chubby legs splayed out on the carpet while Jake lifted up her already too short Easter dress. No panties of course. Ella learned that after diapers there would be nothing else to cover her bald cunt from Daddy's gaze.

Jake sighed deeply, looking at his daughter's peach bottom still faintly red from the spanking sessions he enjoyed last night. Rubbing her bottom, Jake then proceeded to take two fingers to spread her ass cheeks apart. "Your asshole is so pretty, honey." Jake told her, gazing at her pink, puckered hole. "And your asshole looks prettiest when it's holding something." Jake took the lube and drizzled it down her crack, generous with it and enjoying how it dripped down her asshole into her puffy child pussy lips. He was in heaven.

Jake took the rabbit tail plug and slowly parted Ella's small asshole. Delighting in the vision of her tiny sphincter opening and grasping to the invasion of metal Jake had to remind his daughter to relax. "Deep breaths, little rabbit. I know it feels funny at first but it will soon feel much better." Jake slowly eased the large gauge anal plug into his dimunitive daughter. Jake's cock was rock hard now, begging to replace the plug in his daughter's ass. But, Jake had other plans for his little love.

"It's so big, Daddy." Ella whispered as Jake pushed her off his lap.

"But look at your fluffy bunny tail! You look so cute, Ella! A perfect Easter bunny! Now, is my little rabbit ready for her Easter basket?

"Yes, Daddy!" Ella responded, still on her hands and knees like a very good girl. Jake went to a cabinet and brought out her basket. "Oooh, Daddy!" Ella squealed, excited to rifle through all the chocolate bunnies, chapsticks, and silver dollars contained therein.

"Remember, pet, no hands." Jake reminded her. He delighted in watching his sweet and cute daughter pulling out items one by one with her mouth. Picking up the corner of a coloring book by her mouth, she started creating a small pile of objects. Jake's cock was firmly concentrating on her little ass being split nearly in half by her bunny plug. He was driven insane with desire for his little daughter, her sweet eroticism unlike anything he had ever encountered.

Ella kept going until she mouthed out a contraption made of metal and straps. She spat it out. "What's this, Daddy?"

"Oh it is a very special toy we are going to play with later, but first you need to find all of your eggs!" Jake said. Now that the basket was empty of its sweet and horrible contents Jake made Ella bite the handle with her mouth. "Time to find your eggs, darling! Remember, no hands and no walking-just like a bunny."

Ella was still game and while it took much longer than normal, Jake enjoyed the hot scene of his daughter on her hands and knees, basket in mouth while she found each egg and placed it into the basket with her mouth. Jake never felt so much in love with his own daughter as when she humiliated herself for his pleasure. Her humiliation was her act of adoration.

Ella hopped around with her ears bouncing, her anal plug bunny tail in plain view as her short dress slid forward, the carpet gripping her shiny mary janes as they awkwardly sought purchase on the rug.

"Daddy, I found 12! Is there more?" Ella asked at his feet, in a slight pant.

"No, honey, you found them all! What a very good job, sweetie! Come up here in my lap. You deserve a very special kiss." Jake pulled little Ella into his lap and cupped her small face in his large hands. Gazing into his daughter's happy eyes he bent down to tongue his sweet daughters' smiling lips. Opening them with probing licks, Jake delved into his child's mouth more deeply, sliding his adult tongue into her little mouth just like he knew Ella liked.

"I like those kisses, Daddy." Ella said, happy and content.

"I do too, darling." Jake said. "But it is time for you to find out what that special toy is for." Jake bent down and picked up the mouth gag. "Here, honey, open your mouth." Jake slipped the mouthpiece into her mouth, forcing her tiny lips to remain stretched around the instrument. Jake buckled the strap behind her little head and had her stand up, enjoying the extraordinarily erotic vision of his little bunny's mouth being forced to be held open.

"Is it uncomfortable, honey?" Jake asked his first born. Ella could only nod, eyes tearing up a little by the sheer discomfort of the piece in her mouth. "Good. Baby, Daddy likes it when you are sacrificing for him. Do you like to make your Father happy, baby?" Jake asked and smiled when his daughter nodded affirmative. "We have had such a lovely morning, haven't we, my little rabbit?" Ella again nodded in affirmative. "But now that bunny Ella has opened her basket and found her eggs, it is time for Daddy to play. Follow me to the bathroom, honey."

Jake walked down the hall to the bathroom and smiled when he heard his plugged, gagged little girl was thumping along behind him on her hands and knees.

When they got to the bathroom Jake bent down and picked up Ella, placing her on her hands and knees in the bathtub. Ella looked up at him quizzically for they had never done what Jake was about to introduce her to. "Did you know that when bunnies love each other very much they pee on each other?" Jake asked Ella. Ella shook her head. "Yep, and girl bunnies like making Daddy bunnies happy. You want to make Daddy happy, don't you, little bun?"

Ella nodded again, a string of drool dripping down from her forced-open mouth to stain her pretty satin dress below. Jake untied his drawstring and pushed his house pants down to mid thigh. Ella's eyes took on a gleam, and she began hopping up and down on her knees, very used to enjoying Daddy's rather large cock.

"You don't have to swallow sweetheart, not this time, just get used to it. This is going to be very different than Daddy's creamy cum." Jake said, pulling out his thick and veiny dick. Leaning back while holding his cock, Jake proceeded to piss on his daughter. Starting with her bitty bunny ears, unloading urine on her little bunny face and especially pushing his hot warm piss into her waiting, forced-open mouth. Ella's eyes were closed as she concentrated on being a receptacle for her Daddy. Her small mouth only holding so much of her Father's pee, it gushed back out in yellow torrents onto her equally yellow dress, down her small straining thighs and into the bathtub below.

Jake was just finishing up as his young daughter started coughing. Ella had had enough piss for one day, but not nearly enough cum.

"Now that Daddy is done showing his little bunny how much he loves her, it is time for some cum. Are you ready little bunny?" Ella, tearing up a little under the coughing and the strain of the gag managed to nod. She is such a well trained daughter.

It didn't take long, Jake was pretty amped up by this time. His cock instantly stiffening into attention, he grabbed it and began the long strokes needed to cum. Ella watched her father stroke his cock with happiness and anticipation. After Jake grew to full length, he grabbed his daughter and had her stand in the bathtub, alternating between pumping his own cock with his hand and pushing his large dick into his daughter's pried-open mouth.

Ella's mouth was still pretty small, so Jake only dipped his cock in it when he needed some of the copious amounts of saliva now streaming from Ella's open mouth.

Like a bullet his climax came, explosive and powerful. Jake's knees almost buckled from the power of his orgasm, and with a loud yell, he directed his shooting sperm forthwith into his daughter's gagged mouth. Hot cum shot between her baby teeth. "Remember to swallow your Daddy's cum, Ella." Jake gasped, pumping what was left from his balls between his daughter's taut lips. His heart swelled when he saw her little throat bobbing up and down to eat the offering from his dick.

Jake finished off by smearing the rest of his cock juice onto his daughter's face. "You are such a very, very good girl, Ella!" Jake said, helping her to stand. "Raise your arms, sweetie." Ella did, and Jake pulled her dress off of her, undid the gag and helped Ella to peel off her lace socks and take off her shoes. Jake started to run the bathwater. "Time to clean my little bunny. But first get on your hands and knees, darling, and I will take out your bunny tail." Ella knelt down in the rising, steamy water, on hands and knees, her lovely ass and bald pussy lips in full view of her father.

First soaping up around his baby's bunny tail, Jake slowly eased Ella's plug out of her ass. Ella began to stiffen, the size of the plug fairly huge in a small child's asshole. "Relax, honey," Jake said, easing out the plug with a soft pop. "Is Baby's asshole sore?" Jake crooned, rubbing the red and violated sphincter. Ella nodded, and with the love only a father could give, Jake leaned over the tub to tongue his daughter's asshole.

Ella, long used to her Father's ministrations, began to shiver in the hot water, her childish bald pussy gushing just like it should.