Bourbon, Baby, and Me - Part 1

Codes: MF, Oral, D/s, wl, DDlg

Summary: The Darling family; so delightfully vanilla...until you shut the front door. Watch the beautiful submission of wife in this classically written HoH drama. The quintessential "Daddy's Home" intro to a longer piece in progress.

Disclaimer: This is a literary work intended for adult (18+) audiences. By reading my story you consent to the understanding that this is a work of fiction for adults. All characters are a figment of my imagination for entertainment purposes only.

It had been a long day, and Mister was ready for a calm evening at home. The train had been late, adding to his agitation and he wanted nothing more to loosen his tie and enjoy a nice drink. Walking home with briefcase in hand, he smiled upon viewing his lovely suburban home with its manicured lawn and bright curtains, certainly the biggest home in this subdivision but once he gets that large bonus he has been counting on, he and the Mrs. will be able to afford an upgrade.

These thoughts as per usual dissipate when he enters the home his wife has lovingly cared for. Opening the door and calling out "honey I'm home!" has become somewhat of an inside joke as his wife is exactly where she needs to be, on her knees by the door waiting for his arrival, waiting to serve him. Such a vision she is, too, dressed in whatever outfit he called her to don earlier in the day for his pleasure, or nothing at all, as is his want.

Today, he was feeling a little sentimental and so Darling had on a lovely white frilly apron, blue heels and nothing else.

Some days, long difficult days, he is not more than 5 feet into his home before Darling has a cock shoved down her throat, gladly and happily accepting the offering, swallowing load and all before rising to fix his drink. Some days, Darling is on all fours presenting any hole for his enjoyment and immediate release. But today, something was wrong for while Darling was on her knees on her appointed place and wearing the prescribed outfit, tears were shining in her downcast eyes and her cheeks were pink from some, no doubt, silly feminine drama.

"Darling, why are you upset? What happened?" Mister said, crouching down and taking his wife's chin in his hand.

"Would you like your drink now, Daddy?" Darling responded between sniffles, eyes still downcast. Mister pulls her up to her feet, fully admiring her graceful long, well-formed legs in the heels he bought her the week before, the way her hips curved in the apron.

"Yes, darling, allow Daddy to get settled,then bring me my usual." Mister left his coat, jacket and shoes near the bench by the door along with his briefcase knowing that his little one will attend to these domestic needs, and with a relaxed sigh he settled into his cushioned chair. Briefly he thinks about all the spankings, all the fuckings, all the hot sex he and his little one have enjoyed on this chair over the past year since they've been married, it would have quite a story to tell if it could speak.

Darling brings him the usual, bourbon and two rocks in a cocktail glass along with the days paper and lays them gently on the table next to him. "Little one, turn for Daddy, let's have a look." Eyes still glistening with tears, Darling turns in a slow circle for him, allowing him to enjoy the view of her curved and firm ass below her small waist, enjoying the way the apron strings playfully tickle and lay upon her ass crack, an ass entirely not pink enough... time for a maintenance spanking soon enough, Mister muses, as he begins to feel his cock begin to stir. As she turns, her ample breasts just barely covered by the top of the apron, the nipples just covered but the wrong movement at danger of exposure. Oh I have such a lovely creature, Mister thinks, enjoying the view of his lovely little wife.

"Little one, come sit on Daddy's lap and tell me why you are so upset." Darling, sniffling now, climbs onto Mister's lap, heeled feet dangling over the side as she leans into his chest. Mister encircles her with a protective arm and begins massaging her toned thigh with the other.

"The ladies at the country club were mean to me today, Daddy" Darling says between sniffles. "They said that what I wear is unbecoming: too short, too sheer, too tight--to fit the standards of the women for that club. I was humiliated, Daddy... I just left the luncheon and came home, I didn't know what to do." Mister knows all too well the effect his little one has on others, as he chooses her clothes himself.

He loves watching other men, and women, take in the lovely vision of his wife, thinking about fucking her, owning her, the lingerie he chooses specifically designed to enhance the bounce of her breasts and the curve of her ass. Of course some of the old biddies would get jealous seeing their husbands openly lust after his little one. One day, once little one is well and properly trained, but they were only married for one year... Rome wasn't built in a day.

"Sweetheart, I can understand why you are upset, they are jealous because you are beautiful and young and you work so hard to please your Daddy... but... this is the final straw for them to treat you, MY wife, in such a reprehensible manner. You do not have to go there anymore, I will cancel our membership tomorrow when I return to the office." Darling looks up at her husband with great big shining eyes, hope returning to her face as she wraps two well jeweled arms around his neck.

"Really Daddy? I don't have to go anymore?" she snuggled in, nuzzling her warm face against his neck as daddy's cock begins to stir even more against his little one's bottom.

"That's right, my little one, you don't have to go ever again. No one is allowed to make you feel bad about who you are, how you are." Daddy's large strong hand begins to make graceful circles on her thighs, moving up in tempo and direction. "In fact, there is another country club that I have been looking into and I think it may be a better fit for us, a club that would allow us to be ourselves."

Daddy begins to massage the area at the top of her thigh, "Open your legs for Daddy." Darling complies, shifting her legs as they lay open across his knees, Mister begins to lightly touch her lips, feeling light moisture already beginning to form there. "The other country club I have in mind is called The Paddle and Whip and it is full of wonderful people who would never make you feel bad. You will find plenty of friends to play with and I promise they will be very, very nice."

Mister begins to gain light entry touching her hardening clit, slow sensual circles, bringing her arousal to a higher temperature, "Give Daddy your tongue" and she complies, rising up to kiss him and dart into his mouth with her sweet pink tongue, urgency becoming evident in her kisses, her little pussy growing even wetter, beginning to dampen his wool slacks.

Mister unties her apron between kisses to enjoy the flush spreading across her breasts, the heaving of her perfect pink nipples as her rate of breathing increases, I really must buy her a pair of nipple clamps he thinks to himself as he commands, "I think it's time for you to worship Daddy's cock, what do you think?"

Darling rises without complaint, kneeling before him, helping him to unbuckle his belt and free his dick from its pants. Not too long into the marriage, Mister installed a mirror opposite his chair so he could enjoy the view of her little pussy and ass as she mouth fucked him, oh, and a butt plug to go along with the clamps, my little girl is entirely too devoid of adornment he thinks to himself in the quiet of the room filled only with the slick sounds of deep throating a willing wet mouth.

When Mister decided it was time to wife, it took him a long time to find his perfect Bride, and one of his necessities was a dainty, submissive character with small features. Like a professional, Darling worked Mister's cock. Once freed of its day long confinement, Mister's thick full inches sprang to attention, dwarfing Darling's petite hands and pert, rosebud mouth.

"Take it all for Daddy." Mister whispered, loving how hard Darling must stretch her small mouth to accommodate him. Siphoning Mister's dick, Darling takes both hands and encircles Mister's shaft; applying firm and even pressure, Darling moves up Mister's shaft in long strokes including a twist near the top and into her expectant mouth. Mister's cock is a fire of pressure, and wet, and need. Darling becomes an engine of grabbing and stroking, of pulling and sucking, of saliva and tears. "Pull on my cock, baby girl." Daddy instructs. Darling sets to-suckling Mister's cock, gripping him, taking his dick inward.

"Look at Daddy." Mister groans, feeling the rise of orgasm beginning to build. Darling looks beatific, her tear stained eyes aglow above his cock that is thoroughly implanted into her sweet mouth. "Yes, baby girl, all the way know how." Mister grinds out, thighs tensing, so close to laying his offering at her altar while Darling takes his full shaft in. Mister can feel the constriction of her throat on his cock head, as her sweet face bobs on his cock. Mister takes a hand and forces her down on it harder, needing even more and Darling gives it, her own need for oxygen less important.

In her suckling mouth, Mister finally begins to bust, knowing that his Darling is unable to breathe, his little sweetheart making his pleasure always the goal, worth every effort. With a rush of exhalation, Mister begins to feel his semen build up into his shaft and out, hot liquid that burns as much as it relieves, and Mister is pleased to feel that darling is swallowing every single drop. Some days are face spraying days, but not today, Darling had a rough one.

"Yes, baby girl, don't waste a single drop." Mister commands while watching darling slowly ease up and off his softening cock. Mascara a mess, face flushed and mouth a red slash of used, darling looks up at Mister with gratitude.

"Thank you for my offering." Darling hoarsely whispers. "Would Daddy like his dinner now?" Darling begins to rise from her crouched position, flushed and sweaty from her efforts, but like a good girl well-trained, not a single drop of cum was to be found anywhere.

"Baby, you look like shit. Go clean yourself up then fix my dinner." Mister says, eyes already off to the front page of the news.

Quickly dismissed, Darling runs upstairs to fix her face once more.