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Welcome to the little cesspool that is my demented mind. The stories posted on this site have been written for open minded adults who enjoy some out-of-the-ordinary fiction and fantasy - but understand the difference between that and real life. For those of you who are interested in these type of themes and stories, please click on one of the menu links above. For those who have gotten here by mistake and don't know if this is what you want, please read and heed the warnings below. Legal stuff is here.

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A Friendly Word of Warning

Here you will find stories that contain many and varied extreme, exotic and erotic themes that may include any of the following: incest, young, ws, scat, anal, oral, fist, insertions, torture, extr pedo, bestiality, S&m, BDSM, and about any combination or permutation of any numbers, ages, relations, species or genders of fictional persons/characters. These themes are not for everybody. You got here by actively looking for stories with themes like these or at least for sexually oriented works. If you don't understand what the above listed themes are, then you should probably not be here. The fictional stories herein are provided for people who are interested in non-standard, extreme themes and fantasy; others should read something else.

For those Upset by the Subject matter

If you've read through the information above, the warnings and notices on this site, you should be aware of the type of subject matter depicted in the various stories contained herein. If you are offended or not happy about any of the themes or subject matter, please do not continue to read any of the stories. You will just get more upset or offended. If you continue to read the stories, you have no one but yourself to blame, as we can't fix innate stupidity and keep you from reading them. But before you complain about the story themes, please read THIS PAGE completely, as it will usually give a semi-competent person some insight into the reason for your emotional reaction and, additionally, will provide my response to any such emotional diatribes or complaints. Make note, especially, of the last paragraph.

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