The Teacher Was A Virgin

by NiteWriter                                                                                                                     (October 2003)

It was Lisa's first day teaching high school. She was nervous with her new assignment having only graduated last year and finishing up her training. Now here she was in class teaching high school seniors. The first few days were pretty rough. A few kids had disrupted the class and made her feel a bit inadequate because she couldn't control them. But now it seemed better.

It was only the second week of school and Lisa was working late grading papers. Most of the other teachers had gone home already, so it was pretty quiet. The door to her classroom opened and she recognized that it was three of her students. She felt a bit uneasy, as it was the three black boys that sat in the back of the class. They were the ones that had caused all those problems on several occasions.

"Can I help you boys," she asked.

They didn't answer as two of them walked over to her desk while the third waited at the door. Lisa asked again as they approached her desk. "Can I help you with something?" She was really getting nervous now.

"You're the prettiest teacher we've had in four years," one of the kids responded.

Lisa knew she was one of the more attractive teachers. She was twenty-two years old and a very petite five-foot three inches tall. Her short brown shoulder length hair was cut into a bit of a bob. And despite having 34A breasts, she had a great looking body with an incredible flat smooth tummy. Lisa wondered on many occasions if her students noticed her nipples through her blouse. She knew it didn't take much for them to grow hard and protrude through her bra. Lisa, however, was most proud of her legs. They're not long, but she felt they were definitely her best features. Actually she looked more like eighteen than she did twenty-two.

Today she was wearing a skirt along with a blouse on top. As she looked up at this black kid now hovering over her, she noticed him looking down at her exposed legs. Her skirt had ridden up pretty high the way she was seated behind her desk. That caused another remark from the black kid. "Nice legs, teach." "We want to see some more?" And he reached down feeling the soft silky flesh of her thighs.

Lisa quickly grabbed his hand pushing it off her leg. "Don't," she cried out. "You all better go before I call for the principal." The black kid grinned at both of his friends and then back at Lisa.

"Listen honey, haven't you figured out yet why we're here?" They all laughed while the second kid walked behind Lisa and began feeling her up from behind. He was grabbing her pert little breasts and squeezing them through her blouse. The kid at the door locked it and joined his friends next to Lisa. While she tried pushing the kid's hand off her tits she watched one boy unzip his pants, then pull out this huge black cock and begin stroking it. "Oh no....Lisa cried out. "Please No!!" "Don't do this." Unable to control the hands mauling her breasts the kid started roaming inside her blouse and feeling the soft tit flesh through her bra.

"She ain't got much in here guys," he remarked. "But I bet she makes up for it in other ways. How about it teach? Is a cute little thing like you a good fuck?"

Lisa became frozen not knowing what to do or say. She was nearly in shock and couldn't believe he asked that question. She managed to whimper out, "don't... don't do this boys. You're going to get yourself in a lot of trouble."

"Trouble," one of them remarked? "The only trouble will be if you don't put out for us." Then she felt hands on the back of her head pushing her face closer to that big ten-inch hard black shaft. "I'll bet a pretty little white bitch like you never sucked a black cock before, have you?" All she could do was shake her head. She was so scared. She could smell his dirty cock. It had a strong piss-like odor like he hadn't washed in days.

"C'mon teach... start sucking. Open that pretty mouth and lets see how good you are." Then she felt the warm tip of his shaft pressing up against her lips. The other kid began pulling her hair and demanding, "C'mon, open it bitch... suck that cock."

Afraid that they might hurt her even more she parted her lips allowing his huge black tool into her mouth. Immediately he pushed deep making her take as much as she could. Her hands pushed on the kid's waist trying to force him back, but he was too strong for her. He began sliding it back and forth between her lips. "Oh fuck yes...," the kid gasped out. "What a hot little mouth."

The other two kids were working on her clothes unbuttoning her blouse and bra. When they got to her skirt the kid getting the blow job backed away so they could pull her up from the chair. Lisa struggled in an attempt to make them stop. She pleaded with them. But in a matter of seconds they had her skirt and panties off. Then they shoved everything off her desk and positioned her lying flat out with legs apart on one end and head hanging partially off the other.

"Alright teach... now you're going to learn something from us. You're going to learn how to empty a few black cocks." She saw the other two boys dropping their trousers. Their cocks were as big as the other. All three of them must have been ten inches or more.

The one black kid moved around to her face and resumed getting his blowjob. Then she felt hands between her legs feeling up her pussy. She struggled again trying to get off the desk but only managed to get the cock out of her mouth. "Please no... don't," she begged. "Please!!... Please!!!!"

"What's the matter teach... our dicks too big for that small little pussy of yours?"

"Please don't," she cried out again. "Not in me down there."

The kid continued feeling her pussy and sliding a couple fingers into her. Then....he yelled out. "What the fuck?"

"Hey guys... our teacher is a virgin...she's cherry."

"Shit man," one of the others yelled. "You mean we get to bust open a hot little white bitch."

Lisa was frantic crying out, "PLEASE DON'T!!!... PLEASE!!" Her crying was getting louder.

"Shut up bitch," was all she heard when the slap of a hand impacted across her face. She knew then that anything she tried to do to avoid any of this was hopeless. She was going to be raped by three of her back students and there was no way to stop them.

One black kid moved up between her legs while the other two watched. He positioned his huge cockhead right at the entrance to her pussy. "This is going to feel so good," he quickly remarked. "A tight little virgin white pussy...."

"How about it teach? You ready? Want us to make you our whore?"

And he shoved forward hard. "AhhhhhhhOooooouuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!" Lisa tried controlling her scream as best she could as his big black cock ripped into her cunt opening her fuckhole for the first time.

"Smackkk!!!" She was slapped in the face again. "I said shut up bitch. You better get used to big black cocks 'cause we're all fucking that virgin cunt."

Lisa was reduced to mere whimpering as she lay there on her own desk getting savagely fucked by this huge black cock. She felt his huge shaft penetrating between her legs over and over. It was so huge. And her pussy felt stretched so much. "This little bitch is tight man," the kid exclaimed as he began pushing deeper into her pussy attempting to stuff all of his long cock inside. Then blood began trickling from her between her legs. "Sorry about the blood on the desk honey," he explained almost laughing. That reduced Lisa to sobbing loudly, as she knew his huge cock had violated her cunt and ruined her precious hole.

The kid fucked her for a few minutes and then let one of the others have a turn. A second black cock was then shoved up her bleeding pussy. Lisa was staring at the ceiling as her cunt was fucked again. They kept shifting positions as they stood around their teacher taking turns ramming her virgin cunt. The kid that just finished breaking her open was right over her head. Lisa could see his massive cock glistening with her pussy juices and streaks of red blood all over it. That was the cock that broke her hole open for the first time. He pushed it to her lips. "C'mon bitch.. clean it off."

Lisa was afraid of being hit again so she opened her mouth. He pushed it in. "Watch this," he commented to the two others. "Let's see if teach can deepthroat me." The words barely sunk in as to what he intended to do when she felt his cockhead going deeper into her mouth. He was pushing forward as her head hung over the desk. Then with a steady push forward he squeezed into Lisa's throat. She began gagging on him. Her throat was heaving around it. "Oh that feels good teach. Go ahead, swallow my cock." The next thing Lisa felt was his smelly black balls pushing against her face. She knew his whole ten-inch bloodied cock was impaled down her throat.

"Shit man!!... Fuckin' bitch!!!....... Our teacher is one hot piece of ass," he commented as his cock fucked her throat. "Damn right," another commented. "And she's got a real fuckin' tight cunt too, as he rammed deep in her virgin hole. Lisa had no choice but to lay there and allow them to use her body. They kept circling around the desk shoving their big black cocks in her pussy and then forcing them down her throat. Even for the few moments when they allowed her to catch a breath, they had their sweaty smelly balls hanging over her face and demanding she lick and suck them into her mouth.

After about fifteen minutes of abuse one suggested. "Let's do her ass too. I'll bet her tight little asshole has never been used either."

There was not much left in Lisa to even attempt resisting. She felt them pull her legs back over her head. She knew that her ass was about to be violated next. She felt a hard cock squeezing between her asscheeks. "Here we go bitch.... right up your little asschute." She felt him pushing forward and her asshole stretching. The others were coaxing their friend on. "Go ahead man... get it in there. Ass fuck the white teacher bitch."

He pushed harder until the head of his cock popped in through her anal orifice. "Fuck man... this slut is so tight."

"Uuuuhhhhhhh... Uuuuhhhhh" Lisa was groaning. She had never felt anything like this. Her ass felt like it was being split open as he began shoving his ten-inch cock deeper. Lisa's tight asshole had a snug grip on his huge black shaft, but that didn't stop him from starting the slow process of fucking her tiny little shithole. After a few minutes he was able to stuff his entire length into her rectum.

The others were anxious to have their turn at her ass too. So after penetrating her as deep as he could he backed off removing his cock from her tight rear hole. "Oh fuck man,"... he exclaimed a bit disgusted. "Look!" The tip of his cock was smeared with brown slime. "She's got a fuckin' dirty ass."

Then he walked around to Lisa's face. "Look at this you filthy bitch! You got my cock all dirty. Now clean it, you little whore."

Lisa smelled the nasty odor on his cock as he brought it closer to her face. She turned away. "Open that dirty mouth, you slut."

Lisa couldn't believe what he wanted her to do. "No!!... No!!!...," she pleaded. "It's so dirty."

He grabbed her face positioning it so his cock was at her lips. "Open I said." She could feel the pasty slime on her lips. Since she wouldn't open, he pushed hard and slapped her face until she allowed him to force his cock in. The taste was immediately so vile Lisa felt as though she would heave up her guts. He kept pushing into her mouth deeper and deeper stuffing his shit covered cock across her tongue and all the way down her throat. "That's it teach... use that filthy little cocksucking mouth of yours and clean my cock."

Meanwhile there was another cock working its way up her ass. "Oh teach,..." this kid yelled out. "You sure are one hot little fuck.... you got a tight little virgin ass too!"

The one in her mouth was commenting to his buddies...."and what a deepthroat she's got..... up the ass and down her sweet tight throat .... she's a nasty little shit eater."

"How about it teach...? Isn't this fun? Want us to invite all our friends to fuck your ass? We'll tell them how you love sucking dirty black cocks."

They were getting wild and disgusting making her feel like nothing more than their white whore. "Yeah..., we're going to make you our bitch. Our white teacher bitch. We think you might need some black cock every day after class."

He began fucking his dirty cock in and out of her mouth. And it felt like he was getting harder and harder. She could feel every inch of his huge black shaft sliding deeper and deeper. Her throat muscles had such a firm grip on his cock that it aroused him more and more with each thrust down. Then suddenly he yelled out, "OH FUCK!!!!... I'm gonna cum." He pulled back and his engorged shaft began spurting thick globs of jizz right into Lisa's mouth. It poured from his cock in four long streams of thick white juice that literally covered her tongue. "Swallow it," he demanded. "Swallow my cum." Lisa was too scared not to obey, so she closed her lips and gulped it down along with the remnants of her anal filth that still coated her tongue.

By the time she finished eating his sperm she felt the cock in ass her throbbing. The black kid that was fucking her was cumming in her bowels. When he finished he pulled out and moved around to rub his dirty shaft all over her face.

The third kid had stuck his engorged cock back into her cunt. He was pumping in and out pretty fast. "Ready honey," he yelled out. "Ready for a nice thick load of my cum shot up your cunt?" With that he began spurting his black cream into her pussy. Despite everything they had done to her so far, all she could think about while feeling his sperm gushing into her cunt was what if she got pregnant. What if she had to walk into class with her belly all swollen with a black baby inside?

The three black kids got dressed. Lisa eased herself off the desk and sat back down on the chair. "I wouldn't be saying anything about this to anyone," one kid remarked. We'll make sure that everyone knows that you love black cocks and begged us to fuck you." And they left.

Lisa slowly got herself dressed. Tears were running down her cheeks. Cum was oozing from her bloodied cunt. Her asshole felt like it was still stretched open. And the taste in her mouth was so disgusting that she had to get home to clean up.

That night in bed she lay there remembering what happened. It was so humiliating and degrading what they did to her. She began crying again because she knew it wasn't over. They had every intention of using her more, and not just them. Were they really going to invite their friends to fuck her too and turn her into their after school whore. She didn't know what to do.


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