Ahead of the Game

incest, mind control, non-consensual sex, romantic, solo, non-sexual violence
mf, mF, mfF, fF, FF

The coming of age and training of a teen boy who leads a group into battle with an ancient enemy. Jeff and everyone around him think he is a normal teen-aged boy until the gift of the Oberon ring. He then begins his quest of honing his new found abilities and becoming the leader of a great band of warriors.

Winner - 2002 Golden Clitoride for Best Mind Control Story
Winner - 2002 Black Dragon Award for Most Creative Novel
Winner - 2002 Black Dragon Award for Best Fantasy Novel

Death of Innocence

incest, mind control, teen sex, non-sexual violence

Their parents were killed because of what they are. They intend to show their parents' killers the cost of that mistake.

Winner - 2002 Black Dragon Award for Best Incestuous Short Story

Jesse's Brand

In Progress!
mind control, romantic, teen sex, non-sexual violence

They left him for dead, but that's not all they left him with.

Love Conquers All

mind control, romantic, teen sex, non-sexual violence

Allen Louder has long known he was different from others. Now, as he grows up, he finds that his abilities may be more of a curse than a blessing. Life is suddenly very complicated. Can love conquer all?

Naked in School: Bobby and Kathy

romantic, non-sexual violence

The Program has come to Oklahoma, Will a brainy goddess and a jock with a secret be able to get together, or will Bobby's secrets keep them apart?

Winner, November 2003 Silver Clitoride for Best Story of the Month

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