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Tala Bridget

Last Update: December 12, 2010

Hello, and welcome to Eric Storm's little corner of ASSTR. We are Tala and Bridget, Eric's muses. If you're looking for all of his stories, well, Eric has decided to consolidate his various story locations, and now posts his entire collection only at The Mystic Wolf Pub.

But not to worry, he will still provide content here at ASSTR. Along with the text version of all his stories, available through the FTP site, he will post his latest story release here.

The name switch from Net Wolf to Eric Storm was done because Eric felt the old name no longer represented who he was.

Currently, the most recent public release is:
CAMP: Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 3

Genres: Science Fiction
Rating: X - Explicit sex with a strong plot
Codes: first, inc, mc, nc, rape, teen, viol
Pairs: mf, mF
(story codes reflect the entire story, not necessarily the particular chapter.)

Two sons of Ron Chaffey set out to find him.

Sequel to CAMP: Ron's Journey.

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