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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally.

Shanika at the Plantation Club

by Neal

Chapter 4 - The First Master

Yolanda led Shanika down the steps to the front of the platform. The chain connecting her ankles clanked on the steps. Her new owner, her new master, was facing away from her, signing a slip of paper.

He turned to face his purchase, his new black slave girl. Shanika was relieved to see it was Roy. Yolanda handed him the chain. "What do you say, girl?" she whispered to Shanika.

"Thank you for buying me, Master," she said to Roy, eyes downcast.

"It's my pleasure," he replied as he led her off into the woods. "You may address me as Massa now that you're my nigger. I'm also partial to that down home style of speech from my niggers. It would please me to hear it from you while you're in my possession."

"Yes, Massa. I do my best fo' you, Massa." Shanika felt silly talking this way, but she wanted to please her new master.

"Good girl!" said Roy. "I've got a cabin for us this way," he said and tugged on her chain causing her to stumble. After a short while they came to the cabin. It appeared to be a small one room cabin made of weathered wooden planks in a clearing. It had a front porch.

As he led her into the clearing he turned to Shanika. "I expect I'll be enjoying you for some time once we're inside. If you need to relieve yourself, better do it now before we go in."

"Where, Massa? I do needs to pee."

"Why, right here!" he replied. "Niggers can just go in the woods. Now hurry it up, I'm anxious to get started on you."

Shanika squatted and peed on the dusty ground. Her urine splashed on the ankle chain and flowed into a puddle between her feet as her master watched. She stood, embarrassed, when she was through.

"That's a good girl. Now let's go inside."

Roy led Shanika into the cabin. There was a table, a couple of chairs, and a bed. Roy sat in a chair and pulled Shanika's towards him by the chain on her collar. He unfastened her wrists and removed the cuffs, placing them on the table. Next he removed her ankle cuffs, leaving them on the floor.

"That's better," he said to himself. Then to Shanika, "I think I'll just leave the collar on. There's something about a chained nigger bitch that makes me just want to put my cock in her. Turn around, face the bed, and bend over. Spread those legs wide."

Shanika complied. She bent over, resting her body on the bed, spreading her legs as wide apart as she could.

"Excellent!" She felt his hand on her ass. Gently caressing her chocolate colored flesh. He rubbed on each cheek briefly before his hand drifted down between her legs and started rubbing on her bald pussy. She trembled slightly as he pushed a finger into her and then out again.

"You are one hot nigger bitch all right. Your pussy is sopping! You love this, don't you?"

"Yes, Massa, Ah sho' do." she heard him unzip his pants.

"You are so fucking hot that I just can't wait any more to try out that black pussy. I probably won't last long. You won't mind too much, I hope?"

"No, suh, Massa. You jus' use yo' nigger's pussy how ever you like."

She felt him enter her easily, she was so wet. He started slowly, but in a few seconds he was slamming his white cock into her black cunt so fast and hard that she could here the slapping sound of flesh on flesh along with the creaking of the bed supporting her. In less than a minute, before she even had a chance to begin to reach a climax, she heard him grunt and felt him cumming in her. As he pulled out she heard him collapse back into the chair.

"You've got a sweet pussy all right, girl. Why don't you just stay like that for me for now. Your big black ass is a fine sight."

"Thank you, Massa. I's glad you happy wit' me." Shanika stayed bent over, displaying her ass and freshly fucked pussy for her new master. The scent of her musk was in the air and she could feel his warm semen mixed with her own juices running down her legs.

After a time, as the cum was drying on her black skin, he was ready for some more fun with his new slave girl.

"Why don't you turn around and kneel before me?" asked Roy. Shanika stood, her joints a little stiff. She turned and knelt at her white master's feet. "Keep those legs spread for me," he said.

The chain from her collar rattled on the floor as she settled on her knees, spreading her legs as far as she could for him. He reached out with one of his legs and rubbed her pussy with the top of his foot. Her cunt was still wet and sticky from the quick fucking it got earlier.

"Good girl. Now arms up, hands behind head, mouth open. This is how a nigger slave should display herself for her master," he explained.

Sitting up in his chair he reached out with his hand and caressed her face and ran the palm of his hand over the stubble that had been her hair. She watched his face with her dark brown eyes as he used his finger to trace her lips and then her chin. His hand moved down to her breasts and he gave one a squeeze before he took the thick black nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped as he pinched it painfully. She saw him smile at her reaction and pulled her nipple, lifting her breast. He reached his other hand to her other breast and took that nipple in the same manner, lifting both breasts, pinching both nipples.

"Does that hurt?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa, a little," she responded, still looking into his face.

He pulled harder, stretching her black tits out from her body.

"How about that?"

"Ah! Yes, Massa, it hurts."

He then twisted both nipples at once. Shanika cried out in pain.

"Shhh," he said softly as he continued to man handle the colored girl's mammaries. Shanika tried to endure the pain quietly, but grunted and moaned occasionally. He looked up from her breasts and into her eyes. "You're my nigger whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, suh, Massa. I is yo' nigger ho'." Her eyes were tear-ring up, it was hard for her to maintain her posture.

"I like hurting nigger girls like you. I hope you don't mind," he said.

"No, suh, Massa. You do like you want."

He gave her nips one last tug, causing her to cry out again, and let go.

"Now I'd like you to suck my cock. Suck it like the nigger bitch you are." He moved forward in the chair, giving her access to his stiff white rod. Shanika bent forward and took the head of it between her dark brown lips.

"Go ahead and use your hands, girl. You know how to suck a white man's cock." She moved her hands from behind her head, her shoulders were stiff from having held her display position for so long. She put one hand around the base of his cock and gently rubbed his balls with the other. She bobbed her head up and down on it, stopping to lick it every once in awhile with her wet pink tongue. She could taste her pussy juice on it still.

"That's it, girl. I knew you were a cock sucking nigger whore. Just the kind of nigger I like best." He was loving the feel of the colored girl's mouth on his white dick, the sound of her slurping at it. Having just fucked her, he was in no danger of cumming soon and ending the pleasure he was enjoying. His slave continued to eagerly service him as he held her stubble covered head in his hands. The sound of her chain rattling gently which each thrust of his dick into her mouth reminded both of them of her status as slave. A slave to be used for his pleasure.

"Ok, that's enough sucking for now," he said. She let his cock slide out of her mouth and looked up at him with her big brown eyes. Saliva drooling from her lips and chin. He took her chain is his hand and stood up. He pulled on the chain, lifting her to her feet.

"Bend over and present your nigger ass to me," he ordered. As she bent over she heard him stepping out of his pants.

"I'm going to take my hand to your black ass now. Is that all right with you?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa, please beat my nigger ass." Shanika knew that this would hurt. She wished he'd just do it instead of asking her like that. Actually having to ask for this treatment just added to the humiliation of the entire scene, but that's probably what he had in mind, she thought.

Whap! Whap! He slapped each cheek. Shanika had to restrain herself to keep from trying to cover her poor sore ass with her hands. Whap! Another slap on the same spot as a previous one. She couldn't help but cry out.

"Just a couple more," he promised. "I just want to warm it up a little, that's all."

Whap! Whap! Whap! Her tears were flowing freely now, her ass was on fire from the spanking.

"There, there," he said running his hand gently over her ass. He could feel the heat and could see the hand prints he left. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, Massa," she sobbed.

"Shall I continue?" he teased. "I'm really enjoying this."

No more! she thought. But she said, "yes, Massa. Please beat on my ass some more." She choked back the sobs as she spoke.

"Well, I think I'll stop for now anyways, but it's sweet of you to offer. Why don't you come here and sit in my lap?" He sat in the chair and held his arms out for her. Shanika stood and gingerly sat in his lap. Here eyes were red and tears rolled down her cheeks. She was still sniveling and her nose was running. He reached over to where he'd dropped his pants and produced a handkerchief from the pocket and offered it to her. She wiped her face and blew her nose.

"Thank you, Massa," she said.

"I thought you took that very well for a first time slave girl," he praised her. He held her until she seemed to have recovered from the ordeal.

"Ok, time to get on the bed," he announced. They stood and Shanika sat on the bed. Roy pushed her on her back. "Grab your legs behind your knees and spread 'em out for me." She did as instructed, holding her legs apart, splaying her black pussy for him obscenely. She could feel the cool air on her cunt and and asshole. He admired the view of her bald nigger gash and her welt covered ass.

"Tell me again what you are and what you're for. I never get tired of hearing it."

She looked up at him from between her spread legs. "I is yo' nigger 'ho, Massa. Yo' cocksuckin' nigger 'ho. I is fo' you to fuck. Dats all, Massa. I is a nigger slut fo' you to fuck how you want."

"Have you ever been had your pussy spanked?" he asked nonchalantly. "I'd love to smack that cunt up a little before I fuck it."

"No, Massa, never." Shanika was a little scared at this. Her ass was burning from the beating and her breasts were still sore from the treatment they'd just received.

"Just a couple to warm it up, that's all. Is that ok?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa, please beat yo' nigger's pussy." She felt herself starting to cry again even though he hadn't started on her sensitive sex.

Whap! Whap! Both blows landed right between her legs, but she continued to hold her legs back, offering up her womanhood to his open hand.

"All right. You've had enough now," he said. She flinched when he put his hand between her spread legs. Her pussy lips were red and swollen. Her cunt was hot from the spanking.

"Ok, you can let go of your legs now," he said, removing his hand. She lowered her legs and squeezed them together in an effort to ease the pain.

"I know I'm a bastard for this, but seeing you like this, the hand prints on your body, and where they are, I've just got to fuck you. Would that be ok?" he asked.

Her poor pussy was burning still and he wanted to stick his dick in her! How could he take such pleasure in her discomfort? But she knew what her answer had to be.

"Yes, Massa. Please use my pussy," she said, her eyes wet with tears. She opened her legs to give him access so he could mount her.

"Good girl," he said as he climbed between her legs. She cried out as he pushed his hard white cock up her sore black pussy. "Shhh," he murmured quietly, "hush now, girl." He started gently thrusting into her abused cunt.

He kissed her face as he slowly began to pick up the pace. She whimpered as he started to pound into her harder and harder. He kissed her on the lips but she was lost in a mix of pain and the beginnings of arousal and didn't kiss back. Her moaning grew louder as he fucked her harder still kissing her unresponsive lips until finally he could hold back no longer thrusting his hard white cock deep inside the poor black slave girl, filling her with his seed.

He lay on top of her for awhile before he got up and dressed. Shanika, sore and unsatisfied lay on the bed, semen dripping out of her pussy onto the bed sheets. Her thighs exhibiting several hand prints from the spanking she'd endured. She knew she was just a nigger to be used, and she had just been well used indeed.

"You're kind of a mess, girl. Let's take you outside and clean you up some."

Shanika got up from the bed. Roy took her chain in his hand and led her out the door and down the steps into the clearing. It was twilight and the air was much cooler than earlier in the day. They had walked almost to the tree line when Roy spoke to her.

"I want to make sure you understand your place as my nigger. Get down on the ground. On your knees. Display yourself like I told you."

Shanika kneeled in the dirt facing her white master. She spread her legs and placed her hands behind her head.

"Open that mouth, girl," he instructed as he unzipped his fly.

She knew what was coming next, but obediently did as she was told.

Roy took his cock out and hit Shanika in the face with a blast of warm urine. She closed her eyes as the stream hit her forehead. He aimed lower, directly into her open mouth. She sputtered and choked as he emptied his bladder in the slave girl's black face. As the stream subsided it went lower on her body, her breasts, then her belly. Rather than shake it off, Roy stepped forward his crotch in her face.

"Clean it off, nigger," he demanded. She licked the tip of his now flaccid cock with her pink tongue and then took it between her lips, sucking gently. He stepped back and his dick popped out of the slave girl's mouth. He pushed it back into his pants zipped his fly.

"Ahh," he signed. "The pause that refreshes!" He reached for the chain and jerked her to her feet. "Now to get you cleaned up!"

He led her through the woods back to the main area. It was dark in the woods and Shanika stumbled often. She was wet with her master's piss and she could taste it in her mouth.

At last they reached the main building. It was lighter there in the clear and the outside lights were on. Several white men were standing around near the side of the building along with a white woman and a couple of naked black slave girls. They all watched as Roy led Shanika in their direction. As they drew nearer, Shanika recognized Debbie as the the white girl as well as Shonelle and Traleen, the teenage sisters who had arrived with her earlier that same day, so long ago.

"Damn, Roy!" exclaimed one of the men. "I see you went to town on this nigger!" Debbie and the white men smirked at Shanika while Shonelle and Traleen looked down, embarrassed for her. Shanika was wet and reeked of urine and semen ran down her leg from her well used and abused pussy.

"Just came by to hose this nigger off!" Roy replied. He led Shanika to where a garden hose was attached to a spigot on the side of the building. Dropping her chain he picked up the hose and turned on the water. Starting with her head, Roy sprayed black girl up and down with the cold water. She sputtered some as he hosed her face. The force of the water was hard and it hurt her tender breasts.

"Turn around now. Got to get your nasty black ass!" Shanika turned obediently as Roy sprayed her back and ass. "Bend over, nigger. I can't get that asshole with you like that." She bent over, her legs spread. "C'mon now! Spread those cheeks!"

Humiliated, she reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks, revealing her puckered black asshole and swollen abused cunt to the small group of onlookers. She could here laughter from them as Roy directed the stream right into the crack of her ass. He left it there, the cold water blasting her asshole and then her pussy. She could feel the liquid entering her most intimate parts as she listened to the amused chatter of crowd watching the proceedings.

Finally it stopped and Roy turned off the water.

"I think that nigger was startin' to like it too much!" Shanika recognized Bobby's voice, Debbie's boyfriend. "So, you gettin off on that, bitch? C'mon you can tell us!"

"No, suh. I ain't gettin' off on it, suh," replied Shanika to the taunt. She looked at the ground as she spoke.

The white folks all laughed.

"Tell us what mean old Roy did to you, girl!" said Debbie. "He can be a real bastard!"

Shanika thought for a moment and looked at Roy.

"It's ok. Go ahead and tell 'em," he said. He turned and winked at the others.

"Well, Massa took me home an' fucked me after he buy me." Shanika still couldn't bring herself to look up at her audience. "Then he pinched at my tits and..."

"Udders," Debbie interrupted. "Niggers have udders. Like cows. Get it, bitch?"

Shanika felt her face flush and started again. "Iz sorry, Ma'am. Iz tries to gets it right fo' you." She continued, "Massa, he was pinchin' on my udders and dey wuz hurtin' an' den he make me suck his cock a while. Den he whupped my black ass wit' his hand an' it hurt. He make me hold my legs open so's he can spank my pussy and then fuck it.

"Roy! You are a bastard!" laughed Debbie. The other white folks laughed, too. "Go, on..." she prodded Shanika on.

"Well, ma'am, dat's all dey iz. Massa took me outside and peed on my face so he bring me here so's to clean me up."

"Why you poor, poor nigger!" Debbie laughed again. "You're so polite and respectful, you don't deserve that! I hope he had the decency to make you cum! Didn't he?"

Shanika didn't know the right answer so she told the truth. "No, ma'am. Massa din't let me cum."

"I think we should fix that right now!" Debbie looked around. "Why don't we have these niggers right here take care of you?" She was looking at Shonelle and Traleen.

"All right, all right," said Roy. "Go ahead. Maybe I was a bastard. Lie down and spread those legs for us. Nice and wide. We'll have you feeling better in no time."

The ground was muddy after she had been hosed off, but Shanika did as she was told and laid on her back, opening her legs for the white folks.

Debbie turned to Shonelle and Traleen. "Go get to lickin' on that bitches cunt, niggers. You make her cum, or I'll slap the black off your asses myself!"

The two teenage slaves looked at each other. Neither had ever tasted a woman's pussy before, and didn't like the idea too much, but the alternative was worse. They went over to where Shanika lay, legs spread, on the muddy ground. Both got on hands and knees, but it was Shonelle who went first, putting her face right between Shanika's thighs and she started gently kissing one. Traleen did the same as her sister, softly kissing along the other one.

Shanika was sorry that the young sisters had to share in her own humiliation, but at the same time their ministrations felt good after all she had suffered.

"You niggers better start eatin' some pussy!" urged Debbie, unsatisfied with the pace of the show the slave girls were putting on for their owners.

Shonelle kissed her way over to Shanika's slit and began kissing her swollen pussy lips. Tentatively at first, she poked her tongue out and began licking the older black girl's vagina. She could taste Shanika's growing excitement and ran her tongue along the length of her pussy. Shanika, tuning out the onlookers, began to relax a little and allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure that the young slave girl was giving her. She moaned quietly as Shonelle pushed her tongue into her entrance and then lapped up her gash all the way to her clit.

Traleen continued to kiss Shanika's thighs while her sister started sucking gently on her clit. Shanika started bucking her hips in response and Shonelle alternated between licking her pussy and her clit.

"Let me now," Traleen whispered to Shonelle. Shonelle moved out of the way to allow her sister at Shanika's sex. Traleen had been watching her and took over running her tongue flat on the darker girl's pussy. Shanika moaned loud enough for the small crowd of young white folks to hear. They moved in for a closer look as she ground her cunt into the young teenagers face.

"Get to work on her udders, bitch. Suck 'em good!" demand Debbie.

Shonelle went on hands an knees to where she could reach Shanika's breasts and started licking her nipples, which hardened immediately. She let the nipple slide between her lips and Shanika put her arms around her as she suckled. Traleen licked faster and Shonelle sucked harder and Shanika bucked her hips harder, moaning loudly as she neared orgasm. Finally she could hold back no more, and in spite of the humiliation of cumming in front of the leering white men and their cheerleader, she cried out in pleasure. Traleen continued licking and sucking her pussy as Shanika's orgasm came in waves. Shanika held Shonelle tightly to her breast and unconsciously squeezed Traleen's head between her thighs. Gradually she relaxed her holds on the two teenage slaves as she came down from her climax.

"Woo hoo!" cried Debbie. "Now that was an orgasm! I never seen a nigger cum like that before! You bitches'll have to do me next!" The young men also voiced their approval.

"Ok, fun's over. Get up, you nigger dykes!" Debbie ordered. The slave girls got to their feet, all with mud on them where they'd been on the ground. Traleen's face was shiny with Shanika's cum. "So, girl, what do you say?"

Shanika looked at Debbie, "Thank you, ma'am."

"Oh don't thank me! Those nigger dykes are who did it."

Shanika looked at the two sisters. "Thank you," she said quietly. Traleen smiled, happy to have given her new friend such pleasure.

"C'mon now," cried Debbie. "Kissy, kissy! Go ahead now. I know the boys want to see it. Tongues and everything!"

Shanika leaned closer to Traleen, and touched her lips to hers. The slave girls put their arms around each other and kissed. Shanika could taste herself on the the young girl's mouth as she pushed her tongue between her lips as the smirking white girl had instructed. They broke their embrace and Shanika turned to Shonelle, putting her arms around her and kissing her on the lips. She felt Shonelle's tongue against her own as she gently probed the light skinned negro's mouth.

"All right! Break it up now!" Debbie reached in and grabbed the chains attached to the sisters collars and tugged them away from Shanika. "Damn, you bitches are filthy! Somebody turn on the hose. Line up so we can clean you up!"

The three black slave girls, who had just shared a moment of intimacy together for the amusement of their white masters, were now forced to stand in a line, as the dirt was hosed off them like livestock.

Once the hosing down was complete, Debbie and Bobby each took one of the slave sisters and led them away by the chains hooked to their collars.

Roy grabbed Shanika's chain and hurried her back to the cabin. "Damn, girl. That was hot! I'm gonna have to fuck you all over again! That ok with you?"

"Yes, Massa. Please use yo' nigger's pussy."

As soon as he got her inside, Roy picked Shanika up and laid her on the bed, and stripped off his clothes. His white cock was standing straight and tall as he climbed between his slave girl's legs and pushed it into her pussy and started pumping furiously.

Shanika was spent and sore from all that had transpired.

"Tha's right, Massa. Use yo' nigger. Use yo' nigger's pussy." She wanted to hurry him along and knew that dumb nigger talk was just what he wanted to hear. "Oh, you fuckin' yo' nigger 'ho now, Massa. Fuckin' her good."

Roy pounded into her cunt like a man possessed. "Tell me you're my whore, nigger. Tell me you're my fuckin' whore!"

Yes, that's just what he wants, thought Shanika. "Yes, Massa, Iz yo' fuckin' nigger 'ho. Use me, Massa. Fuck yo' nigger, Massa!"

Roy stiffened and spasmed, grinding against her crotch as he let loose another load of seed into Shanika. Although she'd gotten no satisfaction from it, she was glad that Roy was finally spent. After a while he rolled off his slave girl and fell asleep.

Shanika lay awake, wondering what kind of master she'd end up with tomorrow until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Roy woke up hard the next morning, Shanika asleep beside him. He spread his slave girl's legs and reached between them discovering her black pussy was dry. Wanting one last piece of her ass before returning her for resale he spat in his hand and rubbed it on her crotch, rolled over between her legs, shoved his stiff white cock into the sleeping black girl, and started fucking her.

Shanika awoke just as Roy finished with her, rolled off, and got up. Momentarily disoriented, the events of the previous day started coming back to her.

"Time to take you back," said Roy. "I hope I wasn't too mean to you. You are one hot bitch, and I just couldn't control myself."

Shanika stood, feeling the wetness between her legs as Roy's semen began to leak out. "Thank you, Massa. Iz glad you liked me." Her bladder was bursting. "Iz got to pee, bad, Massa. Please take me outside."

"Sure thing," he replied, grabbing her chain and leading her outside. She was less self conscious this morning as she squatted and began to piss on the dusty ground in front of the cabin as her master watched intently.

"You like watchin' yo' nigger pee for you, don't you, Massa?" she said looking up at him, smiling.

"Er, yeah," he replied. In spite of just having cum in his slave while she slept he could feel his cock getting hard again. Shanika noticed it, too.

"You want yo' nigger to suck yo' dick now, Massa? I suck it good fo' you."

He stepped over to Shanika's squatting form and she reached up and unzipped his fly, pulling his cock out, looking him in the eye the whole time. She smiled as put it to her lips and gently sucked on it. She played with his balls with both hands while she held his cock in her mouth, running her tongue over the head. She started sucking harder and then was bobbing her head up and down on his stiff white prick. One hand moved from his balls and grabbed his shaft and started masturbating him. She looked into his face with her soft brown eyes as she continued to work him. She could feel his balls start to twitch and could tell he was close. She jerked him off harder and just as he started to cum she let his cock out of her mouth.

Shanika looked up at Roy, smiling at him as he ejaculated in her face. There wasn't so much since he'd already come that morning, but she took some on the cheek and chin. The semen dripped off her face onto her breasts as she kissed the tip of his cock. This caused a thin string of cum to stretch from his cock to her lips as she leaned her head back. She leaned forward again and licked the remaining semen off and replaced his cock into his pants and zipped his fly up.

Roy pulled her to her feet by the chain and led Shanika back to the cabin and had her put on the wrist and ankle cuffs she had on when he bought her. He fastened her wrists together in front of her and replaced the chain between her ankles. Finally he led her back outside and through the woods to the main building, his semen dripping off her black face as she shuffled along, her ankles shackled. She smiled at him as he handed the chain to the waiting Yolanda.

"You are one fine negress, let me tell you, girl," he said. "I'll be bidding on you again. That's for sure." He turned and went into the main building leaving Shanika behind.

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