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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally.

Danessa's Faded Star

by Neal

Chapter 23 - Taking It

It seemed surreal to Danessa to be standing nude in an elevator on her way up to the penthouse apartment. Her mother Natalie, her cousin Rolonda, and their host's adopted daughter Jennifer, were also in a state of complete undress. Their dark naked flesh pressed together in the crowded elevator car. The former child star had never imagined that she'd find herself in such a situation.

The wealthy film producer, Roger Gray, didn't mind the close quarters with the naked black women at all. In fact, given the way the white man described himself as a connoisseur of the negro female, Danessa was certain he was reveling in it, She was also confident that his daughter Laura was enjoying it as well. The white woman was clearly her daddy's daughter.

The air in the crowded elevator car hung heavy with the aroma of sweat and female arousal. Danessa had just witnessed her mother bent over the hood of the limousine that had brought them there with Mister Gray's black chauffer right up against her naked body, taking his pleasure in all of her orifices. Natalie had received quite a work out, but it was her daughter who'd found herself most excited by the scene.

At last they reached the penthouse floor and the doors opened. The naked colored women were the first ones off the elevator owing to Mister Gray's preference. The white man loved seeing the female negro form in action. In this case, walking in front of him, hips swaying and flesh jiggling with every step. He saw no reason to deny himself any of pleasures black women had to offer.

Mister Gray sat down in his favorite spot on the couch where he could see the panoramic view of the city below out of the windows that lined the wall of his living room. It was also the perfect spot for him to drink in the sight of the four nude Nubian beauties, all ready and available to serve and please him. Laura sat next to her father and enjoy the same view, her eyes bright and her face flushed a little with excitement.

"Gin and tonic, Jenny," he ordered his adopted daughter. "White wine for you, pumpkin?"

"Yes, Daddy," replied Laura. "I'd like that."

"Yes, suh," said Jennifer, naked and subservient. "I gits it fo' you right away, suh."

The white man and his adult daughter watched as Jennifer walked across the room to fetch their drinks. Danessa couldn't take her eyes off her either. Clearly, the colored woman was putting a little extra sway in her hips, knowing that it gave her adopted father and sister so much pleasure. From the look on her face, she was basking in their attentions.

"You three can get over here and assume the proper display position," instructed Mister Gray. "You know the way."

Natalie led the way, head high in spite of having just been stripped of what little dignity a naked woman can possess while under the control of another person. Danessa was right behind her with Rolonda following their leads. The three nude negroes stopped when they got to the couch where Mister Gray and Laura sat waiting for their refreshments to be served.

Under the white man and his daughter's gaze, Natalie and Danessa stood facing them. With their feet apart and legs spread, mother and daughter each placed their hands behind their heads and thrust their chests forward. Rolonda followed suit. The three colored women stood, displaying their naked black bodies for the pleasure of their host.

Mister Gray looked them over, one by one, but his eyes kept coming back to Rolonda. Laura seemed mostly interested in Natalie. Danessa wasn't used to not being the center of attention and felt a little jealous that the white man and his daughter weren't focusing on the former child star's debasement.

"Miss Carol certainly left a fine set of marks on you, Londa," said Mister Gray, his eyes still roving over the big black girl's welted flesh. "They look even better here where I've got proper light to see her handiwork. Turn around so I can see the back."

Rolonda slowly turned away from Mister Gray so as to show her whipped body off for his unhurried enjoyment. And, enjoy it he did. Danessa glanced down and the white man's excitement was obvious from the erection that pressed against his slacks.

Laura stood up and stepped in front of Natalie. The blonde woman touched her on the side of the face.

"You didn't like having Henry use you, did you, girl?" she asked.

"I ain't mind, ma'am," replied Natalie. "I hopes you 's pleased to watch it."

"Oh, yes, very much," said Laura. "I adore seeing a nigger put in her place that way. The humiliation of having to take it from a man she clearly doesn't care for and give him pleasure in return is simply delicious!"

"Dat's why I ain't mind, ma'am," Natalie explained. "I's honored to be pleasin' a fine white lady like you, ma'am."

Jennifer returned with a cocktail glass in one hand and a wine glass in the other. She handed the cocktail glass to Mister Gray, who took a long sip from it without ever taking his eyes off of Rolonda's abused body. Laura accepted the wine glass from her black sister with a smile before turning her attention back to Natalie.

"Seeing Nattie take whatever she has to just has me all tingly!" she said after a few moments. "I want to play with her, Daddy. Do you mind?"

"That's fine, pumpkin," replied Mister Gray, looking up at her. "Go have your fun."

"Come on, girl," ordered Laura. "Down on all fours and crawl like a good nigger."

Natalie's face was burning as she got down on her hands and knees on the plush carpet. She was being ordered about by a woman almost twenty years her junior. Laura walked on ahead and the negress followed, her heavy sagging breasts swinging with each step. It was another humiliation heaped on top of all the others. The blonde stopped at the doorway and turned back towards the room.

"Jenny," called Laura. "I want you to come and help me with her."

"Yes, ma'am," said Jenny.

The black woman stepped quickly to her white sister's side. Together they left the room with Natalie crawling behind them, her fat black ass quivering and her hanging breasts swaying. Danessa watched her mother disappear down the hallway and was startled by how aroused the scene had made her.

"Time for a little variation," said Mister Gray, settling back on the couch. "Hold your udders up, both of you. Like you were offering them to me."

Danessa self-consciously complied, placing her hands under her breasts and holding them up so that her nipples pointed at the white man. Rolonda did the same, though her tits were so big that they hung over the edge of her hands. So, merely displaying their bodies wasn't enough for the white man, they had to actually offer themselves up to him.

"Nice," he smiled. "Now, squat down so I can have a better look... Lower..."

Rolonda squatted low, her thighs spread wide apart. Danessa did the same. It was as if she was offering her sex to him as well as her breasts. It was embarrassing, but she could feel the moistness between her legs.

"Open those mouths," instructed Mister Gray. "Tongues out. Make your faces look as inviting for my cock as your pussies do."

This was incredibly humiliating, thought Danessa as she squatted, open mouthed, her breasts in her hands. It was as if she were offering her whole body up to the white man as nothing more than his choice of warm wet places to put his dick. She felt like a piece of meat. Her pussy was dripping.

Danessa glanced over at Rolonda and saw her cousin displaying herself in the same obscene position that the negro teen was in herself. She had to admit to herself that degrading as it might be, the pose was erotic in a perverted kind of way.

Mister Gray sipped on his drink, the ice cubes clinking against the glass, clearly pleased with sight before him and his power to order the two black women to debase themselves so extremely. Danessa was starting to realize that that power was part of what was turning her on. She felt as if she was completely under his control and was compelled to obey his commands. She was shocked by just how exciting it was.

"Those welts are really heating me up, Londa," said Mister Gray finally. "There's something about a beat nigger that gets my blood running hot. I only wish I could have watched you take it..."

Putting his drink on the table next to the couch, Mister Gray rose to his feet.

"Stand up," he instructed them. "Nessa, go over to that closet. You'll find a leather belt hanging in there. Bring it to me."

Danessa stood and went over to the closet he'd indicated. Rolonda slowly straightened out and stood up.

"I hope I'm not being too mean, Londa," said Mister Gray. "But I've got to get a few strokes in on you myself. Seeing the whip marks on you has me wanting to hear the sound of leather on nigger flesh. I'm sure you understand..."

"Yes, suh," agreed Rolonda. "I un'erstan'. It ain't mean. It's jus' right. I's proud to take a beatin' from you, boss. I's a lucky nigga to have a fine white gen'leman like you take a int'rest in me."

Danessa found the belt and returned. She handed it to Mister Gray. The white man doubled it over and slapped the palm of his hand with it.

"You're a special kind of nigger, Londa," he smiled. "Bend over the table. I'll start on your ass."

"Yes, suh," said Rolonda.

Rolonda turned and bent over, resting her hands on the couch he'd been sitting on. Danessa watched while Mister Gray raised his hand and brought the leather belt down across her cousin's ample black ass.


He raised his hand again and gave the big black girl another stroke.


And another.


Sweat beaded on his forehead. Rolonda wiggled her ass at him from her bent over position. Smiling, he raised his hand again.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

"You ain't gotta hol' back on me, boss," panted Rolonda. "I wanna take it fo' you, suh."

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

New red welts rose up on top of the older ones. Danessa couldn't believe that Rolonda could take such a belt beating and not even whimper. The only noise coming from the big black girl was heavy breathing.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

"Stand up," ordered Mister Gray. "Turn around. Hands behind your head."

Rolonda stood and turned towards him. She laced her fingers behind her head. Mister Gray paused a moment before rearing back and bringing the belt across both of her breasts at once.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Her bruised breasts bounced with every stroke. Danessa could see her cousin wincing from the pain, but she never stepped back or attempted to cover herself. Instead, she stood still, leaving her tits exposed and vulnerable to the belt.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Mister Gray was breathing heavily now.

"You love this, don't you, nigger?" asked the white man.

"Dat's right, boss," replied Rolonda breathlessly. "I loves pleasin' white mens. Ladies, too. An' I knows that beatin' a dumb nigga like me is pleasin' to 'em."

"That isn't what I mean, Londa," said Mister Gray. "Most nigger women would have been begging me to stop by now. I know that from experience. And when they do that, I give them a couple more for good measure and stop. I don't think you want me to stop, do you?"

"No, suh," admitted Rolonda. "You ain't gotta stop. I kin take it."

Mister Gray stepped right up to Rolonda and ran his hand over the welts that criss-crossed her breasts and belly. Gradually his hand found its way between her legs.

"You're a pain slut, aren't you, nigger?" smiled Mister Gray knowingly. "You're soaking wet. You get off on getting beat. I'm sure you like pleasing white men, you're a good nigger and I don't doubt it for a second. However, you love taking a beating. Don't you?"

Danessa had suspected as much of her cousin. Especially after the way she'd been humping the flogger as Carol Goodrich had used it on her pussy. Rolonda had even told her of the rush she felt from it. Hearing her words had made the teenager wonder what it must be like to cross the boundary from pain to pleasure.

"Yes, suh, I do loves it," said Rolonda. "I ain't know how or why... You ain't gonna stop is you, boss?"

"Oh, no, I'm not going to stop, nigger," grinned Mister Gray, his face flushed. "And I'm not going to hold back, either. Come with me. You, too, Nessa. We're going into the next room. The examination room. You know the way..."

Remembering how Jennifer had them go first ahead of Mister Gray when they got off the elevator, Danessa walked with Rolonda ahead of the white man. She went through the doorway and into the room where she and her mother had undergone their "audition". The examination table, complete with stirrups, was on one side of the windowless room. The large bed was on the other.

"Up on the table, Londa," instructed Mister Gray. "Feet in the stirrups. I want a closer look at that coochie before I take the belt to it."

Rolonda climbed up on the examination table without a word. When she put her feet in the stirrups, Danessa could see the white cream thick in the folds of her labia. She knew that her cousin was highly aroused in spite of the fact that she was about to take a beating on her sensitive pussy.

"Damn, nigger!" exclaimed Mister Gray. "You do want it bad! See, if I were a real sadist, I wouldn't beat your coochie right now. But, I'm not, so I won't deny you what you want."

With that, Mister Gray started slapping Rolonda's vagina with the doubled over leather belt. As before, the big girl thrust her hips up to meet the blows.

Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap.

Rolonda strained to lift her crotch up off the table to take more of the stroke. Mister Gray increased the force of the blows.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

The sound of leather on wet flesh rang off the walls. Danessa stood there, mesmerized by her cousin's performance. Mister Gray stopped the beating and dropped the belt on the floor.

"Get up, nigger," he said in a raspy voice. "I'm doing all the work. Time for me to get some satisfaction. Go lay on the bed and spread those legs open. Time for me to get a nice piece of your beat black pussy."

Rolonda slid off the table and walked over to the bed with an exaggerated swing in her hips. Danessa was amazed that her cousin would be able to shake her booty with such gusto given the fact that she'd just taken such a beating between her legs. The big girl climbed up on the bed and spread her legs wide.

Mister Gray went over and stood at the foot of the bed and started removing his clothing. His gaze was fixed between Rolonda's obscenely splayed legs. Danessa's eyes grew wide at the size of his erection. She'd seen it before on several occasions and even taken the length of it into her mouth, but she didn't remember seeing it swollen to the point it was turning dark red.

"Seeing those welts on your hole makes me want to just fuck the shit out of you, nigger," he told her. "You're gonna feel it, that's for sure."

"Dat's what my hole be fo', boss," Rolonda responded. "Beatin' an' fuckin'. Whatever da white man wants, boss. Dat's what I want, too."

"Good nigger," he said as he climbed between her legs, probing her welted pussy for a moment before finding the entrance and driving his dick into her.

"Oh, yes...," sighed Rolonda. "You is fuckin' my beat pussy, boss. You is too good to a nigga."

"That's right, nigger," growled Mister Gray. "That's what you're for.

Danessa's hand went between her legs and she started working her own pussy. The sight of Rolonda taking Mister Gray's cock up her freshly beat sex was more than the teenager could take without touching herself.

"Yes, suh, boss," replied Rolonda. "You right 'bout dat."

Mister Gray humped Rolonda furiously, slamming himself into her. It was almost like another beating, only this time he was administering it with his dick.

"Dat's it...," Rolonda encouraged him in a husky voice. "Fuck my sore hole, boss."

"Not boss now," grunted Mister Gray, the sweat dripping off his face. "Daddy..."

Rolonda grinned broadly. Danessa saw the happy dumb look on her cousin's face and then looked at Mister Gray's expression. She couldn't remember seeing him this way, completely giving in to his lust.

"Yes, Daddy...," said Rolonda in her best little girl voice. "Fuck my sore hole, Daddy. It hurts, Daddy... It feels good... Don't stop, Daddy."

The bed creaked in response to Mister Gray's increased vigor in pounding his cock into Rolonda's welted pussy. Danessa knew that the white man enjoyed the teenaged girl fantasy and he was living the daddy/daughter one even if only via adoption. He was clearly totally into both at once with Rolonda.

"Daddy won't stop, girl," he assured her breathlessly. "Don't you worry about that."

"I ain't worried, Daddy," she replied. "I love gittin' yo' dick. It ain't matter if my hole hurts. I's Daddy's little nigga girl."

"You're big where it counts," he smiled at her, still thrusting into her. "Nice big nigger udders... nice fat black ass."

"I's only sixteen, Daddy...," said Rolonda, slipping even further into the part. "I's glad I got udders like a growed woman fo' you."

The sound of the box spring got louder after that. Mister Gray was truly inspired by Rolonda's teenager act. Danessa remembered Jennifer telling her that he refused to have sex with her until she was eighteen. It seemed his fantasies didn't have such age restrictions. Still, she knew she shouldn't be surprised given the way he loved having her dress as a fourteen year old school girl.

Rolonda started whimpering frantically as Mister Gray slowed his thrusts, but pushed more deeply inside her.

"I feel it, Daddy...," said Rolonda. "Kin I cum, Daddy? Please, Daddy? I been good..."

"Yeah," gasped Mister Gray. "Cum for me, girl."

"Oh! Daddy!" cried Rolonda. "I's cummin', Daddy! All fo' you... Oh... All fo' you, Daddy..."

"That's it, nigger...," he told her. "Cum for your daddy like a good girl."

"Oh...," sighed Rolonda. "Daddy..."

"Get ready," panted Mister Gray. "Here it comes..."

"Yes, Daddy!" grinned Rolonda. "You is gonna nut in my beat hole! Please give it to me, Daddy. I's yo' cum dump. Use me, Daddy... Use yo' li'l cum dump. Dat's what I's for..."

"Fuck!" he exclaimed, driving his cock deep into Rolonda's cunt. "You nasty fucking nigger!"

"Dat's right, Daddy," Rolonda told him, grinning stupidly. "I's a nasty fuckin' nigga... I's yo' nasty li'l nigga, Daddy. I's Daddy's li'l cum dump. I loves Daddy's dick in me."

Mister Gray shot off in Rolonda's pussy. She squeezed him and milked the seed from his cock.

"Fuck...," he murmured. "Fuck..."

"Thank you...," cooed Rolonda. "Thank you fo' fuckin' yo' li'l nigga girl, Daddy."

"It's my pleasure, believe me," replied Mister Gray. "You're something else, Londa..."

"Thank you, suh," she answered. "I jus' wants to please you."

"You did that, all right," he said before rolling off her and sitting on the edge of the bed.

The white man's hands went over to Rolonda's welted breasts. He gently squeezed them.

"No way you're sixteen, though," he smiled.

"Well, you ain't my daddy, neither," Rolonda smiled bashfully. "'cept when you got yo' dick in me. Den you is my daddy fo' sho."

"Twenty years ago I'd be ready to do you again, girl," said Mister Gray, standing up.

Rolonda sat up. She eyed the white man's softening member and the long strand of semen hanging off the tip.

"Kin I clean yo' cock, suh?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Yes, you may, nigger," he answered, turning to face her.

Taking his glistening cock in her hand, Rolonda leaned forward and slurped it into her mouth. Lovingly, she sucked the mixture of his semen and her slime off. Finally, she kissed the tip and sat back on the bed. Mister Gray looked down at her for a long moment before walking over to a closet and taking out a silk robe.

"You're a good nigger, Londa," he said finally, as he slipped the robe on. "And smart, too. You know how and when to be dumb and slutty in a way that gets you what you want. Getting whipped and fucked. Damn, but it's satisfying to do it to you."

"Thank you, suh," replied Rolonda. "You is too good to dis nigga."

Danessa hadn't quite managed to get herself off despite the stimulation of watching her cousin's performance with Mister Gray. She knew that although Rolonda's calling him "Daddy" and pretending to be sixteen was just an act designed to get them both off, the big girl genuinely enjoyed taking a beating followed by a fucking and made no pretense about it.

The colored teenager then considered her own mother and wondered if she would ever admit to getting something out of all this besides the part in a movie. It got her to wondering what kind of humiliations Natalie was being subjected to at this very moment...

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