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Dear Reader,

Welcome to NAMB’s story page. My stories are also posted on: the Forced Nudity Story Archive, but updates there are slow and infrequent. Also I may post other articles here that are not on that site.

This is not reality people. It isn’t something I advocate and I would not do any of these things in real life even if all social restrictions were removed. If you can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy, then I urge you not to read these stories. I hope you enjoy my stories in the spirit they were written: pure fantasy from a universe that could have been.


About NAMB About me and my writings.
Miss Sandra Miss Sandra is a story of a boy whose addiction to being sexually pleased by a young girl leads to his downfall and enslavement.
Spyware When 14-year-old Steven James got his own computer, he was in heaven. Now he could browse his favorite porn sites to his heart's content. Little did he know that site-by-site and keystroke-by-keystroke, his activities were being monitored by his mom, his aunt and his 12-year old cousin.
Short Stories The short story section is my "meat and potatos" section. I normally do not write stories of more than one part. This section is a collection of my stand-alone stories.
Will Write for Kink

I normally don't write stories suggested by others. "Normally don't" doesn't mean "never." If you have something in mind that fits in with my personal guidelines (See About NAMB), I am willing to hear about it.

I have also co-authored a a couple of stories with emerging writers. If you are willing to do this, then I have more lattitude in what I will write about since it is your work as well.

I also hitchhike on other stories and do ask permission when I can track down the author, and give credit in any case. I have also been inspired by drawings wondering how the situation in the drawing came about and where it will go from there.