By Margie


Jenny was an 18 year old school girl.  Occasionally she would have ‘accidents’ at school and be sent home.  Being in the last year of school, she was under a bit of stress so her ‘accidents’ were becoming more frequent.  Some people get headaches, others develop insomnia, Jenny couldn’t control her bladder.  It was very embarrassing for her.

Where she lived you just didn’t wear nappies.  Only babies wore nappies.  People had to visit the doctor if they were incontinent to be able to buy adult disposables.  She didn’t want to embarrass herself or her family by going to the doctor.

It was Friday.  Every day this week she had peed her pants.  This made her mother very angry.  “If you pee your pants today young lady, you will be put into nappies and treated as the baby you are,” her mother said while busily getting breakfast ready for the other children.  “Besides I’m sick of washing your urine smelling clothes, don’t you think I have enough to do already?  Even Jimmy doesn’t wet his pants anymore.”  Jimmy was the youngest of seven children at the age of two and a half.  Jenny was the oldest.  Hearing this, the other children sniggered.  Jenny glared at them to shut them up.

After getting ready for school, all the school aged children walked to the bus stop together. 

“Better not piss your pants today, Jenny,” teased Barbara.

“Jenny is a pissy pants,” taunted John.

“SHUT UP!” Jenny yelled at them with tears welling in her eyes.

She fell back to walk behind them.  They deliberately slowed to walk with her and taunted her more.  By the time they reached the bus stop Jenny was crying freely.  When they got on the bus she tried to find a seat where she would not be near them.  Both John and Barbara squeezed onto the seat next to her, squashing her against the window and continued to tease her.  Everyone on the bus heard what John and Barbara were saying.  Others began to tease and snigger at Jenny.  She just wanted to blend in with the seat and disappear.

Arriving at school didn’t stop the taunting.  It got worse.  It wasn’t only John and Barbara but just about everyone that was on the bus was teasing her.  With all the stress of the morning her bladder seemed to be full to overflowing.  She needed to pee so she headed for the toilet.  Some of the girls from the bus followed her.

“Pissy pants, pissy pants,” they continued to say while walking through the toilet door.

“Do you know how to use a toilet, pissy pants?” one girl asked in a sarcastic tone.

“FUCK OFF!” she retorted.  This made them giggle and tease her more.  She went to the first available cubicle and slammed the door shut behind her.

The day had not started well for Jenny.  Her mother had a go at her, which started her brothers and sisters, who then took it to the bus where all the other kids started on her.  She was determined that she was not going to wet her pants at all.  She would go to the toilet when she needed to so that she wouldn’t.  ‘I hope I don’t need to go while I’m in class’, she thought to herself.

Most of her teachers were understanding and allowed her to go to the toilet during class.  One teacher though did not let her go and by the end of the class the pain in her belly was so bad and the need to go so urgent that she almost didn’t make it to the toilet.

During recess and lunch she had to find a hidden place to sit because it seemed as if the whole school knew about her ‘accidents’ and everyone teased her.

“Pissy pants,” some would say and giggle.

“Have you been potty trained?” others said.  Worse was to come.  One girl lifted her skirt in the middle of the courtyard and asked, “where’s your nappy, baby?  Only babies piss their pants.”  Jenny’s face brightened with a blush of deepest red.  Jenny tried to run but the girl held tightly to her skirt and laughed.  Luckily for Jenny a teacher saw what was happening and came over to the girls.  The teacher took the girl to the office.  Jenny ran from the courtyard trying to find a safe place to be alone.  The taunts of ‘pissy pants’ and ‘baby’ finally dimmed and she slowed to a walk.

She found herself outside the library.  Jenny didn’t come here often but hoped it would be her sanctuary.  She found a corner, sat down and quietly sobbed.  Jenny sat there for what seemed like an eternity.  The bell for the next class went but she didn’t move.  Her need to go to the toilet was growing.  Of course she was going to be late for her next class.

“Where have you been?” Mr. Johnson bellowed at Jenny when she entered the room.

“In the toilet, Sir,” Jenny replied quietly.

“You should go to the toilet in your own time, not in my class time.  You’ve disrupted the class by being late.  Now get to your seat and don’t disrupt my class any further today!”

“Yes Sir.”

The rest of the afternoon at school was uneventful, but she was dreading the bus ride home.  She was happy though that she had stayed dry all day.  ‘I’ll go to the toilet before I get on the bus and I should be right till I get home.’  She thought, laughing at the thoughts of being put in a nappy.

The bus ride home was terrible.  John and Barbara squeezed in beside her again.

“Did you stay dry today, baby?” teased John and that started everyone else teasing her.  Tears flooded down her cheeks.

“Look at the baby.  Baby needs a bottle.  Do you need a nappy change, baby?” Barbara said and giggled.  Jenny was fed up with everything that had happened during the day.  She lost control and punched Barbara in the nose causing it to bleed.

“I’m telling Mum on you!” yelled John.  With everything that was happening Jenny hadn’t realized that she had wet her pants.  Now that she had her tears would not stop.  She didn’t want to be put in nappies and treated like a baby.

With fear coursing through her she slowly walked home.  John and Barbara had run ahead.  Blood still streamed from Barbara’s nose.  Jenny was in BIG TROUBLE and she knew it.  Hitting someone was taboo in their house.  Not only was she going to be put in nappies, she was also going to be punished for hitting Barbara.

As soon as she got home she headed for her bedroom.  Her mother was waiting there for her.

“SHUT THE DOOR!” her mother growled with a look of pure fury on her face.  “HAVE YOU SEEN THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE TO YOUR SISTER?  I’m going to have to take her to the hospital to get it checked out.”  Her mother looked at her with a look that demanded an answer.

“Mum,” Jenny sobbed, “they have bean teasing me about my ‘accidents’ and getting the other kids to tease me too.  You would not believe the day I’ve had because of them.  I’m really sorry about hitting Barbara but they pushed and pushed until I lost control.”

“That’s no excuse for hitting.  You know how I feel about violence.  Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”  She walked to Jenny and put her hand on the back of her skirt.  “I see BABY couldn’t keep her pants dry either.  I told you what would happen if you peed your pants.  We have to go to the hospital now and you can go exactly as you are.  We will deal with this when we get home.”

Jenny was stunned with what her mother had said about her going exactly as she was.  She started to protest.  “But Mum, I’ve already been embarrassed enough today.”

“At the moment I’m more concerned with Barbara’s nose than what you look like.  NOW GET YOUR BUTT TO THE CAR WITH EVERYONE ELSE!”  Jenny stomped her way to the car.  Her mother wasn’t happy with the way she was acting so she smacked her which caused Jenny to scream out in pain and frustration.

‘Thank god the waiting room isn’t busy.  This shouldn’t take too long.”  Jenny thought, a little relieved.  She was becoming uncomfortable sitting there in the wet skirt and panties.  The smell was also getting to her.

“Poo, you smell bad, Jenny,” remarked Richard, her five year old brother while waving his hand under his crinkled nose

“Pissy pants,” sniggered John

“Be quiet all of you.”  Mum barked

When Barbara was called Mum took John and Richard with her leaving Jenny to look after the others.  They sat quietly and behaved until Mum and the others reappeared some thirty minutes later.  Barbara had a broken nose.

“I’m really sorry, Barbara,” Jenny apologized.

“Don’t talk to me pissy pants,” she replied.

“Barbara, don’t talk to your sister like that,” said Mum.

“It’s been like this all day, from everyone.” Jenny choked back tears.

“You shouldn’t have pissed your pants then,” Mum snapped at Jenny.

When they arrived home Mum grabbed Jenny roughly by the hand.

“Come on Baby Jenny; let’s get you cleaned up and into your nappy.”  The other children laughed at this.  Mum dragged Jenny to the bathroom where she proceeded to run a warm bath.  Jenny stood sobbing into her hands.

“Please Mum; it won’t happen again I promise.  I’m sorry it was an accident.  I was dry until I was on the bus this afternoon.  I’ll wash the clothes from now on.  Please don’t do this, I’m not a baby.”

Mum finished running the bath and threw in Jimmy’s favourite toy, a yellow rubber duck.  “Now Baby, come here.”


“COME HERE NOW!”  Mum reached out and pulled Jenny towards her.  “You come when you are called, Baby!”  WHACK.  Jenny was so stunned by the smack, she stopped sobbing momentarily.  She hadn’t been smacked in years and this was the second time today.  Her hands went back to her face and the tears began to flow once more.

Mum began to undo her skirt and pull it down, pulling down her panties at the same time.  Jenny stood there sobbing half naked, her private place exposed to whoever looked in the door.  Next Mum removed her blouse.  “Move your hands, Baby,” she was ordered.  Jenny dropped her hands to her sides and hung her head in shame.  The only thing that needed to be removed was her bra.  Mum walked behind Jenny, undid the clips and pushed the straps off Jenny’s shoulders.  It fell to the floor.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.  “I’m sick of washing these wet, smelly clothes.  If you want to act like a baby then I am going to treat you like one and that includes smacking.  WHACK.  “Get in the bath!”

Gingerly, Jenny got into the bath.  The water only covered part of her legs and bottom.  She made a grab for the sponge so she could wash herself. 

“Babies need their mummies to wash them, they can’t do it themselves.” Mum said while slapping Jenny’s hand away from the sponge.  Jenny slumped with humiliation and resigned herself to the fact that she was going to be treated like a baby.  ‘What are you going to use for nappies’ she thought.

Mum picked up the sponge form where it had fallen in the water and lathered soap on it.  She washed Jenny with lovingly gentle strokes and even coochie cooed her when washing her feet and belly, causing Jenny to giggle through her tears.

‘Mum really is taking this seriously.’ She thought.

Mum pulled the plug and helped Jenny out of the bath, wrapped her in a fluffy towel and ushered her to her bedroom.  “Stand here while I get a couple of things from my room, sweet baby Jenny.”  She returned a couple of minutes later with nappies, baby pins, baby powder, and plastic pants.  She watched her mother fold the nappies and realized with amazement that they would in fact fit her.  “Where did you get those?” she asked meekly.

“I found a really nice baby shop when I went shopping today.  The name of the shop was Aunty Doris’ Baby Shop.  I went in to have a look around and they just happened to have things for the larger baby, so I bought these just in case.  Doris is such a helpful woman, she even gave me a few tips I didn’t know.  Now come over here.”

Jenny shuffled to her mother.  Mum reached over, pulled the towel off her and patted her dry.  “Lay down on the nappy.”

With the small amount of dignity she had left, she stood where she was and said, “Mum, I’m not a baby.  I’m not going to wear a nappy.”


Mum’s tone changed from motherly to stern.  “I told you to lie on the nappy, DO IT NOW!”  Jenny felt defeated.  She laid down on the nappy.

The sweet smell of baby powder filled the air.  Mum rubbed it into Jenny’s nappy area then pulled the nappy into place, pinning it with the oversized pins.  “Lift your legs.”  Jenny did as she was instructed.  Mum pulled the plastic pants up to her knees.  “Stand up.”  Jenny obediently did as she was told and the plastic pants were pulled up over her nappy.

“When you are at home you WILL wear nappies.  You WILL wear nappies ALL weekend. You will NOT change them.  If you misbehave you WILL be smacked.  If you are a good girl all weekend I might let you go to school on Monday in big girls pants, if not you WILL wear a nappy.” Mum finished laying down the rules and looked at Jenny.  “Come here,” she said in a sweet voice.  Jenny did as she was told.  “You look so adorable in those.”  Mum wrapped her arms around Jenny, gently and cuddled her.  “You look tired.  Why don’t you lie down and have a sleep.  I’ll have dinner ready for you when you wake up.”  With that she helped Jenny to her bed, gave her a kiss and left the room closing the door behind her.

Jenny was exhausted.  The entire day had drained her physically and mentally.  She was still sobbing.  Her thoughts were scattered.  ‘What was going to be for dinner?’ she thought before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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