Anna's Stories

My stories generally revolve around Adult Baby and Diaper Lover themes. Some will include males who like being regressed into female babies, the sissies of this world with all their ribbons and frills. Many will involve diaper punishment.

A key feature of my stories is that I like to set the scene, give a teaser of what happens next, and leave the reader to use their imagination in order to bring the story to a full conclusion. Nobody reads my stories the same way as anyone else, so they are set for an infinite variety of ending scenarios. You decide what happens to the characters who have the misfortune to wander into my stories.

All of them have one thing in common - diapers, or nappies as we call them where I come from. I write these stories for fun, and for a website that I operate. Whilst I say that these are my stories, some of them will be included that have been written by my partner Margie, a lady I love a great deal, and who has only recently started to write. A new writer, perhaps, but our members enjoy these possibly more than mine.

If you like our stories you will be pleased to know that you can now find many more at our brand new website. Registration is required, but no costs are involved for full access. Come and visit us at AB DL Community. If you want to see more stories written, get involved and active in the Community, and encourage us to write.

The Stories

anna's Punishment - Femdom diaper punsihment story, sees anna forced back into diapers and dominated entirely.

Samantha's Fantasy - by Margie - A story written for a friend, taking him deep inside his own fantasy.

Woody's Punishment - No woman EVER likes being teased about her period. Remember that!

Kate's Punishment - A wife who likes to play around on her husband is not prepared for the lengths he goes to to see her become his extremely obedient baby girl.

Jenny, by Margie - A schoolgirl who wets her panties finds that her mother has a unique way of dealing with teenagers who cannot stay dry.