Little whore daughter

(MMg, nc, ds, bd, humil, span, viol, scat, ws, inc, ped)
by MrTriple

Lesson 1

She looked quite astonished when she opened her birthday present. "What is it?" she asked, tossing and turning the contents of her present, trying to figure out what it was. "It's called a dildo, my girl," I answered. "Can you guess what it's used for? What do you think it resembles?"

"I don't know," she said. "I think it looks a little like when your willy grows big." I looked surprised at her. "When have you seen that?" "Once I got out of bed, because I couldn't sleep. And then I went to the living room, and you were sitting there naked, and your willy was all grown. But then I went to bed again, because I thought you'd get angry if you knew I'd watched you." "No, my dearest darling. Daddy wouldn't get mad over something like that. But then you should be able to guess what a dildo is for, right?"

My daughter turned 9 today and had heard about how babies were made, and about sex in general. But this was a little different. I helped her: "Well, it is used in the same way as when daddy's cock is all hard." "Is it for putting in my pussy?" she asked with hesitation. "That's right, my darling. It's about time you get some experience in the wonders of sex so you know what to do, when you're out working, earning me money."

"Work? What do you mean?" "You're going to be my little child whore, earning money having sex with men." "But daddy, I can't get such a big thing into my pussy," she said and looked at the dildo. "Yes you can. We just need to train you a little. This is just a little dildo. A real cock is bigger, so it is important for you to get some training."

"Take off your clothes," I commanded her. She hesitated, looked at me and saw that I really meant it. She stripped off her clothes and stood there all naked. She was a sight for sore eyes. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, a hint of developing breasts, and absolutely no pubic hair. My cock immediately started to stir. "Lie down on the couch." She did as she was told. Along with the dildo came a little bottle of lube. I opened it and applied some to her child cunt, which I then started massaging. After a little while I slid a finger into her. It made her body twitch. "Daddy, please stop? I don't like it."

"No, my girl. I told you already we're going to train you to become a little whore." "But daddy, I don't want that." "Stop that whining. Living is not free. It's about time you start help out earning for the house hold." "But daddy..." "Stop it, I said! Do you want to make daddy angry? Huh?" "No," she sobbed. "That's a good girl. Then just lie there and enjoy. I'll start the training of your pussy."

I shoved one more finger into her, and shortly after one more. A certain amount of pressure had to be applied, because her cunt was so tight. She tossed in pain, but didn't dare to complain anymore. She was scared I would get mad at her. After fingering her for a while, I took the dildo, applied plenty of lubricant, and started inserting it into her cunt. It took quite some pushing and pressing, but finally the tip of the dildo went inside. She was sobbing. Didn't like it at all. Somehow that turned me on. I was becoming quite horny. There lay my lovely little 9 year old daughter with a dildo forced into her tight, hairless cunt.

I fucked her with the dildo for a long time, and it was getting deeper and deeper into her. However, when it was about half the way in it would go no further. That was all her delicious little cunt could take for now. I didn't want her to loose her virginity by being fucked by a dildo, so when I was confident her cunt had stretched a good deal I pulled out the dildo.

I took off my clothes and stood there naked with my hard cock pointing straight into the air. She gasped at the sight, and was evidently thinking about how that was ever supposed to get into her. However, I would make sure of that. I lubricated my cock and pressed it against her opening. Then I drove the tip of my cock inside. She expelled a moan of pain. I started to fuck her slowly. After a while she got used to my big cock and I increased my pace. It was amazing feeling my daughter's little virgin cunt milk my cock. It wouldn't be long before I came.

I was so extremely horny now, that I didn't care how much my fucking hurt her. I fucked her harder and harder. It was hurting her so much, that she was crying loudly and trying to pull away. But I held her in place and just kept on fucking. I was really close now. Suddenly my cock went all the way in, and my balls slapped against her lovely little butt. She expelled a high pitched scream, and blood started flowing out of her cunt. I knew I'd burst through her hymen and taken her virginity. This was too much for me, and with a roar I was sent over the edge, pumping my warm, sticky sperm deep into her.

I kept going for a long time, and it seemed the flow of cum would never end. But finally, after filling up her cunt completely, with cum oozing out of her, I was exhausted and collapsed on top of her, kissing her all over her face and mouth. "Pheeew. That was just amazing!" I exclaimed after catching my breath. "That's definitely the best thing you've ever done for daddy." I got up and inspected the perfect sight of my sobbing daughter's little abused body. Then she got up and hurried into the bathroom.

This was her first lesson in becoming daddy's little child whore.

Lesson 2

The next day I decided it was time for her second lesson. She was going to learn how to suck a cock.

She was still upset about what had happened the day before, and she didn't say a thing while we were having breakfast. "Why the long face?" I asked her. She didn't look up and didn't answer either. "Are you still upset about yesterday?" She gave me a quick glance. "It's not use being upset about that. You better get used to the idea of becoming daddy's little whore."

She started sobbing. "But dad, why? I don't want to, and I don't like it." "I told you I don't wanna hear that whining," I snarled. "Looks like a good punishment is what you need."

She looked frightened at me. I started taking off my belt, which by the look of her facial expression caused her anxiety to increase. "Daddy, I beg you. I'll stop whining. I'll behave and do what you want me to."

"That's right, my girl. But to ensure that you actually remember it, I think it'll be necessary with a little bit of punishment. Take off you pants and bend over the table." She hesitated for a moment, but then realized that it was probably best to obey me. When she was in place I raised the belt and landed it hard on her butt. She cried out in pain. The belt had left a deep red mark on her small, soft child buttocks. I landed four more slaps, and for each of them she let out an ear piercing cry.

"Well that's enough for now. I hope you learned how to behave from now on. So what do you say?" She didn't really know what to say. "You say: thanks daddy, I promise I'll behave from now on," I helped her. "Thank you daddy, I promise to behave," she sobbed. "That's a good girl. Well, let's get on with today's lesson."

"Today you'll learn how to suck a cock. Get over here and pull my pants down," I commanded. She obeyed immediately. Apparently she'd learned her lesson. "My boxer shorts too." She did as told, which unleashed my big cock. I'd gotten quite horny from the events this morning, so my cock was already quite hard.

"Take my cock in your mouth and suck it rock hard." She looked at it with disgust, but quickly took the tip of it into her mouth. "Ahhh, yes baby," I expelled. "Damn, it's nice to feel your warm little mouth around daddy's cock. Grab it with your hand it jerk it back and forth." She grabbed my cock with her small child hand, which didn't even fit all the way round, and started jerking me off while still sucking the tip of my cock.

"Oh yeah. It's so nice. You're a quick study, my girl. Use your tongue a bit more. Let it play with the tip of my cock. Be careful not to use your teeth. If that happens it'll hurt daddy, and then I'll have to punish you."

She did her best not to bite the cock. The previous punishment had done good. "Ahhhh. Oh yeah, my lovely little whore daughter. You are real good at sucking cock. Grab my balls with the other hand and squeeze them gently." She grabbed my balls and played with them. It felt so incredibly good. I was horny like hell and could cum any second, but I wanted to last for as long as possible. It was so hot to get my cock sucked by my own little 9 year old daughter.

But after a short while I simply couldn't hold back anymore. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth while she sucked as good as she could. "Oh yeah, baby, I'm just about to cum now. Squeeze by balls hard and tighten your grip of my cock... oh yeeees... jerk it faster." Then I held her head in a tight grip and forced my cock down her throat so she had trouble breathing. But I didn't care about that now. My orgasm was building up, and the thought that it was my own little daughter I mouth fucked sent me over the edge.

I pumped my warm, gooey sperm into her mouth and down her throat. She was unable to take it all, so some of it oozed out of her mouth, down her chin. It was such a nice sight. When I was done filling her up, I instructed her to suck my cock clean of cum. With one finger I scooped the cum that was running down her chin into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it.

"How does it taste, my girl?" I asked her. "It tastes a little sweet... and salty," she answered. It was clear that she didn't like it very much, but she didn't dare say it in fear of me getting angry and punish her. "That's a good girl. You'll soon learn to love it. Remember, it's important that you swallow it all. Most men like to see that. But the most important thing is that you do as you're told. Otherwise, men will get angry with you, and then they don't wanna pay. Understand?" She nodded. "And when a man says: I'm cumming, it means that he's ready to spray. And then you'll have to be ready to take his load. All right?" "OK," she answered a bit sulky.

This was her second lesson, and I have to say that she was a quick study, better at sucking cock than anyone else who had sucked me.

Lesson 3

The next couple of days we didn't talk much together. She obviously had a hard time adjusting to the thought of becoming my little child whore. I decided to wait a couple of days before we went ahead with the next lesson. However, I did let her know that it wasn't over.

As the days passed her mood got a little better and we started talking again. I did everything I could to try to make her happy. She got her favorite food for dinner, I bought her candy when she wanted it, and I allowed her to stay up late watching TV.

But one day I decided it was time for another lesson. She took it better this time. Apparently she was beginning to comprehend, that this was how her life was now.

"Take your clothes off," I commanded. She obeyed immediately. "Sit down on all fours on the couch." While she was getting onto the couch I fetched her dildo and some lube. "Today I'll train you in getting fucked in the ass. This is something which will happen a lot when you start getting customers." I squeezed out good blob of lubricant on her smooth child butt and started smearing it around her butt hole. After a while I slipped a finger inside the hole. She twitched and let out a surprised sigh.

"Does it feel good to get a finger up your ass, sweety?" I asked. "It's a little weird," she answered. "It's just a matter of getting used to," I tried to assure her. I got the dildo and placed it just outside the entrance to her sweet little butt hole. Then I began to press it against the tightened hole. After a little while she was widened just enough to let the dildo slide inside. She gasped due to the new feeling of having something that big up her butt.

"This is nothing compared to a real man cock," I said and pressed the dildo in a bit further. It was half way in by now, and it wasn't easy to get it in deeper. But I was adamant about training her properly, so I just pressed harder and harder, until the dildo was almost fully buried inside her. She whimpered in pain, and I could see that her tight child butt hole was stretched to the limit and had a firm grip on the dildo.

I started to let the dildo slide in and out. Slowly at first, so her hole could get used to it, but gradually increasing the pace and force. The treatment was hurting her a bit and she was sobbing, but after a while she had been widened enough for the pain to subside. She was getting used to having the dildo inside her.

It was time for her to get a real cock up her butt hole. I took out the dildo, turned her around to face me, and then commanded her to pull down my pants and suck my cock hard. It was a bit hard already from seeing her virgin butt hole taking in a dildo, but her skilled child mouth quickly sucked me fully erect. It was so nice to feel my little daughter's warm mouth around my cock.

I was now ready to start butt fucking her. I made her sit on all fours again and went behind her. Then I applied a good deal of lube on my rock hard cock and pressed it against her deliciously tight butt hole. She gasped from the sensation of having a real adult cock shoved into her butt for the first time. Even though she had gotten used to having the dildo inside her, a real cock was something else. I had to apply a quite some force to get inside her, which caused a lot of gasping and sobbing on her part.

I gave her a little time to adjust to the situation. Then I started fucking her tight little butt hole. I grabbed her hips so I could pull myself all the way inside her for each thrust. This went on for quite some time all the while she was gasping and moaning from the strain of having me inside her. Her tight hole was doing a good job on my cock, and I was just about ready to spurt, when I pulled out. I didn't want to come just now. I had to teach her an extra thing first.

I went in front of her placing my cock close to her mouth. "Suck my cock clean, whore," I commanded. She looked at it, then looked up at me as if to get confirmation that I was really serious about this. She quickly realized that I actually meant it, so she turned her attention back to my cock. It had clear traces of having been up her butt hole, and she didn't seem too keen on taking it into her mouth. But she knew what would happen if she didn't do as I told her, so she opened her mouth and took it in.

The smell and taste hit her like a brick wall of disgust and triggered a couple of puking reflexes. But she managed to overcome them and started sucking and licking my cock clean of her own shit. "Oh yeah, baby. Ahhh, damn that's good," I moaned and was again just about to come. But I didn't want to shoot my load in her mouth.

I pulled out and went behind her. Then I shoved my cock hard into her butt hole, causing her to let out a cry of pain. I fucked her in hard and deep thrusts until it was impossible to hold back anymore, and I pumped my warm sperm deep into her tight little hole, filling it up till it could hold no more and the sperm started oozing out of her. When I was done, I made her suck my cock clean again. It was a bit easier for her to clean my cock this time, now that she knew the feeling of taking a cock smeared in her own shit into her mouth. When she was done cleaning me, I went behind her again to admire the sight of her abused butt hole, with cum oozing out of it, down her thighs, and onto the couch.

This was her third lesson, and I felt that she was now ready to start the real work, offering her body to strange, horny men, who got pleasure from fucking little girls.

First customer

A week had passed since the butt fucking lesson. I had gotten in contact through the Internet with some guys, who were willing to pay good money for the opportunity to fuck a little 9 year old blonde whore, and I had made a deal with one of them. He would come by the next day to get his pedophile desires satisfied.

"Good news. We've got a customer," I said to my daughter when we were sitting at the dinner table. "He'll come tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock." She gave me a surprised look. Until now it was only me who had fucked her, and even though she knew that eventually she would have to make her body available to strange men, it came as a surprise to her that it was so soon.

"He's going to pay real good money, and in exchange he wants the liberty to use you completely as he wishes. It's an offer we really can't refuse, so you better prepare yourself for a rough ride." She sulked, looking down at the table. Didn't know what to say. "Well, you better get ready for bed, so you'll be fresh for tomorrow."

The next day we got up early and made preparations for the session. I had acquired a bunch of equipment to be made available to customers. There were dildos in various shapes and sizes, lube, handcuffs, ropes, leather straps, nipple clamps, whips and so on. Additionally, I had bought some costumes for my whore daughter to wear if the customers so wished.

At 10 o'clock the door bell rang. I opened up and welcomed the customer. It was a man of about 5'11", densely built, and quite muscled. He had a stern and cold look, and I could sense he was the type of guy, who got what he wanted. It made me a little nervous, but it was also kind of arousing to think about how he would treat my daughter. I showed him to the room that I had prepared for customer sessions. In the middle of the room was a double bed with iron grid headboard, and next to the bed was a small nightstand with all the various equipment. I got the money up front, went out of the room and into the living room, where my little whore daughter sat naked, waiting nervously.

"It's time. Come on now." I commanded. She followed me to the room where the man waited. She looked at him, frightened. The situation was very unpleasant for her, and she didn't dare go further into the room. I pushed her towards the man, while she tried to resist. Suddenly she started crying. "I don't want to. Please, daddy. I don't want to." "Stop that whining! I've told you many times now that you've got to accept your place as a whore. Come on then. Go to the man so he can get a better look at you and get started with things." Reluctantly, while still sobbing a bit, she inched towards the man.

When she was within reach of the man, he suddenly grabbed her and forced her down on her knees. She let out a surprised cry. "Your daddy told me you were a well trained little whore. But it seems to me you need a little more training," the man snarled. He took her by her hair and forced her head back. Then he slapped her a couple of times in the face, making her cheeks all red. She started crying again and tried to turn her head at me, hoping to find some sympathy. But the man forced her head back, spit in her face, and slapped her some more. Then he licked the spit off her with his rough, demanding tongue.

"I'll teach you to know your place, you little bitch!" the man said and grabbed a neck leather strap and a chain from the nightstand. He fastened the strap around her neck and attached the chain to it. "Down on your hands and knees, slut! You're nothing but a dirty little bitch, who needs a good fucking!" She obeyed. He grabbed the chain and dragged her like a dog round the room. I have to say it really was arousing to see a strange man give my daughter such a good master/slave treatment. It made my cock rock hard.

"Crawl onto the bed, bitch," he commanded her. She crawled up and sat on the bed. The man placed himself just next to the bed facing my little whore daughter. "Beg me to see my cock!" he demanded. She hesitated just a little too long, which immediately resulted in a hard slap in her face, forcing tears to her eyes. She didn't cry, though. "Beg me to see my cock, you dirty little bitch!" he repeated. "C-can I please see y-your cock?" she stuttered. "Well, OK then. Open my pants and let them drop to the floor." She did as ordered. "My underpants as well."

Pulling down his underpants revealed his cock. It wasn't that hard yet, but even so it was clear that he was really well hung with a couple of huge balls hanging there behind his cock. Also he was completely shaved. My daughter gasped at the sight, evidently thinking about how impossible it would be to get his big cock inside her, especially when it became fully erect. "Grab it with your little hand and play with it," he commanded. She did as she was told and started jerking off his cock, which quickly got rock hard.

"Take it in your mouth and suck it." She opened her mouth and let it slide over the tip of his cock. He was almost too big to fit in her little child mouth. She used her other hand to grab his balls and play with them. She had learned the art of cock sucking really well during her training. It seemed like the man thought so too, as he moaned: "Oh yeah. You dirty little bitch. You really understand how to suck a man. Your dad must have trained you well in that discipline." Then he let out a sinister laugh, while my whore daughter kept on sucking him like a real pro.

All of a sudden he grabbed her by the hair and asked: "Taste good?" "Mmmm," she answered with her mouth full of cock. "Can't hear you. Do you like the taste of my cock, you little dirty bitch?" he asked again and pulled out of her, so she had a chance to answer. She must have hesitated a bit too long for his liking, because before she knew it, he had grabbed her by the throat with his other hand. "I asked you if it taste good, bitch? So answer me!" he snarled. "Yes, your cock tastes good," she quickly answered. "That's a good whore. Well, your going to get plenty of cock today. I promise you that," he said with an evil grin.

Suddenly the man's face got all serious. "Beg me to rape you," he commanded in a cold voice. Learned from experience my daughter obeyed at once. "Please rape me." I couldn't believe what I heard. There was my little daughter begging to be raped by a total stranger. My cock pressed so hard against my pants that it almost hurt. "So you'd like to be raped, huh? Well, I think I can manage that wish," the man said and forced his fully erect cock into her mouth. Then he started mouth fucking her, hard and fast. For each thrust his cock forced itself further down her child throat, but he had trouble getting it all the way in. He had to grab her head and pull it towards him, before his cock would fully disappear into her.

With his cock buried in her throat he increased his pace and was now rough fucking her mouth and throat like she was an insignificant little lolita doll. She couldn't breath and started to panic. Her arms and legs flailed helplessly around in the hope that she could somehow break free. But the man held her in place, and after a while she seemed to accept that there was nothing she could do. She was completely in his power, and he could do with her as he wished. She relaxed now. Her body got all weak, and a warm feeling spread from the stomach and down below.

Her thoughts started to revolve around how nice it actually felt to be controlled and handled by a big strong man. But it was a forbidden feeling. She shouldn't think like that. However, there was nothing she could do about it. Her body betrayed her, and she could feel how her little child cunt became all wet. It was the first time in her life she had become horny.

She had been cut off from air for about a minute now, and it caused her to faint. The man pulled out, just to let her get enough air to regain consciousness, and then he repeated the treatment. After a while of this he pulled out, grabbed hold of his cock, and slapped her with it in the face. This was just the kind of humiliating treatment my little whore daughter needed. The more she got of that, the more she would learn to accept her place in life as a little child whore.

The man had warmed up by now and was ready to initiate some serious abuse of my daughter. He took handcuffs and ropes and tied her to the bed, so that she lay on her back with her arms and legs spread out. Then he got onto the bed and sat down on top of her with his ass burying her head. "Lick my asshole, you little cunt," he commanded her. She started licking his ass. She quickly found the hole and let her tongue play with it. "Stick your tongue in as far as you can." She pressed her tongue against the hole, which opened up a little, so that she could get the tip of her tongue inside.

She noticed a smell of shit and could also taste it on her tongue. Even though she had tasted shit during her training, she hadn't really liked it. Now it strangely enough had an arousing effect on her, which sent a feeling of shame through her little head. But at the same time it made her more horny. She couldn't understand how this could feel so good. It wasn't right. However, she couldn't ignore her treacherous body, and she started licking his hole greedily. After a while she succeeded in getting a good deal of her tongue inside, where the taste of shit intensified, turning her on even more.

All the while she licked his ass, the man played with her cunt, and had of course noticed how wet it had become. "Well, well, you dirty little bitch. You're all wet between your legs. So you really do like being raped, do you?" Without her noticing, the horniness had made her start moaning softly, and when the man posed the question she answered without thinking twice: "Mmmmyeah," while she kept on licking. "That's a good whore. But let's see how you like the next thing I have in store for you."

Suddenly she felt something press against her tongue, forcing it out of the man's ass hole, back into her mouth, and whatever it was followed into her mouth. There was a strong taste of shit, and she understood what was happening. The man simply took a dump in her mouth. "Come on, dirty bitch. Eat my shit. Chew it and swallow it," he commanded. Her first reaction was to move away, but she was firmly tied to the bed, and her head was fixated by his ass pressing down on her face. More and more shit squeezed into her mouth, which was now becoming full, so the shit forced its way down her throat. There was nothing she could do but swallow it.

Her first reaction to being shit in the mouth had been unpleasant, mostly because it had come as a shock. But lying there forced to eat his shit without being able to do anything about it, gave her that warm feeling in the stomach again, spreading down to her little cunt, increasing her wetness. Her head was a turmoil of conflicting thoughts. On one hand she was ashamed with her body's reaction, but on the other hand she was under the influence of raw animal lust, which made her accept giving herself completely to the man. He owned her. Could do with her whatever he wanted. And she liked it.

After he had emptied everything into my daughter's mouth, he got up and turned around. It was a lovely sight. There on the bed lay my little whore daughter, her arms and legs tied, shit smeared all around her mouth. And as if that wasn't enough, she was lying there licking her mouth, her eyes radiating her horniness. I had to savor this moment, so I got my video cam and started recording my daughter's abused body. I began with a close-up of her face, filming how she greedily licked shit off her mouth. Then I led the camera down along her lovely, little child body, stopping for a while to admire her petite nipples, and then all the way to her cunt. It was extremely wet. Her juices oozed out of her and down on the bed. Damn, it was hot.

The man now kneeled down over her tied up body with one leg on each side of her, his semi-erect cock dangling right over her face. "Let me help you clean your mouth, both outside and inside," he said. "Open up and prepare to swallow whatever comes. Don't spill a drop." She opened up, and immediately a yellow jet squirted from his cock and into her mouth. "Swallow it before it flows over." She sank the piss as good as she could, mouthful after mouthful, even though it wasn't easy when having her mouth open at the same time. When he was almost done he let his jet of piss go around her mouth, so that any shit leftovers was washed off. She tried licking everything into her mouth, since he had commanded her not to spill anything.

He now moved down her body and positioned his head just above her cunt. "Mmm, your smooth child pussy looks delicious. Glistening wet," he said and started licking her. It felt like she was getting an electric shock when his tongue touched her cunt, and her whole body tightened. She had never felt anything like it. So incredibly nice. She moaned softly while his tongue played with her wet cunt. He continuously licked the whole length of her slit mixed with titillating her clitoris. She felt the warm feeling returning, this time all over her body. It was like something big was about to happen real soon. Suddenly he stopped licking, crawled up to her face, and forced his tongue into her mouth. He started kissing her hard and greedily, playing with her tongue.

Oh, how incredibly good it felt, she thought. Where had he been all her life. It felt like they had always been meant to do this. Melt together, becoming one. The man led a hand down to her soaked cunt and stuck his middle finger into her while using his thumb to rub her clitoris. This was simply too much for her. Her body tensed up like a bow string, and a feeling of pure delight went through her. She let out a long moan of intense pleasure. She had just had her very first orgasm.

When the orgasm was over her body was completely limp, and she lay with her eyes closed thinking about how unbelievably nice it had been. Never had she experienced anything that intense. But the man wasn't done yet. He untied the ropes and took off her handcuffs. Then he grabbed some leather straps for her wrists and ankles, each strap having an iron ring mounted to it, and strapped them onto her. He took an iron chain and pulled it through the rings on the writs straps.

While this was happening she was still lying with her eyes closed, recovering from her orgasm. With a hard jerk she was brought back to reality as the man pulled her up to a standing position, inducing a confused look on her face. He attached the chain to a hook in the ceiling, so that she could barely reach the bed with her toes. Then he put a blindfold on her.

"Now it's time for me to discipline you, filthy little slut," he snarled. "It's about time you get a good whipping!" She started shaking. "But I haven't been naughty. I've done everything you've said," she said whimpering. "Yes, that's right. But you've also enjoyed it. You've enjoyed being raped. Only filthy little sluts do that, and they must be punished," he said. She was perplexed. She had done everything the man had said, and he had even made her enjoy it, and now she was to be punished.

She felt something touch her body and being led from the stomach up to her chin. It was soft and tingling. Then she felt something hard against her mouth. "Kiss the handle of the whip that's going to punish you, whore!" She hesitated, causing the man to press the whip handle harder against her mouth. "Kiss it! Show your humility to the whip!" he snarled. She kissed the whip.

Presently the first lash landed on her stomach. She let out a scream and felt a burning sensation where the whip had hit. She couldn't see it, but the whip had left a deep red mark on her stomach. She started crying. Then the next lash hit, and one more, and one more. A whole series of whip lashes landed on the little child body. For each lash she let out a painful scream, all the while her stomach was getting more and more red marks. At some point she was turned half around, followed by another series of whip lashes, this time on her back and small soft buttocks. She was being punished good and thoroughly.

As sudden as the whipping had started, it simply just ended. "Had enough, slut? Or am I going to whip some more horniness out of you?" the man asked. "I've had enough. I'll behave. I promise not to... I promise... I..." she stuttered. "Come on, say it!" he demanded. "What is it you'll promise not to do when getting raped from now on?" "To become horny," she answered in a low sobbing voice. "I can't hear you. Say it louder!" "I promise not to become horny when I'm raped," she repeated in a louder voice. "That's a good slut. But I don't think I believe you just yet."

He took the blindfold off her and detached the chain from the hook in the ceiling. She was then laid down in the bed on her back, arms and legs tied up to the four corners of the bed. He placed himself over her in a standing position with one leg at each side of her stomach. He had changed the whip to a riding whip. He led it along her inner thigh, slowly approaching her cunt. But before it reached there he changed its course, and led it along her stomach all the way up to her chin, ending at her mouth. "Lick it, bitch!" She new better than to disobey him and immediately started licking the whip. She would do anything not to get whipped again. "Yeah, that's right. You're a good little whore. Lick the whip that's going to punish you," he said triumphing.

She got a scared look in her eyes. "No, no, please. No more whipping. I beg you." He let out an evil laugh: "Hah, hah, hah. It's so nice to hear you beg for mercy. You're beginning to know your place. But I just don't think you've had enough whipping. I have to punish that part of your body, that brought forth the bitch in you." Then he landed a lash directly on her cunt. A jolt of pain went through her tiny child body, and she whimpered: "Ouch, ouch, please, I beg you. No more." The next couple of whip lashes landed on her inner thighs, and then lash after lash punished her sex and surrounding area. She had never experienced such pain before.

But at last the whipping ended. The man stepped down from the bed and said: "Well, I think this is enough for now. I'll leave you lying there for a bit, so you can think about your situation." While she lay on the bed sobbing, he grabbed a pack of cigarettes, took one out, and lit it. Then he took a couple of deep drags, held it in for a while, and then exhaled. "Ahh yeah. Just what I needed. It's hard work raping and abusing a little child whore like you. Especially when you need to be taught a lesson." He sat down on the bed and looked down at the little girl. He led a hand up to her head and gently stroke her hair.

"It's for your own good. You know that, right? You have to know your place and learn how to behave. You don't want to be one of those dirty little sluts, do you?" She looked at the him and shook her head. He took another drag and exhaled. "There, there, my girl. Everything is good now," he said in a soothing voice, and gradually he got her to calm down. He gently stoke her chin. Then her stomach. Then her nipples. They immediately became erect. He noticed, but didn't say anything. While he kept on stroking her, he put out the cigarette in an ashtray on the nightstand. He moved the freed hand down to her thighs and also started stroking them, gradually moving to her inner thighs. She felt a stinging sensation as he reached the whip marks, and she gasped. "Shush. All is good now. Just relax."

Little by little the stroking changed into petting, and his hand moved closer to her cunt. With the other hand he was intensifying the treatment of her nipples. He squeezed them gently at first, but pinching harder for each squeeze. The stinging sensation from touching the whip marks had subsided. Now it just felt good to be touched all over. After a little while the warm feeling in the stomach snuck up on her once again, gradually spreading to an increasingly larger area, working its way down towards her cunt. It frightened her.

"Oh no, this is exactly what wasn't supposed to happen. If I get wet, he'll punish me again," she were thinking. But there was nothing she could do. She was tied to the bed and couldn't get away, all the while being betrayed by her body. The warm feeling had now without a doubt reached her cunt. "Oh my, how good it feels. But it's forbidden. It can't be happening. Why is he doing it to me?"

Even though she had those thoughts, she didn't really want him to stop. She was in despair. Then his hand reached her cunt. She was positive it was wet. She could feel how his finger slid unhindered into her otherwise tight hole. He did of course notice it, and this time he reacted.

"You dirty little bitch! You are dripping wet again," he exclaimed. "I can't believe it. I try hard teaching you how to be a good little whore, and how is my kindness repaid? With you being a dirty little slut." She was paralyzed with fear. But at the same time she didn't want him to move away his hand fingering her tight little hole. "I think there is only one conclusion to this," he went on. "It seems like you really ARE a dirty little bitch. Is that what you are?" While talking, his hands had increased their eager fondling of her. Her nipples got a hard pinching, and her cunt was now finger fucked in a fast pace.

"So? Are you a dirty little bitch? Let me hear you say it!" She couldn't get herself to say it. But deep inside she was beginning to realize that this was exactly what she was. Suddenly she felt the man's thumb on her fully swollen clitoris. Involuntary she expelled: "Ohhhhh," and her body started shaking. He noticed and removed his thumb. "Ready to answer yet? Are you a dirty little bitch?" he asked and gave her clitoris some more attention. "Say it!"

This went on for quite some time. He would bring her on the brink of an orgasm, but stop just in time to ask if she was ready to answer the question. At last she simply couldn't take it anymore. She desperately needed release, and the only way it would happen was if she admitted to what she deep down now knew was right, but which was so hard to admit out loud to the man. But she had to do it.

"Yes! I'm a dirty little bitch!" she finally admitted. "That's a good girl. You're a dirty little child bitch indeed." And then he let her have her orgasm. He massaged her clitoris till she exploded in a gigantic orgasm. Her whole body tensed up and bent in a bow up from the bed. Then down again. This repeated several times, all the while she was moaning loudly: "Oh... ohhhhhhh, yes, yes... I'm a... dirty... bitch... ohhhhh yeees." But finally her body got all limp and she collapsed on the bed, breathless and humiliated. Abused and betrayed. There was no turning back anymore. She had now fully and completely accepted becoming a dirty little child whore.