The Prison Wife

(Part Two)

He sank to his knees, breathing so hard he was practically hyperventilating. There was a part of him that felt like sobbing, but he stifled it, determined to salvage whatever manly dignity he could. He might have to have sex like a woman, but he certainly didn't have to cry like one.

Gus sank his hands into Joseph's hair. "Soft," he said. "That's going to be so nice when it gets longer."

Gus' cock bobbed eagerly against the side of Joseph's face, leaving a slick trail along his cheek.

"Come on, baby," Gus said. "Suck me. You know how."

Gus tightened his grip on Joseph's head and urged him forward. Joseph squeezed his eyes tightly shut, leaned in and began to lick gingerly at his husband's cock. It didn't taste any better than the other dicks had.

But Joseph did his work diligently. He hoped maybe if he used his tongue well enough then Gus wouldn't feel the need to fuck his throat. And it seemed to be working. Gus moaned extravagantly and demanded more. The sound of his pleasure humiliated Joseph deeply. Of all the terrible things he might have imagined happening to him in life, this was one possibility he could never have foreseen, bending submissively before another man's dick, going to town on it like he was some kind of slut.

"Oh, yeah, baby," Gus said, his voice slurred with lust. "Such a sweet little mouth."

Absently, Joseph wondered if all men sounded like that when they got aroused, if he had with Madeleine, like a low budget psychopath. The possibility embarrassed him enormously.

Gus clutched his ears and nudged his cock against his lips.

"Take me inside, baby. Suck me good."

Joseph felt his heart sink. He should have known Gus wouldn't settle for anything less than the full treatment. He clenched his hands into nervous fists and opened his mouth. Gus surged forward. Joseph panicked and started to pull away. It was too big, too much.

But Gus cupped the back of his head with a fierce, horny grip and held him in place. Joseph swallowed convulsively. His jaw was hyper-extended, and he couldn't breathe. He could feel his eyes bugging out. This was so much worse than it had been with the others, even though they had been far more brutal. Gus' horse dick was just too huge to get his mouth around. And God knew how it was going to fit in his-- Joseph's heart raced with terror.

"Calm down, Sunshine. Breathe through your nose. You can take it."

Gus started to thrust in and out of his mouth. Joseph desperately held onto Gus' hips and concentrated on not suffocating.

"So good, so good," Gus panted, as he fucked his mouth.

Joseph squeezed his eyes shut and waited tensely for the coming flood. That was the part he hated the most, the part that made him feel the most unmanned.

But Gus surprised him and pulled out, breathing heavily.

"Go lie down on your belly," he said.

Joseph's whole body started to shake. He had known this was probably coming next, but now that it was here, he just couldn't believe it was really happening. God, he had given the damned money back. Surely, he didn't deserve this?

"Please," he begged.

But Gus' voice was flinty. "Don't try me on our wedding night. Do as I say, and go get on the bunk."

Joseph was too terrified to disobey. He got up and went to lie down on the cot. He held on to his pillow for dear life. He tried to ignore how his genitals ached. He tried even harder not to imagine how much penetration was going to hurt.

Gus didn't immediately follow, and Joseph had to work up the courage to look back over his shoulder to see what he was doing. Immediately, he wished he hadn't. Gus was digging his fingers into a big jar of Vaseline and greasing up his cock. So he could-- Joseph whipped his head back around and buried his face in the pillow.

Please, God. Please, God. Please, he prayed silently. Don't let this happen to me.

Apparently, though, God had better things to do than look out for self-confessed embezzlers.

Gus came to stand at the bottom of the bunk. "Spread your legs wide," he ordered.

Joseph knew there was nothing to do now but just try to get through it. He opened his legs and tried not to let it register just how vulnerable he felt with his thighs splayed, in a whore's pose, his ass offered up, on display.

The thin mattress dipped down, and then he felt Gus' weight stretch out along his back. The hot, hard length of Gus' cock bumped against his ass cheeks and nudged into his crack. Joseph's already panicked breathing became even more out of control.

"Try to relax," Gus told him. "If you fight it, it'll only hurt more. And no yelling. Use the pillow if you have to. If they haul me off to solitary 'cause you're screaming bloody murder, then there's going to be nobody to keep the animals off you. You understand, Sunshine?"

He nodded his head miserably. He knew the deal perfectly well. If he didn't let himself be fucked, he'd just end up getting raped. He realized life wasn't fair sometimes, but this really sucked.

"Okay, get ready," Gus said.

Joseph tried. He really did. But how could you possibly prepare for getting ass-fucked against your will? Despite his best intentions, tears started to slide down his cheeks. He pressed his nose further into the pillow and snuffled miserably.

Gus' horse dick pressed insistently against his hole, and for a moment, it seemed as if Joseph's body would fend off the assault, the thick ring of muscle resolute against the intrusion. But Gus was persistent. He kept pushing, harder and harder, putting his back into it. Joseph screamed into the pillow in shock and pain when his body finally relented and his hole was breached, the huge head of Gus' cock forcing its way just inside him.

Hot tears of shame sprang to his eyes. It wasn't rational, but he couldn't help feeling that if he were more of a man his sphincter wouldn't have just flowered open to passively accept its fucking. It would have stayed clenched, inviolable, virgin.

That thought brought back memories from high school, the guys all gathered around the locker room, boasting about which girls they'd recently broken, laughing obscenely at how the girls would just lie back and open their legs and take it. Only it didn't seem nearly so funny now that it was Joseph losing a virtue he'd never even clearly understood he possessed until Gus ripped it away from him. He really was being broken, truly. He was lying on his belly with his legs splayed and a man's cock up his ass. It wasn't just splitting him in two, killing him with the pain. It was destroying everything he'd ever believed to be true about himself.

Gus grunted and gritted his teeth while he worked himself further and further inside. He was heavy and sweaty on Joseph's back, and Joseph honestly thought it couldn't get any worse, between the burning agony in his ass and the dull ache in his genitals and the utter degradation of it all. But then he felt Gus' balls smack against his butt, his cock fully ensheathed, owning Joseph completely. And then Gus started to move, to fuck, to use him in earnest, and Joseph couldn't hold back any longer. He understood now that there was no manhood to salvage once you'd let yourself be taken like a woman. And so he didn't just sob. He cried his heart out into the dampening pillow as his husband gave him a honeymoon he would never forget.

In the morning, for a moment, it all felt like a dream. Joseph breathed out deeply in relief and wiped the nervous sweat from his face. His bladder was full, and he made a move to get out of bed. But excruciating pain radiated up his spine. His lower back was stiff. His penis throbbed painfully between his legs. He could hardly move. And he had the most repulsive taste in his mouth. He blushed fiercely when he remembered what it was.

He practically jumped out of skin when Gus slid down from the top bunk, his feet hitting the floor with a loud thud. Ghosts of sensation came back to him, unbidden. He could still feel how Gus' dick had swelled inside him as he approached climax, hurting Joseph even more, making him pray for it to just be over, knowing nothing could be worse, until he finally felt the shameful spurting of Gus' semen inside him, and then that, truly, was so much worse, the absolute worst, unquestionably. Until Gus pulled out of him, and it made a sound that-- well, that sounded just like a cock being pulled out of a well-used ass. His ass. And then that-- well, that was the worst shame. Until Gus patted him on the butt and told him what a good lay he was, such a nice, tight virgin. Until Joseph felt the hot, sticky rush of come start dribbling out of his hole.

After it was over, Gus washed up at the basin, but didn't think to offer Joseph a tissue. Apparently, it wasn't to be a gallant marriage. When Gus was finished, he climbed up to his own bunk and flopped down. Joseph lay there unmoving, still on his stomach, rattled down to his bones by every creak of the bedsprings above him, terrified that Gus might come back down and do it all over again. Even when he could hear Gus' heavy snores, he didn't get up and wash himself. He hurt too much, and he couldn't stop crying. So he just lay there in the wet spot, with the uncomfortable sensation of come drooling from his ass, sobbing into his pillow late into the night, until he finally wore himself out and drifted off to sleep.

Now, in the clear light of day, he really, really wished it had been a bad dream.

Gus shaved at the sink. "Hey, Sunshine," he called over his shoulder. "Time to get up. Prison food is bad enough even when you get it hot."

Joseph shifted his hips experimentally, and just that little bit of movement was red hot torment.

"I don't-- I don't think I can," he said, horribly frightened of how badly he might be injured.

He couldn't return to Madeleine an invalid. He'd promised her.

"Don't talk back, Sunshine," Gus snapped. "And don't keep me waiting. Those are two things a good wife doesn't do."

Joseph wanted to explain, to get Gus to see that he needed help. But the tone of his voice left no room for argument. Last night, Joseph could tell that Gus was at least trying to be gentle with him. It chilled him to think how badly Gus could hurt him if he was actually intending to.

Joseph gritted his teeth, levered himself into a sitting position and swung his legs over the side of the bed. It was agonizing. He grabbed hold of the bed frame above him and hauled himself to his feet. That hurt even more.

When he looked down at the bunk, he gasped. "Oh, my God!"


Joseph pointed. Gus came over to look. There were spots of blood on the white sheet.

"Don't get all worked up, Sunshine." He patted Joseph's cheek, condescendingly. "Girls bleed when they lose their cherries. It's natural. Nothing to worry about. And it's proof positive you were a virgin until last night. That's something a husband likes to see." Gus beamed with pride.

Joseph paled with fear. "But I don't think a man is supposed to bleed like that."

"You're not a man, Sunshine," Gus reminded him. "You're my wife."

"But Gus--"

Gus held up a hand to interrupt him. "A good woman is always respectful, Sunshine. I want you to call me 'sir' when you're talking to me and call me your husband when you're talking about me to other people. You understand?"

"Um. I guess so. Yes."

Joseph was desperate to get to a doctor. He couldn't believe he was wasting time on something like this. What could it possibly matter what he called Gus?

"Yes, what?" Gus asked, in a prompting tone that Joseph recognized from childhood.

He colored brightly. "Yes, sir," he said.

"Better," Gus said, with satisfaction. "Just see that you remember it. I don't like having to discipline my woman, but as your husband, it's my duty to make sure you act like a proper wife."

Gus went back to the sink to finish shaving. Joseph gripped the bed frame tighter, his knuckles turning white. This whole prison experience was just getting worse and worse with each passing minute. For all he knew, he was standing there bleeding to death internally.

Gus washed away the rest of the shave cream and dried his face with a towel. Joseph caught his eye in the mirror.

"Uh, sir?" he said.

"Yes, Sunshine?"

"I really-- I hurt. My--" Shame seized him all over again. "My ass." His voice was choked. "Really, really bad."

"From where I fucked you?" Gus asked.

The bluntness of the question made Joseph cringe, but he nodded. It was true, after all.

"Well, Sunshine, that happens when a woman loses her virginity. It'll hurt less the next time."

Joseph went cold all over at the thought of ever having to endure that again.

"After a while, you'll even learn to like it," Gus said. "You'll see."

"But I really think I need a doctor!"

"A doctor wouldn't likely understand our situation," Gus said. "Us being married and all."

"But what if--"

Gus put a finger against Joseph's lips to silence him. "No doctor," he said. "And I don't ever want to hear you say the word 'ass' again. A man doesn't fuck his wife in the ass. That's what whores are for. A man always has respectable intercourse with his wife in her pussy. Understand?"

Joseph blinked. "You mean, I have to--"

"Now, what did you say was hurting you?" Gus asked, pedagogically.

It was too much. Joseph just couldn't. He stared at Gus helplessly.

"Like I said, Sunshine, I'm not looking forward to having to correct you. But I will if you don't obey. Now, let me hear it. Where did I fuck you?"

Joseph felt sick. "In my pussy," he whispered.

Gus smiled. "Good. You're a quick learner, Sunshine. Just like I knew you'd be. Now, you'd better start getting ready. You've got a lot to do before we can go, and I'm getting hungry."

"Do?" Joseph asked.

"You want to look pretty for me, don't you?"

Joseph couldn't look him in the face. He certainly couldn't speak. For the life of him, he'd never seen this coming, despite Gus' promise to teach him how to be a woman. All he could do was nod, too afraid of reprisal not to answer, not to agree. He kept his eyes glued to the floor, more ashamed than ever.

"All right then," Gus said, clapping his hands together. "I laid out your bra and panties for you. We're required to wear the uniform, but I had one special altered for you. Made it more flattering, to show off your figure."

The lingerie was pink and lacy. Who knew what he'd done to the uniform. Joseph felt sure he was going to cry.

"And, of course, there's makeup." Gus pulled a floral printed bag out of a drawer and handed it to him. "I know you probably won't be too good with it at first. But, that's how all girls learn. Trial and error. I'm sure you'll figure out how to make yourself real pretty soon enough."

Joseph looked into the makeup bag. There was a confusing assortment of pots and tubes and brushes. He wished he'd paid more attention to Madeleine when she was getting ready. He had no clue what to do with any of it.

Clearly, it was a mistake in this place to ever think you'd hit rock bottom, because there seemed to be an endless number of creative and grotesque ways in which things could always get worse.

"We'll save the high heels and stockings for when we're alone in the cell together," Gus said. "And to show you just how understanding a husband I can be, I'll settle for head until your pussy has had time to heal. No need to thank me. I told you I look after my woman." Gus reached into his boxers and pulled out his red, swollen cock. "And now it's time to look after me. Come here, baby."

Joseph still had the taste in his mouth from the last time. The idea of sucking Gus off again made him want to gag. But there was nowhere else to go, nothing else to do. No way out.

He got down on his knees and took care of his husband.

Joseph soon learned that there was humiliation, and then there was public humiliation.

After he finished getting ready, he dutifully followed Gus down to the mess hall, carefully keeping his eyes glued to the floor. Of course, his reticence to meet anyone's gaze did nothing to keep them from staring at him. He burned with shame at the thought of how he must appear. His first go around with the makeup had been stunningly unsuccessful. He had come out looking like every low-budget 70s movie ever made about transvestites, like a whore with poor vision and a bad case of the shakes. Truly, he did not make an attractive woman.

And his clothes-- God, this was possibly even worse than the Tammy Fay look he'd given himself. Somehow, Gus had managed to make the dull sack of a prison uniform downright sluttish. The shirt stretched so tightly across his chest that the fabric gapped and the buttons looked like they were about to pop, flashing the world glimpses of his frilly pink lingerie.

The pants molded to his body, hugging his hips, accentuating his ass, clinging to his crotch. Oh, God. His crotch! His poor, poor crotch. He wanted to cry whenever he looked down at himself. Gone was the manly bulge behind his zipper. Now, he was perfectly flat in front, as if he'd been neutered.

In the cafeteria, Gus led the way to the front of the line. The other inmates all took a quick step back to get out of his way. Apparently, no one even entertained the notion of insisting Gus wait his turn. Joseph followed shamefully in his wake, trying to ignore the half stifled sniggers as he passed.

He picked up a tray and a set of plastic tableware. He held out his plate to the woman behind the line. She plopped a dull gray spoonful of scrambled eggs onto it. She didn't even blink at his get-up. Joseph figured she must have seen it all by now. He took a muffin and a carton of milk. Gus was waiting for him at the end of the line, so he hurried.

"Over here," Gus said.

Joseph trailed behind Gus like a well-trained dog. Gus led him to a table off to the side and near the back. It was populated by large, tattooed men. Joseph supposed they must be Gus' friends, or associates, or-- whatever people had in prison. There were two empty places. Gus sat down at one and motioned Joseph to the other.

He set his tray down and pulled out his chair. But when he sat down, he hissed in pain and quickly scrambled up again.

The men all burst into raunchy laughter.

"Hey, Gus, you must 'a had a real happy honeymoon, eh?" said a pock-marked man with a thick neck.

Joseph colored with shame as he settled gingerly back onto the chair. This was just great. His rectum felt like a medical emergency. His face looked like Bozo the clown. And he was going to have to sit there and eat breakfast with a dozen men all staring and smirking because he'd gotten fucked last night. Hell, some of them probably heard it happening, Gus' moans, his own sobs, the squeaking of the bedsprings as Gus vigorously did away with his cherry. God, some of them in nearby cells may even have been able to see it in the dim light, Joseph with his legs wide spread, Gus on top of him, humping away.

And now, they were all staring at his chest, at his bra, leering at him as if they wished they could be Gus. They probably knew he was wearing panties, too, and the tuck. God, the tuck! Joseph's face turned hot with shame despite his best efforts to stay calm. He kept his gaze glued to his plate and tried to ignore the fact that a whole table full of big, scary men were at that very moment fantasizing about fucking him.

"Hey man, your little woman's going to be a real babe when she gets the hang of her makeup," said a beefy man with a scar above one eye.

Joseph didn't react, didn't say anything, didn't even move. He had this desperate hope that if he stayed really quiet maybe they'd forget about him after a while, after the initial freak-show novelty wore off.

"Yeah, she sure is pretty, Gus," said the guy sitting next to Joseph.

He looked Joseph up and down as if trying to figure out a way to get inside Joseph's skin with him.

"What's your name, pretty thing?" the guy asked him.

Joseph stayed silent. He leaned a little closer to Gus.

The guy licked his lips with predatory hunger. "Shy. That's sweet. Real, real sweet, baby."

Something metallic flashed in front of Joseph's face, and then the lecherous man howled loudly. Gus' fork protruded from his hand.

"Fuck!" the man cursed.

His expression twisted with pain as he pulled the fork free.

"What the hell did you do that for, Mattison?" he demanded.

Gus reached over and took his fork back. "Didn't appreciate you getting fresh with my wife."

"I was just asking her goddamned name."

"It's Joanne," Gus told him. "Not that I expect you to be using it. You have anything to say, you say it to me. Not her. Got it?"

Gus waved the fork menacingly. Joseph wanted to melt into the floor and disappear. Men were fighting over him like he was the last piece of tail on earth. And now, not only was he some other guy's wife, but his name had suddenly become Joanne.

Joseph sighed to himself. Getting upset wasn't going to do him any good. He was stuck in this nightmare for the next eight months. He had to find a way to make it through somehow, so he could go home to Madeleine and forget any of this ever happened.

At least, I'm going to get to eat breakfast for a change, he thought, trying to look on the bright side.

He picked up his muffin to take a bite. It looked a lot more appetizing than the egg mess.

"Oh, I don't think you want to do that, Sunshine," Gus said.

Joseph looked at him in confusion. Was there something wrong with the muffin that he couldn't see? Could it possibly be worse than whatever hideous thing they'd done to the eggs?

"All kinds of hidden fat and calories in a muffin," Gus said. "You don't want to spoil your girlish figure. Better give it to me."

Joseph's first impulse was to protest. His second was to beg. But he could feel the gaze of every con at the table on him, and he knew that this was some kind of test. No doubt, Gus wanted to see if he would obey or embarrass him in front of his cronies. And if Joseph embarrassed him… Well, he didn't like to think about the consequences. His ass had still been bleeding when he'd gotten dressed. Another fucking before he'd healed, and there might be permanent damage.

He silently handed over the muffin.

Gus smiled triumphantly. "That's why it's important to pick your woman carefully, boys. You got to make sure you get one who knows how to listen."

"Especially when you tell her to spread her legs," the thick-necked man joked.

Everyone hooted with lewd amusement. Joseph wanted to slink beneath the table.

Gus slid Joseph's tray over next to his. "Let me take some of these eggs off your hands, Sunshine. You got way too much here for a delicate, girlish appetite like yours."

Gus shoveled most of Joseph's breakfast onto his own plate. Joseph was left with just the milk and an orange. He unwrapped his straw, opened the carton, and took a sip.

Gus watched him, frowning. "I guess that's okay just this once, Sunshine. Since we just got married and all, and you don't know no better. But from now, you make sure you take the skim milk, okay?"

Joseph nodded, resigned by now to always being hungry while in prison. He started to peel his orange, feeling even more depressed than before.

"Oh, and I almost forgot," Gus said.

Joseph slumped in his seat, dreading whatever was coming next. Gus pulled a white bottle out of his pants pocket. The label said it was a generic brand of multivitamins.

"Your pill," Gus said, holding one out to Joseph in the palm of his hand.

Joseph regarded it uncertainly. The tablet was small and round, unlike any vitamin he'd ever taken.

"Go on, Sunshine," Gus said. "It'll keep you healthy. Help you grow."

The other men snickered. Joseph looked at them suspiciously. He didn't like the way they were watching him as he put the pill in his mouth. But he couldn't imagine what their knowing glances meant, and he didn't dare refuse Gus, not in front of his friends. So he took a sip of his milk and swallowed the tablet. Surely, no harm could come from taking vitamins?

Gus smiled at him. "That's a real good girl, Sunshine."

The other men at the table laughed. Joseph hunched down in his chair and ate his orange. He prayed for breakfast to pass quickly.

Eventually, it was over. When Gus got up, Joseph did too, and followed him back to their cell.

"You did real good, Sunshine," Gus told him. "Nice and respectful. Carried yourself like a lady. Didn't give any of those losers the time of day. You made me real proud."

Gus pulled Joseph to him, gave him a deep, wet kiss, and felt up his chest the way he would a woman. Joseph could feel the hard heat of Gus' erection against his hip. It hadn't even been two hours since Joseph had last given him a blowjob. How was this possible?

"If it weren't broad daylight--" Gus' voice was thick and slurred with lust. He ground his hard cock into Joseph's pelvis. "But later. I know a place."

A loud clanging on the bars caused Joseph to leap back. It was one of the guards. He had his nightstick out.

"Hey, you two, cut it out!" the guard warned.

"You know, Huggins, just because you're not getting any," Gus said.

"Yeah, smartass, just keep it up," Huggins said. "We'll see how much you're getting when your ass is in solitary. Besides, I need your little bride here." He gestured toward Joseph. "I know you'd prefer the wife not to work, Mattison, but there's a laundry detail with her name on it. And you--" He turned to Joseph and pointed a finger at him. "You're late. Don't let it happen again. I have better things to do than come up here and escort you to where you're supposed to be."

"Sorry," Joseph mumbled.

"In a minute," Gus insisted.

He tilted Joseph's chin and frenched him sloppily, making sure the officer got an eyeful of tongue.

"Dis-gusting," the guard said.

Gus broke the kiss. "Okay," he said. "She can go now."

Huggins looked at Joseph with distaste. "All right, Princess. Let's get a move on."

"Just watch yourself," Gus said, as Joseph started off behind the guard. "Remember who your husband is. I hear everything that goes on in this place. And trust me, you don't want to see me jealous."

When they'd turned the corner of the cellblock, out of Gus' earshot, the guard said, "You hear that, Princess? Better make sure you keep your pussy to yourself. I don't want to come back to the laundry later on and find you bent over the folding table with guys lined up, neglecting their work."

Huggins laughed uproariously. Joseph wanted to crawl away and die. To take his mind off his humiliation, he composed his next letter to Madeleine in his head.

Dear Maddy,

Hope you are well, and everything is going good for you. Are you settling into the new apartment okay? If you have any problems, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do from here.

Things are still okay with me. In fact, I've made a new friend. His name is Gus. I guess you could say he's kind of taken charge of me. I've even moved into the same cell with him. He's been breaking me in-- you know, teaching me everything I need to know. Just this morning, he warned me about eating too much of the high calorie food they serve here. I told him you wouldn't want me coming home to you with love handles and a spare tire! Gus always has helpful advice like that.

Well, anyway, that's all for now. I wish I were there with you. Please write soon.




The letter kept Joseph occupied until they reached the laundry.

"All right, Princess, here we are," Huggins said.

He reached for the door and opened it.

"You know, you've been real good for productivity here at the laundry," Huggins said, as Joseph slipped past him. "We've had all kinds of scumwads requesting reassignment since you started working here.

Joseph stepped inside and froze. Smitty, Haynes and the tattooed Nazi were all gathered around one of the machines, grinning at him.

"It seems you're a very popular girl around here," Huggins said.

He cackled and left Joseph to face the wolves on his own.

Having to deal with Smitty and his thugs on a daily basis drove home the importance of keeping Gus happy. More than ever, Joseph realized that staying on Gus' good side was the only hope he had of making it out of here in one piece.

Unfortunately, satisfying Gus proved much more taxing than he could have imagined. Gus was a far more demanding husband than Joseph had ever been. It took Joseph three times as long to get ready now that he had to moisturize, manicure, make himself up, and go through all the other feminine beauty rituals that Gus insisted he observe.

But the sexual demands-- God, they had to be the worst.

It wasn't just that Gus had the most freakishly hyperactive libido of any man on the planet. He had an uncanny gift for humiliation to boot. Gus tended to be particularly horny in the mornings. Joseph blew him before they went to breakfast, but that was never enough to hold him through their work details.

At some point, every damned day, Joseph would look up from some menial task he was performing and see Gus hovering in the doorway, beckoning to him. The other guys would all titter as he skulked off to join his husband.

Smitty, of course, was the worst by far. Whenever Joseph left to take care of Gus, he would smirk and say: "Hey, Carlton, do those protein shakes really boost your energy the way they say?"

Of course, Joseph knew the only way to handle such a situation was not to react at all. But it just wasn't possible to keep his cool when an entire room full of men knew he was going off to suck another guy's cock. Every time Smitty taunted him, Joseph's face would turn bright red, and he'd practically run from the room. Not surprisingly, that made everyone laugh harder.

The spot where Gus took him was underneath the back stairs. It was one of the few places in the entire prison where they could be unobserved--for a few minutes, at least. Joseph's recurring nightmare was that someone would discover them one day, with Joseph kneeling there, his lips wrapped around Gus' dick. That fear made him very focused in performing his duties. When Gus opened his pants and presented his hard cock, Joseph would immediately fall to his knees and take it into his mouth.

Joseph sucked Gus off using the techniques Gus taught him during their nighttime sessions together. If he tongued Gus' dick just the right way and massaged it with his throat muscles, he could usually get Gus to come pretty quickly. Joseph was becoming more adept at swallowing spunk. But still, he nervously wiped his face more times than he could count on the way back from each encounter, terrified he might have come smeared on his face.

The problem was that Smitty was like those predators on the nature shows Joseph used to like to watch on TV. He instinctively found any weakness and preyed on it. Every time Joseph came back from giving one of his furtive blowjobs, Smitty would say: "Hey, Carlton, what's that white stuff on your face?"

Joseph knew good and well that he should just ignore it, but he could never stop himself. His hands would fly to his face, and he'd frantically wipe at his mouth.

Everyone in the laundry would erupt in wild peals of laughter. And Joseph would wish to God that he were anywhere else.

Unfortunately, it wasn't actually any easier when he was alone in the cell with Gus. Even when Joseph wasn't engaged in marital fellatio, he still had a lot to do to keep Gus satisfied. There seemed to be an endless number of wifely rules.

"A good woman keeps her home clean and tidy for her man," Gus said.

Playing housewife really wouldn't have been so bad. Joseph was orderly by nature, and the cell was quite small. It wasn't particularly taxing to keep the beds made, the floor mopped, and Gus' socks clean. At least, it wouldn't have been difficult if Gus didn't insist he do it while wearing just his bra and panties, along with a garter, stockings and a pair of the highest heels Joseph had ever seen.

"A good woman knows how to dress for her man," Gus said. "She wants to be attractive, no matter what she's doing."

Joseph knew better than to talk back. But he couldn't help thinking that Madeleine was a good woman, and she'd always worn a pair of baggy sweat pants and one of Joseph's old T-shirts when she cleaned the house.

Wearing his black stilettos gave Joseph a whole new appreciation for what women endured in the name of beauty. His shoes were fashionably pointy and pinched his toes like the devil. The super high heels made his calves cramp and his back ache. They were so hard to walk in that he lived in fear of spraining an ankle.

And then there was the effect they had on Gus.

About an hour before lights out, Joseph tottered around the cell, putting away clothes and straightening items on the shelf. Gus watched from his bunk, his hard-on clearly outlined against his faded prison pants.

"Don't you worry, Sunshine," Gus said. "You just need some practice, and then you're going to be quite the sight in those heels." Gus' gaze traveled appreciatively down his body. "Quite the sight, indeed."

Joseph forced himself to smile. Gus liked it when he acknowledged his "compliments." He bent over to pick up a magazine off the floor where Gus had discarded it. He heard the sharp intake of Gus' breath. Joseph was wearing his sky blue thong, Gus' favorite. When he'd bent over, his bare cheeks had been offered up like twin melons--just the kind of obscene spectacle that Gus particularly enjoyed. Joseph flushed with embarrassment and quickly straightened back up. The last thing he wanted was to give Gus any ideas. His ass was feeling better, but he sure as hell wasn't ready for another fucking.

"Good thing it's almost lights out," Gus said, stroking his hard dick through his pants. "You can take care of this for me."

"Uh-- Sir?"

"Yes, Sunshine?"

"Didn't you want me to take a shower before lights out?" he asked.

At night, Gus didn't just want some quick suck off. He liked to paw all over Joseph's naked body before fucking Joseph's mouth in long, slow strokes. He preferred Joseph to be newly bathed and fragrant for these little make-out sessions.

"Yeah," Gus said. "I worked it out with Ray that you can shower with his punk Carlos. Just don't be too long." Gus fondled his hard-on. "There's something here that needs your attention."

Joseph slumped a little, knowing what was waiting for him when he got back. But he tried to look upbeat. Gus had already warned him about not being enthusiastic enough about sex.

"Okay," he said. "I won't take too long."

He took off his heels, undid his garter, shimmied out of his stockings, and put them neatly away. He slipped his uniform back on, grabbed his towel, and picked up his bucket of toiletries. It was full of the sort of things Madeleine always had lying around the bathroom: lavender scented soap and body lotion, chamomile shampoo to brighten his blond hair, a luffa to get rid of the rough skin on his elbows, knees and feet. Sometimes, when he'd been in the bathroom alone at home, he would try some of Madeleine's dainty products on himself. The silky feel of those cleansers and creams gave him a strange little thrill, and almost always made him hard.

He couldn't believe he'd ever found anything about that stuff even remotely erotic. Now, it was just a lot of extra work.

Joseph headed for the cell door.

"Hey, Sunshine," Gus said.

He turned back. "Sir?"

"Don't forget. You've got duties to attend to when you get back." Gus gestured to his crotch.

"No, sir," Joseph said. "I won't forget."

He hurried away before Gus decided he didn't want to wait for lights out.

At least the shower room no longer held any terror. Joseph put down his bucket and leisurely undressed. He didn't have to worry about who might come along. There wasn't anyone in the prison stupid or brave enough to mess with Gus. Shower time had actually become Joseph's favorite half hour of the day. It was the only chance he had to get out from Gus' shadow and enjoy a little privacy--or at least, what passed for it in prison.

And, of course, there was also the relief of being able to take off the tuck. Joseph worked it down his hips and eased out his genitals. He held himself in his hands and carefully checked for any visible damage. He didn't see any, thankfully. But his dick and balls continued to ache, and he worried that there were things happening to him that he couldn't see. He sighed heavily and reminded himself for the millioneth time that it didn't do any good to dwell on it. Gus wanted him to wear the tuck, so there was really nothing he could do about it.

At least, he could enjoy these brief moments of freedom.

The only other man in the room was already undressed and showering. He had a compact build, short but well muscled, dark hair, dark skin, Hispanic looking. Undoubtedly, this was Carlos, the guy Gus had mentioned.

Joseph chose a showerhead near Carlos, turned on the water and stepped under the spray. He closed his eyes and let the water stream over him. He couldn't remember when anything had felt better.

Joseph was so lost in the relaxing, comforting heat of the shower that took it a while for the sounds coming from beside him to register. And then it was a moment longer before he realized what they were, the fleshy slip and slide and slap, the skittery breathing, the low, throaty, barely audible sighs of pleasure. Joseph's breath quickened. His heart beat faster. His deprived cock started to harden.

Joseph listened to the man beat off with one overwhelming emotion: envy.

He would have given anything to be able to take his cock in hand and bring himself off. But this was yet another of Gus' rules. A good woman only has sex with her man to give him pleasure. She's too much of a lady to ever touch herself in a dirty way.

Night after night, Joseph would lie awake after he'd finished taking care of Gus, his genitals bound, the taste of Gus' come lingering in his mouth, and listen to the nocturnal sounds of other men's pleasure. His cock would throb with need, and sometimes he'd even rub his fingers along the tuck, trying to feel something, anything, some small sense of satisfaction. But then Gus would turn over with a sharp squeak of the bedsprings or start snoring like a buzz saw, and Joseph would hastily pull his hand away, terrified that Gus would somehow know what he was doing.

And now, Joseph couldn't tear his attention away from the man beside him. The guy had started to breathe more heavily. Joseph snuck a glimpse out of the corner of his eye. The guy was thrusting into both hands. His cock was long, thick, purple and swollen with arousal. Joseph's own cock ached and hardened a little more. The guy was obviously about to come. Joseph quickly averted his eyes. A moment later, he smelled the sharp tang of come in the air before the water washed it away.

He looked down at his own needy cock, dangling half hard between his legs. Sadly, he realized it was just as imprisoned now as it was when he was wearing the torturous tuck.

Another wave of envy washed over Joseph. He snuck another peak at the man, trying to live vicariously through his satisfaction. The man was watching him too, knowingly. Joseph's heart started to pound. He'd obviously been taking way too much interest in the guy beating off. He might think Joseph was putting the moves on him. What if he felt the need to defend his honor? What if it got back to Gus?

But the man only smiled. "Hey," he said. "I'm Carlos."

"Uh, hi--" he stammered. "I'm Joseph."

"Hey, good to meet you, Joe."

Carlos smiled again, and Joseph couldn't help noticing that was he was-- well, really quite pretty. He had the kind of dark eyes that Joseph had always admired on Hispanic women, bottomless, dewy. His skin was smooth, the exact color of café au lait, and his cheekbones were high and exquisitely chiseled. But it was his lips that were his most striking feature, full and generous, like they were just waiting to be kissed.

Carlos grinned at him, his eyes lighting up with humor. Joseph was appalled to realize that he must have been openly staring. He tried to search his memory. Had he ever thought of a man as pretty before? Had he ever even noticed what other men looked like before he ended up in this hellhole?

"So you're new, huh?" Carlos asked.

Joseph nodded, quite ashamed of himself for violating the manly code of no peaking in the communal shower. But then, Carlos didn't exactly seem to mind. His own gaze wandered lazily over Joseph's body, lingering, taking in every detail. Joseph could feel his skin tingling and turning hot.

"It's certainly good to meet you, Joe," Carlos said, in a way that--

Well, if it had come from a woman, Joseph would definitely have called it sultry. He started to feel uneasy. What if this guy was really gay? What if he wasn't just doing what he had to do to get by?

"Hey, can you do me?" Carlos asked.

He turned around and presented his butt. Joseph's heart lurched. His cock surged. Hadn't he been afraid of this? So why was his dick practically pulling him over to Carlos? Joseph had never been so confused in his whole life.

"What did you say?" Joseph asked, feebly.

"I need a shave. That's one reason our men like us punks to shower together. So we can help each other out. You mind?"

"Uh--" Joseph stammered, thoroughly embarrassed. "Well, I guess not."

"Thanks, man. You're the best."

Joseph chided himself as he rubbed the bar of soap between his hands to work up a lather. He really should have known better. He couldn't believe what he'd been thinking.

Carlos looked back at him over his shoulder. "You okay, man?"

"Uh, yeah," he said. "Sorry."

Joseph took a deep breath and steeled himself. It was just as alien to touch another man's butt, as it was to have his own touched. He parted Carlos' muscular cheeks, trying to be as gentle as possible. He couldn't help noticing that Carlos' hole looked red and swollen, no doubt from the many fuckings it took. Joseph hoped his own butt didn't look quite that well used, but he resigned himself to the knowledge that it probably did. Or at least it would, soon enough.

He spread the lather along Carlos' crack. He used one hand to keep the cheeks spread and held the razor in the other, as Gus had done with him. He quickly shaved the area, being careful not to nick Carlos in this tender place. When he finished, he cupped his hand under the spray and washed away the remaining soap.

Carlos turned around. "Thanks, man. You did that real nice. The last guy Ray paired me up with didn't pay attention worth shit. Bastard cut me more than once. Okay, your turn, Joe."

Joseph felt his face go red. "Oh, no. That's okay--"

Carlos frowned. "You mean, he don't want you smooth?"

"Well, yeah, but-- I'm still, you know, pretty okay down there."

"Joe, I don't want to tell you your business, but you got to trust me on this. You do not want stubble in your crack. It hurts like a mother." He put a hand on Joseph's shoulder. "Go on, then. Turn around and let me do you."

Joseph hesitantly turned around. When he heard Carlos gasp, he colored with embarrassment. He still had the marks from the last time Gus had "corrected" him--large, red handprints across his ass.

Carlos gently stroked one reddened cheek. "Ah, Joe," he said. "What'd he do that for?"

"Uh--" God, the reason was even more humiliating than the spanking itself. "I forget to call it-- you know, my pussy."

This wasn't the first time he'd slipped up. Gus had so many damn rules that it was hard to keep it all straight. He'd forgotten to call Gus "sir" one morning. A couple of times he'd neglected to answer to Joanne. And there were many more things he'd messed up on. Gus was quite strict. The first time, he would remind Joseph. After that, he corrected him.

Joseph had never been spanked as a child. His parents were the liberal professional type who believed corporal punishment was tantamount to child abuse. So Joseph had not been prepared for the terrible, gut-twisting shame of it. Whenever he was corrected, Gus made him strip down to his bra and panties. Then Joseph had to pull his panties down to his knees and lie down across Gus' lap. Joseph had never felt more vulnerable and exposed than he did when he was balanced precariously on Gus' knees, his arms and legs flailing, his ass cheeks bared and positioned for punishment.

The first blows made his skin sting. By the time Gus finished, his whole ass was on fire. But the physical discomfort was nothing compared to the humiliation. The sound of Gus' hand pounding his ass echoed off the concrete walls of the small cell. Other inmates across the way laughed and pointed. Sometimes, Joseph would even see some of them fondling the bulges in their pants, apparently getting off on the sight of his naked white ass getting whaled on.

When Joseph was finally allowed to get off Gus' lap and given permission to pull his panties back up, he always had exactly the same thought: If he ever had kids, he would never spank them.

"Poor, querido," Carlos said, soothing Joseph's marked flesh with his hands. "You'll get used to all his rules after a while. The trick is to learn to think of it as your pussy, to think of yourself as his woman. Then you won't trip up. When you think about it, it's a pretty small price for protection in a place like this. And when you get out of here, you can forget all about this shit. And go back to being your own man."

"Is that what you do?" Joseph asked, curiously.

Carlos shrugged and smiled. "I do whatever I have to. And that's how you got to start thinking, too." He patted Joseph on the butt. "Okay. Let me take care of this."

Joseph tensed when he felt the slick touch of lather along his crack. Then Carlos' hands were on his butt, holding his cheeks apart, carefully maneuvering the razor. Carlos' fingers followed in the wake of the blade, testing for smoothness. It didn't feel as intrusive as Joseph had expected, as it had when Gus had shaved him. In fact, it was kind of-- well, sensuous.

The realization hit Joseph like a jolt of electricity. His half-hard dick got harder. His shower-heated skin flushed with embarrassment.

"Uh-- I'm sure that's good," he said nervously and tried to pull away.

Carlos held his hips still. "I need to rinse," he said.

Carlos sheeted water along his back and into his sensitive crack. His hands followed the path of the water, caressing Joseph's cheeks, stroking along his cleft, flirting with his hole. Joseph's flush deepened. His cock bobbed eagerly.

It's just a case of blue balls, Joseph tried to tell himself. I haven't gotten off in days and days. Of course, I'm horny. Of course, I'm going to react. It could be anyone's hands.

Still, there was no rationalizing the fact that he was responding to having his butt fondled. The shame burned him. He did not get off on this shit.

Joseph jerked away from Carlos' ministrations. "That's enough!" he said sharply.

But Carlos wasn't offended. He winked at Joseph and stared openly, appreciatively at his erection. Joseph felt his face go hot again. Maybe this guy really was a homo. Maybe he liked sucking and fucking and kissing other men. Hell, Carlos probably enjoyed being in prison. From what Joseph had seen so far, it was a veritable homo paradise.

And Joseph was naked and hard as a diamond cutter in front of the guy. Could things get worse?

"It's been a while for you, huh?" Carlos said.

Joseph willed himself to go soft. Please! he begged his dick. But apparently, his dick had other ideas. It seemed to point straight at Carlos, straining to be touched.

"Uh-- yeah," he said. "I haven't-- you know, since I got here. I guess I'm kind of-- Well, you know how it is."

I'm just horny, Joseph told himself. It could be anyone.

Carlos lifted his gaze back up to Joseph's face. Joseph's dick surged and throbbed, as if trying to get his attention back. It was like Carlos and Joseph's dick had developed a relationship without his knowledge or consent.

Carlos' expression turned wistful. "But Gus won't let you touch yourself, will he?"

Joseph couldn't answer. Somehow, he'd really thought this part of his humiliation was his own secret. It was bad enough that everyone knew his ass was Gus' property. Now it appeared the whole prison knew that Gus controlled his cock, too.

Carlos nodded sympathetically. "No, I didn't think he did. He really gets caught up in all that little wifey jazz. With the rest of us punks-- well, our men don't mind if we-- how should I put it?-- make arrangements amongst ourselves. But you're with Gus." He sighed. "Can't risk that. Too bad, though." His gaze traveled appreciatively down Joseph's body and came to rest again on his hard cock. "You look like you taste real sweet."

Carlos sighed, with what sounded like genuine regret.

"Well, see you next time, Joe," he said.

Carlos turned off the water, wrapped a towel around his waist and headed out. Joseph was left staring after him, his mouth agape. What was with this place? Some men wanted to fuck him. This one wanted to suck him. Hell, one man had even convinced himself that Joseph was his wife, for god's sake. Was this what unremitting horniness did to men who had no contact with women and far too much time on their hands?

Joseph looked down at his own dick, how it lunged forward, as if it wanted to go after Carlos. Was the same thing happening to him?

Joseph turned the tap all the way cold with a determined snap of the wrist. The freezing water took his breath away, but he forced himself to stand under it. It left him shivering all over, and his dick quickly shriveled.

He couldn't afford to let another guy make him hard. He had to get back into the tuck. He had to go home to Madeleine the same man he'd been before.

Prison Wife continued in Part Three.

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