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Hidden Harbor: The Hike

Summary: Uncle Micky relates a tale told to him by one of his childhood friends while at a community reunion. The tale is one of lost virginity and sexual exploration.

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Updated: April 22, 2018



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Hidden Harbor: The Hike

The Hike - Introduction

A few years back, I attended a different sort of reunion. It wasn't a school or family reunion; rather, it was a reunion of old friends who had spent many of their childhood summers at the same place. All of us were members of families who owned, or rented, summer "cottages" in a quiet lakeside community called Hidden Harbor.

The lake, which will go unnamed, was very large and, at times, could be very dangerous. We all took time at the reunion to remember Billy B., who rowed out past Lighthouse Point on a threatening day to go fishing. Three days later, they found his body on a secluded beach many miles away. Billy was a good guy, well liked by all, and dearly missed.

Our next remembrance toast was for Bob S. I'll mention more on Bob later for he was a hero to us as kids and an even bigger hero to us as adults.

Regardless, Hidden Harbor was on the north side of the lake, about an hour's drive west from the city. Closer to the city was a larger town that attracted most of the summer visitors. It had a lakeside amusement park and miles of pretty beaches. At night you could sit on our beach and see the lights from Crystal Island. Funny thing though, it wasn't an island.

At Hidden Harbor, our community had a nice cross section of the city. The richest folks lived closest to, or directly on, the beach. Their houses were winterized and very nice indeed. As you travelled the streets away from the beach, the financial level of the residents decreased as the distance increased. My family's place was about half way back to the tracks.

The main road leading to Hidden Harbor ran parallel to the shore and was about a mile inland. One turned left on Harbor Street and drove a few hundred yards until passing over the railroad tracks. Then you entered our little community.

Hidden Harbor itself was a nice, deep bay off the lake. There was a beach that ran a good thirty yards or so from the waterline to the first small dunes, where regular land started. There were two public beach access areas and most of the residents, including us kids, gathered at the one with the small snack stand and old bathrooms.

As you walked the beach east, you had to cross a shallow creek that emptied into the lake. Up the creek a bit, there were some sand dunes where the older kids would drink or occasionally do hard drugs. It was also a favorite "canoodling" spot! Further down the beach, about three miles, was Lighthouse Point, where there were rumored to be ruins of an old lighthouse.

If you walked west, there was just the other beach access and in two miles you were at North Point. Nothing of any interest there! Pretty much, like its name indicates, Hidden Harbor was, well, hidden. Rumors were that back during Prohibition, rum-runners used the bay to offload their illicit cargo. The western most end of the lake touches Canada. Within a few miles of Hidden Harbor there were a couple of small towns where our parents would shop, use a laundromat, or drag us to church; but, outside of that, we were what we had.

The parents organized a homeowners association, sponsored various athletic leagues for us, and made sure there many varied activities for all the children. In some ways, it was an idyllic sort of place. But kids being kids, there was more going on than our parents ever suspected!

I think most of us lost our virginities at Hidden Harbor. I did, as did many of my friends. It was there where most of us also had our first drinks or tokes.

At the reunion, I got to visit with several old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in a very long time. We shared many well-known stories, along with more than a few late-in-life confessions that had never been heard before. It was a grand time and we genuinely enjoyed each other's company.

This brings me to my old buddy Gary. Gary's family lived three doors down from mine in Hidden Harbor. I had always wondered about a certain day from our childhood and he finally told me about "The Hike," as he called it.

The Hike - Part1

At the time of the hike, Gary was twelve; it was the summer between our seventh and eighth grades. Gary was an average kid; there was nothing particularly exceptional or odd about him. He played sports, climbed trees, swam well, did fine in school. He didn't get into too much trouble or do anything that would make him particularly stand out. We got along well and I liked him.

Gary had an older brother Larry, who was fifteen. Now, Larry was a very good looking, swaggering kind of guy. He was an excellent athlete and all the girls had crushes on him. Although Larry could act like a jerk at times, he pretty much looked out for Gary and wasn't a bad older brother to have around.

Larry and Gary walked to the beach one day, much as they had every day so far that summer. A group of Larry's friends were gathered on beach blankets listening to music and doing teenager stuff. Gary and some of us went into the water and played Navy Frogman for while.

On a blanket, off to one side, sat sixteen year-old Alissa Groves. Alissa was a pleasure to look at. She was a petite girl with a dynamite figure. She had long black hair and a Mediterranean complexion. Her eyes were dark but seemed to sparkle when she smiled. Sometimes she looked like she had some Asian genes in her. Alissa appeared at first to be rather shy, she would self consciously cover her mouth when she spoke or smiled; a reflex left over from her days of having braces. When you did get a look at her smile, her teeth were perfect and her smile was exquisite!

Alissa had one side to her that was not widely known in Hidden Harbor. She had a bent towards occasional sluttish behavior. Turned out, this was going to be her family's last summer at Hidden Harbor. Her dad was being transferred cross country and they were going to put the cottage up for sale just before the end of the summer. During her first week at Hidden Harbor that summer, she made a list. The list had five names on it, in no particular order.

Her list included:

Larry, who we've been introduced to already

A different Gary, a very good pitcher and a singer in a local rock and roll band,

Steve, a genuine pretty boy, like Roger Daltry,

Bob, who was an athletic goof ball. Everyone liked Bob. He was tall and thin, as well as rumored to have the biggest dick in Hidden Harbor, and

Celeste … the goddess Celeste! Her mother was a beautiful Puerto Rican and her father an actor-handsome Italian. Celeste was kind of like a cross between a young Gina Lolabrigida and an even younger J-Lo. She was smoking hot and nobody had made an inch of progress in breaking her down.

By any account, it was a good list. Alissa had a good possibility to bed each and every one of them.

This day, Alissa was wearing a nice, not too provocative, black bikini along with a white cover up. She stood, stretched, and looking at Larry, asked, "Larry, would you like to take a walk?"

Hoots erupted from the group and Alissa said, "Fuck off you pervs! Larry?"

The group laughed its approval and Larry was already on his feet. Alissa looked at him and glanced down at the beach towel he brought. Larry snatched it up and draped it around his neck. The two walked east, towards the creek.

None of this escaped Gary's attention. He kept a small distance and followed his brother and Alissa down the beach.

Larry called to him, "Gary! Come here!"

Gary sped over to his brother, fully expecting to get yelled at.

"Gary, you can tag along. The second you become a pain, off you go. Got it?"

"Got it Larry!" Gary trotted back to the waterline and kept his eyes open for minnows.

"He's cute. I'm glad you didn't send him away."

"Really? Ummm uh, OK. I was going to tell him to beat it when we got half way to the creek."

"No, don't. Let him come along."

There was a look in her eye that Larry couldn't quite figure.

Alissa and Larry walked up a small dune near the creek and disappeared behind it. Gary watched and wondered just what it was they were doing. He decided to wait a little bit, then go peek.

After what he considered an appropriate amount of time, Gary made his way up the small dune and carefully peeked over the top. Sure enough, they were on the beach towel; her cover was all open and spread out as well. Gary was really impressed! Larry and Alissa were really kissing; tongues and everything! Problem was, from his position, all he could really see was his brother's back. Larry was on his side and Alissa was on her back. Gary scoped out the situation and decided to make his way over to the next little dune.

Moving like a Ninja, Gary made it sight unseen behind the dunes to a better vantage point. Once there, his eyes practically popped out of his head! Alissa's bikini top was untied and lying next to her. Larry was feeling all over her tits and still kissing her. Alissa looked so fucking hot! Her leg was partially draped over the back of Larry's legs and she had her arms languorously wrapped around his neck.

Gary could see that although her arms were sort of slack, her hips were rhythmically moving in sync with Larry's kisses. But those tits! Gary had never seen anything like them. Larry moved his hand down to her belly and was stroking her, leaving her tits uncovered. They were like two baseballs sitting on her chest! They were round and obviously quite firm. They were starker white than the rest of her with two perfectly pink areolas sitting proudly on top. Larry stopped kissing her and moved his mouth to her tits. 'Lucky bastard!' thought Gary. 'Son of a bitch, she is perfect!'

Gary was watching Larry kiss her nipple, and never noticed that Alissa had spotted him spying. Alissa knew right away what she wanted. She lowered her right hand to the tie on the side of her bikini bottom. She shifted a little and Larry rose slightly, rolling a bit to his left to see what she was doing.

Alissa peeled the bottom back and lifted her butt to get it out of the way. She smiled at Larry and said, "Now, get it out now." Larry seemed to levitate himself as his beach shorts almost magically went from his waist to his ankles. Larry was a nicely endowed fifteen year-old boy with a definite "sausage" between his legs. Rock hard; as he was at that moment, he had a good six and a half inches of thick dick to treat Alissa with.

Alissa licked her lips at the sight and really wanted to suck on that pretty boy; but, there was always later and right now there were other things to attend to. She shifted her hips and had him at her entrance. She had been fucking hot all morning long! She got herself off twice before getting out of bed, once in the shower and now, the make out session with Larry had her ready. To add to it all, there was Larry's cute little brother spying on them! She came with Larry's first thrust!

Larry was doing well. He was riding Alissa nicely, putting a little English into his thrusts and showing his pleasure with her charms. He felt good about himself; he was in great shape, kept himself nice and clean, and always paid respect to the ladies. He had learned to fuck, not from the internet, but rather, from the older girl down the street back in the city. He was sure Alissa would cum with him!

Very quietly, in his left ear, Alissa whispered, "Larry, don't freak out, don't stop, keep going … listen to me. Your little brother is watching us (Larry stiffened) … calm down! Your little brother is watching us and I want you to call him down here." Larry got back into the groove and whispered, "What the fuck you talking about? Why do want him here?"

"I want him here … with me. I think I want two brothers at once!" Alissa drove her hips up into Larry, clutching his dick with her pussy.

Larry laughed, Alissa glanced in Gary's direction and Larry looked that way.

"Gary! Alissa wants to see you! Get down here now!"

Gary was scared shitless! He was sure they were going to kill him for being a perverted snoop. He rolled behind a sand hump and sat, nearly hyperventilating from fear.

He heard Larry again, "Hey! Buddy! Honestly, Alissa wants to see you! Come over here!"

Gary knew that when Larry called him Buddy; things were good and he wasn't in trouble. Gary took the chance. He rolled back, looked down and saw his brother, still fucking Alissa. Alissa was looking at him with her hand stretched out to him. She was smiling and then she spoke.

"Gary, come here … nnnnngggggh …. Ooooooh …… come here and hold my hand."

Whatever Larry was doing was working! Gary was proud of his brother! Kind of like the night when Larry hit his first homerun in the teen fast-pitch league. Anyway, Gary quickly forgot about his brother as he neared Alissa … and her tits. They were spectacular! Alissa whispered, "Gary … give me … nnnnnngggggggh … your hand."

Gary looked at her and reached his hand to her hand. She took his hand and pulled him forward until his knees were just next to her shoulder. She pulled his hand onto her tit and said, "Feel them …. play with them … nnnnnnnnggggggggh … pinch my nipples!" Gary was groping and grasping her tits. They actually were the size of a baseball! They felt wonderful in his hand. He glanced at Larry and, as if on cue, Larry looked at him. Larry gave him a smirk and a wink. Gary could only nervously giggle. Then … Whoooa! Alissa grabbed his crotch!

Alissa had snaked her hand between his thighs and worked it up until she could grab at the obvious erection in his swim suit. "Gary, let go and get those off. I want to see your dick!"

Gary was shocked and didn't move.

He heard Larry, "C'mon, you idiot, show her your dick!"

Gary hopped up, dropped his suit and fell back to his knees, his erection at full staff.

Alissa was pleased! Gary had a nice little four incher going! She remembered back to her cousin, he was twelve at the time she and he played a little show me yours. Alissa was only nine at the time. He showed her how to jack him off. She was quite pleased she made him cum! She wanted something else this time though.

"Larry, lighten up just a bit … yeah, give me a little room."

Alissa scooted over a bit. Larry and Gary looked at each other; Gary shrugged his shoulders and then felt something awfully fucking strange on his dick! He looked down and Alissa was sucking him all the way into her mouth! He looked at Larry who gave him the biggest smile and started to fuck Alissa's pussy with everything he had.

Gary was in absolute heaven! He had never seen, much less felt, a real tit before; and now, he was getting his first blowjob! A blowjob from a girl who at the same time was a getting fucked by his big brother!

Alissa figured she had just entered her own little version of slut-heaven. She was fucking one of the best guys around, on the beach, while sucking his little brother's dick. It was great! Gary's dick really wasn't much bigger than one of her fingers or a half a Popsicle. She didn't know if it really was sweet, but it sure tasted sweet to her. Regardless, the feelings of having her pussy filled and pummeled, along with a sweet dick in her mouth was enough to put her over the edge.

Alissa's legs clamped onto Larry, she thrust herself securely onto his dick as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her. She was sucking Gary's dick and moaning from her orgasm which set off Gary. He started to whoop it up as he shot little loads of creamy heaven into her mouth. She sucked him a little harder as three body jerks swept through her. She knew Larry was cumming as well but she wasn't really very aware of him at that point. All that mattered to her was the two dicks inside her!

She let Gary slide out of her mouth as Larry pushed himself back on his knees. The two brothers sat and looked at the girl who had just taken of the both of them in the most marvelous of ways. Alissa reached up for Gary and pulled him down to lie next to her. She tugged on Larry's hand until he was laying on her other side. The three basked in their bliss for forever, for about five minutes. Alissa broke the silence.

"My parents are going out for dinner and dancing. Would you guys like to come over?"

"You guys? You mean bring Gary along?"

"It's a package deal now. The both of you … or neither of you. OK?"

Larry leaned up and looked at Gary. Gary glanced at him and said, "If it's OK with you."

Larry dropped his head back down and said, "Yep buddy, both of us!"

They lay there for a little longer and Alissa suggested that she head back first. She would tell the others that the two of them had decided to walk out to Lighthouse Point.

Neither was going to disagree with any suggestion she was going to make. The three checked to see if the coast was clear and ran quickly into the creek to clean off. Alissa thought ahead and brought her suit along to get the sand out of it. She got out of the creek first and the two brothers watched as the curvy girl put her bikini back on. Gary couldn't help it; he made a wolf-whistle at her that made Larry laugh. Alissa stood on the bank, with her hands on her hips, smiling at the brothers.

"See you guys around seven, OK?" she turned, got her cover-up and headed back down the beach.

"Larry?! What are going to do?!"

Larry pushed back and started a casual backstroke.

"Do? Hell, we're going to go see Alissa at seven … that's what we're going to do, Christ!"

Larry and Gary didn't bother walking any further; they floated in the creek and basked in their feelings of satisfaction. On the walk back to the beach, Larry instructed Gary on how a guy should act.

"You had a nice shot with a very pretty girl. She wanted you, and now if you're not careful, you'll turn into an asshole."

"An asshole? How?"

"Acting all high and mighty. Just because some hottie sucked your dick don't make you a better man, or even a man. All it means is that some hottie sucked your dick. Same with me, all I did was fuck her. What happened today, or happens tonight, stays exclusively between us three. Don't go bragging … it'll only piss her off and show everyone else you can't be trusted. You don't want to be known as someone who can't be trusted, shit, no girl will have you!"

"Larry, I feel great, I'm smiling and want to dance or something!"

"Heh heh heh, yeah, I know. You gotta be cool kid. Just keep it under control a bit. You'll want to tell everyone but you can't say shit. Got it?"

"Got it!"

Larry hung with the other teens when he got back. Gary watched and was surprised as to how cool both Larry and Alissa were. Gary really didn't feel like sitting around. He walked over to his buddies and realized he didn't want to play "Navy Frogman" anymore. He turned and borrowed an inner tube from Mrs. Walker and floated out into the water.

Gary basked in the sun and floated along the shore. The current carried him east and the waves pushed him to shore. In the shallows he would pick up the inner tube and walk west, past the beach and paddle back out. For the first time in his life, he enjoyed solitude. Later, after dinner, Larry walked up to their dad, "Dad? Some of the guys are practicing up at field tonight."

Larry's dad was retired Navy. Everyone called him "Bos'n." Larry's dad said that was the rank and job that made him the happiest. Now he did some sort of consulting business for the government. He would disappear for a week or two and then be back home for a while before receiving another call, sending him somewhere.

When at home, Bos'n was always fixing or servicing something around the house. If you happened to be nearby, he required that you help and he would explain the importance of the device or the repair work. He never stopped instructing.

When you arrived at their door, Bos'n would size you up and ask a question that would challenge your very being to answer. Bos'n stood his full height, looked at his son, and said, "Fine … how is your brother doing?"

"He's great dad! I mean, OK, I guess."

Bos'n looked in the direction of the boys' bedroom and said, "He was different today, something changed. The tone between the two of you changed as well. You watching out for him?"

"Yes sir, I wouldn't let him get into any trouble or anything."

"Hmmm … mmmm, so, softball practice. You didn't say that was where you're heading. What's her name?"

Larry knew better, it was the whole truth now. "Alissa"

"The Groves girl?"

"Yes sir."

"You and your brother?"

"Yes sir."

"Tonight, your brother?"

"Yes sir."

This was almost exactly what it was like the evening he came home from losing his virginity to the girl who babysat the neighbor kids. Bos'n had him pegged the second he came in the door.

"Hmmmm, the Groves girl is quite a peach. Everything is all consensual, right? Taking the proper precautions?"

"Yes sir."

"Fine, don't be too late. Get back before ten."

"Thanks! Gary! Let's go!"

And, with that, the brothers were off. Larry didn't want to tell his old man everything but he knew better than to lie. Anyway, there wasn't much that pissed the old man off; dishonesty, disloyalty, slacking, and stealing would get to him. Obviously, a little fucking with the local girls was fine!

Alissa lived a block closer to the beach but two blocks down the way. Their cottage was sheltered on three sides by woods, so it had a lot of privacy. On the way, the brothers talked.

"Larry, what will she want?"

"Gary, I honestly believe that she wants to take your virginity. You're still a virgin, right?"

"Yeah, I had some chances but they didn't seem right."

"Bullshit! This is the closest you've been. Look, I'm your big brother. This is a perfect set up. Do what she says and it'll be great. Hell, pay attention and you'll be getting more than you'll know what to do with!"

"Larry? Do you think I'm too young?"

Larry put his hand on Gary's shoulder.

"No, I don't. But I'm not the one who has to make that decision. You have to figure out if you want to and if you're old enough."

"Gary, she's beautiful. I have a shot with a beautiful girl! She thinks I'm old enough; I'll just have to be old enough. What do you want to do?"

"Before you start pumping your dick in her and shooting your shit all over, I want to eat that thing!"

"Larry! Gross! Your dick was in there!"

"If she wants you to kiss her, will you?"


"Your dick was in there!"

"But she probably brushed her teeth or rinsed her mouth out or something …"

"Same with her pussy man, she'll be all clean."

"Shit, still, isn't it …. kind of gross?"

"Nah, I've done it before. You get used to the taste real quick and it becomes something you really like. I want to taste her! So … I'll get her ready, you kiss her and suck on her tits and stuff. Let her play with your dick, if she wants, but don't let it go too far or you'll cum to soon. Pay attention; when the time is right, I'll get out of your way. Once you're started, I'll have her blow me!"

"Oooooooh shit! This is great!"

As promised, Alissa was home alone. The Groves cottage was nicer than theirs and the boys were careful not to mess anything up. Alissa took them to the screened in back porch where she sat down between the brothers. Alissa wore very short white denim shorts and a tank top without a bra. Gary was wide-eyed; Larry was also enjoying the sight.

"Guys, I want to make this a special night. Larry, I've watched what a great older brother you are. I don't think anyone could ask for a nicer brother. And Gary, you're just as cute as can be; I've watched you grow up so nicely. I wish I had a little brother like you. I started out thinking I wanted to spend some time with Larry, and you happened to show up! See what happened this afternoon? Gary, have you ever been with a girl before? You know, made love to a girl?"

"No, Alissa, I never have. I've dreamed about it but I couldn't figure who I was supposed to be with. I'm really hoping it's you!"

"I was hoping you would let it be me!"

Alissa slid down just a little on the couch. Larry reached for her chin and gave her a soft kiss.

"Let me get you ready for him. You better be gentle!"

Alissa giggled and lifted her hand to her mouth as Larry moved in again to kiss her. Larry stopped when he saw her hand at her mouth covering her smile.

Gary blurted out, "Alissa, I don't understand. You're one of the prettiest girls around and you're always covering up your mouth. You're so pretty when you smile and laugh."

There ensued a short awkward silence. Larry glared at Gary. Alissa looked at him and dropped her hand.

"You think I'm one of the prettiest girls around?"

Gary didn't miss a beat, "Shit Alissa! You're beautiful! You shouldn't ever cover up your face!"

Alissa glanced at Larry and asked, "Well, Larry?"

Larry paused and said, "Alissa, he's right. You're hotter than hell and definitely one of the prettiest girls I've ever met!"

"As pretty as Celeste?"

She had Larry on that one, but he tried, "Alissa, Celeste is kind of like a supermodel and she doesn't hang with us too much. You're prettier than her because of who you are, not just how you look."

Larry was worried she would call him on the load of shit he just laid out, but …

She fell for it!

"Aaaaaaaawe … Larry! You're too nice!" She then pulled him in for a hero's kiss.

Gary watched the two and realized that by moving to kiss Larry; Alissa had almost bared her tit. He gently moved his hand inside her shirt, waiting for her to slap it away; but, it didn't happen! She seemed to move under his hand so he could get a better feel. And feel he did! Alissa was sitting up more this time and her tit seemed to be hanging a bit more; whatever, it felt softer in his hand now than earlier.

Gary moved his other hand to the shoulder of her tank top and pulled it down over her shoulder. Alissa leaned forward and pulled the other side down as well. In moments, her shirt was bundled around her thin waist. Gary remembered what Larry said and started to kiss Alissa's tits. Alissa lifted her left arm up and around Gary's back; holding him while he suckled at her tits.

Larry, who was on her right, slid his right hand down and under the top of her shorts. Alissa started to roll her hips in consent to his advance. Larry broke their kiss and slid to the floor, ending up on his knees. On his way he said, "Gary, let Alissa teach you how to kiss. Is that OK with you Alissa?"

Alissa was starting to feel just fine!

"Oh Yeah! Gary, come here, keep me company. Don't leave me alone."

With an uncontrollable smile on his face, Gary adjusted himself upward. He kept his left hand on her tit as he moved his mouth closer to Alissa's lips. Larry had her shorts undone and was in the process of pulling them off of her. She was left with only her sheer, pink panties. Larry ran his thumbs over the front, caressing her pussy as he twiddled. He inserted his thumbs under the sheer fabric and lightly pinched her clit with his thumbs.

Alissa jumped as if she had been electrocuted!

"Larry! Oh Fuck, do that again!"

Larry repeated his pinch three times, each evoking a different level and type of response from Alissa. After the second pinch, Alissa returned to kissing Gary. She took it slow at first and soon enough, his slobbering and pecking turned into respectable kissing. Nothing like practice for this kind of activity!

Alissa felt Larry peel her panties down, so she lifted enough for him to remove the flimsy undergarments. Alissa was feeling it! It was so fucking hot! Two guys, two brothers, loving her! She pushed Gary's head down to her tits. He looked up with a big smile and started to French kiss her left nipple just as Larry was running his tongue up her slit.

As Alissa began to wonder just how much of this she could take, Gary softly bit down on her right nipple. She clamped her hand on the back of his head, pressing him hard into her as she lifted from the couch, slightly turning to the left. She surprised herself as she let out a loud "Whoaaaaa" and shivered the first of many orgasms through her body that night.

Gary forced his head away, afraid he had hurt Alissa. Alissa growled at him with an evil sort of smile and pulled him to her left tit. Larry knew that Alissa just had a nice one and he knew his little brother was somehow responsible. He couldn't help but smile as he licked Alissa's pussy. He glanced upward to see what was happening, which put his tongue flat over her now sensitive clit.

Alissa arched again, froze, and then shivered out another nice orgasm right on Larry's face. Both Alissa and Gary glanced down to see Alissa rubbing her sweet little pussy, up and down on Larry's face. Larry saw them look and decided it was time.

"Gary, it's time. Take off your clothes. Alissa, lie down on the couch."

They both did as they were told. Alissa lifted and spread her legs for Gary. He was butt ass naked standing near one end of the couch, his eyes glued on Alissa's pussy. For her part, Alissa's eyes were glued on the very pretty four inch dick sticking straight out from Gary. She knew it was going to feel great! She caught Gary's eye.

"Gary, c'mon, get on the couch with me."

Alissa widened her legs and welcomed Gary between them. Gary knee-walked a bit and then sort of lowered himself on the beautiful girl.

Larry was watching as he dropped his own shorts, letting his big old hard dick float in the air.

Alissa glanced up and asked, "So, Larry, just what do you plan to do with that?"

"Alissa, I figure that while my brother fucks your brains out, you're going to suck me dry!"

"Give me a minute. Gary, come up here some more, yeah, that's right. Can you feel it?"

"I'm pretty sure, it's hot … it's wet … it's, it's, it's, oh my God …"

Gary's dick was pressed right into the folds of Alissa's pussy. She rolled her hips a bit and felt the head of his dick push inside her outer labia.

"Gary, lift yourself just a little, yeah, just a touch more, OOH, yeah, don't move! Now, a little push, Ooooooh fuck yeah … don't stop!"

Gary was looking at Alissa; she seemed to be hurting although he knew she wasn't. The feeling on his dick was indescribable! Gary had jerked off dry, with oil, with spit, in the shower, and with talcum powder; but nothing, nothing, had ever prepared him for this. It almost hurt! It didn't really hurt; it was just so fucking awesome! Her pussy was so tight! She fit like a glove. He pushed some more, not waiting for instruction. She lifted her legs higher and moaned. Gary paused and pulled back.

Alissa opened her eyes wide at him. How dare he?

Then he thrust in again. This time she let out a nice loud moan. She could feel every inch of Gary as he snuggled his dick into her sheath. Alissa caught her breath just as Larry rested his hard dick across her mouth. She had forgotten about Larry!

Alissa turned her head and took as much of him in as she could. She didn't have a very good angle; but, she would make it work. She sucked on this dick and then let it ride over her lips as she kissed and licked it. Larry humped it across her mouth and every two or three times on the pull back, pushed the head down and forced himself in her mouth.

While this was happening, Gary was starting to hit a really nice fucking pace. She was getting hit with stronger and stronger emanations from her pussy with every stroke he made.

Gary was just about there. He was starting to lose the feeling below his waist. This was all kind of like the greatest fucking dream he, and anyone who ever lived, had all rolled into one. He glanced at Larry. His eyes were closed. Gary looked at Alissa, right then, her mouth was full of Larry's dick and she was starting to shake like she was cold. That was fine with Gary; he could feel every shake as it vibrated on his dick.

Suddenly, Alissa really shook and, through the dick in her mouth let out a muffled scream of pleasure. Gary pumped himself into her with all he had. Alissa was trying to say something but all that came from her was rapidly repeated "ahs" as she twisted her head side-to-side along the underside of Larry's dick.

Gary was done; he came with a strain to every muscle in his young body. It felt so good to be shooting a hot load deep in the girl's pussy. Each spurt was accompanied by a thrust of his hips, pushing him deeper into Alissa. No-fucking-thing on earth could possibly feel better!

Alissa turned her head and sucked Larry in, jacking him with her left hand. It was only a moment for Larry. He exploded deep within Alissa's mouth, straining with every convulsion.

Alissa was in seventh heaven! She sucked on Larry's big dick and squeezed her pussy on Gary's preteen prick. She held both brothers and took their offerings. She loved that Larry had made an offering of his only brother's virginity to her. She would cherish that always. She had hoped for a good summer; and if this was any indication of where it would go, then it would be a great!

The boys made it home that night and were ordered off to bed. They didn't talk much; anyway, there wasn't much need to talk. Before falling asleep, Larry said to Gary, "Buddy, you did real good tonight, real good."

Gary simply replied, "Yeah."

The next morning after breakfast, Larry walked out to where his dad was preparing to work on the lawn mower and asked, "Want any help?"

His dad eyed him, "Everything go OK?"

"Yes sir. My brother is quite a man."

"Thanks to the lovely Miss Groves, eh?"

"Yes sir … yes sir."

Even though Gary had been ordered by Larry to leave Alissa alone, he couldn't help himself. He found himself walking past her cottage or tailing behind when she and her friends went for a walk. He even started to peek in her window at night.

Alissa knew something was up but couldn't really catch Gary when he was being creepy. One evening, when she was changing, she heard the unmistakable sound of someone outside her window.

Gary had bumped the wall and immediately froze in place. He held his breath and waited. After a short while he turned and pulled himself up to the window.

"Gary! What the fuck are you doing?"

Gary 'bout nearly shit and died! He was caught red-fucking-handed! Guilty as shit! No excuses for this! Gary realized he was an asshole. In a second he realized he was not cool and just a worthless piece of shit. Alissa was standing right behind him, her fists on her hips.

"Gary, talk to me. What are you doing?"

"I'm really sorry Alissa. I'm being an asshole and a jerk. I'm so sorry"

"Gary, you can't do this. It's really bad, it makes you look like a real creep and I don't think you are, are you?"

"I don't want to be … do you think I am?"

"No, I think you're overly curious though. Listen, you need to start hitting up some of the girls your own age … like … Patty, Nora, Kathy or Mary Ellen. I'm sure they would want to learn all sorts of things from you."

"But they're not you, and …"

"Gary, that's the whole point. Tell you what, come back tomorrow night and we'll have some fun, but you must promise to start looking at the girls your age."



"What about Michelle, do you think she likes me?"

"Michelle, huh? She's going to be a real hottie. I think you should be nice to her and see how she reacts."

The next night Gary got a true one-on-one lesson from Alissa and was the happiest kid in the nation, if not the world! They also had a good talk about how to treat girls and not be a creep. Before Gary went home, Alissa told him to peek in her window the next night. The next night Gary was amazed to see how a girl masturbates!


Now, the story about that day was told in order to properly set up what happened two weeks later. And that is where we will pick up: two weeks later.


Gary started to hang out with the kids his own age and started to have some real fun. They sometimes gathered at a blanket on the beach or went to Kathy's family pool. They were still kids enough to enjoy playing at the beach or in the water.

Gary was nice to all the girls but always made his best effort to pay attention to Michelle. One day at the beach they got to talking about Lighthouse Point. No one had ever been out there.

Mary Ellen asked, "Gary didn't you and your brother walk out there earlier this year?"

"Nah, we almost did, but decided not to. I still want to go see it though."

"Why don't we all hike out there tomorrow?"

Everyone loved the idea. In minutes a plan was devised for the next morning. They would gather at nine and walk to the point. Everyone would bring their own backpack, lunch and water.

Gary's mom had his stuff packed the night before and all ready for him the next morning. She had packed four PB&J sandwiches, two bags of chips, two water bottles of Kool-Aid, spare socks, a beach towel, and a beach blanket. Gary was ready.

The next morning when he walked out of the house, he heard the dreaded words.

"Son, come over here."

Gary walked round the front of the house and there was his old man working on the water heater. For a second, Gary wondered how and when the old man got the fucking water heater outside, but let it go.

"You going on a hike?"

"Yes sir. A bunch of us are going to go see Lighthouse Point."

"Hmm … pretty interesting there. I need to have a word with you, away from your mom."

Gary looked around and said the only thing there was to say, "Yes sir."

"I know you've been having a good summer … getting in with the girls and such. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, you understand?"

Gary couldn't help but smile a bit and reply, "Yes sir."

"Now don't get smart ass with me boy! This is serious."

Under the glare of his father, Gary seriously replied, "Yes sir."

The Bos'n looked at his youngest son, satisfied he had his proper attention.

"You need to show respect to those girls. If you can't respect them, you don't need to be with them, understand? You don't ever, and I mean ever, force yourself on a girl, Understand? They must agree and say yes to everything or you do nothing, understand? I don't want any grandchildren in my life just yet, you use protection, every time, understand? You don't ever kiss and tell. Keep your mouth shut. What you and some girl do is just between the two of you, understand? If you need to know something or are confused, you might as well ask me, if you ask your brother he'll be telling me anyway, understand?"

Gary truthfully answered "Yes sir" to every "understand" thrown his way. And, he did understand. Larry had pretty much given him the same talk. Even the part about telling the Bos'n; you couldn't hide anything from him.

"OK, go and have some fun. Don't be late. We're going out to dinner tonight. The three of us are taking mom on a date."


"Yes sir!"

The Hike - Part2

Gary arrived at the beach at eight-thirty. He was really looking forward to the bunch of them finally making it to Lighthouse Point. Kathy and Michelle arrived a little later and, by nine fifteen, they were the only ones there. Both girls had their own backpacks and appeared to be properly prepared for the adventure.

Kathy stood and announced she was going back home. Michelle looked at Gary and asked, "Are you going to hike out to the point?"


"Even if you go by yourself?"

"Alone, or with one, or both of you … don't matter to me, I'm ready to go."

Michelle looked at Kathy and said, "I'm going to go with Gary, you coming?"

With a huff, Kathy said, "OK"

Off went the trio. Kathy was the tallest of the three, lean and straight as a bean pole. Her face, while not unattractive, was gaunt, befitting her lean nature. Kathy was a nice enough girl but at times she could be a bit cynical. Puberty hadn't even waved hello to the pretty eleven year old. Her hair was light brown, curly and long.

Puberty had grabbed Michelle and wrestled her to the ground! She had a definite twelve year-old's body. Her hips were widening and her new tits were past the budding stage, becoming prominent on her chest. Michelle was a great athlete, almost a tomboy, and had the body befitting her athleticism.

Michelle's hair was pitch black and long. Her face was soft, her eyes dark and piercing. She had some Native American mixed in with her mostly Polish background, which gave her an intriguing and somewhat exotic look. She was quick to laugh and joke. Everyone liked Michelle!

The wind was up that morning and the waves were a bit higher than usual. There was life and sound all around as the kids hiked the beach. Gary felt great and kept up a running dialogue as they walked. Michelle was easy to talk to and before long the two of them were lost in conversation. Kathy interjected on occasion but almost seemed to be an interloper.

The trio neared the creek and Gary felt like he was truly in the know.

"Yep, the creek! You know, the older kids come down here to be alone together."

Kathy asked, "Alone together? That doesn't make any sense!"

Michelle asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, it's when a guy and a girl want to fool around."

Kathy snorted, "Why fool around down here? You can fool around anywhere."

"I don't mean like mess around, I mean fool around! Know what I mean?"

By now Gary had Michelle's full attention.

"No! I don't know what you mean. What do you mean?"

"You know, a guy and a girl … fool around!"

Kathy turned away and walked closer to where the creek met the lake.

Michelle eyed Kathy walking away and then looked back at Gary, "I don't think you know what you mean."

Gary looked at Michelle and said, "Kissing and stuff."


"Yep! Lots of kissing … and other stuff."

"What other stuff?"

Gary looked at Kathy as she walked further away.

Quietly he said to Michelle, "Other stuff, like taking your clothes off and touching each other. Making each other feel real good."

"No one is supposed to do that."

"All the older kids do."

Michelle gave it a moment's thought and said, "Show me where."

"C'mon with me."

Gary led Michelle back along the creek and up the sand dune, then down into the hidden spot where he and Gary played with Alissa. Michelle looked around and asked, "Now what?"

"We kiss."


Gary stepped forward and reached his hands to Michelle's hips. Michelle stepped closer and placed her hands on Gary's arms. There was a real look of uncertainty on Michelle's face. Gary softly placed his lips on hers and gave Michelle a nice kiss, just like Alissa had shown him. Michelle had a catch in her breath and jerked just a little when Gary was done. He was pretty sure he had kissed her properly.

Michelle commented, "Tha … that was nice." She then moved closer to kiss again.

This time Gary actually hugged her and could feel her arms encircle his neck. He also felt her tits poking into his chest as well as his dick hardening against her thigh. He decided that it didn't matter; she was enjoying the kiss just fine and seemed to be rubbing herself against his erection.

"Just a minute Michelle."

Gary dropped his backpack and unrolled the beach blanket his mom had packed. He spread it across the sand and looked at Michelle. Michelle dropped her little backpack and said, "Its warmer here than out in the wind."

She proceeded to remove the windbreaker sweat pants and top she wore. Underneath she had on pink fabric shorts and a blue t-shirt. Gary thought she looked great! Gary unzipped his hoodie and dropped his baggy shorts; he was only wearing a t-shirt and his boxers. Michelle looked a little shocked but let it pass.

Gary walked around the blanket, put his arm around Michelle's waist and together they fell to their knees on the blanket. Gary shifted and kissed Michelle again. This time Michelle took charge and pushed Gary down to his back! Gary felt something odd on his lips and realized it was Michelle's tongue. He tried his best to be cool like Alissa told him to be, and started playing his tongue with hers.

Gary took a chance and ran his hand down to Michelle's cute soft ass and clutched a handful. Michelle moaned and rolled herself down on him even harder. Gary slid his hand down to the back of her thigh and brought it back up, but under the hem of her shorts. Michelle didn't seem to mind, so Gary slid his fingers until they were inside her panties and his finger tips were working their way down the crack of her ass.

Michelle spread her leg out wider to give Gary more room! Gary pushed the panty aside and placed his fingertips right where the money was. Michelle was wet and he could feel her heat! He ran his fingers up and down her pussy trying to find her special spot. Suddenly Michelle shifted; she moved away from his hand and closed her leg.

"Gary … too fast. I … I … don't know."

"It's Ok Michelle, whatever you want is fine with me. I mean, I'm getting pretty hot because you're so damn hot and pretty. I can hold off if you want. I still think you're the best girl around!"

Michelle was so glad to hear what Gary said! She thought she was leading him on and he'd be all pissed; but, instead, he was OK with going slower. She felt a wave of emotion come over her. She leaned into him for a kiss while saying, "You're the best guy anywhere!"

They kissed and let their tongues play. Michelle reached her left hand to Gary's right hand and held it down for moment. Gary was enjoying kissing Michelle and feeling his dick get rubbed by her body so he didn't notice what was happening with his hand. Michelle shifted and pulled his hand in between them. She twisted his arm and before he knew it, he had his hand filled with her tit. He needed a better angle!

Gary rolled to his left and Michelle went to her side. He used his right hand to collect up as much of her shirt as possible. Michelle lifted a little and aided in the removal of her shirt. She had only a light cloth bra covering her preteen tits. Gary rolled her a little more and returned to kissing her. He ran his hand over her immature tits and found them to be highly exciting, regardless their maturity. He thought they felt great! Michelle was moaning into his mouth as he fondled her tits.

Gary knew how much a girl liked having her tits sucked, and complimented! He broke their kiss and gazed down at Michelle's chest. Michelle meekly said, "They're not really all that big. I really don't even need the bra."

"Then we need to get rid of it!"

Michelle laughed at Gary's comment and turned her back to him so he could see the little clasp. Again, in his mind, Gary thanked Alissa. In no time the little hooks were unhooked. Michelle rolled back down and Gary removed her bra. He thought her tits were beautiful! He told her so.

"Christ Gary, you're a guy, you all think all tits are beautiful!"

Gary gazed down at Michelle's chest. Her skin was milky white were her clothes shaded her from the sun. She had a flat stomach and an exposed rib cage. Standing like two little white pyramids, were her tits. They were really nice to look at. Her brown areolas were clearly defined and her slightly pinker nipples were at full attention. Gary looked Michelle in the eyes.

"Bullshit, yours are perfect and will only become better as you get older. I need to kiss them."

"Gary! …"

At first, Gary gently kissed and sucked on her nascent mounds, enjoying every second. Michelle was enjoying it as well. She was holding his head and guiding his mouth as she desired. He decided to take a chance. He slid his right hand down her stomach and into her shorts. He slid his hand over her panties until he had a handful of her pussy.

Michelle didn't flinch. As a matter of fact, she rolled her hips up to meet his hand. Gary started to palm her pussy and Michelle was very quickly on the O train!

Michelle had never expected this to happen. Of course she was curious about sex and guys and everything; but, making out like a slut? Never! But, it all felt so good! She couldn't believe how everything Gary did was feeling perfect. She was completely relaxed and very much into Gary. Michelle didn't want to have sex just yet; but, if she was to do it, today with Gary would be right!

Gary adjusted his hand and in the process pulled her shorts and panties down. Her pussy was prettier than Alissa's! Gary looked; it was ivory white with a blood pinkish tinge. There was a light splay of black pubic hair that folded in to the middle, seemingly elongating her little slit. She spread her thighs a little and he could make out some light brown, maybe tan, folds hiding inside. He completely understood what Larry said about kissing a girl's pussy! God! All he wanted was to taste and explore her pretty little pussy!

"Michelle, I want to kiss you down there. Is that OK?"

"Aaah, yeah, sure … that's um OK."

Michelle had heard about this sort of thing and was really very uncertain whether or not to allow Gary to kiss her kitty. Then he did it. Michelle was amazed! It was like one of the best things she ever felt in her life! He did it again; but, this time it was different. She couldn't figure out what he was doing but it sure felt good!

Melissa lifted up on her elbows a bit and could see that he was kissing and licking her kitty. Suddenly a wave of warm pleasure rolled up to her head from her privates resulting in her head rolling back and her eyes closing as she moaned in pleasure.

Gary loved it! Michelle's pussy tasted great. It wasn't quite as strong as Alissa's but it had that same heady flavor he learned to enjoy so much. He could tell by Michelle's reactions that he was doing the right things, the things Alissa had showed him. He knew to react to what Michelle reacted to. When she tensed or moved, he knew to keep going with whatever he was doing. If she kind of just lied there, it was time to explore!

Gary shifted himself as he kissed, sucked, and licked Michelle's pussy. He moved so that his hips were a bit closer to her head. He had his right arm under her right leg and up inside her left thigh. He moved his left hand from one tit to another and caressed down her belly. Sometimes he used his fingers on her pussy as well.

Michelle was experiencing things she had only heard about. Her hips were moving independent of her will and the feelings running through her body were like nothing before! Best of all, her pussy area felt like it was on fire! It was a terrible itch-pain sort of thing and she knew the only way to relieve it was for Gary to keep going.

She noticed that he shifted his position and knew what that meant. He had curled around so his feet were close to her head. She wasn't so naïve as to not realize that there was give and take in this situation. Michelle turned into Gary and started to pull his boxers down. Gary helped as best he could and soon enough, his dick, in all its erect glory, was hanging in front of Michelle's face.

She studied it and liked what she saw. She was no novice when it came to dicks, she had seen a real dick before … in every sense of the word!

Michelle has an older brother named Mike. He was four years older than she, and while he was a dick, he wasn't a real bad dick; more of an annoying dick. He was a good looking guy with a screwed up sense of humor. The other kids his age either kind of liked him or simply tolerated him. You see, he was a dick, but pretty much a harmless, annoying dick.

Mike loved exposing himself to his little sister and embarrassing her. He would let his towel fall after taking a shower while walking to his bedroom. He would keep his door open while he changed. He'd look at her and ask, "Hey! You ever seen one of these before?!"

That summer, he actually started to masturbate in front of Michelle. He'd ask, "Hey sis! Can you lend a guy a hand?!"

At first Michelle would shriek and run from her brother; but, soon figured out that was just what he wanted. Michelle stopped running and would simply look as he walked past or got dressed. He tried playing with himself in front of her and she took the same course. She would watch for a moment, shrug her shoulders and simply walk away.

She was a bit shocked the when he first stood at his bedroom door with a full erection, stroking away. She heard him laugh as she ran away. From then on, she looked, sighed, shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

One afternoon he was lying on his bed with the door open. He was naked of course and stroking himself. She stopped, looked in, and was amazed to find herself leaning against the door jamb and watching. Mike looked at her and started to speed up his stroking. She didn't move, she simply watched as her brother jerked himself off to what he admitted to himself, was the best orgasm he had ever had!

Gobs of cum seemed to be flying everywhere! It hit him in the chest and laid a trail all the way back to his dick He was panting and looking at Michelle as his sixteen year-old dick softened and dripped out the last of his cum. Michelle looked him in the eyes, shrugged her shoulders and walked away. She had watched him jerk off twice since that first time.

Two years later when Mike was eighteen and Michelle fourteen, he begged her for forgiveness. He confessed his "dickness" to her and pleaded for her to forgive all the shitty things he had ever done.

Michelle forgave him; but, made it clear she was not going to forget about all his transgressions.

Now she had a real dick in front of her and, it was by choice. Due to her position, Michelle had to use her left hand on his dick. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to stroke it in the fashion of her brother.


Michelle smiled, Gary was liking it! She was doing it right. Michelle was amazed; she had never felt anything like a dick before. It was soft and hard, cool and hot, smooth, yet there was the head that changed the whole dynamic. She noticed that Gary had started moving his hips in time with her strokes. She got on her right elbow and was able to reach his nuts with her hand. They felt funny! She knew to be careful. One day Mike had explained all of his weird external plumbing to her. She listened to him that evening but wouldn't touch anything, like he wanted her to do.

She realized that she liked holding Gary's dick and felt like she wanted to do more. Gary was getting her hotter than she ever imagined possible and she knew she was going someplace she had never been before. Just looking at his dick made her feel hotter. She did it! She sucked his dick deep into her mouth!

Through her pussy Gary moaned, "OOOOOoooooh!"

She did better! It felt good in her mouth. It tasted OK, a little salty, a little sweaty … she thought that it must taste like sex. Michelle started to suck back and forth on Gary's dick in time with the sensations that were rolling up from her hips. She sucked him in deep and rolled to her back. He followed and hitched his left leg over and next to her head. Neither knew it, but they were in a very good sixty-nine position!

Gary's tongue did its work and soon Michelle's little pussy was throbbing and juicing on his face. Michelle's hips lifted, and she braced, for what, she didn't know. Then it hit, like a punch in the gut! An internal explosion like she had never experienced hit her in the pussy and reverberated through her body. She shook and shimmied while Gary hung on for the ride. He placed his mouth over her pussy and sucked as she came. Gary was rewarded with the sweetness of little girl nectar.

Even though Michelle was in heaven, she never let go of Gary's dick. In fact, she sucked even harder as she moaned and groaned through her orgasm. The extra vibrations, sucking, and sensation of Michelle cumming; put Gary over the edge. He arched his back, pressed into Michelle's mouth and released his seed into her waiting throat. He could hear Michelle slurping down his cum while moaning out her own pleasure.

Gary pumped all he had into her mouth and Michelle did her best to keep up. She couldn't believe she was swallowing his stuff! She swore she would never do such a gross thing; but, at that moment, with this boy, she couldn't imagine not taking him inside.

The two preteens started to relax as their climaxes subsided, and that special afterglow set in. Gary pivoted up to lie next to Michelle. Michelle smiled at him and he noticed a trail of cum had streaked down her jaw from the corner of her mouth.

"Hold still; hang on, just a sec."

Gary rolled and grabbed his backpack. He extracted the beach towel and the two bottles of Kool-Aid. He opened one bottle and wetted a corner of the towel. He had Michelle sit up and he gently wiped her face clean of his cum.

"Let me have a bottle, OK?"

Gary opened the other bottle for her; she quickly rinsed her mouth and swallowed the residue.

Gary thought that was pretty fucking sexy; he felt himself get a little hard. He took a good look at Michelle; her long black hair, pouting tits, athletic body, plump pussy and nice legs. He looked at her face, she was so fucking pretty! He had never realized just how fucking pretty she was.

Michelle liked what she saw as well. Of an even greater surprise to her, she felt comfortable not having clothes on while being with Gary. She glanced down, then looked at him and asked, "Will you be my boyfriend this summer?"

Gary considered this for a moment and replied, "If you mean only for the summer, then no. If you want to try and be boyfriend - girlfriend; even after the summer, then yes."

Michelle smiled, she went from pretty to beautiful when she really smiled; she liked the idea of a real boyfriend!

"Yes, even after the summer!"

The two kissed and Gary made a move to get between her legs. Michelle stopped him.

"No Gary, not yet. I'm not ready. Everything else, OK? Just not that, not yet."

"Sure Michelle, no pressure. Understand, I'll try again, but you will always have the final say and that has to be a real yes."

Up on a higher dune, Kathy had watched the whole scene. She felt kind of tingly at times but oddly enough, only felt it when she looked at Michelle. It took a few years and some confused boyfriends before she had to admit to herself what she really wanted. She never got Michelle though.

Michelle and Gary were a couple for the rest of the summer and on just past Christmas. Their school lives and living twenty miles apart just made it too difficult to stay together at their age. They remained very good friends though. He took her to a couple of her school's formal dances and she was his date for his senior prom. Gary, unlike many of his buddies, had the best fucking senior prom imaginable with the hottest girl in attendance!

Oh, Michelle's maidenhead? She dated goofy, athletic Bob when she was a sophomore. He was a senior. She gave her virginity to him the night of his graduation. Shortly afterwards they broke up. He joined the Marines and nine months later he was KIA. Michelle grew up a lot that year and was very thankful to have Gary and, more importantly, the Bos'n around to help her through her grief.

Michelle moved away a little later. Eventually she and Gary lost touch with one another. Last he heard; she was dating a fellow who owned a pot farm in Oregon.

Here's toking at you babe!


The Hidden Harbor reunion was a good time. There were a couple of other stories told. I hope you liked this one!


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