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News: (March 2001) The fifth issue of the Journal of Desire, guest edited by Mat Twassel, is now out! See the JoD page for details and link.

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Mark's AOL Home Page
  all of Mark's online fiction
The Naughty Stories
  straight to the good stuff
Parents Strongly Cautioned
  a vaguely-daily fictional journal
The Journal of Desire
  an occasional journal of erotica

Some other things

ASSTR home
  The text repository
Under the Bed
  stories and photos by Mat Twassel
Scarlet Letters
  A Journal of Femmerotica (the best kind!)
Pursed Lips
  a good sex-related "web log"

This page is (January, 2000) just getting started; I'll probably be adding more links, maybe copying the stories themselves here to rather than AOL, and so on. Suggestions are welcome! I am, at least for the time being, best reached at Questions, comments, suggestions, feedback, and chocolate are always welcome!