Single Mom’s Boy Toy


Just before turning into my subdivision entrance, I suddenly remembered my mom’s instructions:  “Make sure you get a haircut before you come home; you look awful and we have everyone coming over for your sister’s birthday tomorrow.”  As an18 year old guy, about to go off to college in 3 months, I felt rather chafed about her instructions.  I had just finished baseball practice where we had an especially tough work-out.  My muscles were burning from the extra weight training, and I would have just assumed to go home, eat and go to bed early that night.  Besides, I knew my now 17 year old sister would care less if my hair was cut or not.  Nevertheless, I didn’t want to deal with the nagging and harassment I would get if came home with the bushy hair I left the house with earlier that morning.


I was just wearing pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but at least I had showered, so I turned the car around and headed for a small local salon that offered no-appointment $9 haircuts.  When I arrived, the receptionist said the wait was about 30 minutes; so I put my name on the list and began to sift through the 4-month-old Style and Glamour magazines left on the coffee table.


Every minute of waiting seemed like an eternity as I skimmed over articles about “losing 10 pounds in 30 days,” “sex secrets men wished women knew,” and “tips for my spring wardrobe.”  Making matters worse, the 30 minute wait stretched to 45 minutes and the salon would be closing in 5 minutes.  I was wondering if they would still take me since they would be closing so soon.  “I’ll be so pissed!” I thought to myself as I considered how long I had waited already.


To my relief, one of the stylists finished with a customer, checked the list and called, “Marc?”  I got up quickly and followed her to her chair.


“Hi, my name’s Heidi; What’ll it be today?” she asked.


Heidi was a good looking, 35ish year old woman who was trying to hang onto her youth by the way she dressed.  She wore a short tan skirt with a green halter top that left her midriff exposed.  Luckily, she had the face and body to pull it off for probably at least 5 more years.  I estimated she was about 5’5” and 120 pounds.  She had great looking breasts – they weren’t huge, but they seemed just a little bit big for her petite body size.  I wondered if she had had them done.  Her hair was blonde and cut at about shoulder length.  Heidi had a very cute face, and although a number of fine wrinkles were just starting to show, most guys would have labeled her as “hot.”


“I just need a haircut – but not too short, maybe just cut off 3/4 of an inch or so.” I replied as she draped me with her smock.  The other stylists were finishing up with their customers and were packing up to head out as I got comfortable in the chair.


After a quick comb-thru and wet-down, Heidi stated to talk about herself.  I sat there and listened as she cut my hair and told me about her life – how her husband left her 3 years ago and that she was raising her 4 year old boy by herself.  She lamented that she didn’t get to go out much anymore - like she used to when she was younger.


I think she appreciated me listening, and after a short pause she became interested in me and began asking me questions:  “What do you do on the weekends?  Are you in any sports?  Are you going to college?”


As we talked, the last remaining stylist besides Heidi interrupted, “Heidi, I need to leave early; is there anything you need me to do?”


“No, I’m fine.  I’ll see you tomorrow.” said Heidi.


We resumed our friendly conversation as Heidi moved around me as she cut.  Eventually Heidi came around to trim near my right ear; as she leaned over, she nonchalantly pressed her crotch into my hand on the armrest.  Heidi kept on talking.  I froze there; I was afraid to move my hand as she leaned into it.  I figured that this had to be “incidental contact,” so I didn’t make anything of it.


Then Heidi asked me, “Marc, do you have a girlfriend?”


I replied, “Well, not really anymore.  I used to date this one girl, but we broke up last year.”


As Heidi moved to my left side to trim around my other ear, she again pressed her crotch into my hand.  This time it was unmistakable; she leaned into me a little harder and stayed there for a moment even after she stopped trimming.  My heart pounded as I could feel her pussy rub against my knuckles, and my cock rapidly stiffened and stretched the badly faded crease on the front of my jeans.


I didn’t know what Heidi was up to, but I knew I liked it.  I must have had a huge smile on my face because she looked in the mirror at me and asked “So what are ya thinking about?”


Caught off guard, I lied, “Umm…, oh, nothing, I just was thinking about the baseball game I have Saturday.”  Heidi smiled coyly and resumed trimming my hair without commenting on my obvious lie.


Then as Heidi moved behind me to cut the top of my hair, she reached around to position my head.  As she pulled my head back, she leaned her chest forward to meet it, nesting it between her two breasts.  She was quite obvious about it, but still acted as if nothing was going on.


Heidi finished the haircut and removed the apron from me.  “So whatdaya think?” she asked.


“I love it; I look awesome!” I jokingly replied as I turned to look at Heidi.  Just as I looked at her, I caught her eyes darting back up and away from the bulge in my pants.


Heidi flirted back, “I agree…you look good enough to kiss!”


With that, Heidi started kissing me as I sat in the chair.  She put her hand on my chest and clenched my t-shirt in her fist, nearly tearing it as she pulled me closer.  I instinctively reached toward her chest and cautiously cupped my hand on the side of her round breast, over the soft fabric of her green top, and kissed her back.


Then Heidi stopped and looked me in my eyes and said, “Ever since my divorce, I’ve really had an urge to hook up with a strapping young boy like yourselfwhatdaya say?”


“Oh my God!” I thought.  I had only had sex once before - with Rachel, the girl I dated my junior year.  One day we went back to her house after a movie date.  Her parents weren’t home and we started Frenching in her bedroom.  We only intended to mess around a little and took off our shirts to make out; but before we knew it, we were completely naked and blindly surrendering our virginity to each other.  We broke up shortly after that, but ever since I’ve had unquenchable craving for real pussy that I hadn’t been able to fill.


Instead of answering, I grabbed the front of her breast with the hand that I had on her side and locked lips with her again.  Heidi grabbed my hand to pull me out of the chair and swatted my ass as she led me to the back room.


Heidi closed the door and pushed me so my butt was up against one of the desks.  She took of my t-shirt then kissed me down from my chest to my stomach.  I reached down and grasped the sides of her halter top; she raised her arms and let me pull it off.  Then Heidi stood up and unhooked her bra.  With a proud and confident look on her face, she pulled off her bra, tossing it to the ground.  Her firm round tits were like ripe fruit on a tree – ready to be plucked.  They were magnificent!  I reached out with both my hands to touch them, then watched her smile as I gently began to play with them.


Then Heidi unzipped my jeans; she bent over and began licking the tip of my cock.  I immediately started to ooze cum, so she stopped, and said, “Hold on a minute, Marc…”


Heidi pulled down my pants down to the floor and I stepped out of them.  She then removed her panties and hiked up her skirt.  With her right hand she grabbed my cock and then stood up on her tiptoes to lowered herself onto me. Her wetness was unmistakable.   I couldn’t believe how easily I slid into her.  I remembered that I my cock was a super tight fit with Rachel’s delicate virgin pussy; Heidi, on the other hand, was easy and wet.


Being inside her was so phenomenal!  It was even better than I remember Rachel being!  I couldn’t help it - I grabbed onto her thighs and started humping like crazy. Then after only about 60 seconds I blasted her insides with my hot slippery fluid.  Heidi moaned as she grabbed the base of my cock and began to use it like her personal dildo to continue satisfying herself.  The sensation was so intense I could only clench the desk and whimper out an inaudible scream.  I was amazed that my cock remained hard, since before I was never patient enough to continue stimulation after an orgasm.


My legs were getting weak, so I raised our bodies up onto the top of the desk.  I laid back and Heidi fell forward onto me, pressing her perfectly altered grapefruit sized tits against my chest.  She assumed the top position and took complete control.


As Heidi satisfied herself, she screamed out, “Yes! Yes! Oh my God Marc, Yes!”  That was all the encouragement I needed to push me over the edge a second time.  I ejaculated again inside her and my cock continued to pulse even after my tank was empty.  Heidi gradually slowed down and laid her head on my chest to rest for a moment.


“I needed that so bad” said Heidi as she got up and matter-of-factly grabbed some paper towels from the desk and wiped herself off.  She dressed and left the back room to sweep the salon and tidy up her work area, while leaving me alone in the back room to clean myself up.


Once I came out, Heidi smiled at me and said, “By the way, that’ll be nine bucks.”


“Thanks.” I said as I handed her a ten. 


“I’ll see you again soon.” replied Heidi


After 3 weeks had passed I was eager to get another haircut.  I went back to the salon, but Heidi wasn’t there.  I stopped by again the next day and asked about her.  One of the other stylists said she had quit two weeks ago and none of them had heard from her.  I never did find Heidi again, and to this day, I can’t help but think about her whenever I get my hair cut.



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