Drive-In Rape


by Make Them Cry

Story codes: rape, nc, piss, tort, mf

My stories come from my fantasies and tend to involve non-consensual acts involving males dominating younger female characters. To be totally clear, I don’t condone nor would I ever consider doing in real life what I depict in my stories, despite he occasional autobiographical tone. This is all fantasy fiction exploring the physical and psychological impact of sexual slavery and rape on the imaginary characters. 

If you are not of legal age to view these stories, or if these sort of stories offend you, please do not proceed.

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I admit it.  I’m a sick fuck. 

It all started at an early age. At about the age of 10 I found a bunch of BDSM magazines back in the woods that became the primary focus of my masturbatory fantasies. By high school I was always sneaking in to the local porn store to spend my lawn mowing money on more. I became obsessed with the thought of forcing women to my will.

Like many boys, I took martial arts classes and worked out with weights, except in my case it was to learn various moves to incapacitate imaginary rape victims and to have strength to force their submission. Even my years in Boy Scouts were spent learning knots with the idea of involuntary restraint. I won a switch-blade knife in a bet with a buddy and started carrying it with me everywhere. Never flashed it around, but had fantasies about cutting the camisole straps on the girl sitting in front of me, and visualized running the tip down her naked neck and back. 

When I turned 16, I even started carrying what I called my "rape kit" in my car on the fantasy that I might some day encounter some helpless hitchhiker. The car was an old Buick Regal my parents gave me. I guess they thought it was safe because it was big, but it had a huge trunk in which I fantasized stuffing my victims.  

The rape kit consisted of stuff with which to restrain or torture my imaginary victims: some rope, a bit old hunting knife, a riding crop I stole from a nearby horse barn, a box of needles, a canvas tarp, things like that. Finally, I kept an old Polaroid camera that my parents had forgotten about. (I found some old photos that suggested they were swingers of some sort in the past. Kind of weird to see a young version of your mom being pumped in the ass by some guy you don't know.)

Even when I was in a romantic embrace with my current steady girlfriend, my deep down thoughts were to flip her around, strip her pants and rape her ass doggy style. Generally I would start off with th girl thinking I was romantically interested in her. But since deep down inside I had other motives, our relationships would become increasingly abusive. I probably lost more than one girlfriend because I got a little too rough while petting. 

Also, like many at this age I hung-out with some drug-dealing buddies with similar misogynist tendencies. I was not in to drugs myself, but I was known to be generous about sharing my stash with girls who put out. Combined with my reasonably good looks I was able to pop my cherry at an early age because of this. Also with the right pills I thought I might render the girls more pliable. 

My sophomore year in high school is when my fantasies started to make way for real experiences. A bunch of buddies and I got in to something called we called blousing. We would pick out a secluded hallway and wait for a suitable girl to come along. Usually we would pick the mousey or shy ones in their freshman or sophomore year. 

A bunch of us would corral her back into one of the boys’ restrooms and start to work. Basically, the goal was to get her shirt and bra off while copping as many feels as possible in the process. Generally they would not scream any, just squeal a bit and try to push us away. The cunt would not be going anywhere, since there would be about 3-4 of us.

If we got her tits out quick enough, we would all take turns getting a quick squeeze and suck in. We were not particularly gentle, so I imagine the bitches had a few tittie bruises and bite marks the next day.  We would also be roughly probing her pussy from the front and back while all this was going on. If she had a skirt on, we would pull that up and could pull aside the panties enough to finger her directly.

Being teenagers, we usually had raging hard-on from the very beginning, so we would be dry humping against her body while all this was going on; maybe pull her hands down to our pants to rub the bulge. I managed to cum a few times that way. 

On one occasions we got a bitch that had no fight in her and who meekly submitted to our abuse without any vocal protests. This gave us plenty of time to get her completely naked and have a bit of extra fun. None of us had enough courage to actually fuck or rape her yet, but I got the chance to pin her against the wall as my buddies held her arms out and rub my cock against her naked body until I came.

We always kept a few souvenirs, a bra or some panties to jerk off on while reliving the memories and these are a cherished part of my rape memorabilia even today.

I tell you these things so you really understand how I thought and that the events that happened in the years that followed were inevitable.


My first real rape experience happened my senior year. One of my favorite gambits was to take a girl to a drive-in movie with some feature with particularly juicy horror/rape sex like "Last House on the Left".  A cousin of mine worked the admission booth, so I knew I could get myself and a date into an R-rated movie with no pesky nonsense about being 17 or checking for contraband. 

After softening my date up with a bit of beer, weed or some 'ludes, we would start making out just before the parts with the rapes scenes. I usually picked a freshman or sophomore girl, as they were more generally in awe of the senior boys and were less likely to rat on me, as they were not supposed to be there in the first place.  In many cases this was my date’s first time at a move with a sex scene, let along a rape scene. 

Some girls would get turned off at the moment the on-screen rape started, pushing me away.  This turned me on even more and I would enjoy testing their limits as the screaming or sobbing started on the car speaker, or the victim on the big screen was forced to show her breasts.

I usually had my hands inside her shirt, groping her tits or stroking her thighs just before this point, and would intensify my efforts despite any resistance. Depending on how stoned she was, the girl would start to fuss and struggle. Rather than stop, I would grab her arm and pin it behind her while pushing her down on the immense back seat of the old Buick. 

Usually I had the girl drugged/drunk enough that I usually was able to pull up her t-shirt and bra and dry hump her with my raging hard-on before she started to make too much fuss. I didn't yet have the balls to go too far past this point since, of course, the girl knew who I was. If they seemed like they were going to be a bad sport about it, I bought them off with more drugs.

Finally, though, my generosity the drugs really paid off.

I was hanging out at the mall just after dinner fantasizing about raping the young women walking about in their sexy spring outfits as they made their way back to the car. Although we didn't know each other, one girl seemed to be eying me.  After chatting her up for a while I asked if she wanted to join me for some weed and a movie at the drive-in. 

Her name was Julie and she was quite the spinner. She was a freshman in a high school in the hick part of town and was going to be turning 14 in a few weeks. Just a bit over 5 feet tall, she had long streaked blond hair, and was slim but curvy with small perky tits. She was wearing a sexy white short-sleeve peasant blouse that tended to slide down over one of her shoulders, and very short cut-off blue jeans that allowed just the slightest bit of her ass curve to show. The blouse was just slightly transparent in the right light, tied with a string bow just above her tits and I could just see her light blue bra through the fabric. Clearly her outfit indicated she was interested in some sort of action, though perhaps not the sort I had in mind to give her.

As usual, I offered her a few beers when we got to the drive-in. I think she was a bit of an alki as she went through 3-4 cans of Bud during the first feature. In addition I offered her some 'ludes, two of the big ones with the '714 on it. She was getting stoned enough I had to support her when we walked to the restroom at intermission. The second feature was "Lipstick." I had seen it two times before and I was looking forward to doing my usual about the time Chris Sarandon's character started slapping around Margaux Hemingway about 15 minutes in to the movie. 

During the first feature I had already gotten her into the back seat of the Buick and was feeling her up pretty good and she seemed to be content with the fairly vanilla second-base action we were engaged in. However, the two beers I had downed during the first feature had lowered my inhibitions. As the Lipstick credits started to roll and we resumed our petting, I started to get rougher. Maybe even a bit more that I normally would at this point, as we didn't really know each other and she was not someone I would have to face at school the next morning.

I pinched her nipples hard through her shirt and bra, and forced my tongue deep into her mouth. I could tell she didn't like it, as she shook her head "no" and tried to push my hand away. But she was far enough gone from the beer and 'ludes that "no" came out as inarticulate mush, and her push ineffectual and uncoordinated. I think I might have overestimated the 'lude dose for such a small girl because I doubt she could even walk at this point.

Although we still had about 15 minutes before the rape scene started on the big screen, with beer-induced courage I decided to take better advantage of the situation to start my own scene. We were parked far enough away from adjacent cars that I was not worried about being seen, but I took a break from pawing the heavily stoned little teen bitch long enough to close the windows and lock the doors so no one could hear what followed. With the doors secured and the child safety latches on the back doors engaged the I knew there was no danger of her easily running away. Without really giving it much though I went past the point of no return.

Turning my attention back to my little victim I shoved her roughly down on to the car seat and pinioned her body under mine, straddling her pelvis with my legs. Pinning her arms above her head, I proceeded to force my tongue down her throat while dry humping her through my jeans.  She didn't like this one bit, and started to squeal and thrash around. 

Although she was not going anywhere due to the weight of my body upon her, I clamped my hand down over her mouth to stifle her cry and reached down to the floor for a rag I kept there for checking the oil. As she inhaled to try again, I stuffed it down her open mouth. The foul, oily rag was pretty big and I as shoved more and more of it down her throat, her mouth was forced open to an obscene "O" and she was only able to emit a stifled moan. Straddling her stomach, I quickly grabbed each of her flailing arms and tied them together at her wrists then anchored them to the door handle above her head.

At this point my cock was as hard as diamond and I knew that dry-humping until I came in my pants was not the order of business on this evening.  Time to start living my fantasies. 

Where to start?  Well, with my trusty knife of course. I pulled it out of my back pocket and made a show of flicking the switchblade open in front of her face.  She squirmed as I caressed her cheek with the blade of the knife and started to wail loudly through the gag. I leaned over and whispered in to her ear that I would cut her pretty face to ribbons if she did not stay quiet. At this point she closed her eyes and started a quiet sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. I leaned down and licked them from her face, tasting their saltiness.

I slid the tip of the knife slowly down along her neck, slowly down across her chest, to just below her tits. Slipping the tip in to the fabric, I pushed the knife forward and up, ripping the garment as it went until finally the string bow above her breasts parted. The sudden release of pressure caused the knife to jerk, just barely missing cutting her young face. Gripping the torn opening, I continued to tear the garment downward with my hands until the front of the blouse was completely open, baring her flat stomach and light-blue bra to my unencumbered view. 

Not want to rush things, I caressed her belly with the point of the knife, the tickling sensation causing her muscles to twitch and ripple as she sobbed and blubbered some more. We were having a hot spell and the car, with windows closed, was quite hot and humid. The perspiration had started to form glossy beads on her shoulders and belly, and the sweat from my forehead dripped down to mingle with them.

The obvious thing to do at this point would be to cut open her bra, but I decided I wanted a couple of intact souvenirs of the evening to add to my collection. I reached behind her, unclasped her bra and pulled it and her tattered blouse up around her arms secured above her head, leaving her naked, sweaty back against the vinyl upholstery of the Buick. I began to roughly kneed and twist her now exposed tits, causing her to squeal a bit each time I pinched the skin hard.  The 14 year old’s tits were firm, firm as can only be found naturally on teen girls. 

I traced the point of the knife around each of her areolae, and could see her nipples become hard with fear. As I pinched and twisted them, they became even harder. I started pricking each engorged nipple with the knife point and the little bitch again started her wailing and squirming. I leaned down and grabbed her hard by her long hair, holding the knife point against her cheek. Pressing the sharp point just hard enough to make a small cut and draw a bit of blood, I again warned her of the dangers of too much noise.

Leaning down, I took each tit deep within my mouth, biting repeatedly on each nipple. As I became more aroused, I bit down hard on the surface of her breast, leaving red welts and eliciting more satisfying yips and squeals. 

To intensify her terror, I pulled up one of the nipples and pantomimed cutting it off with the knife. This had the desired effect and her eyes went wide and she tried to screen through the gag as I nicked it slightly with the blade. 

Although it was fun to see her panic, it probably was not a good idea to let the sound level get too intense. I hit the little cunt hard across her face several times with my open hand until she quieted down and went back to merely sobbing. A little trickle of blood began flowing from her now swelling lips into the dirty rag stuffing her mouth

Sliding down her pelvis, I straddled her knees and applied my attention to her shorts. They were button fly and using the tip of the knife, I sliced open each button hole in turn. As I reached the last one, I yanked the fly open, exposing the tops of her white bikini panties. 

Looking back up at the screen I happened to notice that Sarandon's character was chatting up Margaux in her apartment and that the on-screen fun was soon to begin. Grabbing both her shorts and panties, I jerked them down, exposing her young sparse bush to me, the hair only just beginning to fill in. I slid them down further, underneath me, and leaned back to pull both past her feet and tossed them to the car floor. I pulled off her sandals and tossed them with the rest. Her fully naked young body lay stretched helpless before me.

Shifting my weight, I pinioned my body between her legs, forcing her to spread, leaving one leg dangling off the car seat. I ran the tip of the knife up and down the inside of her thighs, occasionally poking it hard enough to elicit another yip from the young girl. My fingers roughly probed and pinched her inner labia and clit, and she tried to close her legs together to block my access. To discourage this I poked the knife hard against her thighs and kneeled between her legs. As I probed further in to her dry pussy, I could see that my victim for the evening was no virgin, despite her young age. Well, girls from her neighborhood were known to frequently drop out of school due to pregnancy. 

Looking out the windshield, Sarandon was becoming increasingly distraught with Ms Hemingway and I prepared to synchronize my next acts with those on the screen. The car was becoming like a steam bath and I first pulled off my t-shirt, then dropped the waist of my jeans and boxers down to my knees. My cock was rock hard and ready, but I did not plunge in immediately. 

Peeking above the front car seat just enough to see the screen, I held my body on arms and knees just above my little bitch and slid my cock tip up and down her crack, the movement lubricated by my pre-cum, while watching Sarandon slap and rip the clothes from his own bitch.

Finally, I dropped my full body weight on to my little Julie and to the sounds of Margaux screaming "Oh my God, you're killing me,” slammed my cock deep within her pussy. The little cunt beneath me had a similar reaction to the intrusion. Her eyes went completely wide and she tried to howl loud behind the rag stuffing her mouth. I clapped both hands over her mouth and pinched off her nose, so she wouldn't have enough air to continue the scream.

Her pussy was tight from young age and dry from fear. The sensation from my side was interesting and delightful and I tried to savor it. The resistance to the initial thrust felt at though I was tearing a new hole in her. As I slowly pulled out to start the next stroke, the skin of her vagina clung to my cock as though it did not want to let go. Every 1/4 inch or so it would pop loose, only to cling again in a new position. 

When my cock was mostly withdrawn, I again slammed it in as hard as I could. Her eyes opened wide, her arms strained against the ropes and her legs straightened from the pain I was causing. Although I still had my hands clamped down on her nostrils, she was still able to manage a muted wail. As before, I slowly withdrew and jammed her again.

My little bitch seemed to be getting woozy as her reaction to the third stroke was muted, so I let her breathe while I dropped my body on to her’s and began to pump her more rhythmically. Her breaths were rapid, driven by the lack of air, pain and her panic. She had screwed her eyes shut, but I could see the tears streaming down her face as she sobbed. I again tasted their saltiness as I savored the slippery/sticky feeling between our naked chests. As I continued, I pulled my body back to enjoy the sight of such a young naked body at my mercy, and twisted and pinched her nipples mercilessly as I pumped.

The orgasm that soon arrived was the most intense I had ever experienced and the ejaculation seem to go on forever. I collapsed on top of the little cunt, the sounds of sobbing in my ear.

As my dick went limp in her pussy, I began to think about my next steps. She didn't really know who I was and I doubt she could remember too many details about me in her drug-induced stupor. But I couldn't really just drop her off back at the mall like nothing had happened, and I certainly was not going to consider anything drastic. No, if I went to prison for this it would be a fair cop. So, "In for a dime, in for a dollar" as they say. The night was still young, so I decided to have a bit more fun with my little captive before I dumped her off on some deserted street somewhere. 

The movie was getting boring (as is universal in such movies, the rapist gets shot at the end), so I decided to head elsewhere. Julie seemed to have passed out or something, so I proceeded to flip over her perspiration-soaked naked body. I retied her arms behind her back with one loop at the wrists and one at the elbow as I as seen in my bondage mags, then tied her ankles together and looped the end to her wrists, pulling it tight in a bow across her ass. I slid her down to the floor of the car on top of her ruined clothing and tossed a tarp I had been keeping for my hitchhiker fantasy over her naked form.

As I left the drive-in I began to anticipate with relish the rest of the evening.


As I pulled out to the highway in front of the drive-in, I had a decision to make.  Although it was fun ravishing my young victim in the generous back seat of the Buick,  I wanted somewhere we could have more freedom of movement and where I could enjoy her unfettered screams and cries without worrying about any interference.   Immediately I though of an old gravel pit I had scouted for just this very purpose.  It was about an hour out of town and was some distance back in a logging area.  It was late in the evening on the weekend, so there would be no loggers there and any other person would be miles away.

I took my time driving to the turn-off and took the darker back-roads to minimize the chance that someone would see my cargo if she started to stir.  Just as I was pulling in, I started to hear her rustle under the tarp in the backseat floor.   My final destination was still some distance away over the bumpy dirt road and I needed to better secure my charge in case she was coming around from her drug-induced stupor.  Maybe even arrange for a bit of eye candy for the rest of the drive.

Once I was out of sight of the main road I pulled the over and headed to the back door. Sure enough the little bitch had started to thrash and turn around and had managed to get out from under the tarp.   As the dome light came on and I popped open the switchblade to cut her bonds she stared up at me, her eyes wide with horror.  Probably thinking that I was going to murder her right then and there then dump her by the side of the road.  

She was starting to look more alert and I reached down to cut the ropes attaching her ankles together.  I pulled the naked little teen out of the car and found that she was capable of standing on her own, although the sharp fresh rocks of the gravel road were clearly causing her bare feet pain.  As she stood, I could see a little smear of blood on the inside of her thigh.  Her lips were swollen where I had hit her face before and dried blood crusted one dimple.  A big bruise was starting to form on her check.

Grabbing her bound arms, I manhandled her over the sharp gravel around the front of the car to the passenger door and pushed her onto the seat inside.   As she positioned herself on the seat, her firm 14-year-old tits jutted out deliciously, made even more prominent by the fact that her elbows were bound tightly together behind her back.  It was unlikely she would be able to bolt too quickly, but I took more rope from my stash in the glove compartment and fastened it in a noose around her neck.  I ran the free end over the back of the car seat and anchored it to the seatbelt stays behind, pulling it tight so she had to lean her shoulders back to stop from strangling, causing her tits to jut out even more.  I circled back to the driver's seat and finally removed the rag stuffing her mouth.  She could scream and wail all she wanted now and no one would hear her.

"Please, please, let me go," she started as soon as I pulled out the gag and started the engine.  "I won't tell anyone, I promise."  Her eye pleaded with me as she said this.

Well, I was going to let her go eventually, but not after several more hours of fun on my part.  Might as well start the fun now and get a bit of entertainment during the drive. “Maybe,” I said, "but I had quite the evening planned."   I paused for a moment, as though thinking, "I'll tell you what.  Suggest one thing really perverted you will let me do to you, and I will let you go unharmed.  What do you think?  Its got to be really perverted.  Something you wouldn't do for your boyfriend."  

She looked over at me dubiously, her swollen lips working as she thought. "I could give you a blow job," she tentatively offered.

"Shit," I said, “all my girlfriends give me blow jobs.  Since you are my girlfriend for this evening you would be giving me one anyway.  Really, cunt, you have got to try harder."

"Ok, ok.  Let me think," she cried.   She screwed her eyes shut as she said this, obviously trying to think of something to placate the pervert that had been abusing her, but that was not too horrendous.  While she was deep in thought, I reached over and caressed her perfect tits with the back of my hand causing her to stiffened at my touch. The bite marks I had left there from the abuse at the drive-in were developing nicely, with a few bruises just starting to form around them.  I lightly shook and pinched one of her nipples as we drove.

Finally, she blurted out, "You can pee on my face."   I was actually quite surprised she came up with such a worthy idea.

"Now we're cooking," I responded cheerily.  "It would look really nice seeing my piss flowing down your cheeks."  I paused for a few seconds while she looked at me hopefully.  "But I tell you, I had a lot of fun shit planned for you and me tonight.  Maybe we can spice it up a bit.  If you let me piss in your mouth and you promise to swallow every drop, I'll let you go unharmed.  Deal?"

She made a face when I made the comment about pissing in her mouth, but after a short pause punctuated by a nipple squeeze on my part, "Ok, ok, but please let me go after that."

"Well, deal then."  I said as I reached over to the glove box to get a joint I had rolled earlier that day, then pushed the cigarette lighter in.  "Want a hit?", I asked as I lit it up.   She shook her head yes and I placed it between her lips.  She sucked on it greedily and the ashes on the end fell off and rolled between her naked breasts. When she finally exhaled she started to look visibly relaxed, perhaps with the thought that the ordeal would soon be over.  

I was certainly not going to let her get off that easy and pushed in the cigarette lighter once again.  When it popped out, I pulled out the cherry red lighter and held it under her left tit.  

"Nooo," she wailed, "you said you would let me go."  

"Well, sure," I replied with a cheerful chuckle, "but I'm bored and we haven't had our little piss session yet.  And I like hurting pretty girls." (I had heard the latter in a porn roughie and liked the sinister sound of it.)  As I said this, I touched the lighter briefly on the underside of her left tit.  She screamed loudly when I did this, and started to blubber. 

"No, please, no, please, please,” she begged as tears streamed down her face.  The lighter had left a slight circular brand on the upward curve of her perky breast.  I replaced the lighter in its socket and reheated it to working temperature.  Again I threatened her naked body with the cherry red device, in turn brandishing it in her face and at her sparse teen pubic mound.  The slight scent of burning hair filled the car as I held it mere millimeters from her trim bush.  As I did so, she no longer tried to plead with me, but merely wailed and blubbered as she tried to futilely pull away from the tormenting device.  

Each time, just as the cherry red was fading, I touched it lightly to her naked flesh and each time she let out a satisfying shriek and begged me to stop.  After about 10-15 minutes of this torment her body was covered with almost a dozen O-shaped welts.  Each tit had two or three and I had marked her abdomen and thighs with a half dozen more.  Most were probably only 1st or 2nd degree burns and would probably not leave permanent marks, but it was clear from her reaction as I stroked and admired my abuse that they were painful.

After a bit, we arrived at our destination.   It was an old gravel pit the Forest Service had used when building the local roads and I pulled the Buick up by a tree near a small tepid pond that was left when they scooped out the gravel. 

"Ok, my little friend, let’s finish our deal," I said with great enthusiasm.  I actually did have to go pretty bad from the beers I had consumed.  Tweaking her nipple one more time, I got out and opened the passenger door and untied the noose around her neck from its anchor, then eased her out of the car.  Using the noose like a leash, I lead her to trunk where I pulled out a battery powered lamp that plugged in the cigarette lighter.  I rigged it up and lit us up a nice little area between the car and the pond. I wanted to be able to fully appreciate the events I had planned.

I helped her kneel down in the sharpest gravel I could find and unzipped my pants.  My cock was sticky and maybe the slightest bit bloody from my previous assault on the little bitch, and it was starting to get hard in anticipation of the events to come.  

"Open wide, cunt."   She complied and I jerked her head back by her long hair, her mouth a wide "O" beneath the tip of my cock.  "OK, ready to be my toilet whore? Every drop or the deals off."   

I released my flow briefly and tried to stop it right away.  Even so, the pressure was so great that I had mostly filled her mouth with my fluid.  Her face in a grimace of disgust, the young bitch closed her mouth and swallowed the whole load down.  

"Good girl.  Now some more."  I pointed my cock toward the back of her throat and let go with more pressure, then stopped again.  This time she started to gag and cough, but was able to swallow most of it.  Again I released.  

"Chug it, bitch."  This time I filled her mouth to the brim and when she closed her lips to swallow, continued to play my stream on her face and hair before I cut it off.

"OK, last one. Lets not miss any this time."  I shoved my half-erect cock deeper in to her mouth and let go.  This time she did manage to get a good chug going and was able to keep up as fast as I streamed it down her throat.  Even half-erect, my cock filled her mouth all the way to the back.  As I finished, I grabbed her long and now piss-soaked hair, shoved my cock as far as it would go and held it as the last drops of my piss were forced down her throat.

As I forcibly pinioned her mouth against my rod, she started to gag.  I continued to hold it there until her chest and stomach began to convulse.   Knowing what was about to happen, I jumped back just as he proceed to regurgitate the whole mess, the liquidy vomit flowing from her mouth to coat her tits and stomach as I held her head back at arm's length.  She coughed and retched harshly as her stomach emptied out.

"Damn it, bitch.  You were supposed to swallow it, not puke it all out on my tennie’s,” I yelled with mock anger.  "So unless you plan on licking that mess out of the dirt, the deal is off.  I guess we will just have to finish off the evening the way I had planned it."

"No, no, please, no, no," she stuttered and started to sob and cry uncontrollably,  stilling coughing bits of vomit.  I continued to hold her head for some time enjoying the tableau.  

Although the results of my piss session were a bit more than I expected, I had parked next to the pond with the expectation that she would need a little bit of cleanup and to enable one of the other tortures I had in mind.  I shoved her down in to the puddle of vomit and walked over to the car to strip down.   As I pulled my t-shirt over my head, I heard a scramble from Julie's direction.  As the shirt cleared my head, I was greeted with the sight of my naked captive running toward the hills, her arms still bound behind her.  

I took my time dropping my shorts as her naked body was quite visible in the moonlight and her was progress impeded by the sharp gravel and stubble from the surrounding clear-cut.  Naked but for my tennis shoes and with my now fully erect cock leading the way, I loped off after her.  As I caught up, I slowed to better enjoy the sight of her frantic attempt at escape. 

"Fucking whore.  I'm going to cut off your tits as soon as I catch  you," I yelled ahead to increase her panic.  The moonlight reflected off the sweat on her perfect teen bubble ass as she ran.  Her legs and torso were becoming covered in shallow scratches and scrapes as she stumbled and fell through the low and thorny brush.    After a particularly nasty fall, she finally came to a stop.  She lay before me, bleeding from the savaging some of the blackberry bushes had given her, and sobbing as she gasped for breath.  

I reached down and grabbed her by one of her nipples, pulling it out hard and, although naked myself, pantomimed checking my pockets.  "Shit, left the knife at the car.  Guess you will have to wait a bit for your breast reduction surgery.  Oh well, I've got plenty else planned first."  I pulled her to her feet and slung the exhausted little bitch over my shoulder and walked back to the pond.  

I waded out until the water was to my waist, and tossed my slave-for-the-night in to the water.  Her head went immediately under and her legs thrashed, trying to get sufficient purchase on the bottom to right herself.  Going to her, I slipped my knee under her back, grabbed her by her hair and raised her head so she could breathe again.  She sputtered and gasped as I secured my hold until I had complete control of her position, her face and tits just jutting out above the muddy water.  I ran my hands over her wet teen body, washing off the puke and blood that had accumulated from her earlier abuse.  Finally we were clean enough to continue.

"Ok, my little bitch.  Lets see how long you can hold your breath," I said as I slowly pulled her head below the water by her hair.  She started wiggling a bit as I pulled her under.  As the seconds ticked by, she started to thrash.   At about 40 seconds, the thrashing became quite frantic, the flailing of her legs beating the water to a froth and I could barely contain her movement.  At this point, I let her head pop back up above the surface.   The little teen coughed and sputtered, gasping for air.

"Ok, ready for another one?" I asked as I started to pull her hair down again.  

"No, no, please no," she begged.  "I'll do anything you wa…”, the latter drowned out as I dunked her again.  The thrashing started anew.  This time I held a bit longer.  The trashing became intense, and I almost lost my grip before I finally let her come to the surface again.  She resumed her cries for mercy offering me anything if I would just stop the dunking.

"So, anything?" I asked.  

"Yes, yes. Anything," she squealed back.  

"Will you let me rape you in the ass?"  

"Yes, yes. Anything," she repeated.  

"OK, but you have to beg me to do it."  

Some seconds went by in silence, and I started to pull her under again, she sputtered, "Please, please rape me in the ass, please, please."   

"Well then, if you want it so much, I guess I have no choice," I said with a chuckle.

I stood up and holding the young teen by her bound arms, drug her over to the mud at the bank of the pond and dropped her face-first to the muck.  Forcing her legs apart I positioned myself behind her.  The wet twin orbs of her 14-year-old ass gleamed up at me and I massaged, slapped and pinched them as I took in the sight.  I grabbed her hips and pulled them so she was on her knees, then pressed her shoulders and face hard down back in to the mud.   Spreading her ass cheeks, I exposed her ass pucker and roughly probed it with my thumbs.  It was tight and dry on the inside and I had a hard time forcing even one finger past her sphincter.   She sobbed and squealed each time I did so. My massively engorged cock was certainly going to cause some damage.  

I slowly humped her in her ass crack as I reached down to shove her face further in to the muck. Soon I could stand no more.   I put a bit of spit on the end of my cock, then pressed the glans hard against her opening.  Her ass was puckered tight as she tried to resist my attack.  As my cock finally popped through, she screamed.  I did not plunge right away, as I savored the tight ring around he tip of my penis.  My little captive quieted down, but continued to pant quickly.  She struggled to avoid the rape she knew was coming.

Finally, I renewed my grasp on her hips and shoved as hard and as deeply as I could. The 14-year old girl screamed at the top of her lungs and tried to buck away from me as my 8 inches buried itself in her dry, virgin asshole.  She continued her screaming as I pulled out for the next stroke.  Her anus clung to my cock and it looked as though I were tearing her insides out as I withdrew.  

Again, I jammed as quickly and hard as I could, eliciting more hight-pitched screams from the girl.  As I settled in to my pumping the going got easier and slipperier, and my cock was tinted red from her blood.  As I rode her, I slapped her ass hard and reached down to abuse her firm young tits.  Eventually my weight and the force of my frantic pumping forced her flat in the mud.  Holding her now muddy hair as a handle I pushed her face in to the mud, muffling her screams. After what probably felt like eternity to the young teen, I finally came, collapsing on top of her.  

Once again for the evening I lay spent and relaxed, the full weight of my muscular body anchoring her in to the muck.  Both our bodies where totally coated with it.   I savored the sounds of her sobbing while I thought of what to do next.  A little more recreational abuse on the girl and I should be good for one more pop.   

Pulling my cock out of her ass, I stood and pulled the little bitch back in to the water to rinse the worst of the mud off our naked bodies.  I slung her exhausted body over my shoulder, stopped by the car to get more rope and my knife, then carried her over to a nearby tree branch.  She seemed unaware of her surroundings and was barely able to stand.  

I had to hold her up as I unbound her arms from behind her and rebound her with her arms in front this time, tossing the free end over a tree branch overhead.   Picking her up off her feet, I pulled the rope as taught as I could before I tied it off.  The little cunt hung with her toes just off the ground, the rope cutting in to her wrists.

I spun her body around in the light of the battery-powered lamp,  admiring her beautiful taught body and the burns, cuts, scrapes and bruises I had inflicted upon it.  Starting with her tits, I caressed her curves with my lips and tongue.  Every so often I would nip down hard, leaving bite marks and drawing a bit of blood.    This seemed to bring her alive a bit, and she screamed and kicked from the sharp pain.  

I licked and sucked my way down her stomach and abdomen leaving nips marks as I went.  Finally, I was squatting before her teen slit.  I probed my tongue between her outer labia and worked her little clit roughly with my fingers.  As I did this, it started to become engorged from the attention.  

I continued the stimulation with my tongue while I reached up and gently tweaked her nipples. To my surprise, she actually seemed to be getting aroused.  I had heard that 'ludes lowered sexual inhibition, and I guessed I was seeing some of that now, since she was still pretty doped up.   As I tweaked, the nipples became increasingly erect and her cunt was now quite wet.  Whether from my saliva, arousal, or the cum and blood from my previous rape was hard to tell.  Going with this, I gently stroked her inner thighs as I ate her.  After some time she started to tense and convulse slightly in a way that could almost be pleasure.  

Somehow this strange reaction aroused me yet again and soon I was ready for one last rape for the evening.  Untying her arms, I carried over to the car and tossed her face up on the hood.  Lifting her legs to my shoulders, I jammed my cock hard into her now slippery cunt.   After two strokes or so, I switched to her bleeding ass and as I continued to pump, alternated back and forth between her ass and pussy every few strokes.  

Although not worthy of her earlier howls she still had enough energy to blubber and bawl each time I plunged my rod in to her asshole.  She was no longer as tight she was in my earlier rapes, but satisfying nonetheless.  As I fucked her, she tried to push me away.  Grabbing each arm above her, I pinioned her against the hood and continued my thrusting.

As I ravaged her, I bit down hard on her legs straddling my shoulders, tasting the blood from the previous abuses, or drawing new blood as my teeth dug in to her skin.  Just as I was ready to cum, I slid her off the hood and made her kneel before me.   I jammed my fingers in to her cheeks to force her mouth open and I came, blowing my load into her mouth and on to her face, painting it across her face using my shit and blood covered cock as the brush.  I slapped her twice hard across the face as I finished and she slumped to the ground panting and sobbing.

At this point, I was pretty much exhausted.  Time to dump my little captive.  The naked sobbing young teen put up only token resistance I as retied her arms and legs as I had done at the drive-in and shoved a few more 'ludes down her throat.   Although she was not going to escape from the Buick's trunk, I did not want her thumping around too much.   I first thought I might just dump her in some random rough part of town, tied up and totally naked to let others have their chance at her.  This idea had merit, but too much chance of not coming out in my favor.  

Another idea occurred me.  My dealer got his stuff from the head of a biker gang who went by the name of Max.   In addition to drugs, I had heard that Max also ran most of the street-walking operations in all the nearby towns, either as pimp or pimp boss.  I had also heard that some of the girls were not necessarily in the whoring business willingly.  I decided to go track Max down and see if he wanted to add another girl to his stable.  It was a long shot, but my chances of getting out of this without ending up jail were otherwise pretty slim. 

I got dressed and headed on back to town.  I knew that the gang hung out at a roadhouse at the outskirts of town in an old run-down industrial area.  I figured I could dump her there if I did not find them.   As I pulled up, I knew I had the right place from the rough looking sorts hanging out with the gang's insignia.  I left the car parked at the far end of the parking lot and made my way toward the entrance.   I was starting to get a feeling how my victim felt.  Some of the guys were eyeing my 18 year old ass and one blew me a kiss.  I imagined myself, not at all fondly, getting cozy with this sort in prison if this did not work out as planned.

Inside, it was pretty clear which one was Max.  He was at a back table on either side of him were two bitches with short mini-skirts and tight skimpy tank-tops.  Your basic hooker outfit.  He had his hand down the top of one of them and was groping away at her tit mercilessly.  She looked a bit unhappy.  Mascara running down her face from tears, a bit of a bruise or two forming on her face and one eye almost swollen shut, probably indicated she was not here for her own good time.   Gang members formed a defensive perimeter. I was not going to get through that gauntlet without something to pay the price of admission.  The abused cunt next to him gave me an idea and I headed back to the car to get my "ticket."   

As I opened the trunk, I could see that the 'ludes had done their job and my own little teen whore was petty much out of it.  She could just barely stand as I pulled her to her feet.  I cut off her ropes and pulled an old torn t-shirt I had been using to wash the car over her head.  It was pretty big, and just covered her petite body past her ass cheeks.  It had been washed hundred of times, and the thin fabric clung to the points of her pert nipples. I took my knife and cut a few more holes in strategic places so that one tit hung through, showing off the bite marks and burns from her previous abuse.  This, combined with her bare feet and all the other burns, cuts and bruises I had inflicted on her was quit appealing to a sexual sadist such as myself and, I hope, Max.

As I headed back toward the door the bikers outside began to take quite the interest.  They began to hungrily surround Julie and me.  "Whoa, whoa, this is for Max.  I don't think he would take too kindly to anyone hijacking his delivery," I quickly responded.  That seemed to have the desired effect and I was able to make my way in to the roadhouse.  A few of the guys did sneak a grope at Julie's ass and tits as we ran the gauntlet.  She was at least somewhat aware of her surroundings as she squealed and clumsily tried block their abuse.  As we entered, one of the guys split from the pack outside and steered my little hottie and me to Max's end of the room.

"Well, well, what the fuck is this," Max mumbled drunkenly as we approached his party.  

"She's for sale, want to buy?" I said with false bravado.  Max seemed to suddenly sober up and get serious and start to look a bit mean.   "Word has it that you might be in the market for some fresh, but slightly used meat," I improvised, never having actually heard such "word."

"Maybe. " Max seemed to soften up a bit and asked, "What's the story?”   

I made up some cock and bull story about her being my cousin who said she had run away from home to get away from a sexually abusive father and had moved in with us, but it turns out she was a bit of a slut and when I took her up on offer she threatened to blackmail me for rape just as she had done with her father.  

"I got kind of angry and worked her over a bit," I concluded.  "Anyway, there's no way we want this bitch around.  And I was thinking that it would be to both our benefits to have such a devious little slut in more 'capable' hands where she won't cause any more trouble.  Not yet 16 too, so lots of miles on her still."

"Hmm, whatever," said Max as he hungrily eyed my young ‘cousin.’   

In an attempt to close the sale, I grabbed the old t-shirt at the neck and ripped it down her chest fully exposing her slim young naked body to Max and his entire entourage.   The drugged teen tried to clumsily cover her breasts and pussy, but I pushed her arms down roughly and reached round her to squeeze and cup her tits.  "See, banged up a bit, but still firm and tight underneath." 

This seemed to settle it for him, "Hmm, 15.  That is worthing something, but obviously not a virgin any more, and it will be a few weeks before the bruises mostly go away and we can put her to work."  "I'll give you five hundred bucks."

I was a bit taken aback by what seemed to be a large amount of money for a 17-year-old boy in the '70s, but continued to act as though I knew what I was doing.  "No, man.  Shit, you can get that back in one night with this sweet young slut," I improvised.  "$1000."

Max laughed a bit then said, "Maybe, but she sounds like she could be a pain in the ass.  $700."   

I decided to not push my dumb luck any more and accepted his offer, leading the naked teen over to the leering Max.  Hell, I would have given her to them for free if it got my ass out of trouble.  One of his minions peeled off the corresponding number of bill off a big roll of hundreds and passed them to me and I turned toward the door to leave.

As I headed out the door he yelled after me, "Pleasure doing business with you. If you have any more stock to send my way, feel free to drop by."  

In fact I did so a few more times before I headed off to school that fall.   With this much fun and $700 dollars in my pocket, I was hooked.  I laid low the next week or two, but no Law Enforcement came knocking on my door.   I still have all her clothing from adventure and even today, I force some of my more petite victims to wear the now bloody and cum covered garments.  The dirty rag I used to muffle their scream is also still part of my rape kit and I always look forward to stuffing the filthy cloth into the mouth of one more victim.

I thought I did see Julie at a street corner off in another town where I was stalking for victims a few months later.  She was in full hooker regalia so I guess this deal was a profitable one for Max.  And Max certainly welcomed me with open arms when I brought him another sweet young thing from that very trip.  I look forward to telling you that story in a future installment of my life's adventures.


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