My First Story… Title Suggestions Anyone?



     She could tell he wanted her, the way his eyes had followed her around the room all night.  He was just waiting for the right moment to corner her and get his hands on her.  She knew one hand would go straight for her slim waist and the other would head straight for her nipple under her semi sheer dress, puckering it quickly with his thumb. 

     What he didn't know was that she intended to go home alone that night.  Sure, he was drop dead gorgeous on a bad day, but Kel was not in the mood for sex without strings.  She wanted sex and all that went with it, and David was not the kind of man to provide it.

     She took a quick look back to the seat where he had been lounging most of the night.  He was gone… a perfect time for her to grab her purse and disappear.  The parking lot was dark.  The owner had let the plants grow widely and she brushed against one to get to her car door.  The leaves slid across the back of her bare thighs, lifting her dress slightly.  She dug her keys out of her purse and fumbled with the car key.

     "Hello, Kel," a dark subtle voice said from immediately behind her.  She dropped her keys.  That was a stupid mistake.  If she wanted them, she'd have to bend over and search slightly beneath the car.  It was too dark for her to see them here.  Bending down would give David a clear view of her thighs and the pretty pink panties she had selected to wear under her ice blue dress.  She'd been careful all evening, not to turn too quickly and reveal to the whole party her little pink surprise.  She knew the dress was shorter than decent, but she'd felt sexier than she had in a long time.  Her pussy had been secretly damp under the stares of the guys, especially David. She couldn't wait to get home and tickle her clit with her vibrator before plunging her dildo deep into her cunt.  Who needed boys when you had toys? 

     "I dropped my keys," she said. 

     "I noticed."  He said slightly mocking.  He stood back, waiting, for the view.  She sighed.  Might as well give him a show… that was all he was getting tonight.  She stretched down, pointing her inviting ass straight at him, and she knew he could see the edges of her pussy lips peeking out from behind her damp panties.  She smiled to herself as she searched for her keys, feeling her juices wet the material between her legs even more.  It was fun to show off when she had control.

     Her hand touched her keys and she grabbed them.  Slowly standing up, she was nearly knocked off balance when David came up from behind her and with a firm grip, raked her panties down her legs in one swift movement.  She gasped in surprise when suddenly her bare ass was pressed against front of his jeans.  She could feel his cock hard and pulsing through the material.  With just a few quick movements he could impale her at her will.

     "David, no!"  Her voice was breathy and light. The last thing she needed was a fellow party goer to investigate noises in the parking lot and find her with her panties around her ankles and David's hard cock rubbing against her ass through his jeans.

     "Sweetheart, you want my cock in your cunt just as much as I want to fuck you."  With one hand David unzipped her dress, and unhooked her bra.  Her breasts fell free underneath her dress, and David took full advantage of it.  "You're nipples are already hard," he said as he played with them, pinching them until the pain pleasure of it shot right to her cunt. 

     "It's cold out here."

     "Right, and that's why you wore your pretty little nasty dress and showed me your cunt.  Turn around so I can fuck you."

     "No," she stated.  There was still time to get out of this.  If David had her once, he'd be after her again and again.  She didn't need a fuck buddy right now.  But as his hand slipped down to her cunt, dipping in, she knew she needed a fuck right now.  She moaned as his fingers explored her cunt, lighting fires through her whole body.

     "For that, you're gonna suck me first.  I'm gonna fuck that no right out of your mouth."  Taking his finger out of his cunt he grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled in over her head.  He dropped it at their feet and pulled her bra off her shoulders. Kel was completely naked except for her three-inch heel sandals.  David pushed down on her shoulders, forcing Kel to kneel on her dress in front of him.

     "Now my sweet little whore who likes to say no, you're going to suck me.  And if you say no again, I'm going to grab that pretty dress, and those car keys and lock them both in your car."

     Kel's hands quickly went to the front of his jeans and popped open the buttons.  His cock burst out of it.  David definitely had the cock to back up his cocky attitude. 

     Her tongue reached out to taste the tip of him.  His hands reached into her hair and encouraged her explorations.  She ran her tongue from the head of his hard cock down his pulsing shaft, following one of the beating veins that filled his cock.  Without any warning she wrapped her tight lips around his cock head, taking him into her mouth.  Her tongue danced in her mouth and David let out a quiet moan, his hands encouraging her lips farther up his shaft.  She took more of him in her mouth, sliding her lips up his cock, before pulling away.  Kel let him set a rhythm with his hands, as he fucked her mouth.  She loved the way he invaded her mouth, without any holding back, he thrust again and again into her mouth.  She tightened her lips around him and he groaned loudly. 

     "Fuck that's good.  You're mouth is so hot.  Yes!"  He quickened the rhythm of his hips and hands. "Say no now, my pretty little whore.  Tell me you don't want me to fuck you.  Tell me to stop fucking your mouth."  She moaned loudly while his cock filled her mouth, sending the vibrations of her pleasure up his cock.  Her hands reached out and she dug her fingernails lightly into his ass.

     "That's a good kitten.  Fuck my cock with your mouth." 

     She moaned again when he pulled out of her mouth. 

     "You want my cum in your mouth?"  When she hesitated, he pulled on her hair.


     "Yes, what?"

     "Yes I want you to cum in my mouth."

     "Really?  That's too bad, because it's time I fucked you against your car."  David pulled her up off her knees and pushed her against the cold metal and glass of her car door.  She wrapped her legs around him and almost screamed with pleasure as his hard cock impaled her.

     There was no preamble, just him pistoning in and out with little care for her pleasure, not that he needed to worry.  Kel began to rethink her earlier decision that boys could be replaced with toys.  David was hot and hard and filling her again and again. Her fingers grabbed at his shirt pulling his mouth down on her and that was hot too. His tongue thrust against hers in a matching rhythm as he fucked her hard.  He caught her moans in her mouth and she could feel him laughing even as he pushed her into a more punishing pace.

      “Oh you pretty little cock whore,” David moaned when he finally broke the kiss. “You love it. Your cunt is so fuckin’ wet for me.” Kel couldn’t manage a reply.  She was lost in pleasure of being pounded, of his rod sliding in and out of her body, unceasing and and almost impossibly quickening with each stroke.

      “You’re going to cum so hard for me.  I can already feel it.  You like it rough and dirty, don’t you sweetheart.  You like a man to give it to you. You want to be fucking taken.”

      Ohhhh…” was her only response, her eyes shut tight to focus on the building pleasure.

      “Cum for me, cunt. Fuckin’ cum for me now.”  His words pushed her over the top. Suddenly the world was full of bright spastic colors and she reeled from the waves of pleasure.  Her body quivered around his cock, milking him, clenching tightly.

     David’s hands grasped her ass tightly pulling her hard against him as he arched with his own orgasm.  She felt him shooting inside her, filling her cunt with his seed. His frantic rhythm stopped and he held her still for a moment, recovering.

      “God, that was good.”  His laughter snapped her back to reality.  She had let David fuck her…in a parking lot no less. She was completely naked but he was already zipping up his jeans and looking over her flushed cheeks and hard nipples, at the combination of both of their juices running down her legs. He looked completely pleased with himself. 

     Kel was mortified.  She reached down to grab her dress but he was faster. He had her dress and her keys in his hands. 

      “Give those to me,” she commanded. He ignored her and unlocked the door himself.

      “Get in and scoot over.  I’m driving.”

      “Don’t be ridiculous. Give me back my dress.”

      “No sweetheart, you get to stay naked a little longer.  Just get in the car now, or I’m going to make a fuss… I’m sure there’s a few good old boys in that bar who’d be happy to make your acquaintance, and with my cum running down your legs, I don’t think they’ll mind your objections.”

     He had her right where he wanted her.  She really had no choice but to take him home.  He’d probably want to fuck her again at least once, but she really didn’t have much of a choice.  It was either fuck him again or scream and possibly have to fuck the drunks in the bar.

     Kel got into the car and slid over. David sat in the driver’s seat and threw her dress into the backseat out of her reach.

      “Good choice.  You’d better hope we don’t get pulled over on the way home, sweetheart, because I bet there isn’t a cop alive who could resist that.”