The Weekend (M/fff, nc, rape, oral, anal)

By SugarDaddy

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As I waited outside Susie's school on Friday afternoon, I looked forward to the weekend. My wife and all the women in the family were going away for the whole weekend to a hen party and I had been asked to look after my thirteen-year-old granddaughter.

Susie was not really my granddaughter, but my stepdaughter's daughter, but I had taken on the role of granddad happily since it meant that I got to have Susie sit on my lap and give me hugs and kisses.

As I waited, I thought back to the phone call I had earlier in the week from her. Susie had asked if she could have some friends over and have a bit of a party at the weekend. I had been reluctant at first, because I wanted Susie all to myself. But when she begged and said she would do anything if I let her have her friends over and let them have some alcohol, I realized that I might be able to take advantage of Susie and her friends, so I agreed to her friends staying, but limited her to two friends each night and said that I would think about the alcohol.

As I sat in the car, enjoying the sight of the young girls coming out of school, I spotted Susie and her friends.

Susie was a lovely looking, slim girl who stood four foot eight inches tall. The first thing you noticed about her was her lovely straight, long, strawberry blond hair. With her high small bum and pert little tits she immediately made my cock harden as she walked up to the car and opened the door.

"Hi Granddad" she cheerily called as she got in beside me and leaned across to give me a kiss.

"Hi sweetheart" I replied allowing my hand to fall onto her bare leg and squeeze as I leaned forward so that she could reach me.

Two other girls got into the back of the car as Susie was greeting me and now I turned to look at them while letting my hand run further up Susie's leg as if the movement of turning had caused it to move up.

"This is Ellie and Becca," Susie introduced and I found myself looking at two very cute girls. Like Susie, both girls were dressed in school uniform of black shoes, white ankle socks, very short skirt and a tight white blouse. Both were nice and slim and both had perky little breasts. I finally got my eyes up as far as their faces and found two impish smiles on their faces as I realized that I had been staring at their bodies. Ellie had jet-black short hair and Becca had curly red hair down to her shoulders.

By now my hand had moved up until it was under Susie's skirt and she still hadn't stopped me so I moved it further up as I said hello to the other girls. My hand had reached the elastic of Susie's knickers without her having stopped me but as my fingers rubbed across the elastic and headed for the area between her legs she finally reached down and pulled my hand out.

I was pleased with myself. Susie had allowed me to go further than I had ever tried to go before and had accepted it without complaining or commenting. I had decided to use this weekend to test what I could get away with and so far things were going well.

Turning back to the front, I drove to Ellie's house, where the three girls ran inside and picked up their bags before dumping them in the back of the car and climbing in.

"I thought that we would go home so that you can change and then we could get some videos and a pizza for tonight." I said as I drove along.

"Can we get some really scary horror videos?" Susie asked.

"And some popcorn and ice cream?" added Ellie.

"Sure" I said, "Only let's get you changed first."

I pulled up outside my house and we all went inside. Susie, who had been there many times before, led the others upstairs while I headed into my study and turned on my computer screen. On the screen were two pictures and as I watched I saw Susie and the other girls enter their bedroom and drop their bags on the floor.

Earlier in the day I had hidden two cameras in the bedroom, two in the lounge and two more in the bathroom and I was now recording the young girls as they began to undress.

"Did you see what he was doing to me when we first got in the car?" Susie asked the others "He had his hand right up my skirt and would have fingered me if I hadn't stopped him."

I became very anxious as I listened to Susie telling her friends what I had done but her next words both surprised and excited me.

"I told you that he was a randy old man. I reckon that we can get away with just about anything we want this weekend if we play things right."

"Do you think that he will get us some vodka?" asked Ellie.

"Or what about some WKD's?" asked Becca.

"If we flirt with him enough I think that we can get both." replied Susie. "I'm going to go down in my bikini and try and get him to agree to the vodka".

By now all three girls were stripped to their underwear and I had got my cock out and was stroking it as I enjoyed watching them on the monitor.

Susie now got her bikini out and quickly stripped off her bra and knickers before stepping into the bikini briefs and pulling the top around her, fastening it at the back.

All this was done very quickly, but not before I had a chance to view two small but perky little breasts topped with tiny pink nipples and an almost hairless area above her pussy.

I looked forward to reviewing the tapes later as Susie headed to the door of the room.

As she came down the stairs, I quickly stuffed my cock back into my trousers and minimized the picture on my monitor. Getting up, I walked into the lounge and sat down. I wanted to record what Susie did to get me to buy the Vodka and the cameras that I had hidden did not cover my study.

Picking up a newspaper, I looked up as Susie entered the room and let my eyes roam over her body, as she stood in her tiny blue bikini in front of me.

Starting at her bare feet, I slowly and deliberately let my eyes move up her legs until I reached the small piece of blue material that covered her crotch, where I could see the mound of her pussy through the thin material. After pausing for a while, I allowed my eyes to move upward across her pierced navel with its blue jewel to the tiny triangles of material that covered her small breasts where I lingered on the firm slopes of her breasts that showed above the material. I then allowed my eyes to move upward to a face that held a mischievous smile.

With my hand I motioned for her to turn around which she did, sticking out her bottom as she did so.

My eyes made the return journey enjoying the near naked back and the tight high swell of her bum before taking in the sight of her lovely slim legs.

"Like what you see?" she asked, turning back towards me.

"Very much!" I replied, "But I don't think that you should be walking around dressed like that."

"Why not?" asked Susie with a smile. "Nan's not here and I am sure that you don't mind seeing me like this."

Taking the paper from my unresisting hands Susie sat on my lap and asked.

"Granddad you know how much you love me?" I knew that this was how she usually started when asking for something that she was not sure she would get.

"Yes," I replied.

"Would you buy us some vodka for tonight?" she asked.

I looked at her sitting on my lap in her bikini and let my hand fall onto her leg. Stroking upwards as I pretended to consider her request I ran my hands over the sides of her bikini panties and up to her ribs pausing just below her breast.

"I could get into a lot of trouble if you or your friends told anyone," I said. "I could even go to jail."

"We won't," Susie replied.

"Have you got any money?" I asked.

"No." replied Susie.

"So how are you going to pay for it?"

"I thought that you might like to treat us" Susie replied, smiling widely.

I thought for a moment about how far I should push this and then decided that if I was going to try and get into my Granddaughter's knickers then I might as well see how far I could go.

"Well" I replied pausing for effect "if I am going to treat you, how about you giving me a treat back?"

"I thought that I just had," said Susie with a smile. "What sort of treat did you have in mind?"

"Well I liked the show and what you let me do to you in the car," I said "but I really want a lot more if I am going to get you a bottle of vodka. That's expensive stuff and I reckon that it is worth a lot more. I would want something really sexy from you. What would you be willing to do for it?"

"What if I let you feel me and do what you wanted to when I first got in the car after school?" Susie said. "You can feel but only on the outside of my knickers," she added.

"Hmmm" I said suddenly having trouble with the tightness in my trousers "but that would leave me very frustrated and you would have to do something to relieve me."

"Ok" Stacey said after a moments thought, one of us will wank you off later tonight if you get the vodka for us."

"Agreed" I said as I lifted my hand and placing it on Susie's breast squeezed gently.

"Hey, that wasn't part of our deal," Susie said.

"No, but it is too late for you to stop me now," I pointed out as I allowed my hand to drop onto her lap and reach between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her bikini pants.

After having a good feel of her very secret place, through the thin material that covered it, I concentrated my efforts on her clit and soon was rewarded by her relaxing and lying backwards onto the arm of the chair as she thrust forward against my hand.

After several minutes of my enjoying rubbing and squeezing her clit, her breathing became shallow and I knew that she was on her way to having an orgasm. I quickened my pace and within minutes she was squirming and pushing against my fingers as her first orgasm hit.

Giving her no time to recover I slid from under her on the chair and laying her back, knelt between her legs and continued to rub and squeeze her tiny clit through the material. Slowly I began to kiss the inside of her legs moving upwards with each kiss until I was kissing her on the material of her bikini. By this time Susie was in the throws of her second orgasm and when I lifted the edge of her bikini bottoms and slid my tongue underneath. She made no attempt to stop me.

I had now pulled the material out of the way and was tonguing her pussy from the bottom up to her clit and back down again. With each stroke my tongue was going deeper inside her until thrusting her pelvis up against my mouth and pushing my head down onto her clit she came in the most powerful orgasm that she had yet had.

Finally letting her get her breath back I allowed my hand to stroke up to her breast and pushing under her bikini top, I cupped and squeezed first one breast and then the other, feeling her hard little nipple pushing against the palm of my hand before removing my hand and helping her back to her feet.

As she stood slightly confused and unsteady in front of me, I said "you had better run upstairs and get changed if we are going to go out" and with this I gave her little bum a pat and started her on her way to the door.

Pleased that my plan for the weekend was going nicely and that I had given her plenty to think about I made my way back to the study in time to see Susie walk through the door of the bedroom and collapse onto the bed.

Her friends crowded around her and wanted to know if they were going to get the vodka for their party but it was some minutes before Susie recovered enough to tell them the whole story.

I was surprised that Susie told them everything, even to how many times she had an orgasm, and to my surprise Ellie and Becky both expressed themselves jealous of her. Things were looking up and I figured that rather than just getting into my Granddaughter's knickers, I stood a good chance of getting into the knickers of all three of them.

"So, which one of us is going to rub his thing?" Becky asked.

"Well we have all wanked older boys off to get them to buy us cigarettes, so I don't see that it is that big a deal to do the same for a bottle of vodka," said Susie.

"Oh, it wasn't that I was worried," said Becky. "I just wondered how we were going to decide who does it?"

"What about really giving your Granddad a treat?" said Ellie. "We could play strip poker and the winner has to do it to him."

To my astonishment the other two girls agreed and with much laughter and teasing, Susie put some clothes on over her bikini, ready to go out and the three pretty girls headed for the door.

As the girls came down the stairs I locked the screen on my computer and was ready when the three of them came into my study and Susie sat herself on my lap, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips in front of her friends.

"We're ready" Susie announced, somewhat unnecessarily. "What do you think?" With this she held out her hand towards Ellie and Becky.

Both girls, like Susie were dressed in tiny little skirts that barely covered their bums and tee shirts that showed off their budding breasts to perfection and I could feel my cock hardening just looking at them.

"Oh I think that he likes what you are wearing," Susie said "I can feel him getting hard against my bum." With that she wriggled her bum against me and jumped up, giggling with the others at their boldness as they ran out into the hall to put their shoes on.

Following them out, I was treated to the sight of the girls bending over putting their shoes on and coming up behind Ellie I reached down and put my hand on her bum under the tiny skirt.

To my surprise my hand touched her naked skin without finding the panties that I had expected, and as she squealed and jumped up I pushed my middle finger down between her legs and finally felt the cloth of her underwear. At this point I realized that she was wearing a thong.

Ellie just giggled and asked if they could have some WKD's as well as the vodka. I said, "If you all show me your underwear then I will get you some."

The girls lined up and lifted their tiny skirts to display their underwear. Susie still had her little blue bikini on, Ellie had a bright red thong and Becky had a pink thong with black edging.

As the girls dropped the hem of their skirts and covered themselves back up I found that it had become very difficult to walk, as my cock was harder than it had ever been before, a point not lost on the three little lovelies in front of me now.

With more giggles and sly looks we headed for the car and went shopping for videos, ice cream, and pizza.

The girls attracted many lustful glances as we shopped and it was with pleasure that I thought of what the evening held in store for me.

Once back in the car, the girls reminded me that I had promised them some drink.

"I already have it at home, ready for you." I answered.

"So you were going to let us have it anyway," Susie said "and I promised…"

"Yes." I interrupted "But a promise is a promise isn't it?"

"Yes" said Susie, but didn't seem to mind the deceit.

Once home we settled into the lounge with the pizza and videos and the girls made themselves comfortable lying on the floor in front of me facing the television.

The video was a horror movie and soon the girls were wriggling around in suspense giving me great views up their short skirts of their lovely naked legs and barely covered little bums.

After finishing their pizzas the girls wanted their drinks and I thought that it was time we took things to the next level.

"I think that we have a deal over the drinks ladies. What do you think?"

"We are going to play a little strip poker," said Susie "and the winner is going to pay for the drink, but can we have some to put us in the mood?"

"Sure" I said and headed for the kitchen returning with three glasses full of vodka and coke and a WKD for Becky.

I gave the girls their drinks and they each took a gulp and emptied almost half their glass in one go.

What they didn't know was that I had poured a third of Becky's WKD away and replaced it with extra vodka. I had never had the chance to fuck a redhead and by now I had decided that not only was I going to get into the three teenagers' pants, but that I was going to fuck all three of them before the weekend was over and that Becky was going to be first.

If the drink didn't have the desired effect soon enough I had a back up plan of a number of roofies that I had bought earlier in the week that added to their drinks would knock them out and give me full access to the girls' bodies, but for now I was happy to be patient and see what happened.

The girls now gathered around and started their game. It was a shortened version of poker with all three girls drawing five cards and being able to change as many cards as they wanted then comparing hands and the owner of the worst hand having to remove an item of clothing.

The game went fairly evenly with each of the girls ending up with just their underwear on but Ellie was the first to lose her bra and then have to remove her thong.

As she stood naked in front of me I reached out and pulled her onto my lap.

As the others continued to play, she let my hands wonder over her naked body feeling her small, but (to me) perfect breasts, topped with their puffy brown nipples and her increasingly wet pussy.

By this time, Susie had lost all of her clothes and stood naked before me allowing my eyes to drink in her lovely body, but that meant that Becky was the winner and as she finished stripping naked she crawled over to kneel in front of me before reaching out a tiny hand and pulling the zip of my pants down.

Ellie had stood up and with help from Susie, undid my trousers and pulled them down. Next came my boxers and after removing them completely the three girls stared at the erect penis before them.

While not huge, I have a respectable eight inches with a fair girth but it was obvious that compared to the young boys that the girls had seen before, mine seemed large.

Sitting down, I opened my legs and pulled Becky in front of me putting her hands on my throbbing cock.

Gradually at first, and then with more effort, Becky rubbed my cock and with three naked teenagers in front of me, and my hands gently squeezing Becky's small breasts with their large pink nipples, it was not long before I was ready to come.

As my semen squirted out and landed on Becky's hands and arms, the girls gave little squeals of delight.

Once we had recovered and cleaned up the mess, the girls put their thongs back on and I pulled my boxers up before fixing them another drink, again making Becky's extra strong.

The girls returned to watching their films and I sat and enjoyed watching the near naked teenagers playing and drinking as they sat on the carpet in front of me.

As I got the next drinks I made them all the same strength but slipped a roofie into each glass.

I knew that within half an hour all of the girls would be so out of it that I would be able to do anything I wanted to them. While I enjoyed playing with them and seeing how far they would go, I now wanted to fuck all three of them and I was not going to be refused.

I knew that all the girls were into horse riding so did not expect to have problems with their virginities, but really I was too far-gone to care anyway.

After drinking most of their drink, Ellie and Susie decided to go upstairs and talk to their friends over the Internet, using the computer in their bedroom. When they tried to wake Becky to get her to come with them, they couldn't so I said that I would bring her up when the film had finished.

As they went upstairs, I looked at Becky who by now was lying on her back and thought about what I was going to do to her.

After waiting a further ten minutes I got up and went up to the girls' bedroom to find Susie and Ellie both asleep on the bed. Shaking and gently slapping them had very little effect as they just moaned, but lay unmoving.

Grabbing hold of Ellie's legs, I pulled her over to the edge of the bed and allowed her legs to hang down towards the floor. Moving Susie so that she was lying alongside her friend I stood between them and compared their lovely bodies.

Reaching out with both hands, I took one of each girl's breasts and squeezed tightly. Susie moaned and moved slightly while Ellie just grimaced. Remembering that I had come up to make sure that I was not going to be disturbed with Becky, I gave each of the girls a final squeeze on the tits and headed back to the lounge.

Becky lay where I had left her and I now spread eagled her on the carpet in front of me and knelt between her legs. I allowed my hands to spend some time just feeling over her near naked body before taking hold of her thong and after pushing her legs together, pulling the thong down.

Spreading her legs again I looked at her lovely pussy, with its thin coating of curly red hair and reaching out began to feel and squeeze it between my fingers and thumbs.

After stripping naked I picked Becky up in my arms and sat in my armchair with her naked body on my lap and my now hard cock squashed between her legs.

I loved the feel of her small firm breasts and spent ages just squeezing and releasing them before moving on to her lovely pink nipples. Using my thumb and first finger I rolled her nipples and squeezed them as they got harder, making my little soon to be lover, squirm and moan on my lap.

Finally I moved on to her pussy and started by gently running my fingers up and down the lovely velvety opening. Pulling back the lips I examined the pink interior and grasped and squeezed her tiny clit.

Then I inserted a single finger up to the first joint and enjoyed the warmth of being inside a thirteen year olds pussy. Starting to pull the finger out and push it back in I gradually worked more of it inside Becky's tiny pussy wondering how I was ever going to get my eight inch cock in there.

Slowly I sawed in and out of her pussy, getting deeper with each thrust until my finger was buried up to the hand. Now I started to use two fingers and realized that my hand was sopping wet with the juices that her pussy was producing.

Amazed that despite being drugged her body was still reacting to my sexual abuse of it I pulled my hand out of Becky's pussy and carried the little girl into the dining room where I laid her on the table with her legs dangling over the side.

Standing between her legs, my cock was at the perfect height for her now wet love channel and with a sense of urgency brought on by my aroused state I pushed the head of my cock into the opening and forced myself inside her.

To my surprise about half of my cock fitted inside her at the first hard push, although it was a very tight squeeze. Pulling back I gave as hard a shove as I dared and saw all but two inches of my cock bury itself inside Becky.

Despite having come when she wanked me earlier, I was having trouble stopping myself from coming inside her before I had finished but I was determined to sink the full length of my cock into her and taking hold of her hips I gave another powerful thrust, which almost lifted the poor girl off the table and felt my balls slap against her bum.

After taking a moment to savor the feeling of being buried, up to my balls in a thirteen year old's virgin pussy I grasped her breasts in my hands and using them for leverage started to fuck in and out of her.

Unfortunately, I was so excited and her pussy was grasping my cock so tightly that there was no way that I could delay my orgasm, and with a groan I felt myself empty my balls in spurt after spurt of hot sperm deep in her pussy.

As my cock shrunk and left her battered pussy, I noticed some pink in with the semen that escaped and knew for certain that I had taken her virginity.

Lifting the young girl up, I turned her around until her head was over the side of the table, facing me and then I pulled open her mouth and fed my now soft cock, which was coated in semen, pussy juice and just a splash of blood, into it. Thrusting my cock into her mouth and pulling back I was surprised to feel her tiny tongue flicking backwards and forwards on it.

Within seconds, my cock was as hard as it was when I started to fuck her and I was very tempted to thrust it all the way into her throat, but I continued to resist and just fuck a couple of inches in and out of her mouth.

Letting my hands roam over Becky's breasts I began to squeeze and pinch them, as I got more and more excited. Pinching her nipples hard between my thumb and finger I lifted her upper body by her little tits and releasing my hold, let it fall back onto the table.

As I could feel myself getting near to cumming I took her head in both hands and began to fuck further into her helpless mouth. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat with each thrust now but with her drugged up, there was no gagging reflex.

After enjoying the feeling of my cock touching the back of her throat, I just had to go the whole hog and fuck down into her throat. This, like fucking a redhead and fucking a thirteen year old, was another first for me and was one opportunity that I was not going to pass up.

Pressing my stiff cock harder into Becky's mouth, I felt it slip into her throat and nearly passed out with the wonderful feeling of the tight walls of her throat pressing against the full length of my cock as I buried it completely inside her.

As I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of having my cock buried deep in the little teenager's throat I suddenly realized that Becky was unable to breath. Pulling back out, I waited until her breathing had returned to normal before burying my cock back into her throat.

This time I pulled back out almost immediately before pushing my cock back down her throat and repeating this again and again as the excitement built inside me.

After ten minutes of this I could take no more and burying my cock as deep as it would go down my little lover's throat, I allowed spurt after spurt of semen to go straight down her throat into her stomach.

Holding my cock deep inside Becky until the last spurt had finished I watched as her face began to go red from lack of air before I pulled out and laughed as she coughed and spluttered bubbles of cum until she could breath normally again.

Carrying her back into the lounge I sat on the armchair with her draped across my lap and relaxed by watching some television as I toyed with her naked body, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy as I considered what to do with the other two girls.

Having cum three times already with Becky, I knew that it was unlikely that I was going to be able to fuck and cum in both of them tonight so I was finding it difficult to decide which one to do.

I decided to fuck Ellie, as I was not sure if both girls were staying the whole weekend. I knew that I would be able to have Susie tomorrow as I had plenty more roofies, so thought that I would take Ellie while I could.

As I made my decision I began to get up and rolled Becky over, intending to roll her down my legs onto the floor. Looking down I was presented with the most lovely little bum I had ever had a chance to see and touch and of course it would be another first to fuck this lovely thirteen year old, redheaded, ex virgin in her little virgin bum.

Boy is she going to be sore tomorrow, I thought as I played with the cheeks of her little bum. She was draped across my knees with her head almost on the floor one side and her feet on the floor the other. This stuck her bum up in the air and in a perfect position for me to administer a spanking.

Raising my hand I bought it down hard, first on one cheek then on the other and continued to do this long after her cheeks had turned a lovely shade of red. After about twenty smacks on each cheek I stopped and running my hand over her little bum cheeks enjoyed the heat from them.

Lifting Becky up I draped her over the arm of my chair and pulling her legs apart gazed at the entrance to her pussy and the little bum hole that I intended to fuck.

Going to my study, I grabbed a tube of KY jelly and returned to the lounge spreading some over my cock as I went. Next I put a dollop on my fingers and spreading it around the entrance to Becky's bum started to push my middle finger into her tight little anus.

After pushing a little harder my finger slid in and the tight little ring of her bum clamped around the length of by finger as I slid it in and out, gradually going deeper until the whole of my middle finger was buried in her tight little ass.

Pulling out, I stood behind her and first put my cock into her pussy, pushing forward until it was again deep inside her. Since I hadn't been able to fuck her for long the first time I fucked my lover's little pussy for about five minutes enjoying the heat that built up inside her before pulling my cock out and presented it at the entrance of her bum.

Pushing forward, I watched as I stretched the skin of her anus around my cock. I found myself having to push harder in order to make any headway but suddenly a little cry escaped Becky's lips as my cock slid inside her bum.

I stopped with the head of my cock buried inside her and pulling back a little rammed forward bringing another little cry of pain from my helpless lover. Continuing this again and again I slowly forced more and more of my cock into the poor girl's ass until finally I managed to bang my balls up against her little bum with my whole cock hidden completely inside her ass.

Despite being drugged, Becky had cried out in pain a number of times while I fucked my way into her virgin ass but this only managed to make my cock even harder.

Now, taking hold of her arms and pulling them behind her, I used them to pull her body against mine, seating my cock further inside her before pulling back and thrusting forward again and again.

I had never felt anything like it and because I had cum three times already this evening, I was able to make this wonderful feeling last far longer than I would have been able to otherwise.

Again and again I ravished her until recently, virgin ass until finally I felt myself about to deliver the first, sperm she had ever had in her bum.

Reaching around my little captive I grasped her small breasts and squeezing them tightly fucked her ass harder and harder until my sperm flooded her in spurt after spurt of delicious release.

I enjoyed the feeling of fucking Becky's little ass so much that I continued to fuck into her until my cock began to shrink and finally with a squelching noise popped out of her well-fucked little hole.

Standing up behind her I looked down at her red little ass and stretched open anus, with my cum leaking out of it and smiled with the pleasure of having probably been the first to fuck all three of the red headed, little virgin's holes.

Turning her over on the arm of the chair presented her little cum covered pussy to me and as I let my eyes wander up her naked, sweat streaked body I came to her small sore looking little breasts.

Standing up I pulled Becky off the chair and laid her gently on the floor before collapsing next to her.

After some time I recovered enough to get up and going to the bathroom I returned with a bowl of hot water, flannel, bath towel and some soap.

Washing Becky, I carefully cleaned her up as best I could, leaving no sign on the outside of what I had done to her. Using the flannel I washed between the lips of her pussy and shoved the corner into her little ass cleaning out as much as I could.

Next I got some cream and rubbed this onto her breasts, pussy, ass and up into her anus. Opening her mouth I checked for any signs of cum and finding none accepted that I had cleaned her up as best I could.

Taking her thong, I hid it in my study as a souvenir and then carried Becky up to the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

The other girls had not moved so I laid them back in the bed and covered them all up before collapsing in my own bed and falling asleep with a big smile on my face.

I slept soundly following my drugging and rape of the lovely Becky and the next morning I was woken by the girls appearing at the door to my room with a cup of coffee and toast, dressed in short little nighties.

Susie told me that Becky was in a little pain and had a sore throat and hurt, down below.

I said that I was not surprised as she had puked all over the carpet and while I was cleaning that up she had diarrhea and I ended up cleaning that up along with cleaning Becky up and had to throw her underwear away.

Becky was all apologies and said that she was so sorry to have done that, but I pointed out that I had to wash her naked little body and that made it almost worthwhile.

This made Becky blush a lovely shade of red and the other girls teased her about it.

"Did you do anything other than wash Becky?" asked Susie with a sly look on her face.

"That is for me to know and you to wonder about." I replied, laughing.

Ellie and Susie sat on either side of me while I drank my coffee with Becky lying across the end of the bed.

Reaching out I draped one arm over Ellie's shoulder and allowed my hand to fall so that the back was against her breast. When she didn't object I turned the hand around cupping her breast and squeezing gently.

When Ellie allowed me to continue without complaint I decided to see how far I could go with the girl's permission.

Remembering that the other two girls were jealous when told that I had made Susie cum by licking her pussy, I asked Susie if she had told the other two girls what I had done when she had come down in her bikini.

When Susie confirmed that she had, I asked Ellie if she would like me to make her cum in the same way.

At first Ellie was embarrassed but when she was teased by the other two girls I took advantage of the situation and handing my empty mug to Susie turned and kissed Ellie full on the lips.

Letting my hand drop to her upper legs, I pushed her nightie up and let my hand run across the front of her thong and rub up and down the length of her pussy lips through the thin material.

Pulling my lips off Ellie, I pulled her down until she was lying on the bed next to me and kissed her forehead. Slowly I kissed downwards, kissing her nose, her mouth, her neck, each of her breasts and her naked belly button.

At this point I found that with her on top of the covers and me underneath. I couldn't get any lower so started to pull the covers off me. Susie and Becky helped and soon the covers were off the bed and I was naked in front of the three girls.

Getting back to Ellie I kissed her belly button again before lowering my kisses onto the front of her thong. Reaching up with both hands I took hold of the sides of the thong and gently pulled it down her legs as I planted the next kiss on the naked lips of her pussy.

Feeling one of the other girls take the thong from me and pull it gently off Ellie's legs I looked down at her half naked body and saw her almost hairless pussy waiting for my attention.

Sliding down the bed I pulled her legs apart positioning my head between her thighs and sliding my hands under her bottom I buried my mouth in her almost hairless pussy.

After kissing her all over her pussy I began to lick my tongue up and down her slit pushing it further in with every stroke. Savoring the sweet but salty taste of this cute thirteen-year-old virgin I began to fuck my tongue in and out of her.

Suddenly I felt her push my head down hard into her pussy as she moaned and had her first orgasm. Continuing to suck, lick and tongue fuck the little teen I gave her three more orgasms before pulling off her and looking down at her sweat soaked little body.

Reaching out I grasped the bottom of her nightie and pulled it up and over her head before kissing her on the lips and letting her taste herself on my tongue as I pushed it deep into her mouth.

Lowering my head I sucked her small breasts into my mouth and nibbled on her tiny nipples before lowering my head to her pussy and licking her to another orgasm.

Moving up her body, I met no resistance as I positioned myself over her and bought my cock to the entrance of her pussy. Rubbing my cock up and down her wet little slit I looked down into her eyes and waited until she pushed up against my thrusting cock.

Taking this as her agreement to what was about to happen I took my cock in my hand and directed it into her wet pussy, pushing the head inside her.

I savored the feel of my cock just inside her pussy and waited until she pushed up against me, which forced another inch inside her and brought the head of my cock up against her hymen.

"Are you sure you want this?" I asked when I realized that she was very much still a virgin and when she nodded and pushed against me I replied by pushing back and thrusting through her virginity into her hot little pussy bringing a gasp of pain from her.

Slowly but with force I fucked in and out of her burying a little more of my cock into her with each stroke and after a few gasps I felt her begin to push back against my thrusts.

Despite pushing into her hard each time I couldn't fit the whole of my cock inside her as it was hitting the end of her love tunnel before I could get it all in.

Suddenly she began to buck and squirm as her orgasm hit her and after a few minutes she collapsed under me exhausted.

"Oh no you don't" I said. "I haven't finished with you yet" and pulling out I turned her over before pulling her up to her knees and pushing her head down onto the pillow.

In this position I slid my cock back into her 'doggy fashion' and reached around to play with her clit and brought her to another squirming orgasm.

Knowing that she was pretty much out of it by this point I held Ellie by her hips and began to fuck into her with long forceful strokes, this time pushing harder and harder against the end of her cervix. Suddenly I felt something give as my cock forced its way through the end of her cervix and into her womb, finally burying all of my cock inside her.

As Ellie stiffened in shock at this sudden unexpected feeling I began to piston into the young girl even harder as I felt myself ready to come. Ellie began to reach another orgasm and this time I joined her and pumped burst after burst of cum into her open womb.

Collapsing on top of her I quickly rolled us both onto our sides so as not to squash her but left my cock buried deep inside her while I reached around her and squeezed and played with her breasts.

"Wow!" said Susie "That was fantastic. Can you do it to me?"

"Yeah and me" agreed Becky sounding awestruck.

I smiled as I looked forward to the rest of the weekend. It didn't look as if I would need any more of the drugs.