Little Sister Becky Gets Tied Up   (bbb/g ,bond, oral)

By Elliott Strictbinder

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Little sister Becky Kelly and her older brother Mark lounged lazily around the basement, watching a DVD on the big screen. It was a quiet Saturday morning and neither of them had any ambition other than watching the concert video on the screen. Eight-year-old Becky rested on the sofa, still clad only in the pink panties she fell asleep in. She dozed off on this same couch last night and was still there this morning when Mark came down to put the DVD on the giant TV.

Fourteen-year-old Mark paid little heed to his sister’s semi-nudity as she often ran around the house naked or semi-naked. Mom had just recently started to admonish little Becky to “start putting some clothes on.” However, she still stubbornly refused and sometimes spent the day naked and pouting in her room, rather than get dressed “just to sit around.”

After about a year long battle her mom had finally gotten Becky to at least wear panties, and even then only some of the time. But even this was a compromise, as the headstrong little girl would only agree to wear the skimpy little ones. Mom finally gave in and bought Becky the dainty little things that were only a band of elastic on the sides and a tiny swatch of fabric in front and back, and even these would often lay in her drawer in favor of tiny thong panties that just came out in her size.

Her red hair was as fiery as her Irish temper so Mark wisely never fussed about Becky  romping around in the buff. To him Becky was still just his “baby sister.”

The phone rang and Mark was first up to answer it. It was a couple of guys from the neighborhood calling to remind him they were all supposed to get together to watch the playoff game on their awesome big screen. Mark said it was cool and to come on over.

“Hey Becky, you’re gonna have to get lost for awhile, Brian and Greg are coming over and we’re watchin’ the playoffs.”

“I ain’t goin nowhere” she retorted.

“It’s my house and it’s my TV too. I like basketball too y’know. Why can’t I watch the game with ya?” Becky protested fervently.

 “Aw c’mon Beck. At least go put somethin’ on if you’re gonna stick around. Those guys don’t wanna see you layin around in your underwear.“

 “I bet they do too!” she boasted, not even trying to hold back a devilish giggle! “I bet they would just die to see me naked!” she goaded.

This was too much for Mark.

“Well at least put a tee shirt on, or just go upstairs if you want to play nature girl..”

Becky “humphed” as she folded her arms in front of her and stomped her bare feet up the stairs. Another pout coming on.

Just as she reached the top of the stairs and stepped into the kitchen the guys came in the back door. Brian, Greg and Pete stood aghast as sweet little Becky swooshed by them, sauntering around still in just her little pink panties. She glanced at them through the corner of her eye and smiled at the dumfounded look on their faces. She loved the attention! Becky smartly turned on one heel and went on in to the living room.

Brian blinked and shook his head. The three of them regained their composure and headed down the basement stairs.

“Yo Mark, what’s up with your fine little sister, man?” Brian asked.

“Aw I don’t know, she can really be a pain in the ass sometimes” Mark answered, setting the TV to the big playoff game.

“She wants to watch the game too, so I sent her up to get dressed. She bitched about it and took off. I don’t know what she’s up to.” The boys looked at each other and grinned. Pete spoke for all of them.

“Hey man, you don’t have to make her get dressed just cause we’re here!” To Mark she was just a pesky little kid, but to these younger lads Becky was about the only naked female form any of them were likely to see!

Brian added: “Dude, just tell her you have to punish her if she don’t listen, and make her stand in the corner or somethin’. My mom always sticks my sister in the corner and that usually fixes her.”

“Hey, why don’t ya spank her if she don’t listen to ya?” Greg suggested.

Mark’s reply was swift: “When Becky gets fired up she’s like a wildcat. It ain’t worth the hassle.”

 "Well then just tie her up first, then you can spank her all you want” Greg countered.

 Brian offered: “Hey man, we could help you get her tied up, she couldn’t tangle with all of us.”

 The three boys were each twelve years old, and each was bigger than petite little Becky. Mark was an athletic fourteen-year-old jock, and could easily wrestle her down himself. But he had always been content to let his elfin little sister just do her thing. It really mattered little to him what she wore, as Becky always ran around the house naked since she was a toddler. Well maybe she should be tied up and spanked he mused to himself. What the heck, it might even be fun!

“Okay guys, that sounds like a plan! Maybe a little tying up would do Becky some good. Let’s go with it!” Becky was feisty, she could put up a good fight,  and Mark knew they would have their hands full with her.

“I’ll get some rope from the utility room. We’ve got lots of clothesline and boat line.”  Mark got up and headed toward the rear of the basement.

Brian added in with exuberance: “Yeah dude, get all the rope you can find, this is gonna be way cool!”

Then Pete chimed in: “Wow, yeah man! I’d even buy a ticket to see this!”

The guys just snickered. Excitement was building and there was a certain electricity in the air.

 Mark returned to the TV room with several hanks and coils of rope. The “buy a ticket?” line of Pete’s kept going around in his head. He acted on his first instinct.

 “Hey, why don’t you guys buy a ticket to tie my sister up? You guys pitch in some money and Becky’s all yours. I can watch the game upstairs and leave her down here with you. Let’s say twenty bucks and she’s all yours for the whole game.”

 Brian blurted out: “I don’t know man. I mean Becky’s cute and it sounds like fun, but for twenty dollars I think she would have to be naked.” The other two boys nodded in agreement. They huddled together and came up with twenty dollars between them. Mark took the money, counted a ten and two fives, then tucked it in his pocket.

Then Greg asked: “Hey, how we gonna get her down here?”

“Leave it to me” Mark confidently answered. He then shouted up the stairway.

“Hey Beck, I thought you wanted to watch the game. Are you coming down?”

No reply from Becky.

“Aw she’s probably throwin’ another hissy fit, but don’t worry, she’ll stop down. No way she’s gonna miss shakin’ her ass in front of you guys” Mark observed rather matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, and have we got a surprise for her when she does!” Greg added, rather menacingly.

“OK guys don’t get too carried away with her. Just tie her up and tease her and stuff, alright?” Mark said very sternly.

“Yeah, we won’t get too rough with her. Unless she wants us to!” Brain laughed out loud.

Pete added: “For twenty bucks she better be naked, or we oughtta get to strip her if she ain’t. Hey Mark, how do we know Becky will even let us tie her up”

 “Don’t get worked up, I’ll get her to you naked one way or the other. Then she’s all yours. However you get her tied up is your business. I think I’ll run up and get her for ya now.” With that Mark headed upstairs to fetch Becky. He anticipated she would put up a spirited struggle and accepted the fact that they might to have to get a little rough with her.

 While her big brother was bartering away her fate for the afternoon, Becky sat alone and pouting on her bed. Even though she had just begun her prepubescent maturity she still didn’t see what all the fuss over being naked was about.

 Little popcorn puffs had just blossomed on her chest, sprouting little nougat colored nipples that perked at perpetual attention. Becky had just discovered how firm and hard the little points got when she tweaked them, and she liked how it felt! As part of her awakening maturity she also noticed how nice it felt when she let her middle finger rest just inside her tiny slit, which she was doing just now. Her fingertip cradled just atop a forming clitoris, and it responded nicely to her gentle stroke.

 As Becky’s tender caress of her little girl petal lulled her tenderly into a dream state, she let her other hand grasp, twist, and pull on the tiny point jutting up from her little puff of a breast. She lay back on her pillow and let her little hands work her into a wistful haze. She was so lost in a gently growing ecstasy that she didn’t even hear Mark coming down the hallway and into her room. She opened her eyes in alarm when her brother came to her bedside.

 “Ah, what do we have here? Is my little sister doodling herself?” Mark asked with a grin from ear to ear.

 Becky quickly pulled her hands away and glared back at Mark.

 “You jerk! Who said you could come busting right into my room?” she demanded.

 “Aw lighten up sis, the guys were wonderin’ if you were comin’ down to watch the game.”

 “I can’t, ‘cause you said I gotta put a shirt on, so I’m not gonna” she pouted.

 “Hey girl it’s cool. You don’t have to wear nothing if you don’t want to. I bet those guys would go nuts if you did go downstairs naked.” Mark was leading her on and Becky was taking the bait. She loved the glances she got from the guys and glowed in the attention her slender little body attracted. Becky slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her legs, flinging them with a pink polished toe at her brother.

 “OK, you’re on! I think I’ll go on down and really give ‘em something to stare at!” Becky boasted triumphantly. She strode past Mark and padded down the stairs to join the guys in the TV room.

 Mark decided not to follow her down to the cellar. He had delivered Becky, naked as promised. She was now at the mercy of his buddies for the next couple of hours.

 Downstairs in the video room the guys piled the various coils of rope on top of the table in the middle of the room, eager to see if Becky would notice or pay any attention to them.

 Becky sauntered down the steps totally naked and totally unabashed. She smiled in jubilation as saw them staring at her!  Brian was the first to address her.

 “Well look here, Becky the nature girl has arrived. What’s the matter Becky, your clothes still in the laundry?”

 “Just don’t worry about it Brian, it’s my house and I’ll wear whatever I want to. If you don’t like it you can leave.” Becky then plopped herself onto a chair and sat her feet up on the table, apparently oblivious to the pile of rope just inches away from her dainty little feet.

 “Whoa, ease up girl. Behave yourself or else you’re liable to get tied up for being a smart ass.” Brian replied. Attention had turned from the game to naked little Becky. She sensed it and loved it!

 Becky nudged a pink painted toe over to the rope pile, sliding one coil over.

 “So is that what this junk is for? You guys think you’re gonna tie me up with it?” Becky was defensive on the surface but inside she felt a strange, exciting twinge at the prospect of being tied up. “Oh my gosh and I’m naked no less” she thought to herself, and felt a cold shiver that shook her all over! It was too late for Becky to run or put clothes on now, the guys had her just where they wanted her. She was just beginning to sense that things were closing in around her and were now beyond her control. She decided that she would play along. Headstrong as she was Becky figured she would just let them tie her up then promptly untie herself and get the last laugh on them. Naive child. The guys had planned otherwise.

 “Yeah Becky, all this rope is just for you sweety, and now you’re gonna get tied up and there ain’t nuthin’ you can do about it baby! If you wanna hang with the guys then you gotta do what the guys say” Brian gloated.

 Becky swallowed a gulp as she eyed the mountain of rope before her. Before she could have second thoughts Pete and Craig were on either side of her, gripping her wrists and elbows and pinning her arms behind her back, forcing her to stand up.

 Brian took a hank of cotton clothesline from the table and walked over to wave it menacingly in the face of the little captive. Her big green eyes grew wide at the sight of it. Being firmly in the grasp of the boys caused Becky to shiver noticeably all over again. Her captors noticed too and grinned broadly. She winced slightly as her wrists and elbows were forced together and held high above her back. This forced her to spread her feet and bend over at the waist and lean forward. Becky suddenly became aware that her butt was completely exposed. Brian noticed that exquisite little butt too, as he walked around behind her and felt an uncomfortable bulge forming in his pants.

 Brian worked a slipknot over Becky’s wrists and pinned them facing inward, then quickly spun a few loops around her wrists and knotted off a firm cinch in between. In just that few short seconds Becky suddenly realized that she was now at their mercy, that with three of them working on her they could hold her anyway they wanted and could tie her anyway they wanted to. She shivered again real hard, all over, partly out of fear but more out of some excitement welling up deep inside her. Her little nipples jutted up and engorged so much she thought they might pop! “Wow! Maybe this will be fun!” she thought to herself.

 Becky kept her gaze downward to the floor and at her feet as Brian worked more and more rope around her arms. She focused on her slender, delicate feet. Her toes were trimmed to a slight, very delicate arc and were freshly painted in pale pink. She was very proud of them and never liked to put shoes on.

 Meanwhile Brian had wound the rope up her arms to her elbows and buried several knots between her elbows, well out of reach. When he was done it looked like a bed of rope around her arms from wrists to elbows, every inch covered in rope two or three strands deep. He had mastered over two-dozen knots to get his scout merit badge, and now he was putting his skill to good use on poor Becky!

 Becky gulped hard as the hopelessness of her situation quickly sank in. While she figured they were nowhere near done with her yet, the lack of movement in her hands and tightness of her arms now told her she was not getting out of the ropes on her own. She sighed deeply as Brian now worked more coils of rope around her upper arms.

 Just then her brother’s voice called from upstairs.

 “Hey, everything cool down there?”

 Greg quickly answered:

 “Yeah man, we’re cool. Hey, we got Becky tied real good, dude., You can c’mon down now and check her out! She ain’t going nowhere!”

 So her brother was in on this too! Becky literally screeched as Mark entered the room:

 “You dirty rat! You set me up!”

 Mark stopped short, not as much from her scream but more from the delightful sight of his naked little sister. Her arms were drawn severely back and laced tightly from her hands to her elbows. His emotions swung dizzily from mild shock to concern to out and out amazement at the tantalizing vision before him! Becky was a very pretty girl, but seeing her in this helpless state stirred up, no, aroused many strange feelings inside the big brother. Becky flushed a light crimson as she realized all eyes were on her. A tingle ran all through her body and goose bumps were visible on her pale skin. She continued her harangue at Mark.

 “So you’re the reason I’m getting tied up? Is this your big idea?” she snarled.

 Brian continued working the rope around her arms, now up to her slender shoulders. He was cinching several turns in between her bound arms and threading the cords around her neck and back between her upper arms. She wavered left and right as Brian pulled the ropes tightly and firmly around her. The thrust of her chest caused her nipples to jut out straight and hard, obvious to all in the room.

 Mark fumbled to find words. A tiny pang of guilt wrestled with his excitement.

 “Well do you want to get untied? Should I make ‘em let you go?” was all he could stammer.

 Greg felt his heart sag at the thought of letting their little captive loose. The growing erection crowding his briefs went limp instantly. All the guys breathlessly awaited Becky’s answer. Brian had finished her arms, wrapping several winds around the ropes encircling Becky’s neck and fashioning a virtual hangman’s noose up to the base of her neck.

 Her reply both startled and relieved them.

 “Well, I’m not sure, I mean, well I mean if you guys want to tie me up I guess it’s okay. It’s like you already got started tying me and all so you might as well finish it. Did you really say all that rope was for me?” Becky gazed at the rope pile and gulped. The boys all felt a sigh of relief.

 “Yeah Becky, we’re gonna use it all on you babe!” Greg answered. His heart lifted and so did his member, immediately rising to half-staff again.

 Mark once again, for reasons he really wasn’t sure of, offered his little sister a last shot at freedom.

 “You sure you’re okay sis? I don’t know what all these guys have in mind for you. No telling what you’re getting into babe.” The guys looked at each other. They weren’t sure what all they were going to do with Becky either! Each had some definite ideas forming though.

 Just a little annoyed at Mark babying her, Becky, headstrong as ever, boasted loudly:

 “I’m not a baby, Mark. I can take care of myself.”

 Mark dropped the role of protective big brother and once again drank in the lovely sight of his well tied little sister. So let her take care of herself then, he had given her a chance.

 “Okay baby sister, you’re on your own. Go ahead guys, she’s all yours!” Mark said resolutely.

 Becky gulped and swallowed hard again. She had felt some small comfort knowing her trusted big brother was nearby. Now he was leaving her at the mercy of three very eager young boys. “Oh gosh!” she shivered from head to toe again at the thought of being left alone with these guys! Had she gone too far? Was she really ready for this? Then tension rose inside her and her shivers were obvious to everyone.

 Mark’s next words held an ominous meaning for Becky.

 “Hey guys I’m gonna slip over to Karen’s house and hang out with her. Got my cell phone if you need me. See ya after the game. Be sure and take good care of my little sister!”

 Now she was really on her own!

 With a hint of evil in his tone Brian answered: “Sure dude, we’ll take real good care of Becky!” He then took the remaining rope, ran it down her back from the thick knot at Becky’s neck to the crack between her cute buttocks. He wedged the rope into her crease, pulled it taught between her legs and handed it to Greg in front of her.

 Greg gave the rope a tug upward and sank it deep into her little slit. “Oh gosh what a feeling!” Becky thought inwardly. Things were going on inside her that she never felt before! As the string sank into her innermost parts it rubbed against her tiny vagina and seated itself, touching her just awakened clitoris and making her knees almost buckle!

 Greg pulled hard on the rope and yanked Becky over to the table. Out of the corner of her half-closed eye she again saw the pile of rope “just for her”, and almost swooned. Oh geez what was she getting into?

 Greg pulled the rope up taught to her waist, looped it around her thin waist and knotted it just at her cute little bellybutton. He then ran it down in front again, through her crack and over the waist rope in back. Too the amazement of his two buddies Greg ran the rope back and forth like this several times, till an inch wide gap of rope filled Becky’s crotch. Her little labia, two delicate ivory flaps, were separated in front and her sweet butt cheeks spread in back. Each layer of rope across her crotch lit a spark deep in Becky’s tummy and she felt like she would faint if she didn’t sit down soon.

 Just then they sat her on the edge of he table with her feet flat on the floor. The bundle of rope lodged deeper into her butt as she sat down. With a misty haze gently settling in her brain Becky limply asked, “What are you guys gonna do to me anyway?”

 “Anything we want to Becky!” Brian teased and taunted her.

 Greg continued to tease: “Hey Becky, how d’ya like your new rope thong? Man it looks so cool goin’ up yer ass like that!”

 Becky was still wrestling with a flood of curious emotions welling inside her. As the thick wad of rope rubbed both her little butt hole at one end and her increasingly sensitive little clit button at the other, it provided a double whammy of sensations that the little girl was trying hard to fathom. Shy at revealing the mounting euphoria growing inside she offered a weak response, her voice trembling and unsteady.

 “It.. It’s all right I g_guess. It’s not too bad. I think I like it. C’mon guys, really, what’re you going to do to me?”

 Her thoughts tore her in two directions. On one hand she reveled in these wild new feelings and didn’t care what happened next. On the other hand she was tense at being so helpless. She had involuntarily begun to move her hips around to rub the ropes in her crotch against the table she sat on.

 “Well with all that rope up your ass we sure as hell ain’t gonna rape ya” Greg barked.

 “Well you better not rape me. I don’t care what else you guys do to me, but not that.”

 Greg smirked in reply: “Aw you don’t even know what rape is.”

 “Yes I do” Becky answered sharply. “It’s when a guy puts his thing in ya when you don’t want him to. It’s when he makes ya do it with him.”

“Ya don’t have to worry bout that Becky, you can’t get raped with your little pussy all tied up like that.” Brian’s words were a small comfort to her.

“Good. You can do anything else, but no rape.” She repeated firmly.

Brian grinned as he answered: “OK babe, we won’t rape you, but we can do anything else we want to you right? Sounds like a deal, right guys?”

“Yeah, way cool!”  Greg added with a big smile.

Becky didn’t quite like Brian’s emphasis on the word “anything”.

“All right, let’s get to it!” Pete shouted in glee.

“Hey guys, I don’t know about anything. Jeez, that could mean a lot ya know.”

Brian took charge. “Look Becky, we told ya if you wanna hang with the big guys you have to do what we tell you. We paid good money for you. Mark just said “she’s all yours, guys”, remember? And you just said we can do anything to you.”

Becky remembered her words, uttered carelessly but now coming back to haunt her. She truly had said they could do anything else to her as long as they didn’t rape her. Now her mind turned to Mark’s role in this.

“So you guys paid Mark to tie me up?”

Pete answered: “Yeah, we pitched in twenty bucks for you, and we’re supposed to have you for the whole game. So we better get our twenty dollars worth.”

Pete grabbed her slender little ankles and swung them up to sit her feet flat on the table. He held them there while Greg tied a new hank of rope around and in between her ankles. Swinging her around forced the rope between her legs up harder against her magic button and Becky gasped at the twinge she felt. Becky tensed up and grabbed at the belt of rope around her waist in back. She managed to hook two fingers from her bound hands and clench the ropes, which tugged on her so sensitive little clit.

Becky thought out loud: “So he gets the money and I have to get tied up. Okay, I guess I have to let you tie me up and do whatever else to me. You paid for me, so I’ll be good, I won’t renege on you.” She had grown up in this neighborhood with these guys, so what’s the worse that could happen? Becky sighed deeply and resigned herself to accept whatever came next.

Brian laid down the law to her.

“Good girl Beck. You don’t have no say, we’re in charge. We’re gonna see just how much you can take!” Becky gulped and wondered herself how much she could “take.”

The warming furnace in Becky’s groin demanded her attention. She started to utter low grunts as her pulsing clit, chafing from the cords over it, forced her to breathe in short, gasping gulps. The little girl was thrusting her hips forward against the pull of her crotch rope in pumping motions. Sweat broke out on her brow and she held her eyes shut tight. Little “unh unh unh” sounds came out of her mouth. Oblivious to the boys around her Becky pumped her hips furiously, riding a tidal wave of fireworks exploding deep within. It got bright white and everything inside her exploded it’s way out of her trembling little body. Becky’s mouth opened wide and she shrieked in a joy she never felt before.

The guys had stopped working on Becky and stared in amazement at the writhing and contorting little girl. Greg sensed what was going on.

“Wow guys check it out! Little Becky here just got off big time!”

As the mighty spasms cooled to shivers and fireworks faded to sparkles, Betty edged back into reality. There was no containing the broad, happy smile on her face. Her pretty face flushed a deep crimson as she realized the boys were gawking at her, wide eyed and slack jawed. Her tight bonds and her nakedness gave her no quarter for modesty. She was embarrassed down to her soul. “Oh my goodness, what did I just do” she wondered to herself.

Brian spoke and broke the trance that seemed to hold them all.

“Wow Beck, that was cool! You’re all tied up and you still doodled yourself. Man that was wild!”

All three boys, each just twelve and in emerging puberty, were feeling fully gorged erections that they never had experienced before. Seeing Becky naked, tying her up and having her completely at their mercy, then watching her explode in her first orgasm all combined to send raging pre-teen hormones into high gear. All three lads now had erections reaching up toward their belt buckles.

“Jeez, if only we didn’t promise not to rape her” Brian mulled over in his head, his pulsing little prick straining for release. He would love to poke her little cunt right now! A thought came to mind. He decided to try a hunch.

“Gee it was neat watching you get off like that Becky. It must have been super!”

Becky still blushed bright red all over. She fumbled for an answer, still embarrassed and still basking in a warm glow.

“I, I don’t know what came over me. But it was sooo cool!”

“Our little Becky here just had an orgasm.” Brian was helping her understand what she felt.

“You mean like when you have sex?” she asked out loud, still puzzled by it all. She gazed down and watched Pete securely winding thin fishing line around her toes, then threading and tightening the cord between her pink big toes. Greg was tying several knots between her legs just below her knees. He had wound rope steadily up her slender legs from her anklebone to her knees.

Pete jumped in.

“Yeah silly, that’s what sex is. The guy slides his dick in and outta your pussy and you and him both get all hot and worked up. “

Now Brian played his trump card.

“Bummer, it’s too bad we can’t get off too, Becky. It looked like you really did dig it.”

Becky’s reply was swift

“But we said no sex, I mean you can’t rape me remember.” She winced sharply as Pete really tightened the thin string again between her big toes.

“No one’s gonna rape you Becky, that’s why we got your little pussy tied up. We don’t need your pussy to get off.”

Now Becky was totally confused, and the bewildered look in her big green eyes told them so.

Greg got what Brian was driving at and spoke next.

“No Becky, we don’t have to use your pussy, we can get off in your mouth. Ain’t you ever heard of a blow job?”

Becky’s mind was racing now, trying to grasp it all. She had heard the girls at school kidding about “BJ”’s before, but never really knew what it meant. Still bewildered, she asked out loud:

“So you want to put your thing in my mouth so you can get off? Is that what I’m supposed to do?” she asked innocently,

Brian was quick to answer her.

“Yeah, it’s real easy Beck. You just open your mouth and suck on it and that’s it. You can do it.” The mightiest erection he had ever felt was straining for release and relief!

Becky toyed with the idea a moment and had a surprise answer for them.

“Okay, you can get off in my mouth, but you got to pay me first!” Darn it, if her brother can get money from her being tied up then she deserves some money out of this too she reasoned.

Their eyes grew in anticipation as Pete asked the obvious question:

“How much do you want to suck us off?” Each of them would gladly pay a million dollars!

“Ohhh, I don’t know. I think five dollars is good.”

Brian was quick to answer and seal the deal.

"Okay Becky, that’s five dollars for all three of us right?”

Becky was just as quick to reply.

“Yeah five bucks, but you got to pay me first.”

Pete fumbled in his pocket and retrieved a five-dollar bill. He offered it to Becky before he realized her hands weren’t free to accept the money!

“Just put it on the other table. So what do I do now? Are you going to keep me tied up while I do your blowjobs?” This is the first time she ever used that word!

Brian already had it planned.

“Oh yeah Becky, you’re gonna stay tied up. We’ll take care of everything, you just get ready to suck.”

Brian then swung her bound legs around so that Becky’s tied feet and toes were now on the floor. She was on the edge of the table with her well laced and aching arms hunched up behind her. He then looped a strand of one-inch nylon boat line over her neck, down under her knees, and then back up over her neck. Drawing on the loop her head was pulled down towards her knees. He drew the loop tighter till her head was just at his belt height, then wrapped a few more loops around and tied the thick line off just under Becky’s throat. With her head forced forward Becky looked straight ahead at the bulge in Brian’s pants. She gulped down a hard lump in her throat as she contemplated what was behind his zipper. Becky felt her heart pounding and wondered just how she got into this fix!

“Okay Becky, we got you tied good and snug. Just open wide and suck. You ready babe?” Brian stepped back and admired the little captive so nicely bound, from pretty head to cute little pink toes!

But before anyone could do anything the phone rang. Standing closest to it, Pete picked it up and answered. It was big brother Mark!

Everyone listened as Pete talked to Mark.

“Yeah Mark, everything’s cool here….yah, Becky is all right…yes, we still got her tied up. Sure man, you can talk to her, hold on a second, I’ll put the speaker phone on.” Pete sat the handset down and clicked on the speaker. “Go ahead Mark, speaker’s on bud.”

“Hey Becky, how’s it goin babe? You still all tied up?”

Becky had just about had it with Mark mothering over her. Just moments from a mouthful of Brian’s prick and he was still treating her like a baby.

“Mark I’m okay. Yeah I’m all tied up. They got me tied real good. They even got my toes tied up! If I want to hang out with the big guys I guess I gotta do what they say. That’s the rule.” Mark detected a note of glee in her answer.

“Well, just checkin’ in, make sure you’re OK and all.”

“Aw Mark will you quit treatin’ me like a baby?” she snapped.

Feeling rebuked, Mark retorted quickly.

“OK OK, you’re a big girl Becky. Do whatever you wanna. Just don’t come cryin to me. Hey guys, if she don’t care what you do to her then fuggit, I don’t care either.”

Becky couldn’t resist hurling her next one.

“Don’t worry big brother, I’ll make sure they get their twenty-dollars worth!”

“Damn” Mark said to himself. “She knows!” Well he wasn’t about to back down now.

“Well you better be worth twenty-dollars to ‘em. I don’t care if they take it out of your pretty little ass! And I got something for you guys. I want to hang around here with Karen awhile so how bout I let you guys have Becky for the rest of the day. Is that cool?”

But Becky quickly interjected before they could reply.

“Hey that’s great guys, now you got all day to do anything you want to me!” Her emphasis on “anything” was a jab at her brother.

Mark brought the hassle to an end.

“OK I gotta go guys. Have all the fun you want with Becky!”

Pete answered for his two buddies.

“We are down with that Mark buddy! We’ll take real good care of Becky! Later dude.”

Pete clicked off the phone and all eyes turned to Becky.

The little gamin nearly choked on the lump in her throat. The fat bulges in each guy’s pants reminded Becky of what was next.

“Uh, I guess you guys want your blowjob now?” She licked her dry lips and waited to see who would be in her mouth first. No backing out now, no escape, and no way Mark would save her from anything. Her own big mouth made sure of that!

“Hey Pete you should go first, you put up the five” Brian suggested.

“Oh wow! Okay I’m there man! Open wide Becky ba-bee!” In an instant he was in front of her, shorts and briefs dropped down to the floor. Becky gasped as she glared at the first penis she had ever seen in her life!  It was throbbing and very rigid, and Becky tensed up as Pete stepped up to land the tip of his modest penis square on her nose. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and tilted her head back just enough to let his boy rod slip down over her lip and on to her tongue! Becky closed her mouth and took a gentle grip on his prick. Not too bad. She breathed in deeply as she took her first suck. Not too bad again.

Pete felt his heart pounding as Becky sucked on his root. He felt his knees start to buckle and clasped his hands behind her head for balance. With this firmer grip he forced his shaft all the way into Becky’s soft, moist little mouth. Her eyes bulged wide open as she felt it run along the roof to the back of her mouth.

With no sexual experience in his twelve years Pete had no restraint and was wildly shoving his member in and out of Becky’s mouth. Becky did her best to breathe through her nose and suck at the same time. With her neck and head tied down firmly and Pete’s hands locked behind her head she could do little else. Pete soon tensed and screamed “unnnngghhh” as his first ever orgasm exploded watery boy cum into Becky’s mouth.

Little eight-year-old Becky again struggled to breathe, suck, and now swallow Pete’s salty ejaculate. Several more lunges and squirts followed and Pete felt his young little penis slowly subside. Becky felt no more of his boy juice in her mouth and continued to suck gently on the softening shaft in her mouth.

Judging by Pete’s exuberance she felt she had done well! A little sticky, a little salty, but not too bad over all, Becky mused to herself. Pete eased his limp member out of her soft little mouth and spoke admiringly.

“Oh Becky baby! That was so cool! You are the greatest! Wow!”

That was all Becky had to hear! The little nymph just glowed! Of course she loved the attention, but now she was aware of the sheer power she had over these boys. Sure, they had her tied up, but they paid to tie her up! Sure, she just sucked one of them off, but they paid for her to do so! And she loved the way she actually turned Pete into a quivering mound of jelly, all with just her little tongue and eager mouth! So what she was tied from her head to her toes (quite literally!), in her mind Becky had the power here!

Confidently she spoke up, a sweet, impish smile on her pretty lips.

“Well, who’s next? Might as well get your blowjob, I’m not giving any money back!”

Brian had been the de facto team leader in Becky’s capture. He dictated that Greg should go next. Brian stepped behind the helpless little girl and started to braid a length of rope into Becky’s long, fiery-red hair. Weaving the rope in and out he fashioned several knots into her ponytail, then let the rope drop. Becky thought this was very curious. Of course Brian had a plan in mind.

Greg wasted no time stepping out of his shorts and presenting his modest dick to Becky’s face. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back and slid her tongue under the pulsing rod, guiding it into her moist little mouth. Becky figured it was the same size as Pete’s, and with a newfound confidence glided back and forth on it. A little grin formed at the corners of her busy mouth as she sensed Greg tremble and shudder. Greg locked his hands on her ears and in youthful over eagerness slammed his shaft all the way into Becky’s mouth.

Becky managed to contain it, and lock her mouth around it with a gentle oral suction. More experienced now, she held the shaft firmly and sucked harder. Greg’s gentle moan empowered her and she let her mouth be more aggressive. She thoroughly enjoyed this control!

Greg, like Pete, was a virgin. His sexual experience was limited to nocturnal emissions (or “wet dreams” as kids called it). Again raging puberty took over and Becky swallowed a quick ejaculation expertly. Once more she held on firmly to a fading erection, this time nibbling and suckling gently before allowing Greg to withdraw. Greg then stumbled backward and slumped into a chair, totally limp. Becky licked her lips and tried to swallow away the saline aftertaste in her mouth.

She was thirsty and needed a drink. Diva that she was, she knew she could demand one and they would fall all over themselves getting it for her. But Becky sensed quite correctly that they got off on her helplessness, so she craftily decided to play the “poor helpless little me” routine.

“Hey guys, could I please have a drink. I’m awfully thirsty. PLEASE, PLEASE can I have a little drink?” she pleaded so demurely.

However, Brian was in a mood to tease his little pet. His reply was not quite what Becky expected.

“Gee, I don’t know Beck. If we give you a drink then you’ll just have to pee, and I’m not going to untie you just for that.”

Becky countered with an answer that made all three of them perk up.

“Aw please Brian, just a little drink. You don’t have to untie me. If I have to go, I can just pee myself.” Becky just zinged them and she knew it!

Greg and Pete gazed at her in disbelief! Becky just innocently curled her lower lip and looked timidly at them like a scared little puppy. Pete felt his erection growing again! Brian thought furiously for a response. He swallowed hard to regain his composure.

“Okay then that’s another rule if you want to hang with the big guys. You have to pee yourself when we got ya tied up.”

The other two wasted no time joining with Brian, Greg first.

“Yeah Becky, you have to pee yourself, and we get to watch!”

Then Pete had a zinger for Becky.

“Even if we ain’t got ya tied up yet, we get to watch you pee as long as you hang with us. That’s the rule!”

Brian brought a soda can and straw and held it to her lips. By sipping on it she knew she was accepting their terms. You drink, you pee, we watch. Becky sipped from it and accepted her fate.

Pete and Greg high-fived in unison. Becky felt her confidence fade. Being naked in front of these guys was cool, getting tied up was okay, even fun. But she had never peed in front of anyone, ever! Her voice was weak in response and her captors picked up on it like true predators!

“Aw c’mon guys, what’s with all the rules? You get to make ‘em up as we go along?”

Brian moved in for the kill.

“Yep, that’s it Becky darlin’. Rule number one; you got to do what the big guys say. And the big guys say you have to stay naked, you have to get tied up, and we get to watch you pee.”

Greg chimed in before Becky could reply.

“Hey, and don’t forget your brother said he didn’t care what we did to you. He even said we could have all the fun we want with you!”

Becky was visibly trembling all over as their words sank in. She thought too of her own hastily uttered taunts and dares. She had blown off her brother’s protection and earlier had quite literally declared to her captors “you guys got all day to do anything you want to me!” She was in big trouble and she knew it! No crying for help from big brother and no running away now. Becky managed to muster up all her resolve and defiantly did her best to stand her ground.

“OK, you guys got me and all, and I guess I have to let you do whatever you want, but I still get the five bucks for your blowjobs, that ain’t free!”

“Jeez Beck, no way we would rip you off. Sure you keep the five, babe.” Brian’s reply was encouraging and allowed Becky to regain her dignity.

 Sighing gently she repeated the terms, as if she were calling the shots.

“Good, as long as I get my five dollars for the blowjobs. I’ll stay naked for you and you can keep me tied up. You can watch me pee and do whatever else you want to me when I hang out with you. I’ll do anything you tell me, just like I said.” Becky felt in charge again! Her rationale was “yes you can do anything to me because I let you.”

She did wonder for a second about using the terms “do what you want to me” and “I’ll do anything you tell me” around these guys! Oh well, too late now. She said it and she’d have to live with it. Becky wasn’t a cry baby and she wasn’t a quitter. She was a tomboy just discovering that she was a girl, and she loved everything about her emerging femininity! She liked the way boys looked at her and she delighted doing the mischievous things that made them notice her!

While she was speaking Brian took hold of the rope he had woven into Becky’s pigtail. He pulled the free end back and looped it around the ropes encircling her arms. With a jerk Becky’s head was pulled up straight and taught. She could move her eyes but could not turn her head in any direction. Brian tied off the rope and now had poor Becky’s head locked in place; pulled forward by the ropes around her neck and yanked cruelly back by the tie in her ponytail.

Brian curiously disappeared into the back utility room and emerged a few seconds later, his left hand ominously behind his back. Becky’s face expressed alarm as she watched Brian reveal two alligator clips in his left hand!

In an instant she realized whom they were for and where they were going! “Oh no, this can’t be happening” a frightened voice cried within her. The voice made it to her quivering lips as she stammered aloud.

“OH NO Brian! Please NO! Not that please, please!”

Brian paid no attention to her cries. There was nothing she could do to stop him.

He coolly stepped forward and pinched one of her swollen and erect nipples. Becky looked on in wide-eyed terror as he set the teeth squarely on the tip and let the clip sink in.

“Noooo, pleeeeeeease nooooo Brian! Please get it off.” Becky screamed.

Brian again paid no heed to her wails. In a second he had the second clip on her other nipple. Becky didn’t notice this one as much, as the fire still burned white hot on her first nipple. Tears formed in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

“Wow! Man! That is so wild” Greg stammered in disbelief. He and Pete crowded in to gaze at her wounded nipples. Little Becky sobbed pitifully as Brian cruelly reminded her:

“Remember Becky, ANYTHING WE WANT TO!” he bellowed arrogantly.

“So you still want to hang with the big guys?” Brian taunted his suffering little captive.

“Yeah Becky, you had enough now?”  Greg asked.

Becky bit her lip to hold back her tears. All their taunts succeeded in doing was to fire up her Irish temper. No way she would let them get the best of her! Both her nipples burned like blazes. She gritted her teeth and fired back.

“Screw you and your clips, I can take it! I’m not a baby. Yes, I’m still hangin’ with you guys. No Greg, I haven’t had enough yet. Is this the best you can do?” Oops!  Becky just realized what she said. She knew darn well her words would come back to haunt her, again! Brian’s next words confirmed her worst fears.

“No Becky, this is not the best we can do. It’s just the start baby!” Becky gulped hard as his words sank in.

“Hey, you still owe me a blowjob girl. You ready? I think you look cute with them clips on your tits!” Brian had planned to secure her head before he assaulted her mouth. He even figured it would be wild to watch Becky suck him off with the nipple clips cutting in to her teeny tits. Now he had her where he wanted her and was ready to test her sweet little mouth.

Still defiant in spite of the searing pain she was enduring, Becky dutifully responded.

“Sure I’m ready Brian, one blow job coming up. Bring it on dude!” She wasn’t a quitter!

Becky bravely opened her lips ever so slightly.

Brian then stepped in front of his helpless captive. He was now totally undressed. He was a virgin like his buddies, but Brian had been masturbating for some time now to relieve the massive erections brought on by a raging puberty. His ejaculations were now under his control.

Becky looked on wide-eyed as Brian moved his erect warhead toward her face. She was sure it was larger than the previous two, it’s dark and swollen purple head seemed menacing to the little girl. She opened wide to accept it and her mouth felt full before the shaft was all the way in. As Brian slid his rod the rest of the way in Becky felt it hit against the back of her mouth and touch her throat. As she tried to adjust her mouth to the bulky intruder Brian latched on to her ears and began to work his pulsing shaft in and out. She matched her gentle sucking to accommodate his rhythm. She also now controlled the gag reflex she felt when his penis hit her throat. His prick was bigger than the other two!

As Brian stroked in and out of her mouth Becky realized the pain in her nipples didn’t burn as much now. They were actually, well, she couldn’t really describe how they felt. It was pain, but it was a tingly kind of pain. She wanted to rub her nipples again. She wanted anyone to rub her nipples now!

Once again Becky managed to get her bound hands down to her lower back and hook two fingers around her crotch rope. Her first tug sent an instant response from her little clitoris. She squeezed her bottom hard against the table she sat on, forcing her clitoral love bud against the rope locked deep in her crotch. The clips on her tiny nipples dangled and sent a wave all through her. A familiar glow and warmth started up again deep in her crotch as she pulled desperately on the rope running up her butt. As she wiggled and squirmed her rising passion caused her to suck harder on Brian’s pumping shaft.

Brian responded by pumping his thick member harder into that sweet, warm, moist mouth. He paced himself, content to enjoy every second of his mounting orgasm. He sensed Becky’s little gyrations and knew she was getting off again.

Pete and Greg watched in awe. Not content to just be bystanders Pete winked at Greg and carefully slid his hand near to one of the clips dangling from Becky’s nipple. Greg gently took hold of the other. Brian nodded approval. At the same time both guys tugged at Becky’s nipple clips and pulled her tortured little boobs straight down.

Becky’s response was instant and immense. She screamed but her cry was muzzled by Brian’s ample girth sealing her mouth. Hearing her scream prompted the boys to tug harder on Becky’s nipples. She gasped in and sucked harder on his prick. At the same time she put all her energy into pulling on the crotch rope and wiggling her butt into the table. Her slender, quaking body was obeying some force she had no control over.

The guys then gave a mighty tug on her clips and pulled her nipples out and away from Brian’s pumping hips.

The white hot flash from her savaged nipples launched an explosion inside Becky that she had never felt before. Shimmering showers went off in her head as she thrashed about as much as her capture would allow. The ecstatic little girl forced her shoulders back, drawing her nipples further back from the cruel grip of the clips and setting off a firestorm in her trembling little body. She squeezed her eyes shut and gobbled heartily on Brian’s dick.

This drove Brian beyond endurance and he let his orgasm go in a mighty ejaculation into Becky’s adorable mouth. Unlike the drivel from the previous two, Becky struggled hard to hold Brian’s large rush of semen. She coughed and the gooey wad spurted out of her lips and around Brian’s shaft. A white spurt ran down her chin as Brian’s second wave of cum crowded Becky’s overfilled mouth, sending a river down her chin. The gulping and gasping little girl managed to force one large swallow then another down her throat.

Brian then pulled his still squirting prick out of Becky’s mouth and let the remaining boy juices spurt across her face, over her eyes and nose, and down over her chin and throat.

Still enthralled in her own ecstasy Becky eagerly licked and lapped her tongue over her lips and chin, obediently slurping and swallowing all the semen she could. She was new to all this and assumed swallowing it all was part of the blowjob she promised and was paid for.

As Becky’s awesome climax gently cooled Brian held his dick over her face and managed to force one more squirt of semen directly onto Becky’s cute little upturned nose! She meekly and dutifully tried to lick it with her tongue but it was just out of her reach.

Impressed with her tongue work Brian praised her efforts.

“That’s a good girl Beck. Go ahead and lick it all up now.” With streaks of Brian’s cum across her closed eyes Becky couldn’t see the smirk on their faces. Her humble reply amused them all.

“But I can’t reach it all. What do I do now?”

“Here ya go Beck, we’ll help ya.” Brian used his finger to slide his goo up her throat and over her lips. Becky swallowed submissively. He continued to glide his finger over her face and work his cum toward her eager mouth. But sticky streaks were drying onto her pretty face and her eyes were now stuck shut. Ashamed at the mess she thought was her fault Becky offered a meek and timid apology.

“I’m sorry I let some slip out. I didn’t think it would be that much.”

Brian was soothing, showing mock sympathy.

“That’s okay Becky sweetie, you’re new and it takes time to learn. But you did real good babe, just remember you have to lick up everything you don’t swallow!”

“Okay, I’ll try to swallow everything next time. It was still worth five dollars wasn’t it?” she pleaded. Poor naïve child!

“You were great Becky. Yeh, we got our five dollars worth, didn’t we guys?” Brian was trying his best to control himself!

 Greg took over for Brian.

“You were super Becky. A blowjob is like everything else, the more you do it the better it gets. You give a terrific blowjob; just work hard on swallowing everything. Uh, how’s your nipples feeling? Hope you didn’t mind us pulling on them so hard like that. But you have to take it all when we got you. No sissies allowed to hang with the big guys.”

The innocent little nymphet was buoyed by all the praise, facetious and tongue-in-cheek as it was. She turned her attention to her poor nipples. The white fire had subsided to a mild ache in them.

“Oh yeah, I guess my nipples are okay now. They sure hurt when you first put the clamps on. Do I have to keep these clamps on?” The dried cum across her eyelids had them stuck closed for good now. Good thing in a way, since she couldn’t see Brian come back in the room with some one-ounce fishing weights in hand.

Brian answered her as he slipped a weight to each of his partners.

“Yes, we are going to leave the clamps on you Becky. We’re gonna keep ‘em clamped all the time.”

She shrugged and sighed softly. Oh this had to be it, they couldn’t do anything else to her!

“So this is like another one of your rules for me? Like I already have to stay naked and tied up, and pee for you; now you’re going to keep my boobies clamped too?”

“Yeh Becky, that’s the way it works, if you---”

Becky quickly cut him off.

“Yeah, Yeah I know, if I want to hang with the big guys, right? Oh okay, I guess I’ll just have to get used to ‘em.”

She tried opening her eyes again but her eyelashes were really stuck together.

“So do I have to stay tied up like this too?” Silly question, she already knew the answer before Brian replied.

“Yep, you stay tied, we’re not done with you yet. We got you all day remember!”

Brian handed a lead sinker to each of his partners. Pete and Greg opened the clip on the weights and attached one to each of her clamps, and then let them drop. Becky screamed out again in obvious pain.

“Owwww, ouch! Noooo, please guys take them off.” 

Brian remained oblivious to her pitiful moans and put one more weight on each of her nipples. Her little buds now hung down, horribly stretched and distended. In vain she once again pleaded with her tormentors.

“Please guys, you can leave the clamps on me. Please take the weights off.”

“No chance Beck. Unless you get Mark to give our money back,” Brian warned.

Becky fought to hold back her tears. She remembered her promise to give them their twenty dollars worth. Realizing it was useless to beg them anymore she resigned herself to suffer as best as she could.

“Could I please have another drink? My mouth is all sticky.” Her face was a sticky mess and she felt sweaty from her ordeals. She longed for a hot shower!

Greg brought the straw to her lips and she sipped gratefully. Becky pleaded once more with her captors.

“Guys I know I promised you can keep me tied up all day, but can I get untied for just a little bit and get a quick shower, please? You can tie me back up again, I swear.”

Brian answered. “We were thinking the same thing Beck. We’re each going to catch a shower first down here in your spare bathroom. Then we will give you a shower, we’ll do all the scrubbing for you sweetie. Then we’ll tie you up again.”

It wasn’t the answer she wanted but at least it was a shower!

“Now you just sit tight and when we’re done we’ll take care of our little Becky.” As if she could do anything else but sit tight! She wiggled and squirmed and tested her bonds. None of the ropes gave an inch, and the knots remained hard and unpickable.

Before going into the shower Brian added one more weight to each of her nipples. Her cry of pain was muffled as Greg worked a gag into her mouth. He fashioned it out of her long socks, stuffing one rolled up sock into another. After stuffing her little mouth he drew the long ends of the sock around to the back of her head and tied it tightly. Becky wept silent tears and cried softly into her gag.

As each of the guys went to the shower they added another weight to each of Becky’s poor inflamed nipples. Now there were five ounces of lead weight dangling from each clamp! Each nipple felt like a match was held to it. Her arms, neck, and shoulders ached from being lashed into one tight and immovable position for so long. The burning she had felt in her tightly tied (and very purple looking) big toes was now replaced by an eerie numbness.

In sheer frustration at her total helplessness she made one more desperate lunge, twist, turn, wiggle and squirm to try and get loose from her strict bindings. The boys had her tied hard, from her pretty red head to her dainty little toes. The cruel ropes held her securely in an unmerciful grip. There was no escape. The poor little thing cried again and slumped in total exhaustion. Becky cried so much and so hard that her tears finally washed all the sticky, flaky stuff from her eyes. She blinked hard to get focused on the room around her.

Soon her captors were standing around her. Brian worked the knot to her gag loose from behind her head and removed the sock stuffed in her mouth.

“Oh thank you Brian” were the first words from her dry and thirsty mouth.

“I think we’ll untie you for a little while and let you get cleaned up now.” Brian announced.

Becky smiled at the thought of her pending freedom. She closed her green eyes dreamily and pondered how nice it will be to stretch her arms again! She longed to just wiggle her toes once more! Most of all she wanted a nice hot shower!

Mercifully Greg and Pete gingerly removed the fishing weights from her nipple clamps, but they left the clamps on her. Brian gave her the option of removing the clamps temporarily while she bathed or just leaving them in place.

“I think you should leave them on Becky. I bet it will hurt a whole lot more if we take ‘em off then put them back on you.”

Her nipples were raw. The jagged teeth of the clips were embedded well into her nougat nipple skin. She longed to have the cruel things off her forever. Becky still vividly remembered the blinding stab of pain when those sharp metal teeth first clamped down on her tender tips. Maybe Brian was right.

“Okay Brian, I think you better leave them on me too.”

“Say please, Becky.”

Becky shrugged and complied.

“Please Brian, leave the nipple clips on me.”

“That’s better. Now we can get you loose for a little while.”

Even as the boys began to undo the severe bonds all up and down her young body Becky’s euphoria slowly slipped into a mild melancholy. It was early and her three captors still had her for the rest of the day, so her release would only be temporary. Those blasted alligator clips were going to stay fastened to her little titties all day long, and there’s no telling how they were going to tie her next. Becky sighed softly and accepted that however they tied her it would be just as tight and strict.

But she had some fun today too! This was the first time she had ever been tied up, and, well, she had to admit she did kind of like it! She was proud that she had endured the harsh ropes and showed her captors she could “hang with the big guys”! Becky also enjoyed prancing around naked before the boys and still felt quite at ease with no clothes on. She was also very proud that her first blowjobs were terrific and she had five bucks from the guys to boot!

Most of all Becky enjoyed the dawning of her own sexuality. She had modestly toyed with masturbation lately, but had never felt anything as glorious as the awesome orgasms that shook her body today! She pondered the possible connection between being tied up and the thunderous orgasms she experienced. Being tightly bound and helpless caused a certain excitement to well up inside her. Working the ropes against her crotch set off a veritable firestorm deep down inside. If being bound brought on these feelings then she would have no qualm about being (and staying!) tied up.

At long last the ropes came off her arms and hands. Becky stretched her arms in front of her as hard as she could; the tingling of feeling returning to her hands was a welcome relief. Pete unwrapped the last of the ropes from around her legs and ankles and she flexed her feet forward. Brian nimbly trimmed the thin cords from her big toes and at last she was free! Ah! What a feeling to just stretch! Becky stood up a little wobbly on weak legs, reaching for the ceiling to loosen up cramped muscles all over. In the exhilaration of just being able to move again she almost forgot about the thick wad of rope still lodged in her crotch.

“Hey guys, when are you going to get these ropes outta my butt?” Becky pleaded as she took a deep breath, still stretching her long slender body.

Brian answered, but again it wasn’t the response she expected.

“Well we kinda like that rope thong on you, so we’ll just leave it there.”

The other two boys nodded in obvious approval.

Becky just sighed deeply and accepted the harsh intruder in her crotch. As she gingerly took her first few steps the rubbing of the rope against her little sweet spot sent a tiny little tingle inside her tummy. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

As she started to walk towards the bathroom for her shower Pete and Greg each took one of her wrists and led her along. Becky remembered that Brian said they were going to shower and scrub her. Sore and aching all over, this fiery lass was now too numb to resist. She let herself be led along without resistance.

The guys were going to shower her OK, but, as she might have expected, it wasn’t the shower that Becky had in mind. No, they had something else in store for poor Becky.


Copyright 2004 Elliott Strictbinder