On-line Sally (M/g, pedo, reluc)

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Sally knew about pedophiles. She hadn't actually met any in real life, but she'd been chatting to some in chat rooms for months now. Also, she'd heard lots of talk and warnings on the TV about how they lure little girls like her away and have sex with them. That's what excited her. At eleven years old, she'd started to find the usual chat rooms she'd hung out in boring. So when she found one called "little girls who fuck" her heart raced till she thought it would burst.

Like most girls her age, she was very fashion conscious. She had her own TV and PC in her room, and her folks were very modern in their approach, talking openly about all kinds of issues. She had been warned about strangers and the dangers of chat rooms, but she loved slipping out of bed when everyone was asleep and logging on.

Until now she mostly chatted to American kids her age who, because of the time difference, were usually online in the States in early evening. But one night she stumbled across this new chat room. At first she didn't enter it. She'd shut down the PC and went back to bed, but she couldn't resist. At 2.30am, she couldn't resist any longer. She logged on, found the site, and entered the room. Her name didn't give anything away - she had logged on as 'pickle' and watched others chat.

She was fascinated by what she saw - men chatting about fucking little girls and boys, daddies doing their daughters, and even dogs fucking girls, and she was hooked.

Nobody seemed to be paying any attention to her, so she was able to watch what happened for a few nights. She found herself daydreaming during classes about what she'd read and couldn't wait to get home and log on each night. She'd started to notice tingles coming from her pussy, which were getting stronger each night, and she knew she liked it.

On the fourth night she decided to change her logon name, with an instant reaction. She logged on as 'sally pickles' and suddenly she got noticed. Men wanted to know all about her. Unlike the boys in the other chat rooms, they liked their girls young, so she told them her real age…eleven.

That was the night she saw her first picture. It was of a girl younger than her straddling a man with his cock half way in her cunt. Sally thought she'd peed herself. Her little pussy was soaking wet and the tingles were heavenly. The man sent her a few more pictures and then asked her if she'd like to watch him on cam. Sally didn't have a cam, but with a little explanation she was able to see her new found friend as he stroked his hard cock.

He told her how to finger herself while she watched him stroke and then squirt cum all over his hand and legs. She loved it all. She loved the feeling of her cunt tingling. She loved how wet and sticky she felt and most of all she loved that this grown man was chatting to her with dirty talk and cumming for her. She loved what she saw.

Over the next few weeks Sally managed to get some pictures of herself onto her PC (non- nude ones) and was trying to persuade her Dad to let her get a web cam. She'd made lots of new friends who had shared pictures and videos with her, all of them made her feel so horny and dirty.

Her Dad finally gave in and one night Sally was able to let one of her pedo friends see her for the first time. He loved what he saw - a little eleven year old, shoulder length brunette with a wicked smile, dressed in yellow and white pajamas. It didn't take him long to persuade Sally to take off the top and let him view her nubile little buds. Two nights later, he finally saw her smooth pink pussy for the first time. It looked delicious, slightly puffy and damp, he wanted it so much. That was also the night that Sally had her first orgasm. She was so excited by being naked online with someone watching her while wanking off that she went over the edge, gasping and trembling as her first cum swept over her.

Things stayed like that for a while. She'd log on each night, flirt for a while then pick one of about four pedos she had gotten to know and cam-2-cam with them till they both orgasmed. Life was good.

But what Sally didn't realize was that not all her pedo friends were content to simply play like this. One particular friend, Marco, had been gathering as much info on her as he could and now knew more about little Sally than she ever imagined. In fact he'd been one of the first she'd ever chatted to, and as he was also from England and had developed a keen interest in her. Once he had satisfied himself that she wasn't a cop setting him up, he set about finding out more and more about her.

Over the past few months, Sally had let little things slip - the name of her town, her school uniform color and many other seemingly innocent pieces of info. But innocent it wasn't. On a bright spring afternoon, Marco sat in his car in a Park's car park, apparently reading the paper. He had printed off a picture of the little brunette girl wearing a white t-shirt and watched as the school emptied of noisy kids. He spotted Sally walking with two other girls towards a parked car.

He had watched the same scene yesterday, however this time he drove away before the car they jumped into did. He knew the route they'd take, and as he didn't want anyone to see him follow the car, he drove for about four miles before parking in a secluded lane. From his vantage point, Marco watched as the car pulled up outside a house, and a woman and two girls got out and went into the house.

During a conversation he had had with Sally a few weeks ago, she had let slip that her friend's Mom gave her a lift from school. Both Sally's parents worked late on Thursdays, so she'd normally stay at her friend's house until her own Mom got home around 5:00pm. But over the last few weeks, Sally had gone home earlier, so she could go online a chat to her pedo friends for an hour or so before her folks got home, and today was no exception. About twenty minutes after they had gone into the house, Sally emerged and walked the short distance to her own house.

There was a distinct skip in Sally's step as she walked down the lane. She had arranged to meet one of her friends online in about ten minutes, and she could already feel her little pussy start to tingle. She was so lost in her own dirty little thoughts that she didn't notice the parked car under the big tree. As she drew level with it she heard her name being called. She stopped, looked around, and then spotted the car with its window open and someone sitting in the driver's seat.

"Hello Sally, its nice to finally meet you" said the driver.

Sally's heart was racing, she didn't recognize the car and couldn't really see the driver's face so she held her ground and replied. "Who are you, do I know you?"

"I'm Marco, and yes, you do know me," replied the driver. "We've had a lot of fun online. In fact, we're supposed to be meeting up about now, remember?"

Sally was shocked, "Oh my, God," she thought, "It's him! It's really him!!!"

Seeing her reaction, Marco continued, "I had some business near here, so I thought I'd say hello. Aren't you pleased to see me?" he asked while putting on a hurt expression.

"Y, y, yes, of course I am," replied Sally seeing his pained expression. "I'm just surprised to see you here."

"Good," Marco replied with a beaming smile, "It's really nice to see you as well. You're even prettier in real life than in your pics," he added flatteringly. "I really love your uniform."

Sally liked being complemented, and she beamed a smile at him while she adjusted her stance with her legs a little straighter and he shoulders a bit further back.

"I've got something to show you," Marco added as he produced a large envelope. "Come over and see."

Sally came over to the car window and Marco's cock throbbed as he caught his first whiff of her young odor. He took out a photo from the envelope and held it so Sally would have to lean a little into the car window to see it.

She gasped!! It was a picture of a girl of Sally's age straddling a guy with his cock buried in her pussy while another cock was squirting cum over her flat chest. In fact, Sally had seen this picture before, but what had made her gasp was the picture had been altered and the girl's face had been changed and was now Sally's face.

"That's me," she gasped. "That's my face on her body. That's so cool, how did you do that?"

Marco smiled, "I've got more if you want to see them."

"Can I?" Sally pleaded.

"Sure you can. But not here, why don't you hop in and we'll find somewhere where we can enjoy them in peace." Marco's heart pounded as he waited for Sally's reaction. Would she take fright? Would she run? Would she make him take drastic action? He held his breath in anticipation.

"Okay," she said as she opened the door and hopped in. "But I have to be back by five or Mom'll go crazy."

Marco could hardly believe his luck. His cock was harder than it had ever been as he drove off and headed for the derelict farm he'd found a few days ago. As they drove away, anyone seeing them would have seen Sally chatting away like a normal little girl. However, had they heard her conversation, they would have been shocked to the core. While Marco drove the little schoolgirl, she was chatting about her favorite pedo pictures and videos she's seen. Marco was in heaven.

As he pulled the car into the yard, Sally quieted down a bit, and she looked out of the window and shuffled a little in her seat. Seeing her rising discomfort, Marco turned on the radio and reached for the envelope. "Let's see what we've got in here," he said, smiling. Sally relaxed as he teased her with the next picture. She purred in approval as she saw her face on another little girl being fucked by a huge cock. As one picture led to another, and then another, Marco could detect the unmistakable smell of young pussy juice being produced.

Sally, for her part, had spotted the bulge in Marco's pants and sorta knew that soon his cock would be out. Truth is, she didn't mind. She'd seen it on cam a few times and the way she felt now, she would quite like to see it for real.

By the time the last picture in the envelope was being examined, Marco's hand was gently stroking Sally's thigh which in turn had been parted just enough so he could see her panty clad mound. He made his move-his hand slid up her thigh and made contact. Sally let out a little whimper as her legs automatically slamming closed, soon to be followed by them parting again. Marco knew he had her.

His hand pressed further, while at the same time he brought his mouth to the little eleven year old, kissing her passionately, working his tongue into her small mouth.

His hands lost control now. Sally's panties were pulled to one side, her school shirt's buttons almost popping off as he loosened them, his hands touching her pure soft skin for the first time. Her silk-like chest, her smooth pussy, he had to have it all.

Sally was starting to panic. She felt smothered, felt her clothes being pulled apart, felt Marco getting stronger and rougher, she started to pull away. But Marco was too far gone. He needed her cunt, he needed to feel his cock entering this slut and filling her with his lust.

As her panties came away she froze in fear as she saw his cock for the first time. It was huge, throbbing with a purple head and she knew where it was going. She tried to pull away, but he was too strong. She was pinned under him as she felt it touch her for the first time. He grunted as he pressed his engorged cock against her minute pussy opening. The dampness from her previous picture viewing thrills was still there so the head slipped past her lips. Sally shuddered as she felt him enter her virgin cunt. "Oh, God," she sobbed. "You're fucking me, aren't you?"

"Yes Sally, I'm going to pop your cherry and fuck you good. It will hurt a bit but you'll love being fucked." He could feel the tears start, but she had stopped resisting. "Yes," he sighed. "That's right, you're mine now," he said as he felt her barrier block the progress of his throbbing cock.

Marco paused and surveyed the scene. Sally was under him, and her school uniform pulled apart exposing her sumptuously budding nipples. She looked frightened with puffy watery eyes, while he towered above her with a few inches of his cock buried in her tiny hairless pussy.

"Oh yes," he cried as he thrust his hips forward. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," she screamed as he ripped past her barrier. But he didn't care. He thrust in deeper and deeper. Then he started to hump. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss," he moaned as his rhythm settled. She was so tight, so soft and sooo fresh. He knew he wouldn't last long.

As he fucked every inch of his cock into this child-fuck-toy, his hands fondled her tiny buds. He felt the nips harden and became aware that Sally was no longer sobbing. Instead she was making little girl gasping sounds. He smiled to himself knowing that nature was taking over. His engorged cock had stuffed her tight cunt so tightly that her clit had to react to his fucking. This sent him over, his balls exploded in ecstasy as he emptied his cream deep into this child's womb.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh, oh yessssssssssssss," he screamed as he almost lost consciousness, buried deep in her.

As the pleasure subsided, Marco looked into Sally's eyes. The fear was still there, but he also saw the start of what he thought was lust. "Mmmmmmmm! Sally, that was yummy. You're such a sexy little cunt, aren't you?" He teased, as he slipped his sperm and blood coated cock out of her used hole.

"You raped me," she snapped back. "When my Dad finds out, he'll call the police and you'll go to jail for raping me like that." She was trying to pull her clothes over her nakedness and get up, while pink colored sperm dripped from her.

"No one's going to the police," he laughed. "What do you think your Mom and Dad will do when they see the pictures of you getting fucked? 'Specially when I tell them I'll put them on the internet. I don't think you want all your friends at school to see you like this, do you?" Marco held out one of the pedo pictures that Sally had enjoyed looking at earlier.

Sally froze, "But, but that's not me," she pleaded, "it's just my head on those girls' bodies!!"

"We know that, but will everyone else?"

Sally's little heart froze. She didn't want anyone seeing those pictures, especially her Dad. What could she do? She'd been raped. She'd had a man's cock pump sperm into her body and worse of all, just before he'd filled her with cum, she'd actually started to enjoy being fucked.

"Splot," a glob of cum dripped to the ground. Both Sally and Marco looked at it and as Sally looked up she saw that Marco's cock was hardening again. Then she shocked herself by what she did next. While staring at his cock, Sally ran her finger through her cunt lips scooping some of his cum and raised the finger to her lips. Her tongue darted out and she had he first taste of goo. Seeing this Marco smiled, and as she repeated the action his cock sprang back to its throbbing limit.

"Let me taste as well," he said as he moved towards her. She held out her finger for him, but he motioned her to lie down. "I'll taste it fresh," he smirked, as he positioned himself between her thighs. His face was inches from her smooth pussy. He could smell her juice mixed with the musky smell of his cum. Gently his lips made contact with the softest cunt he'd ever kissed and his tongue darted out to taste prepubescent cunt. He was in heaven.

Sally gasped as his tongue touched her cunt lips, she jerked as it brushed her clit and nearly fainted as it returned and prodded her more. Her body took on a life of its own. She was humping his face, moaning in pleasure and her body demanded more, more. She felt the tingles strengthen, tingles turned to shudders as she felt her orgasm build. But not like when she fingered herself, this was much, much more.

She was losing control of her body - legs shuddering, hips thrusting and ohhhhhhhhh, the pleasure. Just then, Sally became a true whore. Lying on her back legs spread with a pedophile licking and sucking his cum from her freshly raped cunt, Sally exploded into the strongest orgasm she could imagine. All the chat room talk, all the pictures and videos all merged with her having a cock buried and pumping into her. She screamed in ecstasy, gripping Marco's head with her thighs and hands, pulling him harder against her child's pussy.

In her cum-induced stupor she was barely conscious of Marco towering above her. She became a little more aware of his licking and sucking her budding nips. She stroked his hair as his cock pressed against her still tingling pussy. And as he raised himself up further she knew he was entering her body once again. But this time she welcomed her pedo lover in. She met his thrusts with vigor, urging him to violate her body more.

Gone was the slightly horny, naughty little chat room tease. Here was a child whore, milking her pedo lover's cock of his pervert cream and wanting more, much more. As images flashed through her mind of pictures and videos of her being gang fucked she shuddered into another orgasm. She imagined images being looked at by hundreds of pervy men as they wank off while they dreamed of fucking her. Sally was in heaven, and this was just the beginning.