Saw It, Liked it, Gotta Have it! (rape, pedo)

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"Well, which of these ones?" she asked, holding up two cropped tops. Both were similar in style, V-necked, short sleeved and cut short, so as to display the wearer's young flat stomach. One was pale pink, while the other was light blue. Fashionably printed across the front of each one was a slogan. The blue one read "Naughty" while, "Saw It, Liked it, Gotta Have it!" covered the front of the pink one.

Samantha eagerly waited for her friend to decide. It wasn't that she couldn't. Sam knew it was important that Laura felt involved and on her side, everything depended on her going along with the plan. Sam knew just how moody her friend could be, so she couldn't risk pissing her off - not now, not when everything was ready.

"The pink one," Laura said, pointing to the one in Sam's left hand. "It'll go well with your skirt," she added.

"Great choice" Sam exclaimed and beamed with excitement as she threw the rejected one into the cupboard. She slipped the pink one over her head. "How do I look?" she asked. "Hot" answered her much plainer and pudgier friend. "You're gonna blow him away" she added, trying desperately to hide her envy.

Sam was both taller and trimmer than Laura, standing 4'6" tall, shoulder-length natural blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile to die for. At 12 years old, Laura was actually two months older than Sam, but no one would have guessed. Sam's parents were a lot cooler as well, letting her wear real trendy clothes, makeup and they even let her have her ears pierced. They'd drawn the line at a belly-button piercing, but let her wear the fake one that now sparkled between her pale pink top and a short denim skirt.

"Thanks a million for helping me with this, Laura," Sam said as she added the finishing touches to her makeup. "I knew I could rely on my best friend." Turning around and striking a pose, she announced, "Right, phase one." She giggled as she slipped her dressing gown over her clothes. "Ready?" she asked while moving towards her bedroom door.

"Wait Sam," Laura said taking hold of Sam's arm, "Are you sure this'll work? What if your Dad comes in when you're out, what'll I do?"

"Don't worry. I've already told you, he NEVER comes in, 'specially when I'm having a sleep-over! He never even looks in! Trust me Laura, it'll be fine! Mum's staying at Auntie Linda's and Dad's on-line playing a poker tournament or something. He'll probably be there all night!"

Sam held her breath. Everything now depended on Laura's next move. Sam had planned everything. The sleepover on Mum's night out when she knew Dad would be buried in the computer. Sneaking out through her bedroom window while Laura covered watching DVD's and played CD's so it sounded like they were just hanging out like girls do. Sam meanwhile would be meeting the scrumptious Rob.

"I'm frightened, Sam. Can't you just stay and hang out with me instead?" pleaded Laura. "Please, Laura" begged Sam, "Everything's planned and Rob's waiting. You're my bestest friend in the whole world. Don't let me down, please?"

"Okay, but if your Dad comes in, I'm not lying." replied Laura.

Sam smiled, "Thanks Laura, you're a real pal. I'll tell you all about it when I get back, and don't worry, everything's gonna be fine!"

Paul Murphy glanced up from the computer screen as the two chattering girls bounced down the stairs on their way to the kitchen.

"Just getting some snakes for the film," Sam shouted as they raided the fridge. "We've got Legally Blonde 2, wanna watch with us?" Sam and Laura held their breath waiting for the reply.

"No thanks, sweetheart. You two enjoy the movie" came the reply.

"Okay Dad" answered Sam "we'll probably just go to bed when it's over" she added as they disappeared back upstairs laden with Coke, crisps, and chocolate.

"Night-night" Paul replied as his attention returned to the screen in front of him.

Not long after the girls were back in Sam's room, she was ready. Gone was the robe and fluffy slippers and little 12-year-old Samantha Murphy was ready for a secret date with the 15-year-old Rod.

Dressed in the pink top that Laura had picked out, denim mini skirt with pink belt, trendy suede boots, and a very realistic fake belly ring, Sam made her way to her first-ever date. Her heart pounding, she imagined hand-holding, long embraces and kissing. She couldn't wait!

The park looked very different in the dark. Gone were the happy children crawling over swings, slides, and roundabouts. Gone were their parents watching over them and gone were the older boys who played soccer day after day, where Sam had dragged Laura every day for weeks to watch Rob before finally, in frustration, Laura had told him that Sam liked him and they'd exchanged mobile numbers.

Two loud beeps rang out, signaling the arrival of yet another text message from Rob. Like virtually all kids, texting was the way Sam and Rob had communicated. In fact, they'd planned tonight's meeting this way.


Sam smiled and turned towards the car park, seeing the blue van parked on its own at the far side. She adjusted her clothes, fixed her hair and walked towards the van in the sexiest way she could. Her heart was pounding and as she caught a glimpse of herself in a car's mirror, she felt sexy and very grown up.

She spotted a shape in the shadows. "Oh my God, there he is." she thought to herself. "Steady, play it cool. You're supposed to be 14!" Suddenly, everything changed. Strong arms had appeared from nowhere, a hand was firmly clamped across her mouth and she'd been lifted and was being rushed towards the now-opened slide door of the van. The shadowy figure had jumped into the driver's seat, and to her horror, Sam saw that it wasn't Rob.

Sam was trying to scream and struggle, but the man holding her was too strong. She did manage to scratch his forearm quite deeply, which earned her a sharp punch to her tummy. She buckled in pain, winded and gasping for air.

"Fuckin' little bitch" roared the wounded captor. "The cunt drew blood." he added. From a bag behind him he drew a lethal-looking hunting knife. Jabbing the point just under Sam's chin he hissed, "you try anymore of that, you little cunt, and I'll slit you open like a dog. YOU UNDERSTAND?" He screeched. "Yes" whimpered the terrified child.

"Good" he sneered as he drank in the view of this terrified little virgin. "Perfect," he sighed and felt his cock twitch at the sight of her tiny flat, pierced stomach. "Perfect" he sighed again.

It had been his co-conspirator Terry who had lifted the mobile from the pile of bags by the football pitch the previous week. But it had been Malcolm who, spotting the series of text messages from an obviously keen girl, planned and set the trap that Sam had fallen into.

"Get her ready!" Terry yelled from the driver's seat, "we're nearly there." The van swung to the left and came to a stop.

Malcolm had a tight grip on Sam's arm and held the knife close to her neck. Sam wasn't going anywhere he didn't want her to.

The side door slid open and Sam got her first clear view of Terry. He looked about the same age as her Dad, not very tall for a man, with very short-cropped hair. He had creepy eyes that leered at her and was licking his lips. "Fuck me, there's no way she's 14." he exclaimed gleefully, "more like 13 or even 12. You been telling lies then?" he sneered into her ear. "Just how old are you, bitch?" he continued. "T…t…twelve" sniveled Sam.

"YUMMY", yelled Terry as he jumped into the van, "ABSO-FUCKING YUMMY"

Sam was scooped out of the van into what looked like an old factory. They manhandled her over to an area where some old mattresses had been laid out and dropped her onto them. Malcolm came close, raising the knife to her throat he said, "If you behave yourself and do exactly what you're told, you'll survive this. But if you don't, I'll slice your throat open. UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes, yes I understand. Please don't hurt me. I'll do whatever you want." she pleaded, sobbing. "Good" added Terry "that's what I like to hear. Well for starters, take off your clothes.

Sam was shaking as she pulled her top over her head exposing her little white starter bra. She felt nauseous seeing the lecherous gleam in their eyes as her skirt dropped to the ground and she stood in matching panties. She shook even more as, directed by the tall and beefy Malcolm, she unhooked her bra and nearly fainted when the panties had to go.

Standing there naked, apart from her boots, shivering from terror was any pedo's dream, a perfect specimen. A slim, toned, blonde twelve year old whose nipples, stiff with fear, poked out from the centre of tiny buds. Just beginning to appear on her lilly-white pussy was just the hint of soft, fluffy hair.

Terry could hold back no more. Virtually ripping off his trousers, he exposed the first cock that Sam had ever seen. All seven throbbing inches sprung out with a glistening purple tip.

Malcolm was right behind his companion, only his cock was much bigger. At nine inches, cut, with all his pubic hair shaved off, Malcolm's cock looked massive compared to Terry's. It was Terry, however, who snapped Sam back to reality. His sweaty hands were pawing at her preteen buds. She fought the desire to scream and flee even when Malcolm's hands attacked her pussy.

She was forced onto her back. Malcolm had spread her thighs and was savoring the scent of virgin cunt. Terry was sucking and nibbling Sam's nipples, relishing every jerk and yelp that came from her each time his teeth bit a nipple.

Malcolm's tongue slipped between the virgin lips of Sam's pussy, winning an immediate and shocked reaction from their victim. Sam shuddered at the sensation, shocked by his touch but even more shocked by the pleasure! Malcolm's tongue lapped again and again, each time winning a similar response. He smiled. He loved making them enjoy it, loved the fact that he not only stole their virginity, raped them, in some cases damaging them for life, but he loved being the first to make them orgasm.

Sam was in turmoil, she hated what these evil men were doing to her, but her body was betraying her. The tongue felt so good and she didn't want it to stop! What's more, the attention her nipples were receiving was starting to feel good as well.

As Sam lost her battle for dignity against Malcolm's relentless tongue, Terry smiled, catching Malcolm's eye as Sam's first-ever orgasm rocked her body. "She'll be nice and juicy now" announced Malcolm as he lifted his pussy juice-covered face away. "She's all yours."

Terry lost no time replacing Malcolm between Sam's thighs while Malcolm reluctantly positioned himself at her head. They took turns in being the cherry popper. He'd done the last one two weeks ago. "Mmmmmmmmmmm" Malcolm thought to himself as he placed a hand on each of Sam's shoulders. He recalled the sheer pleasure he'd had as he'd ripped deep into that one and filled her with his cream.

Sam was oblivious to all this. She was too consumed by her first orgasm. "What was that?" she asked herself, "I've never had a feeling like that before!!!" She suddenly felt it touch her and her head cleared totally. Terry's erect cock was pressing against her slippery pussy and he was pressing it forward. Sam knew the basics about sex, and had heard about rape. She was about to learn a lot more!

As she realized what was about to happen, she frantically tried to get away by shuffling backwards. Malcolm however, put a stop to that by pressing down on her shoulders harder. Terry now had a firm grip on her waist and, leering directly into her terrified eyes, gripped harder as he began to push his hips forward.

Sam screamed as she felt the tip of his cock slip past her pussy lips and enter her virgin body, but they didn't care. No one would hear her here. What Sam would never appreciate was that, had it been Malcolm's turn and not Terry's, she'd be in agony by now. Malcolm liked his rape rough and hard. He loved to feel the mixture of fear and pain overcome his victims. Terry on the other hand, enjoyed the sensation of the rape, so was gentler than Malcolm.

Tears flowed down her cheeks as she pleaded with him to stop, but he slipped deeper into her. For a fleeting moment she thought he was pulling out, but after an inch of pulling back, he pressed in further. She felt him press against something and a sharp pain shot through her.

"Please, please, you're hurting me, pleeease!!" she pleaded, but Terry just smiled and said in a euphoric voice, "Cry all you like. You're mine you little slut." He jerked his hips forward, breaking through Sam's cherry, burying himself deeper into her once-virgin body. Screaming, Sam's body bolted at the invasion. Malcolm almost lost hold of her as she struggled to escape. She did manage to dislodge just over half of Terry's cock from her but she soon got it back as he started fucking his preteen prize.

By the forth thrust, the fight had gone from her. The pain had subsided and Malcolm's attention had moved from holding her down to exploring her titties. As she sobbed her heart out, she felt his rigid cock brush against her hair each time Terry thrust into her, causing her frail body to shudder back. The big man's hands roughly fondled her small tits and her little nipples were rock hard as he rolled and pinched them between his fingers. She feared that soon he'd replace the one fucking her and the thought frightened her even more. She'd seen the size of his cock and it petrified her.

Suddenly the grip on her waist tightened. The trusting in her became more intense and a groan of shear glee accompanied the gush deep inside her preteen womb. "OH FUCK YESSSSS, TAKE IT YOU FUCKIN' WHORE, TAKE IT ALL" growled Terry as he unloaded his balls into her. "God she's so fuckin' tight it's like she's milking my cock with her cunt" he added in delight.

Terry continued to fuck her for a few moments longer, feeling his goo coat her insides and dribble out of her. His rhythm slowed and as his cock began to soften he withdrew, savoring the sight of his cum, mixed with virgin blood, glob out of her and drip onto the mattress.

On seeing his co-rapist finish, Malcolm's hands left Sam's abused titties and clasped her cheeks. Holding her face steady, he ran his tongue over her lips, forcing it into her mouth and making her kiss her next rapist. Gazing into her eyes, he asked, "You ready for me now honey? I know you want me." Distraught, Sam pleaded, "Please don't. Please let me go. Please" she pleaded, sobbing. But it was no use. Malcolm was forcing her thin thighs apart. His precum dripping cock throbbing in anticipation of defiling this angel's cunt, there was no hope for poor Samantha.

He rubbed his cock head over the lips of Sam's cunt, savoring the feeling of her baby soft skin. Even swollen and coated in cum and blood, it felt divine. If this ritualistic rape preparation wasn't bad enough, Terry's tongue made contact with her face, lapping at the tears on Sam's cheeks, and then moved to her little nipples.

Malcolm had had enough playing. He gripped her waist and positioned his huge cock at the entrance of Sam's abused channel. She screamed in agony as in one thrust, he forced the monster deep into her. Terry felt the shockwave sweep through her as she passed out for a few seconds. Malcolm continued the onslaught on her preteen pussy, slamming into her again and again, oblivious to her condition, consumed only with his own lust. She became aware of him again, thrusting into her again and again and her body started to respond, betraying her once more!

She felt her juice flowing, lubricating her channel. She felt tingles grow, and become ripples, which became waves of pleasure growing stronger with each selfish thrust of Malcolm's thick cock. Each thrust slammed deep into her forcing her tiny channel to stretch almost to breaking point and forcing her now swollen clit to respond to the relentless friction. Her hips rose to meet his thrusts, her bony legs drew him deeper. She was his, she was lost!

Terry saw it all. He saw her change from a terrified victim into a raped fuck slut and he clicked his camera.

As Sam's first fuck-induced orgasm rocked her body, Malcolm exploded deep inside her. Forcing his cock as deep into her as he could, he shot squirt after squirt of rapist seed deep into her. "Heaven" he thought.

Panting, with her heart racing, she felt him lift off her and pull out. She felt the pressure release as her pussy was freed and globs of cum sloshed out. For a moment she forgot to be scared.

That quickly changed. "Right, you whore. You're not done yet" hissed Terry as he gripped her hair, forcing her to scramble onto her knees. "Put this on and get on your hands and knees" he added, tossing her the pink top. Sam, frightened once again, pulled her top over her head and got into position.

"Isn't that beautiful?" he continued, "A little, well-fucked whore, dripping cum from her cunt, waiting to be fucked again."

As Terry positioned himself behind her and Malcolm approached from the front, Sam felt completely venerable. Terry's now-recovered cock slid once again into the tight, well-used cunt before him while Malcolm forced Sam's mouth open with a warning. "You bite me bitch, and I'll slit your belly open for the dogs to eat." With these words ringing in her ears, he forced his semi-hard cock into her mouth.

"Suck, you bitch" he ordered. "Suck." Sam obeyed and as Terry fucked her cunt for the second time, Sam's throat was being raped by Malcolm's ever-swelling cock.

The spit-roasting continued for what seemed like ages, and just as her 12 year old body had started to betray her yet again, the cock in her cunt deposited more goo into her and withdrew. She was distraught, her pending orgasm halted in its tracks, she craved relief! Terry watched with glee as the whore buried her childish fingers into her cum-dripping cunt and fingered herself off while sucking a huge shaved cock. His camera snapped some more.

Malcolm had Sam's head held firmly between his hands as he fucked her face. Burying himself down her throat, relishing the sensation of her gagging throat on his soon-to-be-squirting cock. "Oh fuck yes, yes, yes!!" he shrieked as he lost control of his balls. "Take it all, you fuckin' cunt." He added as he lodged his squirting cock down her throat, holding her head firmly until his orgasm eased.

Fighting for air, Sam gasped and collapsed as he finally withdrew. Swallowing huge lung-fulls of air she lay face down, partially spread-eagled on the stained mattress, "What a fantastic sight." thought Terry.

Turning her over, Terry and Malcolm made Sam suck both their cocks again while making her finger her cum-filled cunt. She brought herself to another orgasm before both cocks delivered their last drops of cum in her mouth. She swallowed both small loads without being told to, leaving both spent cocks satisfied.

After driving the now-redressed Sam back to the car park, Terry showed her the images they'd taken of her rape. "If you tell anyone about this, we'll email everyone at your school with these, you understand?" "Yes, yes" replied Sam. "I swear I won't tell anyone. Please don't let anyone see those, PLEASE!" she begged.

"It's up to you. Believe me if you tell anyone, we'll know, and then everyone will see just what a little whore you really are." At that the side door slid open and she tumbled out. As the blue van sped off, the distraught 12 year old hurried home.

Two weeks later, Sam was in her room, listening to music. She hadn't told a soul. Laura was really pissed at her for not telling her all about her hot date with Rob, and Rob couldn't understand why she didn't seem interested in him anymore.

Paul Murphy clicked on a web link he'd just received from an on-line friend. He drank in the images before him, "Mmmmmmmmm" he sighed to himself, "I so love these 'poker' nights" he smirked.

One particular image caught his eye. He looked closer at the beautiful body of the little girl with a cock in her mouth and sperm dripping out of a puffy smooth cunt! "Ohhhhhhh, that's perfect" he whispered feeling his cock twitch. But as he looked closer there was something weird about her. Both her and the man's face had been distorted but as Paul looked closer, he suddenly saw it!

The little freshly fucked cock sucker had what looked like a pierced belly button and wore nothing but suede boots and a short-cropped, pale pink top with "Saw It, Liked it, Gotta Have it!" written across the front!

Paul shut down his PC and went upstairs. Opening Sam's bedroom door, he smiled and went in.