Me and My Girls, part 4. (Mgg, Cons, Incest, Pedo, Oral)

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Story Intro:
Our hero takes his girls on the holiday of a lifetime.

Cast of characters:
Me (Tom) = author, age 35, brown hair, hazel eyes.
Amy = my daughter, age 4, dirty blond hair, hazel-green eyes.
Ivy = my daughter, age 5, dark blond hair, brown eyes.

Chapter 4,

First off, dear reader, let me apologise for taking so long to write again. The months since I last wrote have been very full, and (fortunately for me, but unfortunately for you) my girl's and I have been too busy living our lives to write about them for you. Hopefully this account will ease your fevered brows, and let you know just what has been going on.

If my memory serves me right, when I last wrote I had just fucked Ivy while she was licking her little sister's pussy (see "Me and My Girls, part 3).

Well, dear reader, here is what happened next...

* * *

"Well daddy?" Amy asked impatiently as she crawled over to me where I was laying on my side, panting heavily. "Daddy... when can I try that?" she asked again as she shook my arm to get my attention.
"I guess," I replied with a smile, knowing that there was no way I'd let her try it unless I was sure she could manage it, "when you can fit the big stretcher in your kitty without it hurting."
"Goody!" she cheered excitedly and hugged me grinning broadly, quickly joined by Ivy.

I relaxed back onto the bed, ready to fall asleep despite it being early, and felt the girls crawl off of the bed and scamper off somewhere. I marvelled to myself about the energy of my little girls when I heard them scamper back in, whispering and giggling together. I knew that was a bad sign, and when I opened my eyes I was not too surprised to see Amy laying back on the bed with her legs spread wide and Ivy kneeling between them with the largest butt-plug in hand.

"Oh no you don't!" I commanded firmly as I sat up, startling both girls and causing Ivy to drop the plug.
"Daddy!" she reprimanded me sternly with a stamp of her foot, "You made me drop it, now I gotta go wash it again!"
"No you don't," I shook my head as I took the plug from her, "because Amy isn't ready for this stretcher just yet. We'll have to work up to it slowly."
"Awww Daddy..." they both chorused together frowning at me.
"Later," I said with a smile before I climbed from the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up.

The remainder of the day passed reasonably normally with Amy and Ivy playing in the lounge while I sat and watched them. The only reminders of what had happened were when Ivy had to sit down. Each time she would do so gingerly, wincing as her sore bottom reminded her of her punishment.

As the evening grew later, and their normal bath time approached, I called out to them, "Ok you two, it's bath time!" Both of them jumped up, giggling sexily, and ran to get their things as I went to prepare their bath.

* * *

The days and weeks passed in a stream of sexy normality. When I brought Amy back from school she would chatter about her day and then have me read to her or do some drawing or simply play.
When we returned from collecting Ivy from her school, she would insist on more kitty stretching, which Amy would then echo and I would inflate the two plugs in their small pussies, slightly increasing the amount each day. This routine continued with little change for some time until the last week of school in July...

I had collected Amy from her school as normal and she had scampered to her room to change clothes as soon as we got home. I was puttering around the lounge, clearing up a little, when Amy yelled excitedly and ran in stark naked and clutching something in her hand.
"Daddy, daddy! Look what I can do!" She grinned broadly as she jumped up onto the sofa, lay on her back with her knees up to her chest and her feet apart.
Her plump hairless labia pouted up at me and I could clearly see some glistening wetness smeared over their smooth surface.

She reached between her thighs and rubbed briefly at her prominent little clit where it stood proud above her plump lips before taking the object she was holding and held it poised at the small entrance to her vagina. "Watch daddy!" she commanded again, her eyes glowing with excitement and arousal.
I could now see that she was holding the largest butt-plug as she grinned up at me and slowly pulled it into herself.
Without any sign of pain or discomfort she slid the 1 1/2 inch wide plug fully into her young hole and slowly began to thrust it in and out.
"See daddy," she announced brightly, her grinning face glowing with her arousal, "now you can do it with me too!"

I stared at her in wonder for a long moment before hurrying to her and kneeling on the floor near her butt. "When? How?" I stammered and felt my cock rapidly stiffen in my slacks.
"I been practisin' every day!" She panted. "An' I wanted to try the big one, an' it fit!"
I released my rampant erection from the confines of my slacks and pushed them to my knees. "Would you like daddy's puppy to play with your kitty?"
"Uh huh!" She nodded vigorously and pulled the plug from her pussy with a wet slurp. "Do it daddy! Do it!"

I slowly pushed the spongy head of my dick against the tight entrance of her little pussy, savouring the incredible sensation of fucking my four-year-old daughter for the first time. The resistance suddenly released as my cock head popped through her entrance and slid smoothly about 3 inches into the tightest wet, hot, yielding grip that I had ever felt on my dick, even more so than Ivy's.
Amy moaned sensuously as I slid into her and wrapped her legs around my waist. I slowly pulled back out until only the tip remained inside her, and then reversed direction to steadily thrust back into her, slowly working deeper with each thrust until I felt the head of my dick hit the mouth of her cervix. I was in sheerest heaven. Amy's little cunt held me tight in the perfect velvet-soft grip of ecstasy.
"Ooooh daddy," she moaned softly at my entrance. "It feels good."

I leant over her, careful to keep my dick deeply embedded, hunched up so I could reach Amy's lips with my own. I kissed her softly at first, gently probing my tongue within, kissing her deep and loving, sensuously exploring. Our tongues twisted together, duelling with each other in and out between our mouths as I clenched my butt, moving my cock only slightly inside her.
With my lips still locked passionately to Amy's, I straightened my back, slipping my cock out of her gripping clutches until only the head remained inside and then hunched it in deep again. Amy squeaked into my mouth and then moaned erotically as I slid back out. I thrust deep into her in an even rhythm, luxuriating in the hot grip of her most intimate parts as she sucked on my tongue and I sucked on hers.
Amy pulled her face back and panted, "Daddy! I gotta go wee!"
I thought that she probably didn't really need to pee, at least I hoped so. I was sure the feeling of my cock in her for the first time, was just sending mixed signals. "Don't worry sweetie," I panted, still thrusting deep into her. "Just relax and let it happen!"

Amy moaned with pleasure and shuddered under me, her cum causing her tight hole to clutch even tighter on my invading cock. Her hips spasmodically pumped up at me as I thrust into her and I rubbed at her clit to prolong her orgasm for as long as I could.
Slowly, her body calmed and she panted for breath, relaxing back on the sofa with her eyes closed and a look of bliss plastered on her face.

* * *

A week or so later, Amy and Ivy were playing in the lounge while I was cleaning our lunch dishes in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. It was the postman delivering a small box, but I hadn't ordered anything recently.
"What is it?" Ivy asked, bouncing excitedly beside me as I closed the front door.
"Let's open it and find out." I smiled and led her back into the lounge.

It was addressed to all three of us and I found a familiar return address on the underside. As we ripped it open, I wondered what Ed might be sending us.
Ivy's hand was first inside the semi-open box and she pulled out a scrunched up bundle of cloth. She spread it apart as I opened the box fully and then pulled out the letter she had shoved aside in her haste.
"They're shorts!" Amy said as Ivy held up a small pair of shorts. They were bright lemon-yellow and, when I took them, they felt like very fine, soft cotton. Printed on one side was a bold letter 'I'. I reached into the box again and found another yellow pair of shorts, this one had a bold 'A' printed on it.
"I guess these are yours," I said as I passed them each the shorts with the correct initial and then read from the letter.

"These are the latest fashions from Brazil.

I hope you and your girls like them as much as we did.


"Wasn't that nice of him," I said, and pulled more yellow cotton from the box. I spread it to find it was a short matching yellow top with matching initial 'I', and then another yellow top with an 'A'. Under them were another two pairs of shorts and tops with the same initials, this time in pale blue.

Amy reached under her skirt and pulled off her knickers before pulling the pale blue shorts up under the skirt. Ivy simply pulled her slip-dress up over her head and was naked. She then pulled on the yellow shorts and snuggled them up tight.
The shorts were small... positively tiny. The central seam disappeared between Ivy's plump labia while the soft material hugged her firm flesh obscenely tight, forming a perfect camel-toe. The top of the waistband was very low, visibly dipping at the front to no more than an inch above the top of her slit. The sides rode low on her hips and when she turned I could see that the top of the waistband just covered the crack of her butt as the seam and material disappeared into the depths, leaving the lower halves of the pale firm globes of her butt visible.

"That is so tight," I sighed, "it might as well be painted on."
Ivy giggled as she stroked her pussy, "I like it. It feels nice 'n' soft."
"What about you, Amy?" I asked with a smile. "How do they fit? Let's see."
She pulled her skirt up with a sexy grin. The pale blue shorts looked very lewd, accenting her plump pussy. When she turned about, I could see over half of each cheek of her butt.
"Oh, that's nice," I sighed and felt my cock stirring in my jeans.

"Is there any more in there?" Ivy interrupted my thoughts as she delved into the box again and drew out a bundle of green, pink and white. A scrap of white fell from her fist to the floor.
"Oh wow!" I goggled and picked it up. It was the smallest thong I had ever seen. A small triangle of white lycra with elastic strings.
"Cool!" Ivy dropped the bundle she held and snatched the thong from me. She quickly peeled off the shorts and pulled on the micro-thong. The white triangle of material was only just big enough to fit over her fleshy pussy. The top edge just above the top of her slit and the sides framed her proud labia perfectly. The side-strings rode high over her narrow hips to join with the string that nestled deep between her butt cheeks. The broad expanse of pale flesh between the micro-thong and her pale tan-lines boldly advertised just how tiny it was, stirring my arousal even further.
"Wait here," I grinned and dashed off, to return within minutes with my digital camera.

Amy was pulling on the matching blue top when I got back and Ivy was emptying the box of the last small scraps of micro-tops. She discarded another white thong, presumably Amy's, and triumphantly held up a white top. Two triangles of lycra, no more than an inch on a side, held together by the same elastic strings as the thongs.
"How does this work?" Ivy asked.
I swiftly tied the strings around Ivy's chest and neck and then slipped the two triangles of cloth along the chest string so they fit over her perky little nipples.
"Perfect," I grinned, "you two can pose here and I'll take your photo."

I snapped off a good few dozen shots of them posing. Side by side, smiling at me. Acting silly, trying to tickle each other. With their backs turned, smiling coyly over their shoulders. Kneeling on the sofa, thrusting their butts at me and my lens.
As I praised and encouraged them, Ivy's posing became more and more brazen. Bending over with her butt aimed at me. Spreading her legs wide. And even rubbing at her pussy as I took the last shot.

* * *

It grew warmer as days passed and summer really flexed its muscles. Temperatures climbed, and the sky remained a cloudless bright blue. In the back garden were a set of swings, a slide, and a trampoline with net walls, and the girls took to playing out there even more than usual. They quickly decided it was too warm for anything but swimsuits.
The first day I caught them going out in their swimsuits, I stopped them and made sure I slathered all their exposed skin with protective sun lotion. I also warned them to come in if they got too hot. Unfortunately, the material of their suits was not as much protection as I'd thought. When they took their bath that evening, I could clearly see the red flush where they had caught the sun through the suits.

There was no shade from the sun in the garden, except under the trampoline, and I was sure the girls must be growing bored with the meagre selection of activities out there. With that in mind I took them on a little shopping trip to the local Toy's R Us store.
We returned with a number of new garden toys including scooters, water-guns and beach-balls. But the real crown was a long waterslide with padded base and inflatable sides that squirted water on the sliders.

As soon as we arrived home, both girls stripped off their dresses, leaving them in just their tight knickers, and immediately began unboxing the new toys and taking them out to the back.
As they started to drag the slide outside, I stopped them. "You can't stay out in just your knickers, I need to put your sun cream on first... and then you have to put on your swimsuits."
"Awww..." Ivy moaned, but Amy skipped over to me with a smile and held her arms wide to be covered.
I pulled her knickers down her legs and off, "We've got to cover under your suits too so you don't get burned there like yesterday."
I generously spread the sun lotion all over her, working my way up her legs and then body before I covered her arms, neck and face. "We definitely don't want you getting sunburnt here," I chuckled and slowly smeared some thicker sunblock over and around her perky little nipples. Amy giggled softly as I smeared the sunblock over her plump pussy mound and labia, sliding my greasy fingers all over her soft lips and through her slit before spreading more over her firm bubble butt.

Ivy watched me work on her sister for a while before stripping off her own knickers and calling, "Me now!" as she pushed Amy to one side and took her place in front me, naked. I frowned at her, for pushing her sister aside, but swiftly smothered her in sun lotion and then sunblock on and around her hard little nipples and over her plump pussy and bubble butt.

They both ran off to their rooms and swiftly returned holding their white one-piece swimsuits, giggling.
I smiled and nodded at them while they pulled on the white suits. The lotion under the thin material made it stick to them like a second skin, highlighting their plump lips and deep slits and their tiny little nipples poking out.

Satisfied, I helped them drag the boxed slide outside and set it up, aimed away from the house and down the slight slope of the lawn. We filled the inflatable sides and catchment area and then attached the garden hose to the small pump motor. When I turned it on, thin jets of water streamed from all along both sides of the slide, arching over to almost meet in the middle of the smooth slide floor.

"Me first!" Ivy called out before running at the slide and diving at it head first. She slid about halfway down the length of the slide before stopping, the jets of water thoroughly wetting her hair and back.
I chuckled as I headed back inside to fetch my camera. And returned just in time to capture Amy sliding feet first down the slide on her back. The jets of water wetting her front and splashing her face made her squeal and giggle in equal measure.

I snapped a few dozen shots of the two of them playing on the slide, and with the other new toys, their white swimsuits turning indecently translucent each time they got wet.
I let them continue playing while I unpacked the final box and erected the large tent-gazebo that I hoped would provide a cool shaded area for them to play in when it got too hot.

The following morning, after breakfast and ablutions, the girls brought the sun lotion and sunblock to me still naked and grinning.
I generously spread the lotion all over Ivy, making sure I covered every inch of her skin.
"What's that one?" she asked as I squeezed the sunblock onto my fingertip.
"This one stops the sun from touching where I put it on you." I smiled and smeared the thick cream in circles over her small nipples.
"What's the other stuff then?"
"That's to stop you burning but lets you get a tan."
"Do I hafta have that?" Ivy asked, pointing at the sunblock. I reached between her thighs to spread it on her plump pussy.
"You really don't want your kitty to get sunburn," I smiled and spread the cream over and through her slit. "But I guess I don't have to put it anywhere else."
She grinned and scampered off while I spread the lotion all over Amy's smooth body.
"Do you want to get more of a tan?" I asked her while smearing her soft labia with the thick cream.
"I dunno," she shrugged, either unsure or uncaring.
"Well I think your tanlines look sexy," I smiled at her and pointed at the lines visible now she was starting a tan. "And your pale butt and kitty are sexy too."
"Okay," she grinned back at me, "I wanna keep my lines an' pale butt."

I grinned as I smeared the sunblock all over her paler flesh where her bikini covered and then swiftly kissed her before sending her to put on a bikini.
Ivy quickly returned wearing the white Brazilian micro-thong and top, scampered past me and outside to play before I could say a word. The thong was at the extreme edge of decent. Only just large enough to cover all it should and yet it hid nothing from my gaze as I stared after her. There was no way she could wear that in public.
Amy returned moments later wearing her yellow cotton shorts and followed Ivy out to the garden at a much more sedate pace.

I was just finishing up my online booking and shutting down the computer when Amy ran in shouting, "Daddy! Daddy!"
She grabbed my hand and tugged, trying to pull me with her as she babbled, "Daddy, you gotta see what Ivy's doing!"

I could only imagine that she was doing something naughty or dangerous... Or both. And allowed Amy to swiftly pull me outside. What I saw had my heart beating fast and my dick stretching. Surprise, fear and arousal warred within me.

Ivy was kneeling on the plastic bottom sheet of the slip-n-slide, her round butt stuck up in the air and her face resting on the inflated side wall. I could hear her moans and groans, even from the doorway. I guessed she was enjoying the snout of the golden retriever that was stuck between her thighs, probably licking her juicy pussy.
"The doggy came in the garden an' started playin' with us," Amy chattered, "then he started lickin' us an ticklin'."
"And Ivy let him lick her kitty?" I asked with a chuckle.
"Uh huh," Amy nodded, still staring at the odd coupling before us.
"Well it sounds like she's enjoying it," I grinned as we moved closer. "Why don't we watch to make sure she's ok."

Amy nodded, still staring at her sister and the dog, and we moved to sit on the grass closer to the action.
I could just see the dog's nose bumping against Ivy's tiny anus as its long tongue snaked over her wet pussy, lapping vigorously.
The sights and sounds of Ivy's bestial frolics were arousing, their forbidden nature making them doubly so. Amy sat on my lap, still watching her sister, and I wrapped my arms around her, gently cuddling her before dropping my hand into her lap and lightly trailing my fingertips over her cotton-clad mound.
I felt her sigh and relax, parting her legs and giving my playful touches better access to her pleasure centre. Watching the dog lapping at Ivy, my trailing strokes across Amy's plump pussy grew to mimic the action we were watching. With each lap on Ivy's pussy, I stroked Amy's. Almost as if the dog was licking them both.

Amy squirmed as I slid my hand under the elastic of her shorts and stroked the heated flesh of her labia and along her slit. Feeling her lotion covered skin getting wetter with her own juices I began to dart my middle finger into her tight little hole with alternate strokes.

With a soft whine, the dog jumped forward. His front legs curving over Ivy's shoulders as he hunched his hind legs closer. Ivy moaned in disappointment at the loss of his tongue and looked behind her.
"Oh," Amy sighed, "look at his puppy."
The dog's cock stuck out, a hard angry red, and each hunch of his hindquarters brought it closer to Ivy's upthrust rump.

Guessing what was coming, and wanting to continue mimicking the odd coupling, I swiftly stood Amy up, fetched one of the nearby beach balls and lay her over it on her belly, still watching the live sex show before us.
I quickly stripped off my jeans and pulled her shorts off as well, then knelt behind her. My own cock poised against the lips of her plump pussy, much as the dog's cock was poised at Ivy's.

The dog found what it was aiming for and hunched hard, burying half of its cock length deep into Ivy's wet pussy.
Ivy yelped at the swift penetration and then relaxed and moaned softly.

Much slower, I pressed my own cock into the wet heat of Amy's tiny entrance, relishing the exquisite feel of her inner walls enveloping my cock. Amy moaned sensuously as I slid into her, and relaxed further, flopping over the beach ball. No longer watching the bestial action playing out before us.

With only a few thrusts the dog buried its cock deep into Ivy's cuntlet and began a fast paced fucking. Ivy moaned and groaned with the rapid pounding and hunched back at her canine lover, obviously enjoying herself.

I fucked into Amy with a more deliberate rhythm than the dog was using with Ivy. Enjoying the thought and feel of Amy's young flesh wrapped about me. The wet heat gripping my cock as I thrust in and pulled out, driving moans of unadulterated pleasure from both of us.
I held out for as long as possible, but the situation was too much for me. Watching a dog pounding Ivy to orgasm drove my own exquisite peak rapidly closer. I reached round Amy's hip and rapidly strummed at her distended clit, hoping to bring her with me.
Luckily, as I came, I felt Amy shiver and squeeze my cock with her own orgasm.

I sat on the grass behind Amy, panting for breath as the truth dawned. Ivy has just been fucked by a dog. At best it was a pet wondering the area, but more likely it was a stray. At worst, it might be a wild, feral dog. And who knew what parasites it might have.

I hurriedly pulled on my discarded clothing and rushed into the house. Moments later I returned with a rolled up newspaper and approached Ivy.
The dog was still stood over Ivy, eyeing me wearily. As I got closer, it's lip curled with menace and it snarled low. I wouldn't let it hurt Ivy and stepped up to whack it on the nose with the newspaper, "Get out of here!"
The dog yelped and darted away. I chased after, herding it towards the gate at the side of the house.

After locking the gate and returning, I found Amy and Ivy giggling.
"That looked so scary!" Amy said, wide eyed.
"It was a bit," Ivy nodded and grinned, "but it felt sooo good too."
"Well you need to have a bath." I said to Ivy. "That dog was either a stray or wild and most likely had fleas or worse. I need to make sure you don't get them and that you're ok."

* * *

"Daddy," Ivy cooed in her wheedling voice. "Can I have a puppy for my birthday?"
I had thought both girls were watching TV or playing in the lounge while I was washing up, but obviously not.
"We've been over this before," I turned to her, smiling apologetically and wiping my hands on the cloth, "getting a dog is not a good idea."
And I knew it wouldn't be, but trying to convince a five-year-old girl of that was becoming a full time job over the past week.
"But daddy..." she whined. "Why not?"
I sighed and tried to explain again. "You would have to clean up after a puppy. And feed it, play with it and take it for walks. And then there's training too."
"Uh huh," she nodded hopefully, "I'd do all that."
I smiled, "I'm sure you would to begin with, but it would be every day after school and at the weekends too."
Ivy pouted at me, but I didn't want to reveal my true reasons. My fears that she would just use a dog as a sex object, which might confuse him enough for him to hurt her.
"Besides," I added with a grin, "you only want a dog so you can play with him like that stray dog last week." I scooped her up into a hug. "Tell me if I'm wrong." She kept her pouting silence as I carried her back into the lounge. "I thought so," I chuckled, "If you feel like playing with your kitty, you can do."
"But it don't feel the same," she moaned.
"You could always ask me or your sister to play with you."
"She won't do what I want," Ivy started.
"You're too bossy!" Amy quickly interrupted, then turned to me and complained. "And it makes my mouth tired."
"Well, you don't have a puppy!" Ivy snapped back at her sister.
"Enough!" I barked. I had seen them argue over plenty of things, but never sex before.
"I think I may have something that will make you happy," I suggested. "Why don't we see if I can find it, okay?"

I quickly led them back to my bedroom and began rummaging through the box of sextoys in my closet.
"Here it is!" I turned, triumphant, holding the object of my search. A black cloth triangle with straps from each point and pop fasteners.
"Ooh..." Ivy sighed. Obviously remembering it from the last time she had used it.
"What's that?" Amy asked, curiously.
"This is a toy puppy," I smiled, "It lets you pretend that you have a puppy so you can play with your sister's kitty. Or she could wear it so she can play with you."
"A toy puppy?" she sounded incredulous.
"It's true!" Ivy grinned, "An' it feels great!"

It was obvious to me that Amy wasn't convinced. "Why not try it and see what you think." I suggested. "Nobody will force you to play with it if you don't want to."
She still looked unsure, but finally nodded, "Okay."
I pulled down her bikini bottoms and wrapped the two waist straps around her slender waist, fastening them together above her pert butt. I then snapped the smaller interior dildo onto the inside pop fastener, near the base point of the triangle of cloth.
"What's that?" they both chorused.
"That is what makes it fun for the wearer." I smiled. "It goes in her kitty, like this." I then quickly lubed the small dildo and guided it between Amy's legs and slowly slid it into her little pussy.
"Ooh..." she cooed at the intrusion and then wriggled her hips and clenched her butt, testing the feel of it I guessed.
I pulled the third strap up between her butt cheeks and fastened it to the other two.
"Like funny knickers," she giggled, "with a kitty stretcher in 'em."
"Yeah," I nodded. "And then we add the toy puppy." I fastened the dildo Ivy had used onto the front of the strap-on, positioned at the top of Amy's slit so it would press on her clit, hopefully.

"A toy puppy..." Amy nodded understanding.
"You wanna try it?" Ivy suggested quickly. She had already stripped off her bikini and laid back on my bed, and was rubbing at her bald slit.
I grinned at her enthusiasm. "It might be easier for Amy's first time as a boy, if you were on your knees."
"Yeah," Amy giggled, "I'm a boy now." and she started to stroke the fake cock like it was real.
Ivy quickly rolled onto her knees and elbows with her butt stuck up in the air, lewdly pointing her glistening slit at us and lazily moving her hips from side to side.

The sudden image of one of them hurting the other with this strap-on zipped through my mind. "I want you both to promise me," I held Amy back from Ivy's tempting target. "You must promise that you won't use this toy on your sister, or anyone, without them agreeing. Okay?"
"I promise daddy," Amy quickly nodded.
"Ivy..." I prompted.
"I promise too!" she snapped impatiently over her shoulder. "Now, do it Amy!"

I helped Amy get into position, kneeling behind her sister with the dildo poised at Ivy's creamy pussy.
"Put the head of the toy puppy at the hole of Ivy's kitty," I coached Amy softly, "and then gently push it in with your hips."
Amy nodded and looked down with her tongue between her lips in concentration. She lined the tip of the dildo up with Ivy's pussy and slowly pushed.

"Oooh!" Ivy moaned, "That's cold!"
"It'll soon warm up," I said and chuckled, it should warm up in Ivy's hot embrace.
Amy tentatively thrust the fake cock into her sister before pulling back out again.
"Go deeper with each push," I suggested gently, "that's it, just like that."

I sat to the side of them amazed, and extremely turned on, by what I was watching. My four-year-old daughter was using a strap-on dildo to fuck her five-year-old sister.
The tempo of Amy's thrusts increased a little as she pushed deeper into her sister. Soon, she was buried deep and her hips slapped at Ivy's round butt cheeks with each thrust.
"Ooh yeah..." Ivy moaned and pushed back in counterpoint to Amy's rhythm.
The two of them were fucking each other faster and harder. From Ivy's continuing groans, she was swiftly approaching her orgasm. From the look on Amy's face, her end of the strap-on was feeling good, but not quite good enough.

Slurping sounds of fake cock in wet preteen cuntlet mixed with the girls' panting and moaning. Amy was slowing, the unusual exercise tiring her, but Ivy was only just approaching her cum. I reached under Ivy and strummed at her wet clit with my fingertip. She moaned with pleasure and shuddered back against her sister, her sudden orgasm causing her butt to flex and shake as she spasmodically pumped back at Amy, who continued to thrust.

I pulled Amy back away from Ivy. "She's exploded, you can stop now."
"Noooo!!!" she moaned plaintively, "I didn't 'splode yet."
I laid her back near the edge of the bed and swiftly, but gently, removed the strap-on from her sopping little cunt. "Don't worry, I'll make you explode." I was more than willing to put the hardest erection they had ever given me to good use.

I pushed the head of my cock into and through the entrance of her little pussy and slid smoothly, deep into her tight wet embrace. Amy moaned sensuously as I slid into her and wrapped her legs around my waist. Wasting no time I swiftly fucked at a fast pace, rapidly pushing Amy up from her arousal to orgasm. Unable to stop, I continued thrusting into her, working my own pleasure up to the heights of ecstasy. Amy lay relaxed under me, still moaning in pleasure even after her own cum.
At last I felt my loins explode and fired jets of scalding cum deep into Amy's tiny body. I felt her shiver beneath me and her tiny hole clutched tighter on my invading cock. She had cum again.
With a deep sigh of exhaustion, I flopped onto the bed beside her and relaxed with my eyes closed.

* * *

All too quickly, for both the girls and myself, the summer holidays came to an end. The beginning of September meant the start of the new school year. It also meant that Amy started school with Ivy and I now had the whole day to myself until school let out.
The end of the month also meant Ivy's sixth birthday. She told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted another pool party with her school friends invited. I gave her the same proviso that I had the year before; their parents must attend to help look after everyone.
The weeks passed and the day of her party ran smoothly as expected, just like it had the year before, but with one notable exception.

I found myself at my local supermarket, shopping for groceries. As I entered the store, I took off my coat and was surprised to find myself naked beneath it. I looked around, feeling embarrassed, and saw that everyone else were also taking off their coats and were nude under them as well.
I wasn't sure why it was happening, but I continued on into the store to begin shopping as if everything were normal, pushing my trolley and glancing around at the others, looking for any reactions. As I walked down the aisle, I saw a family walking the other way. The little girl was very beautiful and roughly seven-years-old. She had long brown hair flowing like silk over her shoulders and held by a bright scarlet ribbon. Her skin had a soft glow and her little pink nipples and deep slit between plump pussy lips were perfection. I couldn't help but react to her. As they passed, I looked over my shoulder at her slender back and wondrous bubble butt and my cock stretched to full hardness. She turned to look at me and giggled softly before approaching.
"Is that because of me?" she smiled shyly and indicated my hard cock. I nodded silently and she grinned broadly, "Thank you for the compliment."
I nodded and continued shopping with my cock softening. As I wondered up and down the isles, each time I saw the same family, the same beautiful girl, my cock grew hard again. When we reached the last section before the checkouts, the girl skipped back to me and my aching cock.
"Let me help you." she said cheerfully and immediately bent to my cock and sucked it into her warm mouth.
The feeling was exquisite. The supermarket blurred around me and dimmed, but the feeling of sucking on my cock grew more defined, became the centre of everything.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying in bed with the dim light of dawn showing around the curtains. It had been a dream, a very vivid and sexy dream... But I still felt the sucking.

I lifted the duvet to see Ivy industriously sucking on my dick. She looked up and slurped her mouth off of me and then grinned.
"Good! Now we can play properly."
She pushed the duvet out of the way and straddled my hips, just as she had tried to do a year before. She lifted herself up over my rampant dick and lowered herself onto the tip as I held it in place. Her wet little pussy sinking down and enveloping my hard cock.

I watched silently as she lifted her bottom up and then thrust it down again. Pumping herself up and down on my hard dick.
It was amazing and thrilling to watch her fuck herself on my dick, to watch her pussy lips stretch around my hard flesh as she slid up and down, working herself up to orgasm, and dragging me along with her.
As she fucked me, I played with her tiny nipples and then rubbed at her hard little clit. She quickly began to spasm and soon lost control of her body as she had a strong orgasm, flopping onto me and panting heavily. I cupped her round butt and hunched up into her. With only a few thrusts, I came, spewing jets of my cum into her newly six-year-old womb.

* * *

October blew in with cooler weather and rainy days and I missed seeing the girls in bikinis, and sometimes even less, every day. I knew it was time for our first real holiday together. I thought somewhere warm would be good and the late October half-term holiday would be the perfect time.

After dropping the girls off at school, I nipped across to reception and nearly bumped into Jenny Ash, one of their teachers.
"Hello Tom," she smiled, "what brings you here?"
"Just to let you know when and why my girls won't be here around half-term."
"Oh?" she arched her eyebrow with curiosity.
I smiled, "I'm taking them on our first proper holiday. A week cruising around Hawaii." Jenny's eyes grew round as I continued, "We fly out on the Thursday before half-term, set off cruising on Saturday for a week and then fly home again, arriving the Monday after half-term."
"You got room for a little one?" she laughed, "I'm sure I could squeeze into your luggage."
I chuckled. "Sure, you can come too. You can help to look after the girls."
"Oooh... That's so tempting," she smiled wistfully.
"You sure?" I asked, "I know the girls would like to have you there and I don't mind paying airfare and for an extra cabin."
She shook her head. "It's very kind of you to offer, but I couldn't just leave my classes." She then grinned and put her hand on my chest, "But next time, I'm all yours."
I cocked one eyebrow and grinned, "Oh really?"
Her eyes popped wide and she covered her mouth as she giggled and blushed, quickly adding, "You know what I mean!"
I waggled my eyebrows suggestively and then grinned with her. "You're on! Next time, you can come too and help with Ivy."
After getting the paperwork sorted with the administration staff I returned home to finish making the arrangements needed.

I knew that I would be too tired to drive on our return, so the girls and I took a taxi to the airport for our flight, which also meant an early start. Passing through check-in and airport security was no trouble at all, although trying to keep Ivy from running off and exploring was nearly impossible.
The first leg of the flight, to Los Angeles, was long and tedious. Amy and Ivy were generally quiet in their seats beside me when they watched movies, but were too excited to do more than catnap otherwise.

Going through security at LAX airport was a nightmare. We got off the plane at the international terminal, went through the crowds at immigration and passport control, then we had to collect our luggage and funnel through "nothing to declare" along with every other flight arriving then. Once through, we dragged our cases across the airport to another terminal to continue on to Honolulu. With only two hours between landing and the flight we had to catch, we only just made it to the luggage drop off in time, and then had to hurry to the terminal to catch the plane.

The flight itself from LAX to Honolulu was quiet. After being awake for almost 22 hours, Amy and Ivy both finally succumbed to sleep for most of the five-hour trip but were up, bright and alert for the landing.
The shuttle-bus from the airport to our hotel was crowded and Amy sat quietly cuddled on my lap the whole way while Ivy chattered about everything and anything, much to the amusement of the other passengers.
The hotel was larger than I expected, certainly taller given how close it was to the airport. We were up on the tenth floor and I was very glad to finally get to our room to relax.

Ivy dashed in through the door of our room before me, straight to the pair of double beds, and clambered onto the nearest one. After heaving all of our suitcases into the room and dropping them in the nearest space, I flopped back onto the vacant bed, closed my eyes and breathed a deep sigh of relief. After nearly 27 hours of travelling, I was shattered and in desperate need of sleep, even if it was only 9pm locally.

I heard the girls whisper together for a moment and then start bouncing on the bed. I turned to face them and opened my eyes. "Don't do that," I said tiredly. "There may be someone trying to sleep next door."
"Awwww," they chorused, but stopped jumping and crawled to sit on the edge facing me.
I rolled onto my side and heaved myself up onto my feet before fetching my case from where I'd dropped it. "Time to get ready for bed," I said and opened my case to get my things.

I washed up in the bathroom and then crawled under the covers of the bed and relaxed, my eyes already drifting closed after the very long day. I had not managed to do more than catnap on the flights and I felt ready to sleep for a week.
Amy and Ivy dashed from the bathroom giggling and clambered up onto the bed on each side of me. I opened my bleary eyes to see two naked little nymphs grinning at me and I smiled at the boundless energy of youth.

"Daddy," Ivy asked as Amy nodded enthusiastically, "can we play?"
I was beyond tired, but I had never refused their sex play before and was unwilling to start now. I also hoped that it might help them to sleep through the night.
"Of course we can sweetie," I smiled and lifted the covers.
Ivy jumped in on my left and Amy on my right. "Just lay back beside me," I said. When they were still, I slid a little lower until my hands rested on their mounds and my fingers lay along their slits.

I slid my fingertips over the soft skin of their mounds and pussy lips; enticing soft sighs and wriggles from them as they cuddled closer to me.
I traced the length of their slits, down to the bottom and back up to the top and then down over the plump lips, massaging their fleshy pussies. They both moaned softly and hugged my arms as they spread their legs a little, giving me better access.
Each time I reached the gap at the bottom of their pussies, I probed my middle finger into the entrance a little. When I felt them get slick with juice, I dragged my oily fingers up the middle of their slits to rub firmly at the hard little nub of their clits. They squirmed under my massaging, moaning softly and thrusting up at my touch. I cupped their hot pussies and wormed my middle fingers into their wet holes while pressing the heel of each hand onto their clits. I slid my fingers out and back in rhythmically, finger-fucking them as they thrust up at me and hugged my arms harder. I slid my fingers in and out of their tight, wet embrace with an even pace, driving their wriggling hot bodies to distraction.
Amy was the first. She thrust at my fucking finger faster and hugged my arm as she groaned, "Ooohhhh!" as her inner muscles grabbed at my invading finger.
I increased the pace of my fingering of Ivy and rubbed at her pussy vigorously until I felt her cuntlet muscles spasm and grab at my finger as she moaned with her cum.

Both girls relaxed beside me and I heard and felt their breathing slow back to normal. I lay between them with a raging erection, but was too tired to do anything. With my hands still cupping their mounds and my fingertips still embedded, I relaxed and swiftly fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke feeling refreshed. Anticipation and excitement bubbled inside me when I remembered that we were on holiday... in Hawaii!
I lifted my head and looked over Amy's small curled form at my watch on the bedside table. Eight o'clock, not a bad time to wake up, almost 11 hours sleep. I then noticed it was not 8am, but 8pm!

My heart pounded, we had missed the ship! I quickly calmed as it dawned on me that it was still light, I had forgotten to change the time on my watch the previous night. I let out a sigh of relief and counted backwards. 8pm meant it was really 10am locally... 10am! We only had two hours to get showered and have breakfast and repack our cases before we had to leave the room!

"Come on girls," I shook the two of them awake. "Time to get up and have a shower."
"Awwnnnggg," Ivy moaned in protest and curled up on her side.
Amy rolled onto her back and stretched, arching up like a cat. "Mornin'," she blinked sleepily and smiled up at me.
"Good morning sleepy-head," I smiled and kissed her forehead. "It's time to get up."
She groaned as she stretched again and then wrapped her arms about me to hug me tight.
Holding her little body to mine, I climbed from the bed and headed to the bathroom. I sat Amy on the toilet so she could pee and turned on the water in the bath, adjusting it to the right temperature before diverting it to the shower.

After relieving myself I stood Amy in the tub and stepped in with her. I soaped up her smooth skin as Ivy tottered into the bathroom still rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
"Awwww..." she whined, "you started without me!"
"Have a wee," I indicated the toilet, "and then join us." I felt Amy's shoulders settle under my soapy palms as I continued to wash her back and wondered why. Could she have hoped to be alone with me for a while?

I washed down over Amy's back from her shoulders to the curve of her rounded butt and then down her slender legs. After working up the inside of her thighs, I rubbed over her plump pussy, giving her little clit a few rubs and tweaks as I did, making her giggle softly. I then turned her to face me and swiftly washed her front, not forgetting to strum a little on each nipple in passing and again on her clit.
I washed Ivy in the same thorough but hurried fashion while Amy rinsed off and then washed their hair in turn. With them both wrapped in fluffy towels and brushing their teeth, I rushed through my own shower.

After a quick breakfast in the spacious dining room, where they both found and loved the Froot Loops enough to have second helpings, we returned to our room to pack and then down to reception to checkout.
The taxi ride to the docks was much shorter than I had expected and we quickly arrived at the docks. Unfortunately the ship was hidden behind the large dock building. Inside, it looked like a small airport. We passed through the ship's security and handed over our luggage to the baggage handlers and then went to the check-in desks, where we got our keycards for our stateroom.

"Oooohh..." Amy cooed with wonder as we walked from the stairs within the building and approached the gangway projecting from the side of the ship.
I mirrored her awe, the ship was huge. It must have been at least ten stories tall and over two hundred yards long. I quickly posed the two girls at the end of the gangway and snapped a picture of them with the hull of the ship like a wall in the background before gathering them together and walking aboard.

A steward carrying a tray of champagne greeted us with a smile. "Aloha sir, would you like a glass of champagne?"
When I waved no thanks, the stewardess beside him smiled and suggested, "Would you prefer a Mamosa? And perhaps an orange-juice for the young ladies?"
I smiled, overwhelmed by their eagerness to serve and pleased how she had included my girls. "Three orange-juices please." I took the three tall glasses while another steward gave Ivy a booklet, and we then navigated through the thronging group of other early arrivals to sit in a comfy sofa and finally look around.

We were sat in a large atrium / reception area, which I found out later, was on deck 5. Other guests were milling about at the foot of a grand staircase that stood opposite the reception desk. There were also a number of the ship's staff sat at tables with different services available.
"Daddy Tom!" Ivy intruded on my inspection of the large room and held a pink sheet out to me. It boldly advertised an 'unlimited soda fountain' program.
"Sounds good," I smiled. "Where did you get it?"
She then passed me the loose booklet of flyers she had been given. "And look at this!" she pointed at the front cover advertising the 'Rascal's kids club'.

The PA system took that moment to blare out its "bing-bong" tone, startling all of us, and then declared that deck twelve was ready for occupancy.
"Is that ours?" Ivy asked impatiently.
"Not yet," I smiled and shook my head. "Our suite is on deck nine." I continued to look through the handouts while we were waiting and then went to the table with the bar staff and signed the three of us up on the soda program.

When deck nine was announced as ready, Ivy immediately jumped up and pulled on my hand, "C'mon!"
I chuckled and let her drag me and Amy along to the elevators and then led her up to our suite. It was much larger than I expected, with separate bedrooms, dining room and separate bath and shower. There were even sun loungers on the private balcony and I had to get photos of every room, and then again with the girls in relaxed poses, like those used in brochures. Those photos would be suitable for friends and family, but I was determined to get some 'better' ones later.

The three of us stood on our balcony looking out at the sunlight glittering off the placid ripples of the bay. Our luggage had not yet been delivered so I suggested, "Let's go up on deck and have a look at the city." I strung my camera around my neck and we wandered aft to the lifts and then took the stairs all the way up to deck thirteen. We stepped out onto a sun deck with a row of empty sun loungers backed up against the wall. As we wandered around the deck to the other side, the vista of Honolulu City spread out before us.

We stopped and stared at the city for a while, but the girls were restless and we wandered from that sun deck down to another that overlooked two pools.
"Can we go swimming?" Ivy asked me while staring at the activity in the pool area through the guard railing.
"When our luggage arrives," I chuckled at her enthusiasm, "and you can get your swimsuit, then you can."

We walked further aft, the PA system blared out its tones again and warned of the impending evacuation drill.
"C'mon you two," I said, "we'd best get back to our cabin and make sure we know what to do." I then ducked in through the nearest doors and herded Ivy and Amy back down to deck nine and then forward to our room.

The drill went off without a problem. I read the notice pinned to the back of the cabin door about where we were to go and what to do. At the sound of the alarm we carried our bulky lifejackets back to the stairs and down to deck six before heading out to the jogging track that ran under the lifeboats. We were the first to arrive and had to wait with our leader while the others trickled in. After the instructions were given and we all had put on our lifejackets, I had to help Amy and Ivy into theirs before I could put on my own, a roll-call was taken of all those who had made it. The bright orange bulky jackets looked vaguely ludicrous, so I had to pass my camera to one of the staff and have our picture taken.
When we arrived back at our cabin, our luggage was stood outside the door. I dragged it in and we began putting our things away.

* * *

I had deliberately planned to do nothing for the first morning aboard ship. I wanted to be able to relax and get used to the ship before going out on any excursions.

I awoke on my side with my arm over Amy where she snuggled into me with the covers slipped down, only covering my legs. Ivy was sprawled at the far side of the king-size bed, snuffling softly in her sleep.
I carefully eased myself away from Amy, doing my best to not disturb her sleep as I climbed from the bed, and then headed for the bathroom and a quick shower.

I was sat on our private balcony drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee and looking at the impressive mountainous scenery around us, when I heard Amy's voice raised querulously. "Daddy?"
"Out here sweetheart," I called in through the open door.
She plodded out sleepily, completely naked with her shoulder length hair a tangled mess, and climbed sideways onto my lap before yawning mightily.
"Morning sleepy," I chuckled and kissed the top of her head. "Would you like some breakfast?"
She tilted her head back to look up at me with a hopeful smile. "Can I have Froot Loops?"
"Of course you can," I smiled back, "I'm sure they'll have them. You go and get washed and I'll order." I followed her flawless, flexing little bubble-butt back into the suite and then looked in the bedroom at Ivy where she was still sleeping soundly, spread out on her front and uncovered. After phoning in our breakfast order, I returned to the bedroom and crawled onto the bed.
I stroked my fingertips up Ivy's leg and over her round bottom. I kissed each cheek and then the nape of her neck. "Come on sleepy. Time to get up and have some breakfast."
I trailed my fingers down the crack of her butt and between her spread thighs, lightly diddling at the plump lips of her pussy.
Ivy moaned softly, roused and parted her legs further as she moved. "Hmmmmm."
I wriggled my fingertip between her smooth labia and circled her hole briefly before working towards her hidden clit.
"Nnnnggg..." she moaned again, rolled over, dislodging my hand, and blinked up at me.
"Time to get up and washed," I smiled at her, "breakfast is on its way."

A knock on the door and a call of "Room service!" interrupted my browsing through the channels on the TV. I let in the waiter, who placed the laden tray on the table and began to dish out the bowls and plates.
Amy trotted in wearing her pale pink bikini with her hair damp and holding her hairbrush out to me. "Froot Loops!" she cheered, sat at the table and reached for one of the individual boxes.
The waiter smiled at Amy's outburst as I ran the brush through her hair. He then goggled in astonishment at Ivy as she scampered in from the bathroom and sat down wearing nothing but a grin.
He quickly composed himself and smiled at us, "Sir... ladies," and then hurriedly left.
"Ivy," I frowned at her and stepped behind her to brush her hair, "I've told you before, it's not safe to run around naked when other people are with us. You can only do that when we are alone or when I say it's safe."
"Okay," she muttered.

I didn't have to see her pout to know it was there from her voice. I finished brushing out her hair and then kissed the crown of her head. "Don't worry," I said and sat for my own breakfast, "you'll have plenty of people looking at you, if you wear your white swimsuit."
She looked up and grinned at me. "Really?"
"Yep," I smiled back, "you both look very sexy in all your swimsuits, but the white one's are the best."
Ivy bounced in her chair, giggling, before tucking into her cereal.
I attacked my own plate hungrily, a stack of fluffy pancakes covered with lashings of maple syrup.

After finishing her breakfast, Ivy dashed back into the bedroom only to return a moment later wearing her white one-piece swimsuit. "Very nice," I smiled appreciatively, "but you both need your sunblock before we go outside, so you don't burn."

Amy calmly stood before me, peeled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and lifted her top up to her neck. I liberally applied the cream to the pale areas of her plump little pussy lips, making her giggle, over her mound, round her hips and her firm bubble butt cheeks where her bikini covered. I then rubbed the sunblock over her tiny pink nipples and around the area where her tits would eventually grow. I did the same for Ivy's much smaller pale patches and then helped them pull their suits back on over the sunblock. I grabbed our towels, the other sunscreen and my camera, and we headed off to deck eleven, and the pools.

The place was virtually deserted. There were two pools in the middle of the open deck, one deep and the other shallow, presumably for the children. Showers stood at the middle of the two long sides of the pools and a hot tub sat at each of the four corners. Outside these were rows of sun loungers with another row on the sun deck above. At one end of the pools there was a small stage and at the other there was the bar.

Ivy scampered to the deep pool as soon as we got there and was poised to jump in when I called her back. "Ivy! Not yet. You need some sunscreen."
She walked back as I laid our towels on some loungers and stood sullenly quiet.
"Don't pout," I said as I spread the waterproof sunscreen over the exposed parts of her body and face. "You wouldn't like it if you got burnt and was all covered with itchy, peeling skin. Or even worse, had to stay in the cabin because it hurt too much!"
"Okay." She pouted anyway.

I then turned to Amy and squirted some sunscreen on her belly, making her gasp, "That's cold!" and then giggle. I rubbed the lotion all over her smooth skin, making sure I covered everywhere. I did her legs last and as I covered her thighs, I repeatedly bumped and rubbed my hands against her bikini-clad pussy mound. Her eyes were closed and a soft, dreamy smile curled her lips.
"Could you do my back please, sweetie?" I interrupted her.
She climbed onto the lounger behind me and started spreading the sunscreen while I did my face, arms and front. When she finished, Amy pulled me to my feet and started doing my legs. Rubbing her small hands up my thighs and under my swim-shorts to playfully rub at my cock and giggling as she felt it growing. "Okay," I gently pushed Amy's hands out of my shorts and grinned, "let's try out the pool."

We frolicked and played in the two pools for ages. I sat at the edge of the shallow one while the two of them splashed each other, then Ivy climbed out and dashed to the deep pool to swim around properly. Swimming in the deep pool with them was surprisingly chilly. I climbed out to sit on the edge and warm up. "You want to try the hot-tub?" I asked them.
Ivy scampered from the pool, dashing to the nearest tub and climbed into the bubbling water. "Oooooh," she cooed as Amy and I approached. "It's warm!"
We climbed in beside her. The water was almost as hot as a bath, the bubbles and jets felt invigorating and relaxing too.

Ivy couldn't sit still in the tub, she constantly moved about as if she were swimming. "You want to go back in the pool?"
She shook her head and looked around at the various parts of the pool area. "I wanna explore the ship!"
That fit in with my plans to photograph them whenever and wherever I could. "We can do that," I smiled, "if Amy doesn't mind." At her headshake I continued, "But we'll have to dry off, and we really should get dressed if you want to go inside."
"You stay here a moment and let me get some pictures of the two of you in the hot tub, then we can set off." I climbed from the hot tub and returned to our things on the loungers. I quickly dried off and pulled on my T-shirt before returning with my camera.
I swiftly snapped some shots of them with just their heads showing above the roiling surface. Then some more as they climbed from the tub and posed in front of it. Their wet swimsuits fit them snugly, moulding to their slender bodies and displaying their plump lips and tight slits to anyone who cared to look, as I did. And Ivy's white suit was translucent; slowly becoming more opaque as it dried.

Back at our loungers, the girls dried off and then wrapped their towels around themselves before Ivy set off, with Amy and I in close pursuit. She climbed up the stairs behind the hot tub to the sun deck above. There was a bar to the right, but she ignored it and turned left to walk along the walkway space between the row of loungers and the rail overlooking the pools, heading towards the rear of the ship.
We followed her past a large chessboard inlaid in the deck to another sundeck area with a tall glass wall giving a view down to the grimy dock area.
Ivy walked all the way to the stern of the ship with Amy and I trailing behind, holding hands. At the back we found a sunken circular area with more sun loungers and a square pool in the middle. Across the other side, Ivy stopped beside another hot tub, this one looked out at the spectacular views across the bay.

"Ivy?" I called to her. "Are you looking for something?"
She stopped by the hot tub and turned. "No," she shook her head. "Just lookin'."
"Okay," I shrugged, "how about I take some pictures of you two in all the places we find?"
I stood them beside the tub and stepped back, crouching down to get the landscape in the background of the shot. "You can drop the towels," I said and took the picture of them clad only in their tight swimsuits with the mountains over their shoulders.

We continued walking forward, the girls wrapped in their towels again, and a man in the dress white uniform of the crew stepped from a door nearby.
"Excuse me!" I called, startling him into turning. "Could you do me a favour?"
He looked at me holding my camera and smiled, "Sure," and reached for it.
"No, no," I chuckled and shook my head. "Would you mind posing with my daughters for a photo?"
He looked surprised, glanced at Amy and Ivy and then smiled again. "Of course not. Where would you like me?"
I directed the three of them to stand near the tall glass wall and knelt on the deck to photograph them.
"Girls," I suggested, "put your towels on the deck." I then asked the officer, "Could you kneel, so you are about even?" He knelt on the towels as Amy and Ivy posed on either side with their arms on his shoulders and his hands resting casually on their outside hips.
"Could I impose once more?" I smiled, handing him the camera as he stood. I knelt on one knee where he had just been and sat Ivy on my thigh while Amy stood beside me and he took the shot. After reclaiming my camera and thanking the officer, I checked the last picture. I could clearly see Ivy's plump white-lycra-clad pussy nestled between her spread thighs just as I'd hoped.

We continued walking forward, past a fitness centre, where we could see gym equipment through the window. Ivy dashed excitedly to the window further ahead and cupped her face against the glass, looking in. As Amy and I got closer, Ivy ran from the window, even further forward to a set of doors. She struggled to pull them open but darted through when I opened them for her. She ran back to where we had passed, into the kid's club area.

"Is this what you were looking for?" I was surprised. "You could've just said, we would've come."
"I just wanna see what it's like," she looked down and shuffled her feet.
I smiled and crouched in front of her, lifting her chin to look at me. "If you want to come here, you can. I just hope that you'll want to spend at least some time with us."
"I will," she grinned and hugged me, "I promise, daddy!"

We walked into the kid's club and looked around at the brightly coloured walls and kid-sized furniture.
"Aloha, how can I help you?" A voice asked from behind.
I jumped around to see a young woman smiling at me, I smiled in return. "Ivy here," I placed my hand on her shoulder, "would like to join the kid's club."
The woman smiled at Ivy, "Hi, I'm Amber. There's nobody else here just now, but you're welcome to stay if you want to."
"Where is everyone?" Ivy asked, looking around disappointed.
"Most likely out with their mom's and dad's." Amber said. "Out on excursions and trips."
"Sweetie," I crouched down beside Ivy with my hand on her back. "Why don't we finish exploring the ship and you can come back here a little later."
"We usually get more children in here when the excursions get back in the afternoon." Amber nodded with a smile.
"I guess so," Ivy said sullenly.
"Would you like to go back to the pool?" I asked both Amy and Ivy. "Or would you like to look through the shops down on deck five?" Both of their faces lit up at the mention of shopping.
"May I make a suggestion?" Amber interrupted. "The shops on deck five will be there all week. Why not try a trip out to 'Hilo Hatties'? They put on a free shuttle-bus and it's only a fifteen-minute ride."
"What do you think?" I asked them.
"Yeah!" they chorused.

I thanked Amber and then led Amy and Ivy back down to our cabin.
"Okay, you two," I said as we entered, "a quick rinse off under the shower and then get dressed for outside."
I followed them into the bathroom and started the shower running as they peeled off their swimsuits. I briefly entertained the idea of not going shopping, of simply staying in the cabin and playing with their sweet, sexy little bodies, but there would be plenty of time for that later.
I used the shower head to rinse them off, including giving their hair a thorough soaking, and then stripped and stood under it myself as they dried and got dressed.

"How's this?" Ivy giggled, walking into the bathroom as I dried myself off.
She was dressed in her tiny lemon-yellow shorts and top. She had pulled the shorts up tight, so the seam disappeared into her tight slit while the soft material hugged her proud flesh, forming a perfect camel-toe.
I laughed. "You can wear just those if you want to cause a riot... or you could use them as undies and wear something over them." Ivy scampered out, still giggling.

I returned to the bedroom to find clothes scattered over the bed, but Amy was dressed in her jeans-shorts and a pink T-shirt. Ivy had pulled on her royal-blue skirt but hadn't changed the lemon-yellow top.
"You ready to go?" I asked as I quickly dressed in shorts and T-shirt and then brushed out their damp hair.

We made our way amidships and then down to deck three, where the gangway was, and walked off to the dockside, after our key-cards were swiped to log us off ship. Amy walked calmly beside me, holding my hand, but Ivy chattered excitedly as she skipped along. We followed the signs to the car park and were lucky to immediately catch the bus we wanted. The journey was interesting as we passed through industrial and urban areas before reaching the shopping precinct and stopping outside our destination.
We stepped off the bus and were greeted by a pretty young woman in a flowery Hawaiian dress with flower leis around her neck. "Aloha! Welcome to Hilo Hatties." she smiled and placed a shell lei around each of our necks.
The shop was spacious with a large mix of merchandise including clothing, jewellery, books and mementoes of all shapes and sizes. We wandered all around the store, eventually ending in the clothing section.

"Daddy! Look!" Amy tugged at my hand to pull me to a rack of girl's dresses.
"How about this one?" Ivy grinned as she held up a long dress of bright-orange flowers over a navy-blue background.
"Nice," I smiled and leafed through the dresses on the rack before pulling out two shorter, silky dresses with large red flowers on a white background. "What about these, you want to try them on?"

We took the dresses to the nearby changing rooms and crowded into one, closing the door behind us.
Ivy pulled her skirt down and off, revealing the tiny yellow shorts, before pulling the flower dress on over her head.
Amy took her dress and started to put it over her head. I stopped her saying, "Don't you think you should undress first." I popped open the button of her shorts and unzipped them as I added, "To your undies at least." She giggled sexily as I pulled her shorts down to uncover her naked plump little pussy.
I blinked at the unexpected sight before me for a second, then looked up at Amy's shy, sexy smile and replied with a smile of my own. My task temporarily forgotten, I darted my head in close and wormed my tongue between her labia at the top, tonguing at her clit. Her sensuous giggle and groan brought me to my senses and where we were. I pulled back and smiled up at her, "Let's save that for later." Amy pouted down at me and I added, "Let's see if the dress fits for now, we can play when we get back to our room."
I helped her put the dress on over her head and zipped up the back. "You both look beautiful," I smiled at them standing side by side, looking in the mirror.

After paying for our purchases, the girls and I returned to the ship laden with a multitude of bags. As Amy walked up the gangway ahead of me, I stared at her perfect little butt in those tight jean shorts and thought of what we could do later.

I pulled the bags of shopping in through the narrow cabin door and dumped them on the table. I rummaged through the bags and pulled the silky dresses from them with a matching shirt. "I don't know how you two managed to convince me to buy this shirt." I called to them.
"Coz you look smart," Amy smiled as she came from the bedroom dressed again in her pink bikini.
"And if we've gotta match," Ivy said as she came from the bedroom dressed in her white swimsuit again, "then you gotta match too."
"Okay, fair enough," I grinned with my hands up in surrender. "Why don't you put something on over your swimsuits while we go eat. Then we won't need to come back here to change."
Amy quickly returned in her jeans-shorts and T-shirt, and Ivy soon followed in her skirt and top. I snagged our charged radios, camera and towels as we headed out the door.

After eating a meal in the Cadillac diner, Amy and I followed Ivy as she dragged us away. She virtually ran up the stairs to deck 12 and straight to the kid's club.
"Aloha Ivy," Amber greeted her.
"Hello Amber," Ivy grinned back and waved.
Although far from full, the kid's club room was active and noisy, just like a typical day-care centre.
"Do you want to stay with your sister?" I asked Amy in the entrance. She shook her head in response and clung onto my hand. "Okay," I smiled and kissed the back of her hand, "you can stay with me then."
Ivy had already run into the room to join the activities. I caught up and held her radio out to her. "If you need me, just give me a call, okay?"
"Yup," she nodded and let me clip the radio to her belt before turning back to what she was doing.

I returned to Amy and Amber just inside the entrance and told Amber, "We're heading for the pools. If you need me to come back, just give me a call on Ivy's radio, okay?" At her nod of understanding, Amy and I headed down one deck and out to the pool area.
When I opened the doors to the pool area, we were assaulted by loud music booming into the area. I was surprised to see that most of the loungers were occupied. When we approached the pool I could see a few children playing and splashing each other. I knelt beside Amy and asked, "Do you want to play in the pool with the other's?"
She shook her head and said in my ear, "It's too loud!" She pulled my hand and I followed where she led, back to the stairs and up to the sun deck before heading past the outside of the kid's club towards the stern of the ship. The farther we went, the quieter the music sounded until we reached the hot tub we had found earlier, where the music was lost in the sound of the bubbles.

Amy quickly stripped off her shorts and T-shirt, dropping them on a nearby lounger, and climbed up the stairs into the empty hot tub. I dropped our towels on the same lounger, took off my own T-shirt and put the radio on the side of the tub as I climbed in. The hot, bubbling water jets felt good and I relaxed as I looked out at the impressive scenery.

Amy chuckled and then giggled beside me. I looked down at her, she was grinning with her eyes closed. "What's funny?"
"The bubbles," she giggled softly, "they tickle my kitty."
I reached under the masking bubbles and found her thighs before hooking the crotch of her bikini to one side. "How about now?"
She looked at me with a saucy grin and then hopped over onto my lap, leaning with her back to me and her butt nestled over my rising cock.
I hugged her to me and shifted in the tub until I could see the deck around us, and see that we were alone. I kissed the top of her head as I sat back and slipped my hand under the waistband of her bikini-bottoms, sliding my fingertips over her soft mound and down to her slit.
Amy wriggled at my touch and parted her legs further. I lightly drew my fingertips down over her labia to the bottom and then back up along her slit to the top before massaging her smooth, fleshy pussy lips. Amy moaned softly and spread her legs as wide apart as she could, leaning her head back against me. As I rubbed, I probed my middle finger between her plump lips at the top, rubbing at her clit.
"Mmmmmmm," she moaned softly as I continued my slow, firm massage and she pushed back against me.
I moved my other hand up to her chest under her bikini-top and began to alternately tweak and tickle her tiny nipples, first one and then the other. Amy thrust herself at my massaging fingers, as I slid them down her heated slit to its base and dipped my fingertip into the entrance of her pussy. I eased the tip of my middle finger into the entrance of her hot little hole, stirred it around a few times and then slipped it out again. When I delved my finger into Amy's heated pussy again, she moved, thrusting herself onto my probing finger to the second knuckle.
"Oh!" she said at the intrusion, and then relaxed, sighing, "Mmmm, that feels nice."
I slid my finger in and out of her tight, wet embrace with a steady rhythm while pushing the base of my thumb against her clit. Finger-fucking her four-year-old cuntlet under the roiling waters of the hot tub. The double assault swiftly made itself felt as Amy shivered and squirmed in my arms, getting closer and closer to her peak. Her tight hole clutched at my invading finger and her body trembled. Her hips pumping at my hand where I continued to rub her clit and slide my enclosed finger in and out, prolonging her orgasm for as long as I could.

Amy's body slowly calmed and she panted for breath, resting back against me. I softly kissed the top of her head and made sure her bikini-bottoms were pulled up, covering what they should, and then shifted so I could rearrange my cock in my shorts to be more comfortable.
I held Amy's relaxed body close to me and said "Come on sweetheart, I think we've boiled long enough for now." I climbed from the tub, cradling her in my arms and laid her on her towel on the lounger. I quickly dried myself before lying on the lounger beside hers with the towel draped over my lap to hide the bulge in my shorts.

"Daddy, daddy!"
I awoke with Amy calling and shaking me. I hadn't meant to doze, the hot tub must have relaxed me more than I thought. "I'm awake sweetie, what is it?"
"It's Ivy," she explained, handing me the radio, "she wants to speak to you."
"Hello Ivy," I transmitted, "you wanted to speak to me?"
"Daddy Tom," her voice came through crystal clear. "Can you come and get me now?"
"We're just near the hot tub we saw at the back," I said, "where we met that officer. Why don't you come to us?"
"I can't," she complained. "The lady won't let me go alone."
"Okay sweetie," I smiled and stood up. "We'll be right there."

Amy and I quickly dressed and then she helped me gather up our things before we returned the short distance to the kid's club. There was a different woman there, they had probably changed shifts, and she wouldn't let me take Ivy until I showed my ID, which I was happy about even if it was a little frustrating.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked Ivy as we walked down the stairs towards our cabin. "Did you make any new friends?"
"Oh yeah!" she enthused and began to chatter about who had done what at the club.
After Amy and I had changed out of our swimsuits and into some fresh clothes, the three of us continued our interrupted tour of the ship. We ambled to the stairs and down to deck six and then headed aft. As we passed through the champagne bar, I remembered that I hadn't made dinner reservations. I led the girls down the grand staircase into the atrium and up to the reservations desk.

"I would like to make a reservation for three in the Skyline Restaurant please."
"Certainly sir," she smiled. She checked her screen and continued, "The earliest we can fit you in today is nine-pm."
"How about tomorrow?" I asked, "Around six-thirty?"
She checked her screen again and smiled. "Tomorrow at six-thirty for the three of you?" At my nod she smiled again, "Okay, that's booked for you sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?"
"Thank you, not right now."
While we were in reception, I picked up an order form for the excursions and a booklet outlining them.
We strolled through the small shopping arcade and paused while Amy and Ivy looked through the clothes shop and then the souvenir shop. When I finally dragged them from the shops we had to return to our cabin so I could drop off the bags containing their purchases.

After a quick wash, we ambled back down to deck six and then out onto the promenade deck. We slowly walked aft in the warm afternoon as the sun edged towards the top of the mountains across the bay. When we reached the outside seating area for the Cadillac Diner, I caught the waiter's attention and we were seated at a small table outside.
I laid the excursion order form and booklet on the table and explained to Amy and Ivy that we had to pick what we wanted to do over the coming week.

"Do we hafta?" Ivy whined. "Can't I stay in the kids club?"
I frowned, puzzled. "Well, you can if you really want to, but I thought that you'd want to try out some new things." I then scanned down the page of activities. "How about a picnic? Or a day on the beach? Or learn to surf?"
"We can do that?" Ivy asked surprised. "We can learn to surf?"
I read out the entry in the booklet, explaining how the tutors took you through how to surf and then let you out on the water to try your new skills. Both of them appeared to like the sound of surfing, so I put a tick next to that one for the three of us.

"I see you're picking your excursions," the waiter smiled at us as he approached, pad in hand. "I can really recommend the Lu'au Kalamaku... On Thursday evening. It's spectacular."
"I had already thought of going to see that," I nodded, "are there any other's that you would recommend?"
"The helicopter rides are great," he smiled at the girls' vigorous nodding. "Especially the one's on Kaua'i... Some really cool waterfalls."
"Sounds good." I nodded and scanned through the form for the helicopter rides. Given the girl's reactions, those trips were a must. "I was thinking of hiring a car and getting away from the main tourist areas and seeing some of the less visited places. Where would you go, if you wanted some amazing surroundings without other people spoiling the view?"
"All the islands are nice," he said, "but I'd explore Kaua'i, Thursday or Friday. Of course, I am biased... It's my home island, but that's where I'd go if I were you."
I looked at the excursions form and frowned. "I don't see anything about car rental on here."
"There's car rental at all the ports," he chuckled, "you just need a license and a good map."

I thanked him and then allowed him to take our order. The girls both just ordered the chocolate brownie, making both the waiter and me chuckle. While we waited for our food, we went through the rest of the week's excursions and selected activities that we all might enjoy.

After eating, I led the girls down to reception and the excursions booking desk where I booked all the activities we had agreed on.
"And finally," I smiled at the woman who had processed our long list of excursions, "I would like to hire a car on Thursday to tour round Kaua'i."
"I'm sorry sir," she said, handing over our excursion tickets, "but you will have to arrange your car rental with the rental office dockside on the day."
"Oh... Okay." I was disappointed. "I had hoped to get someone to guide us around the island as well."
"I can certainly ask if someone would be willing," she smiled, "but that's not a service we would normally provide."
"Okay, thank you." I then turned and led the girls back to our cabin.

I tossed the tickets onto the table and then scanned through the daily events booklet as I asked the girls, "So what do you two want to do this evening?" When I didn't hear any reply, I looked up to see them stood in the open entrance to the bedroom, naked and smiling mischievously at me. I quickly set the "do not disturb" sign by the door and then locked it before I returned to the bedroom, stripping eagerly.

* * *

The following morning I awoke early, curled on my side and nestled, spoon-like, against a naked little body with my arm draped protectively over her side. Pale morning light scythed across the bed into the room and I turned onto my back to find the other side of the bed unoccupied. Sure that I had closed the curtains the night before, I silently rolled away from Amy and slid off the bed. I padded barefoot into the lounge area and noticed that the door out to the balcony was open. What I saw through the open door stopped me momentarily and caused my cock to start to rise.

Ivy was stood on a lounger on our balcony, leaning on the wooden rail and staring out at the view. She was not wearing a stitch and I could clearly see her pale pussy lips nestled between her lightly tanned thighs and peeking out at me. I quietly took my camera off the table where I'd left it and snapped off a quick half dozen shots or so of Ivy and her delightful naked charms. I then silently replaced the camera on the table, crept up behind her and lightly tickled along her slit.

"Eeeep!" she squeaked and snapped her head round to glare at me in surprise.
I grinned, unrepentant, and bent over to kiss the firm globes of her butt while still tracing my fingertips along her plump little slit.
She parted her legs slightly, giving me better access, and sighed as she leant on the balcony rail again, resting her head on her arms.
I trailed my fingertips all over her plump labia, gently stroking the smooth skin and feeling it warm under my gentle touch. I rubbed along the length of her slit, gently wedging my fingertip between her firm lips, circling the top and her clit. After a few minutes of that, I gently gripped it and rolled it between my finger and thumb.
Ivy moaned sensuously and arched her back, pushing her heated pussy mound against my hand.
I slowly inserted my middle finger into her tight, but now wet, vaginal sheath and pumped it in and out a few times. Each time my finger invaded her hot depths, Ivy groaned sensuously.
I pulled my finger out and replaced it with my thumb, then used my wet finger to rub at her erect clit again while I thrust my thumb in and out of her wet hole.
I stood behind her out-thrust buttocks with my hand still cupping her pussy mound and my thumb rhythmically pumping into her and poised my cock head close to her entrance. I quickly pulled out my thumb and swapped it for my rigid cock, pushing the head of my dick through the still surprisingly tight entrance and slid smoothly into the tight, wet velvet grip of her little pussy.
Ivy squeaked again as I slid into her and then groaned with pleasure, "Yeeesssss...."

I smoothly pulled out until only the head remained inside her and then reversed direction to steadily thrust back into her. I kept up the steady rhythm, thrusting in and out, working deeper and deeper with each thrust until my groin was slapping at her bubble butt.
I leant over her, reaching around her lithe body to tweak and played with her tiny nipples with one hand as I reached lower with my other to rub and tweak at her clit.
I sped up my rhythm, fucking the full length of her juicy cuntlet with each stroke and heard Ivy rhythmically groan and pant in time with my thrusts as I felt her tight inner muscles ripple up and down my shaft as she had a small orgasm.
I was lost in a world of pleasure. I thrust into her six-year-old body, driving her higher and higher, taking me with her. I continuously played with her nipples and clit, rubbing, pinching and pulling.
I felt my balls tightening, and then spasm as white lava boiled up my shaft to squirt into Ivy's sucking womb. I groaned out my orgasm as her cunt clamped down on my cock and she came, yelling her orgasm over the side of the ship.
I quickly pulled her back with me, still impaled, and tried to muffle her loud moaning.

We both lay panting on the floor of the balcony, trying to catch our breath in the warm afterglow of our mutual ecstasy.
"That was great daddy," she panted against my chest, "I love you."
"I love you too sweetie," I smiled and kissed the top of her head. "But we really should get up and have a shower."

As we passed through the cabin I paused and phoned in an order for breakfast. Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes, maple syrup and, of course, Froot Loops.

Amy lay stretched on her back with her mouth open, making soft snoring noises. I shushed Ivy and whispered, "Let her sleep a bit longer while we get cleaned up, okay?"

We climbed under the shower together and I gently washed her all over and washed her hair before rinsing her off.
"Can you dry yourself while I wash your sister." I suggested as I wrapped a towel around her and then returned to Amy on the bed. "Come on sweetie," I roused her with a shake. "Time to get up." She stretched in a starfish and smiled at me.

I was soaping a still yawning Amy, when there was a knock at the door and a call, "Room service!"
"Breakfast!" Ivy cheered from the other room and opened the door.
I heard the waiter say, "Aloha!" and then stop. There was an obvious pause before I heard him continue, "Hello again honey, where's your daddy?"
"He's in the shower," Ivy replied as the breakfast tray clattered against the table.
"Enjoy your breakfast," he said and then I heard the door open and close again.
I finished washing Amy and myself before we stepped out from the shower. I wrapped a towel around Amy and another about my waist so we could dry while we ate and then left the bathroom. Ivy was already sat at the table, eating her cereal, still completely naked and she looked up and grinned impishly at me. I simply shook my head in resignation.

After we finished eating, I generously spread the sunblock on their untanned parts and then the lotion everywhere else before we got dressed. Amy and Ivy put shorts and T-shirts on over their swimsuits and I just wore my normal shorts and T-shirt. Loaded with towels, sun-lotion and my cameras, we headed out the cabin door.

A small coach bus took us from the dock to the beach where golden sand gently sloped down to the crystal blue water. Swells, that looked quite large to me, rhythmically washed in and up the sandy beach. Although I had paid for all three of us to have lessons, I passed and stayed on the beach the whole time, photographing and filming them.
I took dozens of shots of the two of them having fun. Amy was a little shy of her instructor at first, but he soon put her at her ease. The two girls learned how to paddle and then stand to ride their boards... while still on the beach.
After an hour or so of practising, the instructors took them out a short way from the beach to practice standing on the board on the water.
I used my video camera to capture Amy and Ivy falling off their boards repeatedly, and caught a great shot as Ivy pulled herself out of the water and onto her board, nearly leaving her bikini bottoms behind.
With the instructors beside them, they headed towards me on the beach. First learning how to ride the small waves laying low on the board, then paddling back out and trying to stand and ride in again.

I was delighted, and recorded the entire sequence, as Amy managed to stand and shakily stay on her feet while the board slid gently with the wave and up onto the beach. It took Ivy another two tries before she managed to surf standing the whole way from their start point back to the beach.

They only had a few more runs to the beach before they dragged themselves up to me, panting and exhausted but grinning.
On the coach trip back to the ship, they chattered excitedly about what they had done, how they had surfed and how much fun it was. They were still babbling when we entered our cabin to drop off our stuff and then went to have a light snack to tide us over to dinner.

After eating, Ivy wanted to go to the Kid's Club again. I gave her a radio and took her in then wandered towards the pool with Amy. We found that there was a live band playing there, and when I asked Amy what she wanted to do, she led me away from there and back through the ship to our cabin.

"Why did you bring me back here?" I asked, as I put our things on the table. "Did you want a nap?"
She smiled and shook her head. "I wanna play!" and unbuttoned her shorts.
I knelt and put my hand over hers, stopping her undressing. "Can I take photographs of you first?"
She smiled shyly, "And then we'll play?" At my nod of agreement, she nodded, "Okay."

I grabbed my camera and stood Amy in the open doorway out to the balcony. The sunlight behind her highlighted her slender body. She lifted her T-shirt, exposing her belly-button. Her unbuttoned shorts looked so sexy through the lens.
We moved to the couch and Amy leant over, with her hands on the cushions and her pert backside aimed at me. Under my direction, she unzipped her shorts and pushed them down one-handed, exposing her green bikini-clad cheeks to my view. She giggled, let the shorts drop to her feet and then pulled the rumpled, loose bikini bottom up tight, exposing the pale globes of her butt as the bikini slipped between them.
She stood and turned to face me, pulling her T-shirt up and off. I quickly snapped a few more shots and felt my cock straining, the tight bikini had pulled between her plump labia, clearly defining her slit.
"Do I look pretty, daddy?" she smiled coyly.
"You look very pretty, sweetie." I said, "I could just lick you all over."
She giggled again and darted past me to leap up onto the bed and roll onto her back with her legs spread. "Lick me, daddy!"
I could clearly see the damp spot of her arousal staining the crotch of her bikini. I put the camera away and quickly stripped off my clothes before stepping near the bed, reaching for her bikini bottoms and pulling them down.

Her perfect little pussy was flushed and glistened with her juices. I leant closer and lightly kissed it right at the top of her mound. The tip of her aroused clit poked out and I swiped my tongue up the length of her slit, from her tiny hole to her erect clit.
She moaned, "Mmmm..."
I gently placed my thumbs on either side of her plump lips and pulled them open, exposing the hot-pink interior. I ducked down again and swiped my tongue from her small vaginal hole to her proud clit again.
Amy gasped as I began to lick and kiss all over her pussy mound, her plump labia, tiny hole and proud clit. I slowly pushed the tip of my tongue into her vagina to lick at her oily insides as well as I could.
Amy groaned even louder at this intrusion, "Mmm... I like it!"
I rhythmically thrust my tongue in and out of her tight grip before I eased my middle finger into her hot, wet embrace and began to vigorously lick and suck on her clit while simultaneously rubbing the front wall of her tight sheath, searching for her G-spot.

When I heard her little squeak of joy, I rubbed that spot inside and continued my tonguing assault on her clit. Amy was squirming about under me as her pleasure rapidly peaked and she exploded with an orgasm. I continued to rub inside her and felt her cum again before I pulled my finger from her gripping depths and sucked on her pussy, drinking her juices.

"Oooohhh..." Amy sighed, "that was a good one."
"Good," I smiled and climbed onto the bed to lay on my side beside her.
Amy sat up and giggled as she pushed at me, rolling me onto my back, and then grabbed my rampant cock. She knelt beside my waist and quickly bobbed her head down to suck the swollen glans into her small mouth.
I moaned as the purple head and a little of the shaft vanished into the confines of Amy's sucking mouth. "Hmmmm... That's good!"
She wrapped both hands around my shaft and pumped them up and down with my dick between her lips. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth as Amy sucked hard and swiped her tongue against the sensitive underside, causing me to groan with delight. She then bobbed her head up and down in time with her pumping, repeatedly sliding the tight ring of her lips over the flared rim of my glans.
I could feel my balls tightening with the exquisite pleasure she was giving me and groaned as I gently pulled her from my shaft, asking, "Do you want me to put it in you?"
Amy grinned broadly and nodded vigorously as she lay back and pulled her knees up to her chest, proudly showing off her wet and open pussy to my gaze.
I jumped off the bed and slid Amy's butt closer to the edge near me. I aimed my hard cock at her wet opening and pushed the spongy head against the small entrance of her pussy. I savoured the illicit sensation of squeezing my dick into my youngest daughter. My cock head slipped through the entrance and slid smoothly into the tight, but yielding grip of her young pussy. Amy moaned softly as I slid into her and relaxed her legs so they flopped open wide. I slowly pulled back out until only the head remained inside her, and then reversed direction to steadily thrust back into her, slowly working deeper with each thrust until I felt deep enough. Amy's little cuntlet held me in the perfect velvet-soft grip of ecstasy.
"Ooooh daddy," she moaned softly. "It feels real good."

I slipped my cock out of her gripping clutches until only the head remained inside and then thrust it in deep again. Amy squeaked and then groaned erotically as I slid back out once more. I thrust deep into her in an even rhythm, luxuriating in her hot, slick grip as she moaned in time to my pace.
Slowly, I increased the tempo of my rhythm, fucking the full length of her juicy little cuntlet with each stroke.
I slid my hand from her hips, over her tiny body and lightly tweaked her nipples. I then trailed my fingers lower and rubbed at her hard clit.
I increased my pace again and Amy groaned with each thrust, panting in time and squirming. Her inner muscles rippled over my shaft as she had small peaks of pleasure. I was lost in a world of ecstasy, I thrust into her, relentlessly driving her pleasure higher and higher as I continued to play with her clit, rubbing and tweaking.
Inevitably, I felt the familiar sensation build up to a crescendo and exploded with my orgasm. I yelled as lava boiled up my shaft and squirted into Amy's tight pre-teen womb. I thrust as each jet squirted deep into my daughter and felt her clamp down hard on my shaft as she came too.

Exhausted, I slipped from her grasp and flopped onto my side beside her, still cuddling her to me as we cooled down from our combined high.
"That was wonderful sweetie," I panted and kissed her neck softly. I felt like I could sleep for weeks, but I knew we didn't have too long before Ivy would be calling to be collected. "We should get cleaned up."
"Hmmmm?" she was dozing already.
A few minutes rest shouldn't hurt, just until I had my breath back.

The strident tone of the radio's pager jarred me awake and dragged me stumbling from the bed to where I'd left it charging.
"Hello Ivy," I said into it, "you wanted me?"
"Yeah," she replied. "Can you come and get me now?"
"Let me just wake up Amy and I'll be right there."
I shook Amy as I hastily pulled on my clothes. "Wake up sweetie, we've got to go and get Ivy."
"Do I hafta?" she moaned and rolled onto her side.
I pulled a light cover over her naked body and added, "Okay, I'll be as quick as I can."
I grabbed the key-card and left, turning the sign outside the door to, "Do Not Disturb" before dashing down the corridor.

Ivy looked impatient when I arrived at a brisk walk. "What took you so long? I was pressing the buzzer for ages!"
"I answered on the first buzz!" I scoffed, smiling and picked her up. I signed her out and then carried her back to our cabin still snuggled against me. When we entered, Amy was still sleeping where I'd left her.

* * *

As dinnertime approached, I hustled Amy and Ivy into the shower for a quick wash before our meal. After drying off, the girls got dressed while I had a quick shave and then dressed as well, in my charcoal grey slacks and the white silk shirt with large red flowers that they insisted I wear to match them.
I stepped from the bathroom and stopped, staring at my girls. "You both look very beautiful."

The white silk dresses with red flowers were tight on their slender bodies from the spaghetti straps down to low on their hips, then the skirt flared loosely down to their thighs, just above their knees. Their hair was brushed straight and their faces looked radiant.
"An' you look very smart too, daddy." Amy replied and then giggled lightly.
We walked all the way aft and down to deck five, to the Skyline restaurant. I confirmed our booking at the door and we were swiftly led to our table.

"Aloha, I'll be your waiter this evening, can I get you anything to drink?" the waiter said as he approached our table.
I looked up to see the same one who had served us at the Cadillac Diner the previous evening. "Hello again," I smiled at him, "thanks again for the tips on the excursions."
"My pleasure," he smiled in return, "I hope you enjoy them."
"I was wondering if you would do me a favour?" I asked, smiling, and held up my camera.
"Certainly," he nodded and took it.

I scooted around the table and knelt between Amy and Ivy, putting my arms around their waists and smiling at the lens.
"Nice camera," the waiter smiled as he handed it back after taking the picture. "You should get some excellent shots with a quality camera like that."
"I certainly hope so," I glanced at his name tag and continued, "Sam. Speaking of which, I was wondering if you could recommend a guide to show me and my girls around Kaua'i."
He smiled at me as a realisation obviously dawned on him. "Ahhh, so you're the guest asking for the guide?"
I nodded. "Yeah, I'm not sure about driving on your unfamiliar roads. And I wouldn't want to get lost and miss out on the Lu'au."
"Or worse," he chuckled, "miss the ship's departure." He smiled again and said, "Why don't I guide you. It is my home island, and that Thursday would be my day off, so I have the time."
"That would be great!" I grinned, "Thank you, that means a lot to me."

After he had passed around the menus and left with our orders, Ivy leant closer and said, "He was the man who brought in the breakfast this morning."
"Was he?" I wondered. "And did he do anything when he brought in the breakfast and saw you?"
She sniggered and shook her head. "Nope, he just grinned and then left."

* * *

Tuesday morning, I awoke snuggled spoon-like against Amy with Ivy against my back. With our excursion scheduled for 2pm I just lay quietly, looking forward to the helicopter ride and wondering about Thursday. Would I be able to convince Sam to drop us off at a good spot and then pick us up again?

After the girls had woken up and we'd had a quick shower, where I thoroughly washed their enticing little bodies and paid close attention to their plump pussies and tiny nipples, we got ready for the pool.
I liberally spread sunblock onto Amy's untanned flesh. First where her bikini usually covered her chest and then slowly rubbed it into and between her plump pussy lips, making her sigh sensuously. I continued up over her mound and around her hips before smearing it all over her firm bubble butt cheeks and deep into the crack.
As Amy pulled on her pale green bikini, I spread the sunblock on Ivy's much smaller pale patches. Just around her nipples and over her plump pussy lips, enticing a giggle and sigh from her before helping her into her bright red bikini.
I grabbed our towels, the sunscreen and my camera, before we headed off up to deck 11. After a quick breakfast in the Aloha buffet, we headed out to the pool. There were only a few other guests using the loungers and two lads playing in the pools.
I spread our towels over three loungers and sat on the middle one as Amy and Ivy dashed to the deep pool and jumped in.

After frolicking with her sister and the two lads in the pool for a while, Amy climbed out and approached a young woman in a staff shirt who was setting up a small display. After talking to her for a moment, Amy dashed back to me and excitedly asked, "Daddy, daddy. Can I have a tattoo?"
"A tattoo?" I asked, surprised by her question.
"Yeah," she nodded grinning, "the lady said I had to ask you first."
I climbed from the lounger and followed Amy to the young woman in question, who turned to us and smiled.
"Aloha, how can I help you?"
"Not in the kid's club today?" I asked Amber with a smile.
"Not this morning," she shook her head, "but I will be this afternoon. Will Ivy be there?"
I was a little surprised that she remembered us, but pleased that she had. "I don't really know, we've got a helicopter ride at two. I guess it will depend on when we get back from that."
I then looked at the signboard and asked, "Tattoos?"
Amber chuckled. "Only semi-permanent ones. We use an airbrush to stencil on the ink so it's painless and perfectly safe."

"So, can I have one, daddy?" Amy hopped about with excitement.
"Of course you can sweetie," I smiled at her, "I think it would look good on you." I then added to Amber as I passed her my room card, "Can you let her have whatever she wants... And Ivy too if she asks for one."
I left Amy looking at the designs on the display and returned to my lounger and watching Ivy play in the pool.
It wasn't long before Ivy climbed from the pool and went to see what her sister was up to. I could almost see her surprise from where I was watching.
When Amber was finished, Amy walked back to me with her hands covering her tummy.
"It's pretty, isn't it daddy?" she asked and thrust her belly at me, snatching her hands away.
Her lower tummy was sporting an iridescent purple and green butterfly. "It's very nice," I agreed and looked closer. There were fine black veins running throughout the wings and it's long, slender proboscis was curled up to and into Amy's bellybutton.

"Er... Excuse me Mr Leyland," Amber interrupted my inspection of Amy's tummy. "It's Ivy... She asked for her tattoo to be somewhere... Unusual."
"Let me guess," I smiled at her, my mind spinning, trying to find excuses. "She asked for it to be somewhere rude?"
Amber nodded and smiled. "You could say that."
"I'm not surprised," I explained quickly. "She likes to shock people, she thinks it's funny. She's even flashed our cabin steward twice."
"Oh, I don't mind," she chuckled, "I just didn't want to do anything without you there. Or out in public either."
"Oh, okay," I stood and quickly gathered together our things before following Amber back to her equipment.
"We're not supposed to let guests in the crew areas..." she said while packing together her kit, "but I guess just this once..."
"Why not use our cabin," I suggested with a smile. "We've got the space."

As Amber unloaded her kit in our cabin, I asked, "So tell me... did Ivy ask for it on her bottom?"
"Not quite," Amber chuckled.
"You said I could have one daddy!" Ivy protested, before I could say anything else.
"Did I say you couldn't?" I protested back. "What tattoo did you pick?"
"It's a secret," she pouted at me for a moment. "I want it to be a surprise."
"Okay honey," I smiled and kissed the top of her head. "You go in the bedroom with Amber and I'll stay out here with your sister."
Ivy pulled Amber into the bedroom and I stepped out onto the balcony with Amy.
"You really want it there?" Amber asked. Ivy must have nodded because Amber then sighed, "Okay."
I heard the faint hiss of the airbrush and Amy's giggled, "That tickles!"
Eventually Amber called, "Okay, I've finished."

Amy dashed in ahead of me and cooed at what she saw, I just stopped in the doorway and stared. Ivy was lying naked on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge and spread open. An iridescent butterfly of red and orange shimmered on the soft mound just above her slit. I stepped closer and could see that it was head down and its long proboscis was unfurled, extending down to her left labia and into her slit, as if it was lapping at her slit and the nectar within.
"Oh, that is so sexy," I whispered without thinking.
"It is, isn't it?" Amber agreed.
I panicked. She'd heard me! Would she turn me in to the authorities?
She grinned at me and winked, "To be honest, I feel a little jealous of the butterfly."
My panic deflated. She didn't disapprove, and she was...
"Jealous of the butterfly?" I grinned, "You could always simply ask you know."
"Ask who?" Ivy interrupted.
"Oh no, I couldn't." Amber blushed at me.
I chuckled. "The worse that could happen, would be an answer of no... And I've never known her to turn that down."
"What?" Ivy asked, frustrated, "Who?"
"Amber," I replied to Ivy with a chuckle, "would like to do what your butterfly is doing, and lick your kitty."
"Oh..." she nodded and then grinned as she spread her legs further apart, reached down, careful to not smudge her new tattoo, and rubbed at her rapidly growing clit.
Amber looked at me nervously, nibbling her lower lip with indecision.
"You know you want to," I encouraged her. "Go on... Just do it."
She looked at Ivy's plump little pussy and licked her lips before swiftly kneeling and lapping once along the length of the offered slit.
"Mmmm," Ivy moaned, "nice."

"Daddy," Amy chirped, "can I have another one?"
"If you want one," I chuckled, "but only one more."
Amber lifted up from her task, licking her lips. "Oh my god, that was so amazing! So soft and sexy!"
"I think you have another customer," I smiled at her enthusiasm.
"But daddy!" Ivy complained. "I wasn't done yet!"
"Why don't you let Amy get another tattoo," I said to soothe her, "and you can have another one too if you want. And then you can finish, when Amber is done tattooing."
"You gotta leave daddy," Amy commanded, pushing me towards the door. "I wanna surprise ya."
"Okay, okay," I laughed as she pushed Ivy out of the bedroom with me.
Ivy jumped up onto the sofa, spread her legs wide and grinned up at me. "You wanna see my tattoo?"

I knelt on the floor before her. Her mound and widespread pussy only inches from my face. The red and orange butterfly was perfect. Each exquisite detail painted on the soft flesh of Ivy's mound. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots of her just as she was. After putting my camera back on the table, I trailed my finger beside the slender proboscis as it wound down over the lip and inside her slit.
Ivy's breathing grew faster as my touch excited her and a moan escaped as I touched the tip of her clit.
"Okay, I've finished," Amber called.
"Noooo..." Ivy moaned as I stood up and pulled her with me into the bedroom.
Amy was lying naked on the bed just as Ivy had, with her legs spread and dangling over the edge. She was masking her pussy with her hands, carefully not touching it. Had she got the same design as Ivy?
"Look!" Amy grinned mischievously and pulled her hands away.
Printed on her pale mound directly over her pussy were the words, "KISS ME" in black ink. The "KISS" was above and the "ME" was split by the dimple at the top of her slit.
"Do it daddy!" she commanded, pointing at the words and her pussy.
I bent over and pushed between her thighs to plant a kiss square on her pussy below the text, careful to not smudge it.
"Oh," Amber moaned and then asked, "can I do that, please?"
I pulled back to see she had asked Amy who glanced at me before nodding shyly.

Amber knelt near Amy's legs and looked at her plump little pussy before ducking down and kissing it firmly. Her tongue squirmed between Amy's labia and lapped along the length of her slit making her giggle and then sigh softly.

"Daddy?" Ivy asked, tugging on my arm. "Can I have another one? Please?"
"Of course you can sweetie," I smiled at her," but just one more so you both have two." I then added quickly, "And not on your kitty or butt, okay?"
She pouted and looked defiant.
"Either that," I smiled, "or you don't get another tattoo."
"Daddy!" she whined in protest.
I was adamant and shook my head, then added, "Besides, don't you want one you can show to your friends at school when we get home?"
When Ivy finally relented, Amber was ready and painted a tribal turtle design on her shoulder blade.

After eating a light lunch up in the Aloha café, we headed down to deck three and out to the dock for our excursion. Before taking our group, the guide weighed each of us individually and entered the information into her laptop. The ride to the small airport was brief, but Amy and Ivy crowded against the windows, excitedly chatting and pointing.
We sat through a short show, explaining safety procedures and advertising their flights on other islands, and then were led out in separate groups to the helicopters. Amy, Ivy and myself were grouped with an older couple.

The flight was truly amazing. The pilot chatted amiably about everything we could see below us and my girls looked thrilled to be sat in the front passenger seats. We flew over lush forests on our way up to a smoking crater and then down over fresh barren rock that was, according to the pilot, younger than Amy. We followed the trail to the ocean where lava still flowed, boiling out vast clouds of white steam and grey smoke high above us. As the pilot said, "New land being created below us, as we watch."
We then headed back and made a quick flight past the ship before heading back to the airport. I was surprised, it had felt to be only a few minutes, but forty-five had passed.

It was nearing 5pm when we finally got back aboard ship, and all three of us were feeling hungry. We headed straight to the Cadillac diner for some food and sat outside to eat while the sun set over the mountains of the island. As the last edge of the sun slipped behind the cone of the volcano, the ship shifted and began to leave the dock behind.

"I hope you two aren't too tired this evening." The waiter smiled as he collected out dishes.
"Nope, why?" Ivy grinned up at him and then glanced at his crotch. I could only imagine what was going through her mind.
"You get to see the awesome power of Madame Pele," he declaimed theatrically. At our puzzled looks he explained, "Around nine this evening we'll cruise by the spot where the lava flows into the sea. You'll be able to see it from the starboard side." He then added with a grin, "That's the other side of the ship."

Luckily, our cabin was on that side of the ship and I thought watching from our own balcony, away from the crowds, would be best.
As the time arrived I doused all the lights in our cabin and stepped out onto the balcony with Amy and Ivy. The night was dark. The moon had yet to rise and the deep darkness of the clear sky swiftly became dusted with stars as our eyes became adjusted.

We could see nothing for a long quarter hour before I spotted a glow in the direction we were heading. It grew steadily brighter as we got closer. I looked through my camera with the long lens, hoping to get a good shot. Yellow-hot molten rock poured into the ocean, instantly vaporising the water and blowing red-hot globs of cooling lava high into the air. It boiled and fumed, the lava raging against the implacable ocean and gaining ground only slowly.

"Wow!" Amy grinned as the spectacle of raw nature passed astern.
"That was so cool!" Ivy said, excited.
I had to agree with her, it was an awesome sight, and so much more impressive at night than it had appeared as the simple plume of steam we had seen from the helicopter.

* * *

I roused slowly from the depths of sleep. Something felt different, out of place, but I couldn't think what. I drowsily reached for Amy, only to find empty sheets. Puzzled, I blinked my eyes open to see the empty space where she should have been. Had she gone to the bathroom? I rolled onto my back only to find Ivy was missing from her side of the bed too. As I lay still, a sound intruded. A soft rhythmic pat, pat, pat noise.
I climbed from the bed and stepped through into the lounge area and stopped, stunned briefly before grabbing my video camera and beginning to film.

Ivy was kneeling on the sofa, resting her head between her hands, which gripped the back cushions, and thrusting her bubble butt backwards. Amy was stood behind her sister, her hands holding Ivy's waist while she thrust steadily, slapping her hips against Ivy's butt with the pat, pat, pat I'd heard.
"Nnngggg..." Ivy groaned into the sofa as she squirmed her hips and ground herself back at her sister.
"Faster," she urged Amy. "Yeah... Like that!"

I quietly moved to one side, still filming the action, but now at a better angle to see the toy cock plunging in and out of Ivy's wet little hole. My dick stood rampant as hard as a rock for the entire time I filmed them.
Ivy wriggled and squirmed while Amy varied her pace as she thrust into her sister. Quick shallow pokes and slow deep thrusting, circling her hips one way and then the other. Slowly, Ivy's moans became louder and more frequent. She neared her peak until she finally grunted, thrusting back at her sister and straining hard as she came.

Amy continued to thrust against Ivy, obviously trying to get her own cum. I put the camera back on the table and then knelt behind Amy.
"You can stop now," I said softly as I unfastened the back of the strap-on and pulled her off her end of it before laying her back on the sofa beside Ivy.
"Daddy..." she moaned plaintively. "Please make me 'splode."
Without preamble, I thrust my cock into her inviting wet cuntlet, sliding deep into her with one push. Amy wrapped her legs around my waist and moaned. I fucked her with short, rapid strokes as she groaned and ground herself up at me. We were both too horny to last long, and soon I felt the familiar fiery sensation as I blasted jets of cum deep into her. Amy moaned and I felt her grip my embedded, pulsing cock as she came too.

After resting on the sofa for a while to get our breath back, I carried Amy and then Ivy into the bathroom to have a shower. I also opened the door to the balcony to help clear the telltale scent of our sex play from the room.

After eating breakfast we wandered down to deck six and out to the other side of the ship to look at where we were.
"Where's the dock?" Amy asked, looking through the railings to the expanse of water between the ship and the land in the distance.
"Look down there," I pointed down over the rail at the orange lifeboat rocking where it was moored to the side of the ship. "We get to ride in one of the lifeboats to get to the dock."

The fifteen-minute trip in the lifeboat was choppy, but both Amy and Ivy enjoyed looking out the small window at the approaching dock.

The submarine was incredible. Not least for the spectacular marine life, multitude of fishes and corals. But also for seeing the wonder and excitement on my girls' faces. Looking out of the large circular windows and seeing the sea floor up close, 100 feet below the surface. That far below the crystal clear waters, all the red was washed out from the sunlight, leaving everything in shades of blues, greens and yellows. Even our faces looked tinged with pale blue.
As the sub settled in a sandy clearing amidst the weirdly spreading coral, a large black and white striped fish with yellow fins approached the window in front of Amy and Ivy. Amy moved close to the glass with a giggle and pursed her lips into a fishy face at our visitor.
I chuckled and snapped off a quick shot of her and then again when she turned to face me with the same fishy face.

* * *

After returning to the ship, we headed to the Cadillac Diner to eat and then back to our cabin to change for the pool. As we passed through the champagne bar above the atrium, I saw some crew setting up a photo backdrop near the entrance doors. I checked the daily schedule when we got to the cabin and I saw that photo's with the captain were set for 5pm to 10pm in the atrium.

We stayed at the pool until it became too crowded and someone turned the music up too loud, and then Ivy wanted to go to the kid's club. Surprisingly, Amy wanted to go with her.
I wondered around the outside decks, taking photo's of the amazing scenery surrounding us. Shots of the island and of the lifeboats ferrying passengers back and forth between the ship and the dock. When I got the call from Ivy, I returned to the kid's club and then we went back to our cabin to change.

I could hear my girls giggling in the bedroom as I finished shaving. "You two better be getting dressed," I called to them before washing off the remains of the shaving soap. They had showered off before me and were supposed to be getting dressed for our photos with the captain while I shaved and got dressed myself.

I stepped from the bathroom and pulled on the bright shirt with the red flowers. Both girls were again dressed in their matching dresses, white silk with bright red flowers that were tight on their little bodies with flared skirts.
"Beautiful!" I smiled at them both and then we headed off to the atrium.

The captain was wearing his dress white uniform including cap and had a trim beard speckled with grey. He spoke quietly to each group before letting the photographer pose them.

"Thank you for letting us come on your boat," Amy craned her neck to look up at him when it was our turn.
He chuckled, his voice a deep rumble. "It's my pleasure to have you here little lady," he then smiled, "but it's a ship not a boat."
The photographer posed us before the backdrop and took a quick shot. She looked at the screen at the back of the camera and pursed her lips in thought, looked around and then moved us to the grand staircase. She put Amy and Ivy in the middle and the captain and myself a few steps below and bracketing them. Lastly, she had us sit on the steps with the girls between us as she took the final shots directly facing us.

After thanking the photographer and the Captain, we headed back to our cabin to change again. The girls rushed ahead, through the door and into the bedroom, giggling while I closed the cabin door behind me and then followed them.
I stopped and grinned at them both as they slipped off their light dresses and showed nothing underneath but their temporary tattoos. I chuckled at their excited laughter as they chased around the room.
"Do you want to eat first," I asked while undressing, "or play first?"
"Play!" Amy said with a flushed grin while Ivy called, "Eat!"
They then looked at each other and swapped. Amy yelled, "Eat!" and Ivy yelled, "Play!"
I knew if we stayed to play, we probably wouldn't get to eat. "Ok, get dressed and we can go eat, then we can play all we want."

I quickly dressed again in my shorts and T-shirt. Amy pulled on her pale blue tiny cotton shorts and top while Ivy grabbed her tiny white Brazilian thong and started to pull it on.
"Oh no you don't," I shook my head. "That's too small for the ship. It shows too much by itself."
"But daaaddyyy..." she whined and pouted.
"Save it for the trip out tomorrow," I grinned and winked at her. "Imagine wearing it when Sam takes us out."
She paused a moment, smiled and stripped the thong off to replace it with her tiny yellow cotton shorts and top, matching Amy.
"Much better," I smiled, hoping their tiny shorts wouldn't be considered too revealing, and we headed off to the Cadillac Diner.

We approached the diner on the outside deck and spotted Sam serving. The evening air was warm with a cooling breeze playfully curling around us. We could see the harbour in the distance over the water.
"Can we eat outside again?" Ivy asked, darting to an empty table.
Before I could reply we were interrupted. "Holy... sweet makahehi kaikamahine!"

Startled, we turned to see Sam staring at Ivy and Amy.
"You can't go around in just your panties!" he hissed as he rushed close. "I don't mind, but there are some interfering busy bodies who could cause a fuss you don't want."
"These aren't knickers," Ivy protested, "they're swim-shorts!"
"They look like panties," Sam said softly, "and they are way too sexy... believe me!"
Ivy grinned at the compliment.
"Go and put something on over those and you'll be okay. Even a sarong wrap would be good."
I could see Sam was earnest. "We'll be right back," I said to him and hustled the girls along with me. "Let's go to the shop and see what's there."

We quickly went down to deck five and into the empty clothing shop. Amy and Ivy split up and browsed along the racks.
"Oh my god!" A voice whispered behind me, "They look soooo sexy!"
I spun about to see Amber grinning and staring at Ivy where she was bent over looking at a lower shelf, her bubble butt on display.
"See anything you like?" I grinned.
"Yeah," she smiled back and licked her lips, "but they can't just wander around in their panties."
"They're swimming shorts," I said, rolling my eyes, "but we're here to buy something to cover up for the prudes."
"I know just the thing," she smiled and led the girls to the back corner of the shop and into the changing rooms.

I wandered around the small shop for a while and then ambled over to the same corner Amber had taken the girls. I could hear the occasional giggle from beyond the door.
"Are you girls going to take all day?" I called through the closed door.
"Hold your horses!" came back before the door opened.
"Ta-da!" Amber gestured, ushering my girls out with a grand flourish.

They were each wearing a sarong wrapped around them like a long dress that crossed over their chests and tied behind their necks in a halter. Amy's was pale turquoise with a large white palm leaves pattern and Ivy's was purple with large white flowers.

"What do you think?" Amber asked with a smile. "They keep you cool, they cover everything that needs to be covered and yet, they allow easy access."
She then slipped her hand through the overlapping fabric at the front to tickle Ivy's belly.
"Perfect," I smiled.
"They had to take off those cute little tops," Amber said, handing them to me. "You could see them under the halter."
"Okay," I nodded.
"Daddy," Ivy interrupted, smirking, "you can have these too." she then thrust a scrunched up ball of yellow into my hand.
"You didn't?" I shook my head at her, half-hoping.
She just grinned and then brazenly pulled the overlapping front of her sarong apart to reveal her naked charms beneath.
After signing for the sarongs, and a few others in different designs, I thrust their tops, and Ivy's shorts, into my pockets as we made our way back to the Cadillac Diner.

"Hiya Sam!" Ivy called to him as we approached the tables outside.
"Aloha," he grinned and then seated us at a table. "You two girls look gorgeous in those sarongs. They'll be perfect for the beach tomorrow too."
Both Amy and Ivy grinned at his compliment as they scanned the menu.

After we had eaten, we left the table and started forwards.
"See you tomorrow, bright and early," Sam called to us.
I turned and waved, "See you then."
Ivy turned to face him, waved briefly and called, "Thanks." and then pulled her sarong open and flashed him before giggling and scampering after me and Amy.
"Come on, you little minx," I chuckled and waved to Sam again, guiding Ivy ahead of me this time.

We wandered forward and then down a deck to the photo gallery to check if our pictures with the captain were ready yet.
The corridor wall was filled with row upon row of photographs behind glass doors. About half way along the corridor a group of three boys were whispering to each other and gesturing at some of the photos.
The girls and I scanned through the photos from our end of the corridor, looking for ours so I could buy them. As we grew closer to the whispering trio, I could feel their looks and hear their whispered exchange grow excited. I just knew they were looking at our photos. I just knew that Ivy had somehow managed to make an exhibition of herself for the camera.

As we reached them, the boys moved away a few paces, still snickering. I scanned through the photographs and found ours near the bottom of the racks.
They looked fine to me. The four of us stood before the backdrop, then posed on the stairs and finally seated on the stairs. Nothing looked out of the ordinary... Then I looked closer. Where we were seated, Ivy had her knees pointing at the camera and parted. I peered closer... And could see between her thighs to her naked little pussy.

I quietly panicked. It wasn't immediately obvious, but it was noticeable if looked for. I had to get these photos out of public view as soon as possible.
I stepped across the corridor to the counter and told the assistant that I wanted to purchase them. After the assistant retrieved them from the display case and I'd signed for them, we made a hasty retreat back to our cabin.

* * *

Thursday dawned bright and sunny, and I awoke early with the sun. I tried to rest and sleep some more, but my mind was too active. Anticipating the trip around the island and the photo shoots to come too much to even begin to drowse off again. Would Sam take us to a remote location? Would he want to join in or remain apart?

Sam had suggested that we get an early start so we could have as long as we wanted on the beach. I was considering getting up, so I could finish packing what we'd need, when I felt a small hand creep over my hip and onto my flaccid cock. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to look down at Ivy, grinning up at me.
"Morning," I said softly.
"Mornin'," she said, then yawned while still stroking my rapidly growing erection.
"Don't you think you should save that for later," I whispered and gently disengaged her grip from my hard cock. "We've got to get up and dressed for our trip out. We'll have plenty of time to play later."
She pouted at me and swiftly rolled over, showing me the curve of her back and bubble butt.

I grinned to myself as I slid down the bed and off, before rounding the corner to the window and opened the curtains wide. The sun was glorious, reflecting of the waves of the harbour and I could see we were still moving in to the dock.
"Time for a shower," I turned to smile at Ivy, "and a quick breakfast before we go."

Amy was still sleeping so I picked up Ivy and carried her into the bathroom. I swiftly, but thoroughly, washed her all over. Including all her little nooks and crannies. Before drying her and slathering her with suntan lotion and then covering her tiny pale pussy lips and nipples with the sun block, making her smile.

"Get dressed for the beach," I told her as I roused Amy, "and then put a sarong over the top."
"Do I hafta?" she whined. "We're gonna be on the beach!"
I smiled and nodded. "Just for the trip out, you can take it off when we get there. And put some other outfits in your bag to bring with you."
"Because I want to photograph you in different outfits," I explained and carried Amy's drowsy little body to the bathroom.

After drying Amy and slathering her with suntan lotion and sunblock on her pale areas, I sent her to get dressed while I showered. As I was finishing getting dressed, I heard a knock at the cabin door and moments later, it was opened.

I quickly returned to the main cabin to find Sam putting a tray of food on the table. He was not in uniform, but was dressed in knee length shorts and bright shirt.
"I know you want a quick start," he smiled, "so I brought you breakfast."
"Thanks Sam," I smiled.
"Froot Loops!" Amy cheered and poured herself a bowl full.
"Have you eaten?" I asked him and pointed at the laden tray.
"I ate hours ago," he smiled, "but I could go for second breakfast, since it will be a long day for me today."
After we'd finished eating, the girls, Sam and I picked up our bags of things and headed out.

Sam's car was a long estate type (he called it a station wagon) with paintwork that looked like wood panelling on the sides and doors. We all bundled in, Amy and Ivy belted in the back seat, and Sam headed out.
Half-an-hour of driving took us just outside the city and another half-an-hour took us through the verdant landscape and up a single lane dirt track.
Sam pulled off the track onto the grass and stopped before climbing out of the car.

I climbed out of the car too and looked around, the view was breathtaking. We were parked near the brow of a low hill that dropped down to a valley filled with a sea of waving grass. The road we had travelled on snaked through the bottom of the valley and on between foothills that climbed to the mountains beyond.
"Wow," I breathed, awed by the magnificent sight.
"This isn't the beach," Ivy whined. I hadn't even noticed that they had climbed out of the car too.
Sam chuckled. "It's up this way," he said and then headed up the grassy hill.
The three of us followed and stopped beside him at the top.
The other side of the hill sloped gently down then stopped abruptly at an edge. Rolling waves lapped at a small sandy beach in a cove well below the cliff we stood on. The far end of the beach abutted another rocky cliff face.

"Erm... Is it safe?" I asked, catching hold of Ivy's hand before she could go any further.
"It should be ok," Sam nodded, "but I wouldn't go any closer than here, if I were you."
I turned around again, admiring the vista, and grinned. "Do you mind if we stop here for a while and get some shots?"
"It's your tour," Sam smiled. "You wanted scenic, and this is one of the best scenic non-tourist spots I know of."

I quickly fetched my camera bag from the car and setup to photograph my girls. As soon as Ivy noticed my camera she began to pose with one hand behind her head and her hip thrust our to the side. I chuckled but took a quick shot anyway.

I stood them at the brow of the hill and moved to capture the rolling waves in the distance behind them. We swapped places and I photographed them with the lush valley behind. I took as much of the scenery as the girls, hoping some of these would be suitable for showing friends and relatives.

"You said we could go to the beach!" Ivy finally protested.
"Okay, okay," I smiled. "To the beach then."
I quickly packed my camera away and we returned to the car where Sam waited patiently.

We drove only a mile or so further along the track before we pulled over.
"Everybody out," Sam grinned. "We walk the rest of the way."
We all climbed from the car and carried the multitude of bags, towels and other beach things as we followed Sam to the edge of another precipice, where he started to walk down the stairs cut into the rocky cliff face.

The beach was beautiful. The base of the cliff was littered with tumbled boulders part buried in the pale, almost white, sand that gently sloped down to where the clear blue waves of the Pacific lapped in rhythmic rolls.
Both girls dropped their burdens onto the sand and ran squealing towards the water.
"I guess this place is as good as any," I smiled and put down the bags I carried, next to the girl's dropped ones.
Sam opened out the beach umbrella he had brought with him and planted it in the sand before I shook out the big striped beach towel and lay it in the shade.

Ivy ran out into the rolling surf, laughing as the waves washed up to her knees. Amy stopped where the water lapped at her feet and bent over to scoop water up and spray it at her sister. Ivy shrieked even louder and declared the splash war was on.
They both splashed at each other, squealing and yelling with the ferocious mock battle while I sat under the shade of Sam's umbrella and took many shots of their wet war.

"Who won?" I asked and chuckled when they finally declared peace and wandered up to where Sam and I sat.
"I did!" they both chorused while the remains of the ocean sleeted from their bodies and dripped from their sodden sarongs.
"If you take off your sarongs," I suggested, "we can lay them out and they'll be dry for when we go back."
Ivy started stripping while I was talking and was down to her little yellow cotton shorts in no time. The soaking they had received didn't make them any less indecent. The wet yellow cotton disappeared between her plump labia and hugged her firm flesh tight, forming a perfect camel-toe. She grinned boldly and brushed at her bare chest before turning to one of the bags carelessly dropped on the sand.
Amy shrugged off her sarong and handed it to me with a smile. She was wearing her pale blue cotton shorts, but was also wearing the matching top. She squirmed her arms through the shoulder straps of the top and wriggled it until she was comfortable.

I took out my camera again and asked, "Can you two go down to the water, lay down to get completely wet and then walk back up here so I can photograph you?"
"Will you blow this up?" Ivy asked in return, handing me the deflated large beach ball.

At my nod, they ran back to the waves and plunged in, completely submersing themselves before returning at a walk.
As they drew closer I started to photograph them. The water droplets clung to their slender bodies and sparkled in the sun. Their dripping wet shorts snuggled intimately into their immature pussies.
When they stood in front of me, they grinned and posed while I took more shots of them.

After a few minutes of posing, Ivy insisted that I inflate the large beach ball before she and Amy dashed off to play catch with it.
The two of them were sent running all over as the gentle sea breeze caught the light ball and playfully diverted it whenever they threw it to each other.
While they ran about, I snapped off a few more pictures of the two of them playing and enjoying themselves.

I called the girls over and said, "Time for more lotion," as I waved the bottle at them. "Why don't you two change into your white costumes," I suggested with a smile, "and then we'll put more sun-lotion on."
"But I didn't bring mine," Ivy frowned.
"I put them in my bag," I winked at them. "You two change behind us while Sam and I look at the water, okay?"
Sam looked at me quizzically until I smiled, "It's a surprise."

The girls scampered behind us and I heard them rummage through my bag for a few moments. They giggled as their shorts flew over our heads to slap wetly on the sand in front of us.
A few minutes later they scampered back around to stand before us, panting and grinning.

Ivy stood boldly with her legs wide apart and her knuckles on her hips in a classic "Peter Pan" pose. She was still topless and had pulled the thong up too far. The white triangle sat over her mound and the string had pulled between her proud pussy lips, showing them to the world.
Sam whistled and then said, "Wow."
"And you thought the yellow shorts were bad," I chuckled.
Amy stepped shyly from behind her sister to stand beside her with one knee cocked before the other, almost hiding her charms. The small triangles of her top covered her little nipples but nothing more, and the material of her thong cupped her pussy perfectly. The top edge was just above the top of her slit, underlining the word inked there, "KISS".

"Oh," Sam looked stunned by the two visions of pedo dreams. He pulled his eyes from Ivy and smiled at Amy, "Nice tattoo, what's...."
"I have one too!" Ivy interrupted. "Look!" She then pulled down the front of her thong to show Sam the butterfly gracing her mound.
He blinked at them, obviously not believing his own eyes. "Erm... Nice butterfly."
Ivy grinned with triumph and pulled her thong up firmly again.

I poured a generous amount of sun-lotion into my palm and began spreading it over Amy's shoulders and down her arms.
"Ivy," I said to her, to stop her impatient bouncing. "Would you like Sam to put sun-lotion on you?"
"Yeah!" she nodded and bounced over to stand in front of him.
"Me?" Sam asked, incredulous.
"Don't you wanna?" Ivy started to pout.
"Of course I do," he quickly replied. "It's just... You don't know me really."
"That's ok," she said smiling, happy again.
I slathered the lotion all over Amy's body. Even sliding my greasy fingers under the bikini top to cover her little nipples and inside the tiny thong, fully coating her plump pussy.
"You missed a bit!" Ivy prompted.
"Erm... Maybe you should..." he stammered.
"You gotta do it properly!" Ivy commanded and grabbed his wrist, pulled his hand between her legs and mashed it against her exposed pussy lips. "That's better, now I'm all covered."
I quickly finished applying the lotion to Amy's bubble butt before wiping my hands clean and picking up my camera again.

The two of them ran off with the beach ball again, kicking it back and forth while I took more pictures. As they played, I noticed Ivy rubbed at her pussy with increasing frequency. Until, eventually, she ran closer to us and stripped off the thong before throwing it in my direction and darting back to her sister, giggling.

Sam watched Ivy's nude form avidly. Not taking his eyes off of her for more than a few seconds.
I took more shots of the girls playing and noticed Ivy missed the beach ball, chased after it and then bent over to pick it up, with her butt pointing in our direction. Obviously, on purpose.
When she did it again, I snapped off a few shots of her taut, round butt.

I quickly inflated the second large beach ball and then called Amy over. I passed her the ball and asked, "Could you face the sea and bend over, like you're picking the ball up?"
Amy did as I asked, but the ball came up to mid-thigh on her, so she didn't have to bend very far.
"you could lay on it," Ivy suggested and then demonstrated with the ball she held. She lay over the ball, her bare butt pointing at me and Sam and her equally bare pussy pouched between her thighs.
Amy then did the same, laying on her tummy over the beach ball with her butt pointed at me and her legs spread apart.
I snapped off shot after shot of her lycra encased pussy beside her sister's bare one, while they giggled and looked over their shoulders at us.

Sam made a sound somewhere between a whimper and a moan beside me.
Ivy turned to look at him, then turned and knelt before him, staring at his tented shorts. "You've got a suck puppy too." She giggled happily, eager to reach for it, but restraining herself.
"A what?" Sam asked me, puzzled.
"Just ask her to help with it," I chuckled.

He glanced between me and Ivy, unsure what to do. He eventually said to Ivy, "Would you like to help?"
Ivy lunged at his lap saying nothing. Quick as a flash, she unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled out his erection before inhaling it into her mouth and sucking on the tip.
"Ooohhhh..." he moaned with surprised pleasure.

"Daddy..." Amy's whine drew my attention back to her.
She was still draped over the ball, but her thong was suspended between her parted knees and I could clearly see the glisten of her juices glazing her pussy lips.
I snapped off a few more shots before putting the camera down with a rueful shake of the head.
"Why don't you come here," I gestured her over to me, "and let me help you with that."
She squeaked a cheer as she spun about and dashed to my lap, the thong left behind in the sand.
I helped her take off her top and then pulled her to stand over my lap. I sucked at each of her nipples in turn and stroked my hands over her back and bubble butt, and then between her legs, making sure there was no sand there to get in the way of our fun.
"Daddy..." she whined again, hunching her pubis at me. "I wanna do it..."
I smiled at her eagerness and stood her away from me so I could loosen my own shorts and release my rampant erection.

"Ooohhhh," Sam moaned again. I glanced at them to see Ivy was sucking him and thrusting her lips down his glistening shaft again and again.
"Ivy!" I called to her, and again to get through to her. "Ivy! I think his puppy would like to play with your kitty."
I reached again for Amy, to pull her close, and suggested, "My puppy wants to play with your kitty too."
Ivy's mouth slurped off of Sam's dick with a wet pop. "Really?" she asked, grinning up at him.
I leant back a little as Amy straddled my legs and lowered herself, slowly letting her pussy envelop my hard cock.
"Oh my...!" Sam exclaimed.
Amy and I looked over to see him goggling at our union. He didn't notice Ivy stand in front of him, and was shocked when she pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist before impaling herself onto his still hard dick.

I held Amy close and lifted her, easing her up and down my cock and gently fucking her tight little pussy.
I nibbled at her throat and then whispered in her ear. "Do you want to watch Ivy and Sam, like that time in the garden with the dog, or you want to lay on the towel while I do it to you?"
"I dunno," she smiled dreamily, "watch 'em I guess."
Amy whimpered in protest when I pulled her up off my cock, but grinned and quickly lay on the beach ball I fetched, spread her legs and watched Ivy thrusting on top of Sam.
I knelt behind her and aimed my cock head against the lips of her plump pussy then eased it back into the wet heat of her entrance. The feel of her inner walls hugging my cock shaft was indescribably sweet.

Ivy sat on Sam for only a moment before she lifted up and thrust down again, swiftly getting into an enthusiastic rhythm.
Amy moaned with pleasure as I slid into her, and thrust back at me, encouraging me to thrust a little harder and faster.
I fucked into her with a deliberate, almost sedate, rhythm. Revelling in the feel of Amy's young flesh wrapped about me. The wet heat gripping my cock as I thrust in and pulled out, driving moans of pure pleasure from both of us.
"Hmmmm... Faster daddy!" Amy groaned.

Ivy was obviously getting tired bouncing on Sam, her pace slowed and she was panting heavily. Sam held her hips and took over, thrusting up into her at a fast pace, making them both groan.
With each thrust I increased my pace, until my groin was slapping at Amy's bubble butt. Fucking the full length of her juicy cuntlet with each stroke, forcing panted groans from her in time with each thrust. I felt her inner muscles ripple on my shaft as she yelped with a small orgasm. I thrust into her four-year-old little pussy, driving her higher and higher and taking me with her.
I held out for as long as possible, but it was too much for me. I felt my balls tightening, and then spasm as white lava boiled up my shaft to squirt into her. I groaned aloud as her inner muscles griped my cock and she came, yelling with the strength her orgasm.

I looked up to see Ivy lying on Sam's chest, still impaled on his dick, shivering in the aftermath of a good cum.

* * *

When the sun had gone past its peak, and the heat had become overbearing, Sam suggested that we head back to the ship to cool off and have something to eat and drink, as we had brought nothing with us.

"I'm going to have to leave you here," he said apologetically while unloading the car in the car park at the dock. "I've got a lot of things to do before I get back aboard tomorrow."
"Thanks again for the tour," I said, appreciating what he had done for us. "We couldn't have done it without you." I shook his hand and gave him an envelope.
"What's this?" he held it looking puzzled.
"That's your fee," I said, "for taking the time to give us the tour."
"You didn't have to..." he said, holding it out to me. "I enjoyed showing you the island's sights."
I smiled and waved it away. "Then think of it as your tip for exemplary service."

Struggling under the load of our bags, the girls and I passed through the screening and x-rays before eventually climbing back aboard ship and then to our cabin.
"Eat here, the buffet or the diner?" I asked, as I dropped the multitude of paraphernalia and bags I was carrying onto the table.
"The diner!" they both chorused with matching grins.
"You want to wash the sea-salt off you before or after we eat?"
"I'm starving!" they both chorused again.
"Well ok then," I grinned at them, "but you both keep those sarongs closed while we eat." I knew they were still naked under them and didn't want them causing a riot.

After eating, we wandered to the kid's club, "Amber, can I have a quick word?" I asked when we arrived.
"Aloha Tom, Ivy, Amy." she smiled warmly at us. "What can I do for you? Will you be joining us today Ivy?"
Ivy nodded but I shook my head. "No, these two need a nap this afternoon if they're going to last through the Luau this evening." I ignored Ivy's pout and whine then added quietly, "Can we talk privately? Maybe outside?"
Amber smiled, flirting with me. "Really? Whatever for?" After a moment, she frowned apologetically and glanced around the room full of children. "I'm sorry Tom, but I can't right now, I can't leave this lot alone. How about I meet you at your stateroom when I get off shift, in about an hour?"
"That'll be fine" I smiled and herded my girls out the door, Ivy still protesting.
Although they both protested they were not tired, only five minutes after I got them to humour me and lay down, they were sleeping soundly.

As promised, a little over an hour later, there was a knock on the cabin door and I let in Amber.
"You've got me curious," she grinned and looked through the door at my girls where they slept. "What do you want to talk so privately about?"
"You know those yellow swim-shorts of Ivy's?" I asked, unsure if she would be able or even willing to do what I hoped.
"The tight yellow panty-shorts?" she corrected with a chuckle.
"Yeah," I smiled, nervous. "Well, since I got them I've had this idea that just won't go away... and I was hoping you might help me with it." I sat on the sofa and invited Amber to sit also. "When I first saw the girls wearing them, I thought they looked so tight, like they looked painted on... and, well... I was wondering if you could use your tattoo inks and things to paint a bikini on Ivy?"

Amber's jaw virtually hit the floor. "You want to what?"
"Paint a bikini..." I started, but she interrupted me with a wave of her hand.
"I heard you, It's just... " Amber looked at me nervously, nibbling her lower lip with indecision.
"I know," I said nodding, "it would have to be a really good paint job to make it look real, much more than I could do and..."
"And would look really sexy," she finished for me with a smile. "Okay, I'll do it. I'll be here tomorrow morning around breakfast."

After showering the girls and myself thoroughly, we dressed for the Luau. I was wearing my slacks and the bright shirt with the red flowers they had insisted I wear again. I wanted them to wear the white silk dresses with the bright red flowers, but they both refused and instead wore one of the other sarongs. Amy wore pale blue with large white palm trees, and Ivy wore bright red with white dolphins. From their giggles, I was pretty sure they were both naked underneath the sarongs.
We headed down to the docks at the appropriate time and joined the throng also going to the Luau.
The evening was fantastic. We were led to a large log-framed open pavilion where there were demonstrations of carving, lei making and other crafts. Amy and Ivy both joined in with some other girls taking a quick lesson in the traditional hula while I filmed them.
As the sun was setting, we were seated and treated to an energetic dance show telling the story of the Polynesian migration to Hawaii. Near the end of the show, with the lights low, they brought out the fire poi balls and did things with them that had my girls gasping and cooing with delight.
After the show, they unearthed the "Imu", the buried oven, and dished up the most delicious roast pork and roasted vegetables I had ever tasted.

It wasn't really late when we returned to the ship, only a little after 9pm, but both Amy and Ivy were flagging. Plodding through the customs inspection and yawning widely as we made our way back to our cabin and our bed. They stripped off their sarongs and sandals, revealing they had been naked under them as I suspected, and flopped onto the bed. I stripped myself and climbed between them before pulling the covers up over all of us.

* * *

The girls and I were eating breakfast Friday morning when a knock on the door heralded the arrival of Amber and her tattoo equipment.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked softly as I let her in.
I smiled and nodded, "I want to see what it looks like... Besides," I added softly with a wink, "I think it'll be really sexy."
"Do what?" Ivy asked curiously.
I grinned at her, "I want to see what you look like wearing a bikini that's painted on."
"Huh?" she grunted, puzzled.
"You'll see," I smiled and winked at her.

Ivy lay on the bed with her legs spread wide while I gently held her plump labia apart with just my fingertips.
Amber had already cleaned all over Ivy's crotch and butt with an alcohol soaked swab. Removing the butterfly tattoo in the process and was then moaned at by Ivy until she promised to replace it again later.
"That tickles!" Ivy giggled and squirmed her hips.
"Hold still," Amber said and sprayed along Ivy's deep slit again, coating the pale pink flesh with the white tattoo paint. "Now don't move," she warned us, "that needs to dry or you'll glue your cute little cunny closed. And you wouldn't want that."
Amy giggled from where she watched avidly, on the other side of her sister.

"Are you sure you want white?" Amber asked again. "If you really want to walk around wearing nothing but a painted bikini, I think white will be too obvious that it's paint. I think black or a dark colour would be better, less obvious and will fool more people."
"But I want white!" Ivy pouted.
"Let's see how it looks in white," I said and then blew over the drying paint.

With my fingers out of the way, Amber airbrushed the white all over the rest of Ivy's plump pussy lips and slit, and up over her mound. She then used a stencil to airbrush a sharp edge for the leg-bands of the fake bikini before doing a second coat over Ivy's proud pussy. With a small brush from her kit, she painted a dark edge on the leg-band, making it look like it had a shadow of thickness, and then painted the details of stitching along the edge.

I pulled Ivy up from the bed and she stood in front of the tall mirror, grinning at her reflection.
"You see what I mean?" Amber frowned. "It's obviously not a real bikini," and nibbled on her lower lip.
"Yeah," I nodded. It was clearly naked little girl flesh masked only by a thin layer of paint. The white did nothing to hide her nakedness. On the contrary, it seemed to draw the eyes and make a bold statement. Look at me, I'm naked!
"But daddy!" Ivy protested, folded her arms and pouted. "You promised!"
"You can still try," I said, kneeling before her, "but not white. It just looks like you're still naked," I lightly tapped her pussy, "and that bit isn't tanned yet."
"But I have white bikinis and undies..."
"I know you love to show off," I smiled, "and I love that about you. But the white bikini is supposed to show off your kitty while you're still covered. This is supposed to look like you're covered when you're still naked, to fool people."
Ivy pouted and her shoulders settled.
Let me take a few pictures, and then we can try something else, okay?"

I quickly fetched my camera and took a few shots of the white painted bikini. From directly in front and at an angle, with Ivy's hands placed on her hips to hide the unfinished edges. Up close, through the lens, I saw a perfect alabaster pussy, nothing like what we were trying to achieve, but very arousing nonetheless.

"Okay," I said after the final shot, "what colour should we try next?"
"Navy-blue," Amber suggested hopefully, "or black, maybe?"
"Pink," Ivy said.
"Green," Amy tried.
"I think a dark blue may be best," I smiled, "or a deep purple."
Amber cleaned the white paint off Ivy and quickly covered her pussy and mound with the dark blue. She painted the shadow edge and black stitching before we had another look with Ivy stood before the mirror.

"Much better," I nodded.
"But it still doesn't look quite right," Amber frowned, "a bikini wouldn't go between her little lips so much."
I could see what she meant. Even with the dark blue, the painted bikini looked false. It snuggled between her pussy lips too much and too tightly to be real. "But shorts do!" I grinned with inspiration. "Paint a seam up the middle, front and back, bring the sides down to circle the tops of her thighs and it should look like skin-tight shorts."
"I guess they could do," Amber didn't sound so sure.

Ivy lay back on the bed again and let Amber continue painting and repainting her new shorts. After painting the stitching of seams and hems in yellow, she used a stencil to paint a yellow "I", just like Ivy's yellow shorts but in reverse. She even painted some darker shadow lines to look like wrinkles in the fabric.
"Brilliant," I enthused as I spun Ivy about so I could see all sides of her. "Put on this top," I handed her the yellow cotton top that matched her yellow shorts but reversed the paint she now wore. "Now that looks like you're wearing tight swim shorts."
"Really tight shorts," Amber chuckled nervously.
"Yeah," Ivy grinned as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"When will you be able to redo the butterfly?" I asked Amber as I helped her get her equipment out the door of the cabin. I knew Ivy would want to 'wear' these shorts for as long as possible.
"I'll be in the kid's club this afternoon until four," she said, "but I should be able to do it after that."
"Fair enough," I smiled and nodded. "We'll see you back here after four."

I returned to the bedroom to see Ivy still admiring her "shorts" in the mirror. They did look convincing, but were obscenely tight... obviously.
I fetched my camera and ushered Ivy out onto our balcony, so I could see what the paint job looked like under sunlight, with Amy following.

I posed them both side by side standing on a lounger and facing out, resting against the wooden rail. I chuckled as I took the picture, Ivy's painted shorts covered butt next to Amy's naked one. I knew both were indecent, but Ivy's did appear to be covered. Nothing showed in the shadows between her thighs, but I could clearly see Amy's pale little lips between hers.
"Amy, could you go put on a swimsuit and then come back out here please?"
With a nod of agreement, she skipped inside and swiftly returned wearing her pale green bikini.

I posed them in the same positions again, facing out standing on the lounger and leaning on the balcony rail. Amber had done an excellent job. Compared to Amy's pale green bikini, Ivy really looked to be wearing skin-tight shorts.

I snapped off a couple of shots of them like that, then had them turn to face each other and took a few more. Finally I had them turn towards me and lean back against the balcony rail as I took some more.
Ivy's pussy lips were prominent between her thighs, but the dark blue paint appeared to be a realistic disguise even though I was sure she would draw some disapproving looks.
Amy's pale green bikini snuggled around her equally prominent pussy, leaving no doubt as to the line of her slit.

With a giggle, they jumped off the lounger and Ivy sat on the edge before laying back. With a mischievous grin, she started to open and close her knees, flashing her bare pussy as I watched.
The painted shorts looked fine while she had her legs closed, but when parted, I could clearly see every contour of her open slit and the wink of its pink interior.
I knew if I said anything to her, Ivy would try and flash everyone. So I kept silent and hoped I could keep her legs together while we walked about the ship.

"So... What should we do today?" I asked. We had no excursions planned and although I wanted to be on deck to watch the ship leave port. I knew that was due around 2pm and we had plenty of time before then.
"Can we go to the pool?" Ivy jumped up, grinning.
"I guess so," I smiled and shrugged.

I quickly slathered them with sun lotion and wrapped their towels around them for the short walk to the pool.
When we arrived, we found the main pool full, with a game of water-volleyball ongoing between some of the ship's personnel and some passengers. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. I knew the tattoo paint wouldn't wash off easily, but I didn't want Ivy to be exposed by someone spotting her shorts were painted on... Or feeling them, knowing her.

"How about a hot-tub," I suggested, close to their ears to overcome the noise of the game. "Or we could go and find the giant shower for a funny photo?"
"Giant shower?" Amy asked.
"Yup," I smiled at their puzzled looks. "A giant shower with a giant rubber-duck and giant bar of soap too."

It took us about ten-minutes to wander forward, up three flights of stairs and then back again to find the giant shower.
There were a number of sun loungers arrayed on the deck before it, with a couple of sun worshipers topping up their tans.
I put our stuff on the nearest lounger and sat while photographing the two of them. They stood under the giant-sized showerhead and giggled as they pretended to take a shower. I continued snapping off shots as their posing devolved into simply playing on the large yellow duck and the equally large bar of soap.
Ivy noticed I was still taking photographs, or simply remembered I was there. She turned her back on me, leant over and shook her bubble butt in my direction while giggling loudly. I just grinned and continued snapping.
Still giggling, she scampered up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled, "C'mon!"
She then stepped closer and giggled with an excited whisper, "I wanna show off some more!"

"Okay," I smiled and gestured Amy over to us. "Do you want to stay here and play with the shower, or let me take your picture with Ivy?"
Amy smiled shyly and nodded, "More pictures."

I grabbed our stuff from the lounger and we set off past the giant shower and along the walkway towards the front of the ship. Another glass wall curved around the front of the deck with more sun loungers arrayed throughout the area. I posed the two of them standing side-by-side looking through the glass forwards while I captured them with the pacific behind them.

Being led by Ivy, the three of us wandered down from that deck and on through the ship. We paused whenever I found a good spot and I took their photograph. Ivy kept steering us towards areas where there were people, but luckily most of the passengers were ashore, and those that we did see didn't seem to notice anything wrong with Ivy's... clothing. We even ran into another crewmember in his dress whites, and Ivy insisted he pose with her for a picture or three.
When Amy complained that she was hungry, and my stomach grumbled its agreement, we quickly returned to our cabin so the girls could change for lunch.

"Do I hafta?" Ivy moaned. "I wanna stay like this."
Amy quietly went into the bedroom to put something on over her bikini.
"Just put on a skirt," I suggested. "How about the short blue one?"
She turned and stomped into the bedroom, passing Amy as she came out wearing her tight denim shorts. A minute or so later, Ivy returned wearing her short royal-blue pleated skirt which only came down to about three-inches below her butt cheeks.
"That's better," I smiled. "Now, where should we eat?"

After we finished eating, we moved to one of the rear-most tables and watched as the ship smoothly pulled away from the dock. As we passed out of the harbour, I posed Amy and Ivy against the back rail and snapped some shots of them with the island as a backdrop. The wind picked up and sent Ivy's short skirt flapping, making her grin with each flash of her painted charms. With a saucy grin Ivy pulled us on and we continued our trek around the ship, eventually ending up back at our cabin.

Ivy stripped off her top and skirt and jumped onto the bed, giggling excitedly and rubbing at her paint covered pussy. I was about to join her when a knock at the cabin door interrupted.
"You ready for me?" Amber asked as she pulled her equipment into the cabin.
I nodded and smiled as I gestured to the bedroom where Ivy was still rubbing herself.
"Okay, let's get that paint off." Amber suggested.
"That's cold!" Ivy complained as Amber wiped at the 'shorts' with an alcohol soaked cloth. She worked swiftly to remove the dark ink, cleaning all around Ivy's crotch and butt. Wiping over Ivy's plump pussy repeatedly, getting every trace of ink from her sensitive flesh.

"Do you have any moisturiser or baby oil?" Amber asked when she was finally finished repainting ivy's original butterfly tattoo.
"I don't think so," I shook my head. "Why?"
"The solvent I used to get the ink off will leave her skin very dry." She rummaged through her bags and pulled out a small bottle of baby oil. "This'll do. Do you want to..."
"Be my guest," I smiled and gestured at Ivy's widespread prone form on the bed. "I'm sure madam won't mind if you do it."

She turned Ivy onto her front and poured a small amount of oil into her palm before rubbing it all over Ivy's round butt cheeks.
Amy and I watched eagerly as Amber's simple oiling slowed and became a sensual massage of Ivy's firm butt.
"That's nice," Ivy said softly.

"Daddy," Amy pulled at my arm, dragging my attention away from her sister. "Will you do that to me?"
I was surprised that I had never thought of massaging my girls before. I nodded, "Of course, sweetie. It looks like fun."
Amy quickly stripped out of her shorts and bikini and then jumped up onto the bed on the other side to her sister.
I borrowed some of Amber's baby oil and began to gently massage Amy's back and pert little butt.
Her smooth, firm skin sliding under my hands felt so sensual. And her soft moans of pleasure under my ministrations soon had my dick hard in my shorts.

The bed shifted as Ivy turned over onto her back, causing Amy and I to look up. We both saw Amber get a little more oil and then begin to massage Ivy's upper thighs, lower tummy and plump pussy.
Amy quickly turned onto her back and grinned up at me. I smiled in reply, got a little more oil, and lightly massaged her front.
I rubbed and tweaked her tiny nipples, then stroked over her smooth tummy and finally reached her proud mons. I ran my palms down her thighs and then back up again, until my thumbs reached her firm labia.
One after the other I rubbed my thumbs up along her slit and over the bump of her growing clitoral hood. With each stroke, Amy twitched or mewled with pleasure.
"Oh!" ... "Yes!" ... "Mmmm!"
I could hear similar sounds coming from Ivy.
I dug a little deeper, pushing the tips of my thumbs into her slit with each stroke up, and pressing on her hard nubbin at the top. Amy started to jerk her hips up with each rub over her clit, panting in time with my thumbs.

"I want to try somethin'!" Ivy's commanding voice interrupted my concentration on Amy's pussy.
I looked up to see her roll off the bed and dash to her bag. I was surprised; it was unlike her to interrupt her own pleasure.
"I wanna try this!" she crowed as she scampered back to Amber's side carrying the strap-on. Amber goggled at it at first, and then giggled nervously.
"Go on," Ivy pleaded. "Please let me."

With only a little more persuasion from Ivy, Amber was soon divested of her shorts and panties, and was poised face down on the bed with her butt thrust up at Ivy.
With a few fumbles, Ivy pulled the strap-on snug into her crotch and fastened the straps, the small dildo firmly invading her own tiny pussy. She climbed up onto the bed behind Amber and without warning, she swiftly rammed the prominent dildo into Amber's waiting snatch, forcing a grunt of surprise from her.

I shook myself, looked down at Amy and grinned. "You want to play?"
Amy nodded excitedly and parted her legs wide in invitation.
I stood and quickly rid myself of my clothing before positioning the head of my hard cock at the small mouth of her dribbling pussy. I steadily eased into her sultry depths with slow strokes. Rocking my hips and fucking into her with a deliberate steady pace.
Amy moaned with pleasure and hooked her heels around my waist, trying to pull me deeper and faster with each stroke.
I wouldn't let myself be hurried. I tweaked and rolled her nipples while keeping the same pace, slowly driving her crazy with need.
I glanced up to see Ivy pounding rapidly at Amber, much as the dog had pounded at her own cuntlet. Amber groaned and asked for more, so I turned back to Amy and sped up my thrusts.
"Oh... Oh... Oh..." Amy gasped with each of my plunges into her hot depths.
I was quickly joining her in ecstasy. My cock held in the firm grip of her velvet vice. Each thrust bringing ripples along my shaft. I felt the familiar burning build up of pressure and thumbed Amy's clit while I continued thrusting deep into her wet depths.
With a strangled grunt forced from me, the boiling pressure released as I sprayed jet after jet of my cum deep into Amy's immature womb. Through my straining release, I heard Amy squeak and felt her tremble under me as she gripped and pulsed on my jerking cock.

I paused a moment, breathing deep, before sharing an ecstatic but tired grin with Amy and then glanced over to Amber and Ivy.
Ivy was on her back, thrashing and yelling with continuous orgasms, while Amber lapped, sucked and munched on her plump little pussy.

* * *

Saturday morning dawned bright and warm. I woke slowly, feeling the slight weight of my girls on either side of me. I knew they were still sleeping and lay still, idly wondering if I could sleep a little longer, since we had a very long day ahead of us.
I dozed, drifting in and out of sleep for a little longer before I felt Amy stir beside me. She stretched and then rolled closer and snuggled up against me.
I didn't want to get up, but I really didn't want the holiday to end. It had been so much fun for all of us.

After showering and dressing, we took what remained of out things up to the Aloha Café to have our final breakfast aboard ship. Froot Loops, the breakfast of champions.
The girls were giggly while we ate, wondering what we would see at the sea-life park we were visiting as our final excursion before our flight.

As it turned out, the sea-life park was wonderful. We saw, and I photographed, Dolphins put through their acrobatic paces. Seals putting on entertaining routines. Sea lions being fed. More Dolphins, this time in a big glass-walled tank. And even penguins put on a show.

Travelling home was extremely long and tedious. After the minibus driver had dropped us off at the airport around 4pm, we had an agonisingly long wait before our 11pm departure. Luckily, Amy and Ivy both managed to sleep for most of the 5-hour flight, although I was only able to doze fitfully. We then suffered a 6-hour wait in San Francisco airport before our 10-hour flight home.

The taxi pulled away as I opened the front doors of home. I was exhausted and very, very glad to be back. The girls plodded in before me and after I had dumped our bags just inside the hallway, I closed the doors and staggering off in search of them.
I found them lying on our bed. I smiled as I kicked off my shoes and crawled up between their sleeping forms. I relaxed with a contented sigh and joined them in sleep within seconds.

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