Whispers. (Mg, Cons, Pedo, Incest)

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Story Intro:
Daddy and his eight-year-old daughter are on a plane when they hit some turbulence. When she gets scared, daddy comforts her.


"Daddy... I'm scared!"

Frank could tell by the way her small hand was gripping his forearm so tight, that she was truly frightened by what was happening.

Frank and his eight-year-old daughter, Mia, were on a plane flying over to visit a friend of his. Mia had been enjoying the novel experience of her first flight, until the plane had hit a patch of turbulence and began to buck and shake like an untamed horse fighting its first saddle.

"Daddy... I'm scared!" Mia's small voice whimpered again just loud enough over the thrumming background noise of the engines.

"It's nothing to worry about sweetie," Frank replied, trying to comfort her, as he covered her hand where it gripped his arm with his own. "It's just a little bit of bumpy air... that's all."

Mia closed her eyes and gripped her daddy's arm even tighter, terrified that the plane would fall from the sky and they would all be killed.
Frank looked at his little girl, concerned for her, wanting to hug her but he knew that they both had to remain belted into their seats. As he stroked her hand he saw the sparkle of tears squeezed between her tightly closed eyelids and then trickle down her cheek.
"Come here sweetie," he said as he quickly unfastened her seatbelt and pulled her over onto his lap where he held her tight. "It's ok sweetie," he crooned softly into her ear, "everything's going to be ok."

When the turbulence had subsided, and the plane continued its journey much more smoothly, Mia sniffled against her daddy's shoulder and whispered softly, "Play with me daddy... play with me and make me feel good."
"You know I can't do that here sweetie," Frank smiled at her as he held her close.

"Pleeease..." she pleaded long and drawn out.
"I can't," Frank replied apologetically again and then added with a mischievous smile, "but I will tell you what I'm going to do with you when we get to the hotel."

Frank held Mia closer and began to whisper into her ear. "First, I'll softly kiss you. I'll gently lick at your lips and then play with your tongue with mine. Then I'll lightly kiss along your jaw line and nibble and suck on your earlobe before I slowly kiss down your neck."

"Oooh.." Mia softly sighed. Listening to her daddy describe kissing her was sending little shivers down her back.

"I'll then unbutton this blouse you're wearing," he continued softly, "and gently kiss my way down to your little nipples. I'll lick at them with the tip of my tongue at first, and then suck on them, one after the other, until you tell me to stop."

Mia closed her eyes and imagined her daddy doing what he described, licking and sucking on her hard, tingling nippies and felt them crinkle with the delicious thought.

"While I'm sucking your nipples," Frank whispered, "I'll unbutton and unzip your jeans and then slide my hand inside before I rub my fingers over your cunny mound, feeling your soft, smooth skin under your panties. Then I'll gently rub along your soft slit as I suck your hard little nipples, making you moan with pleasure."

"I'll then help you remove your blouse and jeans," he continued whispering, "and pull down your panties to reveal your smooth little cunny, all hairless and perfect, glistening with your excitement. I'll then gently spread your legs, kneel between them and slowly nibble and lick at your inner thigh, keeping clear of your hot cunny for a time."

Mia's heart was racing and she was breathing deeply with the sensations rushing through her body as she imagined what her daddy was telling her.

"I'll then return to your pretty little cunny," Frank continued, feeling his cock hardening under his daughter with each imagined act, "and I'll gently place my thumbs on either side of your plump, flushed cunny lips and slowly pull them open. I'll then duck my head between your parted thighs and lap along your slit, from your hole to your clit in one firm motion making you sigh at the feeling."

"I know you will taste divine as I lick at your hot cunny," he continued, feeling his heart rate increase with his excitement. "You'll gasp and moan as I push my stiff tongue deep into your tight little hole and then slowly lick at your insides, trying to catch even more of your delicious juices."

Mia moaned softly at the thought of her daddy doing those things to her, feeling her body respond to his words like it would to his touch.

"I'll lick, kiss, suck and nibble all over your cunny lips," he whispered, his voice hoarse with desire for his little girl, "slowly building your pleasure up without touching your hard little clit. Each time I think that you're close to cumming, I'll ease off, I'll kiss and lick more slowly so that you will cool down a little, before I carry on again."

"Finally," he moaned sensuously into her ear, "when you can take no more. When you are trembling and moaning at me for me to make you cum. Then I'll relent... then I'll suck your stiff little clit between my lips, roll it between them while I flick my tongue over the tip of it. Driving you crazy with the feelings shooting through your body."

Mia squirmed around on her daddy's lap, almost feeling what he was describing, writhing with the irresistible urge to jam her hands down the front of her jeans and make herself explode with pleasure.

"I'll keep sucking on your clit hard," Frank whispered, "licking it and licking all over your cunny until you explode with your cum. And as you cum hard, I'll lap and suck on your cunny hole, lapping up all of your tasty juices as you cum again and again."

Mia whimpered softly and pushed her hands between her thighs, but held them still, pressed against her tingling crotch, not daring to do more.

"I will slow down lapping at your cunny as you relax," he continued huskily, "and then I'll softly and gently kiss my way back up your body and hold you tight in my loving arms."

"Oh daddy!" Mia groaned softly as she wrapped her arms around him in a fierce hug as she felt her cunny tingle with a quivering cum.

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